Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - PQR, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
PACE Bruce Edward 1928-1956
PACE Ernest D and Quinnie Fae
PACEY Charles E and Mary Ruth
PACK Marie 1918-2002
PACKARD Claudia H 1914-2003
PACKARD Samuel C 1917-1960
PADGETT John D 1890-1974
PAGE Annie Laurie 1880-1931
PAGE Berie Nita 1952-1988
PAGE Catherine I 1922-
PAGE Gabriel -1942
PAGE Mary Lou and Wesley L
PAGE Pauline FRIEND 1907-1991
PAGE Ross E and Beulah O
PAIR Cindy L COOK 1960-1994
PALACIOS Edward R Jr 1960-1998
PALMEIRO Cres Anthony 1958
PALMER Horace M 1889-1952
PALMER Rose J 1891-1978
PALMER Kate 1910-1951
PALMER Martha J 1875-1949
PALMER William C 1875-1935
PALMER William C and Pearl
PALMER Alice M 1889-1967
PALMER Charles E 1912-1973
PALMER Frank D 1882-1963
PALMER Frank D 1923-1980
PALMER George A 1921-1971
PALMER Hallie G 1899-1969
PALMER Jean and George A
PALMER Martha Lou and Robert E
PALMER Samuel L 1883-1936
PALMORE Edward Patrick 1930-1990
PALSGROVE Sarah E 1865-1935
PANHUYSEN Emil F 1886-1970
PANNILL David E 1937-1956
PANNILL Doris Lane and Joseph Edwin
PAPILARIS Helen 1918-1991
PAPIS Angel Joe 1921-1997
PAPIS Florence Imogene DAY 1918-1986
PAPWORTH Ruth Murphy 1905-1937
PARA Andrew D Jr 1964-1964
PARDE Arthur R 1889-1956
PARHAM Era M 1895-1968
PARHAM William A 1889-1970
PARHAM William A Jr 1913-2003
PARHAM E G Bill 1897-1946
PARHAM O Eugene and Thelma W
PARIS Henry and Lou Ettie
PARISEAU Henry T 1932-1986
PARISH Bertha M 1890-1976
PARISH Jesse Lee 1889-1969
PARK D D 1865-1934
PARK G W 1863-1942
PARK Joann 1870-1947
PARK Margie Alice 1881-1941
PARK Vakter Ckildress and Carrie Elizabe
PARKER James Young 1955-1959
PARKER Jasper Y 1896-1950
PARKER Laura Ora 1894-1984
PARKER Lillie Hyde 1897-1984
PARKER Lloyd B Sr 1901-1990
PARKER Vernon M 1906-1961
PARKER Addie 1892-1966
PARKER Albert T 1907-1968
PARKER Benjamin F 1923-1970
PARKER Billie J and J R Jim
PARKER Billie Raye 1924-
PARKER Carey Key 1913-1968
PARKER Carl Julian 1922-1967
PARKER Carl S Sr 1883-1950
PARKER Charley 1900-1952
PARKER Claude and Claude Jr and Bertha
PARKER Craig Key 1960-1964
PARKER Dorothy N 1909-1994
PARKER Doug 1898-1967
PARKER Douglas E 1938-1987
PARKER Edward Aulton and Mary Ann
PARKER Emma A and Frenk B Sr
PARKER Fred C 1887-1947
PARKER George A and Jennie E
PARKER Henry Allen and Flonnie W
PARKER Homer L 1892-1973
PARKER James N 1922-2002
PARKER Katherine Joann 1912-1980
PARKER Laurece M 1934-2002
PARKER Lila F and Francis R
PARKER Lillian Autrey 1906-
PARKER Lois Marie and Gary Eugene
PARKER Lu Ellen 1921-1995
PARKER Madeline 1913-1963
PARKER Mary Ann 1857-1946
PARKER Mildred V 1898-1938
PARKER Mrs R E 1865-1945
PARKER Naomi WHITE and James Patterson
PARKER Nathaniel Elijah 2002
PARKER Nelle 1887-1935
PARKER Paris Cole and Vannie Ellen
PARKER Rachel Elizabeth 1932-1985
PARKER Ralph 1910-1954
PARKER Raymond Leon and Ruby Lois
PARKER Victor L 1908-1967
PARKER Wilber T 1910-1974
PARKER William Alton 1945-1995
PARKER William H and Tennessee A
PARKEY Ollie Mae and Thomas V
PARKS Alice May 1903-1975
PARKS Alvin W 1888-1968
PARKS Bertha Mae 1921-1988
PARKS Cecil A and Wera J
PARKS Edna Mae 1900-1981
PARKS Eslie S and Odessa SIMPSON
PARKS F C Jr 1933-1980
PARKS Lola Ray JEFFERSON 1898-1972
PARKS Melvin Ben 1912-1957
PARKS Roy Charles 1956-1968
PARMAN Amelia M 1882-1943
PARMAN Joyce B 1909-1915
PARMAN Judith M 1931-1947
PARMAN Ruth Helen and Richard Dick
PARMENTER Annelle NORTHCUT 1936-1967
PARMLEY Roscoe and Emma J
PARR Archie J 1913-1991
PARR Martha Ann 1936-1943
PARR Peggy Carolyn 1950
PARR James B and Irene
PARRIGIN Effie 1898-1971
PARRIGIN Homer P 1891-1990
PARRIS Don B and Jean
PARRISH F L Mike 1891-1947
PARRISH George C and Mae Gertrude
PARRISH Guy R 1910-1966
PARRISH Mitchell C 1908-1974
PARRISH Rex C and Justina M
PARROTT Marybelle and Goldwin E
PARROTT Victor John and Esther EASTON
PARSLEY Hansford B and Lydia B
PARSONS Carl 1906-1953
PARSONS Charlie Frank 1956
PARSONS G E Gee and Frances W
PARSONS Jerde C and Peggy A
PARSONS John C and Ethel P
PARSONS Lola A and John C
PARSONS Oparee R 1908-1961
PARVIN John Donald 1920-1988
PARVIN John L and Velma P
PASCHAL William G 1905-1965
PASCHALL Esther L 1889-1964
PASCHALL Marvin E 1889-1980
PASSALAQUA Joseph A 1920-1984
PASSALAQUA Joseph P and Cecilia P
PATE A M Sr 1894-1947
PATE Marie FARNSWORTH 1896-1975
PATE Dorothy and Flavy L
PATE Norma Jean and Oscar F
PATES Frances 1909-1998
PATES Roy Lee 1888-1968
PATRICK Celestia BARBER 1880-1944
PATRICK Clara McREYNOLDS 1898-1989
PATRICK Marvin Alton 1903-1966
PATRICK Rufus Allen 1873-1958
PATRICK Christine and Herbert R
PATRICK Esther and Oscar M
PATRICK Martha F 1925-1990
PATRICK Oliver 1920-1959
PATTEE Oliver R 1886-1948
PATTERSON Doyle D 1908-1989
PATTERSON Geo W 1839-1937
PATTERSON Ima Lois 1913-1995
PATTERSON J F Joe 1893-1963
PATTERSON Martha E 1867-1947
PATTERSON Minnie 1903-1994
PATTERSON Bobbye G 1934-1998
PATTERSON Elmer D 1923-1969
PATTERSON Garland Q and Audry A
PATTERSON H M Pat and Dorothy
PATTERSON Horace 1908-1961
PATTERSON James H 1930-1946
PATTERSON John W and Tena
PATTERSON Johnny D Jr 1973-1975
PATTERSON L M and Margaret May
PATTERSON Linda Fay 1959
PATTERSON Neva N and Joseph D
PATTERSON Paula Gene and Douglas Edward
PATTERSON Raymond 1896-1961
PATTERSON Ronnie C and Patty A
PATTERSON Ruby 1905-1966
PATTERSON Ruby T 1898-1996
PATTERSON Warren W 1895-1972
PATTERSON Warren Worley and Mable Ruth
PATTERSON William O 1902-1960
PATTON Bernice KING 1920-2000
PATTON Boyd W 1907-1973
PATTON Carlton J 1874-1955
PATTON Cole A 2001-2002
PATTON Eugene O 1917-1992
PATTON Frances 1904-1965
PATTON Frances M 1874-1973
PATTON Richard Allyn 1907-1969
PATTON Robert David 1946-1961
PATTY Ivie Mae 1900-1977
PATTY Orville E 1898-1955
PAUL Birdie Lee 1907-1979
PAUL Josephine 1917-1935
PAUL Lawrence E 1881-1944
PAUL M Edna 1907-1996
PAUL Margaret E 1910-1996
PAUL Martha MILLER 1887-1972
PAUL Oretha KILLIAN 1916-1999
PAVEY Judy HARTMAN 1940-1960
PAWLEY Fred L and Robertha
PAXTON Mable C 1896-1990
PAYNE A Raymond Jr 1912-1973
PAYNE A Raymond Sr 1887-1981
PAYNE Esther BURTER 1892-1987
PAYNE Melba SURBER 1917-1979
PAYNE Alvin Jackson 1916-1989
PAYNE Carolyn Ruth and Edward Earl
PAYNE Daisy and L
PAYNE Dollie M 1888-1963
PAYNE Ethel and Ben
PAYNE Eulace Sidney and Willie Mae
PAYNE Frank E and Alberta
PAYNE Hugh and Leora J
PAYNE Jesse R 1888-1955
PAYNE John Hoyt 1871-1943
PAYNE Karen McDANIEL 1945-1998
PAYNE Kathleen Katy 1924-1996
PAYNE Mary M and John M
PAYNE Ray H 1908-1961
PAYTON Ellsworth and Corinne
PEACOCK Timothy Gene 1974-1974
PEACOCK William Edward Rev and Bea
PEACOCK Wm Earl and Sallie Ruth
PEARCE Cecil Glynn 1900-1954
PEARCE Frank E 1902-1970
PEARCE John W Jr 1911-1968
PEARCE Kate H 1861-1954
PEARCE Laura 1903-1969
PEARCE Madora and Ernest Elmer
PEARCE Roy E and Oma F
PEARCE W A 1861-1937
PEARCE William 1906-1962
PEARCY John William Sr 1921-1994
PEARCY Naomi E 1898-1990
PEARCY Willie A 1893-1974
PEARSON Hallie 1888-1971
PEARSON John C and Eddie C
PEARSON Joseph J K and Ethel Bobbie
PEARSON Roy H 1911-1966
PEARSON Wilma 1901-1969
PEAVEY Frank and Edith M
PEAVEY Sybil L and Archie J
PEAVLER Julia Ann 1863-1951
PECK Ethan Pearson 1994-1994
PECK Florence E 1885-1945
PECK Glenn B and Irene S
PECK Louise E 1911-1997
PECK Mildred Lewis 1920-1986
PECK Minnie Belle 1877-1963
PECK Oliver F 1919-1958
PECK Ossian F 1904-1943
PECK Richard W 1908-1952
PECK Robert L Sr 1879-1955
PECK Ruth BAILEY 1907-1995
PEDEN Earl 1888-1961
PEDEN Hugh B 1896-1940
PEDEN Ruby H and Hugh B
PEEL Joe H 1915-
PEEL Lamora A 1925-2000
PEEL Lois Marie SEAY and Morris Leonard
PEELER Clara A 1869-1958
PEELER Francis M 1864-1937
PEELER Lawrence R 1898-1969
PEEPLES Edgar R 1877-1952
PEEPLES Ellen E 1875-1945
PEET Geo W Jr 1953-1954
PEEVEY Georgia MIERS 1860-1949
PEKOR Margaret B and Chas F Jr
PELLEY Alexander S and Willie R
PELTON Bertha Snow and David
PELTON Bruce David Jr 1903-1961
PENDERGRAF F Wynell and Marion J
PENDERGRAFT Cydney Renee 1969
PENDERGRAFT Ken W 1946-1980
PENDLETON Oleta 1915-1966
PENDLEY Delphus P and Olive
PENDLEY Larry Craaig 1950
PENDLEY Pat and Jimmy
PENIX Hampton T and Ruth YOUNG
PENIX James Young 1926-1960
PENLAND W E 1907-1954
PENN Ellen M 1909-1936
PENNER Hallie Johnson 1878-1941
PENNESTON Floyd D and Elsie M
PENNEY Annette W 1896-1946
PENNEY Ida B 1870-1936
PENNEY Lewis H 1866-1951
PENNEY Mildred A 1907-1998
PENNEY Roy L 1898-1987
PENNINGTON Bert W and LaVerne
PENNINGTON Kitty 1882-1976
PENNINGTON Pargie V 1931-
PENNINGTON Tred Dee 1926-1962
PENNOCK Elsie W and 1911-1993
PENNOCK George B 1869-1936
PENNOCK Jack B 1905-1966
PENNOCK Oma May 1879-1955
PENNY Opal Loeta 1905-1988
PENUEL Robert D 1874-1952
PEPPER Mabel CROSSER 1894-1968
PEPPERDINE Robert M 1935-1986
PEPPERS Valera Dale 1915-
PERALES Mercela P 1938-2003
PERCY Jewel Faubion 1907-1992
PERCY Jimmie E-1901-1982
PERDUE L Erlene and Milton E
PEREZ Chris and Christy 2001
PEREZ Felipe E 1945-1975
PEREZ Mary Jesse 1912-1974
PEREZ Virginia and Chico
PERHACS Joseph C and Susan
PERKINS Annie Mae 1906-1935
PERKINS Don Lewis 1942-1955
PERKINS Fred A -1940
PERKINS Gary Hammond 1947-1947
PERKINS Harry C and Frances E
PERKINS Irvy 1893-1944
PERKINS J B 1912-1992
PERKINS J H 1852-1931
PERKINS Madge B and Homer E
PERKINS Margie WALLIN 1911-1993
PERKINS Marie 1907-1963
PERKINS Mary H and Roy D
PERKINS Mildred Alleene 1910-1997
PERKINS Opal Mae 1912-1966
PERKINS Robert Cobe 1917-1992
PERKINS Ruth and Lecel C
PERKINS William F MD and Nora Ellen
PERKINSON Guy Lee 1887-1971
PERLICK Laura E and William O Bill
PERRIN Abner and Maude
PERRIN Earl 1893-1948
PERRIN Eunice BROWN and Earl Clovis
PERRIN Wm Earl and Dora M
PERRITT Cheryl Marie 1950-1951
PERRITT Jack C Jr 1925-1994
PERRY Audrey A 1909-1969
PERRY BeBe 1898-1987
PERRY Bernice Bill 1905-1985
PERRY Betty P 1942-1997
PERRY Blanche L 1928-1993
PERRY Jack Burke and Helen PEEBLES
PERRY Jimmy Wayne 1970-1993
PERRY John A 1950-1995
PERRY Judson Burt 1896-1960
PERRY Kittie 1879-1975
PERRY Len J 1887-1939
PERRY Leonard E 1904-1950
PERRY Leonard E and Ruby BOYD
PERRY N B Bud 1879-1949
PERRY Robert V 1905-1958
PERRY Sarah Elizabeth Dollie 1885-1976
PERRY Will 1881-1941
PERRYMAN Bessie M 1905-1979
PERRYMAN James T Jr 1888-1952
PERRYMAN Essie L and Thomas L
PERRYMAN Lena Juliet and William T
PETERMAN Clyde M Sr and Jean M
PETERMAN James W 1857-1950
PETERMAN Mary Susan 1862-1944
PETERS Alfred H 1903-1955
PETERS Florence S 1900-1976
PETERS Robert George 1912-1961
PETERS Ruth I 1903-1979
PETERSHAGEN Henry M 1886-1954
PETERSHAGEN Willie Mae 1898-1981
PETERSON Ernest J 1891-1960
PETERSON George H and Nellie Z
PETERSON Hattie 1887-1949
PETERSON Hazel B 1989-1963
PETERSON S Martin 1892-1951
PETROFF Valentine D and Mozelle
PETRUY Joe Emil 1907-1977
PETSCH Albert 1848-1831
PETSCH Annie C and Albert
PETTA Anna and Victor
PETTA Constance and Victor Jr
PETTIGREW Gabe F 1869-1938
PETTY Amanda C 1884-1966
PETTY Andrew A Doc 1918-1990
PETTY Curtis C 1942-2002
PETTY Dorothy and Deborah
PETTY James A 1904-1976
PETTY James E 1873-1962
PETTY Jewell 1884-1943
PETTY John Sanford and Lulie Lee
PETTY Leonard S and E Beatrice
PETTY Leonard S and E Beatrice
PETTY Myrtice G 1891-1980
PETTY Shytles 1912-1985
PEVEHOUSE Francis Nelson 1896-1992
PEVEHOUSE Venus CHEEK 1903-1989
PFOERTNER Harry Bedford 1900-1963
PFOERTNER Henry J 1873-1945
PFOERTNER Margarette Athelle 1908-
PFOERTNER Pearl Etna BEDFORD 1878-1957
PFOERTNER Vernon Bedford 1905-1959
PHELAN Bonita 1878-1956
PHELAN Inez L 1891-1975
PHELAN Macum Rev 1874-1950
PHELPS Asa L and Dorothy L
PHELPS Charlene E 1921-1988
PHELPS Keith R 1931-
PHEMISTER Rena and Tollie
PHIFER Mary Ellen 1885-1967
PHIFER Smith H 1872-1954
PHILLIPS Alton and Latchil
PHILLIPS and Wanda
PHILLIPS Arthur L 1937-1961
PHILLIPS Aubrey W and Selma N
PHILLIPS Betty V-and Reginald C
PHILLIPS C R Ray 1915-1968
PHILLIPS Dollie N 1907-1993
PHILLIPS Doris E and Eldon L
PHILLIPS Ellen 1874-1930
PHILLIPS Elzie R 1900-1963
PHILLIPS Ernest W 1885-1931
PHILLIPS Ethel Todd 1888-
PHILLIPS Fannie Floy 1884-1952
PHILLIPS Fay Lorane 1888-1974
PHILLIPS Frederick A and Sarah L
PHILLIPS George W 1888-1960
PHILLIPS Gertie Mae 1909-1974
PHILLIPS Guss 1864-1940
PHILLIPS Hollis M and Gussie I
PHILLIPS Jerry 1921-1939
PHILLIPS Jesse B 1886-1955
PHILLIPS Louise M 1870-1937
PHILLIPS Marian Augusta and Ocie Benjami
PHILLIPS Marvin 1898-1941
PHILLIPS Mintie B 1887-1969
PHILLIPS Nancy A 1944-2002
PHILLIPS Nota May and Herbert A
PHILLIPS Opal R and Charles H
PHILLIPS Paul Ray 1914-2000
PHILLIPS Paula 1921-1991
PHILLIPS R L Bob Sr and Flora BELL
PHILLIPS Rodney Allan 1953-1953
PHILLIPS Sherry Lynn 1974-1975
PHILLIPS U L 1941-2002
PHILLIPS Wesley E 1893-1972
PHILLIPS William Don 1939-1991
PHILLIPS Wm Franklin and Cora F
PHIPPS William Joseph 1916-1976
PICHA Mary Leon 1914-1988
PICHETTE Atha C 1900-1969
PICKARD Gertrude I 1881-1955
PICKARD Vivian O 1910-1986
PICKARD Wm Moad 1877-1967
PICKENS Richard W 1985-1987
PICKENS Van B 1883-1960
PICKETT Effie L 1876-1962
PICKETT Har Dennie 1891-1973
PICKETT Mabel GARLITZ 1900-1982
PICKETT Walter H -1943
PIECEK Charles J Jr 1947-2002
PIECEK Maria J and Charles J
PIERCE Alice LEWIS 1892-1972
PIERCE Elizabeth SWETT 1924-1998
PIERCE Mark 1889-1974
PIERCE Maurice Lewis 1916-1944
PIERCE Wynona R 1913-1990
PIERCE August W Sr 1888-1946
PIERCE Edla J 1892-1986
PIERCE Bruce 1898-1966
PIERCE Carrie HORNE 1870-1948
PIERCE Chattie H and Mildred R
PIERCE Era GRAY 1898-1981
PIERCE Eula M and Carl
PIERCE Fred A 1876-1955
PIERCE George L 1852-1938
PIERCE George Randall 1960-1961
PIERCE George T and Alice L
PIERCE Jack F 1886-1940
PIERCE Lillian S 1882-1950
PIERCE Mary C 1897-1978
PIERCE May M 1860-1933
PIERCE Minnie Pat and Charles W
PIERCE R W Sr 1868-1944
PIERCE Raymond and Jane
PIERCE Roy W and Irene M
PIERCE Thelma A and Ralph S
PIERCE Thomas A 1894-1984
PIERCE Thomas A 1898-1976
PIERCE Webster A 1904-1943
PIERCE Willie Coleen 1912-1963
PIERCE Willie Dee 1882-1963
PIESTER Nadine E and DeLaVal
PIFER Sallie Ruth 1894-1977
PIFER Sallie Ruth and William B
PIFER William B 1892-1955
PIGG Dovie W 1893-1936
PIGGOTT Avis Marie 1921-1996
PIGGOTT Marie SMITH and Richard Frank
PIGGOTT Richard F 1916-1978
PIKE Archie W 1915-1991
PIKE Earl Dean 1953-1968
PIKE Earl E and Bea C
PIKE Walter Eldon 1911-1983
PILAND William M and Mary M
PILGREEN Allen Dupree 1919-1953
PILKINGTON Amber Michelle 1989-1989
PINCKARD Lee Una and Robert E
PINKHAM Mary Elizabeth 1889-1975
PINKHAM William Austin Jr 1919-1984
PINKSTON Pamela Gale 1974-1979
PINNEKE Albert Leroy Jr 1960-1961
PINNEY Nora BROWN and William B
PINNEY William B 1877-1946
PINTLER Larry Earl 1952
PINTO Alfonso L and Maria I
PINZAK Ola Mae MARTIN 1902-1971
PIPER Carl T 1908-1957
PIPER Sallie Alvada 1875-1958
PIPER W Wayne 1905-1951
PIPER William R 1868-1952
PIPER Edith PAGE 1910-1967
PIPER Macymae 1904-1965
PIPER Wilfred FOX and Marie SHPACK
PIPES Boyd 1887-1965
PIPKIN J W Mrs 1862-1940
PIPPIN Dorothy L 1910-2002
PIPPIN Sterling C 1903-1963
PIRKLE Gary Lynn 1943-
PIRKLE Homer L and Eunice M
PIRKLE Homer Lee 1932-1944
PISANO James A 1945-1992
PISTOKACHE John Jr 1951-1964
PISTOKACHE John W 1913-1978
PITCOCK Ray Byron 1942-1997
PITCOCK Ray Hamons 1912-1966
PITCOCK Ronnie Blake ii 1970-1995
PITNEY Nancy Abigail 1875-1962
PITT Julia 1879-1937
PITTMAN Cecil A 1911-1960
PITTMAN Fannie V 1877-1932
PITTMAN Ford and Fannie M
PITTMAN James Leonard iii 1949-1981
PITTMAN Joe M 1896-1971
PITTMAN N B 1857-1924
PITTMAN Noel Bennett and Ruth Amelia
PITTMAN Oma 1899-1900
PITTMAN Ruth and Richard
PITTMAN Sarah E 1860-1943
PITTMAN Thomas S 1850-1940
PITTMAN Vivian L 1921-1972
PITTS Elmer D and Vera M
PITTS George A and Hattie M
PITTS H Verne 1902-1963
PITTS Howard K and Irene Ruth
PITTS Kenneth C and Helean B
PITTS Miller T 1909-1949
PITTS Monty G 1960-2002
PITTS Ronald Gene 1941-1987
PLAMBECK Archie J 1877-1946
PLAMBECK Delaney C 1888-1970
PLASENCIA Amilia MORALES and child
PLATT Cecil C 1894-1936
PLATT Clara E 1869-1962
PLATT Orville 1902-1976
PLATTEN Edward J 1903-1973
PLESCIA George 1858-1949
PLESCIA John 1908-1990
PLESCIA Maggie 1873-1938
PLESCIA Toney 1905-1973
PLOTTS infant 1955
PLUNKETT Foster M 1902-1965
PLUNKETT William Henry and Jennie HOLCOM
POE Amy Leta 1898-1970
POE Evie Lou 1894-1983
POE William J 1884-1963
POER James A Jr 1929-1999
POER Laura E and Jim A
POFF Annice A 1911-1996
POFF Edward L 1877-1948
POFF Henrietta 1875-1959
POFF Lillian A Lil and Wm E Sport
POFF Loretta 1936-1937
POLAND Jeannette Y 1903-1974
POLEDNA Frank J and Millie E
POLEDNA James P and Julia V
POLIN Samuel Moses and Jessie Mae
POLK Beulah May 1904-1955
POLK Billie J and Clifford D
POLK Lawler Beth 1963-1968
POLK Mary E and Robert E
POLK Walter A 1870-1939
POLK Walter Howard and Theodosia Ernest
POLK William H 1922-1981
POLLARD Florance M 1892-1957
POLLARD William L 1892-1957
POLOVINA Jo Ann 1956-1956
POLOVINA Maryedda F and Daniel L
POLUCHOWICZ Wasili 1894-1960
POLUKOVICH Pauline 1903-1977
POND Clayton and Mary and Jerry
PONDER George H 1878-1962
PONDER Helen L and Leon G
PONDER Katherine L Kack 1911-1972
POOL Annabelle and Charles C
POOL Johnny Eugene 1932-1969
POOL Mozelle and J W Bennie
POOL Sarah Jean 1923-1993
POOLE Ben W Sr 1892-1960
POOLE Charles H 1888-1974
POOLE Fred W and Ann C
POOLE Jessie Mae 1885-1957
POOLE Jessie Marie 1903-1983
POOLE Ray Harryman 1918-1972
POOLE Wheeler W 1886-1932
POORE Henry W 1921-1993
POORE Rexey M and Bert L
POPE Alta D and Alfred F
POPE Barbara A 1937-
POPE Charles Wesley 1936-1949
POPE Charlie B 1914-1956
POPE Helen Yvonne and Emmett E
POPE Lallie D 1889-1944
POPE Opal Christine 1921-1995
POPE R H Jr 1918-1945
POPE Troy F 1933-1998
POPE Troy F and Barbara A
POPEJOY Rufe U 1906-1966
POPLIN Glenna CANNON 1924-1995
PORMEISTER Leonore 1899-1962
PORT Stanley S 1922-1946
PORTER James E and Ella Lee
PORTER Cecil R 1892-1950
PORTER Laura Ethel 1890-1960
PORTER Orth C and Martha
PORTER Ada D Dollie 1914-1967
PORTER Ambros Lee 1945
PORTER Carl Stephen 1913-1972
PORTER Francis Elizabeth 1920-1939
PORTER Harriet Catherine 1943
PORTER John P Percy and Dorothy E
PORTER John Peter 1908-1985
PORTER Juanita and Robert S Sam
PORTER Pete and Bertha L
PORTER Ruby M and Dennis L
PORTER W H Bill and Pauline CARTER
POSLICK Evelyn M and Martin A
POST Fannie M 1901-1986
POST Maurine M 1906-1949
POST Wilkerson G 1893-1969
POSTON Marie 1898-1976
POSTON Sarah Jane 1854-1929
POTEET Geraldine and Charles Lee
POTEET Millie and Guy
POTTER Cecil Ray 1942-1966
POTTER Garvin 1928-1984
POTTER Nora Ellen 1902-1986
POTTHOFF Ted G 1928-1947
POTTHOFF Theodore E and Ruby O
POTTS Boyd 1881-1969
POTTS Boyd family
POTTS Emma Jo 1884-1975
POTTS Emma Jo and Tom
POTTS Ethel M 1884-1939
POTTS Pearl Ilena 1886-1950
POTTS Reginald Dixon 1909-1951
POTTS Stephen S 1884-1940
POTTS Thomas J 1887-1954
POUNTINA Harold L and Nora W
POWELL Adolph and Louise
POWELL Alba D and Dora Katherine
POWELL Arch W 1889-1959
POWELL Augustus J 1928-1968
POWELL Clyde A 1895-1966
POWELL Dumos M and Mavis L
POWELL Eddie Dewitt 1895-1969
POWELL Edwin D 1925-1981
POWELL Edwin Dan and Margie Lee
POWELL Elsie A and Hudson M
POWELL Eunice 1901-2002
POWELL Eunice B and Dan B
POWELL Frank D iii Bo 1938-1952
POWELL Frank D Jr 1910-1967
POWELL James C Sr 1886-1943
POWELL Jane BOUNDS 1903-1964
POWELL Lewis N and Mary L
POWELL Lola 1914-1959
POWELL Minnie Lee 1888--1964
POWELL Minnie Lee 1888-1964
POWELL Nellie May and Gene
POWELL Reuben A and Laura C
POWELL Rosa V 1895-1992
POWELL Rosa V and Eddie D
POWELL Viola MOORE 1891-1967
POWELL Waldene M 1898-1988
POWELL Wm A Billy 1883-1930
POWER Henry Sr 1910-1977
POWER Margaret 1909-1979
POWER Wanda Louise 1913-1998
POWERS Demia 1877-1959
POWERS Doris E and Ira E
POWERS Jathan Paul 1949-1950
POWERS Mary A 1867-1936
POWERS Robert E and Marie V
POWERS Virginia Sue 1930-1998
POWLEDGE J Bailey 1892-1954
POYNEER Jan Stephen 1946-1979
POYNEER Monette Bates 1911-1989
POYNEER Norton C 1915-1974
POZOS Bonifacio 1991
PRACHYL Johnny J 1931-1969
PRACHYL Nicky J 1956-1988
PRATER Harry C and Thelma B
PRATER John Finley 1925-1945
PRATER Minnie O 1895-1972
PRATHER Clifford 191101963
PRATHER Edna P and W B Alex
PRATHER Ethel M 1891-1978
PRATHER T O 1886-1929
PRATZ Edna B 1905-1985
PRAY Sydney Gail 1965
PRESLEY Edger Laffette 1899-1966
PRESLEY James M 1921-1985
PRESLEY Raymond H 1903-1983
PRESS Glenada Valentine 1910-1997
PRESSLY Bernice and Levi
PRESSLY Burnis Paul 1925-1945
PRESSON John H Sr 1920-1989
PRESSON Melba Ruth ETHETTON 1922-1992
PRESTON Ben M 1906-1955
PRESTON Etta Mae 1893-1965
PRESTON Eva L 1891-1973
PRESTON Fannie G 1866-1946
PRESTON Hay Edward 1888-1946
PRESTON J R 1869-1941
PRESTON James F 1894-1963
PRESTON Justine D and Nolan E
PRESTON Lillian D 1904-1983
PRESTON Melvin L 1928-1945
PRESTON Moses 1899-1966
PRESTON Robert Earl 1913-1949
PRESTON Rosetta 1907-1991
PRESTON William H 1897-1944
PRICE John T 1917-1980
PRICE Ann B 1926-1990
PRICE Archie Jamison and Connie Marrie C
PRICE Ballard and Lula
PRICE Bynum S and Bettye J
PRICE Byron L 1891-1968
PRICE Chester P 1882-1933
PRICE Dorothy Amanda and Edgar
PRICE Henry Lee 1872-1944
PRICE Henry Lee 1888-1973
PRICE James Donald Jimmy 1944-1956
PRICE James Lambeth and Maurine
PRICE John C 1942-1971
PRICE Kittye 1880-1948
PRICE Leo 1941-2001
PRICE Lillie Allen 1878-1944
PRICE Mabel and John J
PRICE Margaret F 1910-
PRICE Mary Elizabeth 1874-1948
PRICE Michael Andrew 1976
PRICE Mildred SNOW and Dave Milton
PRICE Milton A 1903-1968
PRICE Nancy 1946
PRICE Pearl M 1881-1975
PRICE Rachel and Vernon
PRICE Robert I and Thelma L
PRICE Roy 1883-1937
PRICE Samuel Alfred 1914-1971
PRICE Samuel Guy 1968-1995
PRICE Samuel Morgan 1942-1942
PRICE son and Kitty Cora
PRICE William G 1880-1960
PRICE William H Rev 1874-1953
PRIDDY Louise 1911-1934
PRIDDY Napoleon B 1883-1973
PRIDDY Vernon Lester 1910-1965
PRIDDY William L and Myrtle
PRIDGEON Charles E 1903-1980
PRIDGEON Katherine L and Duward B
PRIEST Christine E 1901-1947
PRIGMORE Carolyn Ann 1942-1966
PRIGMORE Jesse L 1909-1983
PRIGMORE Joe Alford Sr and Josephine McC
PRIGMORE John L and Etta W
PRIGMORE Lillie B 1909-2001
PRIGMORE Moten P Jr 1923-1968
PRIM Kathryn H Teenie 1894-1989
PRIM Richard C 1893-1940
PRIM Richard C Jr 1919-1948
PRINCE David Dee 1962-1962
PRINCE Fidehlia SCHENCK and William Clyd
PRINCE G Zack and Helen V
PRINCE Harvie A 1897-1978
PRINCE John H Jr and Ruth H
PRINCE Kathryne R 1887-1955
PRINCE Roy 1942
PRINE Elsie Aline 1910-1974
PRINGLE Otha V and Lorene A
PRINZING Fred A 1896-1983
PRINZING Kenneth H 1924-1925
PRINZING Maybelle S 1897-1987
PRIOR George Rex 1896-1966
PRIOR Geraldine M 1903-1951
PRIOR Vada L 1904-1977
PRITCHARD John H 1878-1949
PRITCHARD Vernon L 1905-1941
PRITCHARD Doris M 1912-1976
PRITCHETT John E 1931-1965
PROCK Ann 1955-1992
PROCTOR Cindy 1957-1958
PROCTOR H F Bill and Lennie J
PROCTOR Mary V 1903-1972
PROFFIT Nellie E 1888-1976
PROULX Maurice R and Paula R
PROVENCE Dorothy M and Neil M
PRUDEN Charles Curtis and Ella Glynn BLA
PRUDEN Dortha Jean PACEY and Curtis Brad
PRUDEN Frank M PhD 1913-1973
PRUDEN Lula A 1885-1958
PRUE Joseph W and Ruby B
PRUE Willard N and Edna R
PRUESSNER Johann D 1857--1937
PRUESSNER Johann D 1857-1937
PRUETT Filmore A 1909-1933
PRUETT Jessie A 1865-1933
PRUETT Joiner W 1910-1986
PRUETT Katherine 1911-1937
PRUETT Manullita deLeon y 1921-1951
PRUETT Mealing E and Ophelia A
PRUETT Rollin F 1856-1945
PRUITT Elmer B and Ola M
PRUITT Etta 1880-1973
PRUITT L R 1873-1932
PRUITT Larry E 1952-1971
PRUITT Oliver R 1868-1938
PRUITT Thomas Lee 1907-1972
PRUITT William L 1870-1956
PUCKETT Diana Jill 1967-1967
PUCKETT E E 1888-1945
PUCKETT Ethel R 1890-1982
PUCKETT George E 1905-1986
PUCKETT George W 1933-1994
PUCKETT Ira May 1909-
PUCKETT John L 1878-1948
PUCKETT L Leon and Sarah J
PUCKETT Minnie 1880-1946
PUCKETT Samuel A and Ozella B
PUCKETT Sandra Kay 1945-1947
PULLEY Zelma R 1897-1988
PUNDERSON Cyrus M 1895-1950
PUPEK Alex 1893-1962
PUPEK Bobby Gene 1934-1990
PURSLEY Linda C 1945-1997
PURSLEY Wesley T Jr 1943-2002
PURVIS Arthur D 1881-1963
PURVIS Doris B and Dixon H
PURVIS Eldon Clark 1909-1978
PURVIS John W 1902-1969
PURVIS L Alvin 1919-1946
PURVIS Lula B 1885-1936
PURVIS Walter C 1891-1975
PUTNAM Gertrude 1875-1936
PUTNAM Rose M 1884-1970
PUTNAM Troy LaDieu 1916-1963
PUTNAM William N 1879-1968
PYATT Bonnie May and Charley Joshua Sr
PYE Doyce Clynn 1922-1957
PYE Hilda A and Kenneth G
PYLE Louella OSBORN 1873-1949
PYLES Charles Cooper 1913-1958
QUANG Marie Nguyen 1905-
QUATE Morris T 1920-1989
QUATE Pearl L and Jim D
QUATE Rosie 1882-1972
QUEEN Lillian DYER 1893-1963
QUEEN Melvin J 1887-1936
QUEZADA - Jose and Enedina
QUILLIAN 6 Emma Kate 1879-1974
QUILLIAN 6 Fannie A 1869-1951
QUINN Floyd Eugene 1932-1960
QUINN Hugh and Grace M
QUINN Hugh C 1888-1968
QUINN James Malcolm 1921-1924
QUINN William James 1916-1975
QUINTANILLA Saragosa Sr and Paulita R
QUIRE Elsie G and Hurttle B
QUIRINO Ruth D 1909-1958
QUISENBERRY Mary A and William K
RAAB Jean Claire 1924-1995
RABB Joe P and Doris
RABB Joe Tull 1929-1951
RADFORD Opal D and William A
RADKE Herbert A 1900-1976
RAEUCHLE Richard F and Ruth F
RAGAN Zillah WELLS 1901-1984
RAGAN Dallas Edward 1904-1978
RAGAN LaRue and Louise
RAGAN Lena M and Greene S
RAGAN Ricky Payl 1952-1979
RAGLAND Edward E 1918-1938
RAGLAND Mabel 1881-1958
RAGSDALE N Bess 1891-1985
RAGSDALE Robert S 1879-1953
RAHN Ella 1892-1965
RAHR Alice C 1900-1980
RAHR Gustav W E 1890-195
RAHR Gustave B 1922-1944
RAINBOLT Luther B and Dessie M
RAINES Elise HALL 1901-1937
RAINEY Amanda Jane 1878-1952
RAINEY Edna J 1908-1999
RAINEY James W 1875-1949
RAINEY Raymond O 1898-1933
RAINEY Ruby 1920-2004
RAINS Coleman B 1906-1952
RAINS Dorothea Mae 1910-1993
RAINS George H and Jewel M
RAINWATER James W and Ida E
RALEY Charles Robert and Lottie C THURM
RALPH Ada Elender 1871-1937
RALPH Robena 1900-1998
RALSTON Alcie B 1929-2001
RALSTON Alice V and Jesse H
RALSTON Ira Doak 1875-1963
RALSTON Linton S 1875-1956
RALSTON William and Dorothy
RAMBO Della H 1923-1998
RAMBO George P Sr 1910-1977
RAMBO Mary Lou 1879-1938
RAMBO William Arthur 1877-1946
RAMEY C R 1883-1936
RAMEY C Roy 1913-1975
RAMEY Shannon D and Virginia B
RAMFIELD Emmett B 1901-1983
RAMFIELD Geneva E 1912-2002
RAMFIELD John E 1895-1940
RAMFIELD Louise FARLEY 1892-1971
RAMFIELD Nona E and Thomas M
RAMIREZ Consuelo G 1907-2003
RAMIREZ Elma Deanda 1928-1972
RAMIREZ Eulalia 1879-1972
RAMIREZ Juan J and Amelia O
RAMIREZ Luz Estrella Vasquez 2001
RAMIREZ Tomasa M 1923-1978
RAMOS Aida 1963-1979
RAMOS Michael A 1985-1999
RAMPLEY Bruce Wyly 1925-1966
RAMSAY Edna A GEER 1914-1999
RAMSAY Maudie L and Allen L
RAMSAY Raphael R and Myrtie Lee
RAMSAY Roy M and Louise L
RAMSEY Earnest W 1927-1990
RAMSEY Julia Ruth 1888-1979
RAMSEY Mattie B 1898-1977
RAMSEY Myron 1898-1963
RAMSEY Rebecca S and Russell E Sr
RAMSEY Rosalie E 1877-1947
RAMSEY Sarah Jane 1903-1964
RANDALL Mary L and William H
RANDALL son 1952
RANDALL William Mark 1952-1978
RANDELL Henry Grady 1893-1971
RANDELL Linda Gail 1952-1954
RANDLE Blanche S -1981
RANDLE Flay E 1893-1955
RANDLE Roma Jo 1954-2001
RANDLE W Zack 1903-1971
RANDOLPH Alberta S 1887-1934
RANDOLPH Lois WATSON 1909-1999
RANDOLPH Nettie 1891-1945
RANDOLPH William M 1910-19073
RANE Sue 1890-1967
RANEY Alice 1905-1984
RANEY Sam W 1903-1971
RANGEL Elvira 1923-
RANKIN Arthur Eldridge 1879-1950
RANKIN Georgie Fay 1885-1953
RANKIN Bobbie Lea BOGGESS and Don Belu
RANKIN Don B 1917-1986
RANKIN Marvin L Sr and Clara Key
RANKIN Robert W 1924-1962
RANKIN Viona Tubby 1911-2002
RAPE Israel Greer and Maude Ethel
RAPER Bessie Marie 1925-1997
RAPER Tom L 1918-1976
RAPP Adolf G 1901-1952
RAPP Edward A 1938
RAPP Gertie P and Adolf G
RAPP Robert Thomas 1936-1991
RASCO James Harry 1888-1948
RASCO Sarah Alice 1897-1965
RASCOE Johnny W 1942-1985
RASEY Claud S 1928-2003
RASEY Rose V 1946-
RASMUS Mary Jane and Bert B
RASMUSSEN Lloyd 1930-1973
RASPBERRY Juanita M 1932-1984
RATCLIFF Howard W and Mary Lou
RATLIFF Biddie GREEN 1896-1955
RATLIFF Clarence A 1922-1969
RATLIFF Clarence Aaron and Reba Laverne
RATLIFF Edna E 1917-1964
RATLIFF James W 1917-1984
RATLIFF Janet HEARON 1914-1924
RATLIFF Keith Alan 1961-2000
RATLIFF Margaret Lois CROMER 1908-1976
RATLIFF Ruth R D C 1893-1969
RATLIFF Verna KNOX and George W
RAUB John Albert and Minnie Edna
RAUB Walter Ned 1911-1932
RAVEN George A and Maudalene E
RAWLS Bender Brinson Jr and Phyllis Ann
RAWLS Bernice L and Riley M
RAWLS Eugene R 1930-1998
RAY Emma Grace 1895-1943
RAY Harry L 1895-1949
RAY Hubert and Lillian L
RAY James Harry and Bonnie Ellen
RAY John F 1883-1961
RAY Leila B 1910-1977
RAY Mamie MAHANAY 1891-1988
RAY Margaret E 1916-1997
RAY Mary E 1937-1991
RAY Mary Laura 1912-1987
RAY Ollie F 1887-1977
RAY Pauline SMITH 1918-1991
RAY Thomas R 1891-1943
RAYERMANN Clarabel W 1926-
RAYERMANN Ralph P 1919-1984
RAYFORD Mattie E and Leon M
RAYMOND Orville C 1916-1991
RAYNER Wilmer E and Dorothy
REA Daltis D 1889-1971
REA Earl A and Jewel G
REA Earl W 1935-1982
REA James C 1909-1960
REA Maggie S 1883-1950
REA Walter L 1884-1951
READ Nolan K and M Anita
READ Oma B and Arthur E
READ Robert Newton 1887-1968
READER August L and Lois V
READER Charlotte P and A L Jr
REAGAN Dennis V 1883-1929
REAGAN Glenda GIBBARD 1939-1966
REAGAN Luther R 1904-1970
REAMES Mabel Alice JOHNSON 1893-1980
REAMES Nita Faye HALL 1918-
REAMES Samuel Augustus 1915-1975
REARDON Hazel O and Charles L
REARDON James R Dick 1914-1937
REASENOVER Charles and Hattie
REASONER Brian Donald 1970-1970
REASONER Mary Nelle TAYLOR 1911-2002
REAVES Caleb Michael 1999-2000
REAVES Champ 1905-1973
REAVES Christine L 1896-1966
REAVES David and Lillian
REAVES Halton Harold and Betty Lavern
REAVES John W 1908-1996
REAVES Johnny A 1890-1959
REAVES Mary Ruedell GRISSOM 1910-2002
REAVES Palmer Wayne Pete 1942-1969
REAVES Troy Albert Sr 1917-1999
REAVES William T Bill 1935-1971
RECEANDEZ Esperanza 1936-1979
RECONNU Clara June and Ferdinand C
RECONNU Clement Joseph 1921-1971
RECORD Daniel Edwin 2002
RECORD Rosamond THOMPSON 1910-1999
RECORD Wm Earl and Cleo
RECTOR Rufus W 1885-1958
REDDELL Janet Ann McKINNON 1931-2000
REDDEN Irene P and Luther F
REDDEN S M and Nora
REDDIN Heather 1976
REDDING Bessye 1911-1949
REDDING Frances S 1891-1972
REDDING John T and Nancy E
REDDING Robert Mims and Annie Minerva
REDDING Veo 1906-1931
REDDY Lillie E and Peter P
REDFIELD G L 1853-1931
REDMAN Sidney Oliver and Pearl Bernice
REDMON James Edward 1884-1972
REDMON Ora Alice CHENOWTH and James Edwa
REDMOND Hattie M and Manuel S
REDMOND Margaret 1885-1967
REDMOND W J 1880-1937
REECE Jennie E and John W Sr
REED Alma Mae 1984-1982
REED Arlie E 1948-1992
REED Ben F and Anna E
REED Bernard E and Lillian M
REED Christopher Allan 1978-1997
REED Claud O and Mary E
REED Claude W 1889-1956
REED Donald F 1905-1966
REED Dorothy 1909-1959
REED Dorothy L 1914-1984
REED Elizabeth Ann 1956-1998
REED Eulalah 1887-1957
REED Florence Juanita 1908-1955
REED Jennifer Leigh 1976-1978
REED Jesse Daniel 1892-1988
REED Leroy Preston 1884-1962
REED Marie 1897-1980
REED Martha N 1935-2001
REED Mary E and Bryant B
REED Merle H 1908-1993
REED Michael L 1954-1958
REED Mildred ADAIR 1910-1979
REED Susan Shafer 1891-1976
REED Susie HUNTER 1936-
REED Wade Lynch -1941
REED Wallace F 1928-1985
REED William Ray 1895-1957
REED Willie Myrtle 1904-1997
REEDER Carrie 1877-1937
REEDER Ellen ZENT 1911-1986
REEDER Ernest and Lillie
REEDER Gillie G 1886-1954
REEDER Grace 1917-2000
REEDER Ruby E 1887-1944
REEDER W S 1863-1947
REEDER Wynema and John S
REEKS Doris Juanita and James S
REESE Charles T 1927-1966
REESE Donald Mark 1964
REESE Estelle 1889-1962
REESE Harry H and Zona Mae
REESE James J 1889-1942
REESE M A 1865-1950
REESE Nora Edna 1874-1955
REEVE Thomas Roy 1954-1995
REEVE Tom R 1886-1951
REEVE Willo SMITH 1895-1963
REEVES George E 1899-1958
REEVES Nola L 1899-1990
REEVES Robert R DDS 1931-1987
REEVES Teresa Lee 1899-1985
REEVES Alpha L MOON 1919-
REEVES Augustus Brown 1861-1937
REEVES Bessie I and Noah N
REEVES Callie 1872-1963
REEVES Dorothy C 1924-2000
REEVES Herbert E 1918-1972
REEVES James Arthur 1892-1941
REEVES Lois M 1916--2000
REEVES Lola SCOTT and Willie Clark
REEVES Mary E 1894-1974
REEVES Maude R 1881-1958
REEVES Nancey E 1877-1934
REEVES Tamar Buddy 1897-1974
REEVES Ted E and Evelyn W
REEVES Thomas J 1876-1958
REEVES Thomas Jefferson Jr 1905-1970
REEVES William R 1907-1979
REICH Bruno C Sr 1860-1937
REICH Sophie D 1866-1938
REICHENSTEIN Charles A and George C
REICHENSTEIN Jack and Dorothy L
REID John Samuel 1899-1988
REID Laura ANDERSON 1903-1954
REID J Leonard 1914-1990
REID Ruth L 1917-1964
REID C Troupe Rev 1907-1939
REID Earl M and Opal B
REID Florine 1906-1947
REID Harriet W 1886-1957
REID Helen Jean 1926-1931
REID Howard W 1898-1954
REID Jack B 1922-1993
REID Jack Douglas and Ila Jean
REID James M Sr 1897-1956
REID John Tigert 1905-1962
REID Lawrence L and Irene J
REID Leonard C 1964-1965
REID Lewin W 1876-1956
REID Louis E 1881-1975
REID Lula 1893-1940
REID Maude G 1904-1972
REID Nancy Jane 1874-1951
REID Pauline W 1906-1941
REID Stella M and William D
REID Wilbur Raymond 1923-1963
REIGLE Harry LeRoy 1917-1917
REIGLE Harry McKay 1873-1953
REIGLE Mary Emily 1911-1982
REIGLE Myra C 1879-1954
REIGLE Harold E 1908-1993
REIMER Frances J 1921-2000
REINERS Geo W and Edna Marie
REISER Cora Ellen 1915-2003
REISER John Roland 1913-1960
RELPH Charles George and Gladys WOOD
REMIRO Joseph E 1907-1968
RENAUD Ernest J 1895-1944
RENEGAR Floy M 1894-1987
RENEGAR George C 1893-1972
RENFRO Charles F 1875-1951
RENFRO Edward R 1905-1955
RENFRO Effie Naomi 1886-1972
RENFRO Elizabeth Betty and Charles B
RENFRO George Neal 1924-1972
RENFRO George R and Ruby M
RENFRO John and Margaret H
RENFRO Lomalee HART 1902-1988
RENFRO Richard Eugene 1930-1983
RENNELS Harold E and Nellie M
RENNICK Lora L 1922-1957
RENNIE Lionel C 1920-1965
REPELLA Ruby B 1920-1946
REPPETO Belle T 1872-1959
REPPETO Frances 1896-1985
REPPETO Horace A 1892-1971
REPPETO Horace G 1922-1953
REPPETO W M 1864-1952
REPPETO William Carl 1894-1963
RESER Clarence L 1890-1947
RESTER Alva Rena and Maury Owen
RESTER Bettie BOND 1867-1951
RESTER Gregory Alan 1977-1978
RESTER Joan and Albert Bond
RESTER Napoleon O 1867-1957
RESTER Roy V 1900-1954
RETTIG Lydia R and Harry L
REXROAT Sarah BELL 1858-1934
REYES Adolph 1907-1978
REYES Connie L 1971-1994
REYES Diana 1999-2000
REYES Ysabel R and Estells M
REYNA Johnny Joe 1959-
REYNOLDS Bert 1898-1978
REYNOLDS Caroline 1903-1979
REYNOLDS Emmett 1923-1943
REYNOLDS T S Rev 1860-1940
REYNOLDS U G 1866-1947
REYNOLDS Addie 1894-1969
REYNOLDS Arthur O 1889-
REYNOLDS Asher H 1885-1954
REYNOLDS Banks and Camilla
REYNOLDS Barney Lee 1906-1952
REYNOLDS Clarence B 1888-1949
REYNOLDS Edith E and Hayden Dake
REYNOLDS Elmare and Adeleyny
REYNOLDS F C Jack and Valrie W
REYNOLDS Fain and Mildred
REYNOLDS Florence J and William Joseph
REYNOLDS Floy L 1893-1984
REYNOLDS Forrest Lee and Movelda CARLTON
REYNOLDS Herbert L 1918-1986
REYNOLDS Jean HATTON 1912-1980
REYNOLDS L L Peggy 1906-1971
REYNOLDS Minnie F and Jess E
REYNOLDS Olive 1880-1965
REYNOLDS Randol J 1936-1991
REYNOLDS Stan Austin 1960-2001
REYNOLDS Trudy J 1916-1978
REYNOLDS Viola Louise 1916-1947
REYNOLDS Warren G 1921-1968
REZA Alvaro Ramirez 1923-1998
RHEA Sherman Lesley 1898-1966
RHINE Willie Alexander 1898-1934
RHOADES Edna L 1911-1999
RHOADES Robert T 1940-
RHOADS Morris Steve 1892-1947
RHOADS Ophelia FLOYD 1890-1936
RHOADS Irby L 1869-1954
RHOADS Mary B 1872-1958
RHODE Ann Elizabeth and William W
RHODE John R 1922-1998
RHODES daughter 1949
RHODES Eston and Hattie
RHODES Gilman A 1900-1962
RHODES J P 1895-1942
RHODES Jack R and Gladys MURLEY
RHODES Jessie S 1897-1987
RHODES John W 1914-1979
RHODES Lenore M 1913-1999
RHODES Patricia Ann 1933-1986
RHODES Robert D 1914-1947
RHODES William 1880-1936
RHODES William A 1924-1972
RHODES Zeffie E and Ira E
RHOEN Ruby E 1903-1991
RHUE Girdia Ben 1904-1989
RIALL J B 1930-1998
RICE Alma Joyce 1909-1964
RICE Berry G 1923-1985
RICE Bert G 1888-1956
RICE Conard B and Jewell P
RICE Effie O 1898-1972
RICE Eunice NICHOLS 1900-1971
RICE Frank T 1858-1936
RICE Hattie K 1868-1937
RICE Henry A and Myrtle
RICE Imogene 1922-1994
RICE Nellie Alice 1922-2002
RICE Ray Junior 1926-1981
RICE Reba P 1891-1988
RICH James C Jr 1917-1945
RICH Nancy Catherine and James Claude ii
RICHARD Leo E and Rose M
RICHARD Ted C 1900-1965
RICHARD Vivion DUNGAN 1904-1978
RICHARDS Alice C 1907-1986
RICHARDS Bernice Kay 1903-1996
RICHARDS Desiree 1977-2001
RICHARDS Elwood D 1886-1946
RICHARDS Ernest Andrew 1885-1967
RICHARDS Fannie S and George M
RICHARDS Louis E 1894-1953
RICHARDS Nannie B 1887-1931
RICHARDS Vianna E and Jobe H Sr
RICHARDSON John Dee and Evelyn Rose
RICHARDSON Norma Jean and Don Wilson
RICHARDSON Allan Eugene 1974
RICHARDSON Allen C 1908-1989
RICHARDSON Bert W 1878-1955
RICHARDSON Bettie C 1934-1991
RICHARDSON Beulah BLAIR 1876-1963
RICHARDSON Carl G and Cora E
RICHARDSON Cynthia Jean 1952-1952
RICHARDSON Edward 1913-1982
RICHARDSON Edward A and Fannie M
RICHARDSON Everit Eugene and Minnie Rose
RICHARDSON Florence Marie 1911-1995
RICHARDSON Gary Don 1952-1966
RICHARDSON Herman J 1921-1979
RICHARDSON Howard P 1922-1980
RICHARDSON Kerry D 1954-2001
RICHARDSON Mabel 1905-1991
RICHARDSON Mabel S and 1902-1984
RICHARDSON Mary B and Bryant R
RICHARDSON Nancy Tennie 1844-1939
RICHARDSON Paul G 1915-1939
RICHARDSON Samuel A 1866-1938
RICHARDSON Sarah C 1933-1972
RICHARDSON Sarah Frances 1885-1970
RICHARDSON Theo 1912-1963
RICHARDSON Tonya Gay 1968-1968
RICHARDSON Walter and Ruby P
RICHARDSON William Turner 1880-1960
RICHEY Calvin P 1869-1948
RICHEY Louise F 1873-1950
RICHKER Mattie Ruth and Joseph A
RICHTER Cary Wayne 1954-1977
RICHTER Florene B and Edwin A
RICHTER Mary Florence and Louis Martin
RICKARD Bernice and Ernest
RICKETTS Iva I and Charles E
RICKETTS James M and Rosie L
RICKS Delmo Dwain 1934-1949
RICKS Delmo E 1901-1962
RIDDLE Charles U and Ruby
RIDDLE Dorothy MARTIN 1921-1940
RIDDLE Emma M and Edd M
RIDDLE J Burton and Mattiline
RIDDLE James Clyde 1924-
RIDDLE James H Jim and Kathryn E Kathy
RIDDLE Justin L 1922-1988
RIDDLE Leslie Ann 1967
RIDGWAY Mary Jane 1881-1975
RIDGWAY Thomas Whitfield 1871-1936
RIDINGER Miles E 1891-1960
RIDINGER Willie E 1896-1978
RIDINGS Charles L and H Joyce
RIDINGS Joe 1876-1965
RIDINGS Pamela Alishia 1977-2000
RIDINGS Willie H 1882-1937
RIDLING Carl B Sr 1905-1985
RIDLING Ella Marie 1921-1972
RIEDEL Hazel and Herbert M
RIEK Bradley 1974-2003
RIFFE Alicia Jan 1945
RIFFE Paul M and F Uloa
RIFFE Paula Eloise 1942-1984
RIGBY Bonnie C and Frank E
RIGBY Charles R and Blanche
RIGBY Maude COLVIN 1887-1958
RIGBY Moena FENLEY and James R
RIGBY Roy 1923-1992
RIGDON Caroline and George W
RIGDON George W 1874-1956
RIGDON Weldon True and Nelle
RIGGLE D Jeanne 1921-1996
RIGGLE Helen V 1909-1965
RIGGLE J Homer 1879-1932
RIGGLE Lillie M 1882-1957
RIGGLE Owen F 1904-1970
RIGGLE Robert R 1906-1995
RIGGS George W and Ruby I
RIGGS John L Sr and Clara M
RIGNEY G W Webb and Lorine
RIGSBY Joe C 1919-1972
RILEY Bertha WELCH 1897-1976
RILEY Ema Pearl and J W Bill
RILEY Ethel 1896-1970
RILEY Frank T 1879-1946
RILEY John R 1892-1962
RILEY Julia G 1883-1951
RILEY Leslie C 1896-1978
RILEY Lucille 1899-1945
RILEY Milton P and Esther S
RILEY Owen Gustus 1907-1959
RILEY Owen Gustus Jr
RILEY Owen Gustus Jr 1932-1967
RILEY Raymond L 1910-1979
RILEY Thomas J and Amanda F
RIOS Bernabe R and Sandra
RIOS Santos 1940-1971
RIPPETOE Lloyd G 1911-1934
RIPPETOE Teresa and Lloyd
RIPPETOE Betty Jean 1947-1947
RIPPETOE Dorothy GROVES and Hugh Jerral
RIPPETOE Mattie Will and Audrey L
RIPPETOE Myrtle Goodson and James H
RITCH Mary Etta 1925-2002
RITCHEY Edith 1876-1965
RITCHEY Fred 1875-1949
RITCHEY John D and Lucille L
RITCHEY Vicky enise 1964
RIVAS Jose Guadalupe 1951-1974
RIVEIRE Newell H 1903-1953
RIVERA Eufemia 1880-1965
RIVERS Laura N and William C
RIVERS Margaret Louise 1926-1962
RIVERS Raymond and Hazel
RIVERS Saxon Robin 1991-1996
RIVERS Vivian L 1924-1991
ROACH Dora E and Thomas I
ROACH Emma L 1909-1960
ROACH Jack W and Esther B
ROACH Janet LANGFORD 1957-1984
ROACH Jay Bryan 1892-1948
ROACH John W 1891-1941
ROACH Phil Edwin 1920-1950
ROACH Rollin W and Nell M
ROARK Cloyd E 1892-1978
ROARK Lucy E 1898-1982
ROARK Jeanetta 1892-1969
ROARK Vivian CLAY 1919-1970
ROBB Norma Ruth RN 1929-1990
ROBBINS Anna Bell 1917-1996
ROBBINS Bertie M and Joe E
ROBBINS Bobbie J 1929-1963
ROBBINS Cathlene and Curtis
ROBBINS Charles E Sr 1920-2001
ROBBINS Donald Stewart 1909-1982
ROBBINS George W and Lola B
ROBBINS Georia WOMACK 1905-1990
ROBBINS Herman and Nita Ann
ROBBINS James B and Martha A
ROBBINS James B Ben 1884-1960
ROBBINS John F 1899-1982
ROBBINS Kristy Lynne 1952-1952
ROBBINS Mary C 1905-1984
ROBBINS Nellie M 1926-2000
ROBBINS Nila L and Aubrey L
ROBBINS Patricia Ann 1939-
ROBBINS Russell L 1942-1967
ROBBINS Russell Lindsey 1942-1967
ROBBINS Sharon M 1946-1978
ROBBINS Vernon Wiley and Curtis Tarver
ROBBINS Wade W 1924-1992
ROBERSON Avis C 1885-1963
ROBERSON Tom Estus 1884-1945
ROBERSON Aaron B C 1919-1980
ROBERSON Carroll C 1921-1945
ROBERSON David B and Lavra E
ROBERSON Eddie Lee 1910-1989
ROBERSON J F Mrs 1868-1942
ROBERSON Lance 1977
ROBERSON Lila Marie and Jesse William
ROBERSON Lillian R and Ike L
ROBERSON Rosa Lee and Wylie C
ROBERT Flora E 1894-1950
ROBERT Louis J 1890-1944
ROBERTS Hester Ann 1883-1954
ROBERTS Troy M 1884-1950
ROBERTS Dora Lucille 1917-1955
ROBERTS Neta Jim 1894-1964
ROBERTS Annie Jane 1909-1991
ROBERTS Betty Lou 1941-1973
ROBERTS Beulah Mae 1898-1943
ROBERTS Billy Dawn 1916-1970
ROBERTS Billy W 1940-2002
ROBERTS Carl T and Ada L
ROBERTS Cecile A and Gracie L
ROBERTS Clarice Scarlet 1904-1994
ROBERTS Clement Lamont and Della Marie
ROBERTS Clint and Lucille
ROBERTS Conda C 1900-1967
ROBERTS David Madison 1870-1947
ROBERTS Dedric Leon 1935-1995
ROBERTS Edward C and Carrie S
ROBERTS Elbert F and Michael H
ROBERTS Ethel 1882-1966
ROBERTS Eva A and George D Jr
ROBERTS Flora 1905-1995
ROBERTS George H -1938
ROBERTS Hazel M and Carmon A Sonny
ROBERTS Hoyt Curtis 1907-1960
ROBERTS J C 1906-1986
ROBERTS Jack F 1915-1976
ROBERTS Jackson A and Mittie Ann
ROBERTS James O 1926-1974
ROBERTS Jimmy C 1929-1982
ROBERTS Joe V 1906-1952
ROBERTS Juanita M 1928-
ROBERTS Lee M and Connie C
ROBERTS Lewis Edgar and Ora U
ROBERTS Martha A 1876-1961
ROBERTS Marvin Olan Sr 1913-1975
ROBERTS Mary CLAY 1916-1962
ROBERTS Mervin C Sr 1904-1975
ROBERTS Michael Wayne 1996
ROBERTS Minnie Lee 1885-1968
ROBERTS Nell and Edd J
ROBERTS Nell E HARRIS 1899-1990
ROBERTS Nellie M 1877-1951
ROBERTS Ocie Earnest and Sarah Georgie
ROBERTS Patricia A 1947-1957
ROBERTS Phyllis Jean and Frances Jane
ROBERTS R N 1870-1947
ROBERTS Roma Odessa Ann 1915-1995
ROBERTS Stella V 1889-1952
ROBERTS Thelma 1902-1967
ROBERTS Walter L 1922-1985
ROBERTS Wayland D 1952-2002
ROBERTS William C 1932-1999
ROBERTS William E 1922-1978
ROBERTSON Forrest D 1897-1965
ROBERTSON Zelma 1904-1981
ROBERTSON Aubrey Ford and June TAYLOR
ROBERTSON Billy J and Mary K
ROBERTSON Charlie Floyd 1899-1944
ROBERTSON Elva Thurmon 1889-1974
ROBERTSON Floyd Allan 1936-1981
ROBERTSON Frances MURRIN 1898-1982
ROBERTSON George W iii 1916-1961
ROBERTSON J B and Melba Jean
ROBERTSON James 1930
ROBERTSON Lulu A 1879-1954
ROBERTSON Margie Louise and Joel Edward
ROBERTSON Mattie D 1921-2002
ROBERTSON Rosa Lee and Charles A
ROBERTSON Sydney Earl 1924-1988
ROBERTSON Tommy Joel 1967-1994
ROBERTSON Tommy L 1949-1949
ROBERTSON Ulysses S 1876-1931
ROBERTSON Vernon G and Marie M
ROBERTSON William H 1874-1956
ROBERTSON Willie L and Totsye
ROBINSON Alford O 1861-1951
ROBINSON Florence H 1867-1941
ROBINSON Tom E 1895-1953
ROBINSON Ann Gertrude 1896-1965
ROBINSON Bessie D 1887-1966
ROBINSON Betty Lou 1932-1948
ROBINSON Bud T and Elizabeth
ROBINSON Carrie A and Willie A
ROBINSON Clara Bee 1915-1982
ROBINSON Essie Cloe and Ezra F
ROBINSON John H 1955-1979
ROBINSON Lindsey Jo 1986-1986
ROBINSON Martha R and John Loyce
ROBINSON Nellie A and J Forrest
ROBINSON Raymond Roy 1973-1974
ROBINSON Robert William 1883-1948
ROBINSON Wm Davis and Louise H
ROBISON Alton H 1912-1970
ROBISON Covie B and Irene E
ROBISON Darrell Jack 1942-1967
ROBISON Mary L 1914-1991
ROBISON Milford B Rev 1909-1974
ROBLES Noemi C Cassandra 1990-1997
ROCHELLE Elvin Wade 1893-1962
ROCHELLE Ida C 1897-1981
ROCHON Zoe I and Frederick C
ROCKCASTLE Theodore Charles and Charlote
ROCKETT Ila Evelyn 1912-1996
ROCKETT William J 1906-1948
ROCKHOLD Myrl Lasley 1920-2002
ROCKHOLD Rocky and Amelia
RODENBERG Nell L and Edwin N
RODGERS Danny R 1945
RODGERS Ivy Daniel and Claudia LANGLEY
RODGERS Jas E 1892-1935
RODGERS Kay Maxine 1939-1949
RODGERS Louise B and Dueval H
RODGERS Ola L 1905-1962
RODGERS Ruth BELLAH 1912-1987
RODGERS Tucson SHORT and Lee Ross Jr
RODGERS W A 1856-1946
RODIECK Mary Ann WANSLEY and Frank E
RODMAN Ethel 1875-1952
RODMAN James R 1875-1954
RODRIGUEZ Alicia L 1927-
RODRIGUEZ Arcadio R 1975-1975
RODRIGUEZ Benjanin 1966-1986
RODRIGUEZ Carlos 1959-2002
RODRIGUEZ Cesaria 1898-1966
RODRIGUEZ Efraim P 1928-1988
RODRIGUEZ Julio L 1893-1972
RODRIGUEZ Lee B 1902-1967
RODRIGUEZ Marcia C and Jose S
RODRIGUEZ Maria 1927-2002
RODRIGUEZ Nieves P 1901-1996
RODRIGUEZ Sixto S and Julia C
RODRIQUEZ Isabel H 1920-1985
RODRIQUEZ Lidia H 1937-1959
ROE Archie and Juanita
ROE Benjamin F Jr 1911-1998
ROE Cealie SOLOMON 1912-1933
ROE Effie Irene 1900-1979
ROE Pauline H 1916-
ROE Sherry Lynn 1954-1955
ROGERS Fred W Jr 1933-1986
ROGERS Frederick W and Eutha D
ROGERS Frieda Louise 1881-1972
ROGERS Fred A 1886-1943
ROGERS Mamie B 1885-1967
ROGERS 4 Ellen CREAGAN 1870-1953
ROGERS 4 Joyce Elaine 1933-1994
ROGERS 4 Martin J 1900-1952
ROGERS 4 Thomas Joseph 1862-1954
ROGERS 5 Bennett 1917-1936
ROGERS Alfred H and Myrtle V
ROGERS Anderson and Maxine
ROGERS Arthur M 1883-1959
ROGERS Bea 1913-1958
ROGERS Bertram C and Myrtle E
ROGERS Beulah and Olan D
ROGERS Bobby Joe 1934-2002
ROGERS Clara MORTON 1891-1980
ROGERS Dennis O 1921-1974
ROGERS Edgar Paul and Agnes Kathryn
ROGERS Edwin E 1905-1985
ROGERS Elmer DeWitt 1873-1936
ROGERS Etta G 1908-1968
ROGERS Gail Elizabeth 1934-1970
ROGERS Howard D and Lorinne
ROGERS Jack Weldon 1919-1966
ROGERS James Lee and Marilyn
ROGERS Jerri Lane 1958-1966
ROGERS Louis Hayes 1917-1979
ROGERS Lula M 1879-1956
ROGERS Margaret S 1914-1999
ROGERS Marillyn 1928-
ROGERS Marjorie W 1908-1997
ROGERS Marshall Otis 1902-1951
ROGERS Martha Maxine 1944-1955
ROGERS Maude A 1889-1985
ROGERS Montrue DERDEN 1900-1978
ROGERS Nathaniel Lee 1998-1989
ROGERS Olan D 1923-1968
ROGERS Penny 1964-1964
ROGERS Pete C 1877-1956
ROGERS Rebecca 1904-1950
ROGERS Rena M and Haskell C
ROGERS Thomas A Sr and Billie Ella
ROGERS Will H and Vera G
ROGERS William T Dr and Riveire C Dr
ROGERS Willie and Tawana
ROGERS Wm Shelley 1874-1944
ROHRBAUGH Ralph Waldo 1900-1976
ROHRER Ben N 1879-1944
ROHRER Jewell L 1894-1966
ROLATER Avanell PRATT 1913-1957
ROLATER Carl and Coy ii 1943-1943
ROLATER Carl H 1908-1955
ROLATER Luther P 1880-1945
ROLLINS Dora T and William F
ROLLINS Irene Sissie 1906-1991
ROLLINS Ritta A and Martin V
ROLLINS Virginia and Willard
ROLLINSON Mary Lou and George Winsel
ROLLOW Kathleen 1954-1956
ROLLOW Mary BALL and Thomas P Jr
ROMING Helen M and John
RONE Frank L 1884-1976
RONE Mae 1890-1974
RONE Mary Virginia 1922-1932
RONE Thelma F FITZGERALD 1912-1970
RONE Vivien REED 1888-1976
RONQUILLO Meno 1940-1972
ROOK Mary E 1867-1956
ROOKS Ksenia PORMEISTER 1924-1985
ROOT Tinie Christine INGLE and Manley Br
ROOTS Ann 1861-1954
ROQUEMORE LeRoy and Ruth
ROSE Thomas David 1914-1941
ROSE Cora Belle 1896-1958
ROSE Delia 1879-1942
ROSE Edwin L Sr and Mary Adelia
ROSE Emma V 1897-1974
ROSE Frank Preston Sr 1892-1965
ROSE Jacob Oscar 1896-1970
ROSE Joe Sr and Stella W
ROSE Margaret E 1894-1973
ROSE Mary Alberta 1888-1964
ROSE Mexie L 1898-1990
ROSE Sam C Jr and Josephine O
ROSE Thomas D 1887-1960
ROSE Thomas L 1859-1951
ROSENBAUM P D 1884-1933
ROSS Cora 1887-1960
ROSS Doris ROBERTS 1911-1974
ROSS Ginger L 1972-1992
ROSS Hoyle P 1906-1939
ROSS James E 1948-1968
ROSS John T 1912-1956
ROSS Johnnie Lee 1955-1955
ROSS Lisa Ann 1963-1974
ROSS Thomas Jeff 1900-1945
ROSS Tullie O and Thomas B
ROSS William Eugene 1925-1952
ROSS William O-Neal and Mattie P
ROSSBACK William F 1892-1971
ROSSER Anne WIDMANN and Lauren Joseph
ROSSER Arthur G 1878-1956
ROSSON Chesley Hudson and Stella MAYO
ROSSON Jesse J and Leona L
ROSSON Naomi Ruth 1883-1979
ROTEN Dora P 1924-1957
ROTTON Cecile Solomon 1901-1959
ROTTON William T 1888-1951
ROURK Carl C 1878-1945
ROURK Fannie K 1882-1964
ROUSE Venice Lee 1890-1965
ROUTH Callie I and Stone W
ROUTT Alice May 1857-1948
ROUTT Charles Ernest 1884-1956
ROUTT Emery Birthus 1857-1935
ROUTT Florus B 1880-1942
ROUTT Helen L and Vernon H
ROUTT Lillian M and Earl J
ROUTT Maggie 1886-1952
ROUTT Mary Belle and Roy Fitch
ROUTT Mary Craig 1903-1985
ROUTT Mary E Babe and Jack T
ROUTT Ralph R and Nell W
ROUTT Ruby and J Taber
ROUTT Winston E 1917-1987
ROWDEN Rhetta D 1911-1996
ROWDEN Stanley 1917-1995
ROWE Charlena OSWALT 1963-1992
ROWE Evelyn B
ROWE Ira Columbus 1899-1949
ROWE Lucinda 1896-1953
ROWE Pearce C and Evelyn B
ROWE Pearse C
ROWE Sara A 1920-1967
ROWELL Brady and Mattie
ROWELL Paula F 1909-1966
ROWLAND Charles T 1874-1955
ROWLAND Charles T Jr 1902-1992
ROWLAND D 1890-1983
ROWLAND David H 1935-1997
ROWLAND Edison J 1903-1990
ROWLAND Frank and Herberta
ROWLAND John C 1883-1945
ROWLAND John Harold and Audie M
ROWLAND John J Sr 1901-1960
ROWLAND Juanita L 1890-1986
ROWLAND Lenard N 1884-1951
ROWLAND Mamie 1881-1983
ROWLAND Marjorie D 1899-1966
ROWLAND Mary EARLY 1873-1949
ROWLAND Melvin Carl 1895-1983
ROWLAND Merle 1904-1984
ROWLAND Zula J 1903-1994
ROY J P and Alma
ROY James C and Wanda L
ROY Janis Wanda 1947-1949
ROY Oscar L 1914-1944
ROY Ronald J 1941-1952
ROYAL Beulah CLOUD 1894-1983
ROYCE Emma M 1884-1974
ROYLES Milton C 1920-1996
ROYSE James G Dr -1955
RUBY Adaline BROWN 1899-1981
RUBY Don Plato 1895-1968
RUBY Sue and Emmitt G
RUBY Troy C and Agnes
RUCKER Harold Roger 1905-1950
RUCKER Aileen T 1904-1960
RUCKER Bob 1906-1995
RUCKER R G Jr 1919-1971
RUCKER Raymond G Sr 1896-1950
RUCKER William N 1871-1961
RUCKMAN Jeffie Bertie 1892-1944
RUCKMAN William Edward 1892-1968
RUDD Charlie H 1890-1939
RUDD Earl and Myrtle Ella
RUDD Jock Angus and Reba Pim
RUDD Mary H 1867-1945
RUDD Meveric C and Wanda G
RUDD Mildred MALONE 1901-1951
RUDD Ole 1859-1940
RUDD Willis E 1896-1058
RUDDLE Ethel P 1895-1986
RUDDLE Jim L 1892-1956
RUDOLF Rolf G 1902-1961
RUDY George Carl 1886-1969
RUDY Marie EDER and George Carl
RUFFNER Robert E and Juanita M
RUFNER Alma and J Fred
RUFNER Horace E 1912-1970
RUFNER Walter Martin and Stella GUNTER
RUGG Armenia E and Ben F
RUMMEL Susan E and John E
RUNNELS Oliver B and Della L
RUNNELS Oliver B Jr 1928-1962
RUNNELS Oliver B Jr 1938-1962
RUNYAN Annie Mae and L C
RUNYAN Emley Ann 1874-1947
RUPARD Charlie 1892-1970
RUPARD Lottie E 1892-1982
RUSH Lola R 1941-1998
RUSHING Angie Lee 1901-1982
RUSHING Anna Mae 1898-1972
RUSHING Eva C 1897-1984
RUSHING Hazel STONE 1887-1971
RUSHING Joseph F 1893-1966
RUSHING Lynn 1882-1957
RUSHING Paul David 1943-1959
RUSSELL Eula 1884-1959
RUSSELL James F Jr 1890-1958
RUSSELL daughter 1940
RUSSELL Etta 1883-1937
RUSSELL Thomas C 1870-1944
RUSSELL Arthur H 1909-1971
RUSSELL Bettye C and Lee G
RUSSELL Bettye Jane WAKEFIELD 1936-1995
RUSSELL Bobbie C and William G
RUSSELL Bostic C 1900-1963
RUSSELL E Berry 1880-1956
RUSSELL Earlie Nace 1900-1960
RUSSELL Ella CATE 1892-1959
RUSSELL Ethel 1883-19-
RUSSELL Flora D and Emmett C
RUSSELL Gordon T and Ruby B
RUSSELL Harlan Henry 1897-1980
RUSSELL Henry T 1871-1941
RUSSELL Howard T Sr 1905-1950
RUSSELL Ina B 1886-1954
RUSSELL James Gerald 1928-2002
RUSSELL James M 1877-1945
RUSSELL Jessie Virginia 1904-1963
RUSSELL Joe M Jr 1915-1995
RUSSELL Joe M Sr 1884-1948
RUSSELL John A 1880-1956
RUSSELL John Joseph 1965-1990
RUSSELL Katie NEAL 1882-1954
RUSSELL Kittie 1886-1955
RUSSELL Lillie KEMP 1908-1994
RUSSELL Lucille F 1891-1980
RUSSELL Maude L 1893-1991
RUSSELL Mettie 1894-1965
RUSSELL Nora Ruth 1910-1999
RUSSELL Pauline and Willie A
RUSSELL Quoqueze Cokie 1907-1968
RUSSELL Rubye S 1907-1969
RUSSELL S A 1879-1938
RUSSELL Samuel Lee and Kitty DOYLE
RUSSELL Sarah Emma 1901-1970
RUSSELL Shirley Ann 1942-2001
RUSSELL Vaughn H 1893-1943
RUSSELL Wm S Bill 1914-1933
RUST Etta M 1879-1950
RUSTAD Ervine M 1915-1960
RUSTERHOLTZ Marie P and Virgil H
RUSTON James M 1873-1942
RUTH Joe 1901-1954
RUTH Marjorie 1920-1953
RUTH Maude BROWN 1890-1967
RUTHERFORD Edgar L 1892-1973
RUTHERFORD Gace H and 1909-1985
RUTKOWSKI Joseph A 1918-1994
RUTLAND Romulus R 1882-1962
RUTLAND Rual R 1915-1978
RUTLEDGE Cecil Thomas 1943-1993
RUTLEDGE Jennie M 1884-1969
RUTLEDGE Nora Louise and Mason Delbert
RYALS Margie L 1948-1999
RYALS Rebecca 1938-1996
RYALS Virgil W ii 1974-
RYAN John H 1892-1958
RYIA Charles 1902-1975
RZEPNIEWSKI John J and Carolyn Beth
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