Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Smithfield Cemetery, North Richland Hills, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 Smithfield Cemetery Entrance
6 View
6 View of Cemetery 2
7 Confederate Veterans Memorial
8 Smith Genealogy weather proofing
9 View
ADDINGTON Louise 1907-1940
ADERHOLD Johnny S 1945
ADERHOLT Johnny M and Fannie P
ADMIRE Irvie Arrington 1906-1994
AKERS William R 1897-1960
ALLEN Claude A 1888-1953
ALLEN Minnie L and John P
ALLEN Robert Leon 1909-1912
ALLEN Rufus P 1843-1926
ALLEN Walter L 1880-1956
ALLGOOD Addie M and W E Bill
ALLGOOD Anna E 1875-1946
ALLGOOD Etta C and Albert A
ALLGOOD Ruby E 1906-1952
ALLISON Henry Clay 1896-1976
ALLISON Mary Ellen and John Franklin
ALREAD Helen D 1917-2000
ALREAD L Cameron Sr 1918-1992
AMBROSE Earl E and Joyce W
AMBROSE Earl Vincent and Brigetta Anna
AMBROSE Ronald L and L Raydeane
ANDERSON Armor and L B
ANDERSON Florida and James
ANDERSON Mary L and Alvon B
ANDERSON Quinn and Vida
ANDREWS Fannie M -1926
ARMSTRONG J B 1831-1906
ARMSTRONG Sarah J 1837-1924
ARMSTRONG Stanley 1951-1991
ARMSTRONG Troy 1953-1995
ARRINGTON Dona C and David A
ARRINGTON R Lavon and David A
AUSTIN Evalee 1898-1928
AUTREY Bertis F and Bessie L
AUTREY C 1879-1879
AUTREY Christianity
AUTREY Dollie 1909-1968
AUTREY Earnest J and Mattie M
AUTREY Etha Mae and Walter N
AUTREY George Marion 1863-1946
AUTREY Jane E and J W Bill
AUTREY Johnnie D 1900-1962
AUTREY Lottie Bell 1871-1928
AUTREY M E and R E and Guy B
AUTREY Marshall L 1866-1895
AUTREY Melvin B and Lucy L and Ellen T
AUTREY Oscar A and Eva Mae
AUTREY Sidney S 1894-1918
AUTREY Suzanne 1963
AUTREY T F 1890-1909
AUTREY W M 1923-1924
AUTRY Ada and John
AUTRY Gadys 1899-1900
AUTRY George Alvin 1894-1895
AUTRY Gracy G 1892-1892
AUTRY Marvin R 1915-1963
AUTRY May Bell 1886-1889
AUTRY Nancy M 1859-1897
AUTRY R O 1889-1924
AVERETT Albert L 1877-1910
AVERETT Carl D -1918 at 29
AVERETT Robert C 1849-1934
AVRETT Matilda E 1856-1895
BABB Mary C and Archer C
BABB Minnie Josephine 1879-1969
BABB William Hobart 1896-1981
BAILES Abbie 1871-1948
BAILES Betty June FELLERS and Thomas Cha
BAILES Bobby Dale 1961-1972
BAILES Champ P 1871-1908
BAILEY Doris M and Charles H
BAILEY Jackie Ray 1948-1948
BALLARD Brents L 1902-1958
BALLARD Irene Mae 1902-1982
BARLOW Addie A and Lewis L
BARLOW Lindsey D and Flora G
BARNES Irene E and Marshall M
BARTON Bessie 1893-1984
BARTON Ralph A 1894-1965
BATES Lynnette LUMBY 1958-2000
BATES Mary Virginia COBB 1926-1988
BAUER Frank and Julia
BEARD Henry B 1847-1910
BECHTEL James A and Lucretia B
BECHTEL James A Jr 1922-1940
BEDDO Zular Zane 1876-1883
BEEDING Ida 1864-1906
BEEDING Sarah E 1829-1882
BEGHTEL Walter Earl 1901-1907
BELL Charles R 1862-1945
BENDL Hans and Martha
BENNE Doris and Leroy
BENNETT Shirley and Richard
BERRY Buford Lee 1926-1954
BICE Mattie 1880-1940
BIGGERS Arthur Loyd 1914-1979
BIGGERS David Arthur 1952
BIRD Alva WEAVER 1899-1982
BIRD D 1853-1938
BIRD Dora 1866-1914
BIRD Louia I 1886-1954
BIRD Marguerite Ellen and Leo W
BIRD T H 1855-1939
BLACK Pearl Ethel 1900-1986
BLAKE Erna R 1895-1976
BLANTON Dexter D 1900-1921
BLANTON J E 1842-1919
BLEVINS Margaret L 1834-1882
BOALDIN Eldon Owen 1931-1986
BOALDIN Weldon E and Josephine
BOATNER Deanie M 1853-1883
BOATNER Jno W Dr 1845-1904
BOATNER Mary 1889
BOLIN Fred J and Leora E
BOLLING S H Mrs 1882-1911
BOLLING Sam H Sr 1876-1953
BOLLING son 1955
BOONE Effie A HOLLIS 1883-1911
BOONE Daniel at 16
BOONE Doris D 1903-1988
BOONE Oma Ann 1901-1981
BOONE Susan C BROWNFIELD 1849-1879
BOWERS Stanley J 1914-1950
BOWERS Thomas J 1868-1938
BRADSHAW Pamela Jean 1951-2002
BRAMBLETT Carolyn 1942
BRANSFORD Cecil 1873-1873
BRAUDWAY Trent 1966-1966
BRAY Autrey 1869-1952
BRAY Virgil H 1904-1970
BRIDGES Lillie E and Henry C
BROWN Eugene 1880 1895 son of J H and Alice Brown (by t42)
BROWN Eugene 1880 1895 son of J H and Alice Brown (by t42)
BROWN Perla May 1871 1879 dau of J H and A Brown (by t42)
BROWN Perla May 1871 1879 dau of J H and A Brown (by t42)
BROWN Alvin 1919-1982
BROWN Belle 1863-1884
BROWN Betty KANTZ 1919-1994
BROWN Beulah BAILES 1895-1976
BROWN Charlene KELLY 1923-1975
BROWN dau 1874-1874
BROWN Eugene 1880-1885
BROWN Frances Corine 1924-1993
BROWN Geraldine L SHELTON 1921-1997
BROWN Halcie C and Louia B
BROWN Jo Ann 1932-1932
BROWN Louise Q and Burney C.
BROWN Morris T 1888-1916
BROWN Perla May 1871
BROWN Raymond B 1899-1945
BROWN Roy 1861-1891
BROWN Samuel T 1857-1907
BROWN Toy Free 1959-2004
BROWN Walter H 1892-1955
BROWN Walter Herman 1916-1997
BROWNFIELD Joseph and Israel
BROWNFIELD Joseph Collin 1819-1905
BROWNFIELD Martha S 1827-1895
BROWNFIELD Susan C and DeFrance M and Ma
BROWNING Marion 1923-1994
BRYANT Audry C and John B
BRYANT John Thomas 1949-1950
BUCHANAN James E 1925-1992
BUFFINGTON Mary E 1885 1964
BUMGARNER Susie Myrtle 1886-1927
BURCH Chester H 1902-1955
BURCH Dwight Jr 1923-1923
BURCH Dwight O 1887-1950
BURCH Mary E 1869-1956
BURCH Millard Maurice 1924-1990
BURCH Millard Maurice and Billie Katheri
BURCH Sarah Frances BABB 1891-1970
BURCH Wayne H 1928-2005
BURCH Wayne Hooper and Janisraye
BUTLER Josephine 1900-1993
BYAS Eva 1880-1903
BYROM Palma Earl 1918-1968
CALDWELL Annie Marie and Herman William
CALHOUN Joanne BIRD 1946-1974
CALVIN Clyde R and Ruby Joe
CALVIN Lottie Lee and Johnny H
CAMPBELL Clarence E and Mary C
CAMPBELL Mattie Lee 1884-1970
CANNON Dora Pearl LEDFORD 1906-1994
CANNON Lela N 1877-1949
CANNON Louie Ellis and Lou Ellen
CARDWELL Bird B and Frank M.
CARROLL Edward Francis 1903-1983
CARTRIGHT Donna 1869-1905
CARTRIGHT Harlag and Annie Belle
CARTRIGHT Joseph F 1871-1953
CARTRIGHT Rosie Etta 1887-1891
CARTRIGHT S L 1873-1912
CARTRIGHT son 1906-1906
CARTRIGHT Virgil 1898-1899
CARTRIGHT Walter 1901-1903
CARTWRIGHT Agnes E 1862-1945
CARTWRIGHT Delila Ann and Wm T
CARTWRIGHT Earl 1908-1928
CARTWRIGHT Harvie C 1889-1980
CARTWRIGHT Luella NEWTON 1877-1918
CARTWRIGHT Martha E 1877-1941
CARTWRIGHT Marvin L 1908-1922
CARTWRIGHT son 1897-1897
CARTWRIGHT T J 1866-1953
CASTLEBERRY Eliza 1887-1965
CAYWOOD Richard William Jr 1926-1982
CHADWELL Carolyn J and Jimmie F
CHADWELL E Marie and F Farrell and I Flo
CHAPMAN Laura E and Hosea H
CLARK Broy R 1895-1941
CLARK James L 1830-1910
CLARK James L 1871-1905
CLARK Jane B and Dora E WOLFF
CLARK Jno W 1857-1883
CLARK John W 1855-1882
CLARK Presley H 1816-1893
CLIFT J L 1908-1981
CLIFT Lena Ruth 1913-1976
CLIFT Wm J Bill 1939-1976
CLINE Henry A 1883-1972
CLINE Wallace G 1918-1996
CLOUD Elizabeth N 1830-1924
CLOUD Ernest and Bessie
CLOUD J E 1861-1917
CLOUD Jeremiah Dr 1821-1878
CLOUD Mattie 1873-1874
CLOUD Robert S 1871-1933
CLOUD son 1917
CLOUD Walter Bill 1900-1959
CLOUD William H and Ellen
COBB Flora M and Clarence G
COBB twin daughters 1927
COCKROFT A Easley and Janie Ruth
COCKROFT Helen L and Alex H
COFFMAN Joda Wilford 1907-1910
COFFMAN Joseph N and Parlee I
COFFMAN Merida Franklin 1921-1999
COLES Don W 1924-1999
COLLEY Lilburn H MD 1843-1924
COLLEY Martha J 1860-1914
CONGLETON Abram S 1851-1925
CONGLETON Lena Bell 1878-1967
CONGLETON Marie O and John A
CONGLETON Martha 1849-1896
CONGLETON Royal W 1890-1951
COOPER Ida A E 1871-1943
COOPER Tom N 1869-1956
COUCH Billie 1926
COUCH Cora E and John R
COUCH Ethel BEAVERS 1900-1989
COUCH Ierner V 1905-1906
COUCH Mozie and Loyd L
COUCH Ophelia B and Orvil G
COUCH Reubin T 1890-1902
COUCH Sam and Josie
COWART Armilda Helen 1868-1946
COWART Chassie 1886-1918
COWART David C 1918-1955
COWART May J and Frank A
COWART Seaborn 1862-1944
COWART W D 1858-1897
COX Callie M and James L
COX Cora Bell and Elvin L
COX Eunice BABB 1910-2000
COX Kenneth J and Julia DAVIS
COX Margaret Jane 1871-1942
COX Nevie Lee and Roy F
COX Pearl Louise ADAMS 1917-2006
COX Sallie Jane and Sylvester D
COX W S 1870-1917
CRANE Annie -1899 at 60
CRANE Emma Lou 1880-1945
CRANE Jno R 1848-1914
CRANE John David 1878-1957
CRANE Joseph -1901 at c65
CRANE Lon Jr 1927-1931
CRANE Mary A 1847-1914
CRANE Mary Lou Ellie 1874-1961
CRAWFORD J T 1873-1950
CRIDER T R Doffie and Edward L
CROSS Nancy J -1874 at 31
CROSS W M 1840-1912
CROW Calvin M 1848-1931
CROWELL Mary O and Shelton L
CUDE Clara Louisa and John Willis
CUDE James Willis 1892-1971
CUDE John Richard 1898-1970
CUNNINGHAM A 1845-1898
CURRIE 1 Aleander H 1837-1907
CURRIE 1 J Caroline 1838-1907
CURRIE Daniel C 1907-1968
CURRIE Louanza J 1830-1895
CURRIE Mary Frances and John Edward
CURRIE Patsy R and Edgar A
CURRIE Robert Horace 1895-1966
DANIEL Burl F and Darrel
DANIEL Emma L and John T
DANIEL Guy V 1915-1927
DANIEL Guy William 1893-1935
DANIEL James M JM 1917-1942
DANIEL Lelia L and J M
DANIEL Merrill D 1888-1975
DAUPHINEE A Ruth 1910-1990
DAVIS 1 Bob Patton July 2000 Great Grand
DAVIS 1 Charles E 1881-1884
DAVIS 1 Charlotte CONDETT 1835-1874
DAVIS 1 genealogy chart
DAVIS 1 Joseph 1826-1897
DAVIS 1 Mary Elizabeth OLIVER 1854-1937
DAVIS Barbara McNABB and James H Jr
DAVIS Della Mae 1904-1920
DAVIS Eunice and John H
DAVIS John Allen 1917-1976
DAVIS M F 1872-1913
DAVIS Nellora and J Howard
DAVIS Sarah Elizabeth 1885-1938
DAVIS Troy James 1974-1999
DAWSON F C 1887-1957
DAWSON Minnie C 1892-1965
DAY Lena Null 1909-2003
DEATHERAGE Abner 1810-1886
DeBERRY Willie M 1896-1955
DELLING Alma June MAXWELL 1930-2003
DICKERSON James D and Maud B
DICKERSON John F and Margaret M
DINAN Bridget KEATING 1920
DOHERTY Phillip E and Nannie L
DONNELL Bettie M 1838-1930
DOODY P F Pat 1923-1923
DORROUGH Jerry Lane 1944-1962
DOYLE Sena and James W
DOYLE William T 1883-1953
DOZIER Donald W 1962-1963
DOZIER L Douglas 1942-1967
DRAKE Maudie L and David I
EASTMAN Joe and Margaret M
EDWARDS Grace 1890-1971
EDWARDS Liza J 1884-1909
EUSTACE Fred Deeloss 1910-1969
EUSTACE John F 1964
EUSTACE Ruth TARWATER and Frederick DeLo
EVANS Earl Wayne and Lois M HIGHTOWER
EVRIDGE Mary Evelyn MEGGS 1873-1946
FALLS Georgia M and Ted C
FAULKNER Mattie C 1872-1951
FAULKNER Oscar Wade 1881-1940
FENTON O Wayne H 1946-1998
FLIPPO Carrie Lee 1877-1957
FLIPPO Walker B 1896-1931
FORD Frank 1966
FORD Janet Louise and William E Bill
FORD Sarah Elizabeth 1885-1972
FORSYTHE Milton L 1940-2000
FRAZIER Natasha Lynn 1986-2003
FREEMAN Katherine HALL 1887-1958
FRY Bunnie H and George W
FRY Gladys Mamie and Oran Henry
FRY Lotela and Floyd N
FRY Ycleta M 1944-1963
GARRETT James Alexander 1847 1921
GARRETT Sarah WOODS 1820 1911 (by marv42)
GARRETT Andrew J 1847-1893
GARRETT B Frank 1876-1941
GARRETT Carlos C and Mattie E
GARRETT Cecil Weldon 1926-2001
GARRETT Earl and Ruth
GARRETT Edna Lee 1907-1969
GARRETT Ella 1884-1967
GARRETT Eurena 1853-1931
GARRETT G W 1857-1924
GARRETT Gladys V 1912-1918
GARRETT Henry S 1865-1934
GARRETT Homer 1884-1936
GARRETT James C 1832-1898
GARRETT Jane 1843-1912
GARRETT Joyce Irene 1945-1993
GARRETT Lawrence 1925-1925
GARRETT Marietta G 1883-1959
GARRETT Mary E 1815-1896
GARRETT Mattie A 1886-1931
GARRETT Monnie L and Cecil V
GARRETT Obie 1911-1916
GARRETT R G 1880-1927
GARRETT Randolph and Gertrude
GARRETT Rappley 1842-1901
GARRETT Ray Dalton 1902-1959
GARRETT Roy 1892-1892
GARRETT T H and Telitha
GARRETT Tennessee A 1868-1937
GARRETT Thurman B 1912-1954
GARRETT Walter 1915-1921
GARRETT Will B and Mellie
GEORGE Bell at 51
GERTH Laura 1904-1982
GERTH Thurman A 1907-1956
GERTH Zanna M and Hiram G
GIBBENS Elizabeth 1823-1878
GIBBENS F F 1858-1928
GIBBENS Francis E 1847-1917
GIBBONS Christine 1919-1982
GIBSON Dorman Ray 1947-1980
GIBSON Florine MEDKIFF 1907-1988
GILBERT Henry C Dr and Maggie A
GILBERT Imogene and H Vivian
GILBERT John Wesley 1888-1891
GILBREATH Carrel C and Ella B
GILLIS Billy 1939-1939
GILLIS Calvin W 1963-1983
GILLIS Drucilla H 1840-1926
GILLIS Elizabeth 1878-1964
GILLIS James A 1935-1967
GILLIS John Q 1825-1909
GILLIS Kate 1874-1964
GILLIS Mary Ellen DAVIS 1891-1913
GILLIS Millie J and Calvin A Sr
GILLIS Stella J and Calvin A Jr
GLASGOW Marie COX and Roy Bud
GLENN Cecil E 1928-1930
GLENN Retha L and Thomas J
GLENN Tilda M and Walter E Sr
GLOVER Bobby Gene and Annie Louise
GOLIGHTLY Karen Lee 1951-1985
GRAY Billy Joyce 1930
GRAY Floyd E and Edna L
GRAY George August 1909-1944
GRAY Pearl FLIPPO 1904-1937
GREEN Flossie B and Ottis E
GREEN John Walter Jr 1927-2005
GREEN O Sidney 1893-1949
GREEN Trudenia Starline Trudy 1951-1967
GRIMES Jesse and Rema
GRIZZELLE Thomas L 1912-1997
GULLEDGE M T 1848-1928
GULLEDGE Margaret Alice 1850-1908
GUNTER George Milton 1911-1921
GUNTER Hattie M 1879-1944
GUNTER Maude E and Henry C
GUNTER Trudie E 1900-1977
GUNTER Wm Oscar 1877-1950
HACKNEY John and Josephine
HACKNEY Walton 1913-1935
HALL Trula J GARRETT 1912-1989
HALL Victor L 1925-1996
HAMMACK Alice J and D J
HAMMACK Annial Lee 1883-1973
HAMMACK Robert Lee 1875-1944
HAMMOCK Annial Fay 1947-1976
HAMMOCK Carl and Ava C
HAMMOCK Carl Ray 1949-1949
HAMMOCK Imogene 1911-1990
HAMMOCK M E 1867-1911
HARDY Lennie Rix 1906-2002
HARGROVE Joe R 1847-1928
HARGROVE P E T 1892-1892
HARGROVE R S and Coney
HARGROVE Solomon 1826-1884
HARPER Lelia F and John L
HARPOLE dau 1911
HARPOLE Edd 1878-1914
HARRIS Clara HUFFMAN 1904-1977
HARRIS James Gregory 1985-2004
HARRIS Nancy Sue 1946-1948
HARRISON William Stuart 1890-1956
HARSTON J Douglas 1964-1964
HARSTON Stanley and Virgie
HAWKS Emma B 1899-1976
HAZZARD Bas 1868-1895
HEDGES Olen W 1880-1948
HEFFINGTON Mollie 1841-1922
HEFFINGTON son 1897-1897
HEIDRICK Henry and Martha
HENLEY Callie 1855-1927
HENLEY Ollie 1877-1913
HENRY Charley C and Lura Dee
HERRING son 1909
HERRING Vivian 1915-2004
HICKMAN Fae Elizabeth H HARRISON 1906-19
HICKS A R 1913-1913
HICKS A Ross and Eunice M
HICKS baby Dan and Leah Jenice
HICKS Deborah Faith 1950-1996
HICKS Jayson Don 1970-1990
HIGHTOWER Alfred Madison 1824-1897
HIGHTOWER Edna May and Louis Albert
HIGHTOWER Henry Sidney 1909-1977
HIGHTOWER Jack T 1903-1956
HIGHTOWER Sam C and Maggie A
HILL M A 1831-1894
HILL Pearl L 1912-1974
HIMES Eva Lou 1876-1944
HIMES Levoy V 1884-1952
HOBBS Jimmie 1930-1961
HODGE Billy W 1927-2001
HODGE Dorthy Dot 1925-1994
HODGE Ozie and Ollie
HODGE Theresa Hope 1965-1965
HOFFMAN Jodie and Florence T
HOLDER Betty Ethel and James Albert
HOLDER Frances LaVerne 1930-1940
HOLDER Jerry 1899-1903
HOLDER Lilybel and A C
HOLDER Michael Wayne 1954
HOLDER Rebbecca PEYTON and James Albert
HOLDER Rebecca PEYTON and James Albert
HOLLIS Granvill Haynes and Margaret Ann
HOLT Susan E 1834-1894
HOOKS T J 1850-1904
HOWARD L V and Opal
HUDGINS Emma E 1876-1878
HUDGINS L E 1847-1899
HUDGINS W D 1847-1930
HUGGINS Sonny 1993-1993
HUGHES George M Sr 1926-2004
HUGHES George McQuiston Dr 1948-1992
HUGHES Hazel B 1931-1991
HUKILL Ada 1877-1916
HUKILL Alpha O and Obie D
HUKILL Elizabeth J and James P.
HUKILL L M. 1873-1936
HUKILL U Pearl and J C Calvin
HULL Thelma WILLIS 1907-1932
HUSKEY Wm Roy and Beulah L
HUSTEAD Alice A 1862-1931
HUSTEAD C. C 1842-1919
HUSTEAD Mary L 1874-1875
HUTSON Caroline and W A
HUTSON John G 1877-1950
JACKSON C S 1823-1889
JAMES Emmett D and Myrtle F
JAMES John Hatcher 1872-1947
JOBE James M -1925
JOBE Martha E 1823-1914
JOBE Mary J -1925
JOHNSON Burnace M 1897-1943
JOHNSON James M 1867-1948
JOHNSON Lawrence B 1926-1975
JOHNSON Mary Magnolia 1868-1929
JOHNSTON Mary A 1863-1881
JONES Charles R and Mary L
JONES Donella 1965-2001
JONES Gertie BELL 1880-1954
JONES Harriet E and Ben F
JONES L W and Sally M
JONES Lawrence Loval 1907-1981
JONES Reena A 1876-1876
JONES Ruth Walker 1906-1998
JONES S F 1880-1910
JONES Sam H 1882-1974
JONES Vernon Willmer 1877-1969
KARR Bank and Oma
KARR Elizabeth 1840-1918
KARR J B 1836-1915
KARR Sarah F and James
KASCHKE Carl D 1913-1978
KASCHKE Carl Deininger 1913-1978
KASCHKE Dora CURRIE 1917-1991
KEATING David Morgan and E Doris FYKE
KEATING Dora FLIPPO 1897-1990
KEATING Geoffrey 1886-1927
KEATING Jeremiah D and Mary D
KEATING Nora 1896-1918
KEATING Richard H 1922-1990
KEATING Richard Morgan 1899-1940
KEATING Thos F 1878-1907
KELLER Charlie S 1876-1916
KELLER Mary E 1853-1877
KELLEY Bessie OLIVER 1908-1990
KELLEY Guy Lewis and John Veston
KELLEY Luther Earl 1903-1984
KELLEY Mary Lou and William A
KELLEY Prince Ola 1900-1955
KIDD Shirley Darline 1949-1950
KIMBALL Laura A 1909-1997
KING Eliza J 1847-1898
KING S D and M M
KIRK Charles H and Ocie Irene
KIRK Dorothy Jane 1918-1925
KIRK William E 1853-1943
KIRKLAND Alfred Sr 1892-1965
KIRKLAND B 1875-1960
KIRKLAND Charles Ray 1937-1944
KIRKLAND Mary E 1883-1963
KIRKLAND Ruby 1911-1940
KITTERMAN Nancy Lorena CONGLETON 1884-19
LANGLEY Elsie L 1922-1976
LANGLEY James E 1921-1975
LAYMANCE Hubert 1925-1966
LEAKE Elmer 1875-1937
LEDBETTER Betty Jean 1976-1976
LEE Alfred Jr 1918-1987
LEE Jack 1904-1912
LEE Katie Berniece 1946-1956
LEE Ollie 1882-1934
LEE R E 1873-1941
LEHEW Lucile 1902-1905
LEHEW Rachel S and J G
LeMASTER Brenda Nell 1947
LeMASTER Carl E 1903-1971
LeMASTER Dortha 1907-1988
LeSHURE Anna Lee 1921-2000
LEWIS Ada D and Verne C
LEWIS Delores Dell and Ralph S
LEWIS Hazel Oleta and A G Shorty
LEWIS Hazel Oleta COX Angel 1914-1993
LEWIS Janis Elaine 1945-1987
LEWIS Mattie Belle QUAY and Richard F
LEWIS Ralph S 1921-1999
LILES Chester L and Flora M
LILES Lawrence W 1nd Betty J A
LITTLE Homer 1905-1905
LOCKARD Buford M 1930-1991
LUCKETT J N 1858-1893
LUCKETT W G 1861-1906
LUMBY James J and Frances S
LUPPY Chuck W 1946-1990
MacFEDRIES Betty L MORELAND 1945-1983
MALLICOTE Claude D 1904-1908
MANDEVILLE Glenn Avery Jr 1956-1956
MANN Ina Olene 1900-1991
MANRING Nancy 1797-1893
MARCUM Avrie E 1887 1887 son of J W and L R Marcum (by t42)
MARCUM Avrie E 1887 1887 son of J W and L R Marcum (by t42)
MARCUM Lena 1865 1882 wife of J W Marcum (by t42)
MARCUM Lena 1865 1882 wife of J W Marcum (by t42)
MARCUM Lena 1865 1882 wife of J W Marcum (by t42)
MARCUM Avrie E 1887-1887
MARCUM George W and Tennessee A
MARCUM Jeff D 1862-1917
MARCUM Lena 1865-1882
MARCUM Linda Sue and Florence and John W
MARCUM W T 1870-1885
MARCUM W W 1880-1904
MARNEY W E 1864-1884
MARR Gladys Pate 1916-2006
MARTIN Dennis M and Frankie J
MARTIN F Grady 1891-1912
MARTIN Gracie M 1950-2005
MARTIN Mary C and William W
MARTIN Natalie Dawn 1977-2003
MASEY Horace D 1926-2003
MATHIS Alice 1897-1960
MAXWELL Della and Ike D
MAXWELL Dorothy Lee 1927-1932
MAYFIELD Joe and Annie
McBRIDE Solon N and Laura D
McCHRISTIAN Winnie 1898-1950
McCLAIN Debra Lynn 1953-2003
McCOY Del E and Hellen
McDONALD -mmett 1891-1962
McDONALD Gordon 1907-1907
McDONALD Leon 1900-1957
McDONALD Rhoda 1895-1912
McFADIN Frances Jo and ~n R
McGEE Linda Gillis WILSON 1941-2004
McLAUGHLIN Mattie CLARK 1858-1939
McMURR Mary E 188~-188~
McMURRY Johnnie 1874-1874
McMURRY Mary 1853-1883
McMURRY T E 1845-1892
McMURRY Viola O 1875-187~
McNEILL Duncan 1883-1966
McPHERSON Edith A 1948-1989
MEACHAM Allie 1895-1979
MEACHAM Beth 1925
MEACHAM Madge S and A G Guy
MEACHAM Martha A 1839-1914
MEACHAM W H 1839-1894
MEADOWS brother 1997
MEADOWS Celeste Catherine 1996
MEADOWS Lowell Edward and Martha Alice
MEDKIFF Ruth 1886-1960
MEDLEY Dorothy Belle 1933-2003
MEGGS Thomas David 1855-1906
MELTON J M 1831-1886
MERRILL 1 Paul Jones Jr 1916-1917
MERRILL 1 Paul Jones Rev 1885-1949
MERRILL 1 Paullee 1890-1978
MESSICK Annie F and Walter L
MESSICK Charlie 1913-1968
MESSICK Clifton 1911-1975
MESSICK Minnie A and Leslie G
MIHLHOUSER Odie and Steve A
MILLER Dee Owen and Bette Jo
MILLER Ernest Burl and Jaleta LILES
MILLER Myrna F 1957-1990
MILLER Norris Felix and Blanche GARRETT
MILLER Winnie Rix 1908-1971
MOAD dau 1905-1905
MOAD Veda 1898-1898
MOORE Jewel 1882-1885
MOORE Lillie Lue and Romie Brown
MOORE Shirley Ann 1945-2002
MORELAND Clyde Cecil 1907-1962
MORELAND Ella Mae 1909-1990
MOROW Elizabeth J 1820-1893.
MORRIS Presley Foy 1905-1949
MORROW Robert 1820-1906
MORROW W R and Addie
MOSS Neal and Johnnie J
MYERS Annie Mae and Charlie
NEWTON Annie Hargrove
NEWTON Artie Lee 1907-1908
NEWTON Charlie N -1888
NEWTON E Lou and John M
NEWTON Grittie M and Edd M
NEWTON James A 1873-
NEWTON Lucy M 1887-1908
NEWTON R S -1888 at 21
NICKLESON David F and Tildy Ann
NICKLESON Hilliary M 1875-1968
NOEY Herman E and Lola B
NORRELL Melissia MILLER 1957-1995
NOWELL Myrl L TAYLOR 1922-2004
NULL Charlie B 1908-1976
NULL Martha Lee 1913-1968
OLIVER Preston Haywood 1910-1948
ORRICK Mary E COPPAGE 1858-1950
OVERBEY John T 1859-1927
OXFORD Alta M GERTH 1919-1990
PALMER Charles P 1924
PALMER S H 1878-1912
PARKER Douglas A Sr and Charlotte L
PARKMAN Cordia Adeline 1894-1971
PARKMAN Frank Lloyd 1920-1941
PARKMAN James Bernard 1889-1976
PARKMAN Raymond Edward 1919-1919
PARSONS T C 1908-1909
PATE Wesley Murray 1935-2001
PATTILLO Robert G and Maxie
PEMBERTON Flora E and Eli R
PEMBERTON Ola J and Robert A
PENN Gordon Fay 1916-1981
PENN Julia A and Ezekiel A
PHELPS ~rah L and K Todd
PICKARD Almiria 1833-1902
PIERCE Lucille E and Chat A
PLANK Dessa Thelma 1899-1990
PLANK Henry Leonard and Viola L HEDGES
PLANK Orville Andrew 1892-1962
POLLARD Eva G 1857-1922
PORTER Francis and Lurene
POSTON Rebecca 1839-1918
POWELL Ina Pearl and Leslie M
POWELL Joe Bob 1925-1982
PRATHER Betty 1874-1961
PRATHER J H 1872-1932
PRATHER Wesley Owen
PRINCE Minnie and William C
PRINCE Wm Harold 1912-1961
PRITCHARD Jas 1820-1895
PRITCHARD Lewis C 1857-1924
PRUITT Esther M and Emmett B
PRUITT Henry F and Susie M
PRUITT Race Colbert Jim 1909-1981
PUCKETT Alice May and John William
PUCKETT Florence MONROE 1884-1968
PUCKETT William Edward 1915-1983
QUANZ A Wesley and Pauline J
RALEY Mickey Eilene 1944-1945
RAY C L 1863-1902
READ Lois M and Alvin E
REAGAN Halceon Pauline CLOUD 1890-1968
REDDING Cory D 1973-1994
REEDY Frances GARRETT 1907-1985
REVES Nannie CLARK 1877-1952
REYNOLDS A J Dick 1880-1931
REYNOLDS Audrey L 1911-1927
REYNOLDS Dora and Joe
REYNOLDS Fannie B and William M
REYNOLDS Francis C 1926-1926
REYNOLDS Inamae Plaster 1905-1924
REYNOLDS Jerry Lynn 1952
REYNOLDS M L 1889-1943
REYNOLDS Martha B and John M
REYNOLDS Mitchie 1884-1913
REYNOLDS Myrtle T Myrt 1877-1967
REYNOLDS Ora E and Annie and R C
REYNOLDS Orah Ethel and Harrel
REYNOLDS R K Samuel 1913-1983
REYNOLDS R K Samuel 1913-1983
RHODES Roy Leon Dr 1943-1995
RICHARDSON Alvis R 1930-1998
RICHARDSON Pamela Jean and Paul David
RIGGINS Mattie 1881-~9
RIGGINS Robert R and Catherine L
RIOS Grace Ellen 1990
RIX Wesley William 1910-1998
RIX William A and Myrtle May
ROBERTSON Ginger Gayle 1948-2002
RODDEN Sarah Ranessa 1963-1979
ROGERS Abbie L 1876-1895
ROGERS Fannie D 1846-1885
ROGERS Halcy and Clyde
ROGERS J Ivy and Tennessee
ROGERS Lue V and Carl C
ROGERS W B 1846-1896
ROSE Arthur Byron Jr 1929-1929
ROSE James P and Martha M
ROSE son 1929
ROUNDTREE Flora Lee and Alva B
RUMFIELD Burl 1901-1973
RUMFIELD Edith SIMPSON and Clyde John
RUMFIELD Florence and Thomas A
RUMFIELD Opie 1909-1910
RUMFIELD Thomas H 1891-1958
RUSHING Carol KASCHKE 1940-2004
RUTLEDGE Maude ROGERS and Lee Drue
RUTLEDGE Norman William 1918-1996
RYON Walter W 1924-1994
SANDERS C P 1885-1885
SANDERS J R 1849-1894
SANDERS M J 1851-1885
SANDIDGE Elizabeth J -1948
SANSOM S J D 1861-1913
SARGENT Goldie Mae 1925-1968
SCHNEIDER S E 1878-1953
SCOTT Charley and Lula WARD
SCOTT E Blanche and W Hugh
SCOTT J Matt Rev and Sarah Dona
SCOTT Jessie E and Joe M
SCOTT Nancy E and J L Jake
SCOTT Shirley R and Jimmie R
SHAW Alex Milton 1908-1983
SHAW Bennie Jo 1918-2005
SHAW Clint R 1930-2004
SHAW Ollie F and W T Bill
SHILLINGBURG Hattie M 1876-1877
SHIVERS 1 Geo W 1860-1873
SHIVERS 1 James 1814-1895
SHIVERS James S 1884-1945
SHIVERS John W 1909-1983
SHIVERS Lyndahl 1939-1961
SHIVERS Mabel J 1882-1972
SHULTS Mary Cathorine 1915-1916
SILER H C 1872-1915
SIMMONS Alfred C and Elizebeth P
SIMMONS Cleo 1885-1969
SIMMONS Henry F 1881-1930
SIMMONS J C 1857-1918
SIMMONS James Raymond 1925-1999
SIMMONS Opal Lorene 1906-1989
SIMMONS Walter Raymond 1902-1983
SITTON Annie E and Samuel L
SITTON M M 1843-1905
SITTON Martha A 1906-1907
SITTON W M 1840-1917
SLOAN Walter C 1891-1914
SMITH Alton Boots 1908-1987
SMITH D W 1845-1920
SMITH Dora H PIPER 1869-1958
SMITH Edna Ruth 1884-1983
SMITH Eli 1848-1979 history
SMITH Eli 1903-1930
SMITH Ellen H 1838-1886
SMITH Helen Beth 1927-1929
SMITH Ida Bell 1915-2003
SMITH J H Rev 1876-1948
SMITH L D 1901-1927
SMITH L D Jr 1921-1926
SMITH Lena 1876-1908
SMITH Lillie Dale and Edward Owen
SMITH Lue Effie 1875-1876
SMITH Mary Idena 1872-1887
SMITH Robert Steven 1921-2006
SMITH Walter -1877
SMITH William P 1869-1922
SMYTH Julia Caroline and Enoch Stovali
SMYTH Lois C 1897-1984.
SNEED Kent 1958-1980
SNEED Pat 19087-1984
SNIDER 1886-1902
SNIDER Isaac C and Lilly M
SNIDER Robert L 1902-1902
SNYDER Winfred W and Velma S
SOSEBEE Roy Henry and Johnnie Mae
SPARGER Ada Francis 1870-1939
SPARGER Ida A 1872-1905
SPARGER James Thomas 1866-1953
SPARGER James Thomas 1941-06
SPARGER Marvin and Edna Belle
SPARGER Pearl and Clarence
SPARGER S H 1869-1925
SPARGER Samuel -1893 at 83
SPARGER Sarah Emily 1874-1932
SPARGER Susan Jean POTTER and Marvin Har
SPEARS Harrold William 1925-2002
SPEARS Hubert B 1920-1997
SPECK Wesley M and Opal G
STANDRIDGE Ernest S 1923-1998
STEPHENSON David L 1834-1886
STEPHENSON Nancy C 1807--1890
STEVENS Gilbert 1917-1917
STEWART Annie B 1894-1968
STEWART Annie L 1895-1973
STEWART E Fay and William E Bill
STEWART Floyd J 1896-1944
STEWART John H 1885-1961
STEWART John W 1937-1937
STEWART Mamie C 1889-1976
STEWART Nathan Lacy 1925-1995
STONE N Hobson and Peggy Ann
STOUT William F and Dorothy L
STOVALL M M 1829-1894
STOVALL Wm Edwin 1853-1915
STOWELL Nannie N 1857-1949
STURCH Jackson Jefferson 1919-1987
STURCH Loy James 1933-1992
STURCH Olivia 1900-1970
STURCH W O 1886-1968
TALLMAN Albert H 1858-1942
TALLMAN Mary E and John H
TALLMON Cora B 1880-1966
TALLMON Rollie J 1896-1945
TALLMON W T 1869-1926
TARWATER Clora Agnes and Benoni Gailard
TARWATER Dora B and James D
TARWATER J C and Margaret
TARWATER James Gus 1913-1986
TARWATER James M 1847
TARWATER Mary 1932-1998
TARWATER Mary E 1929-2006
TARWATER Mary Louise 1921-2005
TARWATER Ora Ethel and Alex C
TARWATER Orine and Alex M
TARWATER Theodore F 1901-1904.
TARWATER Thomas A 1918-2002
TARWATERS Mary 1979-1898
TATAREVICH Stanley and Jenelle
TAYLOR Penney K and Roy O
TEAGUE Ella Ruth 1924-2001
TEAGUE John B Sr 1878-1963
TEAGUE Mattie H 1888-1971
THOMAS Anna E 1866-1914
THOMAS Arkie and William D
THOMAS George L 1918-1880
THOMAS George L and Trula
THOMAS Jessie 1883-1884
THOMAS Rosetta 1917-1981
THOMAS Walter 1897-1905
THOR Adolph A 1891-19
THOR Inez H 1887-1941
TRAINOR Charles G and Daisy A
TRIMBLE Catherine 1829-1904
TRIMBLE David 1819-1879
TRIMBLE G B 1843-1916
TRIMBLE W D and E J and Ida
TRUE Melba WOOD 1924-1998
TRUETT dau 1918-1918
TRUETT Ella GILBERT 1885-1918
TURNER Albert Edwin 1910-1910
TURNER Connie 1896-1918
TURNER Dorothy 1919-1919
TURNER Imogene 1918-1919
TURNER Ina May 1906-1976
TURNER J E 1842-1917
TURNER Jamesina WALKER 1881-1955
TURNER John Carl 1884-1949
TURNER Lela Cude and Jesse Lynn
TURNER M E 1844-1923
TURNER Mary E 1819-1906
TURNER Mattie L 1863-1886
TURNER Rosa B 1894-1921
TURNER Roy A 1888-1899
TURNER Seth B and Etta G
TURNER Timothy G 1938-1972
TURNER William 1803-1878
TURNER William Jesse 1876-1952
TURRI Lido J 1917-1993
TUTEN Martha Jane and John A
TYNER William Edgar 1886-
TYSON Mary 1871-1906
Unknown 1816-
Unknown 3
Unknown 9-1
Unknown Joseph and Israel 1883-1883
Unknown Virola 1888-1889
USSERY Ethel 1889-1962
USSERY Nancy A 1854-1933
USSERY W Parker 1885-1969
UTTER Nannie Currie and L Elmer
UTTER Vera 1895-1895
VAUGHN Mathew A and Martha E OBRIEN
VAUGHT Argie KIDD 1931-2004
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WALKER Annie S 1904-1985
WALKER Clara L and Edna E and Albert and
WALKER Ed and Mattie
WALKER Emily -1879
WALKER Jno G 1854-1879
WALKER John and Myrtle
WALKER Lola Ruth 1913-1939
WARREN M F 1855-1886
WATSON Clara Mae GARRETT 1918-2001
WATTS Alfred Clark 1884-1960
WATTS Carline and Reggie L
WATTS Ella PRUETT 1902-1986
WATTS Elmer E 1899-1961
WATTS Freddie Doris 1943
WATTS William T and Florence
WATTS Willie 1910-1984
WHISENAND Irma V and Thomas I
WHITLEY Beulah B 1893-1894
WHITLEY C T 1859-1911
WHITLEY Charley T 1897-1901
WHITLEY Martha 1900-1904
WHITLEY Nannie 1866-1938
WHITLEY R C 1827-1918
WHITTENBERG Edith A 1903-1905
WICKER George 1888-1973
WICKER Mattie Leona 1897-1972
WILHOITE Fred L 1926-1968
WILLIAMS Janella 1920-1968
WILLIAMS Lola Viola and Marion J Ed
WILLIS Archie Lee 1889-1961
WILLIS E A 1861-1907
WILLIS N C 1861-1931
WILLIS son 1910
WILLIS Virgie SPARGER 1893-1940
WILLS Cora 1878-1900
WILLS Louiza C 1880-1900
WILLS Sarah C 1876-1907
WILLS Susie H 1891-1908
WILSON Mack Foster and Martha Frances
WISEMAN Lillian and Don H
WITTEN Aaron -1879 at 6
WOLFF Celia CURRIE and William S
WOLFF Gena -1947
WOLFF Josie 1884-1936
WOOD Eliza and Jesse L
WOOD James M and Isabell
WOOD Joe Murphy 1942-2006
WOODS Sarah GARRETT 1820 1911 (by marv42)
WORRELL Harriett Jane 1838-1901
YOUNG Alma 1860-1942
YOUNG Ethel CLOUD 1893-1947
YOUNG Roy Bertle 1897-1966
YOUNG W L Rev 1861-1932
ZARTMAN Charles W and Hellen A
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