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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Ash Creek Cemetery, Azle, Parker, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
4 Ash Creek Cemetery Azle ParkerCo TX
6 View
ACREE Cathy Lynn WHATLEY 1960-1987
ASH Ruth L 1898-1969
ASH Wm Frank 1899-1949
BAKER Howard 1906-1946
BEAUCHAMP Macie E and John M
BEAUCHAMP Rita Lorene 1934-1934
BURGESS Curley C 1865 1923 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
BURGESS Edgar G 1895 1961 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
BURGESS Emma B 1865 1924 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
BURGESS Nancy Ann 1846 1917 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
BURGESS Nora B 1898 1999 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
BURGESS Vivian Inez KING 1922 1999 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
BURGESS William F 1841 1915 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
CHILES Joe and Lottie
CHILES Joe Edward 1894-1954
COOK John Coleman Sr 1924-1989
COPELAND Floyd Ray 1941-1998
COPELAND Margot Helga 1939-
DeSHAZO Ethyl LONG -1983
ELLIS George Ezell 1930-1998
FARRIS Cameron J 1941-
FARRIS Eric Eugene 1970-1993
FARRIS Eugene A 1943-
FITZGERALD Charles Marion 1883-1957
FITZGERALD Claudine and Dal G
FITZGERALD Curtis Ewen 1919-1937
FITZGERALD Elijah A Gramp 1881-1956
FITZGERALD Elmer J and Rachel E
FITZGERALD Elmer Jack Jr 1921-1989
FITZGERALD Elmer Jack Jr 1921-1989
FITZGERALD Etta M and John W
FITZGERALD Herman Iverson 1915-1958
FITZGERALD Jo Ann Marie 1929-1987
FITZGERALD Roy C 1909-1948
FITZGERALD Vernon B 1927-1964
FITZGERALD Wayne E 1924-1979
FITZGERALD Zonie Laurine 1889-1953
GOLDSMITH Emma Louise PARKER 1914-1984
GREEN Joe Donald and Bertha PIERCE
HAWKINS Nelda PRINCE 1935-1994
HAWKINS Ricky Eugene 1956-1978
HICKS Sam E and Wanda L
KATRYCZ Roman and Josefa
KING Gary Lee 1941 1963 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
KING Jessie Lee JL 1918 1994 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
KING Vivian Inez BURGESS 1922 1999 photo added 3/3/2009 by dandtrobbins
LOGAN Harold M 1923-1985
LONG Anna Lee 1887-1936
LONG Clida -1877 at 11mo
LONG Clida 1876-1877
LONG Ella 1853-1916
LONG Grover C 1885-1965
LONG Mary E 1844-1918
LONG R G 1840-1925
LONG Robert Green
MORROW Billie BIGGS 1915-2000
MORROW C B 1924-2003
MORROW Charles Gibson Jr 1913-1994
MORROW Charles Ray and Etta Janell
MORROW Clarence David 1965-1988
MORROW Greta Gladys Younger 1893-1977
MORROW Hestlean and John F
MORROW Hurene PAGE and James Eddie
MORROW James Farley 1961-1963
MORROW Lila ALLEN and Haley Lee
MORROW Qutava Renee 1979-1979
MORROW Thomas Vernon 1888-1966
MORROW W A and Mollie M
NELSON Benjamin F 1836-1902
NELSON Charlotte Faye 1928-1966
NELSON James Donald 1924-1995
NELSON James Donald 1949-1969
NELSON Lafayette 1862-1922
NELSON Shawn 1969-1997
PALMER Inez ASH 1878-1936
PARKER Charles F 1912-1976
PARKER Edna V and Edward F
PARKER Hubert Herman and Lucile S HOGUE
PARKER Ida B and Andy Lee
PARKER Phillip W 1909-1956
PARKER Roy M and Elsie G
PIERCE Elwin 1941-1980
PIERCE Ernest R 1907-1955
PIERCE Harry Richard and Wordna CANNON
PIERCE John James 1878-1942
PIERCE Laura Etta 1874-1952
PIERCE Robert Earl 1942-1975
PIERCE Wayman Newton and Annie Opal HALL
POWELL Nelda Marie JOHNSON 1942-1996
RICE W M 1803-1878
RICE William M
SMITH A A 1830-1902
SMITH A B 1822-1892
SMITH Annie F 1888-1957
SMITH Baylor 1862-1894
SMITH Betty L MURPHREE 1933-1999
SMITH Billie 1928-2003
SMITH Bobby and Jodie
SMITH Charlie 1910-1984
SMITH Claude F 1903-1977
SMITH Daphna PATTERSON 1915-1997
SMITH Donna Sue 1961-1961
SMITH Drew 1911-1976
SMITH Dwayne Shane 1981-1997
SMITH Eric Joseph and Jeremy Frances
SMITH Ernest Drew Sr 1911-1976
SMITH Floyd 1894-1913
SMITH Frank E and Lucy B
SMITH Hugh G 1912-1957
SMITH Ima Jean and Milton J
SMITH Inez POWELL 1905-2000
SMITH J Arthur 1889-1943
SMITH J B 1926-1973
SMITH J B 1926-1973
SMITH Jackie Harrison 1974-1996
SMITH James Henry 1840-1891
SMITH Jennie F 1853-1920
SMITH John 1868-1891
SMITH John Jeremiah Coho 1826-1914
SMITH Lollie Pearl and Charles Victor
SMITH Louis B 1833-1889
SMITH Louis H 1883-1883
SMITH Maggie Mae 1916-1994
SMITH Marie E 1910-2003
SMITH Mary Esther Miss 1872-1945
SMITH Mattie and Will
SMITH Molly Rose 1865-1961
SMITH Nancy Jane HOGGARD 1844-1916
SMITH Ned E 1885-1963
SMITH Nora Leo AKARD 1896-1994
SMITH Robert T 1835-1916
SMITH S P 1902-1902
SMITH S P and Lottie
SMITH Sarah Christena 1850-1940
SMITH Stella and Robert H
SMITH Thoma R 1882-1931
SMITH Thomas H 1875-1899
SMITH W I 1865-1933
SMITH W P 1849-1926
SMITH William F 1931-1985
SMYTH Mollie J 1870-1890
WHATLEY Eva Elizabeth MARTIN 1909-1998
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