Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

I got Alaska back, no thanks to ROOTSWeb.  AL and AZ too. While they are down I'll work on others.
 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

  RootsWEB.Ancestry.com of The Generations Network (trademarks of TGN.com)  hosts all these pictures, and without their support I could not afford to keep this site online.

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Mount Olivet Cemetery - OPQR, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
O-BARR Robert R and Mary Etta
O-BRIANT Edward L 1922-1942
O-BRIANT Wm C and Bertha M
O-BRIEN Bessie 1872-
O-BRIEN Carl E and Ella
O-BRIEN Elizabeth D 1896-1984
O-BRIEN Ernest Bolivar and Minnie Etta
O-BRIEN Evelena Eva 1881-1935
O-BRIEN Henry J 1892-1973
O-BRIEN John 1869-1936
O-BRIEN John Joseph 1884-1950
O-BRIEN John W 1872-1937
O-BRIEN Josephine 1896-1958
O-BRIEN Leo and Louise
O-BRIEN Michael A 1889-1966
O-BRIEN Thomas E 1916-1984
O-BRIEN Tim 29
O-CONNELL John T 1894-1977
O-CONNELL Mary Margaret SISTER 1912-1973
O-CONNELL Wm M 1868-1939
O-CONNER Clara A 1863-1952
O-CONNOR Daniel Dennis 1907-1986
O-CONNOR John Patrick 1911-1975
O-CONNOR John S Rt Reverend MONSIGNOR 18
O-CONNOR Joseph Calasanctius SISTER -195
O-CONNOR Mary Catherine 1919-
O-CONNOR Mary L 1872-1948
O-CONNOR Patrick J and Mary A
O-CONNOR William E 1873-1933
O-DEA Francis Claire SISTER 1883-1961
O-DEA Mary Baptist SISTER 1884-1954
O-DELL Byrd and Ruby
O-DELL Donald Bruce 1947-1948
O-DELL Edward S and Nannie Verna
O-DELL Helen Pauline LOWERY 1913-2003
O-DELL Herman Faanklin 1922-1996
O-DELL Janie F 1890-1978
O-DELL Jean TATE 1915-
O-DELL John Wesley 1887-1959
O-DELL Kenneth Gene Sr 1927-1999
O-DELL Larry Franklin 1950-1988
O-DELL LeRoy Haskell 1910-1989
O-DELL Lloyd E 1911-1990
O-DELL Pearl Lorene 1925-1994
O-DONEL Bettie M 1933
O-DONEL Lillian E and James S
O-DONLEY son 1970
O-DONLEY Stephanie L 1979
O-DONNELL 1 Burch 1887-1974
O-DONNELL 1 John Carlton 1913-1987
O-DONNELL 1 John Chief 1881-1937
O-DONNELL Coy L 1925-1976
O-DONNELL Evan Fay 1910-1921
O-DONNELL John Ray 1910-1934
O-DONNELL Sallie Ann 1883-
O-DONOGHUE John Burk 1923-1975
O-DONOHUE St Clare SISTER 1886-1977
O-DOWD Jean BABCOCK 1 1892-1965
O-DRISCOLL M Christina SISTER -1954
O-FLAHERTY Josephine E 1896-1983
O-FLAHERTY Thomas E 1883-1964
O-GARA Catherine 1863-1944
O-GARA Teresa M 1889-1963
O-GARA Thomas P Sr 1886-1972
O-GARA William T 1912-1971
O-GORMAN Andrew Paul 1916-1984
O-GORMAN Carmen E 1920-1999
O-HAIRE Donald C 1916-2003
O-HAIRE Lucille L 1914-1994
O-HARA Frances E 1889-1966
O-HARA James Francis 1881-1963
O-HARA Mary Ann 1897-1977
O-HARA Mary Maude 1879-1955
O-HARA Roger 1878-1940
O-HERNDON Nell 1895-1979
O-KANE Elizabeth E and Francis Frank
O-KANE Joseph Dennis 1912-1999
O-KANE Mary Edith 1915-1988
O-KEEFE David and Louise
O-LEARY Denis M Rev 1899-1925-1976
O-MAHONY Mary Aloysius SISTER 1875-1956
O-MALLEY Jim 1875-1937
O-MALLEY P J 1871-1922
O-MARA Bill WM 1881-1962
O-MARY Torchy C and James E
O-MEARA 1 baby
O-MEARA 1 Celeste 1853-1943
O-MEARA 1 Elty SMITH 10 1891-1925
O-NEAL 3 Chas 1873-1935
O-NEAL 3 Ella Mae 1879-1957
O-NEAL 3 Truman Weldon 1904-1985
O-NEAL 4 James B and Myrtle N
O-NEAL 4 Luther W and Elon A
O-NEAL 5 David J Rev and Lola E
O-NEAL 5 Fred D and Ruby H
O-NEAL 5 Jimmy Eugene 1943-2001
O-NEAL Billy S 1926-1984
O-NEAL Clifton 1904-1969
O-NEAL David 1959-1977
O-NEAL Edmund O 1875-1949
O-NEAL Frank Carl 1909-1965
O-NEAL Gertrude SANDERS 1904-1973
O-NEAL Harley and Evelyn
O-NEAL Harmon Randolph and Jo Ella
O-NEAL Jessie Dean and Luther Obe
O-NEAL Jimmy Gene 1985-1985
O-NEAL Joe P 1919-1934
O-NEAL Laura A and Elige F
O-NEAL Margaret CROSS 1920-1996
O-NEAL Marie BETTS 1898-1983
O-NEAL Mollie E 1896-1983
O-NEAL Oliver Benjamin 1894-1943
O-NEAL Ollie 1918-1986
O-NEAL Roger L 1950-1970
O-NEAL Willie 1894-1975
O-NEIL 1 James J Sr and Mary
O-NEIL Emma Mary 1874-1968
O-NEIL Henry Harry and Ruth A Pat
O-NEIL William R 1871-1952
O-NEILL Edith REECE 1916-1997
O-NEILL John W 1875-1945
O-NEILL Lela E 1877-1956
O-REILLY Paul SISTER 1930-1999
O-RILEY Arthur Louis 1913-1963
O-RILEY Kenneth H and Lavonna E
O-RILEY Mary Grace 1909-1931
O-RILEY Sonia F BURNS 1939-1966
O-ROURKE Annie RIGGS 1877-1969
O-ROURKE Earl A 1905-1960
O-ROURKE John Joseph and Thomas W Jr
O-ROURKE Margarite JOHNSON 1901-1967
O-SHIELDS Charles Vaughn 1906-1968
O-SHIELDS Charlie M and Nancy Ann
O-SHIELDS Charlotte T 1848-1930
O-SHIELDS Jeannette 1880-1944
O-SHIELDS Joe H 1889-1961
O-SULLIVAN Mary Laura SISTER 1886-1965
O-TAYDE Filomino 1905-1947
O-TOOLE Berry Franklin 1863-1930
O-TOOLE Buster Joshua 1909-1931
O-TOOLE Deloras 1933-1933
O-TOOLE Nadine SLIGER and David Wesley
O-TOOLE Raphael SISTER 1862-1947
O-TOOLE Sarah Grace and Odies F
OAKES 1 Mary Louise 1916-1948
OAKES 1 R A 1893-1936
OAKES 1 Richard Adron Jr 1917-1936
OAKES Almeta Victoria 1893-1942
OAKES James Ronald 1940-1970
OAKES Leslie S 1893-1969
OAKLEY J C Rev and Hattie
OAKLEY Mary Margaret 1918-1992
OATES Jesse B Jr and Sybil L
OATS Claude M 1905-1991
OATS Donny Keith and Martha Kathryn
OATS H Clint and Florene
OATS J D 1876-1963
OATS Marvin Olen 1909-1974
OATS Thelma I 1917-1991
OBAL father
OBAL Katerina and Frank
OBAL mother
OBEIDIN Harry and Violet
OBERHOFF Etta 1881-1939
OBERT John Earl 1909-1988
OBERT Mae ABRAM 1914-1997
OBIEDO Mona Lisa 1953-1969
OBORA Longin and Kazimiera
OBREGON Cresenciano Jr 1922-1936
OBREGON Josephine R 1926-1967
OBREGON Juan 1932-1942
OBREGON Juanita B and Cresenciano C
OBREGON Porfirio 1918-1941
OBREGON Ricardo B 1920-1943
OBSIVAC Hazel E 1917-1965
OBSIVAC John P 1898-1964
OCAMPO Carlos Galindo 1891-1970
OCAMPO Frank and Lupe
OCAMPO Mary Jessie 1921-1997
OCHOA Bianca Marshae Bri 1994-1995
OCHOA Demetrio Jr 1937-2001
OCHOA Lucy 1903-1993
OCHOA Rodolfo F 1926-1995
OCHOA Rosalinda Marie 1977-1997
OCIER Helen L 1919-1993
OCIER Melvin Sonny 1916-1968
OCKLEBERRY Lillian 1923-
OCURA Rosa 1944-1994
ODELL Alfred E 1934-1974
ODELL Cyde Darrel 1932-1961
ODELL Eula Beatrice 1903-1997
ODELL Fred Hayness 1892-1972
ODELL Jewell A 1895-1974
ODELL Willie EMERSON 1898-1958
ODEN Christine 1932-1968
ODEN Georgia M PARKEY 1925-1984
ODEN Lola M and Ben B
ODETTE William T and Hazel A
ODLE Wanda Jean 1922-1946
ODOM Bessie Ruth 1931-1976
ODOM boy 1957-1957
ODOM Charles E 1908-1974
ODOM Christopher C 1923-1977
ODOM Emma D 1882-1948
ODOM Florine Marie and Marvin E
ODOM Frances J 1919-1978
ODOM George E and Mary F
ODOM Hoyt and Edna
ODOM Hugh E and Hazel E
ODOM Irene 1912-2000
ODOM Ivory B 1891-1993
ODOM Jerry Kenneth 1954-1955
ODOM Jim 1919-1982
ODOM Jimmie MORGAN 1 1909-1990
ODOM Mack H and Clara R
ODOM Nelson Wayne and Lometa Ruth
ODOM Pearl 1894-1974
ODOM Retha Ann 1908-1998
ODOM S Turner and Thelma
ODOM Sam E and Gennell
ODOM Sam S 1881-1936
ODOM Semmie BUTLER 1898-1988
ODOM Vic 1889-1970
ODOM Weldon H 1901-1953
ODOM William R 1878-1946
ODOM Willie L Bill 1914-1980
ODUM Elnora TATE and John R
OEHLSCHLAEGER Louis W 1901-1967
OEHLSCHLAEGER Silas 1894-1957
OEHLSCHLAEGER Wm Mrs 1873-1937
OEST William C and Eileen M
OFFIELD Ranell McKAY 1925-1999
OGDEN 1 Nathan Herbert and Neva Leola
OGDEN 1 Wencsell H and Ada Marjory
OGDEN Donald G 1911-1991
OGDEN Mary Etta 1870-1959
OGLE B C 1907-1975
OGLE Cordelia 1875-1963
OGLE Donald E and Betty J
OGLE Frank 1917-1978
OGLE George M and Dixie I
OGLE Herbert Leon 1897-1945
OGLE Horace 1903-1982
OGLE Jessie L 1868-1937
OGLE Leta W 1921-1997
OGLE Lewis H A 1925-1990
OGLE Robert Daniel 1882-1958
OGLE Sallie GOODMAN 1889-1950
OGLE Winnie 1901-1918
OGLE Winnie 1911-2004
OGLESBY Troy Gene 1968-2000
OGLETREE Lillie Faye 1915-1996
OGLETREE Ray Howard 1912-1987
OGLETREE Terence Lee 1968-1968
OGWIN Leroy D Buck 1924-1996
OGWIN Violet O Vi 1920-1997
OIUM Ingeborg 1875-1945
OIUM Tosten S 1864-1942
OJEDA Frank 1919-1939
OJEDA Javier Z Jr 1974-1999
OJEDA Jose Refugio 1983
OJEDA Margaret 1931-1980
OJEDA Raymond 1939-2004
OJEDA Raymundo J Z 1987-1999
OJEDA Rufino 1893-1975
OJEDA Rufino Jr 1931-1991
OJEDA Samuel Jesus 1984
OJEDA Trinidad J 1900-1948
OLAGUE Andrea A 1937-2004
OLAGUE Joseph A 1977
OLDHAM Geo L 1854-1932
OLDHAM Hattie Ina 1896-1981
OLDHAM Jessie R 1910-1982
OLDHAM Louise HARRIS 1918-1997
OLDHAM Ralph D 1892-1958
OLGUIN Acacio Zosa 1880-1970
OLGUIN Elicio Salas 1911-1995
OLGUIN Mary SALAS 1884-1961
OLGUIN Matilda S 1917-1999
OLGUIN Pedro S 1912-1992
OLGUIN Victoria Espinoza 1910-1975
OLIPHANT Raymond D 1894-1916
OLIVAS Paul Mario 1952-1997
OLIVEIRA Margaret C 1932-1997
OLIVER Autrey 1892-1972
OLIVER D P 1904-1951
OLIVER Don Otis 1904-1992
OLIVER Earlene 1950-1968
OLIVER J Forest and Imogene
OLIVER James V 1925-2001
OLIVER Lillie Mae 1896-1973
OLIVER Minerva Jane 1852-1941
OLIVER Myrtle 1890-1972
OLIVER O D Sr 1885-1946
OLIVER Preston J 1990-1992
OLIVER Robert Edd Jr 1947-1998
OLIVER Roger W and Mary P
OLIVER Silas D 1921-1992
OLIVER Sim and Mary M
OLIVER Terry Lynn 1949-1994
OLIVER Versa Jean 1906-1990
OLIVIA Jesse 1960-2002
OLIVO Delores 1945-1956
OLIVO Esperanza and Paloma
OLIVO Perfecto E and Ana r
OLMEDO Maria L and Hermelindo
OLMOS Adam Danny 1948-1990
OLMOS Inez V 1945-1996
OLMOS Maria C 1925-2003
OLMOS Pedro 1952-1991
OLMSTEAD Ercell L 1929-1956
OLMSTEAD Homer J 1919-1974
OLMSTEAD Mattie L 1892-1956
OLMSTEAD Robert J 1888-1972
OLSEN Beatrice F 1897-1976
OLSEN F C Sr and Helen A
OLSEN Fred C Jr and Beulah
OLSEN Samuel J 1913-1965
OLSON 1 Helen I 1897-1978
OLSON 1 John A 1886-1954
OLSON 2 Alma JOHNSON 1879-1919
OLSON Andrew 1882-1928
OLSON Andrew 1928
OLSON Clarence C 1912-1977
OLSON Ingrid 1868-1916
OLSON Lela McCOY 1922-
OLSON Linda and Michael
OLSON Lois SORRELS 1913-1998
OLSON Nellie Vernon -1916 at 13
OLSON Reinhold 1906-1967
OLSON Richard L Dick 1920-1996
OLSON William Dee 1912-1945
OLSON Zelma I 1918-1980
OLSTAD Frances 1868-1932
OLVERA Eva PONCE 1930-1997
OMALY Mary and Frank
OMAR Lucille GOSNEY Suzy 1911-1979
ON Yee Ling -1913 at 59
ONDARZA Rosalio G 1939-1995
ONDARZA Vicente and Andrea Z
ONDREY Mary L 1920-1997
ONEAL Harriett Tennessee 1862-1930
ONEAL Thurman and Juanita
ONLEY Jerry R and Connie F
ONLEY Sandra Gale 1951-1955
OPPE May Dell and Louis V
OPPIE Anthony A 1890-1969
OPPIE Mamie G 1895-1983
OPPIE Virginia Dean 1919-1934
OPRAN Christine A 1890-1953
ORANGE Lula E 1870-1955
ORDELHEIDE Dorothy L 1923-1980
ORDONES Mary R 1934-2000
ORDONEZ Frank E JR 1963-2000
ORELLANA Rafael Angel and Nolberto Eloy
ORGAIN Bettie E 1860-1942
ORGAIN Thomas Earl 1883-1970
ORICK Lillian 1879-1956
ORICK Lula Mae 1890-1909
ORILLION Annie Lee 1898-1993
ORILLION Arthur J 1891-1959
ORINGDERFF Carey-Ann 1969-1987
ORITZ Ernestina R 1901-1976
ORNELAS Anita 1904-1973
ORNELAS Luke Byren and Jose Luis
ORNELAS Margarita Hilaria 1978-1979
ORNELAS Mary G 1917-2002
ORNELAS Ruben 1900-1984
OROSCO Catarino A 1925-1999
OROSCO Mary H 1919-1982
OROZCO Maria SOCORRO 1972-2002
ORR Blanche 1919-1994
ORR Bobby W 1949-1994
ORR Carl C 1884-1951
ORR Harry B 1861-1931
ORR Homer D and Leola M
ORR Iva 1883-1952
ORR Maggie L 1869-1946
ORR Maud Virginia 1881-1921
ORR Myrtle Ola 1910-1983
ORR Walter D -1948 at 83
ORR Wayne Edwin and Doris Blanche
ORR William Eugene Buddy 1937-1991
ORRICK Edgar E 1904-1984
ORRICK Olga B 1902-1972
ORTBAL Francis J and Bernice M
ORTEGA Adam Joseph 2003-2003
ORTEGA Arthur 1957-1973
ORTEGA Cathy Lea 1981-1981
ORTEGA Christy 2002
ORTEGA Danny and Louis
ORTEGA Eloisa Lopez 1941-1986
ORTEGA Esteban Steve 1933-1998
ORTEGA Felipe F and Anna M
ORTEGA Florencio 1885-1963
ORTEGA Henry A Wood Jr 1969-1998
ORTEGA Hipolito 1880-1919
ORTEGA Javier Franco 1968-2000
ORTEGA Josephine 1945-1986
ORTEGA Juan 1896-1976
ORTEGA Julio O and Eulalia L
ORTEGA Lucia S and Marcial
ORTEGA Margarita and Jose
ORTEGA Martina 1926-1946
ORTEGA Olivia C 1979-1997
ORTEGA Perfecta 1903-1970
ORTEGA Phillip S 1943-2001
ORTEGA Raul Jr and Master Jesse
ORTEGA Salvador Sr 1900-1997
ORTEGA Susanna 1910-1986
ORTEGA Timoteo 1897-1967
ORTEGON Anastacia 1930-1980
ORTEGON Estefana 1890-1967
ORTEGON Ricardo and Blasa G
ORTEGON Roger Petey 1956-1990
ORTEGON Santos 1890-1972
ORTIZ Agustina and Juan
ORTIZ Concepcion and Magdaleno
ORTIZ Cornelio 1882-1958
ORTIZ El Sr Regino 1872-1947
ORTIZ Ignacia Z 1914-1999
ORTIZ Jennifer V 2000
ORTIZ John Sr 1942-1978
ORTIZ Jose G 1920-1997
ORTIZ Jose L 1896-1959
ORTIZ Jose Valdez 1912-1985
ORTIZ Manuel N and Juliana A
ORTIZ Maria 1888-1956
ORTIZ Ramon B 1901-1974
ORTIZ Vicente 1885-1969
ORY Ernestine 1905-1965
ORY Stanley R 1901-1963
OSBORN Doris H 1923-1988
OSBORN Drew V 1899-1976
OSBORN Finis E 1858-1908
OSBORN Harold 1890-1935
OSBORN Irene R 1893-1911
OSBORN Joseph C and Sarah Lue
OSBORN Joseph M Jr Lt 1920-1943
OSBORN Katie E 1872-1939
OSBORN Pearl 1885-1965
OSBORN Ruby L and Joseph M
OSBORN Vernon 1920-1943
OSBORN Zelma Lee 1904-1984
OSBORNE Ethel E 1887-1969
OSBORNE James M Shorty 1908-1990
OSBORNE Lewis R 1899-1968
OSBORNE Lillie Pearl 1913-1996
OSBORNE Randy Lynn 1955-1979
OSBORNE Robert James 1944-1944
OSBORNE Ruth Ann 1904-1977
OSBORNE Wilbur J 1854-1925
OSBURN A J and Mary Annie
OSBURN Dilfred and Pauline
OSBURN Doris 1925-1927
OSBURN Jack Adair 1931-1983
OSBURN Lester G 1924-2002
OSBURN Ruth K 1889-1969
OSBURN Stephen A 1885-1974
OSIER Melvin 1887-1949
OSIER Sallye 1889-1977
OSLIN J A and Wilba
OSMAN Janice Gail 1942-1991
OSTEEN W J Jack 1888-1963
OSTER 1 C F 1884-1961
OSTER 1 Ellison E 1925-1945
OSTER 1 Mae E 1882-1979
OSTER 1 William E 1923-1923
OSTER Anne Bell and Shirley T
OSTERHAUS Assunta BIRD 1891-1920
OSTERLOH Margaret LONG 1921-2003
OTEY Mary LACY 1904-1962
OTT Albert Cornelia 1876-1967
OTT Bob and June
OTT John J 1870-1940
OTTENHAUSEN Lester L 1912-1994
OTTINGER Almarene 1853-1945
OTTINGER D F 1854-1923
OTTLEY Bridget 1881-1961
OTTLEY George J 1891-1967
OTTO Anna and Paul
OTTO Carla Sue M 1965-1985
OTTUM Howard Walter and Gladys Maria
OTTUM Rise Roberta 1949
OTWELL Gary F 1949-1996
OTWELL Virginia J 1938-1983
OTWELL William L 1938-2004
OUDKIRK Charles H and Allie M
OUJESKY Barbara Marie 1949-1959
OUJESKY Christopher and Frank P
OUJESKY Clem and Louise
OUJESKY Helen and Joseph
OUJESKY Kadie Francis 1916-1975
OUJESKY William M 1915-1963
OUNG Daw Yin Yin 1926-
OUSLEY Charlie 1920-2004
OUSLEY Lucy 1870-1903
OUSLEY Oscar Theo 1917-1970
OUSLEY R J 1930-1973
OUSLEY Scotty Jack Sr 1924-1984
OUSLEY Susie A 1896-1963
OUTLAW Bess L and Malcolm N
OUTLAW J C -1926 at 71
OUTLAW Jeanne A 1930-2005
OUTLAW Jefferson D 1930-1987
OVER Leroy V and Ida M
OVERALL Lieut Lee 1889-1947
OVERALL Mabel Clara 1901-1934
OVERBAY Anestasia 1907-1990
OVERBAY Charles L 1904-1966
OVERBY Billie Wayne and Louella
OVERBY Ceasler F 1872-1959
OVERBY Gladys C 1912-1982
OVERBY Minnie Dee and Virgil E
OVERBY R J Jay 1909-1989
OVERBY Richard L and Anna Laura
OVERBY W B Bob and Janet P
OVERSTREET Danny G iii 1993-1994
OVERSTREET Marvin W and Bonnie M
OVERSTREET Milton B 1921-1977
OVERTON 1 Samuel A and Betty WHITE
OVERTON 1 Walker White and Mabel
OVERTON 2 Lula 1878-1965
OVERTON 2 Modrell REESE and Loneta Charl
OVERTON 2 W S 1876-1932
OVERTON E Irene 1895-1974
OWEN Benjamin L 1899-1942
OWEN Benjamin L 1926-1993
OWEN David F 1862-1941
OWEN Elaine and Grady
OWEN Elisha Andrew 1911-1982
OWEN Emma 1875-1922
OWEN Enola Lynn 1885-1970
OWEN Etna L and Willie B
OWEN Eunice and William Oscar
OWEN Floy McDANIEL 1884-1953
OWEN Gene MOSS 1900-1978
OWEN George M 1915-1960
OWEN George Truett 1916-1990
OWEN Henry Clifton 1883-1970
OWEN Houston 1894-1980
OWEN James P 1913-1945
OWEN James T and Bettie R
OWEN Jewell O-BARR 1889-1924
OWEN Jimmie Ann 1883-1973
OWEN John P 1898-1947
OWEN Martha Helen 1843-1934
OWEN Mary Lee 1896-1980
OWEN Marybeth M 1928-1998
OWEN Michael Harry 1948-2004
OWEN Neal M 1882-1973
OWEN Oren Buford 1906-1946
OWEN Rogers and Jean
OWEN Ronald J 1946-2002
OWEN Wanda MOSS 1929-1997
OWEN William G 1913-1990
OWEN William Henry 1901-1931
OWENBY Minerva NEAL 1923-
OWENS 1 Carol Pauline 1921-1927
OWENS 1 Ida May 1908-1981
OWENS 1 Thomas Alfred and Ada Lulu
OWENS 1 Vernie Ray 1899-1982
OWENS 2 Harold Clark 1916-1941
OWENS Allen Joice Rev and Jency Lane DAV
OWENS Angie 1870-1947
OWENS Ashley Michelle 1985-1985
OWENS Beatrice 1914-1983
OWENS Bessie 1885-194
OWENS Charlie Clyde 1885-1953
OWENS Christopher Michael Bruno 1972-199
OWENS Claire SISTER 103-1983
OWENS Curtis Morgan 1915-1985
OWENS Eldon Edwin 1923-1957
OWENS Emmett T and Dollie H
OWENS Felisa A 1908-2001
OWENS Florence Marie 1907-2001
OWENS Franklin D 1906-1964
OWENS James H 1910-1959
OWENS James L and Nellie
OWENS James Wood 1871-1939
OWENS Jeanne and Gerald R
OWENS Jennie June 1891-1948
OWENS Joe L and Lillie R
OWENS Joe Reb and Oma Dell
OWENS John E 1929-1995
OWENS Jonnie 1902-1963
OWENS June T 1922-1979
OWENS Katie Louvie 1891-1980
OWENS Latitia M 1848-1928
OWENS Lois M 1913-1994
OWENS Lucille MILLER 1932-2003
OWENS Marion E 1921-1984
OWENS Martin James and Lilly BERTMAN
OWENS Mattie G 1875-1934
OWENS Oscar O and Otis
OWENS Patsy Ruth 1925-1988
OWENS Peggy Ann 1879-1960
OWENS Robert Russell and Ethel May
OWENS Robert Sam 1883-1955
OWENS Royce Warren 1928-1993
OWENS Shelley Renae 1970-2003
OWENS Susan U 1884-1966
OWENS Tennie W 1885-1973
OWENS Valeta L 1934-2004
OWENS W D Jr and Wanda
OWENS W R Lloyd and Dorothy B
OWENS William Pete 1916-1992
OWENS William R and Sybil M
OWENSBY Edom B 1862-1942
OWENSBY Julia R 1858-1942
OWENSBY Ollie C and Dorothy Fay
OWENSBY Robert C and Billie B
OWINGS Auzie and Elsie Frances
OWINGS Frences RYON 1917-1944
OWINGS Thomas Cooksey and Mary Louise
OWNBY Samuel M and -ssie Peggy
OWNBY Walter Martin and Latina D
OWNES Dewey 1914-1998
OXFORD A Ray 1890-1950
OXFORD Grover C 1894-1960
OXFORD James Samuel 1880-1943
OXFORD R Roy 1892-1952
OXFORD Ruby George 1882-1957
OXFORD Ruby Lee 1906-1987
OXLEY Carl M and Mary K
OYERVIDES Connie 1926-1989
OYERVIDES Henry 1905-1972
OYERVIDES Jose Garcia 1933-1985
OZEE Barney J 1918-
OZEE Doris 1919-2005
OZEE Dorothy L 1920-2004
OZEE John R and Winnie D
OZEE Lonnie L and M Pearl
OZEE Robert D 1948-
OZEE William Mike 1915-1999
OZIER 1 John Wesley 1842-1929
OZIER 1 Lou ROSS 1848-1925
OZMENT Newton E and Lula
OZMENT Raymond E 1897-1958
OZUNA Andrez 1872-1942
OZUNA Jovita G 1907-1966
OZUNA Lina MARTINEZ 1 1970-2002
OZUNA Manuel Aranco 1919-1968
OZUNA Minerva RANGEL 1919-2001
OZUNA Olivia L 1971-1971
OZUNA Oracio F 1916-1963
OZUNA Rafael Franco and Victoria BUENROS
P-POOL Byard D 1862-1946
P-POOL Ninetta 1877-1955
PABON Marcelino Nano and Marcelina FLORE
PACE Lula and Loucile REYNOLDS
PACE Odell 1933-2001
PACE Ruth Ida HAHN 1902-1988
PACE Sarah E 1865-1935
PACE Virgil D 1895-1959
PACE William W and Opal L
PACHECANO Esiquio 1894-1981
PACHECANO George Acuna 1929-1978
PACHECANO Guadalupe Acuna 1900-1988
PACHECO 1 Blas G 1919-1944
PACHECO 1 Blas G 1919-1944
PACHECO 1 Demetria G 1895-1969
PACHECO 1 Fernando 1885-1973
PACHECO 1 Isac James Sr 1930-2000
PACHECO Angel and Connie
PACHECO Angie Celia 1988
PACHECO Juan Carlos Ledezma Jr 1998-1998
PACHECO Marcos and Fulgencia
PACHECOH Elsa Maria 1917-1976
PACHECOH Rodolfo 1908-1971
PACK 1 Lonnie and Curtisphine
PACK 1 Nellie Lucille 1932-2002
PACK 1 Perry Elder 1920-1968
PACK 1 Sharon E 1947-1948
PACK 1 Van E Sr and Paula
PACK Arthur E Sr and Almeta
PACK Floyd M 1907-1958
PACK Joe and Oleta
PACKARD Lucile Enders 1906-1914
PACKER John Anthony Tony 1938-1995
PACKER Perry R -1939
PACKER Wayne Richard and Hazel ANTHONY
PADDOCK 1 B B 1844-1922
PADDOCK 1 Burton Buckley 1912-1963
PADDOCK 1 Emily HARPER 1848-1926
PADDOCK 1 J A 1842-1913
PADDOCK 1 Mary HARRISON 1882-1974
PADDOCK 1 William Buckley 1873-1929
PADDOCK 1 William Buckley ii 1915-1963
PADGETT Berry C 1894-1953
PADGETT Mildred D 1894-1968
PADGETT Wm Allen iii Trey and James Kirk
PADILLA 1 Margarito F Jr 1934-1958
PADILLA 1 Margarito R 1903-1970
PADILLA 1 Maria F 1908-1998
PADILLA Antero 1921-1990
PADILLA Ausencia 1966-2005
PADILLA Basilio Ruben and Virginia RAMIR
PADILLA Dora V 1923-2002
PADILLA J Demetrio 1915-1983
PADILLA Macario 1910-1930
PADILLA Marcelino 1878-1945
PADILLA Maria MORENO 1897-1964
PADILLA Ramon Marcelino 1972-1991
PADILLA Ruperta 1877-1961
PAEZ Abelardo 1900-1970
PAEZ Secundina A 1900-1990
PAFF Daisy E 1908-1984
PAFFORD Idcell 1909-1991
PAFFORD Jay 1902-1991
PAGE Delilah L 1916-1994
PAGE Deloise Marie 1956-1968
PAGE Erven M Sr 1905-1990
PAGE Fleetwood 1903-1988
PAGE Grace WHITE 1895-1976
PAGE Harvey Wilbur 1923-1971
PAGE Ira L 1919-1988
PAGE Irma Fae 1925-1989
PAGE Jack D and Birdie Lee
PAGE Jack G 1916-1972
PAGE Jesse R 1973-1994
PAGE Lester and Elizabeth
PAGE Lula 1915-1989
PAGE Mary 1884-1958
PAGE Ruth Elaine 1913-1994
PAINE 1 G C 1884-1913
PAINE 1 J M 1850-1928
PAINE 1 Sue 1853-1913
PAINTER Joseph E 1873-1950
PAINTER Leon F and M Edith
PAIR Dolline 1954-1955
PAIR Harry Joe 1941-1984
PAIR John T and Marie
PAIRSH Evelyn 1914-1994
PAIRSH Foster L 1912-1984
PAKDIMOUNIVONG Vattana Na 1977-2003
PALACHEK Charles V 1908-1971
PALACHEK Frances B 1879-1938
PALACHEK Joseph 1874-1967
PALACHEK Lydia 1910-2000
PALACHEK Mary Ann 1914-1999
PALACHEK Oldriska F 1901-1967
PALEOLOGOU Symeon 1881-1950
PALMER 1 Frances 1895-1992
PALMER 1 Frank 1880-1967
PALMER 1 Jack M 1924-1947
PALMER 2 Emily Jean 1925-1939
PALMER 2 George Asa 1901-1989
PALMER 2 Ruby Jenkins 1907-1971
PALMER Arthur D and Laura G
PALMER Betty Ann 1879-1956
PALMER Charles Larry and Barbara D
PALMER Christopher 1982-2003
PALMER Clara WILKS 1905-1991
PALMER E Marvin 1915-1948
PALMER Edna E 1908-1996
PALMER Elizabeth M 1877-1937
PALMER Fannie 1867-1936
PALMER Francis I 1917-1971
PALMER Frank A and Doris
PALMER Frank S 1898-1964
PALMER George E and Pauline E
PALMER J Russell 1897-1986
PALMER James Alton and Shelby Yvonne
PALMER James Berl 1927-1982
PALMER James R and Ellen M
PALMER Jessie Belle and Robert Bruce
PALMER Jewel M 1909-1973
PALMER Joe L Sr 1906-1976
PALMER Josephine 1878-1960
PALMER Laura Alice 1878-1960
PALMER Lydia Edith 1911-1960
PALMER Mabry C 1916-2001
PALMER Mary Janelle GARRETT 1942-2003
PALMER Mildred R 1901-1937
PALMER Pamela Lynn 1947-
PALMER Rebekeh Aislinn 1995-1995
PALMER Ross E 1909-1956
PALMER Roy Dyer 1901-1979
PALMER Sidney H 1914-1978
PALMER Thursa L 1916-1992
PALMER Tressie M 1908-1980
PALMER William H 1868-1954
PALMER William M and Nona A
PALMER William Melvin 1880-1936
PALMER William S 1873-1953
PALMERTREE Barbara Jean 1934-1985
PALOMO Alberto F Jr 1942-1992
PALOMO Alberto Flores Jr 1942-1992
PALOMO Santiaga 1898-1953
PAMPELL Charles W 1914-1965
PAMPELL Ida Mae 1888-1977
PAMPELL Robert H 1881-1974
PAMPELL Vernon C 1907-1990
PANAGOS George 1885-1960
PANCOAST John W 1899-1968
PANKEY A E Fred 1879-1957
PANKEY Ann Maria 1883-1968
PANKEY Annie Laurie 1891-1983
PANKEY Annie Marie 1920
PANNELL Bertha GOSSETT 1915-1971
PANNELL Ernest E and Monserrate
PANNELL Lawrence F 1915-1989
PANNELL Margaret Carol 1942-1942
PANNELL Mary Lena 1905-2002
PANNELL William L and Clester
PANNILL Edward Otto and Susan Mae
PANNILL Edwina M 1890-1940
PANNILL Joseph 1863-1944
PANOE Izannhe 1880-1957
PANTOJA 1 Toribio 1935-1953
PANTOJA Frank Tomas 1962-1980
PANTOJA Gilbert Z 1933-1995
PANTOJA Gregory 1916-1985
PANTOJA Guadalupe 1915-1994
PANTOJA Guadalupe L 1920-1991
PANTOJA Thomas H Sr 1924-1987
PAPAJOHN Rebeca M 1888-1960
PAPP Alex J 1901-1968
PAPP Ruby WALKER 1894-1987
PAPPAJOHN 1 George and Katy
PAPPAJOHN 1 Georgia Alice and Steve Geor
PAPPAS George Demo 1918-1990
PAPPAS Georgia Fern 1922-1990
PAPPAS Katherine 1895-1948
PAPPAS Patricia Ellen 1947-1964
PAPPAS Theodore Sr 1888-1960
PAPRSKAR 1 Helen JAWORSKI 1 1920-1987
PAPRSKAR 1 Michael Joseph 1912-2000
PAPRSKAR Frank and Anna
PAPRSKAR Frank Jr 1911-1919
PAPRSKAR Joe B Sr 1909-2000
PAPRSKAR Mary F 1913-1969
PAPRSKAR six children
PAPWORTH Fred and Alline
PAPWORTH James E 1924-1971
PAPWORTH Zanoni 1896-1989
PARADIS Magda Marie 1924-1972
PARAMORE Audrey and Harold
PARAMORE Dove Deann 1975-1978
PARAMORE Harold Wayne Butch 1945-1988
PARCHMAN Haly Jr 1917-1919
PARCHMAN Jesse A 1850-1921
PARCHMAN Mary L 1926-1984
PARCHMAN Sarah E 1859-1932
PARCHMAN William J Jack and Opal ACUFF
PARCHMAN Wm Haly and Gladys Rone
PARCHMAN Z V 1917-1930
PARHAM Arthur and Jewel
PARHAM Bryan Cecil and Janie Marie
PARHAM Loss B 1906-1950
PARHAM Peggy Jean 1927-1969
PARIS Ada M 1888-1984
PARIS C C 1890-1942
PARIS Charles M 1897-1966
PARIS Clyde and Minnie V
PARIS Earnest M 1916-1988
PARIS Gerald D and Sudie N
PARIS Jack M 1882-1953
PARIS Joe 1884-1930
PARIS John J 1910-1986
PARIS Lillie 1887-1936
PARIS Mabel B 1896-1973
PARIS Martin M 1883-1967
PARIS Melvin A-and Elizabeth
PARIS Minnie L 1899-1956
PARIS Rita A 1914-
PARISH Agnes H 1891-1989
PARISH Arnie I and Bessie
PARISH Burns C and Hannah Marie
PARISH Connie R 1902-1938
PARISH Hazel LAMB 1915-2003
PARISH Mildred L and W Ray
PARISH Nell 1885-1926
PARISH William D and Floy Jane
PARISH William L 1887-1955
PARK Adell and Charlie
PARK Alice 1870-1949
PARK Burley R 1910-2003
PARK Howard I 1889-1974
PARK James A 1895-1974
PARK Lucia L 1884-1960
PARK Mildred D 1893-1986
PARK Ollie Mae SODD 1921-1993
PARK Stephen H and Iva Mae
PARK Thomas Wayne Sr and Linna GILMORE
PARKER 1 Jerome H Jr 1921-
PARKER 1 Jerome Henry 1892-1955
PARKER 1 Joy P 1927-1974
PARKER 1 Mary B 1897-1975
PARKER 2 Annie 1885-1971
PARKER 2 Will E 1883-1946
PARKER 3 Anna SCOFIELD 1871-1915
PARKER 3 Ernest 1867-1943
PARKER 3 Gladys 1897-1970
PARKER 3 Mary 1902-1982
PARKER 4 J E 1907-1933
PARKER 5 Rome Racine and Dorothy Mae CUR
PARKER 5 Thomas Edwin 1939-1947
PARKER Albert Milton 1908-1969
PARKER Albert S and Veronica Ann
PARKER Bettie A 1879-1953
PARKER Birdie 1890-1979
PARKER Blanche B 1913-1958
PARKER Bobbie M 1920-1978
PARKER Bobby Ray 1964-1972
PARKER Carl D and Dora E
PARKER Christopher Wylie 1952-1995
PARKER Claude R and Mary Rose
PARKER Curtis and Verdell
PARKER Deborah Lynn 1955-2002
PARKER E L 1918-1983
PARKER Ermin N and Reba V
PARKER Ethel Nancy 1895-1949
PARKER Ethel P and Frank B
PARKER Eula THOMAS 1894-1927
PARKER Frances 1930-1966
PARKER Fred W and Aline T
PARKER Freida R 1903-1976
PARKER Gary Daniel 1987-1987
PARKER George T 1886-1959
PARKER Hattie L 1884-1965
PARKER Hester J 1910-1999
PARKER J W Buddy and Emily Louise
PARKER Jack Katherine TAYLOR 1904-1985
PARKER James Ervin 1931-1988
PARKER James P Jr and Mildred S
PARKER Jean HUBER 1896-1988
PARKER Jennie 1882-1961
PARKER Jesse H and Mary GERALD
PARKER Joe E 1906-1962
PARKER John 1885-1952
PARKER John C Jr and Nelda I
PARKER John Nunn 1903-1971
PARKER Julian C 1917-1975
PARKER Lee Howard 1897-1973
PARKER Lemuel H and Gertrude V
PARKER Lera Blanche 1906-1963
PARKER Lisa Renee 1991-1991
PARKER Louis S and Vivian
PARKER Loyd 1902-1968
PARKER Lydia Mae 1913-1978
PARKER Mary Ann 1948-1995
PARKER Mary E 1911-1999
PARKER Mary Elaine 1953
PARKER Maurice 1945-1995
PARKER Michael D 1958-1986
PARKER Nora Katherine FINN 1 and James F
PARKER Odis 1901-1974
PARKER Ollie S 1876-1967
PARKER Paula Irene and Michael Ryan
PARKER Richard 1900-1971
PARKER Robert C and Alice N
PARKER Robert C Bob and Sharron E
PARKER Ruth Irene ROLLINS CARR 1918-1997
PARKER Sondra Kay 1941-1943
PARKER Toye 1908-1989
PARKER Velma BRACEWELL 1 1898-1988
PARKER Vica BELL 1908-1944
PARKER W A Dub and Dorothy C
PARKER Will T 1878-1952
PARKER William C and Henry Ann
PARKER William H and Lela C
PARKER William H Jr 1906-1959
PARKER William V 1920-1985
PARKER Willie Lucile and Andrew L
PARKER Wm Leon 1922-1922
PARKEY Robert Olen Jr and Louise
PARKINSON Charles T 1891-1945
PARKS 1 Robert Ralph and Roxie Inez
PARKS Arthur H 1891-1968
PARKS Audie L and Zelma L
PARKS Boney Lewis 1918-1976
PARKS Brian Allen 1977-1982
PARKS David Ronald 1943-1951
PARKS Dorothy A CHANEY 1926-1985
PARKS Edna Elizabeth 1909-1990
PARKS Elberta B Bert 1878-1963
PARKS Frances E 1923-2004
PARKS Garland B 1912-1983
PARKS Harold R and Patricia A
PARKS Henry W and Frances A
PARKS James B and Bertha L
PARKS Jeff J 1895-1975
PARKS John Earle and Ruth ELLIOTT
PARKS John H 1882-1970
PARKS John V 1873-1929
PARKS Joseph Warren
PARKS Lillian 1922-1998
PARKS Lloyd 1923-1979
PARKS Luna E 1895-1993
PARKS Mary A 1877-1935
PARKS Maude 1896-1962
PARKS Morgan 1903-1927
PARKS Ollie P 1891-1970
PARKS Patricia A 1936-1982
PARKS Polly E 1915-1972
PARKS Thomas E 1886-1960
PARKS Vera Juanita 1913-1996
PARMAN Daisy L 1872-1950
PARMAN Will 1869-1961
PARMELEE Annie J 1880-1946
PARNELL Bonnie MORRIS 1941-1996
PARNELL Irene JOHNSON 1912-1984
PARNELL James M 1921-1973
PARNELL Josephine WATSON 1908-1995
PARNUM Arch E and Tenie FORD
PARNUM Archie Edward Jr 1917-1919
PARR Arthur N and Lucia Anna
PARR Charles E and Jennie W
PARR David Joseph 1953-1981
PARR William and Antonia
PARR William G and Jeannette McCOOL
PARR William H and Mattie L
PARRACK John W and Winnie K
PARRAS Vicente Jerry and Tony GERARDO
PARRAS Vincente 1917-1982
PARRENT Michael S and Dell
PARRIOTT Mary Helen 1904-1991
PARRIS Craig W 1910-2001
PARRIS Mary Ruth G 1914-1990
PARRISH Arthur Ross 1904-1960
PARRISH Augusta Reed 1899-1987
PARRISH Benjamin and Wilma M
PARRISH Bessie Lorene 1926-1998
PARRISH Charlie N 1899-1961
PARRISH Denver 1909-1982
PARRISH Edgar Lee 1905-1961
PARRISH Ernest P 1894-1955
PARRISH Henry Lee 1895-1968
PARRISH Ida B 1904-
PARRISH Ivan F 1905-1982
PARRISH James E and Lillie
PARRISH James E iii 1928-1982
PARRISH Jesse Wm 1877-1967
PARRISH John H 1863-1916
PARRISH John T 1865-1948
PARRISH John Virgil 1897-1948
PARRISH Johnnie H and Ritha E
PARRISH Kenneth KS and Nora L
PARRISH Lola Blanche 1900-1969
PARRISH Lulu Belle 1908-2000
PARRISH Marian L 1910-2003
PARRISH Olga 1911-1996
PARRISH Patrick O 1931-1950
PARRISH Robert J 1924-1950
PARRISH Robert Ross 1926-1975
PARRISH Rosa 1882-1973
PARRISH Sallie L 1896-1975
PARRISH Sally L 1867-1909
PARRISH William D 1924-1968
PARRISH Willie E 1899-1969
PARRISH Wm Findley and Jessie Ruth
PARROTT Jack and Marguerite
PARSLEY Billie M 1940-1964
PARSLEY William M and Hattie M
PARSONS Albert L 1860-1922
PARSONS Cager A 1918-1990
PARSONS Cager A Jr Peewee 1957-1971
PARSONS Charles Bud 1961-1999
PARSONS Mary K 1864-1938
PARSONS Mildred Lena 1917-1987
PARSONS Monette V 1921-2004
PARSONS Nancy E 1854-1922
PARSONS Ovee and Hanna H
PARSONS Roy Eugene and Dorothy Zaqueline
PARTAIN Birl C and Adealia E
PARTAIN R Clyde 1901-1929
PARTAIN Sammie O and Mattie J
PARTEN Patricia 1949-2002
PARTIDA F A 1888-1916
PARTIDA Francisco M and Ma DeLosANGELES
PARTIN Charles E and Malissa C
PARTIN Fred Lanier Sr and Ruby ABERNATHY
PARTLOW Sam E and Rita M
PARTON Charles R Sr and Dolly V
PARTRIDGE John E and Clara H
PARVIN Edd B and Ruth Ann
PARVIN John Thomas -1931
PARVIN Mary Ollie and Oliver Sidney
PARVIN Sid B and Marguerite
PARVIN Virgil M and Beatrice
PASCHAL Gerhard J 1908-1992
PASCHAL Michael 1960-2003
PASCHAL Thelma L 1915-1969
PASSALAQUA Anthony 1895-1959
PASSALAQUA Florence E -1986
PATE Agnes Toni 1914-1994
PATE Anna Belle CROUCH 1869-1937
PATE Bernice HODGE 1 and William Collier
PATE Edna B 1911-1991
PATE Elma B 1891-1973
PATE Fern W 1900-1990
PATE Fred Monroe 1904-1984
PATE Jackie W 1953-1972
PATE John M Sr and Floy Lee
PATE Luther Ray 1942-2001
PATE Nancy J SHOWERS 1908-1997
PATE Osville Willis 1916-1971
PATE Ruby VAUGHAN 1912-1972
PATE Thomas S 1910-1967
PATINO Jesus Benitez 1926-1996
PATINO Manuel Daddy Meme 1913-1998
PATINO Martin 1919-1950
PATINO Vicenta Pertierra 1937-2004
PATINO Victoria V 1888-1984
PATINO-SALDANA Jose 1899-1987
PATISON 1 John Earl 1895-1955
PATISON 1 John W Rev 1863-1938
PATISON 1 Nelda Shirlene 1936-1985
PATISON 1 Sue Anna C 1862-1948
PATRICK Bertha F 1911-1989
PATRICK Eldon L 1930-1997
PATRICK Faye 1898-1992
PATRICK Gilbert T 1902-1970
PATRICK Mittie J 1897-1985
PATRICK Paul 1897-1977
PATRICK Trent Michael 2003
PATRICK Wanda Mae 1927-1975
PATRICK William A Sr 1893-1957
PATRON Romie Jr and Isabel Mickey
PATRY James 1894-1965
PATRY Stavroula 1908-1958
PATTEN Josephine B 1848-1908
PATTERSON Allen Wayne 1938-1980
PATTERSON Alma L 1934-1965
PATTERSON Bertha E 1878-1962
PATTERSON Daisy G and James W
PATTERSON F G 1865-1928
PATTERSON George W 1888-1957
PATTERSON Grover H 1894-1963
PATTERSON H I Pat and Wandine
PATTERSON Harry O 1911-1980
PATTERSON Harvey Maurice 1928-1929
PATTERSON Hattie B and Jesse M
PATTERSON Hattie Mae SAWYER 1893-1964
PATTERSON J Archer 1891-1910
PATTERSON J C 1854-1916
PATTERSON J Corbett and Donnis P
PATTERSON Jack Edmond and Doris Jo
PATTERSON James L and Naolyne W
PATTERSON Jessie Corrinne 1891-1901
PATTERSON Jimmy Don 1962-1998
PATTERSON Larry D 1950
PATTERSON Leah A and James D
PATTERSON Leona V 1878-1949
PATTERSON Lockford A and Ozella M
PATTERSON Loneta H 1911-1996
PATTERSON Louise 1879-1928
PATTERSON Lucy Burts 1889-1910
PATTERSON Luther E 1921-1970
PATTERSON Margaret A 1914-1991
PATTERSON Martha Jane 1873-1957
PATTERSON Marvin E and Carolyn Susie
PATTERSON Michael Lee 1979-1997
PATTERSON N M 1892-1925
PATTERSON Nobie Jane 1865-1938
PATTERSON Ora N 1898-1964
PATTERSON Quilla P 1903-1993
PATTERSON Ray A 1888-1943
PATTERSON Roy E 1878-1953
PATTERSON Russell Edgar 1953-1953
PATTERSON Sally Catherine 1962-1963
PATTERSON Temple C and Esther Lorene
PATTERSON Thelma E BURGESS and Herbert J
PATTERSON Thomas J 1876-1937
PATTERSON Vina R 1892-1973
PATTERSON W B Pat and Jean Elizabeth
PATTERSON Willis T 1859-1926
PATTISON Alice P and J D and Jabe B
PATTISON PNellie Vian 1885-1957
PATTISON W W Pat and Allie J
PATTON 1 Alma O 1907-1965
PATTON 1 daughter 1934
PATTON 1 Lillian M 1888-1977
PATTON 1 Roy R 1885-1942
PATTON 1 Thurman W 1904-1991
PATTON Andy and Minnie
PATTON Ben Evelyn 1926-1982
PATTON Charles J and Loretta M
PATTON Don L and Wanda L
PATTON Earl W 1920-2004
PATTON Elton Guy and Violet DANIEL
PATTON Erma Louise 1924-1995
PATTON George 1898-1960
PATTON Harold Wayne Sr 1952-2004
PATTON Harvey and Etta
PATTON Inez L 1921-2003
PATTON James Harley and Grace L
PATTON Joe W and Catherine J
PATTON John T -1934
PATTON Laura Liane 1962-1962
PATTON Lawrence L and Melba J and Aurtho
PATTON Luther Foster 1888-1974
PATTON Ola M 1900-1967
PATTON Ralph Andrew 1888-1968
PATTON Ray A 1919-2002
PATTON Rita Jane 1888-1942
PATTON Roy Junior Jr 1948-1972
PATTON Sudie H 1897-1985
PATTY Charles N and Betty V
PATTY Martha Lula 1964-1931
PATY Henry Olin 1875-1938
PAUKERT Harold T 1910-1992
PAUKERT Louise T 1910-2001
PAUL Catherine 1881-1943
PAUL Cindy MORROW 1950-1978
PAUL Ernest 1905-1988
PAUL Francis 1916-1929
PAUL James Jr Jay 1952-1978
PAUL James Raymond and Jeanette K
PAUL James T 1869-1942
PAUL Leona Frances 1893-1958
PAUL Lillian Mae 1897-1975
PAUL Lloyd Lee 1959-1960
PAUL Maggie 1876-1967
PAUL Marvin W and Oleta L
PAUL Mary 1887-1966
PAUL Mike 1887-1947
PAUL Theresa Agnes 1906-1974
PAUL Venita M and Joseph M
PAULES Anna Mae and Granville Bud
PAULEY Harold Eugene 1946-2002
PAULING Frank John and Janice GIBBS
PAULING R A 1917-1953
PAULK Clovis M 1913-
PAULK Raymond K 1910-1967
PAULSON Nellie L 1911-1959
PAUWELS Sharon S 1946-1981
PAVELICK Jewell F 1905-1961
PAVEY Bernard A and Mary CHORICH
PAVEY Clifford Douglas 1962-2001
PAVLES Mary 1896-1939
PAVLES Nick G 1890-1958
PAVLICK Michelle Rose 1966-2000
PAVLOVSKY Alec 1902-1975
PAVLOVSKY Rose L 1914-1964
PAWKETT Alva Dale 1904-1972
PAWKETT Irvin B 1901-1941
PAWKETT Mary McGOWAN 1877-1956
PAWKETT Wallace O S 1872-1950
PAWLEY E W Dub 1929-1990
PAWNILL W M 1870-1910
PAXTON Bessie M 1907-1973
PAXTON Jay W 1906-1991
PAYBLAS Elpedia 1916-1997
PAYBLAS George N 1895-1982
PAYN Joseph D 1910-1964
PAYNE Albert Neil 1932-1971
PAYNE Alice E 1863-1940
PAYNE Alpha M 1905-1992
PAYNE Alvin R Jr and Johnnie E
PAYNE Alvin R Sr and Fannie E
PAYNE Amanda May 1887-1965
PAYNE Annie LONG 1866-1942
PAYNE Ashley Nicole 1985
PAYNE Avery J and Mamie OLIVER
PAYNE B G 1915-1991
PAYNE Beatrice CHANCY 1881-1955
PAYNE Bez FINNEY 1873-1961
PAYNE Calvin R and Beulah F
PAYNE Carmen M 1895-1979
PAYNE Charles E and Rachel
PAYNE Clara Elizabeth 1924-1956
PAYNE David E and Blanche
PAYNE David N and Eliza J
PAYNE Dora Delane 1887-1949
PAYNE Edith M 1900-1970
PAYNE Elizabeth 1875-1947
PAYNE Ellie G and Lee Ola
PAYNE Ernest S 1909-1971
PAYNE Everett E 1888-1961
PAYNE Florence E 1888-1975
PAYNE George W 1865-1946
PAYNE George W 1881-1969
PAYNE George W and Florence E
PAYNE Graydon W 1921-1971
PAYNE Hardy 1912-1993
PAYNE Henry Sruart 1906-1987
PAYNE Homer H Rev 1897-1928
PAYNE Hoy Gordon 1906-1962
PAYNE Ida Bell 1873-1945
PAYNE J H 1860-1935
PAYNE James Calvin 1906-1966
PAYNE James Weldon and Oma Jean
PAYNE Jerry Don 1943-1984
PAYNE Jim and LaVaughn
PAYNE John H 1886-1962
PAYNE John J 1913-1985
PAYNE Joseph W and Opal
PAYNE Judy Lynn 1949
PAYNE Kenneth D and Barbara Ann
PAYNE Kenneth F 1901-1960
PAYNE Lena M 1904-1997
PAYNE Lillian M 1906-1957
PAYNE Mary Ann and F Newman
PAYNE Mary Elizabeth SISTER 1908-1961
PAYNE Maxine Doris 1913-1998
PAYNE Myrtle L 1884-1962
PAYNE Pauline 1913-1977
PAYNE Retha M 1913-2002
PAYNE Rita A and Raymond S
PAYNE Roy A 1897-1978
PAYNE Ruth 1907-1969
PAYNE Sam H 1906-1988
PAYNE Teresa Marie SISTER 1902-1974
PAYNE Thelma A 1907-1995
PAYNE Thomas H and Victoria E
PAYNE twin sons 1950
PAYNE Vivian Ruth and W M Clifford Sr
PAYNE William C and Mamie J and Billy Jr
PAYNE William Clifford and Peggy Lucreti
PAYNE William W 1905-1995
PAYNE Zoma L 1928-1962
PAYTON son 1955
PAZ J Luis Garcia 81-81
PEACE 1 Wesley J 1846-1937
PEACOCK Billie M 1924-1985
PEACOCK Diana 1949-1949
PEACOCK E D 1859-1939
PEACOCK Kathleen M 1920-
PEACOCK Leatha MILLS 1879-1943
PEAK Charles B 1912-1977
PEAK Georgia L 1917-1984
PEAK Kathryn TRUMAN and Charles
PEARCE Bessie N 1916-1989
PEARCE Carol J 1929-1992
PEARCE David E and Chellie A
PEARCE Fannie MILLS 1904-1999
PEARCE Harry T Jr 1905-1983
PEARCE Harry T Sr 1876-1948
PEARCE Joe E 1927-2004
PEARCE Lon W 1916-1978
PEARCE Paul Robert 1901-1991
PEARCE Ruby NEAL 1914-1962
PEARCE Stella H Sr 1877-1949
PEARCE Vida Mae 1905-2000
PEARCY Alvie Sidney 1868-1944
PEARSE Ellagene Jean 1925-1997
PEARSE Julia H 1907-1930
PEARSIVILLE A J Jack and Lillie B
PEARSON Abner C 1904-1924
PEARSON Agnes and Fyke
PEARSON Albert H 1921-1955
PEARSON Ann Elizabeth 1923-1993
PEARSON Annette Virginia 1935-1989
PEARSON Belba Jean 1953
PEARSON Billy Ray 1935-1991
PEARSON Charles Thomas 1918-1948
PEARSON Charlie C 1905-1972
PEARSON Dollie BRANNAN 1920-2001
PEARSON F L and Viola A
PEARSON George E Jr 1924-1986
PEARSON James A Jr 1922-1994
PEARSON James D 1865-1943
PEARSON Jannie Ila 1895-1983
PEARSON Jennie I 1869-1956
PEARSON Jerry and Terri
PEARSON Jessie B 1915-1930
PEARSON John E 1888-1954
PEARSON John Thomas Sr and Gertrude GOSS
PEARSON Johnnie A 1920-1998
PEARSON Julianna M and Walter
PEARSON Lillian K and John J
PEARSON Mary M and Albert S
PEARSON Maudie R 1894-1977
PEARSON Minnie I and F D Rev
PEARSON Nina E 1923-1997
PEARSON Ora Lee 1906-1988
PEARSON R Louis and Margaret A
PEARSON Thomas Frank 1898-1974
PEARSON William J 1921-1976
PEASTER Charles C and Lidie W
PEATON Crockett Sr 1882-1958
PEATON Eunice O 1926-1960
PEATON Floyd E 1916-1999
PEATON Floyd Gene 1942-1999
PEATON Gladys E 1913-2003
PEAVY Beatrice Laura W 1922-1955
PEAVY Dewey F 1917-1991
PEAVY Jimmy Lee 1936-1983
PEAVY Ruby M 1910-1978
PEBWORTH Lora Mae 1903-1996
PECINA Nicanor Nico 1959-1999
PECK Frances E and Guy I
PECK Francis S and Minnie
PECK Marlain Estes 1909-1910
PECK Warren D Jr and Hazel J
PECORARO Anthony George 1928-1978
PECORARO Mary 1924-1934
PECORARO Mary and John
PECORARO Mike A 1938-1967
PEDERSON Albert 1887-1950
PEDRAZA Jose M 1913-1964
PEDROZA Felix R and Mary PILAR
PEEK Oma Lee 1924-1976
PEEL A M 1909-1967
PEEL Aleasha L 1973-1973
PEEL Helen L 1919-1992
PEEL Helen Mae 1916-1972
PEEL Jack E 1924-1989
PEEL John C 1906-1981
PEEL Larry Joe 1942-1993
PEEL Nellie Irene 1910-1990
PEEL Norman Alan 1955-1988
PEEL Norman Edward 1929-2004
PEEL Thelma C 1908-1994
PEEL William J 1903-1951
PEEL William V 1924-1986
PEERS Anna Lucille 1910-1926
PEERS Edith Sug 1909-1950
PEERS Harry 1928-1997
PEERS Mary Evelyn 1912-1924
PEERS Thelma Elizabeth 1902-1989
PEERY Clifford Bradley 1972-1972
PEET Mary Faye 1944-1985
PEGRAM Zelma LAYMANCE and James H Jim
PEGUES Fred H 1919-1969
PEGUES Fred H Jr 1950
PEKURNEY Margaret E 1924-1974
PEKURNEY Thomas 1920-1999
PELAYO Maria Refugio C 1916-1980
PELTON Douglas E 1958-1958
PELTON Marie C 1912-1998
PEMBERTON Bennie O 1895-1988
PEMBERTON George R 1895-1973
PEMBERTON Guy L 1897-1965
PEMBERTON Guy Lennox Jr 1924-1925
PEMBERTON J T Jr 1899-1973
PEMBERTON James Ray 1918-1983
PEMBERTON Jesse Thomas 1866-1946
PEMBERTON Mariam 1894-1967
PEMBERTON Mary Charlotte 1915-1942
PEMBERTON Nancy E 1882-1957
PEMBERTON Nancy H 1913-1988
PEMBERTON Olgg R and Imogene
PEMBERTON Ras I 1905-1929
PEMBERTON Shelia Kathryn 1924
PEMBERTON Warren G 1845-1930
PEMPSELL William George Jr and Mary Nell
PENA Alfonso Salas Sr 1924-1992
PENA Alfredo Freddy 1976-1993
PENA Amador G 1921-1927
PENA Daniel 1953-1995
PENA Eloy and Hilaria
PENA Eloy Jr 1932-1958
PENA Felipe Losoya 1917-1993
PENA Guadalupe 1902-1931
PENA Jesse V 1925-2000
PENA Luz S 1934-
PENA Marcellino A Lino 1974-1993
PENA Maria DeJESUS 1885-1959
PENA Maria DeLourdes SISTER -1963
PENA Maria Luisa 1904-1961
PENA Melissa Martha 1970-1970
PENA Pauline G 1924-2000
PENA Robert Louis 1949-1995
PENA Santiago G 1918-1986
PENA Stephen Jr 1942-2000
PENA Stephen Sr 1923-1976
PENA Tomas and Irene
PENA Ventura Bailey 1960-1974
PENCE Lillye Alice 1916-2001
PENDERGRASS William A 1913-1972
PENDERY Raymond Cole and Sara E Sally CH
PENDLETON baby 1939
PENDLETON G W 1922-1985
PENDLETON Joe Wells and Una Tina
PENDLETON Norma A 1896-1981
PENDLEY Elzie Houston 1918-1980
PENDLEY Marise Jane 1920-2002
PENGILLY 1 Betty 1920-1937
PENGILLY 1 John 1880-1930
PENGILLY 1 John Jr 1924-1967
PENISTEN Jamie Renee 1969-1985
PENIX Earle Edison 1895-1973
PENIX Joy Pauline 1910-1980
PENIX Katie MORRIS 1 1876-1927
PENLAND Dennis W and Jan R
PENLAND Myrtle MOZELLE 1935-1953
PENLEY Vallie 1909-1994
PENN Anthony Edward 1920-1947
PENNER Eva T 1900-1950
PENNEY Arnold D 1888-1956
PENNEY Clifford A and Norma B
PENNEY Mary E 1892-1995
PENNICK Delia 1890-1975
PENNICK Dolly D 1921-1922
PENNICK W L and Dolly
PENNINGER Elbert H and Lillian L
PENNINGTON Coy 1914-1962
PENNINGTON Emily Elizabeth 1926-2003
PENNINGTON Emma L 1892-1972
PENNINGTON Henry M and Eleanor F
PENNINGTON Mabel 1890-1982
PENNINGTON Maud 1885-1971
PENNINGTON Sandra Kay 1955
PENNINGTON Wanda Odessa 1926-1968
PENNOCK Marie A 1908-1987
PENNOCK Preston K 1895-1956
PENNOCK Sally EVANS 1857-1922
PENNY Wm Wyley 1862-1918
PENROD William G 1920-1971
PENRY Mary Lynne 1941-1998
PENRY Thadeus C 1872-1946
PENSE Lena P and Lon Sutton
PENSE Mattie ARMENA 1884-1971
PENSE Ronald Wayne 1948-1963
PENSE Vivian Oneta-and Lawrence Harrell
PENSYL Clarence Robert 1917-1970
PENSYL Elizabeth V 1919-1999
PENTIKIS George 1898-1962
PENTIKIS James 1875-1942
PENTIKIS Thespina 1877-1951
PEOPLES M E 1891-1929
PEOPLES Marion E 1919-1963
PEOPLES Susie Mae 1884-1964
PEOPLES Thomas E 1916-1951
PEOPLES William T 1874-1953
PEPLINSKI Michael Angel 1995-1995
PEPPER Don J 1928-1982
PEPPER Exa V 1899-1970
PEPPER Mary E 1930-2000
PEPPER Walter J 1892-1950
PEPPERS Annie A and John F
PEPPERS Edward F 1949-1956
PEPPERS Loretta C and Thomas F
PERALES Francisco A 1880-1954
PERALES Frank A 1945-1977
PERALES Jamie Marie 1989-1989
PERALES Julia O 1890-1957
PERALEZ Mitzi C 2002-2002
PERCIBALLI Mary G 1951-1971
PERCIBALLI Nona PARKER and Gaetano Thoma
PERCY 1 Annie McDANIEL 1887-1958
PERCY 1 Clarence 1886-1941
PERCY Ella C and William T
PERCY Harold Tuck 1922-1999
PERCY Jimmie Lee 1936-1989
PERDUE Dycie 1905-1988
PERDUE J C 1907-1963
PERDUE Martha Murray 1918-2000
PERDUE Mary G and George E
PERDUE Ovea N and Thomas F
PEREZ Adelaido Vega and Sofia CEREZO
PEREZ Albino B and Alberta M
PEREZ Andrea TAPIA 1911-1988
PEREZ Andrew 1934-1985
PEREZ Andrew Jr 1953-1971
PEREZ Anita SOTO 1918-1993
PEREZ Anna C Manjarrez 1997
PEREZ Anna Marie 1963-1991
PEREZ Anthony and Tony
PEREZ Antonio S 1966
PEREZ Augustin 1941-2001
PEREZ Aurora C 1897-1977
PEREZ Benny Sr 1926-1991
PEREZ Bianca E 1998-2002
PEREZ Carlos G 1983-1983
PEREZ Casimiro 1890-1951
PEREZ Celia A 1947-1948
PEREZ Christopher 1975-1996
PEREZ Cirilo 1960-1977
PEREZ Cirilo Spina 1979-1994
PEREZ David N and Olecia G
PEREZ David Shane 1976-2000
PEREZ Deldina L 1903-1967
PEREZ Diego R 1992-2002
PEREZ Eddie M 1954-1978
PEREZ Edward Cruz and Julia H
PEREZ Ernesto P and Gabina S and Chris J
PEREZ Esquio T 1949-1972
PEREZ Estella LUNA 1947-2000
PEREZ Felipa G 1884-1946
PEREZ Frank and Angela R
PEREZ Frankie 1948-1971
PEREZ Hiram 1951-1979
PEREZ Ignacio Y 1885-1949
PEREZ Isabel G Sr and Margarita
PEREZ J D and Vivian Ann
PEREZ Jesse Chuy 1947-1978
PEREZ Jesus 1898-1977
PEREZ Jesus 1933-1993
PEREZ Joe C and Leonor G
PEREZ Joe L 1973-1997
PEREZ Joel A and Sharon R
PEREZ John 1908-1981
PEREZ John Albert 1939-1964
PEREZ Jose 1880-1932
PEREZ Jose Jr 1981-1998
PEREZ Jose Zavala 1954-1997
PEREZ Joseph P El Umpire 1904-1995
PEREZ Juan 1957-1986
PEREZ Juan Jose Sr 1911-1974
PEREZ Juan Sr 1955-1993
PEREZ Juanita and Enrique
PEREZ Juanita C 1934-2002
PEREZ Juanita LOPEZ 1864-1952
PEREZ Julia CORDOVA 1946-1998
PEREZ Jumior Joe 1967-2004
PEREZ Karen Roxanne 1959-1996
PEREZ Lawrence Sr 1912-1972
PEREZ Lea Ann 1981
PEREZ Leopoldo 1885-1948
PEREZ Lorenzo G and Elvira ANQUIANO
PEREZ Manuel M 1900-1956
PEREZ Margaret Ann 1960-1995
PEREZ Margie M 1915-1989
PEREZ Maria DeJESUS G 1895-1955
PEREZ Maria Guadalupe 1998
PEREZ Maria R 1876-1920
PEREZ Maria S 1908-
PEREZ Marianita Delia MORALEZ 1942-2000
PEREZ Martin Esquivel Sr 1914-1993
PEREZ Miguel 1890-1958
PEREZ Natividad 1896-1988
PEREZ Nicholas R and Inocencia Z
PEREZ Paria Martina 1938-1998
PEREZ Pedro 1885-1938
PEREZ Pedro 1907-1985
PEREZ Petra L 1898-1973
PEREZ Porfirio Perc and Margarita V
PEREZ Rafael 1906-1983
PEREZ Ramiro Sr 1909-1961
PEREZ Ramon 1907-1989
PEREZ Ramon Saul 1985-2003
PEREZ Raymond 1947-1967
PEREZ Rosalinda C 1951-2003
PEREZ Rudy and Mary J
PEREZ Sarah G 1925-1984
PEREZ Sergio M 1991-2002
PEREZ Simon 1902-1968
PEREZ Teodula ZAMORA 1912-1986
PEREZ Teresa R and Louis S
PEREZ Thomas R 1927-1989
PEREZ Tomasa M and Joe
PEREZ Vincent D 1969-1999
PEREZ Virginia LINAN 1 and Jesus
PEREZ Virginia S 1893-1982
PEREZ Zenaida 1934-1970
PERHAMUS Emmett T 1902-1965
PERKINS Albert Lee 1921-1968
PERKINS Arlena C and Alan K
PERKINS Barbara Sue 1937-1972
PERKINS Beatrice 1900-1986
PERKINS Bun 1876-1959
PERKINS Carlton C 1913-1975
PERKINS Celia GREER 1828-1901
PERKINS Charles F 1874-1953
PERKINS Emma P 1888-1909
PERKINS Florence 1889-1950
PERKINS Florence L 1874-1953
PERKINS Gertrude 1896-1929
PERKINS Gertrude FOSTER 1903-1982
PERKINS Harper J 1911-1997
PERKINS Henry W 1877-1960
PERKINS Hubert F 1903-1951
PERKINS James W 1890-1961
PERKINS Jewell H 1898-1988
PERKINS Jimmy C 1932-2000
PERKINS John Bert 1914-1964
PERKINS John P and Nannie M
PERKINS Josephine C 1894-1970
PERKINS Lawrence F 1874-1961
PERKINS Lawson G 1914-1986
PERKINS Leona E 1884-1920
PERKINS Lillie W and Roy M
PERKINS Linton 1824-1891
PERKINS Lloyd B and Geneva
PERKINS Ludie 1874-1939
PERKINS Margaret E 1892-1976
PERKINS Margaret L 1912-1966
PERKINS Mary D and John E
PERKINS Mary F 1860-1939
PERKINS Mellie E Ma 1878-1972
PERKINS Myrtle CARLTON 1890-1978
PERKINS Olan 1905-1929
PERKINS Rhodes W and Elizabeth SHEEHEY
PERKINS Roy O 1891-1971
PERKINS Ruth SLOAN 1 1907-1991
PERKINS Sallie C 1849-1924
PERKINS Sandra A 1942-
PERKINS Vera Mae 1903-1964
PERKINS Vernie Lee 1900-1973
PERKINS Walter and Lillian B
PERKINS William M 1880-1954
PERLEY 1 George P 1866-1952
PERLEY 1 Mamie Ann 1861-1900
PERLEY 1 Mary Adelaide 1856-1942
PERNELL Mary Lee 1925-
PERNELL W T Bill and Charlotte H
PERRICONE Mary and David
PERRICONE Mary and Leonard
PERRIN Bessie 1895-1970
PERRIN Cecil Mae 1920-2005
PERRIN Clyde 1896-1965
PERRIN Inez H 1909-
PERRIN Paul L 1925-1954
PERRIN Virgil Oel 1903-1964
PERRITT Goldie Mae 1908-1994
PERRITT Johnnie C and Babe
PERRY 1 Augusta C 1909-1986
PERRY 1 Judia 1887-1969
PERRY 1 Oscar S 1880-1926
PERRY 2 J Mid 1874-1947
PERRY Annie Laura 1900-1999
PERRY Bessie V 1908-1991
PERRY Brady A 1911-1974
PERRY Carl A and Gorda P
PERRY Carl William 1898-1969
PERRY Charles and Mary E
PERRY Clyde W 1901-1973
PERRY Eddie Lee 1939-2001
PERRY Eileen 1917-1980
PERRY Elizabeth 1877-1932
PERRY Ellen 1909-1982
PERRY Forrest P 1919-1981
PERRY J Mat and E Abbie WILSON
PERRY James I and Vera
PERRY Janie CARRUTHERS 1883-1953
PERRY John Stewart and Cornelia VanDORA
PERRY John Thomas 1914-1981
PERRY Joseph H 1879-1950
PERRY Juanita M 1908-1974
PERRY Laura J 1873-1948
PERRY Lyndon R and Opal L
PERRY Marion Frank 1929-1981
PERRY Mickey Rooney and Ada Fay
PERRY Nettie J 1881-1956
PERRY Norah 1876-1910
PERRY Thomas L and Dona C
PERRY Thomas Rab and Bessie HOLT
PERRY Troy F 1897-1983
PERRY Valli CURTIS 1902-1955
PERRY W W 1929-1997
PERRY William H and N Gladys
PERRYMAN John and May
PERSHON 1 Blanche and John W
PERSON A R 1871- at 57
PERTIG Rebecca C 1891-1971
PESTER Christine G 1911-1996
PETER James W and Anna Belle
PETER Sylvia Lee 1929
PETER Wilhelm H and Lena
PETERKA Allie HALL 1900-1948
PETERKA Frances 1872-1964
PETERKA Frank 1873-1934
PETERKA Frank Jr 1910-1978
PETERKA Louis 1896-1945
PETERKA Rudolph Dutch 1904-1967
PETERKA Willie 1913-1980
PETERMAN Gordon L and Violet L
PETERMAN Margaret BOWMAN 1899-1989
PETERMAN Sam Beecher 1897-1977
PETERMAN William B Dr 1925-1987
PETERS 1 Daniel P 1925-1996
PETERS 2 Cecil 1887-1971
PETERS Alva L and Hettie L
PETERS Arnold J 1880-1962
PETERS Athena and Pete
PETERS Carl M Sr 1913-1996
PETERS Helen Rosalie 1921-1995
PETERS James 1893-1935
PETERS Jennie SALERNO 1900-1957
PETERS Lottie 1883-1935
PETERS Marguerite 1917-
PETERS Mary A and John G
PETERS Millie O and John H
PETERS Nannie Mary 1904-1964
PETERS Peter Rev 1834-1936
PETERS Sarah B and Ernest P
PETERS Tom 1890-1991
PETERSEN Axel H Sr De De 1898-1982
PETERSEN Charles Robert 1943
PETERSEN Pauline E and Axel Arnold Jr
PETERSEN Wilbur H Speedy and Nancy Fern
PETERSON 1 H Emmett 1861-1931
PETERSON 1 Julia G 1868-1932
PETERSON Alice 1868-1943
PETERSON Arthur E 1897-1986
PETERSON Carlton Ray and Glenna M
PETERSON Clarence E 1923-1983
PETERSON Diamond 1912-1970
PETERSON Edwin T 1910-1981
PETERSON James Theodore Pete and Jessie
PETERSON Johanna Kay 1970
PETERSON John E 1939-1966
PETERSON Katy Mae 1904-1974
PETERSON Lillie 1902-2003
PETERSON Loretta A 1954-1998
PETERSON Mabel 1902-1957
PETERSON Marthe Louise 1924-1943
PETERSON Melbourne 1918-1999
PETERSON Minnie M 1895-1968
PETERSON Oliver O and Inez SODD
PETERSON Ollie V 1902-1982
PETERSON Opal 1918-1983
PETERSON Rebecca jane 1962-1962
PETERSON Rita Ann 1923-1978
PETERSON Robert B and Ruby F
PETERSON V Avis 1910-2003
PETERSON Violet E 1927-1997
PETERSON Virginia L 1925-2004
PETERSON William J 1925-1997
PETERSON William M 1898-1975
PETIT Jack C 1897-1940
PETITT Loraine 1919-1936
PETRAS Joe H and Odessa
PETRASH Barbara Ann 1956-1957
PETRASH Louise KURTZ and Edwin Pete
PETREA Albert D 1928-1992
PETREA J W 1923-1990
PETREA Willie Clay 1897-1965
PETREE Cap D and Annie Mae
PETREE Mary Ruth 1946
PETREE Sidney S 1912-1977
PETREK George W Jr 1935-1996
PETRENCIK Martin and Martha Ann
PETRIE Mary 1930-2001
PETRILLI John R 1922-1998
PETRILLI Rose A 1927-1990
PETROFF Cleo 1907-1997
PETROFF John 101-1984
PETROVICH George J Sr 1907-1972
PETROVICH Jack 1895-1961
PETTA 1 Joe and Phyllis Ann
PETTA Andrea J 1890-1949
PETTA Frank G and Mary L
PETTA George 1866-1938
PETTA Joe A 1900-1968
PETTA Mary 1876-1951
PETTA Roma WILSON 1907-1950
PETTIGREW Berneice 1895-1974
PETTIGREW Emmett L 1915-1973
PETTIGREW Jessie Lee 1912-1986
PETTIGREW John P 1935-1992
PETTIGREW L C 1917-1981
PETTIGREW Luther O 1895-1985
PETTIGREW Patsy R 1944-2002
PETTIGREW Paul A and Florence A
PETTIGREW Pernecia E 1899-1957
PETTINGER Eugene P 1925-1985
PETTIS Billy Gene and Johnnie Faye
PETTIT Althea Agnes 1909-2000
PETTIT Alvah E 1907-1986
PETTIT George F and W Donald
PETTIT Joseph Columbus 1905-1998
PETTIT Rex 1897-1938
PETTIT Ross A and Janie
PETTIT Thelma S 1908-1985
PETTITTE Maude Victoria 1892-1949
PETTY Bertha 1914-1959
PETTY E A 1920-1971
PETTY Marselino O 1894-1964
PETTY Mary Alabama FULLER 1847-1930
PETTY N D 1889-1949
PETTY Norma C 1886-1965
PETTY Patrick V 1876-1951
PETTY Roy Lynn 1950-1971
PETTY Roy W 1922-1979
PETTY Sophia V 1889-1960
PETTY Victoria Michelle 1996-2000
PETTY Walter Rufus 1876-1945
PETTYGREW Mandy J 1855-1929
PETTYGREW W M 1866-1946
PETTYJOHN Benjamin S and Nora Q
PETZOLD 1 Helene Marie 1892-1955
PETZOLD 1 Herman E 1918-1976
PETZOLD 1 Otto William 1889-1979
PETZOLD 1 Otto William Jr 1929-1993
PEVETO Loyce Fay 1929-1987
PEWITT David Weldon and Naomi CAUSEY
PEYTON Alva I and Sarah Vivian
PFANDER Ralph M 1903-1969
PFEIFFER Willie E and Hildred F
PHAM Anton Pham Chiem 1931-1999
PHAM Bon Van 1932-1999
PHAM Mary Loan 1988
PHAM-THI-LIEN Bac Gia Tho Ba 1911-1989
PHAN Cuong Van 1985-1985
PHARIS Robert H Sr and Ruby E
PHARIS Ruby Naomi 1900-1994
PHARIS William H 1889-1965
PHARMAKIS Nicholas 1894-1947
PHARR Henry W Fonde 1899-1978
PHELPS 1 Dorothy E 1926-1983
PHELPS A D 1883-1964
PHELPS Clarice and Albert T
PHELPS E M 1861-1949
PHELPS Ella S 1863-1939
PHELPS Gussie Loyd 1900-1995
PHELPS Marion Olen
PHELPS Maud 1894-1923
PHELPS Orien Edwin Jr 1922-1990
PHELPS Orien Edwin Sr 1881-1958
PHELPS R L Bobby 1926-1971
PHELPS Tommie L and Ernest L
PHEMISTER David Wayne 1952
PHEMISTER Herbert T 1923-1968
PHEMISTER Mildred 1925-
PHEMISTER William E Ed 1911-1993
PHETMANIVONG Sanlaseun 1973-1984
PHETSAVONG Doakham 1926-1995
PHIFER Darrell Gene 1941-1986
PHIFER Forrest Jr and Jessie C
PHIFER Forrest Sr 1875-1959
PHIFER Herman F 1922-1932
PHIFER Lum Shorty and Kathryn Marie
PHIFER Nettie L 1878-1950
PHIFER Ruby L 1945-
PHILIPS Mary E Bam 1848-1944
PHILLIPS 1 F M 1867-1937
PHILLIPS 2 Normal M 1907-1945
PHILLIPS 3 Lee Foster 1874-1957
PHILLIPS 3 Mary E 1879-1969
PHILLIPS 4 Bessie THOMAS 1906-1988
PHILLIPS 4 Harry W 1901-1989
PHILLIPS 4 Thomas O Tom 1936-1997
PHILLIPS Allen H 1911-1960
PHILLIPS Andrew W 1901-1974
PHILLIPS Angelena K 1924-1946
PHILLIPS Ardyce N 1925-1990
PHILLIPS Arthur L 1857-1932
PHILLIPS Arthur L 1940-2001
PHILLIPS Aubrey C 1905-1979
PHILLIPS Bannie E 1892-1970
PHILLIPS Charles G and Mary E
PHILLIPS Charles O and Doris L WYNN
PHILLIPS Clara 1856-1946
PHILLIPS Clarence A 1893-1920
PHILLIPS Daniel Richard 1946-1953
PHILLIPS Davey Dave and Lisa G
PHILLIPS Delphia Jane 1844-1927
PHILLIPS Edith TELCK 1911-1994
PHILLIPS Edward J iv 1915-1978
PHILLIPS Edward L 1879-1962
PHILLIPS Elizabeth and Henry Clay
PHILLIPS Elma 1886-1932
PHILLIPS Ethel Mae 1889-1968
PHILLIPS Ethel STUART 1 and Bert L
PHILLIPS Eugene 1893-1942
PHILLIPS Euphye L 1901-1970
PHILLIPS F E Teddie Mrs 1923-1942
PHILLIPS Frances I 1941-2001
PHILLIPS Frances KING 1916-1958
PHILLIPS Frederick R 1907-1950
PHILLIPS Geneva PANNELL 1922-1979
PHILLIPS George L and Velma M
PHILLIPS Gerald W 1924-1967
PHILLIPS Harry Joseph 1928-1930
PHILLIPS Harvey H 1919-1995
PHILLIPS Helen 1937-2000
PHILLIPS Helen FAULK 1895-1981
PHILLIPS Helen Rhea 1925-1999
PHILLIPS Henry Bryant and Marjorie J
PHILLIPS J B and Pauline and Billy Bob
PHILLIPS J T and Daisy B
PHILLIPS Jack 1915-1941
PHILLIPS James Madison 1882-1928
PHILLIPS James W and Artie A
PHILLIPS Jenny Jinny 1910-2000
PHILLIPS Jesse Jacob 1879-1939
PHILLIPS Jewel Mae 1913-1989
PHILLIPS John M 1885-1944
PHILLIPS John W 1964-1944
PHILLIPS Joseph C and Joseph C
PHILLIPS Joseph Walker 1878-1958
PHILLIPS June N and Edward M
PHILLIPS L F Pop 1881-1945
PHILLIPS LaDessa and John C
PHILLIPS Lillie Mae 1911-1995
PHILLIPS Lola J 1884-1976
PHILLIPS Louday 1905-1996
PHILLIPS Lucy 1871-1941
PHILLIPS M Maybelle 1884-1952
PHILLIPS Maggie 1896-1947
PHILLIPS Mary A 1870-1951
PHILLIPS Mary Ann 1954
PHILLIPS Mary Ellen 1964
PHILLIPS Mattie I 1915-1994
PHILLIPS Mildred M 1908-1992
PHILLIPS Myrna Lee 1937-2002
PHILLIPS Newton H 1874-1960
PHILLIPS Obera DENDY and Allan Richard
PHILLIPS Ollie B 1895-1947
PHILLIPS Opal C 1909-1981
PHILLIPS Ozella 1923-1928
PHILLIPS Pearl TURNER and Walter Burke
PHILLIPS Priscilla May 1869-1922
PHILLIPS Reginald C 1894-1916
PHILLIPS Rosa M 1878-1959
PHILLIPS Roscoe C 1907-1951
PHILLIPS Roy E and Evah L
PHILLIPS Sam H and Jessie L
PHILLIPS Samuel H 1896-1979
PHILLIPS Sarah 1884-1961
PHILLIPS Selby Beeman and Eula Mae
PHILLIPS Sibyl M and Leon M
PHILLIPS Thomas Edward 1930-1983
PHILLIPS Tom 1902-1986
PHILLIPS W Orman 1890-1965
PHILLIPS Weldon B 1910-1992
PHILLIPS Weldon Eules 1925-1957
PHILLIPS William G Dr and Louise GILLESP
PHILLIPS Willie Elmer and Dora Alice
PHILLIPS Wm Grady 1908-1991
PHILLIPS Woodard W Sr 1890-1966
PHILLIPS Zelma Fay 1901-1984
PHINNEY baby 1923
PHINNEY James T 1885-1953
PHIPPS 1 Raymon Larence 1924-1998
PHIPPS Amy Lea 1973-1974
PHIPPS Dollie M and Homer H
PHIPPS Ethel M 1894-1972
PHIPPS Frances E 1916-2003
PHIPPS Guilla 1887-1960
PHIPPS Letha Nell 1910-1981
PHIPPS Rex Arthur Sr and Gladys MOZELLE
PHIPPS Thomas T Jr 1914-1998
PHON-ASA Celina Khampeng 1918-1998
PHONG Dang Thanh 1961-2002
PHONHARAJ Oy 1974-1981
PHOULEUANGHONG Sisomphone 1961-1992
PHOUMINDR Beetou 1984-1992
PHOUMLAVANH Elvis 1986-1992
PHOUTTHAVONG Somphana 1940-1996
PICARD Georgia Helen 1927-1992
PICAZO David Samuel 1966-1966
PICHA Frank Felix 1913-1998
PICHA Margie W 1915-1981
PICHA Mildred Viola 1924-1971
PICKENS Howard C 1919-1963
PICKERIN G Juanita and Gordon Y
PICKERIN girl 1956
PICKETT Aubrey Dee and Joan AYRES
PICKETT Charles F 1896-1948
PICKETT Charles Lee 1944-1997
PICKETT Charlie A 1889-1968
PICKETT Frances L 1918-1972
PICKETT Henry Clay and Hazel GRAY
PICKETT John W 1919-1957
PICKETT Johnnie S 1908-1970
PICKETT Roxie Mae 1923-1960
PICKETT Velma 1904-1997
PICKFORD Oliver 1899-1966
PICKFORD Ruby A 1903-1987
PICKLE Albert Graham 1919-2001
PICKLE Oscar Leon 1892-1967
PICMON Sidney 1915-1945
PIERATT Billy M Sr 1922-2001
PIERATT Lanette J 1928-1996
PIERCE Archie A -1933
PIERCE Barbara Jo 1933-
PIERCE Betty Ruth 1934-1997
PIERCE Blake Edward 1896-1896
PIERCE Douglas Lynn 1956
PIERCE Earl 1903-1987
PIERCE Eddie Ray Jr 1972
PIERCE Edgar Eugene 1899-1925
PIERCE Evelyn A 1914-
PIERCE Jack M 1909-1999
PIERCE James Victor and Blanche Lee
PIERCE Jarry L 1929-1986
PIERCE Jimmy D and Dee Dee
PIERCE Jimmy Wayne 1934-
PIERCE John H 1864-1940
PIERCE Kate FITZHUGH 1873-1929
PIERCE Leathy Alice 1881-1957
PIERCE Richmond Virginius 1897-1934
PIERCE Royce L 1934-2002
PIERCE Teresa KAI 1967-1987
PIERCE Vera HARRIS 4 1911-1991
PIERCE Vida 1908-1971
PIERSON Albert J and Lorena D
PIERSON Betty J CUSHING and John W and L
PIERSON Craig Dr 1925-1965
PIERSON Daniel D and Marie MEEK
PIERSON Jackie L Jack and Alma F Amy
PIERSON Juanita J 1927-1989
PIETRANTONIO Alesio 1902-1961
PIFER Janet McENTIRE 1943-1982
PIKE Clifford J and Pearl V
PIKE John G and Mary B
PILAND J B 1914-1980
PILAND Linda Kay 1957-2000
PILCHER Douglas A 1920-1991
PILCHER Elmer E and Viola C
PILCHER Gary Glenn 1955-1957
PILCHER J Paul 1922-2002
PILCHER Michael Wayne 1951-1986
PILCHER Norman E and Harmon S
PILCHER Ronnie NEAL and Terry Keith
PILCHER Roy Jr Sonny 1958-1977
PILCHER Stanton E and Maudina M
PILLING 1 Helen and James
PILLOW Jack Foster 1893-1966
PILLOW Robert Jewell and Vera Fay
PIMENTEL Amelia P 1922-1955
PIMENTEL Carolina 1919-1944
PIMENTEL Wilfred O Jr 1966-1998
PINA Delia Rosa 1958-2003
PINCKARD Andy J Sr and Kathleen M and An
PINCKARD John A 1894-1972
PINCKARD Mae 1899-1989
PINCKARD Marshall 1918-1979
PINCKARD Nayda D 1913-1965
PINCKARD Sue 1934-1998
PINCKARD W G Bill 1926-1995
PINEDA Monica Rose 1963-2002
PINER Veva Irma 1906-1976
PINION Katherine 1899-1950
PINKARD Eura Mae 1902-1987
PINKERTON J W 1902-1984
PINKERTON Jessie S 1903-1979
PINKNEY Anna M 1878-1958
PINKSTON Joseph B 1910-1977
PINKSTON M L 1912-1978
PINKSTON Magdalene 1912-1980
PINNEKE Roy G and Martha I
PINSON Barry Thomas 1950-1953
PINT Lavern Francis and Judith Ann
PIPER Charles W 1866-1945
PIPER Frank 1894-1953
PIPER Frank J 1901-1993
PIPER George W 1904-1990
PIPER Hazel M 1908-2000
PIPER John W 1892-1964
PIPER Katie E 1872-1944
PIPER Laurenz 1865-1939
PIPER Laurenz Jr 1900-1956
PIPER Mary M 1895-1986
PIPER Rudolph 1896-1980
PIPER Theresa 1868-1950
PIPES Harold 1908-1990
PIPES Madine 1912-1997
PIPKIN Daniel E and Emma
PIPKIN George B 1922-1966
PIPKIN George B and Cora J
PIPKIN Jackie Dan and Judith Nan 1944
PIPKIN Landon B 1902-1985
PIPKIN Lillie Louise and Daniel Elmo Sr
PIPKIN Louis Mirabeau and Roselle SEABOR
PIPKIN Mary McCORD 1905-1973
PIPPIN Horace D and Margella C
PIPPIN William Ray 1947-1974
PIPPINS Horace B 1895-1975
PIRKLE 1 Bertie P and W J Bill
PIRKLE 1 W L Larry 1946-
PIRKLE 2 A J 1898-1960
PIRKLE 2 Bobby T 1923-1946
PIRKLE 2 Lavon 1902-1954
PIRKLE Blanche 1896-1990
PIRKLE Shane Alexander 1996
PISANO Ralph P 1915-1976
PISANO Vera Mae 1926-2002
PISTOKACHE Cornelius 1880-1975
PISTOKACHE Johnnie 1892-1950
PITCHFORD Mae F Mazie 1922-1993
PITCHFORD Robert B 1919-1978
PITMAN 1 Joseph Edward 1879-1935
PITMAN 1 Lily Pearl 1887-1958
PITMAN 1 Mama and Joseph
PITMAN Pearl C 1887-1960
PITMAN Samie and Ada
PITNER Guy R 1880-1955
PITNER Virgile P 1877-1972
PITT Annie BREEN 1917-1991
PITT Richard W 1940-1972
PITT Ruth M 1918-1986
PITTENGER 1 Allie M 1859-1950
PITTENGER 1 Cherry F and Richard P
PITTENGER 1 J Byron 1885-1935
PITTENGER 1 Jesse S 1850-1918
PITTENGER 1 M Gladys 1891-1979
PITTENGER 1 Nell K 1895-1926
PITTMAN Bobbie Jean 1931-1956
PITTMAN Carroll 1935-2004
PITTMAN Della Mae 1918-1974
PITTMAN Dewey H and Maude B
PITTMAN Esterlee 1872-1958
PITTMAN Frankie E and William E
PITTMAN Jackie R and Stanley E
PITTMAN John A and Barbara J
PITTMAN John Keith Sr and Margaret Ann
PITTMAN Lawrence A 1897-1956
PITTMAN Lewis 1903-1911
PITTMAN Lillian Marie 1915-1994
PITTMAN Lloyd B 1899-1970
PITTMAN Lonnie C 1909-1981
PITTMAN Mamie M 1900-1988
PITTMAN Mary E 1907-1976
PITTMAN Mary I 1873-1959
PITTMAN Maxine E 1931-1998
PITTMAN N L 1872-1932
PITTMAN Patsy Ruth 1927-2002
PITTMAN R M 1853-1942
PITTMAN Ruth A 1875-1935
PITTMAN S S 1870-1946
PITTMAN Seth H and Ethel H
PITTMAN Weaver 1895-1959
PITTMAN Weaver and Cordie
PITTMAN William E 1918-1983
PITTMAN William R 1910-1951
PITTMAN Woodrow W 1912-1963
PITTS 1 Edy POOLE 1875-1955
PITTS 1 James E Jr 1904-1986
PITTS 1 James Edward 1874-1939
PITTS 1 Lucy Lou 1908-1983
PITTS Andrew Craig 1965
PITTS Danny Paul 1956-1956
PITTS Dorothy WRENN 1927-
PITTS Geo Wally and Nona H
PITTS James W 1926-1985
PITTS John Harvie 1917-1992
PITTS Lee Roy 1916-1983
PITTS Lillie 1865-1949
PITTS Milton R and Frankie O
PITTS Tory Arthur Nettle 1999-1999
PIXLER Johnnie A and Lorene M
PIZANA Augustine 1894-1961
PLACENCIA Pascual V 1914-1992
PLAHN Harrick 1878-1948
PLANT Charles David 1956-2002
PLANT Jimmie 1907-1984
PLANT Willie I 1903-1950
PLASENCIA Francis Aguilar 1935-1986
PLASENCIA Maria T 1989-1989
PLASTER Alice Iva Ann 1907-1999
PLASTER Ones C and Wynell W
PLAZA Felipa G 1919-2000
PLECHUS Frank Albert 1914-1977
PLECHUS Julia Vazis 1915-1991
PLEDGER Barbara Ann 1954-2000
PLEDGER Joe Lynn 1938-1976
PLEMMONS Angelic Lynn 1977
PLEMONS Virgil E 1905-1980
PLEMONS William J and Hester H
PLESCIA Jack S 1891-1968
PLESCIA Lannie 1894-1972
PLESCIA Samuel J 1916-1971
PLESS Obera J 1888-1981
PLESS Thomas C 1879-1950
PLESS Weldon Thomas 1917-1934
PLESS Weldon Thomas BSA
PLEXCO Eldred K Buck and Louise
PLHAK Bernadette C and Roy Leonard
PLILER Cyril C and Crillon Webb
PLILER Richard Alan and Robert David
PLILER Robert Dewey and Anna WHITWELL
PLILER Stephen C 1946-1972
PLISKO 1 Bertha H 1904-1983
PLISKO 1 Michael E 1902-1955
PLISKO 1 Mike Edward Jr 1924-1944
PLITT 1 Edna May 1896-1974
PLITT 1 George W 1886-1974
PLOTT Pauline W and William J
PLOTT William Jr 1926-1951
PLOWMAN Lenard J and E Irene COX 2
PLUGGE Bernardine 1892-1980
PLUGGE Louise 1896-1979
PLUM Robbie L 1912-1989
PLUMANNS Carol MILLER 1943-2004
PLUMLEE Alta M 1894-1954
PLUMLEE Arthur B 1884-1948
PLUMLEE Arthur B Jr and Gwendolen WOOD
PLUMLEE Dale M 1916-1976
PLUMLEE F H 1923-1991
PLUMMER Dora 1871-1943
PLUMMER Edith Babe 1903-1988
PLUMMER Florence 1890-1968
PLUMMER George G 1883-1965
PLUMMER J W 1863-1946
PLUMMER James Hinton 1920-1991
PLUMMER James L 1885-1948
PLUMMER John N 1917-1990
PLUMMER Lois W 1903-1981
PLUMMER Mitchell and Mary E
PLUMMER Roy 1894-1963
PLUNK Phyllis Jean 1944-1973
PLUNKETT William E and Mary E
PODGERS Gerald E 1939-1993
POE C Lewis and Birdie E
POE Geraldine M 1947-1964
POERNER Carolyn 1854-1940
POERNER Wenzel 1854-1910
POFF Tracy Wayne 1951-1951
POINDEXTER Richard H 1942-2002
POINDEXTER Robert D Jr 1924-1987
POINDEXTER Roger Dale and Richard Dwayne
POINTER Byron J 1940-1978
POKLUDA Cecil F and Cora May
POKLUDA Karl Joseph 1920-1934
POKLUDA Mary A and Charles L
POLACEK Frances 1884-1929
POLACEK Pearl 1907-1992
POLAND J Oscar and A Bessie
POLANOVICH Bill P 1920-1974
POLANOVICH Mary 1898-1969
POLANOVICH Steve 1889-1946
POLASEK Frank 1863-1945
POLASEK Mary 1866-1941
POLE A R Skinnie and R E SMITH
POLEHRONAKOS Gus J 1888-1967
POLETE J Edgar and Opal V
POLINSKIE 1 Annie 1890-1933
POLINSKIE 1 Joe 1888-1961
POLINSKY Celestine 1900-1967
POLINSKY Peter P 1895-1948
POLINSKY Sophie 1895-1924
POLK 1 Annie BRITTON 1894-1985
POLK 1 John Vernon and Margie WATTS
POLK 1 Robert Marshall 1891-1977
POLK Bernard A and Ann JURAN
POLK Charlie O-and McKie Bee
POLK Harriet N 1900-1987
POLK John W L 1952-1978
POLK Sandra K 1954-1978
POLK Vernon M 1918-1978
POLLARD 1 R E Burt 1885-1924
POLLARD 1876-1918
POLLARD C W 1847-1914
POLLARD Cary Allen 1877-1949
POLLARD Ida Lee and William H
POLLARD Isaac N 1897-1974
POLLARD James Lee 1965-1979
POLLARD Jimmie Lee 1922-1935
POLLARD Julecia 1906-1996
POLLARD Myrtle INKMAN 1889-1974
POLLARD nanc T 1884-1963
POLLARD Naomi M and William Dee
POLLARD Valley F 1886-1950
POLLARD Virgil F 1883-1950
POLLOCK Dan 1922-1989
POLLOCK Earl H 1912-1978
POLLOCK Lon Hollis and Maggie Jane
POLLOCK Obediah 1923-1981
POLLY Alex 1906-1944
POLLY William 1904-1970
POLSER Bea E 1914-1997
POLSER James E Buck 1910-1999
POMEROY David K 1923-1996
POMEROY John Hamilton Jack 1913-2003
POMPA Marcelino 1889-1971
PONCE Augustina 1916-1992
PONCE Biviana A 1894-1980
PONCE Cruz P 1891-1987
PONCE Esquia P 1866-1953
PONCE Eva M 1934-1974
PONCE Henry Rey 1938-1991
PONCE John 1922-1982
PONCE Joseph 1957
PONCE Maria S 1902-2003
PONCE Pedro 1889-1958
PONCE Trinidad P 1899-1970
POND Charlie P 1904-1994
POND Hiram 1890-1942
POND Kathryn 1907-1965
POND Louine WARD RIX 1911-1999
POND Mildred 1908-1994
POND Ulysses Jefferson and Leila Mae McC
POND Willard Noel 1920-1949
PONDER baby 1953
PONDER Carl A and Cora B
PONDER Cecil Leota 1892-1973
PONDER Clisby Pal 1901-1996
PONDER Henry C and Mary E
PONDER Katie B 1883-1963
PONDER Leo Alton 1895-1974
PONDER Marguerite 1908-2001
PONDER son 1967
PONDER Timothy M 1950
PONTON Terriece M 1900-1968
POOL 1 Alma L 1872-1946
POOL 1 Alma L 1903-1995
POOL 1 Elspeth L 1910-1996
POOL 1 Helen C 1901-1970
POOL 1 Julia T 1907-1989
POOL 1 Lee Ross 1924-1978
POOL 1 Patricia Ellen 1969
POOL 1 Robert C 1899--1929
POOL 1 Robert C 1899-1929
POOL 1 Robert C Jr 1921-1964
POOL 1 Robert S 1940-1978
POOL 1 Walter C 1871-1944
POOL 1 Walter C Jr 1905-1986
POOL 1 Walter Leon 1934-1944
POOL Bennie 1904-1972
POOL Charles F 1901-1952
POOL Charley Ray 1928-1952
POOL Ella Murel 1930-1946
POOL Frank O 1922-1993
POOL Hardy G and Oma L
POOL Jack R 1920-1983
POOL James O and Caddie
POOL Kenneth 1923-1978
POOL Lydle B 1910-1981
POOL Mabel Marie 1912-2001
POOL Mary Grace 1920-1996
POOL Melissa Nan 1955-1957
POOL Olin Victor 1906-1988
POOL Sam H and George B MARSH
POOLE Dan P 1926-1984
POOLE Lilly WASSER 1881-1965
POOLE Viola 1903-1998
POOLE William G and Maureen H
POOLE Wm Curtis Jr 1902-1959
POOR William H 1904-1973
POORE Ike H 1890-1966
POORE Joe A and Imogene
POPE 1 Henry H 1868-1942
POPE 1 James 1924-
POPE 1 Lela 1898-1993
POPE 1 Loyd 1899-1974
POPE 1 Wynona 1927-
POPE Annie K 1909-1988
POPE Austin Brian 1994-1994
POPE Belle SNOW 1873-1955
POPE Blanche HILL 1895-1919
POPE Brummitt Lewis and Fannie L
POPE Cora D 1890-1946
POPE Curtis C and Mellie C
POPE Elber 1919-1998
POPE Garralene and Luther and Vera
POPE George C and Callie Bell
POPE Gerald T Jr 1951
POPE Homer Lewis 1915-1951
POPE James Paul 1926-1930
POPE Jessie J and Vivian G
POPE Joseph L 1902-1963
POPE Juanita 1906-1972
POPE Leona A 1898-1974
POPE Lucille MEDFORD 1907-1999
POPE Mary Ophelia 1856-1940
POPE Robert L and Mary
POPE Robert Samuel and Adelia Elizabeth
POPE Thomas L and Elsie L
POPE Violet Lee Loretta 1921-1996
POPE W H 1873-1917
POPE William A 1913-1982
POPEJOY Nora CARR 1875-1954
POPKEN John S 1859-1947
POPKEN Maria B 1871-1929
POPLIN A J 1865-1930
POPLIN Dorothy LEAHY MARTIN 1928-2000
POPP Madeline 1905-1984
PORCH Clifford W Sr 1929-1988
PORCH Dorothy STOCKARD 1919-1999
PORTER 1 Charlene B and Glenn A
PORTER 1 Jimmy Don 1946-1968
PORTER 2 Earnest Reed and Mina Pearl
PORTER 2 Grayford W 1913-1967
PORTER 2 Helen Frances 1878-1938
PORTER 2 Virgil T -1980
PORTER 2 William A 1866-1945
PORTER 2 Wilson R 1907-1967
PORTER Allen A 1899-1932
PORTER Arthur Clinton 1916-1981
PORTER B W 1870-1942
PORTER Ben 1915-1916
PORTER Carl E and Bonnie R
PORTER Charles W and Veta Irene
PORTER Charlotte HENSLEY 1896-1988
PORTER Clara Varena 1882-1939
PORTER Clarence Marion 1864-1942
PORTER Consil Lee 1898-1967
PORTER Diane WEBB 1941-1997
PORTER Donna Jane 1941-
PORTER Edward K 1895-1943
PORTER Elbert W and Dorothy S
PORTER Elsie Fay 1908-1996
PORTER Ethel C 1895-1980
PORTER Ethel M 1894-1988
PORTER Eula M 1897-1980
PORTER Evelyn 1891-1918
PORTER Georgiana 1925
PORTER Hugh C and Mattie L
PORTER Ira M Lt 1929-1956
PORTER Ira Malven 1895-1937
PORTER Ira Malven 1929-1956
PORTER Isaac N 1847-1922
PORTER J L Mrs 1859-1917
PORTER J Vernon 1885-1956
PORTER J Willard 1889-1962
PORTER James C 1933-1990
PORTER James Lee 1876-1943
PORTER James T 1883-1950
PORTER Jason James 1971-1990
PORTER Jeffrey Lynn 1951-1982
PORTER Jessie A Bugs and Wanda Marie
PORTER Jessie A Jr and Miron L
PORTER Joe Raymond 1903-1949
PORTER John 1869-1910
PORTER John C 1909-1946
PORTER Joseph Thomas 1979-2002
PORTER Katie Elizabeth and Adelbert A
PORTER Lola May 1888-1971
PORTER Lon H and Kitty J
PORTER Mable L 1895-1960
PORTER Mae Gwendolyn 1921-1967
PORTER Marvin L and Clara B
PORTER Mary E 1907-1993
PORTER Mattie E 1872-1942
PORTER Mattie S 1874-1948
PORTER Myrtle M and Raymond O
PORTER Nettie Louise 1917-1948
PORTER Oather B 1903-1986
PORTER Oleta Joyce 1923-1997
PORTER Ray and Rosa
PORTER Rece B and Nettie M
PORTER Robert S 1894-1959
PORTER Roy E 1912-1943
PORTER Sallie Esta 1911-1955
PORTER Sarah J and Gaston L
PORTER Sephronia Jane 1861-1938
PORTER Walter A 1887-1970
PORTER William A and Mary E
PORTER William Fred and Ruth Nadine
PORTER William H 1920-1972
PORTER Willie J 1914-1997
PORTER Winnie Edith and John Dillard
PORTER Wm Ray 1941-1942
PORTER Zera SCOTT 1885-1956
PORTERFIELD 1 Bluford R 1885-1926
PORTERFIELD 1 Dollie A 1884-1968
PORTERFIELD Altha Lemoine 1905-1960
PORTERFIELD James Fred 1900-1980
PORTMAN William C 1843-1925
PORTWOOD Dean K 1928-1970
PORTWOOD Jack 1903-1939
PORTWOOD Mary Dell 1883-1950
PORTWOOD Silas O 1899-1948
POSA Cloyce Dell and Johnnye CRAIG
POSA Gordon Lane 1947-
POSEY Ruth B 1921-1980
POST Victor W and Rose Mary
POSTLEWAITE James L and Carla K
POSTON Charles T and Brenda J
POSTON Charlie M and Virgie Pauline
POSTON Frances HINSON 1928-1969
POSTON Granvil C 1919-1974
POSTON Nova L 1918-1993
POSTON Ridley John and Minnie Alice
POSTON Thomas J 1862-1936
POTEET John P 1921-1995
POTEET Teddy Joe 1938-1987
POTTER 1 Daisy Viola 1892-1970
POTTER 1 Mattie 1854-1924
POTTER Amos C 1883-1967
POTTER Deborah Sue 1952-1952
POTTER Doudlas Wayne 1925-1954
POTTER Elvin George 1877-1953
POTTER George C 1925-1991
POTTER Harold Eugene 1915-1982
POTTER Hattie Mae 1890-1957
POTTER Herbert G 1911-1974
POTTER Homer M 1886-1945
POTTER Lucille E and Howard M
POTTER Oliver Perry-1889-1942
POTTER Ruby Jean 1917-1992
POTTHOFF William 1913-2002
POTTS Cecil William 1898-1962
POTTS Clarence A 1894-1953
POTTS Claude T 1889-1947
POTTS Claude T 1914-1992
POTTS Georgia 1863-1948
POTTS Hazel SHORTNACY 1905-1986
POTTS Homer G and Martha M
POTTS I Marshall -1961
POTTS Velma Elizabeth 1903-2000
POULOS Peter 1875-1953
POUNDS Roydell and Callie
POWDERLY Hazel and Cato
POWELL 1 Charles M 1896-1982
POWELL 1 Lucy E 1850-1940
POWELL 1 Mollie L 1900-1987
POWELL 1 son 1921
POWELL 2 Joseph Stephen 1893-1933
POWELL 2 Lucie THOMAS 2 1891-1976
POWELL 2 Margaret 1923-1931
POWELL 3 Annie Mae 1907-1979
POWELL 3 Buster 1905-1992
POWELL 3 Edgar Lynn 1928-1997
POWELL 3 Mary C 1927-2004
POWELL 3 Samuel C 1884-1962
POWELL 3 Villie 1879-1967
POWELL Almeda G 1900-1987
POWELL Alva 1900-1943
POWELL Archie M and Sallie O
POWELL Betty Jean 1927-1998
POWELL Billy T 1925-1999
POWELL Bridget Mary SISTER -1935
POWELL C W Bill and Maggie Nelle
POWELL Caleb Leighton 1990
POWELL Campbell F 1899-1977
POWELL Charles E 1892-1948
POWELL Colia G 1896-1978
POWELL Dewey Robert 1899-1971
POWELL Don E and Barbara
POWELL Douglas Dawson 1925-2002
POWELL Edna Elizabeth 1921-1923
POWELL Edna Haby 1912-1994
POWELL Ethel KELLY 1910-1973
POWELL Ethel LOVE HUNTER 1917-1992
POWELL Fayrene PETTY 1923-1988
POWELL G C Sonny 1925-1968
POWELL George Grammer 1924-2001
POWELL Grover F 1885-1966
POWELL Harold Krom 1907-1975
POWELL Henry Harvel Sr 1915-1969
POWELL Henry Oliver and Hattie
POWELL House 12-6-2005
POWELL J A Jack 1911-1968
POWELL J M 1919-1999
POWELL Jack T 1908-1983
POWELL James H and Katherine M
POWELL James H and Wanda
POWELL James M and Ada F
POWELL Jane 1936-1971
POWELL Jesse James 1946-1969
POWELL Jessie Bob 1928-2001
POWELL Jewell FOLEY 1892-1936
POWELL Joel P 1895-1980
POWELL John A 1897-1964
POWELL John A 1925-1925
POWELL Kenneth W 1936-1979
POWELL Kerry G Little Bit 1989-1990
POWELL Lawrence N and Ethel C
POWELL Lester 1905-1966
POWELL Leta 1900-1945
POWELL Louise 1924-1988
POWELL Luther M 1891-1947
POWELL Margaret F 1894-1979
POWELL Mark R 1960-1981
POWELL Martin M 1889-1954
POWELL Mary Agnes 1925-1984
POWELL Mary E 1922-1976
POWELL Mary Jane 1886-1931
POWELL Mary Louise 1929-1929
POWELL Mattie 1891-1926
POWELL Nancy and Edward
POWELL Otis H and Virginia M
POWELL Otis Harrison 1876-1956
POWELL Pat O 1913-1953
POWELL Patrick O Jr 1937-1999
POWELL Paul 1916-1982
POWELL Pearl L 1914-1997
POWELL Preston L Von 1967-1984
POWELL Rodrick Morgan 1953-1958
POWELL S W Sr 1880-1952
POWELL Samuel Gene 1938-1986
POWELL Sebren W Jr and Mary E
POWELL Sophia Hazel 1917-1975
POWELL Tempie Gertrude 1888-1972
POWELL Thomas Daren 1958-1997
POWELL Verda L 1905-1981
POWELL Virgil and Ray
POWELL Wilk Lowell 1932-1979
POWELL William J 1922-1942
POWELL Willian H and Edith W
POWELL Willie G 1885-1963
POWELL Zella M 1894-1948
POWELL Zina 1883-1980
POWER 1 Andrew J Jr 1924-1984
POWER 1 Andrew J Judge 1878-1946
POWER 1 Annie R 1884-1968
POWER 1 Theresa E 1905-1993
POWER 1 Truman 1913-1970
POWER Bennie 1906-1966
POWER J K 1864-1929
POWER Laura L 1873-1966
POWER Robert E and Virginia W
POWER Walter F 1940-1992
POWERS 1 Don W and Mary Kala
POWERS Ada Mae and Louis B
POWERS Alyce LOVELACE 1911-1998
POWERS Arthur Lee 1865-1919
POWERS Berta Mae 1910-1962
POWERS Cleo CALDWELL 1905-1950
POWERS Daniel C 1897-1951
POWERS Douglas 1912-1994
POWERS Elizabeth M 1873-1951
POWERS Ella 1857-1934
POWERS Felix M 1905-1972
POWERS Harriet E 1902-1984
POWERS Inez CORDER 1899-1981
POWERS James and Beulah
POWERS James D 1958-1987
POWERS John E 1897-1963
POWERS John S 1870-1933
POWERS Julian R and Beatrice M
POWERS Lester Carl 1901-1960
POWERS Marie Dorothy 1898-1997
POWERS Mary POLLARD 1872-1918
POWERS Nellie G 1906-1974
POWERS Sandra Sue 1937-2002
POWERS Violet S 1867-1945
POWERS William O 1868-1953
POYE Julia 1876-1943
POYNOR Affie 1898-1964
POYNOR Ida 1883-1931
POYNOR Julia F and Ernest W
POYNOR Lizzie and Sam
POYNTER Lillian R 1887-1985
POYTHRESS Joe 1859-1922
PRACHYL Venson E and Jewell A
PRADO Francisco Sr 1879-
PRADO Frank Jr 1908-1927
PRADO Frank L 1928-1950
PRADO Maura L 1881-1959
PRANIVONG Somchay 1933-1994
PRATER Ann 1828-1950
PRATER Avanell 1917-
PRATER Ernest G 1874-1956
PRATER J C and Vada E
PRATER James Franklin 1893-1953
PRATER Josiah A 1901-1972
PRATER Lynal Gale 1926-1957
PRATER Melvin F 1911-1960
PRATER Myrtle Lula 1906-1978
PRATER Myrtle M 1883-1938
PRATER Phillip J 1904-1968
PRATER Tennie Lee 1901-1993
PRATER Ulysses Grant 1903-1969
PRATER Wilton Lee and Jimmie Hershell
PRATHER Haskell L and Lucille H
PRATHER Wm Edwin 1926-1971
PRATT 1 Clarence H 1901-1971
PRATT 1 Oleene B 1910-1993
PRATT 2 John G 1884-1960
PRATT 2 Lizzie Pearl 1887-1965
PRATT 2 Louie Ivan and Leslie Irene
PRATT Birdie M 1897-1942
PRATT Ethel E MILLER 1910-1993
PRATT Homer H and Mae B
PRATT Jimmy Dale 1967-1998
PRATT Johnny Richard 1919-1982
PRATT Mary Francis 1914-1968
PRATT R B 1858-1926
PRATT R B Bill 1908-1973
PRATT William T 1914-1989
PRAYTOR Raymond D 1951-1979
PREATHER Leonard C 1894-1952
PREATHER Viola D 1904-1987
PREHODITCH Andrew D 1917-1964
PRELL Madjorie Madge 1910-1982
PRELL Thomas W and Myrtle M
PREMO Tammye Suzanne 1960-2003
PRESCOTT Lonnie Leon and Mildred M
PRESCOTT Norman Bartlett Sr and Patsy Ru
PRESCOTT Owen W 1921-1967
PRESCOTT Richard Owen Mickey 1945-2002
PRESCOTT Robert T 1854-1919
PRESLEY 1 Aquilla E 1886-1951
PRESLEY 1 Elsie V and Walter T
PRESLEY 1 Nellie L and Alonzo A
PRESLEY 2 Dessie Mae 1892-1925
PRESLEY 2 Eddie T 1883-1957
PRESLEY 2 son 1925
PRESLEY Joe Mike 1944-1993
PRESLEY L N Chug 1915-2000
PRESLEY M Belle POUND 1843-1935
PRESLEY Randy Ray 1958
PRESLEY Rayoma B 1919-2003
PRESLEY Thomas M 1836-1917
PRESLEY Thomas M 1887-1941
PRESS Teresa M 1953-1996
PRESSLEY Guy S 1893-1957
PRESSLEY Harrison W 1877-1962
PRESSLEY John Elbert 1917-1999
PRESSLEY Lola 1898-1993
PRESSLEY Nora Ann 1882-1960
PRESSLY Fern 1900-1992
PRESSLY Josh 1894-1943
PRESSLY William V 1917-1959
PRESTAGE Archie Lee and Grace Ladona
PRESTON Alta Turner 1904-1991
PRESTON Beatrice COLLINS -1994
PRESTON Don Milton -1994
PRESTON Gail S 1898-1974
PRESTON Gene and Amelia
PRESTON Gertrude Brent HENSLEY 1877-1969
PRESTON James L 1922-1982
PRESTON Sandra Donna -1994
PRESTON Thomas Elmer and Lillian Opal
PRESTON Thomas Lawson 1915-1920
PRESTRIDGE Bendo Allen 1880-1948
PREWETT 1 Eleanor K 1915-1981
PREWETT 1 Eunice 1880-1945
PREWETT 1 Horace Lee 1911-1929
PREWETT 1 Jesse G 1885-1974
PREWETT 1 Jessie Mae 1897-1996
PREWETT 1 Lloyd G 1910-1975
PRIBBLE 1 Coma Lee 1886-1951
PRIBBLE 1 Florence A 1890-1978
PRIBBLE 1 Hugh Calvin 1919-1937
PRIBBLE 1 Marvin W and Marilynn
PRIBBLE 1 Warren H 1923-1971
PRIBBLE Thomas Eugene and Carol Joann
PRICE 3 Homer Lester 1894-1972
PRICE 3 Irma S 1903-2000
PRICE Allene M 1911-1991
PRICE Andrew H 1846-1921
PRICE Annie 1887-1962
PRICE Bridges F 1869-1955
PRICE Chae Jeffrey 1958-2001
PRICE Clint 1913-1978
PRICE Cora SMITH 1870-1927
PRICE David Martin 1962-1981
PRICE Donna MAYFIELD 1 1869-1923
PRICE Dorothy A 1907-1986
PRICE Edith Ruth 1908-1989
PRICE Edwin H and Phrauline L
PRICE Elbert L and Una K
PRICE Elmer E 1890-1970
PRICE Erma RHODES and C Luther
PRICE Eugene 1881-1956
PRICE Finley L and Betty J
PRICE Florence 1888-1970
PRICE Francis Summers 1918-1992
PRICE Francis Summers and Margaret L
PRICE Frank 1889-1959
PRICE Geneva A 1899-1988
PRICE Georgia B 1914-1987
PRICE Glen E 1927-1982
PRICE Glen E Jr and Sandra J
PRICE Grady E and Addie C
PRICE Harry S MD 1894-1968
PRICE Henry Edward 1902-1947
PRICE J B Jr 1941-1990
PRICE J B Sr 1904-1968
PRICE Jack W and Ann L
PRICE James H 1886-1964
PRICE James Morris 1943-1999
PRICE James S and Marie A
PRICE James W Jr 1920-1991
PRICE James W Sr and Evelyn Mae
PRICE Jason Neal 1975-1975
PRICE Jesse C and Lois M
PRICE Jim B and Flora Fay
PRICE Jim Virgil 1934-1997
PRICE John C 1871-1945
PRICE John F 1901-1962
PRICE Joseph E 1900-1985
PRICE Joseph H 1867-1937
PRICE K C Jr and Carol Jean
PRICE Kathryn M 1892-1937
PRICE Latrelle M 1909-1984
PRICE Liston Sanford 1900-1958
PRICE Lois D 1902-1995
PRICE Luella 1915-1960
PRICE Lynn Joseph and Mary Etta
PRICE Marshall Jamison 1914-1988
PRICE Mary Ann and Henry Bradford
PRICE Maude SMITH 1887-1971
PRICE Murray Mailey 1897-1933
PRICE Nellie M 1876-1960
PRICE Oleata Jaunice STEGALL 1927-1992
PRICE Phillip M and Margie
PRICE Rose BAILEY 1874-1928
PRICE Roxie Ann 1861-1940
PRICE Ruby F 1883-1952
PRICE Sarah Jane and Mickey K and Patric
PRICE Stephen L Sr 1906-1989
PRICE Sterling M 1898-1951
PRICE Sterling McClesky MD 1866-1935
PRICE Wesley C 1917-1996
PRICE William Bailey 1912-1992
PRICE William C 1888-1976
PRICHARD Ben J and Lucille
PRICHARD Ben Jr 1921-1938
PRICHARD G Walter and Rena L
PRICHARD Ned 1920-1950
PRICKETT 1 Bion L 1905-1966
PRIDDY 1 Curtis Cowboy 1909-1949
PRIDDY 1 Virgie 1912-2002
PRIDDY Billy Autry 1929-1964
PRIDDY Earl B 1922-1997
PRIDDY Edith BENNE 1919-1984
PRIDDY Elmer 1876-1954
PRIDDY Fairy Belle 1878-1953
PRIDDY George and Rebecca
PRIDDY Homer T 1889-1979
PRIDDY Howard Coe and Nona VOWELL
PRIDDY Howard E A 1910-1988
PRIDDY John Banister 1917-1970
PRIDDY Maudine L 1924-1995
PRIDDY Nora Bell 1891-1971
PRIDDY Raymond R 1928-1988
PRIDDY Virgil Cole and Roberta Emily
PRIDDY William 1895-1938
PRIDE Alta Mae 1923-1984
PRIDE Charles F 1913-1990
PRIDE Contessa Michelle 1975-1975
PRIDE Mildred and Janice Kay
PRIDEMORE John and Elizabeth
PRIEST A H 1895-1933
PRIEST Alfred E and Fern E
PRIEST H Wayne and Doris
PRIEST Ira Curtis Jr 1926-1961
PRIEST Jessie 1897-1978
PRIEST Kathryn Lyle 1919-1926
PRIEST Lawrence G 1923-1944
PRIEST Lawrence G Sr 1891-1939
PRIEST Lyle Vera 1892-1981
PRIEST W Stewart 1885-1937
PRIGMORE Beryle C 1910-1990
PRIGMORE Cora S 1887-1953
PRIGMORE J W and Mary Jane
PRIGMORE Lake I 1882-1957
PRIGMORE M Alyne 1901-1972
PRINCE 1 H P 1878-1918
PRINCE 1 Herbert P 1905-1973
PRINCE 1 Mary Edna 1881-1953
PRINCE Bertha J 1910-1983
PRINCE Billie A 1909-1948
PRINCE Claudie M and Eldredge J
PRINCE Jack Foster 1918-1918
PRINCE James Henry 1888-1968
PRINCE Joe N 1938-1996
PRINCE Judson D D and Lucille
PRINCE Manley J and Wilna and Jo Ann YAT
PRINCE Maude F 1885-1958
PRINCE W L and Anna M
PRINDLE J Lloyd 1918-1931
PRINDLE Lora A 1873-1935
PRINDLE Robert M and Alice
PRINE Patrick 1925-1970
PRINGLE Gale E and Pauline
PRINGLE Herbert N Sr 1905-1961
PRINGLE Jean 1908-1971
PRINGLE Leonard 1905-1995
PRIOR Bascom Bill 1882-1953
PRISTERNIK Max and Irene
PRITCHARD Anna L Au 1912-2000
PRITCHARD Margaret E 1886-1965
PRITCHARD Wm A Bill 1890-1957
PRITCHETT Alex F 1935-2002
PRITCHETT B Frank 1883-1970
PRITCHETT Barbara Alleane STARNES and Al
PRITCHETT Bert G 1898-1972
PRITCHETT Cas and Della
PRITCHETT Cora L 1891-1970
PRITCHETT Emma Marie and Noah L
PRITCHETT Irene 1908-1994
PRITCHETT James Keith Speck 1929-1986
PRITCHETT Mary Lorean 1917-1983
PRITCHETT Pearl 1907-1968
PRITCHETT Thelma S 1895-1983
PRITCHETT Willie Lee 1913-1954
PROCHASKA Frank J 1899-1972
PROCHASKA Josephine VITEK and Frank L
PROCHASKA Marie E 1903-1954
PROCK John L 1885-1961
PROCK Josie 1893-1958
PROCTOR 1 A J 1852-1941
PROCTOR 1 Elizabeth POWER 1 1852-1944
PROCTOR Cecil D and Julia F
PROCTOR Earnest L and Susie E
PROCTOR Frances Ruth 1911-1998
PROCTOR Herman C and Dollie M
PROCTOR Judy Cecile 1941
PROCTOR Monica L 1965-1974
PROCTOR Raymond E 1908-1996
PROCTOR Robert Leroye Dean Prock 1918-19
PROCTOR Roy Lee 1908-1934
PROCTOR Roy Lee and Wm C Dub
PROCTOR Susie E and Ernest L
PROCTOR Velma Marie 1917-2002
PROCTOR Warren C 1892-1923
PROCTOR Wm C 1917-1941
PROFFITT Effie E 1892-1980
PROFFITT J Albert 1881-1957
PROFFITT Robert L and Ethel
PROFFITT Robert Q and Norma L
PROFFITT Roger L 1928-1985
PROSSER Melissa 1948-2002
PROUTY Doris Mae 1925-1973
PROVASEK Frank J and Frances C
PROVASEK Lewis A and Margaret H
PROVINCE Amy Lee and Dorothy M and John
PROVINE Anna Belle 1909-1974
PROVINE Elizabeth HAND 1901-1995
PROVINE William L 1921-1994
PRUETT A J 1900-1963
PRUETT Barton G 1932-1988
PRUETT C Curtis and Florence E
PRUETT Claude E 1906-1958
PRUETT Clyde W 1900-1957
PRUETT Clyde W Jr 1930-1989
PRUETT Della SELLERS 1904-1969
PRUETT E V Pete 1911-1985
PRUETT Glenn 1898-1960
PRUETT Margaret J 1875-1960
PRUETT Marsha Ann 1955
PRUETT Maud R 1884-1937
PRUITT 1 Dee Roy 1895-1955
PRUITT 1 Jennie Mae NICHOLS 1900-1980
PRUITT 1 John Melvin 1932-1980
PRUITT 1 Lillie Mae 1904-1957
PRUITT 1 Milburn E 1893-1954
PRUITT Alvin A 1910-1983
PRUITT Earl Papa and Sarah Helen Memaw
PRUITT Frank 1891-1946
PRUITT Homer R and Hattie B
PRUITT Jackie R and John J
PRUITT James Leon and Marion Doris KOPE
PRUITT Jimmie V and Agnes H
PRUITT Jimmy H and Sue
PRUITT Karl Dan 1927-1928
PRUITT Mattie Lou 1914-1967
PRUITT Miles Herman and Allene Ova
PRUITT Nema J 1916-1984
PRUITT Ollie HARRIS 1882-1957
PRUITT Richard E Sr 1935-2001
PRUITT Roy H 1907-1961
PRUITT Sadie 1895-1957
PRUITT Terry Inwood 1952-1952
PRUITT Timi Fern 1962-1965
PRUKOP Mary Alice 1949
PRUNTY Daisy Mae 1937-1940
PRUNTY Emmie Lou 1935-1940
PRUNTY George B 1908-1969
PRUNTY George Lee 1933-1995
PRUNTY Jimmy B 1931-1972
PRUNTY Thelma Lee 1915-1991
PRUSA Edwin F and Christine C
PRYOR John S 1891-1975
PUCKETT Christina M 1924-2002
PUCKETT Ernest 1897-1964
PUCKETT Geo 1845-1923
PUCKETT Jessie B 1884-1969
PUCKETT Marvin and Bertha L
PUCKETT Nicholas W 1878-1933
PUCKETT Orvel M 1916-1984
PUCKETT Victoria McINTOSH 1853-1935
PUDDY Aldon Henry 1918-1979
PUDDY Alton E Skeet and Rosa Lee
PUDDY Mary Hettie 1874-1950
PUDDY Phyllis Nell 1927-1973
PUDDY Roy M 1900-1966
PUDDY Thomas Henry 1866-1940
PUENTE Aurelio M 1911-2001
PUENTE Christopher David 1994
PUENTE Felipe and Rhonda
PUENTE Florinda GARZA 1914-1993
PUENTE Francisco 1920-1979
PUENTE Fred 1945-2002
PUENTE Robert Jr 1972-1972
PUENTE Salome Sr 1912-1994
PUENTE Sr Cruz Sr 1922-1987
PUENTE Theodora R 1921-1992
PUENTE Yesenia 1987-1987
PUENTES Joe Angel Javier 1991-1992
PUETT 1 Claude Aaron 1896-1930
PUGA Irma Luna 1956-2005
PUGH Gregory Dennis 1949-1952
PUGH Joe Dennis 1922-1993
PUGH John Paul and Rudy W
PUGH Norma YOUNGBLOOD 1923-1956
PULIDO Daniel Sr and Paula
PULIDO David Michael 1967-1987
PULLEN Bettie Lou 1926-1926
PULLEN Florine M and Homer N
PULLEN Sam H 1886-1949
PULLIAM Bernie 1858-1909
PULLIAM Billy Charles 1924-1997
PULLIAM Charles A 1906-1992
PULLIAM Fred A 1914-1945
PULLIAM Helen L 1926-2002
PULLIAM James Edwin Sr 1868-1946
PULLIAM Jarrell D and Frances L
PULLIAM Lizzie Beulah 1878-1934
PULLIAM Lloyd and Doorothy
PULLIAM Mary Charlene 1942-1943
PULLIAM Morris E Boot 1923-2003
PULLIAM Robert A and B Faye
PULLIAM Rose Mary -1969
PULLIAM Vivian E 1897-1960
PULLIAM Willard W 1892-1976
PULSIFER Albert T and Dixie R
PULSIPHER Evelyn A 1923-1996
PULSIPHER Raymond C 1924-1988
PULTZ Don L and Deloris M
PUMA Angelo John and Barbara CRISP
PUMA Josephine LEITO 1904-1986
PUMPHREY 1 Grace BRIDGES 1893-1941
PUMPHREY 1 Keith Franklin 1895-1937
PUMPHREY 1 Marie 1894-1972
PUMPHREY 1 Orpha J 1898-1988
PUMPHREY B Luther and Virginia E
PUMPHREY Keith F Jr 1919-1948
PURCELL Flora MAYFIELD 1 1887-1916
PURCELL Hattie M 1863-1930
PURCELL W L 1877-1932
PURCER Charles E 1875-1936
PURCER Jesse W 1914-1956
PURGERSON Dollie O-BRIEN 1869-1936
PURINTON Arthur B 1886-1959
PURINTON Margaret B 1962
PURKEY Lester Jr and Charlotte
PURRIER Kenneth Duane 1957
PURSLEY Billy Jean 1935-1935
PURSLEY Essie Lou 1899-1968
PURSLEY William D 1901-1968
PURVIS Hazel B 1896-1977
PURVIS Joe M 1877-1957
PUSTEJOVSKY David L 1952-1985
PUTMAN Carrie G 1891-1917
PUTMAN Martha 1866-1931
PUTNAM Barbara BOYLE 1931-1990
PUTNAM Dora 1873-1927
PUTNAM E M Pa-Bert 1872-1947
PUTNAM Grace I and James A
PUTNAM Harold B 1911-1997
PUTNAM Iva L 1913-1999
PUTNAM Jimmie B and Ollie M
PUTNAM Ralph J and Una E
PYE Andy D 1917-1983
PYEATT Callie R 1890-1968
PYGOTT Betty A and Richard J
PYKA Patricia Ann 1939-1986
PYLE Larry G 1948-1969
PYLE Mary F 1858-1937
PYLES Alice M 1885-1973
PYLES Charlie N and Faye
PYLES Tinie Lee -1986
PYLES William C 1918-1973
PYNE Martha A 1868-1959
PYNE Wellington E 1864-1951
PYRON Clarence E 1907-1984
PYRON Zona Grace 1910-2003
QUAIN Willie Mae 1908-1940
QUAIN Woodrow and Marie
QUALLS Benjanin F 1890-1953
QUALLS Cressida Kaye 1973-1974
QUALLS Florine 1917-1975
QUALLS Frances E 1885-1962
QUALLS Jerry Pa Paw and Shirley Grammy
QUALLS John M and Carrie A
QUALLS Raymond Ray 1911-1980
QUANG Phero Ngoc Tran Duc 1963-2003
QUANTRELL Johnnie 1910-1978
QUARLES Annie E -1912
QUARLES C A Pat and Marguerite
QUARLES John L 1881-1947
QUATTROCHI Anthony S and E Louise
QUATTROCHI Audrey R and Lou Ann
QUATTROCHI Ben and Frances
QUATTROCHI Phillip A Peanut 1942-2002
QUAYLE Irene FARLEY and Tracy Bates
QUEEN Grace KEATING 1897-1987
QUEEN H W Jack 1896-1979
QUEEN Lee Roy Jr 1920-1977
QUEVEDO Aleja A 1873-1964
QUEVEDO Joe 1889-1963
QUEVEDO Juanita A 1880-1959
QUEVEDO Louis 1914-1980
QUEVEDO Telesforo 1866-1954
QUICKENSTEDT 1 Ernst 1857-1909
QUICKENSTEDT 1 Louise 1862-1942
QUIGLEY Ella 1876-1965
QUILLIN 1 Charlotte R 1916-1988
QUILLIN 1 Hubert A 1909-1992
QUILLIN 1 Hugh A 1873-1939
QUILLIN 1 Paula Kay 1945-1998
QUILLIN 1 Rosa A 1878-1961
QUILLIN Lorene A and Jim A
QUILLIN Will E and Estelle N
QUINLEY Mildred O 1910-1988
QUINLIVAN Phil J 1891-1958
QUINN 1 B J 1912-1987
QUINN 1 Gerard J 1908-1996
QUINN 1 J J 1870-1946
QUINN 1 Nellie J 1876-1945
QUINN 2 Arthur M 1896-1915
QUINN 2 Marvin R 1910-1991
QUINN 2 Stephen T and Sarah F
QUINN 3 Wm Bluford 1875-1935
QUINN Beulah E SPLAWN TALLEY 1898-1946
QUINN Bill 1898-1929
QUINN Billy 1925-1930
QUINN Caroline 1888-1977
QUINN Doris C 1914-1987
QUINN Frank J 1914-1974
QUINN Goldie G 1895-1935
QUINN Helen J 1902-1973
QUINN James G 1876-1952
QUINN James Harold 1928-1963
QUINN Joe Leroy 1919-1969
QUINN Johnny K 1945-2000
QUINN Linda C 1944-1998
QUINN Peter 1887-1955
QUINN Sandra HALEY and Jerry D
QUINN Thomas 1879-1950
QUINONES Beatrice 1922-1997
QUINONES Leonides R 1910-2002
QUINTANA Frank E 1921-1946
QUINTANA Joe 1907-1957
QUINTANA Joe O 1934-2001
QUINTANA Thelma 1908-1995
QUINTANA Victor 1926-1945
QUINTANILLA Angelita 1882-1968
QUINTANILLA Dionicia L 1894-1963
QUINTANILLA Louis L 1918-1944
QUINTANILLA Ramon and Dolores
QUINTANILLA ReAnna M 1976-1996
QUINTANILLA Robert V 1948-2001
QUINTIN Edna Ruth 1920-1986
QUINTIN Richard A 1913-1981
QUIRK Syble 1909-1996
QUIROGA Jerry Jr 1956-1979
QUIROZ Richard and Imelda P
QUITUGUA John R 1961-1963
RAABE Joyce WILSON 1934-1983
RABB Charlie R 1880-1946
RABB Edna E SEXTON 1901-1967
RABUN Edgar D 1917-1979
RABUN John B Jr 1908-1991
RABUN John Berry 1872-1938
RABUN Myrtle Louise 1883-1972
RABY Myra J 1883-1967
RABY Roy Thomas 1909-1969
RABY Thomas M 1872-1957
RABYOR Anna 1876-1961
RACE Inez DAVIS 1920-1994
RACHAL Edwina B 1921-1988
RACHEL Charles A and Pauline A
RACHEL Charles Howard 1942-1993
RACHEL Donald Robert and Sylvia Ann
RACHEL Joe E 1953-1977
RACKETT Frederick W 1896-1945
RADFORD Annie M and Walter T
RADFORD C S 1880-1944
RADFORD Florence 1896-1988
RADFORD Lillian T 1897-1986
RADFORD Samuel Y 1892-1974
RADFORD Walter B 1909-1963
RADICAN James A and Candelaria
RADNEY Samie Dwyne 1926-1952
RADOFSKI Norene 1946-1972
RADTKE Emma TORNO 1875-1951
RADTKE John F 1862-1954
RAESZ Charlie 1937-2004
RAESZ Lydia V 1909-1978
RAETZ Joseph Andrew 1930-2002
RAFAEL Esqivel 1933-1934
RAFFERTY John 1958-1992
RAFFERTY Joseph M 1921-
RAFFERTY Ruth J 1927-1998
RAFFERTY Tempie B 1922-1976
RAGAN Edna Ree 1901-1958
RAGSDALE Annie 1884-1950
RAGSDALE Elzie Everett 1922-1998
RAGSDALE Jess R and Lillie M
RAGSDALE John T 1866-1937
RAGSDALE Tina Elizabeth 1976-1976
RAGSDALE W K 1876-1948
RAGSDALE William Cullie 1898-1917
RAILSBACK Hugh 1876-1940
RAINBOLT Arlie and Janet and Dortha
RAINES Everett H 1897-1968
RAINES George C and Doris V
RAINES George J 1889-1955
RAINES Jerry W 1925-2001
RAINES Louise TRIPLETT 1906-1994
RAINES Rosa Lee 1926-
RAINES Ruth O 1914-1968
RAINES Treller 1895-1983
RAINES William Kyle 1924-1997
RAINEY Dora 1890-1985
RAINEY Etta May 1880-1962
RAINEY George Edward 1900-1931
RAINEY Hazel E 1902-1925
RAINEY Josephine A 1899-1960
RAINEY Maud E 1889-1955
RAINEY Thomas G 1889-1932
RAINEY Thomas Ray Jr 1964-1999
RAINEY William Albert 1893-1969
RAINEY William Bradley 1920-1994
RAINEY William E 1879-1966
RAINS Bertha L 1942-1970
RAINS Charles Burel and Gloria Joyce
RAINS Dora Alma 1890-1975
RAINS Eddie R 1941-1983
RAINWATER Annie E 1875-1959
RAINWATER Frank R 1898-1989
RAINWATER Hazel H 1905-1981
RAINWATER James A 1878-1948
RAINWATER John H and Virginia E
RAINWATER John Victor and Wilda Jean
RAINWATER Oscar L 1876-1944
RAJKOWSKI Aleksander 1914-2002
RAKESTRAW Sammye L 1919-1973
RALEY Melba KUTCH 1 1910-1998
RALEY Price S 1921-1987
RALEY Robert P 1961-
RALLS Anna Margaret 1916-1997
RALLS Dorothy Lee 1911-1989
RALLS Jerry W 1910-1993
RALLS Robert Edward 1915-1999
RALPH Clifford James 1931-2002
RALPH Velma O 1908-1994
RALPH William S 1904-1943
RALPH William S Jr 1928-1982
RALSTIN Dora E and Wm Earl
RALSTIN Thomas Keith 1926-1996
RALSTON 1 Elmer D Jr 1929-1989
RALSTON 1 Elmer D Sr and Annie Mae
RALSTON Mary LaVerne 1921-1944
RAMER Cynthelia 1854-1927
RAMER Jimmy Sid 1950-1980
RAMEY Cecil Louise 1898-1953
RAMEY Della I 1877-1935
RAMEY James B Jr 1925-2000
RAMEY James B Sr and Tommie Joe
RAMEY John T 1902-1972
RAMEY Letha A 1842-1937
RAMEY Ventie Z 1871-1952
RAMIREZ Albert 1958-2000
RAMIREZ Alberto 1925-1999
RAMIREZ Alene A 1937-1985
RAMIREZ Alfonso 1960-2003
RAMIREZ Alfred F and Ramona S
RAMIREZ Anastacia S 1915-1994
RAMIREZ Andres H and Benita H
RAMIREZ Aniceto Jr 1960
RAMIREZ Anthony 1961-1968
RAMIREZ Aurora 1913-1947
RAMIREZ Damien 1873-1955
RAMIREZ Danny Sr and Danny Jr
RAMIREZ David 1931-1953
RAMIREZ Esperanza 1922-2002
RAMIREZ Eugene and Felice
RAMIREZ Eva A 1878-1952
RAMIREZ Francisco 1819-1919
RAMIREZ Gloria C 1927-2001
RAMIREZ J Saul 1952-1997
RAMIREZ John F 1905-1995
RAMIREZ Jose Antonio 1973-2000
RAMIREZ Jose Miguel 1957-1980
RAMIREZ Jose T 1907-1997
RAMIREZ Joseph 1988
RAMIREZ Joseph A 1955
RAMIREZ Joseph W 1990-1992
RAMIREZ Juan 1919-1996
RAMIREZ Juan Alberto Jr 1997-1999
RAMIREZ Juan D Sr 1919-1995
RAMIREZ Juan Jr 1954-1983
RAMIREZ Lupe A 1930-
RAMIREZ M L 1943-1944
RAMIREZ Magedonio M 1877-1958
RAMIREZ Marina 1964-1974
RAMIREZ Mary Ellen Honey 1942-
RAMIREZ Maximino C and Candelaria R
RAMIREZ Miguel Jimenez Sr and Socorro BA
RAMIREZ Mike 1924-1995
RAMIREZ Natividad 1898-1996
RAMIREZ Primitivo and MaLouise
RAMIREZ Rachel 1935-2001
RAMIREZ Raymond R 1943-1999
RAMIREZ Reuben 1938-1966
RAMIREZ Reyes 1938-2004
RAMIREZ Richard F Sr 1935-1958
RAMIREZ Sam and Stella
RAMIREZ Samuel Sammy Jr 1943-1970
RAMIREZ Santiago and Amalia
RAMIREZ Seferina 1907-1982
RAMIREZ Zabo Leann 1999-2001
RAMON Juan and Aurora
RAMON Maria Dolores 1931-1979
RAMON Raul Rudy 1957-1979
RAMOS Christina A 1934-1953
RAMOS David S 1933-2005
RAMOS Delania Evelyn 1949-1999
RAMOS Euffmio and Josefina G
RAMOS Francisco and Zapopan
RAMOS Gregorio and Luz T
RAMOS Jesse S 1928-1972
RAMOS Joaquin Jake 1931-2000
RAMOS Josephine 1936-1970
RAMOS Juan P and Maria
RAMOS Juanita 1936-2005
RAMOS Luis H 1907-1990
RAMOS Manuel H and Antonia Ramos
RAMOS Manuel M and Eufemia M
RAMOS Maria A 1926-1984
RAMOS Petra H and Leandro H
RAMOS Ramona C and Richard Sr
RAMOS Raymundo 1923-1996
RAMOS Rosana M 1960
RAMOS Sisto and Micalea
RAMOS Tony 1938-2002
RAMOS Victor Jr 1958-2003
RAMOS Victor Sr 1930-1977
RAMPONE Thomas 1920-1995
RAMPY Laura R 1910-1989
RAMPY Rye B 1904-1943
RAMSAY Jackie Norene 1931-1934
RAMSAY James F 1880-1967
RAMSDEN James H iii 1938-1939
RAMSDEN James H Jr 1909-1958
RAMSDEN Stephanie G 1911-1976
RAMSEY 1 John D Dr 1966-1976
RAMSEY 1 John Dr 1885-1975
RAMSEY 1 Lucy Lee 1901-1994
RAMSEY Alizabeth Scott Adger Little Bit
RAMSEY Andrew J and Grace D
RAMSEY Arnold B 1904-1985
RAMSEY Billy Wayne 1932-1988
RAMSEY Carl Wane 1956
RAMSEY Edna M 1895-1996
RAMSEY Etson O and Lucille D
RAMSEY Flocia Jane 1879-1938
RAMSEY George Robert and James Robert
RAMSEY Hanna Lynn 1999
RAMSEY Hardin Deflora 1885-1979
RAMSEY james David 1876-1957
RAMSEY James M 1940-1989
RAMSEY John H and Lelon V
RAMSEY Lillian Sue and Sandra ZELL
RAMSEY Louise M 1905-1993
RAMSEY M E Gene 1927-1981
RAMSEY Marion A 1917-1981
RAMSEY Mary E 1904-1970
RAMSEY Russell W 1895-1981
RAMSEY Thomas J and Gladys N
RAMSEY Walter H 1904-1963
RAMSEY William W and Elizabeth
RAMSEY Willie J 1893-1966
RAMSTROM Marjorie M and Raymond T
RANDALL Billie Merrell Jr 1950-1988
RANDALL Clifford 1957
RANDALL Delbert E and Beulah E
RANDALL James H 1900-1978
RANDALL Lula T 1873-1963
RANDALL William F 1869-1952
RANDLE Arley G 1902-1923
RANDLE son 1959
RANDOL W H 1880-1921
RANDOLPH Buster 1901-1953
RANDOLPH E L 1894-1948
RANDOLPH Frank J 1881-1931
RANDOLPH Juitt G 1921-1992
RANDOLPH Margaret 1916-1993
RANDOLPH Myrl R 1898-1991
RANDOLPH Ruth A 1892-1977
RANDOLPH Virginia M 1919-1931
RANEY 1 Alton 1912-1924
RANEY 1 Edward E 1874-1934
RANEY Roy G and Mildred I
RANGEL Adelina 1958--1994
RANGEL Adelina 1958-1994
RANGEL Alexandra 1926-2002
RANGEL Amado and Ma Guadalupe
RANGEL Antonio Benito 1958-1971
RANGEL Beatrice 1896-1972
RANGEL Cenovia 1907-1995
RANGEL Felix 1908-1982
RANGEL Guadalupe D 1926-1998
RANGEL Ismael Y 1952-1995
RANGEL Joe B 1941-1963
RANGEL John 1908-1965
RANGEL Jose B and Lucia R
RANGEL Lucille ARCHER 1920-1987
RANGEL Mamie 1911-1999
RANGEL Maria 1923-1932
RANGEL Martina Ude 1898-1939
RANGEL Medardo M 1924-1989
RANGEL Micaela Christina Micky 1972-1975
RANGEL Natividad and Carmen
RANGEL Trinidad M 1922-1998
RANKIN Agnes Mary 1869-1941
RANKIN David Henry Jr 1946-1996
RANKIN E Louise 1918-1973
RANKIN Harriet Tinny CRENSHAW 1922-1982
RANKIN Kevin Paul 1971-1971
RANKIN Lucy E 1897-1989
RANKIN Mary LAKE and David Henry
RANKIN Ola Lee 1870-1945
RANKIN S Geneva ALLEN and Bailey F
RANKIN Thomas Alston 1856-1937
RANKIN Weldon Lee 1919-1985
RANSLEY Alice S 1838-1925
RANSOM Herman J and Irma OWEN
RANSOM Lyle H and Helen L and Lyle S
RANSOM William L and Jewel F
RANSPOT Janie 1878-1958
RANSPOT W G 1873-1925
RAPP Alfred J 1894-1980
RAPP Alfred Joe Jr 1920-1990
RAPP Floye C 1897-1964
RAPP Martha Gerth 1922-1989
RAPP William L and Mildred L
RAPPICH Dominic Peter and Maggie SERGI
RASBERRY David 1911-1984
RASBERRY Sally Ruth 1915-1993
RASH Ruth MURRAY 1907-1969
RASMUSSEN Jesse and Annette HARRIS and M
RASO Jose and Mercedes
RASO Raul F 1955-1987
RASOR Troy and Odetta
RASPBERRY Dawn Celeste 1958-1958
RATCLIFF Juanita L 1918-1935
RATLEFF Edna E 1884-1955
RATLIFF 1 Ida Jane 1863-1951
RATLIFF 1 Walter Bryan 1896-1938
RATLIFF 1 Zach S 1870-1944
RATLIFF Addison G and Ethel C
RATLIFF Archie F and Z Irena
RATLIFF Cecil Wayne and Alma Lee
RATLIFF Dorothy Mae and Grover Jr
RATLIFF Geneva and Robert H
RATLIFF Grover C and Laura Olivia
RATLIFF Helen J 1931-1991
RATLIFF J T 1911-1985
RATLIFF Jefferson D and Marilyn Sue
RATLIFF Katherine Vivian 1920-1980
RATLIFF Leonard E 1902-1975
RATLIFF Leta 1912-2004
RATLIFF Lucille M 1905-1972
RATLIFF Ordral W 1927-1986
RATLIFF Samuel E 1895-1951
RATLIFF Sarah A I 1870-1949
RATTAN Oletta F 1914-2002
RATTLER Henry R 1894-1955
RATTLER Lucy 1899-1946
RATTON John T H 1897-1955
RATTON Maude J 1886-1956
RATTON U Bulis 1888-1966
RAUCH William C 1879-1949
RAULSTON Margie 1922-1924
RAVEN Fernando and Elbia Louise
RAVENELLE Leon S and Marion W
RAVENSCROFT 1 Elbridge M 1862-1935
RAVENSCROFT 1 Olive Irene 1877-1920
RAVEY Billie Jo 1927-2002
RAWDON George M 1923-1978
RAWDON Paul H 1911-1990
RAWDON Rae V 1911-1999
RAWDON Richard P 1943-1943
RAWLINGS Pearl MINTURN 1872-1955
RAWLINGS William L and Margie C
RAWLINSON Elton and Barbara
RAWLINSON Orvil Manzie and Daisy
RAWLS Aubrey C-and Eula L
RAWLS James M Jim 1922-1986
RAWLS James W Jr 1921-1999
RAWLS James Wade Sr 1897-1976
RAWLS Lela Katie and Edward R Sr
RAWLS Lorena W 1834-1918
RAWLS Retha Gaynell 1902-1934
RAWLS Retha Ruth 1947-1948
RAWLS Ruby Vera 1904-1988
RAWLS Steven C 1984
RAWLS Walter Jay 1925-1951
RAWLS Winnifred Hank 1923-2004
RAWSON Lela Lillian 1882-1959
RAWSON Minnie Margaret 1927-1968
RAWSON Philip N and Juanita C
RAY 1 George J and Alice C
RAY 1 Georgia D 1951-1969
RAY 1 Ronnie D
RAY Adella HICKS 1884-1940
RAY Albert W and E Mae
RAY Annie and Henry
RAY Bailey B 1896-1964
RAY Bill and Mary
RAY Bryan 1996
RAY Charles E 1923-1974
RAY Chester R and Nora L
RAY Clarence B 1906-1943
RAY Claude L 1887-1985
RAY Cleo J 1896-1959
RAY Cleon B 1908-2002
RAY Clint Michael 1984
RAY David P and Mina V
RAY Dennis Aaron 1903-1980
RAY Elizabeth BIRCH 1916-1998
RAY Esther C 1894-1980
RAY Floyd G 1904-1963
RAY Floyd Sherwood 1877-1961
RAY Hazel N 1890-1970
RAY J H 1859-1928
RAY Joe C and Jennie M
RAY John H and Nellie N
RAY Josephine 1892-1985
RAY Lena L 1861-1938
RAY Louis D Sr and Thelma F
RAY Louis Dee Jr 1920-1988
RAY Mary Ellen 1878-1954
RAY Minnie M 1911-1977
RAY Oren C 1912-1973
RAY Ricky Lee 1953-1953
RAY Robert 1892-1936
RAY Robert Lee 1876-1959
RAY Ronald Wayne 1943
RAY Rubye OLINGER 1913-2002
RAY Steven Michael 1959-1984
RAY Thelma G 1902-1987
RAY Thomas L Sr 1918-1969
RAY Wiley C and Mostell C
RAY William Richard 1911-1965
RAYA Asencion Sr 1915-1985
RAYBERN Mary C 1903-1997
RAYES Charlie 1921-1997
RAYES Danny O and Jane
RAYES Dorothy Louise 1925-2001
RAYFIELD Donald Lee 1932-1966
RAYFORD 1 Horace B 1898-1932
RAYFORD 1 Howard B 1925-1944
RAYL Willis D Bill and Evia C
RAYMER James H 1918-1980
RAYMOND Francine RAYMOND 1901-1985
RAYMOND Marzell I 1925-1972
RAYMOND Paul E 1920-1991
RAYMOND Philip G 1898-1928
RAYNAUD 1 Joseph B 1900-1980
RAYNAUD 1 Luige 1871-1913
RAYNAUD 1 Mary 1876-1937
RAYNAUD 1 Muriel A 1900-1985
RAYNES James R 1894-1955
RAYNOR Joseph Andrew Jr 1949-1991
RAZO Baldomero 1886-1952
RAZO Consuelo H 1920-1973
RAZO Francisca M 1888-1959
RAZO Margarito Mike 1943-2001
RAZO Margarito Sr 1920-1968
RAZO Marshall M 1918-1981
RAZO Misty Rene 1976-1976
RAZO Raymond and Deanna
RAZO Robert J 1945-1960
REA Cora Alice 1886-1973
REA Margaret A 1908-1993
REA Robt F 1874-1947
REA Wilbur C 1902-1963
REA William E and Jennie B
REACH Alta L 1897-1969
REACH Edward A 1887-1965
READ 1 Delia A and Clara J
READ 1 T Jefferson and Ethel L
READ Amy WOODWARD 1896-1930
READ Benton Mack 1900-1928
READ Clifford W and Goldie J
READ Elvis B and Katie JANEIRO
READ William C 1889-1954
READ William G and Laurene W
READY John T 1873-1945
READY Mary Ann Mollie 1882-1954
REAGAN Chester H Jr 1918-1965
REAGAN Chester Haile 1894-1948
REAGAN Earnest H Sr 1887-1948
REAGAN Ernest H 1917-1970
REAGAN Janice Marie 1938-1940
REAGAN Luther Ray 1927-1960
REAGAN Mary Aline and John H
REAGAN Winnie A 1894-1983
REAMES Bertha A and Robert W
REAMES Bobby Fank Jr Biff 1955-1970
REAMES Gracie and Orval
REAMES Ida Mamaw 1884-1963
REAMES William C and Eloise K KILLIAN
REAMS Andrew H 1891-1971
REAMS Ella M 1911-1992
REAMS Estelle E 1897-1927
REARDON Mamie Israel 1868-1944
REASONER Wm James 1935-1984
REASONOVER James W 1921-1933
REASONOVER Walter G and Mary G
REASOR Paul and Opal
REAVES Billie Jean 1922-1981
REAVES D M and Vera
REAVES Dan P 1913-1990
REAVES John Brooks 1917-1992
REAVES Lonie May and Patrick H
REAVES Robert H 1921-1980
REAVES Robert M 1887-1960
REAVES Rose T 1890-1984
REAVES Troy A 1895-1955
RECALDE Maria Elena 1886-1974
RECK Mary M 1887-1966
RECK Robert P 1882-1953
RECORD 1 Booker Luke 1918-1967
RECORD 1 J S 1886-1944
RECORD 1 Mary Ann 1886-1958
RECORD 1 Roy S 1908-1941
RECORD 2 Reagin Dean and Dorothy Louise
RECORD A Harry Sr 1920-1987
RECORD Charles R 1935-1984
RECORD Deborah Dee 1959-2001
RECORD Ethel 1897-1986
RECORD Frances V 1893-1966
RECORD James A 1956-1992
RECORD Mary E and H Doug
RECORD Phil C 1895-1975
RECORD Randall Lewis Randy 1966-1977
RECTOR A Freeman 1860-1941
RECTOR Eva Bess 1877-1946
RECTOR George P 1876-1951
RECTOR Gladys M 1911-1949
RECTOR Martha Alice 1884-1953
RECTOR Richard J and Ruby
RECTOR Sidney T Mrs 1862-1961
REDDELL Thomas L 1900-1964
REDDELL Vera L 1911-1981
REDDELL W J Mrs 1854-1931
REDDEN Mattie A 1867-1952
REDDEN Mildred O BYERS 1924-2004
REDDEN Otis H 1900-1929
REDDICK Colleen and Collette 1953
REDDICK Glennon J Sr and Irma C
REDDICK Roger Henry and Mary Lou
REDDICK Shannon James 1971-1971
REDDING A Wayne and Elizabeth Ann
REDDING Archie T Jr and Etsuko K
REDDING D C 1869-1916
REDDING Darryl A 1966-2002
REDDING Eugene B 1876-1953
REDDING Horace D 1912-1950
REDDING Ida B 1881-1950
REDDING James A 1919-1946
REDDING Jason Wayne 1974
REDDING Johnnye 1912-1999
REDDING Louie Earl 1972
REDDING Louie P 1910-1951
REDDING Mattie B and Archie T Sr
REDDING Russell Steven 1958-2003
REDDING Vera ABBOTT and B C Bernice
REDDING William Boyce 1959-1965
REDEKER Bessie Bell 1894-1955
REDEKER Earl A 1890-1949
REDFORD Grace BOOZER 1909-1932
REDFORD Nancy E 1873-1923
REDFORD William A Jr 1899-1982
REDING John B 1891-1924
REDING Mary L 1866-1925
REDING Maximilian 1857-1942
REDING Miriam DABNEY 1893-1976
REDING Paul J 1897-1918
REDMAN Mary G-and Walker M
REDMOND M J Jr and Doris T
REDMOND Mary F and James A
REDUS M Duane 1926-1988
REDUS Margaret and Joy Beth
REECE 1 Anson Jones 1891-1945
REECE 1 Jewel LOWRIE 1 1891-1995
REECE 1 Walter W 1889-1959
REECE Amelia CURLEE 1879-1967
REECE Annie Laurie 1879-1946
REECE Curtis G 1968-1989
REECE Harry Alfonzo 1878-1925
REECE Harry Paul 1907-1925
REECE John W Jr 1921-1981
REECE L D Rev 1965-1940
REED 1 Wanda 1924-
REED 2 Knox 1898-1951
REED 2 Nell 1902-1991
REED Alle F and Ebna E
REED Annie Laura 1891-1940
REED Antoinette K 1920-2001
REED Carl B Sr 1894-1951
REED Carson P 1898-1955
REED Cecil Roscoe 1891-1952
REED Daryl Allen 1956-1962
REED Dorothy Ann WISE 1946-1982
REED E J 1922-1972
REED Edna F 1895-1972
REED Edna Nell 1907-1980
REED Elmer M and Edith E
REED Ernest H 1890-1968
REED Ernestine 1919-1984
REED Frances L 1921-1999
REED Gardine T 1914-1973
REED Georgis Ann 1850-1922
REED Harold and Lillie
REED Hervie Edward and Harriett POLLEY
REED Hulen I 1919-1989
REED Isabel 1903-1924
REED J Donald and Rosie B
REED James C 1930-1990
REED James H 1922-1987
REED Jerry GRANT 1936-1961
REED Jim and Claudyne
REED Joe E 1898-1976
REED Johnnie Ray and Ronnie Ray
REED Leon C 1907-1990
REED Levi and Emma A
REED Linda PEWITT 1942-1994
REED Luther H and Gladys J
REED Marie Alma 1891-1977
REED Mary Edna BROWN 1924-1994
REED Mayme MARTIN 1896-1981
REED Minnie May 1895-1963
REED Myrtle and Susie F
REED Ora E 1891-1991
REED Paul H and Mary R
REED Paul J and Fannie K
REED Pearl SIMS 1895-1974
REED Robert H and Bessie E
REED Ruel C and Lucy A
REED Sam Ray and Nell M
REED Sumner Francis 1896-1961
REED Terry Deane 1965-1966
REED William M 1878-1970
REED Willie E and John H Sr
REEDER Clyde and Louise
REEDER D M Jr 1915-1980
REEDER Frieda Mary 1896-1972
REEDER Joe Laurence 1921-1936
REEDER John T Bill and Tommie L
REEDER Mary B 1920-1984
REEDER Nannie J 1853-1940
REEDY Evelyn MATHIS 1926-2000
REEDY John H 1913-1984
REESE 1 Charlie 1902-1924
REESE 1 George Jr 1925-1946
REESE 1 George W Sr 1881-1965
REESE 1 Manson L and Julia Tommye
REESE 1 Sallie R 1883-1961
REESE Della Beatrice 1871-1947
REESE Harry Alpha 1891-1964
REESE Harry Alpha Jr 1924-1982
REESE Laura Inez 1921-1994
REESE Roy H 1902-1975
REESE Ruth 1908-1994
REESE Selma P 1899-1947
REESE Tressia Marie 1980-2002
REESING Cressie DUGGER 1908-1998
REESING John P and Gladys L
REESOR Goldman K 1891-1957
REEVES Allie B 1879-1951
REEVES Ben C 1922-2002
REEVES Donald J 1962-1966
REEVES Dorothea CHANEY 1930-2004
REEVES Edna L 1894-1948
REEVES Flora JENNINGS -1933 at 50
REEVES Frank 1884-1975
REEVES Geneva Permelia WHISENANT 1885-19
REEVES Ira Bryan 1896-1974
REEVES J Floyd and Nora L
REEVES J Frank and Viva L
REEVES James R Jr 1925-1999
REEVES Johnnie Mae 1925-1961
REEVES L H Dr 1878-1968
REEVES Lillian I 1933-1987
REEVES Macie 1922-1996
REEVES Margaret Y 1906-1982
REEVES Margie Rose 1931-1983
REEVES Minnie A and William L
REEVES Nathan A 1965-1989
REEVES Nora A 1905-1995
REEVES Patsy Jo 1934-1989
REEVES Robert Douglas 1951-1995
REEVES Rosa D 1898-1958
REEVES Ruel Ray and Eddith Imogene
REEVES Ruel Ray Jr 1936-1956
REEVES Vyron Cleon 1936-1947
REEVES Walton H and LaVerne J
REEVES William Frederick and Anne SIMON
REEVES William R 1896-1941
REGAN 1 Nelle Annette 1893-1974
REGAN 1 Vester L 1891-1942
REGAN 2 Lois Odessa 1906-1986
REGAN 2 Thomas Floyd 1907-1943
REGAN Delia CAREY -1933
REGAN Kenneth D 1951-2003
REGAN Ralston 1901-1956
REGAN William A and Alta Rene
REGER Christian 1871-1918
REGER Mary Ann 1871-1918
REGER Matthew M and E Ola
REGIAN Jimmy D 1935-2004
REGISTER H Durwood 1908-1978
REGISTER Herbert H 1877-1961
REGISTER Josephine 1910-1988
REID 1 Jane CARROLL 1962-2004
REID Allie E 1885-1939
REID Arthur C 1901-1965
REID Bernice S and Oren C and Mabel E
REID Burnice F 1887-1932
REID Clarence E Speedy 1928-
REID Clifton Arnold and Edna Pauline
REID Dorothy Jeanette Janie 1929-1992
REID Edna 1873-1927
REID Faye 1946-1990
REID Florene 1917-1993
REID Freeman D and Willie Lee
REID Harvey and Gladys
REID J W 1875-1949
REID Jesse Randolph 1904-1971
REID Mabel E 1898-1991
REID Margaret V 1910-1979
REID Mattie P JETER 1891-1966
REID Nathaniel E 1886-1963
REID Oren C 1887-1975
REID Sadie LEACH 1919-1998
REID Velma WALKER 1903-1983
REID William B 1911-1997
REILEY Francis B Rev 1904-1935-1982
REILLY Lizzie BUCKLEY 1856-1939
REILLY Mary John SISTER 1881-1964
REILY George D and Mary E
REILY Newton F and Mildred H
REINA Dorothy M 1949-1993
REINHARDT F M 1866-1930
REINHARDT G G 1901-1931
REINHARDT Ruth A 1920-1920
REINHART Dick R 1907-1948
REINHART Thomas C and Doskie
REITEN Helen GIBSON 1924-1972
REITEN Lyle Erwin 1918-1972
REITEN Wade Lyle 1958-1982
REITMEIER Julius A and Josephine P
REMMES Davie Mia 1999
REMSBURG W Norris and Anna Zoe
REMUS Richard E and Donna M
RENCH Daniel E 1925-1976
RENCH Edward Eugene 1872-1954
RENCH Howard E and Esther E
RENCH Jimmy 1953-1998
RENCH Thurman L 1911-1986
RENDON Rudy E Jr 1953-1981
RENEAU Sam D and Lula
RENEAU Virgil S and Dora L
RENEGAR Ina Mae 1908-2000
RENEGAR Mary Allene 1913-1976
RENEGAR Olry MILLER 1908-1995
RENEGAR Robert C and Pauline F
RENEGAR W L Bill 1908-1990
RENER 1 Virginia M and Sam P
RENFRO Anna M and Charles F
RENFRO Bertha Mae
RENFRO Bessie Lee 1908-1921
RENFRO Billie I and Michael L and Roy V
RENFRO Charles Newton and Mary MILAN 2
RENFRO Clarence A 1889-1954
RENFRO Dorothy M CLINE 1914-2003
RENFRO Esther Aline 1904-1978
RENFRO Geneva P 1914-1972
RENFRO George Derwood and Bertha Mae
RENFRO George H Sr 1885-1947
RENFRO Gladys L 1900-1978
RENFRO Hazel A 1903-1946
RENFRO J Samuel 1875-1941
RENFRO Janis K 1944-
RENFRO Jesse Hill 1889-1950
RENFRO Jim 1945-2000
RENFRO John T 1935-1993
RENFRO Lucy Ann 1867-1956
RENFRO Luther M and Elvira G
RENFRO Mae 1892-1974
RENFRO Ray W 1926-1975
RENFRO Roy M 1897-1983
RENFRO Ruby F 1897-1959
RENFRO William W 1883-1950
RENKEN Marvin Dale and Jeane K
RENNEBERG Archie John 1934-1994
RENNER Andrew T 1904-1984
RENNER Anna Ida 1886-1963
RENNER Annie B Mickey 1940-2002
RENNER Connie M 1908-1993
RENNER George Floyd 1946-1978
RENNIE Bunyon B 1899-1971
RENNIE Norman A 1921-1945
RENNIE Virginia V and Robert A
RENNIE Wm H 1860-1934
RENOIS Lula 1886-1915
RENOIS Mary Kate 1858-1928
RENSHAW A Reeves 1914-1966
RENSHAW Berniece SURGINER 1917-1991
RENSHAW Beverly and Jack
RENTERIA Angel G and Agustina B
RENTERIA Fidelia Dela Rosa 1919-1993
RENTERIA Gildardo S and Augustina T
RENTERIA Guadalupe Lupe and Grace C Grac
RENTERIA Joe C Sr 1919-1979
RENTERIA Josefa C 1887-1945
RENTERIA Juan C 1913-1977
RENTERIA Juanita R and Pete G
RENTERIA Margaret 1922-1996
RENTERIA Mariano G 1922-1990
RENTERIA Pablo G and Teresa G
RENTERIA Paul C and Lucy C
RENTERIA Rosalinda 1954-1955
RESENDEZ David P 1947-2002
RESENDEZ Graciela 1945-1999
RESENDEZ Henry 1930-1998
RESENDEZ Jose Sr 1905-1976
RESENDEZ Otilia P 1906-1956
RESENDEZ Raul P 1928-1982
RESENDEZ Richard and Petra S
RETTIG Bruce C Jr Pete 1917-1966
RETTIG Bruce C Sr and Ethel O
RETTLER Dorothy J 1920-1996
RETZLAFF Herman E and Clara N
REUSCH Joyce Ann 1947-
REVELL Maude 1885-1970
REVILLE Fannie 1858-1928
REVILLE J W 1858-1939
REXROAD Clyde Gene 1920-2003
REXROAD Vera Lee 1926-1994
REYERO Ramon J 1896-1987
REYES Agustina H 1882-1951
REYES Alcadio 1931-1998
REYES Angelita and Trinidad
REYES Anton 1929-1930
REYES Antonia 1889-1950
REYES Antonio M 1891-1979
REYES Aurora G 1904-1993
REYES Betty Lou 1893-1980
REYES Catalina R and Domingo
REYES Christopher and Janice HALL
REYES Daniel B 1926-1972
REYES Debbie C 1964-2000
REYES Demencio G and Felicita G
REYES Demencio G Jr and Carmen A
REYES Demencio iii 1967-1989
REYES Felicitas Lita 1910-1999
REYES Gregory H 1901-1966
REYES Guadalupe Rios 1939
REYES Janitos 1924-1995
REYES Jesse S 1922-1958
REYES Jesusa R 1896-1968
REYES Joe H 1908-1944
REYES Jose C 1921-2004
REYES Jose Cristobal 1984
REYES Juana C 1913-1953
REYES Juanita P 1899-1956
REYES Leandro 1938
REYES Leola G 1932-1996
REYES M Eulalia SISTER -1937
REYES Manuel 1926-1988
REYES Manuel Jr 1952-1953
REYES Marcelo R 1910-1954
REYES Margaret 1967-1967
REYES Margarita 1929-1947
REYES Maria J 1892-1982
REYES Nellie A 1929-2003
REYES Noe Jr 2001-2001
REYES Ofelia N and Pablo
REYES Paul VELA Sr and Dolores RIOS and
REYES Pedro 1901-1979
REYES Pedro Jacobo 1913-2001
REYES Ramona Casillas 1958-1994
REYES Teresa 1953-1998
REYES Valentine 1894-1955
REYES Vanessa 1995-1995
REYMOND Louis Gordon 1929-2003
REYNA Damacio Jr and Mary Lou
REYNA Damacio Sr and Elisa L
REYNA Fernando and Amada
REYNA Gabriel C 1902-1983
REYNA Mary 1899-1957
REYNA Miguel Angel 1995-1998
REYNA Modesta Moe 1946-1967
REYNA Natividad G 1919-1995
REYNA Nick C and Santos G
REYNA Reuben and Martha C
REYNA Rodolfo Reyna Rudy Jr 1966-1983
REYNA Ruth Marie 1923-1970
REYNA Tonja Joyce and son 1959-1977
REYNOLDS 1 Olga Esta COX 1 1906-1989
REYNOLDS 1 Roy 1895-1946
REYNOLDS 2 Howard Sr 1899-1963
REYNOLDS 2 Leola C 1901-1991
REYNOLDS Albert W 1890-1967
REYNOLDS Amanda M 1846-1922
REYNOLDS Ammie 1874-1939
REYNOLDS Aurelia 1938-1972
REYNOLDS B C 1859-1933
REYNOLDS Billie Jo 1930-1999
REYNOLDS Bobby 1935
REYNOLDS Bobby L and Lillie N
REYNOLDS Cylinda BAILEY 1942-1977
REYNOLDS Dalton B 1898-1986
REYNOLDS Darla Kay 1961-1961
REYNOLDS Diamond Joe 1888-1968
REYNOLDS Dora ROSSELL 1 1890-1980
REYNOLDS Dora V 1911--1978
REYNOLDS Dorothy L and Frank H
REYNOLDS Emmett W 1916-1988
REYNOLDS Fannie Ellen 1877-1928
REYNOLDS Floyd F and Juanita
REYNOLDS Foard A and Amy M
REYNOLDS Frank 1877-1934
REYNOLDS Fred Clark and Edith RANEY
REYNOLDS Gena Mae 1909-1994
REYNOLDS George M and Alma Jo
REYNOLDS Harry L and C Mavis
REYNOLDS Haynes and Fannie Mae
REYNOLDS Huey H and Josie
REYNOLDS Jack and Jane
REYNOLDS Jack C 1892-1970
REYNOLDS James A and Florence A
REYNOLDS James Cordell 1972
REYNOLDS James F Gump 1927-1990
REYNOLDS James H Sr and Frances E
REYNOLDS James W 1944-1967
REYNOLDS Janie Sue 1885-1951
REYNOLDS Jasper Owen and Althea Juanita
REYNOLDS Jo Evelyn 1919-1985
REYNOLDS John E Jr 1931-1974
REYNOLDS John F and Martha Ann
REYNOLDS Katie T 1904-1990
REYNOLDS Lee E 1891-1962
REYNOLDS Lena B 1896-1989
REYNOLDS Lula Belle 1900-1972
REYNOLDS Lura Valena 1906-1958
REYNOLDS Mary BIONDI 1 and Thomas H Sr
REYNOLDS Mary E 1852-1944
REYNOLDS Mary E 1884-1947
REYNOLDS Mollie 1876-1961
REYNOLDS Murl H and Mertie A
REYNOLDS Paul D and Mary Beth
REYNOLDS Reynolds Bessie SPEARS Joe 1931
REYNOLDS Robert H 1884-1955
REYNOLDS Ruby 1891-1966
REYNOLDS Sally ALTIZER 1898-1970
REYNOLDS Sharon Louise 1953-1956
REYNOLDS Sherwood and Nannie Lillian
REYNOLDS Tommie June and George
REYNOLDS Virginia M 1920-1977
REYNOLDS Wallace T and Valeria
REYNOLDS William D 1906-1963
REYNOLDS William M 1924-1968
REYNOLS Ray Porter 1928-1929
REYNOSA Armando Jr 1971-1988
REZA Sabino and Anna Maria
REZNICK Helen C 1914-1987
RHAME Deana Ann and Tina Jan 1969
RHEA Frank 1893-1950
RHEA Lela POTTER 1 1897-1958
RHEA Mabel C 1887-1914
RHEA Mary Lucile 1904-1989
RHEA Mollie A 1867-1915
RHEA Nadine COGDELL 1901-1992
RHEA Paul 1894-1980
RHEAUME Edgar R 1895-1967
RHEAUME Eugenie 1898-1968
RHEINLANDER M Alice 1912-1986
RHINE Barney D and Pauline May
RHINEHART Ettie 1876-1940
RHINEHEART Edward Leon 1934-1985
RHINEHEART Thomas Leon and Johnnie Lee B
RHOADES Bonnie J 1936-1988
RHOADES Larry G 1934-
RHOADS Bernice V and Charlie B
RHOADS boy 1977
RHOADS Jewell E 1903-1987
RHOADS Owen L 103-1995
RHOADS Tommy L 1942-1993
RHODES 1 L F MD 1876-1938
RHODES 1 Leslie F 1904-1959
RHODES 1 Maggie E 1877-1930
RHODES 2 Flaleah BEAMAN and LeWayne Rock
RHODES Billy G Sgt and Judith A
RHODES Billy J and Kathlyn H
RHODES Cecil J and Genevieve J
RHODES Clyde Morgan and Alta Lee
RHODES Deana PORTWOOD and Jesse Samuel
RHODES Ennis E and Pearlie Lee
RHODES Frank L and Susan C
RHODES Grace 1898-1984
RHODES H W Dusty 1891-1962
RHODES James Ronald 1940-1970
RHODES Jeannette 1938-1943
RHODES John C 1870-1967
RHODES John W 1885-1957
RHODES Mark A 1901-1961
RHODES Maude C 1880-1967
RHODES Mildred E 1913-1987
RHODES Nancy Jane 1867-1925
RHODES Perleney I 1936-2003
RHODES Perry Orvell 1942
RHODES Raymond L 1935-
RHODES Rosa Lee 1871-1951
RHODES Sarah A 1845-1924
RHODES Thomas J 1870-1959
RHODES Willie A 1890-1970
RHODES Willmoth 1876-1945
RHODY Ann F 1908-1999
RHODY Ed M 1906-1986
RHODY Joseph John 1911-2003
RHODY Julia Ruth 1883-1954
RHOTEN Lessie HILL 1886-1980
RHYMES Dorothy C 1918-1982
RHYMES Johnathan C 1908-1985
RICE 1 Clara M 1887-1969
RICE 1 George E 1911-1943
RICE 1 John M 1880-1944
RICE Abb Floyd 1903-1974
RICE Alta E 1921-1989
RICE Anna B 1890-1946
RICE Arthur 1907-1993
RICE Burt 1919-
RICE C Buster 1908-1954
RICE Charles A 1917-1986
RICE Charles W and Marguerite C
RICE Claude Ottis 1896-1971
RICE D C Cleve 1913-1973
RICE Dovie and B C
RICE Edgar Allen 1932-1956
RICE Edwin A 1912-1972
RICE Ernest R Buddy 1924-1991
RICE Grace E 1912-2003
RICE Gracie Eulene 1928-1997
RICE Grover C 1892-1950
RICE Harry Leo Pop 1923-1996
RICE John C Jr 1940-1940
RICE Johnnie Faye and Graceton Red
RICE Lorene G 1905-1996
RICE Louise CREAMER 1915-1968
RICE Lucille 1915-1996
RICE Oma Janice 1932-1946
RICE Opal MASON 1922-1973
RICE Paula KENDRICK 1952-2003
RICE Ralph L and Lorene C
RICE Rufus E and Rhoda O
RICE Sam E and Carrie M
RICE William C 1887-1918
RICH 1 Andrea Denise 1951
RICH 1 Delaina Jean 1947-1970
RICH 1 Kenneth Edward 1914-1996
RICH 1 Ruth Maxine 1919-2003
RICH Bobby Dwight 1943-1946
RICH Jesse W and Annie M
RICH Lois M 1922-1951
RICH Louise BAKER 1920-2002
RICH Margaret 1906-1988
RICH Marvin Donk 1927-1986
RICH Mary Mae 1920-2004
RICH Patricia A 1924-1976
RICH Robert E and Dorothy
RICH Roy E Jr 1951-2001
RICH Roy Ervin Sr 1919-2003
RICH Tom O 1917-1987
RICHARD C Opal 1902-1998
RICHARD Ida Elizabeth 1928-1997
RICHARD W A Bill 1902-1970
RICHARDS 1 Leslie David Jr 1926-1933
RICHARDS 1 Leslie David Sr 1893-1976
RICHARDS 1 Ruby Lee 1901-1976
RICHARDS Blanche S 1901-1988
RICHARDS Carolyn Jean 1947-1976
RICHARDS Charles A and Carol Ann
RICHARDS Charles L and Ione
RICHARDS Clark D and Mary D
RICHARDS Clyde D 1951-1959
RICHARDS Fred 1888-1962
RICHARDS Freda L 1921-1995
RICHARDS Jesse B and Mary M
RICHARDS Joe 1874-1928
RICHARDS John P Jake 1930-2003
RICHARDS Johnnie H 1949-1995
RICHARDS Lewis E 1884-1952
RICHARDS Lucille Mae 1886-1985
RICHARDS Mildred C 1908-1993
RICHARDS R C Rich and Mildred G
RICHARDS Timothy A 1956-1983
RICHARDS William A 1892-1953
RICHARDSON 1 Bertha 1897-1901
RICHARDSON 1 D T 1870-1939
RICHARDSON 1 Glennie 1904-1906
RICHARDSON 1 Grady 1907-1936
RICHARDSON 1 Ora B 1874-1951
RICHARDSON 1 Royce 1899-1968
RICHARDSON 1 Russell V 1909-1946
RICHARDSON Addie M 1902-1987
RICHARDSON Altha A and Lawrence W
RICHARDSON Beryl F 1910-1975
RICHARDSON Buford 1912-
RICHARDSON Charles H and Effie Myrt
RICHARDSON Charles Lee 1912-1972
RICHARDSON Chas H 1872-1926
RICHARDSON Claud V and Allie A
RICHARDSON Coleman A Jr and Jane McCOMMA
RICHARDSON Coleman A Sr and R Katherine
RICHARDSON Cyrus Zane and Linda Sue
RICHARDSON Delbert D 1899-1973
RICHARDSON Dick C and Earla V
RICHARDSON Don Ray 1944-1944
RICHARDSON Edward Herman Sr and Jr
RICHARDSON Elsie 1911-2001
RICHARDSON Elvira 1927-1996
RICHARDSON Everett R 1912-1981
RICHARDSON F Ruth 1909-1993
RICHARDSON Floyd 1918-1995
RICHARDSON Frances 1908-1996
RICHARDSON Gabe F 1895-1961
RICHARDSON Geo L Sr 1905-1993
RICHARDSON Guy 1892-1953
RICHARDSON Helen LARUE 1912-1986
RICHARDSON Hester Jack 1898-1993
RICHARDSON Homer T 1897-1952
RICHARDSON Ida 1870-1955
RICHARDSON Irene 1897-1981
RICHARDSON Iva Winnie 1917-2003
RICHARDSON James C 1932-1996
RICHARDSON Jerome S 1893-1971
RICHARDSON Jesse E and Ethel V
RICHARDSON Jimmie Lou 1902-1944
RICHARDSON Jimmie Ruth 1916-1990
RICHARDSON Kenneth O 1933-1955
RICHARDSON Lena 1895-1974
RICHARDSON Lillie L and Louis M
RICHARDSON M H Tubby 1909-1990
RICHARDSON Mable Ray 1898-1982
RICHARDSON Mamie D 1897-1932
RICHARDSON Martha Adelaide 1921-2002
RICHARDSON Otha Leaq 1930-1961
RICHARDSON Pete K 1910-1948
RICHARDSON R D 1906-1908
RICHARDSON R O and Sandra Jo
RICHARDSON Rebecca S 1855-1943
RICHARDSON Richard C 1923-1967
RICHARDSON S P 1862-1939
RICHARDSON Walter Leroy 1914-1980
RICHARDSON Wesley E Red 1920-1996
RICHARDSON William Edward 1918-1925
RICHARDSON William F 1881-1947
RICHERSON David F 1911-1968
RICHERSON Geneva 1908-1992
RICHESON Sammie 1902-1926
RICHEY Jerry M 1961
RICHEY Susie SCHULTZ 1959-1993
RICHEY Vickie Lynn 1954-1955
RICHIE Eva Marie 1924-
RICHIE Lena Alice 1899-1976
RICHIE Morris J 1922-1975
RICHIE U T 1899-1947
RICHMOND D Dean and Joan Ann
RICHMOND Debra Deanne 1958
RICHMOND Jimmy L 1948-1990
RICHMOND Mattie L 1870-1951
RICHTER Henry M 1885-1945
RICHTER Lona Dee 1885-1948
RICKARD Billy Bob 1941-1944
RICKARD Mary Lee SMITH 1920-2000
RICKARD Thomas I Jr 1914-1989
RICKARD William Billy 1918-1999
RICKARD Wm Edward and Mattie L
RICKER J M Pete 1895-1980
RICKER Ruby Velma 1901-1955
RICKERSON George Wayne and Barbara Ann
RICKETTS Edward G 1905-1984
RICKETTS Marie E 1895-1977
RICKETTS Willie True and Bertha
RICKMAN Bobby Gene and Juanita COKER
RICKMAN Matthew Todd 1993-1999
RICKS Chas B 1861-1935
RICKS Claud Garner 1895-1968
RICKS Kate M 1870-1963
RICKS Samuel A 1907-1983
RICKS W D 1881-1941
RICKS Walter E 1898-1951
RICO Alfredo 1893-1937
RICO Francisca F 1895-1991
RICO Macedonio G and Guadalupe C
RICO Robert Adam 1978-1996
RIDDEL Richard Tilden 1876-1963
RIDDEL Rosa Lee 1877-1963
RIDDELL Harry L -1938
RIDDELL N Myrtle 1880-1969
RIDDELL W O 1881-1948
RIDDLE Alice Audrey 1939-2001
RIDDLE Alvin F and Frances
RIDDLE Arrenva Josephine 1871-1956
RIDDLE C E Bill 1905-1978
RIDDLE Cecil R 1915-1982
RIDDLE Craig 1964-2001
RIDDLE Elsie 1895-1960
RIDDLE Eurella E Hazel GROGAN 2 1902-196
RIDDLE Harold Jessie 1911-1998
RIDDLE Hylma LOONEY 1906-1995
RIDDLE J F 1911-1974
RIDDLE Jabe A 1867-1951
RIDDLE Jackie D 1934-1995
RIDDLE Joe Howard 1908-1993
RIDDLE Lawrence J and Opal PAINTER
RIDDLE Lawrence J Jr and Patsy J CLARK
RIDDLE Leonard Rhodes 1895-1969
RIDDLE Lonnie M and Juanita M
RIDDLE Mary H and Ed
RIDDLE Nellie L 1874-1942
RIDDLE Phillip Lee 1931-1968
RIDDLE Riley N 1893-1963
RIDDLE Riley N Jr MD 1924-1963
RIDDLE Rosa Lee 1915-1988
RIDDLE Stella MAGERS 1891-1967
RIDDLE Ted R and Lillian N
RIDDLE Wm G 1865-1932
RIDDLES Ira Leo and Agatha
RIDER Alberta B 1885-1943
RIDGEWAY Chester D and Ruth L
RIDGEWAY John A and Catherine
RIDGWAY Louis L 1896-1976
RIDGWAY Silena HOBGOOD 1864-1947
RIDINGS 1 Dorothy Elizabeth 1917-1939
RIDINGS 1 Freddie W 1918-2003
RIDINGS 1 Holland 1885-1948
RIDINGS 1 Hugh 1885-1951
RIDINGS 1 Hugh Jr 1926-1965
RIDINGS 1 J Willard 1894-1948
RIDINGS 1 May Betty 1891-1954
RIDINGS 1 Paul O 1917-1988
RIDINGS 1 Tommie C 1923-1971
RIDINGS 2 Effa GROGAN 1898-1985
RIDINGS 2 Mary Margaret 1921-1935
RIDINGS 2 Olan 1892-1970
RIDLEHOOVER Harold and Dana
RIDLEHOOVER John H and Jewell
RIDLEHOOVER William and Helen
RIDLEY Allen Lavern and Anice Mae
RIDLEY Jessie L 1913-1963
RIEBE Donna J LVN 1945-1984
RIEDEL Albert F 1899-1973
RIEDEL Elizabeth S 1905-1984
RIEDERER Edythe J 1941-1995
RIEDERER Michael G 1940-
RIEGEL George W 1871-1955
RIEHL Edward and Madeline
RIERSON R G Bob 1893-1942
RIETHMAYER Gertrude HINTON 1908-1936
RIFFE Marguerete COBB 1908-1972
RIGBY Alfred A 1904-1984
RIGBY Jessie Lee 1902-1983
RIGGINS Christina 1971-1984
RIGGLE Anna D 1892-1979
RIGGLE Frank T 1881-1966
RIGGLE Lillian PORTER 1911-1994
RIGGS 1 Ada C 1902-1970
RIGGS 1 Bunn J 1895-1954
RIGGS 1 Jesse D 1891-1967
RIGGS 1 Jesse Woody 1916-1982
RIGGS 1 R Margaret 1918-1985
RIGGS 1 Susie 1893-1940
RIGGS 1 Tommie Lenora 1914-1962
RIGGS 1 Willian L 1919-2000
RIGGS 2 William Benjamin 1879-1930
RIGGS Albert E 1910-1973
RIGGS Claude W Bill 1902-1966
RIGGS Effie Mae 1903-1933
RIGGS James Lonnie Pete 1917-2003
RIGGS Wm E and Rowena Jo
RIGNEY Era 1897-1920
RILEY 1 John 1897-1957
RILEY 1 Mike 1916-1989
RILEY 1 Rose 1887-1958
RILEY 2 Richard J 1904-1972
RILEY 2 Rose 1909-1975
RILEY 3 Barney 1893-1956
RILEY 3 Delia 1896-1948
RILEY Alfred Marr and Julia MORIN
RILEY Bessie CARR 1867-1916
RILEY Brian Scot 1967
RILEY C R 1908-1983
RILEY Charles W 1876-1954
RILEY Claude E 1890-1918
RILEY Earl Raymond 1900-1987
RILEY Floyd C and Margaret E
RILEY Frank W and Ruby M
RILEY Garland A 1910-1979
RILEY Gerald Edgworth Daniel 1995
RILEY Gladys Inez 1908-1992
RILEY J O and D Irene
RILEY James 1880-1955
RILEY James E 1940-1999
RILEY Joseph Richard 1913-1979
RILEY Margaret 1880-1971
RILEY Mart and Evelyn
RILEY Mary 1913-1963
RILEY Minnie D 1871-1953
RILEY Nannie -1955
RILEY Ollie C 1888-1963
RILEY Richard -1959
RILEY Robert C and Beckie F
RILEY T Guyla 1901-1978
RILEY Timothy Edroy 1960-1998
RILEY Vivian L 1913-2003
RIMARE John B and Agnes Lee
RIMARE Orville W and Annie M
RIMSHAS William R 1956-1987
RINARD J B 1850-1932
RINEFELDT Everett C and Arva M
RINEHART Ulysses Grant 1868-1943
RINEY Allene VALONE 1946-2000
RINEY Frank E and Rosemary C
RING A Raymond and Amy
RING Joe K 1893-1946
RING Nita Sue 1933-1999
RING Robert F 1909-1956
RING Robert F Jr 1930-2000
RINGLER Mary PLESCIA 1918-2000
RINTLEMAN 1 A G 1847-1905
RINTLEMAN 1 Minnie 1863-1908
RIOJAS Martha 1926-1983
RIOJAS Raymond and Rachel
RIOS Bertha Leticia 1974-1974
RIOS Estanislada H 1899-1956
RIOS Francisca Quiroz and Rodolfo Sr Rud
RIOS Frank G 1945-1996
RIOS Jernimo H 1925-1996
RIOS John 1922-1988
RIOS Jose Luis 1976-1993
RIOS Juanita M 1888-1946
RIOS Lucia L and Albert
RIOS Mary S 1925-2000
RIOS Merced 1881-1961
RIOS Pedro R 1897-1976
RIOS Reynaldo Sr 1913-1999
RIOS Vicente H and Agnes ZAPATA
RIPPETOE Bessie 1887-1971
RIPPETOE Lula Bell 1903-1958
RIPPIN Clelia A 1897-1973
RIPPIN Robert 1887-1949
RIPPIN Robert H Jr and Frances Lee
RIPPIN Robert H Skip iii and Harold T
RIPPIN Sandra Deann 1953-1998
RIPPLE Frank H 1906-1977
RIPPLE Frank H and Mattie O and Wanda PE
RIPPLE Mattie O 1908-1992
RIPPY Conrad
RIPPY Felix Elonzo 1876-1940
RIPPY Iola L 1921-2002
RIPPY Pearl PARKS 1883-1941
RIPPY R Lillie GOSNEY 1874-1947
RIPPY Roy 1921-1976
RIPPY Sadye HAILEY 1886-1976
RIPPY Stephen Oscar 1878-1943
RIPPY Stephen Oscar Jr 1904-1935
RIPY Alice A 1854-1942
RIPY Alice Hazel 1900-1924
RIPY Jessie 1879-1936
RIPY John W 1853-1931
RIPY John William Jr -1894-1938
RIPY Oliver P 1873-1940
RIPY Theresa B and Lawrence O
RISBY Martin 1948-1993
RISCKY Joe 1892-1973
RISCKY Mary 1896-1989
RISCKY Pete E and June M
RISCKY Scerilda Cye and Alexander Alex
RISLEY Roger Eugene 1946-1979
RISNER Lehman Horace 1908-1989
RITCHEY Curtis E 1951-1981
RITCHEY Donald Raymond 1915-1985
RITCHEY Dorothy Ruth 1927-1990
RITCHEY Florence M 1919-2001
RITCHEY James W iii 1990-1990
RITCHEY James W Jr Jimmy 1969-1991
RITCHEY John Junky and Theresa Tree
RITCHEY Odus 1895-1975
RITCHEY Ruth T 1907-1987
RITCHIE 1 Alice A 1856-1936
RITCHIE 1 Boyd B 1890-1917
RITCHIE 1 W B 1845-1909
RITCHIE Clyde W 1909-1971
RITCHIE Clyde Weldon Jr Skipper 1944-196
RITCHIE Johnnie K Aunt Jo 1906-1992
RITCHIE Katie L and Clyde W
RITCHIE Robert Lee and Susan GRIGGS and
RITCHIE Thomas D and Elizabeth R
RITCHIE Vennie V 1892-1920
RITCHIE Vernon Vause 1895-1942
RITCHIE William H 1909-1969
RITCHMOND E Y Gene and Marguerite
RITCHMOND Jack Carthel 1907-1996
RITTER Aaron 1855-1923
RITTER Betty J 1905-1960
RIVAS Enriqueta R 1932-2000
RIVAS Eugene L 1924-1998
RIVAS Maria 1946-2000
RIVAS Mario and Alicia J
RIVAS Miguel B 1924-1997
RIVAS Pauline TORRES 1927-2002
RIVAS Pete L 1931-1957
RIVERA Alexius M 1986-1986
RIVERA Alfonso Martinez 1948-2002
RIVERA Anastacio and Guadalupe
RIVERA Bacilio and Maria DeJESUS
RIVERA Bacilio R 1949-1955
RIVERA Christian Theodore 2003-2003
RIVERA Christobal H Sr 1928-1997
RIVERA David Isaiah 2001
RIVERA Edward and Edith
RIVERA Erlinda 1944-2003
RIVERA Fernando E and Angie M
RIVERA Genaro E 1925-1994
RIVERA Juanita 1943-1944
RIVERA Luz M 1921-1973
RIVERA Manuela R 1869-1951
RIVERA Mary Helen 1941-1947
RIVERA Matthew Alex 1991-1991
RIVERA Patricio 1918-1943
RIVERA Pedro Jr 1933-1953
RIVERA Ralph L and Martina F
RIVERA Richard E Spooky 1968-1987
RIVERA Robert Tweety 1962-2000
RIVERA Sandra G 1959-2004
RIVERA Sarah A -1947
RIVERA Silvestre R 1900-1936
RIVERA Steve Pete 1961-1998
RIVERS 1 Charles E 1871-1927
RIVERS 1 Harley C 1900-1933
RIVERS 1 Irven 1894-1973
RIVERS 1 Nettie May 1872-1928
RIVERS 2 Charles F 1922-1927
RIVERS 2 Chas Franklin 1922-1927
RIVERS 2 Neita Merle 1926-1926
RIVERS 2 Richard Truett 1913-1981
RIVERS 2 Troy J 1888-1968
RIVERS 2 W W Rev 1882-1968
RIVERS 3 Albert J 1882-1954
RIVERS 3 Clara V 1882-1926
RIVERS 3 Fannie M 1898-1963
RIVERS Alton C and Rita R
RIVERS Bill Garcia 1936-2003
RIVERS Donald C Donnie 1943-2002
RIVERS Ellen 1896-1987
RIVERS Mattie Mae 1905-1963
RIVEY daughter 1966
RIVOS Eusebio 1894-1922
RIX Gertrude McLARTY 1877-1949
RIX Guy W 1880-1945
RIZER J L Johnny and Stella Ola
ROA Adela RODRIGUEZ 1954-1985
ROACH A D PhD and Margaret L
ROACH Atlas D 1919
ROACH Bill E 1929-1989
ROACH Charles E and Sudie Helen
ROACH Charles W and Mae B
ROACH Claron H 1933-1987
ROACH Clyde E 1923-1985
ROACH Edgar L and Arvie I
ROACH Edward Glenn 1955
ROACH Goldie Ruth 1909-1968
ROACH Henry Russell and Ava Ruth
ROACH Hubert H 1906-1984
ROACH Joe N 1923-1996
ROACH John M 1912-1972
ROACH John Marshall 1869-1938
ROACH Joseph R 1910-1996
ROACH Kathryn M Katy 1921-2003
ROACH Mattie Maria 1882-1958
ROACH Mildred A 1917-1994
ROACH Thomas A and Bobbie P
ROACH Victorine 1918-1953
ROACH William E and Edith
ROACH Wm Harvey 1905-1952
ROADS Lois E 1908-1979
ROAN Lillian R 1890-1975
ROARK Ola M 1885-1965
ROBBINS Bernice and Carl
ROBBINS Edith Mae 1910-1935
ROBBINS James C 1869-1944
ROBBINS Jane E 1844-1926
ROBBINS Jean M 1919-1984
ROBBINS Jennella and Thomas Arthur
ROBBINS Jessie Lee 1921-1944
ROBBINS John M and Gussie P
ROBBINS Madeline Claire 2002-2002
ROBBINS Myrtle M 1885-1969
ROBBINS Reba Faye 1926-1977
ROBBINS Sierra Lynn and Tamie Diane and
ROBBINS Susan E 1863-1936
ROBBINS Susie M 1887-1928
ROBBINS Thomas J 1864-1957
ROBBINS Thomas J 1881-1965
ROBBINS William T and Edna
ROBBIRDS Clara Lou -1961
ROBBIRDS Plilip Bud 1898-1970
ROBELLO Thomas Tony and Ann E
ROBERDS Grover E 1916-2002
ROBERSON Alice 1917-1991
ROBERSON Bernice GROVES 1885-1942
ROBERSON Bertha Anita 1917-1988
ROBERSON Charlie T 1883-1953
ROBERSON Chester R 1917-1992
ROBERSON D L Chester 1889-1950
ROBERSON F M 1855-1937
ROBERSON Harry E and Eleanore E
ROBERSON Harry E and Pearl
ROBERSON John Thomas 1923-1942
ROBERSON Lillie Ovey 1895-1945
ROBERSON Lue 1863-1949
ROBERSON Mary Alice 1877-1958
ROBERSON Trevia and John B
ROBERSON W E 1917-1977
ROBERSON W Everett and Mabel B
ROBERSON Walter E 1915-1972
ROBERSON William H and Mabel
ROBERSON William P and Laura Lee
ROBERTS 1 Esta Mae 1880-1963
ROBERTS 1 John W 1879-1935
ROBERTS 1 Johnnie L 1906-1945
ROBERTS 1 Robert Erie 1898-1947
ROBERTS 2 J D Sr 1908-2002
ROBERTS 2 John Newton 1878-1944
ROBERTS 2 Viola Hays 1910-1994
ROBERTS 2 Virgie Ester 1886-1964
ROBERTS Alexandria Bond 1990-2001
ROBERTS Alma 1878-1945
ROBERTS Annie B 1904-1970
ROBERTS Audrey M and Danny and Gary W
ROBERTS Bardin Marsden and Dorothy Lee
ROBERTS Bennie June 1938-1999
ROBERTS Bessie Mae 1898-1972
ROBERTS Beverly Ann 1937
ROBERTS Bobby Lee 1917-1989
ROBERTS Bryant N and Georgia Lee
ROBERTS C A 1898-1971
ROBERTS Charles H 1891-1979
ROBERTS Charles W 1872-1962
ROBERTS Christine A 1922-1980
ROBERTS Clara 1881-1974
ROBERTS Clara MOODY 1899-1983
ROBERTS Clarence 1899-1944
ROBERTS Cleo S 1904-1983
ROBERTS Conrad H Sr 1882-1964
ROBERTS David H 1901-1987
ROBERTS David H Jr 1926-1927
ROBERTS Doris Marie and Alton Charles
ROBERTS Earl E and Albertine J
ROBERTS Eddie 1928-1984
ROBERTS Edna Mae 1920-1983
ROBERTS Edward K 1900-1986
ROBERTS Ella 1887-1935
ROBERTS Ernest G 1881-1946
ROBERTS Eufaula B 1900-1991
ROBERTS Eva Frances 1914-1997
ROBERTS Evelyn Rae 1923-2005
ROBERTS Florence P 1903-2000
ROBERTS Fordy 1899-1974
ROBERTS George A 1898-1967
ROBERTS Gus and Emma L
ROBERTS Hazel WALTON and Walter Ernest
ROBERTS Henry A Kid and Verda L
ROBERTS Herbert M 1928-2002
ROBERTS Hershel H Sr and Shirley Ray
ROBERTS Hettie M 1884-1960
ROBERTS Houston 1873-1938
ROBERTS Howard 1911-1981
ROBERTS Hudson Lee and Willie Faye
ROBERTS Ira Hudson and Annie Lee
ROBERTS J F 1857-1924
ROBERTS J H 1849-1925
ROBERTS Jack Lundy Dr 1931-2004
ROBERTS Jack W and Inez L
ROBERTS James Donald 1937-1997
ROBERTS James H 1886-1956
ROBERTS James H 1931-1969
ROBERTS James R 1880-1956
ROBERTS James Thomas and Emma Margaret
ROBERTS Jeremiah Louis 1981-1981
ROBERTS Jewell 1904-1987
ROBERTS John Thomas Bill 1914-1998
ROBERTS John W 1900-1971
ROBERTS Johnnie LITTLE 1905-1990
ROBERTS Joyce 1925-2002
ROBERTS Ladonia 1880-1934
ROBERTS Lee E and Eva J
ROBERTS Leonard A 1913-1979
ROBERTS Leslie H Bob and Katherine
ROBERTS Lewis O 1911-1982
ROBERTS Lillie WHITCOMB and Eugene Lewis
ROBERTS Lula C and John O Sr
ROBERTS Lydia E 1907-1982
ROBERTS Mamie F 1892-1946
ROBERTS Mareta 1906-1991
ROBERTS Marvin H 1916-1989
ROBERTS Mary Agnes 1901-1978
ROBERTS Mary Anne 1951-1955
ROBERTS Mary L 1920-1992
ROBERTS Mary L 1933-1998
ROBERTS Mary M Too Too 1942-1988
ROBERTS Matthew J 1871-1939
ROBERTS Maxine M 1919-2001
ROBERTS Mayme B 1908-1998
ROBERTS McKinley L Sr 1910-1978
ROBERTS Myrtle GRIFFIN 1884-1975
ROBERTS Nicoh Blue 1984-1984
ROBERTS Ollie O 1881-1970
ROBERTS Onell I 1915-1993
ROBERTS Othomae 1924-1989
ROBERTS Philip H 1954-1958
ROBERTS Ralph R 1913-1953
ROBERTS Rex Sol 1908-1956
ROBERTS Ricky and Kim and Pete E
ROBERTS Ruby N 1911-1976
ROBERTS Ruth 1900-1979
ROBERTS Sam Rev and Jean
ROBERTS Samuel and Emma
ROBERTS Thomas B 1874-1957
ROBERTS Thomas O 1875-1951
ROBERTS Vasco RIGGS 1897-1967
ROBERTS Vernon Dale 1949-2003
ROBERTS Vernon Lee and Martha T
ROBERTS Victor M and Clara E
ROBERTS W Herschel and Blanche
ROBERTS W J Bill and Melba G
ROBERTS W J Bryan 1896-1958
ROBERTS Willa Fay 1931-1992
ROBERTS Willie Belo CARPENTER 1878-1958
ROBERTS Witt and Eliose M
ROBERTS Witt and Nora DYE
ROBERTSON 1 Frances C 1901-1987
ROBERTSON 1 Mallie Townes 1873-1968
ROBERTSON 1 Steve T 1900-1969
ROBERTSON 1 William Howard 1876-1940
ROBERTSON Al Bennie 1894-1941
ROBERTSON Al O 1923-2002
ROBERTSON Albert M 1898-1959
ROBERTSON Alice M 1909-2000
ROBERTSON Annie Mae 1883-1962
ROBERTSON Annie Mae 1903-1990
ROBERTSON Bennie H 1903-1984
ROBERTSON Bertha Virginia BRICKELL 1915-
ROBERTSON Bertie V 1880-1972
ROBERTSON Carolyn A GARCIA 1963-1990
ROBERTSON Catherine 1907-1995
ROBERTSON Charles H 1881-1961
ROBERTSON Dawson 1921-1984
ROBERTSON Edwin A and Nettie J
ROBERTSON Emma Alean and Eva Franklin
ROBERTSON Eula Mae 1912-2000
ROBERTSON Evelyn J 1922-
ROBERTSON Evia Irene 1903-1992
ROBERTSON Floyd A 1889-1935
ROBERTSON Floyd A Jr 1922-1936
ROBERTSON Frances M 1900-1971
ROBERTSON Frank and Velma R
ROBERTSON Gertrude 1890-1967
ROBERTSON Harry R 1910-1967
ROBERTSON Herbert 1911-1976
ROBERTSON John J 1961-1979
ROBERTSON John W iii 1960-2003
ROBERTSON L G Bob 1902-1975
ROBERTSON Laura A 1875-1963
ROBERTSON Leona 1875-1953
ROBERTSON Lila G and Charles E
ROBERTSON Lizzie Mae 1900-1984
ROBERTSON Louisa Matilda GAMMON and Delm
ROBERTSON Maude A 1883-1942
ROBERTSON Mitchell 1915-1993
ROBERTSON R F Rock and Rosa Jean
ROBERTSON Roy A 1915-1997
ROBERTSON Roy L 1885-1923
ROBERTSON Roy V and Willie
ROBERTSON Susie 1891-1990
ROBERTSON Thomas M 1878-1921
ROBERTSON Vernon E 1902-1983
ROBERTSON Virginia 1912-2005
ROBERTSON W Bob 1903-1972
ROBERTSON W C Doc and Vina M
ROBERTSON W Howard and Lorraine
ROBERTSON William L 1919-1975
ROBERTSON Winnie M 1902-1974
ROBERTSON Wm Leonard 1881-1961
ROBIE Ruby LILES 1900-1954
ROBINSON 1 Jack L 1874-1940
ROBINSON 1 Mary 1883-1947
ROBINSON Adaline C 1901-1956
ROBINSON Alice E 1858-1935
ROBINSON Anna 1872-1925
ROBINSON Anne J 1912-1977
ROBINSON Annie E 1867-1937
ROBINSON Annie M 1873-1944
ROBINSON Betty C 1935-2003
ROBINSON Billy G and Virginia E
ROBINSON C E 1872-1930
ROBINSON Charles E 1882-1963
ROBINSON Charles J 1874-1961
ROBINSON Clifford J 1909-1981
ROBINSON Clytus Lafayette 1902-1973
ROBINSON David H 1921-1988
ROBINSON Della Raye 1908-1951
ROBINSON Doris 1918-2003
ROBINSON Dorothy L 1923-1960
ROBINSON Doyle 1913-1979
ROBINSON Duane 1927-1996
ROBINSON Edith Elnora 1908-1930
ROBINSON Edna O 1893-1979
ROBINSON Edward Clyde 1889-1967
ROBINSON Elizabeth A 1846-1917
ROBINSON Elizabeth A and Charlie C
ROBINSON Emma Jo and Harry F
ROBINSON Ezra Arthur 1894-1930
ROBINSON Frances N 1909-1985
ROBINSON Gayle G 1938-1977
ROBINSON Gena Darlean 1972
ROBINSON George W 1858-1929
ROBINSON Georgia Mae 1910-1943
ROBINSON Gustavia and Mildred McLEMORE
ROBINSON H C 1853-1930
ROBINSON Harold B and Nell T
ROBINSON Hubert Elijah and Jessie Anna T
ROBINSON Jack 1910-1945
ROBINSON James M 1909-1966
ROBINSON Jimmie Frances 1912-1987
ROBINSON Joe A Jack 1892-1954
ROBINSON John C and Bertha C
ROBINSON Jones L 1903-1973
ROBINSON Karen Sue 1976-1977
ROBINSON Lesley and Eunice
ROBINSON Lester G 1915-
ROBINSON Lillian C WEISLER and William F
ROBINSON Little Velton 1901-1914
ROBINSON Lula P 1976-1961
ROBINSON Mabel C 1880-1974
ROBINSON Margaret V 1877-1939
ROBINSON Marshall L Roby 1934-1996
ROBINSON Marvin Earl 1918-1993
ROBINSON Mary Ethel 1929-1947
ROBINSON Maud L 1869-1916
ROBINSON Mildred Ruth 1917-1995
ROBINSON Newman J and Mary Lou
ROBINSON Newman J Sr 1914-1987
ROBINSON Opal SEARS 1920-1995
ROBINSON Percy W 1901-1933
ROBINSON Randy L 1957-2000
ROBINSON Richard W 1928-1988
ROBINSON Robert A 1874-1965
ROBINSON Roy B and Patsy R
ROBINSON S C 1880-1914
ROBINSON Shawn Michael 1973
ROBINSON Stella O and Scogin M
ROBINSON Thelma V 1919-1969
ROBINSON Thomas E 1942-1998
ROBINSON Thomas H and Blanche G
ROBINSON Wayne W and Lucille
ROBINSON Willie K 1917-1991
ROBISON Bertha 1858-1934
ROBISON Charles B 1875-1942
ROBISON Chester L 1859-
ROBISON Dewey M 1899-1966
ROBISON Genie L 1884-1966
ROBISON Jesse J and Zora B
ROBISON Stephen L 1903-1961
ROBISON Tillie A 1904-1991
ROBISON William T and Orlena Addie
ROBLEDO Alfredo G and Maria S
ROBLEDO Efrain J 1947-1967
ROBLEDO Francisco Sr 1896-1968
ROBLEDO Jose 1920-1945
ROBLEDO Maria ORTIZ 1901-1968
ROBLES Alfredo 1956-1985
ROBLES Burton and Jennie
ROBLES Frances R 1901-1983
ROBLES Hector M 1960-2000
ROBLES Jesus G and Esiquia L
ROBNITT J W 1890-1926
ROBSON Leo D 1939-1992
ROCHA Alfred G and Olga Alicia C
ROCHA oberto and Francisca
ROCHE Faira McCURDY 1 1883-1964
ROCHELLE Sidney Sr 1876-1926
ROCK Henry 1867-1946
ROCK Joseph Daniel 1909-1961
ROCK Margaret Ruth 1910-1968
ROCKENBAUGH Guy Charles 1918-1920
ROCKENBAUGH Guy Thaddeus 1895-1942
ROCKWELL Edna L 1887-1950
ROCKWELL Harry D Sr 1888-1963
ROCKWELL Martha Lee 1942-1983
ROCKWOOD Winnie Pat 1892-1963
RODARTE Dorothy Penny PRICE 1931-1995
RODDY Rose Bud 1926-1927
RODE Gertrude and Wesley E
RODEBAUGH Wm E 1882-1931
RODELA Alvina SEGOVIA 1922-1993
RODELA Guillermo and Carolina
RODELA Rudolph 1935-2003
RODEN 1 Barbara Kay JOHNSON and Sam Hous
RODEN Alvin and Dedamae
RODEN Annabelle 1886-1973
RODEN Bobby Earl 1937-1985
RODEN Calvin L and Lillie A
RODEN Claude B 1875-1955
RODEN Connie Sue 1948-1986
RODEN Darce V and Lillie M
RODEN David 1961-1986
RODEN Elsie 1906-1976
RODEN fannie Mae and Thomas Floyd
RODEN Gloria Martha 1912-1980
RODEN J Donald 1934-1937
RODEN James Clyde 1907-1960
RODEN James E Sr 1909-1976
RODEN Jean E 1922-1991
RODEN Leander D V 1921-1977
RODEN Loys Leroy 1905-1987
RODEN Mary Estelle 1924-1972
RODEN Ralph V and Jodie F
RODEN Richard T 1922-1943
RODEN Ronald Lee 1959-1981
RODEN Synthia Ann and Floyd Jr
RODEN Tania Elaine 1966-1978
RODEN Thomas F Jr 1923
RODEN Willie 1896-1933
RODERICK Dearl and Janet
RODGERS Addie Ester and Reuben Lee
RODGERS Bert and Cricket
RODGERS Bessie Kate 1926-1985
RODGERS Bonnie 1892-1969
RODGERS Charles Eugene 1927-1938
RODGERS Cody Samuel Sr and Georgia Marie
RODGERS Earlyne CHAPMAN 1920-1999
RODGERS Frances Louise 1925-
RODGERS George R and Maudean E HARVEY
RODGERS Gloria 1938-1990
RODGERS Harrell 1921-1970
RODGERS Inza P 1913-1988
RODGERS Ira Aldon Roger 1910-1984
RODGERS Jack 1912-1992
RODGERS James B 1918-1993
RODGERS Janie E 1897-1988
RODGERS Lee Ross Sr and Fannie HALLMARK
RODGERS Lois M 1931-
RODGERS M J 1890-1982
RODGERS Marvin H 1924-1982
RODGERS Nan E 1875-1966
RODGERS Nolen 1890-1909
RODGERS Paul 1920-1989
RODGERS Rebecca Jane 1870-1968
RODGERS T M 1874-1947
RODGERS Thomas B 1925-1986
RODGERS Virgil E-1891-1966
RODRIGUEZ 1 Alfonso Al and Evangelina
RODRIGUEZ 1 Guadalupe A-and Teresa V
RODRIGUEZ 1 Maria P 1891-1936
RODRIGUEZ 2 Enrigue 1889-1953
RODRIGUEZ 2 Juliana 1884-1962
RODRIGUEZ Abel L 1934-1984
RODRIGUEZ Adela M 1886-1960
RODRIGUEZ Adolph 1895-1982
RODRIGUEZ Adolph and Rita
RODRIGUEZ Alberto and Carolina
RODRIGUEZ Anna Marie 1965-1989
RODRIGUEZ Annie Marie and Frank V
RODRIGUEZ Antonio V 1939-1999
RODRIGUEZ Ascension 1931-2003
RODRIGUEZ Avelina CANTU 1916-1998
RODRIGUEZ Blatazar and Ramona
RODRIGUEZ boy 1968
RODRIGUEZ Candelario 1901-1973
RODRIGUEZ Carlota J 1912-1985
RODRIGUEZ Cecilio 1921-1970
RODRIGUEZ Celestino 1884-1918
RODRIGUEZ Christina D 1979-1979
RODRIGUEZ Christy L JACKSON 1961-2000
RODRIGUEZ Clemencia C 1908-1974
RODRIGUEZ daughters 1960
RODRIGUEZ David 1958-1996
RODRIGUEZ David 1968-1980
RODRIGUEZ Deidra L and Urbano
RODRIGUEZ Dianna 1958-1983
RODRIGUEZ Domingo C and Isabel H
RODRIGUEZ Edward S 1952-1952
RODRIGUEZ Elena M 1960
RODRIGUEZ Eligio 1905-1986
RODRIGUEZ Elyse Judith 1976
RODRIGUEZ Enedina 1872-1923
RODRIGUEZ Enrique R 1939-1981
RODRIGUEZ Epifania 1907-1989
RODRIGUEZ Ernesto 1942-1946
RODRIGUEZ Esteban 1905-1987
RODRIGUEZ Eulogio E 1905-2001
RODRIGUEZ Eva C 1929-1954
RODRIGUEZ Feliciano and Julia
RODRIGUEZ Felistas and Florencio
RODRIGUEZ Florencia G 1864-1950
RODRIGUEZ Francisca 1909-1987
RODRIGUEZ Francisco 1947-1970
RODRIGUEZ Francisco C 1913-1984
RODRIGUEZ Gerard and Julia Anita B
RODRIGUEZ Gerardo Jr 1958-1987
RODRIGUEZ Gregg 1989
RODRIGUEZ Hilaria C and Agustin
RODRIGUEZ Ignacio S and Teresa C
RODRIGUEZ Joaquina 1891-1977
RODRIGUEZ Joe 1925-1997
RODRIGUEZ Joe and Angie
RODRIGUEZ Joe C 1909-1999
RODRIGUEZ Joe M Joey 1976-1995
RODRIGUEZ Joe Richard 1953-1977
RODRIGUEZ Joe Sr 1939-1993
RODRIGUEZ John 1948-1967
RODRIGUEZ John E and Rosie A
RODRIGUEZ John J Shorty and Maria GARCIA
RODRIGUEZ John R and Mary G
RODRIGUEZ Johnny and Joe 1988
RODRIGUEZ Jorge E 1884-1965
RODRIGUEZ Jorge L and Celia P
RODRIGUEZ Jose Angel 1968-1987
RODRIGUEZ Jose Francisco Jr 1998-1999
RODRIGUEZ Jose Isaac 1909-1977
RODRIGUEZ Jose R 1925-2003
RODRIGUEZ Josefa 1913-1995
RODRIGUEZ Josefa C 1891-1966
RODRIGUEZ Joseph D 1949-1986
RODRIGUEZ Josephine 1932-2004
RODRIGUEZ Joshua 1987
RODRIGUEZ Jovita 1879-1938
RODRIGUEZ Juan 1884-1984
RODRIGUEZ Juan J and Seferina C
RODRIGUEZ Juana 1947-1997
RODRIGUEZ Juanita T 1910-1998
RODRIGUEZ Julia GOMEZ 1932-1987
RODRIGUEZ Julia M and Tony
RODRIGUEZ Julia V 1909-2003
RODRIGUEZ Leroy and Dolores
RODRIGUEZ Librado 1905-1976
RODRIGUEZ Linda Marie 1971-1971
RODRIGUEZ Lorenza R and Alberto F
RODRIGUEZ Lorenzo A 1926-1988
RODRIGUEZ Lorenzo and Sophia
RODRIGUEZ Lucy 1902-1987
RODRIGUEZ Lupe 1902-1967
RODRIGUEZ Manuel 1961-2004
RODRIGUEZ Manuel L 1903-1964
RODRIGUEZ Manuel M 1936-1957
RODRIGUEZ Manuel R 1939-
RODRIGUEZ Manuela R 1907-1967
RODRIGUEZ Margarita C 1943-2001
RODRIGUEZ Maria Guadalupe 1947-1997
RODRIGUEZ Marshall E Sr and Angela Z
RODRIGUEZ Martin 1917-1976
RODRIGUEZ Mary Ann P 1948-1987
RODRIGUEZ Narzizo 1894-1918
RODRIGUEZ Ofelia G 1930-2000
RODRIGUEZ Pablo C 1896-1988
RODRIGUEZ Pablo C 1898-1966
RODRIGUEZ Pamela 1971
RODRIGUEZ Pat Jr and Monica
RODRIGUEZ Paul and Mary
RODRIGUEZ Paul M and Belen E
RODRIGUEZ Pedro C and Isabel O
RODRIGUEZ Pedro iii 1968-1988
RODRIGUEZ Pedro M 1912-1982
RODRIGUEZ Petra -1915
RODRIGUEZ Plexis 1998
RODRIGUEZ Prisciliano S and Dolores G
RODRIGUEZ Querido Jafe Eutimio 1926-2005
RODRIGUEZ Rafael V and Clarice C
RODRIGUEZ Ramona R 1922-1946
RODRIGUEZ Raquel Solis 1931-1989
RODRIGUEZ Raymundo H and Felicitas E
RODRIGUEZ Raymundo Jr 1953-1976
RODRIGUEZ Regina M 1850-1939
RODRIGUEZ Rita G 1918-1996
RODRIGUEZ Robert M 1933-1983
RODRIGUEZ Roberto 1945-2005
RODRIGUEZ Rodolfo Sr 1908-1988
RODRIGUEZ Rogelio 1952-
RODRIGUEZ Sam V and Inez G
RODRIGUEZ Senovia F 1930-1970
RODRIGUEZ Serafin Jr 1959-1979
RODRIGUEZ Sylvia GARCIA 1967-2002
RODRIGUEZ Telesforo Teddy 1947-1994
RODRIGUEZ Tiofilo 1940
RODRIGUEZ Tomasita P 1908-1987
RODRIGUEZ Tony R and Juanita V
RODRIGUEZ Victor 1967-1986
RODRIGUEZ Victoria Loren 1992-1992
RODRIQUEZ Aaron Lara 1954-1977
RODRIQUEZ Alejandra 1917-1993
RODRIQUEZ Antonio Sr 1910-1953
RODRIQUEZ Carmelo V 1936-1981
RODRIQUEZ Conrado 1922-1985
RODRIQUEZ Florentino G 1906-1982
RODRIQUEZ Raymond Ayala 1964-1994
RODRIQUEZ Rufino 1928-1965
RODRIQUEZ Santiago 1920-1995
RODRIQUEZ Tiburcio R 1873-1973
RODRIQUEZ Tony 1970-1995
ROE Benjamin Franklin 1876-1961
ROE Billy Dan and Patricia R
ROE Erma Ruth 1927-1949
ROE Eva Emmaline 1886-1957
ROE Florence and Nimrod H
ROE Jacky Leon 1938-1976
ROE Mary HEARNE 1891-1977
ROE N R Jr and Erma
ROE Pleasant S 1908-1992
ROE Thelma 1906-1995
ROE Virginia Joy 1933-1933
ROE Will 1892-1967
ROEDER Tammy Lou 1964
ROEPKE Alvira D 1928-1997
ROGERS 1 Maude B 1874-1958
ROGERS 1 Walter E 1868-1938
ROGERS 2 J T 1860-1913
ROGERS Alma 1871-1954
ROGERS Andrew 1923-1989
ROGERS B Roy and A Florine
ROGERS Ben T and Bessie Iola
ROGERS Berta May 1905-1985
ROGERS Beryl E and Faye E
ROGERS Bill and Jane
ROGERS Blanche WILLIS 1913-2000
ROGERS Bonnie F 1925-
ROGERS Brown Buford 1904-1976
ROGERS Carl Coleman 1913-1967
ROGERS Charles E 1913-1969
ROGERS Clara Mae 1919-2001
ROGERS Claud Allen 1913-1961
ROGERS Clifton and Dottie B
ROGERS Clyde E 1903-1967
ROGERS Danny Joe 1926-2001
ROGERS David Mitchell 1914-2000
ROGERS Debora Gay 1958-1960
ROGERS Dee D 1915-1981
ROGERS Effie and Leslie
ROGERS Elena F 1924-
ROGERS Elizabeth O 1912-2003
ROGERS Ella Sally 1934-1993
ROGERS Emily 1847-1925
ROGERS Estelle STONE 1917-2000
ROGERS Esther M 1904-1969
ROGERS Evelyn Ruth 1923-1984
ROGERS Floyd and Bessie
ROGERS Frances Eula 1907-1929
ROGERS Frances MORROW 1867-1958
ROGERS George A and Mattie M
ROGERS George W 1887-1955
ROGERS Gerry Clark 1966-1993
ROGERS Grover J and Fay L
ROGERS Hazel C 1918-1994
ROGERS Henry T and Lillie B
ROGERS Irvin D and Norma Jean
ROGERS Jack H 1946-1998
ROGERS James C and Iva May
ROGERS Jesse PEMBERTON 1910-1941
ROGERS Jimmy Paul 1931-1985
ROGERS Joe G and Lavana E
ROGERS Joe J and Ruby I
ROGERS John E and Ruth C
ROGERS John W and Sadie A
ROGERS Julia and Jack B
ROGERS Leo O 1921-1949
ROGERS Leona BOREN 1909-1974
ROGERS Lillie M Fisher 1901-1958
ROGERS Margaret Martha 1911-1995
ROGERS Marie E and Cecil H Jr
ROGERS Marie Theresa 1915-1996
ROGERS Mark Clifton 1969-1990
ROGERS Mary Kay 1977-1980
ROGERS Mervin C 1918-1993
ROGERS Michael and Rory
ROGERS Mildred O 1931-2001
ROGERS Millard Sonny 1939-1988
ROGERS Minnie B 1876-1932
ROGERS Mollie 1854-1924
ROGERS Myrtle I and Troy O
ROGERS Norma M 1904-1989
ROGERS Oscar F and Minnie B
ROGERS P H 1910-1995
ROGERS R R Bob and Lena
ROGERS Radford D and Callie V
ROGERS Renfro F and Lottie Beth
ROGERS Rholand and Stella May
ROGERS Robert Wesley 1956-1989
ROGERS Ruth Z McARTHUR 1922-1944
ROGERS Sam T and Ann E
ROGERS Sherree L 1968
ROGERS Susan FRANCIS 1878-1974
ROGERS Suzanne D 1952-1981
ROGERS Thurman F 1918-1996
ROGERS Thurman Ta and Alma Gene
ROGERS Tommy P and Lois T
ROGERS Verna 1906-1968
ROGERS Vernon Leon 1900-1990
ROGERS William Archie 1892-1955
ROGERS William Carl 1913-1981
ROGERS William Geoffrey and Gustava MOZE
ROGERS Willie A and Louise M
ROGERS Wm M 1891-1920
ROGERS Zina Lynn 1963-2003
ROGLITZ Cecil B 1895-1940
ROHDE August and Beulah
ROHDE Donald E 1930-1988
ROHDE Edward G 1897-1973
ROHDE Sallie 1870-1952
ROHDE Vira Mae 1901-1977
ROHLEDER William G 1925-1997
ROHLEDER Willie RUSH 1901-1967
ROHLFING George O 1896-1986
ROHLFING Lottie Lee 1901-1980
ROHRBOUGH L O Bud 1929-1990
ROJAS David 1986
ROJAS Gilberto P 1949-1991
ROLAND 1 Donna Jean 1954-2001
ROLAND 1 Fama H and Vernon F
ROLAND 1 Karen Jaunice 1947-1948
ROLAND Acosta 1946-1996
ROLAND Carl T 1916-1979
ROLAND James W 1918-1981
ROLAND Oleta 1909-1996
ROLATER Mildred Lou 1890-1968
ROLDAN Jessenia Alexandrina 1991-1994
ROLISON Mary B 1874-1953
ROLLINS Danyelle Cier1990-1990
ROLLINS Lawrence and Bess N
ROLLINS Savannah Gabrielle 2000-2000
ROLLINS W E Bill 1928-1998
ROLLINS William A and Gail K
ROLLOW Thomas Pearson and Mary Elizabeth
ROMAN Claude A 1905-1976
ROMAN Mary E 1908-1982
ROMAN Nalli Sesilia 2003-2004
ROMANO Ric Joseph 1951-1967
ROMERO Arnulfo 1888-1959
ROMERO Avelina H 1880-1946
ROMERO Ernestine 1927-
ROMERO Evaristo 1877-1943
ROMERO Genaro 1908-1967
ROMERO Gloria 1922-1927
ROMERO Guadalupe F 1903-1983
ROMERO Guadalupe M 1866-1926
ROMERO Henry 1945-1945
ROMERO James Jim and Amalia M
ROMERO Jesus 1895-1972
ROMERO Jesus 1901-1937
ROMERO Jesus 1959-1994
ROMERO Juan and Carmen Avelar
ROMERO Manuel H and Maria DeLaLUZ
ROMERO Modesta LIVAR 1908-1983
ROMERO Paul Lewis 1961-1962
ROMERO Pedro A 1938-1994
ROMIE Rawanda C 1969-2000
ROMO Clevia Dorcas 1936-1978
ROMO Delfino and Connie
ROMO Iangnicio Delarosa and Carmen REYES
ROMO Isabel 1925-1982