Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Lee Cemetery, Seagoville, Dallas, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 Lee Cemetery
51 Lee Cemetery Board
52 Lee Cemetery History
9 view
ACREY Newell G 1896-1939
ADKINS Frank G and Sarah F
ADKINS Frank Gentry Jr 1922-1991
ADKINS Gentry 1909-1909
ADKINS H C 1889-1891
ADKINS Logan 1911-1913
ADKINS Robert V and Laura L
ALLEN Eula CREASY 1875-1955
ALLEN James Henry 1886-1991
ALLRED Kenneth Wayne 1946-2002
ALLRED Lou A and Jesse V
ALTOM Anita J and Merlyn L Jr
ALTOM Monroe Jackson 1883-1927
AMICK Charlei T -1931
ANDERSON Billy Wayne 1952-1953
ANDERSON James L 1900-1958
ANDERSON Joseph M 1927-1988
ANDERSON Joseph M and Gracie L
ANDERSON Marshall M and Lizzie L
ANDERSON Oliver L 1930-1955
ANDERSON W L 1874-1922
ANDERSON William M 1902-1942
ANDREW Rosie Mae FIDALGO and Jewell S
ANDREWS Aubrey Lee 1916-1986
ANDREWS Beulah A and Simuel E
ANDREWS Gladys 1901-1909
ANDREWS James Cravens 1894-1896
ANDREWS Lou Vennie and Clyde Leon
ANDREWS Lucille C 1852-1880
ANDREWS T A MD 1846-1911
ANDREWS Thomas C and Ada B
ANGELL Lena BALDWIN 1935-1973
ARCHER John Henry and Ida Rachel
ARD 2 Gertrude H 1874-1966
ARD 2 Harry C 1893-1978
ARD 2 James Haynie 1922-1966
ARD 2 James Luther 1869-1945
ARD 2 Robert Luther and Ruth HAYNIE
ARD 2 Wilbur and Peggy
ARD 2 Willa DUHL 1900-1988
ARD Albert S 1871-1952
ARD Aubrey C 1900-1939
ARD Floyd E Sr 1881-1951
ARD Ida CHANDLER 1871-1957
ARD J S and M E
BADGLEY A M and Elizabeth
BADGLEY Blanche J and John L
BADGLEY Clyde T 1920-1955
BADGLEY Marion N and Mary B
BADGLEY Martha 1848-1907
BADGLEY W M 1918-1954
BAILEY Chas A 1886-1906
BAILEY Jas M 1891-1907
BAILEY Joyce E 1944-1971
BAILEY Nancy H and Zack M
BAKER A C 1888-1927
BAKER C C 1885-1942
BAKER Cecil Henry 1903-1968
BAKER Claude H 1893-1949
BAKER Genie and Cecil H
BAKER Jewell D and Charlie W
BAKER John W and mamie A
BAKER Lena 1893-1975
BAKER M E 1865-1925
BAKER unk2
BAKER unknown
BALDWIN Ferdinand R and Nancy E
BALDWIN Fred and Ruth
BALDWIN Harvey Gill and Mary Rosa HEROD
BALDWIN Ida Mae and L B
BALDWIN Laura Lee 1890-1974
BALDWIN S Neal and L Rosana
BALLARD Birtie Louise 1918-1925
BALLARD Clem S and Gertrude
BALLARD Edgar Boss and Alice
BALLARD Harrell Clem 1913-1948
BALLARD Jack C 1917-1994
BALLARD James 1907-1937
BALLARD James A and Katie E
BALLARD James L and Laura N
BALLARD Katheryn Lucile 1913-1915
BARBEE Amos Hugh 1895-1970
BARLOW Oliver C and Mabel R
BARLOW Robert B 1953
BARLOW Robert Edward 1929-1967
BATES Zona CUNDIFF 1910-1973
BEARDEN Betty Jo 1936-1966
BEAVIS E A 1901-1903
BECKET Blanche
BECKET Blanche 1877-1888
BECKET Claude and Mertie T
BECKET Sarah F 1847-1913
BECKET William 1844-1899
BECKETT Theodore Thompson 1903-1904
BECKHAM Otis and Margaret L
BELL Ruthie 1897-1965
BELT Sam Thomas and Josie CHALK
BENNETT 1 Blanche H 1897-1996
BENNETT 1 H Verdon 1895-1947
BENNETT Clarence L 1891-1959
BENNETT Harold Glen 1949-1949
BENNETT Hattie L 1887-1951
BERRY Elsie M 1921-1976
BIANGARDI Queady 1917-1993
BIBB 1 Alice 1882-1918
BIBB 1 Elizabeth 1912-1913
BIBB 1 Frances 1914-1915
BIBB 1 Nancy 1873-1904
BIBB 1 T H 1868-1918
BIBB 1 T H Sr 1839-1913
BIRCHFIELD Bobbie 1944-1945
BIRCHFIELD Eva Lee and Grady J
BIRKS Celia Irene 1892-1907
BIRKS James 1854-1935
BLOWERS Franc Ice 1896-1984
BLOWERS Sam E 1883-1956
BOWEN Cecil J 1900-1900
BOWEN Eugene 1898-1899
BOWEN Gertrude M 1874-1917
BOWEN Mary Bendette 1904-1994
BOWEN W R 1886-1908
BOWERS baby 1906-1907
BOWERS Emma BALLARD 1881-1898
BOWERS Joan 1851-1903
BOWERS Joe 1839-1894
BOWERS Josephine 1878-1902
BOWERS Luther 1873-1933
BOWERS Tulla 1879-1943
BOYD Will and Lillie Mae
BRANTLEY 1 Grace M 1896-1980
BRANTLEY 1 Margaret Truman 1930-1930
BRANTLEY 1 Roscoe M 1888-1955
BRAZIER Rene HENRY 1874-1951
BREESE Vance K and Velma H
BRINSON James 1886-1897
BROCKETTE Newton L and Ida W
BROOKS Fay and Allie M
BROWN A J and A J Mrs
BRUCE Clarence O 1891-1981
BRUCE Courtney C 1877-1958
BRUCE Ethel N 1889-1946
BRUCE W C and Edith E
BUCHANAN Hugh L and Sarah D
BUCHANAN R C 1880-1948
BUMPASS Grace Lee 1893-1962
BURGESS Arcada T 1866-1924
BURGESS girl 1919
BURGESS W T 1885-1913
BURRIS George D 1835-1906
BURT Estelle CUNDIFF and Joseph Fran
BURTON R S 1880-1897
BUTLER Cletus Brett 63-63
CADY Annie Bell 1886-1930
CADY J A and W H
CADY Robert E Lee 1867-1942
CADY Ruby L and Robert Lee
CALDWELL Jim Lorenza Sr -1985
CAMERON J T 1868-1925
CAMERON Mae Belle 1920-1941
CANADA Alfred Jr and Emma
CANTRELL Bennie B 1896-1980
CANTRELL Dorris and Minnie M
CARDWELL Addison B 1908-1909
CARDWELL Augusta Jane 1883-1910
CARDWELL W O 1888-1919
CARMICHAEL Michael Roy 1973-1973
CARTER Lee and Cora H
CASE Margie N and James N
CHALK Rhada T 1918-1976
CHALK Rhada T 1918-1976
CHALK Wilehmina 1950-1965
CHARLIE E 1907-1933
CHENNAULT Alfred Odal 1918-1920
CHENNAULT William H and Hazel
CHILDRESS John M 1856-1900-1910
CLABORNE L M 1881-1894
CLARK baby
CLARK Chlo Mable 1894-1961
CLARK Doris A and James I
CLARK James P and Sudie E
CLARK Jewell Lorene CADE 1905-1959
CLARK John R 1896-1948
CLARK Leonard L 1921-1970
CLARK Roy L 1907-1978
CLARK Roy L and Ethel M
COBB Robert and Annie
COBB Warren Jr 1919-1982
COBB Warren Jr and A Jeraldine
COCHRANE Wayne 1904-1967
COCKEY Thomas Deye at84
COLSTON Charles Henry and Bessie Josephi
CONE Myrtle E and Louie A
COPE Thelma Estelle DIXON 1913-1935
COWGILL Oma Ruth 1889-1931
COWGILL Omagene 1923-1933
COX Cecil C 1917-1968
COX Claudine and Cecil C
COX Enoch C and Nellie
COX Leamon T Sr 1888-1967
COX Ronald Albert 1951-1959
COX Willie 1893-1949
CRAIG Margaret Rains and Lewis H
CRAIN Doys G Sr and Bobbie
CRAIN Doys Gene Jr 1960-1978
CRANFILL Elva 1895-1903
CRAVENS James 1823-1883
CRAVENS Samuel T 1859-1872
CRAVENS Susan Dawson 1818-1881
CRAWFORD 1 Barney M 1867-1956
CRAWFORD 1 Cora GRIFFITH 1876-1904
CRAWFORD Bess E 1876-1877
CRAWFORD Bettie 1851-1934
CRAWFORD Cleo Claudine and Zelma Lee
CRAWFORD Joe A 1844-1914
CRAWFORD Lewis G 1881-1929
CRAWFORD Lillian Grace and Joe M
CRAWFORD Mollie K 1881-1970
CRAWFORD Ruth 1810-1888
CRAWFORD T J Sr 1878-1919
CRAWFORD Thomas J 1910-1974
CREACH J W 1914-1914
CRECY Talmage J 1916-1958
CRELEY Jack Hart 1928-1943
CRENSHAW Johnnie GREENWALT 1910-1972
CRIMM Wade D 1898-1921
CROCKER 1 Cathern 1915-
CROCKER 1 Cathern 1915-1995
CROCKER 1 Fred Monroe 1912-1972
CROCKER 1 Fred Monroe 1912-1972
CROCKER 1 Kenneth 1945-
CROCKER 1 Lillie May 1912-1933
CROCKER 1 Martin Henry 1897-1960
CROCKER 1 Melvis Norman 1934-1935
CROCKER Effie E 1871-1949
CROCKER John H 1851-1913
CROCKER O F 1894-1970
CROCKER Oscar F 1894-1970
CROCKER Willie Mae and J T Tom
CUBLEY dau 1938
CULLOM Dorsey Ernest 1888-1890
CUNDIFF Annie Mae and Charles Homer
CUNDIFF Gayla Lee 1960
CUNDIFF James Arthur 1904-1969
CUNDIFF Mentie and John A
CUNDIFF Milburn Lewis 1928-1928
CUNDIFF Myra C GIVENS 1858-1912
CUNDIFF Virgil Leon 1908-1982
CURRAN James 1877-1957
CURTIS John C 1888-1939
CURTIS Loyd H 1921-1942
CURTIS Taylor H 1890-1964
DALTON Henry 1939-1987
DALTON Henry D 1962
DANIEL Teresa Ann 1878-1970
DANIEL Timothy D 1876-1945
DARNELL Mary Louise TUCKER 1927-2003
DAUGHERTY Della -1969
DAUGHERTY J D 1863-1915
DAVIDSON Jerry L 1872-1939
DAVIS Charlie C 1895-1951
DAVIS George W 1870-1957
DAVIS Violet 1873-1964
DEERING Barney and Beatrice
DEERING C B 1898-1957
DEERING Clarence E 1912-1978
DEERING Edwin J 1926-1997
DEERING Edwin R and Audrey L
DEERING Edwin R and Martha L
DEERING Jessie Darlene 1960-1960
DEERING Margart Allene 1908-1947
DEERING Mose Robert 1908-1980
DELK Fletcher LaFayette and Elizabeth PA
DELK Latia MUNCY and William
DERING Eugene 1893-1953
DIXON Beulah Victoria 1885-1964
DIXON Ethel 1916-1920
DOFFING Helen Louise 1918-1987
DONAHO Larry W-and Kathy J
DOSS Evie 1887-1951
DOSS Henry Grady and Gladys S
DOSS John R 1886-1959
DOSS John T and Ora A
DRIGGARS B Frank 1896-1986
DRIGGARS Linard Garvin 1920-1968
DRIGGARS M Francis 1900-1980
DRIVER James Vernon 1934-1961
DUNCAN Myra WILLIAMS 1905-1969
DURHAM Jim E and Ellen
DURHAM Noel 1912-1922
DURHAM Ross and Thelma
EDDY George Howard 1957-1958
EDDY Lilla O and George D
EDWARDS Joe N and Floy E
EDWARDS Ollie Mae and Wlliam Wesley
EDWARDS Roy Lee Rev 1896-1962
EHRHARDT Estelle May 1885-1939
ELLIOTT James Luther 1904-1956
EMBREE Ben Harrison 1890-1968
EMBREE Jewell V 1902-1974
ENGLISH Jesse C and Charlie
ESKRIDGE Kenneth P 1921-1979
ESKRIDGE Robert L and Willie M
ESKRIDGE William R and Lillie L
EVANS Carl B and Hattie mae
EVANS Carl Lamar
EVANS Shirlie Darnell 1949-1949
FALLIS 1 Beatrice Ellen and Seth
FALLIS 1 Seth Bowen 1925-1955
FALLS Stewart M and Susie Mary
FEARN Henry Lyle 1912-1964
FENLEY Fairy 1899-1900
FENLEY Lizzie L and George W
FENLEY Will Lee 1891-1956
FENLEY Willie Lee and Lena Mamie
FERRELL Roxie A ODUM 1898-1980
FIELDS Fanniemaye STRANGE and Ellamaye
FINCH Edward L 1959-1987
FINCH Mac Laurence 1928-1972
FINCH Mac Laurence 1928-1972
FINCH Mertie Faye 1927-1997
FISHER Pauline and J P
FISK 1 G G Buck 1910-1956
FISK 1 John H 1898-1965
FISK 1 Milton C 1874-1965
FISK 1 Willie Mae 1875-1959
FLOYD George Lee and Beryl T
FLY Emma 1873-1908
FLY Frances A HAFT 1891-1962
FLY Jack 1890-1905
FLY Janie L 1867-1900
FLY Joe A 1888-1909
FLY Joseph Lawrence 1857-1923
FLY Mabel KONE and Walter R
FLY Sara V 1894-1971
FLY son 1914
FLY T E 1832-1909
FLY Walter R 1911-1967
FOGLEMAN C Rev 1888-1965
FOSTER Benjamin N 1918-1974
FOSTER Benjamin Nathan 1918-1974
FOSTER Henry C 1859-1943
FOSTER Ida J and Horrice N
FOSTER Natha Dell 1929-1936
FOSTER Robert Donald 1937-1970
FRANCIS Martin 1835-1906
FRANCIS Mary 1844-1915
FRANKUM Johnita Rahea 1954-1954
FREEMAN Lula SIMMONS 1900-1993
FRENCH Otis Henry 1898-1965
FRIER Mamie and Lee
FRIER Pamela Gail 1962-1962
FURTICK Merle M and Wm Troy
GAINES Jessie E 1904-1951
GAINES Russia O and Joe H
GALLOWAY Hazel Blanche RAINS 1888-1983
GARCIA Josefa 1880-1962
GARDNER Roy Gerald Jr 1968-1968
GARRETT Charlie D and Cordie V
GARRETT Gerald Burney 1918-1925
GARRETT J B 1848-1825
GARRETT John H and Mollie S
GARRETT John R 1873-1963
GARRETT Lillian 1855-1948
GARRISON Mary Ann 1963-1965
GIDEON Charles R 1896-1944
GIDEON E E 1894-1961
GIDEON Glenn 1877-1889
GIDEON Lou H 1869-1929
GLENN dau 1892
GLENN Lora B 1895-1969
GLENN Philip Keith 1924-1951
GORDON Elbert A 1898-1954
GORDON Marshall N and Laura J
GORDON Thomas M 1889-1916
GOSS Lee Roy Sr and Ida M
GRAVES Mildred 1908-1954
GRAY Eula HERRING 1879-1978
GRAYSON 1 Bascom 1934
GRAYSON 1 Fayola E 1917-1980
GRAYSON 1 W Calvin 1911-1979
GREENAWALT Joe L 1911-1997
GREENAWALT Lillie Nell 1901-1913
GREENAWALT Olen 1907-1931
GREENWOOD Clifford H 1908-1910
GREENWOOD Meavis 1910-1910
GREER Benjamin C 1914-1967
GREER Michael D 1955-1962
GREGG Sandra Jean 1945-1945
GRIFFIN Ida V 1869-1900
GRIFFITH F J and Virginia
GRIFFITH George Litle 1870-1937
GRIFFITH Joseph 1886-1897
GROSS 1 Dan B 1898-1953
GROSS 1 Jennye C ZERNER 1901-1994
GRUBBS Annice Una and Wm Harlan
GRUBBS Jimmy Harlan 1944
GRUBBS Lester 1895-1917
GRUBBS Wm Onie 1948
GRUBBS Zoler D 1918-1962
HALL John W and Lula B
HAMILTON Kenneth Hugh 1934-1976
HAMILTON Rhodia 1914-1978
HANES Virginia E 1868-1957
HANNA Etter 1892-1988
HANSON Katie Mae and Barney
HARLAN Albert Reagan 1918-1984
HARLAN Chester E 1872-1926
HARLAN Era A 1898-1992
HARLAN Herman 1891-1953
HARLAN Herman J 1922-1945
HARLAN Joe C and Hattie M
HARLAN John Grady Jr 1929-1991
HARLAN John Toland and Elizabeth NELSON
HARLAN Mary Edna 1880-1963
HARLAN Mary Etta 1876-1962
HARLAN Mary Jo 1925-1926
HARPER Leonard T 1904-1972
HARRELL Charlie A and Hattie J
HARRIS Alwilda HARRIS 1860-1937
HARRIS Harry O 1880-1913
HARRIS Nori Anna LOE and Lee P Dike
HARRIS R Joe 1891-1953
HARRIS Wm Joseph and Fannie
HART Mary and Joseph
HASKEW Z J -1883
HASTINGS Stella M and Arthur B
HAWTHORNE 1 Ira Irving 1895-1896
HAWTHORNE 1 Mabel 1894-1974
HAWTHORNE 1 Mary M P and Annis Josephine
HAWTHORNE Estaline 1917-1993
HAWTHORNE Eugene F and Annabelle
HAWTHORNE Helen 1907-1910
HAWTHORNE Joseph T and Sarah E
HAWTHORNE Pearl DIXON 1891-1921
HAWTHORNE Robert C and Lena Ard
HAWTHORNE Robert L and Ila
HAWTHORNE William D Sr 1898-1962
HAWTHORNE William Henry -1938
HAZELIP Julian N and Sudie C
HELM Truitt and Jewell
HENDERSON Pauline 1904-1975
HENRY George W 1901-1948
HENRY James 1906-1977
HENRY James Ray 1937-1991
HENRY Prudence 1903-1974
HERRING Elizabeth McCLUNG 1862-1929
HIETT Lloyd 1876-1926
HILL Billy John 1928-1995
HILL Donald Edward 1935-19-
HILL Loyal Benjamin 1954-1954
HILL Luie B and Elizabeth F
HILL Thelma May and Lewis H
HILLIN C B 1914-1981
HILLIN E F 1887-1916
HIMES Doris Jean 1921-1921
HIMES Minnie and Willie T
HITT C M and Emma
HITT Lena and E A
HOLDMAN Herb and Betty
HOLLAWAY Mary M and Normal G
HOLLAWAY Normal Grant Jr 1924-1942
HOOPER Mary Nell and Willie Perry
HOOPER Minnie and Odas C
HORNE Marie CUNDIFF 1914-1999
HORTON Benjamin -1880
HORTON Clifford Lee 1923-1963
HORTON Eliza J 1887-1902
HORTON George A Sr and Sudie G
HORTON Harvey G 1838-1917
HORTON Odis Lee 1913-1967
HOUCK William Benjamin 1890-1944
HOUCK William Borton 1941-1941
HOUK Lena ANDERSON 1878-1943
HOWARD A L 1882-1957
HOWARD Addie and Frank M
HOWARD Arthur J 1922-1993
HOWARD Dave Jett 1897-1968
HOWARD Luke 1909-1966
HOWARD O L 1883-1944
HULL baby 1884-1884
HULLETT Carl H 1903-1954
HULLETT Theo A and Lucille
HULLETT William E and Dora I
HUME Thelma R 1909-1992
HUMPHREY Doc and Stella
HUMPHREY John T 1913-1967
HUNNICUTT Charles R 1888-1956
HURT Anna A 1857-1887
HURT B Frank and Mollie Lee
HURT baby
HURT Lillie M and James I
HURT Ouida HERRING 1896-1977
HURT R H 1857-1905
HURT William J 1879-1958
INGRUM Lena Mae 1940-1979
IRION Clarence G 1913-1985
IRION Frankie Mae 1912-2002
IVY Maggie A 1882-1941
JACKSON Katherine S 1899-2004
JAMES Charles D 1954-1954
JAMES Ruth and Gerald W
JARMAN William E
JASCHEK Frances FLY and Charles K
JENKINS Archie W 1896-1968
JENKINS Benjamin F -1931
JENKINS David Reese 1969-1969
JENKINS Emma Irene 1902-1931
JENKINS Julia -1960
JENKINS Lonzo E and Lena B
JENKINS sister 1875-1939
JOHNSON Frank E and Eva May
JOHNSON Inez K and Carl D
JOHNSON Kenneth Leon Maj 1944-1989
JOHNSON Lela 1873-1951
JOHNSON Leonard J 1920-1944
JOHNSON Morris T and Elva M
JOHNSON Ruby Pearl 1904-1906
JOHNSON Thomas M 1932-1951
JONES Allen G and Lena Pearl
JONES Archie Dewey 1903-1948
JONES Jimmy J 1940-1956
JONES Lloyd H 1912-1933
JONES Marie 1913-1919
JONES Maudie E and David H
JONES Melvin 1915-1922
JONES Phil D and Effie Bell
JONES Reagan 1914-1923
JONES Sarah Ann 1908-1977
JONES Vera 1894-1924
JORDAN Edna Earl 1914-1996
JOYCE 1 Ella 1860-1888
JOYCE 1 Ruby 189901900
JOYCE Clementine and Edward C
JOYCE Ezekiel and Elizabeth
JOYCE Hattie 1878-1880
JOYCE W E 1888-
JOYCE Walter H 1870-1900
JUNELL Cora P and Jesse L
JUNELL Mancel C 1913-1963
KARNES C C 1856-1931
KARNES Harriett Elizabeth
KARNES Henry Martin 1918-1942
KASSEROLER Anton and Emilie and Mary
KELLEY Haywood M 1882-1946
KELLY Mary WALKER FRYAR and John Oliver
KELLY Paul E and Mildred C
KENNEDY R J Bob Capt 1925-1987
KENNER Christopher C -1942
KETZ Chester P 1907-1966
KEY Arthur 1878-1886
KILLEN Etta C and Cleatus D
KILLEN Jake C 1920-1992
KIMBRELL Maggie Lee 1892-1941
KING James Newton 1958-1979
KNIGHT Amanda E 1874-1942
KNIGHT Burl Matthew 1899-1966
KNIGHT Cleo Evelyn 1911-
KNIGHT Earl Julian and Dorothy Nell
KNIGHT James Henry 1892-1918
KNIGHT Willie Mae 1918-1926
KREIGER Mary E and Fred R
LANDESS Joe Lex 1928-1928
LANDESS Ruth 1895-1974
LANE Jimmie K 1946-1973
LANE Loren E and Pearl J
LANE Loren Edward 1910-1975
LANGSTON Arthur O 1909-1953
LANGSTON Joe H 1915-1946
LANIER Ethel H and John H
LANIER Floyd 1901-1976
LANIER Grace M 1902-1964
LANIER Ida M 1882-1969
LANIER Jewel M 1900-1975
LANIER Juan E 1927-1986
LANIER Juan E 1927-1986
LANIER Marcell J 1922-1974
LANIER Maude J 1877-1891
LANIER Roland Robert 1894-1984
LANIER son 1897-1899
LANIER Verna SMITH 1903-1927
LANIER Virginia M and Homer O
LANIER William L 1875-1960
LASATER 1 E W 1882-1952
LASATER 1 Mildred S 1861-1911
LASATER 1 R H L Dr 1853-1940
LEE Elizabeth 1820-1905
LEE J J 1820-1901
LEE James W 1853-1874
LEE Nancy G 1815-1874
LEE Robert 1906-1908
LESLY Mary 1880-1903
LEWIS Adabelle HAWTHORNE 1891-1919
LEWIS Geraldine Julia 1917-1925
LEWIS Ross and Edna
LEWIS Ross Jr 1920-1944
LEWIS W F 1876-1912
LINDSEY dau 1903-1903
LITTLE Harry Bruce 107-1976
LIVINGSTON Ruby Lee and C Coy
LOUNSBURY Callie 1895-1969
LOVELL Dorthy 1885-1946
LUCKY Elizabeth RILEY 1902-1982
LUCKY Oliver W 1892-1977
LUMLEY Hassie B and Dwight H
LYBRAND Ora P and George J
MADDOX Horace E 1903-1968
MARONEY Dorothy W and Henry J
MARSHALL Robert Lyle Sr and Winnie Dave
MARSHALL William Hawthorne 1924-1993
Martha A
MARTIN Clyde Burton 1932-1951
MARTIN Cora Lee and Jessie I
MARTIN Elmer and Mettie
MARTIN J Richard 1895-1958
MARTIN James Earl 1918-1961
MARTIN Kathline Ann 1965-1975
MARTIN Opal Gail 1954
MARTIN Rhonda Lynn 1949-1955
MARTIN son 1930-1930
MARTIN Valtie Carol 1944-1944
MATHEWS Mary A 1861-1889
MATHIS Alice Adeline 1860-1945
MAUGHN Vicki Jo 1954-1954
McCAIN Jack A 1912-1949
McCART Lee Roy 1890-1898
McCART Mary 1882-1900
McCARTNEY Harmond 1882-1903
McCATHERN Paul James and Juanita Mae
McCLENDON Katherine and Albert
McCLUNG 1 Margaret A 1877-1960
McCLUNG 1 Robert F 1872-1952
McCLUNG J H and Belle
McCLUNG J W 1832-1905
McCLUNG J W Mrs 1836-1920
McCLUNG Walter 1854-1904
McCLURE Arthur 1878-1976
McCLURE Ida G 1883-1946
McCOLLOM Joe Allen and Billie Faye
McCORD Ida Bertha PORTER 1889-1919
McINTIRE Iles Lee and Dora B
McLERRAN Andrew J and Beatrice
McPHERSON Odis E 1909-1956
McWHORTER Dolores 1927-1928
McWHORTER Dorothy L 1918-1921
MELAUN Allene L and Joseph F
MELAUN Joseph C 1923-1943
MILLER 1 Ola 1909-1990
MILLER 1 Ray 1904-1953
MILLER babies Henry and Martha
MILLER Callie 1882-1894
MILLER Emmer May 1897-1987
MILLER Rachel G and John W
MILLER Sarah J 1853-1885
MILLER Willie D 1890-1968
MITCHELL Sarah 1890-1967
MITCHELL Woodrow H 1913-1964
MONTGOMERY 1 Elizabeth 1830-1906
MONTGOMERY 1 George G 1856-1930
MONTGOMERY 1 Ormanda 1858-1950
MONTGOMERY 1 Oscar D 1820-1918
MONTGOMERY 1 Sydney Jacobs 1901-1909
MOODY Clover J 1907-1972
MOODY John W and Mary B
MOON Charlie D 1879-1941
MOON Cora Mae 1888-1969
MOON Jackie Lorraine
MOON Ratchel Bulah 1911-1913
MOON Ray Euless 1911-1972
MOON Willis Dew
MOORE G T 1823-1894
MOORE Homer F 1890-1925
MOORE Martha 1823-1889
MOORE Mary E Gene 1893-1963
MOORE Rhoda Viola 1873-1960
MOORE Stephen H 1868-1920
MOSS Betty L 1930-1998
MUNN Daniel P 1888-1867
MUNN Louise E 1898-1975
MURDOCK Eugene H 1954-1984
MURPHREY dau 1900-1901
MURPHREY Jas R 1876-1902
MURPHREY Mignonette Jett and Clarence Je
MYERS Annie and R C
MYERS Cal and Sadie
MYERS Genevieve W 1922-1932
NASH Ben S and Ruth
NELSON Martha Ann LASATER 1858-1890
NEVIL Franklin A 1914-1985
NEVIL Hillois 1916-1988
NEVIL Wylie Brown 1871-1956
O-BANNON Ellis E and Faye R
O-BANNON James C 1872-1927
O-BANNON Lillie I 1881-1965
OATES Dortha A 1921-1977
OATES William L Jr 1951-1972
OATS Ethel May 1912-1972
OATS Johnnie Steven 1907-1973
OATS Mary Eliza 1886-1947
OATS W J 1880-1947
OGLESBY William 1828-1899
OGLETREE O D Bud 1926-1995
ORRELL Ovis Loraine 1927-1927
ORRELL W H Bill and Lucile R
OTTO Edna 1904-1928
PACKENIUS Hazel V 1917-1967
PAGE 1 James W -1941
PAGE 1 Sam 1899-1953
PAGE Ewin Leslie 1889-1963
PAGE Robert E Lee 1863-1941
PAGE Sarah Lula SULLIVAN 1868-1950
PAGE Sidney A and Effie W
PAGE Thomas 1945-
PALMER Hattie Mable 1903-1953
PARKER Homer F 1887-1980
PARKER Julia A 1846-1914
PARKER Walter J 1878-1879
PARKER Wm J 1847-1888
PARNELL Laura A 1851-1932
PARNELL Mc D 1851-1916
PATMAN Eila T and James H
PATMAN Hazel L and Jessie J
PATMAN J E 1934-1995
PATMAN James 1934-1975
PATMAN James E 1934-1995
PATMAN Jesse Lee 1932-1934
PATMAN Keith 1962-1962
PATMAN Lonnie William and Veva Dell
PATMAN Mary Delena 1894-1982
PATMAN Richard 1966-1974
PATMAN Thurman H Sr 1909-1951
PATRICK Kimla Renee 1960-1961
PATTERSON James C and Florence
PATTERSON Lendell 1925-1950
PERCIVAL Patricia Ann 1941
PERRY Birtalee 1909-1955
PERRY William G 1905-1963
PETREA Laci Rae and Tanner Craig 1984-19
PETTY Ada P and Joe D
PETTY Adabell 1917-1922
PETTY Alice S 1860-1936
PETTY Jack Hurt 1927-1949
PETTY James F 1856-1908
PETTY Julya Rhea 1922-1922
PETTY Mittie 1897-1980
PETTY Nan Ruth and Jack Hurt
PHARR J Lester and Chloe F
PHILLIPS Bobby Linn 1955-1957
PIEARCE James Shelton and Juanita
PIEARCE Randy 1957-1958
PIEARCE Tresa A 1953-1970-
PIEARCE Willie C and Rosa Lee
POOVEY Harold J 1924-1996
POPE Jimmy H 1950-1951
POSEY Powell and Bessie E
POSTON Blanche BECKET 1909-2000
POTTER Jane 1832-1921
PREWITT Mary C 1874-1947
PREWITT Myrtle 1889-1911
PRICE Ethel R 1882-1975
PRICE Howard Stanley and Helen GORDON
PRICE Lewis A 1876-1948
PRICE Lewis Gordon 1944-1944
RAGLAND Alice and Milton E
RAGLAND Alvin G and Rosie Lee
RAGSDALE Estia MOODY 1901-1969
RAINS Blanche M 1855-1937
RAINS family
RAINS James S 1817-1880
RAINS James S Gen 1817-1880
RAINS Lavana A 1870-1952
RAINS Lindsey Rhea 1885-1967
RAINS Richard Kerr 1874-1933
RAINS Samuel H 1851-1926
RAMSEY 1 Agnes Myrtle 1895-1984
RAMSEY 1 Leon S 1892-1957
RANDERSON Henry and Ada
RANDERSON Robert L 1892-1955
RAYMOND Lavangla F 1949-1972
REAVES Mary Frances LASATER 1 1887-1978
RICHARDSON Daniel D 1909-1997
RICHARDSON Edwin Stone 1876-1937
RICHARDSON Sallie Uneda 1905-1972
RILEY Jasper O -1939
RITCHIE Joe Curtis 1935-2003
RITCHIE Odie Roy 1894-1954
ROBERTS Alfred 1927-1982
ROBERTS Letha 1900-1982
ROBERTSON Elisha R and Sarah A
ROBERTSON Elizabeth 1813-1879
ROBERTSON Elizabeth 1840-1894
ROBERTSON Mark 1811-1879
ROBINSON Bertie M 1873-1963
ROBINSON Edgar A 1873-1953
ROBINSON Esther V 1886-1912
ROBINSON G L 1852-1899
ROBINSON Guy L 1902-1962
ROBINSON Julia B 1857-1939
ROBINSON Lora Frances 1909-1981
ROBINSON Roy 1904-1904
ROBINSON Wilford L 1905-1973
ROBY Charlie A and Myrtie E
ROCKHOLD Alford A 1846-1933
ROCKHOLD George Franklin 1875-1946
ROCKHOLD Sarah J 1836-1888
ROGERS Edgar E aznd Alma G
ROTHROCK C W 1840-1916
ROTHROCK C W Mrs 1846-1921
RUTHERFORD Josephine Y 1837-1894
SALINAS Mary Ann 1857
SAMPLE Mildred Rogers 1918-1970
SANDERS 1 Albert V 1885-1955
SANDERS 1 girl and Kathryn
SANDERS 1 Neppie J 1895-1965
SANDERS Mary Ann 1867-1956
SANDERS T C 1860-1936
SANDERS T C Mrs 1867-1902
SANDUSKY J George 1898-1938
SEAGO Eli Milton and Edner Earl
SEAGO Gordon W 1937-1966
SEAGO Gordon W and Velma H
SEAGO J T Mrs 1871-1916
SEAGO Lucinda 1812-1903
SEAGO Myrtle May and Alvin A K
SEAGO Samuel A 1859-1915
SEALE Ruth J and Nelson L
SEBASTIAN Stepper Shon 1971
SEWELL A V 1841-1878
SEWELL Jesse A 1823-1900
SEWELL Mary and Jim
SEWELL Oscar 1870-1882
SEWELL Sarah Elizabeth 1830-1885
SEXTON Venie F and Walter
SHANNON R 1849-1914
SHANNON W J 1855-1907
SHAW James Luther JL 1925-1944
SHAW Martha 1923-
SHAW Rhea ARD 2 1897-1992
SHELTON Charles Andrew 1913-1947
SHEPHERD Francis LaVonne 1937-1948
SHEPHERD J L Jack and Francis E
SHERRARD George B 1881-1930
SHERRARD J C 1928-1941
SHERRARD James J 1907-1973
SHERRARD Jewel F 1912-1979
SHERRARD Lena Mae 1888-1961
SHORT J L 1844-1918
SHORT Mamie 1881-1909
SHORT Mary Ann 1845-1927
SIMMONS C P 1848-1916
SIMMONS Emma 1886-1969
SIMMONS Josie 1854-1938
SIMMONS Lytle 1879-1957
SIMMONS Melvina 1861-1942
SIMPSON Nettie 1900-1966
SLOAN Kristen Lachelle 1981-1982
SMALLWOOD dau 1897-1897
SMITH Cardinal M 1883-1917
SMITH Clara J 1865-1940
SMITH Daisy Ann 1883-1961
SMITH Danny 1935-1935
SMITH daughter 1901
SMITH Ethorn
SMITH Grover and Fowler W
SMITH Hazel L 1920-1938
SMITH James S 1878-1948
SMITH John B 1860-1925
SMITH Josephine 1903-1909
SMITH Lavilla C and Wylie B Sr
SMITH Lula Alice 1887-1971
SMITH Maggie WADE 1893-1973
SMITH Mary V 1868-1902
SMITH Newt L and Genie Alma
SMITH Sheila Ann 1944-1944
SMITH W T 1925-1904
SORRELLS Noah S 1833-1884
SPEER L and Mary
SPILLMAN Samuel 1883-1913
STARK Henry H 1880-1882
STARK Jerilean and Thomas H
STARK Nova 1876-1891
STARNES Ada L 1875-1929
STARNES Alice A and John S
STARNES Bill Watkins 1926-1962
STARNES Horace C 1889-1913
STARNES Horace C 1908-1910
STARNES J M 1871-1936
STARNES James Madison and Mary Catherine
STARNES Jewel 1906-1928
STARNES John E 1911-1990
STARNES Mattie F 1873-1963
STARNES Wallace L 1907-1974
STATON Imogene CUNDIFF 1922-1997
STEARMAN Isaac 1891-1954
STEELE William M Sr and Myrtle L
STEWART Florence HAWTHORNE 1899-1973
STINER Ferdinand 1825-1915
STINER Margaret 1850-1926
STOVALL Carl J 1871-1919
STRAIN Herman F 1918-1945
STRAIN Janie E and Vernon C
STRAIN Vernon C 1916-1960
STROUD Ruby and Harvey
STYNER Thomas Warevick 1874-1947
SUBLETT Effie 1860-1947
SULLIVAN Dudley S 1898-1968
SULLIVAN George T and Ella C
SULLIVAN Gladys L and Dudley S
SULLIVAN Lizzie S and Ransom T
SULLIVAN Nora 1886-1918
SULLIVAN Roy 1902-1938
SULLIVAN Rufus Amery 1877-1945
SULLIVAN Sam c1836-1915
SULLIVAN Syntha K 1843-1925
TAYLOR Berlin G and Ruby H
TAYLOR Merle A and Andrew L
TAYLOR W C 1830-1897
TEMPLE Amanda P 1872-1962
TEMPLE Charlie 1893-1911
TEMPLE Clayton T 1866-1930
TEMPLE daughter 1898-1900
TERRY Alton E and Ruby C
TERRY L H 1911-1970
TERRY L H and Mozelle
THEDFORD Blanche 1903-1905
THEDFORD Hugn L Mann 1914-1982
THEDFORD James M and Mattie L
THOMAS Albert I D 1890-1961
THOMAS Annie M 1891-1975
THOMAS Arthur and Pauline
THOMAS John E 1909-1912
THOMAS Judy Ann 1948-1948
THOMAS Miriam Alice and James Melvin
THOMPSON Arthur Ray 1928-1962
THOMPSON Emmett E 1887-1958
THOMPSON Emmett E 1887-1958
THOMPSON Gabrilla S and Ephriam A
THOMPSON Jennie F and Jerry M
THOMPSON Klonie 1897-1944
THOMPSON Rosa 1878-1932
THOMPTSON Claude 1900-1902
TINDALL Minnie L and Samuel E
TINER Florence M and Henry L
TINER Mamie S and Harry M
TINER T Manning 1921-1935
TOAL Henry R and Mary E
TOAL Rowland Sarah and Eugene Edward
TRAIL Viola and Alexander F and Helen Ir
TRAIL Will T and Willie L
TRAMMELL Mary 1902-1957
TRAMMELL Porter 1900-1971
TUCKER Charles C and Mayme S
TUCKER Charles Ray 1946-1993
TUCKER Charlie D and Elsie
TUCKER Ellen Ann 1903-1976
TUCKER Fairy Mae and Ona
TUCKER Gerald W 1944-1948
TUCKER Kelly Denise 1971-1979
TUCKER Nancy Ann 1869-1959
TUCKER Oran Franklin 1866-1944
TUCKER Owen Floyd and Jessie Loise
TUCKER Raymond Arthur
TUCKER Robert Thomas RT 1925-1995
TUCKER Thomas O and Betty J
TUCKER Virginia Ann
TYREE Sidney H and Bonnie B
UCHELLO Madeline HOOPER 1923-1962
UNRUE Frank A 1908-1968
UNRUE Valtie Margaret 1917-1992
VANDERFORD K Y 1839-1894
VAUGHAN A C 1898-1986
VAUGHN Sandra Gail 54-54
WAGONER Leslie W and M Virginia
WAGSTAFF Bessie May 1917-1936
WAGSTAFF Charles W 1929-1995
WAGSTAFF Charles W 1929-1995
WAGSTAFF Nola M HANDLIN and Emmit Louis
WARD Earl L 1911-1983
WARD Geneva B and Earl L
WARREN Charlote Kay 1959
WATSON Ben H 1876-1942
WATSON H C and Laura
WATSON Peggy Lee and Robert Don
WAUGH Douglas Wayne 1962
WEBER baby 1907
WEST Gertrude 1923-2000
WHEELER Matt H 1919-1967
WHEELER Nancy HENRY 1935-1976
WHISENHUNT Mary M 1883-1951
WHISENHUNT Robert N and Mary M
WHITE Belle 1890-1930
WHITE Emma 1890-1911
WHITE Henry D and E L
WHITE Sobrina J 1863-1908
WHITEHURST Alamo 1907-1959
WHITEHURST Alvin 1904-1948
WHITEHURST Hallie 1910-1948
WHITEHURST Sarah J and Leander A
WILKERSON Ira Otis Dixie 1910-1981
WILKERSON Lewis A 1904
WILKINS Faye A and Lloyd E
WILLEFORD Woodson F 1881-1939
WILLIAMS Dale B 1931-1952
WILLIAMS Effie S and Charles H
WILLIAMS Elsie E 1903-1972
WILLIAMS John Walter and Julia LEWIS
WILLIAMS Maggie and Jim
WILLIAMS Mary Viola SULLIVAN and Isaiah
WILLIAMS Robert L 1925-1944
WILLIAMSON Bennie A and James A
WILLIAMSON James M 1917-1974
WILLINGHAM Herman H 1934-1942
WILSON B R and Catherine
WILSON Bert T 1891-1929
WILSON Docia L 1896-1938
WILSON Ellen 1882-1905
WILSON George L and Nora J
WILSON J M and Mattie
WILSON James Earl 1935-1939
WILSON Jesse 1897-1955
WILSON Joseph I and Alice I
WILSON Joseph P 1934-1934
WILSON Kenneth Earl 1956-1965
WINCHESTER Emma J and Thurman O
WINKLE Hettie A and John H
WINKLES Emile Jack 1912-1961
WINSTON E W 1862-1922
WINSTON J 1808-1903
WINTERS Wm T 1912-1994
WOOD Anna G 1882-1963
WOOD Juanita L 1933-1950
WOOD Mary and James William
WOODSON Charles and Signora L
WOODSON Cleora T 1848-1881
WOODSON William S 1869-1887
WOODY Harley and Sally
WOODY James A and Mary L
WOODY Mary L 1883-1948
YOUNGBLOOD Joseph H 1876-1951
YOUNGBLOOD Tennie FLY 1883-1936
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