Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Moore Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
-GHT Ronald E 1967-2002
5 Arlington Texas Moore cem
55 The Cross
6 babies
6 Garden of Peace
6 The Lord is My Shepherd
6 The LORDs Prayer
6 view Shepherd
60 Gethsamene
63 Jesus
67 view
7 Chairs
7 free space
7 hands
7 Jesus
70 view
71 View
72 view
80 Last Supper
800 View
81 view
87 view-
88 view
90 I love you always
92 new statue
98 crosses
AARON Arthur E 1955-1994
AARON Ethel L 1900-1976
AARON Oscar P 1892-1975
AARON Otis R and Lee K
ABBATE Jean M and Vivian M
ABBEY Allen G 1931-1983
ABBOTT Billie Adams 1924-1980
ABBOTT Carolyn 1944-1999
ABBOTT David L 1952-1990
ABBOTT Edward Fitch 1912-2001
ABBOTT Norma Jo and Arthur Charles
ABBOTT Thomas and Elsie Lorene
ABEL Mayvis P 1922-1998
ABERNATHY Bessie L and Jinks
ABLES Florence 1902-1977
ABLES Marjorie L 1925-2001
ABLES Otis Virgil 1895-1965
ABNEY Doris B 1918-
ABNEY John P 1919-1996
ABRAHAMS Sir Benjamin 1933-1999
ABSHER L J and Helen J
ACEVEDO Christian N 1995-1995
ACEVEDO Daniel Julian 1992
ACKER Anna M and Noble
ACKER Herman L 1908-1983
ACKER Maud A 1913-1998
ACKERMAN Francene D and Richard P
ACKERMAN Robert S and Ida E
ACOSTA Ignacia E 1915-1995
ACOSTA Pablo H 1919-1996
ACOSTA Paul V 1979-1998
ACTKINSON Tessie M and Oliver G
ACUFF Eva and James Silas
ADAIR B M Jim and June A
ADAIR Phillip Jack 1929-1999
ADAM Gabriel 1992-1994
ADAMCIK Michael Joseph and Dixie Diane
ADAMEK Johnny L and Dorothy J
ADAMS Amanda and Sammy
ADAMS Anna Burt 1925-2000
ADAMS Arthur Lee Sr 1903-1968
ADAMS Beulah L 1910-1998
ADAMS Bijah M 1894-1955
ADAMS Byrtie BAKER and Willie Roy
ADAMS Carrie L and Walter F
ADAMS Christopher 1973-1999
ADAMS Claudia F and Chas L
ADAMS Donah L 1918-1944
ADAMS Douglas Lee 1945-2001
ADAMS Earl E and Lillie M
ADAMS Edith Lorraine 1912-1997
ADAMS G T and Mary B
ADAMS Glenna Faye and Joseph Leonard
ADAMS Harve W 1900-1969
ADAMS Iva M and Sam T
ADAMS J D and Bernice
ADAMS James E 1945-2001
ADAMS James E and Joyce E
ADAMS Joseph Stanley 1893-1965
ADAMS L Z Bellah and Clyde
ADAMS Lillie Marie 1914-1986
ADAMS Lois Hope 1934-1968
ADAMS Lucius E and Lessie THOMAS
ADAMS Mamie P 1915-1982
ADAMS Mary Emmer and Victor Kimsey
ADAMS Mildred PILANT 1912-1976
ADAMS Nathaniel Guy 1897-1971
ADAMS Pearl S and William G
ADAMS Rose Ella 1901-1979
ADAMS Sheila Jo 1953
ADAMS Terry J 1966-2000
ADAMS Thelma E 1909-1995
ADAMS Vera E 1913-
ADAMS Wade 1960-1987
ADAMS Willard M 1919-1989
ADAMSON Johnnie B 1908-1995
ADCOCK Floyd C and Elva M
ADDINGTON Emma and Alonzo
ADDINGTON Floyd H and Theresa M
ADEFOLARIN James Abiodun 1955-1999
ADELMAN Shirley G 1935-1973
ADERHOLT John R and Elizabeth
ADKINS Elixabeth Ann 1966-1978
ADKINS Frances and Bob
ADKINS Mary Loy and Richard
ADLAM H Frank and Ruth P
ADLEY Julius and Ruth L
ADLONG Betty Jean 1928-1969
ADLONG Pamela Kay 1948-1979
ADMIRE Barb 1954-1998
ADMIRE William O L 1980-1998
ADRIAN Larry C 1947-1993
ADRIAN Millie C and Jonas C
ADVINCULA Ralph G Paeng 1925-1999
ADVINCULA Teresita P 1932-1998
AFSAHI Rahmat-u-llah 1901-1984
AFSAHI Sabiheh 1911-1979
AGAN Tamara Nell 1940-1991
AGEE Donald L 1924-1982
AGEE Jesse R 1921-1991
AGEE Kenneth Wayne 1934-1978
AGEE Vernice 1911-1993
AGNEW Gerald H 1923-1991
AGNEW Ricky Don 1955-1990
AGUILAR Clara M 1917-1979
AGUILAR Daniel 1982-1986
AGUILAR Lucille FRANCO 1921-1996
AGUILAR Yolanda M 1936-2002
AGUILERA Allen 1995-1998
AHLIN Jane and Doris
AHLIN Margaret B and Ernest F
AHN infant 1989
AIKEN Mabel D 1899-1989
AILARA Patrick J 1959-1982
AILARA Ronald C and Sally R
AINSWORTH Fern W and A L Larry
AINSWORTH Richard E 1930-1966
AINSWORTH Ruth S and Hal G Sr
AITKEN Johnnie Lee 1938-1968
AKE Terry Scott 1961-1991
AKER Sam C and Rose M
AKERS Gregory David 1979-1999
AKERS Mavel F and David H
AKINS Deborah Sue 1972-1976
AKINS L H and Ouida M
AKINS Mayor R and Kathleen H
AKKAWI Elias S 1924-1983
ALAMAN Adam 2002
ALBERTSON Nelva J and David L
ALBIN Alma Lee 1901-1991
ALBIN daughter 1981
ALBRECHT Henry W and Rosie I
ALBRIGHT A Shannon 1925-1980
ALBRIGHT Benton 1938-1990
ALBRIGHT James A and Bernica L
ALCALA Estevan Torres 1922-2001
ALCANTAR Clara 1928-1974
ALCANTAR Jose G 1917-1989
ALCARAZ Antonio 1958-1978
ALCEDO Judy C 1944-1997
ALCORN Carl D and Arcie V
ALDERETE Elida and Simon
ALDERINK Eugene F 1932-2002
ALDERINK Marilyn J 1934-
ALDERS Jack and Pat
ALDRIDGE Charles Ray 1940-1960
ALDRIDGE Minnie Mae and Thelma Mae
ALDRIEDGE Virgia and R H Bob Sr
ALEGRIA Atlee 1921-2000
ALENIK P L and Leon
ALEXANDER A W 1918-1969
ALEXANDER Brandis K 1987
ALEXANDER Charline and Herbert M
ALEXANDER Conrad Jason 1990-1990
ALEXANDER Earl D and Evelyn M
ALEXANDER Glenn R 1957-1987
ALEXANDER Grant and Sue
ALEXANDER Jack R 1922-1975
ALEXANDER Jason Ty 1973-1977
ALEXANDER Jessie L and Ransom H
ALEXANDER Lee R and Pearl V
ALEXANDER Robert E 1933-1994
ALEXANDER Robert Tony and Julia Judy
ALEXANDER Rosetta Newman 1935-1980
ALEXANDER W C and Elizabeth
ALFORD Gladys Maxine and Robert B
ALFORD James W 1915-2000
ALFORD Pearl A 1917-2001
ALGER Beryal BAYRUN 1903-1970
ALGER Thomas L 1893-1965
ALKIRE -1958
ALKIRE Charles E 1930-1958
ALKIRE Darrell E 1954-1958
ALKIRE Deborah Ann 1951-1958
ALKIRE Dora Lynn 1952-1958
ALKIRE Jimmie E 1931-1958
ALKIRE Jimmy Charles 1948-1958
ALLAN Hazel J 1920-
ALLARD Claude L 1876-1958
ALLARD Theadoshia 1889-1979
ALLCOCK Harvey R and Shari
ALLDAY H W Jr and Ophelia
ALLEN Albert Elmer 1929-1979
ALLEN Annabel 1911-
ALLEN Billye L 1928-1989
ALLEN Christopher Nathaniel 1986
ALLEN Clyde 1909-1971
ALLEN Dorothy M 1925-
ALLEN Elburn G Jr and Martha C
ALLEN Eugene B 1909-1957
ALLEN Eugene Thomas 1922-1996
ALLEN Gladys E and Clayton E
ALLEN Grace STOCK 1892-1972
ALLEN Hazel R 1922-1998
ALLEN Helen C and James J
ALLEN Horace J 1918-2001
ALLEN I Fletcher and Minnie Lee
ALLEN Ira B and Lilia M
ALLEN Ivy Lee 1912-1992
ALLEN Jesse James 1924-1991
ALLEN Joe W and Joy N
ALLEN Johnnie C and Sybil C
ALLEN Karen Sue 1943-1983
ALLEN Len N and Genevieve A
ALLEN Mary L 1926-
ALLEN Michael Lee 1948-1995
ALLEN Myrna and Johnnie E
ALLEN Nora A 1932-
ALLEN Odie K and Charlene D
ALLEN Paul Edward 1901-1977
ALLEN Paul Jentry 1912-1962
ALLEN Roger S and Vlasta A
ALLEN Rose Marie 1912-1987
ALLEN Sarah E 1929-
ALLEN Teresa M and Forrest J
ALLEN Terry Lynn 1954-1989
ALLEN Thomas L and Martha M
ALLEN Tommy R and Eleanor
ALLEN William K and Anne K
ALLEN William R 1922-1996
ALLEN Willliam Lige 1932-1985
ALLENBAUGH Ralph and Alta
ALLEY Denzle D Jr 1921-1976
ALLEY Regina G 1922-1998
ALLIN Charles V and Bunch C
ALLISON Danny Ray 1954-1957
ALLISON Delsa CAMP 1915-1992
ALLISON Harry J and Patricia A
ALLISON John Wayne 1988
ALLISON Joseph Earl 1898-1977
ALLISON Pearl Lee and Wiley C
ALLMON Dora LETT 1935-
ALLRED James V 1927-1983
ALLUMS Renard Darrell 1956-1998
ALMARAZ Bernabe Ben 1943-1983
ALMON George Weldon 1920-1982
ALMON Lottie D and Henry M
ALMON Mary Shaw 1971
ALOIS Alfred F and Helen L
ALSMAN Mamie Lee and Floyd Vernon
ALSPAUGH Beulah C and Joseph E
ALSPAUGH Howard B MD 1904-1966
ALSTON Ollie M and Thomas P
ALSTON Samuel 1916-1970
ALSTON Thelma K 1908-1974
ALTENHOFEL Jewel Elenor and Todd Arthur
ALTER Dorothy E 1918-1997
ALTER Howard E 1919-1996
ALTGELT Taylor Elayne 1985-1997
ALTHOFF Robert and Sophia
ALVARADO Alex 1996-1997
ALVARADO Florentino P 1934-1983
ALVARADO Marissa Tayla 1993-1993
ALVAREZ Elsi 1988
ALVAREZ Maria Teresa 1898-1980
ALVAREZ Petra 1923-1992
ALVAREZ Sarah 1942-2001
ALVAREZdelCASTILLO Alfred 1930-2002
ALVIS Roy J 1924-1972
AMASON Leona A and Bobby G
AMATO Callie L and Fred J
AMBROISE Julian T 1910-1959
AMELUNKE Nora Pauline 1927-2001
AMEND Leslie Jean 1954-1994
AMES Henry E 1922-1985
AMES Kenneth W 1921-1979
AMES Lillie M and Robert F
AMES Nancy T 1938-1999
AMES Vera M 1902-1971
AMICK twins 1991
AMREIN Carolyn Sue 1951-1977
AMREIN G Marie and C Troy
AMREIN Harold Lynn 1948-1999
AMREIN Patricia Gayle 1957-
ANCRUM Corless Diane 1965-1991
ANDERS Dorothy HORNE 1938-
ANDERS Erma D and Hermon N
ANDERS Ferrell E Sr 1936-2000
ANDERS Luther and Mozelle
ANDERS Minnie and Turner
ANDERS Thelma 1905-1993
ANDERSEN Charles H and Joan
ANDERSON Aaron Kyle 1989
ANDERSON Andy and Nell
ANDERSON Bennett C 1910-1991
ANDERSON Billy Joe and Lenora Jo
ANDERSON Chas C 1907-1982
ANDERSON Corrine and Robert Lee
ANDERSON Dorothy E AYERS 1923-
ANDERSON Edna N and Reginald W
ANDERSON Elna P and Carl H
ANDERSON Ester and Robert L
ANDERSON Ester Gretchen 1965-1968
ANDERSON Eugene W and Julie E
ANDERSON Eula Faye and B W Doc
ANDERSON Francis William 1918-2002
ANDERSON Helen E and George G
ANDERSON Herbert Lewis 1920-1995
ANDERSON Hobart and Zella
ANDERSON Irven W and Leola M
ANDERSON James B and Wilma J
ANDERSON Jo M 1933-1982
ANDERSON Joyce Gwyn 1936-1998
ANDERSON Julia P and John I
ANDERSON Karen Sue 1949-1999
ANDERSON M Houston 1912-1988
ANDERSON Margaret EZELL 1955-2000
ANDERSON Mary A and John S
ANDERSON Mildred Imogene Millie 1915-199
ANDERSON Nancy Jane 1924-
ANDERSON Naoma 1907-2002
ANDERSON Olivia C 1887-1982
ANDERSON Orley KARR 1920-1967
ANDERSON Richard Vern and Betty Jane Che
ANDERSON Robert F and Nancy C
ANDERSON Roy Leonard and Georgia R PATHE
ANDERSON Velma 1904-1983
ANDERSON Vernon Clyde Andy 1920-1980
ANDERSON Virginia F 1907-1986
ANDERSON Walter H and Evalyn DUSTON
ANDERSON William L and Doris A
ANDERTON Charley O 1917-1960
ANDERTON Courtney Cecile 1955
ANDERTON Geron Simmons 1937-1977
ANDREW - Charles A and Kathryn Lee
ANDREW Harry F 1925-1990
ANDREWS Clyde N and Gladyse M
ANDREWS Lela Mae and Roy T
ANDREWS Raymond Douglas 1935-1978
ANDREWS William Weley and Kathryn M
Angelica 1997
ANGELL Claudine and David S
ANH Phero Nguyen Xuan 1944-1996
ANISH Todd C 1969-1986
ANKERBERG David Lee 1939-1998
ANSON Karen Marie 1949-1997
ANTHON Shirley A 1942-1989
ANTHONY Bill Frank and Patsy Ruth
ANTHONY Colten Thomas 1996-1997
ANTHONY George 1968-1968
ANTHONY Salome E 1889-19882
ANTHONY Sidney B 1911-1963
ANTON Richard C 1925-1979
APPLEGATE Bradley V 1961-2002
APPLEGATE Dixie J 1932-1970
APPLEWHITE Wynona 1902-1983
AQUILERA Estela 1963-2002
ARAGONEZ Jaimito 1993-1998
ARAMIL Conrado J MD 1920-1988
ARCHER Clara Rene 1924-1980
ARCHER James Richard 1955-1999
ARENDALE Thelma A and Theodore C iii
ARENDT Frances P 1896-1990
ARENDT George 1895-1963
ARIZMENDI Alfredo iv 1995-1996
ARLEDGE Beatrice P and William M
ARLINGTON Carolyn J ALLEN 1942-1991
ARLINGTON Frank Louis 1922-1977
ARLINGTON Frank Morris 1951-1996
ARLINGTON George R Jr 1933-1977
ARLINGTON George R Sr 1909-1967
ARLINGTON Robert M 1911-1966
ARMOR Mabel Jo and James Harry
ARMS Charles E 1931-1980
ARMS Ernest J and Cleo
ARMSTRONG Andrew J 1911-1981
ARMSTRONG Barbara J Jr 1930-
ARMSTRONG Beryl J 1901-1988
ARMSTRONG Billy J 1922-1979
ARMSTRONG Carl Deane 1923-1963
ARMSTRONG Dolly C and Sal A
ARMSTRONG Doris M and Roy W
ARMSTRONG Dorothy HERRING 1923-2000
ARMSTRONG Ed and Mildred
ARMSTRONG Frances B and H T Tom
ARMSTRONG Frank J 1918-1991
ARMSTRONG George and Lavaughn
ARMSTRONG Hugh U 1903-1955
ARMSTRONG Ida I 1926-2002
ARMSTRONG James D 1940-1983
ARMSTRONG Mary E 1906-1976
ARMSTRONG Naomi R and Lester H
ARMSTRONG Ronnie G Sr and M Virginia
ARMSTRONG Stacy Alan 11966-1966
ARMSTRONG Stephanie Elizabeth 1988-1989
ARMSTRONG William Joseph 1988-1988
ARMSTRONG Willie Mae 1914-1987
ARNALL George F and Mary B
ARNDT Dorlores C 1922-1981
ARNETT Byron F and Evalena
ARNETT Claude C Jr 1905-1968
ARNETT India K 1904-1982
ARNETT Jane India 1933-1973
ARNOLD Andrew E and E Marie
ARNOLD Billy M 1925-
ARNOLD Carl B 1924-1970
ARNOLD Crystal Cherry 1885-1969
ARNOLD Dorothy M 1922-2002
ARNOLD Ellis M 1883-1956
ARNOLD Esther E and L O
ARNOLD James A 1944-1983
ARNOLD James H Hap and Edna E
ARNOLD Kenny A 1962-1963
ARNOLD Ola Mae and L B
ARNOLD Pauline HODGES and J B Maxwell
ARNOLD Porter G and Helen C
ARNOLD Sherry V 1951-1995
ARNOLD Stella F and Homer J
ARNOLD Ted P 1934-1963
ARNOTT Corbin Roe and Dorcas HALINE
ARRENDELL O Charles 1937-1969
ARRINGTON Jim W and Frances M
ARSENAULT Charles V and Delia M
ARSENEAU John J Jack 1889-1967
ARTHUR Edna P and Wayne F
ARTHUR Emma D and Lloyd J
ARTHUR Marvin L Sr 1919-1998
ARTHUR Ruth and James
ASBURY William D 1905-1955
ASCUE Joe H 1893-1959
ASCUE Joe H Jr 1925-2000
ASCUE Marcella 1926-
ASCUE Nannie M 1893-1966
ASHBRIDGE Jonathan David 1983
ASHBURN George F and Fannie M
ASHBURN Keavin T 1951-1983
ASHBURN Keith D 1948-1968
ASHCRAFT Lovella McNEELEY 1907-1996
ASHCRAFT W Alton and Miriam
ASHCROFT Mavis Erlene 1915-1962
ASHCROFT Murris 1911-1990
ASHLEY Clarence Leon 1931-1968
ASHLEY Olen 1918-1999
ASHLEY Oree HENSON 1920-1989
ASHLEY Sidney Empey 1930-1989
ASHMAN Jo Ann WILLIAMS 1937-1998
ASHWORTH Evelyn G 1921-1993
ASHWORTH Jack 1919-1989
ASKEW Bertha M and William O
ASKEW David H Sr 1924-1992
ASKEW Minnie A 1931-1992
ASSAAD Assaad N and Lina H
ASTON Opal Webster 1914-1985
ATCHISON Chester Lee 1915-1991
ATCHLEY Louise R and Albert L
ATFIELD Paula Marie 1945-1995
ATHERTON Charles Bill 1959-1975
ATHERTON James Lewis 1924-1987
ATHERTON Jewel Grace and Robert William
ATKINS Curtis R and Evelyn C
ATKINS Lois M and Elmer Lee
ATKINS Ruby L and Claude C
ATKINS Wayne and Louisa
ATKINSON -lyn -200-
ATKINSON Albert M Jr 1936-1998
ATKINSON Dorothy MacKenzie 1924-1997
ATKINSON Jennifer PAIGE 1974-1995
ATKINSON Wayne Douglas and Tamilyn Gail
ATTEBERRY Timothy Franklin 1985-1985
ATTEBERRY Truman W and Louise
ATTERBURY John D 1926-1978
ATTKISSON Comer B 1906-1970
ATTKISSON Mildred Violet 1890-1968
ATTKISSON Roger Darrell 1965-1988
ATWELL James Orland Jr 1929-2001
ATWELL Laverne WALKER 1934-
ATWOOD Jeffrey Alan 1961-1997
AUCHENBACH Irvin C and Louise
AUGUSTINO-ANNA Vu Van Tri and Vu Thi Hie
AULT Daniel A 1929-1992
AULTMAN Harvard M 1918-1977
AULTMAN Lillie and L T Rev
AUST Dorothy M and Kenneth J
AUSTIN Albert D and Bessie Lou
AUSTIN Amanda Mae and Horace Edward
AUSTIN Carol R and Boyd L
AUSTIN Herman L and Juanita
AUSTIN Horace Eldred 1924-1998
AUSTIN L D and Blanche
AUSTIN Opal F Nanny 1929-2002
AUSTIN Ray L 1923-1998
AUSTIN Richard C 1933-2003
AUTREY Cora Lee 1893-1965
AUTREY James K 1887-1952
AUTREY Jarry D and Betty H
AUTREY Mamie Ruth 1916-1993
AVANT Ruby Lela 1898-1980
AVARA James T 1951-1972
AVARELLO Bernice H and Johnny J
AVERY Elmer M and Maude H
AVES Richard 1946-1991
AVILA Camilo Ovalle and Maria Elena
AVRETT Ronnie Joe 1953-1970
AXT Frederick Ronald and Ella CONNER
AYALA Juana RIVERA 1921-2001
AYDT Charles William 1923-1995
AYRES Chilton Arthur 1925-1986
AYRES Joseph C 1931-1977
AYRES Nellie 1899-1980
AZER Fouad 1929-2002
B-BB- I V and James E
BABB Claud Bryan 1906-1965
BABB Kaytlyn Victoria 1991
BABB Mary Ellen WOODARD 1955-1996
BABB Viola D P 1911-1966
BABCOCK Jessie and Henry
BACCUS Richard Irwin and Patricia Doylen
BACCUS Richard Irwin Jr 1962-
BACH Phero Vu Ngoc 1944-2002
BACHER Joe Ray 1941-2001
BACHMAN Carolyn M 1951-1994
BACKS Alexander Mark 2000-2000
BACKUS Harry G and Annah M
BACON Connie C 1910-1992
BACSIK John M and Irma H
BADDORF Leroy E and Phyllis
BADGER Chevy Green 1989-1990
BADGER Cody Allen 1988
BAER William M and Eloise M
BAESCHLIN Martin G 1919-1962
BAGBY William L and Elizabeth S
BAGGESSE Joseph J 1935-1999
BAGGETT Bobby L 1936-1989
BAGGETT Martha L and Frank B
BAGGETT Steven W 1962-1995
BAGGETT Taylor M 1916-1983
BAGLEY Frances M 1959-2001
BAHAR Rozy Toma 1930-1995
BAHL David L 1953-1982
BAILEY Alice Hazel 1924-1995
BAILEY Barbara M and George H
BAILEY Billy T and Tommie L
BAILEY Billy W 1938-1996
BAILEY Chad Daniel 1978-2002
BAILEY Clarence Kent Jr 1923-1996
BAILEY Clarence Kent Sr 1887-1958
BAILEY Edwin Joseph 1928-1985
BAILEY Elizabeth D 1918-1999
BAILEY George T and Laquetta J
BAILEY Helen Ruth 1911-1994
BAILEY Iva C 1919-1992
BAILEY J B Sr 1909-1992
BAILEY Jack G 1928-2000
BAILEY James Carl 1929-1971
BAILEY James Loran and Virginia O Wallac
BAILEY Margaret Ieis 1918-1980
BAILEY Marlin Dee 1925-1973
BAILEY Mary Florence 1913-1999
BAILEY Mary Theressa 1981-1972
BAILEY Pauline and Philip Jay
BAILEY Philip Ryan 1976-1994
BAILEY Richard E 1921-1987
BAILEY S L 1922-1990
BAILEY Thomas E 1940-1993
BAILEY Tommy Joe 1974-1995
BAILEY William R 1982-2003
BAIN Cheryl Annette and Kenneth Scott
BAIN Patsy Juanita and Kenneth Dwaine
BAIRD E O Mike and Esma LATANE
BAIRD Eddy R 1951-1981
BAIRD L Fern 1918-1994
BAIRD Terri Lynn 1961-1977
BAIRD Wallace R 1922-1978
BAISLEY Catherine M 1901-1985
BAIZE Dallas Clayton 1918-2001
BAIZE Doris M 1922-1998
BAKER Ada W and John Byrt
BAKER Billie L 1928-2003
BAKER Bruce E and Regenia R
BAKER Calvin Duff 1927-1998
BAKER Charles L 1890-1964
BAKER Dave 1896-1974
BAKER E Marie and Edward B
BAKER Eddie L 1966-1987
BAKER Edward Lee 1903-1960
BAKER Glenn G and Ina Lou
BAKER Hattie M and Newton L
BAKER Henry H and Sally D
BAKER Imogene and Connie
BAKER J G Jr 1925-1978
BAKER James W 1947-1994
BAKER Jean Miller 1911-1986
BAKER Jeptha Jackson 1875-1959
BAKER John E and Carole I
BAKER Joseph E Joey 1967-1988
BAKER Larry Clinton 1952-1966
BAKER Margaret J 1947-2002
BAKER Marie TRAVIS 1920-1997
BAKER Mary F 1895-1965
BAKER Mildred and Grady Lee
BAKER Misti Lyn 1980-1982
BAKER Modena Christine 1924-1993
BAKER Myrtle M and Floyd
BAKER Nancy S 1929-1996
BAKER Nell Lou W and Thomas Lester
BAKER Nora L and Lee V
BAKER Onnie and Velma Faye
BAKER Otis S 1913-1994
BAKER Richard Lee 1953-1975
BAKER Robert J 1900-1979
BAKER Roy and Elizabeth
BAKER Sallie Jo and Lester W
BAKER Sarah and David A
BAKER Shirley A 1946-
BAKER Shirley Ray 1953
BAKER son 1957
BAKER Vernice J and Claude M
BAKER Willard C and Helen M
BAKER Z Marguerite 1933-
BAKHSHMANDI Asghar R 1916-1994
BALCH Eva Mimi 1920-2002
BALDERAS Encarnacion G and Lorenza D L
BALDRIDGE Anna P 1921-1981
BALDRIDGE Mary Ruby 1901-1983
BALDRIDGE Ralph V 1920-1997
BALDWIN Alexander Wayde 1995-1995
BALDWIN Leon E 1885-1975
BALEY Fay and Milton F
BALKE Billie Nunn 1929-1988
BALKE William F and Monna K FERGUSON
BALKON Joseph 1917-1993
BALL Alberta P and J R
BALL Alvin Lee 1906-1971
BALL David Rufus 1954-1989
BALL Joe L and Muriel I
BALL Maxine ECKERT 1923-1993
BALL W Bryan and Vera
BALLANCE Hurnden R 1904-1974
BALLANCE Lucille L 1906-1984
BALLARD Billie C and Max H Dr
BALLARD Harold D and Patricia A
BALLARD James Garry 1956-1976
BALLARD Patricia A Rev 1943-2001
BALLARD Thomas T 1928-1980
BALLARD Velma I and Belder C
BALLEW Herbert C and Patti J
BALLEW James Wallace and Lorene NEWSOM
BALLMER Colten Benjamin 2000
BALLOWE Victor and Mildred M
BALLWEG Helen E and John L
BALLWEG Katie 1912-1997
BALLWEG O T Preacher 1910-2002
BALLWIG Curtis R 1944-1965
BALLWIG Doris Carol 1947-1965
BALSLEY Jennifer Lynne 1989
BALTZ Myrtie G 1911-1993
BALTZ William W 1908-1974
BALUSEK Eddie Robert 1926-2002
BALUSEK Eddie Robert Jr
BANE Ruby M and W Virless
BANGS Kimberly Denise 1981-1981
BANISTER Zack 1921-1988
BANKHEAD B Jeanne 1924-1987
BANKHEAD James Thomas 1925-2001
BANKS - Matthew Blair
BANKS - v2
BANKS Christina Ann 1989-1989
BANKS Leona R and Hobert
BANKS Madelon Jane 1919-
BANKS Matthew Blair 1986-1994
BANKS Opal B and Clayton C
BANKS Tama L 1940-2001
BANKSTON Derek Pete 2000
BANNAN James Michael 1928-1983
BANNER Dora SMITH 1896-1975
BANNER RAuley Smith 1893-1974
BANTA Emma KOVACS 1910-1985
BARAJAS Bernabe 1888-1979
BARBARA Maris Auxiliadora 1945-1995
BARBATOE Paul E 1913-1972
BARBEE Gene Austin 1927-1988
BARBEE Judith Ann 1932-
BARBER Joseph B Jr 1923-1982
BARBER Tod Edwin 1969-1969
BARBOLINI Victor E and Josephine R
BARCLAY B B 1917-1997
BARCROFT Lula Mae and Albert S
BARCROFT Mason B Bo and Earline L
BARDIN Frances Callis 1901-1981
BARFIELD Harold H and Hattie R
BARGER C Lindsey and Iris Lou
BARGON Rosina and Jacob
BARIA M Eugene and Shirley J
BARKER Brandi Ann 1972-1977
BARKER Bril Andre 1970-1977
BARKER Clifton T 1951-1982
BARKER Ethel M and Alden L
BARKER Harold Grant 1921-1985
BARKER James W 1899-1970
BARKER Joseph Keith 1915-1976
BARKER Kathryn HUBBARD 1912-1990
BARKER Marion H 1897-1966
BARKER Mitch L and Virgie Lee
BARKER Scott C 1946-1974
BARKLEY Richard L 1949-1980
BARLEY Evelyn and J D
BARLEY Norville 1908-1963
BARNABY Conner Louis 1968-1995
BARNES Barbara A 1938-1999
BARNES Charles M and Geth-
BARNES Charles Rick 1956-1990
BARNES Charlotte HILL 1922-2001
BARNES Christilla and Roy
BARNES Connor Wayne 2001-2001
BARNES Cynthia Louise 1953-1980
BARNES Isaac L 1921-1998
BARNES James R and Vera I
BARNES Jesse L and Gladys
BARNES Leslie E 1899-1969
BARNES Lillie A and Richard E
BARNES Robert C 1930-1991
BARNES Vallie B and J D Rev
BARNES Violet A 1915-1956
BARNETT Betty Ruth 1926-1995
BARNETT Brian Scott 1972
BARNETT Herbert M 1889-1976
BARNETT James H and Margaret M
BARNETT June Louise 1924-
BARNETT Kimberly Dawn 1974-1974
BARNETT Marlon D 1954-1980
BARNETT Nedra HEAD and Willard S Bill
BARNETT Norma Jean 1929-2001
BARNETT Otta Mae and Lee Ed
BARNETT Ruby E 1900-1995
BARNETT Tye Hill and Christine DIAL
BARNETT Weaver Ewing 1927-2000
BARNETT William R Rob 1922-1998
BARNSHOCK Daniel Scott 2000-2000
BARNUM Lorena T and Fred B
BARONOFFSKY Florence 1918-1989
BARR Howard L and M Lucille
BARR Roy Jean and Helen E
BARR William Howard 1922-1987
BARRAZA Antulio 1939-1999
BARRAZA Guadalupe 1945-
BARREDA Celia GARZA 1919-1998
BARREDA Raul 1920-1981
BARREDA Richard D 1970-1997
BARRESI Peter A 1905-1970
BARRETT Blanche H and Isaac Parino MD
BARRETT Dorothy Dottie and Howard Duke
BARRETT Ora N 1876-1957
BARRETT Robert E 1936-1972
BARRICK Comora K and C Milton
BARRICK Doreen B and John M
BARRICK Lynda Lu 1947-1965
BARRICK Samuel C 1922-1981
BARRICK Teddy T 1922-1981
BARRIS V Wayne and Veta B
BARRON Edward C 1917-1990
BARRON Loma 1904-1992
BARROWS W Edwin 1923-1975
BARRY Albert E 1961-1995
BARRY Kitty MAYES 1919-
BARRY Othur E 1920-1995
BARSOTTI Antonio 1923-1999
BART Don A 1918-1996
BARTELS Wilbert W 1910-1976
BARTELT Elsie M 1902-1985
BARTKE Harry F 1924-1989
BARTKE Lucille 1928-
BARTLETT Gary Thomas 1941-1990
BARTLETT George E 1910-1969
BARTLETT John Edwin and Billie Francis
BARTLETT Lorene Kate 1916-1998
BARTLEY Lawrence A 1929-1985
BARTLEY Lee Edward 1955
BARTLEY Nancy Kay 1951-1980
BARTLOW Percy A Jr 1942-1979
BARTON Allison 1985-1985
BARTON Alton C and Reva M
BARTON August Lee and Judith Ann
BARTON Bertha and Loyd
BARTON Doris Irene 1912-1994
BARTON Royal D 1928-1997
BARTON Ruth L and A J
BARTON Sherry L 1948-1965
BARTON Stewart and Mary K
BARTON Ted A and Beatrice M
BASHAM Kenneth G 1946-1968
BASS Alan Preston 1990
BASS Frank L and Katie L
BASS J D Jr and Louise HELDT
BASS Mary Alice and Lawrence N
BASS Shirley Ann 1935-1998
BASS Wilda A and Wm Woodrow
BASSHAM Fain G 1921-1987
BASSHAM Jeremy Lynn 1972-1997
BASSHAM John Thomas and Mary Nell
BASSHAM Johnie Thomas Sr 1908-1958
BASSHAM Roger L and Pamela A
BASSHAM Ruby M 1924-
BASTUG Sharon Lynn SMITH PhD 1943-2002
BATEHAM Richard M 1955-1988
BATEMAN Clarence D 1898-1960
BATEMAN Mauldin L 1915-1999
BATEMAN Mildred L 1908-1975
BATES Allene C 1925-2000
BATES Don Philip 1961-2002
BATES Edith May and John L
BATES Jesse B Jr 1917-1966
BATES Jesse B Sr and Esther D
BATES Lois M and Albert D
BATES Orville V 1929-1964
BATES Robert J 1922-2001
BATES Robert John and Charlotte
BATES Rosemary D and Eugene F
BATES Warren H Sr 1923-1995
BATES Warrenn H Jr 1946-1971
BATES y Allen 1954-2000
BATTEN Richard C 1924-2000
BATTS Nettie H and William E
BATY Kenneth E and Frances
BATY Lizzie 1880-1965
BATY Steve R 1870-1951
BAUCK George W Jr and Vera A
BAUER Matt Jerome 1933-1995
BAUER Sylverter J and Lucille M
BAUGHMAN Ann M 1928-
BAUGHMAN George J 1920-1987
BAUGUESS Richard Thomas 1944-1974
BAUMANN Inez Pearl and James Connally
BAUMANN Sarah Elizabeth 1961-1962
BAUMANN Willie Francis and Waylan Filmor
BAUMGARDNER Ara Adelle and Rufus E
BAUSELL Allene 1924-1972
BAUSELL Henry K Jack 1922-2003
BAUTOVICH Helen K 1919-
BAUTOVICH John 1919-1996
BAUTOVICH John Russell 1981
BAUTOVICH Steve J 1920-1999
BAXLEY Denzil E 1922-1996
BAXTER Brooke Jordan 1989-1989
BAXTER Charles 1951-2003
BAXTER Charles Robert 1925-2002
BAXTER Elizabeth L and Robert J
BAXTER Leonard R and Alice M
BAXTER Maxine T 1903-1975
BAY Edna Inez 1912-1971
BAY George H 1906-1981
BAYER Gerald 1923-
BAYER Shirley 1929
BAYLESS David L and Montiz M
BAYS Lydia Florine and Charles Frederick
BAYUK Cecelia E 1910-1992
BAZAR O Tommy and Georgia Mae
BEACH Cynthia G and Edward J
BEACH Lucille S 1904-1965
BEACHEM Amanda Elizabeth 2000
BEAHAN Leonard L 1917-1981
BEAIRD Donald S 1924-2000
BEAIRD Marjorie T 1925-
BEAL M P and Ganell
BEALL James E von Tungeln and James W
BEAM Arthur A Rev 1907-1964
BEAN Bettye L 1929-
BEAN James O Jr and Shirley Ann
BEAN Maurice 1926-2002
BEAN William S and Myrtle
BEAR Jodie Leigh 1972-1998
BEARD Dallas Shannon Ray 1969-1994
BEARD Mattie Mae and Charlie David
BEARD Odessa Marie 1916-1977
BEARD William D and Margaret S
BEARDEN Alton R 1920-1998
BEARDEN Burley L 1917-1997
BEARDEN Hazel Jane and Thomas H
BEARDEN Hervy H 1896-1950
BEARDEN Margaret E 1923-1994
BEARDEN Mary G 1906-1998
BEARDEN Reuben B and Isa Mae
BEARDEN Vera V 1898-1984
BEARDEN Walter Bentley Jr and Sarah E
BEASLEY De Moreya D E Riyah 2000-2000
BEASLEY Don A 1897-1966
BEATY Beulah C 1892-1981
BEATY Emily Vicki 1915-2001
BEATY Evelyn I 1921-1969
BEATY Irene A 1895-1977
BEATY John William 1917-1966
BEATY Wm J Bill and Faye O
BEAUCHESNE Marian L 1947-
BEAUCHESNE Raymond A Jr 1947-1999
BEAVER Leonard Wesley 1927-1999
BEAVERS Charles H 1939-1998
BEAVERS Nelly O 1919-1974
BEBENSEE Leo R 1920-1994
BEBENSEE Mary Frances 1921-1993
BECAN Amy Elizabeth 1998-1998
BECHMAN Marietta L 1899-1979
BECK Bertha B and Ray H
BECK Charles M 1912-1983
BECK Helen J 1911-1980
BECK Henry V and Charlene G
BECK Jerry D 1934-1968
BECK Thomas J and Dollie Mae
BECK Willard C and Anne Lee
BECKER Samuel 1911-1981
BECKERT Gustav G and Ethel L
BECKHAM Carrie B and Benjamin W
BECKHAM LaVerne and Grady
BECKHAM Marvin Laell and Dorothy Manila
BECKHAM Robert Nash 1953-1992
BECKNAL W P Bud and Flora M
BEDFORD Jason Thomas 1975-1999
BEDFORD Jim S 1963-1980
BEDFORD Thomas A and Ernie M
BEDTKE Walter Wally 1933-2001
BEEBE Dorothy Louise 1917-2001
BEEBE Helen M and Joe R
BEEBE Reed 1917-1997
BEENE Dudley H 1892-1968
BEENE Scott Douglas 1952-1952
BEGGS Charles L 1940-1992
BEGUM Saleha 1918-2000
BEHRINGER Alton C 1913-
BEHRINGER Orleen E 1919-1997
BEIDLER Elizabeth E 1882-1950
BEIDLER Jerry D 1879-1970
BEIL Ruth and Johnnie A
BEKASSY Julius and Violet
BELANGER Keith R and Carol A
BELCHER Elizabeth 1936-
BELCHER Mae Agnes and William L
BELCHER Melva and Eric Jr Rev
BELDEN Jack M 1927-1993
BELEW Buell S and Peggy M
BELFORD Mabel D 1905-1995
BELFORD Oren P 1892-1958
BELGARDE Ronald L Jr 1961-1997
BELK Effie H 1904-1994
BELL Allen Rudal 1914-1975
BELL Anna C 1885-1977
BELL Charlotte A 1947-1982
BELL Dennis Wayne 1959-1992
BELL Dorothy L 1907-1969
BELL Effie G and James R
BELL Elmer E and Ruby RAULSTON
BELL Frances Mae anWilliam M
BELL Frederick Hugh 1924-1982
BELL Herbert L 1928-1994
BELL Ida E and Burton L
BELL J B 1910-1987
BELL James C and Billie K
BELL John F 1910-1978
BELL LaVonne Winifred SACKETT 1926-1978
BELL Mary E 1920-
BELL Ralph Kenneth 1924-1975
BELL Raymond Lois 1919-1978
BELL Ruth T and Robert D
BELL Suzanne LaRUE 1948-2001
BELL Thomas B and Annie
BELL Virgil Raiford 1913-1994
BELL Weldon V 1915-1989
BELL William J 1924-1984
BELL Zebbie G and Henry G
BELLAH James Dee 1960-1999
BELLAH Ola M and Glover B
BELLAMY Mary Ernestine and Wilmot H
BELLAMY Norma J and Charlie R
BELLAMY Ruth Janett 1934-2002
BELLINGHAM Donald W 1826-2000
BELLOMY Janie L and Bobby L
BELLVILLE Evelyn 1907-1975
BELOTA Jane and Diane 1990
BELOVSKY Robert B 1918-1973
BELSER Doris A 1921-1978
BELSER Joseph H 1921-1980
BEMBRY Glenn R 1894-1964
BEMBRY Hazel O 1900-1993
BENA Louis Joe 1912-1997
BENANTI Steven J and Kathy
BENAVIDES Sylvia and Freddy
BENBOW Thomas W 1918-1990
BENBROOK David Glen Jr 1996-1996
BENDA-BATEMAN Lan Ying 1910-1996
BENDEL Henry Ward Jr MD
BENDEL Ray Boone
BENEFIELD Alice A 1898-1983
BENEFIELD Ruby and James
BENGE Samuel Ray 1990
BENJAMIN Mary C a896-1991
BENJAMIN Maurine C 1925-1981
BENKE Joseph Jr 1996-1996
BENNETT Argus C 1887-1978
BENNETT Bessie 1914-1993
BENNETT Bessie F 1888-1984
BENNETT Brittany Elaine 1995
BENNETT Cecil M 1916-1997
BENNETT Charles Lester 1898-1961
BENNETT Clinton S 1885-1965
BENNETT Delma A and A Fern
BENNETT Donald H 1940-1994
BENNETT Effie M and W Hugh
BENNETT Ethel L and Thomas H
BENNETT Etta Viola 1890-1958
BENNETT Guy G and Pernie Mae
BENNETT Harold O Rev 1903-1973
BENNETT Howard Jean 1925-1972
BENNETT Jewell J 1923-1982
BENNETT Lucie M and Samuel L
BENNETT Maye H 1900-1988
BENNETT Richard James 1986-1986
BENNETT Robert Dwain 1941-1999
BENNETT Ruby O 1919-
BENNETT Ruth E 1908-
BENNETT Sammie V 1938-1974
BENNETT Thomas Alton and Lois Callis
BENNETT William S and Vera K
BENNINGFIELD William R 1909-1997
BENOIT James J and Martha P
BENSON B B Bill 1921-1989
BENSON Donald L 1929-1990
BENSON Suzanne E and Floyd F
BENSON Swayne 1935-1977
BENTLEY Clifford Thomas 1909-1980
BENTLEY Faye 1916-1996
BENTLEY Peggy J BROWN 1940-1989
BENTON - Harry Bud and Florence J
BENTON 1925-2002
BENTON Audrey E 1904-1990
BENTON Cleta Q and Harold E
BENTON Daryl T 1948-1996
BENTON Earl F 1894-1960
BENTON Gerald C and Lucretia N
BENTON John W 1923-1996
BENTON Linda Ann 1949-1997
BENTZEL Sarah Ann 1995
BENVENUTO James D and Angela
BENZ Franklin A 1965-1993
BERBERICH Aloysius J and Marjorie L
BERBERICK Billie 1888-1974
BERENJI Zarrentaj 1928-1988
BERG Robert Fred 1934-1970
BERGIN Alma M and Robert G
BERGIN Lisa J 1958-1987
BERGIN Thomas Lee 1982
BERGMANN Mary Lena 1922-1995
BERGSTROM Alfred T and Vivian V
BERGSTROM C Harold and Edna M
BERISHA File G 1907-1982
BERKENKAMP Theodor and Mary D
BERNARD Edward V and Helen S
BERNARD Helen R and George F
BERNARD Libbie D 1874-1957
BERNDT Luise 1906-1997
BERNDT Walter L and Elizabeth L
BERNEY John Peter and Lucy Jeanette
BERNHARDT Gertrude S 1920-
BERNHARDT Oscar H 1919-1997
BERRIER Earl F 1903-1976
BERRIER Flora D and James M
BERRY Albert J 1894-1965
BERRY Albert Ray 1924-1976
BERRY Arlie L 1924-1997
BERRY Arthur H and Leona J
BERRY Avis M 1904-1995
BERRY Bertha Lee 1895-1964
BERRY Edward Ray 1955-1999
BERRY Emmadean YOWELL 1916-
BERRY Fannie Mae 1929-
BERRY Floyd Lee 1936-1958
BERRY Frank 1903-1961
BERRY Frank and Clara
BERRY James H 1886-1958
BERRY James Harold 1922-1992
BERRY Julia Faye 1903-1993
BERRY Marvin F 1912-1980
BERRY Raymond B iii 1953-1983
BERRY Walt and Tommie
BERRY Wilbur Jasper 1912-2000
BERRY Wilma Joyce 1941-2002
BERRYHILL Allen M 1903-1964
BERRYHILL James H Sr 1943-1992
BERTELSEN Robert Neil and Sandra Ann
BERTRAM C W Bert 1922-1982
BERTRAM Carolyn Joyce 1928-1974
BERTRAM David A 1925-1976
BERTRAM Hazel E -1994
BESHEARS William Frank and Teddie R
BESLY Harvey W and Erma K
BESSENHOFFER Lois M and Richard J
BESSEY Crystal Jean 1981-1982
BESSEY Jean C 1918-1992
BESSEY Neil C 1917-1992
BEST F William 1907-1984
BEST Homer L and and Fern M
BEST Lela Mae 1926-1982
BETHANY Charlie H 1918-1973
BETHANY Earlene 1920-1987
BETSILL Doyle G 1928-1991
BETSILL Joe Bolen 1906-1978
BETTS Constance L 1949-1993
BETTS Donald Carl 1927-1983
BETTY Julia Christine 2000
BETZ James L 1939-1996
BETZEL Edna P and Alvin E
BETZEL Jane FORBES and Alvin Elton Jr
BEWLEY Bertie R and Nathan A
BEWLEY Opal B 1900-1989
BEYER Charles E and Lilla H
BHORA Sadekally Yahya 1956-1997
BIBLE Laura Lee
BICH Dominic Nguyen Van 1942-1999
BICKERSTAFF Jimmy R 1851-1995
BICKERSTAFF Mildred B 1930-1978
BICKFORD Ada Edie 1945-2001
BICKNELL Henry F 1898-1977
BICKNELL Linnie B 1902-1986
BIELBY James William 1931-1989
BIELECKI Sara Elizabeth 1933-1991
BIERIG Frederick G 1913-1976
BIERWIRTH Gladys PARKER 1912-1995
BIGGS Jill Faye 1970-1982
BIGHAM Travis H 1920-1990
BIGLEY Edna L and Floyd A
BIGLEY Tolbert C 1910-1977
BILCHAK Edith R and Michael
BILES Nancy Elizabeth BURTON 1944-2000
BILES Raymond L 1941-1994
BILGER Fred T and Mary J
BILGER Margaret C 1910-1990
BILGER T C Bill 1916-1956
BILLINGSLEY Forrest B 1920-1987
BILLINGSLEY James D 1929-1994
BILLINGSLEY Louise Mason 1927-
BILLINGSLEY Randy Cole 1975-1987
BINDEL Kenneth Charles and Margaret Mary
BINDER Isadore Tim and Naomi
BINGER Althea C and Albert E
BINH Matthew Duong Van 1937-1997
BINION Lucie E and Harvie B
BINNEY Robert F and Gladys L
BINNION Dorothy E and Thomas W
BIRD infant 1995
BIRD Oriel H and Edgar Jr
BIRD Valora P and Claude R
BIRDSALL Helen J 1906-1995
BIRDSALL Martin S 1909-1984
BIRDSONG Evelyn E and Foster A
BIRKES Jerry W 1949-1967
BIRKES Roy W and Flowrence M
BIRMINGHAM Cynthia L 1956-1998
BISHOP Ace L 1921-1982
BISHOP Betty J 1931-1985
BISHOP Cherie Michelle 1988
BISHOP Clement Lourain 1873-1956
BISHOP Don Melton 1935-1961
BISHOP Ella Florence 1879-1960
BISHOP Eva I 1887-1968
BISHOP Gertrude and Joseph N
BISHOP Harry D 1885-1965
BISHOP Harry Edward 1917-1951
BISHOP James Roy 1928-1996
BISHOP Kenneth Edward 1923-2000
BISHOP LaVerne Evetts 1919-1998
BISHOP Leo V 1914-1986
BISHOP Mamie Frances 1913-1977
BISHOP Mark E and Patsy A
BISHOP Marshall T 1936-1989
BISHOP Ralph Omar 1987-1987
BISHOP Ralph W and Minnie L
BISHOP Robert Fred 1918-1998
BISHOP Robert Parker 1922-1951
BISHOP Ronnie Lynn 1955-1972
BISHOP Stanley L 1905-1984
BISHOP Vera E 1927-2002
BITTEL Dudley P and Jolene
BITTIKOFFER Carolyn 1916-1969
BIVER Anita M 1921-
BIVER Joseph C 1929-1994
BLACHLY Demaris L and Harry L
BLACHLY Roger A 1958-1976
BLACK Charles R and Julia A
BLACK Emma 1902-2001
BLACK Ernest L 1925-1986
BLACK Esker Bo 1914-1998
BLACK Frances M and Joseph J
BLACK Mary F and Kenneth W
BLACK Maude P 1904-1973
BLACK Turner Nelson 1923-1993
BLACK Walter Lee 1909-1970
BLACKBERBY Frank Lyndale 1949-1966
BLACKBURN Carolyn 1938-1983
BLACKBURN Sam L and Marguerite J
BLACKERBY Chloretta A and Spencer F
BLACKLOCK Flora 1919-2002
BLACKMAN Almus B and Rebecca T
BLACKMAN Brenda Gaye 1949-1982
BLACKMAN Denver and Jean M
BLACKMAN John M 1877-1958
BLACKMAN Nancy Ann 1884-1963
BLACKMON Henry J 1878-1954
BLACKMON Margaret D 1884-1951
BLACKMON Roy H Sr 1917-1994
BLACKMON Wanda B 1936-1980
BLACKSHEAR Lucy 1885-1959
BLACKWELL Allen E Gene and Virginia J
BLACKWELL B Doris 1921-
BLACKWELL Boyd L 1921-1997
BLACKWELL Mary E and Robert J
BLACKWELL Opal Irene Marion 1916-1995
BLACKWELL Opel N 1892-1972
BLACKWELL V Floy and Horace E
BLACKWOOD George W and Lucy E
BLAGG John R 1955-1984
BLAIR Irene R 1914-1991
BLAIR Margaret Allen 1919-1999
BLAIR Orville R 1910-1984
BLAIR Viola and Parker
BLAIR William G and Annabelle R
BLAKE David J 1974-1988
BLAKE George Worth 1886-1954
BLAKE Leah and Bascom P
BLAKE Mildred D and John D
BLAKE Patrick R 1948-1996
BLAKE Roxie Mae 1890-1966
BLAKNEY Hilda M and Arlee
BLAKNEY Paul Seneff 1913-1974
BLAKNEY Thyra Mutt and J B
BLALOCK Ronald W and Debbie F
BLAND Bill 1968-1994
BLAND Bonnie Leigh 1909-1981
BLAND Harriette WILLIAMS 1934-1996
BLAND R D Bob 1942-1982
BLAND Robert O 1917-1980
BLAND Vernon Ezra 1929-1989
BLANDEN Sarah Darlene 1985
BLANKENSHIP A Lorelle and Warren E
BLANKENSHIP Anthony Ruhl Jr 1993-1993
BLANKENSHIP Bailey J 1992-1992
BLANKENSHIP Daisy Lee 1908-1986
BLANKENSHIP Howard P and Cedona W
BLANKENSHIP Ruhl Eskel 1901-1963
BLANKINSHIP Opal B abd David E
BLANKLEY John W iii 1939-2001
BLANKLEY John W Jr 1915-1982
BLANKLEY Vada M 1912-1991
BLANTON Billy Ray 1934-1998
BLANTON Eleanor W 1934-
BLANTON Lennard R 1913-1984
BLASINGAME Minnie Pearl 1894-1954
BLASINGAME Richard W and Dori L
BLASINGAME Willis A 1890-1973
BLAYLOCK Helen N 1898-1991
BLEDSOE C Eugene and MaurinW
BLEDSOE Inmon Jr 1962-1962
BLEDSOE Inmon T 1921-1992
BLESI Elsie J and John E
BLEVINS Ernest F 1898-1954
BLEVINS Kenneth Echols and Barbara Ann
BLEVINS Lillian C 1897-1951
BLICK Jimmie L 1943-1999
BLISS Mary Frances and Allen Wesley
BLISS Winifred H and Gerald R
BLIZZARD Cleo W and Velton R
BLOCK Dorothy E and Emil V
BLOCK Herman H 1907-1992
BLOCK Sidney Ray 1919-1968
BLOOD Alex R 1913-1984
BLOODWORTH Dylan Clark and Robert Clark
BLOUNT Clara 1905-1998
BLUE Howard M 1913-1963
BLYTHE Jennifer Caroline 1992-1992
Bo Nguyen Thi 1918-2000
BOARMAN Robert L Jr 1959-1979
BOARMAN Sandra Lynn 1952-1985
BOATRIGHT Billie V 1903-1988
BOATRIGHT Monroe V 1895-1976
BOATWRIGHT Doyle Hoyle 1924-1984
BOBO Carrol A 1946-1996
BOCELL Jossie M PERKINS 1929-1987
BODDIE Robert B and Elixabeth P
BODIFORD Ivy Weldon and Edna Fay
BODIFORD Jesse W 1906-1967
BODINE Charlie C Jr 1920-1961
BODINE Mary Lou EVANS 1902-1968
BODINE Mealie B and Charlie C
BODKINS Jamie Lou and Jerry Lee
BODKINS Rosalie and A J
BOEHM Daniel Steven 1994
BOGARD Danny Mell 1947-1997
BOGER Colin M 1905-1974
BOGGS Leonard Russell 1919-1986
BOGOSLOFSKI Bernard J 1930-1985
BOGOSLOFSKI Janett A 1933-2000
BOHANNON Glenn and Barbara
BOHANNON Mabel R and Jesse E
BOHLMANN Romaine C 1903-1996
BOHN Beatrice 1905-1967
BOHNAS Judith K 1955-1995
BOJORQUEZ Ivan Michael 1999-1999
BOLAND Eugenia Ann RODOLPH and Paul Dean
BOLD Eloise and Richard Q
BOLDEN Allen Edward 1967-1985
BOLDING Brian J 1988-2001
BOLDING Mollie M and Floyd H
BOLDRY Lyle Dean and Margaret
BOLES Jackie 1926-1984
BOLES Sybil A 1901-1999
BOLES Truett Claude MD and V Beth EDLER
BOLES William J and Peggy J
BOLLMANN Alvin A 1930-1999
BOLLMANN Mary S 1934-
BOLLMANN Robert A 1960-
BOLSTER Evelyn I and Cecil D
BOLT Jimmie Opal 1906-1986
BOLTON Lucy M and George B
BOLTON Mary Theresa 1948-1965
BOLTON Nora and James C
BOLTON Steven 1958-1971
BOLTON William Clyde 1922-1997
BOND Clarence and Maurine
BOND Eva Lee 1922-1981
BOND family
BOND Luther Max 1900-1983
BOND Ray Allen 1908-1970
BOND Richard O 1922-1981
BOND Stephen Thomas 1981-1982
BONDURANT Jennie M and Fred W
BONDURANT Mary A 1943-1990
BONDURANT William L and Frances W
BONEBRAKE Walter C and Betty
BONG Nguyen Thi 1912-2000
BONHAM Conrad G 1923-1997
BONHAM Jean A 1928-
BONIFACE Thelma L and Raymond M
BONINE Elbert H and Evelyn D
BONNER Eugene J 1914-1966
BONNER Jaylon D 2001
BONNER Odis 1918-1972
BONNER William W and Rose Lee
BOOHER Fay G and Buford B
BOOKER Barney Joe 1925-1994
BOOKER Bobbye Lanelle 1931-1995
BOOKER Cecil D 1896-1959
BOOKER Curtis V 1895-1966
BOOKER Ruth COX 1894-1981
BOOKER Sidnie McCLESKEY 1900-1983
BOONE Earl and Laurine
BOOTEN David George 1942-1965
BOOTEN Sthphen W and mary E
BOOTEN Tillman Lowrey 1912-1981
BOOTH Billy jOE 1923-1969
BOOTH Floyd M and Estelene
BOOTH Jesse L 1911-1998
BOOTH Mary M and Lloyd R
BOOZER Eddie Ray and Alma Viola
BOOZER James Edward and Mary Eloma
BOOZER Ozie E 1904-1983
BORAH Emma Belle 1920-1964
BORDEAUX Johnny B 1930-1980
BORDEAUX Pearl E and Nathan H
BORDELON Kathleen T 1911-1988
BORDEN Lacy and Lucy
BORDINARO Gary L 1946-1970
BORDINARO Joseph 1916-1983
BORG Ethel C and Edwin A
BORN Richard Wayne 1923-1967
BOROFF Curtis H 1894-1966
BOROFF Pearl Eva 1899-1988
BOROFF Robert Harrison 1923-1991
BORST James R and Jeanette S
BORTZFIELD William C Bill and Beverly J
BORUK John E 1945-1998
BORUK Roberta 1926-2000
BOSCH Mary C 1986-1989
BOSHER Billy Ray 1924-1985
BOSHER Larry Ray 1947-1969
BOSHER Sheila D 1964-2000
BOSILLO Daniel Dominick and Mary Vodis
BOSILLO Dominick and Maria
BOSILLO John J 1929-1994
BOSILLO son 1982
BOSLEY George Willard 1920-1983
BOSSE Eugene Joseph 1925-1997
BOSSLEY Albert W and Elaine J
BOSSLEY Roger A Bozz 1961-1988
BOST Millie and Larry
BOSTICK Artimisci and James Edward
BOSTICK Bessie A 1892-1982
BOSTICK Frank Jr 1919-1992
BOSTICK Frankie A 1921-1999
BOSTICK Lola SORSBY and Lue Morrell
BOSWELL Donald R 1926-1996
BOSWELL Eunice M 1911-1983
BOSWELL George S Jr and Jesse Pauline
BOSWELL Hence A 1902-1959
BOSWELL Herman and Polli
BOSWELL Jesse W 1907-1966
BOSWELL Johnnie J 1901-1965
BOSWELL Ruth Vernelle and Henry Theo
BOTERF Mina R 1945-
BOTHE Louis 1921-1996
BOTHNER Ernestine 1927-1981
BOTTOLENE Rose F and Anthony
BOUDAGH Isaac A 1921-1991
BOULINEAU Alma HAYES 1891-1979
BOULINEAU Sarah A 1922-
BOULINEAU William H 1919-1973
BOULTINGHOUSE Fannie M and Clyde
BOURETT Edward F 1919-1979
BOURG Donnell J 1930-1996
BOURLAND Flossie M and James J
BOURLAND Gordon W and Martha L
BOURLAND Tammy Sue 1961-1999
BOURNE Don M 1937-1995
BOURNE Mary E Betty and Cleave M
BOURQUE Walter E 1922-1987
BOUSTEAD Glenn R 1908-1998-
BOUSTEAD Helen S 1907-
BOUSTEAD Thomas S 1934-1966
BOUSTEAD Wanda L 1927-
BOUSTEAD William 1904-1975
BOUTTE Cyrena Nicole 1987
BOVE Antonio J and Barbara M
BOWDON Kendall D 1927-1982
BOWEN Bill and Mary
BOWEN Charles W Jr 1929-1978
BOWEN Clarence W and M Louise
BOWEN James N 1921-1984
BOWEN Jason Neal 1979
BOWEN Karen Louise 1959-1993
BOWEN Robert J and Minnie M
BOWER Juanita 1916-1997
BOWER Zachary E 1976-1976
BOWERMAN Hulie E 1905-1966
BOWERS Fred M and Violet
BOWERS Jimmy B and Juanita L
BOWERS Michael Wayne and Ronda Lynn
BOWLES Glyndolyn SCOTT and William F
BOWLEY Clyde J 1924-1978
BOWLIN John William 1929-1999
BOWLIN Donald C 1945-1991
BOWLIN Georgia M and Clarence
BOWLIN Mearle 1919-1951
BOWLIN Robert C 1872-1960
BOWLING George R 1919-
BOWLING Mary M 1925-2002
BOWMAN Bert and Fay
BOWMAN Creighton Prince 1914-1997
BOWMAN Ellen C 1921-1975
BOWMAN Gilbert G 1892-1961
BOWMAN Jack and Judy
BOWMAN James Victor 1901-1972
BOWMAN Mable C 1886-1974
BOWMAN Paul Dean 1958-2002
BOWMAN Ruby N 1907-1998
BOWMAN Shirley Anne 1963-
BOWMAN Violet I 1895-1976
BOWMAN Waldene 1930-1987
BOX Annex R 1899-1979
BOX Edward S 1897-1994
BOX George F and Jo Ann
BOX Maud UNDERWOOD and Willis Edwin
BOX Sylva Ruth 1914-1992
BOX W Grady 1913-1964
BOYCE Ruth Marie and Hardy S
BOYD Dana F ROBERSON 1908-1994
BOYD James W and Dorothy F
BOYD Levi L Lee and Helen LUNDY
BOYD Liddie and Alvin
BOYD Mae L 1928-
BOYD Mary Ella and Dewey Lee
BOYD Mary Lyle and Rufus Dail
BOYD Robert A 1930-1991
BOYD Robert Alen 1951-1998
BOYD William D PE 1950-1987
BOYDSTUN Pamela Denise 1956-1985
BOYDSTUN Travis Trent 1968-1985
BOYE Albert R and Helyn
BOYER Bettye S and Paul L
BOYER Carl L and Juanita M
BOYER Frances M 1926-1999
BOYER Gordon A 1909-1988
BOYER Harry J Jack 1929-1974
BOYER Martha A and Daniel M
BOYETTE Cecil 1940-1978
BOYETTE Clarence Gibson Joe Baker 1905-1
BOYETTE Pamela Ann 1961-1973
BOYKIN Danny Edward Dan 1941-2002
BOYKIN Frank William 1943-1960
BOYKIN Jerry -
BOYKIN Jerry 1956-1997
BOYKIN Johnnie 1929-
BOYKIN Ray D Rev and Lavicie
BOYKIN Uvaughn 1931-
BOYKIN Virginia H and Wm A Bill
BOYLE Kenneth R 1907-1992
BOZEMAN Della and Ray B
BOZIC William J and Lorena E
BRACKEN Polly M and Robert O
BRACKEN Robert C Sr 1899-1968
BRACKEN Tom W 1925-1976
BRACKEN Weesie Louise and Bill G E
BRACKENRIDGE Lucille M 1917-
BRACKENRIDGE Odra B 1917-1982
BRADDOCK George W and Joyce F
BRADEL Sigmund F Dr and Violet I
BRADFIELD Bobby Gene 1945-1975
BRADFIELD Helen Barbara 1926-2001
BRADFORD Annie L 1893-1970
BRADFORD C Lamoyne and Thomas C
BRADFORD Chauncey 1911-1989
BRADFORD Dell M and Marion R
BRADFORD Dell M and Myrtle A
BRADFORD Jesse C 1882-1954
BRADFORD Linda Kay 1943-1982
BRADFORD Margaret E 1911-1959
BRADFORD Nell M and Joseph H
BRADFORD Norma Ruth 1928-1986
BRADFORD Velma 1888-1958
BRADHAM Amma F and Oscar L
BRADHAM Doug and Lynda
BRADLEY Clifton Harold and Frances A
BRADLEY Dennis H and Mabel C
BRADLEY Ethan 1997
BRADLEY girl 1966
BRADLEY John G and Lillian K
BRADLEY Mary E 1915-1995
BRADLEY Ruth B 1891-1988
BRADSHAW George L 1903-1986
BRADSHAW Georgia D and David H Jr
BRADSHAW Nina P 1923-1979
BRADY Claire and John
BRADY Leta M 1910-
BRADY Robert Norris Jr 1943-1981
BRAGG Charles E and Geneva J
BRAGG Joe O 1912-1997
BRAGG Robert S and Lillie M
BRAHAM Douglas E Sr 1933-2001
BRALEY Gordon R Ray and Doris M HILL
BRALEY Ronald Ron 1951-2000
BRAMALL John E and Leota R
BRAMLETT Thomas Scott 1977-1996
BRANAM Levoie Jonathan Wilson 1998-1998
BRANAM Mabel L and Charlie Jr
BRANCH Charles B 1928-
BRANCH Darrell Wayne 1964-1995
BRANCH Janie L 1955-1981
BRANCH Verda May 1885-1966
BRANDES Marjorie D and William C
BRANDON Brett James 1964-1985
BRANDON Suzanne 1950-1974
BRANDT John Lyman 1917-1989
BRANGER Barbara K 1928-1972
BRANNAN William H 1922-1990
BRANNEN Dollie F and J T
BRANNEN Donna L 1924-1973
BRANNOM Billy J 1927-1992
BRANNON Henry T and Mary Ola
BRANNON Melissa Ann 1952-1952
BRANNON Scott Lee 1964
BRANNUM Elmer E 1915-1979
BRANSOM John M and Genevieve A
BRANZELL Kline W and Stella L
BRASHEAR Paul Edward 1940-1989
BRASHEARS Esther O and Floyd T
BRASHEARS Treva L and George L
BRASWELL Dwade D 1930-1994
BRASWELL Edith M and Clarence P
BRASWELL George M 1949-2001
BRASWELL Glen E and Erma J
BRASWELL Joseph C and Ethel
BRASWELL Mertie Z 1883-1972
BRATTON Mary M and Earnest C
BRAUCHT Freddie L 1939-1989
BRAUCHT Maggie B and Evert
BRAUCHT Wanda and Edward H
BRAUN Cecil G and Melva J
BRAUN Lester A 1915-2002
BRAUN Lila Jeanette 1920-2001
BRAUN Matthew L 1955-1995
BRAUN Richard Jule 1937-1972
BRAY Elmer T 1930-1984
BRAY Nellie K and Elmer J
BRAY Ronald and Sigrid
BRAY Stephanie P 1977-1992
BRAZIEL Jimmy Jim 1941-2002
BRAZIER Georgia C 1901-1992
BRAZIER Grover C 1891-1973
BRAZIER Roland H 1922-
BRAZZELL Scott E 1962-1966
BRAZZIL Doris Oleta 1931-
BRAZZIL William R 1927-1979
BREAULT Alice I 1921-2002
BREAULT Deborah A 1952-1979
BREAULT George A 1919-
BREAZEALE Frank M 1909-1990
BRECKENRIDGE Joel Lee 1966-1993
BRECKENRIDGE Walter C 1939-2001
BREDBURG Louis E 1899-1963
BREFCZYNSKI Emily and John
BREM Agnes Speed 1909-1984
BREM Morris D 1898-1984
BRENDLE Maurine CHRISTIAN and Jesse Loyd
BRENHOLTZ Arthur R and Betty L
BRENNAN Bessie M 1927-1981
BRENNAN Ronald P 1915-1973
BRENNAN Walter J and Bertha F
BRENNEMAN Buelah 1907-1987
BRENNING Thelma J 1920-1996
BRENT Alan C 1949-1987
BRENT Bettye Lee 1929-1992
BRENT Dolores J 1924-1983
BRENT Jimmie Roy Jr 1927-1993
BRENT Karney M 1921-1968
BRENT Margaret K
BRENT Robert G 1922-1991
BRESNAHAN Joseph H 1911-1989
BRESNAHAN Mildred B 1917-1992
BRETSCHNEIDER Heidi Marie and Megan Eliz
BRETT Gerald D and Germaine R
BRETT Martin J 1919-1984
BRETTON Mary H 1916-1996
BREWER Alma Nadine 1931-
BREWER Ann B and Kenneth R
BREWER Ashten Taylor 2000
BREWER Cary Lee 1968-2001
BREWER Christine R 1913-1997
BREWER Curtis Eugene 1930-1981
BREWER Don Loyd 1932-1986
BREWER Gregory T 1964-1979
BREWER Herman H and Beatrice W Brewer
BREWER Janet W 1916-1992
BREWER Jennifer NEWBERN 1948-1976
BREWER Robert R Jr 1925-1999
BREWER Ruth E and James W
BREWER Viola W and Robert R
BREWSTER Billy Bert 1920-1950
BREWSTER Billy Ray 1945-1982
BREWSTER Grady A 1892-1963
BREWSTER John E 1927-1990
BREWSTER W R and Muriel M
BREWTON Earl C 1913-1994
BREWTON Fleta M 1916-2002
BRICE John Robert 1950-1998
BRIDGES Charlene 1925-1978
BRIDGES Charles W 1920-1974
BRIDGES E Leon and Almyrah
BRIDGES Francis Edna 1871-1960
BRIDGES Harvey C 1933-1980
BRIDGES James A and Dorothy L
BRIDGES Milbern H 1919-1972
BRIDGES Morris S and Wilma P
BRIDGES Pauline L and John E
BRIDGES Robert W and Vivian M
BRIDGES Sam B 1895-1969
BRIDGES Tom H 1923-1985
BRIGGS Annie and Delmer
BRIGGS Bobby Lee 1929-1981
BRIGGS Carolyn H and William T
BRIGGS Clarence A and Clara MATLOCK
BRIGGS Don Harvey 1956-1979
BRIGGS Fred Austin iii 1975
BRIM James K Rev and Thelma G
BRINK Ralph T and Evelyn I
BRINKER Patricia H
BRINLEE David Ame 1921-1959
BRISCO Luther E 1916-1988
BRISENO Sinthia 1989
BRISTOLL James D 1931-1974
BRITAIN Lorena S 1914-1999
BRITAIN Mark F 1908-1990
BRITT Juanita M and Marvine F
BRITT Ralph Edward and Thelma MOSER
BRITTAIN Ronald D Ronnie 1942-1994
BRITTEN Wendell L 1925-1993
BRITTON Alyne and Doyle
BRITTON Beatrice DIXON 1929-
BRITTON Lee Amos 1917-1991
BRITTON Sarah Alice and Fred
BRITTON Shirley Louise 1923-1973
BRIX Gerald O 1930-1990
BRIX Shirley A 1933-
BROADUS Janis M 1945-1995
BROADWELL Katrherine S 1922-2001
BROADWELL Thomas V 1918-1979
BROCATO Paula D 1950-1999
BROCK Flora Ida 1915-1988
BROCK Freida Z and H Leon
BROCK Howard M 1907-1953
BROCK Mary B and Newton E
BROCKETT - Robert D and Laverne H
BROCKETT Janet B and Ernest D
BRODERICK Frank J and Mary
BRODERICK Vera F 1924-2002
BRODERICK William F 1921-1999
BRODIE John F and Elizabeth
BRODY Edward 1925-1986
BROEKHUIZEN Derk and Jobina
BROKAW Leonard W and Mary K
BROKER Robert H 1926-1970
BROOKS Alma E 1911-1961
BROOKS Alton Hugh 1906-1974
BROOKS Bewley E 1906-1985
BROOKS Billie Marie 1901-1989
BROOKS Bobby Joe 1939-1991
BROOKS Cora L and Clarence E
BROOKS Eugenia R 1922-1996
BROOKS Fannie M 1897-1974
BROOKS Ida Mae PARKS and Marvin B
BROOKS John Luther 1889-1971
BROOKS Lavinia 1896-1966
BROOKS Mable Lee and Elvin E
BROOKS Marion E and Betty A
BROOKS Martin Layne 1955-1975
BROOKS Michael D and Patricia L
BROOKS Normazee J Robin 1921-1995
BROOKS Patsy Ann 1934-1994
BROOKS Paula E 1938-1995
BROOKS Raymond W 1919-1983
BROOKS Ruby E 1902-1982
BROOKS Walter Jr 1917-1987
BROPHY Margaret H 1923-1985
BROTHERS G F 1891-1966
BROTHERS J C Boots 1931-1971
BROTHERS Jeremy A 1979-1996
BROTHERS Jessie L 1945-
BROUER L A Snig and Mae
BROUGHAM Kenneth Lynn 1954-1962
BROUGHTON Arthur L 1924-1986
BROUGHTON Shirley Ann 1926-
BROUILLETTE Albert C 1924-2000
BROUN Ralph Andrew 1917-1976
BROVET Emanuel 1923-1991
BROVET Laura 1928-
BROWER Bessie May 1893-1974
BROWER Clark G Jr 1919-1996
BROWER Clark G Sr 1889-1974
BROWER Geraldine E 1924-1993
BROWN Agnes and Fred E
BROWN Agnes May 1889-1990
BROWN Alan and Susan
BROWN Albert B 1905-1957
BROWN Alvis O 1923-1982
BROWN Anice K 1903-1995
BROWN Anne CARROLL and Charles A Bill
BROWN Annie L and Edward A
BROWN Arla Lelland 1932-1990
BROWN Asia Toailoa 1990
BROWN Asjah Jalynn 1999-1999
BROWN Beatrice M and Earl Ross
BROWN Betty DUVALL 1938-1997
BROWN Cammie BEATY 1912-1992
BROWN Carl E 1927-1995
BROWN Cathy Lynn 1958-1985
BROWN Charles E 1914-1960
BROWN Charles E 1922-1993
BROWN Charles K and Peggy Joyce
BROWN Charles Loyd 1909-1967
BROWN Clyde Lee and Jean Bell
BROWN daughter 1980
BROWN David R and Frances N
BROWN Dorothy E and G W
BROWN Dorothy M 1909-1995
BROWN Douglas M 1956-1985
BROWN Earl Roy 1918-1995
BROWN Evelyn I 1901-1983
BROWN Everett M and Effie G
BROWN Frederick J 1915-1970
BROWN Gabriel D 1963-1992
BROWN Gayla Marie 1956-1974
BROWN Goldie Z 1898-1979
BROWN Harvey and Ruth
BROWN Hazel L and Lindsley M
BROWN Helen M 1910-1982
BROWN Henry J 1920-1962
BROWN Herbert Lee and Billie Sue
BROWN Hugh Miller 1923-
BROWN J W 1941-1993
BROWN Jack Ulric 1899-1967
BROWN James D 1926-1982
BROWN James Francis and Gwenn Dale
BROWN James Odus and Maude M
BROWN James Reed 1911-1981
BROWN Janet Elaine 1953-1997
BROWN Jaqueline Michelle 1974-1996
BROWN John Franklin 1908-1965
BROWN John I and Reba L
BROWN John K 1925-1976
BROWN John N and Minnie D
BROWN Juanita MURDOCK and Robert Lee
BROWN Judith Ann 1942-1997
BROWN Kelton S and John L
BROWN Kenneth W 1965-1997
BROWN L Lee and Pearl V
BROWN Leorah Hendricks 1893-1960
BROWN Levi C and Pearl P
BROWN Lily ALLCOCK and Lester Delvin Sr
BROWN Linda Kay 1960-1968
BROWN Lorene 1915-1997
BROWN Lucy and Ernest
BROWN Lula Jeanetta and James Albert
BROWN Malcom 1915-
BROWN Margaret HALLUM and John Allen
BROWN Martha Jo WILSON 1930-
BROWN Marvin Cleo 1908-1967
BROWN Modena 1918-1980
BROWN Myrtle Mae 1895-1986
BROWN Nancy H 1924-1993
BROWN Neil E 1926-1988
BROWN Nelda R and Jessie L
BROWN Oma and C Lester
BROWN Oma Leona 1909-1989
BROWN Ozie 1896-1960
BROWN Pamela CONRAD 1953-2000
BROWN Paul M 1910-1954
BROWN Paula J n5pot 1958-1990
BROWN Rachel Frances PARKER 1914-1993
BROWN Raymond W Jr and Mary A
BROWN Reba L and Ernest E
BROWN Rebecca Louise 1915-1986
BROWN Ricky L 1968-1984
BROWN Robert Tink 1982-1985
BROWN Rozelle and Johnnie
BROWN Ruby L and J P Hank
BROWN Ruby Mae and Lynn Forrest
BROWN Samuel E and Julia Laverne
BROWN Sanley M and Emma Jeane
BROWN Taylor A and Todd A
BROWN Vera and Stanley J
BROWN Veta J and William S
BROWN Virginia L and Claude H
BROWN W C Sr 1915-1988
BROWN W Keith and Mara Lee
BROWN W T 1915-
BROWN Wilford L and Margie R
BROWN William J and Geraline Ney
BROWN William T Jr 1894-1956
BROWN Wm Jackley 1921-1965
BROWN Zella L and William N
BROWNING Allie J and Connie R
BROWNING Bobby Jay 1930-2001
BROWNING Douglas M 1943-1995
BROWNING Mary A and Arlie F
BROWNLEE Fern A and O D Tiger
BROWNRIGG Shirley M 1929-1972
BROXSON Cecil B and Clara M
BROYLES Kenneth E 1928-1974
BRUCE Charles W Chuck 1945-1995
BRUCE Hubert W 1924-1997
BRUCE Mary IRVING 1907-1997
BRUCE Peggy Joyce 1933-1981
BRUCE Richard Glenn 1970
BRUENIG Mary Ruth 1924-1961
BRUENIG William L 1922-1999
BRUGGE Arnold Peter 1918-1995
BRUGGMAN E E and Julia
BRUMHALL Richard C 1917-1980
BRUMMETT George Henry and Mildred KELLY
BRUMMITT Nettie F and Robert B
BRUNDAGE Anson B 1904-1958
BRUNDIGE Velma V and Avis M
BRUNDRETT Beuna O 1902-1990
BRUNDRETT Curtis Ray 1892-1965
BRUNER Annie T and William Arthur
BRUNER Grace KIKER and Lester A
BRUNSON Clyde D 1916-1997
BRUNSON Roy D 1920-19979
BRYAN Arthur Lamar 1927-1988
BRYAN Arthur T 1899-1982
BRYAN Charles R 1927-2000
BRYAN David Earl and Gaynell S
BRYAN Errett T 1900-1952
BRYAN Everett and Ollie R
BRYAN Hugh O-Neill 1913-1994
BRYAN James C and Helen M
BRYAN Joe Edward 1932-1988
BRYAN Ned L 1898-1976
BRYAN Wanda Jean 1954-1954
BRYANT Choice Leasch and Gladys L McCLUR
BRYANT Christopher W 1980-1998
BRYANT Cody Dane 1985
BRYANT D C and Ova B
BRYANT Ernest Irene G
BRYANT Etta P and Tom J
BRYANT Fairy HARRIS 1911-2001
BRYANT Grady V 1921-1994
BRYANT Gussie I and Floyd C
BRYANT Harmon H and Mamie J
BRYANT Jesse Dean 1905-1972
BRYANT Leita Aliene 1955-1992
BRYANT Margaret SLAY and William T
BRYANT Nivia Mercedes BATLLE 1964-2000
BRYCE Norman L and Hazel B
BRYSON Frank Douglas 1941-1996
BRYSON Howard J 1909-1969
BRYSON Minnie Lee 1912-2000
BRYSON Susan Hope 1947-1997
BRZOZOWSKI Frank John Sr and Frank Rober
BRZOZOWSKI John Ryan 1978-1998
BUBA Stanley Alexander and Alice P
BUCHANAN Billie J 1917-
BUCHANAN C O Buck 1913-1972
BUCHANAN Geoffrey S 1970-1995
BUCHANAN Hubert G 1910-1989
BUCHANAN Joe C 1923-1981
BUCHANAN Malinda J and Willie M
BUCK Herschel P and Nadine V
BUCK Icie M and Herman G
BUCK James T 1916-1989
BUCK Laverne M 1929-
BUCK Louise M 1921-
BUCK Olin and Frances
BUCK Wayland M 1925-2001
BUCKETT Jason Michael 1976-2001
BUCKINGHAM Donald L 1921-1996
BUCKLER Lora Iona 1917-1963
BUCKLEW-PARSONS Cameron Taylor 1995
BUCKLEY Charles A 1931-1984
BUCKLEY Luella and Dale
BUCKLEY William F and Maumette S
BUCKLIN Myrtle Pat 1899-1965
BUCKNER Gilda S and Lester C
BUCKNER Paula J 1943-1996
BUEHRLE Clayton D 1923-1982
BUEL Virous Edwin and Clara Mae
BUHLMAN Bernice 1935-1989
BUI Duytam 1980-1996
BUI-VIET-RINH Giuse 1906-1990
BUICE Joseph L 1894-1970
BUICE Leah D 1894-1974
BUIE Amy Elizabeth 1967-1967
BUIE E N 1908-1978
BUIE Sally J 1912-1991
BULLARD Charles D 1939-1969
BULLARD Delma Cleo 1921-
BULLARD Elmer O 1910-1975
BULLARD family
BULLARD Lohn Leo 1917-1987
BULLARD Louise BROWN 1920-
BULLARD Peggy Ruth FRANCIS 1928-1965
BULLARD Shelly L 1958-1999
BULLINGER Roberta Robbie 1925-1995
BULLION Thomas 1954-1991
BULLMAN Samantha 1990
BULLOCH Joseph Harrington 1917-1990
BULLOCK Hobert L 1908-1978
BULLOCK Lorenzo M and Alvena W
BULLOCK Zola Mae 1913-1993
BUMGARNER William E 1928-1999
BUMPASS Kenneth R 1918-1978
BUMPASS Vernon Eugene 1920-1975
BUNCH Pastora T 1924-1986
BUNCH Troy Jack 1926-1978
BUNCH William J 1896-1971
BUNDY Mary Gail 1981-1981
BUNJE Alfred J and Nordine V
BUNTEEN Jeanne W 1921-1977
BUNTIN Guy 1919-1998
BUNTON Hugh Jr 1909-1973
BUNTON Ricky Ray 1959-1981
BUNTON Sarah L 1913-1989
BURAL Ronna P 1944-1992
BURCH Frankie STEELMAN 1930-1997
BURCH Homer Lee 1914-1999
BURCHETT Betty L and Kenneth L
BURCHFIELD Helen Louise 1926-1996
BURCHFIELD Nellie M 1906-1992
BURCHFIELD Troy 1929-1979
BURCHILL Clinton L and Mary L
BURDEN George Thomas and Deborah Jo
BURDETT Bea 1917-1992
BURDETT Bettye B 1925-
BURDETT Dorothy A 1900-1992
BURDETT Roy W 1895-1978
BURDETTE J Elba and Delia L
BURDICK Arthur A 1917-1967
BURDICK Lester M 1918-2001
BURDICK Martha C 1920-
BURDICK Vernon M Jr 1938-1996
BURDINE Clarence F and Maude
BURFORD Conrad Overton Jr 1915-1988
BURGARDT Donald Steven 1959-1981
BURGE Jack Arnold 1934-1967
BURGE Jason Warren 1983-1983
BURGER Horace L and Evora
BURGES Arletta J and Hoyle L
BURGESS Arthur A 1928-1998
BURGESS Beulah S 1938-
BURGESS Ernest C and Edith J
BURGESS Eunice F and John T
BURGESS Garland W 1888-1983
BURGGRAF William H 1948-1990
BURGI Harvey E 1907-1968
BURGNER Willie Mack and Rosie Lee
BURK John N 1939-1999
BURKE Ashleigh Ryanne 1986-1989
BURKE Dorothy P and Carl L
BURKE Noreen K 1998-1999
BURKES Altha Lee and Perry
BURKHARDT Robert W 1922-1996
BURKHART Collie N 1899-1990
BURKHOUSE Donald E 1926-1989
BURKINS Charles E and Gladys B
BURKINS Lawrence G -1958
BURKS Boswell 1920-1989
BURKS Brady G 1934-1975
BURKS Clyde Aubrey 1926-1988
BURKS E C Gabe Jr 1937-1993
BURKS Eva M 1921-2000
BURKS Helen M and Ellery
BURKS Jerry Dale 1936-1972
BURKS Morris E 1932-1974
BURKS Patricia Ann HARKREADER 1953-2002
BURKS Ressie P 1909-1999
BURLESON Dorothy R 1930-1972
BURLESON Kathryn McLAUGHLIN 1904-1981
BURLESON Lauren Nicole 1983
BURLISON Thelma L and William L
BURMAN Lucile M and Harold G
BURMASTER Dawn Marie 1980-1982
BURMASTER Delbert D and Macel M
BURNAM Mark K 1963-1985
BURNETT Bradley 1982-1982
BURNETT Olive G and Barney W
BURNETT R P and Lynn R
BURNETT Rama M and John Q
BURNETT Scotty 1934-1969
BURNETT Steven Scott 1990-1990
BURNETT Vivian L and J C
BURNHAM David C 1952-1979
BURNHAM Mary A and Hoyt D
BURNHAM Robert L 1913-1961
BURNS Angel Lynn 1960-1978
BURNS Bryan Anthony Jr 1923-1953
BURNS Buford and Christine
BURNS Charles L and Shirley V
BURNS Clara Mae 1906-1962
BURNS Debbie E and James L
BURNS Donnie Junior 1958-1995
BURNS Henry H 1901-1965
BURNS James R and Mary A
BURNS Jewell E 1909-1968
BURNS Lester M 1901-1972
BURNS Martha Joan 1934-1956
BURNS Mildred A 1924-1989
BURNS Pearle S MARTIN 1916-1989
BURNS Precious Ann 1961-1985
BURNS Robert Anthony 1947-1976
BURNS Ruby June 1944-1952
BURNS Tammy Star 1964-1998
BURNS Velma N 1908-1992
BURNS Venita and Leonard
BURNS Victor M 1907-1992
BURNUM Clarence W and Mary F
BURNUM Ebbin and Dona C
BURRIS E W Woody 1918-2001
BURRIS Flonnie Bea 1914-1998
BURRIS James M 1950-1975
BURRIS James Wayne 1972-1990
BURRIS James Wayne ii 1992-1993
BURRIS Marion D 1925-
BURRIS Melvin V 1925-1985
BURRIS Paul B 1906-1981
BURRIS Paul R Sr and Thelma M
BURRIS Virginia R 1914-
BURROUGHS Arthur O and Pearlie E
BURROUGHS Mary G 1930-1997
BURROUS Jack Wells 1927-1982
BURROW J LaVera and Jerome T
BURROW James W Sr and V Lyle
BURRUS Dorothy Grace 1919-
BURRUS Raymond Hershel 1915-1996
BURT Jawanda Ann 1950-1995
BURTON Arthur W and Sallie L
BURTON Donna L 1945-1991
BURTON Emanuel A and Fermina B
BURTON Gary Lee Jr 1925-1993
BURTON Georgia Opal and Robert R
BURTON H F and Jerry V
BURTON L Paunee Pat 1928-1990
BUSBEE John I 1900-1980
BUSBEE Nannie R 1902-1953
BUSBEE Presha Viola 1914-2002
BUSBY Auldon Fayne 1910-1980
BUSBY Bennett 1914-1980
BUSBY Cora Lee 1894-1977
BUSBY Harley Thomas and Ella La
BUSBY Mary A 1928-
BUSH Christopher Glenn Jr 1991-1991
BUSH Clarice R and Walter L
BUSH Curtis E 1927-1984
BUSH Delia D and Charles F
BUSH James Curtis and Dollie L
BUSH James W 1918-1992
BUSH Jean PIPPIN 1931-1977
BUSH John Frank Jr 1936-1999
BUSH Joseph Z 1872-1953
BUSH Maranda JoLee 1987-1989
BUSH Martha Ellen 1883-1975
BUSH Martha S 1914-1992
BUSH Noel Elizabeth 1955
BUSH Terry J 1954-1993
BUSH Wilfred G and Esther Ruth
BUSHEE Bruce L and Ann E
BUSHEE Margaret V and George F
BUSHNELL Ruth and Crawford
BUSICK Darrell B 1927-1983
BUSICK Mary E 1931-
BUSKE Martha L 1939-2001
BUSKE Robert R 1940-2002
BUSSEY Mary Edna and Brannon Jr
BUSSEY William Allen DDS 1935-1993
BUSTARD Janet Miller 1911-1991
BUSTER Chloe F 1900-1986
BUSTER Karl 1896-1961
BUTCHER Carolyn Sue 1945-1969
BUTCHER Eva L and Marion H
BUTCHER Horace Odell 1922-1998
BUTCHER Louise 1926-
BUTLER Amos Hardin 1905-1964
BUTLER Bertha L 1913-1972
BUTLER Betty J 1926-1991
BUTLER Chessie Warren 1919-1964
BUTLER Claud F and Hazel I
BUTLER Colleen J 1929-
BUTLER Dan 1947-2003
BUTLER daughter 1981
BUTLER Floyd E and Leona M Bryant
BUTLER George and Bessie
BUTLER Helen HAP and R G Grube
BUTLER Jeanne L 1921-1992
BUTLER Jeffrey Thomas 1960-1984
BUTLER Margaret Ann 1928-1999
BUTLER Mary Etta 1914-2002
BUTLER Maurice H 1924-2002
BUTLER Ronald Eugene 1964-1964
BUTLER Sherman C and Ann A
BUTLER Shirley L 1942-1981
BUTLER Stephen Michael 1976-1993
BUTLER Taylor Ashley 1992
BUTLER Thomas Eddie 1951-1977
BUTLER Walter H and Edith A
BUTRUM Melvin Dean 1940-1984
BUTTICARLO Michael A 1967-1984
BUTTICARLO Philip 1911-1987
BUTTLER Walter F and Eula B
BUTTS Harold V and Helen E
BUZBY Dennis F and Sandra L
BUZZELL David R 1939-1962
BUZZELL Marjorie and William
BYARS Oscar C and Brucie
BYERLY Mary L and B Q Jr
BYERS Don D 1927-1983
BYERS James T 1923-1970
BYERS Marguerite B and Joseph M
BYERS Oscar Guy and Maude Virginia
BYERS Reba L 1930-1977
BYLES Joseph M 1955-2000
BYNUM Anita H and Edsel D Sr
BYNUM Bill R 1930-1992
BYNUM Doris Lucas 1934-
BYNUM Hughes W and Mildred M
BYNUM Jesse Frank 1917-1997
BYNUM Jesse Thomas 1887-1963
BYNUM Leah Rose 1886-1974
BYNUM Louie Fredia 1920-
BYNUM Mary L and Van R
BYOUS Cecil L 1921-2002
BYRD Clifton R 1916-1993
BYRD Lucille 1925-1992
BYRD Mary Jane 1886-1979
BYRNES Francis M 1908-1987
BYROM Elsie M and James C
BYTHER Harold R 1924-1988
BYTHER Norma Jane 1933-
CAANCAN Archie 1943-1991
CABALLERO Estella G 1943-2002
CABELLO Emilee Ann 1985-2000
CABLER Donald L 1933-2000
CABRERA Michael A ii 1998-2000
CADDEL Jesse Carlton and Delma ANDERSON
CADDELL - Wesley and Nell
CADDELL James Wesley and Tommie Nell
CADDELL Kenneth Wayne 1954-1988
CADE Betty Ruth 1936-1992
CADENA John J 1914-1976
CADENA Rebekah R 1988-2000
CADENHEAD Sam Houston and Lillian N
CADENHEAD Virginia 1880-1956
CAFARO Domenic F and Carlene B
CAFFEY Bobby Ray 1941-1979
CAFFEY Eleanor Jane 2000
CAGLE Iva Marie and willie Lee
CAGLE Pauline BURLESON and Robert Lee
CAGLE Pearlie Lee 1910-1985
CAGLE Ronald Lee 1947-1989
CAHALANE Richard F 1932-1986
CAHILL Scott D 1969-1988
CAHILL Willie W and Eula M
CAIL Robert Lee 1910-1964
CALDWELL Curtis C and Frances E
CALDWELL Del Ray 1966-1985
CALDWELL Elmer D 1912-1971
CALDWELL Henry L Jr and Gwendolyn J
CALDWELL James E 1935-1993
CALDWELL Kimberly Y 1968-1988
CALDWELL Maertha J and Jacob O
CALDWELL Mary E and James B
CALDWELL Opal M 1914-1987
CALDWELL Robert B 1928-1990
CALDWELL Robert Doyle 1947-1995
CALHOUN David and James 1984
CALK Brenda Gail and Brenda Louise
CALK Michael Ray 1953-1973
CALKINS Olna B 1922-1984
CALL Gina Marie 1971-1995
CALL Kenneth R 1930-1999
CALL Mary E 1936-
CALLAHAN John Preston 1955-1992
CALLAHAN William E 1925-1994
CALLAS Grace A and Milton G
CALLISON Charles W 1920-1984
Callista Ann 1998-1998
CALLUM Shirley Ann 1940-1985
CALVERT Hazel M 1921-1998
CAMERA Peggy L 1932-
CAMERA Vergil C 1931-1997
CAMERON Arch 1920-1992
CAMERON Billy Gene 1931-1999
CAMFIELD Ada B 1888-1962
CAMINITI Beth H 1946-1985
CAMP Adam Job 1995-1999
CAMP Billie J HUGGS 1933-1991
CAMP Ethel F and Karl F
CAMP Margie SEXTON and Jesse Leon
CAMP Ruth and Claude B
CAMP Stewart G 1915-1983
CAMPAGNA Frank J 1922-1995
CAMPANOZZI David Frank 1953-2001
CAMPANOZZI Frank J and Geraldine T
CAMPBELL Allen Wayne 1931-1989
CAMPBELL Bobby Lee 1937-1967
CAMPBELL Charles E and Martha A
CAMPBELL Courtney Kay 1983-2001
CAMPBELL Curtis L and Mary F
CAMPBELL David A Jr and Helen L
CAMPBELL Dean Albert and Ramona Dial
CAMPBELL E 1914-2000
CAMPBELL Edley T 1920-1997
CAMPBELL Fay L 1901-1996
CAMPBELL Frances M 1909-1985
CAMPBELL Frank G 1893-1973
CAMPBELL Franklin P Sr 1898-1971
CAMPBELL Grant Damon 1961-1963
CAMPBELL Harry J 1924-1988
CAMPBELL Helen B and Frank I Jr
CAMPBELL Howard A 1912-1986
CAMPBELL Jean 1926-1986
CAMPBELL Joseph E and Frankie F
CAMPBELL Joyce E and Donald C
CAMPBELL L Novella and George A
CAMPBELL Leola J 1907-1963
CAMPBELL Mabel S RN and William P
CAMPBELL Marie Parker 1921-1976
CAMPBELL Melvis M and Clyde W
CAMPBELL Michelle Leigh BATES 1972-1999
CAMPBELL Nancy Alyse 1963-1976
CAMPBELL Opal N and Woodrow W
CAMPBELL Paula 1899-1975
CAMPBELL Renardo D Jr -2001
CAMPBELL Richard Dean 1942-1968
CAMPBELL Roslyn Marie 1949-1994
CAMPBELL Sarah D and Rebekah 1996
CAMPOS Carlos Tommy 1981-1999
CAMPOS Rafael O and Ofelia E
CANADA Dorothy TEAGUE 1926-1972
CANADA Susan Lynn 1950-1995
CANADY Kenneth D 1923-1968
CANALES Mary Gene 1980-1980
CANDY Martha L 1928-
CANNON Carrell A 1922-1967
CANNON Chester J and Nancy L
CANNON Cora E-and L Lynn
CANNON Eugene L and Fae B
CANNON Grace Ellen 1906-1994
CANNON Mary Lee 1958-1962
CANNON Robert W and Lucy A
CANNON Verona DEGENHART 1902-2000
CANNON Willie Mae and Oma O Judd
CANTRELL Alean E and Thomas H
CANTRELL Caitlynn B 1989
CANTRELL Charles Hugh 1929-1976
CANTRELL Kathy LAHTI 1944-1994
CANTRELL Larry Wayne 1938-2001
CANTRELL Roy L 1930-1998
CANTRELL Royce and Marie
CANTRELL Venita Algerine and Herman
CANTRELL Vera F 1932-1995
CANTU Janel Lyn DUFF 1975-2001
CANTU Manuel S and Ramona TORRES
CANTU Maria Rita 1932-2001
CANTWELL Buddy Wallace 1943-1959
CANTWELL Frank E 1944-1992
CANTWELL Kenneth J 1947-1968
CANTWELL Violet Dora 1925-1976
CANTWELL W W Bill 1920-1986
CAPELLA Margaret 1902-1987
CAPERS Andrew B 1889-1966
CAPERS Elaine SMITH 1904-1993
CAPPOCK Jewell T 1907-1953
CAPPS Beatrice 1899-1970
CAPPS Doris M 1920-
CAPPS John L 1884-1965
CAPPS Larkin E 1896-1977
CAPPS Mark Douglas 1955-1972
CAPPS Nancy Virginia 1936-1992
CAPPS Virginia L 1939-1971
CAPPS William T 1919-2000
CAPRIO Alfred O and Orean COX
CARAWAY Eva Maria 1956-2000
CARDELL Nelle Peck 1913-1994
CARDENAS Juanita G 1910-2001
CARDENAS Veronica R 1974-1992
CARDER Charles E 1942-1979
CARDER daughter
CARDIFF - Richard and Catherine
CARDUCCI Louis and A Jane
CARDWELL Harold R 1920-1973
CARDWELL Opal L and William B
CARDWELL Patsy Ann and Joe Edd Sr
CARDWELL Roy B 1957-1993
CARDWELL Sallie Lou and Wiley C
CARDWELL Willie R and William T
CARELOCK Sarah M 1924-1998
CAREY Clyde H and W Virginia
CAREY Daniel C 1950-1969
CAREY George G 1941-1984
CARGILL Chris Mae 1992
CARLESS Peter E 1943-1979
CARLISLE Betty G and Arvin G
CARLSON Burton A 1918-1974
CARLSON Carl A 1902-1965
CARLSON Helen V 1913-2002
CARLSON Hugo R 1918-11967
CARMACK Grace M 1905-2000
CARMACK Jack Hendren 1905-1972
CARMACK James A 1942-1980
CARMICHAEL David Lee 1953-1989
CARMICHAEL Elaine C 1934-1975
CARMICHAEL John T 1877-1958
CARNES Donald Edgar 1931-1981
CARNES Leona Grace and Wilfred Cecil
CARNES Stephen Sequoyah 1934-1998
CARNEY Cody Scott and Courtney Beth 1991
CARNEY Eugene L 1876-1955
CARNEY George Jay 1939-1997
CARNEY Howard R 1917-1954
CARNEY Jessie L 1885-1962
CARNEY Lesley A 1963-1993
CARNEY Lorrayne GLAZNER 1923-1986
CARNEY Mary Anne 1955-1990
CARNEY Miriam Ruth 1922-1957
CARNEY Samuel Haskell 1912-1970
CARNEY Thomas J 1909-1961
CARNEY Trude Cecil and Ruy Mae
CARNEY William Jay 1984-1985
CARPENTER Cleo Clayton 1904-2000
CARPENTER Danny R 1965-1997
CARPENTER Effie Elizabeth and Fred Mitch
CARPENTER Ethel M and Milburn J
CARPENTER Grady and Oneta P
CARPENTER James C 1921-1964
CARPENTER James Patrick 1956-1969
CARPENTER Jo Marie and Ferman F Jack
CARPENTER Lula and Constance H
CARPENTER Mary D and John A
CARPENTER Rachel Ann 1995
CARPENTER Richard E and Elizabeth
CARPENTER Willie Lexie and Oren Conard
CARR Allie E 1884-1981
CARR Bobby G and Alice L
CARR Floyd J and Madaline Z
CARR John Ira and Sarah M
CARR Kevin Ross 1963-1980
CARR Margaret Grace 1924-1973
CARR Maude Lee and Robert L
CARR Mildred EUBANKS and Ocia Adon
CARR Perry Jordan 1917-
CARR Phillip A 1923-1962
CARR Samuel E Jr 1919-1962
CARR Stacy Ann 1973
CARR Tula May 1909-1982
CARR Wanda Margarette 1920-2001
CARRELL Sarah Louise 1912-1964
CARRELL Thomas M 1910-1951
CARRIER Melissa Fay 1974-1997
CARRINGTON Orby E 1926-1996
CARRINGTON Ridgley E 1957-1992
CARROLL Charles E 1914-1974
CARROLL Delbert K 1931-1994
CARROLL Edna Mae and Wallace E
CARROLL Eldon D and Hilda L
CARROLL Frances 1925-
CARROLL Gerald A 1890-1975
CARROLL Guy 1902-1978
CARROLL Irma Lou and Willie B Bill
CARROLL Junious G 1917-1991
CARROLL Mary E and Jesse D Jr
CARROLL Norma Mai and Jesse D Sr
CARROLL Peggy J and George W
CARROLL Richard and Irene Ann
CARROLL Sylvia G 1953-1988
CARROLL Theresa Marie 1963-2001
CARROLL Viola 1903-1964
CARROLL Virginia MORGAN 1901-1981
CARRUTH Christy Lynn 1963-1963
CARRUTH Clifford R and Alice M
CARRUTH John Paul 1938-2002
CARSON Billy Wayne 1935-1981
CARSON Edgar Paul and Barbara Ann
CARSON Janette 1942-1994
CARSON Roberta and H H
CARTER Bonnie BAKER and Roy L
CARTER Eric Wade 1990-1990
CARTER Floyd M 1911-1973
CARTER Floye DURHAM and Robert Lee
CARTER Granville T and Elaine T
CARTER Herbert N and Ocie M CARTER
CARTER Howard F 1920-1980
CARTER Jay and Chris
CARTER John Robert 1955-1974
CARTER Justin Dean 1991-1992
CARTER Leona Rice and Horace T
CARTER Marie C 1927-1966
CARTER Mittie T 1908-1995
CARTER Ruth 1923-1972
CARTER Ura Evelyn and Robert Lee
CARTER Vernon Acie and June PHILLIPS
CARTER Vernon Douglas 1918-1989
CARTER Willie Mae and Dallas M
CARTWRIGHT Vera Lee and Roy A
CARUSO Marilyn D 1929-1998
CARUSO Samuel Anthony 1924-1995
CARVER Harold R and Johnnye W
CASAREZ Alec Bo 1997
CASBURN John E and Betty B
CASELLA Charles A and Helen REARDON
CASEY Cecil 1902-1988
CASEY Homer Clyde and Dorothy BUTLER
CASEY Janet S 1951-1998
CASEY Ruth 1911-1966
CASEY Ruth P 1917-1981
CASEY Syrus Dave 1889-1953
CASH William N and Jeanne W
CASHAT Darlila and Sam
CASHION Shirley J 1940-1961
CASHION Wade H and Bertha K
CASHMAN Thomas R 1928-1978
CASKEY James Paul and Marie
CASO Pedro A and Flor E
CASON Harry Foster 1929-2000
CASON Homer B and Rose E
CASON Rufinita E 1905-1985
CASPER Harry E 1915-1966
CASPER Kent B 1966-1995
CASPER Loretto F 1915-
CASPER Melissa Dianne 1970-1989
CASS Herman L and Alma Mae
CASS James Edward 1925-1975
CASS Maybell MULLINS 1920-2000
CASSAN Wayne and Jean
CASSEL Francis R 1923-1978
CASSEL Robert A and Eva N
CASSEL Robert BERTON 1924-1971
CASSIDY Kattyne 2001
CASSITY Barbara Sue 1946-1970
CASSTEVENS Winifred and Burton
CASTELLANOS Viollet Cecilia and Julio Ri
CASTER J Robert Sr 1909-1986
CASTER Reba Mae 1913-2001
CASTERLINE Ruth D 1907-2002
CASTILLO - Frances
CASTILLO Antonio G and Mary Frances
CASTILLO Clevero G 1955-2002
CASTILLO David Alan 1964-1998
CASTILLO Earl Jr and Betty M
CASTILLO Isabel Venzor 1930-1993
CASTILLO Johnnye Harris 1999
CASTILLO Luis Antonio iii 1988-1999
CASTILLO Roy Dean 1956-1976
CASTILLO Susano SOLIS and Simona Gongora
CASTLEBERRY Douglas R and Brenda S
CASTLEBERRY William L 1931-2001
CASTLOO Michael Sammons 1995-1995
CASTOE Susan Elaiine 1958
CATES Daniel S and Evelyn B
CATES Maxwell M and Geri E
CATHEY James J 1917-1978
CATO James H Jim 1923-1975
CATO M Faye JONES 1921-1991
CATO Vollie B and Oscar Lee
CATON Burney P and Honeycutt E
CATRON Gwyn 1902-1984
CATRON Lucile 1906-1994
CATTERTON Conn D 1908-1996
CAUBLE Andrew D and Ruth V
CAUBLE Toby R 1946-1990
CAUDELL Robert N 1919-1974
CAUDILL Woodrow W and Margie E
CAUFMAN Arthur E 1929-1997
CAUGHEY Florence I and Joseph S
CAULEY Thomas Edward Jr 1932-
CAULEY Verlia Faye 1934-1999
CAUSSEAUX Vaneta and Clay
CAUTHRON Billie Sue 1929-1986
CAUTHRON Jo 1932-1989
CAUTHRON Rowe Edward 1928-1999
CAVALLUZZI Angelo F 1965-1984
CAYCE Clois Ancil 1920-2002
CEARNAL A Edward Jr 1919-1982
CEARNAL Marjorie Triplett 1922-
CECALA Sarah 1908-2001
CECIL Jimmie N 1928-1975
CEDECK John M 1927-1981
CELIS Maria Tina 1973-1983
CELLUM Emma COY 1881-1971
CERKA Raymie Renee 1989
CERNA Benedicto Gomez 1925-1999
CERNEY Thomas Patrick 1930-1986
CERNEY Walter F and Marilla D
CERVANTES Teresa 1964-1998
CHADARES George 1922-2002
CHAFFIN Buddy DeWayne and Donna Lynn
CHAFFIN Lorian Rose and Leland Shelby
CHALMERS Clinton Derek 1981-2001
CHALOUPKA Anna Z 1907-1974
CHALOUPKA John W 1900-1970
CHALOUPKA Terry TOMLIN 1950-1992
CHALUPA Michael Allen 1967-1998
CHAMBERS Annie E 1895-1988
CHAMBERS Paul E Jr 1920-1971
CHAMBERS Samuel Albert 1907-1987
CHAMBERS W S Bill and Vera Lorene
CHAMBLEE Cindy Dee 1964-1969
CHAMPION Everett Gene and Patricia Patsy
CHAMPION james V 1925-1975
CHAMPLIN Reynolds H and Lavonne K
CHAN Jimmy Anthony 1982-1988
CHANCE Bobby Gene and Linda Sue
CHANCE Kelly M 1979-2003
CHANDLER Alta E 1923-1970
CHANDLER Anne 1944-1969
CHANDLER Arlo Julian 1916-1980
CHANDLER Buris Laney 1918-1995
CHANDLER Clem Turner 1918-1991
CHANDLER Jo Ann 1931-1960
CHANDLER John J and Dorothy B
CHANDLER Kevin Paul 1957
CHANDLER Ruby MOZELLE and George William
CHANDLER Virgil V 1905-
CHANDLER Virginia Ruth 1921-
CHANDLER Wm H Bill Jr and Mary Alice
CHANEY Wilene 1939-2000
CHANEY Willie F and Myrtis M
CHANG Frank CH 1921-2001
CHAPA Roberto B and Belia V
CHAPARAS Muriel E and Gus
CHAPMAN Alberta and Leslie C Sr
CHAPMAN Bette R and Leslie C
CHAPMAN Dorothy E 1925-1960
CHAPMAN Edward C and M Gertrude
CHAPMAN Elkanak C and M Ethel
CHAPMAN Gola B 1908-1992
CHAPMAN Harold W and K Joann
CHAPMAN Jeanne Y and Thomas
CHAPMAN Jewell BARNETT 1920-1977
CHAPMAN Joe Ray 1928-1981
CHAPMAN Joseph C and Voutress D
CHAPMAN Joseph Herbert 1902-1962
CHAPMAN Larry G 1946-1969
CHAPMAN Marilyn K TINDALL 1957-1998
CHAPMAN Olga M 1903-1993
CHAPMAN Ollie B 1897-1964
CHAPMAN Willis F 1924-2001
CHAPMAN Wm M Bill 1924-1998
CHAPPEL Lowell James 1916-1985
CHAPPELL Bessie L 1887-1957
CHAPPELL Edna D 1916-2000
CHAPPELL Mildred B and Leo A
CHARETTE Adolphus L 1902-1976
CHARLAND Melissa Kay 1978-1998
CHARLESWORTH Lawrence Edmund 1933-2001
CHASTEEN Kathryn S and Lois G
CHAT Vu Thi 1901-1990
CHATHAM Frankie Juanita 1920-1960
CHATHAM Marvin L 1941-1979
CHATHAM Robert L and Mallie S
CHATMAN Billy Michael 1951-1951
CHATMAN Leana Sue 1951-1970
CHATMAN Leon Pete 1923-1998
CHATMAN Pauline and Charles Allen
CHAU Anton Nguyen Bao 1937-2001
CHAVIRA David 1965-1996
CHECKI Kathryn Sabrina Katy 1978-1983
CHEEK James D and Ruth A
CHEEK Lavada P and Tom F
CHEN Mei Chih 1941-1991
CHENEVERT Herman G and Willie Dean
CHENNAULT Paul E and Gladys
CHERRY Jack B and Wilma Frances
CHERRY Lorene 1916-2000
CHESHIRE Barbara Negy 1924-1975
CHESHIRE Hub 1915-1993
CHESNEY J Dudley 1924-2002
CHESNUT Ruth and Sam D
CHESNUT William R and Joyce E
CHESTER Serena 1984
CHIANG Audrey 1975-1992
CHIANG Shao Hsien and Shun-Yin Ma
CHIGAS Charles 1933-1996
CHIK Ai Feng Lee 1912-1990
CHILAKAMARRI Abhijeet 1998-1998
CHILDERS Austin David Sr and Alma Irene
CHILDERS B Louise 1926-1984
CHILDERS Marceil 1926-1976
CHILDERS Myron L 1927-1996
CHILDERS Russell B 1911-1993
CHILDERS Willie M 1918-
CHILDRE Faye T and Donald E
CHILDS Erva Lea 1926-
CHILDS Henry Raymond 1922-1984
CHILDS Iva L 1921-1995
CHILNER Maurine C 1893-1958
CHILNER William Hays 1888-1959
CHILTON Don Elmer 1945-1968
CHIPMAN Janice K 1951
CHIPMAN Murray U and Edna Mae
CHIQUITA Jeannette Dorado 1991-1991
CHISM Beatrice and Henry D
CHISM Bessie and Ben
CHISM Cynthia PHILLIPS 1948-1982
CHISM O Leroy and Louise B
CHITSEY A J and Mary Joe
CHITSEY Alva Floyd and Bertha STEGALL
CHITSEY Ethel 1914-1973
CHO Xin Cau 1931-1999
CHOE Han Su and Yong Sun
CHOI Dae Bok Hong Ye
CHOKAS Ermine PENNINGTON 1903-1973
CHOU Ching-Fong Hsu 1923-1994
CHOW Johnny 1949-1997
CHRABASZ Chester Joseph 1935-1999
CHRIST Henry 1914-1991
CHRISTIAN Bryant Bud 1916-1961
CHRISTIAN Casey 1994
CHRISTIAN Earl 1882-1959
CHRISTIAN Jean Zelina 1932-2002
CHRISTIAN Julian Lee 1912-1956
CHRISTIAN Mabel H 1884-1858
CHRISTIAN Ruth Roots 1920-1998
CHRISTIAN Shirley A and Eldon L
CHRISTISON Robbie J and Harvey I
CHRISTMAN Gertrude J 1897-1985
CHRISTMAN Mary Frances and ichard H Capt
CHU Hsiang-Leng 1918-1973
CHUNG-KUEN - Cheung Suet and Kan Pak
CHUPP Patricia Anne and Gregory Alan
CHWALEK Edward J 1938-1998
CHWALEK Gaile S 1936-2002
CIESYNSKI Jerome J and Pat R
CLANTON Georgia H 1924-1968
CLANTON Georgia KILGORE 1945-1985
CLANTON Patrick H SFC 1948-2001
CLANTON Uton Troy 1927-1964
CLANTON William A and Hallie Rae
CLAPP Guy 1918-2001
CLAPP Jesse C 1914-1972
CLAPP Kolten Michael 2001
CLAPP V Lucille 1905-1988
CLAPP William E 1925-1978
CLARDY M Compton 1893-1971
CLARE Cecil Ray 1923-1992
CLARE Eva 1900-1972
CLARK Anna Kay and Clarence Edward
CLARK B Graham 1924-1955
CLARK Billy A and Jeanette PEACH
CLARK Billy Don 1964-1978
CLARK Blanche DICKSON 1909-2002
CLARK Caren 1893-1962
CLARK Charlie B 1917-1983
CLARK Clement B and Marjorie W
CLARK Corene and D H Buddy
CLARK Dana S 1951-1980
CLARK Daniel O 1923-2001
CLARK Darrell W 1960-1998
CLARK Diana D 1959-1993
CLARK Donald Earl 1945-1996
CLARK Eileen Q 1926-2003
CLARK Estelle and William O Joe
CLARK Etta L and Carl L
CLARK Eunice and David R
CLARK F Henry 1894-1980
CLARK H Ray and Dorothy J
CLARK Helen STAGG 1893-1988
CLARK Hiram B Rev 1874-1956
CLARK Ian William 2002-2002
CLARK James Philip 1901-1961
CLARK James T and Dorthea B
CLARK Jimmy Lewis 1944-2000
CLARK John E and Marie
CLARK John L 1919-1984
CLARK Johnnie Frances 1907-1996
CLARK Laura Lee and J D
CLARK Leonie D 1919-1998
CLARK Martha E 1883-1959
CLARK Mary Baker 1878-1969
CLARK Mary W 1901-1983
CLARK Merna H 1934-1961
CLARK Minnie M 1914-1984
CLARK Mozelle WEMSTER and Norris Edwin
CLARK Muriel Ellen 1908-1988
CLARK Odell A 1909-1987
CLARK Olive M 1920-1999
CLARK Pamela LUPTON 1952-1981
CLARK Pattie 1905-1990
CLARK Rhonda Leigh 1972-1988
CLARK Rowena Arnett 1911-1981
CLARK Sharon Joe 1958-1960
CLARK Stella H and Tully B
CLARK Suzanne H 1945-1989
CLARK Thomas Craig 1964-1997
CLARK W Jo 1943-1989
CLARK William E 1914-1981
CLARK-STONE Cristian Grace 1999
CLARKE Marchessa May 1950-1996
CLARKSON Francis Weldon and Arlie Ray
CLARKSON Ruth E 1917-
CLARKSON Wilbur H Sr 1919-2000
CLARY William G and Mildred H
CLARY William L 1895-1969
CLAXTON Arless B 1906-1976
CLAY Alma GUSTAVA and Henry Oliver
CLAY Betty Jo HICKS and Charles Richard
CLAY Dona Lea 1927-1986
CLAY Gerri Delilah 1949-1990
CLAY Henry J 1912-1986
CLAY James L 1916-1991
CLAY Otelka H 1925-
CLAYBORNE Richard B and Jean
CLAYBROOK Charlie H Sr 1919-1997
CLAYBROOK Donald R 1952-1995
CLAYBROOK Lillian S 1919-
CLAYPOOL Minerva RENFROW 1888-1986
CLAYTON Henry T and Winifred
CLEGG Elton E 1931-1988
CLEGG Julian Carr and Florence E
CLEMENS Danny C 2Lt 1956-1982
CLEMENS Gail 1951-1991
CLEMENS Moody McKoy and Thelma Juanita
CLEMENTS Oscar J 1923-
CLEMENTS Thelma H 1921-2000
CLEMENTS William K 1929-1978
CLEMMONS Melvin E and Nona C
CLEMONS Burton Ray Jr 1957-1976
CLEMONS Edith M and Arthur C Rev
CLEMONS Freddie D 1954-2001
CLENDENIN Jason B 1970-2001
CLERICO Frank J and Rita J
CLEVELAND Chester L 1921-1999
CLEVELAND N O 1905-1952
CLEVELAND Opal LAWRENCE and Thomas Edgar
CLEVELAND Roy Dale 1928-1975
CLEVELAND Thelma B 1927-
CLEVINGER Joe 1916-1995
CLIFTON Jack W 1950-2003
CLIFTON Lillie M 1902-1954
CLINE Elise Louise 1895-1988
CLINE Leroy 1938-2002
CLINE Marion B and Clyde V
CLINE Tommie 1915-1980
CLINE Vivian F 1927-1984
CLINKINBEARD Alycia Shirl 1990-1992
CLINKSCALES DeAnna L 1960-1979
CLINTON Helen R and Raymond
CLINTON Wanda J and Sidney B
CLOUD Huddle Garland 1896-1995
CLOUD John N Sr 1935-1993
CLOUD Roy W Pete and Synorah L Hale
CLOUD Terry W 1948-2000
CLOVER George B and Minnie P
CLOWER Chris 1967-1984
CLOWER Fran and Bill
CLOWER John W and Cora A
CLUCK Lena O 1902-1988
CLYNCH Ruby M and Virgil L
COALSON William Jr 1919-2000
COATES Evelyn S 1925-1995
COATES Janeth Z Sr 1915-1998
COATES John J 1925-1987
COATES Katherine M and A U Jack
COATES Margaret Ruth 1933-
COATES Marie BRANNON 1925-1991
COATES Ronald Gene 1953-1975
COATES T A and Mickey B
COATES Ted John 1925-2001
COATS Robert E Jr 1946-1997
COBB Frank Ambrose 1927-1995
COBB Mary Elizabeth
COBB Thomas James 1952-1999
COBLE Frances E 1925-1981
COBLE Hylan W 1889-1967
COBLE Kenneth 1913-1992
COBLE Margaret Olga 1904-1990
COBLE Mildred JOHNSON 1921-1979
COBLE Roger D-1937-1978
COBLENTZ Viola M 1902-1976
COCHI Augustina 1909-1988
COCHI Lorenzo 1899-1984
COCHRAN James M 1935-1973
COCKERHAM Jeff W 1962-2001
COCKRUM Wayne E and Elaine H
COCUZZA Charles H 1943-2002
CODER Elizabeth 1920-
CODY Robert Haze and Nova Jane
COFFEE Bert L and Virgil G
COFFEE Virginia S and Richard N
COFFMAN Anne I and James C
COFFMAN George T and Helen L
COFFMAN Harold Wm 1912-1984
COFFMAN Hilda 1926-
COHEN Janice Marie 1953-1992
COHEN Pat N and Sarah Ruth
COHEN Ruth Ida 1914-1992
COIN A J 1929-1978
COKE Carroll Eugene 1923-1975
COKE Eva BYRD 1903-1976
COKE Hugh M and Mary Nell
COKE Joe B and Willie Mae
COKE Robert E 1900-1971
COKER Dwight G 1950-1988
COKER Ernest and Virginia
COKER Mattie E 1891-1973
COLBERTS Aralee T 1918-2002
COLBURN Mealy Mae and Robert F
COLDWELL Bernice 1919-2000
COLDWELL George Howard 1919-1987
COLE Arnold M Jr 1967-1990
COLE Billy Eugene 1929-2000
COLE Bobby Davis 1938-1973
COLE Doris L and Ross E
COLE Ina Ellen 1905-1966
COLE James Monroe Jim 1956-1992
COLE Kenneth R 1915-1989
COLE Lillie AHRENS and Louis M Sr
COLE Lionel 1906-1973
COLE Myrtle K and Roy B
COLE Opal Mae DAVIS 1912-
COLE Shirley Elaine TIBBIT 1934-
COLE Stanley Forrest 1934-1991
COLE Truett A 1925-1975
COLE Verbel 1912-1966
COLE-CABNESS Valorie Ann 1952-1990
COLEMAN Elbert Jake 1928-1994
COLEMAN Fred Jr Dr 1919-1983
COLEMAN George L and Janet K
COLEMAN Johnnie W and Lenora A
COLEMAN Katherine M 1922-1999
COLEMAN Leon B 1916-1970
COLEMAN Mary Louise 1932-
COLEMAN Otis H and Nona I
COLEMAN William H and Hazel L
COLEY Guy Bart 1955-1993
COLEY Louise W and Obie E
COLEY Patricia Anne 1972-1972
COLLACOTT Norbert C 1905-1976
COLLARD Paul L and Helen F
COLLART Lela L and Douglas C
COLLEY Dan F Dr 1934-1978
COLLIER Martha R and William A
COLLIER Ralph Wayne 1934-1985
COLLIER Ruth FOSTER and Samuel F Sr and
COLLIER W Arthur and Patsy M
COLLINS Alton B and Norma M
COLLINS Benjamin Moroni and Samuel Peter
COLLINS Charles Lee 2000
COLLINS Charles W Bill and Sarah Jane
COLLINS Christopher Michael 1979-1979
COLLINS Deidre Jan 1971
COLLINS Donald R 1929-2000
COLLINS Dwayne Lee 1966-1980
COLLINS Evelyn G 1916-
COLLINS Geneva Lenora and Clarence E
COLLINS Gladys L 1923-1994
COLLINS Grady Webb and Anna J
COLLINS Harold C and Elizabeth J
COLLINS Heather Leigh 1969-1971
COLLINS Idelia A and Samuel
COLLINS J Roy and Betty Sue
COLLINS Janie Belle and Lytle Loyd
COLLINS John T Jr 1931-1992
COLLINS Kenneth E 1913-1979
COLLINS Louis J and Geneva G
COLLINS Myra OWAISA and Samuel Ben
COLLINS O Truman and Texia
COLLINS Robert E 1921-1999
COLLINS Tommy Lloyd 1934-1997
COLLINS Walter L ii 1956-1987
COLLIS Vester Lee 1931-2000
COLQUITT Billy 1923-1996
COLTON Dorothy BECK and Leo Adelbert
COLTON Lois and Gene
COLTRAIN James Grover and Avis Alberta
COLTRAIN James R 1953-1991
COLVERT M Charlyne and Travis C
COLYER Marion E and Marguerite
COLYER Norman L 1931-1994
COMBS Clara Hazel 1930-
COMBS Ementha R 1922-1999
COMBS Judith A 1939-1979
COMER Lola K and B B
COMER Samuel L Jr 1938-1994
COMIRE Camille J Jr 1932-1985
COMITINI Mildred A 1929-1993
COMPTON Edna M and Joe E
COMPTON Kenneth Wayne 1944-1976
COMPTON Lester R 1919-1990
COMPTON Leta Sue 1939-1969
COMPTON Mac and Claudia
COMPTON Mary M 1928-1975
CONAWAY Oakey Tom and Frances
CONDLEY Gladys and Verlin
CONE Betty Jean 1928-2001
CONEYO Andrew C 1998-1998
CONG Vo Huu 1943-2003
CONGER Gerald A and Virginia A
CONGER Robert G 1949-1972
CONKEL Elizabeth Nell 1997-1997
CONLEY Betty J 1948-
CONLEY Donald W 1950-1994
CONLEY Howard S and Selma M
CONLEY Mary A 1927-2002
CONLEY Pamela K and R Kevin
CONNAWAY Trinity Morrigan 2001
CONNELL Ashley Nichole 1990-1990
CONNELL Barbara A 1934-
CONNELL D Jr 1952-1999
CONNELL Joseph D Sr 1929-
CONNER Ellen F and Douglas C
CONNER Reuben Travis
CONNER Warren H and Esther A
CONNOLLY Billie Maureen 1933-1998
CONNOLLY Willie E 1897-1959
CONNOLLY Zelie 1910-1991
CONNOR Brian J 1989-1990
CONNOR Gisela Martha 1931-1995
CONNORS Joseph W 1895-1959
CONRAD - 1v1
CONRAD - 1v2
CONRAD - 2v1
CONRAD - 2v2
CONRAD Bob and Winnie
CONRAD Dorsey A 1935-1990
CONRAD Hazel V 1913-1982
CONRAD Jerald Edward and Mary Catherine
CONRAD Mary Catherine 1932-1997
CONSOLETTI Alfonso T 1949-1966
CONTRERAS John Steve 1988-1996
CONTRERAS Jose Manuel 2000-2001
CONTRERAS Juan Jose 1967-1997
CONWAY Barbara J 1928-1994
CONWAY Charles W 1901-1976
CONWAY Francia M
CONWAY Kenneth R 1954-1970
CONWAY Kimberly Ann 1973-2001
CONWAY Lala and William J
CONWAY Lena E 1937-
CONWAY Pearl Hill 1904-1995
CONWAY Thomas F 1931-1993
COOK - Harley H and Flodie E
COOK Almarine Mae 19007-1994
COOK Bart and Ruth O
COOK Bessie E and James O
COOK C Burton 1883-1956
COOK Colton Lynn 1999
COOK Donald E 1927-1969
COOK Dorothy A and William L
COOK Esther 1876-1970
COOK Evantha HIPPLE 1917-1990
COOK Gary Allen 1947-1988
COOK Gene 1936-2002
COOK Gerald T and Lavonne
COOK Glenn O 1904-1980
COOK J C Clint and Charlyne
COOK James Weldon Jimmy 1957-1978
COOK James Willie 1930-1979
COOK Jerry L 1965-1988
COOK Joe W 1901-1973
COOK Juanita W and Fred Sr
COOK Kenneth James 1950-1995
COOK Lottie A and William C
COOK Ollie J and Hazel C
COOK Pierce and Mona
COOK Robert W and Emily M
COOK Robert William 1935-1970
COOK Ronald C 1936-2003
COOK Walter J C and Marilyn J
COOK William C Jr 1908-1998
COOK William Jerry 1937-1998
COOK Willis and Ora E
COOK-NIXON Mary Frances 1933-1998
COOKE Eva and Robert
COOKE Nadine JONES 1916-1973
COOKS George A 1924-1995
COOKS Pearl 1935-1999
COOLEY Ray Emerson 1926-1967
COOLSBY Mellie V 1922-
COOMANS Claude Claude L 1899-1990
COOMANS Mary Jane 1904-1982
COOMER Anna Laura 1932-1992
COON Alen Wayne 1933-1992
COON Cheryl Lynn 1957-1957
COONE Buford Lee and Wen Ying
COONROD Marjorie Ross 1934-1982
COONS Jesse Pearl 1879-1955
COONS Vernon C and V Christine
COOPER Arthur H 1880-1956
COOPER Charles W 1926-1988
COOPER Dee W and Frances I
COOPER Edith F 1917-1990
COOPER Elizabeth Shug 1892-1982
COOPER Florence M and General Lee
COOPER Garth W 1919-1987
COOPER Grace L and Emory E
COOPER Ida F 1874-1953
COOPER Iva Conine 1869-1971
COOPER Ivanell 1911-1987
COOPER Mildred Grayce 1918-1999
COOPER Orishus 1885-1969
COOPER Ouida C 1915-1975
COOPER Patsy R and Gary M
COOPER Rickey Lynn 1952-1969
COOPER Rosa Bell and Charlie
COOPER Ruth ROBERTS 1899-1993
COOPER Sharon Kay 1951-2000
COOPER Thomas L 1878-1954
COOPER Wanda R 1928-
COOPER William F 1914-1983
COOPER William H 1887-1963
COOTES N B and Irene
COPE Katherine Tootsie and Frank M
COPE Marie 1939-1993
COPELAND Earl Dee 1908-1984
COPELAND Eva Mae and George H
COPELAND Hercel M 1919-1985
COPELAND James B and Mary B
COPELAND Lorayne V 1925-1994
COPELAND Shirley G 1922-1980
COPENHAVER Larry E 1947-1976
COPPS Dale Lampe and Nanetta Ruth
CORBETT William John 1923-1978
CORBIN Austin Sr and Minnie Alta
CORBIN Effie D 1914-
CORBIN Herschel D 1914-1969
CORBIN Leona A and Henry H
CORBITT Wilma D and Paul J
CORDELL D Weldon 1927-1958
CORDER James L 1945-1985
CORDER Lula Lee 1910-2000
CORDER Osa A 1910-1990
CORDER William A 1901-1975
CORDER William C 1922-1990
CORDERO Enrique F 1942-1983
COREY Dean Patterson and Rebecca Ann
COREY Matthew Christopher 1980-1980
CORLEY Lavada O 1910-1986
CORLEY Lillie P 1916-2000
CORLISS Barbara Ann 1930-2002
CORMIER Mildred M 1914-1996
CORN Aubrey C and Johnnie T
CORN M Damon and Wendell O
CORN W Lynn 1942-1988
CORNELISON Pat 1914-2002
CORNELIUS Joyce Elaine 1955-1989
CORNELIUS Mary Lou and Howard J
CORNISH Ever Mary and Murl C
CORNISH James C Sr 1930-
CORNWELL Curtis F 1926-1969
CORONADO Antonia and Apolonio
CORONADO Francisco Sr 1947-1995
CORPER Sarah E 1887-1969
CORRIPIO Angel and Maria Luisa
CORSARO Frances W 1960-1989
CORSARO Louise 1926-
CORTEZ Cosme C and Victoria S
CORTEZ Maria O 1915-2000
CORTEZ Reynaldo Sr 1916-1998
CORZINE Grady 1905-1979
CORZINE Leslie 1907-1975
CORZINE Shelby 1891-1960
CORZINE Susie Bell HARDER 1901-1972
CORZINE William M 1930-1997
COSBY Harold J 1900-1986
COSBY James Henry 1920-1972
COSBY Laura A 1913-1997
COSBY Melinda and Shirley M
COSBY Phillip A and Linda L
COSGROVE Edward J and Olga F
COSTELLO Enid J 1938-1987
COSTLOW Kenneth W and Leah Ann
COTAN Christina Phi-KHANH
COTE Donna M 1960-1990
COTE Phyllis J 1931-1968
COTNEY Thomas Jay 1927-1976
COTTEN Mary GEORGE and Arthur James
COTTER Edith Catherine 1918-2001
COTTER Fay William 1908-1988
COTTER Lee Edward 1905-1956
COTTER Lillie Lois and Homer G Blue
COTTER Lillie Pearl 1884-1967
COTTER Marguerite L 1917-1981
COTTER Paul G 1914-1982
COTTER Ray John 1908-1954
COTTER Shirley M 1937-1973
COTTLE Marie 1925-2000
COTTON Mildred E 1893-1976
COTTRELL Christopher Steven 1969-1989
COUCH Isabel Marie 1889-1982
COUCH Larry W and Patricia J
COUGHRAN Johnny 1937-1983
COULBOURN Jordan Willis 2002
COULSTON Dewey 1898-1970
COULSTON Harold D 1924-1976
COULTER Elizabeth C and Charles Moore
COUNCIL Drue John Robert 1954-1989
COUNCIL Frank C and Lela A
COUNCIL Frank C MD 1925-1986
COUNTS G C Jr 1918-1995
COUNTS J Woodrow and L Joy
COUNTS Nell 1936-1964
COUNTS Newana R 1917-1972
COUNTS Sarah Elizabeth 1976-1981
COUNTS Tommy 1930-1996
COURT Molly J S 1940-1996
COURTNEY Loyd Wayland and Agnes Glenda
COURTRIGHT Cary Fred and Sharon TALLY
COURTRIGHT Jack Fred 1921-1978
COVALT W H and Gene
COVERDELL Catherine Emily 1914-2000
COVERDELL David D 1939-1981
COVERT Chester R 1899-1964
COVERT Minnie Eloise 1906-1996
COVEY Edward G and Arnie Vae
COVEY James A and Leona
COVEY Janis Gaye 1951-1964
COVEY Timothy Edward and B Cheryl BARNET
COVINGTON Porter E 1908-1966
COVINGTON Tom Albert and Margaret CORNFO
COWAN Mary W 1901-1989
COWAN Ronald Lee 1969-1997
COWAN William E and Christine A
COWART Emitt J Josh and Irma W
COWDERY Michael K 1953-2002
COWDERY Robert H 1925-1992
COWDERY Rosemary P 1928-1990
COWELL Betty McBRIDE 1929-
COWLEY Dorris R 1923-1991
COWLEY Joseph Allen 1918-1971
COX Amelia Mary and Alfred iv
COX Arba M Bill 1912-1978
COX Bertha A 1888-1957
COX Beulah E and Robert J
COX Bobbie 1923-1991
COX Bobby P 1932-1999
COX Callie BOYKIN 1881-1971
COX Chris Brandon and Kevin Bryan 1979
COX Conrad L and Laverne Shorty
COX Della and Jimmy
COX Dorothy Alabama 1927-1955
COX E Duran and Edna P
COX Edna Earle 1923-1979
COX Edwin W and Sue A
COX Elbert and Myrtle
COX Florence Delilah 1894-1961
COX Gary Douglas Jr 1971-1972
COX George Allan Jr 1912-1981
COX Glenne Faye 1935-1995
COX Gloria S 1937-
COX Henry Banks 1884-1963
COX Irby R and Margaret G
COX J Howard and Ethel E
COX James W 1934-1993
COX Jerry Merritt 1891-1970
COX John Watson 1902-2001
COX Kenneth H 1937-
COX Larry G 1949-1998
COX Linda M 1954-1987
COX Lorraine and Albert L
COX Louise and Joe
COX Malinda Ellen 1873-1971
COX Mary Alene 1914-1992
COX Mary Louise 1892-1966
COX Mildred L 1919-1962
COX Molly WORTH 1913-1961
COX Mona Hazel 1926-1996
COX Monroe L 1900-1966
COX Paris L and Frances C
COX Phillip Matthew 1969-1992
COX Ruby M and Luster H
COX Sarah Louise and Bert E
COX Thomas Hugh 1916-1994
COX Thomas M 1877-1973
COX Toy F 1940-1996
COX W Fred and Jessie E
COX William P 1912-1994
COX William W 1921-1990
COY George Reese 1901-1957
COYLE Frank S 1913-1987
COYLE Ruth Claire 1915-1996
COYNE Charles P and Anne E
COYNE Steven M 1967-1984
COZART Colby Allen 1998-1998
COZBY Wilma Frances 1905-1952
COZZENS Margaret R and E J Jr
CRABB Bonnie L 1920-1998
CRABTREE Lucy A and Basil F
CRABTREE Patricia A and Roger L
CRADDOCK Zelpha Mae 1904-1977
CRAFT Elwood W and Mary S
CRAIG Addie Belle 1900-1984
CRAIG Billy 1928-1998
CRAIG Chester Thomas 1905-1999
CRAIG Cyril A 1931-1999
CRAIG Ethel Alma 1924-1977
CRAIG Gary Benjamin 1982-1985
CRAIG Georgia M and Charles H
CRAIG J Paul 1912-1993
CRAIG Jacqueline R 1909-1977
CRAIG James W 1934-1978
CRAIG Janet and B J Bob
CRAIG Julia 1880-1968
CRAIG Mary Susan 1891-1961
CRAIG Walter R 1956-1996
CRAIG Wilhelmina NOSS 1907-2001
CRAIN Fannie M 1889-1970
CRAIN W W 1886-1952
CRAINE James Henry 1895-1968
CRAM John S and Inza M
CRAMER Cherry G and Patrick W
CRAMER Dimple M and Fred C
CRAMER Evelyn H and M E Jack
CRAMER Herbert 1907-1984
CRAMER Ola M and Lima D
CRANE Brenda K 1945-
CRANE Steven Paul 1977-1990
CRANE William T 1940-1987
CRANFILL Sherry Joyce 1942-1996
CRANFILL Stuart B 1937-1998
CRANFORD Orval A and Opal Faye
CRAVENS Tommie 1911-1966
CRAWFORD Charlene C and Marion V
CRAWFORD Earnest Wayne and Mary Frances
CRAWFORD Edgar Lee 1930-1973
CRAWFORD Edna P 1919-
CRAWFORD Erma L and Willie B
CRAWFORD Ethel I and William B
CRAWFORD Jo Zela and Vernon
CRAWFORD John Wayne 1916-1999
CRAWFORD Joy Dean ROBERSON 1951-1990
CRAWFORD Marion F and Marie L
CRAWFORD Mary E and Ben M
CRAWFORD Oran N 1920-2000
CRAWFORD Parma L and Cathern I
CRAWFORD Richard P 1919-1980
CRAWFORD Robert Charles 1937-1988
CRAWLEY Bill 1928-1974
CRAWLEY Jessie F 1931-1985
CRAYNE Jerry W 1933-1985
CRAYTON Beth B and James J
CRAYTON Larry 1923-1999
CREAMER Cecil D 1922-1997
CREAMER Dora and John
CREAMER Linda Lou 1947-1954
CREEL Deborah Louise 1964-1981
CREGLER Vanessa Elizabeth LaWANE 1973-20
CREGO Gloria Deidre 1935-1989
CREGO Neoma Cris 1935-1996
CREIGHTON Harry R 1958-2002
CREIGHTON James P 1929-1995
CREMMINS Robert P and Nancy A
CRESS Jack E 1931-1984
CRESS Lessie 1896-1968
CRESS Neal L 1891-1965
CRESS Ronald E 1957-1965
CRESWELL Billie M 1912-1984
CRESWELL Edwin P and Bette J
CRESWELL Raymond E 1909-1978
CREW Gabrielle Thandiwe 2000
CRIBBS Josie Duval 1903-1993
CRICK Jenene 1947-1947
CRICK Melville Boon 1912-1981
CRICK Una Morine 1917-1978
CRIDER Artie M 1909-1958
CRIDER Charles F 1936-1958
CRIDER Jack R and Cecily A
CRIDER Stanley D 1906-1995
CRIDER William Frank and Ruth ROBERTSON
CRIMMINGS Clifford F 1925-1999
CRIMMINGS Marjorie A 1926-1995
CRIPPEN Bobby Jack 1928-1977
CRIPPEN Helen Louise and Bert John
CRISP Eugene and Ramona -
CRISP Eugene and Ramona E
CRISP Roosevelt M 1916-1990
CRISWELL Ara Victoria and George Edward
CRITTENDEN Orpha Irene and Floyd Wesley
CROCKER Waunita L 1921-
CROCKS Dot B 1894-1983
CROFT Marie H 1920-1998
CROFT Russell W 1908-1980
CROMBIE Dorothy E 1919-
CROMBIE James Charles 1921-1989
CROMER Fern Olivia 1930-
CROMER I Marie 1922-1995
CROMER Michael Paul 1952-1989
CROMER Paul Ray 1924-1988
CRON Edgar 1901-1957
CRONAN Robert 1942-1996
CROOK Alton Ray Jr 1961-1997
CROOK Edith and Wiley F
CROPP Mamie Y and Cedric O
CROSBY Ann Marie 1932-
CROSBY Connor Evan 1994-1994
CROSBY Jere R 1904-1959
CROSBY Lillian Mae 1908-1958
CROSBY Riley Jr 1932-2000
CROSE Courtney Paige
CROSE Darla Gay 1961-1995
CROSS Frederick E and Annie L
CROSS Ned L and Frances A
CROSS Sharon I 1944-1974
CROSSETT M J Jim 1905-1981
CROSSLAND Coye C 1913-1966
CROSSNOE Elma and Floyd
CROSSNOE Floyd Valton 1935-1988
CROUCH Christy Lee 1980
CROUCH Daniel R 1959-1997
CROUCH Gereta MILLAR 1895-1992
CROUCH Lue Allen 1899-1971
CROW Alice Mae 1906-1998
CROW Alma P and Ernest B
CROW Charles H Jr 1916-1996
CROW Earnest B Sr 1884-1959
CROW Frances E and Clyde F
CROW Herman E 1911-1980
CROW Inez and Guy H
CROW Myrtle Lee and John Felton
CROW Suzanne G 1930-
CROW Winnie M 1918-
CROWDER Clara Geneva 1900-1974
CROWDER Herbert Elwood 1930-1990
CROWDER Walter C 1891-1970
CROWE Cindy C 1954-
CROWE James W 1940-1998
CROWELL Evelyn BECKER 1941-2000
CROWELL Ingram Devon 1926-1973
CROWLEY Kirby S 1946-1997
CROWSON Donnie L and Cynthia D
CROWSON Jack L Sr and Dorothy J
CROWSON Janice TAYLOR 1942-2000
CROYSDALE Lowell G and Frances Y
CROYSDALE Susan M 1938-1980
CROZIER Edward T 1879-1961
CROZIER Glenn E 1911-1978
CROZIER James H 1918-1983
CROZIER Vera L 1917-1996
CRUISE Steven Wayne 1964
CRUMB Lanelle L and Stephen F
CRUMLEY Adolph U 1926-1978
CRUSON Bobby Gene Bob 1936-1993
CRUTCHER James E 1932-2002
CRUTCHFIELD Amber Lynn 1983-1987
CRUTCHFIELD Madie M 1916-1990
CRUTCHFIELD Oliver L 1912-1989
CRUTSINGER Leon M 1923-1965
CRUZ Gabriel Jeff Keith 1982
CRUZ Jaime Quintero 1987-1989
CRUZ Peter Aquino Sr and Belen DeGUZMAN
CRYMES H Don and Betty M
CRYMES Ila Faye and William C
CUBBISON Leta G 1900-1965
CUBLEY Arthur K 1923-1998
CUDE Ina Fay 1934-
CUDE James Vance 1927-1998
CUDNEY Joseph E and Ida D
CUELLAR Carmen M 1945-1993
CUFF Barbara Anne 1956-1988
CULBERTSON John Grier 1905-1977
CULBERTSON Mary L and Joe A Jack
CULBERTSON Ray Rolen 1897-1961
CULLEN Rick 1916-1988
CULLUM Katherine S and Olen B
CULP Clara Devins 1904-1997
CULP Laurence T 1908-1977
CULP Reba Mae 1922-1990
CULPEPPER Elsie and H B Jiggs
CULPEPPER Larry Wayne 1950-1976
CULPEPPER Pamela K 1969-1988
CULVER Opal DEATON and George Levi
CUMMINGS Charles C 1920-1999
CUMMINGS Christopher Glenn 1988
CUMMINGS Joe Leon and Toni Jo
CUMMINGS Michael Earl 1947-1951
CUMMINGS Otha L 1894-1975
CUMMINGS Robert C and Juanita
CUMMINGS Welton and Peggy Jo
CUMMINS Raburne E and Veneta
CUMMINS Samuel M and Thelma L
CUMMINS William Clark MD 1964-2002
CUNDIFF Christopher Lee
CUNG Nguyen Thi 1920-1998
CUNHA Dorothy Marie 1914-1999
CUNHA Edward H 1913-1970
CUNNINGHAM Ann C and James M
CUNNINGHAM Ben Howard and Cecil Ellalene
CUNNINGHAM Dean 1960-1998
CUNNINGHAM Jack K and Bobbie L
CUNNINGHAM John Wayne 1947-1996
CUNNINGHAM Michael E 1961-1961
CUNNINGHAM Rose and Harry
CUNNINGHAM Sadie J and William W
CUNNINGHAM William A 1926-1961
CUNNINGHAN Henry E 1910-1964
CUNNINGHAN Sunshine 1905-1990
CUONG Phero Tran 1965-1989
CUPPS Arnold L and Cora G
CURBO Robert Lee 1935-1976
CURE Ethel E and Charles B
CURLEE Billy S 1913-1997
CURLEE Faye B 1918-1999
CURLEE Ollie Faye 1916-
CURLEE Urchel V 1900-1964
CURNUTT Riley and Kyndal and Clair
CURREY Donald P 1925-1964
CURREY James D 1918-1976
CURREY Verna E 1921-2002
CURRIE James Jim 1943-1985
CURRIE Robert A and Rosina V
CURRIE William O 1872-1952
CURRY Alfred O 1897-1975
CURRY Alton A and Maglien F
CURRY Anna WARE 1921-1976
CURRY Charity J 1880-1965
CURRY Dorthy RASH 1919-1976
CURRY Elma C and Jettie W
CURRY Joe Bill and Opal V
CURRY Lila J 1901-1993
CURRY Maurice F 1918-1996
CURRY Terry Richard 1950-1978
CURTIS Cleo B 1909-2001
CURTIS Clifford Tamm 1957-1998
CURTIS Edith F 1915-1995
CURTIS Elzie E 1881-1964
CURTIS Emily 1908-1998
CURTIS Kenneth A Jr 1942-1972
CURTIS Kenneth Alton 1904-1975
CURTIS Lula E 1900-1987
CURTIS Nadine MULLEN 1919-1974
CURTIS Sandy B 1887-1984
CURTIS Thomas E 1923-1969
CURTIS Victoria SCHNABEL 1892-1979
CURTIS W S 1912-1994
CURTIS-Jennifer Sue 1969-1972
CURTNER Leona REESE 1907-1991
CURTO John P 1968-1989
CUSHMAN Clyde ii 1922-1991
CUSICK Ida Evelyn 1921-2001
CUSICK Jody Lynn 1959-2000
CUSICK Robert A Jr 1924-1999
CUTBIRTH Henry H Sr 1903-1963
CUTHBERTSON Kenneth E and Bette J
CUTHBERTSON Patrick N and Helen
CUTLER Laura Ann SELLERS 1933-1967
CUTLER Nancy J 1926-1979
CUTLER Quentin Ray 1919-1998
CUTSHALL Oralia 1961-2002
CYGANOWSKI Leon J 1940-1996
CYPHERS Anna B 1880-1963
CZARNOTA Raymond J and Phyllis B
CZUPOWSKI Frances J 1898-1998
CZUPOWSKI John J 1895-1974
D-AGOSTINO Thomas Joseph 1962-1998
DABNEY W S Rev 1878-1969
DACUS Helen R and Roy L
DAGG Carolyn A and Donald H
DAHL Charlotte T 1931-1961
DAIGGER Tena 1889-1976
DAKAN Mamie L and Robert B
DAKE Helen WALLIS 1920-1991
DAKE Raymond K and Barbara M
DALE Anita 1937-1971
DALE Arminda S 1883-1963
DALE Emma C and Otto T
DALE F D Binx 1912-1987
DALEY Robert J and boy
DALTON Ben E 1928-1977
DALTON Bessie HOWELL and Reuben Preston
DALTON Billy A 1921-1983
DALTON Floyd C and Lola I
DALTON Howard N 1925-1988
DALTON Jessie Marie and Emmitt Britton
DALTON Luda Mae 1898-1959
DALTON Martha Louise 1932-1977
DALTON Ora Ann QUITT 1937-1977
DALTON Virginia F 1922-2001
DALTON Willie A 1898-1969
DAM Da Minh Tran 1936-1995
DAMRON M Lee and Samie LeAnn
DANCSES Margaret Mary 1916-1974
DANG Le Van 1939-1998
DANG Lynn Thao Vo 1990-1990
DANIEL Agnes P 1899-1985
DANIEL Charles Douglas 1958-1960
DANIEL Floyce THROOP 1914-1964
DANIEL George William 1921-1995
DANIEL Helena Grace 1970-1993
DANIEL Herman and Geneva
DANIEL Herman Bradford 1936-1982
DANIEL Janie B HUGGS 1917-1989
DANIEL Ralph Steese 1895-1959
DANIEL Wiley and Evelyn B
DANIELS Albert A and Carla M
DANIELS Ann Marie 1923-1980
DANIELS Billy Jack 1935-1968
DANIELS Charles C 1924-1996
DANIELS Eugene A 1927-1983
DANIELS Flora Edna and John Dee
DANIELS George W 1905-1967
DANIELS John Anthony 1931-1977
DANIELS Kevin Eugene 1977-1998
DANIELS Montee Williams 1964-1968
DANNER - Bill and Jackie
DAO Anna Nguyen Thi 1924-1995
DAO Dao 37-02
DAO Nguyen Huu 1929-1999
DARBY Anglique Nicole 1989-1991
DARBY Donna K 1948-1989
DARDEN C Colleen and William C
DARR Walter L Sr 1908-1992
DARR Walter Levi Jr 1948-1979
DARROCH Robert Duncan 1955-2001
DARROCH Rose BANDY 1906-1996
DARST Sabina F 1930-
DART James L and Olga C
DASHNER Mary C 1922-1991
DASHNER R V 1919-1990
DAU Nguyen V Guise 1935-1989
DAUGHERTY Agnes 1912-1999
DAUGHERTY Frankie M and Arthur D Sr
DAUGHERTY Lloyd E 1909-1971
DAUGHERTY Lorita F and Mac B
DAUGHETY Gladys T and Earnest L
DAUGIRDA John S and Bertha
DAULTON Clarence R and Anna May
DAVAULT Buel A and Lucille M
DAVAULT Buel V 1925-2001
DAVAULT Paula Marguerette 1931-
DAVAULT Ronald C 1931-1984
DAVENPORT Amanda Myrtle 1883-1973
DAVENPORT Ethel M and John W
DAVENPORT Garner and Carolyn
DAVENPORT John S 1923-1981
DAVENPORT Kathy 1932-1999
DAVID Cora L 1910-1998
DAVID Lewis W 1911-1975
DAVID Mary M 1921-
DAVIDSON Dalton Leon 1919-1994
DAVIDSON Dunkin S and Grace P
DAVIDSON Fauncine and H W Dubb
DAVIDSON G Leonard 1916-1991
DAVIDSON Gladys 1910-1977
DAVIDSON Graham Byrnes 1972-1981
DAVIDSON Hazel Lois 1917-1978
DAVIDSON John A 1908-1958
DAVIDSON Lora B 1888-1967
DAVIDSON Margie R 1944-1993
DAVIDSON Mary C 1870-1949
DAVIDSON Maryann S and James E
DAVIDSON Paul and Joyce
DAVIDSON Ruby Mae and Meade Bly
DAVIDSON Thelma B 1911-1966
DAVIE Billie and Burrow
DAVIES Mary STALL 1910-2000
DAVIES Walter Moore Sr 1910-1994
DAVILA Oscar Eugene 1986
DAVIS - Jay Keith 1936-2001
DAVIS A Harold 1924-2002
DAVIS Adelle R 1892-1981
DAVIS Ala Mae J and Archie J
DAVIS Alfred F 1894-1975
DAVIS Alma E 1900-1982
DAVIS Ann L GRAVES and Milton R
DAVIS Ann M H 1950-1997
DAVIS Annie L and Albert F
DAVIS Arthur F 1910-1995
DAVIS Betty Jane 1955-1979
DAVIS Betty Sue 1931-2003
DAVIS Billy Allison 1924-1978
DAVIS Billy Joe 1955-1981
DAVIS Bobbie Joe 1929-1950
DAVIS Bradley Earl 1953-2001
DAVIS Bruce Franklin 1938-1989
DAVIS Carl S and Mae K
DAVIS Catherine CLAYTON 1941-1986
DAVIS Catherine HUGHES 1907-1989
DAVIS Charles L 1922-1993
DAVIS Clarence G and Patricia
DAVIS Corinne E 1925-1961
DAVIS Daniel W iii 1926-1978
DAVIS daughter 1985
DAVIS David Daniel 1891-1964
DAVIS Denny W Jr and Rutholene
DAVIS Derek Duane and Kristi Lyn
DAVIS Donald G and Laura Frances
DAVIS Dustin Ray 1994-1994
DAVIS Edna B and Ben R
DAVIS Ella Mae 1922-2000
DAVIS Emmett H and Margaret
DAVIS Flora F 1886-1984
DAVIS George R 1910-1967
DAVIS Gladys and J Loyd
DAVIS Grace England 1905-1980
DAVIS Harry H 1898-1964
DAVIS Hazel Lewis and Elzey C
DAVIS Herman F and Opal C
DAVIS Irma W 1928-
DAVIS Irvin E 1920-1996
DAVIS J Wendell and Virginia
DAVIS Jacob and Mary A
DAVIS James E Sr 1900-1962
DAVIS James Henry 1959-1976
DAVIS James W 1892-1960
DAVIS Jaren De-Ron 1999
DAVIS Jarvis Dorsey 1923-1988
DAVIS Jerry Leon 1945-1973
DAVIS Jessie F and Edith V
DAVIS Jimmy and Sue
DAVIS Jimmy Don 1956-1993
DAVIS John A 1921-
DAVIS John C 1910-1983
DAVIS John P and Dicie Rae
DAVIS Joseph D 1894-1980
DAVIS Lael Ann 1934-2001
DAVIS Larry J 1942-1993
DAVIS LaVera 1943-2001
DAVIS Lottie M and E L Blue
DAVIS Maggie L 1888-1957
DAVIS Martha Lee 1911-1994
DAVIS Marvin H and Frances E
DAVIS Mary Louise 1937-2002
DAVIS Matt M and Della A
DAVIS Merrill L and Angie L
DAVIS Michael B 1969-1972
DAVIS Michael James 1925-1973
DAVIS Mildred J and Clyde W
DAVIS Myra Jo 1932-1997
DAVIS Neely and Ira Thomas
DAVIS Odessa 1918-
DAVIS Oreeta G 1923-1987
DAVIS Otis R and Irma C
DAVIS Pat H 1922-1999
DAVIS Pat L and Ruth W
DAVIS Ralph James 1941-1993
DAVIS Randolph and Margaret
DAVIS Rita BIGHAM 1952-1981
DAVIS Robert Ewing 1937-1970
DAVIS Robert Jerald 1950-1950
DAVIS Robert McNair 1875-1959
DAVIS Robert S 1880-1955
DAVIS Ronald L Rev 1934-2001
DAVIS Royden H and Marjorie
DAVIS Ruby Ann 1898-1966
DAVIS Ruby Lee and J B
DAVIS Ruth Ann FORTH 1936-1997
DAVIS Samuel O 1914-1974
DAVIS Sherril D Sr and Deffie H
DAVIS Susan DUNHAM 1957-81
DAVIS Sybil W 1920-1997
DAVIS T L Dink and Joan
DAVIS Thurston 1917-2000
DAVIS Tommy Eugene 1923-1998
DAVIS Virginia KRETSCHMAR 1915-1988
DAVIS Wanda J and James B
DAVIS Wayland Ray and Betty Jo
DAVIS William Ronald 1967-1988
DAVIS Wilma M 1924-2001
DAVISON Martha Jane 1916-1983
DAWDY Dortha Dot and A L Bink
DAWKINS Michael Allen 1995
DAWSON Edward R and Claude B
DAWSON James Mark 1967-1984
DAY Bonnie J and Obie B Jr
DAY Charles A 1902-1971
DAY Florence D 1902-1993
DAY James Virgil 1906-1994
DAY Leon B 1915-1952
DAY Lillian HOLT 1920-1976
DAY Michelle Leigh 1970-1991
DAY Nathaniel Paul Nathan 1980-2000
DAY Raymond C 1910-1976
DAY Ruby Jean LOUGH 1947-1999
DAYTON Althea Victoria 1994-1994
DAYTON Myrtle V and Merlin G
DEAL Jesse M 1956-1981
DEAN Carl A Jr 1939-2002
DEAN Gary Don 1982-1997
DEAN Louis H Jr and Leora F
DEAN Mildred Lorraine 1920-1959
DEARDORFF Gordon P 1920-1990
DEARDORFF Lula Ellen 1896-1984
DEARDORFF Samuel C 1895-1980
DEARING Charles S 1920-1982
DEARING Flake 1893-1959
DEARING Helen F 1922-
DeARMAN Becky 1915-1979
DeARMAN Brooks 1913-1985
DEARMAN Jesse and Regina G
DEARTH Mark L 1946-1993
DEASON Barney Eugene and Ali-Rosa
DEAVERS Crickette and Harry E
DeBAUN Kathryn M 1916-1997
DeBEE Jean C and Florence I
DeBRUYNE Dorothy M 1918-1990
DeBRUYNE Walter G -2002
DeCAENY John C 1922-2002
DeCISNEROS Virtudes Casans Vda 1897-1982
DECKER Cecil Owen 1920-1977
DECKER Corene K and Westbrook
DECKER Isabelle B and Edwin L
DECKER Virgie D 1928-1982
DECKER Winefred Alvin 1922-1993
deDECKER Hendrik K 1915-1995
deDECKER Willemina H 1918-1999
DEDERICHS Joseph H 1915-1963
DEDMON Hazel W and Jefferson H
DEDRICKSON Richard Jon 1957-1995
DEEDS James H 1953-1953
DEEL Mary C 1913-
DEEL Nicola Kay 1946-1978
DEEL Orris V 1909-1979
DEEL Philip Don 1964-1965
DEEN Elma and Elbert
DEEN Juanell 1929-1980
DEGENHART George 1873-1955
DEGENHART Jessie Pauline 1877-1962
DeGRAFF Jonathan David 1994
DEKKER John P Dr 1921-1999
DEKKER Madge 1923-
DeLANEY Karen Lee 1955-1955
DelANGEL Hector M 1937-2000
DelANGEL Irene 1944-
DELARIO James 1921-1991
DeLaROSA Maria P 1917-1994
DeLaRUE Marian 1916-1986
DeLaRUE Marian Haeberly 1888-1971
DeLeCRUZ Anthony
DeLEON Alaxender Bong 1961-2002
DELEON Ernesto H and Teodora S
DeLEON Francisco 1958-1995
DeLEON Jose Angel Jr and Ofelia
DELEVANTE Alan W 1928-1997
DELK Joe 1914-1977
DELL Roy E 1919-1967
DELL Sophia Grace 1895-1979
DeLosSANTOS Pedro 19210-1968
DeLOZIER Brian Wesley 1962-1993
DeLOZIER Russell W 1955-1977
DELPRINCIPE Anthony Joseph 1989
DelTORO Jesus B Je 1975-2002
DELZER Wilda Maxine and LaVern Donald
DEMOSKI Esther 1923-1982
DEMOSKI Francis E 1918-1992
DEMPSEY Albert D Jr 1922-1955
DEMPSEY Joseph S E and Nell R
DEMPSEY Martha Ann 1966-1970
DENGA Michael and Helen
DENMAN Joseph M Sr 1906-1974
DENNEHY John 1988
DENNEHY Vera C and John W Sr
DENNER Ernst and Beate
DENNIS David Frederick 1993
DENNIS Frances V and Thomas E
DENNIS Mabel Exa 1899-1984
DENNIS Norma Claudine and Frank Isaac
DENNIS Schuyler L and Laura E
DENNY Helen Nadine 1926-1978
DENSON Eva Beatrice 1876-1981
DENSON Harry H 1899-1968
DENSON Julia C and Percy O
DENT George Reese 1948-1981
DENTON Dean M and Maude P
DENTON Ernest E 1895-1953
DENTON Grace 1924-
DENTON Rose Mary 1930-2001
DENTON Weldon C 1923-1981
DERING Alice HOFFMAN 1906-1990
deROCA Rosa Maria PORRO 1891-1973
DeRODRIGUEZ Josefina H 1946-1998
DERR Nuel M 1926-1964
DERR Winifred 1925-1999
DERSCH Ruth Emily 1910-1989
DERSCH Vernon Rudolph 1914-1990
DESMARAIS Robbye L and Henry E
DeSOUZA Ronald 1932-2000
DeSPAIN Beulah M 1920-1990
DEUVALL Chester L 1915-1995
DEUVALL James S 1904-1972
DEUVALL Myrtle 1913-1995
DEUVALL Willie L 1902-1975
DeVINCENZO Angela Lina 1916-1996
DEVINE Donna Jean 1938-2001
DEVITO - family
DEVLIN Calvin M amd Daisy
DeVOE Ryan Andrew 1979-1982
DeVORE Charlotte Kathleen 1918-1998
DeVORE Stewart W 1918-1983
DeWALT Arthur E and Laura L
DEWEESE Sarah Virginia 1880-1977
DEWS Claude C and Jessie T
DEWS Mildred I and G Clifton
DEWS Rabon O and Hazel G
DIAL Dore Lue and Benjamin Frank
DIAZ Ashley Michelle Danielle Nicole 199
DICK Elmer M 1925-2000
DICK Margaret M 1924-
DICKENS Velva L and Raymond W
DICKERSON -mmy K 1957-2002
DICKERSON Curtis Wayne 1945-1998
DICKERSON Ethel L and Hallie O
DICKERSON Henry W 1911-1957
DICKERSON Jamie E 1928-1984
DICKEY Dora Mae 1913-1952
DICKEY Kenneth W and Myrtle B
DICKIE Virgil Thomas and Audrey Kitty
DICKINSON Alycia S 1987-1989
DICKINSON Carl N and Vivian Eloise
DICKSON Thurman T and Eva
DIDEHBANI Alibash 1921-2001
DIDEHBANI Ameneh 1923-1991
DIDEHBANI Javid A 1952-1989
DIETRICH August and Hilda
DIETRICH Frank W 1927-1994
DIETRICH Thomas A 1941-2001
DIETZ - Virgil Jerry 1940-1988
DIETZ Darlene LOVING 1926-
DIETZ Nathan E 1918-1988
DILENA Paul 1924-2000
DILL Mary L 1904-1984
DILL Maurice F 1898-1971
DILLARD Farmer Roosevelt 1933-1990
DILLARD James E and Tollie R
DILLARD Marion 1902-
DILLARD Marvin Lee 1900-1978
DILLARD Ralph E 1921-1968
DILLARD Ruth A and Robert D
DILLARD Sharon Gayle BROXSON 1944-1983
DILLARD Thelma Aly 1902-1981
DILLARD Vicvkie Kay CAMERA 1953-1996
DILLER Everell Wright 1906-1990
DILLER Viola Cotton 1913-
DILLER Warren Albert 1952-1991
DILLEY Charles A 1932-1995
DILLEY Charles A Jr 1958-1978
DILLEY Jean W 1936-1992
DILLEY Lena M and Charles L
DILLON Jordan Lee 1999-1999
DIMARCO Lucas Ray 1984
DiMINNO Gertrude K and Joseph P
DINGMAN Henrietta G 1923-2002
DINGUS Mae 1904-1968
DINH Giuse Hoa and Maria Hoa
DINKINS Paula Don 1945-1984
DINO Todd Lawrence 1979-1997
DIONIS Dan and Vasilo D
DiRIENZO Joseph Peter 1917-1981
DiRIENZO Sara Louise 1923-1986
DISMUKE Brittany and Lauren 1982-1982
DISMUKES Ola G and Jack H
DISNEY Robert F and Patricia A
DITTO Jo Helen and James C
DITTO Laura Lee 1971-1971
DITTO Margaret L and Frank M
DITTO Mike W 1910-1972
DIXON Ben W and Mary F
DIXON Bobby Jr 1958-1979
DIXON Dewey 1916-1972
DIXON Erna Dehnel 1917-1995
DIXON Gailya W and Bobby E Sr
DIXON James A and Lois C
DIXON James B and Martha E
DIXON Lowell A and Faye
DIXON Rose Lee 1919-1986
DIXON Rose N and Troy T
DIXON Wadye E 1900-1972
DIXON William Kurk 1963-1964
DIXON William L 1918-1997
DIXSON Irene DILWORTH 1909-1997
DO Vincente Christopher Toan 2002
DOAK Austin A Jr 1928-1987
DOAK Brian Clinton 1969-1999
DOAK Edna G and Stanley
DOAK Nina J 1934-
DOAN Ruth and Willard
DOAN Teresa THACH 1942-1997
DOBBERSTEIN Georgia 1926-
DOBBERSTEIN Lawrence M 1923-1980
DOBBS Chester E 1907-1976
DOBBS Evelyn M 1921-1996
DOBBS Mary L 1898-1954
DOBBS Oren M 1903-1979
DOBBS W Marie 1909-1993
DOBBS William Pick 1894-1961
DOBRANSKY Andrew G and Felicia W
DOBSON Frances L and William J
DOBSON LaJune Anne 1971-1990
DOBSON Walter H and Florence M
DOBY Clessie S 1925-1990
DOBYNS Loretta Mae 1939-1999
DODD Maurine E 1918-
DODD Robert J 1911-1989
DODDS Arno and Rachel
DODENHOFF John W Dodie and Carolyn Carol
DODRILL Avis M and Tommie H
DODSON C Bell and Anita M
DODSON Clarence L 1919-1974
DODSON Elizabeth D 1925-1977
DODSON Glenda BARCROFT 1935-1975
DODSON James C and Glenna F
DODSON Lynn W 1897-1975
DODSON Max G and Fay L
DODSON Pauline 1923-
DODSON Rayford H 1918-1992
DODSON Rena I 1927-
DOEHLER Edwin A 1915-1978
DOGGETT Josie 1875-1965
DOGGETT Mertice Cathey and W M Bill
DOLAN James William 1933-1989
DOLAN Patricia Carolyn 1938-
DOLEZEL Gust and Ann B
DOLIFKA Caleb Daniel 1995
DOLINSKY - James E 1954-1991
DOLLAR Jason M 1984 1995
DOLLAR Juanita F and Raymond P
DOLLAR R E Gene 1942-1979
DOMINICO Nguyen Ngoc Dang 1960-1993
DOMINICO Xin Cau Cho Linh Hon 1922-1996
DONAHOO Terry W 1940-1985
DONAHOWER Claude F and Mattie B
DONAHOWER Donald Paul 1919-1006
DONAHOWER Ronald L Sr and Lona A
Donald 2001
DONALDSON Henry C 1909-1981
DONALDSON J R 1921-1975
DONALDSON Lora Elaine 1975-1991
DONALDSON Mary Marie 1911-
DONALDSON Vernon and Florence A
DONATHAN Anita E 1915-1985
DONG Pho Van 1927-1991
DONNELLY Amy Elizabeth 1974-1993
DONNELLY Mary Ellen and A M Mike
DONOVAN Brian E 1948-1971
DONOVAN Edith WEEKS 1914-1993
DONOVAN George R Sr and Mary F
DOPP Terry Allen 1961-1964
DORING Mildred Anita 1929-1999
DORLAN Bill 1915-1978
DORMAN Mildred E 1924-
DORMAN Sheila Joyce and Gloria Jean
DORMAN Vernon L 1923-1987
DORMAN William Alton and Lois Frances
DORMIER Gladys and Mervin P
DORNHOEFER Magdalena W and Henry W
DOROUGH Emmett Prince Jr and Alice Willi
DOROUGH Harold and Margaret
DORRIS George M 1881-1955
DORRIS Lula C 1885-1960
DORSCH Del 1925-
DORSEY Kyle Ray 1980-1984
DORSEY LaRene M 1915-1984
DOSKATZ Rachel 1904-1988
DOSKOCIL Jeremy D 1974-1992
DOSSETT John E and Dorothy M
DOSSEY Hubert A Jr 1933-1990
DOSTER Lily Ruth and Lee Bernard
DOTSON B J and Rowena Violet
DOTSON James G and Shirley Ann
DOTY Don A and Nina L
DOTY Evelynne M and Ronald G
DOUCET Joseph T Jr 1918-1986
DOUCET Robbye E 1922-1989
DOUD Ida T and Robert K
DOUGHARTY Raymond C and Louise G
DOUGHERTY John H and Mabelle B
DOUGHTY August A 1865-1962
DOUGHTY Leota E 1907-1987
DOUGLAS Canyon Bear 1999-2000
DOUGLAS Mark William 1977-1978
DOUGLAS Norma L 1929-1997
DOUGLAS Spyros and Regina
DOUGLASS Harry H and Carnella
DOVE John C and Grace N
DOWD Amy Jill 1972-1976
DOWDLE James E 1906-1990
DOWDY Alpharene 1937-1991
DOWDY Nannie E and Cecil R
DOWLING George W 1921-1997
DOWLING Mary Joan 1926-
DOWNES Bertie S and Willie Mae
DOWNEY Danny and Kathryn HEROLD
DOWNEY Malcom Everett and Wilma HINKLE
DOWNING Edwin Charles Eddie 1965-1983
DOWNING James Benjamin Jim 1958-1984
DOWNS John H Jr 1924-1965
DOYLE BillieAnnie 1893-1959
DOYLE Dorothy M 1939-1994
DOYLE Elizabeth Virginia 1918-1979
DOYLE Ellsworth D 1918-1986
DOYLE Exie V 1896-1987
DOYLE Fred E-1915-1968
DOYLE Fred L and Lometa M
DOYLE Hazel L 1921-
DOYLE James F Jr 1935-1982
DOYLE Margaret Barnes 1898-1977
DOYLE Thomas E 1917-1989
DRAEGER Esther G 1905-1995
DRAGO Louis 1896-1999
DRAGO Mary 1907-1990
DRAKE Connie and Thomas E
DRAKE E M 1915-1990
DRAKE Martha Lois 1897-1992
DRAPER Gail AARON 1912-1981
DRAPER Kenneth R and Sylvia M
DRAPER S J 1907-1973
DREWS Edward J 1896-1968
DREWS Hulda M 1897-1978
DRIGGERS Maxwell Earl and Mildred May
DRIVER Ira C Roy and Clyde G
DRIVER Lillie Mae and James Erbie
DRON Anna 1896-1984
DRON Peter 1891-1989
DROTTS Dorine A 1894-1958
DROTTS Lola Mae 1899-1985
DROZD Edwin Joseph iii 1974-1974
DRURY Jess Francis 1902-1977
DUBE Albert J 1910-1993
DuBOIS Carolyn B 1948-1998
DUBOIS Robert L and Betty J
DUC Joseph Dinh Van 1950-1993
DUCKETT Iva Maud 1902-1994
DUCKETT Joseph Robert 1896-1994
DUCKWORTH Herman W 1922-1998
DUCKWORTH Norene V and Wm Elmo
DUDA Kristen Marie 1984
DUDLEY Beulah B 1914-1989
DUDLEY Beulah J and Samuel W
DUDLEY Leroy 1920-2000
DUDNICK Mary S 1900-1983
DUESMAN Kenneth E 1959-1990
DUFF Chester C and Naomi N
DUFFY Agnes R 1934-
DUFFY James L 1932
DUFFY Ruby R 1905-
DUGGER James M and Maggie Mae
DUHON Bettye Lou 1930-2002
DUHON Lillian 1914-1999
DUKE Albert L and Edna B
DUKE Bonnie Wilson and Ola Irene STARK
DUKE Charles B 1911-1970
DUKE Earnest W and Doris V
DUKE Elcer Josephine 1895-1985
DUKE George B 1894-1963
DUKE Jessie M 1926-1996
DUKE Lillie Ramsey 1896-1984
DUKET Jeanne L 1922-
DUKET Robert K 1921-1980
DULANEY Thomas M 1934-1992
DULANEY Thomas Mayfield 1958-1987
DULL Marjorie E and George F
DUMKE Dorothy DuPRIEST 1915-1970
DUMKE Herman Ernest 1908-1975
DUNAWAY Mary Ruth 1895-1962
DUNAWAY William Hayes 1895-1961
DUNBAR Lauren Grace 1992
DUNCAN Bettie J 1930-
DUNCAN Eddie W 1926-2001
DUNCAN Florence C 1912-
DUNCAN Jaylon J 1999-2000
DUNCAN L Eileen 1944-1994
DUNCAN Lawrence R 1906-1981
DUNCAN Myrna C 1911-1998
DUNCAN Ollie W 1894-1975
DUNCAN Robert Meikle and Charlotte M
DUNEGAN Lee Frederick 1907-1965
DUNG Nguyen Thi Thu 1951-2001
DUNHAM Jacqueline M 1923-1991
DUNHAM James David Sr 1924-1993
DUNHAM John Randall 1951-1960
DUNHAM Robert Clinton 1922-2001
DUNLAP Charles E and June
DUNLAP Charles H and Vera M
DUNLAP Elva Eileen 1932-
DUNLAP Georgia May and A N Bud
DUNLAP Gordon E 1931-1995
DUNLAP Ruth 1899-1961
DUNLAP Willie M and Peter R
DUNN Donna Faye 1947-1982
DUNN Florence L and Edward H
DUNN Fredrick W 1930-1995
DUNN Grace and Lucas
DUNN James L 1925-1977
DUNN Jeanie Rae 1978-1982
DUNN John Leroy and Dorothy Mildred
DUNN Mildred H 1914-2001
DUNN Nelson Elone Dr 1916-1986
DUNN Ollie M and Clarence E
DUNN Ora Mae and Joe Roy
DUNN Walter Draiton Dub Sr 1915-1997
DUNN Walter L and Elizabeth H
DUNN William C and Gladine W
DUNN William Cody Jr 1916-1984
DUNN William Dee 1970-1995
DUNNING Charles Scott 1971-1988
DUNSWORTH Ruth Lee and H A D
DUNTON Bobby Joe 1931-1988
DUNTON John M and Laura V
DUNTON John Paul and Deborah CATES
DUPRIEST John D 1916-1981
DUPRIEST Selma M 1919-1997
DUPUY LaVerna S and Shristian Joseph
DURDEN Alan Dee 1956-1997
DURDEN Arthur Hilliard 1891-1985
DURDEN Eugene A 1925-1988
DURDEN Jim E 1914-1972
DURDEN Reinhold E and Cathy A
DURDEN Wynelle Babe 1926-1998
DURHAM Kathleen A 1936-1989
DURHAM Robert Russell 1966
DUTTON Jimmy Don and Patricia NORRIS
DUTY Anna Lee 1903-19979
DUTY David Elmer 1918-1970
DUVAL Wanda L 1935-1935
DUVALL Ruth Porter 1909-1980
DYE Daisy Erma 1878-1972
DYE Larry Joe 1945-2002
DYER Annette VANFERSON 1944-1968
DYER John D and Mary C
DYER Margie N 1929-1993
DYER Max M and Mary K
DYER R B 1923-1994
DYER Shawn C 1982-2002
DYESS Cory William 1985
DYKES Alton K 1902-1991
DYKES Eleanor M 1912-1995
DYNES Colleen G 1937-
DYNES Henry William Jr 1932-1996
EADES James F 1917-1959
EARLES Everett Ott 1930-1991
EARLS Edna Belle and Charlie W
EARLY James Fred and Queen Vashti
EARWOOD Etta Pearl 1911-1980
EARWOOD Harroll J 1936-1959
EASLEY Dennis B 1936-1966
EASLEY Dennis J 1912-1993
EASLEY Edith June 1917-1998
EASOM Franklin I 1925-1993
EASON Paul Andrew 1991-1995
EAST Donald B and Jan L
EAST Edgar and Era
EAST Elizabeth E and Henard E
EAST John W and Dorothy L
EASTMAN Douglas Dean 1970-1992
EASTMAN Jeffrey Allen Jeff 1972-1992
EATON Annie and Calvin E
EATON Billy J 1930-1982
EATON David H and Etha R
EATON Eugene and Fleda
EATON Lena W and Pinkney
EATON Sam F 1908-1960
EATON William F and Doris K
EAVES Preston Thomas 1997-1997
EBERHART Maggie B and Allison A
EBERLE Gene Adam 1922-1991
EBERLE Lorraine Olive 1924-2002
ECABERT Raymond C and Evelyn
ECHOLS Gloria T 1923-1992
ECHOLS Paula Jean 1952-1952
ECHOLS Victor D and Mildred J
ECKELMAN Bill D 1916-1973
ECKOLS Jamie Hewitt 1968-2001
ECKOLS Sibyl Bernice 1929-1992
ECSOBEDO Manuel and Josephine
EDDLEMAN Irma M and Hugh H
EDDLEMAN Michael L 1952-1981
EDDLEMAN Warren and Ione
EDEN Joel Clayton 1953-1974
EDENS Beatrice M 1897-1978
EDENS Vernon W 1925-1978
EDGAR Orland Jay 1911-1962
EDGE Darlene Ruth 1949-1959
EDGE Edith Marinel 1925-1961
EDGERTON Ginger 1958-1986
EDGINGTON Lloyd Ervin ii 1972-1984
EDMONDS James W 1918-1984
EDMONDS John Randolph 1954-1970
EDMONDSON Annie B 1902-1972
EDMONDSON John C 1925-1994
EDMONSON Betty L and A Alvis
EDSON Merritt Lewis 28-83
EDWARDS Bobbie J 1930-2000
EDWARDS Clifton E and Margaret E
EDWARDS Earlene 1938-
EDWARDS Elizabeth and Marion W
EDWARDS George Arliss 1914-1958
EDWARDS Greg 1955-1995
EDWARDS Harold H 1922-1986
EDWARDS Ina Mae and William E
EDWARDS Jack E and Anna M
EDWARDS Jack G 1937-1980
EDWARDS Jack H and Gracia F
EDWARDS James B Sr 1920-1996
EDWARDS Jewell 1904-1987
EDWARDS Joseph Charlie 1914-1997
EDWARDS Lucinda Sue 1943-1974
EDWARDS Margaret ELDER and George A
EDWARDS Tommie L and James T
EDWARDS Tony H and Linda K
EDWARDS Walter iii and Dorothy L
EDWARDS William T 1901-1959
EDWARDS Winona 1921-
EGBERT Elmer Robert 1882-1962
EGBERT Kenneth William 1911-1981
EGBERT Mary Lucinda 1888-1974
EGBERT Meda BURKETT 1910-1993
EGBERT Russell Elmer 1908-1967
EGBERT Thelma Marie 1916-1981
EGGLESTON Alan F Jr 1904-1968
EGGLESTON Ann COX 1900-1999
EGYES Odette Esther 11924-1996
EHL Jeremiah 1981-1998
EHRMAN Sharon Kay 1950-1993
EILAND Earl D and Clara Kay
EINHAUS Bob 1949-2000
EINHAUS Robert O 1921-1989
EISENMENGER Bridget Q 1906-1992
EISENMENGER Louis H 1903-1992
EITELJORG Stacy Lea and Heather Deanne
EKHOLM Carl Clifford 1912-1975
ELAM Elmo 1925-1981
ELBERT Keith R and Beverly L
ELDER Bertha W 1893-1988
ELDER Betty 1913-1991
ELDER Clarence Mac 1924-1999
ELDER James Richard 1914-1980
ELDER Joseph H and Lee L
ELDER Mary Katherine 1920-1991
ELDRIDGE Colton Cross 1995-2000
ELDRIDGE Emily Jo WHITE 1952-2000
ELDRIDGE Florence E 1914-1988
ELERSON Robert Clark 1960-1986
ELGAN Robert E and Joan
ELI Maurice J Sr and Sharon A
ELKINS Arthur Henry 1893-1967
ELKINS Bertha Stella 1898-1977
ELKINS Billie Jean 1932-1997
ELKINS Hazel N and Bernie L
ELKINS John Wilo 1912-1977
ELKINS Ramon K and Lella M
ELKO Edward E and Betty Sue
ELLENBURG Nathan A and Lindell M
ELLER Anna ZIHLMAN and Willie Leon
ELLER Charles Kevin 1963-1985
ELLER Hubert 1907-1979
ELLER Ruby K 1910-1984
ELLER Terah D 1931-1977
ELLIBY Julius Othello Msg and Adelle FAR
ELLINGTON Bennett Ferrell 1902-1994
ELLINGTON Irene Lester 1904-1987
ELLINGTON Joe Douglas and Judith Ann
ELLINGTON Jonathon Charles Edward 1989
ELLINGTON Richard Todd MD 1940-1992
ELLIOTT Betty Jo 1926-1999
ELLIOTT Betty Joanne 1933-1964
ELLIOTT Brenda R 1960-1990
ELLIOTT Dorothy LaVern and M W Pete
ELLIOTT Elfreda 1917-1967
ELLIOTT Eula B 1901-1989
ELLIOTT Henry M and Thelma L
ELLIOTT Lorena Etta 1917-1997
ELLIOTT Lucian Earl Jr 1916-1995
ELLIOTT Mary Helen and Troy Lee
ELLIOTT Nancy J and Joseph M
ELLIOTT Robert R Jr 1923-1967
ELLIOTT Tina Sue 1967-1995
ELLIOTT Troy C and Lillie P
ELLIS Ann GARRETT 1892-1974
ELLIS Ann Naylor 1915-1988
ELLIS Arnava S and Curtis B
ELLIS Billy F 1934-1989
ELLIS Billy F 1934-1989
ELLIS Cecil M 1909-1997
ELLIS Dennis Jr 1959-2001
ELLIS E Marie and R Thomas
ELLIS Franklin G 1911-1983
ELLIS Micaiah B 1998
ELLIS Thomas R 1938-1966
ELLIS William D and Wanda Faae
ELLIS Wirt Edward 1891-1971
ELLISON Joe Will and Beulah L
ELLSWORTH Frances G 187701956
ELLSWORTH Leo O G 1909-1965
ELLSWORTH Vivian Louise and Virgil Garla
ELMORE Doris O 1933-1997
ELMORE Kevin Michael 1976-1976
ELMORE Michael Paul 1955-1994
ELMORE William H Bill and Billie R
ELROD Ethelene 1918-
ELROD George W 1916-1993
ELROD Lavoyce H 1920-
ELROD Orville E 1913-1998
ELSON Dorothy E and William E
ELSON Harvey and Shirley
ELWELL Annie and Claude
ELWELL Kathryn B and Audus N
ELWICK Terry 1951-1981
ELZA James G Jr 1916-1994
ELZA Mariann 1925-
EMBLETON Amelia 1895-1984
EMBLETON William 1899-1972
EMEHISER Floyd Jr 1930-1974
EMERY Albert J Jr 1936-1990
EMERY E Cecil and Elizabeth
EMERY Edward Harrison 1914-1986
EMERY Lonetta MATTHEWS 1913-1984
EMMETT Faye 1913-1972
EMMITH Juanita F 1924-1957
EMRICH Carmen Grace 1965-1995
ENDERLE Dennis John 1958-2000
ENDY L Joyce BASSHAM 1928-1976
ENGEL Clifford W Sr and Coweta N
ENGFURTNER Roman M 1955-1980
ENGLAND Eldred Harold 1915-1974
ENGLAND Jewell BARTLEY 1912-1998
ENGLERTH Amanda Ruth and Charles E
ENGLISH Alma Louise 1922-2001
ENGLISH Helen L 1917-1983
ENGLISH Valton Bailey 1921-1983
ENLOE James C and Lloyd P
ENLOE James T 1921-1975
ENLOW Emma Sue 1921-
ENLOW Marshall Foch 1921-1996
ENNS Marjorie 1929-
ENNS Thomas Ray and Linda Kay
ENNS William F 1916-1991
EPPERSON Brenda Moutry 1955-2000
EPPERSON Lena F 1903-1968
EPPERSON Luther S 1891-1963
EPPES J Harold and Dorothy L
EPPLER Thomas Robert and Anna THREASE
EPPS Joseph L 1889-1982
EPPS Myrtle M 1911-1982
EPPS Robert Lee and Linda BRADLEY
ERBY Cora SPEIGHT and John Lester
ERENZO Grace Catherine 2000
ERICKSON Marvin H 1918-1981
ERICKSON Monica E 1917-
ERICKSON Ralph L and Eleanor R
ERNST Albert Paul and Verba
ERNY Thomas H 1931-2002
ERSKINE Kenneth R and Lillie Faye
ERSPAMER Mary Doris FERGUSON 1910-1998
ERSPAMER Victor Charles 1905-1987
ERTELT Cliffordeene A 1918-1988
ERVIN Herbert Norman 1933-1975
ERVIN Ingrid CATREECE 1970-1989
ERVINE John LaVent 1967-1996
ERWIN Annie Mae 1907-1983
ERWIN Conrad B and Jacob J
ERWIN Jerry D 1956-1958
ERWIN Lee R and Eula M
ERWIN Lloyd Richard and Lena PICARDO
ESCAMILLA Armando 1966-1999
ESCAMILLA Edward Jr 1960-1983
ESCAMILLA Edwardo F Sr 1935-1995
ESCAMILLA Francisca S 1922-
ESENWEIN Helen L 1919-1999
ESFAHANI Nassar Mohajer 1918-2002
ESHRAGHI Bahman 1937-1996
ESKANDER Sammy and Afifa
ESKRIDGE Betty Jean McAFEE 1926-2001
ESKRIDGE Billy Joe 1923-1988
ESKRIDGE Zita Skinner 1903-1981
ESPARZA Rafael 1970-2001
ESPARZA Rafiel Jr 1992-1992
ESPINOSA Colleen 1992
ESPY William Marks Jr 1995-1998
ESQUIVEL Francisco Javier 1957-1993
ESQUIVEL Rick 1994-1999
ESQUIVEL Roy O 1955-1993
ESSEX Navarro M 1904-1967
ESTES Clara Belle 1913-1970
ESTES David H 1920-1984
ESTES Ida Lea 1889-1962
ESTES Nancy Lee 1943-1972
ESTES Robert W 1892-1967
ESTILL Zee D 1927-1976
ETHEM Minerva 1944-2002
ETHRIDGE Scotty Wayne 1959-1999
EUCKERT Barbara L and Michael W
EUCKERT Hannah Kathleen 1997
EUGENE Swaim 1923-2003
EUTSLER Ralph and Juanita I
EVANS Adam E and Bulah Mae
EVANS Agnes C 1903-1987
EVANS Bert K and Myrtle B
EVANS Charles E 1931-1986
EVANS Charles Edward 1911-1987
EVANS Christy Lynn 1969-1986
EVANS Doris Lee 1925-1993
EVANS Earnest C 1905-1964
EVANS Edmond R 1914-1990
EVANS Essie COX 1896-1994
EVANS Florence and Kermit
EVANS Florence Loraine 1921-1997
EVANS Joe Nick and Ava Exie
EVANS Joseph D and Hazel Teddy
EVANS Joseph Leonard 1897-1957
EVANS L Virgil and Alvalyne
EVANS Lela Vay 1910-1980
EVANS Louise and Tom
EVANS Lucylle E 1911-1977
EVANS Lula M 1880-1953
EVANS Martha Ann and William Polk
EVANS Milton Ward 1909-1978
EVANS Mintie I and Alonzo H
EVANS Muriel Donne 1942-1993
EVANS Nina 1890-1977
EVANS Robert E 1892-1960
EVANS Rufus A and Ruth
EVANS Sammie I and Fern R
EVANS Samuel B 1912-1988
EVANS Shirley J 1934-1970
EVANS Stanley and Peggy FRENCH Snidon
EVANS Troy R and Velma
EVANS William and Ethel
EVANS Willie A and Edward K
EVANS Wm Jack 1900-1967
EVANSON Martin G and Norine B
EVERETT Bill T 1936-2002
EVERETT Ciara Nicole 1996-1996
EVERETT Dan D 1902-1967
EVERETT Robert Jay 1954-1996
EVERITT Edward Shelly 1920-1978
EVERS Gayward C 1914-1987
EVERS Leota R 1916-1989
EVILSIZER Ora Belle and Clarence E
EVINGER Cecelia B 1921-1998
EVINGER Lawrence and Maria
EVINGER Martin 1917-2001
EWEN Jerome Fred and Karlin Louise
EWERT Angela Leigh 1953-1984
EWING DeVida T 1884-1964
EWING George Ellis 1893-1984
EWING George Ellis Jr 1924-1992
EWING Henry E 1926-1986
EWING Jennie Grace 1892-1970
EWING Lucille M and Arttie R
EWING William R 1882-1965
EYRSE Dorothy E and Harry O
EZAZ Abdul Khaliq 1937-1995
EZELL Jeremy Jay 1978-1989
EZELL Thomas J and Thelma E
EZZELL Ted R Sr and Nola B
FABACHER Estelle JOHNSON 1905-1985
FABER David T 1923-1999
FABER Dennis D 1946-1978
FABER Hazel C 1925-2000
FABIAN Robert H Jr 1925-1975
FACARAZZO Dominic J and Theresa P
FAECKE Paul David 1964 1994
FAFELA Joel M 1961-2002
FAGAN Ethel I 1919-1989
FAGAN William E 1915-1988
FAGG Allene B 1906-1987
FAGG M D 1903-1957
FAHEY Bill 1923-1979
FAHEY Ruby M 1910-1991
FAHEY Thomas J Sr 1917-2001
FAIRCHILD Esther M 1905-1958
FAIRCHILD Howard W 1905-1978
FAIRES Charles A Jr 1910-1970
FAIRES William Edmond 1938-1984
FALBEY Dorothy H 1926-1992
FALCETTA Joseph J 1941-2001
FALCON Benny G 1938-1997
FALKENHAINER Veta 1922-1981
FALLIS Gaytha and Stewart C
FALLON George Albert Dr 1905-1977
FALLS Coy Leon and Rita Ann
FALVO Robert Lee 1962-1992
FANEROS Emily K 1883-1968
FANNING Lacy Carol 1986
FANNING Paul Amous and Kathleen CULVER
FARHAT Abraham C 1918-1978
FARMER - family
FARMER - Franklin and Bonnie
FARMER Barbara A 1944-1978
FARMER Joseph P 1919-1981
FARMER Lavenia Sue 1924-2002
FARMER Robert J 1923-1983
FARNAM Martha J 1950-
FARNER Fred Cody 1957
FARR J B Ben Jr and Gemetha A
FARR Martha Huntley 1969-1981
FARRAR Donald F 1966-1989
FARRELL Corinne 1914-2000
FARRELL Jack 1913-1967
FARRELL Joseph M and Juanita P
FARRELL Logan Scott 1994-1994
FARRELL Sharon and J M Jr
FARRENKOPF Emily C 1875-1953
FARRENKOPF George G 1876-1952
FARRENS Bennie B 1922-1991
FARRINGTON Deandre E F 1995-1995
FARRINGTON Thomas 1908-1964
FARRIS Allene BENNETT 1913-2001
FARRIS Jimmy Houston 1928-1980
FARWELL Gayle HERR and Thomas William Jr
FARWELL Thomas W Sr 1895-1967
FASHIMPAR Frank A and Stella Christell
FATZINGER Edgar H and Elma B
FAUBUS Robert K 1910-1953
FAUGHT Guy Hap and DORIS and George
FAUGHT Ruby MORRIS 1923-2000
FAULKNER George A 1902-1973
FAVARA Ralph B 1918-1996
FEARE Donald D Sr Dr and Anita C
FEARS David O 1944-1993
FEATHERSTON Royce E 1927-1987
FEAZELL D Mattie and Ray Jackson
FEDOR Carolyn Sue 1952-1990
FEE Tracy A 1961-1978
FEELER Bracy D and Claudine O
FEELER Johnnie Marie 1948-1993
FEELER Robert Lynn 1948-1968
FEENY Dan D and Alma O
FEINEN Madeline F and Joseph T
FELDMANN Carol Ann 1962-1989
FELKER John Lee 1954-1996
FELKINS Barbara Ann and Tommy V
FELKINS Minnie I 1909-1993
FELKNER Peggy J and Charles C
FELTON Arlie and Esther
FELTON Benjamin David 1948-1990
FELTON Faye Tolley 1911-1999
FELTON Otis 1911-1995
FENLEY Rodney Irvin 1964
FENLEY William Irvin and Mary Ruth
FENNELL Birdietta 1921-
FENNER Florence E 1935-
FENNER Marvin G 1931-1997
FENTON Hattie Belle 1906-2001
FENTUM Sandra K and William A
FERENCE John and Anna C
FERGUSON Carl C and Mary M
FERGUSON Duncan B and Elizabeth J
FERGUSON Helen M and Clyde H
FERGUSON Lucille C and Willard B
FERGUSON Richard Henderson 1922-1999
FERGUSON Ruby GOODMAN and James Ancel
FERGUSON Violet Irene 1904-1991
FERIS Michelle Lynn 1969
FERNANDES Juanita D and George
FERNANDEZ Jose M and Marie H
FERNANDEZ Josefa G 1930-2001
FERRELL Inez K and Sidney V
FERRELL Jewel J and John H
FERRELL Mary E and Thomas J
FERRIS Charles D 1920-1969
FERRIS Edna V 1899-1983
FERRIS Lola S and Bud V
FESOVICH Michael and Vietta
FEUCHT Lynn HULL 1923-1993
FIALA Jimmie Kathleen 1950-1996
FIDURSKI Albert E Al and Patricia A
FIDURSKI Logan Mitchell 2000-2001
FIELD Dorothy M 1928-
FIELD Edwin Raymond 1912-1961
FIELD James K 1923-
FIELD Maidell Ivy 1897-1996
FIELD Mary E 1910-1978
FIELD Robert J 1957-1979
FIELD Stephen Andrew 1989-1989
FIELD Wilson A and Claire A
FIELDER Alvin C 1887-1961
FIELDER Alvin Claud Jr 1921-1995
FIELDER Katie Belle GRAY 1901-1993
FIELDER Minnie H and Emil J
FIELDER Nita F 1920-1987
FIELDING J Nadine 1931-1992
FIELDS Corey Alton 1982-2000
FIELDS Dalphna F 1910-1966
FIELDS James A 1932-1994
FIELDS James W and Blanche
FIELDS Janis P 1952-1999
FIELDS John Henry and Bessie WATSON
FIELDS Neica Lee 1949-1995
FIELDS Roy S 1914-1980
FIELDS Wanda E 1935-
FIFE Dixie Caylor 1889-1979
FIFE Justin Albert 1982-1982
FIFE Lavonia DOUGLAS and William Oscar
FIFE Wanda SHOWS 1933-1977
FIFER Jean L 1922-2002
FIGUEROA Kenneth Edward Carlin 1996
FIKES Donna W 1933-1982
FIKES Modist Denson 1937-1972
FILBERT Jacob A Rev and Estella H
FILBERT Vernon L and Thelma I
FILES Carl W and Louise
FILLOL Michael L and Lola S
FINA Grace 1916-2001
FINCH - peace
FINCH James H and Carol L
FINCH James Hayden and Christine
FINCH John and Jaquelynne
FINCH Myrtle Frances and Orin Theodore R
FINCHER Judy Carol 1945-1997
FINDLEY Everett L 1919-1997
FINDLEY Roy B and Jessie E
FINDLEY Stella P 1915-2002
FINEFROCK Carolyn H 1952-1983
FINEFROCK Christopher D 1973-1983
FINEFROCK Michael S 1971-1983
FINES James O Jr and Letha A
FINKSTON Gloria J 1921-
FINKSTON Joe Keith 1921-1991
FINLEY C C JacK and Teressa
FINLEY G Frank and Irene M
FINLEY James E 1926-1995
FINLEY Mabel M 1905-1965
FINLEY S Ben 1904-1966
FINLEY Terry Jack 1951-1989
FINN Marilyn Fern LANK 1947-
FINN Virginia B and John E
FINNEY Bessie R 1900-1978
FINSTAD Jerry Wayne 1970-1970
FINSTAD Sandra Renee 1968-1968
FIRESTONE Aaron J and Eileen D
FIRMIN Joseph Francis 1919-1986
FISCHER Joseph and Bertha M
FISCHER Mary M and M H
FISHER Barry L 1957-1980
FISHER Ellen M and Herbert J
FISHER Londell and Sheila D
FISHER Norman Lee and Carol SCHLAGER
FITCH Liza A and Vernon R
FITCH Mable L 1910-1973
FITTS Violet CANTRELL 1908-1997
FITZGERALD Frances Ann and William M
FITZGERALD Harold T 1925-1997
FITZGERALD Ima Dell and Robert H
FITZGERALD James T 1910-1969
FITZGERALD Jewell and Cledus
FITZGERALD John Lee 1943-1980
FITZGERALD Lydia Ann and Aubrey J
FITZGERALD Raymond 1925-1959
FITZGIBBON Dellawese and David Wm iii
FITZHUGH Mildred ROWE 1921-2002
FITZPATRICK John L 1922-1993
FITZPATRICK Margaret M 1926-
FLAGG George C 1920-1970
FLAHERTY Hazel G 1910-1994
FLAHERTY Thomas J Jr 1930-1989
FLANAGAN Douglas Ray and Margaret Jane
FLANAGAN Matthew David 1980-1981
FLANARY Wilburn H 1878-1971
FLEISCHER Prudence B 1895-1975
FLEMENS L C 1939-1989
FLEMING James E 1952-1989
FLEMING Kathleen 1944-1961
FLEMING Lorice H and William E
FLEMING Michael Leon and Susan Kay
FLENNER Carroll E and Marlys E
FLETCHER Albert B and Mary B
FLETCHER Alma 1884-1954
FLETCHER Cordie 1881-1966
FLETCHER Detheda M and Dally P
FLETCHER Earl and Mary
FLETCHER Haywood C 1881-1977
FLETCHER J Earline 1918-1991
FLETCHER Leola FERGUSON and Eric Lesessr
FLETCHER Lillian L and Earl H Sr
FLETCHER Marceline and L H Herb
FLETCHER Rita Joy HUDSON 1935-1989
FLOOD Elaine B and John J
FLORENCE Alma L YOUNG 1907-1994
FLORENCE Jane 1937-1980
FLORENCE Leroy 1899-1972
FLORENCE Thelma Pat and Si Paul
FLORENTINE Joseph H and Gertrude M
FLORES Mary Helen 1956-1989
FLORES Minnie and Geronimo Jr
FLORES Patie J 1929-1984
FLORES Richard Albert Jr 1930-1982
FLORES Richard Anthony 1956-1981
FLORIO Felix and Peggy
FLORY Robert G and Hallie A
FLOTTMAN Edward 1913-2000
FLOTTMAN Ruth M 1914-1990
FLOWERS Christine O and Willie L
FLOWERS Edward G 1988-2003
FLOWERS Erma B-and J B
FLOWERS Grant 1988-2003
FLOWERS twin boys 1992
FLOYD Atma B and Dean C
FLOYD Jean Elizabeth and Robert William
FLOYD Vada P 1910-1964
FLUKE Janet B 1931-1986
FLYNN Carolyn RICHEY 1943-1994
FLYNN Maria Cecily 1947-1996
FLYNT Jean L 1937-1989
FLYNT Mary B and Herrell P
FLYNT Thomas F 1936-1996
FOJTIK Bobby Jean 1928-1987
FOJTIK Gladys M 1922-1963
FOLLIS Patsy G and Dempsey D
FOLMAR James L and Betty M
FOLMAR John O and Hattie L
FOLSOM L A and Jean
FOLTA Mary STRONG 1925-1984
FOLWELL Jack L and Carolyn J
FOOKS Bebe B and Oliver S
FORBES Bennie M and Lassie M
FORBES Boyd L and Pamela S
FORBES Dorothy Jean 1914-2002
FORBES Foster Pierce 1906-1971
FORCHT Brennan A 192201992
FORD Beth Crockett 1923-1996
FORD Billy D 1924-1982
FORD Carl Cusac 1909-1967
FORD Charles Lee and Opal Gloria
FORD Chester M 1939-1972
FORD Christell F 1927-1963
FORD David T 1961-2001
FORD Dessie Mae 1934-1966
FORD Doris Dillard 1919-1989
FORD Earline M and Eddie L
FORD Edmond Hugh and Naomi Mae
FORD Edward Powell 1924-2002
FORD Ethel K and H Wendell
FORD Glenda Tucker 1947-1975
FORD Hollis B 1923-1997
FORD Jenny Elizabeth 1910-1997
FORD Kathy Ann 1952-1980
FORD Kenneth Franklin 1947-1977
FORD L Leon and Evelyn L
FORD Malcolm Charles 1997-2002
FORD Marian C 1925-1984
FORD Mary Lou 1926-
FORD Mattie E and Ollie J
FORD Oscar 1904-1990
FORD Robert D ii 71-88
FORD Robert L and Beverly J
FORD Robert W 1896-1965
FORD Roy L 1927-1984
FORD Ruth Caroline 1915-1986
FORD Sarah E 1900-1980
FORD William G
FORD William J 1920-1970
FORD William Patrick 1954-1963
FORDERHASE Alline E 1912-1984
FORDERHASE Ervin R 1910-1968
FORDERHASE V F Pete and Georgia May
FOREHAND Charles D 1930-1979
FOREHAND Felicia Kay 1957-1984
FOREMAN Bobbie Wayne and Eris Irene
FOREMAN Bonnie B and Ralph W
FOREMAN Eric Andrew 1990
FORGERSON James W Sr 1894-1970
FORGERSON Minnie a 1894-1973
FORMAN Alida Mary 1886-1968
FORMAN Joan B and Wade K
FORMAN Joseph Franceis 1885-1967
FORMBY Floyd D 1932-1996
FORREST Irene C and Winston E
FORRESTER Dorothy A 1920-1983
FORRESTER L P Frosty 1913-1986
FORSBERG Jason Kyle 1987-1991
FORSE Lucile A and Elbert B
FORSMAN Helen I and Eric E
FORSYTH Clayton H 1918-1992
FORSYTH Eva Mae 1917-1981
FORTENBERY Ruth 1926-1977
FOSTER Alma G and Fred P
FOSTER Betty Harbin 1925-1990
FOSTER Dalbert Adren 1923-1997
FOSTER Edith H and Dudley R
FOSTER Grace G 1909-1991
FOSTER Howard R 1913-1965
FOSTER Jarrod W 1979-
FOSTER Johnny Dale 1947-1956
FOSTER Loyde and Levadell
FOSTER Melba M 1932-2000
FOSTER Preston and Dorothy
FOSTER Stephen E 1955-2003
FOSTER Wanda L 1928-
FOSTER Watkins W and Martha A
FOSTER William Dennis 1935-2001
FOSTER William E 1928-1997
FOTI Joseph 1920-1977
FOTI Martha 1921-1993
FOTUAIKA Sione Koloa 1925-1997
FOWLER Dixie W and Gordon R
FOWLER Ednac and Henry L
FOWLER Hugh R 1918-1978
FOWLER Naomi Ruth and Eddie Lee
FOWLER Sarah L 1883-1964
FOWLER Susan Anna and John Henry
FOWLER Virginia R and J Pat
FOX A C 1927-1999
FOX Adele E and Frank D
FOX Charles W and Beverly J
FOX Doris E and William E
FOX Faye L and Leo C
FOX Gladys M 1896-1986
FOX Jim D and Peggy S
FOX Marilyn 1933-1979
FOX Martha E 1924-
FOX Mayme BACKUS 1903--5
FOX Nellie Grace and Joseph Bryant
FRAISER Bob 1954-1963
FRAISER Hulin Robert 1932-1964
FRAKES Nicholas Duane 1990-1990
FRAMPTON John C and Carole M
FRANCE John B Jr 1958-1986
FRANCIS Bessie B and William D
FRANCIS Claude C 1925-1969
FRANCIS Dora F 1913-1984
FRANCIS Edna E and Vern
FRANCIS Everett J 1911-1967
FRANCIS Henry L 1924-1995
FRANCIS Joseph F 1893-1976
FRANCIS Keith 1946-1965
FRANCIS Oletha ISBELL 1902-1987
FRANCIS Robert R and Mary V
FRANCIS Walter P 1908-1983
FRANCIS William E 1911-1998
FRANCO-MORENO Jessica Marie 1984-1991
FRANK Alice 1897-1989
FRANK Charles W 1890-1973
FRANK Hulon K and Ellen M
FRANKENBERGER Joseph Joey 1962-1991
FRANKLIN Charles N and Mary S
FRANKLIN Evelyn I and Fred O
FRANKLIN Fred L 1938-1983
FRANKLIN Horace D 1937-1992
FRANKLIN Irwin P 1922-1977
FRANKLIN John Dale Sr 1896-1981
FRANKS Agnes F and George W
FRANKS William A Jr 1942-2000
FRARER Wallace W and Bessie M
FRASER Abbie G and Kathleen L
FRASER Joshua Gordon 1983-1983
FRAVEL Edgar E 1906-1985
FRAVEL Mary R 1918-
FRAWLEY Lois J and Donald W
FRAYER Charles Allen and Edna MOZELLE
FRAZEE Robert C Bob and Lola M
FRAZIER James Troy 1965-1966
FRAZIER Louelle and Geo Albert
FRAZIER Rex E 1912-1999
FRAZIER Ronald K 1948-1993
FRAZIER Roy R 1922-1994
FRAZIER Vivian J and William R
FRAZOR Dessie P 1900-1991
FRAZOR King L 1891-1981
FREA Alice Lee 1922-1995
FRECHETTE Amedee A 1922-1986
FRECHETTE Frances CRIM 1946-2000
FREDERICK Cladys S 1923-
FREDERICK James L 1925-1992
FREDERICK John J and Sofie
FREDERICK Jonathan Gerald 1981
FREDERICK Joy Ann 1961-1993
FREED Mark Dewain 1960-1995
FREED William D Jr 1922-1981
FREEDMAN Carlie L 1891-1974
FREEDMAN T C and Oleta
FREELAND Lena Faye 1926
FREELAND Winford A 1921-1994
FREELEN Bessie and George T
FREEMAN - Virginia Duval 1910-1992
FREEMAN Carroll R 1915-1985
FREEMAN Claudie and Elton E
FREEMAN Corene WHITE 1902-1986
FREEMAN Dee Ulon 1914-1975
FREEMAN Elvin D and Inez M
FREEMAN Ervin Bubba and Stella Mae
FREEMAN Florence 1933-1997
FREEMAN Flossie B and W Price
FREEMAN J L 1934-1994
FREEMAN Jack E 1951-1979
FREEMAN Joe L and Margaret
FREEMAN Joseph Sidney and Iola Francis
FREEMAN Kathleen M and Charles D
FREEMAN Larry 1946-1992
FREEMAN Margaret SIMS 1924-
FREEMAN Nellie and Clyde H
FREEMAN Nncy C 1936-
FREEMAN Patricia Inez 1911-1980
FREEMAN Roger L and Doris B
FREEMAN Ron A 1911-1968
FREEMAN Roy J 1933-
FREEMAN Vorvell 1887-1978
FREEMAN Wanda G and Garnet E
FREEMAN Winfred Price 1919-1977
FREEZE Jack Lester 1886-1968
FREEZE Sylvia B 1890-1984
FREILEY Chase Roberts 1992
FRENCH Bonnie BARNETT and James Lloyd
FRENCH Gary Wayne 1967-1994
FRENCH Isabelle P 1916-2000
FRENCH Jody Ann 1947-1983
FRENCH Lee 1938-1969
FRETZ - v1
FRETZ - v2
FRETZ Stephen R 1951-1994
FRETZ William R and E E Jane
FRETZ William Ralph 1952-1986
FREUDIGER George W 1923-1988
FREY Edward E and Mary P
FREY Pauline M 1912-1988
FREY Russell C Sr 1912-1976
FRIAS Edwin U 1996-1999
FRIAS Yanira 00-01
FRICKS Roy T and Allie R
FRIEND Annie G and Stuart F
FRIES Jason Thomas 1969-1987
FRIES Thomas Lee and Sandra Lynn
FRISCO John J D 1911-1983
FRITTS Edna L and John A
FRITZ Georg and Lieselotte and Margareth
FRIZZELL Henry Marlow 1921-2001
FROEHLICH Brian Timothy 1981-2001
FROEHLICH Clarence M and Billie R
FRONABARGER Mary Ellen and Marshall E
FRONING Gilbert C and Marie J
FROOM Lucille 1916-1983
FROST Jesse Wayne 1919-1976
FROST Warren W and Margaret V
FRUGIE Sierra J 1992-1992
FRY George D and J Christine
FRY M B 1893-1959
FRY Margaret N 1918-
FRY Nolan E 1917-1984
FRY Oren C 1924-1993
FRY S Myrtle G 1896-1972
FRY William Mathew 1921-1999
FRYDAY Mary E 1896-1988
FRYDENBERG Lyda C 1903-1998
FRYDENBERG Oscar M 1893-1968
FRYDENBERG Palmer and Leone
FRYMAN Maleta 1916-
FRYMAN William C 1912-2002
FRYTZ Eugene A Sr and Bernyce K
FUENTES Christian Alexander and Corbyn A
FUENTES Ramon and Dora
FUGATE Edna L and Roy
FUGITT Daniel D 1928-1983
FUGITT Marie C 1929-1977
FULBRIGHT Dollie R 1925-
FULBRIGHT Marvin D 1922-1993
FULGHAM Linda and Steve
FULLER Annie E and L Horace
FULLER Bob O 1921-1999
FULLER Bobby Ray 1929-1980
FULLER Charles Ray 1919-1933
FULLER Daniel Wade 1961-1987
FULLER Edith E and Homer H
FULLER Emma and Edd
FULLER Eugene T and Anna M
FULLER Flossie E and Bascom W
FULLER Julie 1972-1983
FULLER Kenneth David 1955-1971
FULLER Lela Myrtle and Thomas Andrew
FULLER Leona Mae 1898-1968
FULLER Monica Aileen 1977-1984
FULLER Ruth CARR and Billy J Dr
FULLER Velma C and John A
FULLERTON Della Mae 1919-1991
FULLERTON Gladys E 1921-
FULLERTON James Roy 1917-1988
FULLERTON John H 1921-
FULLWOOD Aubrey M and Eula Jim
FULMER Brenda Ann 1975-1994
FULTON Azalea W 1920-1991
FULTON Chizuko I 1934-
FULTON Hope 1901-
FULTON Jimmy M Sr 1930-1995
FULTON Ora Lee and James Carl
FULTON William C 1892-1960
FULTON William H 1962-1989
FULWILER Eva Jo 1928-2001
FUNAKURA Dennis S 1958-1986
FUNKE Herman A Bud 1935-1970
FUNKE Kelly Lynn 1962-1990
FUQUA Cassie Lena 1895-1993
FUQUA John S 1890-1972
FUQUA Velma Ella 1914-1987
FUQUA William M 1914-1974
FURGERSON Maggie M 1902-1998
FURGESON Mary RENFRO 1934-1998
FURR William Mark 1960-1994
FURTARDO A M Alice 1924-1996
FURTARDO A W Cappy 1918-1966
FUSON Lillian DEAVER 1902-1982
FUTCH Ira 1915-1958
FYFE Thelma C 1930-1988
GABBARD Charley H-and Emma
GABLE Dorothy Hensley 1914-1954
GABLE Dorris L 1909-1969
GABRYL Roy S Jr 1945-1997
GADBERRY Andrew J and Grace E
GAETANO Angela 1893-1985
GAFFORD H Garlon and Hazel
GAFFORD Marshall S 1925-1973
GAFFRI Herbert C 1913-1994
GAFFRI Mary J 1915-2000
GAGLIARDO A G 1922-1970
GAINES Frieda M 1898-1973
GAINES Irwin L Sam 1918-1970
GAINES Mager Penn 1891-1966
GAINES Marie O 1924-1972
GAINES Sidney 1915-1968
GAINEY Kathleen E 1907-2002
GAIR Juanita Nita 1925-1979
GAIR Michael Morris 1949-1976
GAIR Robert James 1924-1997
GAITAN Mary 1984
GAITHER Robert L Jr 1920-1981
GALBRAITH Grady W Dub 1943-1981
GALDI Ralph and Filomena
GALE Anthony John 1936-1983
GALE J Eddie 1910-1966
GALE Louise BOWMAN 1910-1988
GALEY Jim G and Dorothy
GALL Matt 1959-2000
GALLAGHER - William I and Jeanette L
GALLAGHER Helen F and Albert N
GALLANT Maureen E and Francis John
GALLAWAY Harry W 1923-1999
GALLOWAY Cecil E and Elizabeth J
GALLOWAY Gregory Franklin 1946-1997
GALTTANA Shirley A 1940-1958
GALVIN Maria Teresa 1937-1996
GAMBILL William E and Lenora M
GAMBLE Anna Mae 1900-1964
GAMBLE Colleen S and William A
GAMBLE Curtis 1987-1987
GAMBLE John and Robert and John
GAMBLE TeAndre A G 2002-2002
GAMBRELL Elsie Wilde 1906-1999
GAMBRELL Rondal W and Peggy T
GAMEL Joseph C 1862-1949
GAMEL Lula Mae 1881-1963
GAMEL Maggie Irene and Everett Burgel
GAMEL Shirley Fae 1946-1954
GAMEL Thyra B and Elton S Buddy
GAMMON Ethel E and J Marshall
GAMMON James D Jr 1927-1964
GAMMON Nora P and Calvin R
GANES Walter 1894-1959
GANG Sang Gum LEE 1917-1996
GANG Tae Seok 1940-2001
GANN Homer O and Nelovea J
GANN John Earl 1921-1998
GANN Melody and Steve
GANN Melvetia E 1920-
GANN Starr Marie 1994-1994
GANNON Bessie I 1893-1980
GANNON J B 1895-1974
GANNON Rachel Ann 1948-1990
GANS Joysue SELF 1927-
GANS Robert R 1920-1990
GANT Joan 1931-1985
GANTT Dorothy J CAIN 1929-
GANTT Robert O 1924-1997
GAONA-CASTILLO Jasmine Roseann 1992
GARBO John Roger 1994-1994
GARBO Verdie May 1949-1965
GARCIA Angel 1999-1999
GARCIA Eloy 1962-2002
GARCIA Isaac 1922-1994
GARCIA Jesse 1993
GARCIA Johnny Jr 1972-1992
GARCIA Laurin Marie 1999-2000
GARCIA Manuel A 1998-1999
GARCIA Ramiro Ray and Lucille V
GARCIA Theodore A 1914-2002
GARDNER Arthenia L 1914-2000
GARDNER Attlee P 1921-
GARDNER Birdie L and Elmer E
GARDNER Clara Irene and Fredrick Lee
GARDNER Clarice V 1926-1998
GARDNER Euel T and Floy A
GARDNER Ewing Rogers 1913-1998
GARDNER Grace SPARKS and Dan Morgan
GARDNER Jo Anna and Robert Dale
GARDNER John Arvy and Elizabeth Bryson
GARDNER Lillie B 1907-1961
GARDNER Matthew Stuart and James David 2
GARDNER Michelle Denise
GARDNER Reuben 1913-1980
GARDNER Vickie L 1963-1980
GARGUS Evelyn R 1924-
GARGUS Norman C 1920-1999
GARLAND John H -1979
GARLAND Mary Jo and Charles E
GARMAN Pauline W 1921-1979
GARNER A L Bub and Lillie E
GARNER Allen Leslie 1916-1992
GARNER Amy Elizabeth 1992
GARNER Emma L and Sam W
GARNER Flora C and Sam W
GARNER Frank M 1924-1989
GARNER John Albert 1944-1967
GARNER Linda Louise 1985
GARNER Martha I and Hubert F
GARNER Maxine MITCHELL and Robert Floyd
GARNER Timothy DeVaine 1956-1977
GARNER W L Rev and Joyce
GARNETT Clement Taitt Sr 1928-2001
GAROBY Forest O 1917-1974
GAROBY Katie M 1926-1991
GAROUTTE Charles Andrew Andy 1965-2001
GARRETT Allen J 1902-1993
GARRETT Beulah F 1927-1990
GARRETT Buck 1937-1959
GARRETT Daniel Lee and Gracie B
GARRETT Daniel M 1888-1969
GARRETT Edgar J 1906-1992
GARRETT Emma L 1893-1987
GARRETT Ethel E and Ernest
GARRETT Garnet W 1917-1994
GARRETT Harrell M 1921-1989
GARRETT Jim and Becky
GARRETT Larry V 1946-1991
GARRETT Mattie Lou 1913-
GARRETT Mettie A and Joe H
GARRETT Sarah HADEN and Larry Jesse
GARRETT Thurbert B and Bernis C
GARRETT Vivian L and Marvin B
GARRISON James N 1933-1990
GARRISON Lillie L 1902-1995
GARRISON Lucy O 1921-
GARRISON Simp 1917-1985
GARTMAN Clyde C 1911-1994
GARTMAN Corinne FOSTER 1913-1979
GARTMAN E Marguerite 1916-
GARTMAN George E 1909-1996
GARTMAN Gertrude BURNUM 1922-1998
GARTMAN Glenn Roy 1928-2001
GARTMAN Hiram D and Edith M
GARTMAN Luther G and Mayme C
GARTMAN Mattie E 1912-1976
GARVEY James Legrand 1932-1994
GARY Daniel J 1989
GARY Horace R Jr 1926-1975
GARY Martin N 1898-1968
GARY Reginald 1910-1981
GARZA Alfredo V and Elvira C
GARZA Anita M 1952-2002
GARZA Estevan Carranza 1977-1998
GARZA Maria Vela 1899-1983
GARZA Nina M and Rene R
GARZA Raul C 1932-1988
GARZA Regina WELCH 1965-1998
GARZA Tommy Lucas Jr 1959-1981
GASPAR William C 1921-1999
GAST Walter W 1912-1975
GASTON George H 1907-1965
GASTON Kenneth A 1949-1992
GASTON Rodney L ii 1994
GATCHEL Jane E and Clarence H
GATLIN Jean 1920-1984
GATLIN Lewis J 1904-1970
GATTIS Channing Alyssa 1987-1987
GAULDIN Frank James 1915-1970
GAULDIN Myrtle L 1920-1997
GAULT Margaret A 1886-1973
GAUTHIER Phillip M 1956-1990
GAVIN Carrie F 1894-1989
GAY Joseph E 1931-1985
GAY Robert E Bob Jr and Bessie DAVIS
GAYHART Sandra Gaye 1952-1952
GEBERT Agnes J 1886-1972
GEBHART Elizabeth Pauline 1916-1987
GEDDIE Bobby Allen 1947-1996
GEE Flora and Estelle
GEE Kathleen G and John S
GEE Leslie Kyle 2000
GEE Velma F and James L
GEER Bill Jr 1927-1992
GEER Della D 1907-1991
GEER Ervin Matthew 1919-2000
GEER Ethel and William D
GEER Frances Bernice 1920-
GEER H Ruth and Otis D Sr
GEER Ida B 1924-
GEER Jack 1935-1960
GEER James C 1911-1968
GEER Johnny Ray 1948-1991
GEER Juanita AKINS 1936-1971
GEER Orville A 1921-1999
GEER Otis D Jr and Helen Mae
GEER Sam Sr 1929-1971
GEER Sarah Rebecca 1992
GEER Tom 1924-1991
GEISEL - Lee and Zelda
GEISEL Chris and April and Rebecca
GEISEL Leroy G 1921-1995
GEISEL Zelda 1930-2000
GEIVETT Everett Eugene 1925-1960
GEIVETT Lee Roy and Rose A
GELTZ Bonnie Y 1927-1998
GENGER Forrest D and Phyllis D
GENSWEIDER James Eli 1956-1981
GENSWEIDER Roy J 1910-1994
GENTRY Albert H and Alice G
GENTRY Lavatha Juanita 1915-1999
GENTRY Lorene 1926-1965
GENTRY Luther Henry 1900-1995
GENTRY Marian JOBE 1952-1977
GENZEL Christine Ann 1966-1996
GENZEL Edward A and Remy
GEORGE Alexander and Jeanette
GEORGE Alma P Kitty 1915-1963
GEORGE Demos 1908-2001
GEORGE Esther M 1913-2002
GEORGE Gus 1914-
GEORGE Helen and Jim
GEORGE Jimmie C 1908-1957
GEORGE Jimmie Jr and Ellen L
GEORGE Michael Dale Terry and Thomas R
GEORGE Michael Douglas 1970-1970
GEORGE Myrtle Lucille BURKEY 1903
GEORGE Nancy T and Gale B
GEORGE Pamela Gayle 1959-1959
GEORGE Thomas J 1898-1996
GERAN Jeanne L 1923-
GERAN Robert K 1919-1998
GERARD Turpin iii and Margaret MONCKTON
GEROLD Carolyn F 1903-1997
GERRITY Joseph F and Lucille C
GERRITY Patrick Vincent Jr 1985
GERRON Kay Wheeler 1944-2002
GERSHOON Yonadam 1888-1980
GERVASI Louis M and Filomena
GESELL Mary Lee 1905-1985
GESME Gordon A and Jo Nell F
GETZ Illene 1952-1998
GETZ Ron E 1962-1981
GEYER Hugh M and Anne A
GHERING Thomas F 1944-1979
GHOBRIAL Attiat 1926-2002
GHOLSON Roy F 1909-1954
GIBB Pansy Alice and Tom P
GIBBARD Francis W and Dolores E
GIBBONS Bessie BODINE and Luther Couch
GIBBS Bebe 1926-1991
GIBBS Herschel W Jr 1916-2002
GIBBS Mary Ida 1896-1983
GIBBS McBUEL 1921-1984
GIBBS Raymond D 1891-1962
GIBONEY Dossie N and Carl Howard
GIBSON -ss Harington and E Kenneth
GIBSON Bertha A 1881-1969
GIBSON Buel Sidney 1913-1979
GIBSON Eunice STEELE 1926-2000
GIBSON Gladys M 1911-1998
GIBSON Hubert C iii 1958-2000
GIBSON Irene and Jeff
GIBSON James B 1912-1970
GIBSON James H and Dorothy E
GIBSON Joseph B 1908-1961
GIBSON Lizzie M and William R Jr
GIBSON Mahota ROSS 1921-1983
GIBSON Marcella H 1919-1999
GIBSON Ralph Dodge and Sarah MITCHELL
GIBSON Susan L 1945-
GIBSON Sylvia H and Herbert C
GIBSON William R and Ione
GIDDENS Peter Evan 1997-1997
GIDEON Leonard A and Pauline
GIDEON Zachary Clifton 1982-1984
GIEDLINSKI Joseph W 1919-1980
GIESSNER Ralph F 1923-1992
GIFFEN Marian E and Kenneth S
GIFFORD Kathleen W 1947-2000
GIFFORD Kenneth C and Margaret
GILBERT Clarence Alfred 1914-1988
GILBERT Gene H and Sylvia H
GILBERT Jack G and Bess L
GILBERT Jack Glenn Jr 1959-2001
GILBERT Jala Leigh 1976-1978
GILBERT John Joseph 1944-1999
GILBERT Katie J and J Elmer
GILBERT Michael Jesse 198801989
GILBERT Thurman and Annie M
GILBERTSON Louis T and Airria Ann
GILBREATH Billy Joe 1928-1984
GILBREATH Billy M and Margaret I
GILBREATH Frankie V and Lowell G
GILBREATH Tommy Ray 1951-1974
GILCREASE James Earl and Emma Louise
GILDNER Erik Patrick 1988-1988
GILES LArry and Kathy
GILKERSON Elby D 1900-1952
GILKERSON Nettie J 1897-1984
GILL Brenda Sue 1946-1981
GILL Leola and John B
GILLEN Johnelle P 1923-
GILLEN Joseph D 1917-1999
GILLENTINE Peggy Elaine Red 1957-1976
GILLESPIE Earl Hefner 1888-1968
GILLESPIE Hiram M and Sallie M
GILLETT Mary E and William A
GILLETTE Arnold Waine 1912-1983
GILLEY Barbara LaFAUN and Meredith Ray
GILLHAM Millard Albert 1920-1978
GILLIAM Michell E 1963-1999
GILLICK Richard E 1943-2000
GILLIGAN Gertrude 1885-1977
GILLIGAN John C 1951-2002
GILLIGAN Robert D 1925-1998
GILLILAND Herman L 1908-1980
GILLILAND Lena Ann and Roger
GILLILAND Lula Ann and Roger Ivan
GILLILAND Martha Olla 1900-1993
GILLIS Edward J 1911-1968
GILMER Jewel R and Lessie V
GILMORE Emma R 1920-1951
GILMORE Herbert Jr 1923-1990
GILMORE Mary A 1929-1998
GILROY Patrick Joseph 1968-1992
GILSON Elmer F and Gladys E
GILSON Robert K and LaMarylis
GINN Novella DAWSON 1929-1996
GINN Raymond E 1924-1975
GIORGIO Ellen C 1925-2002
GIORGIO Michael Mike 1955-1973
GIORGIO Ralph M 1921-1964
GIPSON James Dodge and Kitty Virginia
GIPSON Nelda L 1930-2002
GIRA Steve J 1921-1982
GIRA Virginia L 1918-2000
GIRALDO Arturo 1950-1986
GIRARDOT Peter R 1922-2000
GIUSE Nguyen Thanh Hoan 1990
GIUSE Xin Cau Cho Linh Hon 1950-1993
GIVENS Jaclyn Dawn 1978-1987
GLADWIN Vernon I and Marie E
GLANULIS Leni-Beth Bugsly 1978-1998
GLASS Alvin Manson 1933-1978
GLASS Betty Jean 1925-1983
GLASS Frederick Odell 1907-1951
GLASS Robert G Lt Col and Geraldine I
GLASSER Margaret W 1921-1998
GLASSER Patrick G 1952-1986
GLASSER Phil W C and Virginia L
GLAZE Creighton O 1912-1988
GLAZE Evelyn D 1910-1983
GLAZIER Madeline O ASHLEY and Travis Dev
GLEGHORN Margaret E and Thomas C
GLEGHORN Tommy G MD 1939-1974
GLENN James Bert and Frances J
GLENWOOD Audrey 1929-1999
GLIDEWELL Cindy 1963-2002
GLOVER Donald L 1933-1998
GLOVER Gifford Lee and Darlyn June
GLOVER Mary K 1926-2003
GLOVER Michael Dewaine 1955-2001
GOAD Montrue L 1917-1997
GOAN Sytha E 1915-1968
GOAR Neoma and Lawrence
GOBBEL Alvin E 1922-1977
GOBER A Eugene 1915-1980
GOBER August L and James C
GOBER Catherine R 1918-
GOBER Cathy E 1926-1964
GOBER Hubert T and Betty J
GOBER Randy William 1952-1953
GOBLE Donna Marie 1942-1971
GODBEE Sally A 1936-1993
GODBEY Mary Lee 1926-1979
GODBY Charles W Jr and Mildred E
GODBY Mabel B and David C
GODFREY - Todd Sr and Marcella
GODFREY Charles W 1920-1998
GODFREY Ellen Mary and R L Jack
GODFREY Emmett I and Mary Grace
GODFREY Jacqueline Denise 1989-1989
GODWIN - Robert C Sr and Susan M
GODWIN Martha F and William C
GOEBEL Carl Leo and Glenda G MORRISON
GOELLER Mary Lou 1937-1990
GOELLER William Dean 1937-1988
GOERDEL Paula E and Ernest L
GOERMAN Simon Leonard 1889-1967
GOERMAN Weltha Iwilda 1888-1982
GOFF Deloris and Virgil
GOFF Kayla Ann 1990-1990
GOFF Paul Wm Jr and Virginia Lou
GOFORTH Brent A 1976-1985
GOFORTH James A 1921-1993
GOFORTH Naomi A 1922-1997
GOIN Nadine E and Jimmie D
GOIN W Delores 1931-1979
GOINS Christopher Charles 1964-2001
GOLDEN Naomi E and Frank N
GOLDEN Robert Wayne 1984
GOLDFUSS Betty L 1931-1991
GOLDMAN Barbara Sue 1931-1979
GOLDMAN F B and Jean Granny
GOLDMAN Winfrey W Jr MD 1928-1983
GOLDNER Marilou 1944-1961
GOLL - Harry and Marguerite and Terry
GOLOVICH Helen Joan 1924-1981
GOMEZ - Rose and Alex
GOMEZ Filimon 1939-1971
GOMEZ Javier A 1941-1992
GOMEZ Jessie 1953-1971
GOMEZ Jose and Virginia
GOMEZ Rosa Rose and Alex Sr
GONZALES Alfredo Freddie 1947-1975
GONZALES Blondeene I 1920-1964
GONZALES Dora P and Herbert S
GONZALES Edmund Weller 1898-1994
GONZALES Guadalupe Rocha 1945-1994
GONZALES Juan Samaniego 1961-2001
GONZALES Richard O and Beatrice V
GONZALES Sammy 1942-1973
GONZALEZ Blanca C 1909-1992
GONZALEZ Daniel Germam 2000-2000
GONZALEZ Jesus R and Gumecinda
GONZALEZ Maime Manuel 1991
GONZALEZ Margarita Maggie and Eluid Leo
GONZALEZ Olivia A 1945-1993
GONZALEZ Ronaldo 1970-1995
GOOCH Earl R 1929-1981
GOOCH Gerald W 1926-1990
GOOCH Mildred M 1928-
GOOCH Oscar M 1904-
GOOCH Tracey Allen 1997-1998
GOOD Maynis 1921-2001
GOOD Ralph M 1916-1993
GOODE Stephen Kyle 1963-1981
GOODE Wallace C 1923-1971
GOODENOUGH Donald Joseph Louie 1972-1991
GOODENOUGH Donald R and Sarah L
GOODGION Edgar Orth 1922-1953
GOODGION Herman A and Myrtle A
GOODGION Martin A 1971-1997
GOODING Bill and Lucille
GOODMAN Alice Stanley 1897-1973
GOODMAN Chanda Marie 1974-1977
GOODMAN Charles Jason 1972-1977
GOODMAN Dobbie J and Johnnie U
GOODMAN Ione 1919-1998
GOODMAN Lucy 1917-1997
GOODMAN Marion F and Jewell CURB
GOODMAN Merville Leo 1909-1978
GOODMAN Robert E 1894-1967
GOODMAN Ruby Lois and Alfred Ray AR
GOODMAN Thomas K and Georgia D
GOODMAN Travis Joe and Pamela Joyce
GOODNER Thelma Faye and Billy Wayne
GOODPASTER Norma D 1931-1977
GOODSON Eli E and Glenda M
GOODSON Marcia FUTCH 1948-1993
GOODWIN B C and Artha M
GOODWIN John Frank 1928-1996
GOODWIN Lila B 1942-1974
GOODWIN Louise and Paul
GOODWIN Robert Lee 1931-1979
GOODWIN Virginia 1935-
GOOLSBY Barbara M 1925-1986
GOOLSBY Roger D and Hannah E
GORDON Alvin Howard 1914-1995
GORDON Catherine H and Clarence H
GORDON Darling and L Doyle
GORDON Joseph Pitts and Gertrude A
GORDON Kenneth R and Janet O
GORDON Lucille 1921-2003
GORDON Ruth E 1913-
GORE Ervalene 1936-1989
GORE James A 1910-1988
GORE Mary Catherine 1904-1973
GORE Marydelle and Theron E
GORE Pearl 1888-1981
GOREE Mary Ellen and Eugene W
GORHAM Georgia L and Elmer R
GORIES Rosalie A 1892-1971
GORIES Wilbert C 1885-1966
GORTNER Jane E 1919-1976
GOSCINSKI David E 1947-1987
GOSNELL Leona E 1894-1988
GOSS Gladys V 1945-
GOSS Ronald M 1942-1998
GOSSETT James C 1891-1953
GOSSETT Julia Florence and James Cortis
GOSSETT Narvell Wesley and Norma Jean
GOTCHER Carlos D 1940-1973
GOTCHER Charles Weldon and Linda N RYDER
GOTCHER Vesper E and Martin H
GOTCHER Virgil and Inez
GOTLIEB Melvin S 1936-2000
GOTTLIEB Phillip H and Rowena A
GOUD Odell 1926-1996
GOUDY William C 1931-1981
GOUGER James David 1949-
GOUGER Johnny Douglas 1952-
GOUGER Jonathan A 1974-
GOUGER Ray Tom and Johnny Ruth ELSON
GOUGH Grace H and Troy
GOURLEY Donald J and Natividad J
GOWAN Howard Ronald 1920-1978
GOWER Clara B 1904-1995
GOWIN John Roy 1891-1949
GOWIN Nancy 1900-1960
GOYNE Betty L BARNES and Raymond J
GOYNE Maude Mae and Herry Ozro
GOYNE Willard E 1923-1991
GRACE Carolyn E 1913-1998
GRACE James F 1908-1970
GRADY Mary B 1918-1997
GRAGG David V and Dessie J
GRAGG Loree V and Clarence H
GRAHAM Anna Mae and Bert F Sr
GRAHAM Barney D 1938-1987
GRAHAM Daniel Jeffrey 1985-1986
GRAHAM Frances A 1923-1991
GRAHAM Frank Leon and Etta Mae HARRIS
GRAHAM Jimmy L Sr and Betty J
GRAMMER Bessie Cole 1900-
GRAMS Whitney Leigh 1998
GRANER M Maurine and Carl E
GRANT Eric William 1973-1996
GRANT Fred M and Ouida G
GRANT George B 1914-1985
GRANT Justin Russell 1990-1990
GRANT Kathe H 1939-1972
GRANT Lloyd C Sr 1914-1997
GRANT Oliver B and Lillian M
GRANTLAND Bernice M and Henry V
GRANTLAND Jim L 1920-1987
GRANTLAND Thomas Ucla 1881-1963
GRANTLAND Tommie W 1915-1960
GRAVES Allen W 1914-1997
GRAVES Elizabeth A 1886-1968
GRAVES Ethel B and Walter B
GRAVES Frank R and Mary E
GRAVES Kimberly Anne 1962-1964
GRAVES Martha Glover 1918-1997
GRAVES Mary J and W Kenneth
GRAVES Robert Louis and Fidella V
GRAVES Weona and Joseph
GRAY Donald A and Louise M
GRAY Dorothy McCOY 1911-1991
GRAY Edward Allan 1922-1993
GRAY George W 1883-1964
GRAY Jack 1910-1957
GRAY James Russell 1909-1967
GRAY Jeffery Paul 1954-1999
GRAY Joe Louie 1926-1975
GRAY John E 1922-1998
GRAY John Samuel 1929-1984
GRAY John W 1897-1991
GRAY Karren Jo 1944-1995
GRAY Kristie TANNER 1953-1973
GRAY Lance Matthew 1971-1973
GRAY Leota Azalea and Oland L
GRAY Mary E and John Wesley
GRAY Mary E LAMBRIGHT 1921-1988
GRAY Ora E 1905-1978
GRAY Rebecca 1979-1980
GRAY Ruth 1922-1997
GRAY Thelma A 1924-
GRAY Wayne A and Thelma K
GRAYSON Geraldine J -2002
GREATHOUSE Elmer Lee and Ann
GREEN Billy Keith 1930-1950
GREEN C G 1922-1982
GREEN Charles R and Ramona D
GREEN Clara Belle 1894-1973
GREEN Dale C 1933-1952
GREEN Daniel Lee Jr 1996
GREEN Frances Braught 1914-1998
GREEN Francis Brooks 1897-1976
GREEN Ina Vivian 1916-1953
GREEN J D 1915-1993
GREEN Jay D 1946-1999
GREEN Jerry R 1933-1974
GREEN Jesse W 1935-1986
GREEN John Albert 1886-1954
GREEN Johnny Wayne 1954-1981
GREEN Judy 1949-1997
GREEN Larry D 1946-1985
GREEN Mary Lou and Bob G
GREEN Michael Wayne 1950-1967
GREEN Monteena B and Charles E
GREEN Paul H and Zelma F
GREEN Robert C 1935-1991
GREEN Shirley Arnold and William Howard
GREEN Velma L and David C
GREEN Villa M and Orvice L
GREEN W Margaret 1882-1960
GREEN William L 1918-1958
GREEN Willie O-NEAL and John Russell
GREEN Winfred D and Helen S
GREEN Wm Paul Dr PhD 1930-1981
GREENE Alee L 1911-1966
GREENE Alfred J Jr 1942-1996
GREENE Chad Daniel 1980-1980
GREENE Kenneth L Sr 1947-1998
GREENE Ruth H 1915-1980
GREENE Samuel W 1895-1964
GREENE Tonie 1878-1962
GREENFIELD Mary E 1896-1956
GREENFIELD Neal C 1898-1973
GREENHAW Ina V 1914-
GREENHAW Jack E and Edna F
GREENIER Paul Gerald LtCol 1915-1997
GREENLEE - Howard Dr family
GREENLEE Andrea 1965-1994
GREENLEE John H 1963-1996
GREENLEE Rufus D Jr 1924-1995
GREENLEE Sybil PEAK 1918-2002
GREENWOOD Dale E 1948-1969
GREENWOOD Susie 1961-1988
GREER Bob Ray 1927-1970
GREER Darren DeShun 1966-1993
GREER Jerry D 1936-1988
GREER Willis B and Alberta Marie
GREGORY Bertha Alva 1908-1984
GREGORY Earl 1904-1990
GREGORY Emma D 1886-1969
GREGORY Jo J 1923-1979
GREGORY Louis Kirk 1932-2000
GREGORY Lowell D and Marian G
GREGORY Lucille and Floyd
GREGORY Marlena D 1934-1996
GREGORY Melva Jo 1911-1968
GREGORY Raymond Thomas 1922-1998
GREGORY Shephard N 1918-1981
GREGORY Susan E 1945-1967
GREGORY Timothy August 1958-1982
GREGSTON Pauline LLOYD 1896-1988
GREIDER Audra Lee and William F
GRENIER Joseph A 1925-1994
GRENIER Joyce J 1927-1994
GRENIER Justin Nance 1921-1999
GRESHAM Harold Wesley 1923-1983
GRESHAM William Carter 1920-1995
GREWE Lester C 1909-1993
GRIESER John L and Kathryn C
GRIFFEY Nora Pearl 1895-1981
GRIFFEY William H 1914-1989
GRIFFIN Alberta and Arthur
GRIFFIN Billy Jack 1924-2000
GRIFFIN Charlie L and Annie Jewel
GRIFFIN Darryl Andrew 1954-1994
GRIFFIN Dorris L and George A
GRIFFIN Evelyn P 1918-
GRIFFIN Ira Lynn 1921-1979
GRIFFIN James D and Odessa
GRIFFIN Jewel H 1905-1988
GRIFFIN Luna Mae and Malvin E
GRIFFIN Mary Pearl 1902-2000
GRIFFIN Michael Dennis 1946-1974
GRIFFIN Wallace J and Alice L
GRIFFIN Wiley P and Faye S
GRIFFITH Alexander V Blake Bradley 1999-
GRIFFITH Arthur V 1915-1999
GRIFFITH Loma C 1922-
GRIFFITH Tina T 1921-1993
GRIFFITH W Wayland 1926-1982
GRIFFITTS Delmer and Mollie B
GRIFFITTS Donna Kay 1941-1986
GRIFFITTS Joyce H and Garland Wayne
GRIGGS Frederick C Jr and Louise E
GRIGGS Frederick C Sr 1874-1955
GRIGSBY Peter 1954-1995
GRILL Joseph G 1941-1979
GRIMES Ben E 1901-1966
GRIMES Betty L 1945-2000
GRIMES Florence 1921-1992
GRIMES Louis Ira and Edythe C
GRIMES Mary E 1909-2000
GRIMES Myrtle E and Robert H
GRIMES Raymond W 1909-1979
GRIMM Florence A 1917-2001
GRIMM George William 1911-1992
GRIMMETT Lee Roy 1911-1956
GRIMMETT Vita V 1911-1977
GRIMSTEAD William D Sr 1930-1992
GRINDSTAFF Jack 1926-1990
GRINER Debra Linne 1961-1966
GRISHAM Iva Lee Emma WALKER and William
GRISHAM James Martin 1961-1970
GRISSETT Beulah V 1912-1988
GRISSETT Guy R 1920-1991
GRISSOM Helen 1928-1982
GRISSOM J W 1933-1984
GRISWOLD Janet Florence 1935-2001
GRIZZELL Layton A 1927-1968
GRIZZELL Layton A Jr 1949-1986
GROGAN Connie L and Patrick J
GROH James A and Mable J
GROMATZKY Leota NICHTER and Victor Augus
GROMATZKY Milton W 1917-1969
GROMATZKY Weldon Cotton and Paulette
GROOM Therese S 1924-1990
GROSCHUP Elizabeth F and Carl J
GROSE Donald J and Joanne J
GROSS Carl R Jim and Helen M
GROSS Lora Ann and Joseph Herbert
GROSS Matthew Cyril 1988-1989
GROSS Troy Don 1963-1971
GROSS Wesley Earl and Virginia Ginny
GROSSMAN Leo B and Violet T
GROTE Karen L 1961-1987
GROUNDS Dewey W-1911-1981
GROUNDS Sallie 1873-1965
GROUT Albion H and Richard F
GROVE David F and Ann F L
GROVES Clarence Hancock 1906-1974
GROVES Gerald R and Dorothy M
GROVES Gladys G 1907-1987
GROVES Jeanette McNEIL 1933-
GROVES Kenneth C 1931-1990
GRUBB Grover Cleveland and Dorothy Elain
GRUBB Robert R 1940-1986
GRUBB Steven J 1968-1990
GRUBBS Anna Shante 1977-1977
GRUBBS Hazel J and Boise
GRUBBS Syble M and James R
GRUSENDORE Darryl Kent Jr 1962-1979
GRZANN James Jesse 1901-1969
GUANG Angel Tran 1992-1992
GUDAL Cora Louise 1914-2002
GUDAL Maynard A 1910-1987
GUERIN Alvin R and Nola F
GUERRA Evaristo Ruber and Paula L
GUERRA Pedro 1963-1993
GUERRA Ricardo Enrrioquez 1976-1995
GUERRY Lillian H 1892-1960
GUERRY Roy A 1892-1957
GUESNER William 1932-1977
GUESSFORD Wayne Kay and Nancy Lee
GUHL James W 1927-1967
GUHL Nora B and J A
GUHL Ruby Lorene and Raymond Walter
GUIDRY Wayne Lee 1939-1990
GUILL W Bert and Mary S
GUILLOT Ernest 1901-1980
GUIN Minnie M and Harmon M
GUINN Maude R and James H
GUINN Richard M and Barbara A
GUISE Dao Ba Tu 1916-1983
GUISINGER Docia and Alvin
GULLY Jason L 1978-1997
GUNN Cecil L Sr 1899-1961
GUNN FAYE L 1905-1984
GUNN Thomas Earl and Edith Esteen
GUNNERSON Glenda Jo 1952-1978
GUNNIP Priscilla D 1930-2001
GUNSON Julia E 1907-1998
GUSTAFSON Robert D and Beverly B
GUSTIN Dwayne Ward 1970-1987
GUSTINE Fred W 1915-1989
GUTHRIE Betty J 1919-1999
GUTHRIE Elmer E 1879-1967
GUTHRIE Rose 1917-2000
GUTIERREZ Alejandro 1998-1999
GUTIERREZ Carlos D and Alicia R WELLA
GUTIERREZ Crespin G and Teresa C
GUTIERREZ Gilbert and Elisia L
GUTIERREZ Guadalupe G and Lydid B
GUTIERREZ Hipolito 1946-1987
GUTIERREZ J Arnulfo 1953-1999
GUTIERREZ Juan V and Eva R
GUTIERREZ Margarita M 1911-1995
GUTIERREZ Pedro A Jr 1948-1998
GUTTMAN Alvina H 1898-1968
GUTTMAN Arthur H 1892-1968
GUYETTE Imogene M and B Frederic Sr
GUYTON Frances I 1913-1998
GUZMAN Betty -
GUZMAN Christine L and Juan
GUZMAN John N and Petra Betty
GUZMAN Jose Luis Jr 1996
GUZMAN Paulina 1943-
GUZOLEK Katie P and Leonard M
GWINUP Kenneth E 1969-1989
HA Lai
HA Ma and Trinh Thi HEN
HAACK Vera I and Alfred J
HAAG Lynn Swann 1940-1980
HABERMAN William M and Edith M
HACKNEY Donna Sue 1956-1982
HACKNEY Frances Laverne 1921-1971
HADDAD Daoud M 1930-1988
HADDOCK Jeanette B and James L iii
HADEN Kathleen HULL and Ernest Faber
HADLEY Everett P 1916-1996
HADLEY Hazel M and Joseph M
HADLEY Helen Fay 1921-1965
HADOVEC Dorothy E 1913-2001
HAEFS Marie M 1916-1963
HAEFS Richard W-and U Vera
HAGA Patricia G 1928-1963
HAGA Thelma M 1905-1985
HAGEMAN Patricia M and Ray Van
HAGERMAN Amber Rene 1986-1996
HAGERMAN Mildred K 1920-1975
HAGERMAN Millard Wayne 1923-1998
HAGGARD Mary E and Benjamin W
HAGHIGHI Mohammad Ali 1914-1994
HAGINS Lila Rie BRANNEN 1917-1989
HAGINS Olan J 1915-1969
HAGLER Jack Hiram and Laura Ruth PARNELL
HAHN Anton J and Lillian R
HAHN Lilly Pearl and B G
HAHN Linda HALL 1945-
HAHN Marguerite and Edward A
HAHN Raymond J 1939-1994
HAI Anne Nguyen Thi 1938-2002
HAI Bui Ngoc 1955-1995
HAI Dinh Xuan 1952-1998
HAI Hoang 1932-1995
HAI Vo Dong
HAI Vo Dong 1941-1999
HAILEY Chelsea Paige 1971-1994
HAILEY Dora 1902-1963
HAILEY Russell H and Lillian B
HAILEY William W 1872-1963
HAJAISTRON Mary A 1930-1984
HALCOMB Ethel Mae 1912-1995
HALCOMB William Jay 1925-1988
HALDEMAN Rena E 1900-1986
HALDEMAN Sherwood P Jr 1906-1984
HALE D W and Clara B
HALE Kyler 1991-1991
HALE Rufus C and Naomi J
HALE Rufus Carroll Jr 1926-1960
HALE Scott Thomas 1961-1984
HALEY Darrell Wayne 1941-1982
HALEY Doris Elizabeth SMITH and Leonard
HALL Amanda Denise Mandy 1978-1991
HALL Amy B 1925-1994
HALL Audrey R 1915-1978
HALL Aven R 1923-1989
HALL Betty Lucille C and Robert Freddie
HALL Carnell R 1931-2002
HALL Charles E and Bernice E
HALL Claudine L 1926-
HALL Dorothy F 1923-1989
HALL Elizabeth C 1919-
HALL Elizabeth M and John A
HALL Erma Lee 1933-2002
HALL Gajuan 1995-1999
HALL H Clyde and Ollie
HALL H Pat and Bessie
HALL Herman F 1924-1991
HALL Homer Shelton 1919-2000
HALL infant 1989
HALL Jack 1919-1994
HALL James C Jr 1954-1974
HALL James C Sr 1933-1987
HALL Katheryn V and George H
HALL Larry Edward 1954-1993
HALL Lennie Mae 1900-1966
HALL Martin Hardwick 1925-1981
HALL Mozelle and Calvin
HALL Patricia Ann 1951-1986
HALL Richard W Dr and Joyce COX
HALL Ricky D and Donna J
HALL Sam J 1917-1964
HALL Vera May and Lando
HALL Viola H and James H
HALL Virginia Ginny 1925-
HALL Walter W 1883-1961
HALLAN Ann B 1925-
HALLAN Charles E 1921-1995
HALLAN Jewel Lera and Nelda Jem
HALLAN Lois H and George F
HALLEY Lee F 1909-1989
HALLIGAN Randy Paul 1953-1990
HALLINAN Wanda H ROWLAND 1949-1999
HALPENNY Barbara Ruth and Lloyd Jasper
HALPENNY Lillian B 1877-1956
HALSELL Evelyn M 1903-1975
HALTOM Frances R 1922-2002
HALTOM Thomas H 1917-1990
HALVERSON Jenna Elizabeth 1998
HAMBRICK Audrey P 1932-1987
HAMBY Joan M 1943-1995
HAMBY Larry D 1941-1986
HAMDOUN Omar Hashem 1965-1984
HAMILTON Billie M 1927-1998
HAMILTON Bonnie Jeanne 1895-1964
HAMILTON Corine S 1917-2002
HAMILTON Debbie 1957-1982
HAMILTON Edgar B 1936-1992
HAMILTON Harry G 1886-1978
HAMILTON Ivo Lee 1916-
HAMILTON John David 1973-1992
HAMILTON Martenzie and Carolyn D
HAMILTON Mary Lucille 1904-1992
HAMILTON Murl Love and Carl L
HAMILTON O C and Dorothy Louise
HAMILTON Peggy A 1927-2002
HAMILTON Tee and Virginia
HAMILTON Tony Gene 1961-1976
HAMILTON Wayne Clifford 1919-1989
HAMM David C 1959-1979
HAMMEL Michelle A 1964-1997
HAMMER Thomas Leroy and Lillie Mae
HAMMETT Alta Rose and William Gene
HAMMETT David Lynn 1939-1988
HAMMETT Dixie GATES 1936-2002
HAMMETT James T 1940-1987
HAMMETT Naomi I 1934-
HAMMETT Pauline 1928-
HAMMITT Jeanne E 1916-1991
HAMMOCK Gladys I and and Clarence H
HAMMOND Edwin G 1932-1982
HAMMOND J Vern and H Ruth
HAMMOND Juanita F 1920-1949
HAMMOND Patricia J 1963-1963
HAMMOND Raymond E and June V
HAMMOND Wm Kenneth and Flo O
HAMNER Kenneth W 1930-1987
HAMPTON Don J and Cheryl L
HAMPTON Joseph W 1922-2001
HAMPTON Marion D 1926-1995
HAMPTON Patsy B 1928-1982
HAMPTON Sarah Jane 1956-1999
HAMPTON-ROSS Pamela J 1961-2001
HANBY Clinard Joseph Jr 1926-1984
HANBY William Hendry 1954-1986
HANCOCK Edward Penick 1908-1993
HANCOCK Frank R and Rita G
HAND Floy Mae and Wm Arce H
HAND George O and Minnie M
HAND Wilburn 1922-1973
HANDLEY A Lanelle and B H
HANDLEY Bennie H 1939-1962
HANDY Donald D 1926-1983
HANDY Marilyn L
HANES Cella S 1907-1973
HANEY Charlie R 1904-1959
HANEY Clifford E 1928-1984
HANEY Daniel Lee 1963-1999
HANEY Doyle E and Glenda A
HANEY Patricia and Harrell E
HANEY Sarah B 1905-1994
HANEY Vivian D and Edward C
HANEY Wayne T 1931-1994
HANKEY Marie I and Robert C
HANKING Craig Michael 1968-1994
HANNA George W 1924-1990
HANNA Lorene T and Orren J
HANNA Norene H 1923-1989
HANS Cody L 1992
HANSELL Frankie STEWART 1914-2000
HANSELL John Melvin 1911-1997
HANSEN Arthur P and Gladys E
HANSEN Carl William and Evelyn Marie
HANSEN Emma L 1896-1982
HANSEN Florence 1941-2002
HANSEN Hazzie Ella and Walter Earling
HANSEN Paul Edward 1935-2001
HANSEN Stephanie Jane 1981
HANSEN William M Jr 1953-2002
HANZELKA Jimmie J Sr 1926-1994
HAPER Frank H 1891-1969
HAPER Marie 1894-1957
HARALSON Esther HANEY 1898-1958
HARALSON Joe Bailey 1894-1967
HARBER Warren F 1925-1991
HARBERT Marquerite C 1917-1985
HARBOT Lavina B and Clarence D
HARDEE Vicki Lucille 1954-1954
HARDEGREE Apless H and A A Pete
HARDEMAN Ella Mae and Newton J
HARDEN Joan Jo Ann and Roy B
HARDEN Mary Emily 1917-1993
HARDEN Mary Yvonne 1907-1991
HARDEN William Walter 1915-1993
HARDER Robert L and Sandra S
HARDESTY Bessie V 1894-1983
HARDICK Jack E and Nora B
HARDIN Charles F 1892-1958
HARDIN Emma C and Amcie M
HARDIN Hattie Mae 1888-1977
HARDIN John Henry 1880-1958
HARDIN Lawrence C 1966-2000
HARDIN Marie M 1897-1988
HARDIN Marvin L and Catherine
HARDIN Timothy James 1967-2000
HARDING Christopher Lance 1949-1981
HARDING Glen E 1961-1997
HARDING Glen O Sr 1935-1988
HARDING Nancy K WEBER 1956-1983
HARDISTY Harvey Randol and Margaret Rebe
HARDMAN Louis Lamar 1982-1984
HARDT Fred H Jr 1921-1990
HARDWICK John and Mary R
HARDY Abbie Irene 1905-1989
HARDY Donald 1940-1969
HARDY Farna Jo and David W
HARDY Florence 1888-1968
HARDY Glenora E 1926-2001
HARDY James Thomas 1921-1973
HARDY Jess P and B Johnnie
HARDY Jettie 1882-1951
HARDY Jimmie Doyle 1943-1990
HARDY Ruth 1915-1971
HARDY Walter D and Ruby
HARE Viola Mae and Henry Earl
HARGIS Frances R 1919-2000
HARGIS Henry T 1919-
HARGIS Pearl L and Otis H
HARGISS Vera R 1936-1993
HARGRAVE Carl Corky 1942-2000
HARGRAVE Jessie R and Verne L
HARGRAVES William R and Janine E
HARGREAVES Elsie S 1902-1974
HARGROVE Lloyd D and Edna Belle
HARGROVE Ruth S 1914-1957
HARKER Iris L and Curtis G
HARKNESS James T 1927-1997
HARKREADER Lillian M 1924-2002
HARKREADER Robert C 1924-2001
HARLAN Carole A 1923-
HARLAN Chase Joseph 1984-1986
HARLAN Samuel Lucas 1980-1980
HARLAN Samuel P 1935-1967
HARLEY Damon C 1951-1972
HARLEY Ollie Lee Sr 1911-2000
HARLOW Jerry Lee and Barbara Jean
HARLOW Mabel Rose and Albert Samuel
HARLOW William Kirk 1966-1985
HARMAN Carmen REED 1914-1986
HARMAN Verdell L 1932-1997
HARMEL Richard Paul 1920-1996
HARMON Dorothy L 1924-
HARMON Kenneth K 1925-2000
HARMON Lawrence C 1921-1990
HARMON Mark Edward 1962-1981
HARMON Vallie Jane 1899-1989
HARMON Velma L 1935-2002
HARMOND Joseph Andrew 1929-1987
HARMOND Mary Alice 1923-1971
HARMS Deanna M 1958
HARPER Carolyn DETERS 1924-1995
HARPER Clifton C 1905-1989
HARPER Constance M and Lloyd W
HARPER Donald Aaron 1965-1986
HARPER Ethel E 1905-1981
HARPER J B 1911-2001
HARPER L LaVerne and James Gene E
HARPER Mayme A and William L
HARPER Oleta J 1912-1995
HARPER Rhonda Gail 1952-1977
HARPSTER Marie J and John T
HARRAND Margery T 1944-
HARRAND Nichole J 1988
HARRAND Paul M 1944-1992
HARRELL Bonnie Greer 1996
HARRELL Carl L 1927-1994
HARRELL Eleanor M 1897-1988
HARRELL Lucille and A Mack
HARRELL Ollie B 1926-
HARRELL Robert A and Jewel
HARRELL Roy Allen 1929-1972
HARRIGAN George J 1921-1990
HARRIGAN Martin W and Dorothy A
HARRIMAN James W 1925-1984
HARRIMAN John W 1904-1988
HARRIMAN Laura O and Roberta H
HARRINGTON Lee Nora and Albert M
HARRINGTON Ulysses and Carolyn Sue
HARRIS Ada Lee and William A
HARRIS Anna Mae 1912-1997
HARRIS Arthur D 1932-1972
HARRIS Benjamin Lee 1966-1983
HARRIS Bobbie Frances 1935-2000
HARRIS Carl Oliver 1919-1977
HARRIS Clarence A and Evelyn P
HARRIS Constance Irene and Julius Vernon
HARRIS David Lawrence 1970-1989
HARRIS Delores JoAnn and Dallas Lynn
HARRIS Dewey Lee 1920-1968
HARRIS Dollie A 1897-1963
HARRIS Dorothy FRANKS and Delbert L Budd
HARRIS Erma L 1914-1991
HARRIS Eugene H 1917-1982
HARRIS Eula Douthett and Roger Albert
HARRIS Eva L 1912-1991
HARRIS Hazel P and Jessie D
HARRIS Ina G and Jasper H
HARRIS Inez H and Guy
HARRIS Jeanette E and Edgar C
HARRIS Jewell V and Hillard P
HARRIS John Joseph and Mona Anne
HARRIS John Michael 1942-1983
HARRIS Larry Joe 1951-2001
HARRIS Lawrence E 1898-1983
HARRIS Lena J 1897-1975
HARRIS Lois V 1921-1991
HARRIS Luther E 1915-1990
HARRIS Mamie L and Cecil O
HARRIS Marion L 1933-1994