Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Crown Hill Memorial Park Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 Crown Hill Memorial Park
5 Crown Hill Park and Mosoleum
ADAMS John O Jr and Rachel D
ADAMS Ricky Lynn 1963-1970
ADAMS Robert W 1910-1964
ADAMSON Charlie M 1877-1963
ADATIA Hassanali 1929-1979
ADATIA Meenazali 1954-1990
ADDINGTON Leo Q 1934-1964
AGUADO Nestor 2000
AGUILETA Maria I 1955-1995
ALDRIDGE Oscar Dale 1930-1963
ALEJANDRO Rosalinda 1999
ALI Lutfuddin Maher 1954-1987
ALI Nahid Mansoor 1970-1985
ALI Shahid A 1977-2000
ALI Shakar K Mrs 1937-1993
ALI Shirin Hasan 1914-2000
ALLY Hussain Ally Bande 1923-2001
ALMOND Ona Ruth and Charlie W
ALONZO Caren Yamylet Ricon 2000
ALTHOUSE Ralph H 1903-1963
ALVAREZ Felix Jr 1998-1998
ALVIZO Maria De Jesus C 1999
AMBURN Ruby M 1901-1987
ANDERSON Elmer G 1918-1983
ANGELL Jessie Aline 1889
ARANDA Joshua C 1971-1989
ARAUJO Nelly 2000
ARELLANO Felipe Y Eduardo 1999
ARGUETA Jose 2000
ARGUETA Ovidio 2000
ARMER James 1886-1987
ARMER James Ray 1931-1951
ARMER Ora Lee 1901-1984
ARMOUR Teede G Doc and Mildred Kir
ARMSTRONG Willis Royce 1931-1993
ARRINGTON Marvin L 1927-1959
ARZOLA Jose V 1999
ASHLEY Veneda D and Ollie
ASSANIE Mumtaz 1936-2001
ATCHLEY John D 1906-1980
ATKINS Richard Taylor 1886-1959
ATKINSON Edmund K Jr and Lorrine J
AUDRAIN Dora Ann 1885-1964
AUTREY Ruby Dell 1893-1958
AUTREY Samuel E 1875-1954
AVILA Angel T 2000
BABINEAU Edith 1928-1995
BABINEAU Robert 1931-1996
BAILEY Foy P 1916-1969
BAKER Fugene F 1903-1971
BAKER Naomi G 1897-1968
BALDERAS Lucerito V 1999-1999
BALL Ernest RANSDELL and Neva Juani
BALLARD Florence 1892-1952
BALLARD J S Jr 1940-1975
BALLARD Mary H and John S
BALLIEW Irene LAGOW 1902-1953
BALLIEW James Edwin 1927-1971
BANALES Anthony E 1996-1996
BANDA Kimberly 2000-2000
BANISTER Frank O and Dora M
BANUELOS Oscar Jr 1999
BARASO Salahaden Abdulahi 1943-2000
BARBOSA Minerva M 1940-1995
BARLEY Harold E 1899-1955
BARNES Herman E and Minta R
BARNETT William T and Billie
BARRON Robert C 1900-1972
BARRUETA Martin M 1959-1999
BARTON Isaac Adrian and Pauline COX
BATA Sherbanu Mohamed 1925-1988
BATTERTON John A 1894-1971
BAYLESS Derek Lee Rowdy and David
BEALEY Charles C 1920-1984
BEATTY Joe Turner 1874-1957
BEATTY Mary Belle 1880-1972
BEATTY Willie Mae 1901-1961
BECKHAM Pauline E and Lawrence L
BEDDOW Eva L 1912-1988
BEDDOW John Michael 1947-1980
BEIDEL boy 1968
BELLO Lidilia Mime 1929-1984
BELLO Maria Amanda 1905-1991
BENAT Jimmie W 1908-1984
BENAT Wilbur Gustav 1906-1980
BENNETT Clyde HILL and Jesse Alan
BENNETT Ernest L and Maude E
BENNETT Eugene E 1888-1970
BENNETT Floy A 1892-1975
BENTLEY Albert F 1894-1955
BENTLEY Michael 1971-1995
BERG Norma E -1984
BERGMAN Mary Willie 1897-1985
BERNAL Jason Jose 2002-2002
BERNARD Richard C 1903-1957
BHAGAT Amin S 1969-1987
BHAGAT Aziza Juma N Mrs -1999
BHAGAT Moez S 1971-1991
BHAI Shahsultan Fazal 1934-2000
BHAYANI Aiysha 1982-1985
BHAYANI Hussien 1983
BIDWELL Alva Derwold 1900-1993
BIGGERSTAFF Annabelle 1909-1944
BIGGERSTAFF Victor Hugo 1893-1963
BIGGS George and Velda Maurene
BIGGS Henry 1907-1978
BLACKMON John Elmo 1870-1955
BLACKMON Martha E 1880-1973
BLAKE Annie Rhoe 1883-1962
BLANKENSHIP Peggy Ann 1934-1972
BLANKENSHIP Robert Lee 1962-22002
BLANSETT Marilyn B 1922-1999
BLANSETT Scott M 1920-1971
BOAZ Winston Leroy and Gertrude
BOBO Ray O 1900-1971
BOISSEAU Jesse W 1889-1953
BOLAND U L 1908-1974
BOLTON William H 1895-1984
BOOTH Callie H and W E
BORREGO Baltazar 1913-1984
BOSWELL Ella Ray 1907-1971
BOSWELL Lloyd G 1910-1988
BOSWELL Paul Ray 1955-1979
BOTELLO Janette Inez 1965-1991
BOTELLO Jesus Jr 1926-1996
BOUDREAUX B Jonell WEEKS 1935-1989
BOUDREAUX Rod 1933-2000
BOULDIN Angie Sue 1929-1949
BOULDIN Edna Ash and James Clark
BOULDIN Fred 1927-1994
BOWERS Minnie Mae 1905-1984
BOWERS Wendell P 1899-1956
BOWLUS Chas E 1907-1958
BOYANTON Doris V 1925-1973
BOYANTON James H Sr 1927-2000
BOYER Lester W 1887-1952
BRADY Albert and Nelle
BRAGG Betty Lou and Jack R
BRALEY Henry 1876-1960
BRALEY Lucille 1876-1952
BRASHEAR Doris M and Roland C
BRAVO Melissa DeAnn 1970-1992
BREWER Sylvester T and Stella T
BRIGGS Frank A and Io C
BRISENO Arturo 2000
BROOKS Fay Luvenia 1909-2000
BROWN Beulah I and Pascal H
BROWN Jacobs A 1921-1973
BROWN John W and Eunia J
BROWN Louise and Claud
BROWN U S Skip 1950-1992
BROWNING Marlin Lawrence Jr 1934-198
BROWNLEE Clifford Thomas 1897-1984
BROWNLEE Corinne Mary 1901-1970
BROWNLEE William E 1923-1977
BROYLES Addison N 1887-1984
BROYLES Susie BRYANT 1891-1972
BRUCE Robert Roy 1883-1962
BRUNNER Ray and Clara
BRUTON Claude E and Ann L
BUCHER Leo S and Mary L
BUNCH Amy and James W
BUNDY Billy R 1893-1956
BURDEN Edna E and William M
BURG Valentia Mary and Chas N
BURK Margaret Carroll 1917-2001
BURK T Jeff 1916-2000
BURKE Patrick Anthony 1990
BURNETT Edd Willie 1919-1976
BURNS J Louie 1904-1969
BURNS Laure D 1908-1979
BURNS Sarah A 1874-1947
BURROUGHS Charles S 1860-1946
BURROUGHS Eva Belle 1904-1987
BURROUGHS J Hardy 1904-1965
BURROUGHS Jackson C 1905-1974
BURROUGHS LaVerne Bass 1911-1944
BURROUGHS Lillie V 1943
BURROUGHS Mary SWANN Muddie 1916-198
BURROUGHS Texanna 1871-1956
BURROUGHS Thomas E 1901-1978
BURROUGHS Winnie E 1905-1983
BURROW Jeffrey D 1968-1995
BURTON Arthur Dr 1873-1944
BURTON Myra 1890-1982
BUTLER Earl O 1907-1994
BUTLER Rosetta Lee 1941-1976
BUTTERFIELD Ella B 1862-1943
CAIN Bertie YERBY and Clarence Elme
CAIN Glen Elby and Carleta
CALDERON Luis E 1929-1989
CALDERON Martin Rev 1915-1992
CALDWELL Ruby and Joe
CALIX George Michael 1995-1995
CALLAWAY Eola B 1909-1985
CALLAWAY Ruby Mae 1902-1982
CALVILLO Jose Angel Pete Jojo 1982-
CAMERON Beatrice C 1882-1956
CAMERON Malcom C 1878-1958
CAMP Lon D and H Etta
CAMP Orlando Claud 1896-1960
CAMPBELL Franklin C 1927-1976
CAMPBELL Minnie A 1881-1957
CANTRELL Aaron 1907-
CANTRELL Cherry Elaine 1958-2000
CANTRELL Lonnie Edward 1919-1993
CANTRELL Mary Monnie 1910-1950
CARPENTER Claude T 1911-1967
CARRERA Roberto H 1928-1993
CARROLL Clarence C and Sallie R
CARTER Marquis D 1895-1988
CARTER Pearl Lee 1912-1990
CASLIN Margaret 1945-1992
CASON Beulah Betty 1908-1996
CASPARY Penny and Jake
CASPARY William J 1883-1955
CASSEL Willie Floye FINNEY 1911-
CASTILLO Jose M and Rafaela
CASTILLO Sophia 1906-1988
CASTRO Alexander R 1999-2000
CATO Charles L and Ina P
CATO Donald Carroll and Joyce Marie
CAWTHON Lela A 1895-1987
CERDA Maria Z 1944-1995
CHAMBERLAIN Naomi and Alton T
CHAPEL John E 1925-1968
CHAPMAN Homer L 1932-1966
CHAPMAN Leonard Bobby 1940-1999
CHARANIA Alim Habib 1989-2000
CHARLES Wynona FIANT 1923-1979
CHAVEZ Juan C and Manuela O
CHILDS James F and Wilhelmina E
CHRISTENSEN Anna N 1889-1961
CHRISTENSEN Jacob A 1884-1964
CHUNARA Nizaruddin 1947-1998
CHUNARA Sher Banu Gulam Ali 1923-19
CISNEROS Mary F 1943-2000
CLARK Angie Bell 1885-1970
CLARK Henry T Sr and Annie M
CLARK Virginia L 1898-1976
CLARK Walter L Doc 1893-1952
CLAY Clarence C 1911-1967
CLEM Clarence B 1914-1974
CLEM Richard and Callie Marie
CLIMER Bess S 1913-1995
CLIMER Durwood O 1907-1973
COBB Larry T 1952-1983
COLE Alpha Mae and Ed
COLE Dewey Paul 1916-1983
COLVIN Clyde D 1908-1952
COLVIN Jackie 1912-1977
COMBS Paul A 1914-1969
CONDON Maurice J 1917-1987
CONDON Ruth Elanoe 1920-
CONNELLY John Martin 1925-1953
COOK Ada B 1887-1968
COOK Calvin C 1926-1985
COOK John C 1894-1954
COOK Lydia I 1904-2000
COOK Thomas Houston 1918-1981
COOKSTON Michael Gene 1960-1986
COOPER Frances 1906-1974
CORNELISON Sherale 1941-1981
CORNWELL Nell 1885-1952
COTTON Ruth M and James V
COTTRELL Virgil 1914-1953
COX George A 1914-1975
CRAIG Deltha G and Herman T
CRAIG Velma E 1912-1943
CRAWFORD Flora P and William N
CROW Edmon Lewis and Jewell LOFLAND
CROWSON Samuel Pierce and Clydis M
CRUZ Felipe De Jesus 1973-1999
CUEVAS Ciro 1942-1997
CULBERTSON John S and Hilda F
CULBERTSON Paul G 1936-1978
CUNNINGHAM Benjamin L 1877-1960
CUNNINGHAM Georgia E 1886-1961
CUNNINGHAM Vera F 1901-1968
DAMJI Abdulali Nanji 1938-1987
DANIELS Ruby Louise 1940-1995
DARRELL John Henry Sr 1895-1958
DARRELL Neva E 1902-
DARWIN Anna Jane and Roscoe C
DATTO Abdul Karim Hassan 1955-2000
DAUB Raymond Glen 1917-1970
DAVENPORT Claudia E 1874-1958
DAVIS Dorothy L and Johnie L
DAVIS Henry Allen and Geneva BOYER
DAVIS Joy 1928-1976
DAVIS Sidney Randall 1922-1976
DAVIS Tommie L 1937-1993
DAY Robert Franklin 1884-1952
DeFORD Carl A 1900-1955
DENISON Anna I and Robert E
DENMAN Ada R 1889-1956
DENNIS BOB and Sandra
DENNIS James A and Hazel S
DENSMORE Netta May 1897-1980
DENSMORE Samuel L 1894-1950
DENSMORE Samuel L Jr 1919-1997
DENSMORE Virginia Mae 1921-
DeSHIELDS James T 1861-1948
DEWBERRY Amy A 1887-1953
DEWBERRY Marion W 1882-1946
DHANJI Shamshudin Habib Kassam 1933-
DIAZ-DONIHOO Teresa 1947-2001
DICKSON Orval C and Connie L
DIETRICH Edith T 1922-1999
DOBBS Samuel F 1904-1951
DOBBS Wilma M 1908-1996
DODD Jeffie W and Catherine M
DONALDSON Richard Doyle 1948-1978
DONNELL Linda Ruth 1947-1978
DORMIRE Roy H 1926-1993
DOSSANI Shakar A 1949-2002
DOUBRAVA Thomas L 1929-1990
DOUGHERTY Inia Mae 1923-1995
DOUGHERTY Ulysses H and Jessie A
DRAKE Alan Jay 1963-2002
DRESSEL Earl Douglas 1896-1955
DRUPP Corey D 1958-1985
DUFF John P 1937-1985
DUNCAN Ed C and Arlie May
DUNCAN Hellen L and Burton T
DUNHAM Irolene Micki SEWELL 1934-197
DUNN Albin J 1906-1985
DUNN Clois M 1910-1989
DUNN J Duff 1882-1947
DUNN Maggie M 1880-1965
EDMONDS Doris N and John Robert
EDMONDS Moselle H 1894-1970
EDMONDS Robert J 1895-1953
EDWARDS Betty Selvia 1920-1996
EDWARDS J T Manuel 1990-1990
EDWARDS Roger D 1963-1979
ELLIOTT R E Bob 1902-1966
ELLSWORTH John 1869-1946
ELLSWORTH Joyce H 1926-1946
ELLSWORTH Marie Joslin 1918-1989
ELLSWORTH Rachel E 1896-1964
ELLSWORTH Thomas H 1897-1983
ELMORE Eddie Russell 1947-1962
ELMORE Hattie B 1895-1967
ELMORE Lorena J 1900-1994
ELMORE Maudie E and Isaac R
ELY Virginia and Carl Walter
EMBREY Frances M and Louis D
EMERY Ernest D 1892-1955
ENNIS C H Hob and Mayme
ENNIS Dempsey W 1919-1953
ENNIS Dempsy W 1919-1953
ENNIS Leonard and Calvin and Ethel
ENNIS William L 1896-1958
ENRIQUEZ Martha Irene 1978-1999
EREVIA Mikaela Yolanda 1999
ESCOBAR Juana 1914-2000
ESPARZA Martha S 1932-1994
ESPINOZA Luis Becerrril Rev 1930-198
ETHRIDGE Marvin A and Mary A
ETHRIDGE Marvin A Jr 1931-1934
EVANS Jewel Rucker 1894-1959
EVANS John Clyde 1890-1973
EVANS Robert Lee and Eldred Nadine
EWING Hal F Jr 1926-1972
FAHY Linda Sue 1950-1977
FAIN John E and Lorene
FAIRRIS Iwana C Sr 1915-1981
FARMER Anna Lee 1920-
FARMER Laura S 1888-1979
FAULKNER Doris Elizabeth and Robert
FAULKNER R Newman Jr 1929-
FAUSBY Ida May 1880-1958
FAZAL Amin B 1962-1987
FEHRMANN Robert Lee 1924-1978
FELDPAUSCH Joe L 1936-1991
FELDPAUSCH Maurine C 1912-1992
FERNANDEZ Alexandra 1999-1999
FERREBEE Wendell H and Helen R
FIFER Dorothy M 1916-1992
FINNEY Lula F and James F
FINNEY Mildred F 1914-2002
FISHER George 1874-1955
FISHER Thelma I 1906-1991
FLACH Ina M 1898-1978
FLANAGAN Thomas Loyd 1897-1978
FLEISCH Joseph G 1927-1992
FLORES Guadalupe N and Domingo C
FLORES San Juana 1917-1995
FLORES Willie Sr 1932-1995
FLOWERS J Dee and Valera D
FOGLE Anthony Adam 1999-1999
FORD Minnie Lee -1966
FORRESTER Bertie Marie and Charles
FOUTS Charles A 1881-1957
FOUTS Marcia K 1886-1956
FOWLER Francis and Paul
FOWLER Mattie PRIGMORE 1881-1960
FOX Marvin Gault 1886-1954
FREEMAN Richard Willis and Floyce F
FREEMAN Robert M and Iva G
GALINDO Vilma 1977-2001
GAMEZ Edward P 1950-1979
GAMEZ Marcos Antonio 1969-1991
GANDARA Lucinda CARRILLO 1931-1993
GARCIA Christopher W 2000
GARCIA David B 1999-1999
GARCIA J R 1994-1999
GARCIA Moriah Marie 1993-1993
GARDNER Bernard L 1911-1967
GARDNER Helen J 1919-1995
GARDNER Jessie C and Fay A
GARDUNO Ramon 1954-1996
GARRETT Virgil F and H Mae
GARZA David Armando 1990-1990
GARZA Maria 1920-1996
GASTON John C 1890-1954
GAUSE Charles Ray 1927-1983
GAUSE Lawrence R 1900-1961
GAUSE Lucille Tomlinson 1915-1993
GAUSE Luther E 1907-1972
GEE Edith Estelle Jackie 1914-1974
GEE S S and Marguerite
GENTLE Lila R and A Jack
GERMAN Louis R and Ethel M
GHULAMALI Sadruddin 1934-2001
GILANI Alijah Mukhi nizamdin 1951-20
GILLESPIE James W and Georgia S
GILPIN Calvin B 1916-1971
GILPIN Dickie Martel 1945-1952
GILPIN Dorothy L 1918-1988
GIRSON Joseph 1892-1952
GOAD Bessie Ellis 1909-1983
GOELLNER Millicent W 1927-1994
GONZALES Naomi 1938-1989
GONZALEZ Onelia 1913-2000
GONZALEZ Otoniel 1933-1998
GONZALEZ Peter H 1950-1987
GONZALEZ Sarah Marie 1997
GOOD Annie L 1900-1967
GOOD Carla Faye 1964-1966
GOOD Ernest Garfield 1923-1983
GOOD Herman Wesley 1920-1989
GOOD Lydia Jane 1885-1957
GOOD Roy M 1903-1982
GOOD Roy Melton 1923-1973
GOOD Thomas Lee 1927-1964
GOOD Wm Thomas Sr 1882-1962
GOODE Robert D and Nellie L
GORDILLO Giovany A Lopez 2000
GORDON Jewel E and John H
GOSS Fortunata S and Daniel L
GRAHAM Charles David 1913-1993
GRAHAM Joe A 1891-1955
GRAHAM Laura 1890-1972
GRANT William J and Matgaret D
GRASLEY W H Don 1916-1983
GRAVES Fred B 1902-1961
GRAVES Mary J 1911-1973
GRAY Johnny Earl 1947-1997
GREEN Annie 1889-1977
GREEN Herbert 1891-1949
GREEN Marilyn M and Herbert Jr
GRESHAM baby 1945
GRIFFITH Darrell PWayne 1967-1959
GRIFFITH Loyd Emmett 1919-1955
GRIFFITH Patsy Ruth 1942-1986
GRIFFITH Virgie E 1891-1972
GRIGGS Jerry Lee 1946-1995
GRIMM Anita V and Joseph J
GRISOM Lois Irma 1924-1992
GROSS Berry H 1894-1955
GUADALUPE Maria 1998
GUANDIQUE Francisco Dejesus A 1963-1
GUILLEN Maria Josefa DERAS 1930-1994
HACKLER Rose J and William H
HADDIX Homer A 1885-1952
HAIDERALI Barkatali 1957-1997
HAINES Mark Lynn 1955-1962
HAJEE Abdulsultan 1925-1989
HAJEE Anoor A 1982-2001
HALL Katherin J and Willis W
HALL Tommie McCANDLESS and Paul Tho
HAMEDI Abdul Hameed 1930-2002
HAMER Ernest and Yvonne
HAMILTON William Alexander 1883-1958
HAMILTON William E Jr 1920-1945
HANCOCK Joseph H 1884-1955
HANES Jack and Sarah M
HANNA Luther C and Mary H
HANSON Erin Lee 1892-1958
HARDIN Daisy Bell 1908-1993
HARLAN Donald E 1946-1975
HARNED Owen G 1931-1995
HARRELL Buford O and Pauline
HARRIS Ace Lee 1918-1980
HARRIS Clarence F and Clara C
HARRIS Harold Timmy 1951-1964
HARRIS Ione L 1913-1978
HARRIS T A Buddy 1909-1992
HARRISON Harry R 1904-1956
HARSHAW Helen Momo 1903-1988
HART Clifford L 1902-1947
HART Jeffrey Lynn 1953-1983
HART Jesse M 1899-1949
HART John P 1922-1996
HART Marvin L 1922-1944
HART Noval D 1899-1994
HART Rosetta 1878-1960
HARTLEY John Arthur and May
HARWELL Estelle and Everett L
HARWELL Howard W 1936-1994
HASSAM TAJDIN Jamal Huzurmukhi 1926-
HASSEN Mohammed 1956-2002
HATHCOCK Jay and Opal
HAUSMAN John B Jr 1892-1947
HAUSMAN Verda Mae 1899-1987
HAWES A Eugene 1891-1954
HAYDEN Patricia Ann and William H
HAYNES Arthur Manny 1905-1986
HAYNES Victor M 1958-1970
HAYS Richard E 1926-1973
HEDRICK Marguerite MILLER and Harlan
HEFFINGTON Joseph E 1896-1955
HENDERSON Euna White 1887-1962
HENKE Louise J 1891-1985
HENKE Otto R 1890-1945
HEREDIA Petra and Abel S
HERMAN Frank J 1886-1959
HERMAN Rosalle P 1884-1958
HERNAN George A 1903-1970
HERNANDEZ Adam T Sleepy 1966-1993
HERNANDEZ Jazmin Candara 1992-1992
HERNANDEZ Maria G 1935-1995
HERNANDEZ Santos T 1947-2000
HERRERA Sheilah Ann 1941-1975
HIBBS Charles H 1893-1976
HIGGINS James C 1924-1992
HIGGINS James Lesie 1903-1964
HIGGINS Lorene Murley 1902-1996
HILBUN Fronia R 1892-1960
HILBUN James V 1886-1963
HILL Oscar E and Effie M
HINDMAN William T 1892-1955
HINES Kae Robin 1946-1990
HODGES Claude Neal 1908-1962
HODGES Lucile Catherine 1913-1988
HOEKSTRA Myrtle May 1908-1961
HOENIG George 1892-1956
HOGAN J D 1869-1951
HOHENSTEIN Louise Lackey 1914-1987
HOLLOWAY Sonya L 1937-1981
HOLT Duke H 1946-2000
HOLT Horace H 1902-1966
HOLT John A 1872-1951
HOLT Sallie E 1878-1965
HOLT Tillie BURTON and E Clinton
HONEYCUTT Bunch G 1893-1954
HONEYCUTT Opal M and George N
HOODA Faizulla 1929-2002
HOODA Sakkarkhanu B 1935-2000
HOOKER Dennis Trujan 1942-1989
HOOPER Leslie Anne 2000-2000
HOPKINS Christine E and Leroy L
HORTON John B 1937-1986
HORTON Thomas Junior 1926-1987
HORTON Thomas O and Alpha O
HUBALEK William A 1894-1954
HUCKS James Harvey 1936-1993
HUDDLESTON Danny 193-1989
HUDDLESTON Wayne M and I Beatrice
HUDGINS William Alva and Mary E
HUGGINS William Eber 1906-1946
HUGHES Priscilla Ann 1939-1995
HUGHES William B 1896-1944
HUMPHREY Gussie C Diddo 1890-1981
HUMPHREY James F 1887-1964
HUNTER Albert E 1881-1947
HUNTER Mattie Irene 1888-1987
HUNTER Robert E 1920-1954
HUNTSMAN Helen FORD 1911-1993
HURST Virgie I and Tevis C
HUSSEIN Alladin 1951-1996
HUTCHINSON Harry W and Jennie May
INMAN Lawrence S 1889-1955
ISMAIL Roshan Ali 1929-2001
IVINS Betty Jean 1926-1999
IVINS Harold Blake 1926-1980
JACKSON Brody Lyle 1965-1978
JACKSON Dorothy R 1924-1997
JACKSON Hallie Mae 1925-1961
JACKSON Jeffrey Clark 1963-1967
JACKSON Julia Coleman 1902-1963
JACKSON Keideijunh Cardell 1996
JACKSON Ray David 1895-1948
JAIMEZ Elfigo 1957-1996
JAMESON Betty Jean FREEMAN 1929-
JANSSON John Buster 1933-1979
JANUARY Robert Elvie and Jimmie Jew
JARAMILLO Salomon 1977-1995
JARMAN Thomas B and Mary LONG
JAVERI Aminabai Sultanali 1927-2000
JAVERI Kurbanali Sultanali 1948-1999
JENKINS Frank George and Mary Pauli
JENKINS Glendell and Dorothea
JENKINS Lenox C Sr 1931-1989
JENKINS Lillie M 1883-1974
JENKINS Virgil 1904-1961
JENSEN Arthur and Helen
JENSEN Nancy C 1948-1993
JESANI Zara 1992-1992
JETER Thomas G 1895-1953
JETHA Nabit Alibhai Dr 1956-1996
JIMENEZ Hermogenez 1918-1996
JIMENEZ Pedro R 1915-1984
JIVANI Salim 1958-1989
JIWANI Pervez 1968-1999
JOHNSON Jerry E V 1903-1974
JOHNSON Joseph Otto 1891-1955
JOHNSON William S 1903-1964
JOHNSTON Elsie Maxine 1913-1991
JONES Attie C 1888-1974
JONES Bertha M and James W
JONES Buford Derwood 1926-1991
JONES Elizabeth ROUSE and Leonard A
JONES Jennie F and George
JONES Opal Hill and S Lawrence
JONES William E 1882-1949
JOPHNSON Selby L and Alcene V
JORDAN Lando 1910-1951
JOURDAN Marion B 1890-1967
JOYNER Paul Clifton 1917-1955
KARMALI Gulshan Bahadurali Mukhiani
KASIM Ebrahim 1910-1995
KASSAM Farida 1946-1997
KASSAM Hajimuhammed 1923-1995
KEELING Henry M 1888-1956
KEEN William Howard 1914-1999
KEENER Arthur and Reba E
KEENER Artie A 1870-1951
KEENER Ermon T 1884-1968
KEENER James Monroe 1871-1951
KEENUM Billy T 1929-1957
KEENUM Tollie PRICE 1899-1963
KEESE Ann NEWMAN and Thomas Rowell
KEESE Ann Newman Tutu 1997
KELLY Billy Joe 1929-1983
KEMP Edward L amd Eulalia
KEMP John W and Eddie W
KEMP Joseph Norman 1923-1978
KEMP Morgan 1923-1944
KESHAVJEE Madat Ali 1934-1989
KETCHERSID Chester A 1919-1944
KETCHERSID Clara Lee 1927-1931
KETCHERSID Jessie J 1891-1968
KETCHERSID Madaline I 1920-1952
KETCHERSID Minnie M 1901-
KETCHERSID Oweda Jeannette 1919-1941
KHACHATUROV Albert 1930-1995
KHAMANI Gulbanoo H 1934-1998
KIDD Bettie Laura 1884-1958
KIDD Helen Louise 1921-1943
KIGHT Ida Mae 1907-1987
KING Annie B 1900-1960
KING Henry L 1892-1980
KINNAMON Samuel Wall 1934-1996
KINSEY Peggy J and Craig H
KIRKLAND John C 1884-1969
KIRKLAND Mary 1893-1978
KITTRELL Mae B 1906-1960
KNAPP Ethel R and Frederick H
KNIGHT Barbara E 1919-1963
KNIGHT Georgia Irene 1887-1972
KNIGHT Thomas W 1947-1966
KNIGHT William A 1912-1991
KNOWLES William A and Martha L
KOEPF Earl 1920-1972
KOLLER Andrew E 1910-1978
KOON John D and Mable J
KOON John Dee Jr 1920-1944
KORINEK Rudolph B 1922-1982
KORINEK Rudolph F and Margarette B
KURJI Shana 1991-1994
LaBARBERA Marjorie 1898-1968
LACEY Neal T 1886-1959
LADAK Haidar 1956-2002
LADHANI Shaukat Ali 1948-2000
LADIWALA Firozali M Hussain 1941-199
LAGOW Ruth Elizabeth 1898-1986
LAGOW William Thomas 1869-1943
LAKHANI Jafferali H 1918-1998
LAKHANI Kulsum 1932-2002
LALANI Abdul Mohd Habib 1924-1998
LALANI Sadruddin 1929-2000
LALANI Shamsudin A 1925-1996
LAMBETH Isabel 1881-1957
LANDAU George and Maggie
LANDRY Elvar J 1891-1944
LANDRY Petrolena 1885-1962
LANTZ Evelyn and Jacob D
LASSER Samuel 1913-1999
LAYMAN Joe Clifford 1950-1985
LAYMAN Nicholas Lee 1945-1972
LAZAROE Carla 1958-1959
LEATHERWOOD Gary Lynn 1957-1993
LEATHERWOOD Joseph W 1924-1975
LEDERMAN August 1872-19946
LEDERMAN Frieda 1890-1969
LEE Kathryn STEARNS 1882-1945
LEE Regina C 1908-1993
LEE Thomas J 1899-1955
LEE Thomas L 1884-1953
LEE Walter Green and Emma Louise
LEMMON Arthur E 1885-1955
LEMMON Lyda B 1894-1972
LEMUS Rosario 1999
LEON Martin 1928-1991
LEONARD Edna F 1884-1967
LEONARD Mary Louise 1918-1988
LEONARD Robert A 1883-1941
LEONARD Robert A Jr 1916-1979
LEROY Maude R 1886-1962
LEROY William Lewis 1897-1966
LESTER Nora L and Enoch B
LEVEEN Harold R 1905-1952
LEVERETT William E 1898-1954
LINDSAY Gertrude D and Edward L
LINNEMAN Albert W 1909-1954
LOCKLEAR Paul L 1897-1969
LOERA Crystal 2000-2000
LOGGINS Thomas W 1919-1967
LONG Passie Ann and James T
LOPEZ Amanda Jasmine 1991
LOPEZ Angelica Marie 2000-2000
LOPEZ Lilia P and Octaviano G
LOVE Ernest G 1886-1941
LOVE Eula R and Claud E
LOVE M Ernestine 1916-1973
LOVE Margaret S 1884-1973
LOYD Samuel Lucious 1926-1999
LUNA Ruben 1966-1995
LYNCH Ethel FEHR 1904-1961
LYNCH Frank 1891-1955
MADDEN Clara Marie 1916-1995
MADDEN Mittie Atkins 1907-1968
MADDEN Onnie E 1909-1987
MADDOX Genevieve 1914-1982
MADDOX Margaret J 1885-1953
MADDOX Roger B 1889-1946
MAHLER John 1882-1947
MAINES James E and Allie I
MAKEIG Richard Lee ii 1962-1988
MALLOY Susie MAHLER 1887-1979
MANJI Walimohammed 1925-2000
MANNERING Clifford H 1897-1954
MANUEL Jose 2001
MANZER Carl and Lucy
MARCIA John Albion and Josephine KN
MARCIAS Blanche Delia 1976-1996
MARIN Angelica Jannette 1999
MARQUART Carl H 1888-1942
MARQUEZ Heriberto 1964-1998
MARSHALL David B 1905-1978
MARTIN Cora A 1883-1971
MARTIN Cyrus V and Verna M
MARTIN Estella and Robert Marshall
MARTIN Henry E and Mary Ida
MARTIN Jack and Margie
MARTIN John Stephen 1957-1957
MARTIN Joseph P 1876-1953
MARTIN Mary Viola 1888-1949
MARTINEZ Alejandra 1989-1997
MARTINEZ Angel 1999
MATHEIDAS John Ronald 1916-1995
MATTHEWS Henrietta 1924-1998
MATTHEWS William T 1920-1975
MATTHEWS Wm Lowry and Sophia B
MAUGHAN Andrew J 1937-1994
MAWJI Tajdin Ismail 1931-1999
MAYNARD Lois B and Wm Lee
McALLISTER Hilton E 1912-1966
McBRIDE Ewell R and Ethel L
McCAIG George P 1894-1966
McCAIG Lucille S 1897-1962
McCALLY Nora 1886-1957
McCARLEY Branson C and Florence
McCARLEY Gordon and Essie Adele
McCARLEY Irene and Hubert
McCARLEY Mary Alice 1876-1951
McCARLEY Mayanne P and Seaborne V
McCARLEY William Howard 1910-1996
McCLURE Claude R and Lorene S
McCLURE Florence 1895-1891
McCLURE John W 1890-1952
McCLURE Mike H 1885-1953
McCLURE Randall James 1914-1975
McCRACKEN Ethel 1890-1955
McCREADY Harry J 1914-1950
McCULLEY Bert E 1896-1951
McCULLOUGH Belva Gene 1910-1957
McCUTCHEN Earnest L 1895-1956
McDONALD Ada 1891-1983
McDONALD David D 1888-1958
McEACHIN Hector and Renie Edith
McEVOY Charles 1923-1982
McGEE James DeWayne 1941-1977
McGOWEN Ernest Raymond 1908-1980
McGRATH Mary L 1921-
McGRATH Thomas J 1908-1982
McGREGOR Buster L 1929-1986
McINTIRE John F and Maggie L
McINTIRE Ruth M 1925-1997
McINTIRE William C 1921-1991
McKINLEY Roy D 1923-1993
McKINNEY Eugene V 1905-1984
McLESTER Billie D and H A Turk
McLESTER John E and Effie
McMASTER David C 1872-1948
McMASTER Ethel R 18868-1957
McNATT Helen and Leo
McQUERRY James A Jr 1912-1960
MEDLIN Young Keys 1918-1983
MEDLIN Zola A 1907-1989
MEGHJI Mohamad Max 1952-1997
MEGHJI Nurbanu S 1923-1998
MEGHJI Sadrudin 1912-1994
MEHARALI Malek K 1932-1998
MEIER Lorenz C and Io B
MEJIA Jason Arqueta 2002
MELCHER Clarence M 1903-1953
MELCHOR Gaspar Baltazar 1998
MELHUISH Joseph H and Kate V
MENA Nina Aileen B 1999
MENDOZA Rosita Ortiz 2000-2000
MENDOZA Taylor Rose 1999-1999
MERCHANT Malek Bano Jaffer 1923-2001
MERRITT Marie L 1910-1971
METCALF Laura Lea 1893-1967
METCALF Monroe 1889-1951
MEYER Michael Joseph 1967-1969
MICKLE Alex T 1900-1954
MICKLE Catherine STUBBS 1900-1991
MICKLE William A 1927-1984
MILLER Abbie L 1880-1956
MILLER Albert B 1898-1955
MILLER Harold E 1894-1956
MILLER Irene E and Tom B
MILLER Joseph Ray 1916-1971
MILLER Lorena V 1892-1988
MILLER Mary E 1911-1995
MILLER Ricky L 1963-1988
MILLER Saml A Dr 1867-1945
MILLS Cecil V 1903-1973
MILLS Letha M 1916-1951
MILNE William W 1887-1977
MINAYA Hector A 1951-1986
MIRZ Erna Erika 1913-1975
MIRZA Mirzali 1935-2000
MIRZA Zohra Khanu 1920-2000
MITCHELL Alyce V and Ted H
MITCHELL Ezra L 1886-1953
MITCHELL Mary F 1886-1969
MITCHELL Mary HUGHES 1900-1986
MITCHELL Robert Reed 1910-1944
MITCHELL William Gordon Billy 1943-1
MITCHELL Willie HAMPTON 1904-1962
MITHA Akbar Aziz 1955-2001
MITHANI Ghulam H 1923-2000
MOHAMED Khadijah 1960-1998
MOHAMMAD Fouzy Kamil 1960-1993
MOHAMMED Parveen 1938-1991
MOJICA Gilberto R 2000
MOLEDINA Rahim N 1950-1993
MOLUBHOY Mohammed Ali 1936-1988
MONTGOMERY Donas W 1928-1970
MOODY James Willson 1936-1988
MOODY Kathryn Renee 1960-1979
MOODY Robin Elaine 1957-1989
MOOK Clarence Leon 1906-1983
MOORE Bertha J and Raymond H
MOORE Cornelia and Lucian A
MOORE Lola M 1891-1954
MOORE Nannie Mae 1893-1981
MOORE Rueben J 1891-1945
MOORE Tammie Fay 1972-1977
MOORE Thomas Bernard 1889-1974
MOORE William Evan 1910-1960
MORA Ernestina Leal 1955-1994
MORALES Agustina 1918-1998
MORALES Juan Jose 1955-1995
MORENO David S 1999-1999
MORGAN Bobby Dave 1935-1995
MORINI Mary H 1913-1990
MORRIS Ben F 1885-1950
MORRIS Jabe C 1902-1974
MORRIS Lillian M 1890-1968
MORRIS Naomi E 1919-1968
MORRIS Pearl N 1904-1989
MORRIS William J 1914-1956
MORRISON Albert J 1870-1951
MORRISON Florence M 1878-1951
MORTON Zurline 1910-1988
MOSS Dorothy Nell 1921-1995
MOSS Elaine E 1914-1997
MOWREY Ruby M and Luther A
MUNDEN Henri Katherine and Crouse C
MUNDEN Judith Ann 1952-1962
MUNGE Hassan Abdulrehman 1950-1988
MURILLO Soledad 2000
MURRAY Jimmie Lou and Willard
MURRAY Lillian I 1910-1991
MUTCH Frank P and Mary B
NAIRN Nannie E 1869-1955
NANJI Nabatkhanoo Esmail 1933-1996
NAVARRETE Ronald A 1986-2001
NAYANI Altaf 1968-1985
NEAL Bernice D 1920-1976
NELSON Carl K 1870-1944
NELSON Emma Z 1872-1957
NELSON Maertha E and Alfred C
NELSON Maretha F and Sidney C
NELSON Omah Mi Mi and Eric F Ike
NEWTON Jewell A 1900-1979
NEWTON Samuel M and Sarah C
NICHOLS Hoace T and Mary M
NICHOLS James Harrison iii 1948-1977
NICHOLS Jean and Tom
NICHOLS Martha Jane 1873-1963
NICHOLS Winnie L McCALL and Ralph
NICHOLSON Troy P 1949-1986
NISBET Jessie Elizabeth 1863-1943
NIX Henry E 1891-1955
NOLEN Claude and Evie Region
NOLEN Roy Arnold 1900-1954
NOORANI Shukar 1931-1997
NOORANI Sultan Moosabhai 1945-1996
NORTHERN William S 1897-1971
NORTON Sally Edna 1891-1978
NORWOOD Floyd Lee 1890-1955
NURANI Aiesha Nizam 1985-1985
NYE Stephen Lee 1947-1981
OCHOA Sabino H 1954-2001
OEHLKE Lessie Lona 1909-1998
OFFIELD William E 1945
OLIPHANT Mary T 1866-1956
OROZCO Jose A 1927-2001
ORTEGA Macario 1932-1997
OWEN Mildred A and Sam
OWEN Robert B 1937-1996
OWENS Ethel MOORE and Lewis W
OWENS Lela M 1919-1998
OWENS Leland Dean 1952-1972
OWENS Nathan and Sandra 1987-1987
OWENS Paul D 1913-1984
OZUNA Blake Austin 2002-2002
PACE Nora F 1893-1971
PACE Walter H and Eila D
PADMA Tanu 2000-2000
PADRON Alphonso E 1923-1977
PALMER Frank S 1893-1954
PALMER Willie Mae 1898-1986
PANJWANI Imran and Hanif
PARADA Angel G 1972-2000
PARADA Jesus Jr 1997-1997
PARK Donald McKenzie 1904-1970
PARKER Bonnie 1910-1934
PARKER Jimmie F Jr 1965-1990
PARKER Madeline DONALDSON 1931-1996
PARKS Murray
PARKS Ura Parkie 1906-1984
PARRA Jesse Jr 1999
PARRISH Betty Jean and Doran Jr
PARRISH Curtis L 1919-1956
PARRISH Eber N Rev 1876-1944
PARRISH James Wm 1915-1969
PARRISH Jessie Ben 1910-1985
PARRISH Nellie and Doran
PARRISH Onet 1918-1992
PARRISH Ora Ann 1886-1972
PATEL Ankur Ashik 1994-1995
PATELLA John A 1928-1968
PATELLA John D and Bessie B
PATTON Doris 1905-1983
PECH Seng 1936-1993
PEDERSON Nell M 1906-1995
PEEK Dovie 1882-1959
PEEK Sham N 1865-1946
PERBHAI Pyar Ali Punjwani 1929-1991
PERKINS James E 1894-1973
PERRY Frank 1883-1943
PERRY Hubert O 1907-1975
PERRY James Barbett and Alma Bernic
PERRY Marie Louise 1907-1987
PETERSON Sherman Buckley 1948-1989
PETTY James T 1928-1983
PHEGLEY Mance Garrett 1913-197-
PHILLIPS Russell S 1892-1944
PHIPPS Allie Sue 1883-1959
PHIPPS Samuel RAINES 1879-1961
PHIPPS Thelbert A 1915-1975
PIERCE Brent N and Olga
PINA Isabel 1967-1995
PINE David B 1889-1955
PINO Miriam 1941-2000
PIPER Roxie and W B
PIRI Sienpre Te Recordaremus
PIYARALI Amin 1958-1989
PLANT Geo Thomas 1885-1952
PLAUCHE Chester J 1914-1993
PLUMLEE Zelma F and Weldon H
POLETAIKINA Anna 1909-1991
POLLARD Kathleen A and Jim H
POOL Bonnie Lee and Melvina Louise
POONAWALA Jaffar Ali 1936-1996
POONAWALA Rahmat M 1917-1997
POONJA Walimohd 1934-1990
POPE Lola A and Richard A
POPE Lynda Ruth and Richard Dickie
POPE Michael Steven 1969-1996
PORTILLO Jose Rafael 1938-2001
POTTER Chester L 1934-1957
POWELL Emma Myrtle 1895-1959
PRATT Ora C and Carrole J
PRICE Manson McNeely 1919-1950
PRICE Oma Louise 1940-1950
PROPHITT Charles and Lila
PROVINCE June B -1984
PRUITT Agnes 1917-
PRUITT Andrew 1919-1982
PUGA Maury 2000
QUINTANA Gregorio Nicholas 1895-1976
QUINTANA Maria Cristina 1903-1977
RAGLE William T 1911-1989
RAGSDALE John 1881-1956
RAINS Garnet E and Herman W
RAJWANI Khatija M Ba 1919-1997
RALEY Clarence E 1897-1961
RALEY Era 1901-1974
RAMBO T O 1896-1975
RAMIRES Henry L 1894-1955
RANMAL Nargis A 1947-1995
RAPER Paul L 1897-1960
RAST Charlie W and Mable V
RATTERREE Henry W 1915-1981
RAY Maggie M 1892-1983
RAY William O Sr 1894-1950
RAY William Oscar Jr 1916-1988
RAYBOURN Mary Josephine 1890-1988
REED Evelyn E and Joe W
REED Orville M 1912-1954
REED William Marty 1949-1974
REESE Harvey D and Edith B
REEVES Thomas 1880-1952
REMINGTON Ronald C and Ruth E
RENFRO James S 1949-1970
RENFRO Mattie I W and Robert T Jr
RENFRO Orvil Homer 1928-1976
RENO Ashanti 1998
RENO Wanda Marie 1941-1975
RENTERIA Primotivo A 2000
REPETTO David Joseph Jr 1923-1982
RETTIG Harold W 1917-1993
RETTIG Mary 1918-1996
REYES Santiago Jr 1999
REYNOSA Adolfo and Librada
RICHARDSON Louise E 1924-1999
RICHARDSON Pearl and William
RICO Joe Louis 1944-1981
RICO Leonor C 1944-1999
RICO Petra U 1924-1984
RICO Ruby and Fred
RIDDLE James Leo 1877-1955
RIDDLE Nina C and Elroy Kerbert
RIDDLE William Elbert 1880-1963
RILEY Beverly B and Clyde F
RINER Doffus G 1923-1970
RISSER Carl F 1913-1967
RIVERA Pedro Leal Sr 1915-1993
ROBERTS Gertrude WARNKEN 1892-1976
ROBERTS Walter S 1875-1954
ROBINSON Hattie L and Samuel W
ROBINSON Stella E and Vadis R
ROBISON George Benjamin 1924-1978
RODRIGUEZ Aurelio 1902-1985
RODRIGUEZ Candelaria C 1883-1972
RODRIGUEZ Ernesto 1953-1997
RODRIGUEZ Esmundo V 948-1996
RODRIGUEZ Josephine 1923-1999
RODRIGUEZ Juan 1927-1988
RODRIGUEZ Maria L 1956-2000
RODRIGUEZ Ruben 1983-1997
RODRIGUEZ Serson Jr 2003
ROGERS Ben Floyd 1903-1977
ROGERS Billie Inez and Therman E
ROGERS Michael Ray Mickey 1948-1978
ROJO Jasmine 2000
ROMO Mondo Martin 1951-1980
ROSALES Rosa CANTU 1904-1981
ROSELAND Kate R and Magnus
ROSS William David Jr 1954-1954
ROUSE Kittie Brem 1883-1962
ROUSH William Allen 1958-1988
RUFF Ella Toni 1895-1968
RUTLEDGE Deborah J 1949-1988
RUYLE William A and Frances M
SACHEDINA Irfan A 1961-1998
SAENZ Jesus Serrano 1999
SAJAN Fatima Amir Ali 1922-1999
SALAZAR Jezenia Crystal 1997
SALZMAN Robert and Norma and Denise
SANCHEZ Alex Jr 1989-1989
SANCHEZ Esteban Jr 1997-1997
SANCHEZ Nereyda 2002-2002
SANDERS Earnest Jr 1923-1974
SANDERS Eli B and Ada M
SANDERSON Eugene G 1914-1995
SANGSTER Clara M 1886-1979
SANGSTER Earle H 1889-1970
SANTOS David 1954-1990
SARGENT Vera T 1893-1972
SARGENT William Bill 1913-1962
SARTIN Horace Elwin 1913-1989
SATTERFIELD Tonda 1951-2000
SATTERWHITE Beatrice Gill and L Gai
SAUNDERS Katherine D 1880-1968
SAUNDERS Maudean and Seymour
SAYACHACK Phomma 1940-1992
SCHINDLER Julius C and Marcia L
SCHMIDT Frederick H and Charlotte J
SCHMIDT Sandra Lee 1948-1957
SCHOBER Eric Andrew 1992-1995
SCHOENSTEIN Blanche Ruth 1903-2002
SCHOENSTEIN Leonard Charles 1896-1967
SCHUMACHER Kea and William
SCLAFANI Salvatore 1915-1996
SCOTT Debra K 1956-1978
SCOTT Ross M 1868-1947
SCOTT Rowena and Tokio Nogi
SCOTT Samuel E and Helen P
SCRABECK Dorothy E 1919-1981
SEATON William W 1903-1955
SEGOVIA Rosa Francisca 1993-1993
SELLERS Annie Lee 1872-1970
SELLERS Elmer 1905-1993
SELLERS Mary C 1882-1960
SELLERS Sallie Graves 1874-1979
SHADES Kenneth Shades 1937-1994
SHAFER Mary Jane Egg 1920-1971
SHAFER Robert E 1923-1975
SHALLWANI Feroz A 1957-1999
SHAW Fred Gordon and Nina GLENN
SHEPPARD Irma J 1891-1969
SHERIF Amina Tewfik Abdulkadir 1998
SHERIF Nawal Abdulmalik 2002
SHERIFF Al-Latif 1973-1999
SHGUIT Robert Lee 1956-1979
SHGUIT Robert Lee 1958-1979
SHGUIT Vernon E Gene and Ellen Cla
SHINN Bessie B and Bennie F
SHORT Ethel Mae 1899-
SHORT Loraine Ester 1921-1993
SHORT Rexford D 1917-1977
SHRODE Serena Jane 1877-1953
SHUMBURO Jannet Mahdi 1978-2000
SIDI Nooruddin Jiwa 1938-1993
SIEGFRIED Richard M 1920-1966
SIMMONS Charles H and Fronia L
SIMMONS Joseph Ernest and Emma Lue
SIMMONS Mary Ethel GOOD 1905-1973
SKELTON Fred Warren 1911-1965
SKELTON Glennis Griffith 1914-1997
SLAUGHTER Louise J 1904-1998
SLEDGE John Arthur and Era Dell
SLOCUM Robert R and Fannie Irene
SMITH Charlie Rosser 1910-1960
SMITH Edna E and Orain C
SMITH Gracie E 1902-1953
SMITH Johnie FOSTER and Marvin M
SMITH Kevin D 1965-1988
SMITH Lawrence H and Jean A
SMITH Lee S 1876-1953
SMITH Samuel A and Frances L
SMITH Tobie Eugene and Tennie STEEL
SMITH W Earl 1905-1975
SMITHART Billy C 1930-1965
SNOWDEN Georgia J Jane and Jack L
SNYDER Mabel SALTZMAN 1906-1974
SOLIS Maria De Los Angeles Escamill
SOLIS Rafaela Martinez 1981-1995
SOLIS Richard G 1940-1996
SOMANI Mohomedali Hasam 1929-2001
SORATHIA Pyar Ali S 1949-2000
SOTERO Maria San Juanita and Selso
SOUDER Gus 1917-1983
SPARKMAN Annie Bell 1888-1951
SPARKMAN Gracie Mae and Everet A
SPARKMAN Hollis Earl 1884-1954
SPARKMAN John R and Grace L
SPEARMAN Hellen F and C Edgar
SPEER Vella A 1900-1957
SPEER William S 1886-1961
SPERRY Rose Marie 1919-1999
STAFFORD Ernest H and Helen B
STAMPS Eural Robert 1917-1986
STAMPS Eural Robert 1917-1986
STANDARD William V 1897-1954
STEGER Robert Earl 1963-1972
STEPHENS Ethel Pauline 1925-1974
STEPHENS Georgia T 1925-
STEPHENS Ruth and Jewel R
STEWART Elmer D and Faye A
STEWART Elmer Wayne 1946-1998
STEWART Loren 1939-1983
STEWART Ray A 1939-1994
STIDHAM Jenkins Bruce 1899-1955
STILES Cornealie B 1873-1961
STILES Ozeal and Jacob F
STOCKTON Wanda J and Ray V
STOVALL John W and Ruth J
STRACENER Loretta Fay 1935-2001
STREETMAN Charles R 1893-1980
STREETMAN Jennie M 1897-1977
STRIPLAND Lorena 1916-1962
STROUD Velma L and Clyde O
STUBBS May McGEE 1876-1958
STUBBS William F 1871-1944
SULLENS Charles H 1900-1955
SUMMERS James Paul 1905-1947
SUMMERS M Melba NEUMAN 1905-1976
SURLES J D and Allie Mae SCOTT
SWAYZE John F and Beulah M
SWEATMON Tom Jo 1906-1973
SWINEY Betty C 1939-1977
TALBERT John J 1907-1979
TALLEY Bethel R 1928-1994
TATE Maurine and Raymond L
TATE Ninnie SWIFT 1889-1979
TAYLOR Deborah L 1954-1992
TAYLOR Helen and
TEAGUE Harry R 1926-1953
TELKAMP Klaas C 1859-1943
TERRAZAS Angie 2001-2001
TETER Winna F and Cecil E
THAIN Amelia A 1866-1958
THAIN Howard A 1891-1959
THAIN John W 1867-1941
THARANI Hussain Ali 1931-2000
THARANI Sherbano 1934-1999
THARVANI Yasmin 1996-1996
THAWERBHOY Sofia M -1994
THOBANI Aly 1973-1990
THOMAS Barry George 1948-1976
THOMAS Florence Honey 1925-1993
THOMAS Oliver James 1925-1976
THOMAS Richard Gary 1946-1981
THOMAS Winnie M and Alford D
THOMPSON Florence Risley 1883-1957
THOMPSON James F 1945-1975
THOMPSON Pauline and Joseph R
THORNLEY Albert W 1879-1954
THORNLEY Pauline 1889-1970
TINKLE Maurice W 1901-1950
TINKLE Rubye L 1899-1970
TISDAL Kathryn Lee 1903-1988
TISDAL Raymond 1901-1991
TITSWORTH A Pauline and William A
TITTLE Joseph Burnam 1914-1955
TOMLINSON Mack 1919-1980
TOPPING Arthur Daniel and Lucy Bell
TOPPING Betty Jean 1938-
TOPPING Floyd Eugene 1935-1999
TORRES Juan Hernandez 1923-1990
TORRES Luis I 1986-1998
TOUMA Hannah 1915-1994
TRAVIS James Oliver 1887-1954
TRAYNOR Francia Moffitt 1915-1994
TREPANIER George M Jr 1937-1968
TRIMBLE John Wallace and Margaret P
TRUMPF Maidelle and Paul C Jr
TRUMPF Martha H 1878-1946
TRUMPF Paul C 1878-1950
TRUMPF Walter E 1912-1979
TRUMPF Willie Mavis HOLCOMB and Wal
TUCKER Charles R 1916-1956
TURNER Albert and Jean
TURNER Archie A 1889-1954
TURNER Blanche B 1891-1976
TURNER Thomas D 1887-1957
TURPEN Raymond Ben and Margaret Mae
TYNER Maud V 1913-1989
UKANI Ali Mohammad Ebrahim Habib 19
UKANI Minhas B 1963-1987
URIBE Maria D 1951-1993
VAIL Doris 1927-
VAIL Wilbur Arnold 1921-1995
VALDEZ Gerardo 1967-1996
VALLIANI Gulam Haider Vares Ebrahim
VAQUERO Juan M Jr 1982-1990
VARKER Dorothy J 1898-1982
VARKER Frederick 1895-1974
VASQUE Amber Rose
VEAZEY Morton M 1894-1969
VERMILLION Mattie B 1899-1965
VERNON Clara F and John E
VERVER Robert Fred Sr 1942-1998
VIGIL Graciela 1960-1989
VILLA Lizzette D Manzanares 2000-200
VILLANUEVA Maria Elvira 1927-1995
VIRA Mohamed A K 1946-1999
VIRANI Mehdi Sir Mohammad 1938-2001
VIRANI Noormohammad 1928-1997
VIRANI Shirinkhanu Musa 1914-2000
VOGEL Carl Leon Jr 1950-1977
VOGEL Vici Kathleen 1954-1977
WADE Cleo Travis 1921-1992
WADIWALI Parveen A 1950-2002
WALKER Hiram W and M Amy
WALKER Orval Dale 1923-1983
WALLACE Frankie K and Alex A
WALLACE Guy E 1893-1953
WARD Arthur and Thera Louise
WARD Newt W and Charlie
WARD Newt W and Hattie
WARREN Naomi J and John W
WATKINS Myrtle CODY 1894-1954
WATSON Bernice 1911-1982
WATSON Charlie William 1895-1973
WATSON Dorthea 1910-1972
WATSON John Osborn 1899-1954
WATSON Margaret L 1898-1954
WATSON Wallace O 1898-1985
WATTS Gracie M 1884-1992
WATTS James Alonzo 1870-1945
WATTS James S 1899-1965
WEAVER Joseph R 1867-1942
WEAVER Marjorie Ann 1929-1978
WEAVER Robert and Mary S
WEAVER Victoria G 1870-1967
WEEKS James V and Verneice E
WEIDNER A H 1894-1975
WEIDNER Beulah Russell 1895-1952
WELCH Dawn 1999
WELLS Clyde W 1935-1961
WELLS Henrietta 1886-1950
WELLS James and Sherry 1980-1980
WELLS Joseph H 1890-1972
WELLS Raymond W and Marguerite L
WELMAKER John T and Barbara Mae
WEST Harrison and Jora
WEST Ray John 1892-1962
WESTBROOK Onie L and Roy B
WHIPPLE Larry Stuart 1957-1977
WHITE Faye Vinita and L Perry
WHITEHEAD Henry 1889-1955
WHITLEY Joseph Richard 1932-1993
WHITTLE C Orene 1901-1959
WILKINSON Dewey W 1907-1985
WILKINSON Ima Jene 1907-
WILLIAMS Chalmers 1897-1964
WILLIAMS Gerald Glenn 1928-1975
WILLIAMS Helen V and E Harold
WILLIAMS Mary Ella 1900-1987
WILLIAMS T P Pat 1901-1952
WILLIAMS Thomas John 1924-1970
WILLIAMS William L and Alyce M
WILLIAMS William Robert 1875-1942
WILLIAMSON Joe B Sr 1907-1957
WILSON Edward C and Bertha M
WILSON Newell Morgam Sr and Mae YA
WILSON Seth E and Lula M
WILSON Velma M and Melvin D
WILSON Wallace Wayne 1927-1979
WITT Armistead P 1881-1946
WITT Jennie Mae 1904-1971
WOOD Carl W 1897-1968
WOOD George A 1916-1971
WOODS Jamie W 1908-1966
WOOLHEATER Ruby J and Augustus T
WORLEY Stella Vivian 1888-1959
WORLEY Walter Scott 1881-1946
WORTHAM Frankie Faye 1945-1967
WORTHAM Lola L and Frank E
WRIGHT Eula Rae and Charlie D
WRIGHT W E and Ruth L
WYATT Karen R 1943-2000
WYSOCKI Anna Frances 1922-1992
YANES-AVILES Jennifer 2000
YARBERRY Cora and Sam O
YARBERRY Donald L and Verna M
YARBROUGH E Pat and Mildred
YARBROUGH James W and Mary M
YARBROUGH James W Jr 1924-1996
YARBROUGH John R and Gertrude
YOUNG Ruth C and L A
YOUSUFALI Doulat Bai 1929-2002
ZABY Charles V 1892-1964
ZAMUDIO Leslie YAMILET 2000-2000
ZARATE Eduardito Lucio 2001
ZARATE Emilia T and Robert
ZARATE Ignacia R 1895-1972
ZUNIGA Jesse R Sr 1929-1998
ZUNIGA Jose M 1935-1995
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