Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Norman I O O F (Odd Fellows) Cemetery, Norman, Cleveland, OK, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 NormanOK IOOF Memory Gardens Cemetery
5 St Joseph Catholic Cemetery
500 IOOF Norman GPS
501 view
502 view se
503 view ne
ABBOTT James Hamilton 1924-
ADAMS John Mark 1953-1985
ADAMS Richard Dale 1949-1990
ADAMS Robert E 1925-2004
ADAMS Stanley R and Diana
ADDONIZIO Michael A 1961-2003
ALEXANDER Ruth 1882-1976
ALLEN Billy Ray 1928-1990
ALLEN Erma O and John M
ALLEN Patsy R 1933-1978
ANDERSON David Walter and Jane Louise
ANDERSON Emma Renee 1989-1995
ANDERSON Grantley 1987
ANDERSON Lisa C COLE 1958-1991
ANDERSON Robert Wayne Jr 1989-1990
ANDIS Norma J and James C
APPLEBY Delma A and C Edwin
ARMOR Don Gene 1926-1989
ARNDT Ardnie S 1912-1988
ATKINS Ruth E 1910-1996
BAER Jack 1914-2002
BAER Katherine A 1922-1998
BAILEY Robert B 1922-1973
BAIRD Clayton E 1915-1981
BAIRD Ruth M and Clayton E
BALL Janna Lea 1971-1979
BALL Ola Mae WILSON and Fred S Jr Maj
BANKS Carl O 1915-1999
BANKS Luise E and Carl O
BANNING June and Michael Larry
BANNING Michael L 1944-1992
BANNISTER Edith V and Bill
BARGER Frances M and Carl E
BARNARD-KEEN Walna L and Virgie
BARNES Forrest Lee and Maxine
BARNES Martha M and Kenneth F
BARNETT Verna M and O L Sug
BATTIN Norma J and James M
BAUGH Eulema and Selbert
BAUMAN Paul S 1916-1979
BEESON Ellsworth O and Ruth M
BELDEN Angelita 1910-1997
BELVIN 1 back
BELVIN 1 front
BELVIN 1 Josephine 1903-1981
BELVIN 1 W G Bill 1900-1973
BENDER Mary Lee 1931-1992
BENGE Bessie HAMM and Fred Sherman
BENGE G Jack and Olga M LILUE
BENGE Thomas Guy and Eva Lu
BENNETT Flossie K 1881-1971
BERGLAN Augustus E 1918-1970
BERGLAN Dorothy Marie and Paul Wheeler
BERGLAN Lloyal S 1921-1987
BERGLAN Mary Lucille and Augustus E
BERGLAN Wilma M and Lloyal S
BERGSTRESSER Gladyce Mary 1918-2002
BERRY Chester H 1947-
BERRY Laura and J P
BERRY Mollie M and Chester H
BERRY Vera V and Ralph U
BEVILLS Steven Kurt 1960-1981
BEVILLS Terry Duane 1961-1986
BICKNELL John Wesley Jr 1925-1983
BLAIR A F Fran and E E Gene
BLAIR Lorene L 1926-1992
BLAKE Pauline 1914-2005
BLAKELEY Charlotte Ann 1948-1988
BLAKELEY Tommie and Billy W
BLALOCK Esther L 1905-1999
BLALOCK Max DeWayne 1936-1987
BLANCETT Deanna Kay 1947-1995
BLANCETT Terena Frances and Avery Arley
BOOKER Winferd 1918-1964
BOSTICK Richard 1917-1997
BOSTICK Ruby B and Richard
BOTTOMS Jonnie Lorene 1926-1993
BOURLAND Rebecca W and Ben R
BOWLES LeeBurta and Glenn A
BOWMAN Jack A and Ruthelma L
BRAGG Arthur Norris 1897-1968
BRAGG Mary G 1897-1986
BRAMLETT Belva LINN 1907-1990
BRANDT Elsie M and Herbert H
BRATCHER Sidelle C and Grover H
BRECHEEN Beatrice M and Marlon S
BREEDEN William Rockney Sr 1950-2003
BRENDLE John Henry 1957-1990
BREWINGTON Carl 1919-1986
BREWINGTON Jeff 1955-1983
BREWSTER Ruth H and Ellsworth R
BRITE Cecil H and Ruth
BRIXEY Neoma Jo 1909-1981
BROCE Ferne Ruth 1904-1994
BROCKMAN Clema and Glendon
BROCKMAN Wm J C 1924-1966
BROOKS Jack B and Fern I
BROWER Eva Gay and Noble L
BROWN Celia M TONEY and Wiley Lewis
BROWN Wiley Lewis 1929-2003
BUMGARHER John L 1895-1970
BUMGARHER Leona E and John L Sr
BURKS Carl and Lena
BURKS Edna B and Herman R
BURLESON Aaron Christopher 1984-1997
BURNETT Janice L and Charles Edward
BURNETT Sybil L and Cecil M
BURRAGE Lois I and Francis M
BUTLER Barney C 1918-1991
BUTLER Carmon O 1895-1982
BUTLER Dorothy R and Carmon O
BUTLER Flora E and Barny C
CALDWELL 1 Christine Elizabeth LOUGHLIN
CALDWELL 1 family
CALDWELL 1 John Clark Jr Judge 1911-1989
CALLAHAN Amanda Adel and Kenneth Eugene
CARGILL Beulah D and J W Jake
CARLETON Leona M and Robert F
CARTER Billie P 1921-1989
CARTER Patricia E and Billy M
CARTWRIGHT Wilburn and Carrie
CATE Roscoe G and Frances
CHALAKEE John Jr 1921-1983
CHALAKEE John Jr 1921-1983
CHANCE Harrison L and Ethel B
CHANCEY Christopher 1958-1970
CHARLES Edward Sr 1908-1992
CHATMAN Fay N and Joe
CHEF-FARRELL Doris L and Thomas L
CHESSER Vera I and R D Dee
CHRISTIAN Asa Kyrus and Ethel T
CLARK 1 F Donald 1913-1975
CLARK 2 Carrie B 1904-2000
CLARK 2 Charles W 1898-1988
CLAXTON 1 Glenn G and Georgia N
CLAXTON 1 Richard Merel and Naomi McLAUG
CLAXTON Bess and Carl
CLEMENTS Lillian E and Samuel L
CLEMENTS Rolland Ray 1929-1998
CLEVELAND Betty Ruth 1919-2001
CLEVELAND Terry Vance 1918-1981
CLIFTON Ila K 1913-2001
CLOUSE Gene A 1922-1999
CLOUSE Kathleen Marie and Gene Aubrey
CLURE Bonnie L Propp and Jimmy A
COCHRAN Chris 1908-1981
COCHRAN Hila 1908-1993
COFFEY Jerry Wayne 1961-2001
COFFMAN Dale E and Leona F
COLE Christine FLOYD and Alfred Rosser
COLEMAN Lisa Marie 1974-1990
COLLETT Berniece and Gordon
COLLIER John Richard Rev 1904-1997
COLLINS Mark A 1965-1995
COLLINS Mark A 1965-1995
CONALLY Edna Ruth 1915-1990
COOPER Edgar G Jr and Doris D
COOPER Erva R 19222-1986
COOPER John Theadore 1960-2000
COSSAIRT Danny Kaye and Ella Mae
COX Andrew J Jr 1951-1994
COX Joy I 1930-
CRABBE 1 LeRoy 1908-1989
CRABBE 1 Pearl C 1883-1988
CRABBE 1 Roy 1877-1970
CRABBE 1 Vivian Y 1916-1972
CRADDUCK Roger Earl 1970-1993
CRAWFORD Jean and Arnold
CRAWLEY Jerry 1937-1971
CREWS Jeannie L 1929-1996
CRITTENDEN Ida and Steve
CULP 1 Dudley Hoyle 1909-1995
CULP 1 Lou Vella Ann 1912-1971
CURTIS Nancy C 1941-1982
DABNEY 1 Diana Lynn and Jerry Don
DABNEY 1 Sharlie Ann and Clarence W Jr
DALE-TARVER Barbara Jane 1956-1998
DANNELS 1 Eleanor L 1913-
DANNELS 1 G Everett 1912-1984
DANNELS 1 Kenneth D 1935-1984
DAVIS Effie Mae and Billy Shell
DEAN Louise F and Elmer E
DEAVER J Charles and Buenos P
DECKER Ethelyn WOLFARD 1 1886-1986
DEES James Rial 1909-1967
DEES Kathleen and James Rial
DEFIBAUGH Mildred and Lenard Warren
DELL Florance C and Harry W
DICKERSON James Darren 1965-1983
DICKERSON Thomas Daniel and Addie Mae
DICKINSON 1 Gary Dale 1950-
DICKINSON 1 Glenn Dale 1922-2002
DICKINSON 1 Maxine MOORE Mackie 1922-
DIKEMAN 1 Neil J Jr 1923-2000
DIKEMAN 1 Virginia Ann 1924-1991
DILLINGHAM Mary Adlyn and Max E
DISMUKES Herman Gaston 1922-1987
DODD Douglas Ray 1920-1964
DODD Gloria C Chris and Jimmie Alden
DODD Hubert Wilson 1907-1989
DODD Jimmie Alden 1932-1992
DODD Lou and Albert A
DODD Odar Frances and Gould D
DODD Willie Lee and Hubert W
DONALDSON Fulda G 1895-1967
DONALDSON Fulda G and Leota O
DONLEY Linda Kay 1949-1981
DRAGOO V Dane DAVIS and W E Drag
DRAGOO W E 1915-1971
DUFF Carl L and Norma J
DUFFIELD Anna Belle and Robert L
DUNCAN Christopher Scott 1961-1993
DUNCAN Robert L 1927-1999
DUNCAN Robert L and Wanda L
DUNHAM Frances RANSON 1913-
DUNHAM George Arthur Lowell 1910-2001
DUNHAM Kenneth Eugene 1939-1986
DURHAM Gracie H and Wm S
DURKEE Mattie Rae and Key
DURKEE Neoma Jo and Elbert H
DURKEE Pat E 1934-1981
DYE Mary E and Arthur R
EASTERLING Carl Lloyd and Pearle H
EASTERLING Henry Clifton and Wilma McGUI
EDGIN Jerry Justin 1977-1994
EDGIN Sharon Kaye 1952-1992
ELCONIN Janet and Victor A
ELLIOTT Goldie M 1911-1964
ELLIS Carolyn Kaye 1945-
ELLIS Ella Mae and William Edgar Eddie B
ELROD Diana Kay and Lawrence LD
EMERY Janis E and David G
ERICKSON Camilla S 1901-1995
ERICKSON Chester F 1914-1991
ERNEST Christine L and Jewell M
ESCABEDO Jimmy P 1973-1997
EUBANKS Bristol I and Rosa E
EUBANKS Christine and Dewey
EUBANKS Robert E 1925-1987
EVANS Oren F and F Pearl
EVANS Ronald Lee 1953-2001
FARRIS Kenneth Eugene 1920-1996
FENTRISS Michael Kay 1938-1991
FERGUSON Arlivia M and Floyd E
FERGUSON Floyd Eugene 1913-1987
FERGUSON Roger Dale 1949-1986
FERGUSON Travis Eugene T-Bone 1979-1998
FERRELL James F 1922-1995
FISCHER Fred W 1897-1990
FISCHER May R and George E
FISHER Pansy Florence Pat 1919-1990
FISK Addie Jane and Grant William
FLEER Bernice Elizabeth 1901-1994
FLEER Cecil H 1900-1975
FLORIDA Clara D 1901-1984
FLOWERS Dena 1906-2003
FLOYD Ella and August B
FOLLOWILL Eugene Debs and Mary W
FORD 1 Edith HAMMONS 1906-1994
FORD 1 Edward Clay 1905-1991
FORD 1 John H 1934-1990
FORE Mary Willene 1911-1990
FOREE Raymond L 1923-1985
FOREMAN Harry Gains 1909-1985
FOREMAN Sara K and Harry G
FOSTER Arla R 1921-1993
FREEMAN Dolores E 1926-2003
FRUEH Sharon D O-KELLEY and Forrest L
FULKERSON 1 William Baile 1955-1995
FULKERSON 2 Boise B 1892-1964
FULKERSON 2 Fred Grover Canon 1919-2002
FULKERSON 2 Mary Jane BAILE 1920-1997
FULKERSON 2 Willie REYNOLDS 1896-1972
FULTON Ronald Joseph 1938-2002
FUNDERBURK M Drexel 1925-1985
FUNDERBURK T Verna and Guy
GAITHER Funston F 1897-1990
GANUS Betty J 1924-1989
GARDNER Chris J 1984-1986
GARRETT Hanon Rayford 1910-1987
GARRETT Ruby M 1913-2004
GEORGE Dan 1961-1981
GILLIHAN Amy J and Eugene E
GOFF Carl R Sr 1914-1999
GOODNO Ellen Aline and John E
GRAHAM Sharon F 1944-1997
GRAY Betty J and Jimmy K
GREEN John F 1910-1983
GREEN L Elaine 1916-1983
GREENSHIELDS Altha M and Theodore D
GREENSHIELDS Theodore Karl 1940-2003
GREENWOOD Letha J Kidd and Thurman A
GREENWOOD Thurman Aldo 1920-1998
GREGORY Raymond Paul 1920-1989
GREGORY Rosie Lee and William Ernest
GREGORY Velma Marie and Raymond Paul
GRIFFIN Donald E 1936-1998
GRIFFIN Lahoma B 1923-
GRIFFITH Ethel REYNOLDS and Aubyn Newal
GRIZZLE John Dale 1933-1990
GUIDRY William J 1923-1967
GUIDRY William J 1923-1967
HAGAR 1 Zelma G and Lander T
HALL Grace D and John E
HALL Jaime Kolbee 1992-1994
HAMBLETON Edgar A 1918-2005
HAMBLETON Mady E and Edgar A
HAMES Marie S and Ray
HAMES Reaetta L and Roy H
HAMMETT Jack M 1929-1982
HANSON Velma F and Dewey I
HARBIN Lola Mae 1889-1972
HARDIN Audie VAUGHN and Clarence Neal
HARDIN Gladys STARKLEY and Robert Allen
HARMON Ethel and Charley W
HARMON Frank B 1900-1993
HARRELL Robert Troy 1935-1970
HARRIS Ada Beth and Reginald W
HARRIS Ernest Lee 1942-1981
HARRIS Ernest Riley 1911-1985
HARRIS Lena Marie BOOKER 1922-1996
HARTLESS Claud M 1918-1968
HARTLESS Viva M 1913-1999
HARWELL Lola Louella 1909-1987
HAWKINS Shirley 1937-2002
HAYES Laura Jane HOPKINS and Edward Ray
HAYNES Lori Ann 1976-1998
HAYS RueDonna Sue and Elizabeth Donnella
HEARD Velma E and E A Ace
HEITZ 1 Lena C and Joe J
HEMPHILL John Graham and Dorothy ROWLAND
HENDERSON Lena A 1914-1968
HENSLEY Phillip G and Elizabeth Mickey
HENSON Evelyn M and John W
HERRON Edgar H 1896-1986
HERRON Edgar H and Etta A
HERRON Forrest 1894-1980
HERRON Forrest Jr 1924-2004
HERRON Grethel C 1898-1967
HERRON Lewis Leonard 1922-1982
HIATT Fay and William C
HIATT William Casper 1922-1992
HICKMAN Gladys E and Norman H
HICKS 1 A Lee 1867-1948
HICKS 1 Margaret J 1878-1955
HICKS 1 William W 1900-1928
HILL Bertha F 1902-1992
HILL Zula Lea and William Bob
HIX John O Bunt and F Pauline Totsy
HOISINGTON Louis B and Maude M
HOISINGTON Margaret A and Winford L
HOISINGTON Pauline 1909-1995
HOLASEK Emma K and Godfrey J Sr
HOLLAND Grace SCHWARTZ and Loyal Bryan
HOLMES Polly Ann 1921-2003
HOPKINS Carl Henry 1916-1983
HOPKINS Nary S 1915-
HORNER Norman Eugene Chip 1955-1990
HORNING Georgia M and C Frank
HUDDLESTON Clifford W 1912-1961
HUDDLESTON Effie M and Lonnie D
HUMPHREY Thelma SHAW 1904-1975
HUNTER Steven Dean 1971-2005
HUSLIG Clarence F and Emogene A
HYDE Naomi F and Hugh M
INGLIS Charles W and Sallie P McKNIGHT
INGLIS Lillian L and Charles R
JAMES Calvin Charles 1930-1988
JAMES Oma Nettie WILSON 1915-1999
JENNINGS Alan E Bijorn 1944-1995
JENNINGS Nelda J and G Darrell
JOHNSON Everett G and Gladys A
JOHNSON Georgia WADDILL 1895-1981
JOHNSON Paul G 1892-1977
JOHNSON Paul Garth 1932-1972
JONES Charity and Rupel PhD
JONES Gomer T and Jenny
JONES Rupel B 1930-1994
JONES W Woody and Edna L
KAMMERLOCHER Helen L and George R
KARR Dora P 1896-1983
KASKA Beulah M and Frederick C
KAY Janey BREWINGTON 1964-1998
KEIFER Sharon Lynne 1946-1981
KERR Mamie and James M and Ottis A
KERSEY Ruby Pearl FORE and Winford W
KETCHIE Mary F and Harold H
KIDD Gerald Dawson and Joyce BURLISON
KIDD Ruby Pearl and John Clyde
KILLIAN 1 Cyril E 1911-1968
KILLIAN 1 Flora M 1911-1997
KIMREY Jill M and D R Kim
KIRK Marie A and Clyde B
KIRKPATRICK 1 Carol Jane 1948-2000
KIRKPATRICK 1 Hattie June and Rufus
KIRKPATRICK 1 John Wiley 1976-1976
KIRKPATRICK Bruce H 1919-2001
KIRKPATRICK Harry Houston 1953-1991
KIZER John M and Ima G
KLAEGER Irene S 1911-
KLAVER Gayle LONG and Virginia Gayle and
KLINE Mildred L 1923-
KLOTZ Doris A and Charles F
KOONCE M Linda and James R
KROHMER Victor T Sr 1921-1999
KROHMER Victor T St 1921-1999
KUHLMAN Audrey FOLLMAR 1901-1992
KUHLMAN Ernest F 1924-1985
KUHLMAN Fred John 1894-1981
KUHLMAN John W 1954-1974
KUHLMAN June L and Henry G
KUHLMAN Pauline G and Ernest F
LANE Chester B 1895-1977
LANE Clara M HOWELL 1904-1990
LANE James M 1934-1998
LANE Oslin H and Mamie M
LANE Valerie Dawn 1959-1998
LANTZ 1 Edna A and Robert Sarge
LANTZ 1 Rosie L and Clifford L
LANTZ Alice Darlene 1948-1999
LANTZ Claudette R and Donald D
LAWTON Sherman and Kathleen
LAWTON Stephan Bruce 1970-1971
LAXTON Pattie Jo 1988-2000
LAYMAN Ruth I 1923-1993
LEBOW Derald 1924-1999
LEBOW Derald J 1924-1999
LEISTER Patricia and David
LEONARD Edith F and Billy G
LEWIS Laura Marie and Woodrow Wilson
LINDAHL Frieda E and Eugene E
LINN Anna M Ann and William A Bill
LINN Thomas Lee 1914-1991
LINN William A 1924-1996
LOCKE 1 Frank A 1902-1967
LOCKE 1 Frank E 1925-1998
LOCKE 1 Nettie M Peachee 1906-1998
LONG James F and Katherine
LOVEDAY Billy Wayne 1936-1988
LOVING Neva Jo WILLIAMS 1 1944-1990
LOWE 1 Marcus L Jr 1916-1977
LUGO Eliezer D 1917-2002
LUGO Lydia ROVIRA and Eliezer D
LUTHER children
LUTHER Hollis B 1904-1988
LUTHER Loren James and Albina Jane and J
LUTHER Rosie Vera and Hollis B
LUTTS Russell Leon 1963-1995
MADDOX Glen J 1892-1964
MADDOX Sherlie Anna 1892-1960
MADOLE Vilma M and Claud L
MALLORY Aubrey and Patsy Pat
MALOY Adron G 1920-1984
MALOY Olivene C 1919-
MARRS Bernice and S Rex
MARSHALL Sue L and Lyle C
MARTIN 1 Benjamin Franklin Abe 1898-1986
MARTIN 1 Lee Kincaid 1923-1992
MARTIN 1 Sarah Roberta KINCAID 1901-1982
MARTIN Shirley S and Ronnie J
MATHEWS Ted P and Dora C
MATHISON Elizabeth L Betty and David Ric
MAYBERRY Byron L 1942-1985
MAYBERRY Diana J and Byron L
McCARTY Shirley A and James P
McCLURE Duane William 1921-1985
McELREATH T Lucile SHORT 1927-1997
McELROY Carol I and Robert S
McELROY Helen and Barclay
McFARLAND Emma L and Harry L
McGEE 1 Dora 1889-1979
McGEE 1 J Leslie 1914-1997
McGEE 1 Jodie 1879-1967
McGEE 1 Louise F 1916-2003
McGUCKIN Vernon E 1911-1997
McGUCKIN Winnie E and Vernon E
McKENZIE LaVerne 1924-1998
McKENZIE LaVerne and Troy T
McKENZIE Troy Thomas 1921-2003
McMULLAN Frank R 1905-1978
McWILLIAMS Martha Ann and John A
MEIER Jamie S 1982-2003
MERRITT Clifford A and Iva A
MERRITT Eunice M and L Gilbert
MERRITT L Gilbert 1917-2001
MEYER-GIBSON Dixie and Ruby E
MICHENER Mary L and John D
MILEY Franklin 1922-2001
MILLER Faye C and Alvin O
MILLER Mayme and Leslie L
MILLER Merry 1900-1987
MONK Galloway LtCol and Margaret FANNAN
MOODY Etta A and Howard L
MOODY Howard Lee 1912-1973
MOORE 1 Stanley Leigh 1893-1969
MOORE Kay 1939-1975
MORAIN Gordon D and Edna L
MORGAN Dorothy L and Gene
MORGAN Emory H Jr 1926-1997
MORGAN Erdeane and Emory H Jay Jr
MORGAN Gene B 1926-1991
MORGAN Gene Byron 1926-1991
MORRIS Hershell Ray 1925-1998
MORRIS Jackie and Hershell
MORRIS Margaret S 1917-1998
MORRIS Marilyn R 1968-1981
MORRIS Russell A and Lena May
MOSES Ida Bell and Amos Nathan Sr
MOSLEY Cleo KIRK and Frank Kirby
MUCHMORE Audrey 1923-1988
MURPHY Ella Burta and Leslie O
NANCE Glenna M and Lynden D
NANCE Hazel I and Troy B
NANCE Lynden D 1940-1996
NEBERGALL Nelda S 1923-1990
NEBERGALL Roger Ellis 1926-1994
NELMS Carl O and Dica D
NELMS Otis Caswell and Marion Leon
NEMECEK Fannie B and Roy
NEUMAN Vergie E BOND and Earl Victor
NICHOLS CaLvin Bryce 1945-1998
NICHOLS Jack Douglas 1928-1987
NICHOLS Josephine M and Levines Lee
NICHOLSON Wan H and Ronald R
NORIE M Vernell 1919-1973
NUGENT Ellen L and Otto
NUGENT Otto 1897-1979
O-BRIEN Edward John 1927-1986
O-DONLEY Juanita K and O C Don
O-DONLEY Oren Coytte 1923-1982
OAKES Lyra B and Malcolm C
OAKES Malcolm Christie 1890-1977
OGLE Allene M and O F Frank
OGLE Pauline L and Harry W Ike
OLIVER 1 Elvira and J M
OSBORN Mary E and Seth O
OSBORN Seth O Jr 1945-1985
OSBORN Seth Orville 1898-1977
OWENS Joan Marie and Dare O
PACE Tom P and Loretta K
PADEN Lyman Carr Jr 1916-1993
PARISH Mittie RICH 1900-1992
PARK Joe Fred 1920-1986
PARK Juanita and Joe F
PARKS Linda Jo 1943-1988
PARKS Stevie Don 1965-1983
PATTERSON Donald C and Nina F
PERKINS Daniel J 1924-1973
PERKINS Daniel Joseph 1924-1973
PETERSON Lola B and Lloyd R
PETTUS Carolyn Joyce and Billy Ray
PHILLIPS Joyce Anna 1933-
PHILLIPS Roy Lee 1932-1980
PITTMAN Orval Lee 1917-1999
PITTMAN Sonja S and Orval L
PLUMLEY Arlene R and Carl M
PLUMLEY Carl Milton 1930-1986
POEMOCEAH Winfred 1930-1992
POORE Nancy Lynne and Larry Steven
POPPELBAUM Claire Anne 1957
POPPELBAUM Thomas H and Clara Marie
PORTER Cynthia Ann 1949-1998
POTTS Robert J 1930-1995
POTTS Robert Joseph 1930-1995
POWELL Jean Roberts 1940-
PREBLE George and Terry Lee
PREBLE Jimma Hobbs and Mary Aline
PREBLE Mary Aline 1919-1998
PRICE 1 Calvin K 1926-1991
PUCKETT Claude Alvin 1922-1989
PUCKETT Lillian E 1924-
RADER Jesse Lee and M Frances
RAMAY Jessie L and Mack
RAY Lillian Ora 1916
RAYBURN Jessie Emily Lee and Arthur Eli
RAYBURN Raymond R 1921-1988
REED Ada Lee and John Jack and Jessie Le
REED John E 1921-1996
REESE Jim Eanes and Sarah BURTON
REEVES Flora G and W Charles
REYNOLDS M Ector Jr 1931-1998
RICE 1 Mary 1861-1930
RICE 1 Wm N 1851-1939
RICKMAN Orrin R 1921-1985
RICKMAN Zelda R and Orrin R
RICKS Elenor Pearl 1910-1998
RITTER Hazel F and Charlie
ROBBINS Lola Pearl and Walter Roy
ROBBINS Walter Roy 1915-1988
ROBERSON Deborah L and William D iii
ROBERSON Dorothy and Walter Byrd
ROBERSON Walter Byrd 1907-1991
ROBERSON William David iii 1959-1998
ROGERS Mary Theodocia 1901-1985
ROHRBAUGH Doris L and Lawrence M Dr
ROLEY Chester R 1926-2002
ROLEY Grace M and Chester R
ROSS Betty B and Charles P
SANDERS Glema L and Elvin W
SARFF Lucille and Clide W
SARGENT Retha B and Willie
SAUNDERS 1 George De 1892-1975
SAUNDERS 1 Junius Roy 1883-1973
SAYRE J L Sr and Clara L
SCHADER Carl F 1917-1995
SCHADER Leona E and Carl Bud
SCHAPANSKY Wayne S 1952-1982
SCHMIDT Ursule S Sis and Billie G
SCHMITZ Madeline E 1907-1979
SCHUTZENBACH Magnolia 1900-1985
SCOGGINS Steve 1958-1998
SCOTT Wilfred R 1923-1985
SCUDDER Dorothy Lee 1917-1997
SEARS Alfred B and Helen
SEAY William Boyd 1902-1989
SELLS Jennifer Nancy Marye 1986-1987
SHAHAN Delta M and Kyle Garrett and Bob
SHAHAN family
SHALBERG Karon WARD 1955-1995
SHARP Rea LAIRD 1911-1988
SHARPE William Jack and Susie Bernice
SHAW Alice and R C
SHEAD A C 1891-1968
SHEAD Arthur Alonzo 1914-1996
SHEAD Blanche B 1887-1975
SHEELY 1 James R 1921-1983
SHELTON Henrietta 1984-
SHEPHERD Durzel C 1921-1999
SHERMAN Flora E and Paul B
SHIVERS Gerald W 1913-2004
SHIVERS Mae D and Gerald W
SHOEMAN Robert L Jr 1930-1995
SHOEMAN Robert L Jr 1930-1995
SHORT Harry Neal 1961-1967
SHORT Robert Neal 1933-1967
SHREWSBURY Wendel K 1935-1975
SIMPSON Christine and Reuben B
SINGLETON Benny C Jr and Rhoda J
SITES 1 Ethel G and John W
SITES 1 John Leo 1944-1977
SITES 1 Larry Andrew 1945-1991
SKINNER Pauline HAIGWOOD and Clarance Wi
SLOAN Allie V and Gilbert E
SMAY Mildred and Joseph E
SMITH 1 Douglas Ray 1962-1968
SMITH Billie L and Clement W
SMITH Charlotte A 1895-1979
SMITH Clement W 1923-1995
SMITH Darwin R Jr 1937-2000
SMITH Ida E and Frank M
SMITH Morris B 1892-1968
SMITH Rosa DODD and Francis M
SMITH Thelma L and Chester G
SNOOK 1 Earl Robert 1903-1967
SNOOK 1 Nadean 1911-1985
SOTO Jose G and Nancy B
SPARKS Eugene Goldman 1935-1997
SPEARMAN Donald E and Wilma L
SPEARMAN Donald Evan 1941-2002
SPEARS Stephanie Gail 1936-1998
SPLAWN Calvin Leon 1925-1998
SPLAWN Mary Alice and Calvin Leon
SPRINGER Doris Marie and Jack G
SPRINGER Jack G 1926-1995
STANSBERRY Mayme J and Aubrey E
STARZER Carl L and Georgetta L
StCLAIR 1 W Maurine and R Glenn
STEPHENS Gerry and Asberry
STEPHENS Helen 1929-1984
STEPHENS Wallace Dale 1925-1999
STERLING Margie Lou and Lindy L
STEVENS Joyce A 1929-
STEWART 1 Elizabeth M 1890-1970
STEWART R Albert and Lyda E
STOGHER Ruth A and Doris R
STONE 1 Hazel L and Elmer U
STONE Annie Ruth 1914-2001
STONE Clifton E Sr 1909-1981
STONE Della 1888-1970
STONE Mary Ann and Hoy Nelson
STRINGFIELD George and Mary
STUTT Earl Douglas 1925-1989
STUTT N Jean and E Douglas
SWEARINGEN Lloyd E and Lillian Jo
SWINDLE 1 Hubert 1909-1978
SWINDLE 1 Lucille 1907-1989
SWINDLE 1 Lucille and Hubert
SWINNEY 1 Louis A 1916-1972
TADLOCK 1 Jerry Anne 1931-2002
TADLOCK 1 Richmond Phillip 1953-1975
TADLOCK Herschel Dean 1930-1978
TARMAN Fred E and Billie E
TAYLOR Elaine 1979
TAYLOR Gale R and Angeline
TAYLOR Roy D 1921-1983
TAYLOR Roy D and Juanita C
TAYLOR Wilson Dewane 1912-1989
TEMPLETON 1 B J Joe 1931-2003
TEMPLETON 1 James Alan Jay 1957-1971
TEMPLETON 1 Pearl and Joe and Jay
TEMPLETON 1 Pearl M 1930-2002
TERRY Charles Millard 1919-1993
TERRY Frances M and Charles M
TERRY John D 1925-2000
THOMPSON Addie 1896-1972
THOMPSON Bessie Mary and Virgil C
THOMPSON Bobby R 1946-1968
THOMPSON Bobby Ray Sp4
THOMPSON Daniel Lee 1914-1971
THRIFT Betha D and George C
THRIFT Larry D 1930-1994
THRIFT Thelma M and George L
TODD Geneva E 1920-2005
TUCKER Welma L and W B Bill
TUNNARD Lacy and Raymond and Eva and Joe
TURNER Carrie and Earl
TURNER Timothy Wade 1974-1984
ULCH Viki Darlene and William Arthur
URDAHL Einar George 1914-1976
URDAHL Margaret S 1912-1999
VanBIBBER Earl L 1900-1985
VASSEUR Franklin C 1921-1992
VASSEUR Mary K and Frank C
VAUGHT Marjorie O and Paul E
VAUGHT Paul Eugene 1923-2000
VICK Betty Brittain and Neal Arthur
VICK Neal A 1922-1996
VICKBURG Donald Norton 1943-1982
VICKBURG Margaret G and Carl N
WACKER Hugo W 1895-1973
WALDEN Vivian I and Jess H
WALKER Grover C 1885-1967
WALKER Josephin and Jodie D
WALKER Millie Francis and T T Jack
WALKER Woodrow Woody 1917-1997
WALTMAN Josceline L and Joseph A
WAMPLER Cindi Lea 1951-1993
WARD Esther Louise and James Armour
WARD Lillie BELL and Thomas Minor
WARNER Jan LANE and Clarance E
WARREN Annie and Bennie
WATSON Gertine H and Herman A
WATSON Gordon E Sr 1942-2002
WATSON Gordon E Sr 1942-2002
WATSON Hubert Lee 1928-1994
WATSON Lavena Alice 1923-1997
WATSON Verle B and Warren K
WATTERS Grace Marie and Harold Jesse
WATTERS Harold Jesse 1913-1985
WERRELL Carmen V and Ira L
WEST 1 Gerald Ward 1895-1971
WEST 1 Nancy Ellen GREEN and Gerald Ward
WEST Cheryl Ann 1948-2003
WEST Ray Lee 1942-1994
WEST Victor Emanuel 1915-1982
WESTERVELT Ethel A 1884-1955
WESTERVELT Louie C 1872-1964
WHEELER 1 Jeanne Provost 1927-
WHEELER 1 P L 1926-1991
WHEELER Mark A 1969-1971
WHITE Faye L and James N
WILCOX Arthur L and Lela C
WILDER Ida Marie NEMECEK 1905-1998
WILLIAMS C O 1908-1995
WILLIAMS Della Kay and Harold Gene
WILLIAMS Edra W and Glen C Jr
WILLIAMS Glen Coe Jr 1925-1983
WILLIAMS Rebecca T 1909-1984
WILLINGHAM Jimmy B 1932-1988
WILSON Thomas Leroy 1918-1994
WILSON Thomas Leroy 1918-1994
WOLFARD 1 Eileen D and Neal E
WOLFARD 1 Mildred E CARR and Robert Euge
WOMACK Madeline E and H Ward
WONG Joy Jon-Hua 1987-1988
WOODROW Bobbie Charles 1930-1983
WOODROW David L 1925-2004
WOODROW E Charline and Bobbie Charles
WOODROW Mary S and Thomas L
WOODROW Yvonne J and David L Sr
WOOLDRIDGE Gerrine and Louis E
WOOLDRIDGE Louis E 1925-1971
YOHN Clemmie M and Charles D
YOUNG James Orville 1925-1990
YOUNG-BURNS Swimley Vivian 1917-1998
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