Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Mount Olivet Cemetery - TUV, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
TA Maria Mau T 1968-1989
TAAFFE Thomas J Rev 1908-1933-1978
TABER 1 Arthur J and Marie
TABER 1 M Stanley 1917-1960
TABOR Jordyn Michelle 1995
TABOR Lloyd A and Mackey P
TABOR Marcella 1924-2002
TABOR son 1952
TABUYO Jose and Amelia
TAC Cao Van 1912-1991
TACKETT Bobby Wayne 1941-1959
TACKETT Cecil A 1907-1974
TACKETT Celeste M 1886-1972
TACKETT Clyde P 1910-1979
TACKETT Florine 1921-1964
TACKETT Jack M 1919-1986
TACKETT Sarah E 1872-1966
TACKETT William L 1884-1924
TADEO Jose 1888-1944
TADLOCK 1 J A 1883-1951
TADLOCK 1 Toy G 1887-1977
TADLOCK Charles R and Bennie Lee
TADLOCK Dorene D 1916-1981
TADLOCK Frankie Louise 1907-1931
TADLOCK Geraldine L and J Albert Jr
TADLOCK H 1878-1918
TADLOCK Hardy D and Sandy B
TADLOCK Howard T 1916-1982
TADLOCK Jimmy 1939
TADLOCK Katy M 1887-1967
TADLOCK Maggie B 1875-1959
TADLOCK R M Bob and Katy M
TADLOCK Robert McClain and Birdie
TADLOCK Roy R and Velma O
TAGGART Alfred M and William A
TAGGART Bettie S 1857-1926
TAGGART Gladys T 1903-1966
TAGGART Jack R 1932-1980
TAGGART Jean 1932-
TAGGART Lilla M 1900-1940
TAGGART M W 1901-1961
TAGGART Samuel M 1853-1937
TAGGART T W Tom 1907-1966
TAGGART Wilma B 1909-1987
TAHAN Fathallah Fashik Charles 1918-1996
TAI Pierre Nguyen 1911-1961
TAIF James J and Leaveta R
TAIF James J and M Belle
TAIF John Donald 1920-1981
TALBERT Clyde Rotan and Lucile WATKINS 2
TALBOT Clyde J and Virginia R
TALBOTT Elizabeth 1874-1945
TALBOTT R D MD 1860-1937
TALIAFERRO Dewey 1898-1947
TALIAFERRO I Sue 1923-1990
TALIAFERRO John A 1895-1952
TALIAFERRO Lou Edna 1879-1956
TALIAFERRO Robert D and Lorraine O
TALLANT Ernest 1935-1999
TALLANT Gregory Carson 1947-1974
TALLANT James Riley and Nannie Jane
TALLANT James W 1879-1960
TALLANT Kenneth D 1926-1985
TALLANT Mamie R 1916-1944
TALLANT Melba P 1918-1992
TALLANT Odis W 1913-1972
TALLANT Robert L 1921-1962
TALLANT Robert R and Mittie L
TALLANT Ruth C 1925-
TALLANT Sarah E 1886-1967
TALLANT Velma Rae 1929-1999
TALLAS Paul Sr 1919-1992
TALLEY Agnes R 1903-1996
TALLEY Clarence O and Mary Alene
TALLEY David Nicholas 1998-2000
TALLEY Edgar Lanier 1896-1934
TALLEY Eleanor M 1909-2000
TALLEY Frances L 1921-1984
TALLEY J Mildred 1910-1999
TALLEY James V and Kathryn JORDAN
TALLEY Jimmy O 1933-2000
TALLEY Jo 1898-1987
TALLEY John E 1907-1970
TALLEY Junius J 1872-1957
TALLEY Lilla L 1873-1960
TALLEY Matilda M 1878-1963
TALLEY Michael G 1954-1997
TALLEY Sybia Faye 1938-
TALLEY William H 1934-1997
TALLEY William R 1908-1995
TALLIAFERRO Edith A 1911-1977
TALLMAN James L 1896-1951
TALLMAN Sarah SMITH 1911-1989
TALLY Doil Ocee 1902-2002
TALLY Nora Ethel 1907-1981
TAMEZ 1 Fructuoso 1887-1947
TAMEZ 1 Ofilia 1891-1982
TAMEZ Carmen R 1910-1970
TAMEZ Carolina R 1890-1936
TAMEZ Guadalupe 1923-1932
TAMEZ Josefa 1921-1931
TAMEZ Lasaro 1911-1947
TAMEZ Pascual 1860-1928
TAMEZ Rafael Sr 1883-1958
TANDY Herbert Stuart 1884-1909
TANKERSLEY Aaron J and Alice
TANKERSLEY Beatrice BYRON 1907-1994
TANKERSLEY Daisy 1885-1975
TANKERSLEY David and Lou
TANKERSLEY H Hub 1928-1984
TANKERSLEY Jack E 1932-1973
TANKERSLEY Lloyd 1907-1981
TANKERSLEY Mary Elizabeth 1894-1993
TANKERSLEY Opal H 1914-1999
TANKERSLEY S J Jack 1913-1993
TANKERSLEY William H 1907-2002
TANNAHILL Anna Laura 1902-1994
TANNAHILL Bernice B and Robert M
TANNAHILL Charles M -1942
TANNAHILL Evelyn B and Lee H Sr
TANNAHILL Florence M 1892-1974
TANNAHILL Floyd P 1915-1955
TANNAHILL Gordon W 1889-1972
TANNAHILL H T Jack and Mildred M
TANNAHILL Hermon E and Doris M
TANNAHILL Mary Kathryn 1891-1976
TANNAHILL Robert L 1861-1947
TANNEHILL Robert E and Velma
TANNEHILL Thelma 1925-1985
TANNER 2 Jessie Revis 1882-1972
TANNER Charles A and Della
TANNER David E and Pearl S
TANNER Elbert Leo Sr 1920-2001
TANNER H A 1909-1932
TANNER Henry B 1881-1970
TANNER Joe H and Georgia Alice
TANNER Thurman C 1923-1982
TANNER Virginia Sue 1933-1973
TAPIA Esther REYES 1887-1958
TAPIA Jose Bernardo 1999-1999
TAPP A E Jack 1902-1955
TAPP Billy Joe and Bobbie L
TAPP Carl F 1924-1950
TAPP Carl Homer 1894-1966
TAPP Etta Cora 1889-1975
TAPP Michael David 1972-1976
TAPPE Fred Sr and Dessie M
TAPPE Marvin Franklin 1925-1995
TAPPE Norma Lillian 1926-
TAPPE Robert Wayne 1948
TARBET Edith BLALOCK 1904-1980
TARBET Robert M 1896-1971
TARLETON Cleaudrey ARAUJO Claudia 1985-2
TARPLEY Jack A and Gertrude
TARRANT Arbie V 1907-1994
TARRANT Imer Elizabeth 1899-1989
TARVER Charles Ray Mr C 1969-1971
TARVER Eunice Lee Sugar 1918-1987
TARVER Holland L 1936-1992
TARVER Idell D 1898-1984
TARVER Lawrence E 1920-1997
TARWATER Roy Lee and Melinda Kay and Mar
TARWATER Thomas B and Kate M
TASANEN Kaarle K 1925-1995
TASEFF John 1872-1931
TASHKOFF Eula and Nick
TASHKOFF Metho N 1921-1982
TAT Maria Tran Thi 1921-2000
TATAREWICZ Jan 1907-1956
TATE Bernadine 1934-1972
TATE Bobbie Jo WILSON 1920-2003
TATE Carol Elaine 1947-1960
TATE Eunice B 1927-2000
TATE George E 1916-1962
TATE Gussie M 1924-1977
TATE James B 1914-1982
TATE James D Doug 1950-
TATE James Melford 1857-1944
TATE John B and Julia V BUCHANAN
TATE John B and Olivia A
TATE John Edgar and Annie DAVIS
TATE Johnnie Geneva 1917-1982
TATE Johnny W 1914-1984
TATE Lawrence Melford 1920-1979
TATE Mattie Jo COATES 1908-1989
TATE Royce Calvin 1923-2003
TATE Samuel V 1865-1948
TATE Walter Ernest 1916-1934
TATOM Ben E 1930-1997
TATOM Jasper Loyd 1909-1976
TATOM Julia Mae 1919-1986
TATOM Mrs Clara 1894-1941
TATOM Veletia 1930-
TATUM 1 Clara May 1883-1939
TATUM 1 Era Pauline 1905-1973
TATUM 1 Nathaniel E 1909-1991
TATUM 1 Velma Lucille 1910-1968
TATUM 1 William S 1876-1962
TATUM 1 Wm Wesley 1907-1984
TATUM Carl E 1912-1994
TATUM Emmit K 1901-1973
TATUM Gladys FRONTROY 1904-1980
TATUM Howard Louis 1930
TATUM Joe D 1926-1999
TATUM Larry E 1941-1995
TATUM Lee Edward 1974-1994
TATUM Lessie E 1902-
TATUM Mabel G 1886-1968
TATUM Marvin Murff 1909-1996
TATUM Robert Edwin 1878-1965
TATUM Velma K 1914-1966
TATUM William L 1925-1959
TAWATER Aubrey 1928-1970
TAWATER Charles Edward 1900-1958
TAWATER George W and Mirtie L
TAWATER Mary Evelyn 1927-1928
TAWATER Nancy J 1866-1941
TAWATER-JORDAN Margaret 1906-1994
TAYLOR 1 Luther E 1890-1952
TAYLOR A Carroll 1888-1946
TAYLOR A Sidney 1870-1952
TAYLOR Allie 1898-1946
TAYLOR Alta Christine 1931-2003
TAYLOR Alva H Buddy 1921-2003
TAYLOR Annie Mae and J C
TAYLOR Bary Irene 1897-1989
TAYLOR Ben F Mrs 1900-1966
TAYLOR Benjamin F 1887-1962
TAYLOR Billie V 1919-1973
TAYLOR Billy Ray and Martha F
TAYLOR Blanche 1917-1982
TAYLOR Blanche I and Arthur E
TAYLOR Bonnie HARRISON 1905-1992
TAYLOR Boyd T 1913-1975
TAYLOR Brandon Lee 1980-1980
TAYLOR Carmen Amamda Sheri Romo 1985-198
TAYLOR Charles J 1882-1958
TAYLOR Charles R 1914-1977
TAYLOR Christal Dawn 1986-1986
TAYLOR Clara C 1872-1967
TAYLOR Clarence Burl 1905-1982
TAYLOR Clifford H and Ruby Ola
TAYLOR Darla Ann KIRK 1947-1993
TAYLOR David Luke and Anna Bell
TAYLOR David Ray 1956-2002
TAYLOR Doris Truman 1917-2000
TAYLOR Dorothy F 1923-1983
TAYLOR Duke Minor 1886-1950
TAYLOR E D Spud MD 1917-1982
TAYLOR Eddie Ruth 1913-1940
TAYLOR Edgar M and Ola Faye
TAYLOR Edna Lee 1896-1957
TAYLOR Edna Lee 1908-1973
TAYLOR Edwin Dale 1928-1992
TAYLOR Elaine QUALLS 1907-1995
TAYLOR Elda M 1892-1962
TAYLOR Eleanor Faith 1918-1995
TAYLOR Eliza Annie and Deward G
TAYLOR Ella Mae 1908-1993
TAYLOR Ellen B 1888-1981
TAYLOR Emmitt O and Jennie B
TAYLOR Ernest M Sr 1915-1966
TAYLOR Esther Lee CARR 1915-2002
TAYLOR Eugene 1912-1955
TAYLOR Faith Charlene 1966
TAYLOR Fern F 1886-1947
TAYLOR Florence BOGARD 1888-1922
TAYLOR Florence J 1885-1970
TAYLOR Florine 1914-1984
TAYLOR Floyd V and Beryl L
TAYLOR Foster R 1902-1980
TAYLOR Fred B 1902-1980
TAYLOR George Chester 1881-1960
TAYLOR Gladys 1923-1965
TAYLOR Green B and Ruth N
TAYLOR Harim Alvin and Avrine
TAYLOR Hayden Wolfgang 1992-1992
TAYLOR Hoyt Beamon 1909-1981
TAYLOR Ira Raymond and Pauline G
TAYLOR Irene R 1914-1999
TAYLOR J Burnett 1901-1924
TAYLOR J C and Faye
TAYLOR J Frank 1893-1958
TAYLOR J S 1884-1939
TAYLOR Jack M and Juanita C
TAYLOR Jacob E 1888-1955
TAYLOR Jacob Manoah 2003
TAYLOR James Floyd 1928-1951
TAYLOR James L Sr 1899-1958
TAYLOR James M and Velma SANDERS
TAYLOR James Robert 1921-1980
TAYLOR James S and Lila L
TAYLOR Janis Gay 1949
TAYLOR Jean A 1912-1987
TAYLOR Jerry Glenn 1952-1960
TAYLOR Jewel and Basil C
TAYLOR Jim Macherd and Abbie Irene
TAYLOR Joe Quinn and Julia
TAYLOR John A 1869-1937
TAYLOR John B Jr 1913-1990
TAYLOR John Boyd 1943-1943
TAYLOR John Edward and Leon Dixon and Le
TAYLOR John P and Maggie G
TAYLOR John W 1883-1954
TAYLOR Johnnie M 1886-1952
TAYLOR Joseph Gary and Johnnie Mae
TAYLOR Joseph R and Ora L
TAYLOR Joseph Storie iii 1911-1979
TAYLOR Joseph Wesley 1908-1974
TAYLOR Lallie Z 1896-1976
TAYLOR Larry boy 1945-1950
TAYLOR LaUna 1882-1952
TAYLOR Lee E 1919-1972
TAYLOR Lee Roy 1892-1960
TAYLOR Leroy 1919-1991
TAYLOR Lessie Corene 1907-1998
TAYLOR Lillian Belle 1868-1957
TAYLOR Lillian H 1905-1989
TAYLOR Linda Lin 1947-2002
TAYLOR Lois 1910-1977
TAYLOR Lola Doris and David C
TAYLOR Lon S 1882-1958
TAYLOR Lora 1904-1981
TAYLOR Luanah 1880-1963
TAYLOR Lucile T 1898-1973
TAYLOR Marcie Jo SODD 1950-1996
TAYLOR Marguerite L 1858-1938
TAYLOR Martha Ellen 1871-1936
TAYLOR Marthina 1877-1953
TAYLOR Martin 1870-1941
TAYLOR Mary A 1896-1946
TAYLOR Mary E 1883-1962
TAYLOR Mary Elizabeth 1905-1976
TAYLOR Mary Jane 1930-2002
TAYLOR Mary Jewell 1902-1954
TAYLOR Mary L 1863-1938
TAYLOR Mary M 1874-1969
TAYLOR Mary Tana 1884-1959
TAYLOR Maude REAGAN 1892-1987
TAYLOR Maurine H 1902-1971
TAYLOR Melinda A 1842-1918
TAYLOR Melvin C and Wilma Jean and Ronni
TAYLOR Mildred Anne 1912-1944
TAYLOR Nettie Ruth 1925-1995
TAYLOR Nicole Michelle 1979-1997
TAYLOR O Lee 1910-1987
TAYLOR O R Dink 1916-1986
TAYLOR Odis Lee and Dorothy Mavis
TAYLOR Ollie A 1906-1975
TAYLOR Ollie G 1931-1988
TAYLOR Ora Anna 1854-1914
TAYLOR Orville O B and Lucille L
TAYLOR Pamela Kay Pam 1954-1961
TAYLOR Paul Richie 1934-1985
TAYLOR Pauline 1909-1995
TAYLOR Philip D 1880-1949
TAYLOR Phillip Ray 1948-1996
TAYLOR Prudie M 1908-2001
TAYLOR Rachel Alene 1913-2000
TAYLOR Raymond 1900-1986
TAYLOR Raymond Edward Sr and Raymond Edw
TAYLOR Reba J 1912-2000
TAYLOR Richard 1928-1995
TAYLOR Robert E 1925-1982
TAYLOR Robert F 1926-1942
TAYLOR Robert Lloyd 1922-1988
TAYLOR Robert T and Frances B
TAYLOR Ronnie Carl 1961-1962
TAYLOR Ronnie E 1945-1960
TAYLOR Ruby Lee 1916-2003
TAYLOR Sam Oliver and Edith Wilma Billie
TAYLOR Shawn Alexander 1964
TAYLOR Skelton and Thelma R
TAYLOR son 1955
TAYLOR Spencer Boyd 1870-1949
TAYLOR Thelbert and Annie Mae
TAYLOR Thomas D 1897-1970
TAYLOR Thomas F 1870-1945
TAYLOR Thomas J Tommy 1900-1972
TAYLOR Thomas R 1931-1988
TAYLOR Thomas S 1899-1981
TAYLOR Thomas T 1902-1981
TAYLOR Thomas W and Annie R
TAYLOR Thresa B 1917-1998
TAYLOR Walter J 1889-1927
TAYLOR Warren Hoyt 1911-1989
TAYLOR Warren M 1877-1911
TAYLOR William A and Verdie A
TAYLOR William Claude 1888-1946
TAYLOR William L 1925-1952
TAYLOR William M 1897-1978
TAYLOR William T and Irma
TAYLOR Wm Don 1913-1978
TAYLOR Wm L and Mary I
TAYLOR Yvonne C 1934-1996
TAYLOR Zora Bell 1874-1949
TE Guise Nguyen 1906-1995
TEACHOUT Eliza M and Peter A
TEAFF Jerry Jack 1930-1999
TEAGARDEN Ann 1869-1945
TEAGUE 1 Hubert 1903-1970
TEAGUE 1 Hubert Jr 1928-1976
TEAGUE 1 Richard Otis 1925
TEAGUE Albert 1920-1971
TEAGUE Byron E 1915-1984
TEAGUE Chris L 1969-1992
TEAGUE Colquitt B and Jennie V
TEAGUE David Dale 1950-1953
TEAGUE Doris H 1919-2001
TEAGUE Edwin Scott 1925-1954
TEAGUE Eunice W 1908-1999
TEAGUE Frances ALLEN 1927-1986
TEAGUE Harium Wayne 1926-2004
TEAGUE Harvey Jean and Margaret F
TEAGUE Harvey R and Pattie L
TEAGUE James Monroe 1884-1960
TEAGUE Joseph Tolbert 1914-1983
TEAGUE Joseph W 1906-1976
TEAGUE Lillie A 1888-1972
TEAGUE Mary Lucille 1914-1993
TEAGUE Michael Ray 1986-1988
TEAGUE Mozelle ROE 1915-1996
TEAGUE Nancy 1863-1934
TEAGUE T W Buck 1916-1993
TEAGUE W Belle 1888-1921
TEAGUE William H 1857-1919
TEASLEY Raymond and Trannie BERRY
TECHMEYER Jewel I and Henry F Rev
TEDILLO Raymond 1924-1988
TEEL 1 Charlie L 1880-1920
TEEL 1 Preston E 1900-1980
TEEL 1 Rosa B 1881-1939
TEEL Annie Lula 1926-1995
TEEL C Royce and Mae E
TEEL Raymond Travis 1924-1983
TEEL Rosalie CREACH 1888-1966
TEEMS Larry Wayne 1944-1994
TEGETHOFF Charles F and Marian L
TEICHMANN Ann 1935-1941
TEICHMANN Fred W 1885-1947
TEICHMANN Minnie M 1885-1948
TEJADA Gilbert R 1921-1977
TEJADA John Christopher 1993-1993
TELESTINO Jose M 1915-1995
TELLEZ 1 Enrique G 1918-1942
TELLEZ 1 Lucio G 1923-1944
TELLEZ Escolastica G 1889-1980
TELLEZ Mariano J 1886-1962
TELLO Cesareo Jr 1966-1991
TELLO Constantino 1960-1990
TEMPLE 1 Fannie DYSART 1 1889-1975
TEMPLE Carolyn Elizabeth 1946-1948
TEMPLE Denver Glen 1927-2002
TEMPLE Doris Ann 1929-1948
TEMPLE Ethel N 1906-1987
TEMPLE Lillian H 1913-1999
TEMPLE Lonnie L 1934-1997
TEMPLE Marjorie Ruth
TEMPLE Pearl E and Jacob C
TEMPLE Percy B 1925-1940
TEMPLE Virgie and Wonnie
TEMPLE William F 1932-1999
TEMPLES Earline R 1918-
TEMPLES J C 1878-1946
TEMPLES J C Lefty 1916-1967
TEMPLES Pearl 1883-1940
TEMPLES Walter H 1940-1941
TEMPLETON Fannie E 1877-1968
TEMPLETON Joe J 1872-1949
TEMPLIN Billy D 1927-1977
TENANT Vincent C 1969-1969
TENNISON Alice and Grover S
TENNISON Bobby J 1933-1974
TENNISON Carolyn A 1934-1986
TENNISON Lecter D 1902-1991
TENNISON Lillie Pearl 1905-1969
TENNISON Loid E Sr 1900-1970
TENNISON Lucy 1893-1966
TENNISON Luke 1898-1988
TENNISON Mary E 1896-1965
TENNISON Richard P 1894-1964
TENNYSON Jessie Nick and Sharon Jean
TENORIO Jesus 1912-2002
TEPEZANO Victor 1970-1996
TEPPEN Tracy Michelle 1974-2004
TERESSO Nicholas 1918-2004
TERGERSON Jon C 1952-2002
TERGERSON Richard A 1948-1979
TERHUNE 1 P A 1877-1922
TERHUNE Cartherine 1877-1961
TERHUNE Harold J 1905-1969
TERHUNE James H 1867-1950
TERRAZAS Thena 1907-1944
TERRELL 1 Caleb O Dr 1888-1951
TERRELL 1 Esther Edna McCORD 1891-1946
TERRELL 1 Jean 1920-1923
TERRELL 1 Nona GARNER 1889-1930
TERRELL 1 S Dean Jr and Patricia O'BRIAN
TERRELL 1 Truman Conner MD and Anna Hele
TERRELL Fannie Mae 1907-1974
TERRELL Finus Rev 1905-1965
TERRELL Jessie BEALE 1902-1960
TERRELL Pearl 1898-1969
TERRELL Rola 1898-1974
TERRELL Ronald Aubrey 1958-1964
TERRELL William T 1911-1985
TERRILL Frances D 1892-1963
TERRITO Joseph Valentino 1914-1999
TERRITO Juilia Ann HILL 1921-
TERRY Burton O 1913-1998
TERRY Charlie T 1905-1984
TERRY Christopher J 1980-2002
TERRY Clara J 1900-1990
TERRY Clayton R 1971-2002
TERRY Clifton M 1912-1988
TERRY Dora H 1907-1983
TERRY Edwin Rufus and Dorothy
TERRY Elizabeth A 1882-1969
TERRY Enoch M 1907-1980
TERRY Everett F 1902-1967
TERRY H A Jack and Inez K
TERRY James L 1875-1945
TERRY James Marvin and Jimmye May
TERRY Jodie B 1899-1920
TERRY John Taylor 1901-1968
TERRY Joseph B 1865-1945
TERRY Juanita H and Buren W
TERRY Judson 1904-1947
TERRY Lavella CROSS 1909-1992
TERRY Lawrence and Marie
TERRY Loyce J and Wilma S
TERRY Lula S 1884-1969
TERRY Marie W 1922-2001
TERRY Mark Wayne 1961-1982
TERRY Martha C 1859-1952
TERRY Norma L 1912-1996
TERRY Robert A 1901-1969
TERRY Roxie 1905-1925
TERRY Roxie Ann 1925-1927
TERRY Sue Jane 1937-1968
TERRY Vetta HARR 1915-1957
TERRY Walter L 1877-1943
TERRY William Edward 1927-1928
TERRY William L 1914-1984
TESAR Alphonse T 1915-1987
TESAR Charles and Frances
TESAR Frank J 1913-1997
TESAR George 1937-2003
TESAR Marcella 1931-1972
TESAR Marie J Mary 1917-1995
TESORO Rebecca HAY 1963-2003
TESTA Juanita 1925-1956
TETTS Mamie -1921 at 42
TEW Ellouise and Gladys LOVE and J Herbe
THACH Edna Sunshine HARDIN 1908-1998
THACH Harry Thomas 1904-1971
THACH Jesse T 1877-1924
THACH Kenneth King 1916-1975
THACH Russell Hardin 1961-1996
THACKER Ike Hardin and Cora CHENAULT
THAI Ignatio Nguyen Duc Dai 1957-1994
THALER Leonard and America W
THAM Hua 1901-1984
THAMES Clifford E 1920-1963
THAMES Evelyn Dell and Cecil Fred
THAMES Guy Donald Sr 1928-1997
THAMES James Neely 1894-1932
THAMES John T Sr 1871-1956
THAMES Katherine SMITH and Clinton Thoma
THAMES Larry Fred 1941-1957
THAMES Lela Elizabeth 1874-1936
THAMES Margaret Anna 1987-1987
THAMES William A and Carrie AS
THAMMAVONGSA Sommay 1961-2004
THANAGOI Inthar Pan 1922-1999
THANH Le Minh 1996
THANH Nguyen Kim 1923-1990
THATCHER Adrian SISTER 1878-1963
THAYER L D Pete 1917-1999
THEALL Henry Ford 1917-1980
THEELER Donald W 1917-1959
THEELER Mary L 1904-1991
THELEN A Dale 1915-1986
THELEN K Natalie 1917-1990
THELIN Carl Milo Bop 1901-1995
THELIN Ellen Aurora Nani 1899-1982
THERIOT Ivy Joseph and Mary HOUSTON
THERRELL Beulah Lillian 1895-1953
THERRELL John W Sr 1924-1983
THERRELL Johnnie Elmer 1891-1976
THERRELL Johnnie Elmer Jr 1917-1917
THETFORD C Buck and Marion C
THETFORD Joel J 1938-1968
THETFORD Leona M SQUYRES 1 and Benjamin
THETFORD Walter C and Patsy R and Shanno
THIBODEAUX 1 J M 1882-1940
THIBODEAUX 1 Joseph Allen 1933-1941
THIBODEAUX Jessie E 1894-1947
THIBODEAUX Minnie B VERNON 1 1895-1976
THIELE Gertrude 1914-1968
THIELEMAN Edna L 1898-1986
THIERFELDER Charles M 1910-1982
THIESSEN Bettie L 1896-1964
THIESSEN Catherine Clarissa 1860-1925
THIESSEN H J J 1853-1945
THIESSEN John P 1894-1972
THIGPEN Billy Joe 1932-1960
THIGPEN Joseph David 1942-2003
THIGPEN Nathan C 1892-1946
THIHER Ottah Allen 1919-1996
THOA Anna Nguyen T 1928-1994
THOM Kenneth A 1962-1987
THOMAS 1 Amanda P 1867-1915
THOMAS 1 Annie S 1873-1911
THOMAS 1 Clarence A 1909-1978
THOMAS 1 Dan Frank 1893-1954
THOMAS 1 J D 1869-1969
THOMAS 1 Jackie SANDERS 1914-1986
THOMAS 1 Jennie Mae 1907-1954
THOMAS 1 Mary M 1837-1903
THOMAS 1 Mattie Ann 1875-1967
THOMAS 1 Olive J 1880-1952
THOMAS 2 Laura JACKSON 1854-1947
THOMAS 3 Annie M 1911-1982
THOMAS 3 Clifton 1903-1924
THOMAS 3 Jennie 1865-1946
THOMAS 3 Lester E 1900-1960
THOMAS 3 Ottie E 1906-1957
THOMAS 4 Helena G 1862-1940
THOMAS 4 Roy Gauze 1892-1968
THOMAS 4 W D 1860-1918
THOMAS A Reuline and Amie I and Velma M
THOMAS Acie P 1860-1944
THOMAS Ada 1871-1930
THOMAS Addie Made 1900-1945
THOMAS Alma Mae and Harry T
THOMAS Amy PERKINS 1813-1883
THOMAS Annie B and Felix D
THOMAS Arthur L and Pearl E
THOMAS Beulah 1885-1960
THOMAS Billie K 1936-1990
THOMAS C Carlos 1894-1960
THOMAS Catharine R 1923-2001
THOMAS Cecil F and Mildred L
THOMAS Charlene BOULTER 1915-1999
THOMAS Charles F 1915-1989
THOMAS Charles Jr 1903-1976
THOMAS Charles Sr 1884-1966
THOMAS Charlie B 1904-1985
THOMAS Cheryl Jean 1958-1958
THOMAS Cindy Rene 1960-1962
THOMAS Clarence G 1887-1957
THOMAS Clarence Junior 1932-1974
THOMAS Danny Glen 1943-1965
THOMAS Della 1907-1993
THOMAS Donald Lee 1928-2000
THOMAS Dora WELLS 1906-2001
THOMAS Dorothy J 1924-1990
THOMAS E Gertrude 1888-1976
THOMAS Earl 1880-1947
THOMAS Edna Faye 1910-1999
THOMAS Edward W 1911-1966
THOMAS Elizabeth 1921-1947
THOMAS Ercell L 1919-1984
THOMAS Ernest A 1854-1935
THOMAS Ernest R 1916-1988
THOMAS Essie M 1888-1940
THOMAS Estelle Ann 1886-1964
THOMAS Eula Maude 1897-1976
THOMAS Evelyn Mae 1898-1988
THOMAS Ewell M 1911-
THOMAS family
THOMAS Fannie M 1870-1954
THOMAS Frances 1901-1907
THOMAS Franchot and Ann
THOMAS George E and Nancy J ESSNER
THOMAS Gladys Marie 1899-1986
THOMAS Gladys Opal 1907-1977
THOMAS Harold O 1919-1933
THOMAS Helbing Marshall 1918-1997
THOMAS Helen F 1909-2000
THOMAS Henry W 1882-1953
THOMAS Henry W Jr and Marie K
THOMAS Herschel J 1900-1968
THOMAS Ida PRUETT 1906-1988
THOMAS Inez B 1908-2001
THOMAS Irvin C 1905-1988
THOMAS J Edwin 1911-1952
THOMAS J M Tommy 1921-1989
THOMAS James B 1889-1957
THOMAS James S Sr 1920-1988
THOMAS James Steven Jr 1951-1993
THOMAS Jep N 1870-1933
THOMAS Jesse 1909-1949
THOMAS Jewell 1905-1983
THOMAS John A and Ophelia
THOMAS John Felix and Becky
THOMAS John Henry Sr 1921-1990
THOMAS John Lewis and Ethel Ann
THOMAS John R 1893-1956
THOMAS John Royce and Bernice H
THOMAS John W and Doris M
THOMAS Keith Anthony 1959-1959
THOMAS Leighton Cecil 1937-1963
THOMAS Lester H and Vinita
THOMAS Levi Hoyt 2003-2003
THOMAS Lillie Mae 1893-1971
THOMAS Lillie May
THOMAS Lois Earlyn 1921-1993
THOMAS Lou Ann 1957
THOMAS Mamie T 1910-1986
THOMAS Marguerite R 1909-1984
THOMAS Mary Althea 1917-1987
THOMAS Maude 1880-1976
THOMAS Mazel BELL 1893-1949
THOMAS Mildred Lee and Andrew Morris
THOMAS Myrtle E 1897-1981
THOMAS Nora E Janie 1910-1996
THOMAS Oscar E 1909-1951
THOMAS Otis 1888-1969
THOMAS Paul Nelson and Lilly Margaret
THOMAS Rayburn E 1920-1997
THOMAS Raymond F 1904-1978
THOMAS Reuben A Tommy 1929-1986
THOMAS Robert C and Charlene R
THOMAS Robert R and Patsy Lee
THOMAS Roy Edgar 1906-1992
THOMAS Roy L and Bertie M
THOMAS Sallie Jane and John Franklin
THOMAS Sharon Kay 1957-1957
THOMAS Snow Velma 1900-1960
THOMAS Stanley Ray 1945-1981
THOMAS Susan Claudette 1950-1959
THOMAS T Luther 1888-1952
THOMAS Viola Juanice 1934-2000
THOMAS W R Ray 1907-1988
THOMAS Wesley Allen 1916-1974
THOMAS Wilburn B and Alpha J
THOMAS William C Sr 1894-1989
THOMAS William G 1892-1968
THOMAS William O 1923-1959
THOMAS Willy T and Tannie S
THOMASON Benny and Ruth C
THOMASON C W Charley 1914-1990
THOMASON Charles J Bubba 1936-2004
THOMASON Christine V 1925-1966
THOMASON Dempsey L 1917-1978
THOMASON Ella Clyde Babe 1914-2000
THOMASON Harvey Joe 1933-1950
THOMASON Harvey L and Thelma M
THOMASON Henry 1881-1975
THOMASON Irene and Jay D
THOMASON James Max and Pauline M
THOMASON James W 1921-1986
THOMASON Mollie 1888-1973
THOMASON Roy James and Eva Mae
THOMMARSON A J 1928-1991
THOMPSEN Olive M 1884-1955
THOMPSON 1 C K 1878-1909
THOMPSON 2 James P 1872-1918
THOMPSON 3 Helen 1912-1979
THOMPSON 3 Lona Nan 1944-1985
THOMPSON 3 Nellie 1890-1973
THOMPSON 3 Walter R Jr 1912-1973
THOMPSON 3 Walter Robert 1877-1937
THOMPSON 4 C R 1898-1952
THOMPSON 4 Jennie 1868-1951
THOMPSON 4 Kara G 1894-1945
THOMPSON 4 R H 1871-1951
THOMPSON 6 Betty A 1897-1970
THOMPSON 6 Russell S 1893-1971
THOMPSON 7 John M Dr MD 1873-1940
THOMPSON 7 Stella L 1875-1966
THOMPSON A G and Gladys L
THOMPSON Addie GRAVIS 1900-1977
THOMPSON Albert S iii and Carol Ann
THOMPSON Anna O 1888-1957
THOMPSON Avas Marie RICKER 1920-2000
THOMPSON Barney L 1905-1970
THOMPSON Benjamin L 1897-1979
THOMPSON Bertha R 1891-1959
THOMPSON Betty R 1922-1978
THOMPSON Bill 1887-1957
THOMPSON Bobby Ray 1930-1959
THOMPSON Carl J 1894-1982
THOMPSON Carl Lester Sr and Emma Louise
THOMPSON Charles H Jr and Jackie M
THOMPSON Charles R and Mabel Lee
THOMPSON Cynthia A and Herbert D
THOMPSON Cynthia Cindy 1958-1960
THOMPSON Dallas Ray 1939-1959
THOMPSON Daniel B 1898-1926
THOMPSON David Alan 1953-1979
THOMPSON David R 1905-1983
THOMPSON Dorothy J 1925-1991
THOMPSON E Marvin 1921-1993
THOMPSON Earl Dean and Dora E
THOMPSON Earle C 1885-1924
THOMPSON Eddie AKERS 1894-1975
THOMPSON Edith and Raymond
THOMPSON Edwin A 1861-1932
THOMPSON Edwin I 1890-1962
THOMPSON Edwin L 1915-1981
THOMPSON Elizabeth 1881-1972
THOMPSON Ella Pauline and Floyd H
THOMPSON Elsie M 1910-1982
THOMPSON Emma 1870-1938
THOMPSON Emma B 1876-1964
THOMPSON Emma Dell 1906-1993
THOMPSON Emmett L and Grace C
THOMPSON Evelyn A 1905-1956
THOMPSON Ewell W 1906-1975
THOMPSON Florence 1893-1975
THOMPSON Floyd A and Hazel V
THOMPSON Floyd H Jr 1937
THOMPSON Frances J 1928-1992
THOMPSON Francis G 1896-1949
THOMPSON Frank Glen 1955-1981
THOMPSON Fred A 1887-1961
THOMPSON G W 1914-1940
THOMPSON George W 1890-1950
THOMPSON George W 1931-2000
THOMPSON Gilford E Jr 1963-1986
THOMPSON Grace 1891-1940
THOMPSON H Sidney Jr 1940-1996
THOMPSON Harold Dee 1931-1985
THOMPSON Harry Sid Dah 1904-1991
THOMPSON Helen 1933-1994
THOMPSON Helen and Burlin
THOMPSON Horace D 1888-1974
THOMPSON Howard 1924-1999
THOMPSON Ida Mae 1885-1964
THOMPSON Ira Marcus 1883-1968
THOMPSON Irena 1911-2000
THOMPSON Irwin A and Ella Mae
THOMPSON J C 1923-1995
THOMPSON J D 1923-1984
THOMPSON J D Buddy 1897-1976
THOMPSON J Mark and Betty M
THOMPSON J Vincent 1906-1963
THOMPSON Jack C 1912-1973
THOMPSON James D 1922-1991
THOMPSON James E 1943-2000
THOMPSON James J Jim 1951-1997
THOMPSON James L and Mattie B
THOMPSON James Lee and Elsie Faye
THOMPSON James Ray 1914-1973
THOMPSON Jennie B 1889-1953
THOMPSON Jerome L 1916-1972
THOMPSON Jerusha 1881-1971
THOMPSON Jerutha 1911-1996
THOMPSON Jimmy Edwin 1939-1943
THOMPSON Joe 1909-2001
THOMPSON John C and Orene
THOMPSON John H and Fannie M
THOMPSON John L 1911-1956
THOMPSON John W 1871-1936
THOMPSON John W Jr 1912-1941
THOMPSON Johnnie Lee 1903-1979
THOMPSON Johnny 1924-1998
THOMPSON Joseph Bradley 1935-1978
THOMPSON Joseph Byren Joe 1953-1998
THOMPSON Juanita A 1907-1994
THOMPSON Kenneth W 1913-1994
THOMPSON La Verne 1928-1985
THOMPSON Leenora 1913-2000
THOMPSON LeRoy F Dr 1890-1935
THOMPSON Leslie B 1902-1986
THOMPSON Lillie Effie 1872-1962
THOMPSON Louie H Jr 1928-1980
THOMPSON Louie H Sr 1900-1961
THOMPSON Lucille M 1903-1989
THOMPSON Lula GIPSON 1880-1967
THOMPSON Maggie E 1884-1972
THOMPSON Margie 1933-1986
THOMPSON Marguerite L 1915-1992
THOMPSON Marie BASS 1904-1994
THOMPSON Mary E 1858-1940
THOMPSON Mary Helen and Frank L
THOMPSON Melvin B 1881-1952
THOMPSON Merton L and Bessie R
THOMPSON Michael G 1941-1994
THOMPSON Mildred L GREER 2 1913-1997
THOMPSON Monta Jewel and James C Rev
THOMPSON N M Bill 1913-1979
THOMPSON Nancy W 1888-1965
THOMPSON Nora A 1897-1976
THOMPSON Norman N 1919-1973
THOMPSON Odis Neil 1934-1979
THOMPSON Opal H 1907-1988
THOMPSON Oscar C 1881-1946
THOMPSON Patsy C 1932-1968
THOMPSON Paul 1945-1998
THOMPSON Pearl I 1897-1980
THOMPSON Percy J 1887-1953
THOMPSON R J Bob 1914-1972
THOMPSON Rayford Perry 1920-1996
THOMPSON Rella Mae 1913-1985
THOMPSON Reuben A 1900-1958
THOMPSON Rex D 1942-1970
THOMPSON Richard C 1915-1996
THOMPSON Robert E L 1923-1979
THOMPSON Robert J 1894-1921
THOMPSON Robert M 1876-1970
THOMPSON Ronnie 1943-1951
THOMPSON Roy E and Ora L
THOMPSON Roy H 1889-1962
THOMPSON Roy Jr 1924-1998
THOMPSON Ruby Jane and George G
THOMPSON Ruth 1895-1983
THOMPSON Ruth 1931-1981
THOMPSON S L 1927-1984
THOMPSON Samuel J 1883-1949
THOMPSON Sarah Jane 1896-1984
THOMPSON son 1930
THOMPSON son 1936
THOMPSON T R 1877-1923
THOMPSON Ted J 1921-1967
THOMPSON Teresa Joan 1954
THOMPSON Thomas Ernest 1885-1912
THOMPSON Thomas M 1856-1908
THOMPSON Timothy Roland 1984-1984
THOMPSON Tom R 1909-1946
THOMPSON Troy Glin 1914-1988
THOMPSON Vara 1879-1954
THOMPSON Vera Lee 1892-1971
THOMPSON Verna 1894-1971
THOMPSON W T 1878-1927
THOMPSON Warren O 1922-1974
THOMPSON William A and Ollie Faye
THOMPSON William T and Ina Mae
THOMPSON Winifred M 1879-1964
THOMPSON Yvonne and Billy J
THOMSON Alpha 1900-1984
THOMSON Edward R 1893-1959
THOMSON Fank and Katherine
THOMSON Hershel R 1888-1949
THOMSON Irma A 1893-1965
THOMSON William T and Ruby F
THONG Nguyen Ba 1979-1983
THONGKHAM Seng and Keo
THORN Carl Marion 1907-1996
THORN Cecil H 1915-1964
THORN Emma-Louise CHILDRESS 1904-1978
THORN Grady M 1909-1988
THORNBERRY Mayme Sue and Milo L
THORNBURG Lou Byron 1953-1954
THORNBURGH William F and Mary Ellen
THORNHILL Brian Alden 1982-1983
THORNHILL Winfield H and Theresa G
THORNTON Clara Theresa 1902-1996
THORNTON Curtis Collier and Frances Lora
THORNTON Erma Scott 1906-1964
THORNTON Ethel E 1887-1963
THORNTON Eugene W 1879-1947
THORNTON Ida BELL 1879-1963
THORNTON Joe B 1908-1974
THORNTON Julia Ann 1870-1960
THORNTON Lota Belle 1883-1961
THORNTON Marshall 1902-1912
THORNTON Marshall S 1944-1951
THORNTON Rhoda Aline 1916-1940
THORNTON Roy 1911-1985
THORNTON Virginia 1920-1983
THORNTON Walter Lee 1877-1963
THORNTON Wilmer A 1894-1975
THORP Claud W 1881-1947
THORP Effie E 1890-1972
THORP Howard E and Ellen E
THORPE Bessie OWINGS 1890-1979
THORPE Claude Arthur 1884-1956
THORPE Percy L and Annie L
THORUP Robert E 1966-1995
THRASH Agnes 1914-1988
THRASH Aubrey L 1910-1973
THRASH Floyd and Mary
THRASH James M and Rissilla A
THRASH Michael Durwood 1954-2004
THRASH Nettie C 1885-1979
THRASH Sherwood M 1912-1964
THREET Mary Emma ELDER 1 1908-1955
THRESHER Edgar L 1924-1995
THRIFT George and Florence
THROCKMORTON Arnold B 1880-1961
THROCKMORTON Chester Wayne 1942
THROCKMORTON Drue K and M Laquata
THROCKMORTON James T and Ollie Mae
THROGMORTON Samuel and Chloe
THROM Nola H Wilson 1897-1958
THRONE Aaron Bradley 1971-1993
THROOP Leonard and Grace Laverne
THUAN Mattha Le Thi 1944-2002
THUN Alfred J 1910-1986
THURMAN 1 George Wintford and Myrtle Ade
THURMAN Dillard Wills and Ferne M
THURMAN Freddie 1924-1945
THURMAN Martin J 1913-1949
THURMAN Oscar and LeMoire
THURMAN Sam L and Antwanet E
THURMAN William O Jr 1946-1986
THURMOND Joyce 1928-2003
THUY Giuse Le Ngoc 1936-2004
THUYET Joseph Le C 1922-1980
THWEATT Ethel and Wm Clarence
THWEATT John R and Nora M
THWEATT Mary Addie 1877-1964
TIBBETTS 1 Mary Alice 1879-1968
TIBBETTS 1 Mary E 1904-1937
TIBBETTS 1 Paul W 1879-1960
TIBBETTS Harry J 1908-1986
TIBBETTS Rose Anna 1923-
TIBBETTS William Roy 1960
TIBEY Joseph James 1925-1999
TIBEY Mary Louise 1924-1980
TICE Henry G 1891-1978
TICE Nadine and Henry
TICHTER Carl and Lowneyl
TICHTER Chas F A 1865-1941
TICHTER Mathilda 1875-1931
TICHY Magdalena and Rudolph J
TICKLE Henry D and Melinda J
TIDBALL George E and Perle F
TIDWELL Albert Bowman and Ola Pearl
TIDWELL Alice TAYLOR 1885-1955
TIDWELL Darrell Jackson 1920-1987
TIDWELL Elizabeth H and James S
TIDWELL Ezra Mae RYON 1907-1938
TIDWELL Gena Carol 1968-1985
TIDWELL Henry E 1905-1985
TIDWELL James Herbert and Sarah Ruth
TIDWELL Jeff F 1903-1983
TIDWELL Joe H and Billie Joyce
TIDWELL Joe H Jr and Charles C
TIDWELL Lena Raye and Tyra W
TIDWELL Mollie 1865-1968
TIDWELL Otis Clayton 1919-1978
TIDWELL Pearl G 1905-1972
TIDWELL Ross 1910-1985
TIDWELL Thomas E 1906-1996
TIDWELL Thomas W and Isabell
TIDWELL Tracy Way 1892-1971
TIDWELL Vivian 1912-1987
TIDWELL Zula B 1892-1982
TIERCE Mary Mattie 1890-1953
TIERCE Richard Eli 1876-1929
TIERINA Jaime 1972-1993
TIERNEY Cecilia Francis SISTER 1892-1969
TIGHE Saint Paul SISTER 1876-1967
TIGNER Frankie T 1900-1977
TIJERINA Alberto C 1922-1957
TiJERINA Anila 1881-1918
TIJERINA Jesse M and Lagenia A
TIJERINA Lisa Marie 1980
TIJERINA Mercedes A 1922-1986
TIJERINA Philip C 1933-2000
TIJERINA Rito J 1951-1979
TIJERINA Roberto E 1975
TIJERINA Ruben Alfaro 1945-1984
TIJERINA Timothy Noel 1983-1998
TILLEMAN Anthonie H and Adriana M
TILLER Elizabeth 1863-1928
TILLER George H 1884-1944
TILLER Julia Hubby 1857-1951
TILLER Stella A 1889-1936
TILLERY 1 Eby A 1876-1946
TILLERY 1 Mary Mell 1890-1943
TILLERY 1 Roy T 1913-1992
TILLERY Charlie B 1903-1991
TILLERY James and Modena
TILLERY James David 1945-1953
TILLERY James L and Nina J
TILLERY James W and Winnie K
TILLERY Joseph P 1883-1936
TILLERY Pattie M 1915-1993
TILLERY Phillip Alan 1955-2003
TILLERY Theodore C 1926-1927
TILLERY Winnie J 1908-1973
TILLEY L Ruth 1914-2001
TILLEY William Parks 1913-1985
TILLMAN Josephine M 1916-1994
TILTON Dovie 1880-1966
TILTON James H 1891-1957
TIMBES Charles and Clara
TIMBES Charles S and Mildred D
TIMBES Ralph and Joanne
TIMMONS J B 1913-1995
TIMMONS Mary Sue 1918-1981
TIMMONS son 1970
TIMMONS Whitney Bryan 1982-1982
TIMMS Ellen Marie and Louie Thomas Sr
TIMS Douglas 1912-1918
TIMS E J Jack 1870-1945
TIMS James Walter and Mary Ella
TIMS Mattie Rose 1873-1966
TIMS Minnie A 1878-1960
TIMS Viola J 1896-1978
TINAR Charles Edwin 1939-1940
TINDALL Marjorie I 1914-1975
TINDEL Estell 1874-1933
TINDLE Charles Ray 1932-1943
TINDLE Clyde C 1909-1968
TINDLE Fronie E 1886-1968
TINDLE Lon 1912-1967
TINDLE Ray and Wilma
TINER Tony B 1953-1981
TINGLE Paul R and Joyce
TINKER Annie Arnita McDONALD 1912-1992
TINKER Benjamin E 1876-1949
TINKER Burtrand 1909-1972
TINKER Charles and Lillian Lee
TINKER Etta V 1892-1939
TINNEY Daisy 1881-1927
TINNEY Ed S 1886-1948
TINNEY George R 1883-1961
TINNEY Irene M 1885-1963
TINSLAR George W and Freda
TINSLEY Henry T and Gertrude L
TINSLEY Herman I and Mary Lou
TINSLEY James R 1920-1970
TINSLEY Lottie 1901-1952
TINSLEY Rollie and Mary E
TINSLEY Roxie M 1889-1934
TINSLEY Wade W and Lillie
TIPPS William R Bill 1913-1980
TIPTON Bruce K 1896-1973
TIPTON Celia Vesta 1895-1933
TIPTON Ernest A 1894-1985
TIPTON Frances Kay 1917-1998
TIPTON Frankye B 1899-1975
TIPTON George W and Elizabeth A
TIPTON Hazel Lucile 1902-1976
TIPTON James Carl Jr and Jr and Lois Mar
TIPTON K Steven Jr 1973-1980
TIPTON Leo Joanna 1902-1995
TIPTON Linnie HEATH Guga 1907-2000
TIPTON Mary Irene 1896-1949
TIPTON Mary R and Donald Tip
TIPTON Robert F 1922-1997
TIPTON Vernon V 1898-1973
TIRK Frances M and Anthony Tony
TITSWORTH James Marlin and Patsy M
TITTLE Jack and Sylvia Ann
TITTLE John and Nancy Dee
TITUS Annette 1869-1953
TITUS Charles R 1859-1941
TITUS Charles V and Frances F
TITUS Eddie and Jimmie
TJOSSEM Ruby M 1905-1986
TOAHTY Benedict D 1914-1983
TOAHTY Mary R 1913-1984
TOAL Edison T 1915-1986
TOAL Eunice W 1903-1987
TOAL Judge H and Ina M
TOAL Leon P 1918-1993
TOAL Sam D 1895-1960
TOBAR Cruz B 1945-1987
TOBAR Fred R 1923-1997
TOBAR Sabina Belen 1973-1973
TOBEY James R and Mary Carolyn
TOBEY William R Jr and Margie E
TOBEY William R Sr and Jewel C
TOBIN Lloyd Lee 1956-1986
TOBIN Thomas F 1885-1955
TOBYE Mary Frances 1897-1985
TODD Artie E 1884-1925
TODD Betty L and Jack P
TODD Billy Glen 1968
TODD Grady E and Jo Ann
TODD Juanita R 1916-1966
TODD Kenneth Wayne 1940-1972
TODD Lewis F 1896-1964
TODD Lewis F Jr 1944-1977
TODD Mary Gayle 1938-1974
TODD Norma Ruth 1934-2001
TODD Pamela Jean 1962-1962
TODD Reita BRUCE 1924-1991
TODD William A and Iris E
TODERO Glenda S 1965-1987
TOGNONI Henry J 1915-1973
TOLAND Delma Loriene 1925-1987
TOLAR Hattie A 1895-1989
TOLE Myrtle RUSSELL 1880-1923
TOLEDO Martan F 1871-1920
TOLEDO Severa SALINAS 1936-2001
TOLER Thomas W 1927-1992
TOLER Tom J and Mable H
TOLER Willard I and Susie
TOLLIAS Theodula 1866-1939
TOLLICK Anabel 1911-1982
TOLSON Genevieve FORBES 1913-1994
TOMALY George K and Theresa
TOMAS Aaron A 1978-1978
TOMASTIK William Stephen 1973-1998
TOMBLIN Buford E 1922-1927
TOMERLIN Andrew J 1891-1945
TOMERLIN Clyde Oscar and Lora Laurelle
TOMERLIN Jackson N 1913-1972
TOMERLIN John W and Sarah L
TOMERLIN Reedie 1898-1925
TOMERLIN Willie and Hilda
TOMKINSON John A and Dorothy
TOMLIN Granvil E 1897-1967
TOMLIN Hettie Marie GREY 1895-1923
TOMLIN Homer Denton 1925-1992
TOMLIN Leona 1901-1920
TOMLIN Mildred N 1918-1983
TOMLIN Robert 1910-1986
TOMLIN Robert Hoyl 1890-1961
TOMLIN Seth N 1894-1971
TOMLIN Viola D 1898-1954
TOMLIN Zango 1863-1928
TOMLINSON E Grover and Gena B
TOMLINSON Mary E CONE 1906-1984
TOMLINSON Ralph Raymond 1900-1991
TOMLINSON Richard A 1903-1956
TOMLINSON Rosa E 1905-1953
TON Paul Dang Minh 1938-2005
TONEY Gene D 1927-1982
TONEY Gus L 1907-1964
TONEY Ludye V 1901-1989
TONEY William H 1900-1970
TONEY William R and Cora A
TONG Elza Lee 1901-1955
TONG Eugene E and Marie L
TONG Eva Angeline 1920-1969
TONG Thelma CHAPPELL 1914-2001
TONGATE Ella I 1900-1994
TONGATE Jeffrey Paul 1968-1995
TONGATE Robert E 1897-1970
TOOGOOD 1 Catherine Mary 1924-2000
TOOGOOD 1 James 1920-1944
TOOGOOD 1 John 1871-1948
TOOGOOD 1 John Joseph 1919-1974
TOOGOOD 1 Kate 1884-1956
TOOGOOD Henry Thomas Hank 1976-1993
TOOGOOD Ora Lillian and Clarence N
TOOHEY John Aloysius and Dessie LEE
TOOMBS Ada 1868-1945
TOOMER Dorothy Mae 1925-
TOON John H 1905-1986
TOON Verna A 1905-2001
TORBETT Minnie L 1898-1971
TORK James A 1921-2001
TORK Jimmy Ambrey 1942-1945
TORK John and Sarah D
TORK Johnnie William and Annie Mae
TORK Lillian and Bob
TORK Sam 1864-1945
TORK son 1924
TORRENCE Linda Carol 1950-1950
TORRES Alfonso and Frances M
TORRES Alfonso iii 1960-1983
TORRES Antonio and Emilia G
TORRES Arnulfo 1926-1946
TORRES Augustina -1934
TORRES Aurora Rita 1925-1997
TORRES Cassie and Tom
TORRES Corderro A 1988-1988
TORRES David 1895-1967
TORRES Delia Marie 1972-1973
TORRES Delores R 1908-1967
TORRES Diane Elios 1964-1967
TORRES Dolores C 1906-1982
TORRES Estela 1940-1987
TORRES Francisco and Mary
TORRES Frank 1947-1999
TORRES George M Jr 1961-2000
TORRES Gloria C 1952-1981
TORRES Gloria Jean 1951-1973
TORRES Guana 1886-1937
TORRES Humberto Palma 1936-2002
TORRES Jesus 1900-1972
TORRES Jesus S and Gloria S
TORRES Johnny Ray 1947-1995
TORRES Jose Angel 1994-1996
TORRES Jose Maria and Epimenia L
TORRES Jose N iii 2000-2000
TORRES Luz Palma 1905-1990
TORRES Manuel Jr and Rosa
TORRES Mary 1955
TORRES Mary Lira 1931-1998
TORRES Maximino 1899-1946
TORRES Paul H 1920-1988
TORRES Pauline G 1932-1986
TORRES Ralph G and Mary A
TORRES Ramon A 1935-1977
TORRES Robert Jr 1961-1962
TORRES Salvador and Paula M
TORREZ Cruz and Arturo
TORREZ Felipe R 1940-2000
TORREZ John S 1928-1996
TORREZ Nicholas Jr 1954
TOSH - 2 Richard Keith and Emma Lee
TOTTEN Enoch Howe 1909-1979
TOTTEN Howard B and Mary R
TOTTEN Lawrence and Robert and Anna
TOTTEN Robert Carl 1934-1977
TOTTEN Ruth Charlotte 1912-1994
TOUCHON Max Emil Jr 1925-1985
TOUCHSTONE Winnie HARRIS 4 1900-1953
TOUPS 1 Charles H and Florence M
TOUT Elbert H Bud and Elizabeth Beth
TOVAR Arthur Pvt 1966-1989
TOVAR Eva Diaz 1925-1991
TOW Everett 1899-1971
TOW Gary Lynn 1955-1998
TOW Palma Jean 1922-1947
TOW Virgil D and Loretta V
TOW Virgil D iii and Diesta L
TOWE Hymen Jr 1926-1953
TOWERY Amanda F 1897-1983
TOWERY Dorothy Safrona 1936-1999
TOWERY Kenneth Wayne 1930-1998
TOWERY Sammie 1942-1998
TOWERY Thomas A 1891-1950
TOWLER Anne McLEAN 1 1860-1916
TOWNES Ametine 1903-1961
TOWNES Rollie R 1898-1949
TOWNES Rollie R Jr 1924-1945
TOWNES Woodson B 1907-1984
TOWNS James A 1881-1936
TOWNSEN 1 Betty Jean 1926
TOWNSEN 1 E Morgan 1901-1987
TOWNSEN 1 Hazael R 1900-1989
TOWNSEND C A 1912-1996
TOWNSEND Ella Gayle 1896-1945
TOWNSEND Elzie Leo 1906-1972
TOWNSEND Harry H 1879-1919
TOWNSEND Harvey F 1923-2001
TOWNSEND James R 1923-2001
TOWNSEND James R ii 1948-1995
TOWNSEND Jerry Eugrnr 1942-1994
TOWNSEND Kutcher Delaine 1934-2002
TOWNSEND Nannie 1856-1945
TOWNSEND Nellie R 1908-1985
TOWNSEND Patsy M 1927-1996
TOWNSEND Richard J 1882-1930
TOWNSEND Rita and Walter
TOWNSEND Vernon D and Mildred E
TOWNSEND W L 1878-1972
TOWNSEND Winford M 1898-1977
TOWNSLEY Amelia P 1894-1979
TOWNSLEY Jim 1951-1993
TOWNSLEY Ruby Lee 1903-1983
TOWNSON Donald C 1921-1991
TOWNSON Gevernis D 1898-1960
TOWNSON Gladys M 1903-1988
TOWNSON Madison Lee 1997-1997
TOWNSON William D 1923-1966
TOWNZEN Charlie M 1911-1990
TOWNZEN Dovie I 1912-1991
TOWNZEN Lee F 1892-1968
TOWNZEN Nettie F KNIGHT1899-1983
TRACHTA Roman J 1917-1973
TRACY Charles D 1915-1985
TRACY Della A 1914-1997
TRAFFANSTEAD Alma Juanita 1920-1998
TRAFFANSTEAD Travis D 1941-2001
TRAFFANSTEAD Willie G 1920-1993
TRAFFANSTED Bertha E 1905-1985
TRAHAN G J Nick 1915-
TRAHAN Lillie Belle 1918-1970
TRAIL Louise H 1922-1994
TRAIL Virgil H 1910-1994
TRAINER Donie K 1887-1973
TRAINER Isaac D 1894-1969
TRAINOR Mary F 1909-1954
TRAINOR Matthew T 1945-1967
TRAMEL 1 Ila E 1907-1990
TRAMEL 1 Jackson M 1875-1971
TRAMEL 1 Johnny Duke 1931-1996
TRAMEL 1 Marvin I 1907-1975
TRAMEL Byron B 1901-1972
TRAMEL Florence A 1874-1937
TRAMMEL A G and Anita
TRAMMELL Mabel C 1888-1978
TRAMMELL Nathaniel A 1961-1979
TRAMMELL Ola 1898-1999
TRAMMELL Olen D 1895-1970
TRAMMELL Remlous R 1884-1964
TRAMMELL W Manning and Iva D
TRAMMELL William A 1891-1931
TRAMPEL Cynthia Ann 1964-1964
TRAMPEL Patrick H 1962
TRAN Alene Cao 1990-1991
TRAN An Thi 1954-2005
TRAN Maria Thi HOA and Peter Van Thuy
TRAN Paul Thong 1966-1990
TRAN Peter Ngan Van and Maria Ngai THI
TRAN Teresa Nu Thi 1948-1995
TRAN Thuy Vy Jessica 1992-1996
TRAN Tru Vu and Diem Thuy
TRANT Myron Thomas and Claudia FISHER
TRANTHAM 1 A Edith 1916-1982
TRANTHAM 1 O P Bum 1904-1976
TRANTHAM Billy Connie and Helen M
TRANTHAM Ethel H 1892-1984
TRANTHAM Henry A 1896-1974
TRANTHAM Margaret L 1898-1988
TRAPP Fred John 1915-1916
TRAPP Joseph 1881-1921
TRAUGH Effie Mae and Charles Blake
TRAVIS Annie 1883-1958
TRAVIS Jesse C 1911-1943
TRAVIS Lillie BREWER 1912-2004
TRAVIS Minnie M and James C
TRAVIS Oran C and Frances H
TRAVIS Oran Jeffrey 1957-1996
TRAVIS Robert Simeon and Carol HARPER KE
TRAW Eugene T 1918-1920
TRAYLOR Ruth and Charles
TRAYLOR Sarah F 1863-1941
TRAYWICK James Donald and Dorothy Jean
TREADAWAY Myrtle H 1903-1975
TREADWELL Beulah E and Isaac A
TREADWELL John B 1885-1961
TREADWELL Sue L 1893-1942
TREDER David Scott 1981-1982
TREJO Bundy Jr 1956-1999
TREJO Michael Jonathan 1992-1997
TRENT Alice L PITTENGER 1 1913-2000
TREVINO Alejandro Alex 1978-1992
TREVINO Beatrice O 1941-1974
TREVINO Candelario J 1922-1944
TREVINO Cipriano and Abigail Eva
TREVINO daughter 1940
TREVINO Elisa G 1918-1964
TREVINO Gilberto D 1930-1970
TREVINO James and Christopher M
TREVINO Jesse M 1921-1985
TREVINO Joe N 1960-1988
TREVINO Martha CIPRIANO 1898-1981
TREVINO Michael 1915-1962
TREVINO Michael A Chu Choo 1966-2003
TREVINO Michele T 1971-1997
TREVINO Otila TAMEZ 1 1887-1983
TREVINO Pablo Gomez Jr 1960-1982
TREVINO Pete 1884-1971
TREVINO Pete 1917-1997
TREVINO Robert Martin 1940-1986
TREVINO Roberto V 1946-2003
TREVINO Santiago and Geneva M
TREVINO Sergio 1976-1993
TREVINO Valentina 1924-1982
TREVINO Yvonne Bonnie 1939-1995
TRI Paul Lam Van 1920-2003
TRIBBLE 1 Arthur Cleveland and Mary Ella
TRIBE June GIPSON 1917-2000
TRIBLE Fred Wiilliam 1880-1948
TRIBLE John C 1883-1916
TRIBLE Laura P 1856-1936
TRIBLE Richard W 1892-1918
TRICE Annie L and Ted C
TRICE Gene W and Harvie Lee
TRICE Gladys LaVerne 1928-1993
TRICE Ima L 1902-1986
TRICE J P Jr 1922-1948
TRICE James F and Sarah A
TRICE James P and Gertie P
TRICE John S 1897-1984
TRICE Lucile 1924-1925
TRICE Sherry 1954-1972
TRICE Terry Duane 1958-1976
TRICE Vernon 1891-1951
TRICE Wendell W 1924-1974
TRICE William T 1893-1929
TRIET Dao Van 1916-1996
TRIETSCH Juanita C 1919-2001
TRIGG Nancy WEST 1940-1993
TRIGGS Emory M and Merdell
TRIMBLE 1 daughter 1936
TRIMBLE 1 Elizabeth Llewellyn 1893-1992
TRIMBLE 1 Susan C 1877-1964
TRIMBLE 1 Terrill M 1900-1952
TRIMBLE 1 W M Dr 1867-1922
TRIMBLE Flora WALKER 1876-1955
TRIMBLE Green B and Elizabeth S
TRIMBLE Ida Adelia and William T
TRIMBLE LeRoy Jr and Dotty
TRIMBLE Walter Lee 1875-1966
TRIMBLE Walter Walker 1905-1957
TRIMBLE William L and Zady M
TRIMER James Baxter 1886-1951
TRIMMER John David and Leona Mae
TRIPLETT Henan and Frances
TRIPLETT Louis 1879-1909
TRIPLETT Ricky L 1958-1974
TRIPLETT Sadie K 1880-1939
TRIPLETT Samuel D 1879-1971
TRIPP Eva Frances 1896-1956
TRIPP Frank Edward 1886-1959
TRISLER Carol Ann 1944-2002
TRISTAN Sarah CASTILLO 3 1942-1984
TROBAUGH Warren G 1920-1971
TROGDON Carl C 1885-1951
TROGDON M Ella 1860-1936
TROGDON W P 1858-1929
TROJANOWSKI Howard Aloysius Sr 1927-1978
TROST George O 1921-2000
TROTT Eva Lee 1903-1987
TROTTER Arthur Benjamin and Ellen Oleta
TROTTER Elna 1902-1982
TROTTER Henry Ellison 1894-1946
TROTTER son 1952
TROUT Clarence E 1915-2001
TROUT Marion A and Mary A
TROUTMAN Lee R and Cyrthia P
TROUTT Alma L 1913-1999
TROUTT Dallas R 1912-1964
TROUTT Dallas Roy and Dora May
TROUTT Jack E iii 1958-1985
TROUTT Jack E Sr 1910-1987
TROUTT Josie MOSLEY 1879-1925
TROUTT Nora 1887-1916
TROUTT Robert T and Saphronia G
TROWBRIDGE Frances Belle 1920-1994
TROYA Leone HIX 1908-1994
TRUAX Homer C and Mary M
TRUE 1 Della May 1891-1983
TRUE 1 Edward David 1884-1950
TRUE F L 1873-1926
TRUE Farrar PERKINS 1917-1998
TRUE J R Dick 1870-1920
TRUE J R Jessie 1870-1942
TRUE Jerry A 1947-1974
TRUE W W 1871-1918
TRUELOVE Dorothy GLANTON 1917-2000
TRUELOVE Ethel 1892-1978
TRUELOVE Frank 1884-1965
TRUELOVE Mari O-DOWD 1932-1992
TRUEX Andrew M 1916-1944
TRUEX O D 1887-1923
TRUITT Melvin 1914-1999
TRUJILLO Amelia U 1923-1952
TRUJILLO Angelina 1919-2002
TRUJILLO Biviano 1891-1972
TRUJILLO Biviano Jr 1926-1950
TRUJILLO Concepcion U 1900-1991
TRUJILLO David 1958-1991
TRUJILLO Frances 1905-1996
TRUJILLO Galdino M 1898-1984
TRUJILLO Galdino U Jr 1928-1946
TRUJILLO Jovita 1918-
TRUJILLO Larry A and Janet E
TRUJILLO Lino 1883-1942
TRUJILLO Lupe Sr 1921-1997
TRUJILLO Maria T 1893-1971
TRUJILLO Pedro U 1915-1979
TRUJILLO Rafaela 1897-1970
TRUJILLO Raul and Theresa DIAZ
TRUJILLO Rodolfo S 1903-1952
TRUJILLO Sabino Jr 1945-1999
TRUJILLO Sabino Sr 1919-1983
TRUJILLO Sebastiana M 1870-1965
TRUJILLO Virginia Trenita 1939-1942
TRULOVE Herbert and Ima
TRUMAN Clif E 1913-1995
TRUMAN Ernest 1916-1989
TRUMAN Ethel MORROW 1918-1969
TRUMBULL Harriet 1931-1995
TRUMBULL Vernon 1907-1991
TRUSSELL G W Wash and Lizzie O
TRUSSELL Hazel M 1912-1996
TRUSSELL Pamela J 1950-2001
TRUSTY James H 1923-1974
TSANGOURIS William P and Chresoula J
TSUMPIS Felio 1905-1997
TSUMPIS Nick J 1891-1951
TUBB Francis H and Ila Verne
TUBBS Eva Janie 1895-1970
TUBRE John Booker 1889-1946
TUCK Chalie Miaena 1895-1957
TUCK Henry H 1896-1952
TUCK Imogene V 1910-1992
TUCK Mildred L 1926-1988
TUCK Ted C Sr 1926-1992
TUCK William J Bub 1905-1989
TUCKER 1 Catherine Bridgett WEST 1883-19
TUCKER 1 Flora Agnes 1880-1931
TUCKER 1 John Francis 1881-1940
TUCKER 1 John Francis Jr 1910-1985
TUCKER 1 Mary Loretta 1891-1975
TUCKER 1 Rayma GRIFFITH 1912-1983
TUCKER 2 Carrie B 1875-1940
TUCKER 2 Clinton S 1873-1928
TUCKER 3 A T and Ferabe
TUCKER 4 Osie M 1902-1961
TUCKER 4 Roy A Jr 1921-1949
TUCKER 4 Roy A Sr 1899-1961
TUCKER Addie L and John O
TUCKER Albert 1896-1954
TUCKER Aline Argo and Percy Dake
TUCKER Arthur James and Josephine R Josi
TUCKER B Haywood Sr and M Louise
TUCKER Bertha C 1874-1949
TUCKER Bessie 1891-1955
TUCKER Bessie J and Frank E
TUCKER Billie D 1946
TUCKER Bobby 1933-1971
TUCKER Charles R and Elizabeth J
TUCKER David B 1866-1912
TUCKER Dolly 1889-1931
TUCKER Elvan D and Olivia Evelyn
TUCKER Eula Bess
TUCKER George E and Grace E
TUCKER Gladys P 1901-1995
TUCKER Harry 1911-1936
TUCKER Harry LaFrance and Rita Anna
TUCKER Hershel J 1929-2003
TUCKER Ione Josephine 1870-1960
TUCKER J C 1928-1993
TUCKER Jack D Sr and Donnie F
TUCKER Jacqueline E 1932-1968
TUCKER Jearl Dean 1933-1971
TUCKER Jerry L 1931-1977
TUCKER Jess F and Nora M
TUCKER Jesse C and Elizabeth A
TUCKER Jodie T and Ruth R
TUCKER John Oscar 1872-1936
TUCKER John T MD and Helen P
TUCKER John W 1867-1923
TUCKER John Wesley and Mattie Elizabeth
TUCKER LaMonte Adair and Mary Lenore
TUCKER Letha Mae REDDING 1911-1999
TUCKER Lida S 1886-1972
TUCKER Lillie B and Wiley C
TUCKER Lillie Mother
TUCKER Lloyd Y 1896-1947
TUCKER Lucille V 1903-1964
TUCKER Martha Cartherine 1863-1950
TUCKER Mary Ethel 1900-1980
TUCKER Neil R and Virginia E
TUCKER Opal G 1907-1969
TUCKER Reedy L and Marie R
TUCKER Robert -1927 at 93
TUCKER Robert H 1914-1962
TUCKER Roscoe H 1932-1967
TUCKER Roy V and Louise L
TUCKER Sadie LINDSAY and Bert Raab
TUCKER T M and Nanno
TUCKER Vivian A 1907-2000
TUCKER W D Dave and Nellie P
TUCKER Wiley Daddy
TUCKLEY Hillard M and Davis Lydia
TUDOR Jack W 1913-1962
TUDOR Mary Etta 1892-1990
TUGGLE Clarence E 1922-1980
TUGGLE Dessa D 1888-1971
TUGGLE Jerry W Sr 1931-1999
TUGGLE Katheryn E 1920-1983
TUGGLE Lois A 1934-2001
TULIS 1 Frank 1884-1951
TULIS 1 Mary Frances 1896-1977
TULIS 1 Robert F 1921-1989
TULL Callie VEST 1895-1972
TULL Grover Lee 1918-1924
TULLOH Clifton E 1898-1989
TULLOH Franklin 1873-1930
TULLOH Ruby F 1904-1996
TULLOS Ada Wanell 1934-2003
TULLOS Gladys Z 1907-1949
TULLOS Lonnie J 1901-1958
TULLOUS 1 Dudley W 1900-1968
TULLOUS 1 James T Tom and Joy Catherine
TULLOUS 1 Ruby Pearl 1906-1995
TULLOUS 1 Virginia Jane 1931-1936
TULLOUS Delbert R 1920-1979
TULLOUS Eileen M 1918-1984
TULLOUS James Rufus 1897-1968
TULLOUS James W 1868-1949
TULLOUS Nancy Lea 1874-1944
TUMLINSON H Galen and Gary GT
TUNNELL Cammie Lee 1890-1974
TUOHY 1 Florence H 1889-1969
TUOHY 1 James T 1888-1947
TUOHY 1 Robert James 1915-1992
TURBERVILLE Billy Joe 1917-1964
TURBERVILLE William 1896-1918
TURBEVILLE 1 B M 1846-1924
TURBEVILLE 1 Charles Curtis and Cleo KEE
TURBEVILLE 1 H E 1874-1931
TURBEVILLE 1 Harry E 1918-1983
TURBEVILLE 1 Letha Ann 1880-1970
TURBEVILLE 1 Mary Judith 1855-1948
TURBEVILLE 1 Mary L 1902-1923
TURBEVILLE 1 William B 1896-1958
TURBEVILLE Grady and Jackie
TURBEVILLE Henry G Jr 1926-1967
TURBEVILLE John W 1916-1966
TURBEVILLE Lon B 1881-1948
TURBEVILLE Mattie A 1882-1969
TURBEVILLE Morgan B 1913-1970
TURBEVILLE Robert P and Margaret Y
TURBYFILL Bruce Aaron 1949-1997
TURIELLO Anthony 1883-1951
TURIELLO Carmin J and Marcine
TURK Elvira L 1867-1944
TURLEY Affie Ward 1870-1956
TURLEY Maybelle PENDLETON 1923-1979
TURLEY William W and Dorothy B
TURMAN Beryl Bartlett 1899-1977
TURMAN Ida 1890-1971
TURNBO Leon and Bertha M
TURNBO Mary Louise and Orlando
TURNBOW Effie M 1888-1980
TURNBOW James E 1885-1949
TURNBULL Juanita C 1916-1974
TURNBULL Larry J and Mary Peggy
TURNBULL Rhonda Lanae 1958-1959
TURNER 1 Lela 1896-1941
TURNER 1 Pershing 1917-1934
TURNER 2 Jesse E 1893-1916
TURNER 3 Edgar E 1884-1974
TURNER 3 Edgar E Jr 1917-1917
TURNER 3 Lillian F 1889-1976
TURNER Annie Lou and Edwy Vardaman
TURNER Annie NEWBY 1 1898-1925
TURNER Auris Lane 1905-1972
TURNER Beckie I and Tom H
TURNER Bobby L 1932-
TURNER Bonnie 1902-1986
TURNER C J Jr 1891-1941
TURNER Charles A 1915-1995
TURNER Charles W 1888-1977
TURNER Christopher Robert 1987-1987
TURNER Doris Faye and Jessie Lee
TURNER Eddie and Lou
TURNER Eldon and Luzelle
TURNER Ellen A Dutch 1916-1971
TURNER Floyd Sr 1911-1993
TURNER Frank D 1902-1989
TURNER Frank D and Elizabeth D
TURNER Frank M 1874-1940
TURNER Guy G -1941
TURNER Harriett C 1895-1934
TURNER I M Hoss Sr 1890-1965
TURNER Jackie 1943-2002
TURNER Jacklynn Leann 2002-2002
TURNER James M Sr and Nora GARTMAN
TURNER Jean DAVIS and Thomas P Jr
TURNER Jeffery Lynn and Jeremy Glenn
TURNER Jennie B 1888-1872
TURNER Jerry Frank 1935-1957
TURNER Jimmie Gene and Roxie NOVELL
TURNER John C and Bertie M
TURNER John E and Irene B
TURNER John L 1899-1952
TURNER Joyce Marie 1952-1952
TURNER Julian L 1889-1957
TURNER Laila R 1869-1931
TURNER Leo T 1899-1972
TURNER Leslie Dale 1900-1978
TURNER Lillian 1900-1993
TURNER Lillian CHOLLAR 1 and Tom Preston
TURNER Linn C and Fannie E
TURNER Lucile E 1918-1976
TURNER Mabel C 1896-1982
TURNER Margaret C 1909-1932
TURNER Mary E and George R
TURNER Mary Ellen 1955-1981
TURNER Mary J 1907-1984
TURNER Mildred Mamie 1902-1978
TURNER Modelle 1896-1982
TURNER Montie Ve 1913-1999
TURNER Nancy E 1887-1946
TURNER Orvin R 1902-1946
TURNER Ray P and LaVerne W
TURNER Raymond 1899-1964
TURNER Richard Joe Rickey 1960-1988
TURNER Robert L and Beulah B
TURNER Robert V 1909-1981
TURNER Roland L and Jewell E
TURNER S Gloria 1933-1996
TURNER Sadie M and Jesse E
TURNER Thomas E and Eunice A
TURNER Thomas P iii 1946-2004
TURNER Tom Edward and Avon Pearl
TURNER Tommy E 1936-1986
TURNER Vurl B 1901-1981
TURNER Wallace R 1922-1945
TURNER Wesley Don 1966-1993
TURNER William L 1924-1998
TURNER William Spencer 1913-2002
TURNER Willis C and Maggie O
TURNER Wilma Lee 1918-1998
TURNEY Albert E and Tellie A
TURNEY Elena MINTON 1929-1998
TURNEY Maudrice N 1898-1952
TURNEY Minnie O 1878-1947
TURNEY Stacy M and Herman L
TURNHAM Dan H 1905-1989
TURNHAM Thelma G 1902-1985
TURNIPSEED Jackie D 1963-1967
TURNPAUGH 1 Inez Meta 1898-1923
TURNPAUGH 1 James William Jr 1858-1940
TURNPAUGH 1 Rosa Belle GEIGER 1868-1954
TURNPAUGH 1 Walter Scott and Laura Lena
TURNPAUGH Christine Ann 1967-1969
TURNPAUGH Louise LANE 1908-1960
TURPIN Craig S and Nancy Fay
TURPIN Maryha E and Edward F
TURPIN Roland Wayne 1947-1947
TURPIN Sally 1876-1958
TURPIN Vernon E 1917-1972
TURZA Helen SISTER 1913-2000
TURZA John Rev 1911-1937-1992
TUSSEY Curtis D 1873-1946
TUSSEY Grace WATSON 1879-1959
TUTT Ernest B 1903-1975
TUTTLE Donald Lunday 1937-1991
TUTTLE Donna Faye 1939-1987
TUTTLE Gertrude L 1913-1987
TUTTLE Jewell C and J Lawrence
TUYEN Teresa Tran Thi Kim 1999-1999
TWYMAN George Mortimer 1912-1946
TYE Alene 1902-1977
TYE Joseph Earl 1896-1969
TYE Samuel D 1894-1974
TYE Susie VIGNE 1894-1988
TYE Weldon E and Margie P
TYER Bennie E 1904-1943
TYER Charles Bill Dr 1928-1995
TYER Chas E 1878-1918
TYER Dio Frank 1895-1962
TYER Eddie B 1904-1972
TYER Gladys ALCORN 1896-1985
TYER Ione Zita CROTTY 1909-1987
TYER J E 1873-1944
TYER Minnie E 1875-1959
TYER Walter Edward 1906-1984
TYL Edith Marie 1919-1999
TYL Jerry Frank 1916-1985
TYLASKA Theodore Thomas Sr and Lydia Mar
TYLER Amanda Jane 1886-1962
TYLER Andrew L and Rebecca E
TYLER Angela 1953
TYLER Bernice M 1918-2000
TYLER Betty Kay 1958
TYLER Bill 1919-2003
TYLER Hazel Mae 1922-1998
TYLER James A 1907-1991
TYLER James Elmer 1901-1981
TYLER Jessie Kate and Claude Lee
TYLER Julia A 1865-1923
TYLER Kevin Dennis 1954-1954
TYLER Leo O 1920-1993
TYLER Lillian L 1920-2002
TYLER Maybell 1879-1950
TYLER Tony L Sheasley 1980-1980
TYMRAK Frances E 1911-1951
TYNER Doris L 1928-1989
TYNES Earnest Eugene 1957-1958
TYNES Faith Deborah 1952-1973
TYNES Kelly Leigh 1964-1998
TYNES Thomas M Jr 1925-1994
TYRE Justin Noel
TYRE Thomas Carroll and Justin Noel
TYREE Gary Lee 1938-1973
TYRO Katheryn E 1916-1987
TYSON Billy J 1929-1984
TYSON J F Rev 1863-1936
TYSON Jewel 1908-1999
TYSON Jewell Elizabeth 1910-1962
TYSON Lewis O 1903-1963
TYSON Mary Magnolia 1885-1962
TYSON William Marshall 1911-1989
TYSON Woodrow O 1917-1963
TYWATER Annie AUSTIN 1870-1959
TYWATER Bobbie Jean 1931-1933
TYWATER Carlene 1941-1982
TYWATER Carrie H 1890-1972
TYWATER Effie D 1900-1987
TYWATER Ernest and Hettie FLIPPEN
TYWATER James F 1875-1952
TYWATER Jean 1929-1996
TYWATER Lloyd E 1916-1955
TYWATER W F 1895-1948
TYWATER Walter 1922-1976
UBER Launa Kay 1967-2000
UBMWE and RSL Local 716
UERLING Bruce L 1932-1986
ULLRICH Genn 1942-1996
ULRICH Ernst 1873-1913
ULRICKSON Okey and Nicholas and Ruby
ULSH Mildred M and Joseph E
UMBAUGH Michael Ray 1985
UMBENHOUR 1 Harry Edward 1884-1947
UMBENHOUR 1 Ola Mae 1891-1925
UMPHREY John Ted 1949-1981
UNA Plebaria 1920
UNCEL Claude and Polly
UNDERHILL Edward G and Nannie B
UNDERWOOD 1 John W 1891-1959
UNDERWOOD 1 Marie 1924-1924
UNDERWOOD 1 R E 1864-1944
UNDERWOOD 1 Vernice E 1896-1968
UNDERWOOD Betty Ann 1939
UNDERWOOD Catherine Kate 1912-1996
UNDERWOOD Charlie G 1939-2004
UNDERWOOD Clarence W and Sandra
UNDERWOOD Clyde Baily 1909-1990
UNDERWOOD Clyde E 1905-1972
UNDERWOOD Clyde Jr 1929
UNDERWOOD Coalson 1906-1993
UNDERWOOD David C 1960-1991
UNDERWOOD Drucilla Allene 1918-
UNDERWOOD Hugh E 1917-1993
UNDERWOOD John Patrick 1964-1997
UNDERWOOD Martha E 1912-2002
UNDERWOOD Nicholas Herman and Bertha Mae
UNDERWOOD Patti 1946-1991
UNDERWOOD Peggy Helen and James Bruce Ji
UNDERWOOD Russell H and Daylene
UNDERWOOD Thomas Lee 1941-1989
unknown Freemason
UNRUH Clarence E and Rosabel T
UNSWORTH Frederick Anthony 1884-1971
UNSWORTH Teresa Marie 1873-1963
UNTERSEHER Laura M 1924-2003
UPCHURCH Joseph and Faye
UPCHURCH Tommy Joe 1937-1943
UPSON Merlin E and Ella I
UPTMOOR Bernard Anthony 1909-1993
UPTMOOR Elsie 1912-1957
UPTON Charles N 1866-1945
UPTON Dee Charles 1911-1967
UPTON Glenda Gayle 1941-1990
UPTON Lutra Mae 1876-1934
UPTON Martha COLLINS 1912-1999
UPTON Martha G 1915-1994
UPTON McCoy 1908-1987
UPTON Memphis Lee 1871-1955
UPTON Owen L 1919-1974
UPTON Ruby Celess 1909-1993
UPTON son and Dee
UPTON William T and Bessie S
URBAN Annie 1890-1953
URBAN Joe and Eugene
URBAN John P 1880-1965
URBAN Stanislausa Joan 1919-1966
URBANO 1 A C 1913-2000
URBANO 1 Annie 1915-1985
URBANO 1 Guadalupe 1933-1988
URBANO 1 Tillie 1935-2000
URBANOVSKY Frances KOCUREK 1904-1984
URBANOVSKY O J 1896-1972
URBINA Dominga 1934-2002
URDIALES Hilaria H 1869-1941
URDIALES Maria 1912-1933
URDIALES Pedro H and Ysidora M
UREVIC Peter J 1914-2002
URIAS Jose L Sr and Maria Inez DIAZ
URIAS Renaldo A 1982-1982
URIAS Ricardo Diaz 1954-1978
URIBE Misael 1983-2001
URIBE Olga R 1952-1999
URQUHART Riley C and Delores A
URSO Jack J Sr 1930-1984
URZUA Nicolas Jr and Frances N
URZUA Nicolas Yeyo and Lupe Yeya
USCIELOWSKI Robert M and Jenni Lee
USELTON Thomas P 1923-1987
USELTON Virgie Lee 1919-1964
USLETON Dalton Wayne 1939-1981
USLETON J D and Adline
USSERY Henry M 1924-1983
USSERY Roy Edward 1934-1992
UTLEY Alonzo and Cora Lee
UTLEY Artie C and John H
UTLEY Bascum 1916-1949
UTLEY Charleen DAVIS 1907-1970
UTLEY James W and Hattie H and H Louise
UTLEY Jlrey 1933-1975
UTLEY John A and Laura E
UTLEY John L and Doris M
UTLEY Marshal and Elizabeth
UTLEY Mary C 1856-1947
UTLEY Minton 1888-1939
UTLEY William H 1842-1914
UTLEY Willie Lee 1887-1944
UTTER Hilda Marie 1881-1930
UTTER John Herman 1931-1936
UTTZ Angeline Lenora 1918-1994
UTTZ Paul Leo 1942-1964
VACCO Louise Ida 1910-1987
VACKER 1 Charles H 1891-1976
VACKER 1 Charlie Stub 1920-1982
VACKER 1 Frances C 1891-1959
VACKER Geneva 1932-1992
VACKER L D 1897-1943
VACKER Mildred A 1911-1979
VACKER W H Woody 1924-1999
VAENESIAN Socrates 1888-1950
VALADEZ Rebecca S 1986-1986
VALDERAS Carmelina
VALDERAS Carmelina Marie and Shirley M
VALDEZ 1 Albert and Martha
VALDEZ A Marie 1941-1957
VALDEZ Aaron Christian 1992-1992
VALDEZ Augustine Bob 1924-1993
VALDEZ Bonifacio 1934-1999
VALDEZ David 1958-1978
VALDEZ Esperanza 1920-1985
VALDEZ George C 1894-1961
VALDEZ Giovanna Lynn 1963-1970
VALDEZ Helen ALONZO 1923-1998
VALDEZ Isabel 1886-1952
VALDEZ Isidro A 1915-1981
VALDEZ Jesse and Lupe Jr
VALDEZ John and Georgia
VALDEZ Johnny Jr 1958-1975
VALDEZ Manuel A and Maria
VALDEZ Margarito 1928-1964
VALDEZ Patsy 1939-1988
VALDEZ Raymond 1936-1982
VALDEZ Santos Garza 1922-1998
VALDEZ Stanley and Benita
VALDEZ Vidal Puente and Rosa Maria M
VALE Pearl I E and Russell J
VALENCIANO Joe F and Pauline G
VALENTINE 1 William Jr Billy 1948-1998
VALENTINE 1 William P Sr and Virgie R
VALENTINE Della 1945-2001
VALENTINE Lula Mae 1878-1958
VALENTINE W H Sr 1871-1935
VALENTINE Walter H and Myrtle L
VALENZUELA Frank Sr and Leda
VALERIANO Jesus and Cruz
VALERIANO Margarito C 1941-1965
VALERIANO Ralph C 1928-1956
VALERIANO Thomas R 1965-1975
VALIGURA Anna C 1885-1968
VALLASEK Charles Louis 1885-1948
VALLE Adam Edward Jr 1992-1992
VALLE Brianna Nicole 2002
VALLE David Ray 1947-1974
VALLE Isabel G and Jose P
VALLE Johnny Anthony 1958-1992
VALLE Manuel Jr and Katherine
VALLE Manuel S and Pedro Kat and Sofia M
VALLE Mike M and Lupe G
VALLE Ray and Margie
VALLEJO Anita R 1913-1979
VALLEJO Arturo 1950-1965
VALLEJO Brandon J 1993-1993
VALLEJO Maria T 1905-1982
VALLEJO Moses Tapia 1924-1965
VALLEJO Terry 1937-1996
VALLEJO Valarie Lynn 1989
VALLEJO Virginia M 1929-1990
VALLELUNGA Victor Lee 1946-1978
VALLES Peggy Sujey 1980-1985
VALLES Ruben 1975-1996
VALLIER Clara C 1895-1967
VALLIER Thomas F 1891-1970
VALONE Jeanne WADE 1921-1989
VALONE Minnie C 1887-1962
VALONE Samuel P 1909-1968
VALONE Victor Wayne 1944-1947
VAN Buddy James 1916-1981
VAN Carrie S 1885-1927
Van HOOSER Stella 1889-1971
VAN Khonh Quang 1931-1997
VAN Russell 1944-1944
VanANTWERP Cora J 1875-1956
VanANTWERP Richard B 1870-1942
VanBUREN P 1865-1918
VanBUSKIRK Bert P 1895-1966
VanBUSKIRK Thomas E 1892-1968
VanCARLOWITZ 1 Adolf 1890-1918
VanCARLOWITZ 1 Anne 1903-1966
VanCARLOWITZ 1 Christoph 1856-1933
VanCARLOWITZ 1 Hans 1897-1955
VANCE 1 William J and Minnie K
VANCE Alvin M and Lillian B
VANCE Dora B 1893-1963
VANCE Howard Earl and Britta HEARNE
VANCIL Frances McDUFF 1896-1994
VANCIL Robert D Sr 1902-1965
VanCLEAVE George Wilson Sr 1886-1942
VanCLEVE Roberta Pearl and Gerry
VANDEGRIFF Ellie G and Art C
VANDEGRIFF Muriel 1919-1990
VANDERGRIFF Claudie Vernon 1918-2000
VANDERGRIFF Jennie Becky ROLAND 1922-200
VANDERGRIFF Lida Marie 1922-2000
VANDERGRIFF Lona W 1898-1982
VANDERSHUL Paula Kay 1968-1970
VANDERVEER Terry K and Janice M
VANDEVER Phil and Mary
VANDEVORT Thomas F Jr 1944-1984
VANDIVER Coy Carter Jr 1920-1944
VANDIVER John D 1881-1944
VANDIVER Louise 1924-1958
VANDIVER Robert Leonard 1922-1990
VANDIVER son 1943
VANDIVER Thomas F 1884-1949
VANDIVER Virginia 1885-1949
VANDIVER Virginia M 1888-1960
VANDRAISS James E 1911-1977
VANDRAISS Ruth L Jo 1917-2001
VanDYKE Ernest E and Florence M
VanDYKE Willian S 1910-1949
VanEATON 1 Billy Martin 1922-1965
VanEATON 1 Joyce HOWARD 1924-1979
VANEGAS Teresa LEGASPI 1902-1951
VanHOOSER Pamela Lee 1948
VanHORN Brandon Lee 1986-1988
VanHORN Fred N 1938
VanHORN Harry A and Susie M
VanHORN Ted N Sr 1907-1970
VanLANDINGHAM Donald 1928-1930
VANLANINGHAM Anne M and Elbert
VanLIEW Clifford C 1918-1991
VanMETER Susan 1878-1968
VANN Agnes B 1902-1989
VANN Bertha Lee 1896-1974
VANN Dallas C 1899-1967
VANN Elton G 1912-1987
VANN John Robert and Ruby WOOD
VANN Ruby KING 1913-1996
VANN William K 1895-1949
VanNATTAN Leslie W 1902-1959
VanNATTAN Nina CHOATE 1902-1967
VanSANDT Clyde Odell 1888-1957
VanSANDT Mary Elizabeth 1892-1945
VanSICKLE Henry Ray 1925-1999
VanSICKLE James W 1914-1976
VanSLYKE Earl Frank Bud 1939-1997
VanSLYKE Ramona J Bunny and Robert Lee J
VanTREASE Don C 1940-1982
VanTREASE Edythe Ellen and Herbert Clint
VanTREASE Jeannette 1946-1947
VanTREASE Wilma L 1935-1951
VanTUYL 1 Thos B and Ella JOLLY
VanTUYL Rena Laura 1898-1968
VanVALKENBURG Leon A 1890-1951
VanVLAKE Gilbert H and Joan M
VanVORST Loraine G 1932-1999
VanWAGNER C C 1875-1944
VanWAGNER Harry 1900-1928
VanWAGNER Mattie 1874-1972
VanWAGNER Myrl S 1894-1961
VanWAGNER Pearl 1901-1984
VAQUERA Maria 1887-1969
VARASANO Vincent 1913-1985
VARDAS 1 Helen P 1914-1995
VARDAS 1 James 1894-1954
VARDAS John E 1944-1945
VARGAS Albertina D and Barney R
VARGAS Carmen E 1892-1977
VARGAS Charles Jr and Charlie R Sr
VARGAS Cleo FLORES 1926-1981
VARGAS Enrique Cepeda 1912-1999
VARGAS Enrique Henry 1944-2005
VARGAS Francisca R 1893-1983
VARGAS Frank and Aurora M
VARGAS Frank Jr 1945-1948
VARGAS Isabel R and Vicente A
VARGAS Jason Thomas 1978-2004
VARGAS John Paul 1995-1995
VARGAS Jose R 1889-1970
VARGAS Juana MORENO 1912-1986
VARGAS Matthew David 1969-1971
VARGAS Rita E 1931-1999
VARGAS Thomas M 1892-1946
VARGAS Vincent A Benny 1936-2000
VARNELL Abbie L 1893-1968
VARNELL Burchard H 1923-1982
VARNELL Insl E 1898-1969
VARNELL James H 1886-1949
VARNELL James Milton 1918-1920
VARNELL Mary 1949
VARNELL R H 1890-1918
VARNELL Roy Clifton 1916-1998
VARNER Alfred C 1888-1972
VARNER Daryol W and Nellie G
VARNER James Arnold 1941-1969
VARNER Stella 1909-1960
VARNEY Elton H and Julia
VARNUM Nellie CHAMPER 1 1866-1933
VARO Gilbert 1917-1984
VARO Margaret CARTAN 1 1918-1992
VASICH Mike and Annie
VASQUES Victor L 1951-1972
VASQUEZ Andrea T 1883-1961
VASQUEZ Angelina F 1930-2004
VASQUEZ Antonio 1854-1943
VASQUEZ Antonio Huerta and Conseption SA
VASQUEZ Arturo 1920-1946
VASQUEZ Ascencion 1915-1977
VASQUEZ Augustine 1909-1994
VASQUEZ Aureliano C 1919-1980
VASQUEZ Candido R 1897-1951
VASQUEZ Carmen V 1920-1991
VASQUEZ Christopher P 1993-1996
VASQUEZ Edward G 1927-2002
VASQUEZ Elvira C and Agustin C
VASQUEZ Emma J 1944-2001
VASQUEZ Enes and Emilia C
VASQUEZ Epifanio M 1902-2000
VASQUEZ Gregoria C 1871-1946
VASQUEZ Gregory and Minnie H
VASQUEZ Guadalupe H 1893-1960
VASQUEZ Hermenejildo 1885-1976
VASQUEZ Higinio James 1909-1997
VASQUEZ Hija Querida Antonia 1930-1932
VASQUEZ Inez G 1893-1964
VASQUEZ Jesse Raphael 1973-1973
VASQUEZ Jose and Angela F
VASQUEZ Jose R and Dolores L
VASQUEZ Josephine M 1939-2002
VASQUEZ Joyce Leona 1930-2000
VASQUEZ Juan 1883-1956
VASQUEZ Juanita 1914-1994
VASQUEZ Julia Andrea 1958-1958
VASQUEZ Librada Libby 1934-2001
VASQUEZ Lorenza C and Nicolas C
VASQUEZ Louis 1905-1994
VASQUEZ Magdaleno 1924-2001
VASQUEZ Marcelo V 1908-1986
VASQUEZ Mary 1929-2001
VASQUEZ Mary Anne WEST 1949-1970
VASQUEZ Mary Dolores 1927-1955
VASQUEZ Mauricia L 1919-1989
VASQUEZ Patricia SANCHEZ 1963-1984
VASQUEZ Pepe R 1885-1957
VASQUEZ Rita 1915-1998
VASQUEZ Rolando 1962-1994
VASQUEZ Ruben Mendez Jr 1927-1999
VASQUEZ Rudy 1962-1995
VASQUEZ Thomas 1887-1942
VASQUEZ Zofie 1885-1943
VASSAR Jim E and Flora
VASSAR Juanita T and Marvin
VAUGHAN 1 Beatrice M 1922-1968
VAUGHAN 1 John B 1885-1931
VAUGHAN 1 John B and Billie J
VAUGHAN 1 Lorene A 1887-1964
VAUGHAN Alta R 1899-1980
VAUGHAN Billy W 1928-1998
VAUGHAN Edward B and P D Babe
VAUGHAN Edward B Jr 1911-1963
VAUGHAN Elizabeth CHADDOCK and Kenneth O
VAUGHAN Fannie P 1881-1967
VAUGHAN Ida Gay 1899-1987
VAUGHAN Ivor MSgt 1919-1991
VAUGHAN Jim P 1933-1997
VAUGHAN Judy Lana 1948-1948
VAUGHAN Louisa C 1844-1928
VAUGHAN Margaret Ann 1939-2004
VAUGHAN Mary Louisa and LaFayette C
VAUGHAN Rodney Keith and Loretta SMITH
VAUGHAN Thomas Everett and Louella Lowri
VAUGHAN Walter and Callie
VAUGHAN William Rowe 1884-1958
VAUGHN 1 Ernie 1879-1966
VAUGHN 1 Isaac E 1872-1940
VAUGHN Catherine 1907-1945
VAUGHN Cecil E 1916-1969
VAUGHN Charles H 1876-1955
VAUGHN Clifton C 1904-1955
VAUGHN Filmore and Mittie ODELL
VAUGHN George 1875-1951
VAUGHN George E 1898-1983
VAUGHN George William 1956-1971
VAUGHN James Msgt 1918-1979
VAUGHN James William 1870-1943
VAUGHN John H and Vera E
VAUGHN John W 1885-1950
VAUGHN Leon 1922-1968
VAUGHN Linda Jeanette 1945-1945
VAUGHN Marvin W Sr 1931-1984
VAUGHN Mattie Elizabeth 1873-
VAUGHN Mildred L 1923-1971
VAUGHN Mozelle 1911-1964
VAUGHN Odie B 1883-1949
VAUGHN Ray and Mettie Lee
VAUGHN Roxie B 1908-1978
VAUGHN Roy V 1907-1947
VAUGHN Royal B 1923-1998
VAUGHN Sterling M and Ethel
VAUGHN Viola G 1899-1994
VAUGHN Virgie Marie 1937-1937
VAUGHN William Homer 1899-1973
VAUGHN William J and Mary S
VAUGHN William Jr 1910-1910
VAUGHT Elmer B 1912-1966
VAUGHT George B and Pearlie B
VAUGHT James E Sr and Yvonne REED
VAUGHT Lola B 1923-1995
VAUGHT R S Rusty Jr 1918-1978
VAUGHT Vera E Liz and Bill B
VAUPEL Harry F and Neva A
VAZQUEZ Catherina S 1966
VEACH Leland H 1926-1981
VEALE Alice M 1882-1946
VEALE Edward A 1918-1991
VEALE Lee 1922-1998
VEALE Madie ALBERTA 1904-1980
VEALE Warren 1876-1941
VEALE Winford L Sr 1900-1962
VEGA Fidel Sr 1908-1984
VEGA Guadalupe Leon 1910-1999
VEGA Joe 1920-1999
VEGA Jose C and Maria L
VEGA Luz L 1875-1961
VEGA Marguerite Elizabeth MEGALASSI and
VEGA Maria Micaele 1895-1978
VEGA Miguel and Ramona
VEGA Ralph G 1969-2003
VEGA Ralph L 1947-1962
VEGA Ramona L 1885-1979
VEGA Santos 1945-
VEITENHEIMER Bernadette SISTER 1899-1992
VELA Sotero and Katy
VELARDE Magdalena 1910-1996
VELARDE Timothy Zeke 1933-2003
VELASCO Juan A 1910-1988
VELASQUEZ Armando Z 1929-1993
VELASQUEZ Candelaria 1845-1939
VELASQUEZ Dionisio and Petra
VELASQUEZ Guadalupe 1916-2002
VELASQUEZ Jose G and Estefana
VELASQUEZ Paula GASCA 1870-1956
VELASQUEZ Raymond M 1929-1971
VELASQUEZ Reyes 1958-2001
VELASQUEZ Sabina 1902-1967
VELASQUEZ Simona B 1878-1951
VELAZQUEZ Alejandro 1909-1999
VELAZQUEZ Linda G 1925-1986
VELEZ Graciela M 1957-1998
VELOZ Lorenzo Sr and Aurora E
VENABLE Bertha Martha SCOGGINS 1906-1992
VENABLE Howard T 1910-1983
VENABLE Robert and Eva
VENARD Blanche M 1898-1988
VENARD Edwin E 1892-1971
VENINGA Frederick E 1887-1951
VENINGA Phebe L 1886-1968
VERBRYKE Joseph H and Maudie M
VERHEUL Jack 1899-1970
VERMILLION Clifford K and Velma A
VERNIA Elmer Sr Wimpy and Vestie
VERNON 1 George F 1882-1927
VERNON George F Jr 1917-1918
VERNON Joseph E and Oma S
VERNON Wanda 1932-1978
VERONA Hortencia P 1930-2003
VERONA Jose Angel 1919-2000
VERRILL Albert E and Ode E
VESS Clifton Alan and Billie Paul
VESS Lula Merle 1920-
VESS Willie R Bill 1`914-1992
VEST Lawson M 1892-1962
VESTAL Johnnie Lee 1911-1991
VESTAL LaVerne 1921-1988
VESTAL Roy 1907-1921
VETTER Elizabeth K 1895-1964
VEUNNASAK Somboun 1937-1999
VICK Lea Vada and Samuel Adams
VICK Leo 1911-1993
VICK Linda Kay 1944-1989
VICK Minnie L 1907-1967
VICKERS 1 G James 1918-1964
VICKERS 1 Mary Katheryn and Alice
VICKERS 1 Thomas F iii 1915-1944
VICKERS 1 Thomas F Jr 1883-1937
VICKERS Clarence L 1915-1973
VICKERS Jesse C 1933-1975
VICKERS Martha Jane PRATT 1877-1940
VICKERY John Glover 1882-1940
VICKERY Kermit E 1902-1940
VICKERY Thomas W 1891-1920
VIDAL Jesus P 1920-1997
VIDAL Rosa CANO 1925-2003
VIDMAR 1 Cleo 1905-1991
VIDMAR 1 John 1905-1973
VIGNE John P and Ethel M
VILETA Joan and Frank
VILLA Alonzo 2001
VILLA Reynaldo Jr 1957-1985
VILLAFRANCO Mucio Martinez 1884-1973
VILLAFUERTE Anita 1949-1995
VILLALOBOS Macario 1886-1968
VILLALOBOS Maria DeJESUS 1900-1976
VILLALOVOS Joe L 1915-1993
VILLANEUVA Fred G 1913-1984
VILLANEUVA Julliana R 1924-1996
VILLANUEVA 1 George R 1948-1958
VILLANUEVA 1 Santos P 1923-1967
VILLANUEVA Alfred J 1942-1969
VILLANUEVA Enrique Apolonio 1947-1992
VILLANUEVA Louis P and Maria B
VILLANUEVA Maria Teresa 1959-1960
VILLARIAL Pablo 1912-1960
VILLARIAL Raymond 1944-1990
VILLARIAL Yolanda Yolie 1951-1996
VILLARREAL Ana Maria B 1926-1994
VILLARREAL Angela 1980-1997
VILLARREAL Carmen Eulalia 1980-1981
VILLARREAL Jose Joaquin 1915-2000
VILLARREAL Luis T and Agapita
VILLARREAL Ruperta 1898-1986
VILLASENOR Angelita S and Ygnacio M
VILLASENOR Felix S and Ernestina H
VILLASENOR Gloria 1947-1973
VILLASENOR Gonzalo H 1949-1969
VILLASENOR Ignacio R 1924-1967
VILLASENOR Maria Cruz -1928-
VILLAVICENCIO Guillermina 1946-1998
VILLEDA Leandro 1983-2003
VILLMAN Henry 1889-1928
VINALL Donald T 1914-1980
VINALL Gloria Mae 1926-2001
VINCENT Amanda E 1884-1978
VINCENT Cleo WOOD 1912-1987
VINCENT Donald Wood 1951-1956
VINCENT Walter Edward 1909-1990
VINCIL E Clyde and C Pearl
VINES Hugh F 1896-1963
VINEYARD Gene 1932-2003
VINEYARD Howell M and Jessie E
VINH Anna Nguyen Thi 1917-2000
VINSANT Granville F and Velma T
VINSON 1 Sarah 1862-1910
VINSON 1 W S 1861-1933
VINSON Chester A 1898-1979
VINSON Loren R and Mildred M
VINSON Mary Lorene -1920 at 6
VINSON Roy Lee and Ada L
VINSON William 1899-1972
VIOLETTE Robert B 1901-1950
VIRGEL Elbert C 1905-1929
VIRGIL David G 1931-1992
VIRGIL H L Hack and Edith WARREN
VIRGIL Leona L 1919-1971
VISENTINE 1 Hazel L 1910-1963
VISENTINE 1 Louis F 1909-1989
VISSER Kay C 1919-1992
VITASEK Arnold 1920-1934
VITASEK Arthur E 1917-1973
VITASEK Ed J and Helen
VITASEK Louis Lee and Billie Jo
VITE Aurora 1987-1987
VITTITOW Ella Mae 1913-1971
VITTITOW Fred S 1904-1970
VITTITOW Martha A 1880-1952
VITTITOW Willhite C 1872-1948
VLAMIDES George 1925-1943
VLASIS Gus Theodore 1908-1968
VLASIS Stella K 1903-1974
VLOITOS Despina and Sideris
VLOITOS Nick and Katie
VO Giuse The Van and Teresa Mai Phuong
VOGEL Arthur E and Norma J
VOIGT George D 1919-1984
VOIKU George and Georgia Lena OUSLEY
VOLAND Wm F G and Alma R
VOLENTINE C C 1906-1983
VOLENTINE Mary Lucille 1911-1991
VOLLET John J and Mary F
VOLLINTINE 1 Frank 1902-1978
VOLLINTINE 1 Juanita 1904-1966
VOLLINTINE 2 Cary Neal 1942-2000
VOLLINTINE 2 Diana 1939-1972
VOLLMERS Felicie S 1884-1963
VOLLMERS John E 1882-1965
VOLPONI Edward A Sr and Helen P
VOLS E T Eddy 1935-1976
VOLZ Charles N 1874-1944
VOLZ Stephen Luther 1941
VonALT Bertha A 1895-1966
VonASPERN Marie V and John E
VonGONTEN Geraldine 1924-1979
VonGONTEN John 1926-1973
VONGPHAKDY Tina 1990-1992
VONGSOUNA Anousone 1982-1994
VONK William Rev 1911-1935-1975
vonWESTERNHAGEN Gero and Helen and Renat
VOSBERG 1 Dorothy E 1925-1995
VOSBERG 1 Kevin James and Robert Edward
VOSBERG 1 Linus G 1918-2002
VOSHEL Margaret E and Shirley A
VOSS Nancy L 1939-1951
VOSSLER Cecil and Evelyn L
VOSSLER Thelma M 1908-1985
VOTAW Annie Laurie 1900-1918
VOTAW Aubrey L and Lessie
VOTAW Nathan L and Julia W
VOWELL 1 Carrie S 1886-1974
VOWELL 1 Marshall P 1887-1954
VRABIC Frank and Beatrice L
VRASICH Alice Faye 1952-2000
VREELAND Binda 1883-1954
VREELAND Harvey W 1874-1949
VU Guise Vinh and Teresa Duyen
VU Son Chi 1908-1994
VYMOLA Antone L 1902-1971
VYSTAVIL 1 Anton and Rosie
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