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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Hall Cemetery, , Grayson, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 Hall Cemetery Entrance - west of Van A by Ed and Nancy Newton
6 Hall Cemetery Historical Marker.JPG by Ed and Nancy Newton
7 Bible-Cemetery_Art by Bev Martin
BARRON Annie E mother 1863 1932 by Bev Martin
BASKETT Mary Ann 1869 1910 by Bev Martin
BEARDEN Ann E Married 23 Oct 1937 1906 1992 by Ed and Nancy Newton
BEARDEN Aubrey W 1908 2000 by Ed and Nancy Newton
BEARDEN Dona SPEER by Ed and Nancy Newton
BEARDEN Erskine L Married 23 Oct 1937 1913 1997 by Ed and Nancy Newton
BEARDEN Joseph Carl 1918 1975 by Ed and Nancy Newton
BRINKLEY Annie marker by Bev Martin
BROWN Alice Ella 1899 1984 by Bev Martin
BUNTIN Harvey 1840 1873 by Bev Martin
BURKE Annie E wife of T W Burks 1851 1917 by Bev Martin
CHISOLM A E by Bev Martin
CROOK children of E R and N J Crook by Bev Martin
DAVIS Arizona Zona 1870 1893 by Bev Martin
DAVIS Bertie 1882 1961 by Bev Martin
DAVIS Charles E 1881 1962 by Bev Martin
DAVIS Cleta Jewell 1902 1995 by Bev Martin
DOUGLASS Bobbie Lou 1928 1934 by Bev Martin
EDWARDS Ava Lynn 1876 1960 by Bev Martin
ERSKINE Joseph Carlysle 1893 1971 by Ed and Nancy Newton
ERSKINE Ora Elizabeth 1892 1985 by Ed and Nancy Newton
FIELDER Beulah Bell dau of J F and M J Fielder 1908 1915 by Bev Martin
FULLER Dora by Bev Martin
FULLER Edgar R son of J F and S D Fuller 1852 1885 by Bev Martin
FULLER infants sons of J F and Dora Fuller 1885 1885 by Bev Martin
JOHNSON Nett aunt 1835 1900 by Bev Martin
JULIEN Cloa Inez 1906 1979 by Bev Martin
LYNN Mollie dau of T E and E S Lynn 1892 1898 by Bev Martin
McGINNIS Annie B wife of J K McGinni 1861 1901 by Bev Martin
MERRILL Ruby Mae 1909 1998 by Bev Martin
MORROW Annie Florance 1888 1960 by Bev Martin
MYERS infant dau of M E and Myrtle Myers 1895 1895 by Bev Martin
PHILLIPS Amanda H 1850 1915 by Bev Martin
SPEER Dona BEARDEN by Ed and Nancy Newton
WHITE Bobby Glen 1937 1995 by Bev Martin
WHITE Mildred married 11 Oct 1931 by Bev Martin
WHITE Ralph married 11 Oct 1931 1912 2004 by Bev Martin
WILCOX Ada 1893 1953 by Bev Martin
WILCOX Bradford R 1898 1980 by Bev Martin
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