Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - JKL, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
JACK Earl O-Neal 1967-1967
JACK James D Jimmy 1964-1987
JACKS Annie Clair 1895-1973
JACKS Clifford Henry 1889-1958
JACKS David Mell Jr 1930-1945
JACKS James J 1923-1944
JACKS Lillian JARRETT and David Mell
JACKS Louie S 1908-1985
JACKS Louie S 1908-1986
JACKSON J Frank 1881-1962
JACKSON Lillie A 1888-1939
JACKSON Agnes 1894-1977
JACKSON Andrew E and Eula MAYO
JACKSON Archiebald 1886-1968
JACKSON Bertha and Bert
JACKSON Burnidene and Erwin
JACKSON Callie Rea 1876-1952
JACKSON Carroll A and Martha E
JACKSON Charles Jeffery 1865-1972
JACKSON Claude G 1887-1961
JACKSON Deonta Rashad 1993-1993
JACKSON E W Mrs 1898-1951
JACKSON Earl 1900-1951
JACKSON Earle C Jr 1937-1993
JACKSON Elbert Lee and Florence S
JACKSON Elmo Walter 1898-1977
JACKSON Evelyn Mer 1921-2001
JACKSON Fannie Belle 1887-1972
JACKSON George and Thelma and George
JACKSON H E Gene and Mary Alice
JACKSON Hazel M BOGGS 1907-1940
JACKSON Howard Eslie 1921-1987
JACKSON Howard Eslie 1921-1987
JACKSON Howard S 1946-1968
JACKSON Jesse Lee 1890-1933
JACKSON John C Sr 1918-1990
JACKSON John R 1872-1936
JACKSON Juanita J and Earle C
JACKSON Juanita M 1920-2003
JACKSON Landon J and Lillie M
JACKSON Lois WISE 1917-1979
JACKSON Louis J 1904-1957
JACKSON Mamie E 1901-1945
JACKSON Mary Alice 1923-1954
JACKSON Mary BIRCHER 1888-1966
JACKSON Mary Elizabeth 1947-1956
JACKSON Mary Katherine 1897-1976
JACKSON Monte Gene and Howard Steven
JACKSON Myrtle V 1901-1988
JACKSON Nannette BABER 1890-1968
JACKSON Nick and Myrtle
JACKSON Pauline Frances and David Lynn
JACKSON Ray Paul 1927-1947
JACKSON Reeves 1888-1972
JACKSON Rennie L 1892-1952
JACKSON Robert 1920-1979
JACKSON Ruby G and Edgar R
JACKSON Sallie Mae -1945
JACKSON Thelma L and Bardey S
JACKSON W Grover 1889-1949
JACKSON Wanda J 1923-1997
JACKSON Wayne F Jack 1927-1991
JACKSON William N and Mary Leta
JACOB Homer S 1900-1977
JACOBS Doris P 1920-1999
JACOBS Ollie Lee 1916-1971
JACOBS Wm Thomas 1872-1950
JACOBY Myrtle Ruth 1893-1978
JAEGER Carl H and Jean
JAKIMIER Theodore F and Dessie C
JAKUBCO Cylil F 1917-1997
JAKUBCO Ruth LOVALL 1915-1968
JAMANILA James 1928-1993
JAMBRINA Jose Fdez 1910-1998
JAMES Lily M and Mack M
JAMES Patricia Rae 1947-1947
JAMES Adella 1873-1954
JAMES Andrew H 1892-1956
JAMES Bertha Mae 1875-1956
JAMES Billy Edward 1928-1990
JAMES Diamond A 1930-
JAMES Edward Marvin and Savannah Clement
JAMES Ernest Lee 1901-1964
JAMES Helen DAVIS and Philip Marion
JAMES Helen Jimmie 1921-1996
JAMES Jack Stoffers 1912-2001
JAMES Justin Chance 1998-1998
JAMES Kathleen T and Isaac T
JAMES Lavalca Louellen 1905-1962
JAMES Lawrence E 1896-1971
JAMES Lucille Mimi 1894-1970
JAMES Mary L and Lawson E
JAMES Nicholas A 1900-1961
JAMES Shirley WATERS 1935-
JAMES Velma MOORE 1900-1985
JAMES Verena W 1895-1960
JAMES W R 1869-1935
JAMES W R and Adella
JAMES William D 1936-1998
JAMES William M 1889-1954
JAMES Wilmer Allen 1930-1964
JANES Charles M 1891-1971
JANES Edith BENNING 1901-1986
JANES Edith R and Charles M
JARED Ella Frances PARTIN 1901-1998
JARED John E 1894-1946
JARNAGIN Charles Erskine 1878-1951
JARNIGAN Tracy Glenn 1953-1956
JARRELL Claudette 1949
JARRELL Clifford Jack 1901-1944
JARRELL Famer J 1883-1950
JARRELL Mary King 1854-1938
JARRELL William B 1877-1945
JARVIS Walter L 1896-1968
JAY Dell S 1884-1970
JAY Luther C Jr 1914-1957
JEANES O L Red and Callimae
JEANFREAU Leicester L and Lila H
JEANNET Val J and Virginia
JEFFERSON Ludie Alice and E R Bert
JEFFREYS Bessie V and Charles T
JEFFRIES Ila M and M H Jeff
JELINEK Jenna 1955
JEMEYSON Effie P 1889-1986
JEMEYSON William C 1916-1963
JEMISON Fontie Price 1873-1938
JEMISON Jack M 1872-1936
JENKINS Edna E 1905-1971
JENKINS Buck 1895-1962
JENKINS Carl J Sgt and Jennie S
JENKINS Charles R 1913-1978
JENKINS E O 1850-1932
JENKINS Homer P 1904-1985
JENKINS Homer P Jr 1932-1950
JENKINS Isabella Lucy 1869-1950
JENKINS L A 1880-1958
JENKINS Lucille COFER and Gentry Lawson
JENKINS Maggie E 1881-1968
JENKINS Margaret J 1881-1967
JENKINS Martha E 1862-1951
JENKINS Mary E 1889-1963
JENKINS Maurine F and Charles H
JENKINS Minnie Lee 1905-1950
JENKINS Nancy May and Robert Barney
JENKINS Obie and Grace
JENKINS Samuel E 1870-1954
JENKINS Thomas H 1886-1980
JENKINS Verna M and Exline J
JENKINS Wilbur Lee 1917-1937
JENKINS Willie 1872-1934
JENNINGS Cora D 1882-1971
JENNINGS K V 1879-1930
JENNINGS Addie Lee and Reese
JENNINGS Beverly C 1917-1987
JENNINGS Inez and Jess
JENNINGS Katherine L and Edgar B
JENNINGS Marttie Lee andJohn Henry
JENNINGS Patricia A 1954-1976
JENNINGS Polly Gean and William Bryan
JENSEN Beatrice 1925-1990
JENSEN Dorothy CHICK 1920-1982
JENSEN Jack 1914-1973
JENSEN Julius T Jr 1936-1987
JETER Katherine S 1889-1946
JETER William W 1888-1944
JETT Mozelle 1908-1946
JEWELL Dylan 2003-2003
JEWELL Felix H and Ailleen E
JEWELL Joe Veal 1923-1968
JEWETT Preston C and Luecindy J
JOBE Ethel 1911-1999
JOBE James D and Margarette I
JOBE Jimmy Dale 1955
JOBE Lela and Walter
JOBE Marguerite and Silas N
JOBE Mary Dee 1928-1974
JOBE Mary Lucille and Howard Clarence
JOBE Raymond H 1913-1990
JOBE Roxie Ione 1909-1987
JOBE Vernon L 1922-1945
JOBE Winston W Sr 1926-1983
JOBST 4 George M 1870-1931
JOBST 4 Mary 1871-1942
JOHANSEN-EK Audrey and Arthur
JOHANSON Arthur Jr 1919-1991
JOHN Helyne L and Robert H
JOHN Little 1973-1975
JOHN Randy A 1944-1963
JOHN Ray M 1934-1991
JOHNNIE Bettie L 47-95
JOHNS Helen V and Ernest A
JOHNSON Gladys 1892-1945
JOHNSON William A 1888-1954
JOHNSON Louellen 1889-1963
JOHNSON Louis Alford 1857-1932
JOHNSON Malinda V 1858-1953
JOHNSON - Donald Ray
JOHNSON - Donald Ray 1939-2000
JOHNSON - Hallie and Arlie
JOHNSON - Walter Ray 1964-1995
JOHNSON 4 Lela Pink 1889-1969
JOHNSON 4 Luther Evan 1890-1954
JOHNSON 5 Billie I and Charles L
JOHNSON 5 Lillian Hill 1890-1985
JOHNSON Albert S 1892-1977
JOHNSON Alton R 1913-1979
JOHNSON Anne M 1940-1966
JOHNSON Arlie L and Hallie G
JOHNSON Arline F 1915-1951
JOHNSON Arthur L 1896-1929
JOHNSON Arthur L Jr 1926-1975
JOHNSON Asbury A 1878-1963
JOHNSON Audrey Maxine and Albert Henry
JOHNSON Avis E 1902-1973
JOHNSON Bedie 1868-1945
JOHNSON Billie Louise 1935-1999
JOHNSON Billy Don 1934-1990
JOHNSON Billy Ray 1934-1971
JOHNSON Billy Ray 1934-1971
JOHNSON Candy TRUITT 1953-1990
JOHNSON Carter 1885-1971
JOHNSON Charles W 1879-1961
JOHNSON Christine V and T C
JOHNSON Clarence G 1897-1962
JOHNSON Cody 1887-1955
JOHNSON Cora May 1879-1971
JOHNSON Darrell T 1955
JOHNSON E Ruth and J Hugh
JOHNSON Earl J 1885-1964
JOHNSON Eddie A 1888-1947
JOHNSON Elaine 1883-1963
JOHNSON Elizabeth 1885-1936
JOHNSON Ella Mae 1897-1955
JOHNSON Emma A 1857-1948
JOHNSON Ernest L 1895-1988
JOHNSON Ethel W 1892-1978
JOHNSON Floyd N 1928-1991
JOHNSON Garland E and Hazel S
JOHNSON Garland Reed and Natalie Ruth
JOHNSON George W 1862-1954
JOHNSON Glenn Porter 1898-1963
JOHNSON Grace 1908-2004
JOHNSON Guy Lowell 1921-1968
JOHNSON Haskell G and Wandiene
JOHNSON Hattie and William D
JOHNSON Herbert H and Nell TAYLOR 8
JOHNSON Hugh Mack and Jessie K
JOHNSON Ida Mae 1894-1987
JOHNSON J Fred 1888-1937
JOHNSON J M 1871-1936
JOHNSON James H and Decie A
JOHNSON Jay T 1945-1999
JOHNSON Jennie L 1910-1993
JOHNSON Joe 1903-1981
JOHNSON John A 1944-
JOHNSON John R and Emma M
JOHNSON John W 1892-1946
JOHNSON Joseph W 1919-1944
JOHNSON Juanita PAYNE 1909-1999
JOHNSON Kathleen and C Fred
JOHNSON Laura B Bennie and I Loscious
JOHNSON Laurel 1885-1973
JOHNSON Leroy 1898-1973
JOHNSON Lillis L 1917-1971
JOHNSON Lucretia 1900-1961
JOHNSON Luke 1888-1960
JOHNSON Lyle D and Evelyn F
JOHNSON Marie M 1910-2000
JOHNSON Mary Beth YADON 1921-1949
JOHNSON Mary E 1925-1992
JOHNSON Mary Ella Helen 1901-1988
JOHNSON Mary S 1910-2001
JOHNSON Mattie S 1943-
JOHNSON Minnie L 1895-1956
JOHNSON Nannie Elizabeth 1874-1935
JOHNSON Nina A and Laymond G
JOHNSON Ollie Ferrell 1914-1940
JOHNSON Ollie Robert 1895-1970
JOHNSON Orion J 1908-1986
JOHNSON Ouida 1909-1997
JOHNSON Robert H and Rena I
JOHNSON Robert Henry 1879-1956
JOHNSON Ross J 1896-1956
JOHNSON Roxana P 1866-1949
JOHNSON Roy Lewis Sr 1927-1969
JOHNSON Rufus J 1880-1934
JOHNSON Russell Ted 1968-1968
JOHNSON Sopha Ann 1880-1963
JOHNSON Vada V 1895-1981
JOHNSON Verna E and Ezra J
JOHNSON Vinnie 1914-1953
JOHNSON Viola B 1897-1943
JOHNSON Virginia K and Leon G
JOHNSON Walter Mac and Ruby BELL
JOHNSON Walter Mack 1902-1953
JOHNSON Wayne Wright 1921-1974
JOHNSON Welburne Glenn 1949-1993
JOHNSON Weldon 1908-1943
JOHNSON Wesley T 1907-1966
JOHNSON Willard C 1917-1992
JOHNSON William Bolton 1898-1989
JOHNSON William L and Loretta
JOHNSTON E J 1898-1949
JOHNSTON Garland A 1925-1945
JOHNSTON Gladys Inez 1899-1978
JOHNSTON Johnny 1923-1968
JOHNSTON Alvin Claude 1891-1978
JOHNSTON Gladys B 1901-1981
JOHNSTON J A 1855-1939
JOHNSTON Jay Macklin 1946-1946
JOHNSTON Lowell Watkins 1909-
JOHNSTON Mary Lee 1900-1980
JOHNSTON Maxie L and W Cletus
JOHNSTON Wm H 1900-1957
JOINER Alberta I and James P
JOINER Aubret Leon 1914-1988
JOINER Denny 1908-1971
JOINER Dorothy A 1928-2002
JOINER Frank F 1886-1964
JOINER James Monroe ii MD 1944-2001
JOINER Larry Leon 1946-1971
JOINER Lillie Belle 1886-1987
JOINER Ouida Austine 1925-1994
JOINER Webb M and Virginia F
JOINER Willie M 1921-1987
JOLLY Burlan N and Jackie L
JOLLY Overton and Pearl
JONES Ars W 1878-1965
JONES Jasbil 1875-1933
JONES James H 1880-1929
JONES Willie S 1885-1943
JONES Joe F 1920-1988
JONES Carl Wayne 1944-1963
JONES 6 Effie DAVIS 1896-1979
JONES 6 Enoch Ernest 1882-1944
JONES 6 Enoch Gerald 1916-1966
JONES 6 Mary BACHA 1918-1980
JONES Albert Joseph and Minnie Myrtle
JONES Albert L and Clementina HALL
JONES Alma 1922-1998
JONES Andy G 1875-1956
JONES Angelela Kay 1978-1978
JONES Autie M 1926-1945
JONES Balma BOYKIN 1981-1966
JONES Bascom B Jr 1919-1978
JONES Berry Edward and Thelma Vangie
JONES Betty Frances 1927-1969
JONES Betty Jo 1925-1995
JONES Blanche 1890-1980
JONES Bobby R 1928-1970
JONES Brenda Caroline and James Ray
JONES Bush E 1907-1953
JONES C E Buster and Virginia T
JONES Carmen M 1891-1939
JONES Cecil V and Mildred E
JONES Charles 1970
JONES Charles D 1921-1969
JONES Chesna Pearl 1890-1958
JONES Claire CALDWELL 1907-1964
JONES Clara FUDGE and Manley C
JONES Clyde L 1897-1968
JONES Courtney
JONES Courtney Beth JOHNSON 1963-1987
JONES David C and Alice
JONES Debbie D 1955-1983
JONES Dollie Mae and O S Jr
JONES Drew D 1905-1979
JONES E Roberta HARRIS 1881-1966
JONES Earnest L Sr 1928-1989
JONES Elizabeth Alice 1923-2001
JONES Ellie L and Frank M
JONES Emma Frances 1893-1980
JONES Enoch Tally and Jereny B
JONES Felix R 1879-1951
JONES Frank H 1907-1984
JONES Frankie Pauline 1907-1985
JONES Gilbert N and Dorothy L
JONES Gordon F 1918-1965
JONES Granvel W 1916-1974
JONES Harry C 1895-1963
JONES Harvey S 1922-1978
JONES Harvey Wayne 1946-1966
JONES Helen B 1893-1978
JONES Helen Oneta and Leonard R
JONES Herbert Harry 1878-1968
JONES Houston E and Ida Pearl
JONES Hubert Alonzo 1918-1994
JONES Inez D 1895-1961
JONES Jack Preston 1913-1977
JONES James M 1858-1938
JONES Jason Michael 1977-1999
JONES Jerry A 1899-1991
JONES Jessie Mae 1888-1964
JONES Joe Richard 1946-1949
JONES Joe Thomas 1926-1945
JONES Joel T and Mamie L
JONES John A 1917-1997
JONES John Owen 1883-1966
JONES Joseph William 1924-1981
JONES Karissa Jayleen 1978-1979
JONES King Cain and Ruth Keith
JONES L Murray 1926-1997
JONES Lelia M 1883-1981
JONES Leo 1879-1964
JONES Leon R 1927-1966
JONES Leona M 1880-1969
JONES Lester C 1915-1995
JONES Mable Marie 1914-1995
JONES Margaret Esther 1922-
JONES Margaret HALL 1914-2003
JONES Mary Autie LEE 1896-1977
JONES Michael R 1950-1955
JONES Michael Thomas 1961
JONES Mildred Lee JOHNSON 1908-1996
JONES Minor E 1873-1961
JONES Myla Joyce 1957-1960
JONES Myrtle CHAMBERS 1881-1973
JONES Myrtle F 1884-1948
JONES Nancy Idella 1888-1975
JONES Naomi L 1903-1985
JONES Natalie Sue 1978-1979
JONES Nelvin Travis Dave 1911-1967
JONES Oliver B 1888-1958
JONES Oliver W 1894-1955
JONES Ollie M and Shedrick E
JONES Osborn S and Margaret M
JONES Patsy G and Bobby G
JONES Paulette THWING and Golda Ruth
JONES Pearl W and I L White
JONES R A 1881-1934
JONES Ray 1891-1943
JONES Rayble E and Eva M
JONES Robert D Jr 1920-1942
JONES Robert E L and Pauline J
JONES Robert LaFayette 1870-1942
JONES Robert Lee 1905-1988
JONES Robert S 1900-1970
JONES Rolland Ingraham 1903-1945
JONES Ruth HOOPES 1904-1962
JONES Samuel Mable 1876-1942
JONES Samuel P and Iva Mae
JONES Sheron Lynn 1948-
JONES Sophia WILSON 1910-1996
JONES Telitha Alpha 1869-1944
JONES Thelma Mize and Sam Paul Jr
JONES Troupe G 1894-1971
JONES Vance and Alice
JONES Velma F and George D
JONES Verna Fay and John Paul
JONES Virginia A 1875-1948
JONES Virginia L 1896-1980
JONES Vivian 1912-1991
JONES W Walace 1867-1920
JONES Warren Patterson 1872-1942
JONES Wilbur H 1916-1982
JONES Willard R and Alice E
JONES William George 1905-1961
JONES Willie BEAUCHAMP and William Oscar
JONES Willie I 1880-1964
JONES Zona Belle and Charles H
JONES-LUNN Casey and Nettie and Bill
JOOSTEN Florence A 1882-1944
JOOSTEN George A 1877-1955
JORDAN Willie Howard 1898-1947
JORDAN Bertha Mae 1908-1983
JORDAN Dessie V and Alvin Curtis
JORDAN Mary E 1877-1940
JORDAN Nathaniel D 1874-1950
JORDAN Roy R 1904-1971
JORDAN Addie Faye 1904-1994
JORDAN Anna L 1878-1964
JORDAN Annelle GLICK 1916-2001
JORDAN Bertha M 1893-1964
JORDAN Charley R 1907-1962
JORDAN Eula FRIEND 1903-1950
JORDAN Eula M 1903-1950
JORDAN Eula Mae and Luther Ray
JORDAN Evelyne 1913-1955
JORDAN Henry C 1898-1966
JORDAN Joyce A and Curtis E
JORDAN LeRoy 1894-1961
JORDAN Lewis Ray 1917-1989
JORDAN Lillian Bernice 1899-2003
JORDAN Lornie 1906-1964
JORDAN R P Tiny and Arkie V
JORDAN Sonny Brooks 1932-1940
JORDAN Thomas 1871-1934
JORDAN William Aaron and Annie Pauline
JORDAN Willis R 1895-1952
JORDAN Willis Ray Jr 1919-1978
JORDON Charles Leon 1962-1998
JORNDT Edith A and A Forrest
JOSEPHSON Myron H 1950-1986
JOURNEAY Mary H 1906-1959
JOYCE Charles Elias
JOYCE John B 1883-1947
JOYCE Maud L 1887-1962
JOYCE Vivian V 1905-1980
JOYCE Basil John 1892-1965
JOYCE Louis Glenway 1910-1964
JOYNER Xenia and Berry Wynne
JUBIN Gayle BURNS 1910-1989
JUDGE Florence OSBORN 1928-1993
JULIO Di 1968
JUMP Donald E and Cathy F
June 1918-1934
JUSTICE Eula M 1880-1975
JUSTICE John W 1876-1936
KAHLER Barbara Ann 1950-1969
KAHLEY Minnie Nell JONES 1869-1938
KAISER Dora 1868-1948
KAISER Katherine and Frank Godfrey
KAISER Walter Bryan and Anne Belle
KAMAS Annie 1890-1976
KAMAS Joe C 1910-1981
KAMAS John W 1908-1951
KANE Thomas Francis 1895-1959
KARNES Mattie F 1883-1949
KARNES Nettie Jane 1865-1934
KARNES Richard F 1913-1965
KASKA Betty Jo and Louis F
KASKA Louis Jr 1963-2001
KATTNER Bruno A 1904-1990
KATTNER Helen Faye 1943-1948
KATTNER Louise 1917-
KATZ Lula W 1940
KATZ Merton A 1874-1941
KAUFFMAN Christian D 1909-1970
KAUFFMAN Laura B and B Frank
KAUFFMAN Minnie 1874-1952
KAUFMAN Albert P 1887-1964
KAUFMANN Josephine 1903-1963
KAY Ethel E 1886-1963
KAY H C 1882-1948
KAY John S and Cudene M
KAY Otis B and Flora G
KAYLER Belle M and John A
KAYLER Edwin L and Jane BROWN
KAYS Minnie HOLLIE and William E
KEARNEY Mickie Marie 1967-1971
KEARNS Christeen B and John W Jr
KEARNS John W Jr 1922-1966
KEARNS John W Sr 1897-1956
KEARNS John W Sr and Alma V
KEATHLEY Edwin Lee and Naomi N
KEE Green T 1883-1944
KEEBLER Henry Clay and Ruby Lois
KEEL Bessie E 1894-1944
KEEL Claude Lee 1936-1961
KEEL James A 1889-1949
KEELING Mary P 1924-1972
KEEN Boyd R 1899-1955
KEEN Maud ROBERTSON 1875-1934
KEEN Robert Lee 1908-1976
KEEN Susanna Mildred 1911-1985
KEENE Cleotta and Leonard
KEENE Jimmie Lee 1936-1936
KEENE Rebecca J and Lloyd W
KEENER Wayne H 1911-1975
KEENER Wayne H and Irene E
KEENEY Martin V 1905-1955
KEENEY Mary L 1904-1997
KEENUM J L and Millie F
KEEPER Beatrice 1907-1985
KEEPHER Nannie B 1880-1936
KEES Jewell 1909-1988
KEESHEN Zula WRIGHT 1904-1940
KEETER Annie L 1905-1964
KEETER Billy John 1938-1996
KEETER Joy GRANT 1903-1960
KEETON Ben O 1905-1929
KEETON Harry Sr 1880-1961
KEETON Joe and Elizabeth
KEETON Joe L COZBY 1885-1976
KEETON John Franklin and Mary Frank CLAR
KEETON Judy C and Paul F
KEETON Mamie 1898-1974
KEETON Marilynn and Woodrow
KEEVAN Frank O 1897-1970
KEEVAN Mamie 1887-1989
KEEVAN Robert James 1903-1967
KEGLEY William C and Bertha E
KEIFER David Eugene 1926-1988
KEIFER Louis F Jr Lou and Nell KNIGHT
KEITH Marguerite 1905-1984
KEITH R Lowell 1905-1948
KEITH Ella Belle and Charles W
KEITH Juanita and Raymond
KEITH Leonard S 1905-1978
KEITH Lillian K and Sam E Sr and Maggie
KEITH Maggie L 1880-1964
KEITH Robert R ii 1937
KEITH Sam E Sr 1878-1955
KELLEHER Henneth F 1923-1966
KELLER Audra E 1891-1973
KELLER Bobbie 1935-1956
KELLER Brenda L 1951-
KELLER Carlos Gordon and Vera HURLEY
KELLER Eulala 1919-
KELLER Gale 1942-
KELLER George Lundy 1915-1993
KELLER John F and Kate B
KELLER Leona E and Davis W
KELLER R D 1901-1958
KELLER Robt Lloyd 1925-1956
KELLER Sandra 1940-
KELLETT Nathaniel Andrew 1889-1963
KELLETT Amanda A 1886-1949
KELLETT William B 1874-1954
KELLETT Wm Ervin 1882-1968
KELLEY Anna L and V Forrest
KELLEY Delmus L and Mary Joe
KELLEY Elbert 1872-1940
KELLEY Frank H 1918-1963
KELLEY Gordon M 1919-1985
KELLEY Henrie Etta YEAGER 1880-1970
KELLEY Ida M 1873-1941
KELLEY John L Jr Dr 1927-1980
KELLEY John Leroy 1894-1970
KELLEY John LeRoy and Mary SCHOBER
KELLEY Mary HARRIS 1919-1993
KELLEY Mindoria 1882-1955
KELLEY Muriel and Ferris
KELLEY Otis Douglas and Bonnie Bell
KELLEY Sonja Marie 1941-1952
KELLEY Susan E 1964-1964
KELLEY Susan Renee 1994-1994
KELLEY Vance 1880-1960
KELLEY William S 1899-1972
KELLIHER Josephine 1923-1975
KELLOGG Evelyn M 1889-1970
KELLY Eathul M 1907-1994
KELLY W O Bill 1907-1993
KELLY - W O iii and Joann Smokey
KELLY Audrey F 1934-
KELLY Bill A 1925-2001
KELLY Ernest M 1910-1941
KELLY Etha 1890-1962
KELLY Fayrine S 1911-1996
KELLY George Edgar and Betty Cornelia
KELLY Gus M 1925-1991
KELLY Janet L 1926-
KELLY Joe 1890-1968
KELLY Kathleen MORGAN and George Hill
KELLY Lily F and Hugh F
KELLY Minnie Cordelia 1877-1963
KELLY Naomi and William and Josephine
KELLY Roger W and Thelma H
KELLY Willa CALTON 1890-1966
KELLY William Henry and Josephine G
KELSO Walter P 1890-1971
KELTNER Irma STEWART 1912-1993
KELTON Bryan 1908-1968
KELTON Jewel 1921-1972
KELTY Albert G asnd Gladys L
KEMP Claude V 1884-1947
KEMP Fred O and Mignon F
KEMP Fred T 1884-1954
KEMP Jack M 1914-1977
KEMP Margaret 1885-1986
KEMP Walter Ward Beanie 1919-1938
KEMPER Orville A Kemp 1909-1985
KENDALL Claribel ELLIOTT 1903-1994
KENDALL Clint 1935-1954
KENDALL Horace Leroy 1900-1983
KENDALL Peter Louis and Biddie Jane
KENDRICK John J and Louise C
KENDRICK Norman F 1935-1976
KENDRICK Norman F 1935-1976
KENNEDY Alice and Barney
KENNEDY B D 1919-1972
KENNEDY Clyde Gilbert 1947-1992
KENNEDY Cordie A and James F
KENNEDY Denise Ann 1949-1950
KENNEDY Frederick W 1872-1948
KENNEDY J L Less 1888-1957
KENNEDY Janise Fan -1949
KENNEDY John and Juanita
KENNEDY Judy McDANIEL 1901-1986
KENNEDY Katherine N 1870-1956
KENNEDY Mack L 1911-1949
KENNEDY Martha SULAK 1919-1994
KENNEDY Maud Elizabeth 1898-1983
KENNEDY Maud FORTNER 1878-1945
KENNEDY Ora Pearl 1888-1983
KENNEDY Ralph 1922-1975
KENNELLY Ada 1911-1985
KENNELLY Ivan Edward 1905-1963
KENNELLY John H 1861-1931
KENNELLY Johnnie Frances 1934
KENNELLY Joyce Lorayne 1912-1938
KENNEMER Bobbie H 1932-1973
KENNEMER Bobby and Beulah AMBURN
KENNEMER James W 1929-1962
KENNEMER May Belle and Christopher J
KENNEY Billy Earl 1929-1942
KENNEY Earl Edward 1899-1977
KENNEY Evalena BOYD and Earl Edward
KENNING Ella Nancy 1885-1972
KENNING T R Ted 1878-1949
KENNINGTON Ernestine Maddison-Taylor 200
KENT Thelma A 1904-1983
KENT William T 1890-1946
KERLEY Minnie Robison 1889-1965
KERMICKEL Jess Herndon 1870-1955
KERMODE Richard B and Melba J
KERR Horace Hubert Jr 1968-1968
KERSTING George L and Eva L
KESTLER Edwin L 1912-1985
KESTLER Ethel Marie 1918-2001
KETCHUM Conny and Hattie
KETCHUM Gordon W 1917-1973
KETCHUM Jesse E 1926-1994
KETCHUM Jesse E and Ola J
KETCHUM John E and Cora E
KETCHUM Marvin Wayne 1922-1967
KEY Arthur W Sr 1868-1935
KEY Arthur Wilks 1893-1966
KEY Clarence David Jr 1925-1983
KEY Clarence David Jr 1925-1985
KEY Harriett A 1887-1965
KEY James Edward 1915-1976
KEY John William and Mary Agnes
KEY Laura O 1893-1981
KEY Lena Faye and Rodney J
KEY Maggie Mae 1894-1993
KEY Oma SCOTT 1905-1994
KEY Pauline KEEN 1907-1978
KEY Samuel A and Martha O
KEY Willie Odell 1915-1991
KEYS Cora B 1892-1942
KEYS Esther HUDSON 1896-
KEYS Frederick C 1890-1942
KIBBIE Barbara Kay 1938-1938
KIBBIE Horace Kent MD 1903-1975
KIBBIE Kent Danforth 1939-1991
KIBBIE Kent Valerous 1873-1960
KIBBIE Mary TUMLIN 1880-1962
KIBBIE Mildred DANFORTH 1914-1975
KIDD Hedwig B and James O
KIDD Pamela Ann 48-80
KIDWELL Billy Dale 1958
KIDWELL Edgeworth M 1923-1972
KIDWELL Johnnie F and A V Virgie
KIDWELL Johnny M 1951-1971
KIENZLE Elmer E 1910-1934
KIGHT Johney Elnora and J P Rev
KIKER Price and Willie
KILDOW Clarence Clayton and Olga Amanda
KILLEN son and daughter 1960
KILLGO Gerald Michael 1944-1980
KILLGO Lucille and Alvin C
KILLGORE Fay D 1917-1993
KILLGORE Sarah R 1919-1996
KILLIAN Bertha BROWN 1896-1970
KILLIAN Harden Jefferson 1894-1970
KILLIAN Mackielee R 1918-1958
KILLINGSWORTH Claude E 1933-1990
KILLINGSWORTH Thomas O-Neal and Esthma M
KILLMAN Acy Mitchell and Eliza Etter
KILLMAN Carl R 1927-1998
KILLMAN Wm M Billy 1854-1932
KILLMAN Carl and Myrtle
KILLMAN Carl and Myrtle T
KILLMAN Gordon L and Nancy J
KILMAN William E 1907-1981
KILPATRICK Monroe James 1913-1989
KILPATRICK Joseph Benjamine 1881-1959
KIM Ocha 1953-2003
KIMBALL Evelyn Lucille 1914-
KIMBALL Jess Durwood 1911-2000
KIMBLER Emily M 1894-1984
KIMBLER Henry R 1864-1943
KIMBRELL Andrew C 1899-1970
KIMBRELL Dorothy E 1914-
KIMBRELL Earl D 1902-1973
KIMBRO Clint 1893-1962
KIMBRO Marie K 1898-1982
KIMMI Grant Jr 1929-1970
KIMSEY H Lawrence and Ithama A
KIMSEY Henry L and Frances E
KIMSEY Mabry L and Alice Josephine
KIMZEY Mayme V and James R
KIMZEY William I and Roberta H
KINCADE Lucille and Ira M
KINCAID Margaret 1861-1936
KINCANNON Ted L 1922-1960
KINCHEN Curtis C and Lillian
KIND Elmer P 1910-1962
KING Gloria B and Adam Rush Dr
KING Rose M 1889-1954
KING T W Jr and Carrie Lee
KING Terrell W 1888-1936
KING Benton B 1872-1950
KING Novella H 1880-1969
KING Albert Andrew 1893-1962
KING Aletha Lenora 1893-1953
KING Annie 1897-1946
KING Annie J 1856-1945
KING Be Be 1932-1945
KING Beverly Dingee 1919-1990
KING Camilla Marie 1925-
KING D K and Maggie
KING Dewey L 1920-1971
KING Earl Andrew 1866-1039
KING Edward E and Ocie J
KING Eunice M 1905-1991
KING Eva L and Robert L
KING Faye L 1897-1982
KING Floyd B 1924-1990
KING Gerald Atherton MD 1901-1977
KING Harry Isaiah Jr 1924-1994
KING Henry L and Phyllis M
KING Irene L and Dewey D
KING Jack Russell 1936-1964
KING James A 1917-2001
KING James Marvin 1880-1938
KING John C and Gussie C
KING John Thomas and Hazel Lucille
KING Josie V 1899-1981
KING Keith William 1955-1997
KING Loretta B 1914-
KING Lula ESTES 1874-1941
KING Madonna Sue 1913-1988
KING Marie L 1895-1987
KING Martha Lee and Clemons Lee
KING Marvin and Aletha
KING Mary L and Raleigh D
KING Mavis M 1922-2003
KING Mina P and Thomas F
KING Minnie M 1894-1986
KING Morris S and Cora Lee
KING Nathan P 1920-1992
KING Patricia Elizabeth 1929-2003
KING S L 1937-1963
KING Thomas Edward 1906-1958
KING Virginia STOGNER 1921-1991
KING W A 1862-1944
KING W A Mrs 1867-1934
KING William A 1887-1959
KING William L 1886-1958
KING William P and 1923-1991
KING Woodrow W and Irene G
KING Woody and Barbara
KINGSBURY Herman Buchanan Dr -1969
KINGSBURY Mary Louise 1898-1990
KINGSBURY R H 1888-1930
KINGSBURY R Harry and Ola
KINGSBURY Wm Fay 1874-1950
KINKADE A L 1922-1996
KINNEY John Raymond and Floy Marguerite
KINSEY Clint C 1887-1958
KINSEY Ethel EVANS 1890-1967
KINSEY Lisa Renee 1962-1964
KINSLOW Fern Elizabeth 1906-1970
KINZENDORF Amond 1894-1955
KIOSSEFF George H 1887-1974
KIRBY Idelle E 1898-1978
KIRBY J M 1924-1993
KIRBY Owen O and Phyllis V
KIRBY Roy and Kathleen
KIRK Frances E 1919-1971
KIRK James W 1886-1964
KIRK Roy Dean 1939-1940
KIRK Ruth HODGES and Glenn T
KIRK Thomas E 1919-1997
KIRKMAN Carl W 1902-1957
KIRKPATRICK Allan G 1904-1953
KIRKPATRICK Augusta H 1894-1944
KIRKPATRICK Cornelious O and Edna Inez
KIRKPATRICK Geo T 1872-01946
KIRKPATRICK Maggie 1873-1933
KIRKSEY Marvin M 1896-1972
KISER Inez CAMP and Roy Leonard
KISER Linnie and George W
KISER Una and Robert
KISSINGER J 1910-1958
KISSINGER Pauline 1914-1995
KISSINGER Tommy A 1931-1992
KITCHENS ary 1958-1977
KITCHENS Ella M 1899-1980
KITCHENS Lollie Mozelle and Sarah
KITCHENS Mattie J 1897-1980
KITCHENS Nancy May 1955-1969
KITTRELL Dorothy J 1926-
KITTRELL Kenneth A 1927-1992
KIVLEN Fannie B 1881-1972
KIZZIAR Hood D 1903-1960
KIZZIAR Lucerne HAYDEN 1930-1946
KIZZIAR William Donald 1936-1937
KLEIST Adam S 1909-1956
KLIEVER Amanda 1903-2000
KLIEVER David R 1901-1949
KLIEVER Howard H and Margaret D
KLINE Edward Francis and Sarah Narcisis
KLINE Grant L and Zolda M
KLINGER Harry B 1908-1954
KLOPNER Fred Weldon Sr 1908-1967
KLOPNER Paul Lewis 1933-1936
KLOPNER-s Fred Marsha Kathy and Fay
KLOPNER-s Jerry Nancy David and Paul
KNEPPER Harry John and Maude Enol
KNICELY Martha Louise and John H
KNIGHT Dudley and Lena CORBIN
KNIGHT Mary Jean PARKER and Dudley Glad
KNIGHT Alice G 1869-1938
KNIGHT Armour J DUTTON 1912-1988
KNIGHT Ben D 1896-1988
KNIGHT Ben D and Carrie D
KNIGHT Dana Lamaritan 1922-1978
KNIGHT Elizabeth A Duke 1864-1943
KNIGHT Fleta A 1887-1972
KNIGHT George M 1897-1971
KNIGHT Iva B and Clifford L
KNIGHT Lee RALLS and Homer G
KNIGHT Lennie M and Claude J
KNIGHT Margaret 1925-
KNIGHT Mary F and Robert C
KNIGHT R C 1921-1973
KNIGHT Robert C and Della
KNIGHT Thomas L 1866-1943
KNIGHT W L 1862-1939
KNIGHT William Barney 1906-1985
KNIGHTLINGER Estelle B and Jesse W
KNIGHTSTEP Alice Ruth and Jack D
KNIPSCHILD Aaron Eugene 1969
KNOEBEL Hans E 1883-1952
KNOEBEL Johnnie M 1904-1992
KNOPP A Louise 1869-1957
KNOPP Frank Sr 1865-1933
KNOTT Nancy Elizabeth and John Edgar
KNOWLES Clarence D 1919-1996
KNOWLES Dewey Ross 1901-1957
KNOWLES Frank H 1905-1968
KNOWLES Homer Dee 1921-1987
KNOWLES Laura Naomi 1915-1993
KNOWLES Morgan and Vera
KNOX Donnel French and Zella L
KNOX James Odell 1943-1975
KNOX William H 1901-1961
KNUPP Charles A 1964-1940
KNUPP Evelyn S 1866-1952
KOBECK Berdie L 1902-1966
KOBECK Thomas John 1902-1961
KOHEN John G and Eloise B
KOINER Cecelia 1949-1992
KOLBENSON Leah 1905-2000
KOLIUS Billy 1920-1924
KOLIUS Cecilia 1893-1938
KOLIUS Peter Spearos 1884-1982
KOLIUS Spearos P 1914-1962
KOLIUS Gustav S 1879-1953
KOLIUS Jessie A 1893-1974
KOLLIKER Helen M 1904-1980
KOLLMAN Dorothy J 1935-
KOLLMAN Glennys L 1932-1993
KOLMER Robert 1942-2004
KOLP Lucille HOOPER and David Donald
KOLWYCK Glynn E 1909-1946
KOLWYCK John D 1907-1969
KOLWYCK Mildred SPENCER 1910-2000
KONIOR Joseph 1969-1988
KONRATH Meddie Julius J
KOONS Alice L and John H
KOONS Ray and Pearl
KOONS Walter A and Bessie M
KOPPA Jerry 1900-1971
KOPPA Joseph J and Frances
KOPPA W M 1905-1938
KOSTUSAK Rachael Joy RIDDLE 1949-1977
KOTTER Horace H 1900-1964
KOVAR Jerry E and Pauline M
KOVENZ Joe M and Doris WHITE
KRAMER B W Rev and Evalina
KRAMER Dorothy E 1910-1936
KRAUSE Clara Esther 1893-1980
KRAUSE William John 1884-1964
KRISLE Robert C 1911-1993
KRISLE Ruth 1910-1993
KRISS Edward Martin 1920-1978
KROLL Paul J and Maybelle A
KROTTINGER Albert R 1909-1953
KRUG Janette 1967
KRUGER Albert 1896-1954
KRUGER Annie 1888-1966
KRUGER Paul 1905-1961
KRUGER Robert 1891-1959
KRUMMEL Earl Martin 1907-1964
KRYSEVIG Edward E 1936-1961
KRYSEVIG Walter J 1915-1999
KUEHN M Johnny 1904-1946
KUEHN Minnie Faye H 1905-1949
KUHLER Eugene F and Patricia Ann
KUHLER Robert Lawrence 1963-1990
KUHLMAN Mildred N and William F
KUHN Alpine Mae 1912-1991
KUJALA Bertha E 1914-1998
KUNCITZ William J and Patricia L
KUNZE Henrietta 1877-1959
KUNZE J O 1875-1929
KUNZE Ervin Joseph 1912-1977
KUNZE Lillian Patricia 1913-1997
KUNZE Lucylle B and F J Joe
KUROSKY Delores Ann 1964-1965
KUYKENDALL Abbie Batis 1894-1971
KUYKENDALL James Faires Sr 1893-1966
KUYKENDALL John Wood Dr 1860-1934
KUYKENDALL Olive GAGE 1867-1951
KUYKENDALL Bruce D Jr 1972-1989
KUYKENDALL Charles Bud and Margaret Jean
KUYKENDALL Mary F and James E
KYLE Atha M COOPER and Johnny Harrison
KYLE John Curran and Myrle J
KYLE Lou BOWLES 1849-1931
KYZER Irene A and Roy N
LaBARBERA Vincent 19091-973
LaBARBERA Vincent and Nelle F
LaBAUME Dorothy 1895-1978
LaBRIER Mary Elizabeth 1881-1974
LACK Mary D 1902-1986
LACK Raymond Jr 1927-1997
LACK Raymond Sr 1901-1963
LaCROIX A C Al Jr and Jewel Judy
LaCROIX Adolphus C 1872-1933
LaCROIX Eddith M Eadie and F R Ralf
LaCROIX Gertrude LOFTON 1891-1995
LaCROIX Lary Charles 1944-1958
LACY Dorothy and Reginald Ross
LACY Eugene Ross 1924-1941
LADD Frank R 1909-1984
LADD Jennie M 1870-1929
LADD Lou F 1868-1938
LaDUE Leo R 1917-1963
LaFERNEY Virgile J 1900-1945
LaFOY Dorothy Faye 1928-1965
LAGOW Athena V 1898-1964
LAGOW Cecil Elbert 1909-1947
LAGOW Clara O 1903-1985
LAGOW Jesse P 1864-1949
LAGOW Johnnie L 1868-1946
LAGOW Martin Herbert 1900-1949
LAGOW Maude and Walter Earl
LAGOW Robert Edward 1894-1960
LaHA James Lawrence 1916-1985
LaHOOD Alice Leona 1914-1972
LaHOOD John 1908-1961
LaHUE Dorothy E 1906-1973
LaHUE George A 1906-1971
LAIRD Purl W 1893-1968
LAIRD Victor and Dorlen LOGAN
LAISTER Edna Adelia WILKES 1885-1977
LAISTER R Herbert 1891-1959
LAKE Marion Allen Sr 1932-1967
LAKE Mary C 1887-1975
LAKE Virginia Lee 1891-1964
LAKEY Glen Weldon 1925-1997
LAKEY Howard V and Esther A
LAKEY Walter and Vera
LAMB James W 1884-1938
LAMB Nellie R 1885-1970
LAMBERT Mary F DUGAN and Ewell L
LAMBERT Betty Jean 1932-1948
LAMBERT Elizabeth 1893-1943
LAMBERT Gordon A 1895-1965
LAMBERT Henry Thomas 1909-1970
LAMBERT Johnny Walton and Dorothy MOORE
LAMBERT Mary E 1879-1945
LAMBERT Mary E 1898-1992
LAMBERT Orville M 1914-1976
LAMBERT Paul James 1914-1940
LAMBERT Thelma WHITE 1911-1946
LAMBERT W L 1877-1951
LAMBERTH William I 1925-1972
LAMBERTH Wm Mack 1886-1936
LAMBERTSON Dylan Mathew 2001
LAMBRIGHT Josephine Marie 1915-1940
LAMEY Eugene Volz 1890-1975
LAMMI Toivo F 1917-1971
LANCASTER Ann 1945--1948
LANCASTER Billie M 1926-1982
LANCASTER Horace C and Kate C
LANCASTER Huey A 1927-1984
LANCASTER J Herbert 1892-1940
LANCASTER Jesse P and Bertha K
LANCASTER Kate Ross 1878-1966
LANCASTER Musie Mullins 1888-1969
LANCASTER W Howard 1873-1961
LANCASTER Wade 1942-1948
LAND Annie Louise and Hibbetts M
LAND Charlie L 1916-1985
LAND Daisy Leona and James Walter
LAND Homer Henry 1903-1983
LAND Lettie GRAHAM 1897-1980
LAND William F 1894-1976
LANDERS Myrtle WALKER and Harvey Smith
LANDMAN Alma Lee 1895-1938
LANDMAN Pat Sr 1894-1952
LANDMAN Toby Lee 1939-1996
LANDMAN Travis M and Mary E
LANDRUM Elmer L 1893-1967
LANDRUM Sidney E 1895-1941
LANDRUM Velma Lee 1905-1985
LANE Bobbie Lucile and Walton Kemper
LANE Elizabeth GREEN 1869-1957
LANE George Myrtle Alma
LANE James Walton Rev 1934-1978
LANE Leslie S 1892-1948
LANE Lucy Lee and Luther J
LANE Minnie GILDER and Abner Daniel
LANE Robert L and Alma B
LANE Sallie S 1895-1968
LANE Timothy James 1988
LANERI Carl L Sr 1916-2000
LANERI John P Sr 1912-1997
LANERI Louis J 1889-1952
LANERI Mary 1892-1972
LANERI Rose H 1915-1982
LANERI Viola WILLIAMS 1926-2001
LANEY Ileene and Edgar N
LANG Doris Catherine andJohn Delbert
LANG Van 1909-1971
LANGBEIN Flora 1888-1959
LANGBEIN Katherine and John
LANGDON Jack C and Audria M
LANGFORD Emmitt E 1907-1974
LANGFORD Marjorie WHITE 1920-1977
LANGHAM Bessie BRADY 1900-1968
LANGHAM James Walter 1888-1973
LANGHER Robbie 1909-
LANGSTON D-Ann BELL 1923-1979
LANGSTON Leila 1897-1933
LANGSTON Texana E 1872-1945
LANGSTON William G 1871-1958
LANGSTON William R 1921-1978
LANGSTON William R and Edith M
LANGSTON Willie 1900-1978
LANHAM Appye Lou 1900-1953
LANHAM Clara N 1905-1952
LANHAM James M and Fannie BISHOP
LANHAM Llewellen and Samuel W
LANHAM Samuel 1928-2001
LANIER Henry Travis Sr 1884-1938
LANNING Marie J 1920-1958
LANSFORD Lucile W 1904-1986
LANSFORD Marcus L 1899-1989
LANTZ Thelma Irene and Raymond Leon
LAPE Beverly Ann 1952-1953
LAPE Robert A-and Betty J
LAPKA Peter 1904-1960
LAPKA Sarah A 1910-1978
LARD Clark Gorden 1876-1938
LARD Edward 1880-1960
LARD James Lee 1913-1972
LARD Laura Gertrude 1886-1936
LARD Margaret Jane 1851-1931
LARD Minnie M 1876-1938
LARGENT Audie G and Tedo P
LARGENT Beatrice F and C Gilbert
LARKIN Ebb W 1897-1974
LARKIN Ebb W and Minnie B
LARKIN Etta V 1899-1943
LARKIN Ida B K M 1879-1953
LARNER Jeanne STEELE and Ray Albert
LARSEN Clara K 1904-1982
LARSEN George M 1910-1974
LARSON John Scott 1941-1943
LARSON Oscar W and Martine H
LARY Stephen De Jalma and Emily Kohn
LARY Stephen DeJalma and Emily KOHN
LASATER Howard H 1899-1979
LASATER Joseph Henry and Neta Elwin
LASATER Lucille C 1891-1973
LASETER Eva L and Hugh H
LASETER Ola Mae 1913-1916
LASSETER Laura Ophelia 1873-1930
LASSETER Clarissa A 1896-
LASSETER Gale DAVIS 1928-1930
LASSETER Jesse S 1894-1933
LASSITER Ethel Jane 1893-1944
LASSITER Lesline Opal 1919-1982
LASSITER Thomas Arthur 1877-1938
LATHAM Charles H and Dorothy D
LATHAM J M Jim and Billye J
LATHAM James M 1923-1967
LATHAM John A 1922-2993
LATHAM Lillian F 1906-1963
LATHAM Walter W 1903-1954
LATHRAM Crit C 1893-1966
LATHRAM Mildred P 1898-1978
LATHROP Edith M and Franklin A
LATHROP George Dee and Dorothy
LATHROP Marie BREED and Charles Boyd
LATIMER Alexander Hugh 1886-1964
LATIMER Blanche Avinger 1889-1977
LATIMER Chester and Corado C
LATIMER George Alexander and Mary E WARD
LATIMER Grace Marie 1904-2001
LATIMER James Robert and Wren Foy
LATIMER John 1903-1986
LATIMER Katie and Arthur
LATIMER Robert L Bobby 1939-1944
LATSHAW Alva Lee 1900-1995
LATSHAW Jo Ann 1925-1944
LATSHAW Warren Lee Sr 1892-1970
LATSHAW Marjorie Janelle ALLEN and Warre
LATSON Andrea Denise and Sonja Lalene
LATSON Clara Sue 1903-1940
LATSON Claude H 1900-1971
LATSON Lutine 1911-1962
LATTA Frances V and A L Buck
LATTIMORE Eleanore H 1921-
LATTIMORE Emmett W and Vada L
LATTIMORE Offa S iii 1920-1994
LATTIMORE Ona Frank WHITE and Ona Shiver
LAUBENTHAL John Boyd and Marguerite E
LAUDER J Frank 1894-1948
LAUGHLIN Sheryl A 1948-1983
LAURENCE Ila Mae KEY 1903-1970
LAURENCE Wm Randall 1901-1964
LAURITZEN Arthur William and Mamie Rhea
LAURITZEN Hulda 1871-1951
LAURITZEN Viggo C 1873-1948
LAVELLE Russell W 1911-1979
LAVENDER Andrew L and Dorthy M
LAVENDER Betty Lou CROUCH 1937-1973
LAVENDER John Mark 1957-
LAVENDER Mollie E 1867-1944
LAVENDER Norma 1924-
LAW E Betty 1878-1962
LAW Fairy Mae 1909-1989
LAW Horace A 1911-1982
LAW Nugent L 1897-1952
LAW Rosemary 1934-1935
LAWHORN Judy Kay 1949-1961
LAWING Everett Sewell Jr 1971-1989
LAWING Robert Lee and Alta Lynne
LAWLER Howard I and Dorothy A
LAWLER Merle and Clinton L
LAWLOR Curtis D Franklin 1960-1960
LAWRENCE Albert J Jr and Alice Marie
LAWRENCE Albert L Jr 1957-1998
LAWRENCE Charlie 1884-1961
LAWRENCE Cleo N and Lorena M
LAWRENCE Dena FAIRES 1900-1991
LAWRENCE Elizabeth 1876-1960
LAWRENCE Grace HOOD 1905-1972
LAWRENCE James H 1914-1964
LAWRENCE Jim W and Mabel M
LAWRENCE Lewis Alton and Geneva Genny
LAWRENCE Louise and Leo
LAWRENCE Marion 1872-1952
LAWRENCE Med Hamilton 1889-1971
LAWRENCE Robert L Jr 1922-1978
LAWRENCE Robert Lee 1895-1962
LAWRENCE Vera Lorinia 1959-1959
LAWRENCE William M 1876-1950
LAWRENCE Willie Mae 1901-1968
LAWRENCE Zera H and Albert L Sr
LAWSON Emma Leola 1894-1956
LAWSON William Samuel Sam 1886-1947
LAWSON Cathryn HEARNE and Norman
LAWSON Effie C 1886-1953
LAWSON Elmer E 1895-1962
LAWSON Estel J and Luke
LAWSON Joyce POORE 1930-1951
LAWSON Mable WALSTON 1898-1979
LAWSON Pearle M 1899-1996
LAWSON Ruby Louise and S M Jr
LAWSON S M Dodd and Ellen Jo
LAWSON Willis R 1927-1990
LAWSON-HOSKINS Millie G and Charlotte A
LAWTON Harold L 1914-1963
LAXSON Charles T 1867-1947
LAXSON Cora S 1880-1956
LAYMANCE Margaret E 1860-1938
LAYNE Nora B 1881-1959
LAYNE W L 1878-1931
LAYTON Alice Ashley 1883-1975
LAYTON Troy G 1918-1994
LAYTON Vena May 1920-
LEA Craig Elliott 1968-1970
LEA May MASSENGALE and William Claude
LEACH Berniece F 1906-1980
LEACH Charles Mathis 1876-1940
LEACH Gertrude 1887-1959
LEACH Joe W 1904-1980
LEACH Tonya Lynn 1981
LEACH Wanda and Norman
LEAHY Everett J 1891-1931
LEAHY Joella 1863-1935
LEAHY John C 1889-1957
LEAHY Robert Emmett 1894-1976
LEAHY Elsie M 1895-1969
LEAHY Ima Lou 1928-1979
LEAHY Leo 1895-1980
LEAHY Cornelius 1901-1969
LEAHY Jessie Mae and Cornelius
LEANA Dana 1979-1979
LEARN Roy E 1882-1942
LEATH Henry Grady 1893-1948
LEATH William Earl 1921-1993
LEATH Charles E 188-1954
LEATH Nellie M 1888-1970
LEATH Belva and Arthur J
LEATH George C and Gerry M
LEATH Gertrude and Wm Claude
LEATH Harry G 1886-1935
LEATH J Walter and Ruth M
LEATH Lily A and Arthur
LEATHERMAN Daniel R and Georgia Ann
LEATHERMAN F M Cellie and Gladys R
LEATHERMAN Fay T and Floyd L
LEATHERMAN Flo 1896-1934
LEATHERMAN Homer M and Ruby
LEATHERMAN Ota 1894-1978
LEATHERWOOD Clyde C 1885-1962
LEATHERWOOD Mary L 1903-1975
LEAVELL Enda Mate 1908-1957
LEAVELL Harry P 1888-1970
LEAVELL Joshua Lucas 1990-1992
LEAVELL Tommye D 1898-1996
LEAVELLE Mamie 1906-1994
LEAVITT John Gilbert 1962-1974
LeCROY Nancy Jewell 1915-1939
LEDBETTER Clarence C and Retha V
LEDBETTER Steve 1955-1995
LEDDON James A Sr and Ruby Lee
LEDEZMA Elica L 1994-1995
LEDINGHAM G L 1896-1973
LEDINGHAM Jessie 1894-1988
LEE William I 1876-1941
LEE William I Mrs 1884-1942
LEE Joseph 1882-1930
LEE Adelaide LOICANO 1909-1989
LEE Alice Jo Ann 1936-1999
LEE Beatrice 1910-1996
LEE Carolyn J and Roy L
LEE Carrie M 1885-1946
LEE Charles A and Della R
LEE Charles Albert 1893-1966
LEE Daisy KING 1879-1949
LEE Edward King 1901-1973
LEE Elbert M 1886-1967
LEE Ernest Corbin 1884-1959
LEE Francis Arthur Jr 1928-1995
LEE Francis Britton 1868-1944
LEE Harry A 1899-1990
LEE Harry and Roberta
LEE Helen L and David E
LEE Helen Louise and David Eugene
LEE Isabel Emma 1915-1971
LEE Jeanne and L H
LEE John Kerrigan and Mildred BAILEY
LEE Johnnie Kathryn 1900-1989
LEE Johnny Kerrigan Jr 1939-2001
LEE Laura W and William A
LEE Luther L and Lola L
LEE Mary Elizabeth 1897-1976
LEE Mary Evelyn HOWEY 1915-2001
LEE Michelle 1962-1996
LEE Minnie E 1875-1952
LEE Nannie 1888-1938
LEE Nora F and J Frank
LEE Percy 1904-1951
LEE Robert E 1897-1970
LEE Robert Glenn 1957-1977
LEE Robert P 1898-1960
LEE Ruth Inez 1898-1946
LEE Scott Michael 1966-1993
LEE Sidney MAULDIN 1897-1985
LEE Stevie 1948-1993
LEE Tracy 1964
LEE W H 1874-1937
LEE Walter F and Anna M
LEE Walter Harold 1930-1986
LEECH Wayne H and Opal R
LeFEVRE Charles R 1905-1972
LEFTWICH Grace 1891-1956
LEFTWICH James 1870-1952
LEGATE Maude and R Leon
LEGGETT Artis 1913-1995
LEGGETT C Marvin 1913-1979
LeGRAND Armand Earl 1925-1949
LEGROS Cleve O 1884-1954
LEGROS Georgia B FRANCIS 1893-1984
LEGROS Marcel Adrien 1898-1988
LEHEW Albert S 1881-1958
LEHEW Albert S Jr 1914-1949
LEHEW Candis D 1906-1932
LEHEW Lona YERBY 1882-1955
LEHEW James Marvin 1892-1935
LEHMBERG Herman P 1921-1987
LEHMER Hettie L 1899-1950
LEHNERT James W and Viola
LEIGH Grover C 1888-1943
LEININGER Edward T and Mary G
LEIS Kelly Dawn 1970-1970
LEISSNER F F Rube and Laura Leona
LEITNER Charles and Lucy Ella
LEITNER Laura Lee 1888-1973
LEITNER Willis Walter 1897-1956
LeMAY Paul and Florence
LEMIRE Oleta 1918-1948
LEMONDS Lester L 1908-1974
LEMONS Betty Lou and Joseph Melvin Sr
LEMONS Johnnie J 1911-1987
LeNOIR Forest M and Thresia M
LENOX Helen Jane RANKEY 1911-1979
LENOX Mayme V and J Neil
LEO Bernice BOUCHILLON 1892-1934
LEONARD Leon 1929-1950
LEONARD Phillip O 1893-1974
LEONARD Andrew Berry 1896-1957
LEONARD daughter 1954
LEONARD Gene L 1933-1979
LEONARD Hal A 1915-1977
LEONARD Mason B 1905-1977
LEONARD Venus Era 1900-1975
LePORIS Samuel L and C Hazel
LEROY George C and Ora A
LESLEY Samuel R 1898-1954
LESSIS Lorelei Nannette 1978-2001
LESTER Elmer Leroy 1925-1969
LESTER James Keith 1954-1971
LESTER Louis Virgil 1928-1968
LESTER Mabel Marie and Elmer Leroy
LESTER Merle Evans 1907-1954
LESTER Ruth HARBISON 1894-1972
LESTER William Anthony Bill and Theresa
LETCHWORTH Wilmer A and Frances
LETT Alberta D 1920-1950
LETT Bratcher 1882-1959
LETT Daisy B 1882-1961
LETT Malvern R and Mary Ann
LETT Marci Ann 1954
LETT William lloyd and Bennie Jo
LETTERLE Fanny O-rear 1880-1937
LETTERLE John M 1874-1939
LEU Randy Alan 1965-1985
LEUSCHNER Ada M and John G
LEUSCHNER Alice M and John G Jr
LEVENS James A and Julia Mae
LEVENS James H 1910-1966
LEVENSON Hazel 1912-1983
LEVERETT Benj T -1943
LEVERETT Kay 1907-2000
LEVERETT Nannie J 1858-1956
LEVERIDGE M S Ted 1907-1967
LEVERIDGE M S Ted Jr 1928-1976
LEVEY James Harry 1945-1952
LEVEY Joyce Aleene and Clyde Allen
LEWALLEN Alvis M 1885-1943
LEWALLEN Jack Crawford 1923-2003
LEWIE Albert Sidney 1900-1968
LEWIE Cora Lee and Albert S
LEWIE John R 1924-1986
LEWIS Leon B 1895-1948
LEWIS Nell N 1902-1995
LEWIS Carah Edith 1897-1987
LEWIS Henry S 1895-1952
LEWIS Alice D and F D
LEWIS Alliene Terry 1912-1982
LEWIS Ben B and Minnie W
LEWIS Bridget E and James W
LEWIS Buford C 1888-1959
LEWIS C Holbert and Martha E
LEWIS Debra and Jack L
LEWIS E 1922-1999
LEWIS Edna 1899-1968
LEWIS Flora P 1877-1959
LEWIS Fred and Opal
LEWIS Henry R and Lois Irene
LEWIS Jack Hickman 1903-1967
LEWIS Joseph R and Anne M
LEWIS Leonard T and Ruth HALE
LEWIS Mable E 1890-1966
LEWIS Mack D 1892-1970
LEWIS Margie Joyce 1943-1961
LEWIS Minnie 1874-1957
LEWIS Ralph D 1911-1963
LEWIS Stanley Max and Margaret Lee
LEWIS Virginia Bell PLATT 1926-1986
LEWIS Wahnita M 1938-1999
LEWIS Wayne E 1904-1968
LEWIS-GORMAN J H Jay and James Carson Ji
LIEBER Louis 1890-1947
LIEBES Cruz 1936-1998
LIEPITZ Anne 1898-1963
LIGHT Clarence and Bobbie
LIGHT Ethel and Floyd
LIGHTFOOT Mittie I 1877-1956
LIGHTFOOT Samuel J and Jenny E
LIGHTFOOT W O 1908-1973
LILLARD Geo P Jr 1902-1981
LILLARD Myra E 1904-1944
LILLARD Cleatus Clio 1883-1969
LILLARD Mamie Lorean 1891-1984
LILLY Bertha 1909-1998
LILLY James E 1894-1962
LILLY John T Jr and Wanda Ferne
LINBERG Lewis R 1885-1943
LINBERG Margaret 1894-1987
LINBERG Oscar and Lillie Mae
LINDEMAN Henry and Tutsie
LINDGREN Allie SMITH 1907-1990
LINDGREN Edward M Rev 1905-1975
LINDLEY Florence WILLIAMS 1906-1989
LINDLEY Harry S 1899-1967
LINDLEY James Turner 1905-1987
LINDLEY Mildred E 1910-1973
LINDSAY Arlan 1905-2000
LINDSAY Bruce 1902-1987
LINDSAY Emily E and Columbus M
LINDSAY Guy 1900-1977
LINDSAY Jane E 1924-1986
LINDSAY Penny Belle and Guy Jr
LINDSAY Theodore 1907-1986
LINDSAY Woodrow 1911-1999
LINDSEY Gainor J 1937-1990
LINDSEY Paul H and Mamie E
LINDSEY Wilma Lee 1895-1976
LINEHAN Sandra Lee 1946-
LINGUIST Dee Best 1908-1995
LINGUIST Elfrida 1879-1945
LINGUIST Hugo O 1879-1970
LINGUIST Loretta HANCOCK 1913-1969
LINGUIST Louis J M 1905-1966
LINGUIST Osborne H 1902-1990
LINN Dave 1906-1962
LINN Flora FAIR 1889-1976
LINVILLE Celia A and Royal E
LIPFORD Ida Mabel 1896-1958
LIPFORD William C 1921-2001
LIPFORD Wm Clarence 1895-1952
LIPSCOMB lanche F and Louis S
LISK Mason J 1923-1974
LISLE Joan Felise 1915-1998
LIST Curtis W 1891-1934
LIST Mary W 1893-1969
LITTELL Louise Marie 1911-1984
LITTLE Audie W 1910-1975
LITTLE Bart Wilson 1969-1969
LITTLE Gladys P 1906-1984
LITTLE H W and Betty Jane
LITTLE James G 1898-1942
LITTLE James P 1868-1957
LITTLE L H Bill 1871-1941
LITTLE Mary Inez 1926-2000
LITTLE Miranda 1874-1934
LITTLE O H Butch 1901-1967
LITTLE Robert R 1895-1966
LITTLE W H Bill 1914-1946
LITTLE Willie 1877-1938
LITTLEJOHN Annette WYNNE 1945-1975
LIVERMORE Elmer H 1908-1973
LIVESAY 8 Lillie May 1878-1960
LIVESAY 8 Ora May 1903-1948
LIVESAY-MOORE 8 Ora M and Lillie M
LIVINGSTON Calvin Bryan 1893-1932
LIVINGSTON Jack 1924-2002
LIVINGSTON Mattie Lou 1879-1963
LIVINGSTON Oliver Roy 1906-1975
LIVINGSTON Viola Sue 1944-
LIVINGSTONE Kenneth J DDS 1921-1986
LLEWELLYN George David 1923-1997
LLOYD Harriet Marie and Wm Vernon Sr
LLOYD Bessie B 1910-1984
LLOYD Beverly Lavonne 1932
LLOYD Charles Edward 1908-1978
LLOYD Eula B 1903-1976
LLOYD Noble and Ernestine
LOBB Essie DALTON 1916-1994
LOBB G Gordon 1916-1979
LOBDELL Joe V and Etolia
LOBE Juliana S 1894-1989
LOCKE Jonathan Paul 1985-1992
LOCKEE Archie and Lula
LOCKER Newell HALL and Stacey Corbin
LOCKHART Charlotte A and Craig
LOCKHART Emma Lou 1906-1943
LOCKHART James H 1916-1974
LOCKHEART Harold J 1920-1972
LOCKMAN Donald and Ida
LOCKWOOD Acie 1916-1984
LOCKWOOD Annie L 1888-1982
LOCKWOOD Fred D 1912-1970
LOESEWITZ Rudolph H 1901-1951
LOFGREN Richard Paul Jr 1948-1975
LOFLAND Marie P 1903-1979
LOFLAND Mary Dean 1939-1997
LOFLAND Raymond P Sr 1932-1990
LOFLIN William R 1908-1954
LOFTIN Audrey L and Robert H
LOFTIN James B and Mary E
LOFTON A Vernon and Ruby T L
LOGAN Alice L 1874-1947
LOGAN Anna Estell 1900-1986
LOGAN Arnold R 1874-1943
LOGAN Cleve L and Dovie I
LOGAN E A 1889-1962
LOGAN Ernest N 1875-1954
LOGAN Hazel 1906-1939
LOGAN J T and Lilah
LOGAN John Beauford 1905-1973
LOGAN Minnie DIX 1871-1967
LOGAN Ola M 1908-1994
LOGAN Wyatt S D 1873-1952
LOGAN Wyatt S D 1878-1952
LOGGINS Ann HOWELL 1914-1959
LOGGINS Theodore Howard 1908-2000
LOGGINS Howard M and Myrtle N
LOGSDON Augusta Jane 1859-1949
LOGSTON Thyra D 1880-1974
LOGSTON Walter D 1879-1962
LOHMAN Lauren M 1988-1989
LOICANO Anthony 1891-1950
LOICANO Frank 1903-1970
LOICANO Angela A 1952-1992
LOICANO Catherini Camilla 1967
LOICANO Martin Buster 1907-1975
LOICANO Martin Buster family
LOMAX Kenneth S 1940-1987
LONDON Floyd Carter and Lila Fay
LONG Albert H 1885-1948
LONG Anna Lou and Glen C
LONG Annie A 1909-1982
LONG Austin H 1912-1982
LONG Bird A 1886-1935
LONG Brenda Ann 1953-1968
LONG Debbie Louise 1958
LONG Delbert P 1933-1997
LONG Edwin Truett 1904-1945
LONG Etta Belle 1918-1998
LONG Homer H 1885-1945
LONG James Bradford Jr 1946-1946
LONG James D and Marguerite W
LONG James Donald 1916-1995
LONG James F 1856-1936
LONG James O 1884-1971
LONG John Charles 1941-1942
LONG Joseph A 1970-1986
LONG Kathleen May 1948-1998
LONG Lawrence L 1913-1976
LONG Levina B 1907-1983
LONG Lula DIXON and Irving Griffin
LONG Mabel and Jack
LONG Phoebe M and Joel E
LONG Syble L BARNARD and Donald Frfedric
LONG Thomas E 1904-1960
LONG Thomas E and Otie B
LONG Wynona Dato 1916-1995
LONGBOTHAM Lynn H 1896-1951
LONGLEY Luther M 1875-1957
LONSFORD Wm E and Ruth E
LOONEY Beulah Terry and Charles L
LOONEY Charles L 1888-1962
LOONEY Edgar J 1917-1992
LOONEY Edward Hardin 1875-1956
LOONEY Helen P and James K
LOONEY Lilly BRIEDEN 1879-1961
LOONEY Mary Alice 1934-
LOPEZ Alberto 1943-1986
LOPEZ Anna Marie 1941-1972
LOPEZ Edward M 1951-1997
LOPEZ Grace Celestine 1964-1981
LOPEZ Jose 1939-1970
LOPEZ Juan V 1931-1985
LOPEZ Manuel V 1947-1979
LOPEZ Ommar Barajas 2001-2001
LORD Jess Rollin and Nancy J ROBERTS
LORIMER Jo Marsillous HALE and James Win
LOSA Arnulfo 1931-2002
LOSA Carol 1960-1961
LOSA Leonora V 1936-
LOSA Paul Alexander 1991-1991
LOSONCZY Robert 1929-1966
LOSSAU Mildred E 1923-1980
LOTSPEICH Virginia B and Richard S
LOTT Floyd E and Thelma O
LOUIS Carolyn Sue 1926-1992
LOUIS Ruth Lauren 1924-
LOUIS William Irving 1923-2002
LOUP Ina RAINEY 1893-1977
LOUP Ralph Eli 1886-1945
LOUP Ralph Eli Jr 1918-1940
LOVE - Carol Gene and H Elwood Woody
LOVE - Rebecca Lynn 1948-1967
LOVE Florence A 1868-1932
LOVE Johnny Ray 1979-1980
LOVE Ryland 1854-1939
LOVE William Lewis and Dorothy Lee OATMA
LOVE William Oscar and Annie Faye LEWIS
LOVELACE Dave V and Flora May
LOVELADY John Bill 1879-1940
LOVELL J R and Melba J
LOVELL Mary P and John W
LOVELL Sadie Irene and James Albert
LOVELL Thomas Edgar and Henry G Sr
LOVETT Polly Anne 1921-
LOVETT Victoria Carol 1972-1972
LOVIN Francis Marie 1918-1989
LOVIN Kent B 1947-1982
LOVIN Madison B 1887-1943
LOVIN Mattie E 1888-1942
LOVIN Thomas Tavner 1919-1947
LOVING Donald A 1948-1996
LOVING Ted Eddye and Leslie V
LOWE Emmett Sr 1886-1949
LOWE John F 1906-1946
LOWE Thomas E 1908-1967
LOWE Albert 1869-1946
LOWE E L Edd and Minnie Mae
LOWE E L Jr and Dorothy GREER
LOWE Edna L and Leland D
LOWE Mattie H 1875-1954
LOWE Purley E and Blanche E
LOWREY Alice D 1866-1962
LOWREY Levada Anna 1917-1969
LOWRY Fairy S 1920-1997
LOWRY J Roy 1919-1957
LOWRY Albert Carroll 1878-1943
LOWRY Carrie A 1888-1964
LOWRY Curtis Pierce 1906-1985
LOWRY Jefferson R 1883-1964
LOWRY Pheriba Annie 1883-1976
LOWRY William Charles 1929-1930
LOYD Ada Ruth and Walter Bert
LOYD Dennie E 1872-1948
LOYD Faye J 1927-1960
LOYD son 1948-1948
LOZA Maria P 1908-1976
LOZA Pablo 1904-1983
LOZANO Juan A 1979-1990
LUCAS Barbara Tad 1902-1990
LUCAS James E Buck 1896-1960
LUCAS Lelia Irene and Guy M
LUCAS Mable WOOD 1909-1999
LUCIFER Peggy F 1902-1984
LUCIUS Syble SHARP and Beaty Allen
LUDINGTON Doris B and William H
LUDINGTON Earl 1891-1980
LUDWIG Charles P and Ruth A
LUDWIG Melvin Lloyd ii 1959-1981
LUEBBERT Henry Adam and Evelyn G HAVIS
LUEDTKE H C 1902-1943
LUEDTKE Helen 1879-1955
LUEDTKE Henry Sr 1877-1941
LUIG Reagan Anne 1999
LUKE Johnathan Alan 2001
LUMAN Bertram J Jr 1902-1989
LUMAN Eugenia Rena 1905-1953
LUMLEY Lota Otella 1910-1943
LUMMUS John Dewey Jr 1959-1989
LUMPKIN Carroll 1915-1937
LUMPKIN Claude L 1924-1944
LUMPKIN Claudia E 1890-1972
LUMPKIN Herbert 1886-1954
LUMPKIN Larry S 1950-1998
LUMPKIN Stanley Sewell 1925-2002
LUNDBERG Agnes L 1921-1998
LUNDBERG Agnes L and M E Ed
LUNDBERG Melvin Edward 1921-1982
LUNN Marie 1914-1988
LUNNON Harley 1877-1959
LUNNON Sally 1872-1948
LUNSFORD Harry E 1912-1969
LUNSFORD John R 1910-1986
LUNSFORD Mercedes E 1915-1986
LUPER Robert Patrick 1980
LUPTON Betty Ann 1926-1932
LUPTON Donald Paul 1924-1962
LUPTON Margarette 1905-2002
LUSBY Annie Irah 1884-1973
LUSK Billy Rhea 1931-1976
LUSK C D 1901-1970
LUSK Emma Gani 1868-1962
LUSK J E 1859-1940
LUSTER Hugh Ed 1909-1989
LUTTERLOH Charles 1875-1955
LUTTRALL Calvin M 1936--1996
LUTTRALL Calvin M 1936-1996
LUTTRELL Mildred and James
LUTTRELL Pearl A and Eddie
LUTTRELL Ray and Emagene
LUTZ John W 1876-1965
LUTZ Mary E 1884-1957
LUTZ Mary F and John W
LUTZER Edward 1914-2001
LUTZER Olga 1888-1964
LUU Maria Phi Thi 1928-2002
LYLE E L Bill and Rozelle
LYLE Larry 1946
LYLE Wallace E Sr and Willie L
LYLES Ellen P VanNess 1888-1978
LYLES Sestos P 1893-1972
LYLES Thomas W 1884-1954
LYNCH Bill and Iona M
LYNCH Jesse L and Oma
LYNCH Louisa M 1872-1941
LYNCH Marion 1869-1943
LYNCH Richard Joseph 1916-1997
LYNCH Robert Eugene and Mattie Eula
LYNCH Roshel J 1913-1992
LYNN Marsie CHEEK 1906-1942
LYON Edwin Allen 1881-1953
LYON Frederick Thomas Sr and Mary Ann
LYON Rose Ethel 1881-1965
LYONS Claudine H 1890-1975
LYONS Carrie HOOVER 1876-1976
LYONS Henry W 1912-1964
LYONS Maudie H and Clarence H
LYONS Robert Dill 1919-1971
LYONS Robert E Sr 1906-1990
LYONS Robert Edward 1869-1940
LYONS Willie C 1909-1966
LYTLE-STONE Ann Barbara 1891-1980
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