Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Parkdale Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
66 Parkdale Cemetery
67 Parkdale Cemetery
68 Parkdale Cemetery
AARONS Gary Wayne 1956-1978
AARONS Glenda Joyce 1935-1973
ABBOTT Myrna May 1918-1979
ABNEY Hillary Ann 1978
ACKER Josie 1888-1983
ACOCK Ethel L and Frederick W
ACOSTA Francisco G Jr 1951-
ACREE Alfred Daniel 1907-1949
ADAIR Georgia and A L
ADAIR Roy Lee 1893-1950
ADAMS Eve Lynn 1911-2000
ADAMS Glen P 1889-1973
ADAMS John 1895-1964
ADAMS John Nicholas
ADAMS Linnis Mays 1908-1990
ADAMS Lynn Ella 1926-
ADAMS Melvin 1923-1980
ADAMS Michael W 1947-1982
ADAMS Robert L 1900-1964
ADAMS William 1891-1949
ADDINGTON Elizabeth D 1903-1993
ADKINS Georgia CRIDER and Jim Chalk
AFKHAMI Kh Mary Zelli 1928-1982
AGIN Hazel M 1903-1975
AHEAM James F 1897-1946
AILARA boy 1964
AKER son 1960
AKINS Mabel C 1897-1976
ALBRIGHT Frances KRITZ and Albert Del
ALCORN Cordell J 1923-1956
ALDRIEDGE Dorothy N and Harry
ALEXANDER A N 1892-1949
ALEXANDER Harvest N and Hayden B
ALEXANDER Henrietta C and John Bacon
ALEXANDER John Bacon 1929-1972
ALEXANDER Lisa Carol 1968-1968
ALEXANDER Richard Andrew 1982
ALEXANDER Stacy Ann 1959-1980
ALLEN Alton W and Saralee
ALLEN Annice M 1897-1980
ALLEN Anthony Wayne 1968-1968
ALLEN Corinne 1907-1987
ALLEN Harry Edward 1949-1964
ALLEN Jeffrie 1969-1969
ALLEN Lillian E and C Robert Rev
ALLEN Pearl L and Arter
ALLEN Sarah A and Joseph C
ALMAND Cindy and Ashley
ALMAND Lula WHITE 1910-2001
ALMENDARIZ Ma De Jesus and Odilio
ALTMAN Elvis W 1901-1974
ALTMAN Jenna W 1873-1954
ALTMAN Wylie F 1872-1950
AMEND Janie Bless 1913-
AMSLER Maggie C 1886-1980
ANAYA Maria 1964-1976
ANAYA Rogelio 1926-1966
ANDERSON Anna J 1885-1965
ANDERSON Arletta and Leonard F
ANDERSON Axel 1876-1949
ANDERSON baby 1969
ANDERSON D Elizabeth Bebe and Carl R
ANDERSON Gina Marie 1966-1966
ANDERSON Katherine 1931-1931
ANDERSON Mary F and Frank K
ANDERSON Mildred Louise and Raymond Edwa
ANDERSON Richard Don 1974-1974
ANDERSON Ruby and Arthur W
ANDERSON Stacy Dawn 1966-1966
ANDERSON Tip and Frances
ANDERSON Wm Kurt 1948-1956
ANDERTON Annie 1893-1975
ANDERTON Norman S 1887-1947
ANGELL Edna Blanch 1908-1997
ANGELL Ethel M and William T
ANGELL Jimmie Leon 1944-1971
ANGELL Martha A and Lawrence M
ANGELL Peggy J and Ruby D
ANGELL Robert L 1925-1977
ANGELL T L 1904-1989
ANGELL Thelma 1910-2000
ANGUIZOLA Gustave 1927-2000
ANTRUP Freida J and Wayne E
APPLE Lerylne S 1890-1983
APPLE Peter 1863-1953
ARGUS Warren H 1921-1992
ARGUS Warren H and Dorothy L
ARMAN Blanche L and Charlie C
ARMAN Odessa B 1916-1963
ARMSTRONG Ab 1893-1955
ARMSTRONG Ida Mae 1909-1987
ARMSTRONG Martha Jane and Roy Dale Sr
ARMSTRONG Pinkie A 1898-1965
ARMSTRONG Pinkie Jr 1933-1979
ARNALL Charles W 1871-1946
ARNOLD Flossie June 1920-1946
ARNOLD Harry Jackson 1907-1944
ARNOLD Jame Elbert 1910-1946
ARNOLD Jarve S 1892-1963
ARNOLD Minnie Lady 1889-1971
ARNOLD William Edward 1901-1982
ARRANT Mattie C and Daniel R Rev
ARREDONDO Hermelinda C 1917-1951
ARREDONDO Jessie 1948-1969
ARREDONDO Soledad Shirley 1932-1967
ARRENDONDO Jose 1907-1982
ARWINE John Edward 1919-1985
ASKEW Christopher L 1954
ATCHISON Annetia Pay 1938-1940
ATCHISON Arminta and George B
ATCHISON Joseph 1923-1928
ATCHISON Thomas E and Ila B
ATCHISON Willie T 1903-1942
ATER Edna June and Billie E Sr
ATER Patrick Lane 1960-1993
AUSTIN Cecil E 1912-1980
AUSTIN Christopher Lee 1970-1998
AUSTIN Helen L and J D
AUSTIN Marie M and Truman P
AUSTIN Robert L and Minnie P
AUSTIN Stella M and Ralph W
AXELSON Donald W Sr 1913-1965
AXELSON Donald William Sr and Evie Viola
AXELSON Robert Darrell Bob 1947-1995
AZIOS Eloise A and Jose Maria
BABB Jack K 1928-1978
BABER Mamie E and Thomas A
BABINA Robert Brian Bobby 1971-1994
BACCUS Lessee F and James W
BACCUS Virgil Howell 1911-1959
BACKLOUPE Emmett M and Eva Mae
BAGGETT Herbert C 1896-1975
BAGGETT Lisa Lynn 1966-1966
BAGGETT Louis M 1917-2000
BAGGETT Mabel GRAHAM 1910-1975
BAGGETT Mary and Edd
BAGGETT Nelo Gean and Louis M
BAGGETT Rosa Lee 1890-1974
BAGGETT Rosa Lee and Thomas P
BAGGETT Thomas P 1877-1947
BAILEY Allen 1906-1980
BAILEY Arthur L 1917-1986
BAILEY Arthur Lee and Lyda KYLE
BAILEY Billie 1901-1955
BAILEY Edward C Jr 1917-1975
BAILEY Herbert 1912-1962
BAILEY James B 1902-1971
BAILEY Lillie and Joe
BAILEY May 1883-1940
BAILEY Robert Lee Bob 1904-1981
BAILEY Sabrina 1970
BAILEY William Ernest 1878-1969
BAILEY Willie Ray and Phillip J
BAILEY Winnie and Bobby and Grover
BAKER Arthur Wayne 1929-1963
BAKER Betty Sue and Willard W
BAKER Daniel B 1855-1942
BAKER Ellen Wilbur 1880-1944
BAKER Gary Edwin 1960
BAKER Judie S 1834-1931
BAKER Mary L 1856-1939
BAKER Norma G and Ralph E
BAKER Ralph E 1926-1989
BAKER Richard Earl 1935-2003
BALDWIN Hadley Bree 1998-1998
BALL Fred M Jr 1938
BALL James A 916-1985
BALL son 1961
BANCROFT May Read 1971-1962
BARAHONA Miguel Nahin 1975-1998
BARATTA William A 1940-1948
BARDIN Beatrice PUTMAN and James Preston
BARDIN Eunice K and Robert N
BARDIN Frankie WALLER and Woodrow W
BARDIN Harold John 1917-1966
BARDIN Myrtle A and J Roscoe
BARDIN OmegaSibely and William J
BARDIN Paul Laverne 1928-1953
BARDIN William Preston 1921-1994
BARKER Clarence Travis 1930-2000
BARKER Geniece McCARTY and Clarence Trav
BARNAS Gladys K 1914-1999
BARNES Champ C and Louise
BARNES Eureka L and Robert F
BARNES Florence C 1900-1984
BARNES Gano G 1891-1948
BARNES Janette 1909-1954
BARNES Jeffrey Allen 1964-1964
BARNES Mattie and Cliff
BARNES Roy Fulton 1896-1968
BARNETT Annie Lee 1909-1995
BARNETT Wm Larry 1940-
BARRETT Willie O and John R
BARRIGER Maude 1883-1968
BARRON Albert M and Lillie COLE
BARRON Amelia 1904-1994
BARRON Charlene 1930-1930
BARRON Charles Lyle 1930-1955
BARRON Jewel 1905-1943
BARRON Mary E 1866-1934
BARRON Virginia Fay 1938-1939
BARRY Coralee J 1906-1982
BARTON Flora H 1898-1989
BARTON Myrtle 19862-1954
BARTON William A 1892-1968
BARTON William Nelson 1912-1983
BASEY Betty Jane THREATT 1928-1947
BATES Dixie HUTCHESON 1885-1957
BATES Frank J 1880-1942
BATES Janie H and Rufus H
BATES Mattie F and Luther V Dr
BAYER Joseph L 1907-1964
BAYER Marie S 1907-1977
BAYLESS Gertrude GRAY 1880-1959
BAZAR Mildred Irene and Irvin B
BAZAR Missouri H and John Lewis
BEACH Patrick Giles 1950-1999
BEAIRD John Waldon 1864-1936
BEAL Susan STANFIELD 1913-1981
BEARD Melvin H 1906-1992
BEARD W H 1870-1954
BEARD W H Mrs 1869-1962
BEARDEN Laura 1960
BEARDEN Virginia PIPPIN 1917-1949
BEAUCHAMP Grace 1914-1934
BECK Faye H and Monroe D
BECKMAN Ronald Kevin 1970
BEEKMAN Molly E 1910-1998
BEENE H Frances and James Howard
BELEW Bertha B 1896-1979
BELL Gracie C 1913-1980
BELL Jonathan Milton 1901-1952
BELL Mildred K 1907-1996
BELL William L 1934-1997
BELLAH Nancy A and William N
BELLAMY Eunice Vivian and Raymond Wilson
BELLER Opal Lorene JONES and Carlton Fre
BELLER Ronald Gene 1942-1992
BELTZNER Alta L and Fred
BENEDICT Emma M 1900-1954
BENESH Anna A and John
BENESH Rudolph J 1904-1970
BENESH Virginia Rose and George
BENGE A C 1874-1950
BENGE Hattie L 1877-1967
BENNETT Annie Z 1901-1978
BENNETT Frenchie 1877-1965
BENNETT Harry L 1897-1949
BENNETT Ida 1877-1969
BENNETT Mark Richard 1963-1963
BENNETT Mildred Armine 1908-1918
BENNETT Onie HENRY 1867-1960
BENNETT Samuel M 1869-1973
BENNETT W E 1872-1963
BENSON Emily E 1875-1967
BENSON Mattie 1874-1956
BENTLEY Alma and Clyde
BENTLEY Edward J and Mary Ellen
BENTLEY Fannie HART and Walter
BENTON Donald B Sr and Verda Ruth
BENTON Roy N 1903-1958
BERG Ethel ROSS 1896-1956
BERG Louis B 1887-1951
BERGER Artur and Irene
BERNARD Herman S 1904-1945
BERNARD Walter Glaze and Jo Ella
BERRY Charles B 1866-1937
BERRY Lizzie W 1878-1940
BERRY Lizzie W 1878-1940-
BERTRAM Mary L 1932-1968
BETHKE Brandon Michael 1978-1984
BETTIS Dora Lee and Tom W
BETTIS Frank James 195-1958
BEVERLY Barbara and Jack
BEVERLY Martha L 1882-1953
BIDDLE David H Jr 1973
BIGAR Mabel W and John
BILLINGSLEY son 1952-1952
BILLS Bradley C Brad 1952-1998
BILLS Linda L and J G
BIRD A Bernice and James M
BIRD Ida Mae and Charles D
BIRD James Russell 1959-
BIRD Lila Jean 1941-1993
BIRKHEAD Charles F and Fleda C
BIRKHEAD Charles F Jr 1922-1945
BISHOP Louise J 1921-1978
BISHOP Merritt P Rev and Edith TUCKER
BIVINS Anna C 1888-1929
BIZZELL John Brent 1956-1960
BIZZELL Oma Bell 1877-1959
BLACK Matthew Allen 1975-1976
BLACKMAN Chaney Rae 1977
BLACKMAN Holle Celeste
BLAGG Wesley B and Evie J
BLAIR Annie Laurie 11899-1980
BLAIR Valdon E and Vera R
BLAND Opal WOOD 1903-1944
BLANK Lillian B 1878-1967
BLANKENSHIP Charles Edwin 1927-1987
BLANTON M Virginia SHEPHERD and Martthew
BLESS Laura R 1888-1978
BLOHM Leona E 1911-1964
BLOOMER Amanda P and James E
BLOOMER Audrey Lee 1915-1995
BLOOMER Jack 1909-1982
BLOOMER James Edward 1899-1968
BLOOMER John H 1885-1957
BLOOMER Mamie Lillian and John Henry
BLUE Donald Owen 1954-2001
BLUE Peggy Kelcy and Owen Clyde
BLUMENTHAL Albert F 1889-1980
BLUMENTHAL Anna 1895-1956
BLUMENTHAL Evan Scotty 1929-1998
BOBO Ruth MARRS and Zack Jr MD
BODENHAMER Gwendolyn Guest and Richard L
BODINE Mary Alice and John Henry
BOEN Lucy and Raymond
BOGGS Carl Edward 1956-1959
BOGGS Hazel and Bob
BOGGS Herman Harold 1960-1961
BOGLE Ben J 1902-1962
BOND Eugene Milton Gene 1913-
BOND Patricia Louise MORRISON 1920-
BONIFAZ Rosa Maria and Raul C
BOOHER Anna Gene and B Paul
BOOHER Emma E 1903-1983
BOOHER George R 1892-1984
BOOHER Matthew Allen 1982-1982
BOOHER Mattie L 1907-1960
BOOKER Christine BURRESS and Roy Leon
BOOKER James M 1911-1930
BOOKER Janet 1936
BOOKER Jason H 1877-1952
BOOKER John A 1867-1930
BOOKER Nora Mae 1889-1978
BOOKER Sidney Andrew 1870-1943
BOOTH Mary K and Carlton A
BORDERS Albert V 1922-1969
BORDERS Lloyd P and Barbara J
BORDERS Maggie and Scott P
BOREN Ami LaShaye 1975-2000
BOURG Cathy Lynn McCORD 1953-1993
BOURLAND Orene Ada 1916-2001
BOWDEN Andrew Aaron 1978-1978
BOWDEN Ethel A and Thomas J
BOWEN Charles E 1892-1973
BOWEN Winifred CASLER 1893-1948
BOWERMAN girl 1969
BOWERS Ricky Lee 1958-1987
BOWMAN John Jr 1875-1933
BOWMAN Levi Harris 1876-1959
BOWMAN Ollie 1905-197
BOWMAN Rex 1957-1992
BOWMAN Rex Jay 1957-1992
BOWMAN Stella Mae 1904-1955
BOX Herman Fayne 1919-1993
BOX Nellie KERR 1921-1998
BOXLEY Opal Charleen and Elbert Gee
BOYCE Esther A and Harold D
BOYD Cody Michael 1991-1991
BOYD Julia E 1898-1951
BOYD Tilmon Henson 1896-1966
BOYETT Claudie and Edna Mae
BOYETT Mary Ella 1895-1994
BRACKEN Eunice Dee 1969-1969
BRACKEN Martha 1901-2000
BRACKEN Tom Archie 1895-1952
BRADFORD Lemuel J 1921-1979
BRADFORD Mittie C 1901-1985
BRADSHAW Mildred Y ARNOLD 1906-1991
BRAKE Suzanne and Norman
BRANDENBURG Robert Olin 1889-1962
BRANDENBURG Rosa Ethel 1892-1978
BRANDENBURG Rosa Nan 1927-1958
BRANDT Helen STRENG 1904-1952
BRANDT Meta 1902-1980
BRANDT Pauline Norman 1900-1986
BRANDT Wm C 1899-1960
BRANNEN Dorothea A 1916-1982
BRANNON Barbara Ann and Zack Taylor
BRANNON Fay M 1903-1971
BRANTLEY Casey Roland 1980-1982
BRANTLEY Corey Roland 1982
BRASELTON John W 1904-1960
BRATONE Edmund J 1910-1981
BRAY Addie Mrs 1872-1958
BRAY Howard 1901-1978
BRAY J W 1862-1931
BRAY John Thomas 1894-1950
BRAY Julia M and Richard Allen Rick
BRAY Morris 1899-1952
BRAY Odessa and Henry C
BRAZEL Janice 1949-1949
BRENDLE Dovie Jewel 1907-1956
BRENDLE Grover C 1891-1960
BRENDLE Susie M and William J
BREWER James Alfred 1933-1989
BREWER Jessie 1896-1972
BREWER Kayla J 1985
BREWER Maezelle H and Clyde Alfred
BREWER Michael Keith 1976-1996
BREWSTER Jettie E 1878-1945
BREWSTER John E 1873-1951
BRICENO William 1886-1949
BRIDGES Fay Fleecy and Hazel GRIFFIN
BRIDGES George 1940
BRIDGES Kathryn Josie and Arthur T
BRIDGES Robert F S and Verona E
BRIDGES Virgie V and Otis T
BRIGGS Willie L 1884-1977
BRIMINGHAM Jonathan Lance 1977
BRINSON Thomas K 1895-1969
BRITTAIN Dow C 1902-1959
BRITTAIN James D 1904-1948
BRITTAIN Ruth K 1901-1949
BRITTON Charlie M 1911-1965
BROADDUS Garland C Buckie 36-42
BROADDUS Garland H 1910-1972
BROCK Allie B and Choyce G
BROGDON F Lorraine Cookie and Elton L Bo
BROGDON family
BROGDON Mal Hall and Zora Emma
BROOKSHIRE Guy 1903-1971
BROOKSHIRE Jewel H 1902-
BROUGHTON Arthur Bland 1899-1962
BROWER Dorothy Ann 1920-1941
BROWER Otilia MIERES and William Macon
BROWER William M 1879-1947
BROWN Aubyn TAYLOR 1896-1962
BROWN Brian Hugh 1964-1964
BROWN Charles Byron 1954-1954
BROWN David I 1882-1957
BROWN George 1872-1952
BROWN Harold W 1922-1978
BROWN Isaac John 1984-1984
BROWN James L Jr and Patricia J
BROWN Jeffrey Alan 1977-1977
BROWN John F BigJohn 1932-1992
BROWN Lillie C 1886-1969
BROWN Lometa Faye and Buford
BROWN Margaret June 1920-1980
BROWN Mary Annette SWANER and Clovis Noe
BROWN Maudie L 1893-1972
BROWN Micah 1976
BROWN Ruth SCOTT and Jack Duff
BROWN Troy A 1915-2000
BROWN William A 1900-1961
BROYLES Laura J and Arthur W
BRUCE Maxine YATES 1906-1996
BRUMLEY John A 1958-1989
BRUNDRETT W H 1875-1956
BRUNER Robert E 1937-1978
BRUNETTE Lillian Inez and William Homer
BRYANT Irene and John R
BRYCE Britney Ann 1996
BUCHER Nina Ruth 1932-1974
BUCKAN Edward 1900-1946 1900-1946
BUCKELEW Joseph F 1903-1968
BUEHLER Opal M and Chester A
BUJACICH Dominick 1888-1953
BULLOCH John A 1879-1959
BULLOCH Myrtle A 1880-1950
BUMP Anna Clara KUPPER and William Richa
BUNCH Louise Sissy and Gene M
BUNN Debra Ann and Tina Marie
BUNSTER Daniel Frost 1985-2002
BURCH James O 1908-1973
BURCHFIELD Mattie P 1893-1946
BURDEN Holly Lee 1968-1968
BURDETTE Dosie Lee 1882-1934
BURKE Carneal 1948-1987
BURKE Martha J and Joe T
BURKS Donald W 1948-2000
BURLESON Joel A and Eula M
BURNETT Anna M and James E
BURNETT Terry 1951-1998
BURNS James Claude 1931-1942
BURNS Robert -1943
BURRESS Eugene V and Joy Ruth
BURRESS John Roger and Martha Leila
BURRESS Lola Betty and Raymond
BURROW Benjamin Criswell 1905-1978
BURROW Ruie McCLESKEY 1901-1996
BURSON Grace G 1888-1973
BURTON Ada and Roy
BURTON Joe Lynn 1955
BURTON Naoma L and Truman E
BURTON Octavia Martha and John Daniel
BUSBY Thelma W and Truman M
BUSH Noel Elizabeth 1955
BUSH Sarah Louise 1923-1995
BUSSEY Jean 1899-1969
BUSSEY Wanda Juanita and Charles Cranfor
BUTCHER Eva G MATNEY 1914-1972
BUTLER David Wayne 1964
BUTLER Mabel May 1913-1995
BUTZKE Robert John 1969-1999
BUXTON Bobbie Dee 1932-1984
BYERLY Cathy E and Maurice R
BYNUM Floyd A 1924-1945
BYRAM baby 1959
BYRNES F P 1910-1958
BYUS Cora ROPER 1881-1928
CABAL Cori 1987
CABAL Maxine B and Ted J
CABAL Ted J 1920-1990
CABAL William G 1918-1992
CAC Ho Thi 1910-2000
CADDEN George Otis and Elizabeth Ruth
CAGEL Ruby T and James C
CAIN Allie Mae and Gilbert Chestine Sr
CAIN Bobby Elvis 1932-1999
CAIN Robert Allen 1966-1967
CALCOTE Ruth E 1905-1999
CALDWELL Ada Martin 1862-1931
CALDWELL Patty 1879-1974
CALHOUN Thelma Mae and Freddie R
CALLAN Lillian BOWEN 1920-1957
CAMERON Ruth and Albert
CAMMACK James Curtis iii 1969-1969
CAMP Lillie F 1888-1974
CAMP Thomas J 1884-1937
CAMP Wilbur D Lt 1914-1939
CAMP Willie E and Mildred L
CAMPBELL Effie L and Lee
CAMPBELL Rachel Elva and Robert Leon
CAMPBELL S Pearl and Clay G
CANNON H E 1871-1941
CANNON Lillian 1900-1972
CANNON Lula P 1887-1955
CANNON Martha Zora 1884-1961
CANNON Penelope and Steven D
CANNON Seth H 1905-1965
CANNON Stella 1871-1957
CANTRELL Ann Ileen 1918-1982
CANTRELL Clifford O Sr 1942-1982
CANTRELL Estelle 1895-1956
CANTRELL Gentry H 1884-1950
CANTRELL Joseph Ocie 1907-1942
CANTRELL Mary Frances and Joseph Lee
CANTRELL Mary Pearl 1915-1978
CANTRELL Nona Pearl and Ollie L
CANTRELL Roy 1912-1970
CANTRELL Thomas Henry 1917-1976
CANTRELL Wayne E 1945-1981
CANTRELL William E 1910-1967
CANUP Terry Lee 1925-1977
CAPPS J Rose 1907-1999
CAPPS Larry Gene 1958-1958
CAPPS Lindy Jay 1958-1958
CARAWAY Cordie GRIFFIN 1891-1976
CARAWAY Don K 1908-1969
CARAWAY James Daniel 1946-1990
CARLSON Mary Ellen 1940-
CARPENTER Clara L 1881-1946
CARPENTER Donald Lee 1936-1942
CARR Sam 1891-1957
CARROLL baby 1960
CARROLL Clifford R and Helen L
CARROLL Ellen M 1936--
CARROLL John H 1921-1988
CARROLL Kristi Machal 1966-1966
CARROLL Nina Mae 1908-1988
CARROLL Sally 1866-1930
CARROLL Shannon Lucretia 1971-1971
CARROLL Velma J and John H
CARROLL William J 1923-1976
CARSON James Lowell 1946-1998
CARSON Otis Brady 1899-1960
CARSON Ruby Mae 1913-1997
CARTER boy 1969-1969
CARTER Gertrude 1884-1948
CARTER James B 1877-1955
CARTER Josephine 1879-1967
CARTER Marvin J 1895-1974
CARTER Opal C 1906-1988
CARVER Kevin Michael 1969-1969
CARVER Mary MENON and James M
CASEY Jerry Lou and Roy W
CASKEY R L 1907-1974
CASPER D P 1899-1954
CASTLEBERRY Rondal and Carolynne
CASTRO C 1887-1954
CAWTHON Elsie Sarah 1874-1951
CAWTHON James R 1872-1930
CAWTHRON Mack Bailey and Diane DERRICK
CEAL Deborah Rene 1965-1965
CHADDICK Minnie Mae and Garland E
CHAMBERS Minnie 1909-1996
CHAMBERS Oscar 1895-1969
CHANCELLOR James M Jr 1922-1981
CHANDLER Margaret 1883-1965
CHANEY Jamers C Jr 1921-1988
CHAPA Charles Loren 1962-1962
CHAPPELL Leeta G 1889-1932
CHAVEZ Antonia E 1958-2001
CHAVEZ Rene Benito 1936-2000
CHEN L K 1882-1954
CHESNUT Gena Georgette 1972
CHILDERS Coy R 1940-1957
CHLAMONS Maria Tiva 1944-1990
CHRISTIAN Mary E 1907-1972
CHRISTIAN Neva George 1906-1972
CHRISTIAN Richard Logan 1958-1958
CHRISTIAN W I Bill 1908-1980
CHRISTMAN Bess L 1901-1996
CHRISTMAN Charles W 1871-1955
CHRISTMAN Christena R 1872-1940
CHRISTOPHER Helen B 1896-1934
CHRISTOPHER Sallie S 1869-1960
CHUNG Jai Woen 1964-2001
CHURCHILL Donald Lee 1907-2000
CHURCHILL Edythe P 1907-1977
CHURCHWELL Jennie 1872-1959
CLAMPITT Mary Z and Russell H Jim
CLAMPITT Maude I 1881-1980
CLAPP Paulette H and Robert Clinton
CLARE Marjorie MOORE and William Albert
CLARK Allen 1926-1930
CLARK Alma 1933-1960
CLARK Eula Loraine 1905-1944
CLARK George 1900-1975
CLARK Litha L 1906-1993
CLARK Lonnie Lee 1926-1942
CLARK Oddie J 1959-1963
CLARK Ronald Bruce 1961-1963
CLARK Tennie 1910-1954
CLARKSON Troy Jr 1930-1950
CLAY Mamie O and Gus D
CLAY Thomas R 1887-1963
CLEM Edgar Lee 1896-1969
CLEM Ruby O 1911-1985
CLEMONS Floy E and William R
CLEVELAND Ellis A 1895-1957
CLEVELAND J C 1910-1961
CLEVELAND Roy 1902-1961
CLIFFORD Katherine M and John J
CLOWERS Marshall David and Bettye Jean
COATS A L Butch 1943-1993
COATS Mildred M and H Pete
COBB Shannon Leigh 1977-1981
COCHRAN Brian Scott 1973
COCHRAN Mary Louise 1931-1979
COE Martha ALLAN and William Oran
COE Rona CORBIN and Bobby Joe
COFFEY Gertrude 1889-1931
COFFEY James M 1878-1947
COFFMAN David Scott 1966-1966
COFFMAN Molly E 1882-1949
COHEN Etta 1877-1967
COKE G A Dutch 1895-1937
COKE George A Jr 1923-1941
COKE Geraldine 1922-1928
COKE I D And Elizabeth E
COKE Jim W 1889-1957
COKE Jim W Jr 1915-1955
COKE Julina J 1895-1960
COKE Marshall D and Inez H
COKE Marshall D Jr 1925-1944
COKE Nora B and Charlie F
COKE Pearl 1891-1956
COKER Jerry Lee 1942-1983
COKER Nettie and Dan W Dee
COLE Dillon Aron 1996
COLE Lawrence S 1879-1963
COLE Myrtle D and Cecil L
COLEMAN E Lucille and C Smedley
COLEMAN Minnie Lee 1872-1957
COLLINS Ada L 1874-1963
COLLINS Bessie and Lark
COLLINS J D Dr 1871-1946
COLLINS Mae and Tom S
COLLINS Merrill and Estelle
COLLINS S A 1871-1955
COLLINS Sandra Marie 1954-1955
COLLVER David Glenn 1962
COLSON Lily May and Charlie Lee
COLSTON James F 1906-1973
COMBS Ada M and Ervin H
COMBS Charles E 1940-1944
COMBS Ethel 1900-1980
COMBS Woodrow W 1919-2000
COMPTON Micky Frank 1948-1990
CONE Ola K and Arthur D
CONGER James C Sr 1935-1998
CONGLETON Dorothy J and Billy F
CONLEY Jonothan Robert 1983
CONNER Edw Earl 1907-1975
CONNER James C 1943-1992
CONNER Newton R 1911-1971
CONNER Ola GROSS and Milton M
CONNOR Edward P 1902-1979
CONNOR Patrick H 1893-1969
CONWAY James Eugene 1892-1952
CONWAY Thomas James 1916-1975
CONWAY Willie 1895-1986
COOK Belinda Kay 1965-1965
COOK Cecil M 1922-1972
COOK John and Mary and Patricia and John
COOK M Nora ALLAIN 1904-1974
COOK William G 1890-1958
COOKSEY Donald Dee 1960-1960
COON Viola Ellen 1899-1978
COONROD Doyle W 1957-1993
COOPER Emma L 1888-1972
COOPER Luther Hedrick 1941-2003
COOPER Marguerite P STURTEWAGEN 1911-198
COOPMAN David Anthony 1966-1991
COOPMAN David John 1942-1987
COOPMAN Norbert J 1946-1981
CORBOY Elsie POIROT and James Worden
CORDER John O-Neal 1979-1979
CORDICK Teresa A and James L
CORLETT Lillian 1872-1953
CORLEY James E 1917-1958
CORLEY Mary K 1926-1984
CORN Billy Foster 1928-1979
CORN Richard Joseph 1932-1944
CORNELIUS J 1892-1958
COSGROVE Patrick Sean 1969
COSTAS Mike 1895-1943
COSTELLO Raymond 1912-1960
COUNTS Loyd D and Shirley A
COURTNEY Gerald Wayne 1956-1977
COURTNEY Ruth Alice and Noah Alvin
COVINGTON Bobby Gene 1932-2001
COWAN Hattie 1894-1974
COWLEY Tom K 1895-1951
COX Bettie McMURRAY 1895-1974
COX Harold Philmore and Ellen Rosemary
COX Hattie B 1883-1973
COX Margaret 1869-1958
CRAFTON Lucy Reno 1896-
CRAIG Irene S 1923-1977
CRAIG Robert B 1923-1996
CRAIG Stephen Glen 1962-1962
CRAIG Terri Barbara 1952-1968
CRAVENS Don Leigh 1953-1988
CRAWFORD Bobby D 1937-2001
CRAWFORD Charles Wayne 1968-2002
CRAWFORD Ella W 1865-1949
CRAWFORD Ida F and Robert W
CRAWFORD Katherine HIETT and John Thomas
CRAWLEY Bobbie B and James M
CRENSHAW Kay Angel 1934-2000
CREWS Libby Kaye 1970-1970
CRIBBS Carrie M 1900-1963
CRIBBS Earl 1900-1977
CRIBBS Jewel and Ernest and Gordon
CRIBBS Mattie Ann 1897-1943
CRIDER Alliston Clifford 1904-1945
CRIDER Carrie C 1883-1966
CRIDER Harriet Louise and Ernest Howard
CRIDER John W 1886-1960
CRIST Margaret Jane and Emmitt H
CRISTANTE Monica Lynn 1975
CROCKETT Margaret Jane and Ralph Martin
CROMER Elsie Christine 1911-1933
CRONE Christine Fay and Jessie Frank
CROOK Mary Martha 1931-19-
CROOK Stephanie Lee 1967-1973-1986
CROPP Carter O 1896-1966
CROPP Grace B 1901-1949
CROSS James A and Myrtle
CROSS James Arthur Jr 1916-1938
CROUCH Blanche CARTER and Ben F
CROUCH John L 1925-1979
CROW Corinne 1894-1969
CROW Nora 1912-1971
CROWE Agnes T 1880-1969
CROWLEY Adelphia 1871-1958
CRUMP Allen E 1897-1974
CRUSIUS Lois LOVELL 1921-2002
CRUSIUS Milton Wood 1922-2003
CUELLAR Ruby Lee and Raul C
CULVER Essie O and Walter H
CUMMINGS Tennie K and Durwood B
CUMPTON Cleo 1894-1974
CUNNINGHAM Jimmie Loreda 1929-2002
CUNNINGHAM Laura R and William F
CUNNINGHAM Pearl TURCK 1887-1965
CURIEL Jose H 1931-1993
CURIEL Jose Milo and Eliboria Ellie
CURIEL Mario Orlando 1972-1976
CURRY Dorothy BLOOMER and james Raymond
CURRY Dorothy STUTZMAN and Robert Willia
CURTIS Rebecca Ann 1948-1948
D-INCOGNITO Vito 1903-1948
DAHL Oscar 1893-1952
DAHLIN Arthur Magnus 1916-1997
DAHRLING Eugenia E 1892-1992
DAKAN Dorothy BARRON 1900-1983
DALE Myrtle H 1887-1981
DALMASSO Charles Lee 1922-1989
DALTON David W 1929-1984
DALTON Ella Marie 1905-1980
DALTON Gene Scott 1978
DALTON George T 1956 1979
DALTON Lou Ella and Robert A
DALTON Orbon E 1958-1958
DALY Faye L 1918-2000
DALY George C 1915-1990
DALY Jane F 1917-1956
DALZELL Daniel Shane Impey 1974-1974
DANIEL Edwin J 1908-1997
DANIELS Duward D and Emma J
DANIELS Martha Louis GALBRAITH 1905-1979
DANIELS Pauline 1917-1967
DARLING Louise M 1885-1943
DARNELL Esther SCHAEGEL 1918-1971
DARNELL Janie Sue 1943-1982
DARNELL Jeffery Alan 1963-1995
DAUGHETEE - JoAnn and Calvin
DAVENPORT Jane 1946-1948
DAVENPORT Lois and John T
DAVENPORT Mark Vaughan 1963-1995
DAVENPORT Michael Mike 1946-1949
DAVIDSON Ada E 1868-1957
DAVIDSON Jo Ann and Jim
DAVIDSON Louella K 1883-1949
DAVIDSON Margaret L and William Lee
DAVIDSON Mattie E and Jordan B
DAVIDSON William Lee 1896-1980
DAVIS Birdie Lee and James A
DAVIS Charles Lee 1927-1933
DAVIS Dorothy M and James B Sr
DAVIS E L 1924-1982 7
DAVIS Edgar William 1930-2000
DAVIS Edgar William and Gloria Joyce
DAVIS Ellen Jo and James Alton
DAVIS Ellen May 1885-1978
DAVIS Herbert Lewis 1930-1951
DAVIS Hope Angel 1975
DAVIS Hope E and Billy J
DAVIS Jean WEAVER 1902-1998
DAVIS Joanne KENT and Charles Edward
DAVIS John D 1925-1950
DAVIS John F 1891-1963
DAVIS Joseph G 1858-1942
DAVIS L E 1888-1954
DAVIS Laura E 1869-1933
DAVIS Laurel R and Larry W
DAVIS Mabel Ruth 1908-1940
DAVIS Martha C and Charles E
DAVIS Marvin B 1918-1977
DAVIS Ruth Della 1916-1980
DAVIS Sarah Alice 1890-1963
DAVIS Steve Edwin 1901-1978
DAVIS Ted B 1921-1997
DAVIS Virginia E 1921-1995
DAWSON Barbara 1930-
DAWSON Benjamin H Jr 1919-1992
DAY Idella N 1899-1965
DAY Lorene DUNCAN 1874-1952
DAY Richard Allen 1939-1997
DEAL Noah L Dr and Berta WALKER
DECKER Westbrooke B and Mary NEELY
DEGEN Kopal E 1878-1961
DeLaCRUZ Angela PEREZ 1923-1976
DeLAMAR Ellen BYNUM 1894-1965
DeLaPARZE Juestro Hi-Jo Jose Antonio 197
DelBOSQUE Eloisa and Frank J
DELEON Michael 1962
DEMASES James and Velma
DEMASES Panagiota 1914-1986
DEMPSEY Geo R 1900-1942
DENNIS Audrey Slagle 1925-
DENNIS Joseph Henry 1920-1980
DENNISON Atmore L 1913-2001
DENSON Constance Mary 1884-1957
DEPUE - Merle and Vera
DEPUE E Merle and Vera C
DERFLINGER Henry R 1941-1983
DERFLINGER Linda Marie 1943-1979
DEROY Wi.lliam 1915-1930
DERRICK Eula B and William H
DEWBERRY Arthur E 1899-1936
DEWBERRY Earley 1902-1932
DEWBERRY John 1856-1946
DeWEES Charles A and Minnie
DeWOLFE Lina B 1912-1986
DIAS Manual 1883-1949
DIAZ R 1892-1955
DiBELLO Joe Joey 1962-1998
DICK Susan E 1886-1978
DICKERSON Angel 1963
DICKERSON Dorrace L DeeDee 1923-1991
DICKERSON Joan MANN 1924-1968
DICKERSON M L Pete 1909-1976
DICKEY George L 1891-1965
DICKEY Helen A and Charles L
DICKEY Mary Lou and John Wallace
DICKEY Paul C 1952-1995
DICKEY Ruth W 1893-1954
DICKSON Winnie T 1911-1971
DIEZMAN Frances M and Lewis H
DIGGS Mary D 1867-1954
DIGGS Ord G 1896-1978
DILLARD Jimmy 1943-1978
DILLON Ethel P 1891-1973
DITTO Alberta HOOKS 1902-1987
DITTO Chester W 1901-1967
DITTO Willie and Jim
DJINOV Stefan K 1961-2000
DOAK Carol Diane 1961
DOAK Elizabeth Ann 1962
DOBBS Joann 1891-1947
DOBBS Joe D 1918-1945
DOBBS John F 1863-1953
DOBBS Pearl T 1882-1966
DOBSON Lula L 1866-1938
DODD Elizabeth B and Herman R
DODD Lettie and Robert L
DODSON Esther S and C J Jack
DODSON Eva E 1896-1985
DODSON J Clifton 1893-1939
DODSON Jo Evelyn and Claude Price
DODSON Sarah Belle 1859-1933
DOHR Donuel Yvonne 1976-1981
DOI Tong Thi 1982
DOLLAR Burl G 1853-1940
DOLLAR Lucy 1860-1929
DOMINGUEZ Jose E 1896-1973
DONLEY Lillie 1907-1951
DONOVAN Mabel 1885-1977
DOOLEY Audra A 1875-1938
DORSCH A H 1891-1955
DOUGHERTY Miriam Leah 1970-1970
DOUGLAS Clara RAMSEY and Wilson M Bud
DOWDY Clyde H 1893-1949
DRAWBOND John A Jr 1957-1995
DREESEN Minnie 1881-1958
DREGER August F 1915-1964
DRIGGARS Shirley 1889-1974
DRINKARD Curtis A and Maxine M
DRINKARD Nicy S and Theodore A
DROKE Kaye BARRETT and James Wesley
DROMGOOLE Katie 1880-1969
DRYZ Gertrude O 1892-1984
DUCKETT Dovie M and C F
DUCKETT Lula C 1884-1969
DUCKETT Sherry Lynn 1967-1969
DUCKWORTH James Jr 1963-1963
DUDLEY Minnie 1891-1967
DUER Debra Sue 1949-2003
DUFF Desde 1872-1961
DUFF Emory 1901-1955
DUFF James W 1934-1994
DUFF John A 1934-1982
DUFF Wilma E 1907-1985
DUKE Charlie B 1911-1991
DUKE Claude O 1878-1952
DUKE Ida M 1877-1962
DUKE Mary FENDER 1901-1969
DUKE Sidney Walter 1889-1936
DUNCAN Georgia A 1895-1993
DUNCAN James Clyde 1897-1966
DUNCAN James T 1964-1945
DUNCAN Mary Francis 1928-1928
DUNCAN Regina WILLIAMS 1964-1982
DUNCAN Robert Clyde 1925-2002
DUNCAN Ruby Alice 1906-1951
DUNKLY James W 1901-1960
DUNLAP Donna C 1903-1988
DUNLOP James Michael 1947-1979
DUNLOP Mary J and James W
DUNN Margaret Grace 1909-1999
DUNN Mary Beth LOWE 1940-
DUNN Ray Edwin 1927-1992
DUNNAM Raleigh L 1910-1950
DUNNING Cathy Ann 1953
DUNNING D D 1894-1955
DUNNING Mexie 1895-1985
DUNNING Mildred R and Doyle DeForest
DUNTON Eva Ruth 1924-1931
DUNTON Mary E and Hiram E
DUONG Vy Dan 1967-1976
DURNELL Burton J 1869-1951
DUTY Pauline and Frank T
DUVAL Carl W 1898-1941
DUVAL Charles Wayne 1950-1985
DUVAL Claude P 1892-1950
DUVAL Elsie MITCHELL and Leland M
DUVAL Mary V and Jack C
DUVAL Truett M 1900-1947
EAGLE Ouida and Anita 1958
EARLS Nancy 1874-1965
EARNEST John T 1869-1949
EARNEST Johnnie Lee 1881-1969
EAVENSON Ella May 1875-1935
EAVENSON Thomas Jackson 1873-1930
EBERLY Maude and O V
ECKERT Delilah C 1928-1984
ECKERT Marcelline Z and Francis M
EDMISTON Clyde Joseph 1924-1980
EDWARD James 1908-1978
EFIRD Fannie 1851-1935
EICHELBERGER Byron L 1925-1970
EIXMAN Norma EHRIGSON and Walter Paul
EIXMANN Calvin Ben and Bettie BECKNER
ELDER Loine STANDLEY and Thomas J
ELDER Marian E and Max W
ELDER Stella H and Hugh D
ELIZABETH Gladys 1916-1959
ELLINGTON Janice Kaye 1941-1958
ELLINGTON Kathleen Rose 1923-1967
ELLIOTT Don Ray Jr 1964-1970
ELLIOTT Eliza M and Joseph A
ELLIOTT Harold Crew 1929-1999
ELLIOTT Harold Crew and Shirley KINCAID
ELLIOTT Joseph A Jr 1895-1955
ELLIOTT Lula Mae 1899-1979
ELLIOTT Richard Hunter 1985-1985
ELLIOTT William T 1891-1953
ELLIOTT Winnie M and Jack C
ELLIS Brenda Kay 1960-1960
ELLIS Darwin Lee 1934-1974
ELLIS Elizabeth Ann and Eddie
ELLIS Fairy L and Robert S
ELLIS Ivan L and Katie L
ELLIS Lujan 1950
ELLIS Rena N and Lee E
ELY Kelvin Hugh 1964-1965
ELY Lisa Gaye 1962-1963
EMANUEL Genevieve BREWER 1928-
EMERSON Cora 1888-1957
EMERSON Guy W 1916-1969
EMORY Walter S 1888-1961
ENGEL Kenley W and Patricia J
EPPES Luella 1895-1985
ERICKSON Eric Ray 1979-1979
ERVIN Opal WILSON 1915-1995
ESCOBAR Mario and Maria
ESCOTT Charles E 1906-1976
ESCOTT Irene and Charles E Sr
ESCOVEDO Juan R 1951-1992
ESCUE James Flournoy 1915-1986
ESKEW Harris T 1895-1966
ESKEW Maude M and Harris T
ESPINOZA Vincent iii 1964-1993
ESTELL Billy Bob 1954-1980
ESTES George Lee 1962-1962
ESTES George W 1911-1963
ESTES Lula B and Lowry Lee
ESTES Mildred Louise 1908-1998
ESTES Sally M and Solomon P
ESTILL Guy 1895-1944
EUBANK Owen Lee 1895-1960
EUBANK Vera Maurine and Owen Lee
EUBANKS Mollie M 1895-1951
EVANS Bertha Beatrice 1909-1998
EVANS Dottoe JOLLEY and Gary Wm
EVANS Gerald R 1935-1962
EVANS James Harvey 1934-1997
EVANS Maxie D 1904-1982
EVANS Palestine Pete
EVERETT H Lee 1868-1947
EVERETT Myrtle 1888-1977
EVERETT Rosa L and Clifford Lee
EVERITT Oscar Jack 1907-1969
FAIN Alice Louise 1903-1962
FALCK Virginia and Travis and Richard
FANNING Bessie TURNER 1909-1960
FANNING Bob and Clara
FANNING Dusty Neal 1968
FANNING Etta Mae and Doc Boyd
FANNING Homer W 1913-2001
FANNING J Timothy 1948-1948
FANNING Robert H 1904-1963
FARLEY Jason Michael 1969-1969
FARMER Cordell Ray 1960-1989
FARMER Elizabeth Ann Dodie 1955-1989
FARMER Minnie W 1896-1976
FARRAR Thomas H and Sarah Ann
FARRIS Oma and Arsan
FAVOR Jack G 1911-1988
FAVOR Ponder I 1914-1993
FEARKA Diane 1960-1961
FEARKA Ladora Kay 1942-1987
FEDDERSEN Sarah E and William E
FEEMSTER Virgil E 1889-1949
FEIBEL Samuel James 1967
FENDER Annie Byrd 1897-1968
FENDER George William 1873-1948
FENNELL Monia G and William D
FENTRESS Marie C 1906-1937
FENTRESS Myrtle B and Fred
FENTRESS W W 1861-1948
FENTRESS Willie Ray 1908-1969
FERGUSON Billie E and Charles A
FERGUSON Hattie L and Dempsey Glen Dod
FERGUSON Isla Phinie 1893-1948
FERGUSON J Virginia 1918-1983
FERGUSON Jack L 1919-1974
FERGUSON James Carl 1890-1968
FERGUSON Perrie ORR and Thomas J
FERGUSON R E L 1865-1951
FERGUSON Sarah F M 1873-1941
FERNANDEZ R 1895-1958
FERRELL Fannie A 1865-1952
FERRIS Floriene Ollie and Rock Island Ro
FERRIS Roxie Maurice 1937-1988
FERRY Annie M and Albert M
FERRY Dana Deaun 1976
FIELD Carmen Marie 1984
FIELDER Alma and John P
FIELDER Harold Alfred 1922-1997
FILLYPPU A 1894-1959
FINCH Helen 1879-1961
FINCH Martha E and Robert E
FINCH Sue McKNIGHT and Robert E
FINDLEY Harold G 1927-1947
FINDLEY Jewel M and Keith C
FINLAN Annie A 1886-1975
FINLAN Christopher K 1951-2002
FINLAN Daniel W 1890-1973
FINLAN James 1880-1968
FINLAN Myrtle E 1896-1941
FINLAN Owen 1882-1963
FISHER Florence 1879-1959
FISHER L Ossa and Delbert M
FISHER Martha J 1915-1999
FISHER Richard Day 1944-1984
FISHER Tonya Ruth 1967
FITCH Burrell W 1955-1955
FITCH Reece L 1898-1945
FITZGERALD Anthony Charles 1965-1965
FITZGERALD Fannie B and Waldo L
FITZGERALD Russell L 1904-1964
FLEETWOOD Tigert L and Ruby M
FLETCHER David J 1937-
FLETCHER Hilda Lou 1938-1999
FLETCHER Johnny N 1949-1998
FLOOD Brenda K 1957-1957
FLOOD Christopher M and Wesley E Jr 1978
FLORENCE David Edward 1905-1930
FLORENCE Jack 1912-1978
FLORENCE Sim and Lassie
FLORES Hilario 1957-1999
FLYNN Elizabeth COOPMAN 1925-2000
FLYNN Georgge T 1920-1990
FLYNT Eda Sarah 1900-1993
FLYNT Louis H 1889-1946
FOGARTY Olivia Ann 1994-1995
FOLLETT Albert 1900-1947
FOLWELL Kenneth Ray 1949-1994
FORD Howard Henry 1932-2002
FORD John Wesley 1908-1970
FORD Laura 1876-1973
FORD Louise R and Clyde S
FORD Madilyn Leigh 1995
FORD Ruth Irene and William B
FORMAN M S 1882-1943
FORSBERG Lara Ann 1978-1979
FORSTER Susanna and Ezra
FORSYTHE Francis Lawana 1929-1977
FOSCUE Frederick Forney Col 1819-1906
FOSTER Eva BIGGERS and Clarence R
FOSTER Hazel 1913-1976
FOSTER Jerry Ray 1936-1972
FOSTER Mary L and William L
FOSTER Maud S 1874-1946
FOSTER Maude 1902-1980
FOSTER Todd C 1961-1981
FOSTER Velma E and E Boyd Jr
FOSTER Zuellah WEEKS and Emmett B
FOUTCH Douglas O 1923-1944
FOUTCH Glee Edwin 1915-1982
FOUTCH James O 1890-1947
FOUTCH James Omer and Stella
FOWLER Hallie and Howard S
FOWLER Kipton Ray 1977-1978
FOWLER Susan E 1864-1954
FOX Violet 1900-1961
FRANKENSTEIN Rose M 1917-2000
FRANKENSTEIN Roy H 1916-1986
FRANKLIN James Robert and Paula Lou
FRANKLIN Lovetta Frances and Virgil Bart
FRANKLIN Sarah L and Jimmy L
FRANKLIN Tina Marie 1971-1971
FRANKS Alta V and William C
FRANKS Morgan 1927-1961
FRANTZ girl 1956
FRASER Gladys and C Marvin
FRAUSTO Gagriel Colmenero 1975-2002
FRAZIER Kate 1876-1963
FREDERICKS Glorie Y and William J
FREEMAN Bess and W H
FREEMAN Helen B and Joseph H
FREEMAN J D 1879-1943
FREEMAN Mark Robert 1978
FREEMAN Michael Edward 1957-1975
FREEMAN Parthena P 1886-1968
FREEMAN Truman Wilson 1916-1997
FREZZA Henry Hank 1926-1996
FRIDAY Grace Evelyn 1927-2000
FRIDAY Jack T 1916-1995
FRIDAY Marion Lee 1885-1958
FRIDAY Willie Mae 1893-1974
FRIER Cornelia B 1895-1979
FRISINA Elizabeth CRAWLEY 1930-1985
FRITZ Kimberly Denise 1963-1963
FROST Lillian G and Ray N
FRY Bob Miss 1903-1972
FRYE Faye and Larry
FULKERSON Nelle L and Arch B
FULKERSON Rosemary 1923-1990
FULLER Daisy Francess and William Hubert
FULLER Dixie E and Willard W
FULLER Eula Lee and John T
FULLER H Donald 1937-1958
FULLER Lorena M and J Raymond
FULLER Mary Bess and Jess Nelson
FULLWOOD James Samuel 1913-1980
FUTRELL Florence 1894-1947
FUTRELL Fonzo 1893-1967
GABEL Tommy Gilbert 1950-1966
GADDY Barbara J and George T
GADDY Millie Mae 1929-1984
GAGE Adelaide 1858-1946
GAGLIANO Dorothy and Philip
GAGLIANO Philip 1921-1999
GALBRAITH Bessie S and Jasper B
GALBREATH Sue B and Thomas E
GALLAGHER Francis J and Marie R
GALLARDO Cruz and Julian
GALLIGAN Gretchen H 1910-1995
GALLIGAN John D Sr 1911-1975
GALVAN Richard M 1987-1995
GAMBLE Addie O and Jim A
GAMBLE Howard F 1913-1969
GAMBLE Lois O 1910-1992
GAMBLE Wansville W 1934-1959
GAMMAGE Nettie OLDHAM and Albert W Jr
GANNON Margaret 1868-1961
GAONA Henry Q Sr 1929-2002
GAONA Juan Q 1924-2002
GAONA Juana C 1931-2002
GAONA Mary C 1935-2001
GAONA Pedro Quintero 1919-1992
GARBERS Arthur and Dorothy
GARCIA Lupe Jr 1966-1968
GARCIA Tomas 1993-2003
GARDNER Denyse BAGGETT 1944-1980
GARDNER Frances Rebecca and Bessie Lena
GARDNER L H 1857-1929
GAREY Jessie V and Leo J
GARLAND Lula Jo 1907-1961
GARNER daughter 1983
GARNER Dorothy Hartley and Joe Dillard
GARNER Harold Eugene 1929-1998
GARRETT John David 1962-2000
GARVIN Maggie Fay and Lewis Forrest
GARZA Ignacio Silvas 1931-1990
GASAWAY Alma J 1897-1982
GATREL Joyce Carol and Gary Wayne Sr
GEE Eva Louise 1934-199-
GEER Billy Gene 1938-1988
GEER Cecil W 1914-1930
GEER Ester Ann and William C
GEER Lillian Slaughter 1889-1974
GEER Mary M 1892-1964
GEER Otho Olden 1916-1976
GEER Robert M 1901-1963
GEER Sim J 1926-1993
GEER Sim W 1888-1964
GEER Thurman James 1888-1956
GENTRY Dena Marie 1973-1973
GENTRY Harriet M and William M
GENTRY Jimmy Earl 1957-1959
GENTRY Joey Allen 1960-1960
GENTRY Joyce Marie 1926-1977
GENTRY Kathy Gail 1959-1970
GEORGE Elmo D 1905-1943
GERHARDT Eugene 1897-1957
GHOLSTON Ruyel Elizabeth 1941-1942
GIBBS Wilmer D 1919-1942
GIBERT John B Jr 1942-1996
GIBSON Elizabeth 1873-1961
GIBSON Sanford D 1872-1950
GIDDENS Myrtle I 1898-1984
GIDEON Jeremie Don 1975-1975
GIESSNER Lilly F 1880-1960
GIESSNER Rudolph H 1890-1963
GILCHRIST Fannie S 1881-1971
GILCHRIST Henry Charles 1873-1962
GILL Charlotte MOSER and Burl Loyd
GILL John W and Mary F
GILL Roy Everett Boots and Margaret BILL
GILLESPIE Ronald T 1962-1965
GILMORE Dolly Grace and Farris J
GILMORE Jennifer Wallis 1980-1980
GILSTRAP Bette M 1923-
GILSTRAP Claude R 1914-2002
GIRARD Frank M 1930-1979
GIRARD Patsy Jane 1933-2001
GIRARD Paula Renee 1954-1998
GIVENS Luther B 1869-1942
GLASGOW Bobby Jack 1927-2001
GLASS Audrey V and Robert J
GLASS Mary Elizabeth 1860-1952
GLASSIE Fred 1899-1935
GLASSIE Paul J and Nora S
GLASSIE Wm A and Cora A
GLAZENER Marshall Brent 1976-2000
GLIDEWELL Kelly Von 1974-1999
GLOVER Connie Lee 1953-1979
GOAD Julia Mae 1983
GODWIN Ray Leonard and Myrtle Lorene
GODWIN Roy Wayne and Sharon Earle
GOFF James Alvie 1888-1956
GOFF Pearl 1892-1975
GOFORTH Doris M 1930-1994
GOFORTH John C 1926-
GOIN James Robert 1873-1943
GOIN Lester and Dorothy and Raymond
GOIN Robert J 1919-1970
GOIN Willie Ann 1889-1968
GOLDSTEIN Zora H 1881-1975
GOLLADAY Gertrude La Dean DR 1926-1984
GOMEZ Andrew 1978-1978
GONZALES B 1879-1944
GONZALES Domingo 1959-2001
GONZALES Fidel S 1910-1967
GOODALE Annis M 1893-1971
GOODEN James H 1874-1931
GOODMAN Ethel 1979
GOODMAN Jesse T 1890-1933
GOODMAN L G Goodie Jr 1924-1981
GOODMAN Levena Ann 1956-1957
GOODMAN Muriel M and Jack Jr
GOODMAN Tally 1933
GOODNER James A 1926-1973
GOODNER Stella Alice 1923-1992
GOODNIGHT Margaret L and Robert W
GOODWIN Allie Kelly and Frank P
GOODWIN Frenk 1882-1950
GOODWIN Hortense SPRUANCE 1903-1976
GOODWIN Jeanette Elizabeth 1963-1963
GOODWIN Odie Hiett and Vernon H
GOOSBY John 1869-1938
GORD Anna 1867-1932
GORDINEER Ida May and George T
GORDON Gary Gene 1948-1968
GORDON Helen J 1937-1966
GORDON Idena 1903-1965
GORDON Mable C 1906-1975
GORDON Willie F 1907-1943
GOREHAM Elanora M and Lewis M
GOREHAM Saundria Ann and Norton Arthur
GOSSETT Bessie E and William H
GOSTOMSKI Arnold R 1923-1980
GOSTOMSKI Betty M 1927-
GOTHARD George C and Lillie M
GOUGH Casey Lynn 1967
GOULD Dan Clay 1971-2001
GRADY Rudolph 1906-1956
GRAGG Charles H 1872-1939
GRAGG Fannie D and William J
GRAGG James W 1912-1958
GRAGG Letty Ann 1852-1842
GRAGG Thos Edd 1889-1936
GRAHAM Edward R 1932-1977
GRAHAM Juanita P and Martin W
GRANT James Edrard 1965
GRANTHAM S T 1861-1943
GRASER Guy Warren 1963-1963
GRAVES Guy G 1903-1939
GRAVES Hattie Mae 1919-1975
GRAVES Lou Ella 1877-1965
GRAVES Ronald C Jr 1966-1966
GRAVES Shirley L 1941-1991
GRAVES Teresa Dawn 1956
GRAVES Thomas M 1894-1969
GRAVES Thomas M Jr 1939-1974
GRAY OScar Somers and Elsie MARTIN
GRAY Ratliff Nelson 1927-1960
GREEN Addie C 1886-1980
GREEN Anthony Wayne 1963
GREEN Charley B 1884-1936
GREEN Christopher Michael 1976
GREEN Edward A 1873-1945
GREEN Jessale and Elberth C
GREEN Marguerite P and J B Jay
GREEN Neoma MYERS 1882-1971
GREEN Randy 1961
GREENWOOD Rose Margaret McELROY 1933-195
GREER Louella STAFFORD and William Rando
GREER Martha B 1892-1983
GREER Rufus H Sr 1874-1934
GREEVES Lewis Newton 1915-1975
GREGG Nicke Lynn 1962
GREGORY J M Dr 1873-1950
GREGORY Mary I 1888-1983
GRICE Samuel S Jr 2001
GRIFFIN Beverly A and Vernon V
GRIFFIN Calvin Mack 1939-1992
GRIFFIN Gerald Bob and Barbara Louise BU
GRIFFIN Juanita and Bobby Wayne
GRIFFIN Mary E and M C
GRIFFITH Frances H 1896-1978
GRIMES Royce P Sr and Mary Olive
GRIMES Susan P and George H
GRIMES Thelma L and Roy C
GRIMMETT 1889-1944
GRIMMETT Otto C 1887-1947
GRINER David A 1969-1989
GRISSOM Randall L 1950-1984
GRIZZLE John R 1925-1987
GRIZZLE Meredith Dale 1961
GROCE Ann H and Emmett J
GROCE Barbara 1876-1967
GROCE Claudia L and Tallie A
GROCE Frances C 1914-1965
GROCE Leola Adele and Lloyd Alton
GROCE Loraine and J C
GROCE Nanny V and Wiley E
GROCE Otis Franklin and Betty Ethel
GROCE T A Jr 1923-1992
GROCE Ward A 1935-1990
GROMATZKY Eric Damon 1974
GROOM Harley L Jr and Dian
GROUNDS Virginia Dale 1945-1947
GROVES Mary Nell and Fred Dean
GRUBB Elmer D and Mabel A
GRUNDSTROM Gunnar H 1895-1946
GUADAGNOLO John A 1924-1991
GUADAGNOLO John Anthony and Charlene A C
GUERRA Adivino Frankie 1983-1989
GUERRA Adivino M 1933-1995
GUERRA Maria B 1924-1984
GUERRERO Gilberto M 1933-1977
GUERRERO Thomas M 1930-1975
GUIDRY Helen L 1920-1970
GUILL Albert 1901-1954
GUINN J Furber BLOUNT and Ellis carroll
GUNN Jill 1965
HAAS Cleo Bearden and Leon Buddy
HAAS Patrice Leigh 1974-1974
HADLEY Marilyn S BRAZIER and Leslie Leon
HAGOOD Charlene and Calvin R
HAIRGROVE Coleman Eugene 1932-1933
HALADJIAN Vartakes 1938-1998
HALBERT Masy Jacqueline 1929-1995
HALE Opal O OZMENT and Robert A
HALE Ronnie Gene 1944
HALE Ruby E 1896-1965
HALE Walter LeRoy 1953-1953
HALEY Alice Lynn 1957
HALL Amy Leigh 1976
HALL Autum 1976
HALL Brenda Kay 1960-1960
HALL Gladys I 1900-1952
HALL Irene I 1922-2001
HALL Lela K and cHARLIE l
HALL Margie 1932-1993
HALL Mary E and Thomas M
HALL Minnie M 1938-2002
HALL Orvel Spencer 1911-1988
HALL Robert Malvin 1895-1973
HALL Ruth N 1911-1999
HALLIBURTON Rachel Annie and James Walte
HALLUM Ida Jane 1874-1957
HALME Ella P 1883-1950
HAMAKER Fannie andJames A
HAMMERMAN Johannas 1909-1949
HAMMOND son 1900
HAMMOND Virginia and William E
HAMMONDS Dora E 1873-1947
HAMPTON Beulah E 1892-1979
HAMPTON Cynthia Michelle 1971-1971
HAMPTON Jennifer 1967-1967
HANCOCK Jennie Pearl MILLS and John Mari
HANEY Thomas L -1937
HANKINS Clara Virginia and Willis Wayne
HANSON Roger Jack and Martha Joan
HARBINSON Bessie A 1890-1964
HARGROVE Mamie O and Franklin A
HARLAN Johnnie Edward 1945-1989
HARLAN Johnnie S and Ed
HARLAN Marsha and J C
HARLAN Mollie and Ed
HARLAN Pearlene 1914-1989
HARMON Rubye B and Marvin L
HARNIST Mary Ethelyn and Ellis Meade
HARPER Carrie A and James A
HARPER Frances CANNON 1906-1984
HARPER James C E 1931-1983
HARPER Margaret Louise 1903-1954
HARPER S R Bob 1909-1971
HARRIGAN Mary Susan 1952
HARRIS Carolyn Ruth 1954
HARRIS Cyrus L 1920-1960
HARRIS Daniel Dale 1972
HARRIS Dorie Susanne 1974
HARRIS Edward 1891-1967
HARRIS Elbert Lee 1926-1964
HARRIS Elizabeth 1888-1962
HARRIS Elizabeth A and George H
HARRIS H F 1870-1939
HARRIS Ibie P 1896-1974
HARRIS Johnnie Ruth CANTRELL and John Wi
HARRIS Luther F 1876-1945
HARRIS Mamie BURNET 1900-1989
HARRIS Mary F 1929-1979
HARRIS Myrtle Ree and George Jr
HARRIS Pauline E and R Glenn
HARRIS Rhoda P and Luther F
HARRIS Robert S Sgt 1958-1987
HARRIS William D 1885-1965
HARRISON James T 1920-1993
HARRISON John H 1885-1936
HARRISON Lois Ernestine 1921-2003
HARRISON Louis Leon 1979
HARRISON Maude E 1887-1948
HART Steven E and Dixie J
HART Thora E and Arthur J
HARTIN Fred C 1881-1932
HARTIN Jennie Mae 1919-1936
HARTIN Lena B 1883-1969
HARTLESS Daniel Paul 1983-1983
HARTLEY Berta L 1903-1960
HARTLEY Billie K 1914-1994
HARTLEY daughter 1951-1951
HARTLEY George Ivey 1902-1955
HARTLEY Julia Ann 1865-1939
HARTLEY Pauline M 1903-1938
HARTLEY Wade Cloyd 1892-1961
HARTSFIELD John and Mary and John
HARWELL Judge Walter 1892-1975
HARWELL Ralph Joe 1952-1971
HARWELL Walter T and Margaret B
HASH Birla G 1875-1955
HATCHETT Poter Idella and William O
HATLEY Carletta Bobbie PITT 1932-1997
HAUGER James R Jim and Mary E MATNEY
HAUGER James S 1952-1973
HAUGH Randy D 1953-1982
HAUSER Carl P Rev 1916-1966
HAVINS William Lawrence 1890-1957
HAWK Katie L and William H
HAWKINS Michael Wayne 1965-1967
HAYDEN boy 1976
HAYES Charles Neal 1958-1958
HAYES James J Jr 1957-1957
HAYMES Bulah Mae 1896-1970
HAYNES G M Mike 1958-1996
HAYNES Melissa Darlene 1964-1965
HAYS Jeanette Rennea 1968-1968
HAYS Justin Dean 1981
HAYWARD Carl Leroy 1921-1949
HAZEL- Nancy J 1957-
HEAD Brenda Dee and Thomas C
HEAD Emma E 1884-1972
HEAD Homer H 1893-1960
HEARD W H Bill and Odie Lee
HEATH Buford King 1913-1992
HEATH Euginia KING 1883-1968
HEATH Imogene F 1916-1989
HEATH Johnnie Christine 1914-1933
HEATH Reola M 1908-1919
HEATLEY Claremon C 1903-1913
HEATLEY John Richard and Ada HOLLAND
HEATON Albert Al 1911-1976
HEATON Russell Joe 1964-1964
HEDDING Warren E 1936-1991
HEFFERAN Thomas 1883-1953
HEFLEY Mattie 1884-1961
HEFLIN John Vernon 1965-1965
HEIMSATH Etta 1878-1968
HELDER Charles William 1871-1959
HELDER Jennie LELAND 1874-1948
HENDERSON Hillard F 1893-1950
HENDERSON Jack R 1927-2000
HENDERSON Jimmy W 1945-1979
HENDRIX F Uel 1886-1939
HENRY Anna and Patrick
HENRY Docia L 1900-1964
HENRY Jean and Patrick Jr
HENRY Jesse M 1897-1968
HENRY Kate 1877-1957
HENRY Milton P 1930-1933
HENRY Mollie W and A N
HENRY Robert 1874-1961
HENRY Willie Kay and William Jasper
HENSLEY Kelsie Nicole 1999
HENZ boy 1990
HERBERT W 1875-1956
HERBST Joseph Edward 1910-1969
HERBST Lorene 1928-1972
HERBST Ora K and Edwatrd H
HERRERA Anita Lozano 1938-1999
HERRERA Juanita Rojas 1953-1998
HERRING Autry Neil 1940-2000
HERRING Charlotte S and Frank W
HERRING Ruby P and Herbert C
HESTER Douglas F 1919-1934
HESTER Grace DICKSON 1901-1984
HESTER Robbie Lorine 1909-1986
HESTER Sallie A and Lewis F
HESTER Ulysses Gilbert 1899-1975
HIBBARD Barbara J and Fred
HICKS Bettye ESTRIDGE and Earnest Leo
HICKS Bonnie Ayn 1988-1988
HICKS Edith M and Charles H
HICKS Laurie Kay 1962
HICKS Mary Watson 1869-1950
HICKS Mattie WARD and Lonnis
HICKS Rhonda Michele 1972-1972
HICKS Wesley W Jr 1957
HIETT C Norwood Jr 1907-1974
HIETT Chelsey N 1975-1931
HIETT Louiabelle and Wayne E
HIETT Margaret GREATHOUSE 1884-1977
HIGGINBOTHAM Donald G 1923-1944
HIGGINBOTHAM Joe E 1920-1991
HIGGINBOTHAM Lydia and Leonard B
HIGGINS E Arlene SERRURIER and Harmon De
HIGGINS Roget Aaron 1974-1974
HIGH Sandra D 1972-1972
HIGHNOTE Effie A and Lee A
HILBUN Belle and Hiram
HILL Joyce A MUNDEN and Larry M
HILL Katie B ROSS 1893-1978
HILL Larry M 1937-2002
HILL Linda J 1947-1992
HILLIARD Jewell M 1919-1969
HILTON Donald Lee and June HYLER
HILTON F 1902-1959
HILTS Inez 1901-1994
HIMELRIGHT Cora A 1878-1954
HIMES Rodney 1949
HINES Faye E and Harold E
HINES Lila Mae and Elishie H
HINES Otis Vernon and Mary E
HIPPS Tasha Lottora 1984
HITT Dorothy W and Joseph J
HIXON George W 1924-1993
HLIVKO Stella and George
HO Khanh Anh Jr 1996-1996
HODGES Everett T 1908-1981
HODGES Irene 1931-
HODGSON Dale Leroy 1925-1982
HODGSON Sarah LAROWE 1926-1975
HOFER Mary A 1929-
HOFER William M Billy 1950-1982
HOFFPAUIR Charles A 1915-1944
HOLDER Nelda 1927-1989
HOLDER Ora Lee 1875-1956
HOLDER Randolph C 1946-1965
HOLDER Randolph C 1946-1965
HOLDER Robert 1908-1962
HOLDER Sollie T 1959
HOLDER William C 1920-1979
HOLLABAUGH Lera E and Fred W
HOLLABAUGH Wanda Jean 1944
HOLLAND Aileen McDANIEL 1913-1947
HOLLAND Bessie and William M
HOLLAND Dorothy McLACHLAN and Ledlie Roy
HOLLAND Moses Zachariah 1877-1947
HOLLAND Nola KING 1890-1970
HOLLIDAY Gladys J 1910-1974
HOLLIDAY R M Jake and Rosie Nell
HOLLIS Billy Joe 1929-1982
HOLLIS Lloyd 1906-1967
HOLLIS Lloyd Jr 1932-1963
HOLLIS Maudie Mae 1910-2002
HOLLOMON Jullie Annette 1965
HOLLOWAY Imogene WILLIS 1908-1968
HOLLOWAY Orville W and Jesse A
HOLLOWAY Robert Lee Sr 1898-1996
HOLLOWAY Virginia B and Vernon T Ted
HOLLOWAY William Joseph 1937-1961
HOLMEN Arthur 1898-1961
HOLMES Will King Jr 1913-1997
HOLT Maty Alice 1873-1964
HOLTZCLAW Julia F and Fred S
HOLZ Genevieve 1916-1973
HOLZ Henry P 1914-1986
HONEY G C 1923-1961
HONEY Mae 1893-1972
HOOKER Robert Carl 1932-2002
HOOVER Cora S and Nelson R
HOOVER Tueyell E 1913-1954
HOPKINS Carol Ann and Harvey Wayne
HOPKINS Johnnie L and Thado F
HOPPES Lola M and Frank R
HORAN Elizabeth Anne 1970
HORN Allene V 1912-2002
HORN Charles W 1920-1989
HORN David S 1942-1987
HORN girl 1982
HORN John Richard 1903-1964
HORN Johnny Bufford 1946-1978
HORN Leola Fern 1901-1974
HORN Marion Wesley Sr 1896-1961
HORN Randy Dale 1957
HORN Walter Leo 1959
HORN Zena S and Jimmie Lee
HORNE Juanita I and Leroy J Jr
HORNSBY Ethel D 1900-1994
HORNSBY Grady 1895-1954
HORRELL Paula Mae 1924-1982
HORSLEY Dorothy Jane 1940-1941
HORSLEY Dottie Jane and Tip Alonzo
HORSLEY Katherine Jane 1961-1980
HORSLEY Tip A Sr 1895-1967
HORTON Britand Carl B
HORTON Comer A and Laverne
HORTON Dwight 1946
HORTON Fred 1910-1963
HORTON H Alvin and Mollie L
HORTON J Alter and Edna H
HORTON La Juan 1946-1970
HORTON Maggie W 1911-1996
HORTON Mollie M 1893-1982
HORTON O A 1891-1983
HORTON Paul Wayne Sr and R Marie Babe
HORTON Robert A 1925-1943
HOSEY Madge I and Delbert R
HOUCHIN Delano Lee Jr 1962-1970
HOUGH Thomas 1879-1951
HOUSE Annie E 1871-1961
HOUSTON Aileen NOAH 1906-1970
HOUSTON Annie 1883-1958
HOWARD Claude R 1896-1977
HOWARD Lottie WHEELER 1909-1998
HOWARD Mary E 1898-1951
HOWARD Rosalie 1930-1992
HOWARD Ruth C and Louis S H
HOWARD T A 1862-1950
HOWARD W T Bill 1909-1952
HOWELL Brian Keith 1977-1980
HOWELL James Reagan 1889-1950
HOWLETT Charles Roy 1886-1977
HOWLETT Luxie E McKINNEY 1896-1966
HOWLETT Tommie G 1893-1965
HUBBARD Albert A Jr 1937-1937
HUBBARD Connie Jo HULL and Lloyd Dean Di
HUBBARD Eva Mae 1904-1989
HUBBARD Maralina Kay 1970-1970
HUBBARD Noel D and Lorene
HUBBARD Steve Lyle 1981-2002
HUCKABY Bernadine 1918-1987
HUDON Frank Victor 1924-1997
HUDSPETH Eloise KING 1908-1993
HUDSPETH Emma BURNS 1908-1915
HUDSPETH Ethel Burns 1888-1990
HUDSPETH George Truin 1907-1978
HUDSPETH Junia EVANS 1882-1965
HUDSPETH Thomas Ruel 1926-1996
HUFENDICK 1906-1947
HUFFAKER Lou 1867-1928
HUFFMAN Daisy Mae BARNHILL 1916-1981
HUFFMAN Eva M and Theo E Jr
HUFFMAN Helen Irene 1913-1914
HUFFMAN Ruby 1889-1981
HUFFMAN Theo Euless Sr 1885-1960
Huffman Virginia Maye 1923-2001
HUFFSTUTLER Clint 1893-1931
HUFFSTUTLER Hugh M and Amelia E
HUGDAHL Roger Dale 1953-1976
HUGDAHL Roger Dale Jr 1972-1973
HUGHES Vera Siebert 1934-1986
HUKILL Corinne and Frank W
HUKILL Frank W iii and Mercedes
HUNT Elmer A 1912-1964
HUNT Mary Jane and W R
HUNTER Ira E and Myrtle E
HUNTER Ira Eldridge 1891-1960
HUNTER Lillian 1882-1973
HUNTER Tom R 1943-1987
HURD Julia F and Lewis T
HURLBURT Vera and Norton
HURLEY Carroll McVEIGH 1932-1934
HURLEY Celia 1879-1954
HURLEY Jimmye G 1911-1972
HURLEY Mary Ann 1937-
HURLEY Mary L and John B
HURLEY Vance Michael 1938-1969
HURST family
HURST Shirley and Billy T
HUSMANN James D 1956-1997
HUTCHESON Hayden 1919-1961
HUTCHESON Walter J and Lillie B
HYDAK Deborah Denise 1979-1979
HYDEN John R 1893-1986
HYDEN Julia COGDELL 1900-1948
INGRAM Nathan Blake 1981-1996
IRBY girl 1962
ISBELL Bertha MARNEY 1885-1970
ISBELL Ira I 1883-1969
ISOM Mack and Mattie and Sebron
IVY Mildred L and M L Dick
IWAN Christopher Clarence and Jonathan M
JACKSON Dora Lee 1892-1987
JACKSON John Wesley 1929-1993
JACKSON Mary Elizabeth and Reita Christi
JACKSON Miriam DUNN and Virgil E
JACKSON Rose CYBAK and John Wesley
JACKSON Stephen Andrew 1992-1992
JACOBS Donald and Laura and Kenneth
JACOBS Euel Raymond 1907-1980
JACOBS Vivian Ovella 1910-1997
JAIMES Enrique Fernando 1999-1999
JAIMES Refugia Munoz 1927-2000
JAMES Angela Renee 1982-1997
JAMES Lola 1877-1953
James Vernon
JARUS Winnie M and Daniel E
JARVIS Tina and George W
JENKINS Ernest M 1875-1945
JENKINS Hattie M 1890-1959
JENKINS John W 78-46
JENKINS Joseph C 1877-1949
JENKINS Mozell D and John W
JENKINS Nina Ruth 1911-1981
JENNINGS Charles L 79-79
JENNINGS Iva A and Norman E
JENNINGS Jack Earl and Minnie Etta
JENSEN C 1875-1944
JERNIGAN David W 1927-1973
JERNIGAN Nancy Kay 1952-1952
JESSIE M 1885-1953
JETT Ida Hassie and Oscar F
JETTON Jerry Edwin and Pat WILLIAMS Prin
JIMENEZ Mary S 1956-1997
JIMMERSON Arlen E 1942-1999
JINKS Joe J 1914-1993
JOBBEN O N 1887-1955
JOBE Dorothy W and Marcus A
JOBE Joel H 1901-1951
JOHN Vernon 1925-1948
JOHNS Carols H Jr 1925-1944
JOHNS Mary Gertrude and Carlos H
JOHNSON Angeline CARDER 1901-1952
JOHNSON Betye Jo 1922-1994
JOHNSON Cora and W J Rev
JOHNSON Cora Lee VOTAW 1875-1950
JOHNSON David Wayne 1964
JOHNSON Dixie and Lewis E
JOHNSON Eddie Jr 1922-1968
JOHNSON Freddie R Sr 1936-2003
JOHNSON George 1910-1960
JOHNSON Helen K and Roy E
JOHNSON James Evan 1908-1930
JOHNSON Juanita Jo Ann and Lewis Emiel
JOHNSON Larry D 1938-1990
JOHNSON Liddie D 1919-1988
JOHNSON Maury LIPSCOMB 1910-1970
JOHNSON Minnie E and Greg C
JOHNSON Peyton Irving 1898-1928
JOHNSON Raymond Scott 1967-1978
JOHNSON Robert L 1952-1994
JOHNSON Thelma M and Gordon E
JOHNSON Tommye Dean 1965
JOHNSON Walter F 1899-1955
JOHNSON Walter Joel Rev 1869-1929
JOHNSTON Beulah SANDERS and Charles Greg
JOHNSTON Frank H 1922-1971
JOHNSTON Jacqueline Laverne 1913-1996
JOHNSTON Lucius F Jr 1917-1982
JOHNSTON M L 1889-1951
JOHNSTON Nora and Lucius F
JOHNSTON Vernon Lafayette 1905-1958
JOHNSTON Willie Norman 1881-1962
JOHNSTON Wm Scott 1878-1957
JOLISSANT Christi Rene 1967
JONES Alberta M KINES 1932-2000
JONES Alma G 1884-1968
JONES Brenda C 1953-1953
JONES Davey R and Margaret A
JONES Delbert Wayne 1933-1989
JONES Frances W 1891-1976
JONES Inez and H J
JONES Jesse Ridout 1894-1951
JONES Lillian Dale 1894-1975
JONES Lucy and Elmo A
JONES Mary M and Apostle Paul
JONES Milton D 1921-1983
JONES Robert Glen Bobby 1969-1985
JONES Ruby M and Odell
JONES Vada D and Roy C
JONES Vera M and Thomas A
JONES Wallace B 1922-1972
JONES Wendy Michelle 70-70
JORDAN Clara and Holman and Emma
JORDAN Ferman E 1928-1982
JORDAN George F 1909-1954
JORDAN Linda Kay 1940-1956
JORDAN Lisa Lynn 1958-1998
JORDAN Orvel B 1915-1958
JORDAN Ruth Lee 1915-1967
JORDAN Viva F and Ferman D
JORDAN Wesley E 1918-1942
JORDAN Willie and Albert B
JOYNER Marvel Alonzo 1908-1961
K JS 65
KANE James 1883-1959
KARNES Candi Michele 1972-1972
KATARODES S 1882-1956
KAY Joe and Rosa HARKNESS and Nicholas
KEDDERIS M W 1901-1954
KEETER Amanda Pearl and E S Steve
KEISEL Joyce McMAHON and Dera and Bert
KEITH Cristine B 1914-1949
KEITH Jessie M 1881-1970
KEITH LaFayette 1891-1936
KEITH Thomas A 1872-1956
KELLEY Donald and Lilah
KELLEY Mary A 1879-1956
KELLEY Mary Nona and Frank
KELLEY Richard S 1873-1940
KELLISON Bettie L 1930-
KELLY Faye 1954-1999
KELLY Margaret E and Gerald W
KELLY Mary Elizabeth 1961-1962
KELTNER son 1952
KEMME Ruby Lucille 1910-1967
KEMP Robert John 1972
KEMP Valeria Fern 1923-1987
KENDALL James P 1859-1951
KENDALL Sam Hugh and Ellen Jane
KENNEDY Blanche S 1908-1993
KENNEDY Claud W 1909-1976
KENNEDY Franklin J 1917-1976
KENNEDY Harold Josh 1938-1975
KENNEDY Jennifer Lea 1979
KENNEDY Julianne Elizabeth 1983-1983
KENNEDY Katie S 1918-1980
KENYON Ruth ROBERTS and Clyde Peckham
KERBY Lula Lee and William F
KERR Alice Lee 1960
KERR Mollie E and Julian E
KESLER W D Honest Dan 1862-1930
KESTER Harold P 1904-1974
KETRON Samuel 1985-2002
KEY Carrie G 1892-1970
KIEHN Marjorie HALBERT 1911-1986
KIEHN Melvin 1911-1995
KIEVE Lillie 1894-1965
KILGORE Hazel J 1908-1963
KILGORE William A 1903-1978
KILLIAN Burwell W 1855-1932
KILLIAN Irma M 1899-1949
KILLIAN Jency B 1855-1935
KILLIAN Oscar L 1881-1968
KILPATRICK G E 1867-1931
KILPATRICK Minnie L and John H
KILPATRICK Mollie B 1880-1955
KILPATRICK Phillip Collins 1946
KILPATRICK Thelma L and Dewey M
KIMBALL Ann H 1906-1991
KIMBROUGH Leonard P Goggy 1899-1971
KIMBROUGH Mary M 1900-
KINCAID Evelyn Fern and Clifford Cecil
KING Andrew R 1955-1988
KING Annie Belle HARTIN and E Calvin
KING Ben F Jr 1910-1961
KING C D 1843-1930
KING Carolyn Sue and Lyndon Fred
KING Chris 1958
KING Donald Wayne 1949-1949
KING Fayrene and William E
KING James A 1896-1944
KING Jefferson Davis 1928-1990
KING Lillie HATNES 1887-1928
KING Lily Z 1903-1988
KING Lucy B 1909-1986
KING Martha P and Joyce Q
KING Martha R and E C Jr
KING Mary U 1908-1992
KING Ronald Wayne 1967-1973
KING Tony C 1908-1972
KINGREA baby-boy 1947-1947
KINGREA Cecil C 1908-1987
KINGREA Nellie WARD MOORE 1910-1992
KINGSLEY Amma 1880-1957
KINNISON Willard C 1916-1974
KIRBY Frances M 1887-1960
KIRBY Minnie Ola PETERS 1904-1996
KIRK Helen G 1898-1996
KISER Hattie 1882-1961
KNAPP Bessie B and William
KNAPP James H Jr 1938-1980
KNAPP James Hudson and Mildred BETTS
KNAPP Mary Jane HAMPTON 1910-1939
KNAPP Myrtle F and Earl C
KNAPP son 1937
KNIGHT Howard and June
KNIGHT Richard Leon 1911-1974
KNIGHT Thomas J 1896-1962
KNOBLOCK Donald R 1957-1991
KNOBLOCK Ranette S 1933-1979
KNOTTS Vera May and Charles R
KNOWLES Evelyn W and John T
KNOX John Walter 1957-1957
KNOX Nancy Jane 1958-1958
KOEHLER Arthur E 1911-1969
KOENCY David W 1948-1984
KOENCY Lenora and William
KOENCY Virginia and William
KOHLER Ethel R 1887-1985
KOPROVICH Thomas Eugene 1981-1998
KRAATZ-DUNCAN Wanda G and Patricia A
KREGER Lorine J and Jessee D
KUCH Ponna 1952-1983
KULEFF Mike 1890-1965
KULEFF Pete 1898-1989
KYSER Curtis K 1909-1956
KYSER Linda L and Jimmy C
KYSER Regna Pearlene 1967-1967
LACEY Alice M and Fred H
LACKEY Katherine F and Archie E
LaJOIE Eldred Nap and Bettie Ann
LAKEY James W and Kathryn V
LAMBERT Joseph Daniel 1970-1970
LAMBERT Loyd 1891-1970
LAMBERT Mark Alan 1962-1962
LAMBERT Patricia L 1934-1980
LAMKIN Sybil Angelia 1963-1963
LANDINGHAM Leonard T 1887-1948
LANDREE Craig Andreas 1976-1976
LANDRUM Kevin Ray 1967
LANDRUM Nathaniel Dale 1964-1966
LANE Barbara GILFILLAN 1935-2000
LANE Jess C 1894-1946
LANE Julia Myrtle and Walter
LANE Laura HOLLON 1878-1964
LANE Marjorie 1923-1993
LANGFORD Lynn and Lou
LANHAM Rachel R 1967-1992
LANKFORD Earlynn SWAIM and John Mason Jr
LANKFORD Jack 1919-1975
LANKFORD Jane W 1926-
LaROQUE Lloyd O and Winnie B
LaRUE 1929-1975
LATHAM Donnie Lee Vergeson 1979-1979
LATHAM June J 1925-1999
LAUDERDALE Nelma Jean 1932-1933
LaVERNE Boren 1978
LAW Catherine T 1877-1969
LAWHON Ada V and John R
LAWING Albert N 1882-1950
LAWING Albert Nelson Jr 1918-1971
LAWING Bety Jo and Harry D
LAWING Everett S 1916-1973
LAWING Foy F and Arthur C
LAWING Letha P 1904-1959
LAWING Letha P and Herman N
LAWING Lorene and Carl
LAWING Marie L and Leslie B
LAWING Martha L and Arthur C Jr
LAWING Rosey P 1884-1965
LAWING Sarah Nelle 1921-
LAWLEY Jennie E 1855-1933
LAWRENCE Edward 1869-1946
LAWRENCE Minnie NICHOLS 1889-1980
LAWSON Emily and Grover H
LAWSON Ilona De Ane 1970-1970
LAWSON J Hillery 1905-1964
LAWSON John B 1880-1965
LAWSON Ronda COE 1956-1993
LAYTON Derel W 1960-1992
LAYTON Kenneth H 1935-1998
LEACH Charles Albert 1890-1952
LEACH Opal STONE 1894-1979
LEATHERWOOD Mimi Ann 1970-1970
LECHON Anita S 1909-1981
LEE Flossie 1900-1947
LEE Jessica A 1979-1979
LEE Katherine and james Jackson
LEE Lawrence E 1893-1949
LEE Neta E and Freddie O
LEE Roy A 1936-1978
LEGGETT H J 1885-1943
LENNINGTON Alice Ann 1952-
LENNINGTON Monna Ruth ana Lee Roy Jr
LESTER Emma L and H J D Bud
LESTER May O 1875-1966
LEVESQUE Jacob Carice 1976
LEWIS Clarence H and Ruby Nell
LEWIS Clura B and James W
LEWIS Dock and Winnie
LEWIS Jimmie Rhea 1902-1982
LEWIS Johnie H 1896-1977
LEWIS Lillie F 1900-1985
LEWIS Linda Marie 1941-1965
LEWIS Lois Laura 1907-1958
LEWIS Lona Fay and Walter William
LEWIS Margie Lee 1916-1966
LEWIS Mattie 1879-1978
LEWIS Sheri Lee 1963
LEWIS Stephen Greenberry 1875-1950
LEWIS V 1885-1940
LILE Marvin Lee 1932-1996
LILJESTROM Barry W 1945-1993
LILJESTROM Effie and Leo W
LINDAMOOD John B 1901-1951
LINDLEY Verna OLIVER 1904-1994
LINDSEY Bertha Martin 1913-1972
LINDSEY Betty Jean 1952
LINDSEY C E 1922-1993
LINDSEY Hugh C 1911-1964
LINDSEY Rosa Mae 1934-2001
LINDSEY Ruby Lee 1895-1974
LINDSEY Ruth W 1890-1978
LITHERLAND Janice Annette 1960-1960
LITHERLAND Judith A and Joseph R Jim
LOCK Bennie E 1932-2002
LOGAN William Harold 1894-1905
LOGUE Quentin Dale 1926-1968
LONDON Joe Burton 1918-1987
LONDON Marjorie 1923-
LONG Charles F 1911-1963
LONG Shelby Lea 1978
LONGINO Dane 1963-1984
LOPER Scotty Ray 1963-2002
LOPEZ Antonio C 1941-1997
LOPEZ Jesus M and Diana G
LORTIE Joelathan R 1985-2003
LOUDERMILK Margaret S and Richard J
LOUGH Ralph Darling and Dorothy BARDIN
LOUX Enos 1892-1959
LOVE Hugh G 1868-1958
LOVE Nancy Rose 1944-1965
LOVE Pebble J and Wiley
LOVELESS Billy H 1921-1996
LOVELL Emma and James
LOVELL Mabel J and Lenton B
LOWE Anna M 1867-1968
LOWE Bonnie B and Cecil C
LOWE Charley N 1898-1939
LOWERY Herbert W 1899-1957
LOWERY Mary Ella and Henry Dallas
LOWMAN Robert D 1923-1983
LOWRY Barnett C 1912-1962
LOWRY Daisy B -1960
LOWRY Dorothy Clare and William S
LOWRY Glen W 1914-1959
LOWRY Jack 191101988
LOWRY James E and Georgia B
LOWRY Mary BARDIN and T E Dunie
LOWRY Mary E and D C
LOWRY Rose Ann 1942-
LOWRY Ruth 1913-1978
LOWRY Thomas E 1872-1943
LOYA Frances C 1933-1999
LOYD Betty Louise 1931-1999
LOYD Betty Louise and Doyle
LOYD Doyle 1937-
LOYD James Lowell Scott and Carmaleta BI
LOYD Michael Kenneth 1971
LUCAS Michael Lyle 1939-1977
LUCE Charlotte E 1892-1971
LUCE Daniel Gibson 1969-1987
LUCE Harlyn S 1891-1951
LUCE Patrick Robinson Sr and Jessie Alic
LUCKADOO Roy R 1914-1968
LUTTRELL Carl Moreland 1920-1943
LUTTRELL Rachel 1879-1976
LYERLY Nell A 1892-1976
LYNN C 1883-1953
LYNN Mary J 1911-2002
LYON Mary Ann DUKE 1935-1997
LYONS Maurice V 1898-1950
MACKIE Thomas E and Willie Ray
MADDOX Margaret R 1937-
MAEGER T Louise and Billy Dwain
MAGRUDER Matthew W 1974-1982
MAHAN Alvie and G W
MAIDA Ethel M 1927-1975
MAINESS Jessie J 1900-1967
MAJORS Eric 1973
MAKI Charlotte Gay 1966
MALDONADO Pedro R 1983
MALENDO Neco 1893-1953
MALIK Gerald J 1905-1979
MALL Odessa B and Walter H
MANN Betty M 1868-1961
MANN Sarah Jewell and Shelby Gilbert
MARETT boy 1980
MARION Ginger Rochelle 1968-1968
MARKHAM Melvin K 1918-1944
MARKS William H 1919-1999
MARLER Chandy Rhea 1978-1979
MARLOW Margie L and Royal W
MARLOW Royal W 1908-1958
MARNELL Lindsey Dawn 1979
MARNEY Andy K 1897-1967
MARNEY Andy Kenneth 1897-1967
MARNEY Annie M and Will Columbus
MARNEY Bennie T 1903-1995
MARNEY Bess Ira 1894-1976
MARNEY Elijah B 1861-1956
MARNEY Marjorie 1929-1929
MARNEY Mary C 1865-1935
MARNEY Will Columbus 1887-1959
MARSHALL Charles W 1927-1968
MARSHALL Kenneth Wayne 1938-1939
MARSHALL Patricia Ann 1917-1957
MARSHALL William L and Emma J
MARTIN Bess and Mike
MARTIN Dan Lee 1920-1989
MARTIN Donald Dean 1919-1989
MARTIN Frenetta L 1854-1931
MARTIN Gladys L and T E Buddy
MARTIN Gordon 1915-1976
MARTIN Grover C 1890-1966
MARTIN H E 1907-1946
MARTIN Hubert Lee 1923-1969
MARTIN Ila M 1901-1961
MARTIN infant 1946
MARTIN Jerry Lee 1957-1993
MARTIN John M 1891-1969
MARTIN Johnie Floyd and Iva Lee
MARTIN Joseph Waller 1926-1997
MARTIN Joshua R 1840-1912
MARTIN Lecil Floyd 1934-1959
MARTIN Lou Fern and Frank Thomas
MARTIN Louis Thomas 1896-1946
MARTIN Mary Lou 1945-1963
MARTIN Maudie L and Clarence C
MARTIN Viola E and George F
MARTIN Walter A and Maggie V
MARTINEZ Crespin 1888-1975
MARTINEZ Daniel S Jr 1969
MARTINEZ Edna Earline and Teodoro Benito
MARTINEZ Geneva S 1968
MARTINEZ Joseph O 1971-1971
MARTINEZ Omar S 1959-1973
MASHBURN Elizabeth G 1870-1956
MASHBURN Thomas F 1868-1952
MASON Eric Sherwood 1964-1981
MASON Idita BOHANNON 1907-1988
MASSEY Charles 1875-1954
MASSEY Dorothy 1877-1973
MASSEY Esther BRAY and Joe Grady
MASSEY Eula B 1884-1941
MASTERS Mary L 1907-1976
MATHER Robert and Stephen and Frankie
MATHEWS George W 1886-1958
MATHEWS Lura M 1890-1971
MATLOCK Effie I and Jim John James
MATLOCK Magery F 1897-1977
MATNEY Frank Jr 1904-19
MATSON John J 1894-1959
MATTHEWS Anna M and Farrel K
MATTHEWS Terry W 1960-1974
MATTHIAS - Hubert Dr 1912-2000
MAXWELL Clarence Lee 1924-1986
MAXWELL Jack Dr -1946
MAXWELL Ronnie 1954-2000
MAXWELL Tot 1973
MAYBERRY Lois A 1913-1974
MAYFIELD A F 1859-1934
MAYFIELD Bertie 1891-1955
MAYFIELD Elree Moore and Mattie Mae
MAYFIELD Littie E 1901-1991
MAYFIELD Nancy Elizabeth 1866-1953
MAYS J E 1881-1948
MAYS Sallie 1885-1977
McARTHUR Jimmy -1942
McASKILL Barbara Jeanette 1941-1944
McASKILL Emma 1872-1961
McASKILL John H 1918-1972
McASKILL Ollie Mae and John W
McASKILL Will 1866-1944
McBRIDE Bedford B and Ruby E
McBRIDE Elizabeth Florence 1919-1961
McBRIDE John David 1921-1997
McBRIDE Ruby Marie 1847-1983
McBRIDE son 1969
McBRIDE William J 1944-1981
McCAMMON Jerry D 1944
McCANDLESS Walter Don 1937-2000
McCARTER Drucie CANNON 1894-1982
McCARTER R T 1888-1942
McCARTER Ray 1919-1973
McCARVER Jerry Don 1954-1961
McCLAIN Morris D 1925-1987
McCLUNG Johnny Dean 1971-1971
McCLURE Cody T 1994-1994
McCLURE Shirley M 1929-1962
McCOLLOUGH William L 1911-1960
McCOMBS Annie Laura 1901-1977
McCOMBS Calla Lillie 1885-1961
McCOMBS Iola 1908-1998
McCOMBS Jeff Alwyn 1906-1990
McCOMBS Jeff Mason 1883-1947
McCOMBS Mary Grace 1913-1986
McCOMMAS Leola DUVAL 1907-1996
McCONNELL Alice 1858-1949
McCORMACK Margie and James C
McCORMACK Myrtle E and Claude A
McCOY Daniel W 1934-2000
McCOY Daniel Wesley 1934-2000
McCOY Kevin Lee 1961-1961
McCOY Mahuel 1933-1944
McCOY Virginia BARNES and Arthur James
McCOY Virginia N 1936-1997
McCRACKEN Patsy E 1887-1966
McCREARY Ibbie L 1903-1997
McCULLEY Larry Keith 1955-1977
McDANIEL Gertie DUVAL 1886-1945
McDANIEL Herschel D 1887-1983
McDONALD Charles C 1904-1954
McDONALD Elizabeth L 1899-1972
McDONALD Lofton S 1891-1961
McDONALD Mary A 1874-1963
McDONALD Mary E 1909-1956
McDONALD Mary Elizabeth 1894-1971
McDONALD Shane Jr 1979
McDONALD William A 1867-1933
McELROY Harold R Bo and Alice Jo
McELWRATH Minnie L and Melvin
McFADIN Harvie G 1890-1961
McFADIN Hattie 1899-1975
McFADIN John Edwin 1925-1949
McGAHEY Philip C Jr 1957-1957
McGAMMON Esther L Jackie 1926-1991
McGARITY Elsie M and Russell M
McGAW Zelma and Ben F
McGEE Lucy E 1960
McGEE Shannon Lynn and Brandi Shay
McGILL Hugh Eric 1917-1984
McGINNIS William Randall 1977
McGLOTHLIN Billie D 1929-1953
McGOWAN Albert L Sr 1914-1986
McGRAW June M 1914-1976
McGRAW Patricia Diane 1961-1966
McGREGOR Martha L and Frank W
McGREW Kandice Jo 1978-1979
McGUIRE Mae E and Harry L
McINTOSH Ora Lee 1871-1961
McINTOSH Winnie B and Geo E Dr
McINTYRE Phyllis Catherine TURNER and Fr
McKEE Adrian Jerry 1918-1960
McKINLEY Ida Jane and Robert
McKINLEY Mary Jane and Thurman H
McKINNEY Charline and Glynn
McKINNEY Fletcher M 1905-1952
McKINNEY Harry F 1883-1955
McKINNEY Nancy E Betty and D Y Dock
McKINNEY Pat 1919-1973
McKINNEY Ralph L 1922-1961
McKINNEY Wilma Lee and Charles Allen
McKINNON Nellie Marion and Angus
McKISSICK Ella 1903-1939
McKISSICK Roxie B and Joseph F Dr
McKNIGHT Betsy BARKSDALE 1895-1959
McKNIGHT daughter 1921
McKNIGHT E Wayne 1891-1958
McKNIGHT Joe D Sr 1854-1933
McKNIGHT Laura D 1893-1982
McKNIGHT Laura Roy 1867-1952
McKNIGHT Lola M and Ernest C
McKNIGHT Rachel M and Joe D
McKNIGHT Shirel Lee Jr JR 1958-1990
McKNIGHT Stephanie Kay 1972
McKNIGHT William Kyle 1978-1997
McKOWN Helen W and Harley A
McLARTY Emma B 1895-1979
McLARTY William H and LaNelle Q
McLeROY Vera M 1889-1976
McMAKIN Joseph P 1884-1935
McMILLIN Mary Louise 1929-2001
McMURRAY Alfred Newton 1906-1968
McMURRAY Isaac Newton 1875-1960
McMURRAY Laura Hogue 1880-1947
McMURRAY Minnie RALSTON and Samuel Houst
McMURTRAY Hattie J and Harvery Dean
McNANNEY James 1865-1947
McNEEL Fern and Paul
McNULTY Justin Michael 1980
McPIKE J H 1903-1956
McQUEEN Gladys LUPTON and Elmer Richard
McQUEEN Thomas Richard 1926-1969
McREYNOLDS Gayla Annette 1959
McVAY Charles S 1934-1993
McVAY Ida E and Sherman S
McVICKER Maude 1893-1965
MEAD Charles Rev 1903-1988
MEAD Elva L Peggy 1898-1979
MEADOR Bertha G and Robert L
MEADOR Marie 1981-1981
MEADOR Michael Ethan 2001-2002
MEADOWS Annie M 1881-1946
MEADOWS John T 1870-1945
MEBUS Lucille C and R L Jerry
MEDKIFF Francis R 1918-1950
MEDKIFF John T 1880-1967
MEDKIFF Lola LANE 1907-1996
MEDKIFF Mae 1885-1940
MEEKS Betty Murl 1940-2001
MEIER Dortha H 1893-1960
MEIER Walter H 1886-1941
MEIER Walter H Jr Lt 1922-1953
MELEAR G W 1885-1931
MELEAR Pete 1881-1968
MEMORY Walter John 1857-1957
MENDENHALL Nettie THOMAS 1910-1999
MENDEZ Daniel 1909-1970
MENDEZ Daniel Jr and Rafaela MARQUEZ
MENDEZ Jose Carmen 1968-2003
MENDEZ Maria Sarah 1942-1976
MENDOZA Juan 1875-1945
MENKING Edna MOORE 1913-1971
MERCER Brian Scott 1979
MERRIFIELD Edgar J and Dorothy N
MERRIFIELD Fredric Lee 1955-1996
MERRITT Flora E 1899-1986
MERRITT Jim Alexander 1869-1948
MERRITT Kenneth Taylor 1918-1942
MERRITT Matthias Taylor 1894-1958
MERRITT Minnie Opal and William M
MESSENGER Cathryn M 1975
MESSINA E 1891-1956
MEYERS Daniel Christopher 1970-1970
MEYERS Seba M 1974-1996
MIKUSEK baby 1966
MILAM Eula H and Dan M
MILAM Lucy Ann 1911-1980
MILES Bird F 1874-1948
MILES Charles L 1943-1986
MILES Ennis H 1911-1962
MILES Georgia A and Ralph D
MILES Johnnie Mae 1880-1937
MILES M Catherine and Leonard J
MILES Ralph L 1919-1980
MILLER Alvin Glenn and Betty Jean KADING
MILLER Catherine 1928-1977
MILLER Claire Lindsey 1983-1995
MILLER Fred J 1878-1938
MILLER Gladys and Luke
MILLER Gladys E 1934-1981
MILLER Margaret Elizabeth 1984
MILLER Mimi A and William C
MILLER Sarah ann 1882-1965
MILLER Terreigh V 1945-1992
MILLER Theodosia and James H
MILLER Tiffany Lenee 1974-1978
MILLER Verna M 1897-1974
MILLER Virgil R 1903-1969
MILLER W N 1882-1952
MILLHAM Leslie Jean 1961-1997
MILLS George Ernest 1936-1969
MILLS Jozetta 1924-1933
MILLS Maud GRAHAM 1897-1942
MILLS R Scott 1931-1990
MILLS Samuel W 1898-1967
MILLS Suzanne H and Gregory S
MILTON Nicholas May and Howard
MILTON Sam Houston 1907-1952
MINCER Lori Ann 1967-1997
MINER Dora FOULKE 1876-1956
MINER Lewise E 1906-1967
MINER Paul G 1909-1948
MINER Ruby A 1910-1997
MINER Strelza M 1912-1960
MINTON Arthur P 1893-1961
MINTON Laura M 1897-1978
MIRANDA Adela D 1913-2001
MIRANDA Manuel 1908-1975
MIRES Eula Mae and Wm Mark
MITCHELL Gladys O-Leane 1897-1982
MITCHELL Grace I 1877-1972
MITCHELL Helen Jo 1914-2001
MITCHELL Robert Edsel 1954-1954
MITCHELL Sallie A and Cecil S
MITCHELL Vera F 1894-1953
MODD Merle E 1890-1975
MOHUNDRO Thomas M 1923-1962
MOJICA John 1940-1986
MOJICA Lupe MENDEZ 1942-1990
MONICO Nancy-skelton-and Leon Marion
MONTHEY Adolph Fred and Bertha Lena
MONTHEY Carol June and Vernon Tracy
MONTHEY Tracey E 1924-1975
MOODY Jarrette O 1908-1967
MOODY Mary C and Virgil B
MOON Alice 1928-1985
MOONEYHAM Carrie B and Eugene
MOONEYHAM Maggie Lee and Reece Robert
MOORE Agnes B and Yancie M
MOORE Alvin Ray 1908-1964
MOORE Anna C 1929-1929
MOORE Annie Mildred and Will J
MOORE Autie R and Alfred E
MOORE Barbara AXELSON and Roger D Sr
MOORE Barbara AXELSON and Roger D Sr
MOORE Bessie May and Frank M
MOORE Beulah B and William A
MOORE Billy Burke and Mary Louise
MOORE Brian David 1968-1983
MOORE Burke A and Norrie
MOORE Celia Yvonne and Loyd Edman
MOORE Charlie F 1914-1988
MOORE Dorthy Jean 1927-1930
MOORE Edna Earle and Bruce Earl
MOORE Elson R 1927-1971
MOORE Emmett 1910-1998
MOORE Eunice Lillian 1889-1982
MOORE Eva C 1881-1958
MOORE Forrest Sr 1894-1964
MOORE Grace Lane 1906-1980
MOORE Hallie 1878-1971
MOORE Helen Elizabeth 1907-2000
MOORE Henry Lee and Betty C
MOORE Hugh M 1882-1949
MOORE Hugh M Jr 1917-1918
MOORE Ines and Leland
MOORE James Edward 1911-1979
MOORE Larry E 1955-1989
MOORE Leon 1919-1961
MOORE Loyd Alan 1957-1995
MOORE Lula B and G Athel
MOORE Lydia E and George W
MOORE Malisa E 1869-1952
MOORE Mary A 1887-1984
MOORE Mary Lou 1907-2001
MOORE Mason H 1895-1967
MOORE Mildred Mary and Ivan Dee
MOORE Minor Lewis 1885-1984
MOORE Norris L 1919-1947
MOORE Patricia Alice 1940-1940
MOORE Rebecca 1958-1960
MOORE Robert Loyd 1926-1985
MOORE Roger Dale Jr 1977-1996
MOORE Ruby 1895-1982
MOORE Susan DOAK 1953-
MOORE Ted 1930-1932
MOORE Vera M and Woodard J
MOORE Weldon Leon and Mary Frances
MOORE William H 1922-1981
MOORE Willie Lee 1935-1994
MOORE Zena Ward 1878-1960
MOREHEAD Arvlis Ray 1967-1967
MORELAND Annie G and John L
MORELAND Claude W 1887-1966
MORELAND D Lyman 1907-1937
MORENO Kelly John 1983
MORESI Alfred D Sr 1926-1998
MORGAN Clydine Louise 1927-1973
MORGAN Corrine G and Fred A
MORGAN H D Jack 1899-1940
MORGAN James C Jr 1948-1953
MORGAN Janice M FISHER 1937-2000
MORGAN Jessie Mae 1893-1966
MORGAN John L Jr 1927-1945
MORGAN Kitty Lou 1943-1944
MORGAN Lloyd Stephen 1893-1959
MORGAN Luther 1890-1947
MORGAN Mae DITTO and Frank
MORGAN Mary K 1873-1947
MORGAN Mary Sue 1931-1935
MORGAN Michael L 1970-1970
MORGAN Minnie and Herman
MORGAN Minnie Lee 1894-1967
MORGAN Orrin Lloyd 1920-1967
MORGAN Susan Marie 1956-2001
MORIARTY John Christopher 1969
MORIN Janie 1931-2003
MORQUECHO Crespin 1909-1965
MORRIS Brandy and Sammy
MORRIS Fred M and Esther A
MORRIS Freddie Sue 1944-1958
MORRIS Loretta Carol 1957-1964
MORRIS Lorri Ann 1970-1970
MORRIS Mildred M and Glen N
MORRIS Terry T Jr 1968-1968
MORRIS Wanda MORGAN and Carlton B
MORRISON Dora V 1911-1986
MORRISON Nicholas Morgan 1986
MORRISON Walter M 1908-1984
MORRISSEY Mary Ann and Howard A
MORROW Clyde O 1902-1994
MORROW Daniel Paul 1955-1963
MORROW E B 1887-1944
MORROW M Marie and George D
MORROW Ruby L and Malcolm A
MORTON Burton J Lt 1920-1943
MORTON Lillie M 1883-1970
MORTON Marshall P 1921-1961
MORTON Robert C iii 1948-1974
MORTON Rufus A 1873-1948
MOSELEY James Wesley 1857-1957
MOSLEY Ben T 1900-1953
MOSLEY Jackie D and Charles T
MOSS James Donald 1943-1955
MOSS Mary Pauline 1871-1945
MOZLEY Annie Jo Nell 1916-1995
MUCKELROY Mollie B 1886-1952
MUERY 1959
MULLINS Crosby D 1912-1947
MURPHY Dorothy 1914-1998
MURPHY Dorothy lise HALDI 1926-1997
MURPHY Elsie CARTER and Joe Preston
MURPHY Frank A 1886-1955
MURPHY John Carter 1921-
MURPHY L A Spud 1910-1986
MURPHY Mamie and Donah and Ewell
MURPHY Teiko Kanazawa 1929-
MURRAH Alma S 1880-1962
MURRAH Guy M 1902-1948
MURRAH Montie E 1875-1952
MURRAY Alice 1876-1961
MURRAY Angela Gail 1971-1971
MURRAY Joe D and Helen G
MURRELL Dan David 1939-1984
MURRELL Ida Mae 1904-1949
MUSE Charley 1877-1940
MUSE Erssie Cecil 1902-1962
MUSE Mattie Idella 1879-1962
MUTCHLER Steven M 1974
MUTER Anna F 1878-1959
MUTI Lorene HARRIS 1912-1999
MUTI Nicholas L 1892-1968
MYERS George W 1889-1969
MYERS Glynn 1892-1946
MYERS Houston 1886-1949
NAIL Della Mae 1894-1934
NALLEY Tracy 1966-1981
NAPIER Elizabeth Irene 1959-1977
NAPIER Elsie Christine and Billy Ray
NAPIER William S 1956-11957
NEIGHBORS Tanbra Lynn 1961-1961
NEITZEL Leda Madeline 1989-1997
NELSON B O 1903-1954
NELSON boy 1963
NELSON Carrie L and Harold A
NELSON George A 1884-1967
NELSON Martha Janes 1887-1966
NELSON Vera May 1909-1959
NERVIG Christine Marie 1968-1968
NESBITT Chas L 1880-1934
NEW Carrie S 1882-1947
NEW Chas H 1879-1944
NEW Deanna Lynette 1992-1992
NEW Lillie Mae 1910-1957
NEWCOMB family
NEWELL Bess 1899-1964
NEWELL Earl R and Sylvia WOOD
NEWELL George G 1854-1931
NEWELL Sallie E 1859-1933
NEWELL Thomas Preston 1893-1977
NEWPORT Elizabeth and Grandville
NEWTH Charles R and Dorothy H
NEWTON Phoebe 1889-1971
NGOC Mac Thi Bich 1961-1996
NICHOLS Dora E 1892-1986
NICHOLS Gordon Lee 1885-1954
NICHOLS Henry Milton 1879-1954
NICHOLS son 1971
NICHOLSON Gussie Mae 1932-1995
NICHOLSON Guy P 1927-1993
NICHOLSON Irene A 1919-1999
NICHOLSON Jesse E 1917-2002
NICKOLSON Emily A 1872-1952
NICKOLSON George W 1915-1950
NIMMO Albert W and Ann E
NIX Mamie E and Joe Lincoln
NOAH Fannie Sue and Walter Eugene
NOAH Ida Mae 1906-1978
NOAH J Russell Jr 1898-1939
NOAH John R 1872-1949
NOAH Mattie E 1877-1932
NOAH Olin Sonny 1943-1980
NOAH Robert 1903-1929
NODEN Vivian KILPATRICK 1919-2002
NORMAN John Lee 1884-1946
NORMAN Myrtle M 1880-1955
NORMAN Paul J 1876-1960
NORMAN Paul Jr 1909-1928
NORMAN W H 1902-1932
NORRIS Lynn and Janice 1978-1978
NORTON Maxie KEITH and Morris Edgar
NORTON Minnie F 1905-1956
NORTON Morris Edgar 1907-1976
NORVELL Grace N and Walter C
NWOKO Remmington 2000-2000
NYSTEDT Michael Eric Gustav 1968-1994
O-BRYANT Minnie E and Robert L
O-HARA Nora Judy 1962
O-HARA Randy Thomas 1959
O-NEILL Frances M and John T
ODELL Alice Betsy LINDSTROM 1918-1988
ODELL Venita P and James B
ODELL William Floy 1921-2000
ODUM Dell D 1916-1989
ODUM Thelma COLEMAN 1916-1989
OGDEN Charles Mack and Carolyn Ann
OGLE H D 1906-1954
OGLE John Paul 1969-1998
OJEDA Lynn 1940-1994
OLINGER Ethel KENDALL 1893-1974
OLIVER Julia Ann 1873-1962
OLIVER Lillie May and Francis Augustus
OLIVER Pamelia C and John J
OLLER Nellie G and J Floyd
OLSON John 1881-1952
ONEAL Jim 1873-1947
OPPERMANN Hubert A 1973-1973
OREM Orville L and Sylvia E
OREN Joann Lorene 1966-1967
ORENDORFF Margaret 1868-1957
ORITZ Charles Allane 1960-1960
ORTIZ Helen D 1966-2002
ORTIZ Kazuko Seki 1931-2002
ORTIZ Paul Laurence 1969
OTT Bradley Richard and Matthew James
OTT Mildred M and Keith J
OTTO Mary L and Bernard
OVERBAUGH Arthur 1891-1961
OWEN David W 1949-1996
OWEN James R 1912-1979
OWEN Peggy Jame 1970
OWEN Rachel E 1902-1988
OWENS Betty L 1900-1970
OWENS Deanne M 1969-1969
OWENS Ethel 1895-1930
OWENS Rebecca Lynn 1975
OWENS Roscoe Emmett 1892-1960
OWENS S O 1896-1943
OXNER Vicki and Marvin Beaver
OZMENT Mary L and Riley H
PACE Dorothy P and Clinton G
PADDIE Shay Ben 1951-2000
PADGET Homer 1901-1992
PADGET Myrtle Mae 1909-1995
PAIVA Erik William 1974-1990
PALMER Barry Leigh 1945-1994
PALMER Edna B and Gullen B
PALMER Estelle Stewart and James E
PALMER John C 1914-1959
PALMER Lucian W 1910-1988
PALMER Opal B 1906-1935
PANKHURST Willie A and John W
PARKER Andrew A 1883-1967
PARKER Evelyn T and Winfred B
PARKER Gladys 1914-1958
PARKER Jennie SCHULTZ 1904-1986
PARKER Lillie M and Woodrow W
PARKER Mable V and John J
PARKER Marion Frank 1896-1986
PARKER Myrtle 1884-1944
PARKER Ocia V 1891-1982
PARKER Samuel D 1887-1979
PARKER Samuel D Jr Cpl 1921-1946
PARKER William C 1884-1955
PARKS Jonathan 1982
PARRA Amador Soto 1935-1995
PARRA Eleuterio 1902-1992
PARRA Manuel 1938-1991
PARRA Maria SOTO 1904-1975
PARRA Porfirio Soto 1930-1991
PARSON Ethel 1910-1970
PARSONS Clarence S 1911-1974
PARSONS DeLouris Faye CARTER 1915-1972
PARSONS Minnie A and George H
PARTIN Carole Lee 1943-1995
PARTIN Lucille 1915-1960
PATEL Dorab J and Sheila
PATRICK James Mathis 1968
PATRICK Samuel M 1881-1958
PATTERSON Albert S and Bonnie Dee
PATTERSON Alta Mae and Charles Ross
PATTERSON Buel B and Mildred L
PATTERSON Edward Preston and Marjorie RO
PATTERSON Erin Courtney 1977-1978
PATTERSON Laurah F 1877-1967
PATTERSON Laurie K and Teresa A 75-75
PATTERSON Leo and Stella
PATTERSON Leslie and Elsie
PATTERSON Margaret 1912-1982
PATTERSON Philip Edward 1949-1996
PATTERSON Stena 1871-1955
PATTERSON Vernon Thomas 1903-1959
PATTERSON W T 1927-1976
PATTERSON William C 1916-1963
PATTON Dora E 1882-1949
PATTON E B 1876-1932
PATTON Roy T 1920-1950
PAYNE Rebecca FORD 1937-1960
PAYNE Stephen Michael 1973-1973
PAZ Esther M 1931-2000
PEACOCK Elva 1882-1979
PEACOCK Robert Dan 1966-1966
PEARCE Frances 1875-1967
PEARCE son 1945-1945
PEARSON Jessie Mae 1887-1958
PECK Edith Doris 1914-1993
PECK Thomas Ione and Ernest O
PECK William D 1896-1950
PEEBLER Amanda 1872-1950
PEGUES Cordelia BARNES and Phillip Alsto
PEGUES Phillip A 1921-1949
PELTON Joseph E 1936-1969
PEMBERTON Gladys L and Raymond M
PENDLETON C Wendell and Billie R
PENDLETON Clarence E Jr 1904-1980
PENDLETON Odessa D 1898-1965
PENNY Lewie W 1921-1974
PENROD Ethel Margaret 1935-
PENROD John Thomas 1932-1996
PERDUE Ethel TYRA 1892-1954
PERDUE Winnie D 1917-1991
PEREZ Jose F Sr 1916-1989
PERKINS Henrietta M 1875-1963
PERKINS Steven P 1976-1976
PERRETT Belle and Charley
PERRETT Cecil Carl 1908-1981
PERRETT Lou Anna and George W
PERRETT Norma 1926-1993
PERRY Calvin 1933-
PERRY David 1959-1998
PERRY girl 1966-1966
PERRY Lee O 1904-1958
PERRY Mattie E 1876-1960
PERRY Millie 1936-
PERRY Roxie Victoria 1904-1975
PERRYMAN Dixie 1909-1972
PERRYMAN John R 1897-1956
PERRYMAN Rhett Brandon 1978-2002
PETERS A Z 1905-1993
PETERS Jacqueline WOLF 1923-1985
PETERS Lillian Nancy 1969
PETERS Raymond R 1900-1952
PETERS Vincent L 1905-1984
PETERSON Christian K 1884-1961
PETERSON Esther 1882-1972
PETERSON Janie M and Ralph J Jr
PETERSON Mary Catherine and S D Gray
PETERSON Peter A 1875-1949
PETERSON William M 1920-1991
PETTA Regina M 58-60
PETTIT Robert Lee 1908-1942
PETTY William K 1926-1978
PETTY-SIMPSON Heather Lauren 1994-1994
PETTYJOHN Myrtle B and Melvin B
PETZEL Carl August 1953-1978
PHILLIPS Alva C Jr and Joyce L
PHILLIPS Alvah C 1918-1975
PHILLIPS Carolyn Beth and Robert H
PHILLIPS Cassie Sue 1891-1956
PHILLIPS H D 1905-1957
PHILLIPS Jeanie and Lyngene
PHILLIPS Mavis L 1923-1984
PHILLIPS Norma and Jim
PHIPPS Josephine H and Arden Ogle
PICKLE Dardanella W 1921-
PICKLE Floyd Edwin 1914-1991
PICKLE Johnny Ray 1958-1975
PIERCE Barbara DeLaine 1963
PIERCE Barbara Helen 1936-1953
PIERCE Bessie M 1892-1982
PIERCE Mary Ellen RAINONE 1928-1999
PIERCE Stephen Brandon 1974-1975
PIKAUSKAS Joseph 1910-1952
PILANT Elizabeth TRIGG 1866-1957
PILGRIM Jimmie J 1934-2000
PILON W M 1891-1953
PIPER Clifford J 1906-1980
PIPER Frances HIETT 1919-1994
PITT David Lee 1940-1999
PITTS Patricia Ann 1968
PLACE E Jean and Bruce B
PLEMONS Jack M and Eileen
PLIANT William J 1867-1942
PLUNKETT Brenda Jo 1953-1998
POLIMEROU twins 1965-1965
POLK Gertrude Pearl and Floyd James
POLK Lee 1874-1946
POLK Linnie 1872-1956
POLLARD James H Jr 1972
POLLARD John J 1908-1962
POLLARD Raymond 1888-1944
POOL Lori Sue 1970
POOL Lucille B and Marshall D
POOL Mary Elizabeth 1967
POOLE Iven J 1903-1946
POOLE Juanita C and Massie M
POOLE Walter M 1889-1932
POP Jozsef 1883-1943
POPE Frances J 1876-1969
PORTER B F 1866-1951
PORTER Carter P 1883-1967
PORTER Carter P 1925-1947
PORTER Joseph D 1912-1975
PORTER Juanita C 1910-1999
PORTER Prebel A 1911-1992
PORTER Ruth and Joe
POSEY Charles Edward and Leah TIETZ
POST Susie Kay 1964
POTEET Atina Lynn 1965-1965
POTTS Clara 1873-1948
POTTS Leila G and R Allen
POTTS William A 1862-1943
POUNDER John J 1898-1977
POUNDER Viola L 1908-1986
POUNDS Bertie LAWSON 1909-1969
POWELL Eva Elizabeth JETER and Sammy G
POWELL Lillian 1918-1958
POWELL Marfy Gertrude and Leon Crosier
POWELL Octavia 1906-1982
POWELL Patricia A 1929-1983
POWELL Vickie Faye 1947-2001
POWERS Juanita SWAIM 1919-1974
POWERS Leo 1921-1947
POWERS Lillian and B F
POWERS Lindy A and Marshall H
PRATER Mary Lou 1871-1952
PRATER Mary O 1904-1977
PRATER Robert Samuel 1858-1951
PRATER Talton Captorial 1915-1981
PRATER Thomas Floyd 1881-1955
PRATT Candice Rena 1970
PRENTICE Bruce C 1919-1994
PRENTICE D Pauline KINCAID and Bruce Cal
PRESTON Jessie STRAYHORN and William Bra
PRESTON Joseph Robert and Joe Wesley
PRESTON Mamie E 1902-1988
PRESTON Rhoda CULLOM and Joseph Bradford
PRICE Videlle and Joseph L
PRICHARD Mark Lee 1948-1955
PRICHARD Zona M 1892-1982
PRICKETT Georie B 1975-1966
PRIDGEON Retta Estes 1916-1980
PRIER Ann and Billy T
PRIER Fatima and Johnny
PRIER Michaell 1969-2001
PRIGMORE Dora Reno 1898-1948
PRINCE Hubbard 1889-1970
PRINCE James M 1862-1942
PRINCE James R 1893-1954
PRINCE Nancy Ann 1867-1951
PRINCE Stella Pearl 1896-1987
PROPST Billy D 1934-1942
PROPST Vera L and Cecil H
PROSSER Dorothy Faye and Huey O Jr
PROVENCE Sammie and Mildred and Ernest
PRUIT son 1969
PRUITT Alpha Lois 1895-1985
PRUITT Bobby Gene 1943
PRUITT George H 1928-1971
PRUITT Jack R 1918-1976
PRYOR Lewis 1915-1997
PRYOR Lewis 1915-1997
PRZYBYL Matthew Reginald 1982
PTACEK Annie May 1892-1955
PTACEK Ervin W 1883-1959
PTACEK John W 1921-2001
PTACEK Mary Jane 1950-1955
PTACEK Stephen Lynn 1956-1956
PTOMEY Claudie Ruth and Conard Wiley
PTOMEY Edward O 1918-1943
PUENTE Barbara Boice 1966-1990
PUMMILL D F 1874-1962
PUMMILL Edwin T 1868-1953
PUMMILL Laura W 1875-1957
PUMMILL Nannie W 1880-1956
PUMMILL Wayne N 1904-1968
PURCELL son 1982
PURDY Hazel SIMONS and Howard Irving
PURVIS Roscoe J 1907-1950
PUTMAN Mabel O and Richard Posey
PYLANT Bernice W and A D
PYLES John M 1893-1976
PYLES Vela and Earl
QUANZ Benjamin G 1963-1963
QUINN Russell H 1924-1999
RAGLAND B F 1887-1942
RAGLAND Mabel 1890-1986
RAINES Lorene GRIFFIN and D S Bally
RAINEY Jack E 1924-1985
RAINEY Marian M 1888-1972
RAINONE Frank A Jr and Jean KENYON
RAINONE Margaret and Frank A
RAMSEY Margaret Elizabeth 1836-1930
RANDALL Malinda Ella and Luther Davis
RANDOLPH Ella 1873-1956
RANEY Moncher F 1877-1943
RAPPORT Harris 1894-1962
RASCO Ollie M and Jack U
RASMUSSEN Jargen 1900-1951
RATLIFF Bessie HILLIARD Obe Kirkland
RATLIFF Hazel C 1889-1961
RATLIFF Homer C 1879-1944
RATTAN Artie H and Peyton J
RAWE Clifton E 1916-1997
RAWLINGS Artha Mae 1886-1965
RAY Ann 1920-1984
RAY E Beatrice and William
RAY Glenn R 1911-1980
RAY Jennings Bryan 1908-1969
READY Eulas Douglas Jr 1953-1998
REDDEN Julia W and Raymond R
REDDING Oscar E 1893-1964
REDDY Alma 1911-1935
REDDY Anne B and Thomas A
REDDY Clara Lee and J W Rev
REDDY Doris E and J Frank
REDDY Hermon H 1916-1964
REDDY J Rev 1851-1931
REDDY James E 1924-1955
REDDY Ruby Lee 1920-1948
REDDY Verda L and Joe V
REDDY Woodie 1918-1928
REDLICH Ella Amelia 1884-1968
REDLICH Otto Paul 1881-1975
REDMOND Jessie Lorene 1889-1980
REED Zenada H FORD 1910-2001
REEDER Mary Ethel and John Beverly
REESE Alvin Ray 1928-1999
REESE Mary Irene and Sam Roy
REEVES Alma L STEPH and Ernest E MD
REEVES Manuel A 1953-1991
REICHARDT Shirley W 1929-
REINHARDT Frances D 1920-1999
REINHEARDT Stephen Farris 1960-1982
REINMILLER John Eric 1956-1998
REITER Scott S 1955-2003
RENFRO Michael Don 1981-1985
RENFROW Merel D and Jimmy L
RENO Allie 1852-1945
REQUINA Loreto B 1926-1998
RETTGER Robert Coleman 1931-2001
REYNOLDS Benjanin F 1923-1999
REYNOLDS Beverly B 1931-
REYNOLDS Beverly B 1931-
REYNOLDS Ethlyn McCOMBS 1908-1953
REYNOLDS James A 1931-
REYNOLDS James A 1931-
REYNOLDS L Pauline and Ben F
REYNOLDS Peggy GRAVES 1903-1972
RHEA Ruby A 1889-1973
RHODES Aubrey F 1916-1983
RHODES Danny Ray 1959
RHODES Howard Wayne 1920-1993
RHODES Joseph David 1916-1990
RHODES Marie L 1912-1999
RHODES Martin Young and Mary Jane
RHODES Maud and Thomas F
RHODES Roger Dale 1949-1949
RHODES Vesta and Jesse L
RHODES Willie Don 1959-1959
RHONE Mark Allen 1962
RHONE Roger Wahne 1961-1961
RIALL Clyde 1892-1932
RIALL Stephen G and Allie S
RICE Kimberly Ann 1970
RICE Wynona Faye 1940-1956
RICH C A 1880-1952
RICHARD Grace V and Fred R
RICHARDS Clarence O 1898-1979
RICHARDS Kyle F 1966-2002
RICHARDS Octa Mae 1900-1984
RICHARDS William E 1909-1979
RICHARDSON Elaine and Bill
RICHARDSON Josephine Sarah 1924-
RICHESON Frank L 1921-1953
RICHEY Tedd L and Irene B
RICHMOND Billy 1974-1979
RIDENOUR Kenneth C 1918-1956
RIDER Daniel B 1946-
RIDER Mary Elizabeth and Nat Martin
RIDGE Etta COOK 1900-1966
RIDGE Jim J 1893-1957
RIDGEWAY Catrina Gayle 1976-1976
RIEGEL Patsy and Wilbur
RIGGAN Frances E and Charlie S
RIGGS Michael Allen 1952-1987
RILEY Eddie W and John T
RILEY Ellen and Earl
RILEY John N 1861-1937
RILEY Nina Kay and James L
RILEY son 1934
RISINGER Pearl Rose and Stone
RITTER Glenda and Wayne
RIVIERE Nancey 1866-1954
ROBB Cecil R 1906-1980
ROBERTS Aaron A 1886-1966
ROBERTS Alberta and Raymond King
ROBERTS Anthony J 1965
ROBERTS Charles 1892-1960
ROBERTS Debbie 1959-1959
ROBERTS Ella C and Willis E
ROBERTS family
ROBERTS girl 1982
ROBERTS Grace M 1916-
ROBERTS Gracy HALL and Frank
ROBERTS Gregory Todd 1961
ROBERTS J Chris 1877-1951
ROBERTS Luke 1868-1942
ROBERTS Margaret Evelyn and Roy J
ROBERTS Norman G 1910-1995
ROBERTS Ross E 1937-1999
ROBERTS Roy H and Barbara J
ROBERTS Weldon M 1917-1935
ROBERTSON Bettie and John
ROBERTSON Birdie 1884-1976
ROBERTSON D T 1879-1945
ROBERTSON Floyd C 1908-1956
ROBERTSON Gertrude 1891-1975
ROBERTSON Margaret Jo SMALLEY 1931-1951
ROBERTSON Millie R 1850-1935
ROBINSON Bryan Paul 1971-1971
ROBINSON Duncan and Elsie
ROBINSON Mattie P 1891-1986
ROBISON Viola WHITE and William Edgar
ROBSON C Arthur and Emme Lou SPIKES
ROCH Adelle B and Earl D
ROCH Claudie and Wass
ROCH Gerald C 1920-1949
RODEN Ludie and George
RODGERS Elmer D 1909-1969
RODGERS Florence Allie 1907-1988
RODGERS Itillie D 1878-1963
RODGERS John Thomas and Dorothy Janice
RODGERS Julia Ann 1898-1984
RODGERS Nora Jane 1881-1968
RODGERS Thomas J and Mary C
RODRIGUEZ Giovanni 2001-2002
RODRIGUEZ Luis 1902-1952
ROEBER Stephanie Blaine 1977
ROGERS Elma C and Ellie M
ROGERS Floyd Paul 1913-1980
ROGERS Juanita MILLS 1921-1983
ROGERS Lizette 1884-1967
ROGERS Minnie 1890-1989
ROGERS Pamela Denise 58-61
ROGERS Ray G 1909-1969
ROGERS Ricky D 1971-1978
ROLLISON Anna M and Elmer A
ROLLISON Helen 1920-2002
ROMINES Rosalee 1968-1968
RONSLEY Edgar R 1898-1940
ROOD Edwin A 1876-1949
ROOD Virginia 1884-1958
ROPER E baby
ROPER John H 1852-1935
ROPER Paul 1891-1929
ROSALES Ruben L and Mary C
ROSCIANO Hortense D 1913-2002
ROSE Charles H 1887-1960
ROSE Jack 1879-1928
ROSS Bessie Mae 1906-1998
ROSS Irene and Will S
ROSS Marie A 1923-2003
ROSS Mattie Lou and Cecil George
ROSS Robert C 1880-1959
ROSS Robert M 1917-1967
ROSSMANN Gary Lee JR 1979-1995
ROTH Clarence Herbert 1932-1988
ROWLETT Harlan E and Linnie M
RUDD Carrie E 1887-1973
RUDD Jack C 1889-1949
RUDD Rowena and Sidney A
RUFF Virginia Ann 1931-1997
RUFFIN Lena Catherine 1909-1962
RUIS C G 1894-1944
RUNION Rilla 1881-1962
RUSS Robert Lee and Mary Ellen
RUSSELL Bob Allen 1943-1978
RUSSELL Carrie L 1885-1970
RUSSELL Jackie G 1947-1975
RUSSELL Martha Jean 1920-1968
RUSSELL Sue O 1882-1972
RUSSELL Thomas Nelson 1917-1936
RUTLAND Ethel L and W O Red
RUTLAND Minnie B and L N Doc
RUTLEDGE Newb M and Beatrice M
RUTLEDGE Winifred HELF 1927-1997
RYAN Annamae K and Lloyd D Sr
RYASON Marcellus C BEAVER 1904-1997
SADDLER Elizabeth R and Paul G
SALINE R Joyce 1928-1999
SALOMON Christina Denise 1980-1980
SANCHEZ Brenda Lee 1965-2000
SANDERS Della 1882-1953
SANDERS John Paul 1968-1968
SANDERS L M 1874-1958
SANDERS Lois L and Albert
SANDY baby 1940-1942
SANTERRE Foncine J 1932-1936
SANTERRE Jon Marcel 1936-1967
SANTERRE Nelabeth R 1910-1997
SANTERRE Roy 1933-2000
SARTAIN Earl Marvin and Josie Lorene
SATTERFIELD Ber Allen 1907-1959
SATTERFIELD Virginia E 1871-1950
SATTERWHITE Gilbert Ray 1951-1995
SATTERWHITE Raymond Davis 1926-1999
SATTLEBERG John 1894-1953
SAVAGE Donald 1967-1998
SAVELY Florence Speer 1918-2001
SAWYER Catherine 1914-1945
SAWYER Morris 1912-1968
SAWYER Morris Wayne 1939-1995
SAWYERS Terijean 1962
SAYERS O E Pete and Martha Sue
SAYNE Amy Ruth 1974-1974
SCARBROUGH David Ryan 1976-1976
SCHAEFFER Edward W 1893-1968
SCHAFFER Gerad and Joshua and Jaqueline
SCHEPPE Dochia 1889-1983
SCHLACHTER Mary A 1904-1999
SCHLAEGEL Elizabeth M Slagle and Alfred
SCHNEIDER John Wayne 1954
SCHNELLER Stella N 1907-1997
SCHNELLER William A 1878-1947
SCHNELLER William J 1928-1962
SCHOONOVER Alice Mae 1904-1976
SCHOONOVER Benjamin Franklin 1899-1948
SCHOONOVER Debra Marlene 1957
SCHOONOVER Margie and B F Jr
SCHRADER Fred W 1901-1980
SCHRICKEL Blanche Lulene and Ollie E Sr
SCHRICKEL Nanie C and Albert
SCHUMACHER Chas A and Maud E
SCHUSTER Theresa 1872-1958
SCHWARZ Arthur L 1909-1989
SCHWARZ Helen H 1912-1983
SCOGGINS Timothy M 1939-1981
SCOTT Donald L 1909-1994
SCOTT Hugh Grant 1943-2000
SCOTT Jay Lee and Laverne
SCOTT Margaret B and Samuel A
SCOTT Marshall W 1888-1972
SCOTT Martin W and Priscilla J
SCOTT Ollie M 1899-
SCOTT Pauline M 1909-1987
SCOTT Susan M MALL 1941-1994
SCOTT Walter 1874-1944
SCROGGIN Vernia I and Ira Alta
SEABORN Robert V 1902-1986
SEABORN Vi- M and Jack A
SEALE Leron B 1904-1964
SEAY Robert M 1924-1965
SEBASTIAN Charles Pierce 1874-1959
SEBASTIAN Kathryn P 1881-1968
SECHLER Carolyn G and Raymond W
SELF Leslie Deann 1978
SELLARS Mattie V 1889-1985
SELLERS Maud 1884-1967
SEVALDSEN Velma 1912-1978
SEWARD Jean B and Ralph C Jr
SEWARD Ralph C and Lora Jean
SEXTON Bobby Glen 1945-1985
SEXTON Linda S and Billy E
SEYFFER Lorenze L 1924-1976
SEYFFER Mary Alice 1912-1996
SEYMOUR Ike 1902-1977
SHACKELFORD Gary Loyd 1948-1999
SHAFFER Christine TISDALE 1925-
SHAFFER George C 1911-1987
SHANNON William H and Alice
SHARP Linda D 1940-1972
SHARP son 1972
SHAVER Billie Jean and Robert Paul
SHAVER Katherine Lee 1900-1982
SHAW Allan Webster 1923-1993
SHAW Bertha Irene 1898-1981
SHAW Gidney B 1913-1947
SHAW Hannah Lou 1903-1978
SHAW Mary Elizabeth 1921-1997
SHEARER David Clyde 1891-1946
SHELLEY Hazel PRINCE 1894-1995
SHELTON boy 1963
SHELTON James E 1905-1938
SHELTON Mary E and Lee O
SHELTON Sarah Ann and Wm Riley
SHIRES Wanda Lynell and Curtis Dwayne
SHOEMAKER E J 1887-1952
SHONE Ethan Ray
SHUB Saul Z 1911-1972
SHUB Wilma Geraldine 1913-1997
SHUPEE Elizabeth WHITESIDE 1887-1984
SHUPEE Mildred K and George W
SIBLEY Nellie J and Vester M
SIBLEY Sallie E 1872-1950
SIDEBOTTOM Effie M and Isaac Y
SIEBER Bertha Mae and Welborn C
SIEBER Welborn C Jr and Karen J
SIKIRICH William 1892-1960
SILLAWAY Millicent Alberta MINTON 1919-2
SILLAWAY Robert R Sr 1916-2002
SILVA Carl 1969-1969
SIMKENS William 1878-1949
SIMPSON Flora Edythe and Joe Graham
SIMS Mama Gen 1911-1965
SIMS Myra Elizabeth and Hubert Roy
SIMS Ruby and Fred
SIMS Virginia Lee and W Frank
SINGLETON Dawn Michelle 1972-1972
SINGLETON Robert J 1889-1963
SISK Ailsie and Jesse
SKAGGS Margie K 1922-1996
SKINNER Henry and Onie
SKINNER Leatrice LOYD and Curtis R
SKINNER Shirley A and Clarence A
SKONIECZKI Deborah and Walter
SLACK Lucile NOAH 1904-1942
SLAUGHTER Mary 1854-1947
SLAUGHTER Nan G and Richard Lewis
SLOAN Dorothy McCARTY and Harvie S
SLOAN Fred Edward 1945-1960
SLOCUM girl 1966
SLOCUM Inez and Mark
SLOCUM Mary and David
SMITH Addie and Steve
SMITH Altie T 1879-1953
SMITH Bertie V 1883-1957
SMITH Bonnie M 1901-1981
SMITH boy 1969-1969
SMITH Brenda Renae 1974-1995
SMITH Brian Randall 1982
SMITH Christopher Scott 1974
SMITH D H 1927-1951
SMITH Daryl Lynn 1952-1990
SMITH daughter 1932
SMITH David Otho 1900-1968
SMITH Dolores J 1941-1974
SMITH Earl Covington 1895-1977
SMITH Effie I and Hugh E
SMITH Erda L and Uel S
SMITH Estelle Bren 1908-1982
SMITH Frances Mae 1910-1998
SMITH Geo McCarthy 1902-1951
SMITH Gladys PARKER 1900-1988
SMITH Hattie and James R
SMITH Howard L 1897-1946
SMITH James C 1900-1945
SMITH James Leonard and Gertie Bell
SMITH James R 1918-1932
SMITH Jaye Eleanor 1957-1982
SMITH Jennie W 1901-1978
SMITH John R Jr 1930-1965
SMITH John Richard 1875-1946
SMITH Johnnie Fay 1933-1963
SMITH Joyce T and Victor C
SMITH Juanita 1934-1981
SMITH Leta Fay FOUTCH 1917-1986
SMITH Luella 1868-1969
SMITH Mary B and Osborne E
SMITH Melissa Dawn 1968-1968
SMITH Michael Lewis Jr 1970-1972
SMITH Michael Reed 1959
SMITH Nancy Carol 1947-1952
SMITH Naomi K and Mack D
SMITH O E Jr 1934-1989
SMITH Richard Ray 1939-1945
SMITH Rickey Ray 1964-1964
SMITH Robert H 1934-2000
SMITH Rosa A and Richard W
SMITH S Cooper 1875-1967
SMITH S T 1860-1934
SMITH Stephen 1967
SMITH Sue E 1972-1964
SMITH Susan Beth 1975
SMITH Thomas Wayne 1885-1950
SMITH Vera Ann 1943-1943
SMITH Vernon Leon Jr 1947-1980
SMITH Virgil V 1904-1979
SMITH Wayne Alan 1969-1969
SMITH Yasue Muto 1925-1968
SMITHEE Elena Vannini and Herschel Loyd
SMULL Kevin Wayne 1970-1996
SNIDER Gerald Thomas Jr 1946-1995
SNIDER Mildred Jaqueline DECKER 1915-193
SNIPES Andrew William 1975
SNOW Jesse Jr and Jean D
SNYDER Therasa 1870-1955
SOLOMON James Nelson 1939-1960
SOLOMON Julius and Rachel
SOSSAMON Martha A and Robert L
SOTTILOTTO Christina Marie 1992-1992
SOUTH Hazel M and Spence E
SOUTHERLAND Viora L 1909-1987
SOVIAK Mary H and Nicholas
SOWELL Mattye J 1890-1984
SOWERS Charlotte A and Tom E
SPANG Mary 1854-1948
SPARKS Billie Patt LOWE 1927-2001
SPARKS Hugh H 1922-1995
SPARKS James Belton 1955-
SPARKS Pearl Velma and Guy Marcel
SPEAR Donald Wayne 1941-1976
SPEAR Louis 1913-1993
SPEAR Martin Wayne 1938-1999
SPEARS Mavis L and Jasper W
SPEARS William H 1870-1947
SPENCER Florence and L G
SPENCER Isaac N 1865-1949
SPIVEY Emogene H and Earnest Clifford
SPRADLIN Angie N and John X
SPRADLIN J H 1858-1936
SPRADLIN Jennie 1867-1950
SPRANG W H Bill 1925-2001
SPRING Willie Glassie 1902-1997
SPRINGER Sandra Ann 1949-1999
SPRUANCE Thomas 1897-1937
SPURLING Nannie M 1884-1965
SPURLING Olin 1915-1988
SPURLING Patricia Kay 1962-1997
SPURLING Will 1886-1936
STALEY Pauline F 1921-1991
STALEY Robert Thomas 1896-1989
STANCIL Sallie 1895-1966
STANDLEY Hattie 1881-1966
STANFIELD Clinton L 1959-1980
STANPHILL Donald Ray 1961
STAPLETON Bob J 1922-1979
STAPLETON James C 1905-1971
STAPLETON Mattie and James W
Star Memorial
STARKS Buddy 1942-1994
STARKS Clarence William 1910-1979
STARKS Margaret Ann HIETT 1911-1984
STARR Ernest E and Lula B
STARR Julia Kaye 1958-1958
STARR Zereda 1912-2000
STATHAM Charles Edgar 1852-1933
STATHAM Jennie Lee 1869-1957
STEELEY Ada and Walter
STEELEY Mary and Roxie and Harvey
STEELEY Mary Elizabeth and Albert Lee
STEEN Patricia Louise 1941
STEEN Thomas Lee 1943-1944
STEIN Donald Eugene 1947-1986
STEIN Gilbert Gray 1911-1977
STEPH Carrie M 1879-1962
STEPH D Y 1915-1990
STEPH Joseph W and Amanda R
STEPH Nicholas E 1879-1969
STEPHENS Avie L 1927-2002
STEPHENS Emma Hurley 1897-1987
STEPHENS Michael Lee 1977-1977
STEPHENS Roy Glenn Jr 1973
STEPHENS Suzann 1957
STEPHENS William 1865-1949
STEVENSON Adison G and Lula Lee
STEVENSON Albert M 1954-1978
STEVENSON Ethel M and Floyd D
STEVENSON Henderson Cotton 1927-1988
STEVENSON Johnnie BELMA 1899-1954
STEVENSON Tiffany Dawn 1968
STEVENSON Zella M 1910-1997
STEWART Betty Jean 1923-1978
STEWART Bill O 1930-
STEWART Florence and George L
STEWART George Gaylon 1911-1987
STEWART Harvey O 1909-1948
STEWART Helen Fay and Jessie L
STEWART Jessie J 1906-1979
STEWART Joe Bailey 1906-1956
STEWART Katie R and Charles B
STEWART Marie M 1912-1999
STEWART Nina Mae 1913-1996
STEWART O Jay 1913-1960
STEWART Roxie L and Richard A
STEWART Sarah E and Wade H
STICKEL Pella C 1902-1990
STIEFER Billy E 1924-1965
STIFOLTER 1921-1971
STIFOLTER Martin 1902-1976
STIFOLTER Michael L 1944-1988
STIRMAN Harold Lee 1927-1935
STOCKS Dee Ann BOOKER and Malcom Dean
STOCKWELL Mary May 1879-1965
STOKES boy 1972
STOKES girl 1967
STOKES Mary Esther 1876-1936
STOKES Wm Robert 1885-1947
STONE Ella A 1875-1975
STONE James L 1914-1960
STONE John W 1926-1988
STONE Laura Mae and William Lee
STONE Mandy 1890-1983
STONE Tom 1911-1973
STOREY E Paul and Mable F
STOREY Noah W 1896-1931
STORK Herman A and Bonnie Lee
STORK Linda B and Clarence A
STORMS Lori Jennifer 1980-1999
STOUGH Cleveland W 1885-1974
STOUGH Jackson W 1912-1937
STOUGH Johnny L 1888-1976
STOUGH Laura B 1898-1993
STOUGH Mertice J 1890-1983
STOUT Charlie 1895-1942
STOUT Clara M 1892-1949
STOUT W F and Ella
STOUTENBURG Guy Harlan 1969-1969
STRAHAN Pauline Polly 1994
STRANG Mildred P 1908-2002
STRICKLAND Annie Laura and John Hester
STRICKLAND Dora GOFF 1925-1983
STRICKLAND James Carroll 1942-1957
STRICKLAND Loyal G 1909-1987
STRICKLAND Mary B 1914-2001
STRICKLIN Lula C and Henry G
STRINGER Jessie Mae 1923-1949
STRINGFELLOW Lucille 1898-1987
STROHL Gus R and Lauretta E
STROOPE James Tim and Angela Ann
STROTHER Cleo T and J W Jake
STROUD Bessie M 1892-1973
STROUD Lillie E 1894-1973
STROUD Mary C 1915-1996
STRUYK girl 1964
STUDER Nancy DAHLIN 1941-1995
STURGEON Mamie M and Val L
SUBLETT Augustus Collier 1873-1952
SUBLETT Collier M MD 1898-1963
SUBLETT Maggie MATLOCK 1870-1944
SUBLETT Mattie 1900-1975
SUBOTICH Chris 1876-1952
SUGGS Cecil R and Cleda W
SULLIVAN Alice E and Thomas J
SULLIVAN Kate 1884-1945
SULLIVAN Kevin Ray 1969
SULLIVAN Martha H 1922-1975
SULLIVAN Maudie J 1899-1988
SULLIVAN Paul and Peggy L
SULZER Corinne HUFFSTUTLER 1913-1998
SUTTERFIELD Jeremy J J 1975-1995
SUTTERFIELD Shana Donice 1969-1974
SUTTON Ruby REED and Franklin C
SWAFFORD Annie L and Sam S
SWAFFORD Margaret F and Vernon S
SWAFFORD Nolen J 1901-1956
SWAFFORD Stella Bernice 1911-1996
SWAIM Carl Lynn 1958-1958
SWAIM Edwin Butch Jr 1943-1953
SWAIM Edwin E 1917-1999
SWAIM Evelyn and Roy E
SWAIM Frankie and Lloyd F
SWAIM Jack B 1926-1945
SWAIM Lois and Joe
SWAIM Lue Vada and George F
SWAIM Nora West and W Earl
SWAIM W Harold 1924-1984
SWAIM Zelma WRIGHT 1915-
SWAIM Zimrude 1901-1931
SWEARINGIN Claudell 1929-1981
SWIFT Lillie Margaret 1967-1967
SWINEY Lillie M and Earney
SWITZER Effie Richeson 1893-1983
SWITZER Rickey H 1966-1966
SWOPE John Paul 1990-1990
SWORD E 1883-1954
TADAYON Bethany 1975
TALBERT Bernice Margaret and Herman Earl
TALIAFERRO baby Ruby 1900-1900
TALIAFERRO Lela M and John B
TANCO Barbrae Zoe BARNETT 1933-1999
TANCO Felix Camille 1911-1992
TANKERSLEY Virginia A 1894-1932
TAPP Russell 1934-1983
TAPPAN David W 1952-1981
TARGAC Rudolph P 1906-1950
TATE Bessie F and Jake H
TATE Jack and Velma Mae
TATE Mary L and Thomas J
TATUM Bowen Crossling and Alice CLEMMONS
TATUM Margie 1934-
TATUM Muriel TATE 1915-1994
TATUM Nola Faye and Vernon C
TATUM Steve Randall 1954-1954
TAYLOR A R Dr 1877-1955
TAYLOR Anne Lou 1885-1961
TAYLOR Elsie HAVINS 1910-1988
TAYLOR Elsie J 1909-1991
TAYLOR Ida B 1874-1969
TAYLOR J H 1851-1929
TAYLOR James Andrew and Cora Lee
TAYLOR Lerah M and Oscar F
TAYLOR Lou Ella 1888-1986
TAYLOR Martha E 1865-1950
TAYLOR Maude H 1886-1978
TAYLOR Nell BOWIE 1886-1941
TAYLOR Sallie Ann HARRIS 1863-1949
TAYLOR Sidney Ray 1917-1993
TAYLOR T J Jr 1915-1931
TAYLOR Walter A and Aldah
TAYLOR William Howard and Vesta Vay
TEAGUE Harium Boone and Lula Bessie
TEICHMAN Joe Mike and Ione Jordan
TEMPEE Charleene and R H Buddy
TEMPLE Charles R 1959-1959
TERONGO Carrie E 1872-1957
TERRY Rachel P and Samuel C
THARP Anna and C B
THARP Bruce 1871-1955
THARP Cora M and Roscoe B
THARP Jesse B 1844-1931
THARP Mary Lugena and Ralph R
THIN Vy Van 1926-1994
THOMAS Ben F 1871-1935
THOMAS Crockett W 1864-1929
THOMAS E L 1844-1928
THOMAS E W Jr 1940-1987
THOMAS Elbert W 1907-1966
THOMAS Elsie Rose and Joe G
THOMAS James Andrew 1912-1979
THOMAS James P Jr 1944-1992
THOMAS Lois A 1914-2000
THOMAS Margater Athalia HIETT 1882-1968
THOMAS Susan Kaye 1962-1962
THOMASSON Mary Evelyn and Lewis Charles
THOMASSON Sarah 1874-1946
THOMPSON Alton D 1914-2001
THOMPSON Ann Marie and Charles L
THOMPSON Carl K 1956-1956
THOMPSON Charles E Jim 1926-1998
THOMPSON Crayton B 1920-2002
THOMPSON Dorothy R 1920-1984
THOMPSON Edna Groves 1895-1949
THOMPSON J A Jim 1895-1984
THOMPSON Leslie Dale 1897-1971
THOMPSON Lily F Cricket and Charles E Jr
THOMPSON Lois 1906-1947
THOMPSON Lottie 1917-1928
THOMPSON Louise JOHNSON 1908-1971
THOMPSON Mary Ann 1878-1963
THOMPSON Nina Janae 1965-1965
THOMPSON Ola A and Luther
THOMPSON Robert A 1890-1956
THOMPSON Roy 1912-1984
THOMPSON Shane M 1971-1971
THOMPSON Sim Thomas Dusty 1953-1997
THOMPSON W Garland 1908-1988
THOMPSON Walter A 1876-1950
THOMPSON William H 1908-
THORBURN John Edward 1942-1995
THORNE Aaron James 1980
THORNTON Inez M and Isaac J
THRASH William Sidney and Alberta GOODMA
THRASHER Mary A and Jay D
THREADGILL Beulah L and Trueman S
THREATT Sam H and Julia M
THURMAN Peggy and Atha and Claudus
THURWITZ A 1882-1956
TICKLE Jessie Louise and Henry Lee
TICKLE Sandra Louise 1944-1945
TICKLE Sandra Louise 1944-1945-
TIDWELL Edgar 1906-1929
TILLERY Jessie M Terry and Farlon L
TIPTON Amanda M and Jessie W
TIPTON William Oliver 1912-1990
TIPTON William Oliver and Matilda Sarah
TOLAND Ruby Lee and John Patrick
TOMLIN Lyman Wayne 1916-1969
TONAHILL Howard L 1917-1976
TOOMBS Annie A and John Henry
TOWNS Ada B 1882-1970
TOWNSEND Billy Ray 1936-1947
TOWNSEND Doris G 1927-1991
TOWNSEND George R 1917-1996
TREMO Michael 1883-1947
TREVINO Herlinda Nina 1992-1997
TRIETSCH Clara Nan and Perry Nelson
TRIETSCH James A 1960
TRIETSCH Perry Nelson 1957-1957
TRIGG Hayden 1873-1945
TRIMBLE C Maxine and James W
TRINE Thomas
TROUT Frances D and Walter R
TROUT Jackie D Buddy 1948-1949
TROUT James W Sonny 1941-1949
TRUJILLO Feliciana 1892-1980
TUAN Le Viet 1977-1998
TUBBS Frederick G Jr 1915-1976
TUCKER A S 1858-1935
TUCKER Anna M 1946
TUCKER Barbara 1921-2000
TUCKER Claude L 1918-1948
TUCKER George A 1878-1959
TUCKER Herschel Jr and Dorothy Lee
TUCKER Hulda I 1910-1979
TUCKER James S 1867-1942
TUCKER Joseph Hudson 1897-1957
TUCKER Maggie C 1875-1929
TUCKER Martha L 1881-1966
TUCKER Mary Adeline 1838-1931
TUCKER Sidney Oliver 1919-1960
TUCKER Zachariah Lewis 1974
TUIOLOSEGA Malelega Fetui Matafaga 1931-
TULLOUS Jack 1918-1969
TURBEEVILL Frank P 1890-1949
TURCK Bernice A 1901-1962
TURCK Leah F and William T
TURCK Vienna Martha 1905-2003
TURNER James Wesley 1955-1957
TURNER Joe Alvie
TURNER Joe Alvie 1947-1992
TURNER Mame S 1882-1971
TURNER Odessa B 1885-1976
TURNER Paul A 1960
TURNER Pauline 1927-1999
TURNER Sara Dawn 1976-1976
TURNER Vicky Leann 1958-1963
TURNEY R H 1888-1948
TURPIN M E Mrs 1859-1954
TURPIN Ruth and William E
TURPIN William E Jr 1914-1933
TUZZOLINO Francisca R 1910-2001
TWOMEY Clara E 1880-1953
TWOMEY Doris Earlene 1930-1979
TWOMEY Haston L 1877-1964
TYRA Ora E and Henry P
Unk Robert Rya-
UPTHEGROVE girl 1963
URANGA Christain Adam 1974-1975
URQUHART Elizabeth 1876-1959
VanBERGEN A 1899-1952
VANCE Allene 1954-2002
VanDYKE David Matthew 1979-1979
VanHOOK Augusta 1873-1952
VanLE Nguyen 1907-1992
VANN William K Jr 1925-1951
VARNEY Kathleen Ann 1942-1992
VAS A 1898-1957
VAUGHAN Opal Frances and A J
VAUGHAN Virginia PURCELL 1930-1951
VAUGHAN Virginia TATE 1901-1970
VAUGHAN William Albert 1901-1977
VENABLE Linda Gail 1950
VENNUM Ralph E and Daisy S
VERNON Harold L 1948
VERNON Lewis A 1894-1970
VERNON Pearl W 1901-1984
VERNON William B 1892-1962
VESTAL Balmer 1883-1942
VESTAL Donald and Marbie and Lee
VICK Gary W 1957-1983
VICKERS Ernest and Margaret ALZORA
VICTORY Minnie Reno 1889-1958
VILLANUEVA Steven Anthony 1965-2000
VILLANUEVA Tony 1943-1979
VILLARREAL Carlos 1913-1970
VLCEK Albert J 1882-1951
VOGEL Ronny 1945-1983
VONGNARAJ Chantheuang 1928-2002
VonHEUKELOM F 1869-1952
VORHES Bryce 1960
VOSS Andrew Van and Paul Madison
VOSS-PATRICK Laura 1955-1982
WADE Fannie Etta and Ellis
WAGONER Arthur Lawrence 1912-1977
WAGONER Cora TALLEY and Robert Sol
WAGONER Emma Keim and Robert S Jr
WAITS Annie Bell 1896-
WAITS Everett Dewey 1917-1977
WAITS Florence E and Gavy B
WAITS J W 1893-1967
WAKEFIELD James Kay Sr 1898-1957
WALKER Alpha Faye and Welton Presley
WALKER Carrie J and Charles E
WALKER Christy Marie 1970-1970
WALKER Cornelia A and Absolam R
WALKER Dixie B and Raymond L
WALKER George A Jr Dr 1926-1989
WALKER Gladys C and George A Sr
WALKER Shirley A and Floyd W Bill
WALKER Verna M and Carl J
WALL Marian MINER 1905-1986
WALL Mary Ruth 1950
WALLACE Cora Jean 1922-1977
WALLACE Eula E 1916-1982
WALLACE James M 1886-1956
WALLACE Lee Martin 1922-1968
WALLACE Marvin E 1920-1945
WALLACE Onie Ivie 1887-1985
WALLACE Peggy Jo FITCH 1930-1995
WALLACE Rachel Lee 1975
WALLACE Vernon Royal 1940-1941
WALLAR Lena Adeline and Wayne D
WALLER Douglas MacArthur 1942-1993
WALLER Emma Mae 1916-2002
WALLER Minnie L and Joseph T
WALLIS Deron B and James E
WALRATH David Martin 1954
WALSH Thomas F 1889-1948
WALSTON George Wesley 1922-1985
WALSTON Norma Jean 1927-1982
WALTER Maudena S 1913-1977
WALTMAN Freddie YATES and W L Chief
WARD Amanda WILSON and Newton Lindsey
WARD Chester F 1964-1965
WARD Donald Eugene 1925-1997
WARD Eudora and George and W S
WARD Wade Joseph 1940-1982
WARES son 1975
WARNER Aubrey D 1905-1958
WARNER Hazel R 1913-1977
WARNER Jay Weldon 1939-1988
WARREN Cora A 1869-1952
WARREN Sherry Ann 1962-1971
WASCO Frank 1921-1983
WASCO Martha Jean 1929-1991
WATERMAN Barbara Jean 1940-2000
WATKINS Billy Edwin and Jimmy Charles
WATKINS Gussie G and Roy H
WATKINS Ida Belle and Guy Jordan
WATKINS J A 1888-1952
WATKINS Lucy J and James S
WATKINS Minnie Lou and Jack Arnold Sr
WATKINS R G and Imogene BICKLEY family
WATKINS Ruby M SCHEPPLER and Edwin Ganes
WATSON Hugh C 1924-1994
WATSON Ann Marie 1930-1949
WATSON Charles M and Edna A
WATSON Edward Ray 1904-1949
WATSON Ferne B 1907-1996
WATSON Geo Thomas 1923-1944
WATSON Geo Walston 1893-1953
WATSON Gertha 1890-1975
WATSON John W 1936-2002
WATSON Kenneth Wayne 1975-1976
WATSON Loyd E 1946-1965
WATSON Marguerite DAVIS 1909-1985
WATSON Oliver Justin 1911-1954
WATSON Rodney Lynn 1952-1991
WATSON Tina Jo 1959
WATSON Tressie LOWE 1896-1979
WATSON W Harold 1889-1968
WATTS Clarence C 1922-2001
WATTS Kristen Marie 1975
WATTS William Roger 1964-1965
WAY Hannah Lulu and Eli Henry
WEAVER A N 1865-1955
WEAVER Augusta BROWN 1893-1987
WEAVER Dorothy P and Boyd G
WEAVER Robert C 1906-1957
WEAVER Ruby SCOTT 1892-1932
WEBB Elmer Wade 1916-1972
WEBB Eugenia A 1903-1988
WEBB George T 1885-1962
WEBB Jennifer Michell 1980
WEBB Joseph Roy 1982
WEBB Lloyd A 1891-1962
WEBB Shannon Kay 1954-1954
WEBB Spencer F and Phoebe C
WEBB Susie L 1889-1953
WEBB Wm F 1874-1949
WEBB-ROTHENBUSH Julie Maureen 1963-2000
WEBER Jeffrey Charles 1973
WEBSTER family
WEBSTER Margaret Ruth and Donald Edward
WEEDLE Martha J 1947-1948
WELCH Elmer T 1917-1946
WELCH Mary Ida and Benjamin Hendricks
WELCH son 1967
WELLS Bertha Carter 1886-1974
WELLS William Charles 1885-1962
WELSHANS James Patrick 1962
WERNER Lillie B and Elmer D
WEST Ann Christian and William H
WEST Dennis J 1947-1975
WESTER Ernest Ed 1880-1944
WESTER Lela Dorothy 1926-1968
WESTER Lela Ma 1883-1976
WESTER Mary E and Denver H
WHALEN William Jr 1917-1998
WHEELER Elizabeth 1885-1975
WHEELER Eloise B and Jesse R
WHEELER Emma F and Tancle P
WHEELER Frances Karmian 1933-1937
WHEELER Judy E 1925-1986
WHEELER Lela B and Jesse R
WHEELER Mildred D-1902-1983
WHEELER P D Bud 1899-1976
WHEELER Rayford W 1912-1986
WHEELER Roy C 1925-1977
WHEELER Thomas F 1918-1944
WHEELER William F 1878-1951
WHELER Myrtle 1900-1952
WHITAKER A H 1914-1986
WHITAKER Eunice 1910-1976
WHITAKER Mary Ellen CANNON 1909-1982
WHITE Amanda 1875-1971
WHITE Boyer C 1905-1934
WHITE Carrie Ann 1893-1976
WHITE Charles R 1921-1934
WHITE Chas L 1882-1936
WHITE David C 1964
WHITE Delia H 1927-
WHITE Florence L and Walter
WHITE Garret 1996-1996
WHITE Gustav F 1966-1966
WHITE Jessamine MdDONALD 1889-1993
WHITE John R 1926-1975
WHITE Johnny G 1930-1950
WHITE Loretta 1918-1969
WHITE Madie Odell 1887-1975
WHITE Margaret H CHASTAIN and J P Jake
WHITE Minnie 1875-1958
WHITE Pixie Anne 1900-1988
WHITE Rual Franklin 1922-1980
WHITE Samuel 1925-1998
WHITE Talmadge T EdD 1911-1993
WHITEHEAD Eugene M 1883-1940
WHITEHEAD Nell ROSS 1887-1936
WHITENER Edna YOUNG and Stephen J
WHITMARSH Stephanie Ann 1962
WHITMER William E 1907-1974
WIBERG Erik 1903-1956
WIERICK Ella R 1890-1972
WIGGINS David Allen 1965-1966
WIGGINS Earnest Robert and Betty Louine
WIGGINS son 1946
WIGLEY Emily Ske and Donald L
WILCOX Arawana Bonnie and Lee R
WILDER Leila and Henry W
WILEY Betty J and William D
WILEY Loretta Aileen 1907-1967
WILEY Mary Emma and Sidney A
WILEY William Crawley 1909-1938
WILHOITE Frank H Jr 1953-1965
WILKERSON Tommie E and Daisy Lee
WILKINSON Allie F 1895-1963
WILKINSON Annie 1900-1974
WILKINSON Christopher L 1959-1987
WILKINSON Edward Fields 1855-1946
WILKINSON Gill D 1867-1955
WILKINSON Grover Lee 1893-1961
WILKINSON Margaret Clemmentine 1859-1944
WILLETT Millie V 1867-1956
WILLETT N W 1866-1944
WILLIAMS Alonzo Lake 1887-1967
WILLIAMS Bertha Mae REAGOR and Robt Loui
WILLIAMS Bessie M and Raymond H
WILLIAMS Charlie C 1923-1991
WILLIAMS Cleo Evelyn WILSON and James Be
WILLIAMS Doris CORLEY 1922-1988
WILLIAMS Emma T 1887-1969
WILLIAMS Eva and Norflet Bell
WILLIAMS Flora Belle and William Howard
WILLIAMS Freddie L and Billy J
WILLIAMS Geneva Ann 1940-1983
WILLIAMS James B 1915-1997
WILLIAMS Jennie 1895-1973
WILLIAMS John 1881-1956
WILLIAMS Lisa Kay 1970
WILLIAMS Lutheria T 1916-1965
WILLIAMS Michael Allen 1982
WILLIAMS Myrtle and Robert Luther
WILLIAMS Temple B 1893-1981
WILLIAMS Vernia Marie 1925-2000
WILLIAMSON James Keith 1955-1955
WILLIS Chester 1913-1978
WILLIS Ella L 1885-1966
WILLIS Faye SCHOOLER 1893-1962
WILLIS George Cleo 1892-1949
WILLIS John E 1887-1957
WILLIS Joseph C 1885-1950
WILLIS Joseph C Jr 1919-1945
WILLIS Katie M 1889-1962
WILLIS Lillian 1874-1955
WILLIS Nola L and Richard B
WILLIS Susan and Evelene 1911-1940
WILLOUGHBY Paul M 1963-1963
WILLSHIRE Leota C and F Lee Dr
WILSON Alcie O and Adelyn S
WILSON Andrea L 1956-1976
WILSON Bobby M 1923-1961
WILSON Carol A and Kenneth M
WILSON Clyde E 1898-1957
WILSON Danny C 1950-1970
WILSON David 1962-1962
WILSON David Allen 1958-1999
WILSON Ethel G 1892-1976
WILSON Freda E 1912-1974
WILSON Gordon Keith 1936-1962
WILSON Homer H and Dorothy P
WILSON James E 1933-1978
WILSON Jimmy B 1967-1967
WILSON Jimmy Don 1954-1982
WILSON John R 1961-1961
WILSON Lillian Evelyn 1916-1919
WILSON Lillie Mae and Ernest A
WILSON Lucille F and Benjamin B
WILSON Mary E 1929-1943
WILSON Mary E and Noah E
WILSON Myrtle M and Victor A
WILSON Pearl P 1901-1987
WILSON Robert Gene 1955-1958
WILSON Shawn Lee 1977-1977
WILSON Stella G 1891-1977
WILSON Stephen Gran 1976-1977
WILSON Teressa V 1915-1992
WILSON Vivian M 1923-1972
WILSON Woodrow 1915-1995
WIMBS Letha 1889-1968
WINDHAM Doris Ruth 1918-2001
WINDHAM Ray M 1915-1985
WINEGAR Philip E 1910-1966
WINTER Melany 1971-1971
WISE Mary E 1965-1965
WITHERINGTON James S 1869-1945
WITT Clifton Lee 1978
WITTMAN Jessie E 1890-1976
WOFFORD Joseph Fenton Jr 1990-1996
WOLCOTT Jason Elliott 1973
WOLF Ted T 1921-1963
WOLFE Ravell Leon 1922-1998
WOLFE Ryan Daniel 1976
WOLFE Vera 1873-1955
WOMACK Mary MORTON 1918-1998
WOMACK Noble F Jr 1933-1996
WOOD Bess Marie and Everett B
WOOD Bess TATE 1889-1981
WOOD Elma TURPIN 1923-1977
WOOD Emma Jane and Nathaniel Clyde
WOOD Johnnie 1886-1963
WOOD Odis L and Amateene L
WOOD Vana 1959-1980
WOOD Vann L 1929-1982
WOOD Virgie THRASH 1885-1955
WOOD Warren A 1875-1930
WOODALL Mattie 1876-1958
WOODARD Courtney Jacob 1997-1998
WOODRING William E -1929
WOODRUFF Clemmie G and Jackson W
WOODRUFF Josie H and Wm Orby
WOODS Tamera Eileen 1977
WOOLBRIGHT Carolyn ALTHAUS and Robert Bo
WOOLSEY Betty MOSES 1903-1933
WOOLVERTON Hollis W 1880-1950
WOOLVERTON Jessie 1884-1943
WOOTEN boy 1967
WOOTEN Leta Faye and Irene
WOOTEN Roosevelt 1901-1980
WOOTEN Scott and Steven and Joelle and B
WORCHAM Kerri Lyn 1970
WORNAT Rosie L and Walter E Sr
WORRALL T Constance 1928-1939
WORRALL Thomas B 1865-1947
WORTH Mildred G 1936-1983
WRAY Floyd Wayne 1926-1981
WREN Ollie C 1891-1950
WREN Verna Fay 1970-1970
WRIGHT Barney Bacon and Harriet Lee
WRIGHT Betty BENEDICT 1933-1958
WRIGHT Connie Sue and Bonnie Lou
WRIGHT Fay 1900-1987
WRIGHT Harold S and Dorothy C
WRIGHT Ouida 1899-1991
WRIGHT Sharon Kay 1961-196
WRIGHT son 1972
WRIGHT Tommy E 1958
WYNNE Donna Sue MARTIN 1946-1983
YADDOW Helen L 1930-1992
YARBERRY Donald A 1906-1984
YARBOROUGH Betty 1869-1942
YARBOROUGH Kaycie Ann 1979-1979
YARBOROUGH P D 1871-1952
YATES Doris Jane SPRUANCE 1925-1999
YATES Dorothy 1897-1977
YATES Herbert Monroe 1891-1956
YATES Maude M and Sanford R
YOCKEY Eugene L 1919-1970
YORK Bobby Wayne 1949-1995
YORK Ernest F 1926-1969
YORK Mildred 1927-1962
YORK Phyllis J and William M
YOUNG Andrew H 1886-1944
YOUNG Arlice Hazel and Bennie Grover
YOUNG Arthur B 1896-1982
YOUNG Carrie Mae 1911-1998
YOUNG Cecil R Jr 1928-1998
YOUNG Chad 1967-1967
YOUNG Dewey Ford 1898-1981
YOUNG Fannie 1873-1941
YOUNG George D 1911-1965
YOUNG Gwinn Layton 1929-
YOUNG Harriet A 1877-1958
YOUNG Ida Gertrude and Elanson Reese
YOUNG J Milton 1873-1947
YOUNG James Campbell 1924-1991
YOUNG John H 1874-1950
YOUNG Joyce CLARK 1929-
YOUNG Marie K and R Jason
YOUNG Mark Trevor 1967-1968
YOUNG Peggy J and Joe F
YOUNG Robert D and Virginia M
YOUNG Robert Neal 1936-1958
YOUNG Willie G 1898-1985
YOUNG Willie Lois 1917-1969
YOUNG Woodie West and Robert E
YOW W G 1912-1958
ZAHIRPOUR Freshteh 1974
ZEBRESKI William and Rose B
ZOROLA Amy Christine 1970-1970
ZUMWALT Edna 1881-1967
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