Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - WXYZ, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
WACHOUS Harry Lee and Mae V
WACHTEL Lee Richlen 1966-1995
WADDELL Earl Raymond 1897-1992
WADDELL Esther STAIR 1899-1977
WADDELL Lloyd Stanley 1923-1982
WADDELL Doris Kay 1911-1994
WADDLE Herbert W 1919-1964
WADE Alice N 1883-1967
WADE Joseph B 1882-1956
WADE Earl 1899-1964
WADE Forest 1888-1963
WADE J W Jack 1886-1964
WADE J W Jr 1924-1941
WADE Luke Ferner 1915-1994
WADE Michael Ben 1952
WADE Roy V 1893-1964
WADE True Love 1900-1979
WADE Velma 1901-1983
WADE Verna L and Lafayette
WADLINGTON Claud and Ruth M
WAGENER Jasper Anderson and Blanche BROW
WAGGONER Dorothy SCOTT 1909-1927
WAGLAY Margaret K 1882-1952
WAGLEY Olive W 1914-1999
WAGNER Agnes and Edwin
WAGNER Hale Richard 1914-1985
WAGNER Robert Albert 1922-1959
WAGON William Burton 1904-1968
WAGONER Martin Luther 1884-1947
WAGONER Rachel Amelia 1888-1964
WAITE Sadie B 1874-1959
WAITES Patricia 1942
WAITES Welborn F and Gertrude L
WAITS Allen C 1853-1947
WAITS Frances Louise 1926-1950
WAITS Thomas M 1922-1974
WAKEFIELD Charles N and Lucille
WAKEFIELD Charles N and Lucille-
WAKEFIELD Edwin Alan 1945-1994
WAKEFIELD Elizabeth Bonnie 1908-1981
WAKEFIELD George W-and Lucille S
WAKEFIELD Marilyn Kay and Billy C
WAKEFIELD Ray S and Mabel K
WAKEFIELD Ward Harvey 1896-1979
WAKEFIELD Ward Harvey and Mamie Leota
WALCOTT H C 1859-1941
WALCOTT Jeanette STEPHENS 1928-1970
WALDEN Audrey Y 1927-
WALDEN Bryant Judd 1898-1969
WALDEN Fay Evans 1903-1985
WALDEN George L 1924-1973
WALDEN James Leemone 1925-1966
WALDEN Judd B Jr and Joyce Mary
WALDEN Lillian NORWOOD 1898-1990
WALDEN Rickey L 1949-1995
WALDEN Sarah Jayne and Argie
WALDEN Vinnie and Jake H
WALDON Thomas William Sr 1896-1963
WALDREP Merle Noel 1933-1961
WALDRIP M L 1889-1939
WALDRUP Lillian 1924-
WALES Cliffogene 1931-1931
WALES Eleanor 1888-1964
WALES Franklin G 1914-1961
WALKER George G 1895-1952
WALKER Myrtle WELLS 1895-1969
WALKER - Charles A and Vickie S
WALKER A O John 1889-1970
WALKER Admiral D 1899-1947
WALKER Al-Nella J 1920-1969
WALKER Bird Ames 1883-1961
WALKER Bonnie J NANCE 1926-1968
WALKER Charles J 1924-1974
WALKER Dennis N 1866-1936
WALKER Dorothy L 1907-1986
WALKER Elizabeth A and Albert L
WALKER Emma K 1872-1949
WALKER Era Claudine 1904-1959
WALKER Frank E and Alice B
WALKER Fulton B 1910-1970
WALKER Gladys AMENT 1900-1997
WALKER Homer 1875-1950
WALKER Horace B and Iris S
WALKER Horace Bryan and Iris Sarah
WALKER James A 1869-1933
WALKER James C and Venna P
WALKER James Dudley 1891-1975
WALKER James Jasper and Mable Gertrude
WALKER John Martin 1899-1979
WALKER John R 1868-1949
WALKER Judy A 1951-1977
WALKER Lillie B 1899-1971
WALKER Lula Mae 1873-1937
WALKER Margaret 1871-1936
WALKER N Aline 1901-1981
WALKER Nora C and Henry N
WALKER R A 1863-1940
WALKER R A Mrs 1866-1940
WALKER R M Bob and Viola M
WALKER Ricky Knight 1960-1980
WALKER Robert Walton 1852-1939
WALKER Thomas 1883-1956
WALKER Thomas W 1912-1965
WALKER Veda Bubba 1910-1989
WALKER Viola M and Henry O
WALKER Virgil L and Lena M
WALKER William C 1878-1955
WALKER William H 1923-1965
WALKER Wm Herbert and Ova
WALKUP Doris W 1912-1999
WALKUP John A Rev 1883-1966
WALKUP John Michael and Linda Suzanne
WALKUP John W 1909-1995
WALKUP Minnie 1889-1937
WALL George F Sgt 1912-1942
WALL Hester Naomi 1902-1977
WALL Mary O FRIEDELL and David Edward
WALL Mason Mac and Lucille
WALL Myrtle May 1908-1969
WALLACE Elsie M 1905-1969
WALLACE R Lee 1903-1986
WALLACE Bessie G 1908-1929
WALLACE Blanche 1895-1970
WALLACE Homer B and Evelyn B
WALLACE Hugh 1892-1966
WALLACE Isabelle 1874-1953
WALLACE James W 1864-1948
WALLACE Kimberly Lynne 1968-1971
WALLACE Leo A and Maude I
WALLACE Marjorie PRINZING 1922-1969
WALLACE Martha Beth 1944-1992
WALLACE Mary Elizabeth 1974-1960
WALLACE Murrie G 1910-1994
WALLACE Nelson 1899-1961
WALLACE Newton Lee and Georgia Henrietta
WALLACE Ruby 1924-1984
WALLACE Ruth M 1899-1968
WALLACE Sherry N 1938-1999
WALLACE Sylvia BYNUM and John Forney
WALLER David A 1953-1955
WALLER Norma Jean 1955-1955
WALLER Willis Arlon 1927-1980
WALLER Richard Glenn 1964-
WALLER Terri Diane THOMPSON 1958-2001
WALLER Everett L and Rose L
WALLER James L and Mary M
WALLER James Robert and Alta Marie
WALLER Lena S 1904-1987
WALLER Lester L 1902-1984
WALLER Madison D and Lettie S
WALLER Percy E 1896-1977
WALLES Noel Oscar 1895-1966
WALLIN Ida GILMORE and Horace C Sr
WALLING Alene M and Lee B
WALLIS W W 1889-1934
WALLOWINGBULL Betsy Ann 1959-1990
WALLS Fred Robert 1895-1980
WALLS Charles G Jr 1965-1972
WALLS Charles Gene 1944-1978
WALPOLE Albert Grayson 1911-1993
WALPOLE Linda Ruth 1950-1951
WALPOLE Margaret CLARK 1917-1969
WALRAVEN Beatrice M and Fred P
WALSH Edward S 1870-1948
WALTERS Dexter H 1888-1950
WALTERS Margaret 1892-1940
WALTERS Carl Clifford 1921-1977
WALTERS Ernest M Jr 1921-1966
WALTERS Esther Mae 1923-1990
WALTERS Gary Lynn 1952-1973
WALTERS Howard O and Louise
WALTERS Relta B and Frank M
WALTERS Romani Pruitt and Ruth
WALTERS son 1942
WALTHALL Ruby M 1960
WALTHER William H and Virginia E
WALTON Dennis L and Lela M
WALTON Ralph E and Dorothy M
WALTRIP Lucile N 1904-2001
WALTRIP Ollie P 1873-1950
WALTRIP P M Jr Dr 1902-1955
WALTRIP P M Sr Dr 1874-1944
WALTRIP Elmer L 1909-1969
WALTRIP Ola Martha and William M
WALTZ Clois Ronald and Dorothy WILSON
WANSLEY Fannie Pearl 1893-1980
WANSLEY John A 1884-1956
WANSLEY Fred L and Bernice
WARD Adda Louise 1911-1962
WARD Alma M and William J
WARD Anna Lee 1891-1972
WARD Arvalee 1911-1989
WARD Charles H 1872-1945
WARD Claude A Jr 1913-1945
WARD Claude A Sr Dr 1882-1956
WARD Clifton M Jr 1925-1945
WARD Clifton M Sr 1896-1961
WARD Dorothy M and Dawson R
WARD Edwin L and Shirley WESTON
WARD Elizabeth R and Thomas M
WARD Ernest L 1883-1952
WARD Flake SMITH 1880-1953
WARD Grover C 1884-1936
WARD Irene Lillian 1888-1967
WARD Jesse W and Bessie Jo
WARD Julia HAMPTON 1847-1939
WARD Margaret LOVE 1868-1961
WARD Marinda L 1852-1931
WARD Nick C 1898-1975
WARD Olga REESE 1905-197
WARD Ruth M 1906-1986
WARD Samuel Franklin 1880-1937
WARD Thomas E 1921-1994
WARD W Clarence 1900-1960
WARD William C and Patsy R
WARD William H and Georgie V
WARD William Jarvis 1908-1976
WARD William T and Emma Jane
WARE Mattie 1906-2003
WARREN Alta L 1898-1978
WARREN Annie Mae FOSTER 1899-1936
WARREN August Jr and Anna Ruth
WARREN C Monteith 1902-1934
WARREN Harry 1896-1959
WARREN Helena S and Grady H
WARREN Jennie L 1870-1963
WARREN Joe M 1868-1935
WARREN Linda Ann 1957
WARREN Lucile 1905-1983
WARREN Maggie HOLT and Onen W
WARREN Marguerite R and John Russell
WARREN Nola O 1904-1941
WARREN Ollie J 1883-1935
WARREN Pearl W 1902-1937
WARREN Robert G 1874-1970
WARREN Rosemond 1926-2002
WARREN Ruby S and Wesley M
WARREN Sandra Kay 1965-1966
WARREN Wayman Bo 1904-1985
WARRINER W E 1883-1935
WARTHAM Travis C and Annie Fay
WASHBURN Blanche 1870-1947
WASHBURN Frank 1866-1931
WASHBURN Homer F 1894-1958
WASHBURN Mary 1885-1970
WASHBURN Rube 1905-1984
WASIK Helen R and Joseph F
WATERBURY Arthur L 1898-1952
WATERS Albert P 1892-1968
WATERS Esther A 1895-1941
WATERS Fred G 1883-1945
WATERS John M 1866-1959
WATERS John Miller 1914-1978
WATERS Lee O 1916-1972
WATERS Ona Shuler 1911-1992
WATERS Susie J and William R
WATKINS Clarence Bailey Jr 2000-2001
WATKINS Donna DAVIS and Billy Ray
WATKINS Ellen T 1939
WATKINS Francis 1901-1978
WATKINS George D 1913-1997
WATKINS Marvin L 1923-1971
WATKINS Pamela Denise 1963-1964
WATKINS Ruby L 1918-1965
WATKINS Virginia 1919-1996
WATKINS William C 1921-1960
WATSON Alberta Burks 1907-1952
WATSON Floyd E 1906-1947
WATSON Emily TAYLOR 1917-1996
WATSON Paul Keith 1926-1982
WATSON Ara I 1904-1978
WATSON Augustus C 1907-1954
WATSON Beatrice and Vernon
WATSON Berlyn Lee 1949-1949
WATSON Bufoerd and Myrtle
WATSON Curtis R 1919-1971
WATSON Durwood B 1916-1974
WATSON Edgar H 1909-1964
WATSON Edna I 1916-1983
WATSON Elmer 1889-1961
WATSON Floyd Dee 1899-1985
WATSON Frances Marie and Lowell Vernon
WATSON Guy Edward 1892-1978
WATSON Helen GOODWIN 1909-1984
WATSON Helen L 1926-1999
WATSON Herschel O 1919-1984
WATSON Howard Eugene Jr 1922-1990
WATSON John 1845-1936
WATSON John B 1878-1957
WATSON Joseph E 1916-1983
WATSON Leona M 1920-2002
WATSON Loyce C Doc 1909-1996
WATSON Lynn 1904-1996
WATSON M O Mrs 1856-1949
WATSON Mamie 1898-1947
WATSON Nannie N 1886-1978
WATSON Patsy and Leon
WATSON Robert Lewis 1957
WATSON Rose WHITE 1889-1955
WATSON Ruby Lee V 1918-1992
WATSON Sybil Frances 1921-2001
WATSON Velma A and J Otis
WATSON Wade B 1911-1968
WATSON William T 1883-1936
WATT Alexander W 1872-1949
WATTENBURGER Arthur Ott 1881-1956
WATTENBURGER Effie 1916-1932
WATTENBURGER Winfred 1929-1961
WATTS Charlie W 1905-1947
WATTS E H Junior 1916-1955
WATTS Grace H 1908-1997
WATTS John T and Essie E
WATTS Mamie Lee and Willie J
WATTS Susan Kay 1956
WAUGH James M and Grace K
WAY Leonard M and Martha D
WEAKLAND Barbara Jean 1952-1985
WEAKLEY Billie F 1915-1989
WEATHERBY Josephine M 1899-1992
WEATHERFORD Billie and Frank
WEATHERFORD Jessie M and Roscoe W
WEATHINGTON Hazel M 1906-1992
WEATHINGTON Nellie L 1880-1970
WEATHINGTON S Earl 1880-1945
WEAVER Bobby Ray 1936-2003
WEAVER Charley D 1907-1967
WEAVER Dora M and Earl
WEAVER Horace A 1893-1979
WEAVER James L 1955-1994
WEAVER Jimmie Ruth 1940-1960
WEAVER Mary Ella and James F
WEBB James Allan BS 1926-1948
WEBB William S MD 1905-1957
WEBB Edith JOHNSON 1897-1952
WEBB Alice CAMPBELL and Marshall Davis
WEBB Catherine P 1885-1963
WEBB Clara Lee 1922-1963
WEBB Clide R 1883-1967
WEBB Clide R Jr 1912-1918
WEBB Coleman B 1919-1957
WEBB F Bernard and Margaret R
WEBB George R and Della M
WEBB Gerome C and Opha M
WEBB Hoodie P 1887-1970
WEBB J W 1883-1956
WEBB John Charles 1894-1963
WEBB John Paul 1895-1962
WEBB John Paul and Gladys
WEBB Johnie William 1897-1971
WEBB Lacy and Willie Alice
WEBB Mary E 1849-1943
WEBB Pearl Katherine 1894-1960
WEBB Rex and Lela
WEBB Sam V and Lynna L
WEBB Thelma M and Horace B
WEBB William Brittain 1888-1955
WEBBER George H and Pearl
WEBER Gunhilda and Kathleen
WEBSTER Annie HARRIS 1876-1942
WEBSTER Hy 1879-1981
WEBSTER Hy 1919-1986
WEBSTER Mary Jane 1919-1989
WEBSTER Randall E 1949-1998
WEDDELL Harry B 1893-1960
WEDDELL Lula J 1896-1989
WEDDLE Lucy Cora 1888-1957
WEDGE Helen L and Herbert C
WEED Jesse D 1877-1950
WEED Louise Roberts 1900-1952
WEED Nellie 1880-1932
WEEDLE Helen Jean 1910-1974
WEEKS Thomas Ronald Jr 1965
WEEMS Mabel J and Earl J
WEGNER Dawn Jean and Robert James
WEHRES Cleo and William C
WEIDAW Coyla HALL 1923-1982
WEIDE Pat H and Gladys L
WEIGLE John Ben and Ray
WEIHE Barbara MOSE 1934-1992
WEIHE Fred B Jr 1929-1981
WEILER James H 1906-1975
WEILER Josephine 1902-1990
WEILER Elmer E 1863-1943
WEILER Hattie 1865-1940
WEILER Naomi E and David C
WEIR Charlotte 1866-1940
WELBORN Reedie 1884-1951
WELCH Chessie R 1886-1974
WELCH Elmer A 1878-1947
WELCH Aline J and Earl A
WELCH baby 1937
WELCH Brown C and Julia Frances YOUNG
WELCH Charles E 1920-1946
WELCH Charles Raymond 1895-1973
WELCH Claire A 1879-1940
WELCH George S 1885-1967
WELCH Gerald W and Winnie I
WELCH Gertrude 1888-1981
WELCH Julia M and Drew O
WELCH Leta 1905-1962
WELCH Merriam M 1877-1955
WELCH Norma Jean 1930-1973
WELCH Vivian L 1959-1966
WELCH W Mack 1895-1954
WELDON Wayne 1900-1982
WELLBORN Betty Virginia 1946
WELLINGTON Effie J 1866-1946
WELLINGTON J F 1862-1934
WELLS Martha Evelyn 1893-1964
WELLS Alice Jane 1889-1949
WELLS Andy W 1892-1953
WELLS Annie Louisa 1885-1959
WELLS Ben F 1885-1972
WELLS Chet N 1924-1999
WELLS Deborah Jeanne 1961-1961
WELLS Eva Louise 1899-1956
WELLS Evelyn Lucille 1925-
WELLS Iva Lee 1891-1947
WELLS J B and Lula B
WELLS Lola MILES 1928-1984
WELLS Lonnie and Doris
WELLS Scott T C -1941
WELMAKER Albert L and Dovie A
WELSH Oral S 1905-1994
WELSH Victoria 1911-
WENZEL Elsie R 1892-1985
WENZEL Julius F 1887-1974
WENZEL Pearl M and Leo O
WERNER Suzanne Christina 1973-1973
WERSAL Barbara CRADDOCK 1940-1987
WESLEY Jon 1956-1956
WESSON Mildred W and Proctor B
WEST Clifford E 1917-1981
WEST Edgar S 1879-1956
WEST Jack Glaze and Alva GREEN
WEST James L 1900-1942
WEST Jeremy Michael 1973-1973
WEST Jo L 1914-2001
WEST John Bun 1873-1949
WEST Lucy H 1885-1968
WEST Sarah Eliza 1860-1947
WESTBROOK H C 1896-1939
WESTER Olivia and Oscar
WESTFALL A Roy and Ida L
WESTFALL Jerre Paul 1928-
WESTMORELAND Charlie Paul and Virgie Mae
WESTMORELAND Don E and Carolyn A
WESTMORELAND Gregory Scott ii 1997
WESTMORELAND James Boren and Carrie Eliz
WESTMORELAND Jimmy Lee 1935-2000
WESTON Ernest H 1889-1969
WESTON James B Sr 1905-1954
WESTON James Edward 1952-1971
WESTON Lotawanna 1897-1989
WETHEY Ida Colvin 1890-1959
WETSEL A Leightson 1897-1945
WETSEL Albert Ross Dr 1900-1974
WETSEL Inez Lois 1909-1991
WETZEL Dora Belle 1883-1954
WETZEL James Owen 1884-1968
WEXFORD Marye L 1948-
WHALEN Claude F 1899-1973
WHALEN Dora R 1902-1984
WHALEN John J 1868-1931
WHALEN Nell A 1904-
WHALEN Ruth E 1879-1962
WHALEY Myrtle FRANCIS 1916-1994
WHARTON Winston C and Pauline
WHATLEY Addie M 1906-1963
WHATLEY Alice 1856-1948
WHATLEY Anna A 1875-1965
WHATLEY James M and Kate M
WHATLEY Thomas E 1900-1986
WHEAT Elsie F and Marvin N
WHEELER Belle 1870-1945
WHEELER Eli B 1927-1990
WHEELER Elmer E and Laura M
WHEELER Jimmy E 1937-1989
WHEELER Joe Jr 1918-1968
WHEELER Katie Joyce and Farris Marlin
WHEELER Linda L 1938-
WHEELER Louise MORGAN and William Thomas
WHEELER Ralph M 1925-1949
WHEELER William J 1892-1966
WHEELER William W 1912-
WHIPPLE Grace T 1893-1958
WHIPPLE Harvey Clyde 1892-1939
WHIPPLE Mary Arline 1920-1955
WHISENAND Joseph Lawrence 1902-1968
WHITAKER Jack D 1925-1950
WHITAKER Jerry W Jr 1965
WHITAKER O L Curly and Marion Williams
WHITAKER Ola C and Naomi Y
WHITCHER A Mon and Mildred D
WHITCHER Cary 1962-
WHITCHER Gene 1929-
WHITE Ira B 1868-1948
WHITE Ollie B 1868-1953
WHITE Alton James 1921-1983
WHITE Andrew J 1926-1997
WHITE Andrew J 1932-1968
WHITE Bertha LONG and Charles Bruce
WHITE Beulah 1927-2002
WHITE Bill Ray 1924-1964
WHITE Bobbye Ruth 1930-1978
WHITE Brown 1876-1932
WHITE Clara E and Buford L
WHITE Claud Jr 1946-1946
WHITE Claud W Sr 1920-1972
WHITE Dora Jones 1882-1979
WHITE Dora L 1880-1959
WHITE Dora M and Arthur C
WHITE Dorothy B 1923-1980
WHITE Edward J and Ellen
WHITE Elizabeth Lorine 1956-1974
WHITE Ernest B and Naoma J
WHITE Essie L 1881-1965
WHITE Eunice Elizabeth 1894-1982
WHITE Florence 1890-1974
WHITE Floye SMITH and Clarence George
WHITE Forrest Lee 1915-2001
WHITE Frank D and Fay M
WHITE Gary Canteaux 1947-1983
WHITE Georgia Lynn 1964-1967
WHITE Harold E 1909-1991
WHITE Hazel and Robert
WHITE Hazel BORDERS and Ralph E
WHITE Henry Kirk iii 1940-1969
WHITE Hollis and Myrtle
WHITE J D 1905-1981
WHITE J Elmer and Evelyn A
WHITE J F 1852-1932
WHITE J L 1876-1975
WHITE James Alvis and Annie Lee
WHITE James Alvis and Betty Jo
WHITE James Alvis Jr 1939-2000
WHITE Jesse W 1899-1962
WHITE Joe B 1896-1929
WHITE John Elmer 1897-1963
WHITE Kathryn M and William M
WHITE L M 1921-1981
WHITE L S 1867-1949
WHITE Loui MASON 1892-1974
WHITE Ludie P and Warren S
WHITE Mary Jane 1858-1939
WHITE Mary Lou 1917-1920
WHITE Mary M 1922-
WHITE Mattie MOORE 1866-1950
WHITE Mildred H 1913-2001
WHITE Naomi Ruth 1924-1967
WHITE Nellie D 1891-1943
WHITE Orline W 1893-1984
WHITE Rosa Mary 1918-1991
WHITE Rude 1888-1936
WHITE Ruth A and George W Jr
WHITE Sallie Frances 1888-1957
WHITE Toni Maria 1925-2000
WHITE Truman H and Mary Marie
WHITE Vera Elizabeth 1901-1984
WHITE Virgil R and Georgia
WHITE W R 1892-1951
WHITE Whitey L E and Flora WEAVER
WHITE Willard Moore 1903-1970
WHITE William Powell 1948
WHITE William W 1890-1936
WHITE Wm Marvin 1887-1957
WHITEAKER Sylvester Jess and Katherine O
WHITEHEAD Betty A 1920-1999
WHITEHEAD Maggie Mae 1872-1953
WHITEHEAD Maudie Lee 1900-1956
WHITEHEAD T Harrell 1913-1973
WHITEHEAD Thomas A 1920-1990
WHITEHURST Apoline 1891-1977
WHITEHURST Minnie G 1880-1967
WHITEHURST Ruth Crosby 1889-1985
WHITEHURST S W 1883-1945
WHITEHURST Winford C and Izetta M
WHITEHUST Flora E 1885-1968
WHITEHUST John D 1884-1943
WHITEHUST Martha C 1866-1939
WHITESIDES Mrs Wm 1882-1941
WHITESIDES William 1875-1943
WHITFIELD Hershell 1909-1983
WHITHAM Iva M 1905-1997
WHITHAM Walter L 1915-1965
WHITLEY Georgia M 1905-1977
WHITLEY Ronnie Carl Jr 1976
WHITLEY Theda A Gene and Flora Lee
WHITLOCK Frenk Arthur and Kathryn D
WHITLOCK James Marshall 1990-2001
WHITLOW Roger 1970-1988
WHITMIRE Aulcie 1915-1996
WHITMIRE Bobby R and Karla S
WHITMORE baby 1938
WHITSELL Charles P 1947-2002
WHITSON Thomas E and John C
WHITT Albert S J and Fannie BRAND
WHITTENBURG Allen 1879-1944
WHITTENBURG Lula 1879-1952
WHITTENBURG William H and Sarah E
WHITTINGTON Estle 1895-1936
WHITTLE William Ray and Edna PEEVEY
WHITWORTH Addie B 1914-1987
WHITWORTH Fred B 1898-1956
WICKER James W and Kizzie E
WICKER Pleas and Eula Mae
WICKETT F Beulah and Stanley L
WIDEMAN Lois G and George L
WIER Ada L 1882-1963
WIER Claude A 1884-1937
WIER John Kincaid and Ida Mae
WIESE William R Sr and Johnnie B
WIESEHANN Maud C 1897-1966
WIESEHANN Wm H 1886-1949
WIGGINS Edwin H 1878-1958
WIGGINS Mamie B 1893-1970
WIGGINS Mary Inez 1909-1962
WIGGINS Tollie A 1910-1940
WIGGINS Warren Wesly and Beulah Mae
WIGGINS Wesley Jr 1945-1948
WIGHT Charles S 1900-1959
WIGHTMAN Agnes Owen 1902-1985
WILBANKS Roy K Jr 1930-2002
WILBANKS Roy Konrad and Mary E
WILBANKS Royce 1952-1976
WILBURN Grover G 1886-1951
WILBURN Jessie 1883-1933
WILDE James Harold 1934-1968
WILDER Theodore C 1850-1941
WILES J A and Irma Ray
WILES William Warren 1931-1932
WILEY Louvenia 1880-1964
WILEY Mae and D A
WILHELM Burrus Druzella Bea 1908-1995
WILHELM Frank H 1911-1974
WILHELM G B and Maud S
WILHITE Raymond M 1896-1971
WILHITE Rex R 1921-2002
WILHITE Rex R 1921-2002
WILHITE Russell McC 1872-1947
WILIE Carl G Sr 1885-1964
WILIE Fronia M 1887-1984
WILKERSON Bennie R 1926-1947
WILKERSON Arthur D and Edith E
WILKERSON Curtis D Bob 1922-1967
WILKERSON Durbin Ben 1880-1954
WILKERSON Srthur E and Loreta L
WILKERSON Vester 1904-1933
WILKES Ada Adelia 1858-1948
WILKES Richard Josiah 1858-1938
WILKES Rosa TILLMAN 1893-1977
WILKES Walter Barry 1888-1965
WILKES William J 1890-1952
WILKES Wallace H 1897-1959
WILKEY Naomi Raynell and Ira
WILKINS Howard B and Mary C
WILKINSON J Marvin 1922-1967
WILKINSON Johnnie L 1900-1991
WILKINSON R P Jr 1918-1982
WILKINSON Riley P 1890-1948
WILKINSON Edgar Lane 1924-1948
WILKINSON Nettie L and George L
WILKINSON Edna Mae 1898-1994
WILKINSON Harvey L 1888-1964
WILKINSON Arthur Benson 1905-1998
WILKINSON Carrie C 1891-1984
WILKINSON Dwight L 1926-2002
WILKINSON Earl and Janice S
WILKINSON Edna M and George J
WILKINSON Ethel M 1895-1973
WILKINSON Helen and Arthur
WILKINSON J W Jim 1886-1951
WILKINSON Katherine Elizabeth 1909-1997
WILKINSON Lee 1921-1995
WILKINSON W Dennis 1939-1939
WILKINSON Webb M 1982-1949
WILKINSON Weldon D 1916-1943
WILL Charley Carr and Hazel Elizabeth
WILLBANKS Mable 1880-1955
WILLBORN Anderson C 1868-1949
WILLBORN Helen N 1913-1971
WILLBORN Isabel A 1876-1963
WILLBURN John David 1969-1988
WILLETT Henry Harvey 1896-1977
WILLETT Nellie SEYMOUR 1897-1989
WILLIAMS R W 1887-1936
WILLIAMS Marcellus Clay 1853-1931
WILLIAMS Mary Evelyn 1853-1947
WILLIAMS Flora F 1884-1973
WILLIAMS Jack 1877-1945
WILLIAMS 5 Bert 1894-1965
WILLIAMS 5 Ruth F 1901-1968
WILLIAMS 6 Ida Q 1866-1931
WILLIAMS 6 Lillian G 1901-1969
WILLIAMS 6 Orena McCORMICK 1910-1969
WILLIAMS 6 Tom Quillian 1903-1973
WILLIAMS 6 W Erskine 1860-1938
WILLIAMS Alfred D 1884-1967
WILLIAMS Alice Mae 1905-1979
WILLIAMS Arthur M 1890-1963
WILLIAMS Aurelia 1900-1964
WILLIAMS Barbara J DANIEL 1943-1981
WILLIAMS Bessie Marie and A L Tommy
WILLIAMS Beulah Frances 1916-1985
WILLIAMS Beverly Rogene 1940-1983
WILLIAMS Calvin 1908-1979
WILLIAMS Carrah L 1888-1946
WILLIAMS Charles F and Fern L
WILLIAMS Clara HAMMOND 1886-1979
WILLIAMS Clarence Earl Jr 1967-1991
WILLIAMS Claude Samuel Snooks 1915-1974
WILLIAMS David Frank 1942-1989
WILLIAMS David Wayne 1958-1992
WILLIAMS Dean Wright 1920-1995
WILLIAMS Diana Lynn 1969-1969
WILLIAMS Donald O 1925-1977
WILLIAMS Doris 1923-1997
WILLIAMS Dwight L 1880-1951
WILLIAMS Earl E 1906-1975
WILLIAMS Earl Felton 1919-1975
WILLIAMS Eddie Lenora 1897-1986
WILLIAMS Edwin D 1913-1987
WILLIAMS Ellis and Nettie
WILLIAMS Elton C 1912-1938
WILLIAMS Eva Belle 1898-1981
WILLIAMS Florence Ellen 1885-1941
WILLIAMS Floy B 1886-1972
WILLIAMS Floyd H and Edna L
WILLIAMS Fred 1894-1937
WILLIAMS George C 1870-1943
WILLIAMS Grace A 1898-1980
WILLIAMS Harold F 1921-1987
WILLIAMS Harvie C and Barbara J
WILLIAMS Houston Bennett and Sally TAMBO
WILLIAMS Houston M and Jennie May
WILLIAMS Howard C and Mabel
WILLIAMS Ida Nancy and Glover W
WILLIAMS Imogean 1937-2003
WILLIAMS Imogene S and Curtis T
WILLIAMS J A Rev 1890-1971
WILLIAMS J C 1876-1933
WILLIAMS J P 1886-1958
WILLIAMS James Frank Jr 1914-2002
WILLIAMS James Henry and Susan Geraldine
WILLIAMS James L and Grace L
WILLIAMS James P 1919-1993
WILLIAMS James Thomas 1900-1966
WILLIAMS Jesse L 1923-1970
WILLIAMS Jim G 1921-1966
WILLIAMS Jimmy Dean 1946-1949
WILLIAMS Joe H 1864-1948
WILLIAMS John W 1872-1930
WILLIAMS Justine CLEERE 1915-2000
WILLIAMS Karen J 1957-1994
WILLIAMS L F and Willie
WILLIAMS L M Bill and Mabel F
WILLIAMS Larry Dean 1944-1944
WILLIAMS Lawrence Leroy 1958-1962
WILLIAMS Lenore E 1912-1989
WILLIAMS Leona 1924-2002
WILLIAMS Lillian 1912-2002
WILLIAMS Lillie A 1877-1944
WILLIAMS Lillie Mae and T T
WILLIAMS Lou Bell 1881-1958
WILLIAMS Lula May 1876-1944
WILLIAMS Lyle K and Jean B
WILLIAMS Madge Edna 1911-1956
WILLIAMS Maggie D 1905-1979
WILLIAMS Margaret Erle and Charles F
WILLIAMS Margaret Nell 1921-
WILLIAMS Margie M and Archie Y
WILLIAMS Marie 1917-1976
WILLIAMS Mary Bland 1922-1974
WILLIAMS Mary E 1905-2002
WILLIAMS Mary Lou 1902-1936
WILLIAMS Minnie B 1870-1956
WILLIAMS Mollie B 1884-1972
WILLIAMS Morris S and Susan M
WILLIAMS Mrs and Mr Robert J
WILLIAMS Murray J 1914-1997
WILLIAMS Nancy H 1911-1989
WILLIAMS Nancy Jane 1934-1986
WILLIAMS Novis E and George J
WILLIAMS R D Capt 1877-1949
WILLIAMS Ralph H 1890-1976
WILLIAMS Robert S 1894-1958
WILLIAMS Robert S Bob 1908-1979
WILLIAMS Rosa Lee and Jasper N
WILLIAMS Ruby PATE and Ennis N
WILLIAMS Ruth Mae 1937-1981
WILLIAMS Samuel J Jr 1912-1976
WILLIAMS son 1963
WILLIAMS Tamessa Marie 1978
WILLIAMS Terrence C 1983-2001
WILLIAMS Tracy 1964-1970
WILLIAMS Warner W and Tiza M
WILLIAMS Wayne H 1907-1941
WILLIAMS William David and Emma Lou
WILLIAMS William Poole 1872-1940
WILLIAMS William W 1909-1964
WILLIAMS Willie E 1925-1989
WILLIAMSON B E 1886-1952
WILLIAMSON Cora L 1872-1960
WILLIAMSON Dolia 1886-1945
WILLIAMSON Eva Lula and Walter Q
WILLIAMSON Frank 1893-1972
WILLIAMSON Hattye 1898-1972
WILLIAMSON Jonathan 1976-1976
WILLIAMSON Major Morton T and Leona F BU
WILLIAMSON R M 1862-1929
WILLIAMSON Ralph 1897-1991
WILLIAMSON Robert L and Emily V
WILLIAMSON Virgie and Clarence
WILLIAMSON Willie 1900-1937
WILLIFORD Ben T 1916-2000
WILLIFORD Mary J 1919-2000
WILLINGHAM Essie L 1894-1956
WILLIS A H Mrs 1875-1948
WILLIS D F 1869-1929
WILLIS Ethel P 1902-1968
WILLIS Georgia J and S Theodore
WILLIS Tempie Mary 1887-1946
WILLIS Theodore Allen and Alice ROBERTS
WILLMON Pearl S and Arthur E Gene
WILLOUGHBY Ed 1890-1942
WILLS Everett J 1910-1957
WILLS Hazel FOX 1909-1986
WILLS John L 1874-1972
WILLS Leland O 1898-1923
WILLS Luther T 1894-1962
WILLS Martha J 1867-1956
WILLS Marvin E Jr 1948-1951
WILLS Marvin E Sr and Mable V
WILLS Maude E 1875-1929
WILLSON Mary Jane 1863-1945
WILLSON Mildred Lawrence 1918-1989
WILLSON Norman Lester 1883-1935
WILLSON William M 1860-1952
WILMETH A 1871-1941
WILMETH Della 1878-1951
WILMOTH Alta S Trudy and Miles Wayne
WILMOTH Rex A 1953-1953
WILMOUTH James M and Mildred S
WILSFORD Kate and Clay
WILSHIRE Bessie NOAH 1885-1944
WILSHIRE William Arthur 1882-1945
WILSON Ernest A Jr 1915-1991
WILSON Helen Adell 1919-1979
WILSON Estella F 1894-1990
WILSON John D Sr 1893-1932
WILSON Allison E and Estelle N
WILSON Arvard T 1908-1984
WILSON Barbara L 1950-1971
WILSON Bertha I 1894-1958
WILSON Bessie A 1923-
WILSON Bessie Andrew 1882-1936
WILSON Beverly Anna 1945-1945
WILSON Clarence H and Opal M
WILSON Claudia Judy 1917-1996
WILSON Clifford Albert 1905-1947
WILSON Davis D 1913-1996
WILSON Dorothea Marie and Emery Jack
WILSON Doyle Sewell 1909-1966
WILSON E Evelyn MEASLES 1912-1994
WILSON Edwin 1914-1991
WILSON Edwin B and Oneita
WILSON Elizabeth ELLIS 1900-1976
WILSON Ernest Michael 1959-1997
WILSON Ernest W 1884-1971
WILSON Floyd C and Carlie B
WILSON George F 1921-1979
WILSON Harry O 1881-1977
WILSON Helen and Odis
WILSON Helment D 1919-1974
WILSON Homer 1912-1981
WILSON Homer L 1881-1957
WILSON Imogene MILLS 1909-1932
WILSON Ira M 1898-1942
WILSON James S 1888-1941
WILSON Jean Tidwell 1917-1954
WILSON John B 1922-1985
WILSON John L 1920-1980
WILSON John L and Earline
WILSON Josie 1869-1950
WILSON Katie Ruth LUNN and Henry C Jr Fr
WILSON Kelle Marie 1950-1954
WILSON Lawrence Leroy 1921-1956
WILSON Lillian REICHERT and Guy Henry
WILSON Lorine 1896-1979
WILSON Louise 1917-1984
WILSON Lourity 1884-1955
WILSON Lowell F 1909-1975
WILSON Mabel HODGES 1892-1976
WILSON Martha Ann 1941-1957
WILSON Mary CORDER 1912-1998
WILSON Masrgaret W 1919-2003
WILSON Maudie Nora 1884-1969
WILSON Mavordeen 1911-1997
WILSON Mazie BRAY and Edgar A
WILSON Michael Eugene 1947-1988
WILSON Myrtle May 1909-1997
WILSON Paul T and Marmie D
WILSON Perry and Ann
WILSON Raymond 1909-1977
WILSON Raymond Floyd and Lady Grace
WILSON Rexie A 1896-1946
WILSON Robert J 1879-1945
WILSON Robert L 1919-1971
WILSON Rosa E 1885-1974
WILSON Roy and Kay
WILSON Roy O and Alta L
WILSON Samuel B and Cora E
WILSON Ted B 1934-1976
WILSON Tillie Lou and Vester F
WILSON Weldon R 1922-1959
WILSON Wendell Holmes and Mildred McGEE
WILSON William M 1915-1968
WILSON William Paul 1944-1968
WILSON Willie M and Oscar G
WILSON Zula Edna 1911-1987
WIMBISH Gary H and Arveal J
WIMBISH Glenn R 1890-1949
WINDELL Charles Hess 1905-1976
WINFIELD Leone CARNES 1912-1985
WINFIELD Wilburn E 1921-2000
WINFREY Claude Raymond 1895-1953
WINFREY Emily L 1867-1951
WINFREY J A Dr 1863-1935
WINFREY John Maurice 1902-1965
WINFREY Myrtle Sissy 1906-1981
WINGFIELD Marie KING 1925-1987
WINKELMEYER Lola Marie 1906-1969
WINKELMEYER Robert Dunlop Jr 1928-
WINKELMEYER Robert Dunlop Sr 1904-1985
WINKER Jeanne Elizabeth 1971-1975
WINKLE Aaron D 1921-1974
WINKLE Nathan A 1947-1975
WINKLE Nathan A and Mattie BECHTOLD
WINKLES Agnes C and Waymond L
WINKLES Rosemary 1941-1960
WINKLES Waymond Claud and Gloria Anne
WINN Ela Adelia 1887-1965
WINN Elgin Thomas and Veda Virginia
WINN Mildred CARR and Walter Louis
WINN Robert Cleburn and Margaret Maggie
WINN Roger C 1916-1976
WINN Walter Louis Jr and Cleo TAYLOR
WINNETT Nannie Lou and Horace Alfred
WINSTON Burnett P 1900-1968
WINSTON Jessie Louise 1902-1980
WINSTON Lloyd W 1897-1969
WINTER Bruno Otto 1913-1993
WINTER Johnnie A 1917-2002
WINTER LaVerne 1930-
WINTERS Fannie S 1882-1958
WINTERS Mary Irene and Lawrence Estes
WIPPERT James Michael and Cheryl A
WIPPERT James R 1944-2001
WIPPERT Mary Jean 1920-1997
WISDOM D H 1870-1932
WISDOM Ella R 1892-1972
WISDOM Hap and Helen S
WISDOM Joan WHITE 1934-2003
WISDOM Laura HAMMOCK 1871-1940
WISDOM Sargent Lee 1900-1953
WISDON Mattie Lou 1904-1987
WISE Clyde 1891-1954
WISE George Carlyle 1915-1964
WISE Jonathan William 1982
WISE Olivia YEARY 1905-1972
WISE Roy L Sr and Margaret W
WISE Sadie H and Vyril A
WISE Vyril A 1888-1951
WISEMAN Walter Howell and Leota Oliva
WITHERINGTON John Alvin 1863-1939
WITHERS Dan H 1920-1996
WITHERS Matilda P 1868-1946
WITHERS Mildred Ann 1894-1957
WITHERSPOON Elizabeth HALL 1861-1950
WITHERSPOON Eugene and Betty
WITHERSPOON Gordon 1879-1962
WITHERSPOON James Edgar 1863-1939
WITHERSPOON Joseph H 1887-1971
WITHERSPOON Lula Mae 1897-1952
WITHERSPOON Nettie Ward 1882-1945
WITHERSPOON Paul E 1898-1960
WITHROW Maud WRIGHT 1877-1935
WITHROW Wallace 1872-1938
WITT Ernest A 1890-1971
WITT Frances K 1912-1981
WITT Mildred M 1900-1982
WITT Ruth C 1926-1973
WITT Searcy W 1905-1978
WITTE Alice Joy 1905-1963
WITTE Margaret Nell 1934-1935
WITTE Pearl JUSTINE 1897-1940
WITTE Wesley Gus 1894-1963
WITTER Robert D and Jo Evelyn
WITTMAN Marvin Leslie 1894-1971
WITTY Edward B 1875-1963
WITTY Mary Estelle 1886-1960
WITTY Oscar Dee 1884-1943
WITTY Virginia E 1858-1942
WOFFORD daughter 1953
WOFFORD Virgil Ben and Arta Earles
WOLF Ruth C 1916-1986
WOLF William L 1920-1951
WOLFE Addie Pearl 1884-1957
WOLFE Doyle Wayne 1953-1956
WOLFE Elzie Leon 1921-1981
WOLFE Frances E 1909-1993
WOLFE Lemuel Fred 1884-1949
WOLFE Mary Ella -1951
WOLFE Mary L 1924-1982
WOLFE Mildred Aline and Joe Mack
WOLFE Minnie Lee and James Franklin
WOLFE Tillman F -1963
WOLNER Arrena May 1906-1988
WOMACK B G 1878-1963
WOMACK T P 1865-1946
WOMACK 4 Mitchell W 1942-1963
WOMACK 4 Noble F 1908-1984
WOMACK 4 Velma C 1909-1987
WOMACK Albert R 1879-1959
WOMACK Charles and Estherr Mae
WOMACK Claudie B 1907-1934
WOMACK David Wayne 1959-1959
WOMACK Floyd James 1903-1960
WOMACK James Garter and Annie Laura
WOMACK Jesse G 1893-1934
WOMACK Norma Jeanne 1928-1946
WOMACK Sarah C 1886-1968
WOMACK William J 1882-1943
WOMBLE Amos G 1884-1963
WOMBLE Ethel E 1885-1983
WOMBLE James A 1871-1958
WONN William C 1889-1950
WOOD Allen Patrick 1949-1975
WOOD Alvin R 1970-1996
WOOD Bennie Lee and Myrtie F
WOOD Carl M 1894-1964
WOOD Donald W 1912-1955
WOOD Dora 1877-1964
WOOD Dorothy and Tate
WOOD Eldyne and Harriett COOK
WOOD H E 1888-1950
WOOD H M 1925-1967
WOOD Harry V 1873-1941
WOOD Ifie 1892-1974
WOOD Irene G 1912-1994
WOOD James Robert 1935-1937
WOOD James Robert Dr and Louisa R
WOOD LaVerne M 1927-1991
WOOD Lawrence Sr and Ora Mae
WOOD Mary C and James H
WOOD Nellie and Leo
WOOD Oscar 1869-1932
WOOD Raymond F and Dorothy Lee
WOOD Rhonda Jean 1966-1985
WOOD Richard R 1947-1999
WOOD Robert F Red 1902-1990
WOOD Robert Thaddeus and Edith Charlcey
WOOD Tennie F 1873-1941
WOOD Thelma R and James E
WOOD Will S and Mayme C
WOOD Will S Sr and Cleo S
WOOD Winston John 1923-1981
WOODALL Clarice KNIGHT and Willie Edwin
WOODALL Bessie Lee and Herbert R
WOODALL Larry D 1944-1945
WOODALL Viola R 1897-1978
WOODARD Gene M Jr 1948-1986
WOODCOCK William F and Grace A
WOODFORD Gwendolyn P and Aubrey M
WOODMAN James Moris 1923-1957
WOODRUFF Ashton C 1887-1951
WOODRUFF Hawkins and Nellie B
WOODRUFF Joe W 1918-1974
WOODRUFF Lela Mae 1896-1980
WOODRUM Frank 1883-1971
WOODRUM May 1890-1959
WOODS Frank A Jr 1942-
WOODS Frank A Sr 1889-1975
WOODS Gloria G 1903-
WOODS Clyde S Sr and Aileen E
WOODS Grady E Jr 1982-1996
WOODS L C Woody and Joy Jacqueline
WOODS Lock Armstead and Rosa Linda HARRI
WOODS Minnie E 1898-1973
WOODS Nellie L and Armena Webb
WOODS Pat J 1890-1948
WOODS Randall Ross 1956
WOODS Randy D 1957-1985
WOODWARD Caledonnia Keith 1853-1945
WOODWARD Dale and Joyce
WOODWARD Daniel Ray 1954-1981
WOODWARD Edward Keys 1857-1929
WOODWARD Guy A Sr and Evelyn C
WOODYARD Charles H 1872-1930
WOODYARD Ellen N 1881-1944
WOODYARD Emma E 1886-1976
WOODYARD Lewyn N 1906-1938
WOOLEY Burnie L and Edward L
WOOLEY Daniel D 1916-1936
WOOLEY Debra Gay 1954-1959
WOOLEY Oscar Henry 1871-1962
WOOTEN Arthur 1897-1956
WOOTEN Belma I 1898-1982
WOOTEN Chester Lee 1921-1977
WOOTEN John A and Addie L
WOOTEN Nettie Mae 1907-1992
WOOTEN Raybon D Jr 1923-1968
WOOTEN Thomas L 1924-1988
WORD Bina Muriel 1902-1978
WORD Edwin Gene 1887-1953
WORD John H and Madeline C
WORKMAN T L Tommy and Hazel SMITH
WORLEY Charlie A 1900-1990
WORLEY Veta P 1906-1991
WORLEY Connie C 1925-
WORLEY Wayne 1933-1950
WORSHAM Bennye Jo and Hubert
WORSHAM Betty L and Charles S
WORSHAM Carol Lee 1942-1945
WORSHAM May Belle and Miles Ed
WORTHINGTON Eastland and Lillian
WORTHINGTON Everett C Sr and Lois Lee
WRAY Arthur H and Ruth V
WRAY Charles E and Leslie O
WREN Mildred Fae 1919-2003
WREN Cornelius Verle 1920-1975
WREN Jerald Denis 1939-1988
WREN Louise and Allen
WRENN Ruth MILLER 1908-1979
WRIGHT Addison Z and Ida R
WRIGHT Alius DAVIDSON 1892-1957
WRIGHT Alma R -1956
WRIGHT Annie M and Berthal Skeet
WRIGHT Annie R 1873-1958
WRIGHT Brad Wayne 1968-1968
WRIGHT Charlotte 1899-1983
WRIGHT Daniel B Jr and Myrtle Faye
WRIGHT Edgar Lee 1938-1991
WRIGHT Emma Darnall 1867-1948
WRIGHT Floyd E 1923-1985
WRIGHT Frank A 1889-1981
WRIGHT Harvey Augustus 1871-1951
WRIGHT Ida Maud 1894-1984
WRIGHT Inez Olga 1897-1975
WRIGHT J E Jr 1926-1963
WRIGHT J P Jack 1860-1934
WRIGHT James G Dr MD and Sarah O
WRIGHT James W 1894-1924
WRIGHT James Wilford 1863-1945
WRIGHT Jeptha E 1868-1934
WRIGHT Jesse J 1887-1975
WRIGHT John Ed 1917-1994
WRIGHT John Elisha 1892-1976
WRIGHT Lula Stephenson 1877-1975
WRIGHT Martha Ellen 1854-1949
WRIGHT Mary A and Thomas Edward
WRIGHT May R 1901-1961
WRIGHT Nannie R 1876-1912
WRIGHT Ona Goldie 1898-1981
WRIGHT Orville A 1914-1949
WRIGHT Oweda 1909-1975
WRIGHT Preston Jr and Sammie LANE
WRIGHT Randolph L Sr and Thelma B
WRIGHT T S 1873-1931
WRIGHT Thomas B 1913-1932
WRIGHT Vivian JAMES 1894-1963
WRIGHT Walter L and Viva
WRIGHT Wanda 1868-1947
WRIGHT William Baker 1899-1936
WRIGHT Zachary Shean and Toby Lee
WRIGHT Zula M 1902-1981
WRINKLE Everett M 1895-1969
WRINKLE Vera N 1899-1972
WRUBLE Albert J 1917-1993
WRUBLE Clara 1917-1995
WYATT Frank Newton 1923-1951
WYATT Clara B and Ben A
WYATT Homer T 1886-1954
WYATT Mable 1905-1943
WYATT Mary and Weldon
WYATT Otis Corbin and Nell GARNER
WYLIE Albert J 1887-1969
WYLIE Mona Lou 1904-1984
WYLIE George Curtis and Mabel Olive
WYNN - Ike A 1875-1932
WYNN - Mary TURNER - 1878-1952
WYNN Amy H 1889-1937
WYNN Gladys D 1898-1996
WYNN Grover G 1889-1960
WYNN Myrtle T 1884-1943
WYNN William C 1891-1977
WYNNE Mabel V and W T Bill
WYNNE Mary BELLAH 1907-1967
WYNNE William Joseph and Susie Viola
WYNNS Byrd E and Vastie A
WYNNS Truman Byrd 1922-1996
YADON Jessie V 1890-1962
YADON Samuel Bryan 1897-1963
YALE Ila J 1898-1971
YALE Rick L 1959-1989
YANAWAY Robert Brooks and Hunter Marie
YANCEY James Cecil 1911-1934
YANCEY Marvin L 1904-1954
YANDELL Benjamin F and Minnie A
YANKEE Kate Lee 1887-1971
YANT Travis M and Ophelia B
YANTIS Helena PROTHERO 1888-1976
YANTIS Lewis A -1949
YANTIS Robert A 1881-1945
YARBOROUGH Annie I and Oscar C
YARBROUGH Alice E and Robert E
YARBROUGH Amanda Margaret 1868-1960
YARBROUGH Cherry and Edward P
YARBROUGH James E and Virgie M
YARBROUGH Jimmy Dale 1934-1951
YARBROUGH John Dort and Betty ORR
YARBROUGH John H 1881-1956
YARBROUGH Paul H and Ada E
YARBROUGH Sidney Hugh Buddy 1926-1956
YARBROUGH Willie A and Harold M
YARBROUGH Willie and J A
YATER Charles M MD 1857-1942
YATER Rosetta Abney 1870-1946
YATES Bernice Lee 1911-1980
YATES Bobby Lee 1937-1981
YATES Howard E Butch Jr 1951-1986
YATES Minnie R 1890-1963
YATES W H V and Annie Laura
YBARGUEN Joe R 1937-1937
YBARRA-VALLE Rafael and Isidra
YEAGER Jahtee 1904-1969
YEAGER Mary SCHMITT 1904-1979
YEAGER Shirley RINNERT 1935-1992
YEAGER Thelma 1895-1929
YEARY Joseph K 1878-1931
YEARY Mamie 1888-1978
YEATES Gary Frenklin and Linda Dianne
YEATTS Fannie FREELAND and John Cliffor
YEATTS John Marshall 1944-1969
YEATTS Lynn M 1912-1981
YEATTS Martha Nell 1912-1997
YEATTS C M Jr 1917-1978
YEATTS Estella Mae and Charles Milton
YELL James Fernon and Odessa CROCKER
YELL Winnifred JONES 1894-1984
YERBY John Ernest 1888-1959
YEVAK F John and Vivian D
YOAST Maggie Bernice 1893-1980
YOAST Samuel H 1894-1981
YORK Belah 1882-1941
YORK Claude L and Zoetta
YORK Donald Lee 1946-1977
YORK George Edward York 1943-1963
YORK Larry A and Ann L
YORK Leslie W 1899-1931
YORK Pennie L 1886-1964
YORK Tennie S 1859-1937
YORK William H 1854-1938
YOST Edna M and Robert C Sr
YOST Edna M EVANS 1891-1972
YOUNG Adolyne R 1876-1930
YOUNG Henry Dale 1886-1947
YOUNG Robert Bruce 1873-1947
YOUNG Robert Bruce Jr 1899-1969
YOUNG Aileen 1913-2003
YOUNG Alvin C 1902-1949
YOUNG Anthony Joseph 1936-2002
YOUNG Billie M 1901-1988
YOUNG Billy Ray 1929-1931
YOUNG Cecil A 1907-1985
YOUNG Cecil Elton 1954
YOUNG Don J Red and Ethel F
YOUNG Donald Emmett 1939-1992
YOUNG Edna Mildred and Gordon
YOUNG Eleanor and Clyde
YOUNG Ernest Carl and Della May
YOUNG Flossie May 1905-1964
YOUNG Frank Leslie and Willie BEALL
YOUNG H Cole Jr 1925-1974
YOUNG H Howard and Dolores S
YOUNG Harry H 1902-1946
YOUNG Janita V 1941-
YOUNG Margie Ruth and Russell Andrew
YOUNG Marie C and Raymond N
YOUNG Mildred Evelyn 1891-1957
YOUNG Mollie H 1883-1979
YOUNG Nell B and Cecil M
YOUNG Nina Pearl 1904-1971
YOUNG O Aline and Anna Maria V
YOUNG Odessa and H Grady
YOUNG Oliver Newman and Florence LEHMAN
YOUNG Ollie P 1900-1969
YOUNG Peggy A and Eugene C
YOUNG Robert H and Lolo A
YOUNG Ronald W 1944-1945
YOUNG Roy 1896-1983
YOUNG Ruth 1907-1994
YOUNG Talmadge L 1926-1996
YOUNG Thomas R 1917-1959
YOUNG Virginia B and Gus E
YOUNG William F Jr 1925-1990
YOUNG William L 1903-1944
YOUNG Willie O and Ethel G
YOUNGBLOOD Edith N 1890-1983
YOUNGBLOOD Joe 1890-1966
YOUNGBLOOD John M 1874-1950
YOUNGBLOOD Letha B 1889-1983
YOUNGBLOOD Margaret and Thomas B
YOUNGBLOOD Marvin E and Bernice B
YOUNGBLOOD Sallie M 1879-1956
YOUNGBLOOD Thomas Harvey and Susan Jane
YOUNGBLOOD Truman A 1899-1945
YOUNGER Mary 1885-1967
YOUNGER Stella B and Williamson Henry
YOWELL Delbert D Jr 1943-1944
YOWELL Helen ARNEDA and Delbert Denton
YUND Lester Charles 1891-1977
ZABEL Albert Wm 1902-1965
ZABEL Lucile Bessie 1905-1994
ZABEL Raymond M and Rubye F
ZABOJNIK Frank and Angeline
ZACEK Charlie J and Virginia I
ZACEK Frances 1880-1949
ZACEK Frank 1881-1960
ZACEK Frank and Ruby
ZACEK Victor W 1918-2002
ZACHARY Bettye J HART 1927-1992
ZACHARY Joe W and Camille M
ZACHARY Michael J Mike 1951-
ZACHARY Wm C Bill 1946-1971
ZAHN Betty J and Curtis L
ZAHN Margaret PRUETT and Charles W
ZALALIS Leo George 1922-1964
ZARATE Ma Concepcion 1956-2002
ZASKODA Amalia A 1919-1992
ZAVALA Benjamin Lopez 1919-1997
ZEIGLER Francis West 1943-1998
ZEIGLER Glenn Roy 1928-1952
ZENT Adfa WAGG 1887-1974
ZENT Kenneth Charles 1916-1955
ZENT William L 1886-1946
ZERWER Anna Mary 1866-1952
ZERWER Henry Robert 1884-1935
ZIEHR Lee R 1918-1953
ZINGERY Guy Carlton 1895-1934
ZINGERY Wilna Eulah 1900-1983
ZOLLINGER Charlie and Julia MOORE
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