Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - MNO, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
MAASS Herman Arne 1927-1996
MAASS William Cust 1925-1976
MABE J W and Lomis C
MABE Lloyd L and Georgia F
MABEN James Garrett and Minnie Frances
MACE Harold M 1894-1974
MACE Irene M 1911-1984
MACEK Lula C and Charles E
MacINNIS Jack W 1893-1953
MACK Alsie Lou and W W Woodie
MACK Frances Alice 1925-1990
MACK Franlklin Ware 1853-1932
MACK Marjorie Leona 1924-2001
MACK William H 1925-1967
MACKEY Gary Michael 1948-1952
MACKLIN Thomas 1883-1933
MACLIN Clifford W and Leona E
MacMOY Douglas E 1918-1992
MacMOY Mabel 1881-1949
MacMOY Margaret M and Howard B
MacMOY Mentor 1864-1944
MacMOY Richard M 1902-1964
MacMOY Winnie A 1916-1918
MACOM Cleo M and Lee A
MACRAE boy 1954
MACY Joseph A Rutkowski and Hilary M RUT
MACY Josephine M and Warren T
MACY Xanthia 1937-1991
MADDEN Andrew Jackson 1866-1958
MADDEN John Egbert 1895-1944
MADDEN Alice 1888-1931
MADDEN Annie Dora 1883-1937
MADDEN Maxine GIBBARD 1918-1990
MADDEN Robert W 1881-1951
MADDING Arbun 1903-1955
MADDING Ella 1872-1952
MADDING Frances Christine 1914-1983
MADDING Robert Andrew 1851-1941
MADDING Roy E-1897-1961
MADDISON J F Jim 1861-1943
MADDOX Billie 1910-1934
MADDOX Celia E 1890-1962
MADDOX Jim Mills and Effie D
MADDOX Vike 1868-1935
MADDRY Henry Paul 1888-1963
MADDRY Mark Wayland 1948-1991
MADDRY Vera Elizabetn 1897-1982
MADDUX Christine PEARSON and Harold Snow
MADDUX Dell M and Marion H
MADDUX Donnie Glen 1938-1949
MADDUX Dorothy Frances 1922-1979
MADDUX Frank R 1913-1998
MADDUX John T Sr and Sadie E
MADDUX Lois Maxine 1922-1969
MAENNER Jenny M 1939-
MAENNER Joseph H 1933-1997
MAENNER Joseph H and Jenny M
MAGAR Taylor Danielle 1992
MAGEE Mary Katherine 1925-1997
MAGGARD Arlene 1919-1990
MAGGARD General 1918-1986
MAGGARD Lillian B and Lawrence C
MAGGARD Stephen E 1963-1991
MaGILL Lou Ellen 1863-1943
MAGILL Roy A 1889-1941
MaGILL William Reed 1863-1932
MAGRUDER Lorene 1909-1969
MAGRUDER Roy S 1889-1962
MAGUIRE Ollie P and John T
MAHAN Don Pershing 1920-1966
MAHAN Don Pershing Jr 1958-1981
MAHAN Dorothy Rose 1910-1958
MAHAN infant 1945
MAHAN Johnnye Lou 1916-1990
MAHAN Quentin C 1922-1947
MAHAN Reginald F 1915-1960
MAHAN Rose Marie 1883-1977
MAHAN Thomas Allan 1907-1976
MAHAN Edward G and Ruth E
MAHANAY Everett B and Rose E
MAHANAY Laura B 1866-1955
MAHANAY Leonard 1860-1930
MAHANAY Virginia 1899-1933
MAHANEY Mildred S and Mary Alice
MAHER Lawrence H 1913-1981
MAHER Raymond E 1894-1952
MAHIN C Richard 1895-1978
MAHIN Ethel NEWSON 1900-1982
MAHON D John 1944
MAHON Ella M 1891-1978
MAHON Maude A 1866-1940
MAHON Ronald A 56-56
MAIN Edith M and Gene C
MAJOR Alice 1870-1953
MAJOR M H Rev 1860-1918
MAJOR Weymon 1887-1935
MAJORS Alma L and Burl L
MAJORS Howard A and Geneva L
MALAISE Appie Mary and George Daniel
MALDONADO Urbano Cubita Jr 1973-1998
MALLETT Lula Belle 1908-1954
MALLON Mayme Sylvia 1907-1968
MALMBERG George C Lt 1916-1943
MALMBERG Mary B and Carl G
MALNORY Robert John and Shirley KIRBY
MALONE Annie Bell 1916-1995
MALONE Gilbert J and Mary B
MALONE Gilbert J Sr 1863-1944
MALONE Joanna TAULMAN 1939-1985
MALONE Minnie Belle 1940-1964
MALONEY Albert Lacey 1900-1987
MALONEY John Charles 1889-1948
MALONEY Mary BOLTON 1902-1996
MALONEY Robert William and Milford Max
MALPASS Calvin Patrick 1950-1989
MANASCO Clarence L and Lorinda A
MANASCO Jessie D 1895-1973
MANASCO Maggie May 1896-1960
MANER Barbara Ann 1932-1988
MANER Patrick Joseph 1964-1993
MANESS Beulah E 1903-1968
MANESS Plato G 1911-1989
MANESS William T 1897-1964
MANFRY Kathleen and Floyd and Bobby
MANGAN Alma A 1901-1989
MANGAN Lawrence M and Pauline WILLIS
MANIS Delmar 1908-1978
MANLEY James W 1945-1969
MANLEY Jessie Earl 1961-1969
MANN Emma H 1887-1967
MANN Mary Alice 1911-1990
MANN Roscoe C 1883-1940
MANN Truett H 1912-1956
MANN Harold West 1901-1951
MANN John C Sr and Jane K
MANN Sarah A and Herbert O
MANNEN Amanda 1863-1952
MANNERS Robert Alex and Fanny May
MANNING Arthur 1890-1952
MANNING Charles Chr 1859-1940
MANNING John O 1890-1935
MANNING John W 1856-1935
MANNING Joseph Tyler Joey 1987-1990
MANNING O P 1900-1956
MANNING Vista Ray JACKSON 1906-1988
MANNING Winney O 1887-1967
MANNY Beatrice H 1878-1959
MANSEL Rosa B 1884-1961
MANSEL Roy and Lorene
MANSEL Samuel T 1876-1941
MANSELL Bob R 1913-1968
MANSFIELD William Halleck iii 1934-1984
MANUEL Estella L 1913-
MANUS William R Jr 1924-1993
MAPLES Danny D 1954-1973
MAPLES Mildred A and Deuel D
MARBERRY Ben C 1914-1992
MARBERRY Virginia C 1919-1996
MARBURY Carolyn 1894-1939
MARCUS Frank S 1875-
MARENFIELD Elizabeth 1900-1984
MARENFIELD John F 1896-1952
MARIENFIELD Anna 1870-1959
MARINO Barney A 1874-1969
MARINO Elizabeth 1876-1944
MARKHAM Linnie E 1900-1945
MARKS David Lee 1945-1976
MARKS Emma 1905-1980
MARKUM Avery A 1950-1992
MARKUM Glenn Ray and W Cardell
MARKUM Wilburn and Katherin Elizabeth
MARKWARD Ada M 1891-1930
MARKWARD Martin Forrest 1891-1975
MARLER Della May 1883-1945
MARLER Edgar C 1909-
MARLER Samuel O 1875-1957
MARLEY Frank D 1878-1936
MARLOWE Helen B 1900-1973
MARNELL boy 1971
MARNEY Benjamin B and Mary A
MARNEY Kenneth C 1962-1985
MARRIOTT Katherine M and William H
MARRS Elijah Carl and Jane Ann MISSOURI
MARRS Jettie Lee Totsy 1907-1989
MARSHALL Bobie R 1927-1986
MARSHALL Boyce N and Doris E
MARSHALL Buddy 1946-1970
MARSHALL Charles Edwin 1948-1948
MARSHALL Charles P 1890-1962
MARSHALL Clara Mae JACKSON 1893-1978
MARSHALL Donna PORTER 1863-1940
MARSHALL Edward 1884-1950
MARSHALL Frances M and Robert E Lee
MARSHALL Grace 1896-1988
MARSHALL Jo 1893-1980
MARSHALL Loyce N 1915-1987
MARSHALL Luther C and Beatrice
MARSHALL Luther Lee 1892-1958
MARSHALL Robert Lon 1919-1941
MARSHALL Vernon Lee 1893-1932
MARSHALL Viola and Axell
MARSHALL William I 1867-1941
MARSTRAND Robert Foster Jr 1949-1956
MARTIN Luis W 1913-1964
MARTIN Mildred T 1915-1999
MARTIN Edythe Edie 1917-1987
MARTIN Maggie Elizabeth 1891-1975
MARTIN Monzy Ray 1884-1955
MARTIN Monzy Ray Jr and Rae
MARTIN Thelma 1911-1933
MARTIN 10 James A 1865-1931
MARTIN 10 Martha Ann 1865-1948
MARTIN 4 Edna GILDER 1880-1933
MARTIN 4 Ira Lane 1871-1938
MARTIN 4 Mattie LOVE 1874-1942
MARTIN 4 Middleton C 1900-1932
MARTIN 4 Ruth R 1902-1929
MARTIN 5 Edgar O 1894-1968
MARTIN 5 Wynona 1896-1982
MARTIN 6 Harry H Jr 1939-1950
MARTIN 6 John D 1861-1942
MARTIN 6 John J 1889-1952
MARTIN 6 Ola C 1869-1945
MARTIN 7 Fred A 1878-1931
MARTIN 7 Waitman W 1902-1973
MARTIN 8 Leota Mae and Lawrence Aulstin
MARTIN 9 Alice E 1891-1952
MARTIN Albert C and Effa BROKOW
MARTIN Albert S 1912-1963
MARTIN Alfred and Dortha
MARTIN Alice Inez 1878-1963
MARTIN Amanda A 1850-1948
MARTIN Amanda S 1878-1964
MARTIN Anna Bell 1928-1994
MARTIN Annie BARBER 1881-1970
MARTIN Arrie Belle 1884-1949
MARTIN Benjamin Frankie 1902-1996
MARTIN Betty J 1927-
MARTIN Birdie Mae 1898-1979
MARTIN Bobby Raye 1977-1977
MARTIN C Abe 1904-1975
MARTIN C H Spurgeon 1891-1984
MARTIN Charles R 1892-1966
MARTIN Chelly Dee 1973-1990
MARTIN Cora Lou PITCOCK 1922-2001
MARTIN Curtis 1924-1989
MARTIN Daria and James F
MARTIN Della Louise PATTERSON 1922-1994
MARTIN Delma 1899-1987
MARTIN Edna 1884-1952
MARTIN Emma Anglin 1871-1954
MARTIN Erma E 1893-1966
MARTIN Fay Alma 1886-1952
MARTIN Floyd M 1907-1997
MARTIN Francis Doc and Cora Leona
MARTIN Frank Jr 1910-1968
MARTIN Frederick N 1905-1980
MARTIN George E 1878-1967
MARTIN George R and Alice M
MARTIN Geraldine J 1917-1982
MARTIN Hallie E 1886-1973
MARTIN Harold Elgin and Doris Ruth
MARTIN Harry H 1899-1962
MARTIN Hugh M 1912-1976
MARTIN J M and Lillie
MARTIN James A and Martha E
MARTIN James D 1881-1948
MARTIN Jessie Alma 1883-1947
MARTIN Jessie Alma and Frank Sr
MARTIN Jewel S 1911-1945
MARTIN John T 1881-1948
MARTIN Johnnye 1931-
MARTIN Josephine 1849-1929
MARTIN Joyce J and Weldon E
MARTIN Kenneth C 1929-2001
MARTIN L T and Mignon S
MARTIN Landon H and Lula R
MARTIN Leila A 1892-1982
MARTIN Lillie Pearl 1884-1966
MARTIN Louis Lee and Dorothy E
MARTIN Mabel A 1911-1991
MARTIN Margaret FOSTER 1922-
MARTIN Marjorie E 1906-1990
MARTIN Martha J 1869-1952
MARTIN Maude NEAS 1892-1975
MARTIN Melody Ann 1967
MARTIN Nancy C 1866-1947
MARTIN Ora Ovella and Jacob Taylor
MARTIN Oscar 1888-1944
MARTIN Oscar D and Perna M
MARTIN Otis Glen and Laura Estell
MARTIN Prentice L 1876-1948
MARTIN R E L 1879-1963
MARTIN Robert E Sr 1907-1964
MARTIN Robert Elmo Jr 1932-1954
MARTIN Roy N and Lorene A
MARTIN Roy R 1894-1950
MARTIN Rufus B 1890-1971
MARTIN Steven Lewis 1951
MARTIN Talley B 1915-1984
MARTIN Thomas Albert and Lena Maye
MARTIN Tiney T 1880-1934
MARTIN Tom R 1885-1948
MARTIN Walter E 1882-1944
MARTIN Welton T and Mattie Lou
MARTIN William F 1883-1941
MARTIN William S 1873-1962
MARTINEZ Damien and Karl Rodrigo
MARTINEZ Guadalupe S 1886-1969
MARTINEZ Juanita R 1940-1963
MARTINEZ Linda Louise MULLINS 1950-1994
MARTINEZ Ramona 1906-1994
MARUDA Alexander I 1918-1972
MARVIN Arline 1914-1974
MARVIN Lizzie 1890-1972
MASERANG Leo Jr 1922-1947
MASINGALE Caleb Nesta 1996-2002
MASK Edward Oscar 1911-1991
MASK Lemma Lou 1914-1980
MASON Alicia Kaye 1966
MASON Charlie L and Madie J
MASON Donn E 1904-1980
MASON Hazel Maurine 1925-1987
MASON James Donald 1909-1985
MASON June REDDY 1920-1954
MASON June REDDY 1920-1954-
MASON Noel Thomas 1917-1967
MASON Sterling S and Ida B
MASON William J 1898-1933
MASON Zona MARTIN and Leslie Steward
MASSENGALE Clyde H 1898-1954
MASSENGALE Frank W 1926-1971
MASSENGALE Verlie V 1906-
MASSEY -R A Clara 1875-1962
MASSEY -Raymond Rufus 1895-1956
MASSEY -Rufus Asa 1871-1953
MASSEY Jess and Linda and Ronald
MASSEY Dall P 1904-1974
MASSEY Dorothy Louise and Oliver TAFT
MASSEY Elizabeth 1955-1955
MASSEY Homazelle and Ferman J
MASSEY Iza Inez 1893-1949
MASSEY J Troy 1913-1971
MASSEY John Emery 1921-1986
MASSEY Lawrence 1891-1936
MASSEY Mabel Dolores and Clarence
MASSEY Max Earl 1926-1979
MASSEY Mildred E Betty 1954-1970
MASSEY Shirlie 1920-2002
MASSEY son 1948
MASSIE Laura Merle McKEEHAN 1916-1968
MASSINGALE John Louis 1888-1942
MASSINGALE Larry Joe 1946-2003
MASSINGALE Milton Wayne 1940-1978
MASSINGALE W L 1913-1965
MASTERSON Mary F and Robert D
MATA Linda Carol 1943-1964
MATAR Edward 1917-1979
MATEER Nellie LEMSER 1899-1982
MATEER Thomas R 1898-1974
MATHES Charles R 1920-1971
MATHES Dortha Etola and Charles Robert
MATHEWS Bert E and Rosa Lee
MATHEWS Jerry Lee 1939-1952
MATHEWS Milon H and M Filfen
MATHEWS Oscar Lee 1891-1971
MATHIS Lester H 1893-1973
MATHIS Minnie Maud 1874-1959
MATHIS Robert Henry 1873-1931
MATHIS Susie 1906-1990
MATHIS Emma Simpson 1869-1934
MATHIS Jewel MACKEY and John Quay
MATHIS Margarette C 1845-1926
MATHIS William A 1856-1939
MATJASIC Lewis J 1912-1989
MATJASIC Louise T 1912-1992
MATLOCK Joel Emil 1949-1953
MATLOCK Louise BOWLES 1919-1981
MATLOCK Mathew 1948-1972
MATNEY Charles S 1874-1952
MATNEY Elmer C 1902-1964
MATNEY Maggie O 1878-1941
MATNEY Mildred O and Charles T
MATNEY William B and Lillian R
MATTHEWS Zula L and Guy V
MATTHEWS Chas U 1894-1983
MATTHEWS Frances Vel 1920-1995
MATTHEWS J M Cap 1870-1952
MATTHEWS M L Agnes 1895-1986
MATTHEWS Sabie E 1873-1967
MATTHEWS Benjamin F iii 1926-1973
MATTHEWS Daisy and Asa S
MATTHEWS Evelyn C 1912-1996
MATTHEWS James Cyrus 1857-1946
MATTHEWS James T 1915-1964
MATTHEWS Martha Jane 1857-1933
MATTISON George Boyd 1901-1987
MATTISON Ida Isabelle 1894-1973
MATTISON Mary Florence 1899-1979
MATTISON Robert Evans 1883-1949
MATTIZA Bernie and Gus A
MATTOCK Flora Lee PURVIS and Joe Mallory
MATTOX Herbert Herschel and Robbie Ray
MATTOX Riley Randolph 1914-1969
MATZ Franklin P ii 1900-1973
MAULDIN Alice 1869-1955
MAULDIN Clara M 1922-
MAULDIN Emma Blanche 1884-1942
MAULDIN Gober 1913-1999
MAULDIN Hazel D 1902-1940
MAULDIN Homer K 1895-1939
MAULDIN J W 1858-1932
MAULDIN John Henry 1880-1961
MAULDIN Oscar A 1883-1965
MAULSBY Matthew Clark 1986-1986
MAULSBY Phyllis 1959-1959
MAULSBY Susan 1959-1959
MAXEY Lyda Jean and Robert A
MAXWELL David Stiles 1869-1952
MAXWELL Lena Lilly 1891-1944
MAXWELL Lorine GILBERT 1889-1982
MAXWELL Anna 1874-1943
MAXWELL Jennings C 1912-1970
MAXWELL Kenneth and Jerry and Ed
MAXWELL Lark C and Grace P
MAXWELL Vera R and John H
MAY Ernest 1898-1981
MAY Rachel GARZA 1902-1932
MAY A E 1879-1957
MAY Bontrice EALM 1921-1968
MAY Clifton and Susie
MAY Dorothy B ALFORD and Belle
MAY Gladys L 1915-1983
MAY John D and Sina S
MAY Joseph Mac 1951-1980
MAY Mark Raymond 1968-1996
MAY Mollie S 1886-1970
MAY Oscar R Jr 1917-1983
MAY Oscar R Sr 1881-1956
MAY Wanda Sue 1924-1997
MAYBEN James E and Gail
MAYBERRY Benny D and Kevin D
MAYBIN Carmen R and John B
MAYBIN Jesse R 1918-1948
MAYER Helen E 1908-1964
MAYER J Otis 1905-1967
MAYER John B 1901-1963
MAYER Mabel G 1914-1984
MAYER Robert John and Ida Lena
MAYER Ruth D 1899-1977
MAYES John D Pete and Esta M
MAYES Leonette T 1918-
MAYFIELD Charles E 1944-2001
MAYFIELD Edith V and R George
MAYFIELD S B 1870-1836
MAYFIELD Troy Oraqn and Rita Hazel
MAYHEW Carroll C and Sarah I
MAYHEW Henry Franklin 1925-1998
MAYHEW Herbert L and Rhoda Emily
MAYHEW Laura Lee 1921-1998
MAYHEW Odis Odell 1919-1975
MAYNARD Harry and Lee
MAYNARD William H 1928-1957
MAYO Bertha May 1909-1964
MAYO Bess E 1894-1960
MAYO Ira Hugh and Maurine D
MAYO Jennie V 1909-1994
MAYO Lucy 1891-1981
MAYO Morma Lee 1898-1986
MAYO Morris J 1906-1958
MAYO Oscar E 1912-1974
MAYS Barney 1890-1940
MAYS Faun HOOVER 1923-
MAYS Jillian Marie DISHAW 1981-2001
MAYS Moses M
MAYS Nettie Jean 1933-2002
MAYS Orland C and Beatrice S
MAYS Ruth Elizabeth 1905-1985
MAYS Wade W and Katherine BELL
MAYVILLE Edward J 1895-1970
MAZUR Doris H and Edward E
MBAKA Elizabeth K ONDARA 1968-2001
McADAMS Helene W 1899-1990
McADAMS Rollin T Sr 1892-1984
McADOO A V 1880-1960
McAFEE Henry H 1881-1961
McAFEE Mary Bob 1916-1972
McAFEE Mary Elizabeth 1932-1969
McAFEE Virgie E Ethridge 1907-1946
McALINDON Thomas R 1929-1987
McALISTER Alma V 1900-1989
McALLISTER Euneada Y and L C Mac
McALLISTER Minnie Key 1877-1980
McALLISTER Philip W 1956-1961
McALLISTER Robert Larry 1955-1978
McANULTY Ethel and Chester K
McANULTY Frank A 1918-1993
McAULAY Vera RAINEY and William Jeffrey
McBRAYER George W and Jane
McBRAYER Hubert Bryan 1908-1978
McBRAYER Judy Lynn 1946-1948
McBRAYER Mackey Van iii 1979-1980
McBRAYER Mackey Van Sr 1937-1988
McBRAYER Myrta and Troy
McBRAYER Newton L and Julia M
McBRAYER Shirley Ann 1936-1988
McBRAYER Vera M and Gilbert H
McBRIDE Charlotte Jane 1919-1975
McBRIDE Effie Mae 1914-1969
McBRIDE Ida L 1872-1956
McBRIDE John Horace and Beatrice SIDDLE
McBURNETT J C 1927-1930
McBURNETT Shirley E 1899-1952
McCABE Ida J and James
McCABE James Conley 1913-1964
McCABE James P 1960-2002
McCABE John Owen 1956-1977
McCAGHREN Dez M 1889-1981
McCAIN Esna A 1891-1949
McCAIN W T Dr 1864-1925
McCALL Edward Dale 1939-1978
McCALL James A 1893-1949
McCALL Myrtle M 1895-1968
McCALL William Mack and Netia Lee
McCALLISTER Harriet Mae 1916-1935
McCALLISTER Mary 1895-1940
McCALLISTER Robert A 1893-1943
McCALMANT Lester L 1904-1966
McCAMY Burt and Eva G
McCAMY Robert E 1916-1943
McCANLESS W Ra and Mary Ellen
McCANS Alexander B 1894-1975
McCARLEY Alton C and Ruby M
McCARLEY W C Jack 1888-1949
McCARLEY Zella C 1893-1979
McCARROLL Cammie M 1891-1931
McCARROLL Sylvester D 1885-1941
McCART Bob and Jo
McCART McGregor Rankin 1902-1981
McCARTEY Jesse C 1898-1977
McCARTEY Nellie Gayle 1903-1982
McCARTY Alex H 1900-1946
McCARTY D L Jes Jr and Alma G
McCARTY Dennis L Sr and Sidney A
McCARTY Etta Ladelle 1923-1994
McCARTY Isaac Noel and Edna Pauline
McCARTY Jack B 1919-1973
McCARTY Mildred YEARBY 1910-1984
McCARTY Pleasant W and Lydia M
McCARTY William E and Nell COOLIDGE
McCASH Elinor M 1919-1990
McCASH Hattie E and William S
McCASH Hugh 1924-1996
McCASH William Harold and Mary Margaret
McCASKILL Robert P Sr 1917-1978
McCASLAND Julia 1921-1994
McCASLIN M Emily 1898-1992
McCASLIN Madaline 1955-1955
McCAULEY Cornelia L 1911-1993
McCAULEY Jesse R 1906-1940
McCAULEY Bonnie B 1922-1948
McCAULEY Rachel Ann and Henry F
McCAULEY Roy Henry 1915-1972
McCAULEY W R 1875-1941
McCAULLEY Alton Newman 1895-1959
McCLAIN Barbara G 1945-
McCLAIN Lee Roy 1910-1967
McCLAINE LaVerne TAYLOR 1928-1988
McCLANAHAN Ann L WISE and David Stewart
McCLANAHAN Benjamin 1880-1971
McCLANAHAN Grover C and Bertha
McCLAREN Claude 1898-1955
McCLAREN Claude C Jr 1936-1994
McCLAREN Esca J 1927-1953
McCLAREN Hannah 1875-1947
McCLAREN Mabel D 1901-1943
McCLAREN Oscar B and Rebecca L
McCLEAN Dierdre DYCHE 1910-1979
McCLEARY Ernest W 1867-1947
McCLEERY Alan T Jr 1954-1954
McCLELAN W S and Ellyn
McCLELLAN David Van Buren and Eunice HEA
McCLELLAN Wylie SCOTT and Hugh Joyce
McCLELLAND Annie 1887-1968
McCLELLAND Charles C 1916-1961
McCLELLAND Irene 1884-1936
McCLELLAND J N 1880-1940
McCLELLAND Jefferson Ray 1970-1971
McCLELLAND Kenneth 1939-2003
McCLELLAND Sarah F 1911-2002
McCLELLAND W W 1882-1938
McCLENDON Annie L 1893-1990
McCLENDON Cora Lee and James L
McCLENDON Eugene and Betty Jean NEVELLE
McCLENDON Graham 1957
McCLENDON Harry W 1890-1952
McCLENDON Kate WINN and Charles Hubbard
McCLENDON Lee 1917-1994
McCLENDON M Annis and Ernest R
McCLENDON R D Jack and Susan
McCLENDON Saphronia G KENNARD 1867-1945
McCLENDON Thomas M 1936-1975
McCLENNY Ella Grace and Sylvester R
McCLENNY Lottie Fae 1924-1945
McCLENNY Lula and Luther Lee
McCLENNY Michael Dewayne 1951-1984
McCLENNY Otto DeWitt 1927-1996
McCLENNY Robin Thomas 1931-1983
McCLESKEY Mildred HILBURN 1904-1996
McCLESKEY Ray E 1896-1977
McCLESKEY Faye GOLSON and John David
McCLESKEY George H and Artie B
McCLESKEY Mattie S and Sam A
McCLOUD Janet 1884-1964
McCLUNG Marion G 1917-1988
McCLUNG Nannie BOUNDS and Robert Edward
McCLUNG Nola D and Claude
McCLUNG Robert B 1917-2000
McCLUNG Robert Bounds and Marion Goryl
McCLUNG Robert S 1947-1999
McCLUNG Robert Stanley 1947-1999
McCLURE 1874-1943
McCLURE Bill 1916-1961
McCLURE Hazel RUSSEY and Curtis Almos
McCLURE Otis A 1891-1932
McCOLLUM Charles H 1874-1943
McCOLLUM Chas H Jr 1907-1959
McCOLLUM Mary G 1910-1967
McCOLLUM Nannie E 1874-1935
McCOLLUM Edney B -1941
McCOLLUM Jesse Lee and Ouida Frances
McCOMAS Clarence 1902-1971
McCOMB Woodson B 1886-1955
McCOMBS Borden L 1902-1961
McCOMBS Roberta ALLEN 1904-1993
McCONKEY B F 1862-1954
McCONKEY Frank A 1903-1941
McCONKEY Minnie 1873-1947
McCONNELL Artie Missie 1915-1994
McCONNELL Bobby James 1936-1951
McCONNELL Dorothy C 1908-1988
McCONNELL Elbert E 1887-1940
McCONNELL Elizabeth L and Richard F Sr
McCONNELL John Foster 1914-1984
McCONNELL June and Vera and Henry
McCONNELL June Ladell 1957-1960
McCONNELL Mae B and Albert L
McCONNELL Maude E 1891-1970
McCONNELL Nannie E and Arvel G
McCONNELL Sue Q 1929-1979
McCONNELL Thomas Grady and Vena Elizabet
McCONNELL Vera 1915-1996
McCONNELL William E 1903-1988
McCORD G K 1865-1935
McCORD Leila S 1875-1948
McCORMACK George W 1907-1980
McCORMACK Inez F 1902-1980
McCORMACK Olen 1896-1980
McCORMACK Sara Jane 1932-2001
McCORMICK Frank and Bessie
McCORMICK Georgeen 1917-1968
McCORMICK Lee R 1915-1966
McCORMICK Robert G 1928-1999
McCOY Dovie Martin 1910-1998
McCOY Flossie Lucille 1923-1978
McCOY Omer V and Gertrude PHILLIPS
McCRACKEN Robert H 1898-1986
McCRAW George H and Ollie Mae
McCRAY Eugene 1927-12998
McCRAY Mary E 1931-
McCREA Harry E 1878-1948
McCREA Penelope Nell 1885-1977
McCUDDEN Francis E 1943-1972
McCUE Beulah and Lee
McCULLAR Douglas R 1963-1986
McCULLAR Ronald D 1944-1990
McCULLARS Ella M and Archal G
McCULLARS Lucille and Howard
McCULLOCH Gussie 1882-1929
McCULLOCH Lillian C 1885-1967
McCULLOUGH Frank E Dr and Marguerite W
McCULLOUGH Garry M 1948-1968
McCULLOUGH Hattye Clara and John Allen
McCULLOUGH Herbert 1922-1990
McCULLOUGH Troy Ray 1977-1977
McCULLY Le Roy 1910-1989
McCULLY Theresa R E 1907-1945
McCUMBER Helen S 1883-1973
McCUMBER Hiram N 1879-1942
McCURTAIN Connie Sue 1952-1957
McCURTAIN David C Jr 1953-1958
McCURTAIN Emma E 1880-1941
McCURTAIN Ewart P 1898-1964
McCURTAIN Jackson H Sr and Ernestine Cho
McCURTAIN Julia McLISH and Greenwood M
McDANIEL Albert Galiton iii and Patricia
McDANIEL Clarence W 1895-1978
McDANIEL Donald F 1930-1988
McDANIEL Frances Elizabeth 1872-1955
McDANIEL Freeman H 1907-1938
McDANIEL James C and Helen M
McDANIEL Josephine 1916-1999
McDANIEL Linda Kay 1952
McDANIEL Michael James 1996
McDANIEL Raymond T 1918-1976
McDANIEL Ruth 1914-2000
McDANIEL T J 1882-1965
McDANIEL Vicie O 1911-1994
McDAVITT Helen L 1889-1977
McDILL James Peter
McDILL Rex and Josephine
McDILL Rex DeOre and Josephine THURMAN
McDONALD Aline 1903-1947
McDONALD Irving 1896-1981
McDONALD Carrie 1892-1952
McDONALD Charles A 1893-1978
McDONALD D Herman and Opal Midge
McDONALD Ira Frances 1873-1941
McDONALD James A 1866-1945
McDONALD John B 1904-1974
McDONALD Joseph Atwood and Ripple R SWEE
McDONALD Letha Madge and Carl Austin
McDONALD Mary Emma 1906-1976
McDONALD Mitchell Sundberg 1983-1985
McDONALD Ralph L and Lottye B
McDONALD Raymond and Minnie
McDONALD Robert L 1873-1934
McDONALD Sujane MALONEY 1919-1977
McDONALD Woodrow C 1918-1975
McDOUGALD A B 1874-1933
McDOWELL James Ruel 1906-1983
McDOWELL Jesse E 1880-1960
McDOWELL Madeline H 1923-1954
McDOWELL Mozell ROBERTS and John Ihllan
McDUFF Kathryn and Frank M
McDUFF Mary Anne and R J
McELHENY Jack 1922-1927
McELHENY Lillian JACKSON and Blanton Edw
McELMURRAY Kathleen BARRY 1911-1990
McELREATH Jo Ray and Clarance Ross
McELREATH Sam Ross and Mabel SEATON
McELROY Dovie Louse 1896-1972
McELROY Geraldine MAULDIN 1915-1964
McELROY William E 1878-1962
McELYEA Leecy Ann 1899-1986
McELYEA Russell G 1898-1964
McEWEN Byron N 1899-1981
McEWEN Byron N 1922-1949
McEWEN Floy MAGERS 1901-1986
McFADIN Charlie L and Margie M
McFADIN Mary J and Henry T
McFARLAND George M 1893-1975
McFARLAND Louise DODSON 1891-1974
McFARLAND Margaret Ann 1918-1958
McFARLAND Thad S 1879-1934
McFARLANE John E and Edith L
McFARLIN Andrew C-and Cora J
McFARLIN Bonnie Sue 1926-1995
McFARLIN Lloyd A 1926-2000
McFARLIN Lois M and Roscoe Al
McFRANCIS William C and Fay B
McGAFF Caleb D and Tillie M
McGAHA Alma Lena and Polk Davis
McGAHA Ann Elizabeth and Blake Allen
McGAHA Wayne Davis Tad 1953-1956
McGAIN Flora P 1892-1978
McGARITY Howard E iii 1952-1969
McGARITY Howard E Jr 1926-1961
McGARREY Elizabeth 1870-1948
McGARREY Joseph F 1874-1937
McGAUGH Cora D 1884-1975
McGAUGH Robert E L 1895-1956
McGAUGHY Dylan Tyler Boo 1997-2001
McGAUGHY Theren Leroy and Mary Kathryn
McGEE Lela HOOVER -1958
McGEE Troy Herman -1967
McGEE Alice Belle 1916-1938
McGEE Alice Mae 1887-1960
McGEE Bera S and Addison C
McGEE Beulah -1957
McGEE Billy Jack 1939-1972
McGEE Catherine Cassie L and J Sherman
McGEE David James 1922-1970
McGEE E J Mrs 1905-1942
McGEE Edwin J 1902-1953
McGEE Estell 1918-
McGEE Frances 1914-2002
McGEE George 1920-1989
McGEE June Marie 1926-
McGEE Kenneth Wayne 1950-1950
McGEE Lucile MILLER 1913-2000
McGEE Luther E 1942-1968
McGEE Marshall 1924-1989
McGEE Mary Belle and Kenneth Wayne
McGEE Mary S DRIGGERS 1862-1926
McGEE Ona and Wayman F
McGEE son 1945-1945
McGEE Thomas F 1915-1975
McGEE Will T 1867-1947
McGEHEE Birdie Ann and James H
McGILVRAY James Wayne 1953-1953
McGILVREY - Carol A and Charles R
McGINTY Annie 1875-1961
McGINTY infant 1943
McGINTY infant 1947
McGINTY Woodrow and Edith
McGLAUGHN Gaston 1913-1978
McGLOTHERN Frances L and Richard A
McGLOTHLIN Michael L 1950-1971
McGOUIRK Ada B 1879-1955
McGOUIRK Bill and Floy
McGOUIRK Joe 1874-1949
McGOWAN Esther E and Kirklus L
McGOWAN Jennifer Leigh 1979
McGOWEN Debbie 1960
McGOWEN Dorothy BAILEY 1917-2002
McGOWEN Jerry M 1938-1964
McGOWN Johnnie J 1906-1949
McGREGOR A C 1873-1948
McGREGOR Alta 1891-1982
McGREGOR Maggie May and William C
McGUIRE Cora T 1879-1971
McGUIRE D A Rev 1872-1932
McGUIRE J F 1876-1950
McGUIRE John Robert 1952-1955
McGUIRE Minnie 1884-
McGUIRE Norma Jo 1932-1957
McGUIRE-HURLEY Norma and Pauline and Rob
McGUYER Charles A and Sallie M
McHAN Ethel and Albert L
McHARG Bruce M 1886-1945
McHARG Bruce M Jr 1915-2002
McHARG Ione Louise 1887-1957
McHARG Mamie 1916-1997
McHARG Ronald Lee 1953-1986
McILHENNY Daisy M 1899-1977
McILHENNY Dora S 1876-1957
McILHENNY Samuel A 1874-1950
McILHENNY Samuel A Jr and William H
McILHENNY Alfred S 1903-1972
McINNIS Leola P 1918-1998
McINNIS Roy N Rev 1913-1971
McINTIRE Clydie H 1905-1970
McINTIRE Clydie Henslee and Felix Barton
McINTOSH Marjorie T 1923-1977
McINTOSH R L Jr 1921-1989
McINTURFF William T and Ada Mae
McINTYRE Kathleen 1921-1973
McINTYRE Noah and Bessie
McJILTON Cleo TURNER 1898-1988
McKAIG Chalon A 1861-1953
McKAIG Mary E 1866-1835
McKAIN Edna Pauline 1899-1966
McKAIN Lois T and John R
McKAMY Lillie Pearl 1914-1985
McKAY Alma and Charles
McKAY Charles 1893-1971
McKAY Frederick J and Evelyn W
McKAY Jessie E and Clarence A
McKEE Aleta MYERS 1925-1997
McKEE Evelyn J and William E
McKEE Frank MD 1894-1963
McKEE Frank S MD 1924-1982
McKEE Marian Elsie 1966-1968
McKEE Richard MD 1930-1983
McKEE Susan Sutton 1902-1970
McKEE William L 1932-1955
McKELROY Scotty E 1911-1994
McKELVY Sue S 1856-1939
McKENNA John F and Beatrice R
McKENNA Micah 1987
McKENZIE Michael Graham 1958-1998
McKENZIE Myrtle S and Roger C
McKENZIE N H and Julia A
McKENZIE S L Jr and Iva Mae Pat
McKEOWN Marion K and Samuel J
McKIBBIAN Elva L and Frank E
McKIMMY Hubert and Ruby
McKINLEY Cora M 1874-1949
McKINLEY Edgar HEWITT 1874-1950
McKINLEY Alois 1911-1980
McKINLEY Herman L 1910-1982
McKINLEY Ross Wesley 1909-1996
McKINLEY Ruth E 1915-1999
McKINNEY Alvah Brady and Eteau Stewart
McKINNEY Annie B 1871-1952
McKINNEY Charles M 1884-1941
McKINNEY Clyde W and Mildred J
McKINNEY F Evalene and Ben L
McKINNEY Florence H 1886-1962
McKINNEY Iva Lee 1901-1983
McKINNEY Mary POOLE 1888-1982
McKINNEY Robert L 1875-1936
McKINNEY Thomas F and Nonie
McKINNEY Thursie 1872-1964
McKINNON Helen 1916-1986
McKINNON Richard Phillips 1917-1986
McKINZIE Nona E and Henry W
McKINZIE W Harold and Claudine K
McKISSACK Effie E and John E
McKISSICK Juanita I and Auburn G
McKNIGHT Billy Joe 1960-2002
McKNIGHT Dorothy J and Curtis L Sr
McKNIGHT J N Dr 1851-1934
McKNIGHT Robert D 1939-1976
McKNIGHT William B and Alice L
McKONE Marcella Marie 1929-1987
McKOWN Gladys B and James H
McKOWN Robert A and Frances J
McKOWN Sherrie NUNNS 1946-1991
McKOWN Stanley D and Mary E
McLAIN Arthur F and Cora R
McLAIN Janet Elaine and Elden Burt
McLAIN Opal L and Cutis E
McLAUGHLIN Bessie G and Charles L
McLAUGHLIN Charlie L 1913-1969
McLAUGHLIN Gordon F 1913-1985
McLAUGHLIN John A and Doris J
McLAUGHLIN Lee and Addie R
McLAUGHLIN Lottie Bowman 1914-1964
McLAUGHLIN Lynda Lee 1950-2002
McLEAN Frances Ellen 1949-1995
McLEMORE Bonnie J 1926-1981
McLEMORE Clarence Otis 1916-1978
McLEMORE Gladys Beth PFOERTNER 1903-1997
McLENDON Annie N and John H
McLENDON Homer Leon and Margie Ann
McLENDON I A Max 1904-1965
McLEOD Bates B 1892-1965
McLEOD Edna and Dan V
McLEOD Eloise SWITZER 1915-1998
McLEOD Ruth 1895-1970
McLEOD Willard V 1941-1997
McLEROY Thomas E 1918-1993
McLEROY Yhomas E and Mary G
McLESTER Finley Melvin and Mary Louise
McLURE Franklin Fletcher and Courtney He
McMAHON Rachel and C H Mac
McMAHON Billie KELLEY 1920-1992
McMAHON Brian Douglas 1967-2003
McMAHON Frank Byerly 1904-1997
McMAHON Grace Glenn MERCHANT 1903-1967
McMAHON Howard 1922-1978
McMAHON J D Jr 1947-1977
McMAHON LaFern and Jesse D Sr
McMAHON Martha Pearl and William Lewis
McMAINS James O and Wanda
McMASTERS Bessie C 1904-1990
McMASTERS Norman H 1929-1965
McMASTERS Thomas M 1923-1944
McMICHAEL Annie and Obie R
McMICHAEL F R Fred 1941-1997
McMICHAEL Gearldin HOOPER 1917-1941
McMICHAEL Lillie B and Ross Howe
McMILLAN Mary Oma 1879-1957
McMILLAN Mary Sue and Johnnie
McMILLAN Myrtle D 1886-1950
McMILLAN Roy and Mary
McMILLEN Charlie L 1888-1951
McMILLEN Loyd C and C Juanita
McMILLEN Maxie Louise 1897-1976
McMILLIN Berta Theodocia 1886-1952
McMILLIN Bluford Kerr 1891-1972
McMILLIN Minnie L 1897-1975
McMILLON Phillip Ray 1955-1956
McMINN Lura M 1888-1942
McMINN Lura M and Bradley M
McMURRAY Annie C 1891-1981
McMURRAY Dorothea M 1914-1993
McMURRAY Evelyne WELDON 1889-1974
McMURRAY Joe R 1894-1953
McMURRAY Mary 1864-1938
McMURRAY Otho Robert 1889-1957
McMURRAY R L 1858-1932
McMURRAY Urban E 1892-1943
McMURRY Charles Dewey 1904-1936
McMURRY Juanita 1905-1980
McNAMARA William J and Mary DARK
McNAUGHT Helen C 1875-1945
McNAUGHT Minor C 1865-1941
McNEAL Loyce A 1934-
McNEAL Odell J 1923-2001
McNEAL Virginia W 1919-1936
McNEELY James D 1874-1943
McNEELY Minnie T 1873-1973
McNEELY Charles T 1885-1934
McNEELY Katherine Louise 1878-1935
McNEIL Maudie B 1894-1970
McNEILL Jessamae 1898-1950
McNEILL T A Sr 1895-1971
McNIEL Catherine C and Marshall D
McNIEL Clara 1908-1972
McNIEL Laura E and George T iii
McOWEN Louise Ranet 1898-1977
McPARTLAN Peter 1930-1980
McQUITTY Howard G and Mildred J
McRAE Sallye IRVINE 1888-1975
McRAE Walter T Jr 1917-1991
McRAE Walter Thomas 1877-1950
McRAE Duncan C 1872-1939
McRAE Duncan Lee 1899-1988
McRAE Edward 1873-1942
McRAE Willie May 1905-1997
McREYNOLDS Lucy E 1848-1931
McROBERTS Floyd Mangum 1918-1944
McROBERTS Jack S 1921-1944
McROBERTS Joseph Smith 1882-1967
McROBERTS Lucy Virginia 1914-2004
McROBERTS Vivienne S and Joseph R
McVEAN A M and Minnie Ora
McVEAN Howard M 1911-1988
McVEAN Louie MAYFIELD 1905-1957
McVEAN Norene BALLARD 1910-1999
McVEY Robert E and Leva C
McWHIRTER Maude 1882-1940
McWHORTER Carl and Edith
McWILLIAMS Mae 1890-1988
McWILLIAMS Wm Thomas 1882-1957
McWILLIAMS Yates F 1909-1960
McWILLIAMS Bill A 1922-2001
McWILLIAMS Donald Eugene and Carolyn
McWILLIAMS Virginia E and W T Bill
MEAD Charles E and Irene V
MEAD John 1864-1933
MEADE Frederick S 1888-1972
MEADE James W 1889-1946
MEADE Julia CLEMOW 1889-1982
MEADE Lottie H 1893-1983
MEADE Naomi HEARNE 1914-1957
MEADE ROBERT Leo 1887-1956
MEADOR Julia S and James E
MEADOR Thelma Cora 1900-1988
MEADOR William Jonsie 1896-1975
MEADOWS Edna E 1925-
MEALS Charles Ray 1927-1977
MEALS Frances L 1920-1983
MEARS Gerri Gabrialle 1976-1977
MEARS Mary E 1898-1959
MEARS Oliver L 1893-1970
MEASLES Lewis A 1904-1951
MEBUS R E Lee and Florrie B
MEDELLIN Frank Z 1904-1960
MEDFORD Cecil Ora 1908-1968
MEDFORD Donald L 1939-1996
MEDFORD Etta R 1916-1995
MEDFORD G D and Ruth Naomi
MEDFORD James O and Opal I
MEDFORD Lewis Duane 1950-1965
MEDFORD Pauline STEPHENS and Frank
MEDFORD Travis R 1897-1974
MEDFORD Wava M 1898-1993
MEDINA Conception Vega 1951-2001
MEDLEY Geo W 1856-1934
MEDLEY George O 1936-1989
MEDLEY Mary 1870-1949
MEDLEY Doyle Ray 1950-1980
MEDLOCK Nell 1904-1997
MEDLOCK Theodore 1922-1944
MEDLOCK Troy Lee 1903-1956
MEDRANO Jairo J 1995-1997
MEECE Curtis Arnom 1906-1963
MEEK Albert J 1911-1991
MEEK Avanal McDANIEL 1924-1991
MEEK Ruby Fay and I Lee
MEEKS Evelyn B 1928-1975
MEEKS Stacey Delman 1923-1985
MEERS Weldon B and Gladys L
MEGASON Jason Lynn 1971-1995
MEGGS Lucille 1892-1947
MEHARG Naomi RN 1907-1998
MEIER John August 1947-1977
MEIROSE John H and Mary M
MEISE Frank 1889-1945
MEISLOHN Theodore Eugene Ted 1904-1989
MEISNER Clarence E 1905-1987
MEISSNER daughter 1946
MEISSNER Martha WARD and James Raymond
MELDRUM Charles Herbert and Mabel Elizab
MELEAR Jullian J 1887-1973
MELEAR Mary Katherine 1917-1972
MELEAR Nannie A 1889-1975
MELEAR Doak Capps 1892-1977
MELEAR James H 1922-1951
MELEAR Viola 1892-1968
MELEAR Ethel P LEATH 1903-1993
MELEAR Lillian W 1884-1984
MELENDEZ Jose Manuel 1974-1998
MELISI Joseph Jr 1957-1957
MELTON Dud Lee Autry 1890-1947
MELTON Ephriam B 1866-1950
MELTON Houston and Earlean
MELTON James Barry 1953-1973
MELTON James Boyd and Ethel Modeena
MELTON Jesse A C 1868-1945
MELTON John E Sr 1898-1974
MELTON John J 1890-1920
MELTON Leo Otto 1892-1916
MELTON Lottie VAUGHN 1899-1989
MELTON Louis W 1876-1932
MELTON Mary Viola 1873-1968
MELTON Mattie C 1871-1946
MELTON Oscar Lewis 1901-1967
MELTON Pink M and Carrie L
MELTON Virgle 1925-1995
MELTON William F Jr 1929-1995
MELTON William F Sr 1897-1967
MELTON Wm Earl 1893-1974
MELVILLE David M Sr 1910-1977
MELVIN Albert Sidney Dick 1910-1997
MENCHACA ElNiNo Juan M 1963-1969
MENDEZ Hilaria L 1924-1980
MENDEZ Manuela L 1900-1971
MENDEZ Serapio 1895-1956
MENEGAZZO Jessie Jimmy 1900-1988
MENEGAZZO Pete 1895-1972
MERCER Alpheus J 1860-1955
MERCER Bessie Mae and Edwin D
MERCER Daniel Eugene 1978
MERCER Elsie B 1914-
MERCER Jack B 1935-1992
MERCER Margaret P 1861-1949
MEREDITH Ellis ThD 1910-1950
MEREDITH M Maudell 1911-1993
MEREDITH Mary S 1875-1965
MERIDETH Alva E 1909-1960
MERIDETH Dorothe JOBE 1913-1996
MERIDETH Thomas A 1938-1959
MERRELL Catherine Mae 1894-1989
MERRELL Jesse Ray Sr 1893-1974
MERRELL Jessie 1871-1949
MERRELL Mona I 1896-1996
MERRELL Robert Alexander and Barbara ALL
MERRELL Vernon Lee 1927-1945
MERRELL Will F 1890-1963
MERRIFIELD Mary Sue RUDD and John J Sr
MERRIMAN Deanna Renna 1964-1965
MERRITT Eva W and Ben T
MERRITT Viola L Odie and Henry T
MERRITT Ben Welch 1919-1994
MERRITT Bessie Jane and Jerry Edy
MERRITT Louise Vaughn 1920-1970
MERRITT Opal K 1920-
MERRITT Walter M 1914-1982
MERRYMAN Eula 1888-1965
MERTZ Doris Ann 1927-1979
MESSER Bobby Jack and Myrtle Lenora
MESSER John Lee 1942-1997
MESSICK Viola M and Robert L
MESSINER Leon S and Imogene
MESSNER son 1951
METCALF Addie Sarah 1893-1959
METCALF Dorothy and L D
METCALF Jack T 1913-1983
METCALF James E 1924-1968
METCALF Leona M 1912-1998
METCALF Marion Alvin 1891-1969
METCALF Molly G 1913-1981
METCALF Quinn 1921-1987
METCALF Zola N and Dewey A
METCALFE Aubra N and Lou Vicie
METCALFE Doris F and Carlton K
METCALFE Sherrell W and M Elizabeth
METHVIN Donald D 1939-1977
METHVIN Robert D 1910-1965
METTS Adam Carl 1882-1959
METTS Frances H and William F
METTS Sarah W 1892-1983
MEWHARTER Louise Olivia 1872-1951
MEYER A J 1896-1968
MEYER Dessie E 1893-1976
MEYER Louisa KNOTH 1887-1961
MEYER Mansfield W 1896-1975
MEYER R J Bob 1916-1941
MEYER Ruby Gladys 1901-1945
MEYER William A 1910-1945
MEYER William L 1886-1948
MICHAEL Alexander McKnight 1903-1978
MICHAEL Aubrey S 1900-1933
MICHAEL Burke 1858-1934
MICHAEL Edward Ray 1929-1994
MICHAEL Fannie Ruth 1909-1973
MICHAEL Inora W 1894-1982
MICHAEL John A 1887-1935
MICHAEL John Anthony Jr 1918-1997
MICHAEL Lizzie B 1868-1938
MICHAEL Mable S and Herbert W
MICHELLE Lisa 1956
MICKLE Elizabeth BRAKEFIELD 1888-1983
MICKLE John Shaffer 1876-1937
MIDDLETON Douglas H and Fern S
MIERS Ernest and Marie
MIESSNER Margaret 1957-1957
MIKESELL Keith William 1955-1961
MILAM Prudence Ann 1849-1936
MILAM Myrtle and Owen
MILAM Oliver P Jr and Billie Ruth
MILBURN Martha E 1898-1985
MILBURN Thomas Alvin 1893-1968
MILES Jack E 1901-1965
MILES Jesse J and Beatrice
MILES Ross E and A
MILES Ruth 1905-1948
MILFORD Paul Clayton 1909-1993
MILLBURN Harry T and Hallie Lee
MILLER Mattie Lucinda 1895-1974
MILLER Thomas Everett 1890-1951
MILLER 4 James X 1904-1969
MILLER 4 Lillian H 1914-1998
MILLER 5 Macile C 1916-1992
MILLER 5 Otis Wiley 1948-1952
MILLER 5 Otis Wiley Sr 1901-1973
MILLER 6 Carrie Belle 1890-1980
MILLER 6 Charles H 1920-1985
MILLER 6 R H Bob Sr 1893-1957
MILLER 7 Annie Burt 1869-1966
MILLER 7 George Barton 1901-1983
MILLER 7 Jacqueline KIRCHMAN 1896-1983
MILLER 7 Thomas Ashburn 1868-1936
MILLER Acy L 1906-1974
MILLER Adrian B and Lillie A
MILLER Albert Aaron Jr and Esther Ione
MILLER Alexander Francis 1913-1976
MILLER Alva Eugene 1874-1956
MILLER Anthony Patrick 1953
MILLER Antone Frank 1917-1979
MILLER Arlin 1903-1943
MILLER B Walter 1887-1960
MILLER Benjamin F Jr 1925-1993
MILLER Benjamin F Sr 1895-1964
MILLER Bernard W 1889-1968
MILLER Bessie Mae 1901-1984
MILLER Beverly Christine 1952-1953
MILLER Caldonia E 1895-1987
MILLER Clarence Fenton and Jossie Irene
MILLER Clarence L 1914-2000
MILLER Cleo George 1964-2002
MILLER Clyde G 1885-1958
MILLER Danny L 1953-1963
MILLER daughter 1946
MILLER Don 1901-1959
MILLER Dora J and Earl
MILLER Dorothy V 1901-1977
MILLER Edgar Durant and Lillian F INGLE
MILLER Edna C and Erwin F
MILLER Edward H and Bonnie HUDGENS
MILLER Eleanor S 1905-1984
MILLER Ellen Azella and albert Aaron
MILLER Emily Millie 1906-1993
MILLER Emma Lee and Waddy Lee
MILLER Ethel I 1883-1975
MILLER Ethel Judith 1934
MILLER Ethel S 1887-1933
MILLER Eugene C 1944-1945
MILLER Eurie Jr 1917-1962
MILLER Eurie Sr 1889-1972
MILLER Finley F and Fay
MILLER Floyd B 1918-1991
MILLER Francis N 1923-1970
MILLER Frank H 1881-1961
MILLER Franz E 1896-1973
MILLER Frederick W 1885-1975
MILLER Gary L 1950-
MILLER H Clifton and Lovella T
MILLER Hallie R and John B
MILLER Harold Edwin 1917-1965
MILLER Harriett A 1874-1963
MILLER Hazel H 1898-1954
MILLER Henry J and Olive E
MILLER Hugh F 1886-1970
MILLER Ida Frances and Xerxex Henderson
MILLER J B 1912-1917
MILLER J C Jr and Augusta E
MILLER Jack L 1917-1994
MILLER James D 1928-1971
MILLER James David Jr 1949-1984
MILLER James M 1841-1977
MILLER Jean B 1921-1949
MILLER Jesse B and Myrtle L
MILLER Joe G and Harry D
MILLER John B 1908-1962
MILLER John L 1918-1990
MILLER Julius L 1904-1933
MILLER Kenneth C 1929-2001
MILLER Kevin Lewis Breck 1962-1962
MILLER Leith R and Clarence
MILLER Leroy G 1935-1989
MILLER Lester C 1891-1969
MILLER Lewis E 1893-1967
MILLER Lionel G and Charlotte L
MILLER Lloyd M and Betty Louise
MILLER Lola B 1880-1952
MILLER Louise A 1912-2002
MILLER Luther T and Estelle
MILLER M Bernice 1916-1992
MILLER Mabel M 1892-1980
MILLER Mankin M 1890-1952
MILLER Margaret Ann 1880-1974
MILLER Margaret M 1942-
MILLER Marguerite GRAMLING 1912-1994
MILLER Marie F and Leo B
MILLER Martha Kathryn 1933-1999
MILLER Mary A 1879-1960
MILLER Mary Agnes 1891-1966
MILLER Mary L 1910-1925
MILLER Mary Ruth 1901-1973
MILLER Merlin F and Doris T
MILLER Murray K and Eurie Sr
MILLER Murray NICHOLSON 1899-1977
MILLER Myrtle C 1902-1994
MILLER Otto Julius 1885-1969
MILLER Otto L 1898-1972
MILLER Paul and Ethel M
MILLER Prince A 1877-1941
MILLER R P Ted and E Theople
MILLER Raleigh M 1874-1941I
MILLER Ralph S 1927-1975
MILLER Ray Lee 1927-
MILLER Raymond and Peggy
MILLER Rena F 1966
MILLER Robert L and Ella
MILLER Robert R and Dorothy F
MILLER Roberta Mae 1913-1992
MILLER Sarah Ann 1858-1936
MILLER sons 1962
MILLER Stella Jo 1908-1971
MILLER Susan 1884-1978
MILLER Thomas E 1894-1963
MILLER Timothy Lee and Patricia Kay
MILLER Tommie B 1878-1964
MILLER Troy B 1906-1956
MILLER Tula 1902-1964
MILLER Tunnie M 1930-1962
MILLER W T Rev and Dorothy N Rev
MILLER Walter A 1879-1943
MILLER Walter A iii 1946-1997
MILLER Walter E Jr 1918-1962
MILLER Waple T and Willie C
MILLER William V 1902-1987
MILLER Wm E Bill and Jewel RUSSELL
MILLER Wm H 1877-1959
MILLER Zelda L 1918-
MILLICAN Annie Mae and Joseph Marion
MILLICAN Charlie E 1899-1968
MILLICAN Honor S 1888-1945
MILLICAN Joe E 1872-1947
MILLICAN Leora 1901-1986
MILLICAN Maude M and Clarence E
MILLICAN Minnie Maye and Calvin Earl
MILLICAN son 1940
MILLICAN W B 1896-1944
MILLIGAN George E 1917-1961
MILLIGAN Imogene and Boyd
MILLIGAN LaVayne G 1922-1996
MILLIGAN Michael Boyd 1939-1999
MILLIGAN Sean Michael 1970
MILLIKEN Clyde Herd and Mattie FLEMING
MILLNITZ Charles and Lillian E
MILLS Benny Eugene 64-84
MILLS Charles Harvey 1911-1986
MILLS Coe Stanley 1900-1977
MILLS Dorothy F 1924-1980
MILLS Edna Earl 1915-1938
MILLS Laura S 1874-1974
MILLS Margaret E 1962-1981
MILLS Nell C 1899-1976
MILLS Willie and Leona
MILLSAP Betty Laverne 1959-1980
MILLSAP Jesse F 1909-1974
MILNER John C and Helen L
MILRANY Daisy A 1882-1955
MILRANY Joe A 1881-1954
MIMMS Lena Bell 1920-1980
MIMS Danny Ray 1949-1983
MIMS Edgar L and Shirley H
MIMS Nona I and W Raymond
MIMS William R and Edna L
MINCHER Jaclyn Suzanne 1984-1984
MINELLA Lucian Babe 1911-1963
MINER Arlene Burt 1908-
MINER Theron Ted 1913-1998
MINK Laurel Lee 1940-2001
MINK Martha Sue 1943-1993
MINK Pat 1911-1987
MINK Roselynn 1913-1999
MINNIS Charles 1899-1958
MINNIS James Herman 1923-1937
MINNITT Ruffus 1911-1994
MINOR Grace 1897-1984
MINSHEW Charlie C 1882-1962
MINSHEW Arrie L 1879-1945
MINSHEW Benjamin F and Iva Dell
MINSHEW Gertrude 1874-1959
MINSHEW Preston Glen and Ida Merle
MINSHEW Richard L 1946-1951
MINTON Curtis Alvis 1892-1972
MINTZ Fauncine and Harvey
MIRES Willard L and Jewel G
MISER Flaud B and W H Harry
MISER Lena Mae and Marvin B
MISER Lois R and Glenn D
MISER Sue Elizabeth and Kile Marvin
MISER Vera Inez and Walley N
MISSILDINE Ivy Wayne and Mary Katherine
MITCHAM Arthur F 1876-1939
MITCHAM Margaret M 1880-1967
MITCHAM Vera JOHNSON 1910-1989
MITCHAM Frances 1910-1964
MITCHAM Geo Russell and Mary Lou
MITCHAM Jack 1909-1995
MITCHELL Charles W 1903-1971
MITCHELL Charles W Jr 1927-1986
MITCHELL Hazel 1902-2000
MITCHELL Ada WATTS 1908-2001
MITCHELL Albert J 1893-1961
MITCHELL Alice C 1915-1980
MITCHELL Allen F and Bonnie M
MITCHELL Barbara A 1878-1964
MITCHELL Clyde R and Thelma R
MITCHELL Curtis 1878-1942
MITCHELL Edith FREY 1929-1996
MITCHELL Edmond S 1872-1937
MITCHELL Eli and Bessie
MITCHELL George W 1897-1970
MITCHELL George W and Ethel B
MITCHELL George W and Mary E
MITCHELL Geraldine 1921-1976
MITCHELL Irene V 1896-1990
MITCHELL Jack W 1922-1928
MITCHELL James H 1914-1950
MITCHELL Jewell Q 1907-
MITCHELL John B 1911-1998
MITCHELL Johnny and Lena
MITCHELL Kay Lynn 1963-1964
MITCHELL Louie B 1889-1948
MITCHELL Luman L 1887-1972
MITCHELL Margaret M 1920-1969
MITCHELL Mary Helyn and Luther D
MITCHELL Michael J 1948
MITCHELL Nancy Lynn 1942
MITCHELL Ottie C 1892-1977
MITCHELL Pete 1922-1996
MITCHELL Rosetta RITCHIE 1877-1957
MITCHELL Ruby F 1899-1979
MITCHELL Ruth A 1914-1949
MITCHELL Susan M 1894-1984
MITCHELL Thomas E and Sibyl I
MITCHELL Virgie FARRIS and Olen Nelson
MITCHUSSON Lillie A and James H
MIXON Cecil 1906-1991
MIXON Gorge W 1901-1972
MIXON Viola M 1896-1970
MIZE Allen Lewis and Annie TAYLOR
MIZE Bryan B and Dorothy L
MIZE Nancy Sibbie 1858-1947
MJOSETH Bernhard C 1896-1968
MJOSETH Eva COOK 1899-1997
MOAD Susie Rachel 1907-1983
MOATES Mabel K 1893-1966
MOBERG Theodore 1884-1958
MOBERLY Melissa Morgan 1952-1966
MOBLEY Margaret Donnie 1911-1935
MOBLEY Martha Vienna 1875-1972
MOBLEY R A 1898-1938
MOCK Ila O 1921-1964
MOEHR Mable J and Paul Jr
MOELLER Ruth and Roy
MOFFAT Annie 1872-1950
MOFFETT LaBerta COLWELL 1916-1999
MOFFITT Dorothy COX 1908-1978
MOFFITT Verne A 1907-1945
MOHR William H and Edna C
MOKSZYCKI Adam 1921-1998
MOLINE Paul R Sr 1908-1993
MOLLOY James C 1912-1964
MOLTON Lallie and Jess
MONAGHAN Johnnie E 1898-1963
MONAGHAN Johnnie E Jr MD and Joann A
MONAGHAN Ruby Joyce 1903-1950
MONCRIEF Ethel and John Murrah
MONCRIEF William Earl and Ella Ree
MONDICS Billie Kate WILSFORD 1924-1993
MONK Alonzo Jr Rev 1881-1930
MONK James A 1911-1996
MONK Mary SMITH 1909-1930
MONREAL Jesse E 1939-1980
MONTAGUE A W Dr 1895-1934
MONTAGUE Ella CROUSE 1886-1957
MONTAGUE Grace 1892-1975
MONTAGUE Jessie B 1867-1946
MONTANDON Mary E and Victor L Sr
MONTEZ Jesse Enriquez 1938-1997
MONTGOMERY Jewell F 1907-1997
MONTGOMERY L M Monte 1906-1951
MONTGOMERY Robert and Kate
MONTGOMERY Adalyn HARWELL and Samuel Alb
MONTGOMERY Billy L 1920-1982
MONTGOMERY C Ellen and Larry
MONTGOMERY Charlie A and Nely G
MONTGOMERY Della 1896-1970
MONTGOMERY George Robert Martin 1886-197
MONTGOMERY Hal R and Dorothy J
MONTGOMERY Irene and Clarence
MONTGOMERY Irene I 1905-1986
MONTGOMERY Jenny Lee 1919-1954
MONTGOMERY Lillian E and Jesse W
MONTGOMERY Lilliy O 1900-1988
MONTGOMERY Mary Jane and Samuel Albert J
MONTGOMERY Mattie B 1890-1975
MONTGOMERY Nona Standlee 1905-1994
MONTGOMERY Norman W 1929-1990
MONTGOMERY Oscar W 1891-1957
MONTGOMERY Richard Lee and Willie M TATU
MONTGOMERY Willie Fayette 1907-1999
MONZINGO Florence D and John H
MONZINGO Leslie WILSON and Ora Marie
MOODY Lula A 1870-1960
MOODY Thomas N 1868-1940
MOODY Frank 1852-1935
MOODY Helen McCUE and Arthur E
MOODY James F 1914-1971
MOODY Leona R 1920-1981
MOODY Thomas N Jr and Dixie R
MOON Ella and A B
MOON George W 1919-1999
MOON Juanita E 1920-1973
MOON Kendrick 1913-1936
MOON Samuel R and Willie M
MOONEY Elmer and Maxine
MOONEY Ina May and Wilbur E
MOONEYHAM Ann and Bill
MOORE Edith Iles 1899-1995
MOORE Paul N 1895-1991
MOORE Grace Eugene 1903-1967
MOORE Sue ROSS 1881-1948
MOORE Ada Mildred 1899-1990
MOORE Nell Jane 1895-1989
MOORE Randolph and Catherine and James
MOORE Joseph W 1881-1960
MOORE Mabel CARTER 1889-1979
MOORE - Henry Bennett 1881-1937
MOORE - Kate CASTEEL - 1895-1978
MOORE 6 Iva Anna 1892-1980
MOORE 6 Thomas H 1887-1943
MOORE 7 John T 1895-1967
MOORE 7 Ruth B 1907-2001
MOORE 8 Annie Laurie GARNER 1888-1991
MOORE 8 William Wardell 1887-1966
MOORE Albert E 1926-1994
MOORE Albert Edgar 1923-2000
MOORE Alice 1862-1946
MOORE Alyne STONE 1896-1985
MOORE Amy Diane 1981-2000
MOORE Andrew and Terie E
MOORE Anne M and J Virgil
MOORE Archie L 1921-2000
MOORE Bailey Walter 1894-1970
MOORE Barbara Ann 1938-
MOORE Bascom 1898-1957
MOORE Bertha Irby 1883-1935
MOORE Bertie H and Rabon P
MOORE Bessie Mae 1887-1983
MOORE Bethel P and H Allan
MOORE Betty Boa and James Earl
MOORE Burke L 1926-1999
MOORE Cecil F 1901-1956
MOORE Charlotte ANDREWS 1899-1972
MOORE Clara Belle 1885-1961
MOORE Clye McCaleb and Laura Lucille
MOORE Constance W 1921-1992
MOORE Dorothy D 1921-
MOORE Edna Frances and Alfonso
MOORE Elizabeth 1919-1941
MOORE Elizabeth A REED
MOORE Elizabeth H and E Oscar
MOORE Ellen O 1897-1973
MOORE Emma Blanche 1899-1983
MOORE Emma C 1877-1964
MOORE Ernest Farley 1877-1962
MOORE Fabian Hall 1927-1997
MOORE Fannie and Ive E
MOORE Fannie Maye and Waylon Boyce
MOORE Fara Ellen and Belve Roy
MOORE Gary Roy 1948-2003
MOORE George W 1921-1966
MOORE Harry W 1883-1944
MOORE Hubert W 1917-
MOORE Hubert W and Mary KOLIUS
MOORE Ida Virginia 1915-1959
MOORE J O 1956-1937
MOORE James Franklin 1910-1984
MOORE James Henry 1881-1969
MOORE Jana Marie 1953-1953
MOORE Jessie Lee and Richard James
MOORE Jimmie 1908-1962
MOORE Jimmie P and Jesse A
MOORE Joe Bob and Lilybelle
MOORE John H 1912-1988
MOORE John M 1956-1956
MOORE John W 1855-1938
MOORE Julia Ethel 1879-1969
MOORE Kenneth 1920-1960
MOORE Kenneth Lee 1951-1977
MOORE Leona F 1895-1960
MOORE Leta CROWLEY 1888-1961
MOORE Lewis E 1940-1995
MOORE Loma E and Thomas J
MOORE Loyd Carroll 1931-1981
MOORE Lula Mae 1891-1973
MOORE Lula May 1866-1960
MOORE Maldrine M 1861-1942
MOORE Margaret 1898-1981
MOORE Margaret Clare 1957-1976
MOORE Margaret H 1914-2001
MOORE Marguerite H and William Olin
MOORE Martha I 1877-1960
MOORE Martin Luther 1874-1946
MOORE Mary KOLIUS 1922-1999
MOORE Mayme and W O
MOORE My-Chelle 2002-2002
MOORE Myrtle R and Burt S
MOORE Noel Pat 1896-1961
MOORE Orpha SMITH 1893-1978
MOORE Pauline and Pinkeny Wayne
MOORE Percey K 1885-1964
MOORE Porter E 1891-1959
MOORE Porter E 1922-1968
MOORE Ray McKEEHAN Mrs 1907-1929
MOORE Richard M 1923-1990
MOORE Robert Earl 1927-1935
MOORE Ruby and Wallace G
MOORE Ruby Lee and Ethel
MOORE son 1962
MOORE Thomas H and Minnie D
MOORE Tom F 1896-1976
MOORE Tucker and Gertrude
MOORE Vaida L 1924-
MOORE Velma WALTERS and William Rans
MOORE Velva Inez 1895-1959
MOORE Virginia E 1914-1988
MOORE W A and Rachael T
MOORE W V 1875-1953
MOORE Walker 1890-1973
MOORE Waylon Boyce 1892-1948
MOORE Wendell V 1929-1993
MOORE Wiliam E 1895-1959
MOORE William Starling and Jo Murl
MOORE Willie Amelia 1903-1990
MOORE Winzola 1910-2000
MOORE Wm Edward and Ethel G
MOORE Wm H 1864-1939
MOORE Wood Jr 1937-1937
MOORE Wood Sr 1907-1940
MOORES Garnie L 1927-1990
MOORES William Alexander and Euna Lee
MOORHEAD Laverne and P A Jake
MOORMAN Leonard P and Wynona T
MOORMAN Lillie B ROBERTS 1920-1999
MORA Poston G 1923-1993
MORA Violet 1920-
MORALES Alton C Hoot and Ethalyne France
MORAN John S Jr 1923-1945
MORAN John Stephen 1891-1969
MORAN Abby DUGGAN 1903-1974
MORAN Celia MOBLEY 1902-1979
MOREHEAD Gloria R and James P Jr
MORELAND Frances HARDY 1906-2001
MORELAND Frances Hardy 1933
MORELAND Parker Elbert 1900-1996
MORELAND J C 1915-1996
MORELAND John L and Emma B
MOREN Albert J 1898-1967
MOREN George A 1902-1968
MOREN Louis P 1853-1938
MOREN Nettie E 1870-1956
MOREN Robert Cecil 1906-1991
MOREN Velma Faye 1904-1987
MORENO Rafael Rubio 1902-1992
MORENO Teresa 1912-2001
MOREY Naomi Ray 1907-1984
MOREY Oliver L iii 1909-1972
MOREY Oliver Lee and Lottie F
MORGAN Daniel Francis 1877-1950
MORGAN Margaret M 1886-1970
MORGAN Benjamin C 1858-1934
MORGAN Callie STEVENS 1902-1985
MORGAN Carl E and Myrtle P
MORGAN Claude Pinkerton and Georgia
MORGAN Ed 1888-1972
MORGAN Edson P and Myrtle V
MORGAN Henry E 1919-1981
MORGAN James Evelyn 1876-1964
MORGAN Lee and Clara
MORGAN Leroy F 1898-1960
MORGAN Martha Henriette 1862-1944
MORGAN Martin Leonard 1905-1955
MORGAN Mary Jo and Howard
MORGAN Minnie M REED 1927-1992
MORGAN Miranda 1892-1965
MORGAN Morris and Jewell
MORGAN Nathan Edward 1927-1983
MORGAN Nicholson Ross and Ella Mae GOODE
MORGAN Odell L and John W
MORGAN Orion S 1897-1951
MORGAN R C and Christine
MORGAN Rolland Ted 1952-1965
MORGAN Sanford 1899-1972
MORGAN Thomas A 1896-1956
MORGAN Viola Glenn and Ernest Udell
MORGAN Wanda L 1904-1994
MORGESON Lee Edward and Gwendolyn
MORIN Arthur E 1899-1978
MORIN Imogene 1921-
MORLEY Marcus D 1885-1961
MORLEY Ralph M 1881-1953
MORLEY Walter and Meriwether
MORMAN Joe B 1921-1957
MORON Policarpio Lira 1917-1997
MORRIS Mary E 1885-1952
MORRIS S T Tom 1877-1956
MORRIS Annie P 1868-1943
MORRIS Joel S Dr 1849-1934
MORRIS John S 1894-1970
MORRIS 4 Jewel B 1899-1873
MORRIS 4 Samuel N 1898-1941
MORRIS Alford Vernon and Naomi Lillian
MORRIS Ann 1924-1941
MORRIS Chester Jr and Margye C
MORRIS Chester Sr 1910-1989
MORRIS Clyde E and Willie Mae
MORRIS Elizabeth Ann 1917-1994
MORRIS Emma E 1887-1961
MORRIS Ethel P and Earnest D
MORRIS Frances HUMPHREYS 1887-1974
MORRIS Gertrude 1887-1969
MORRIS Houston 1909-1962
MORRIS Ida Lou 1873-1954
MORRIS Jacob Ray 2002-2002
MORRIS James Boland 1869-1937
MORRIS James Earl 1953
MORRIS Jesse J 1920-1993
MORRIS Jimmy N 1924-1966
MORRIS Joe W 1930-1992
MORRIS John I Jr 1917-1956
MORRIS John Reeder iii 1919-1966
MORRIS John S Jr 1926-1960
MORRIS Leroy W 1887-1961
MORRIS Lloyd Thomas and Sarah Katherine
MORRIS Loree D 1907-1975
MORRIS Mamie E and Ora O
MORRIS Margaret SHAHAN 1910-1976
MORRIS Marvin O and Juanita M
MORRIS Maude LANHAM 1907-1999
MORRIS Minnie 1910-1973
MORRIS Nettie L and George T
MORRIS Neva Mae 1918-1980
MORRIS Opal M and John
MORRIS Oscar V and Alton H
MORRIS Rachel G 1900-1973
MORRIS Robert Humphreys 1925-1939
MORRIS Samuel Lee and Dorothy Gelene
MORRIS Simon Phillip and Sallie Mae
MORRIS Thelma SAVELL and William Vernon
MORRIS Tinsley T and Audrey D
MORRIS Willene BRUMFIELD 1912-1988
MORRIS Zella Mae and Neal
MORRIS-PHILLIPS Nell Gurnee 1920-
MORRIS-RADKE Dolores 1908-2003
MORRISON J Homer and Claudia Mae
MORRISON Charles Coy and Eloise FLEEMAN
MORRISON Charles Reed and Ruth BENTON
MORRISON Frances Ann 1940
MORRISON Grace B 1895-1979
MORRISON James Leon and Edna Earle
MORRISON Mary Margaret 1924-1997
MORRISON O D and Deela K
MORRISON Ora Clay 1893-1957
MORRISON Rada L and Ray F
MORRISON Ray 1916-1944
MORROW J D 1887-1944
MORROW Leila B 1891-1975
MORROW Carroll and Dessie
MORROW Claudine Elizabeth 1908-1990
MORROW Frank S 1893-1954
MORROW Gilbert 1907-2002
MORROW Helen A and Leon W
MORROW James W 1920-1950
MORROW Kenneth Dile and Imogene SHILLING
MORROW Louise E and John C
MORROW Noma Lee FORD 1922-1974
MORROW Pearl N 1925-1962
MORROW Willie T and Nellie J
MORSE James M Sr and Willie E
MORSE Pat O T and Mary Lee
MORTON Betty K 1927-1999
MORTON Dorothy Lee 1929-
MORTON Frank E 1908-1990
MORTON George Henry 1868-1943
MORTON George Irvin Jr 1925-1943
MORTON George W 1860-1937
MORTON Howard Stephen and Ruby MILLER
MORTON J Craig 1926-1998
MORTON John S -1943
MORTON Loretta and A H Rev
MORTON M Louise 1911-1978
MORTON Mattie R 1870-1931
MORTON Richard 1960-1962
MORTON Sallie Pearl and Edmond Franklin
MOSELEY Ethel H 1905-1992
MOSELEY Joseph L and Jacivon
MOSELEY Wm Lloyd 1900-1985
MOSELEY Stanley P 1849-1933
MOSELEY Stanley P Mrs 1861-1935
MOSELEY Carrie Lee 1885-1973
MOSELEY Edward B 1884-1962
MOSELEY Garland A and Christine C
MOSELEY Maurice H 1906-1958
MOSELEY Tommy Lee 1937-1996
MOSELEY W Harry 1902-1941
MOSHIER Kathy WALLACE 1950-1986
MOSIER Alta D 1908-1981
MOSIER Paul T 1895-1965
MOSLEY James W 1917-1945
MOSLEY Mary Aline 1894-1965
MOSLEY Rush John 1895-1964
MOSLEY Flo O and Charles R
MOSLEY Ruby May 1914-1994
MOSS Alfred Terry and Martha Ann
MOSS Billie I and Grady W
MOSS Lula Belle 1923-1973
MOTHERAL F L Jr 1923-1930
MOTHERAL Frank E 1907-1941
MOTHERAL J B 1861-1934
MOTHERAL Mary A 1868-1956
MOTT Arthur L 1897-1953
MOTT J L 1852-1937
MOTT J L Mrs 1860-1936
MOTT Oscar L 1897-1960
MOUNCE Irene 1904-1998
MOUNT James D 1901-1978
MOUNT Lafayette C 1882-1962
MOUNT Mary H 1882-1962
MOUTHE Clarence 1895-1936
MOWER John W 1940-1967
MOWERY William H and Betty Ann
MOWRER Alta 1869-1949
MOWRER D J 1863-1937
MOXLEY Robert L 1918-1994
MOYER Jennifer Lynnette 1971
MOYER Linford and Nona
MUEHLHAUSE 1904-1952
MUENZLER Fred Arthur Sr and Meta PENNOCK
MUERY Otto 1889-1953
MUERY Otto and Fern
MULBERRY John Horace and Elizabeth ASHUR
MULDOON Richard J and Cecelia C
MULHOLLAND John James 1873-1942
MULHOLLAND Norah Agnes 1880-1972
MULKEY Angela Lynne 1968-1970
MULKEY Charles Ray and Gladys Virginia
MULKEY Michael W 1964-1964
MULLEN Edna Ray 1878-1936
MULLEN Lauren Allyssa Shalene 1994
MULLENAX Sally Ann and Ernest Burl
MULLENS James R 1857-1941
MULLENS Ryan Collins and Roland Joseph 1
MULLER Suie Irene 1870-1949
MULLER Thelma L and Arthur E
MULLIN Boyd W 1924-1954
MULLIN Marjorie 1921-1982
MULLIN Mary 1888-1988
MULLIN Vernon Q 1888-1954
MULLINS J W 1873-1933
MULLINS Nora E 1877-1952
MULLINS A J Jack 1886-1974
MULLINS Lillian K 1901-1979
MULLINS Randolph 1913-1986
MULLINS Raymond B 1909-1966
MULLINS Rodman S 1942-1978
MULLINS Thelma E and Delmer N
MULLINS W C Jr 1902-1949
MULLINS W C Mrs 1900-1933
MUNCY Eugene Lynn and Wanda Vice
MUNCY Gary Lane 1971
MUNCY George Ed 1890-1966
MUNCY Kittie 1895-1985
MUNDEN Edward and Mary Grace
MUNDY Walter A and Alice B
MUNN Henry J 1892-1966
MUNN Mary Ellen 1898-1939
MUNOZ Angel J Puente 2000-2000
MURCERSMITH Allen R 1893-1973
MURCHISON D G Guy 1880-1959
MURCHISON Francelia 1888-1946
MURCHISON Paula 1910-1913
MURCHISON Ross N 1875-1956
MURCHISON Augusta 1889-1969
MURCHISON son 1940
MURCHISON William 1861-1938
MURDOCK Clarence A Jr 1922-1993
MURDOCK Mary Elizabeth 1923-
MURFF Clarence Y Sr Dr 1875-1948
MURFF Evalyn F 1883-1958
MURILLO Juan Pablo 2003-2003
MURILLO Oscar 1950-1986
MURLEY Blanche 1913-2003
MURLEY George 1900-1955
MURLEY Lucy L 1890-1948
MURLEY Luther H 1891-1967
MURPHREE Anna Maria THOMAS 1901-1975
MURPHREE Samuel E 1895-1953
MURPHY Hallie BARNES 1912-1995
MURPHY infant 1943
MURPHY James Nolan Jr 1911-2000
MURPHY Ruby 1899-1976
MURPHY W B 1894-1954
MURPHY Ara E 1896-1975
MURPHY Blanche CUNNINGHAM 1896-1979
MURPHY Cecil Floyd 1906-1979
MURPHY F F and Cora
MURPHY Henry H and Minnie M
MURPHY Lisa Rene 1968-1968
MURPHY Lonnie V and Rosa V
MURPHY Lonnie V and Rose V
MURPHY Margaret C 1893-1972
MURPHY Martha Leweese ALLEN 1907-1982
MURPHY Maurice G and Juritha
MURPHY Robert E 1884-1946
MURPHY Roberta L 1938-
MURPHY Roy F 1878-1943
MURPHY Sarah 1900-1969
MURPHY Sarah E 1900-1969
MURPHY Shirlie Ruth 1928-1992
MURPHY Timothy Harben 1950-1951
MURR W H 1911-1960
MURRAY Arthur S 1878-1935
MURRAY C H 1904-1969
MURRAY Dorothy Louise 1921-1940
MURRAY Edgar Clement and Dorothy Mae
MURRAY Edwin M 1897-1930
MURRAY Eva Sparks 1886-1962
MURRAY Jacque E and Ray L
MURRAY James A 1901-1978
MURRAY James E 1947-1996
MURRAY Joseph E Sr 1902-1973
MURRAY Louise M 1919-
MURRAY Margaret 1902-1992
MURRAY Norvell M 1872-1945
MURRAY Sally Coleen 1939-1939
MURRAY Tacie Ella 1876-1953
MURRAY Webster B 1895-1973
MURRAY William H Jr Bill 1923-1999
MURRAY Wm Grady 1899-1994
MURRELL Hattie and John H
MURRELL Lillian A and John A
MURRIN John James 1889-1973
MURRIN Joseph Patrick 1891-1937
MURRIN Mary HEGARTY 1859-1929
MURRIN Stephen 1856-1911
MUSE Bo 1904-1951
MUSGRAVE Julia Alice 1958-1964
MUSTARD Bessie and William
MUSTELL Mary COBB 1925-1971
MYERS Stanford L 1915-1993
MYERS Alton L 1909-1963
MYERS Amelia A and Meal
MYERS Betty J and Richard G
MYERS Evangelyne 1921-1998
MYERS Frederick Michael 1955-1980
MYERS James S 1888-1955
MYERS John W 1891-1972
MYERS Marjorie F 1927-1971
MYERS Raymond Lee 1914-1970
MYERS Thomas E Jr 1924-1973
MYLAR Raymond E and Anna R
MYNATT Annis M and J Herman
MYRES Linda M and Gary L
MYRES Oscar S and Ella M
MYRICK Herlie D and NellIE M
MYRICK Ricky Ken 1952-1991
NABORS Edgar E 1900-1960
NABORS Elston Mae and Bourland M
NABORS Gail H and Bobby J
NABORS Jennie Autry 1904-1954
NABORS Jo Rheba 1904-1997
NABORS O Oretha 1911-1988
NABORS Oral H Fuzz 1902-1977
NABORS Ovia Alice 1879-1938
NABORS Viola L and Homer E
NABORS William J 1908-1932
NABORS William Mason 1876-1949
NADOLSKI Elsie E -1967
NADOLSKI Joseph H 1894-1956
NAGLE Ernest W and Helen H
NAHAM George E 1902-1963
NAHM Walter I and Helen A
NAIL Dovie Estelena 1879-1957
NAIL Elzy 1888-1953
NAIL Fenton Harry 1914-1967
NAJERA Elvira Cabrera 1924-1960
NANCE Anna M 1882-1959
NANCE Nina A and Matthias B
NANCE Roy 1881-1955
NAPPS George C 1931-1972
NAPPS Sally Floyd 1937-
NARON Bunyan W 1880-1953
NARRACONG Arthur 1854-1934
NARRACONG M E Mrs 1845-1929
NASH Esta Lea 1918-1992
NASH Evelyn 1924-1950
NASH Mable 1908-1969
NASH Michael R and Valerie Yvette
NASH Roy N Jr and Gloria J
NASH Stella Myrtle and Buford Augustus S
NASH W A and Grace M
NASH Wilma A 1927-1996
NATION Alvin and Lorene
NAUGLE Beverly J 1927-1997
NAUGLE David K 1923-2002
NAUGLE Ethel DUNKIN 1873-1939
NAUGLE Fred L 1872-1942
NAUGLE Marye H 1893-1955
NAVARRO George Nicholas 1980-1980
NAY Josephine ADAMS 1898-1978
NEAL Bess D 1906-1995
NEAL Claud S 1881-1951
NEAL Clayton E 1899-1974
NEAL Delmas B and Lleo C
NEAL Earl M and Kate H
NEAL Eva L and John B
NEAL Harlan W and Irene
NEAL John David 1950-
NEAL Lula Ann 1891-1978
NEAL Robert Lee 1881-1944
NEAL Sue B and R D
NEAL Warren D and Vivian M
NEAL Warren R 1903-1969
NEAL Willie Jo 1900-1986
NEAL Woodrow W and Juanita K
NEAS Pearl A 1893-1962
NEAS William Ralph 1904-1941
NEATHERY James V 1916-1985
NEATHERY Virginia H 1918-2002
NECAS daughter and Lonnie W THOMAS
NECAS Gertrude B and Edward R
NEEDHAM Monte 1922-2003
NEEDHAM Thelma and Levi
NEEL Victor L and Juanita V
NEELEY Nedra C and Robert E Jr
NEELEY Robert E and Charlie D
NEELY Gladys ORR and 1897-1973
NEELY John Orr 1929-2003
NEELY William Harvey 1892-1959
NEELY William Harvey Jr 1921-1975
NEELY Isaiah Zeke 1916-1972
NEELY Mabel Helen 1899-1980
NEELY Walter E and Jewell M
NEELY Willard J 1904-1963
NEETHE Martha LYONS 1907-1990
NEHER Helen M 1921-1960
NEIGHBORS Vernie M 1938-1991
NEILL Toni Lee 1938-1972
NEILSON Annie Nicole 1997-1997
NELMS Alethea B 1892-1951
NELMS Howard Lloyd 1931-1959
NELMS Walter M 1883-1962
NELON C T 1881-1937
NELON Lorene B and George E
NELON Margaret E 1879-1968
NELSEN Florine BOONE 1903-1854
NELSEN Vernon G 1899-1949
NELSON Dwain J 1902-1938
NELSON Lula J and Floyd
NELSON Blanche A 1961-1988
NELSON Ceicle Marie 1897-1993
NELSON Clarence David 1892-1978
NELSON Coye I and Ralph L
NELSON David 1953-1953
NELSON David Lawrence 1962-
NELSON Francis Vernon 1906-1962
NELSON George W 1896-1970
NELSON Glenn Elmo and Tommie Ruth
NELSON Herbert L and Sybil M
NELSON Leona Elizabeth and John Henry
NELSON Leonard W 1921-1949
NELSON Lucy STARNES and Samuel Charles
NELSON Martha Michael and Walter
NELSON Murphy L and James R
NELSON Myrtle Ruth 1903-1978
NELSON Nels G and Cecilia A
NELSON Nina BLACK 1884-1962
NELSON Ruth F 1906-1987
NELSON Samuel Charles 1906-1979
NELSON Stanley S 1902-1946
NELSON Vernon Roscoe and Mary Elizabeth
NELSON Walter 1912-2002
NELSON William D and Eva Lucille
NEMETZ Billie 1925-1931
NEMETZ Edward William 1896-1951
NEMETZ Jewel TERRELL 1898-1979
NEMITZ G F Dr 1887-1952
NEMITZ Linda 1877-1951
NEPHIEW Annie A 1870-1938
NESMITH O R Jr 1933-2003
NESMITH O R Mrs 1900-1992
NeSMITH Ora Ellen 1887-1975
NESMITH Ozni R 1891-1975
NESSLER Frankie F and Otto M Sr
NETHERLY Clinton Edward 1952-1995
NETHERTON Charles H 1930-1993
NETHERTON Collette C 1932-2003
NETHERTON Florence Amanda and Lillian Ka
NETHERTON Florence V 1868-1959
NETHERTON Ruth HAYNIE and Vivion Charles
NEVILLE Dan T and Leila S
NEW James Joseph 1873-1954
NEW Littye M 1892-1972
NEW Mildred Louise 1915-1935
NEWBERRY H C 1891-1940
NEWBERRY Nettie 1893-1988
NEWBERRY Etta Faye 1924-1988
NEWBERRY Marcus S and Ida A
NEWBERRY Mary C 1927-1986
NEWBERRY Roland L and Ann O
NEWCOM Eargle B 1899-1942
NEWCOM Edward H 1862-1953
NEWCOM Mary F and Jeff D
NEWINGHAM Robert 1895-1953
NEWLAND James Robert 1886-1965
NEWLAND John Blain 1895-1959
NEWLAND Melissa Rene 1971-1979
NEWLAND Richard L 1900-1967
NEWLAND Rodney Ernest 1940-2002
NEWLAND Ruth 1884-1956
NEWMAN Annie Mae 1885 1980
NEWMAN Claude C 1882-1941
NEWMAN Emmett H 1900-1980
NEWMAN Henry C and Julia M
NEWMAN Homer and Ada and Keith
NEWMAN Joseph Hayes and Ella May
NEWMAN Lee Ollie Sr and Ida Rena
NEWMAN Mary E 1895-1960
NEWMAN Pearl MADDING 1893-1966
NEWMAN Ronald Glen 1963
NEWMAN Thomas Clayton 1918-1986
NEWSOM Cora Lee 1876-1963
NEWSOM Edward Lee 1864-1959
NEWSOM Emma Lee 1871-1950
NEWSOM Clarance W and Mary Anita
NEWSOM William A 1876-1936
NEWTON Clyde S 1918-1995
NEWTON J R and Jeanette
NEWTON Ray and Agnes
NG Henry Soe 1882-1958
NGUYEN Hung Van 1962-1999
NIBLACK Gary Ray 1967-1988
NICHOLAS K W 1865-1949
NICHOLAS Robert Roscoe and Alice CRITTE
NICHOLAS S F 1862-1940
NICHOLAS Chester W and Ara A
NICHOLAS Euel E and Annabelle
NICHOLAS Grace COOK 1890-1945
NICHOLAS M Ethel 1895-1962
NICHOLS Fannie B 1876-1934
NICHOLS Stanlie D 1870-1947
NICHOLS Clarence 1931-1959
NICHOLS Clarence E Bud 1948-1981
NICHOLS Ernest F and Leona M
NICHOLS Eugene 1904-1960
NICHOLS Evert L and Susie E
NICHOLS Hazel Audrey 1905-1988
NICHOLS J T 1920-2001
NICHOLS John Carlton Sr 1899-1961
NICHOLS Johnnie Clinton and Frances GART
NICHOLS Margarett 1900-1970
NICHOLS Mary Ellen 1911-1998
NICHOLS Robert A 1959-1995
NICHOLS Robert Eugene and Phyllis Jane
NICHOLSON Adelia V 1870-1949
NICHOLSON Clifford S and Margaret M
NICHOLSON Ernest A 1895-1981
NICHOLSON Homer L Sr 1891-1964
NICHOLSON Linda Gail and Roy Nicky
NICHOLSON Lucille R and Roy D
NICHOLSON Maudie Jo 1909-1953
NICHOLSON Ottie T 1895-1967
NICHOLSON Walter L 1928-1947
NICHOLSON Windle G and Neta C
NICKLESS Frances M 1907-1979
NICKLESS Gerald V 1806-1962
NICODET Calvert F 1920-1983
NICODET Sandra Gail 1947-1984
NICOLDS Alma MELTON and Richard
NICOLDS Richard 1888-1952
NICOLSON Edward Dudley and Virginia JONE
NICOSIA Kathleen HOVAN 1946-2001
NIELSON Niles Peter 1897-1979
NIELSON Winnie 1907-1986
NIES Charles Henry 1896-1945
NIES George E Jr 1887-1943
NIES Irene McDADE 1890-1974
NIFNECKER Leonard Philip and Alice Estel
NIGRO Pearl McNIEL and Frank S
NIMPFER Robert J 1928-1978
NIPPER Glen E 1921-1999
NISSLER Elfreda 1984-1961
NISSLER W F 1875-1932
NIX Drew and Marguerite M
NIX John Francis 1909-1974
NIX June Doyal 1924-1986
NIX Marie L and Juanita A
NIX Mavis and Milton
NIX Otho Curtis and Billie Joe HAYES
NIX William Henry Jr 1936-1971
NIXON Jesse A 1892-1976
NIXON Pearl B 1889-1980
NIXON Mary 1871-1930
NOAH Mary Ruth and Herman
NOBLE Anna M 1884-1960
NOBLE Elizabeth Mae 1974-1974
NOBLE Faye E and Robert M Jr
NOBLE George Gary 1954-1957
NOBLE John Abram 1974-1974
NOBLE Michelle Dawn 1969-1982
NOBLE William E 1882-1958
NOBLES Walter and Marie
NOCHE Emma Lorene 1919-1995
NOE Beryl I 1921-1990
NOE Iva W and William M
NOLAND Ella Marie 1917-1984
NOLEN Beatrice E 1907-1948
NOLEN Belle 1860-1945
NOLEN Betty L 1920-1973
NOLEN Claude Lee 1885-1933
NOLEN Clyde N and Adelaide W
NOLEN Lewis M 1916-1983
NOLEN R L 1897-1940
NOLEN Roy Jr 1929-1993
NOLLNER Annie Laura ABERNATHY 1901-1972
NORCROSS Allie A 1903-2000
NORCROSS Howard E 1915-1980
NORDIN Brian D 1959-1959
NORDMAN Agnes SMITH 1872-1965
NORDMAN William H 1869-1937
NORIEGA Jose Pipa 1979-1997
NORMAN Paul Bruce 1914-1990
NORMAN Sarah Virginia 1913-1985
NORMAN Ben 1878-1955
NORMAN Bertha Ola 1902-1934
NORMAN Esther Louise FRANKEL 1916-1937
NORMAN Eva Mae 1903-1970
NORMAN Gloria Jan 1922-1994
NORMAN Helen G and James R
NORMAN Jackson G Jr 1901-1983
NORMAN James Kindred MD 1916-1950
NORMAN John Wesley 1920-1996
NORMAN Lillie Ann 1883-1965
NORMAN Ruth Skippy 1914-1989
NORMAN Stoyan F 1907-1947
NORMAN W P 1881-1941
NORMAND Louis E and Elizabeth D
NORRIS Annie Elizabeth and Virgil Willia
NORRIS Annie LAWLESS 1864-1949
NORRIS Bessie 1899-1991
NORRIS Charles Noel and Mary Frances
NORRIS Charles Truman 1904-1979
NORRIS Denta FULTON 1874-1931
NORRIS Donna 1877-1964
NORRIS Hazel M 1894-1993
NORRIS Ima V 1907-1930
NORRIS Jeanette 1896-1968
NORRIS Kenneth G 1906-1965
NORRIS Lester G and Gladys M
NORRIS Margaret Blanch and John Calvin
NORRIS Mary Lucille 1912-1992
NORRIS Melburn W 1908-1967
NORRIS Merle 1900-1977
NORRIS Ross S and Ruby J
NORRIS Thomas B 1891-1952
NORRIS Walter 1894-1959
NORRIS Walter W 1884-1962
NORRIS William W 1889-1950
NORSWORTHY Margie L 1927-1965
NORTHCUT George Gaston 1897-1972
NORTHCUT Grace Ellen 1900-1985
NORTHCUT Laura Maurice 1923-1995
NORTHCUT Annelle PARMENTER and James Hue
NORTHCUT Bonnie Lea and Huey Otis
NORTHCUT Cleo H Curly and Alice Mae
NORTON F Virginia and Ralph E
NORTON Obie William 1909-1975
NORTON Thelma M and Claude R
NORVELLE Dewey K and Mary E
NORVELLE Hartsell C 1856-1944
NORVELLE Hoy D 1929-1951
NORVELLE Mary Ann and Arthur H
NORVELLE Matthew Shane 1979-1981
NORVELLE Mollie B 1870-1958
NORVELLE Roy B 1929-1958
NORWOOD Elizabeth Irene 1895-1991
NORWOOD Lloyd Eudale and Doris Jean
NORWOOD Sada C and Thomas B
NORWOOD Willie Pearl and Loyd W
NOWLIN Clara M 1889-1967
NOWLIN Emma V 1869-1938
NOWLIN Homer J and L Maxine
NOWLIN J F MD 1855-1923
NOWLIN Jessie Roy 1896-1945
NOWLIN Jodie S 1866-1958
NOWLIN Ralph R MD and Phronsye L
NOWLIN Sherry Lynn 1968-1978
NOWLIN Wilmer Burnie and Jessie Irene
NU Maria Doan Thi 1915-1996
NULL Gary W 1946-1990
NULL Bessie E 1887-1942
NULL Franklin M 1927-1945
NUNN Marilee D 1917-1967
NUNN William Warren 1941-1996
NUNNS Andy Ray 1947-1988
NUNNS Elsie 1914-1979
NUNNS Inez Marie and Louis Edward
NUNNS Pat and S E
NUNNS Peggy 1937-1953
NUNNS Ralph A 1909-1975
NUTT Roy 1902-1957
NUTTER Ray E and Florence E
NYEGAARD Florence Y 1894-1986
NYEGAARD Norman F 1887-1974
O-BRIEN Andrew Joseph 1883-1953
O-BRIEN Susan MURRIN 1888-1960
O-BRIEN Chester Cowan Sr and Katie POPE
O-BRIEN James William 1986-
O-BRIEN John M 1891-1956
O-BRIEN Mattie S 1898-1960
O-BRIEN Thomas J 1892-1939
O-BRYANT E L and Florine O
O-BRYANT Timmons K 1907-1959
O-CONNEL Lenora 1896-1954
O-CONNOR Mary BRITTAIN 1923-1971
O-DANIEL Billy Cantrell 1920-1941
O-DANIEL Violet BOUND 1901-1975
O-DAY F Louise and Edwin N
O-DELL Willard D 1901-1952
O-KEEFE C A 1852-1929
O-KEEFE C A Chris ii 1929-1999
O-KEEFE Joe Thomas 1895-1946
O-KEEFE John Davis 1899-1942
O-KEEFE Josephine McMILLION 1865-1949
O-KEEFE Nell H 1897-1991
O-NEAL Harriet JENKINS and Albert Jeffer
O-NEAL Neanette 1935-1995
O-NEAL O Wendell 1907-1994
O-NEAL O Wendell 1907-1994
O-NEAL Wiley Tighe 1892-1979
O-NEAL Young Howard and Mary
O-NEIL Mary Ellen 1967-1968
O-QUINN Garland D 1904-1981
O-QUINN Marcus S 1864-1935
O-QUINN Victoria FURR 1866-1956
O-REAR Ruth Alene 1930-1989
O-ROURKE Amanda and Pat
O-ROURKE Florida E 1893-1968
O-ROURKE Thomas 1893-1968
O-SHIELDS Cecil M 1907-1999
O-SHIELDS Hazel PICKARD 1913-2002
O-SHIELDS Mildred L 1932-1987
O-SHIELDS Sammie Andrew 1932-1991
O-TOOLE Dollie Mae 1870-1951
O-TOOLE Ina E 1900-1961
O-TOOLE Paul H and Mildred Mickey
OAKES James D 1919-1963
OAKES Dorothy Dottie and Gerald W
OAKES Inez M and Robert L
OAKES Nita 1896-1980
OAKES Robert L Jr 1929-1999
OAKLEY Jewel F and Fred G
OATES David Crockett 1900-1978
OATES Mark S 1962 1984
OBARTS Eula Dews
OBARTS Robert A 1924-1950
OBARTS William and Robert and Eula
OBARTS William J -1982
ODELL Harold C and Grace L
ODOM Fannie M and James E
ODOM J Monroe and Fannie M
ODOM Margaret P SORENSON and Benjamin Wa
ODOM Otis O Rev and Martha E
OGDEN Addie I 1888-1974
OGDEN Robert H 1875-1949
OGG Alva C 1897-1977
OGG Daphne Dale 1896-1983
OGG Hazel SKINNER 1905-1992
OGG Norman Dale 1919-1971
OGILVIE Frank A 1895-1956
OGILVIE S S 1872-1932
OGLE Lela D 1882-1939
OGLE Senate W 1859-1947
OGLESBY Claudia 1891-1969
OGLESBY Harris D 1892-1958
OGLESBY Mildred and Bill
OGLETREE Howard Eugene Sam and Wilma Dea
OHARA Donna B 1933-1953
OILER O T Jr 1936-1995
OILER Osborne T Sr 1910-1943
OLDMIXON Benjamin F 1894-1984
OLDMIXON Inez K 1901-1971
OLENICK Shirley SMART 1913-1976
OLIVER Josh S 1871-1944
OLIVER Teresa H 1892-1962
OLIVER Roy Lee 1909-1976
OLIVER Alice E and Beech
OLIVER Cap Hill and Annie May
OLIVER Claude M and Maggie Mae
OLIVER Fred C 1880-1938
OLIVER Garry D 1956-1984
OLIVER Harry C 1926-1982
OLIVER Harry C 1926-1982
OLIVER Lee Lester 1883-1942
OLIVER Mary Bell 1884-1968
OLIVER Richard Milton Red 1908-1989
OLIVER Shadrack H 1905-1957
OLMSTEAD Ernest H 1895-1978
OLMSTEAD Henry C 1915-1969
OLMSTED LeRoy N and Jane L
OLSON Tom and Marcheta
OLVERA Jesus P and Aureita F
OPITZ Rodney and Bonnie J
ORANGE Elijah 1873-1967
ORR Joseph M 1860-1929
ORR Alfred Monroe 1887-1945
ORR Alvin Thomas 1880-1947
ORR Clarence T 1883-1953
ORR Dolores J 1915-1995
ORR Edna and C T
ORR Elbrey J 1896-1949
ORR Greeba O and Luther D
ORR Harriett HOUGH 1880-1970
ORR Mary Frances 1887-1971
ORR Michell Franklin 1893-1976
ORR Myrtle B 1893-1963
ORR Virginia Jacqueline and David Virgil
ORR Willie T 1894-1981
ORSINI Allen 1925-1998
ORSINI Betty Jo 1924-
ORTUNO Idolina M 1961-2003
OSBORN Christine B 1906-1978
OSBORN Vaughn H 1899-1939
OSBORN Allene F 1892-1974
OSBORN Bertha 1881-1942
OSBORN Eula M and Jim L
OSBORN Lyle 1900-1966
OSBORN Lynna P and John T
OSBORN Mae Belle and T E Buddy
OSBORN Moral Ramon 1922-1962
OSBORN Sherri E 1954-1985
OSBORNE Ernest T 1923-1984
OSBORNE John Bailey 1923-1985
OSBORNE Maude 1909-1939
OSBORNE Oma YANTIS 1877-1940
OSBORNE Ruby Ilene 1927-1983
OSBURN Effie L 1883-1978
OSBURN James E 1879-1947
OSBURN Margaret HENDRY 1898-1946
OSORIO Gregorio 1927-2003
OSTROM Betty P 1906-1966
OSWALD Nick Beef
OSWALT Charles E Sr 1888-1938
OSWALT Albert N and Jhona B
OSWALT Bryant and Emma L
OSWALT C V Rev 1857-1933
OSWALT Della T and Cecil V
OSWALT Harris M 1908-1985
OSWALT Maizie 1913-1990
OSWALT Milton P 1908-1949
OSWALT Willie Ann 1864-1931
OTTMANN Gerald W 1932-1951
OTTMANN Harold G and Lucie W
OUSLEY Cecil E and Sadie
OUTHIER Zola Marie 1895-1953
OVERAND Richard D 1896-1942
OVERSHINER George W 1925-1998
OVERSHINER Sarah J 1926-
OVERSTREET Andrew Madison 1893-1934
OVERSTREET Doris M and Walter V
OVERSTREET Dorothy Alene and Thomas Edga
OVERSTREET Fay A 1900-1986
OVERSTREET George Bartow 1897-1935
OVERSTREET Maggie 1866-1959
OVERSTREET Roy V 1900-1974
OVERSTREET Willie 1872-1957
OVERTON Abner O 1877-1957
OVERTON Flora F 1890-1977
OVERTON William D and Aubrey W
OWEN Arthur M 1883-1947
OWEN Clara May 1891-1948
OWEN Lyman T 1904-1978
OWEN Mary O 1870-1949
OWEN Naomi 1902-1973
OWEN Randall Kent 1957-1995
OWEN Raymond O 1919-1973
OWEN Ricky Ray 1954-2002
OWEN Ruth WYNNE 1899-1994
OWEN W W Bud 1868-1951
OWEN William G and Ina B
OWEN Winford I 1902-1957
OWENS Arnold and Marie Gay
OWENS Catherine 1867-1940
OWENS Elmer E 1915-1986
OWENS Fred A 1887-1962
OWENS Genola B 1907-1974
OWENS Georgia O 1904-
OWENS Ivo 1877-1959
OWENS J F 1864-1944
OWENS Juanita F 1912-1963
OWENS Mildred Ruth and Ulyless Herman
OWENS mother and dad
OWENS Nova B 1895-1970
OWENS Oscar Aubrey 1905-1978
OWENS Sarah C 1868-1944
OWENS Sarah E 1871-1960
OWENS William F 1908-1957
OWENSBY Chester HAWES and Clarence Wade
OWENSBY Ollie B and Myrtle A
OWENSBY Robert C and Mattie V
OXFORD Janis COVEY 1932-1996
OXFORD John Lyle 1930-2000
OXFORD Beverly Lyle 1919-1964
OXFORD Joe W and Olive
OXFORD Ora O and A Haney
OXFORD Winifred A and William T
OZEBEK John David 1963-1992
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