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St George Church Cemetery, Sydney, , NS, Canada listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 view
5 view
7 St George Anglican Church Est. 1785 n/a as Imperial Garrison Chapel
BLACKBURN Wm - 1791 in the 35th year of his age
BOWD Ann M 1791 1880 in memory of
CLARKE Frances Mrs - 18?? aged 61
CLARKE Frances Ann - 1827 at 7 yrs
CLARKE James P - 1826 aged 4 yrs
CLARKE Margaret Mary - 1829 at 4 yr daughter of P Clarke Esq and Mary his wife
CLARKE Richard J D - 1827
KNILK William M - 1811 aged 67 Clerk of Council for the Island of Cape Breton
LEAWART Maris Jane 1895 age 67
PORT son of W Y and Mary PORT
RIGBY Dorothy Mrs - 1811 aged 56 Yrs Sacred to the memory of
SULLIVAN Mary - 1819 aged 73 wife of William Sullivan
TOWNSEND Louisa M - 1888 wife of Albert Carman
unknown Matilda S
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