Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Justin Cemetery, Justin, Denton, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 Justin Cemetery Denton Co TX
6 DOWNE memorial parking area
6 view
7 View
ADAMS - Alfred Leo and Corinne P
ADAMS Doris WINDHAM and Bert Richey
ADAMS Emma Mae 1881-1969
ADAMS Eula B 1882-1955
ADAMS Eunice Terry and Benjamin Percy
ADAMS J Otis 1875-1928
ADAMS Laura A 1849-1916
ADAMS Lula Diane and Bert Lester
ADAMS S D Jr 1923-1923
ALDRIDGE Mona Lee 1935-1999
ALLEN Andy Athel 1912-1930
ALLEN Beatrice Mabel and Dick
ALLEN Clarence E 1908-1981
ALLEN Dayton McCauley 1977-1977
ALLEN Effie Bell 1879-1972
ALLEN Ernest R 1908-1927
ALLEN Glenda O 1954
ALLEN James E 1882-1934
ALLEN John Samuel 1889-1969
ALLEN Joseph Hugh MD 1877-1959
ALLEN Patsy M 1855-1926
ALLEN Robert Thomas 1914-1953
ALLEN Scotty LaRone 1956-1974
ALLEN Toni LaRue 1966-1966
ALLISON Beverly 1948-
ALLISON Jay L 1925-1989
ALLRED Leona M 1853-1940
ALLRED Walter Lee 1891-1970
ALREAD Neta Fay 1913-1918
ALREAD Vera E and Luther G
ALTIZER Donald B 1940-1940
ALTIZER Vera D and Oliver B
ANGEL Amanda S 1844-1928
ANNESS Iva M and Tom A
ARBOGAST Augustia D and Mary E
ARNOLD Mariam R and R E and Pearl
ASHTON Barton 1933-1933
AVERY Joseph M 1899-1962
AVERY Margaret Gwen 1907-1973
BAGLEY Chrictine JUDKINS 12-77
BAGLEY Christine 1912-1977
BAILEY Minous D 1883-1914
BAILEY Obey E 1899-1962
BAILEY Robbie Dee 1924-1974
BAKER Arthur E 1900-1962
BAKER Cleamo George 1914-1998
BAKER Jimmy Don 1950-1995
BAKER Martha L 1897-1994
BAKER Ruth SHOFNER 1903-1935
BAKER Windfield 1890-1947
BALL James R and Jo Ellen and James F
BARHAM Mary Kathern EASTWOOD 1928-1993
BARKER Mattie Mae and William A Sr
BARKER W A Dub and Emma Nell
BARKER William Timothy 1949-1949
BARKER Wm A Sr 1887-1918
BARKSDALE Arthur Dean 1893-1964
BARKSDALE Floyd 1933-2002
BARKSDALE Judy F and Richard M
BARKSDALE Larry N 1947-1994
BARKSDALE Orville Ray 1938-1940
BARKSDALE Paul Eric 1975-1975
BARKSDALE Peggy and Floyd
BARNARD A Merritte 1910-1965
BARNARD Alfred and Sarah O
BARNARD Evvie May 1883-1944
BARNARD Harve Allen 1888-1963
BARNARD Larry Neal 1957-1995
BARNARD Loyed 1929-1930
BARNARD Opal Dale and Ivan Wallace
BARNARD Risden 1882-1961
BARNARD Sandra STARK 1935-2004
BARNARD Wilda I and Jeff Sam
BARRETT Florence M and Silas W
BATCHA Peggy DEUSSEN 1932-1994
BAXTER Patsy 1934-1936
BAYS Dewey Lee 1916-1984
BAYS Lila 1913-1996
BECK Bertha P and Raymond C
BECK John Monroe 1875-1961
BECK Mary Delle and Fred Raymond
BECK Raymond C 1901-1961
BECK Rosa Ester 1877-1926
BEENE Jenna Mae and Troy E
BEHRENS Anna Marie 1910-1949
BEHRENS Fritz Henry 1894-1983
BEHRENS Fritz Henry and Mayme McNAIR
BENAVIDEZ Ashley 1986-1999
BENNETT Alfred E 1876-1952
BENNETT Corene GENTRY 1923-1981
BENNETT Hazel A and Charlie F Jr
BENNETT James Benjamin 1921-1988
BENNETT John A 1881-1942
BENNETT John Allen 1916-1987
BENNETT Lydia 1848-1909
BENNETT Paulena V and Charlie F
BENNETT Susie E 1888-1962
BENNETT W A 1916-1918
BERRY John W 1857-1928
BISHOP Alma ROBINSON 1890-1979
BISHOP William I 1891-1953
BLACK W J Jr 1897-1912
BLACK William J and Susan N
BLASE Mildred E and John W
BOLIN Ida Clara 1897-1925
BOLTON Benjamin F 1914-1986
BOLTON Bessie M 1917-1937
BOLTON Delores Jean 1941
BOLTON Mary E 1887-1943
BOLTON Mildred R and Charlie M
BOLTON Vera L 1914-1973
BOLTON Vince J 1883-1944
BOND C E Gene and Edna Louise
BOWDON Walter H 1884-1974
BOWMAN Quartus Rebecca and Roy Wesley Bi
BOX Ervin L Jr 1929-1985
BOX Ervin Ladell and Pearl HAMPTON
BOX Frank Kent Sr 1935-2004
BOYD Jesse Oliver 1901-1991
BOYD Winona FRANKS Nurse 1913-1997
BRADLEY Ella Ilene and James Edward
BRADLEY John W 1857-1907
BRADLEY LeNora and James T
BRADLEY Oma Dell 1918-1940
BRADLEY son 1914
BRADSHAW Richard 1920-2002
BRANNON Florene FRANK 1911-2001
BRIDGEWATER Christine 1918-2003
BRIDGEWATER William K 1939
BROOKS Beulah and Lee
BROOKS Robert L 1917-1985
BROOKS William H -1942
BROWN Helen and Robert
BROWN Jess Franklin 1908-1977
BROWN Nina Faye 1911-1993
BUCHANNON Mona J and Joel P
BUMGARNER Belle and Arthur A
BURKE Manuel and Esther Marie
BURKS Lula Bell and Walter
BURKS Margaret W and Lomon C
BURNETT Billie B and Clemella C
BURNETT Billie Burk 1922-1991
BURNETT Fannie L and Horace C
BURNETT Rosa LEE and W M Silas
BURNETT W S 1864-1945
BURNS Anna Beth 1923-1994
BURNS Gilbert Clay 1922-2003
CALVERY Albert L 1928-1989
CALVERY Bettie Elnora 1936-1999
CALVERY Edgar 1896-1981
CALVERY Ida Della 1896-1980
CALVERY James Robert 1931-1989
CALVERY Lea Ellen 1901-1988
CALVERY William M 1892-1962
CAMP Christian Levi 1992
CAMPBELL Ida May and Barney
CAMPBELL J A 1836-1910
CAMPBELL J B 1867-1930
CAMPBELL Jones 1913-1969
CANTRELL Cleve D and Pearl D
CANTRELL Mollie 1873-1949
CARROLL Eulalia M and Tom B
CARROLL T B and Mae Belle
CARSON Emma Dean 1884-1968
CARSON George D and Roy Sue
CATE Alta L and Floyd L
CATE Ann E and David H
CATE Floyd L 1922-1981
CATE Hallie and Lee
CATE Minnie A and Sidney F
CATE Ruth 1911-1924
CLARK Melvin Wayne 1938-2006
COIN Douglas Wayne and Christene PENNING
COLE Jas Knox 1916-1996
COLE Lockie KNOX and James Monroe
COLE Marie POPE 1916-1981
COOK W G and Mildred
COPP Buster B 1916-1996
COPP Carol Ann 1936-1951
COPP Hazel H and Burdett F
COPP Lorie I 1917-2003
COPP Lorie I and Buster B
COSSTEPHENS Myrtle P 1916-1990
COX Florence M and William F Fred
COX Wayne A and De Lora M
CREIGHTON Allen P Fritz and Suzanne Sue
CRENSHAW Clarence R and Ruth A
CROSS Ethel 1895-1917
CROSS Raymond 1918-1918
CROSS Willie Clyde 1890-1943
CRUMPTON Hunter Lynn 1998-2004
CUDE Mary June 1935-
CUDE William E Jr 1929-1982
CURRY Alice Gale YOUNG and Escar Lee
CURRY C Bryan 1963
CURRY Henry A and Fairy
CURRY Jessie Mae and B Almon
CURRY Wanda 1914-1926
CURRY Will B 1880-1951
CURTIS Inez HARRIS 1883-1965
DADOORIAN Charlcey P and Harry
DADOORIAN Walter Vartan 1922-
DARDEMAN Bertie G 1881-1966
DARDEMAN Mat F 1881-1955
DAVIDSON Josephine and William A
DAVIS Barbara Joan 1934-1990
DAVIS Elmer L 1908-2000
DAVIS Henry Twombly 1909-1970
DAVIS Ida ELLISON 1860-1947
DAVIS Joe William Little Joe 1975-1994
DAVIS Leo and Donna Gale
DAVIS Parthena 1914-2000
DAVIS Rickie 1960-1962
DAVIS Sally 1890-1957
DAVIS Sara Jeanne 1978-2001
DAVIS Stephen E Jr 1887-1962
DAWSON Minnie TEAL 1907-1974
DeARMENT George J and E Fay
DEIGH son 1910
DEMPSEY Bessie CROSS 1897-1979
DIETZMANN Elvie J and Henry F
DIETZMANN James William Jr 1959-1959
DIETZMANN Ryan Wade 1967-1987
DOANE Jessie Faye 1931-1992
DONALD B F 1852-1921
DONALD dau 1911-1911
DONALD Mary E and James T
DONALD William Claude 1909-1914
DOOLEY Bernice E 1911-1967
DOOLEY Charles Kenneth 1941-1984
DOOLEY Charley 1883-1978
DOOLEY Minnie M 1890-1913
DOOLEY Robert C 1909-1980
DOOLEY Robert Price 1887-1970
DOOLEY Zora F and Edith G and R P Day
DOWNE Ruby Lyon and Samuel Herbert
DOWNS Ronald Gene Sr 1951-2003
DUCK Johnnie L and Norman C
DUDLEY Minnie and Frank
DUNAGIN Elizabeth A and A J
DUNAGIN L Floyd 1895-1975
EASTWOOD Lima Mae and Willie H Bill
EASTWOOD Willie Hall 1893-1964
ELKINS Kathylene PENNINGTON and Eldon Fl
ESTEP Arland W 1958-1958
EVANS J T 1876-1928
EVANS Laura 1859-1934
EVINS Augustus 1914-1914
FANNING James A 1894-1979
FANNING Mabelle H 1885-1942
FANNING Margaret 1907-1964
FANNING Thelma Pauline and John Oscar
FAUGHT Jonathan Richard 1984-1999
FAUGHT Maudine and Pleas
FERRELL Arthur Ralph 1900-1980
FERRELL Sibyl L and Arthur R
FINNEY Ora D and Vollie T
FLETCHER Adelia 1880-1959
FLETCHER J E Sr 1877-1948
FLORANCE Imogene C 1899-1987
FLORANCE J L 1842-1925
FLORANCE James W 1918-1943
FLORANCE Jo Ann 1886-1967
FLORANCE Thomas Clay 1891-1971
FOSTER Amanda Lucille and William Howard
FOSTER Harold Dean and Clara Sue
FOWLER George Edward 1925-1926
FOWLER Mamie Jewel and E J
FOWLER Sammy J 1947-1997
FOX Eva A 1891-1982
FRANK Donal R 1932-2001
FRANK Laura B and William J
FRANK Othel V 1921-1961
FRANKS Barbara Loyce 1941-1941
FRANKS Bobby 1945-2005
FRANKS Caroline June 1942-1942
FRANKS Claude Lee 1875-1946
FRANKS Mary Pearl 1886-1972
FRANKS Oscar W Doc 1926-1988
FRAZIER Leroy C and Bessie B
FRON Alvin T 1943-2003
FRON Lavern A 1945-
GAMBILL Nannie E 1895-1951
GARRISON L Guy 1901-1967
GASTON Silas Harrington and lady Mouvern
GEBERT Alvin and Dorothy Mary
GIBBS Betty P and Omer D
GODFREY Patricia Fay PENNINGTON 1949-200
GONZALEZ Abrham 1955
GOODMAN Brian Matthew 1983-2002
GRAHAM Gertie and Charlie
GRAHAM Vitrice OZELL 1896-1975
GRAHAM William Lee 1889-1956
GREEN Edna C and Ralph A
GREEN Ira Buster 1920-1979
GREEN James Douglas 1996-1996
GREEN Jimmy R 1928-1971
GREEN Joe B 1904-1958
GREEN Manda E 1877-1967
GREEN Marguerita GARDEN and James Robert
GREEN Mildred M 1931-
GREEN Roy 1905-1958
GREGG S Jennie 1840-1926
GROUNDS Mattie E and Robert Dee
GRUBBS Mary R and Jesse B
GUMM Leonard V 1908-1973
GUMM Ruth C 1916 1987
GUSLER Cora Esabella 1885-1968
GUSTER Leroy J 1905-1982
HAINES Alice Marie 1930-2000
HALBERT Julia P and Gus T
HALBERT William S and Arrena M
HALL David Miller 1925-1995
HALL George Wilkerson 1850-1927
HALL Georgia Adaline 1857-1925
HALL Horace Miller 1889-1948
HALL Laura B and Walter G
HALL Lucy E 1920-1984
HALL Ola Mae 1922
HALL Tillie F 1885-1967
HAMM N E 1845-1915
HAN Jae Sub and Linda Jean
HANCOCK Ruby I and John B
HANEY Edna Mae and Archie D
HANSON Sue M 1893-1983
HARDEMAN Ada L 1868-1937
HARDEMAN Bruce Sanford 1925-1981
HARDEMAN Dorothy Jean 1923-2002
HARDEMAN Grace E 1901-1990
HARDEMAN J B Buddy 1926-1980
HARDEMAN James M 1867-1959
HARDEMAN Lena Mae and Sam M
HARDEMAN Rome J W 1870-1927
HARDY Lisa K 1967-1999
HARE Ida E DAVIS 1937-1987
HARMON George Reed 1888-1970
HARMON Lucile H 1900-1982
HARMONSON A B Jr 1926-1928
HARMONSON Bettie Ray 1923-1924
HARMONSON Jack Alvin 1906-1978
HARMONSON Lloyd Alvin 1932-1952
HARMONSON Lloyd M 1908-2003
HARMONSON Lula Bell 1915-1976
HARMONSON Mahala Mae 1906-1948
HARMONSON Ronald Lloyd H 1960-1960
HARMONSON son 1948
HARRIS Clyde Marko 1890-1929
HARRIS David C and Jerry H
HARRIS M M 1861-1930
HARRIS Ruth SIMS 1905-1985
HARRIS W H 1857-1937
HARRIS Walter Berry 1899-1970
HARRIS William L -1940
HART Albert Michael Catline 1948-1999
HART Helen J 1922-1989
HARTMAN Zora and Horace R
HARVEY Cleota A 1917-
HATFIELD Mildred Ruth 1920-2005
HATFIELD Wm Roy and Mildred R
HATHORN Alma D and James J
HATHORN Gladys and Hubert
HATHORN Ollie Ray 1925-1974
HAUGHTON Charlie M 1894-1981
HAUGHTON Lena 1895-1973
HAUGHTON Minnie J and Richard
HAUN Arlis D and Johnnie Ruth
HAUN Laura Bell and Joseph Lee
HELM Minerva E 1853-1938
HELM T H B 1837-1924
HELMICK David E 1891-1910
HELMICK Robert J 1888-1966
HELTON Geneva Lee and Jay W
HELTON Jay 1942
HENDERSON Arminttia 1871-1962
HENDERSON Doyle W 1933-1965
HENDERSON Eugene D C 1922-1961
HENDERSON girls 1963 and 1965
HENDERSON Glenn E 1920-1999
HENDERSON Hirem G and Clara H
HENDERSON Ibbie C and Ralph B
HENDERSON Jeffrey Don 1962-1985
HENDERSON Kathi LaKrecia 1956-1984
HENDERSON Marvin 1922-1991
HENDERSON Paulette and Glenn Edwin
HENDERSON Ralph B J 1893-1972
HENDERSON Robert L 1868-1944
HENDERSON William Christof 1958-1982
HENDERSON-OAKLEY Mary Ellen and Martha B
HICKS Robert Loyd Bob and Maria Vivian C
HIGGS Virginia I and Reuben P
HIGH Byrcha M and Earl L
HIGH Evelyn 1909-1995
HIGH Jan Michael 1940
HIGH Martha 1913-1989
HIGH Milton
HIGH William Walker
HILL-JUDKINS Doris Ann 1945-
HINKLE Lloyd P Pete 1909-1982
HINKLE W B 1882-1934
HODGES Doshia and James E
HODGES L W 1884-1953
HODGES Margaret Caroline 1884-1957
HODGES Mary and E L
HODGES son 1918
HOLLAND Leroy and Laura H
HOLLOWAY Anita Loyce and William Clarenc
HOLLOWAY Austin 1869-1929
HOLLOWAY Jack Allen and Sue McLEOD
HOLLOWAY Marvin Wesley 1942-2005
HOLLOWAY Myrtle 1878-1971
HOLLOWAY Phillip Anthony 1945-1988
HOLLOWAY Wesley 1912-1996
HOLLOWAY Willie Myrtle 1878-1971
HOLTKAMP Emma 1892-1961
HOLTKAMP W B 1892-1972
HOLTKAMP William B 1892-1972
HOLTKAMP Willie B 1924-1967
HOLTKAMP Willie B 1924-1967
HORTON Jean and Harlon
HOWELL A T 1943-1966
HOWELL Raymond J and M Evelyn
HOWELL Raymond Joe 1919-1999
HUEY Rosa and Ira
HUFFINES Birdie May and DeLane
HUFFINES C M 1832-1924
HUFFINES Laura 1852-1930
HUFFINES Mary 1918-1918
HUFFINES Maude 1918-1918
HUFFINES Minnie 1918-1918
HUFFINES Robert Lee 1919-1975
HUNTER Ida May BECK 1898-1945
INGRAM Mary G and Robert H
INMON Waldine L and J C
JACKSON Bobby Glen and Charlene STEWART
JACKSON Kermit Lee and Nancy Elizabeth
JOHNSON Rebecca Ann 1953-1954
JOHNSON Theresa and Uri Bates
JOHNSON Thomas C 1921-1999
JOHNSTON Oscar 1905-1990
JONES Alton Dwain 1936-1939
JONES Dellar 1878-1946
JONES Edmond T 1876-1942
JONES Esther BARKSDALE 1902-1985
JONES Eva and John A
JONES Eva BENNETT 1908-1973
JONES Frances I and Homer H
JONES Hattie A and Willie A
JONES James Evans and Catherine ALLEN
JONES Julie M and John H
JONES Lonas Carlton 1917-1993
JONES Marvin 1897-1959
JONES Mary PARKER 1879-1950
JONES Mary PARKER and Arthur A
JONES Nina Ruth 1921-1980
JONES Nolie MERRITT and Louretta
JORDAN Margie Lee 1925-2006
JUDGE Faye 1902-1968
JUDGE Morrell 1894-1968
JUDGE Terry Ann 1957-1982
JUDKINS Billy Joe 1937-1970
JUDKINS Birdie Rex 1904-1930
JUDKINS Bonnie 1906-1951
JUDKINS Gordie W 1899-1951
JUDKINS Lillie D 1913-
JUDKINS Robert Steve 1947-
JUDKINS Steve J 1911-1984
JUDKINS Tina 1904-1995
JULIUSSON Margaret LEUTY and James Rile
KEEFER Floella PARR and Melvin Robert
KEEFER Joseph E 1890-1985
KEEFER Mary E and Joseph E
KEETER Carter James 1905-1971
KEETER Mary C and Carter T
KEETER Robert E 1887-1923
KELLEY Doris Lea and Rex Ruben
KELLEY Vern I 1931-1994
KELLEY Vern I and Marie
KELLY dau 1939
KELLY Violet G and Bruce C
KELSAY Daisy ADAMS and William Ashley
KENNEDY Myrtle 1884-1959
KENNEDY Wade Allen 1870-1946
KENNEMER Mary E and Robert L
KENNEMUR Pauline E and Elbert W
KEY Dora and W J
KEYWORTH C H and Edna Mae
KEYWORTH Charles Dayle 1931-2004
KEYWORTH Jean CURRY and Charles D
KEYWORTH John C 1902-1978
KEYWORTH John Carroll 1901-1978
KEYWORTH Kate and John E
KEYWORTH Pauline B and S H Simmie
KILLINSWORTH Mary Eshher 1919
KILPATRICK Kathleen Anne 1981-2006
KING Sidney R Sr 1915-1995
KING Sidney Robert 1915-1995
KIRKLIN Jeanette and W Paul
KIRKPATRICK Patricia Sue 1942
KITTRELL Don Edward 1938-1991
KITTRELL Mae Etta and J L
KITTRELL Nola Mae 1916-1983
KNOWLES John R and Myrtle
KNOX Betye F and Robert B
KNOX E S P 1862-1945
KNOX Ella Dee and Leonard F
KNOX La Flora COX and Gary E
KNOX Malcom A and Bertha B
KNOX Newton Monroe Jr 1913-1993
KNOX Sarah Anna 1869-1963
KNOX Viva E and Jack M
KREIDEL Lee A 1926-1963
LaGASSEY Franklin L 1936-1991
LAHUE Franklin Jr 1936-2004
LATIMER Marie MOORE 1906-1995
LAXSON Ider E and George W
LAYFIELD Bertha CLAY 1898-1981
LAYFIELD Jack Davis 1924-2000
LAYFIELD Richard F 1895-1986
LAYFIELD Richard F Jr and Patricia A
LAYFIELD Winnie Joe 1926-1995
LEE Elizabeth Mae and C W
LEE Ila Fay and James Elmon
LEE J C 1882-1935
LEE Jennie SIMS 1915-1996
LEE Kattie and Wilford J
LEE Louis Benjamin 1925-1970
LEE Rowena V and James K
LEE Sarah E 1844-1929
LEMLEY W J and Lila
LEUTY Harriet Ann and Reginald C
LEUTY Lena DONALD and Clyde Clifford
LEUTY Mabel CRUMP and Ben David
LEUTY Margarett L and David Calvin
LEUTY Mary DONALD and Dane Burton
LEUTY Mary L and Jerry R
LEUTY Nannie Belle and Callie Young
LEUTY Walter GUY and Naomi
LEVERETT J L Jim 1884-1945
LEVERETT J L Jim and Minnie Jane
LEVERETT James M 1916-1966
LEWIS Lois and Edd
LILES Jeffrey D 1913-1987
LILES Minnie O and Benjamin F
LOBSINGER June Wren Gangee 1938-2001
LOGAN David Randai 1958-1959
LOGAN Jherrie L and Harry H
LOGAN Mark Wayne 1961
LOGAN Michael Keith 1956-2005
LOGAN Stacey D-aun 1959
LOGAN Timothy Paul 1962-1963
LONG Alfred Dale 1939-1998
LONG Irene M and Floyd E
LOVELESS Cecile HAUGHTON 1896-1917
LUCAS Judy L and Paul A Yankee
LUCAS Paul Anton 1944-1989
LUTTRELL John W 1895-1971
LUTTRELL Josephine 1899-1987
LYNCH Bobby Ray 1931-1989
LYNCH Bobby Ray 1931-1989
LYNCH Emma M and Isaac M
LYNCH Grace M and Hugh Sr
MAKINNEY Nicole Lynn 1978-1995
MARCHBANKS Emma C and Jasper R
MARSHALL Linda COPP 1944-1988
MARTIN Chad Madison 1972-1991
MARTIN Elsie P and Robert S
MARTIN Olin M and Pearl S
MARTINEZ Maria and Jose
MASON Ina Mae 1905-1973
MASON L Z and Miranda
MASON Lizzie LEUTY and Andrew J Sr
MASON Marshall A Jr and Bettye Flo
MATTHEWS Alice 1878-1944
MAY Jayne Annette 1962-
MAY Joe Anderson Jr and Janice Ann
McBURNETT Sara 1889-1912
McBURNETT William 1840-1912
McCLANAHAN J S 1850-1920
McCLANAHAN Luther F and Della B
McCLARY Alice K 1878-1945
McCLARY Calvin H 1870-1937
McCLARY Glenn E 1934
McCLARY Glenn M 1909-1944
McCLURE Marie WHITTINGTON Reedy-and Rich
McCLURE Mary E 1896-1984
McCLURE Milton T 1888-1955
McCLURE Milton T Jr 1921-1944
McCLURE Richard E 1929-1994
McCORD Wallace 1875-1933
McCRAY Ola Faye HENDERSON 1936-1998
McDANIEL Billy 1925-1996
McDANIEL Wanna Fay and Billy
McDONOUGH Dina Gail 1963-1963
McDONOUGH Edith Alice 1903-1983
McDONOUGH Jessie Dean KENNEMUR and Raymo
McDONOUGH Pattie Dean 1959-2002
McDONOUGH Ray 1900-1973
McDOWELL Donald 1919-1933
McDOWELL Minnie 1877-1914
McFARLAND Frances E and David B
McGALLIARD Ethel 1888-1979
McGALLIARD James L 1882-1950
McINTYRE Nelson 1890-1980
McMURRY Warren C 1926-1982
McNAIR Elmer T and Lula E
McNAIR Jennie Mae 1900-1978
McNAIR Julius William and Mary Elizabeth
McNAIR William Thomas 1940-1940
McPHAIL Ruth V 1912-1936
McPHERSON Morris Kelley and Reba Dot
MEEK James Luther 1877-1967
MEEK Oleta Tressie and Overton Earl
MEEKS Donna Nedean 1984-1984
MERRITT Mary A and Howard E
MILLER Levi M 1860-1948
MINTON Hubert Leon 1923-1998
MONCRIEF Bobby T 1932-
MONCRIEF Emma Mae 1908-2003
MONCRIEF Emma T 1908-2003
MONCRIEF Floyd B 1908-1993
MONCRIEF Kelly Howard 1939-2005
MONCRIEF Kelly Howard 1939-2005
MOON Allie D and Robert Ross
MOORE Brian Clark 1972
MOORE Emery B 1908-1973
MOORE Emma 1872-1919
MOORE F Marie 1912-1988
MOORE Homer A 1919-2006
MOORE Iva Mae 1926-1973
MOORE Lela A and J Guy
MOORE Leonard Clark 1927-1988
MOORE Lillian Ruth 1920-1949
MOORE Samuel D 1872-1942
MORRIS O Irene and Joe B
MOSS Dewey Wilmer Sr 1928-2004
MOSS Dewey Wilmer Sr and Vera MONTGOMERY
MOUNT Ellen DONALD 1886-1961
MOUNT Jess Wallace 1883-1962
MOWERY Elvie L 1915-1977
MOWERY Elvie L and Dovie M
MYERS Dottie E 1872-1962
MYERS Joseph W 1869-1935
MYERS Rachel KNOX 1904-1942
MYERS Rosa B and Orval Y
MYERS Willie L and Leslie W
NEACE Arthur C 1878-1962
NEACE Minnie Z 1881-1957
NEACE Olan L 1915-1970
NEACE Oma Ann and Oran G Rev
NEALE Ella M 1908-1988
NEALE John J 1907-1982
NEEL Jack 1933-2000
NEEL Verda Jill 1927-2003
NEELY Lady Gertrude 1905-1982
NEELY Mancil A 1891-1960
NELSON Ida Lee and Van Evan
NELSON Jas G 1851-1906
NEWBY Edna Maude 1925-2000
O-NEAL Drennan W 1906-1980
O-NEAL Jennie R 1908-1918
O-NEAL John W 1849-1940
O-NEAL Jonnie F 1877-1944
O-NEAL M F 1851-1920
O-NEAL Montie J 1910-
O-NEAL William 1875-1952
OGLE Andrew Jackson 1869-1947
OTTINGER Katie and Doc
OTTINGER Thurman Neal 1929-1945
OWEN Joe Morgan and Lucy McNAIR
PAFFORD Dora E and Walter F
PAFFORD Lola LEUTY and Walter E
PANNELL E R Peewee and Wanda Jewel
PANNELL Shannon Wayne Shane 1970-2000
PARKER Dorothy Louise 1922-2004
PARKER Frank L and Catherine C
PARKER Joseph Alvin 1922-1986
PARKER Louise 1911-1911
PARR Bessie L and Presley O
PARR Grace Lee and John O
PARR Viola and Arthur W
PAYNE Clarence Ralph 1920-1985
PENICK Ella Fay 1918-1920
PENICK Jane E 1852-1907
PENICK John W Dr 1882-1907
PENICK Lucy and Willie T
PENICK Mary Jane and William Wade
PENICK Ruby 1912-1995
PENICK W H 1839-1920
PENNINGTON Barbara Ann 1946-1946
PENNINGTON Charlie 1910-1953
PENNINGTON Charlie L 1907-1977
PENNINGTON Cherrie Sue 1939-1939
PENNINGTON Clara Janice 1915
PENNINGTON Della Elizabeth and Robert Pa
PENNINGTON Dixie 1958-1978
PENNINGTON Donald and Dean
PENNINGTON Everett G 1904-1937
PENNINGTON Frankie E 1905-1992
PENNINGTON Gladys F 1913-1997
PENNINGTON Henry and Maud
PENNINGTON Henry Donald 1919-2002
PENNINGTON Henry E 1932-1977
PENNINGTON Henry Nathaniel Nathan 1978-1
PENNINGTON Hubert Allen 1903-1980
PENNINGTON Jessie and John
PENNINGTON John Henry 1899-1962
PENNINGTON Martha E 1877-1928
PENNINGTON Martha Eugene 1934
PENNINGTON Myrtle Ethel and Henry Glen
PENNINGTON Nathaniel M 1876-1952
PENNINGTON Oliver and Mada
PENNINGTON Paul H 1945-1978
PENNINGTON Pauline C and W H Bill
PENNINGTON Renney Alice and Buck Chester
PENNINGTON Richard 1934
PENNINGTON Robert McDowell 1930-1936
PENNINGTON Robert Paul 1921-1995
PENNINGTON Vera L 1903-1980
PENNINGTON William E 1897-1948
PENNINGTON Winston Ray 1926-1949
PENTICO Clair Dean 1939-1999
PERKINS Essie Pearl and Francis Taylor
PERKINS F T 1912-1980
PERKINS Maude Lea and Alvin
PERKINS Walter E 1880-1918
PETERSON Alvenia Mae 1910-1985
PETERSON Andrew Lawson Buckshot and Ruby
PETERSON Bertha E and Ben C
PIERCE Bill J 1909-1977
PIERCE Billy Jefferson and Glady Louise
PIERCE Early V 1897-1967
PIERCE Mary M and Oakley H
PIERCE Newton O 1884-1934
PIERCE Sarah P 1867-1941
PIERCE W B 1873-1957
PIERCE W J 1934-1939
PIKE Donald Gene and Claudette
PIKE Tennie C 1904-1994
PINSON Kermit T 1926-1982
PIPPIN Eva J and John L
PITTS Catherine Ann 1957
PITTS Lloyd R and Bertha M
PITTS Mark Edward 1970
POPE Iva F Tommie 1911-1964
POPE Mikel 1909-1962
POPE Thomas Lee 1939-1982
POPE Tom L 1939-1982
PORTER Eula 1892-1915
PORTER Mary Jane and Oren H
PORTER W T 1868-1960
PORTER Wilse C 1867-1943
POTEET Ely Sam and Bessie
POWELL Hattie 1896-1938
POWELL Walter L 1888-1963
POWERS A J Al 1894-1949
POWERS Irma ADAMS 1908-1978
POWERS Martha Margie 1904-1976
POWERS William Shelby 1895-1976
PRAYTOR Kenneth James 1935-1984
PRICE Benjamin Franklin 1907-1995
PRICE LaVada E 1926-
PRIDDY Jacob J 1911-1916
RAIBOURN Claud and Beulah
RANGE I N 1919-1966
RANGE John F Pa 1882-1948
RANGE John Rhea 1911-1995
RANGE Mettie Sue 1883-1963
RANGE Olen N and Myrtie H
RANGE Olen Paul 1946
RANGE Ruby Belle 1906-1992
RAY Richard D 1950-2000
RAY Tara Ann 1975-1998
REED Charles Truman 1912-1999
REED Milton Dale 1936-1954
REED Nova Lee 1916-1996
REED Rebecca CAMPBELL 1879-1977
REED Roger Eugene 1943-1997
REEVES Estell B 1904-1980
REEVES Susie Birdie 1885-1969
REEVES W H 1902-1939
REYNOLDS Jesse Lewis and Ray Lou THOMAS
RHOADS Carl A 1901-1951
RHOADS Clifton A 1892-1978
RHOADS Lillie Pearl and William Abner
RHOADS Lois W and Nancy M
RHOADS Maddie and Lovie P
RHOADS Oby Victor 1897-1987
RICE Albert E 1927-1997
RICE Ruby Christine 1923-2003
RICHARD Joseph R 1845-1907
RICHARDT Henry 1879-1966
RICHARDT John R 1871-1951
RICKLES Marcha and Don
RIDLON Harvey Ellsworth and Laura Bea AD
RILEY Opal W and Everett L
ROACH Hiram B and Mary R
ROBERTSON Joe 1904-1931
ROBERTSON Lillian E 1898-1983
ROBINSON Emma V and John Hunter
ROBINSON J Hunter 1890-1909
ROBINSON Mozelle Kee 1915-1999
ROBINSON Percy T 1896-1918
RODGERS Lillie Mae 1894-1946
ROGERS Ada ALLEN 1881-1970
ROGERS Thos S 1881-1956
ROPER Martha L 1892-1958
ROY Leonard E and Becky
RUSSELL Tommy R and Brenda S
RUST Erma RANGE 1909-1994
SADLER John E 1946-1979
SANDERSON H L Sandy 1925-2001
SANDERSON Jimmie L and Harley O
SANDERSON Marcial and Joseph B
SANDIFER Ruth GASTON and John L Jack
SANDY Walter O 1890-1932
SCHLUTER Hans and Eva Dee
SCRIVNER Betty S and Thurmon L
SCRIVNER Betty Sue 1942-2001
SEAL Lucy G and Ance D
SEALS Billy Bob 1959-1959
SEALS Bobby L 1933-2002
SEALS Willie Mae and George T Bud
SEELY Annie L and Homer L
SEELY Audrey F Pat and J T Tom Jr
SEELY Comella M 1910-1926
SEELY Cortie GARNER 1895-1971
SEELY Edward Lee and Katherine BLAIR
SEELY Elizabeth 1901-1926
SEELY Flora L and Roy E
SEELY Gladys L and Virgil O
SEELY Homer L 1899-1976
SEELY Horace David and Dorothy Vera
SEELY John Robert 1940-1999
SEELY Marvin Leslie 1908-1949
SEELY Ora C and James Tom
SEELY Virgie M and George W
SEELY Walter T 1914-1987
SEELY William E and Mamie B
SEXTON Alice Annie 1887-1973
SEXTON Amanda Gail 1977-2001
SEXTON Harrell Lloyd 1934-1960
SEXTON Joe A Ham 1924-1990
SEXTON Thelma O 1907-2003
SEXTON Thelma O and Dot H
SEXTON Troy Hamilton 1888-1940
SHANNON Cora Mae and Lawrence Willard
SHANNON Selita Linda 1941-1941
SHERMAN Isla Maude and Charlie B
SHOFNER Flora E 1874-1944
SHOFNER Walter N 1870-1946
SHOOP Myrtle Nancy 1894-1986
SHOOP Roy A 1897-1984
SIMMONS Fred Hickman and Hattie Louise
SIMPSON Virgil L 1936-1979
SIMS Charlie Thomas 1906-1977
SIMS L D 1902-1925
SIMS Mabel Irene 1909-1974
SIMS May SCOTT 1910-1946
SIMS Sallie B 1874-1956
SIMS son 1938
SIMS T J 1876-1926
SKAGGS William N Willie 1962-1996
SKINNER Ruby C 1916-1933
SMITH Carl and Ruby Fay
SMITH Freddie Alton 1935-1956
SMITH Harvey A 1907-1981
SMITH Harvey A and Evelyn M
SMITH Homer Fred 1908-1975
SMITH Joseph Emmitt BS DVM PhD and Katie
SMITH Mary C 1911-
SMITH Roger Lee 1960-2004
SNYDER Frank A 1975-1975
SOLOMON Rita Jane and Richard E
SPARKS Robert W and V Moreene
SPROLES B F 1918-1983
SPROLES Rickey Lee 1961-2000
SPROLES Ruby 1928-
STANLEY Fannie A and William E
STANLEY Selma E and Austin
STARK Della M 1899-1979
STARK Lewis K and Randy L
STARK Maggie May and Jack
STERLING Christopher Lee Buddy 1986-1988
STEWART Charles David 1949-1991
STEWART Charles E and Ruth
STEWART Charlie W 1880-1970
STEWART Kenneth James 1941-2004
STEWART Launa E 1879-1960
STONE Debbs Monroe 1921-1992
STONE Howard G 1923-1970
STONE Maggie L and Hayward G
STONE Maria I and Debbs Monroe
STRADER Beatrice and Homer T
STRADER Elsie BAKER and Wn Edgar Ed
STRADER Thomas E and Myra J
STRADER William Edgar Ed 1931-2005
STRANGE Delia Myrtle and Walter Alvin
SUDDUTH H W Bill 1924-1989
SUDDUTH Nicholas Kellie -2005
SYMULA Robert Bobby 1964-2003
TABOR Sydney Missy
TABOR Sydney Timm 1991-1993
TALLY Edward Curtis 1900-1980
TALLY Faye SHOFNER and Edward C
TAYLOR Annie Bird 1882-1951
TAYLOR Charles E 1947-2002
TAYLOR Eugene 1938-1953
TAYLOR Henry 1942-2002
TAYLOR Henry Bascum 1882-1973
TAYLOR Homer B 1930-1999
TAYLOR Homer T W 1894-1972
TAYLOR John B 1879-1931
TAYLOR Kenneth N 1945-1964
TAYLOR Lettie May 1917
TAYLOR Lorelle F and Luther M
TAYLOR Mary S 1848-1926
TAYLOR Octie Lou 1896-1976
TAYLOR Ola Catherine 1908-2002
TAYLOR Sam M 1876-1945
TAYLOR Sara W and Monroe P
TEAL James bENJAMIN 1872-1939
TEAL R Belle 1875-1957
THOMAS Albert J 1908-1974
THOMAS Wm Roy and Lucille BURNETT
TIDWELL Lavonia E and John R
TIDWELL Lynn H 1919-1952
TIDWELL Martha B and Robert H
TIDWELL Mary L and James E
TIDWELL Ona Faye 1912-1913
TIDWELL Sarah C Sallie HUFFINES 1887-196
TIDWELL Tyona and John
TIDWELL W F Bill 1876-1960
TIDWELL William E 1932-1988
TOUCHETTE Clara B 1930-1993
TULEY Blan 1904-1931
TULEY Glenda Sue 1949-1949
TURNER Frances Belle 1889-1972
TURNERS G E and G A C and Betty and Mae
TWITTY Bryan A 1993
URBANO Jewel 1918-1973
USSERY Audie B 1901-1958
USSERY Dora L 1874-1925
USSERY Helen 1902-1970
USSERY Paralee BLYTHE and Elmus Jesse
USSERY W R 1894-1920
USSERY Walter T 1875-1939
VALENZUELA Susana Clara 1952-1954
VanZANDT Maudy May 1894-1914
VAUGHN Annie Ray HINKLE 1885-1951
VAUGHN Francis F 1851-1935
VAUGHN Fred 1883-1939
VAUGHN Jessie E 1896-1926
VAUGHN Miller Sgt 1895-1944
VAUGHN Mollie D 1857-1926
VAUGHN Montie Ray 1896-1979
VOTH Della Mae and Albert J
WALKER Billie J and Larry R
WALKER Joy Ann 1936-1975
WALKER Thomas James 1936-1971
WALLACE Frank E 1888-1967
WALLACE Frank E Jr 1927-2004
WALLACE Frank E Jr and Edna E Toots
WALLACE Frank E Sr and Marvel B
WALLACE Marvel B 1894-1974
WALLACE Myra J and William W
WALLACE son 1924-1924
WALLACE Walter W 1928-1987
WALLING Ronnie B 1951-1951
WALLING Ward B 1918-1962
WARNELL Billie Marie DAY 1931-1976
WARNELL Paul E 1926-1989
WATSON Juanita T and Clemons E
WATSON Thelma SHARP and John Emmett
WEBB Chester 1931-1992
WEBB Ernest B and Wilma L
WEBB Zora E and Ellis B
WHITE Carrie DAGGETT and Jacob Wesley
WHITE Herbert and Jessie
WHITE Jimmy Lee and Sharon COLLINS
WHITTINGON Larry Nelson 1947-1994
WHITTINGTON Ester Moline and George Nels
WHITTINGTON George N 1913-1994
WIGGINS Fraya HATHORN 1937-1986
WILKERSON A J 1922-1994
WILKERSON A N 1888-1916
WILKERSON Charles M 1862-1925
WILKERSON Eva L and Samuel N Dr
WILKERSON Frances 1919-2003
WILKERSON Frances P 1919-
WILKERSON Leo A 1926-1975
WILKERSON Lucy Ann and George Albert
WILKERSON Luther J 1853-1951
WILKERSON Samuel B 1910-1980
WILKINSON Cliff 1885-1927
WILKINSON Nola JAMES 1891-1973
WILKINSON son 1915
WILLIAMS Albert L 1884-1952
WILLIAMS Clyde F 1909-1948
WILLIAMS Dorothy S and H C Skeey
WILLIAMS Essie Lorene and Henry Gilmer
WILLIAMS Ova 1888-1972
WILLIAMSON Christine Lauren 1954-1995 Cl
WILLIS Ronald Ray 1954-2003
WILLSHIRE Joyce Jane 1930-1994
WILSON J Alvin 1890-1930
WILSON J C Dick 1895-1930
WILSON Lillian I and Charles H
WILSON Ralph 1928-1998
WILSON Rufus J 1870-1939
WILSON Sallie D 1868-1933
WITT Nellis DAGGETT 1884-1961
WOOD Ada Ruth 1895-1985
WOOD D J and T E
WOOD Zearl T 1894-1950
WOODRUFF Nancy L E 1867-1947
WOODS Lorena HINKLE SMITH 1907-1999
WOOTEN Albert B and Myrtle N
WRIGHT 1902-1984
WRIGHT Charles Reese 1891-1950
WYMAN Isaac S 1865-1915
WYMAN Lillie B Ogie 1871-1960
YEAGER Evelyn 1915-1917
YORK Winifred Melton and Ellen Lucille
YOUNGBLOOD Willie D and Betty E
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