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I got Alaska back, no thanks to ROOTSWeb.  AL and AZ too. While they are down I'll work on others.
 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

  RootsWEB.Ancestry.com of The Generations Network (trademarks of TGN.com)  hosts all these pictures, and without their support I could not afford to keep this site online.

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American Memorial Cemetery, Grand Prairie, Dallas, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
0 American Memorial Park Cemetery
1 American
2 American
ADAMS Annie Mae 1922-2002
ADAMS Jack 1905-1980
ADAMS Will 1930-1979
ADKINS Henry -1925
ALEXANDER John Edison 1940-1982
ALLEN Bennie L 1916-1984
ALLEN Catherine 1924-
ALLEN Edward 1963-
ALLEN Hayward 1921-
ALLEN Howard 1961-
ALLEN Irine 1952-
ALLEN John Jr 1913-1979
ALLISON Ca-Sandra G 1961-1997
ANDERSON Charles W 1928-1995
ANGLE Joseph Venton 1929-1970
ARCHIE Clarence W 1934-1985
ARCHIE De Vicus Bradshawn 1978-2001
ARCHIE Kevin R 1968-1990
ARR- Jose A
BARRIE Timothy D Tim 1955-1995
BAUGH Arthur 1892-1905
BAUGH Rosa 1861-1901
BELLINGER Flutie and George
BENTON Emma 1920-1991
BIBLES L C and Gulla M
BINGHAM Rose Bell 1924-1957
BLACK Thomas William 1907-1969
BLAYLOCK Tressa 1959-2001
BOSTON Earl 1909-1975
BROOKS Callie 1888-1971
BROOKS George 1902-1970
BROWN Charles Ray 1933-1995
BROWN Donald L 1947-1995
BROWN Elizabeth 1902-1999
BROWN Floyd 1949-1994
BROWN James L 1943-1987
BROWN Marie 1905-1972
BROWN Murline 1917-1993
BROWN Myra W 1900-1969
BROWN Nellie B 1921-1996
BROWN Rickey D 1953-1991
BROWN Sam and Cordis Smothers
BRYANT Blanche Louise 1923-1993
CALTON Robert Lee 1917-1982
CAMPBELL Johnnie Mae 1955-1976
CARAWAY Kester 1969-1981
CARAWAY L V 1945-1961
CARAWAY Margaret Josephine Maggie 1931-1
CARAWAY Vera 1929-1997
CARAWAY Vester Lee 1941-1981
CARTER James C 1918-1978
CARTER Mattie Huggins 1875-1959
CASEY Georgia L 1900-1969
CASEY Gracie L 1901-
CASEY Harvey J 1927-1985
CASEY Simon 1906-1984
CASEY Tyree 1923-1981
CHANEY Jane A 1944
CHARLE Anthony 1953-1994
CHEESMAN L Wayne 1947-1995
CHRISTOPHER Bird 1897-1966
CLARK Mack L 1929-1984
CLARK Will 1849-1926
COLE Edora 1909-1991
COLE Judge 1907-1983
COLE Orville Taylor 1937-1993
COLLINS Alee B and George W
COLLINS Depetris Pete 1960-1980
COLLINS Maudie B and Maurice
COLLINS Ruby Lee 1921-1987
COOK Robert L 1924-1983
COOK Robert L 1945-1986
COOPER Bobby Joe 1951-1996
CROSS Ricky W 1950-1994
DANIELS Betty 1944-1979
DANIELS Christian Deion 1992-1999
DANIELS Christopher Matthew 1986-1987
DANIELS Chrystal Nicole Wilson 1982-1985
DANIELS George and Georgia
DAVE Ethel and Edwin
DAVIS Edward Larry 1943-1995
DAVIS Jimmie Mrs 1908-1984
DAWSON Marvin 1904-1986
DELL Jim 1893-1912
DIXON Clifford D 1960-1993
DIXON Kennedi 1995
DORSEY Kerrie T 1983-1984
DUNCAN Harriett Odell 1922-1999
DUNNING Hubert Ray 1990-1993
EDWARDS Alean 1931-1973
EDWARDS Calvin W Sr 1928-1976
EDWARDS Genal 1944-1989
EGAN Robert H 1932-1996
EGAN William Henry 1951-1999
FAIN James Gordon 1928-1995
FARROW Kenneth M 1951-1984
FIELDS Philip Ray 1966-1989
FININEN Charles L 1950-1976
FISHER Fred 1893-1966
FISHER Jessie and Thelma Mae
GALLARDO Benjamin 1994-1994
GAMBRELL Ella Mae and J Harveh
GARDNER H L 1931-1968
GARLAND Earlene 1934-1990
GATES Lucille and Eddie
GEORGE Arice and Congress
GHOSH Devonaire Sushanta 1989
GIORDENELLO Veto 1925-1994
GIPSON Virginia 1907-1990
GOODALE Louise 1948-1995
GOODEN Laura Watson 1899-1996
GOODRICH Dorthy Trantham 1914-1995
GRACIANO Bertha 1930-1999
GRANT Alex Sr and Ruthie L
GREEN Elder Henry 1916-1985
GREGORY Gerald G 1926-1996
GRIGGS Billy Joe 1937-1994
GRIGGS Rebecca Dorham 1905-1979
GRIGGS Sidney Jasper 1926-1993
GROSH Lydia Charlotta 1912-1997
GUNTER Ruby E 1913-1990
HAMPTON Carlos R 1982-1997
HANSFORD Hampton Dwayne 1961-1979
HARDEMAN George W Jr 1897-1970
HARMON Sidney 1913-1970
HARRIS John Henry 1912-1967
HARRIS Raymond 1925-1976
HARRIS Willie 1919-1976
HARRISON Florence Ola 1920-1965
HARRISON Paul and Francis
HATTEN Catherine 1913-1989
HAWTHORN Ruby Harrison 1913-1971
HAWTHORNE Jimmie E Rev Sr 1943-2000
HAWTHORNE Kenyon Montez 1973-1977
HAWTHORNE Margaret Rose 1924-1986
HAYES L D 1917-1965
HAYNES Joe 1906-1956
HAYNES Tassie M 1918-1989
HENRY Gloria Jean Kelly 1942-1993
HESLIP Drew allen 1939-1972
HICKS Chloe D and Tiffany D
HICKS Orlean 1906-1981
HIGHT Mary C and Ben Franklin
HILL Elmer 1914-1963
HILL Pierce 1881-1968
HILL Romie 1884-1964
HILL Thomas 1947-1968
HOBBS Johnnie Lee 1941-1986
HOLLAND C J 1949-1976
HUNTER Lola Mae and Jimmie lee
HURNDON Leoza 1923-1984
HUTCHINSON Susie Lee 1908-1965
JACOBY Thomas M 1949-1995
JOHNSON Jackie A 1947-1995
JOHNSON Johnny Lee 1924-1988
JOHNSON Marilyn Lewis 1945-2001
JOHNSON Marvin and Valrie
JOHNSON Minnie and Troy
JOHNSON Nan S 1928-1999
JOHNSON Nolan T 1943-1998
JOHNSON Vicey Mitchell 1874-1955
JOHNSON Walter A and Frances M
JONES Allene Hill 1914-1984
JONES Alma and Ernest
JONES Clolen 1924-1995
JONES Gladys L Bright 1926-1976
JONES Larry Eugene 1948-1997
JONES Learis Charles 1925-1984
JONES Lela Faye 1938-1975
JONES Martha Jean 1943-1998
JONES Orlie B 1911-1994
JONES Sam Jr 1929-1999
JONES Sharon Ann 1951-1967
JONES Tom 1888-1913
JONES Tommie Sis 1879-1981
JORDAN Charlie L 1887-1961
KELLEY Ophelia 1921-1987
KELSEY Kent Harlow 1960-1995
KENNEDY Ada 1891-1978
KENNEDY Robert E 1922-1987
KENNEDY Willie 1893-1972
KENNEDY Wyoza 1913-1947
KIDD Jacob Aaron 1994
KIM Young D 1922 1996
KOHLER Cullie Robert 1931-1994
LACY Eugene and Josie
LANG Iola Johnson 1916-1983
LAVIOLETTE William J 1956-1994
LAWSON Frank 1905-1912
LEE Clarence W 1930-1998
LEE Fred D 1950-1955
LEE Fred D Sr 1899-1981
LEE Julia A 1937-1978
LEE Levelle Sr 1927-1996
LEE Linda Marie 1949-1964
LEE Stafford 1916-1985
LEMON Armatta Sweatt 1913-1971
LEWIS Cedric Deon 1970-1973
LITTLE Wilbert 1951 1976
LLOYD Alvin Edward 1937-1978
LUCAS Sammie M and Plez N
MACEDA Roberto 1957-1994
MAJORS Sarah 1934-1978
MARK Jerry Richard or CROSS George Walte
MARQUEZ Paul L Jr 1961-1994
MARTIN Curtis 1925-1980
MASSEY Alvin and Helen
McCOY Jack 1934-1993
McDONALD Virdie Lee and Charles Rev
McGUIRE Delphenia 1939-1980
MEDLOCK Eshmeal Sr 1909-1994
MEDLOCK Odessa 1931-1990
MESSMER Charles Terry 1947-1995
MIDDLETON Ira 1901-1966
MIHOLEK Edward Michael 1945-1994
MILES Thelma E 1903-1966
MITCHELL Carolyn J Sykes 1948-198-
MITCHELL Mattie Mae 1911-1996
MONTGOMERY Frank D 1935-1999
MONTGOMERY Ruth E and Frank D
MOORE Annie J 1900-1980
MOORE Dorothy M 1924-1978
MOORE Ola and Sam
MOORE Phillip J 1897-1981
MOORE Ralph 1932-1958
MORGAN Eula Moore 1904-1983
MORRISON Jonathan David 1959-1995
MORTON James Denver 1934-1972
MOTEN Sallie A 1906-1985
MOTHERSHED Lola F 1917-1995
MURRELL Ivannie Elaine 1995-1995
MYERS Byron E 1959-1971
MYERS Eva M 1933-1970
NANCE Eddie and Mattie M
NELSON Bernice and Otto
NELSON Patricia A 1946-1979
NELSON Roy S 1946-1994
NELSON Willie Mims 1943-1967
NEWMAN Rose Mary 1930-1992
NEWMAN Sam Jr 1927-1987
NGUYEN Sang 1952-1994
NOBLES Alvin 1892-1965
OLIVER Opal B 1949-1987
OROZCO Debra Ann 1966-1993
ORTEGA Rocio Alejandra Bermudez 1995
OSOKO Raphael A 1929-1990
Pearl and Emma
PERRY Ida Mae 1914-2001
PERRY John and Edna and Ella
PETERSON Wm Leonard 1909-1994
PETTIT Carolyn H 1928-1992
POLK Nellie L 1925-1980
POWELL Lillie J 1935-1970
POWELL Sloan 1898-1912
PRICE Cynthia Latanya 1955 1976
PURDIN John David 1940-1995
RAMIREZ Jesse 1948-1995
REED Betty 1886-1973
REED Cora Lee 1907-1993
REED Melvin and Zula
REED Randolph N Rev Sr 1909-1970
REED Will 1894-1958
RICHARDSON Chester Lewis 1934-1992
RIOS Johnnie 1921-1995
RIVENBURG George L 1952-1995
ROBERTS Elder W E and Juanita K
ROBINSON Tammer S 1910-1995
ROBINSON Willie Henry 1927-1978
ROGERS Cecil Donald 1938-1993
ROSS Eunice 1910-
ROSS Johnny 1948-1971
RUSSELL Clarence 1901-1989
RUSSELL William 1921-1976
SAMPLE Allene 1926 1996
SANDOVAL Alizandro 1993
SCOTT Hubert 1918-1981
SELMON Linda L 1948-1998
SHAW Sarah A 1888-1973
SHIPMAN Ralph 1921-1995
SIMMONS Viola Marie 1925-
SINGLETARY Nancie C 1930-
SINGLETARY Wendell K 1961-1996
SKEINS Robert M 1947-1988
SMITH Alice and Harry Sr
SMITH Cordia Jr 1928-1980
SMITH Dorothy R 1936-1980
SMITH Elisha 1914-1985
SMITH James Arthur 1939-1994
SMITH Luvenia Morris 1919-1977
SMITH Urel 1953-1993
SMOTHERS Jack Warren 1929-1996
SMOTHERS Rosie Lee 1889-1972
SMOTHERS Tarl 1932-1992
SNEED Clifford D 1930-1979
SNEED Manuel 1901-1978
SNEED-HODGES Lois Faye 1935-1995
SPEARS Jessie Henry 1917-1999
SPENCER Ceceola and Viola M
SPITZER Tarrett Scott 1975-1994
STEPHEN Lena 1912-1989
STEPHEN Robert L 1906-1971
STEVENSON Myrtle 1917-1976
STOREY Ronald C 1952-1992
STRAMLER Mertis Moore 1925-1984
SVALA Linda 1963-1999
SWEATT A D 1926-1989
SWEATT Buelah Mae 1888-1982
SWEATT Leon 1880-1965
SWEATT Ruby 1918-1963
TALLEY Ogel 1914-1997
TALLEY Sheridan A 1912-1988
TALLIE Cora A 1872-1964
TALLIE Major G 1894-1965
TAYLOR Lynn T and Patricia A
THAMES Hattie Mae 1892-1991
THIRSBY Charles and Helen M
THOMPSON Lawrence F 1937-1994
THY-BEDO Jennie A 1876-1904
TILLERY Elbert Owens 1903-1994
TISBY Lala 1905-1975
TRIGG M W Jr 1929-1995
TRIGG M W Sr and Estella V
TRIGGS Ruby L 1931-1973
TRISTAN Ismael and Benita
TURNER Herman Jr 1944-1964
TURNER Marvin 1893-1943
UNGER Rodney C Sr 1920-1996
UPSHAW Charlie Jr 1921-1990
VASHER L C Jr 1950-1977
WALKER Eddie Lee 1926-1964
WALKER Elizabeth 1892-1967
WALKER Governor P 1912-1983
WASHINGTON Avie F 1952-1993
WASHINGTON Claude Jr 1951-1993
WASHINGTON Lola Mae 1897-1965
WASHINGTON Lonnie 1953-1965
WASHUTA Leaha Marie 1988-1988
WATSON Cleo T 1904-1980
WEST Elijah Sr 1928-1985
WEST Gracie Faye Moreau 1944-2001
WEST James Sr 1930-1989
WEST Mozell 1917-1986
WEST Paul D 1910-1983
WHITE Jaysee O P 1910-1995
WHITE-DIXON Marie and Fannie
WHITTMAN James R 1948-1993
WILLIAMS Daisy W 1892-1978
WILLIAMS Rebecca 1908-1973
WILLIAMS Virginia Lee 1944-1944
WILLIAMS Willie 1892-1967
WILLIS Willie B 1941-1978
WILLRICH Clyde 1911-1972
WILLRICH Darlene 1924-1998
WILSON Arvie 1916-1968
WISEMAN Johnnie 1908-1979
WOODS Ex Lone 1940-2000
WOODS Johnnie and Eathel L
WOODS Mary Lou 1927-1973
WOODSON Carrie E 1911-1968
WREN Eddie 1902-1974
WRIGHT Emma Disco 1956-1997
WRIGHT Joe Paul 1949-1981
WRIGHT Paul C Rev and Thelma L
YELDELL Gussie W and Ard- V
YODER James R 1957-1996
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