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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - EFG, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
EADES Eunice C and Oran Doyle
EADES Garland A 1895-1941
EADES Pauline and O Vernon
EADS Ralph B and Pearl Oveta
EAGAN Margaret G and Russell H J
EAGLE Red 1900-1951
EAKIN Annie N 1901-1986
EAKIN William C Sr 1893-1980
EAKINS Dicy Dee and Ollis Callan
EARLE Otis Samuel 1931-1983
EARLE Wilton Rhodes 1907-1947
EARLES Farrell F 1901-1949
EARNHART Jerry L and Bea I
EARTHMAN William M 1953-1985
EASLEY Della KERR and Levi Thomas
EASON Bell H 1892-1986
EASON James M and Bessie G
EASON Louise Evelyn 1903-1907
EASTEP Debbie TAFT 1950-1968
EASTON Charles D and Clara P
EASTON Harry 1886-1971
EASTON J Scott 1866-1951
EASTON Kate L 1867-1935
EASTON Mamie J 1893-1990
EASTON Oscar L AtCol and Juanita
EASTWOOD Margaret M and Elmer
EATON Willie PARKER 1887-1971
EAVES Jim B 1918-1964
EAVES Joe L 1907-1969
EAVES John Edward 1926-1961
EAVES Minnie Bell 1885-1954
EAVES William H 1891-1970
EBEL Lyle W 1932-1999
EBERLY William J 1906-1981
EBEY Lulu W 1876-1953
EBLEN James G and Bettie A
EBLEN Myrna W and Lawrence Lynn
ECHLUND August 1869-1952
ECHLUND Ida Amanda 1877-1949
ECHLUND Morris Alden and Hazel Louise
ECHOLS Cheryl Kay 1947-1969
ECHOLS Geo F Tot 1880-1943
ECHOLS George Y 1911-1927
ECHOLS Laura M and Owen S
ECHOLS Ruth BUCHANAN and James Emmet
ECHOLS Vyvyan Y 1887-1966
ECHOLS William G and Fannie C
ECKOLS James T McKinney 1942-1961
ECKOLS Ricky Lynn 1964-1966
ECSOTO David Pina 1926-1979
EDBURG Elvera 1920-2002
EDBURG Esther A 1894-1979
EDBURG John B 1892-1938
EDDINGFIELD Wilma Kate 1918-1983
EDDINS Edith KEMP 1909-1946
EDDINS Jimmy and Doris
EDENS Henry J 1879-1950
EDENS Maggiebelle MILLIKEN -1932
EDGAR James M 1877-1936
EDGAR Ollie FULTON 1876-1950
EDGAR Wm Elliot and Stella G
EDISON Donald E 1930-1980
EDMONDS Bonna H and Charles S
EDMONDS Charles S and Donna H
EDMONDS Minnie and Berry
EDMONDSON Henry 1869-1954
EDMONDSON J B 1863-1930
EDMONDSON John P and Margaret
EDMONDSON Keturah Ann 1872-1968
EDMONDSON Lou Ella 1875-1958
EDMONDSON Wm Alvie 1892-1942
EDMUNDS Dorothy and Donald
EDSALL Emma BAUGH and Edward Everette
EDSALL Emma Jean 1927-
EDWARDS Sallie S 1886-1944
EDWARDS Willard R 1884-1968
EDWARDS Charles Vernon 1870-1945
EDWARDS 4 Effie Mae 1876-1961
EDWARDS 4 S B Barney 1970-1940
EDWARDS 5 Billie N 1919-1962
EDWARDS 5 Mary F 1874-1966
EDWARDS 5 Patrick H 1868-1937
EDWARDS 5 Paul H 1899-1958
EDWARDS Alva A 1900-1971
EDWARDS Arthur Edwin 1906-1997
EDWARDS Bunny 1934-
EDWARDS Donie 1884-1975
EDWARDS Eva SAXTON 1891-1962
EDWARDS Inez K 1916-1953
EDWARDS J Roy 1896-1957
EDWARDS James M and Elsie Ann
EDWARDS Joseph R 1964
EDWARDS Julia Edith 1879-1959
EDWARDS Lottie 1898-1934
EDWARDS Louis Carl 1894-1966
EDWARDS Margaret A 1944-1990
EDWARDS Maurine CROSSLEY 1905-2001
EDWARDS Norman 1921-1993
EDWARDS Randall A 1947-1985
EDWARDS Robert U 1908-1985
EDWARDS Ron 1929-1986
EDWARDS Roy Alden 1922-1993
EDWARDS sons 1962
EDWARDS Sudie Mae -1977
EDWARDS Thos M Rev 1882-1960
EDWARDS Voncilee and Lee A
EDWARDS Walter 1883-1961
EGAN Gregory W 1958-2001
EGAN Richard W and Sheilah
EHRIGSON Willie GLENN and Hugh Louis
EICHELBERGER Linda Ann 1963-1963
EIKENBURG Helen Irene SANDERS 1908-1955
EIKENBURG Richard Monroe 1908-1971
EISMANN Albert E and Jeanette L
EISNER Henry A and Lucile D
ELAM A T 1903-1981
ELAM Beverly S and Charles R
ELAM Bontrice MAY and Dewey Edwin
ELAM Clark D 1898-1963
ELAM Clark Dewey and Emma Lee
ELAM Dewey Edwin 1928-1949
ELAM Emma L 1898-1941
ELAM Eva HEAD 1899-1978
ELAM Grace L and Oscar R
ELBON Helen Louise 1911-1952
ELBON Howard B and Kate A
ELBON Hoy C and Margaret A
ELDER Joe B 1913-1994
ELDER Nell MONTAGUE 1912-2003
ELDER Eliza Jewel and William T Bill
ELDERS Andrew Buford and Addie Belle
ELDREDGE Clara Nevada 1897-1991
ELDREDGE Ernest Floyd 1936-1984
ELDREDGE Wm Lee Jr 1922-1970
ELDRIDGE Wm Lee 1873-1940
ELIA Evelyn R 1916-1895
ELIZONDO Fernando M 1915-1965
ELIZONDO George E 1903-
ELIZONDO Virginia PARKER 1907-1978
ELKINS Alpha F and John Mark
ELKINS Marshall Foch 1918-1994
ELKINS Tim Faraday and Maria D Lola
ELKINS Wallace R 1921-1972
ELKINS Wilma H and Marshall F
ELKINS Wilma HONEA 1921-
ELLINGTON Jack B 1913-1986
ELLIOT James David 1951-1996
ELLIOTT Billy Y Lt 1921-1942
ELLIOTT Emma C 1900-1945
ELLIOTT Robin A 1898-1939
ELLIOTT Robin A Jr 1929-1956
ELLIOTT A E 1881-1948
ELLIOTT Albert M 1915-1989
ELLIOTT Betty McHARG 1919-1995
ELLIOTT Donald J 1928-1979
ELLIOTT Evaline Lieurance 1876-1948
ELLIOTT Fanny SELLORS 1905-1959
ELLIOTT George W 1867-1934
ELLIOTT Harvey A and Martha E
ELLIOTT John Sadler 1873-1956
ELLIOTT John Trenton 1961
ELLIOTT Larry M 1949-1984
ELLIOTT Leta B Brown 1912-1968
ELLIOTT Luta PRICE 1906-1942
ELLIOTT Luther Duane 1952
ELLIOTT Mary Helen 1913-1982
ELLIOTT Mildred V and Bill E
ELLIOTT Rodger Dale 1956-1956
ELLIOTT son 1950
ELLIOTT Thomas W 1864-1936
ELLIOTT Walton Henderson 1890-1963
ELLIOTT William P 1901-1976
ELLIOTT William P and Laura M
ELLIOTT Willie J 1880-1969
ELLIOTT Winnie and Oliver N
ELLIS Mary SHATTUCK 1868-1957
ELLIS William G Sr 1869 1944
ELLIS Cecilia MOORE 4 1908-1995
ELLIS William H 1904-1993
ELLIS Anna L 1894-1961
ELLIS Dale Curtis 1935-1997
ELLIS Danny C 1945-1966
ELLIS Danny Carrol 1945-1966
ELLIS Dorothy Ann Dot 1930-1992
ELLIS Eula A 1885-1940
ELLIS Eula Ruth and William D
ELLIS Floyd E 1886-1939
ELLIS Frances Camilli 1921-
ELLIS Henry Clay 1920-1984
ELLIS Irene 1905-1961
ELLIS Irwin Myrl 1918-1981
ELLIS James Roy and Ida NEIL
ELLIS James Terrel 1932-1955
ELLIS Joy BRIANT 1906-1974
ELLIS Juanita E and Joseph S
ELLIS Kenneth Wayne 1955-1960
ELLIS Leta STORMS 1881-1974
ELLIS Lometa NELSON 1934-1992
ELLIS Mary Elizabeth 1907-1957
ELLIS Mary Hellen and Charlie E
ELLIS Mary Lou 1894-1976
ELLIS Mona Gerald 1885-1970
ELLIS Oscar Lee 1881-1936
ELLIS Richard Edgar 1895-1966
ELLIS Rocky Neil 1949-1967
ELLIS Roscoe R 1892-1956
ELLIS Sallie Maie 1886-1941
ELLIS Thomas Briant 1863-1941
ELLIS W Dee 1881-1945
ELLIS William F and Louise B
ELLISON Howard W 1899-1965
ELLISON Mattie E and Walter H
ELLISON Phyllis Dean 1918-1975
ELMS Joseph Allen and Grace Gent
ELMS Joseph J and Marye K
ELROD Bobby W and Robbie M
ELSKES Walter and Florence
ELVINGTON Juana Mae 1921-1984
ELY Cecil BURDEN 1908-1951
ELY Daisy L 1922-1979
ELY William Irwin 1923-1986
EMBRY Louise WILLIAMS 1911-1988
EMERY Raymond Isaac 1907-1987
EMMERT Jill 1954-1960
ENDEBROCK Arthur A 1912-1995
ENDEBROCK Christopher Scott 1971-1976
ENDSLEY Bettie Joe 1936-1988
ENG Nang 1891-1956
ENGLAND Mary T 1854-1937
ENGLAND Ruel W and Ruth M
ENGLEBART Fred W -1951
ENGLISH Beulah Beatrice 1878-1962
ENGLISH Harry W 1870-1952
ENGLISH Ida Jane 1871-1950
ENGLISH J H 1891-1945
ENGLISH Lena Bussy -1950
ENGLISH Oscar L 1884-1945
ENIS Bill 1934-1973
ENIS W C 1894-1975
ENNIS Clarence S 1898-1957
ENNIS Effie Mae 1902-1943
ENNIS Sue K and Robert L
ENOCHS Harry B 1913-1985
ENOCHS Kenneth Dean 1954
ENOCHS Mary Louise 1912-
ENOCHS Ronnie Dean
ENRIGHT Lester R 1916-1967
ENRIGHT Suzanne Delores 1954-1956
EOFF James Dexter Jr 1920
EPPERLEY Curtis B 1981-2002
EPPERLY Clarence 1879-1972
EPPERLY Don 1906-1994
EPPERLY Jessie H 1884-1978
EPPERLY Mary ROACH 1908-1981
EPPS Della Mae 1903-1992
EPPS Marilee 1912-1958
EPPS Marse Monroe and Dora COLLINS
EPPS Ottis T 1893-1957
EPPS Sarah E 1871-1948
EPPS William Wallace 1908-1992
ERICSON Clifford R 1914-1987
ERVIN Hubert Edward 1921-1968
ERVIN Johnnie 1925-1960
ERVIN Warner L and Brenda J
ERVING Earl R 1921-1986
ERWIN Ed W and Frances L
ERWIN Emily Ann 1922-1991
ERWIN Maggie Louise 1889-1972
ERWIN Mary Louise 1948-1967
ERWIN Theodore Forrest 1912-1996
ESCOBEDO Guadalupe Hernandez 2000
ESPANET Rebecca I DUNHAM 1953-1981
ESPINOZA Dianna T 1974-1974
ESQUIVEL Pedro 1945-1998
ESSLER Robert C and Wanda L
ESSNER Charles E and Catherine M
ESTELLE Martha 1897-1965
ESTES Daniel Ewing and Mabel
ESTES Edna M 1882-1955
ESTES Eva Pearle and Isaac N
ESTES Ham 1900-1969
ESTES Iva 1892-1973
ESTES James H 1871-1943
ESTES Lewis 1894-1936
ESTES Margaret 1904-1972
ESTES Myrtle Ola 1907-1991
ESTES Nellie BRANSOM 1910-
ESTES Ora E and Earl
ESTES Oscar W 1905-1949
ESTES Rauley N 1902-1953
ESTES Sam D 1903-1998
ESTILL Edgar S 1894-1965
ESTILL Edson S 1917-1955
ESTILL Mary L 1883-1964
ESTILL Mary P 1910-1992
ESTILL Michael A 1963-1987
ESTILL S Darrell 1908-1983
ESTILL Virginia 1899-1991
ESTILL W F and Lela O
ESTRADA Emigdio R 1901-1997
ETHETTON Clara 1877-1942
ETHETTON J W 1869-1930
ETHETTON Josephine 1900-1968
ETHETTON R S Jr 1925-1967
ETHETTON Robert S 1901-1972
ETHETTON Margaret L and Ira C
ETHRIDGE Dennis Dick 1891-1975
ETHRIDGE Leonora J 1899-1995
ETHRIDGE Frank Lusk and Ruth HADSELL
EUDALY Dagmar 1884-1969
EUDALY Freeman O 1906-1977
EUDALY Lucinda L and William G
EUDALY Mildred C 1908-1977
EUDALY William G Sr 1871-1962
EUROPE Louis K 1955-1997
EURY Leslie L and John C Jr
EURY Rebecca HILL and John Calvin
EURY Rose Anna and Walter C
EVANS Nichols 1895-1965
EVANS Savita 1889-1972
EVANS Johnnie 1931-1957
EVANS Mary 1921-1995
EVANS Nicky and Laura
EVANS Panna 1939-1963
EVANS Tom 1914-2000
EVANS - Dina
EVANS - Harry
EVANS - Harry and Patsy
EVANS - Rosa
EVANS 4 Sam and Mollie
EVANS 5 Oscar I 1881-1966
EVANS 5 Verna Pearce 1893-1993
EVANS Abner Norman 1857-1932
EVANS Alden A 1894-1945
EVANS Angelo 1953-1989
EVANS Ann 1904-1982
EVANS Ansel 1909-1989
EVANS Bess McCHESNEY 1897-1982
EVANS Celestene WANSLEY and Floyd Lewis
EVANS Cletis W-and Virgia Lee
EVANS Dina and Harry
EVANS Doris B 1910-1999
EVANS Edna AKINS 1908-1940
EVANS Frank Graham Sr 1897-1954
EVANS George Boots 1942-2003
EVANS Grace A 1874-1961
EVANS Harry and Patsy
EVANS Harry Ernest and Minnie Legh
EVANS Helen and James Jr
EVANS Henry Eugene Jr 1948-1971
EVANS Irene GREGG 1908-1969
EVANS Iva Jean and Henry E
EVANS James Sr 1936-2002
EVANS Jeffie A 1883-1941
EVANS Joe Moore 1904-1979
EVANS John and Polly
EVANS John Porter 1903-1965
EVANS Larry 1947-2001
EVANS Leo and Ruby
EVANS Lester Paul 1917-1977
EVANS Lillian and Ralph
EVANS Lily Rock and Raymond
EVANS Lyllis Sarah 1899-1990
EVANS Mae Maude 1895-1989
EVANS Mary 1905-1975
EVANS Mary and Frank
EVANS Maude Ella 1891-1986
EVANS Mildred E 1906-1988
EVANS Miller
EVANS Miller Evans 1949-
EVANS Murrell James and Lillian WHITE
EVANS Myrtle 1894-1985
EVANS Nannie DIXSON 1859-1950
EVANS Nickie Joe 1935-1991
EVANS Paul W 1896-1950
EVANS Peaches 1930-2001
EVANS Pearl E and James D
EVANS R C Pete and Marye Sue
EVANS Raymond Rock 1944-1993
EVANS Robert L and Leona E
EVANS Rosa and Polly
EVANS Roy B 1894-1960
EVANS Roy H and Bertha L
EVANS Ruby 1908-1978
EVANS V Buddie and F Marie
EVANS William Columbus Jr 1917-2000
EVANS Wondo and Lena
EVANS Yoani Yogi 1941-1971
EVARTS John E and Mary H
EVARTS Naomi K 1893-1983
EVERETT Imea A and Leonard B
EVERETT Jessie R 1899-1982
EVERITT David A Jr 1920-1998
EVERITT Rochelle Juanita 1921-
EVERS Mildred V and Paul H
EVRIDGE Ann RN 1905-1995
EVRIDGE Bertye A 1885-1970
EVRIDGE L H 1887-1927
EWANCO Barbara L 1938-1983
EWELL Betty B And F D Bud Jr
EWELL Frank D iii 1940-1942
EWELL Virginia A and Frank D Sr
EWELL Wallace M and Claire E
EWERS Laura B 1879-1968
EWERS Walter J 1871-1952
EWING Blanche C 1911-1997
EWING Eula U 1896-1975
EWING Steve I and Annie E PEDEN
EWING Velma D and Alex S
EZEKIEL Clyde 1900-1963
EZELL Howard L and Elizabeth S
EZELL Ivan J and Bonnie F
FABIS Robin Elaine 1962-1984
FABIYI Thomas Olabode 1956-1977
FAGG Mary T 1868-1950
FAGG Pauline PRESTON 1893-1966
FAGG Walter W 1887-1958
FAHRNER Laura 1858-1934
FAIN Virgie Mae and Raymond S
FAIR Wade B and Grace E
FAIRES Roxie A and Ben J
FAIRES Roy N 1897-1939
FAIRLY Effie 1864-1940
FALLS Saphronia M 1867-1949
FANNIN Ollie COFFEE and Oliver W Sr
FANNING Bell E 1859-1939
FANNING William T and V Elizabeth
FANNING Willie A 1888-1940
FANT Clara BROWN 1888-1971
FARAIZL Edward L 1913-2002
FARAIZL Ella Mae 1913-2001
FARAIZL Joseph 1950
FARAM Emma Hooper 1907-1977
FARAM Ernest Patrick 1896-1987
FARAM Herman Christie 1897-1970
FARAM Lucille Nancy 1898-1948
FARIS Arch B 1891-1962
FARIS Ida E and Sam R
FARIS Samuel W and Betty Ann
FARIS Vera 1892-1967
FARIS Weldon Reed 1918-1990
FARISH Emma C 1874-1936
FARISH William T 1868-1940
FARLEY Dorothy M 1923-1996
FARLEY Earnest Bluford 1943-1943
FARLEY Kenneth K 1918-1965
FARMER Donald L 1931-1996
FARMER Giles Fred Jr 1921-1991
FARMER Lawrence Paul 1958
FARMER Mary Lee 1902-1997
FARMER Mattie Loucinda and Thomas Frankl
FARMER Michael E Sr 1858-1985
FARMER Newel Stone 1923-1990
FARMER Oather R 1881-1957
FARMER Olin Field and Edith Leada
FARMER Ruth TRIMBLE 1893-1971
FARMER Sarah E 1928-
FARNSWORTH Charles B and Auldean M
FARQUHAR Nannie ORR 1906-1991
FARR B J and Wm T Bill
FARR Minnie Ellen DEARING 1903-1960
FARR Wm T Sr 1891-1976
FARRAR Eta J 1899-1991
FARRAR Robert S 1896-1972
FARRAR D R 1910-1959
FARRAR Dorothy Lee 1916-1961
FARRAR Hulette Lee Pet 1891-1967
FARRAR Mamie Geraldine Gerry 1919-1947
FARRAR Robert Jordan 1918-1989
FARRELL Bertha F and William S
FARRELL Jacob Leo and Maurine MARTIN
FARRELL Katherine E 1880-1962
FARRELL Oscar Patrick and Ronda WINN
FARRELL Patricia Ann and Margaret Peggy
FARRINGTON Blanche 1876-1962
FARRINGTON Henry A 1867-1954
FARRINGTON Katherine 1903-1984
FARRINGTON W Harrold 1902-1966
FARRIS - Laura 1891-1951
FARRIS - Robert B 1875-1965
FARRIS Andrew J 1886-1950
FARRIS Carl W 1912-1957
FARRIS Erie E 1897-1950
FARRIS Frieda D 1888-1969
FARRIS Leonard and Mable
FARRIS Lula N 1873-1942
FARRIS Mary J 1918-2002
FARRIS Milas A 1873-1963
FARRIS Webber C 1912-1969
FARROW Boyd Thomas 1920-1952
FAUBION Christopher Charles 1936-1994
FAUBION Richard C 1931-2003
FAUBION Charles A and Lucretia
FAUBION Herbert L and Mary Lee
FAUBION Murle R 1915-1959
FAUCETT John Henry 1858-1940
FAULK Fannie H 1866-1931
FAULK George A 1878-1966
FAULK Mary BERGER 1893-1980
FAULK Melvin M Sr 1863-1952
FAULKNER C Ross and Irene
FAULKNER Mary Elna ADAMS 1906-1981
FAULKNER Rainey Rae 37-97
FAVELA Edna 1964-1966
FAVOR Harry M 1905-1972
FAWCUS Freddy and Robby
FAWVER Jennie V and Joseph C
FEAGIN J A and Ida
FEARKA James Robert 1963-1964
FEARS Jack 1904-1965
FEELY Marian H 1896-1959
FEELY William L 1885-1936
FEEMSTER Alice L 1868-1930
FEEMSTER Samuel Bailey 1861-1935
FEEMSTER Viola Pearl and Lee Terrell
FEENEY Joe Patrick 1956-1957
FEGAN Henry Thomas Jr 1916-1981
FEGAN Mary M Sullivan 1913-1982
FEIN Ernest 1925-1936
FEIN Harry 1888-1946
FEIN Ollie 1889-1966
FELDER Harry A 1879-1945
FELDER Sibyl M 1899-1981
FELDKIRCHER Rita J 1930-1979
FELDMAN Menhart L and Cecile KEITH
FELTNER Bradley and Irene
FELTY Mary LYON 1917-1980
FENDLEY Aldey May and Aley Edward
FENDLEY son 1965
FENLEY A Loraine GRIFFIN and William F S
FENLEY Mable E TROTT AVERY 1900-1997
FENLEY Rosamond R and Julia Ann
FENTON Ester B 1910-1999
FENTON George B 1879-1948
FENTON Gwendolyn Sue 1941-
FENTON James Paul 1931-2000
FENTON John P 1904-1964
FENTON Kenneth A 1922-1998
FENTON Laura B 1888-1958
FENTON Leroy 1914-1963
FENTON Lilla WALKER and John Archibald J
FENTON Pierre Pete 1936-1987
FENTON Robert E 1943-1969
FERGUSON Effie M 1880-1962
FERGUSON Pearl and Frank
FERGUSON 4 Carl Dean 1893-1955
FERGUSON 4 Elsa Eilleen 1917-1917
FERGUSON 4 Jessye Maye 1895-1933
FERGUSON Arlie Lee and Maude B
FERGUSON Marguerite and Rucker L
FERGUSON Maxine 1915-1931
FERGUSON Minnie Ola 1882-1958
FERGUSON O D 1867-1945
FERGUSON Robert Lee and Elena Mae
FERGUSON Ryan Stewart 1976-1977
FERGUSON William 1872-1955
FERNANDEZ Carmen 1912-1988
FERNANDEZ Manuel 1906-1978
FERNEAU Olivia COOPER and Francis
FERRELL Cornelia T 1881-1944
FERRELL George W 1905-1955
FERRELL Hazel 1907-1996
FERRELL Homer L 1875-1929
FERRELL Johanna E 1892-1962
FERRY Maxine Elizabeth 1921-1965
FETTER Clemmie J and Wilbur E
FETTER Mary P 1906-2000
FETTER Wilbur Gene 1929-
FEW Jeston Eugene 1933-1993
FEW Jeston Eugene 1933-1996
FEW-NAVARRO Stephanie Elizabeth 1978-197
FIELDER Eva L 1870-1952
FIELDER Thelma J and Leon W
FIELDS Naomi Ruth 1899-1964
FIELDS Robert and Perry
FIELDS Stephen Adrian 1956-1994
FIFE Violet E 1929-1953
FIGURES Carolyn 1950-1994
FILE Kathryn M and George W
FILEWOOD H Leon and Ann Louise
FILLERS Stella 1885-1945
FINCHER Dalpus G and Mattie M
FINCHER Joe 1921-1994
FINCHER William A and Moda
FINDLEY Arthur D 1946-1967
FINDLEY Edward F Jr and Reta R
FINDLEY Martin W 1943-1968
FINDLEY Wadell 1930-1979
FINEGAN Opal V 1913-1978
FINLEY Cora and J D
FINLEY Elizabeth and Roy V
FINLEY Georgia B 1905-1989
FINLEY James Deitrich 1971
FINLEY James H 1932-1981
FINLEY William H and Ruth W
FINNEGAN Ida 1885-1959
FIORENZA Agnes C and Leonard Sr
FIQUETTE James W 1917-1973
FIQUETTE Mary Jo 1925-1987
FIQUETTE Terry 1958-1978
FISCHER Charles Ross 1945
FISCHER Eva Louise and Oscar Frederick
FISCHER Johnnie R 1918-1974
FISCHER Oscar Frederick iii and Barbara
FISCHER Roland G 1905-1954
FISCHER Susan Jean 1949-1999
FISHEL Charles I 1885-1965
FISHEL Lola B 1900-1982
FISHER Bess M 1982-1973
FISHER George N 1888-1972
FISHER George William Bill and Mary Le
FISHER James NEWTON 1921-1929
FISHER Andrew D 1892-1965
FISHER Lloyd R 1921-1946
FISHER Norah J 1894-1989
FISHER Walter J 1919-1987
FISHER Beatrice L and Joe
FISHER Christina Marie 1970
FISHER Deeanna Lynn 1963-1963
FISHER Emma M 1879-1974
FISHER Gloria M 1937-2001
FISHER Hiram C 1923-1986
FISHER J P 1887-1962
FISHER Jack J and Willie M
FISHER Joe E and Willena M
FISHER Nancy L 1939-1962
FISHER Phillip Gordon 1980-1982
FISHER Sam 1875-1938
FISHER Stella J 1896-1977
FISHER Zachery A and Bessie WHITMIRE
FISK Carrie P 1898-1996
FISK John Roscoe 1903-1961
FISK William F Sr 1884-1944
FITCH Mary Ruth 1931-
FITE Jesse D 1906-1958
FITE Luther W and Alabama H
FITE Mary C 1873-1949
FITZGERALD Clara J and Michael P
FITZGERALD Darthula F 1898-1994
FITZGERALD Joan Jodie 1945-1988
FITZGERALD Mary Kay BLOM 1922-1969
FITZGERALD May 1881-1962
FITZGERALD Robert H 1917-1980
FITZGERALD Thomas W 1895-1942
FITZGERALD William Terry 1926-1979
FITZHUGH Alfred L 1890-1952
FITZHUGH Carroll H and Katherine M
FITZHUGH George L 1859-1944
FITZHUGH Lura 1894-1948
FITZHUGH Nettie 1867-1931
FITZJERLDS Dorothy 1919-1975
FITZJERLDS John 1898-1959
FITZPATRICK Alta 1892-1959
FITZSIMMONS Frank W 1912-1983
FLAKE Eileen and Minnie
FLAKE Mary H 1899-1973
FLAKE W C Bill and Margie
FLANAGAN Artie B 1896-1984
FLANAGAN Dencie Mae and Ernest A
FLANAGAN Edward Bates 1899-1982
FLANAGAN Emma W 1877-1963
FLANAGAN Florence 1907-1981
FLANAGAN James A 1867-1948
FLANAGAN James C 1934-1967
FLANARY Thelma 1913-1999
FLANDERS Roy W 1928-1969
FLANNERY 1913-1979
FLASS Robert Edward 1917-1976
FLEMING C R Mrs 1883-1930
FLEMING C R Sr 1882-1958
FLEMING J C 1902-1960
FLEMING Robert Louie and Beulah F BORDE
FLENNER A W Mrs 1865-1940
FLETCHER Lona B 1877-1945
FLETCHER Rufus E Rev 1875-1949
FLETCHER Bobbye J V 1943-1997
FLETCHER Eustace and Georgia
FLETCHER Horace G 1870-1939
FLETCHER Larry 1936-
FLETCHER Mae Bell 1917-1965
FLETCHER Patricia G 1941-1999
FLICKWIR Nettie Frances 1878-
FLINT Bertha M 1906-1991
FLINT Norris T 1901-1964
FLINT William H 1936-1980
FLIPP Jesse E 1895-1963
FLOOD Ethel TRAXLER 1905-1971
FLORANCE Ima Idell 1894-1930
FLORES Cecylia Lynn 1970-1970
FLORES Melody Ann 1890-1985
FLORES Robert Ruben 1925-1997
FLORES William B and Clyde M
FLORY Vinita 1913-2001
FLOWERS Claude J 1892-1953
FLOWERS Grace M 1903-1995
FLOWERS James B 1917-1986
FLOWERS William S 1908-1960
FLOYD Gertrude H 1887-1958
FLOYD James M 1853-1918
FLOYD James M 1916-1979
FLOYD Johnnie H 1905-1952
FLOYD Nell W 1904-1967
FLOYD Marion ORR 1858-1936
FLOYD W A 1843-1932
FLOYD Betty Carol 1944-1949
FLOYD Charles M Dr and Dolores L
FLOYD D Harry 1868-1948
FLOYD Delia A 1887-1962
FLOYD Emogene and Arthur
FLOYD J W 1919-1990
FLOYD Louisa CROWELL MILES 1841-1911
FLOYD Norris Q and Euna J
FLOYD Rodney Lynn 1967
FLOYD Wiley D and Thelma D
FLYNN James 1849-1962
FLYNN John F and Kathryn M
FOGG Edwin P 1868-1936
FOGG Howard 1875-1955
FOGG Howard and Saphronia M FALLS
FOGG Margaret WILLIAMS 1888-1971
FOGG Mary Tommie 1866-1949
FOGLE Bessie E 1886-1958
FOITS D E Bob 1903-1945
FOLEY Andrew G 1896-1958
FOLEY Janet 1892-1980
FOLIART James 1957-1999
FOLLANSBEE Mabelle and Sidney and Imojea
FOLLOWILL Billie R 1927-1978
FONTAINE Josephine and Paul C
FONTENOT Gladys A 1933-1995
FOOSE Ruth N 1898-1965
FOOTE John C 1896-1974
FOOTE Nettie Mae 1894-1932
FORBES Joe W and Mable I
FORBES H Fraser Jr 1943-1987
FORBES Henry Fraser 1917-1952
FORBES Ruthe V 1926-
FORD Abbie Ona 1871-1956
FORD Donald Roy and Yvonna McDonald
FORD Dorothy Jane 1922-1979
FORD Elizabeth R 1907-1960
FORD George A 1909-1973
FORD Gerald Dale 1948-1994
FORD Howard O 1916-1974
FORD I Marie and George
FORD Ileen Silvalee 1909-1996
FORD John A 1866-1931
FORD John H and Barbara J
FORD Leslie C and Ollie K
FORD Leslie R 1917-1980
FORD Ona May 1895-1961
FORD Rosie E 1882-1961
FORD Roy R and Lessie
FORD Sam L 1888 1937
FORD son 1951
FORD Tex L 1910-1976
FORD Walter E 1885-1950
FORD Wanetta J 1911-1998
FORE J W and Maomi June
FORE Margie Nell 1922-1971
FOREE Mary Eva and William T
FORGEY Richard N 1922-1994
FORKER Etta 1887-1967
FORRESTER William Oscar and Cary REEVES
FORSLUND John L Jr 1960-1981
FORSTON R Charles Phd 1923-1981
FORSYTHE Helen Virginia 1925-1949
FORT Bessie Marie 1924-1981
FORT Mary Alyce 1922-1995
FORT Ray Eudell 1943-1951
FORT Robert L 1922-1997
FORT Thomas H 1889-1971
FORT Vida May 1903-1988
FORTNER Clayton Sonny 1940-1983
FORTNER Elizabeth W 1856-1921
FORTNER Euder SMITH 1915-1995
FORTNER Frederick M 1881-1938
FORTNER Ralph Gilford 1914-1969
FORTSON Lon A 1883-1975
FORTSON Minnie M 1889-1955
FOSKETT Herbert G 1881-1956
FOSTER Alecia Charlene 1964
FOSTER Andrew E 1889-1972
FOSTER Braidyce B 1903-1985
FOSTER C T 1894-1939
FOSTER Delma and E A
FOSTER Dovie Mae 1883-1946
FOSTER Edna and Shirley
FOSTER Elizabeth Ann 1939-1951
FOSTER Emma S 1883-1935
FOSTER Emory E and Dollie D
FOSTER Ethel G and William G
FOSTER Henrietta 1878-1965
FOSTER Henry Clay 1866-1943
FOSTER J Clifford and Alma Jane
FOSTER J D 1919-1971
FOSTER John Dean and Annabell
FOSTER Juanita and James L
FOSTER Larry G 1941-1981
FOSTER Laura V 1862-1933
FOSTER Laura V WILLIAMS and Benjamin McC
FOSTER Louvennie 1880-1976
FOSTER M C 1854-1935
FOSTER Mabel Lenora 1896-1992
FOSTER Mattie E 1902-1964
FOSTER Maybell 1900-1995
FOSTER Minnie Joyce 1932-1961
FOSTER Ola Mae and Wilbur C
FOSTER Parilee 1874-1957
FOSTER Ruth 1898-1981
FOSTER Valice E 1906-1961
FOSTER W P and Luetta
FOSTER William Chas 1900-1950
FOSTER Wylie B 1958-1981
FOUST Henry C E 1894-1962
FOUST Jimmie R 1937-2003
FOUST Maude A 1897-1974
FOUTS C A 1872-1929
FOUTS C A Mrs Lillie Mack 1871-1950
FOUTS Charles A Jr 1908-1954
FOUTS J R Fuddy 1911-1935
FOUTS Vida L STROUD and Mack K
FOWLER daughter 1924
FOWLER J Roy 1889-1948
FOWLER Lela Mae 1892-1946
FOWLER A Amber 1982-1985
FOWLER Cecil J 1906-1931
FOWLER Charles Henry 1919-1962
FOWLER Cora M 1875-1968
FOWLER Dempsey 1913-1965
FOWLER Henry Thomas and Ora BREWER
FOWLER John H 1910-1969
FOWLER Mary Byers 1900-1987
FOWLER Susie Ruth and James Y
FOWLER Vera E 1914-1978
FOWLER Walter R and Hattie L
FOWLER Zelma Naomi 1907-1990
FOWLIE Mildred J and David I
FOX Frances M 1929-
FOX J P Jr 1926
FOX Johnny P 1953-1973
FOX Alton F 1911-1957
FOX Alvin E and Pauline
FOX Donald R 1910-1988
FOX Doris E SCHULTZ 1920-1943
FOX Elvie SMITH 1903-1931
FOX Florence T and Marion T
FOX Forrest 1950-1973
FOX Katherine and Cecil A
FOX Laura E 1920-2000
FOX Lewis D Jr 1909-1980
FOX Mary F 1932-1953
FOX Reuben William and Anna Irene
FOX Vena V and Edward
FOY Everett Lee 1919-1938
FRALIA Ella 1899-1995
FRANCE Kenith W Sr 1935-2002
FRANCE Laura Ann 1939-
FRANCIS F W MD 1892-1950
FRANCIS Frederick H 1926-1982
FRANCIS Jerry Wayme Sr 1944-1998
FRANCIS John L and Mary M
FRANCIS Ora Ann and Horace F
FRANCIS Walter Scott and Phema HILL
FRANCIS Windel L 1955-1955
FRANCISCO Lormer H 1897-1967
FRANCISCO Lormer H and Tennie Ruth
FRANK Stephen L 1954-1974
FRANKEL Carl Edwin 1877-1938
FRANKEL Esther M 1881-1957
FRANKEL Iner A 1919-1992
FRANKEN Jessie E 1886-1966
FRANKEN John F 1886-1954
FRANKLIN Carl W 1892-1960
FRANKLIN Iola Vesta 1909-2001
FRANKLIN Minnie R 1897-1951
FRANKLIN Orvin Ben 1915-1990
FRANKLIN Aline L and Homer W
FRANKLIN Charles E 1901-1956
FRANKLIN Della BUSSEY 1883-1943
FRANKLIN Kay 1944-1944
FRANKLIN Marilda J 1859-1941
FRANKLIN Mary C-and Jack Mc
FRANKLIN Mary Sweet 1957
FRANKLIN Rosemary Rosie 1949-1980
FRANKLIN Seretta GORDON 1904-1992
FRANKLIN Valda A 1888-1979
FRANKLIN Will C and Bertha F
FRANKS Alice M 1909-1966
FRANKS Emma L 1864-1953
FRANKS Fisher C 1900-1975
FRANKS Gladys Frances 1922-1989
FRANKS John W 1852-1939
FRANKS Nicola Nicky 1901-1950
FRANKS Norman Otto 1891-1970
FRANTZ Francis J and Anne M
FRASER Joseph Allison 1874-1942
FRASER Mary SAMDERS 1879-1952
FRAZER Blanche L and Robert L
FRAZIER Betty H KELLY 1931-1982
FRAZIER Nannie 1897-1944
FRAZIER Norris D Butch 1949-1974
FRAZIER Wylie G and Charlotte
FRAZIOR Emmett W 1910-1958
FRAZIOR Jesse B 1888-1967
FRAZIOR Lois I 1892-1982
FREDERICK A 1855-1942
FREDERICK Pearl Annie 1890-1975
FREDERIKSEN Willie Elizabeth 1897-1966
FREDRICK Edwin W 1921-1953
FREE Addie E and Thomas J
FREE Bennett 1909-1960
FREE Frances R and Thomas B
FREE Frences Ann 1938-1938
FREEBERG Therese TARPLEY 1907-1991
FREELS Reed Lee 1959-1978
FREEMAN Bernis Edmund and Mentora Juanic
FREEMAN Bessie J and Malcolm D
FREEMAN Ethel -1969
FREEMAN Floy 1902-1991
FREEMAN Geo C 1899-1957
FREEMAN George H 1907-1968
FREEMAN George T 1920-1955
FREEMAN Hattie Ann 1897-1992
FREEMAN Herbert Boyd 1887-1944
FREEMAN Josiah W 1868-1952
FREEMAN Kate 1900-1986
FREEMAN Lorena 1876-1958
FREEMAN Norman Lee 1919-1943
FREEMAN Olivia 1881-1953
FREEMAN Vera E 1907-1946
FREEMAN W G 1865-1959
FREISE Charles 1861-1944
FREISE Elizabeth 1870-1942
FREISE Ollie Marie 1918-1998
FREISE Roland Eugene 1913-2003
FRENCH Christine HEARNE 1913-1980
FRENCH Lavon SNOOKS and Wendell Holmes
FRENCH Margaret S 1954-1991
FRENCH Mary F and John E
FRENCH Vera Grace and Morton H
FREY Raymond Elbert 1927-1981
FRIBERG Rebekah Sue 1998
FRIDAY George S 1909-1972
FRIED Ruby and Hyman
FRIEDEL Jerre R and Geraldine Mud
FRIEND Carol Omega and Edgar Paul
FRIEND Edgar Donald 1938-1972
FRIEND Helen Hazel 1909-1953
FRIEND Jessie Opal and George W
FRIEND Willard Francis 1908-1972
FRIESE Charles F 1866-1938
FRIESE Elizabeth S 1868-1959
FRIESEN David Harry 1897-1969
FRIESEN Gertrude 1900-1991
FRILEY Henri W and John E
FRIOU Marie and Ramsey
FRISBIE O C and Nocal
FRISBIE Lillian and Stanton E
FRITSCH Frank F 1908-1999
FRITSCH Joseph Frank and Mary Louise
FRIZZELL Allie Mae 1913-1991
FRIZZELL Willie O 1918-1995
FRIZZELLE Thomas M 1908-1964
FROST Phillip C and Evelyn
FRY Floyd B 1918-1959
FRY James V Sr 1876-1952
FRY Roscoe Wesley and Millie Ann
FRYE Richard F 1913-1965
FUCHSHUBER Madonna L 1913-1992
FULFORD Maude MULLINS 1885-1988
FULKERSON Mark Stgephen 1858-1994
FULKERSON Martha J 1928-1989
FULKERSON Nettie Baber 1896-1957
FULLEN W E 1884-1942
FULLER William F 1891-1957
FULLER Bernice O and Florence L
FULLER D J and Edley C
FULLER E E Dr 1887-1932
FULLER George B 1882-1944
FULLER James A 1911-1956
FULLER James R Cpl 1923-1950
FULLER Jean and Earnest G
FULLER Johnnie Eva 1885-1955
FULLER Lynn Keith 1918-1964
FULLER Martha J 1928-1954
FULLER Michael 1952-1955
FULLER Michael G 1952-1955
FULLER Rachel A and W W Bill
FULLER Walter R 1935-1966
FULLS V C Bud 1915-1962
FULMER James A 1849-1930
FULMER Mary Alice 1853-1944
FULTON Della June 1931-1986
FULTON Herbert L and Edna Dee
FUQUA Irene A 1900-1962
FUQUA Norma L 1898-1948
FUQUA Bernice J 1919-1984
FUQUA Jimmie 1910-1967
FUQUA Marion Dewey Sr 1898-1965
FURMAN John McIver MD 1871-1945
FURMAN Lou Etta MULKEY 1876-1963
FUSSELL Nannie NEAL 1857-1951
FUSTON Edwin 1907-1946
FUSTON Hattie 1866-1953
FUSTON son 1949
FUSTON W N 1869-1930
FUTRELL Minnie WILKINSON 1890-1964
GABEL Fanny Mae -1969
GABEL Ily B 1922-1980
GADDIS John R Lt 1925-1948
GADDY Albert D 1931-2002
GAFFORD Laura Lucille 1903-
GAFFORD Sammie Lee 1912-1970
GAGE Obie 1922-1993
GAINES Imogene M 1913-1988
GAINES Maudie M 1885-1972
GAINES N C 1881-1953
GAINES Oran O 1907-1969
GAINES Donald D 1937-1944
GAINES Floyd Red 1910-1951
GAINES R H and Ruby G
GAINS James Wayne 1946-1993
GAITHER John Clay 1872-1934
GALE Lela E 1888-1970
GALE Tom A 1882-1977
GALICIA Tony R 1963-1997
GALLAGHER Bertha FISH 1880-1970
GALLAGHER Thomas Hugh 1881-1955
GALLANT Charles Frank iii 1977-1977
GALLAWAY William Frank and Mary Leona
GALLION Florence CHAMBLEE 1903-1934
GALLIVAN Frank M 1888-1945
GALLIVAN Hazel Rees 1889-1977
GALLIVAN John E 1927-1963
GALLO Louis and M Patsie
GALLOWAY Hattie S and Joe D
GALLOWAY James B and Edith T
GALLOWAY Jewel 1899-1983
GALLOWAY Leslie H and Martha LANE
GALLOWAY R D 1892-1934
GALLOWAY Sudie Estelle and Peter Cooper
GAMBLE Robert Kevin 1964-1964
GAMBLIN Chrissie B 1904-1973
GAMBLIN William T and Claris L
GAMBRELL Mossena PALMER 1920-2002
GAMESON John Bridges 1897-1958
GAMEWELL Eva 1898-1951
GAMEWELL Jamie C 1893-1990
GAMEWELL Joe 1925-1929
GAMEWELL Maudie Lee 1892-1978
GAMM Selma O and Eldor W
GAMMAGE Albert E Rev 1870-1941
GAMMAGE Harvey E 1897-1934
GAMMAGE Mary Carolina 1872-1936
GAMMON Robert W and Arietta E
GANDY Jack and Reba Jane
GANN Elvira Alles 1894-1988
GANN Holder P 1892-1967
GANN Ernestine K 1940-2001
GANN Jimmy Fred 1964-1984
GANN Lois and Roy E
GANN Raymond Lloyd 1919-1957
GANN Turner D and Elsie T
GANN Viola P 1897-1984
GANT Kate Key and Oscar R
GANT Orland J and Aline E
GANTT D Diane 1947-1988
GAPINSKI Joseph E 1918-2001
GAPINSKI Natalie Ruth 1920-
GARCIA Anthony Ray Tony 1960-1992
GARCIA Carlos C 1966-2001
GARCIA Dan Jr and Severa
GARCIA Diomicio M and Delores B
GARCIA Felipe J 1882-1954
GARCIA Frank M Jr 1943-1994
GARCIA Johnny R and Gloria M
GARCIA Larry B 1967-1983
GARCIA Leomardo A 1964-2001
GARCIA Mana S 1916-1974
GARCIA Miguel 1921-2000
GARCIA Raul S 1945-1998
GARDEN Justina 1910-1985
GARDEN Lee Roy 1882-1942
GARDEN Ola Mae 1887-1982
GARDINER Maxwell H Max 1915--1975
GARDINER Maxwell N Max 1915-1975
GARDINER William R Sr 1942-1999
GARDNER Allen Dale 1947-1948
GARDNER Aulcie J 1877-1939
GARDNER Ewing W 1882-1945
GARDNER Frank W -1943
GARDNER J Edmond 1964
GARDNER Lucille and Loyd A
GARDNER Mary E 1860-1934
GARDNER Minnie 1884-1987
GARDNER Richard Coleman 1919-1987
GARDNER Winnifred 1888-1973
GARLAND Alice McKEE and Walter
GARLAND Walter 1882-1939
GARLAND Walter David and Carroll Virgini
GARLAND Wilberm Foster and Mary Louise
GARLITZ Fern E and Charles F
GARLITZ Fritz and Susie
GARLITZ Inez Mickey 1921-1963
GARLITZ James Carlisle 1903-1960
GARLITZ Mildred 1904-1994
GARMAN Loma A and Harry J
GARMAN Viola Alles 1889-1984
GARMON Lezzie 1893-1931
GARMON Oral C 1913-1944
GARMON T W 1915-1968
GARNER A Catherine and Carl D
GARNER Arvel Elmo 1927-1956
GARNER Carl Douglas 1917-1972
GARNER Clyde H Jr 1921-1949
GARNER Clyde H Sr 1892-1953
GARNER Don F and Mary Ann
GARNER Earl and Nettie
GARNER Hazel M and William H
GARNER Horace Milton 1909-1956
GARNER Lorene B 1914-1996
GARNER Mary Nina 1900-1974
GARNER Patrick Chapman 1981
GARNETT Zellah Mae and George Stuart
GARR John H and Lydia M
GARRARD Beverley Jane 1938-1971
GARRARD Clarance W 1912-1964
GARRETSON Albert W 1868-1946
GARRETSON Mary E 1877-1940
GARRETSON Ruth and Earl
GARRETT Dola M 1884-1979
GARRETT Joseph H 1882-1947
GARRETT Allie Ann 1923-1945
GARRETT John H 1888-1938
GARRETT Lellie Lee 1888-1956
GARRETT 4 Percy 1933
GARRETT Andrew C and Olney M
GARRETT Brian Daniel and Melba Doris P
GARRETT Catherine and Roscoe
GARRETT Charles H and Myrtis T
GARRETT Deborah and Louia B
GARRETT Doretta Jane and Jefferson Dayto
GARRETT Edward Hayes 1875-1948
GARRETT Elizabeth C 1919-1991
GARRETT Ernest Lee 1906-1972
GARRETT Frank B and Jessie C
GARRETT John F 1922-1997
GARRETT John H and Katie R
GARRETT John Hayes 1910-1978
GARRETT Kennon Grant 1956-1982
GARRETT Maudie M and Jessie T
GARRETT Richard A 1918-1984
GARRETT W H 1893-1962
GARRETT W T Tom 1876-1938
GARRETTE Caro Mae 1895-1979
GARRETTE George C 1885-1955
GARRISON Bettie J 1878-1954
GARRISON Clyde Coleman 1889-1970
GARRISON Fannie 1912-2003
GARRISON John F 1923-2003
GARRISON John Phillip PhD 1952-1980
GARRISON Merle ROGERS 1907-1994
GARRISON Minnie Lee 1884-1962
GARRISON Theron Otto Jr 1934-1992
GARTH Lotta Fay RIGDON 1902-1971
GARTH Thomas C 1896-1963
GARVIN Alta 1896-1983
GARVIN Jay B and Alta Ann
GARVIN Thomas David 1949
GARY John William 1882-1964
GARY Verna Serena 1894-1981
GARZA Juan A 1949-2000
GASAWAY Colette I 1920-1964
GASKILL Jack R and Bettye J
GASON Rufus Malone 1868-1933
GASS H Annette 1905-1987
GASS Marie E and Ernest E
GASS Roscoe L 1901-1971
GAT Eng 1880-1957
GATES Myra Frances 1889-1959
GATLIN Bertha H 1891-1963
GATLIN Zona Gayle 1939-2003
GAUCHAT Hal W Jr 1910-1964
GAULT Evelyn C and Howard Bland
GAULT Wilson Joe and Patricia HABERN
GAUNCE Gloria 1911-1952
GAUNCE James H 1904-1974
GAUSE Roy O and Grace L
GAUSS Bertha ARDIS 1884-1968
GAUTIER Melvin T and Alice L
GAUTNEY Mary 1907-1984
GAUZE Bess S 1897-1982
GAVENDA Louava Y SPROULS 1906-2002
GAY Emma Jean LOTT 1929-1979
GAYLER Bonnie Mae 1903-1944
GAYLORD John A 1944-1952
GAYLORD Joseph H 1904-1952
GAYLORD Lorena REED and Giles A
GAZAWAY Cecil Chester and Mary R
GAZAWAY Cecil Joe 1932-1986
GAZAWAY Mary Ruth 1942-1944
GAZEY Beatrice M 1890-1977
GEAN James Benton 1894-1968
GEAN Mary WHITEHURST and James Benton
GEER Lena Myrtle and Lewis Morgan
GEER Lewis M 1919-1964
GEIGER Aileen 1887-1972
GEIGER Eric L 1930-2003
GEIGER Paul 1892-1975
GEISLER David A 55-
GENTRY Dow 1912-1984
GENTRY Lucile AMENT 1898-1970
GENTRY Minnie COBB 1893-1977
GENTRY Robert R 1905-1974
GEORGE Edwin L 1881-1957
GEORGE George Ann 1923-1941
GEORGE John A 1892-1978
GEORGE Marvie B 1902-1965
GEORGE Bessie L and James G
GEORGE Carrie A and John C
GEORGE Delbert C 1919-1992
GEORGE Hannah Shae 1996-1996
GEORGE Lena A 1893-1954
GEORGE Olive Marie 1910-1950
GEORGE Sophie Ann NESSLER and William Ea
GEORGE Talitha 1918-2000
GEORGE Vela May and Joseph Henry
GEORGE Viola T and Arthur A
GERKOVICH Peggy Jo 1934-1978
GERTH Marvin B and Violet R
GERTRUDE Laura 1886-1959
GERZ Charles H 1920-1996
GETTINGS Charles Augustus and Sarah Elle
GETTINGS Guy Augustus and Tommie Lena
GETTS Claudia M 1907-1999
GETTS Harold B 1903-1975
GHOLSON James M 1921-1986
GHOLSON Ralph Edward 1954-1981
GIALLORENZO Frank A 1917-1959
GIALLORENZO Mary Wanda 1919-1985
GIBBARD Bernie D 1910-1949
GIBBARD Gladys Pauline 1917-1997
GIBBARD Robert Q 1906-1950
GIBBARD Thomas W 1914-1966
GIBBONS Beatrice L 1914-1992
GIBBONS Ethel FOARD and Earl B
GIBBONS Frank M 1906-1986
GIBBONS Granville W 1910-1972
GIBBS Jesse L and Elsie
GIBBS Leonard H and Gene L Loyd
GIBBS Mabel M 1880-1950
GIBLER C M 1878-1931
GIBLER Helen A 1881-1944
GIBSON Susie BAILEY 1887-1944
GIBSON Ben E 1884-1968
GIBSON Dewitt T 1897-1973
GIBSON Dorothy L 1923-1985
GIBSON Edwin B 1948-2003
GIBSON Edwin Burnett 1893-1964
GIBSON I Dean and Loyce M
GIBSON Jack and Barbara
GIBSON James W 1907-1952
GIBSON Pearl E 1886-1958
GIBSON Turk B and Nelma Faye
GIBSON Yvette T 1898-1972
GIDDINGS Jewel 1892-1978
GIDDINGS Mary E and Rlph W
GIDLEY LaVerne and Weldon Monroe
GIEGLING A F 1874-1950
GIEGLING Estelle 1883-1961
GIFFORD Roy E and Della Marie
GIFFORD Roy Wayne 1951-1951
GILBART Robert Dudley 1944-1990
GILBERT B F 1872-1940
GILBERT Arthur Doyal 1913-1962
GILBERT Benjamin R 1909-1983
GILBERT Benjamin R and Marie T HESTER
GILBERT Evelyn Ruth 1944-1966
GILBERT Henry C 1873-194-
GILBERT Henry C and Margaret F
GILBERT Ida C 1873-1955
GILBERT Jamie Darlene 1937-1941
GILBERT Lillian Faye 1914-1993
GILBERT Mattie 1873-1944
GILBERT Odis Wayne Sr and Margaret Virgi
GILBERT Pauline M and Charles M
GILBERT Pearl ELLIS 1910-1989
GILBERT Velma Dorothy and William Edison
GILBREATH Burl and Juanita
GILBREATH Isaac H and Annice I
GILBREATH Morris Ralph 1914-2003
GILCHRIST Claude L 1888-1957
GILCHRIST Claude Larry 1917-1970
GILES Paul Shanon 197--2001
GILL Mildred W 1889-1959
GILL Murray F 1888-1966
GILL Cecil Henry 1912-1962
GILL Daniel J 1890-1961
GILL Raymond H Sr and N Eunice
GILLAM Harry T 1905-1974
GILLARD Estelle 1900-1974
GILLASPIE Monika ADELHEID and Marion Rue
GILLESPIE A L 1864-1939
GILLESPIE Edgar D 1874-1941
GILLESPIE Farrell A 1906-1934
GILLESPIE M Idelia 1876-1953
GILLESPIE Margaret 1873-1938
GILLIAM Anne M and J T
GILLIAM Fred 1900-1968
GILLIAM J T 1905-1979
GILLIAM Marvin and Maude
GILLIGAN Edythe HACK 1899-1971
GILLILAND Carl F 1923-2001
GILLILAND Irma 1914-1943
GILLILAND John David 1947-1968
GILLIS Eula Florence 1896-1986
GILLIS Hugh A and Gladys Gayle
GILLIS Lelia M 1887-1969
GILLIS Ove 1877-1962
GILLISPIE Betty L 1927-1984
GILLMANN Melba 1934-1986
GILLMORE N M 1873-1941
GILLUM Randolph J 1913-2000
GILMARTIN Arthur Augustus 1914-1996
GILMARTIN Helen Thais 1918-1985
GILMARTIN William H and Glenys W
GILMER Clark Stephen 1928-
GILMER Missouri Anna and Robert Houston
GILMORE Annie J 1884-1976
GILMORE Billie L-and Roy
GILMORE George W 1881-1950
GILMORE Ila E 1908-1974
GILMORE John H 1922-1978
GILMORE John H and Lanette O
GILMORE Ocie Mae 1898-1966
GILMORE Ocie Mae and Walter
GILMORE Osmond C 1902-1935
GILMORE Walter 1897-1962
GILPIN Patricia L 1935-1987
GILROY Michael David 1950-1965
GILSTRAP Bertie M 1887-1939
GILSTRAP Hallie 1895-1967
GINN Doris Mae 1928-1984
GIPSON Alta Katie and Henry Albert
GIPSON Bruce L Sr and Cyna B
GIPSON H Garline 1928-1975
GIPSON Ira D and Nina M
GIPSON James L and Gloria R
GIPSON Thurman Lee 1957-1997
GIRSCH Rosa M 1906-1994
GISLAR Callie M SWIGER 1924-1969
GISLAR R Grady 1910-1975
GIVENS Helen MACK 1939-1968
GIVENS Kelly Gene 1973-2003
GLADDEN Chloe M 1911-1984
GLADDEN Donald C and Wilhelmina S
GLADDEN James M 1903-1980
GLADDEN Patricia Ann 1955-1998
GLADDEN Rhea P 1909-1953
GLADNEY Edna Kahly 1886-1961
GLADNEY Samuel William 1878-1935
GLASHAGEL Martha Vernon SMITH 1916-1994
GLASS Bertha C NOAH and Robert W
GLASS Billie Jo 1925-2001
GLASS D H 1880-1958
GLASS Harold Otis 1925-1977
GLASS Henry Irwin 1892-1967
GLASS Hollie D 1899-1979
GLASS Kenneth O 1920-1985
GLASS Leroy E 1916-1955
GLASS Luceal B 1902-1979
GLASS Mattie L and Bertrum E
GLASS Thomas Henry 1929-1968
GLASS Thomas Lee and Bertha Mae
GLASSCOCK Ada C and Charlie E
GLAZE Mildred and Jack
GLEAVES Paul T and Nannie Lee
GLEDHILL Gypsy 1903-1987
GLENK Charles B 1857-1933
GLENK Eugene L 1896-1957
GLENK Karl D 1901-1971
GLENK Lillie 1869-1951
GLENK Modena K 1902-1966
GLENK Thomas B 1894-1968
GLENN Elbert Jr and Lucy
GLENN Eunice Clyde DUKE 1908-1929
GLICK Frances STUART 1936-1954
GLICK Walter Reid 1892-1960
GLOVER Byron F 1906-1953
GLOVER David Robert 1944-1963
GLOVER Edward J 1861-1932
GLOVER Edward J Jr 1902-1954
GLOVER Elsie 1904-1942
GLOVER Esther STRICKLAND 1910-1995
GLOVER Florella C 1926-2001
GLOVER Leroy 1906-1965
GLOVER Marie and Trebie L
GLOVER Mattie Kate 1871-1957
GLOVER S A Bert and Lucinda E
GLYNN Melissa Kay 1985-1985
GOAD Thomas Grady and Betty S
GOATES Arnold R 1920-2000
GODBEY Emma Lee TAYLOR 1886-1983
GODBEY Josiah Jernigan 1888-1935
GODBEY Josiah Jernigan and Jewel Louise
GODBEY Lucile May 1943-1943
GODBEY Paschal L and Stella M
GODBY Birdie L and David C
GODINEZ Elizabeth 1967-1967
GODLEY Louie Oscar and Bertha Agnes
GODWIN Wora E and Flora D
GODWIN Zack and Mattie
GOING Kearney 1866-1953
GOLASINSKI Ben T 1912-1956
GOLDEN Matthew Alan 1987-1987
GOLDEN Willie G and Billie
GOLDMAN James L Jim 1913-1983
GOLDSMITH Elmer L 1881-1940
GOLDSMITH Ima Hazel 1908-1999
GOLDSMITH James F 1905-1950
GOLDSMITH Myrtle 1887-1976
GOLDSMITH Russell O and Lou Ann
GOLDSTEIN Geraldine N and Leslie E Lon
GOLDSTEIN Leslie E and Mary E
GOLIGHTLY A C 1878-1957
GOMEZ Ellis D 1940-1998
GOMEZ Jonathan David 1988-1988
GOMEZ Rafael Luis 1946-2002
GOMILLION Bernice Nettles 1910-1985
GOMILLION Ethel 1869-1944
GOMILLION Fred H 1877-1958
GOMILLION Howell M 1898-1946
GOMILLION Katherine Marlene 1934-1984
GOMILLION Lucille Hester 1896-1947
GOMILLION Rex L 1900-1993
GOMILLION Vernon Ellison 1910-1931
GONZALES Bonnie Manuelita Carolina Vicky
GONZALES Constancia R 1910-1994
GONZALES Eddie EVERETT 1937-1997
GONZALES Frances J 1917-1985
GONZALES Joseph Edmond 1962
GONZALES Juan Manuel and Nena MORENO
GONZALES Luis R and Oropajita Goldie
GONZALES Rose F 1864-1941
GONZALES Venus 1903-1938
GONZALES Vivian A 1925-1972
GONZALEZ Anna Marie 198701991
GONZALEZ Edna Eva 1938-1968
GONZALEZ Jose 1871-1951
GOOCH Earnest L 1894-1949
GOOCH Reba Dee 1912-1973
GOOD Frances K and Harvey Wayne
GOODCHILD Mary Lou 1927-
GOODE Edward S and Maxine W
GOODE James Wm and Emma Bell
GOODE John E 1859-1947
GOODE Joyce Ann E 1945-1956
GOODEN Bonnie Belle 1896-1967
GOODIN Jeffie B 1885-1969
GOODJOHN Opal M and Dallas F
GOODMAN Carl P and Bessie K
GOODMAN John E Jr 1949-1975
GOODMAN Katherine A and John E
GOODMAN Susan Elizabeth 1848-1935
GOODNIGHT Alva Luther 1869-1940
GOODNIGHT Carrie 1871-1941
GOODNIGHT R V 1896-1951
GOODRICH May Bob 1932-1984
GOODSON Jonathan Reuvel 1963-1963
GOODSON Tommy Leonard ii 1961-1963
GOODWIN Alvin Lee 1902-1960
GOODWIN Harold Eugene 1925-1997
GOODWIN Hazel M 1901-1985
GOODWIN James G 1908-1990
GOODWIN Kathryn C 1912-1996
GOODWIN Lynn Ellen 1954-1956
GOODWIN Myrtle G 1884-1975
GOODWIN Pauline B CRESWELL 1918-1979
GOODWIN Walter E 1939-1997
GOODWIN Walter L 1881-1945
GOODWIN William E and Mary M
GORAY Virginia F 1937-1952
GORDER H E Hank and Jimmie Lee
GORDON Ben Carl and Annie May
GORDON Daniel E 1876-1961
GORDON Delphia Jo and Aubrey H
GORDON Edward A and Gladys M
GORDON Homer Eugene 1919-1952
GORDON Joseph B 1914-1961
GORDON Leon Wilson 1918-1945
GORDON Lester E and Elsie M
GORDON Lindelu M 1922-
GORDON Walter E and M Ruby
GORDON William R 1901-1954
GORMAN Clyde 1915-1980
GORMAN Aileen M 1919-2001
GORMAN Robert B and M Marguerite
GORMAN Robert Bruce and Sudie WESTON
GORMAN Woodrow V 1915-1966
GORSICH Frank J 1919-1981
GORSICH Mary Lester 1923-
GORSKI Maytella REESE 1907-1997
GOSNELL Ray Henry 1924-1992
GOSS John F 1884-1941
GOSS Loval Jessie 1911-1980
GOSS Nellie E 1891-1976
GOSSETT Charles E 1881-1963
GOSSETT Charles W 1887-1861
GOSSETT Ida Virginia 1857-1946
GOSSETT Robert and Alpha D
GOTCHER E H and Lena
GOTHARD Lewis T and Lillian
GOUCHIE Anita YOUNG 1920-1981
GOUTY Michael A 1955-1986
GOUTY Roy C and Beatrice H
GOVAN Rodney V 1933-1996
GOWER Wm E Sr and Nellie L
GOZA J Howard and Mildred M
GRABLE Clintie 1886-1986
GRABLE Jesse G 1882-1948
GRACE - Jas M 1887-1963
GRACE - Mable C 1897-1964
GRACE James A 1902-1935
GRACEY Buena B 1892-1994
GRACY Solon Earl 1875-1956
GRACY Vonnie Van 1879-1978
GRADEL Johnny Leighton 1977-1977
GRADY John Everett and Doris Erlene
GRAFE Bernard A and Leah M
GRAFING Richard and Lily WITTE
GRAHAM Albert S 1929-1972
GRAHAM Aura S 1900-1972
GRAHAM C Pearl and Oliver Z
GRAHAM Carrie E 1866-1957
GRAHAM Cleo L and James P
GRAHAM Dennis Eugene 1960-1960
GRAHAM Donald Cory 1910-1960
GRAHAM Emory Lester 1901-1966
GRAHAM George H D 1875-1955
GRAHAM John A 1931-1990
GRAHAM Kenneth L 1942-1996
GRAHAM Mabel D 1909-1970
GRAHAM Marty Lee 1988-1989
GRAHAM Ramon 1895-1969
GRAHAM Samuel Martin 1933-2000
GRAHAM Thomas R Sr 1921-1988
GRAHAM William Ike 1934-1974
GRAHAM Wm E 1888-1972
GRAHAM Wm K 1861-1933
GRAMLING Earl 1896-1959
GRAMM Charles E 1870-1967
GRAMM Charles Reuel 1905-1976
GRAMM O-Rebecca 1878-1977
GRAMMER David Lee and Carolyn Jane
GRAMMER Francine L and Emery P
GRAMMER Hazel W and Robert S
GRAMMER Herman H 1929-1953
GRAMMER Houston Jr 1928-1980
GRAMMER Houston Sr 1904-1973
GRAMMER Iris Lorene 1912-1992
GRAMMER Martha Paul 1924-
GRAMMER Robert M Jr 1920-1977
GRAMMER Ruby 1907-1953
GRANBERRY Leatha M and Loyd R
GRANDELL Michelle Cherie 1969-1987
GRANER Claude R and Bertha S
GRANT Alice A COBB 1896-1966
GRANT Alice Burt 1904-1984
GRANT Ann L 1892-1961
GRANT Cameron John 1992
GRANT Coy D and Mae W
GRANT Evadean T 1925-1964
GRANT Jean H and Bill C
GRANT John A 1884-1944
GRANT Josie B 1911-1965
GRANT Lawrence M 1888-1973
GRANT Minnie B 1896-1948
GRANT Steven Fred 1956-1957
GRANT Thomas J 1909-1967
GRANT Verda May and Fred Walker
GRASHER Howard K 1921-1958
GRAVES Vinson R 1895-1943
GRAVES Addie O 1903-1968
GRAVES Clyde W 1891-1966
GRAVES Dorothy Anne 1913-1979
GRAVES Harold H and Juanita W
GRAVES James Alex and Rose Mary OVERALL
GRAVES M Frances 1900-1989
GRAVES Madolin MANNEN Sally 1898-1990
GRAVES R L Dick and Helen Margaret
GRAY John C 1867-1938
GRAY John Harrison 1924-1997
GRAY mother 1887-1944
GRAY Sarah Elizabeth 1892-1981
GRAY Alfred J 1888-1930
GRAY Alletha J 1866-1950
GRAY Angela 1992
GRAY Annie S 1894-1966
GRAY Clarence V 1888-1953
GRAY Doris H 1920-
GRAY Guy L 1892-1967
GRAY Iva M and Lon L
GRAY Jack and Sula M
GRAY Lucile 1909-1936
GRAY Luther C 1884-1958
GRAY Mabel S 1887-1974
GRAY Mattie M 1893-1961
GRAY Murrell C-and Doris H
GRAY Murrell Clinton 1921-1987
GRAY Pauline M 1928-1999
GRAY Robert Lee 1869-1954
GRAY Robin E and Margaret
GRAY S M Nanney
GREAR Nancy 1935-1999
GREAR William H 1936-2002
GREATHOUSE John Earl 1940-1964
GREATHOUSE Lonnie B 1918-1997
GREATHOUSE M Grace 1894-1967
GREATHOUSE Nancy Helen and Earl Lewis
GREATHOUSE Reymound R 1885-1959
GREATHOUSE Sue Ellen 1945-1946
GREB Harry Lewis and Eva Belle ADAMS
GREEN A D 1881-1942
GREEN Audrey RABURN and Archie Compton
GREEN Beecher 1891-1937
GREEN Buster O 1915-2002
GREEN Cecil Thomas 1930-1954
GREEN Charles R and Ruth H
GREEN Charles Rogan 1903-1991
GREEN Elizabeth A and Wayne L
GREEN Faye S 1895-1965
GREEN Floyce S and Jimmy D
GREEN Geneva Belle 1871-1952
GREEN Grace Lucy PLAHN 1906-1997
GREEN Gruthie Belle 1887-1973
GREEN J E Jr 1925-1987
GREEN J E Sr 1902-1954
GREEN J F Grover 1884-1938
GREEN Joseph F Sr 1890-1972
GREEN Lee M 1906-1957
GREEN Madie B 1909-1986
GREEN Mary T 1889-1943
GREEN Maxine 1939-
GREEN Nell Kilby 1890-1958
GREEN Nevada D 1896-1984
GREEN Peark L 1895-1964
GREEN Robert Earl Cpt and Margaret Ann
GREEN Sarah Frances 1871-1954
GREEN Vester C 1895-1966
GREEN William G 1890-1966
GREENE Besse C and Willie M
GREENE Beulah 1885-
GREENE Blanche E and Ney L
GREENE Cullum E 1896-1960
GREENE Danny 1947-2002
GREENE Edna May 1884-1939
GREENE Emma 1869-
GREENE Gwynta F 1897-1965
GREENE H M 1851-1943
GREENE Henry W 1892-1973
GREENE Henry W 1918-2001
GREENE Horace B and Margaret E
GREENE John F and Winnie BROWN
GREENE Johnnie and Tyler C
GREENE Johnnie P 1880-1965
GREENE Loraine Kay 1915-1996
GREENE Lucy L 1853-1943
GREENE Paul B 1930-1986
GREENFIELD Hazel and Joe
GREENMUN Connie R 1951-
GREENSLADE Bobby Joe 1935-1964
GREENSLADE Clyde E 1914-1953
GREENSTREET Thomas B and Sarah M
GREENWAY Beatrice -1974
GREENWAY Clifford Ballard 1923-1998
GREENWAY Ernest 1909-1977
GREENWAY Helen Elizabeth 1926-
GREENWOOD Glenn M 1892-1970
GREENWOOD Glenn Mand Ripple C
GREER Edgar P 1886-1968
GREER Grace 1896-1936
GREER Austin R and Mary Jewel
GREER Carl L 1905-1947
GREER Clyde O and Catherine
GREER Edna W and John H
GREER Lee Vonia and Morrell C
GREER Lois ROSSON 1900-1948
GREER Lois ROSSON 1900-1948
GREER Phyllis Ruth 1943-1959
GREER Tennie STARKS 1895-1990
GREER William Wesley 1897-1988
GREEVER Flossie QUAY and Vernon Milton
GREEVER James Wardell 1943-1944
GREGG Elisha Bishop and Fannie Belle
GREGG Nora HART 1885-1967
GREGG William Curran Sr 1878-1941
GREGORY Edna and Marvin
GREGORY A J 1856-1932
GREGORY Attye M and Joseph
GREGORY Berta 1861-1942
GREGORY Charles H 1910-1964
GREGORY Coston L 1910-1972
GREGORY Earl Leon 1933-1951
GREGORY Florence M 1886-1973
GREGORY George T 1912-1986
GREGORY Gerard E 1886-1955
GREGORY Jennie Lee 1861-1955
GREGORY Jimmie B 1918-1995
GREGORY Larry Bruce 1945-1961
GREGORY Lorene POOLE 1912-2002
GREGORY Lula D 1916-1980
GREGORY Lynita MILLER 1916-1956
GREGORY Mary E 1867-1935
GREGORY Nellie O 1909-1993
GREGORY Nota Mae 1888-1959
GREGORY Pamela A and Charles T Butter
GREGORY Tammy Lynn 1964-1966
GREPTON August G and Mary
GRESHAM Mildred A and Walter O
GRESSETT Ella A and James H
GREUTER Fred Junior 1917-1972
GRICE Albert H 1924-1954
GRICE Albert H 1924-1954
GRICE Marvin Edward and Dorris Marie
GRIDER Elsie Billie 1927-1970
GRIDER Henry W 1904-1976
GRIDER James H Curly and Mary Margaret F
GRIDER Nellie M 1907-1972
GRIDER Robert H 1892-1957
GRIDER Sylvia BAILEY 1906-1988
GRIER Julia Catherine 1841-1935
GRIER Timothy Michael 1940-1985
GRIER Vinnie A 1883-1957
GRIER William D 1888-1965
GRIFFIN Alfonso E 1903-1961
GRIFFIN Aline S 1868-1946
GRIFFIN Clinton Finley and Bessye Mae
GRIFFIN Dana Cove Jr 1906-1975
GRIFFIN Dana Gove 1873-1935
GRIFFIN Edd L 1910-1966
GRIFFIN Elenora H 1891-1986
GRIFFIN Ernest James 1947-1978
GRIFFIN Eva C 1892-1974
GRIFFIN Gail 1937
GRIFFIN Gary A 1941-1963
GRIFFIN George W 1883-1942
GRIFFIN Ina Pearl 1882-1975
GRIFFIN James Lewis and Elizabeth
GRIFFIN Jesse M 1922-1972
GRIFFIN Jessie C 1905-2002
GRIFFIN John C 1914-1995
GRIFFIN John Carey 1872-1939
GRIFFIN Kenneth Paul 1926-2000
GRIFFIN Lillie Mae 1925-1980
GRIFFIN Margaret DUKE 1901-1979
GRIFFIN Mary Jane 1857-1943
GRIFFIN Mary R 1881-1966
GRIFFIN Melba D 1924-2002
GRIFFIN Otelia T and Roy C
GRIFFIN Victor O and Ruth S
GRIFFIN Walter L 1879-1938
GRIFFIN William S Bill 1917-2003
GRIFFIN Willie SMYTH 1894-1973
GRIFFING Ralph Adams and Pauline Elizabe
GRIFFIS Nobie 1905-1969
GRIFFITH Almeta 1905-1996
GRIFFITH Fred D and Ora Lee
GRIFFITH George E 1891-1939
GRIFFITH Hazel M 1897-1970
GRIFFITH Helen Ruth 1923-1991
GRIFFITH Karen Sue and Sammy Lee
GRIFFITH Margueriette E and George P
GRIFFITH Robert Giles and Olive Belle
GRIFFITH Thomas E and Nell May
GRIGGS Obera Ruth NETHERTON 1926-1995
GRIGSBY George R and Leslie Ann
GRIGSBY Jeffrey W 1966-1992
GRIGSBY Vernon W -1940
GRIMALDO Felix Jr 1964-1999
GRIMES Augustus T 1888-1965
GRIMES Barney A Sr 1896-1956
GRIMES Clary Darwin 1894-1936
GRIMES Edwin C and Ruth K
GRIMES Esther Julia 1893-1947
GRIMES Frank G 1914-1975
GRIMES Jesse Lee 1892-1945
GRIMES Joseph E 1863-1941
GRIMES Keith Allen 1972-1982
GRIMES Margaret and A T
GRIMES Mary M 1898-1955
GRIMES Ruby Anne 1892-1938
GRIMES Wils Allen 1947-1994
GRIMES Wils Jr 1968-1968
GRIMLAND Melvin W and Lillie B
GRIMMETT Dudley Edward and Annie Maurice
GRIMMETT Johnnie Dale and Clara C
GRIMMETT Lina Van CAUBLE 1926-1977
GRIMSLEY George Welton 1956-2001
GRIMSLEY Martha Etta 1869-1944
GRISHAM Edward L and Inez
GRISOM Margaret A and Marshall L
GRISSOM Jewel 1911-1988
GRISSOM Roy 1904-1971
GRISSOM William C 1941-1992
GRISWELL Elmer and Beulah M
GRIZZARD William E 1904-1962
GROCE Chas T 1897-1992
GROCE Jack 1927-1998
GROCE Jettie C 1907-1937
GROCE Mary 1923-1998
GROCE Myrtle and Willie
GROGAN Woodrow W 1927-1967
GROSVENOR Mary 1908-1979
GROUND Mary Head and Otis William
GROUND Otis Earl 1926-1965
GROUT Corrine Berry 1903-1937
GROVE Charlotte E 1901-1985
GROVE John S and Martha A
GROVE Robert L and Helen W
GROVE William Barry and Frances BRUCE
GROVER Henry Cushing 1896-1960
GROVES Rosa Ada and Richard A
GROVES A W 1871-1947
GROVES boys 1972
GROVES Elzy C 1879-1956
GROVES Grace HOLBROOK 1879-1961
GROVES Russell H and Sadie M
GROVES Viola and Bryan
GRUBB sons 1970
GRUBB Stephen Edward 1971-1974
GRUBBS Annie Laurie Ann 1923-
GRUBBS S F 1917-1974
GRUBBS Corrie E 1872-1939
GRUBBS Ellis Jackson 1874-1938
GRUBBS Scarlet F 1960-1998
GRUNDY Fred 1891-1929
GRUNWALD John A and L Vie
GUEST Isaac Robert and Lillie Mae
GUEST Viola Grace 1933-1987
GUFFEY George C and Almeda C
GUILFORD Cynthia A and Morgan B
GUILLOT Leroy J 1920-1975
GUIMARIN Harold Jr and Linda G
GUIMARIN Jerry Don 1964-1964
GUITERREZ Sherrie Ann 1973-1973
GULLEDGE Mac A 1892-1947
GULLION Mabel M and Ed Frank
GUMM Edgar and Mae Belle
GUNN Grace V 1888-1966
GUNN Josephine 1876-1962
GUNN Marelin AINSWORTH and Ernest and Ni
GUNN Robert H and Lillian M
GUNN Wanda 1947-1971
GUNN William E 1880-1948
GUNN William M 1866-1944
GUNTER Charles Durwood and Violet Rebecc
GURGANUS Crissie Lynn 1972-1972
GURLEY Idella May 1871-1950
GURLEY J J 1866-1944
GURLEY Frank R and Willa Mae
GURLEY Harry Arlon 1917-1977
GURLEY Homer E 1905-1953
GURLEY Richard Wallace and Dorothy BAKER
GUSTAFSON Arvid L 1885-1960
GUSTAFSON Gustaf H 1880-1951
GUTH Della and George M
GUTHRIE Ernest E and Electra
GUTHRIE Gertrude Isabel and J C
GUTHRIE J F Tobe 1909-1963
GUTHRIE Jessie Lou Jay 1915-2002
GUTHRIE Ouida Laverne Dr and James Carro
GUTHRIE Sylvetta M 1873-1959
GUTHRIE W V 1862-1937
GUYER John P and Rachael H
GUYER John P Jr and Carletta S
GWIN Faye R 1907-1975
GWIN George B 1906-1987
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