Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - AB, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
385 view
389 view
391 view
392 view
394 view
5 ShannonRoseHill Cemetery
51 ShannonRoseHill Cemetery
59 Ray Manship Cemetery Pioneers 1984
59 view
6 Life is Eternal
6 view-pond-work
76 Handley Historic District at Rosehill
781 view
79 View
97 View
AARON George A Scottie and Nelbet Jeffie
AARON Lillie Mae 1868-1947
AARONS Sherran Sue DODD 1949-
ABBAS Carol 1964-2000
ABBOTT Birdie a883-1968
ABBOTT Della P and Charles J
ABBOTT Eugene H 1884-1945
ABBOTT Lois L and Joe W
ABEL Oliver O 1894-1955
ABERNATHY James E 1902-1946
ABSHER John Henry and Eva May
ABSHIRE Wanda I and Paul E Bullit
ACERS Alice AKER BROWN 1869-1955
ACERS Emerson Wyatt 1915-1971
ACERS Odessa F 1896-1981
ACERS Ruby Mae 1909-1957
ACKER Katie J 1897-1990
ACKER Mittie A 1886-1983
ACKERT Bernard G 1918-1993
ACRE Rosa E 1877-1961
ACREA Jewell 1904-1988
ACTON Betty G and Robert W
ACTON Phyllis Ena and Robert O
ACUFF Merle B and Carl L
ADAIR Ada Ophelia 1887-1972
ADAIR Billy Ray 1929-1993
ADAIR Bobby J 1933-1964
ADAIR Gladys C and Kelly B
ADAIR Samuel Dixon 1882-1944
ADAIR Stewart and Mary Alice
ADAMS Amy E 1878-1943
ADAMS Jack Capt 1879-1935
ADAMS Jack J 1918-1988
ADAMS Richard J 1925-1957
ADAMS Alice M 1866-1954
ADAMS Alta Smith 1908-2003
ADAMS Alvin R and Virginia A
ADAMS Charles F 1875-1954
ADAMS Charles W and Marjorie M
ADAMS Edmund A 1859-1930
ADAMS Elbert W 1901-1957
ADAMS Elzora REESE and Hugh Cornwell
ADAMS Estelle L and Harrison T
ADAMS Ethel 1890-1969
ADAMS Ethel M 1905-1995
ADAMS Floyd R and Nina
ADAMS Floyd Richard 1896-1974
ADAMS George E 1916-1988
ADAMS George H 1867-1955
ADAMS Hattie E 1872-1947
ADAMS Herman C and Joyce
ADAMS Jack Radford 1908-1937
ADAMS James Feagin 1930-1960
ADAMS James O and Marguerite E
ADAMS Jay 1956-1997
ADAMS Jeffrey Duane 1970
ADAMS John C 1881-1959
ADAMS Ketty G 1881-1964
ADAMS Leonidas ALLEN 1909-2002
ADAMS Mary L and Allen M
ADAMS Nadine VINSON 1915-2001
ADAMS Norvene CRAMER 1913-
ADAMS Roby H 1895-1959
ADAMS Roby V 1918-1944
ADAMS Samuel Theodore and Mildred Juanit
ADAMS Shirley J 1934-2002
ADAMS Silas Sneed 1913-1976
ADAMS Ted T and Betha G
ADAMS Thomas Dewey 1904-1941
ADAMS Thomas Edison and Freddie PREVOST
ADAMS Toby and Ruth
ADAMS Walter R 1877-1940
ADAMS Willis A 1901-1970
ADAMSKI Irma E 1921-1980
ADAMSON M L 1894-1948
ADAMSON Ted L 1900-1953
ADAMSON Willie 1893-1957
ADCOCK Josie Mae 1902-1969
ADCOCK Robert Alvin 1898-1983
ADDINGTON Wayne L and Janice F
ADDY Lottie M 1910-1999
ADKINS Cynthia Amanda 1868-1949
ADKINS Wm Harvey 1862-1943
ADKINS E R Jr 1923-1942
ADKINS E R Sr 1880-1968
ADKINS Margaret 1890-1990
ADKINS David V 1940-1965
ADKINS George Andrew 1911-1976
ADKINS Henry A 1891-1951
ADKINS Kathryn MILLER and Matthew J
ADKINS Lawrence Ray 1900-1984
ADKINS Lizzie M 1895-1944
ADKINS Mable 1902-1956
ADKISON Roy L and Cleo H
ADRIAN Ora Mills 1899-1948
AHERN Ida Lou 1877-1941
AHERN Ora Lee 1894-1914
AIKEN Helen SIMS and John Morgan
AIKEN Lu Mae and Amos Ed
AINSWORTH Marelin GUNN 1933-1976
AISHMAN Loys E and Fannie M
AKER Alfred C 1873-1929
AKERS Iva Dell 1882-1965
AKERS John W 1879-1947
AKIN Johanna 1935-
AKIN O A 1927-1995
AKIN Sallie E 1865-1947
AKINS Glenn Thomas 1915-1993
AKINS Margaret B 1902-1932
ALANIS Nellie B and Joe H Sr
ALBIAR Tivursio Butch 1959-2000
ALBRITTON Jim F 1915-1995
ALCON John and Betty SMITH
ALCON Margie Oliver 1922-1965
ALCORN Julia TYE and Ward C
ALDERSON Charleen C and Ross D
ALDERSON Terry H 1942-1968
ALDINE Elma 1891-1970
ALDRIDGE Mary A 1846-1932
ALDRIDGE Mary J 1861-1953
ALDRIDGE Max M and Janie
ALDRIDGE Robert O and Paula H
ALEEMAN M Benigna 1878-1938
ALEEMAN Thomas A 1874-1959
ALELUNAS Charles V and Alice H
ALEXANDER 1920-1977
ALEXANDER Ada Lou 1916-1990
ALEXANDER Charles Lee 1922-1994
ALEXANDER Cora Mae DANIEL 1898-1963
ALEXANDER Ernest S 1884-1957
ALEXANDER Eva Lor WHITE and James Anders
ALEXANDER Harry G and Mable
ALEXANDER Hattie 1876-1941
ALEXANDER John F and Lura E
ALEXANDER John Gillispie and Oce Cola
ALEXANDER John V 1881-1955
ALEXANDER Lenore D 1885-1937
ALEXANDER Lizzie L 1891-1966
ALEXANDER Mae Estelle and Ray H
ALEXANDER Mary Sue and Talmage W
ALEXANDER Petty Ruth 1914-1999
ALEXANDER Valra Mae and Oral A
ALEXANDER William R Bob and Thelma Nadin
ALFORD Edgar Perry 1911-1998
ALFORD James Ray 1936-1998
ALFORD Mildred P and Wilson Ford
ALFORD Mittie GRIFFIN 1877-1963
ALFORD Tim 1974-1974
ALFORD Virgil W and Flora E
ALLARD Charles 1920-1979
ALLEN Amon Jefferson 1898-1945
ALLEN Anne W 1884-1970
ALLEN Beulah E and Floyd D
ALLEN Billy Miller 1919-1997
ALLEN Blake Lee 1984-1985
ALLEN Colene B and Herman E
ALLEN Daisy F 1888-1967
ALLEN Dessie Barbee 1889-1966
ALLEN Dorothy Ann 1925-1932
ALLEN Dorothy STOWE and Lloyd Oran
ALLEN E Jeff and Alice B
ALLEN Elmer Dixon and Louetta Meda
ALLEN Elmer M 1932-1948
ALLEN Ethan Sylvester 1923-1999
ALLEN Flora W and Armead T
ALLEN George Earl 1909-1992
ALLEN Glenn Joseph 1888-1956
ALLEN Harmon Wayne 1935-1986
ALLEN Hatie L and Ethan S
ALLEN Helen DAGGETT 1895-1939
ALLEN Henry Bascom 1897-1987
ALLEN Hoyt Daniel 1916-1982
ALLEN Ima G 1892-1982
ALLEN J B 1905-1973
ALLEN J Wayne 1903-1973
ALLEN Jasper M and Dora A
ALLEN Jennie Mae 1900-1980
ALLEN Jimmie PONDER 1921-
ALLEN Joe C 1897-1951
ALLEN Julian Ward 1902-1994
ALLEN KirkPatrick 1894-1962
ALLEN Larry Jefferson 1955-
ALLEN Lizzie STELLMAN 1870-1962
ALLEN Mabel F 1902-1969
ALLEN Madge H 1899-1974
ALLEN Mary WARD 1873-1941
ALLEN Michael Christian 1974-1977
ALLEN Mildred Wiggins 1918-1991
ALLEN O L Red 1916-1969
ALLEN Orville G and Honey VAUGHAN
ALLEN Pearl C and Dan E
ALLEN Peggy B and Leonard A
ALLEN R R 1878-1930
ALLEN Rachel and Luther Rev
ALLEN Robert D 1900-1967
ALLEN Roy 1880-1952
ALLEN Ruth D and William E
ALLEN Thad M 1918-1982
ALLEN Thomas J 1893-1963
ALLEN W J 1867-1939
ALLEN William R and Adie E
ALLEN Wilma WILLIAMS 1917-1999
ALLENSTEIN Ray Henry 1930-1997
ALLISON Albert Augusta 1891-1932
ALLISON Claiborne Smith 1851-1933
ALLISON Joseph Lee 1884-1959
ALLISON Mary Elizabeth 1856-1939
ALLISON Mary Jane 1875-1957
ALLISON Emma L and Robert Lee
ALLISON Ethel Ray 1927-1986
ALLISON Nola ODELL and Willis C
ALLISON Ruel Blake 1927-2003
ALLISON Virginia 1926-2003
ALLMON Elizabeth 1882-1966
ALLRED Eugene 1920-1981
ALLRED Jacob 1913-1975
ALLRED Johnnie R and Melvin F
ALLRED Robert L and Viola
ALMON Norman O 1922-1973
ALSTON Willie A 1932-1976
ALTENHOFF Herman W 1905-1961
ALVAREZ Elizabeth 1962-1963
ALVEY Julia M and Maurice W
AMACKER Joseph P and Rowe N
AMANN Aiden L 1902-1967
AMAYA Andres 1994-1994
AMBROSE Troy David 1969-2003
AMICK Dora Mae 1870-1956
AMICK Walter F 1866-1944
AMROCK Florence 1892-1968
AMYETT Beverly Jean 1936-1980
ANCHOR Genevieve M and William L
ANCHOR Maureen Ann 1960-1990
ANDERS Gus C and Jessamae
ANDERS Levoyce and Dorothy M
ANDERSON Elsie Ray 1892-1978
ANDERSON Troy C 1885-1942
ANDERSON A W 1882-1978
ANDERSON Alfred H and Mabel T
ANDERSON Bert H 1893-1962
ANDERSON Billye 1924-1957
ANDERSON Charles A 1882-1952
ANDERSON Chesley J and Tina B
ANDERSON Clarence W 1891-1950
ANDERSON Clifford L 1891-1933
ANDERSON Coy Ray 1932-1986
ANDERSON D W 1899-1953
ANDERSON Delores O 1923-1975
ANDERSON Donald L and
ANDERSON Dorothy M 1923-1986
ANDERSON Earle John 1883-1935
ANDERSON Earle John ii 1907-1975
ANDERSON Ernest R and Juanita
ANDERSON Eugene 1871-1951
ANDERSON Eva 1885-1940
ANDERSON Frank W 1883-1955
ANDERSON H T and Edith A
ANDERSON Hallie N 1911-2001
ANDERSON Ivan 1899-1936
ANDERSON Jack Trent and Jessie RYAN
ANDERSON James M and Alma J
ANDERSON Jimmie Mae 1905-1976
ANDERSON Johnie Pearl 1909-1945
ANDERSON Katherine L 1975-2002
ANDERSON Kathryn Clara 1891-1981
ANDERSON Katie Grey 1883-1975
ANDERSON Kerry Michael 1954-1962
ANDERSON Leona McB and Wm Edward
ANDERSON Lillie Florence and Thomas Fran
ANDERSON Lillie K 1884-1961
ANDERSON Lois 1907-1936
ANDERSON Lorene E and Garland
ANDERSON Lucille G 1911-2002
ANDERSON Lutie E 1894-1984
ANDERSON M Elizabeth 1906-1908
ANDERSON Mabel L 1889-1973
ANDERSON Mary Lee HOOKS 1912-1963
ANDERSON Michael C Jr 1970-1996
ANDERSON Minnie Sue and Carmen Theodore
ANDERSON Oliver Hazard 1863-1930
ANDERSON Oliver Thaddeus 1907-1942
ANDERSON Oma L 1893-1979
ANDERSON Paul H 1908-1979
ANDERSON R Leroy and Dorothy A
ANDERSON Robert E Lee and M Elizabeth
ANDERSON Sam B 1898-1940
ANDERSON Swen 1888-1960
ANDERSON Thomas Wilburn and Katherine Jo
ANDERSON Urna 1887-1976
ANDERSON Vera 1909-1976
ANDERSON Vinnie Alda 1889-1973
ANDERSON W T and Wilma
ANDERSON William K Jr and Juanita
ANDERSON William Robt and Sarah Alice
ANDERTON Burl 1912-1946
ANDERTON Dick 1910-1953
ANDERTON Elizabeth 1885-1862
ANDERTON Loretta E 1913-1964
ANDRADE Felix 1973-1974
ANDRADE Jesus C 1892-1973
ANDRADE Maria 1895-1967
ANDREWS Edith J and Gus P
ANDREWS Edwin Brown 1892-1979
ANDREWS Eldon Fae and Annie-Lee JORDAN
ANDREWS James T 1872-1957
ANDREWS Julian Monroe 1880-1956
ANDREWS Lela G Trudy 1899-1968
ANDREWS Maggie MORTON 1868-1939
ANDREWS Marie 1892-1963
ANDREWS May M 1888-1971
ANDREWS Olive M 1877-1963
ANDREWS Sallie and Homer
ANDREWS Tempa DAVIS 1887-1954
ANDREWS William Brown 1863-1961
ANDREWS William Francis 1923-1998
ANGUS Elbert A 1884-1962
ANGUS Evie Npta 1894-1974
ANOM Joseph D 1998
ANTHONY Atha Aline 1911-2001
ANTHONY Clint 1975
ANTHONY E G Tony iii and Carolyn Sue
ANTHONY Guinn F 1918-1970
ANTHONY Jimmie F and Zela E
ANTHONY John H and Minnie Lee
ANTHONY L G and Christine
ANTHONY Martha S and Franklin R
ANTHONY Nettie G and Roland I
ANTHONY Vivian W 1906-1943
ANZ Clem Myers and Syble Ann
APPERSON Owen Reese 1901-1965
APPLEBY James T and Gladys H
APPLEGATE Annie A 1866-1946
APPLEGATE H M 1865-1942
APPLEGATE Harry R 1886-1948
APPLEGATE Roy S 1892-1938
APPLEMAN Udell S 1908-1961
APPLING Jessie BAKER 1884-1934
APPLING Wilson J 1883-1967
ARBUTHNOT Charles A 1898-1940
ARBUTHNOT Herbert S 1900-1967
ARBUTHNOT Mary W 1867-1951
ARCHER Alethea C 1907-1998
ARCHER Maurice Clifford 1905-1997
ARCHIBALD Nora and Sam D
ARCHIE Walter L 1912-1963
ARDIS H L 1945
ARDOIN Francis F and Mae W
ARDOIN Frank R and Alma C
ARDOYNO Jimmie 1914-1991
ARDOYNO Lillian 1914-2002
ARENS Alfred W and Anna E
ARLETH Frederick H 1919-1967
ARLETH Grace L HOYT 1917-1993
ARMAN Lewis E and A Veree
ARMENTROUT William G-and Leta May
ARMES Marion Caz and Annie Lee
ARMS Robert M and Frances E
ARMSRONG J Raymond 1893-1933
ARMSTRONG 1921-1971
ARMSTRONG Addleen and Lawrence
ARMSTRONG Anson L and M Irene
ARMSTRONG Bessie 1892-1979
ARMSTRONG Callie O 1896-1986
ARMSTRONG Charles S 1892-1983
ARMSTRONG Christina Faye and Bob Lee
ARMSTRONG Della Mae and Frederick C
ARMSTRONG Elizabeth E and Vade D
ARMSTRONG Fred 1902-1978
ARMSTRONG Fred and Marguerite
ARMSTRONG Garland E 1868-1942
ARMSTRONG Glemm D 1908-1979
ARMSTRONG James B and Thelma E
ARMSTRONG Jean 1915-2003
ARMSTRONG John Diar 1949-1992
ARMSTRONG Juanita H 1905-1997
ARMSTRONG Julian J 1896-1980
ARMSTRONG Lillie M 1873-1948
ARMSTRONG Marguerite L 1908-2000
ARMSTRONG Mary E and Rufus T
ARMSTRONG Roy L 1884-1933
ARMSTRONG Willie F 1890-1976
ARNELL Bonnie L 1921-1996
ARNETT Jessie L and Roscoe R
ARNN Cecil D 1903-1978
ARNN William G 1898-1967
ARNN William H and Ota Mae
ARNOLD E I Bud 1871-1957
ARNOLD Elmer Floyd 1904-1940
ARNOLD Elvin Ruby and Lura Deen
ARNOLD Minnie Lee 1881-1964
ARNOLD Ava J and Oliver
ARNOLD Della Mae 1907-1948
ARNOLD Frank 1882-1944
ARNOLD George R 1916-1967
ARNOLD Harold Don 1945-1995
ARNOLD James L 1890-1948
ARNOLD John and Julia C
ARNOLD Lelia H 1886-1965
ARNOLD Manuel A 1884-1967
ARNOLD Martha R 1911-1946
ARNOLD Noma 1930-1993
ARNOLD Paul Clinton Sr and Patricia Anne
ARNOLD Robert Lee and Hallye Ruth
ARNOLD Roy D 1917-1977
ARNOLD Solom Lee 1900-1955
ARNOLD Thedford H Ted and Dell
ARNOLD Walter B 1912-1957
ARNOULT Billye K 1927-1999
ARP Ida O and Charles T
ARRECHEA Harry J Tuny 1940-1989
ARRECHEA Chester J Chet 1914-1962
ARREDONDO Houfemia 1970-1970
ASHBRENNER Mabel 1913-1946
ASHBURN Alice T 1865-1956
ASHBURN Andrew W 1893-1967
ASHBURN John Foster 1901-1978
ASHBURN Katherine TRAVIS 1904-1982
ASHBURN Ruth 1891-1968
ASHBURN S A Rev 1861-1937
ASHENFELDER Adam K 1851-1931
ASHLEY Ina Mae 1902-1976
ASHLEY Lena R 1876-1939
ASHLEY Russell G 1901-1970
ASHLEY W H 1876-1958
ASHLEY Mary HANCOCK 1877-1943
ASHLEY Ruby Allen 1860-1943
ATCHISON Billy R 1933-1985
ATCHISON Gladys C and Johnny H
ATCHISON Lena Kate and John Harvey
ATCHLEY Blanche HIGH 1901-1989
ATCHLEY James Donald 1927-1990
ATEN Evangeline 1909-1992
ATHA Frances L and James Edward
ATHENS Laura Mae 1919-1996
ATKINS Dial D 1907-1970
ATKINS Edwin Lee 1872-1930
ATKINS Ira F and Billie M
ATKINS Martha Vera 1880-1954
ATKINSON Milton A Jr and H Gwendolyn
ATKINSON A H 1891-1962
ATKINSON Alice P 1885-1973
ATKINSON Bessie MOYE and William T Sr
ATKINSON Charles W 1877-1940
ATKINSON Helen Jim and Woodrow E
ATKINSON Ivy LANE and Lanham Howard
ATKINSON Kate E 1896-1990
ATKINSON Mary Ann and Elwyn Killeen
ATKINSON Robert W 1892-1962
ATKINSON W T Jr 1910-1976
ATKISSON Leo Ander 1921-1973
ATKISSON Lois Grace 1922-
ATKISSON Lois Grace and Leo Ander
ATTEBERRY Karl and Esther
ATTEBERY Frances C and Merle L
ATWELL Carl A 1884-1952
ATWELL Marshall and Josephine HACKNEY
ATWELL Robert Lee and Claire W Otto
ATWELL Vinta 1885-1950
ATWOOD Alma Mae 1909-1983
ATWOOD Anna Mae 1947-1970
ATWOOD Clinton Odell 1896-1972
ATWOOD Gale 1970-1970
ATWOOD Hattie R and Jasper O
ATWOOD Robert Alan 1950-1963
AUSTIN A A 1898-1966
AUSTIN Albert Royce 1937-1988
AUSTIN Annie B 1885-1943
AUSTIN Annie Mae 1913-1999
AUSTIN Clause Thomas and Zelma CRYER
AUSTIN Clinton O and Edna E
AUSTIN Coleen L and Wesley Ray
AUSTIN Daniel Wesley 1879-1954
AUSTIN Eugene Woodrow and Essie Louise
AUSTIN John D 1915-1973
AUSTIN John L 1954-1977
AUSTIN Othello S and Mildred E
AUSTIN Ruel R and Eva Lee
AUSTIN Ruel R and Evelyn Y
AUSTIN Sam A and Vida M
AUSTIN William E 1872-1942
AUTREY Elmer L and Antha L
AUTRY Lillie Mae LITTLEFIELD 1923-1988
AUTRY Marie CURRIE and D D Bud
AVANT George Thomas 1921-1982
AVANTS Hal Lieut 1922-1949
AVANTS Harve H and Olive M
AVANTS Owen H and Hazel
AVARELLO Tony Anthony and Willa V
AVERITT Clyde M 1903-1969
AVERITT Harvey Noble 1898-1963
AVERITT Myrtle P 1903-1978
AVERY Charles 1888-1955
AVERY Mabel L and Charles Lee
AVERY Nove Ethel and Samuel A
AVERY Wm Laurence and Emma Mae
AVITIA Cruz 1947-2000
AWALT James N 1875-1933
AXLINE Alice 1884-1968
AXLINE Beatrice L 1909-1988
AXLINE Harry Elmer and Mae Eleanor RICE
AXLINE Jesse W 1899-1966
AXLINE Kellie Lynn 1965-1966
AXLINE Margaret Laura 1978-1979
AXLINE Michael Doyle 1960
AYALA John Robert 1992-1997
AYALA Sylvia 1959-1959
AYCOCK Audrey G 1910-1975
AYERS Glenn G 1905-1969
AYLOR Ernest H 1916-1982
AZZARO John M 1906-1966
BA Le Thi 1916-1995
BABB Allen Clyde 1892-1946
BABB Jessie Leona 1897-1970
BABB Wallace Clyde 1922-2001
BABBITT Ray T 1881-1954
BABER Chapman and Naomi
BABER George F 1899-1952
BABER Lillian C 1868-1940
BACHMAN Aloys C 1877-1946
BACHMAN Sophia E 1882-1945
BACON Joel Venn 1943-1973
BAER Joseph J 1874-1939
BAER Lillian Jane 1886-1969
BAER Walter M and Reba Faye
BAGALEY Edward T 1899-1968
BAGALEY Ula 1904-1972
BAGLEY J G and Mary Jane and Mary Ruth
BAGLEY James Howard and Juanita
BAGLEY Mary Ruth 1930-1933
BAILEY Kilby Russell 1892-1959
BAILEY Mary C POWELL 1901-1988
BAILEY Hendley Shannon and Willie Mae
BAILEY Thomas S 1891-1963
BAILEY 4 Dorothy L 1913-
BAILEY 4 Marjorie L 1885-1973
BAILEY 5 Frank Paul 1910-1959
BAILEY 6 Nell RYAN 1885-1951
BAILEY 6 Thomas Marshall 1886-1951
BAILEY Aldon Byram 1880-1939
BAILEY Clarence E and Maynet THOMAS
BAILEY Dollye E 1885-1969
BAILEY Effie Jane 1885-1970
BAILEY Elsie 1919-1980
BAILEY Floyd E and Byrd E
BAILEY Ida Belle 1914-1998
BAILEY James D and Louise
BAILEY John Edwin Jr and Lois Marie NAQU
BAILEY John M and Wanda L
BAILEY John McGee and Dora Lou
BAILEY Leslie 1893-1944
BAILEY M V Jennie 1866-1937
BAILEY Mary Margaret 1912-1955
BAILEY Myrtle P 1901-1984
BAILEY Oscar T 1912-1973
BAILEY Paul Wayne 1913-1934
BAILEY Preston F 1913-1962
BAILEY Viva Mae 1909-1949
BAILEY Walter Radford 1881-1965
BAILIFF Thomas Edward 1956-1982
BAIN Kathryn M 1919-1946
BAIN Martha P 1888-1974
BAIRD Joseph W Jr 1940-1993
BAIRD Ralph A 1907-1958
BAISH Margie 1926-2002
BAISH Martha PERKINS 1925-1973
BAKER Eugene B 1881-1966
BAKER Zoura 1885-1971
BAKER Harlan K 1892-1969
BAKER Laura E 1893-1947
BAKER 4 Edward Lawrence 1904-1969
BAKER 4 James B 1863-1946
BAKER 4 Kate B 1881-1969
BAKER 4 Maxine D 1907-1985
BAKER Alma L TUCKER 1919-1992
BAKER Anna Belle 1919-1991
BAKER Arville L 1903-1973
BAKER Carrington and Ellen S
BAKER Clarabelle L 1915-1969
BAKER Clarence F and Maude A
BAKER Drayton Uri 1897-1952
BAKER Drewzill 1908-1981
BAKER Essie T and Syrel B
BAKER Francis S 1889-1949
BAKER Garon Olivia and Taylor O
BAKER George W and Valeria
BAKER Herman Dewey 1940-1977
BAKER Ivy and Clyde T
BAKER J B Bob Jr and Elizabeth A
BAKER J D 1929-1983
BAKER James F 1853-1940
BAKER James H 1892-1967
BAKER Jerry 1939-1987
BAKER Jerry Marcus 1963-1963
BAKER Joseph B 1898-1975
BAKER Lucy PARROTT 1866-1938
BAKER Luther M 1904-1992
BAKER Margaret E and Tommy Allen
BAKER Marie 1920-1973
BAKER Ruth MERRITT 1896-1939
BAKER son 1947
BAKER Tennie 1852-1831
BAKER William I 1875-1954
BAKER Zachery Taylor and Janie Martha
BALAZIK Kamein Marie 1964-1988
BALCH Alfred Harper and Juanita E DUGAN
BALCH Lucille and S P
BALCH Marvin and Wilma
BALCH Willie T 1918-1966
BALDREE Milton W and Vera Roberts
BALDRIDGE Gilbert 1907-1978
BALDWIN Ben C 1903-1939
BALDWIN Ben S 1870-1941
BALDWIN Curtis 1891-1963
BALDWIN Effie Row and Earl Clifford
BALDWIN Lewis A 1877-1954
BALDWIN Nora Ann 1878-1958
BALDWIN Ollie M 1884-1959
BALDWIN Roy C and Esther
BALES Electra V 1860-1939
BALES Gene Aaron 1918-1990
BALES Hattie L 1892-1975
BALES Ollie B and Margaret P
BALES Rubye Dayle 1919-1971
BALES Thomas J 1854-1941
BALL D S and Ira Frances
BALL Edward A 1889-1963
BALL Irene 1893-1961
BALL James William 1875-1955
BALL Katherine M 1884-1950
BALL Marguerite Helen 1920-1971
BALL Mary NELSON and William Curtis
BALL Roy L and Pauline C
BALL Thelma BURKHARD 1901-1943
BALL W Irving 1886-1960
BALLARD Charlotte Vela 1911-1969
BALLARD Marcus McGee 1908-1962
BALLARD Charles W 1923-1936
BALLARD Coleman B 1904-1958
BALLARD Eva 1911-2002
BALLARD H Talley 1910-1970
BALLARD Henry T 1888-1941
BALLARD Henry T 1928-1934
BALLARD Lois Floyd 1913-1994
BALLARD Lola Edwyna 1928-1975
BALLARD Mary Elizabeth 1916-1970
BALLARD Otis C and Eva R
BALLARD Robert J 1920-1985
BALLARD Ronald 1932-2004
BALLARD Rufus J Jr 1918-1964
BALLARD Sallie BANES 1879-1975
BALLARD Thelma Ruth 1923-1932
BALLARD Verna V 1890-1957
BALLARD W Freeman 1913-1984
BALLARD Wallace W 1879-1956
BALLEW Corene W and Samuel A
BALLIET Beatrice and Franklin J
BALLINGER Dorothy E 1907-1960
BALTUSIS Connie 1911-1987
BANCROFT Patricia Kay and Christopher Sc
BANES Luther P 1879-1939
BANKE Fred C 1920-1989
BANKS Emma Joyce 1892-1982
BANKS Nancy L 1926-
BANKS Reid L 1918-1999
BANKSTON Daniel W 1862-1954
BANNISTER Estella M and James M
BANTZ Albert Neal 1910-1982
BANTZ Mary Ruth 1911-1971
BARBEE A F Chuck Jr 1924-1994
BARBEE Calvin C 1927-1987
BARBEE Charles L 1881-1955
BARBEE Jessie Myrtle 1882-1961
BARBEE Paul Eugene 1915-1981
BARBEE Wm Leonard 1913-1991
BARBER Alice BIRGE 1890-1965
BARBER Bertie Lee 1904-1960
BARBER Edith Rose and Ivan Earl
BARBER Estelle 1892-1972
BARBER Grace LaFERNEY 1906-1993
BARBER J B 1901-1963
BARBER James V and Bessie W
BARBER Lemuel Carroll 1895-1974
BARBER Roy W 1890-1968
BARBER Velma L 1900-1965
BARBOUR Annie Hunter 1890-1950
BARBOUR Clarence A 1888-1961
BARBOUR Frances J 1915-1976
BARCUS Maude RANKIN 1880-1948
BARCUS Thomas S 1877-1948
BARDIN Charles R 1878-1942
BARDIN Ella 1878-1930
BAREFIELD Terry Edwards 1887-1964
BARFIELD Dan M 1892-1945
BARFIELD Ruth H 1900-1990
BARGER Clarence Leroy 1925-1998
BARKER Brandon D 1977-1985
BARKER Geneva WALLACE 1907-2001
BARKER James O and Selma A
BARKER Joe Olive 1917-1985
BARKER Lula O and Walter M
BARKER Robert Lee and Ronald C
BARKER Virgil L and Margaret B
BARKER William Bradford 1964-1967
BARKER Wm H 1902-1985
BARKS Willie Mae and James W
BARKSDALE Joseph H 1922-1992
BARLEY Daisy Maude 1885-1939
BARLEY Ralph C and Almetta G
BARLEY William H 1875-1950
BARLING Ben 1873-1943
BARLING Joy C 1911-1965
BARLING Sudie M 1891-1937
BARLOW Clarence L 1890-1947
BARLOW Julia L 1871-1960
BARLOW Lon 1866-1946
BARLOW 1915-1943
BARLOW Delmar J and Jessie G
BARLOW Richard Weldon 1922-1953
BARNARD Herbert E 1879-1945
BARNARD Louise M and Marill M
BARNES Artye Roberta 1884-1949
BARNES Ben B 1880-1953
BARNES David Wellington 1946-1968
BARNES Delbert Lee 1928-1967
BARNES Eles Edgar Sr 1901-1973
BARNES Eunice JONES 1896-1952
BARNES Frank Madison and Ella Mae
BARNES Gladys DUVALL 1895-1982
BARNES James N 1873-1947
BARNES Josephine V and Aubrey C
BARNES Lena and Bert
BARNES Louine and Allan D
BARNES Mallie Irene 1912-1994
BARNES Margaret 1908-1993
BARNES Margaret BROWN 1917-1987
BARNES Mildred E and Jewell R
BARNES Raymond 1906-1997
BARNES Richard H 1918-1977
BARNES Richard Holland Jr 1940-1956
BARNES Robert A 1919-1967
BARNES Robert E 1899-1965
BARNES Robert W 1924-1997
BARNES Sudie Esther 1897-1984
BARNES Tiny 1926-1930
BARNES Vickie Lynn 1949-1949
BARNES W O 1875-1959
BARNES W O Mrs 1880-1937
BARNES Warren Richard 1920-1979
BARNES Willie Emmadean 1905-1995
BARNES Willmer C 1924-1985
BARNETT Curtis W 1906-1960
BARNETT Andrew J and Lillian R
BARNETT Cordia Marie 1891-1983
BARNETT Dannett Marie 1964-1991
BARNETT Dora Leona 1893-1978
BARNETT Eunice L 1908-1990
BARNETT Gertrude A and Mark A
BARNETT James 1901-1976
BARNETT James D 1902-1963
BARNETT Jesse E 1877-1968
BARNETT June 1916-
BARNETT Lula P 1879-1964
BARNETT M A Peggy 1950-2002
BARNETT Margaret Ann
BARNETT Mary F KING and O L Barney
BARNETT Minnie May 1904-1995
BARNETT Nettie E 1880-1963
BARNETT Nora Alice 1878-1949
BARNETT Oscar L 1926-1989
BARNETT Paul Barthold 1891-1980
BARNETT Ruth BELL 1906-1965
BARNETT W D Dub 1910-1948
BARNETT Walter E 1875-1958
BARNETT Walter E and Nora Alice
BARNETT William H 1879-1957
BARNETT Wm E 1905-1966
BARNETTE Louise and Barney
BARNHILL Mat J and Alpha A
BARR Hyder E Sr 1885-1934
BARRATT Marie Agnes and Robert Duff
BARRETT Annie L 1907-1992
BARRETT Isaac Parion 1865-1936
BARRETT Mary E and Vernon W
BARRETT Mary Teliclar EDWARDS 1874-1944
BARRETT Nelle N 1902-1995
BARRETT Vernon W Sr 1900-1960
BARRETT William E-1903-1988
BARRETT William S-1896-1956
BARRIENTIES Carmen B and Benjamin V
BARRIENTIES Daniel M 1960-
BARRINGTON Birdie W 1883-1961
BARRINGTON James Z 1880-1982
BARRON Alma Faye 1926-1989
BARRON Cecil J 1912-1976
BARRON David A 1951-1970
BARROW James M 1899-1994
BARROW Lillian P 1892-1983
BARROW Lucille 1905-1967
BARROW Samuel A 1913-1974
BARROW Wilma BELCHER 1916-1968
BARRY dad and mother
BARRY David N 1900-1959
BARRY Dennis J 1910-1990
BARRY Edward W 1888-1943
BARRY Helen E 1910-1982
BARRY James D 1943-2000
BARRY John M 1878-1949
BARRY Lillian N 1881-1977
BARSE Mabel M and William H
BARSE Robert P and Lewelen M
BARTLETT Chester W 1885-1959
BARTLETT Julian E and K LaVerne
BARTON Brinnie Sylvia 1905-1987
BARTON Curtis Eldon 1918-1977
BARTON George Norman and Lottie L RUSSEL
BARTON John W 1878-1957
BARTON Joy E and Earl L
BARTON Lillie V 1976
BARTON Mary Teresa 1947-1997
BARTON Maxine 1908-1970
BARTON May Abram and Elizabeth J
BARTON R E Ray 1897-1961
BARTON Raymond Thorne Sr and Carrie Virg
BARTON Woody J and Winifred J
BARTOO Kenneth M and H Nadine
BARTOO M Edward 1948-1979
BASALDU Cruz Jr 1906-1971
BASHAM Dell Evans 1923-1979
BASHAM G Waldo 1916-1987
BASHAM John H 1928-1984
BASHAM Raymond B 1916-1978
BASHAM William E 1910-1965
BASINGER H L Jack 1891-1944
BASKETT Helen BLAND 1926-1978
BASS Jack W 1921-2000
BASS Jewel and Milton
BASS L N Fritz 1922-1970
BASS Lister N and Bettie J
BASS Steven James 1974-2002
BASSETT Agnes A 1874-1932
BASSETT Walter S 1871-1933
BASSHAM Algernon and Arlie D
BASSHAM Mamie L 1911-1980
BASSHAM Neoma Ann 1881-1969
BASSHAM-OGLE-TATE Essie 1905-1995
BASSLER Charles G 1892-1958
BASSO Nicholas 1896-1959
BATCHELOR Stephan Anson 1956
BATEMAN Alma B 1909-1970
BATEMAN Bessie M and Bennie
BATEMAN Euphie K and George O
BATEMAN Harry L 1903-1950
BATEMAN Mildred L and John A
BATERMAN Phillip E 1938-1952
BATES Claude P Sr 1926-1945
BATES Hattie 1876-1934
BATES Katherine E 1924-1940
BATES Patricia 1931-1947
BATES Samuel B 1871-1943
BATES Angela Michelle 1976-1976
BATES Donald E 1936-1961
BATES Ida May POWELL 1889-1963
BATES Jennie Belle and Joseph G
BATT Bessie L and Roy E
BATTERN Denson Henry 1911-1994
BATTLE Catherine LOICANO 1898-1969
BATTS George P and Alice
BATTS Stella H 1889-1980
BATTS W O Butler 1860-1945
BATY Herbert R and Julia A
BAUER Richard M 1891-1938
BAUER Frederick H 1866-1937
BAUER Marie 1871-1938
BAUER Matt J and Mary Lois
BAUGH Dolly Mae 1913-1987
BAUGH James J 1908-1967
BAUGH Lonnie J 1929-1966
BAUGH Minor W 1922-1995
BAUGHMAN Lisetta 1893-1941
BAUGUSS Charlotte 1918-1947
BAVOUSETT Clint C and Mildred M
BAWCUM Martha Kate 1944
BAY Derrell L 1918-1998
BAY Marjorie F CADDELL and Charles Edwar
BAY Nancy Lynne 1959-1981
BAYLESS-MANN Robert and Bessie and Henry
BAYS Cecil Edward 1904-1974
BAYS Laura Elizabeth 1913-1953
BEACH I Fay 1930-
BEACH Maxwell M 1920-2001
BEADLE Minnie E and William H
BEAL Cora L and Robert L
BEAL Sybil and William Bill
BEALL Hazel May 1923-1974
BEALL W Orville and Dovie FAGAN
BEAMAN Trina Michell 1966
BEAN H Nelson Jr
BEAN H Nelson Sr 1897-1983
BEAN Lucille 1900-1951
BEAR Sammie CLARK 1928-1999
BEARD Betty Jean 1928-1979
BEARD Emmaline 1856-1936
BEARD Opal BUSTER 1913-1949
BEARD Tom Vernon 1927-1984
BEARDEN 1913-1933
BEARDEN Calvin W 1878-1954
BEARDEN Hattie and William Paul
BEARDEN Mattie Lee 1909-1930
BEASLEY Carl L 1886-1943
BEASLEY Clausie D 1888-1935
BEASLEY Ethel O 1901-1942
BEASLEY James Cicero 1919-1985
BEASLEY Jewel CAREY 1906-1982
BEASLEY Mamie P TRIBLE 1909-1984
BEATHARD John R 1892-1968
BEATHARD Mary Ann 1898-1968
BEATTIE Beverly Ann 1952-2000
BEATTY Geraldyne 1912-1936
BEATY Annie Belle 1901-1984
BEATY Billy J Bill and Pearl V
BEATY Emma 1888-1944
BEATY Thomas M 1875-1961
BEATY Wm H and Helen
BEAUCHAMP Mabel C 1895-1954
BEAUCHAMP Robinson E 1890-1955
BEAVER Lloyd and Zelma
BEAVERS Luke 1923-1979
BEAVERS Suzanne 1949-1952
BECHTOLD Mattie 1875-1974
BECK Carrel P and Nola F
BECK Cordelia PORTER 1914-1970
BECK Grant B and Myrtle V
BECK Grover C-and Clara Delma
BECK John H 1888-1957
BECK John L 1914-2001
BECK S Charleen 1924-1989
BECKELMAN Carl E and Louise S
BECKER Myrtle B LAUDER 1898-1983
BECKETT John W and Rachel W
BECKETT John W Sr 1888-1965
BECKETT Judy and John Charles Charlie
BECKETT Rodney Paul 1963-1963
BECKHAM Wilda Nathalie LEWIS 1918-1995
BECKNER Henry C and Maudie M
BEDFORD Bertha HENDRIX 1894-1983
BEDFORD Warner 1893-1943
BEDINGHAUS Al H and Maypie
BEDNER Andrew G 1888-1953
BEDNER Zula M 1889-1955
BEEBE Johanna R 1873-1962
BEEBE William S 1911-2002
BEENE W Roy and Dora F
BEGGS Anna Mae 1899-1950
BEHELER Jeanette RILEY 1928-1975
BEIER Beverly Sue SMITH 1919-2001
BEITLER Eiva P and Floyd D
BELDEN Edwin Dudley and Della Erma
BELDEN Ensign Ashton and Mary Eldora
BELDEN L D and Hattie A
BELL Bessie L 1927-1950
BELL Rosa FOX 1868-1945
BELL Sam S 1862-1935
BELL Slade S 1904-1931
BELL Cleo 1895-1974
BELL Edith G 1912-1978
BELL Effye L 1889-1969
BELL Forrest R Dr and J Cleone
BELL Harry E and Carolyn
BELL Harry Leslie 1909-1964
BELL Hattie 1868-1942
BELL Henry Clifford -1938
BELL Janina Sofia 1919-2002
BELL Joe H and Kathryn
BELL Mabel Estelle and Emmitt Delmon
BELL Mamie Lena 1887-1937
BELL Martha THOMAS 1867-1950
BELL Mary Jane and Robert Wm
BELL Mary LaVerne STANFIELD 1925-
BELL Naple C and J Douglas
BELL Naple Zeno 1888-1972
BELL Phillip M and Priscilla K
BELL Robert Reece 1923-1962
BELL Ruby 1905-1995
BELLAMY Gay Nell 1934-1991
BELLO Connie Sue 1955-1991
BELT Kester L 1925-1974
BELT Stephen B 1923-1956
BELVIN Faye Marie 1902-1941
BELVIN J T 1854-1944
BELVIN M T 1895-1960
BELZNER J T 1904-1970
BELZNER James C 1939-1957
BEMIS Frank Crawforf 1922-1980
BENBOW Frank E 1909-1983
BENGSTON Emma A 1857-1935
BENGSTON Oscar C 1895-1935
BENNET Lizzie O 1889-1954
BENNETT Alice 1893-
BENNETT Edith 1885-1970
BENNETT Effie Mae 1889-1963
BENNETT Henry M and Anna Belle
BENNETT Samuel H 1896-1966
BENNETT B Rimes Rev and Weldon Al
BENNETT Blossom 1901-1990
BENNETT Charles W and Sallie
BENNETT Clayton M 1911-1975
BENNETT Clyde C and Anna H
BENNETT Edna Frances and Eugene D
BENNETT Frances C 1876-1965
BENNETT G W 1849-1932
BENNETT G W Mrs 1866-1938
BENNETT Homer C and Doris N
BENNETT Jack 1922-1991
BENNETT James L and Reba L
BENNETT Jessie Hammond -1983
BENNETT Joy LOUP 1912-1960
BENNETT Martha I 1911-1995
BENNETT Mignon O Bunny 1885-1954
BENNETT Myrtle Ann and James Harvey
BENNETT Ora Mae 1901-1955
BENNETT Robert J 1865-1938
BENNETT Samuel H 1904-1961
BENNETT Theodore F 1931-1998
BENNETT Walter S 1908-1961
BENNETT Walter W and Opal L
BENNING Nellie 1861-1948
BENNING Thomas L 1874-1947
BENNINGFIELD Gordon L 1913-1985
BENRICK Honor Katherine BROWN 1913-2002
BENSON Carlos 1945
BENSON Royce M and Mary Hazel
BENSON Lillie 1865-1951
BENSON Marshie M 1879-1968
BENSON Pauline and P H Jr
BENSON Vera OAKES 1905-2003
BENTE Bertha and Theodore
BENTHALL Emma Jean and George
BENTHALL H Howard and Mary E
BENTLEY Bobby Wayne Sr 1933-2001
BENTLEY Carl Marvin 1929-1979
BENTLEY Henry and Lorene
BENTLEY James O 1875-1944
BENTLEY M J Mattie 1886-1983
BENTLEY May Pearl 1914-1976
BENTON Ella B 1869-1942
BENTON Meredith A 1861-1941
BENTON James Hamilton 1916-1950
BENTON Mattie E and Thomas H
BERG Rudolph G and Bessie I
BERGEN Carroll and Lorene
BERGER Mary Katherine Kathey 1947-1965
BERGER Theresa 1863-1935
BERGERON Dorothy A and Berlin R
BERGERON Mark and Montgomery 1958
BERGERON Nellie C 1887-1971
BERGMAN Jay P and Opal T
BERGMANN John Paul Sr and Beulah WILLIAM
BERNAK Hermine C 1874-1949
BERNARD Elsie Marie 1894-1959
BERRONG G Taylor 1872-1955
BERRONG Howard and Robert and Verrna
BERRONG Mary A 1874-1956
BERRY baby 1956
BERRY Garland D 1919-1988
BERRY Glenn L 1920-1956
BERRY Helen E 1943-1943
BERRY Helen EWING 1918-1954
BERRY James L 1897-1973
BERRY Louise MARLEY and Clarence Wilmer
BERRY Lucille STARKS 1902-1986
BERRY Lucille V and E Darrell
BERRY Mary Jo and Oris
BERRY Robert C and Barbara
BERRY son 1951
BERRYHILL Dempsey ii 1948-1996
BERSCHIG Lillian Marie 1920-1958
BERTRAM Carl and Bertha
BESS Claude Newton 1914-1991
BESS Patricia CARLTON 1919-
BETEG Lois McDONALD Gypsy 1925-1997
BETHANY Willa Mae CAMINER and William Ja
BETHANY William Jacob and Mary Elizabeth
BETHELL Pauline G and James H
BETTIS Mary Frances 1922-2002
BETTY L Pearl 1872-1936
BETTY Lura O 1907-1979
BETTY Maurice C 1902-1965
BETTY sister 1896-1985
between BRADLEY and MASSEY
BETZ Grace 1897-1976
BEVERLEY Theodosia 1901-1990
BEVILLE John B and Nettie H
BIBB Harry Thornhill and Frances BURKS
BIBB Joseph A 1908-1968
BIBB Ona Mae 1908-1993
BICE Albert and Hazel
BICE Earl Jack and Flora Alma
BICKERS Isla M 1894-1978
BICKLEY Virginia WEBB and John Wayne
BIEBIGHAUSER Loren S and Mary Lou
BIEGEL Carolyn Ruth 1952
BIERMAN Henry Gus 1879-1955
BIFFEL Ina Marie 1979
BIGELOW Bessie FOSTER 1893-1992
BIGGERS Jenevieve COBB 1906-1945
BIGGERS William W 1866-1946
BIGGERS Willie O 1878-1938
BIGGS Douglas Lee 1926-1946
BIGGS Elbert R 1902-1968
BIGHAM G Henry Maj 1906-1943
BIGHAM Maxine GARRETT 1909-1996
BIGLER John L and Marion R
BIGLER Lura M Mickey 1927-1994
BILBREY Linda Kay 1951-1951
BILES Bert K 1913-1991
BILES Gladys E 1915-1987
BILLING Dorothy 1896-1961
BILLINGTON Elbert O Sgt 1921-1942
BILLMAN Randy 1952-1953
BILLS Albert L 1898-1963
BILLS Eula R 1898-1980
BINFORD Jack 1905-1955
BINFORD Jonnie 1901-1981
BINFORD Willie C and Vesta Mae
BINGHAM Georgia WYATT Wyattie and Philli
BINGHAM Mary Angela 1881-1945
BINGHAM Phillips Patrick and Francis Car
BINGHAM Prentiss 1884-1956
BINNEY Clara Joyce 1929-1931
BINNEY James Wesley and Jimmie Charline
BINNEY Nannie S and Amos B
BINYON Alice J 1856-1930
BINYON Wm A 1862-1934
BIRCHETT Clarence A 1919-1948
BIRCHETT Pauline Charles E
BIRD Archie Crowley 1896-1982
BIRD Arthur Snell 1895-1959
BIRD Arthur Riley and Elizabeth Faye
BIRD Inez C 1893-1965
BIRD Mary 1888-1952
BIRD mother
BIRDSONG Hattie Mai -1977
BIRDSONG Steva B -1935
BIRDSONG William W -1950
BIRTHRIGHT John C 1893-1963
BISCHOF Edith L and Geo F
BISDORF Anna May 1874-1965
BISHOP Betty and A J
BISHOP Dora Mimi 1897-1965
BISHOP Floyd Sylvester 1945-1981
BISHOP Floyd Willard 1915-1970
BISHOP Jimmy Ray Jr 1951-1999
BISHOP Laura B 1879-1952
BISHOP Laura M 1878-1937
BISHOP Lillie and Gale and Finis
BISHOP Mary A 1866-1946
BISHOP Norman Paul 1938-1948
BISHOP Sammie 1922-1996
BISHOP William Henry and Laura Vivian
BISSELL Susan 1963
BITNER Margaret I 1862-1954
BIVIN Raymond Ewell 1891-1963
BLACK Allen B 1905-1970
BLACK Beatrice A 1908-1977
BLACK Richard L 1932-
BLACK Alan Rolland 1901-1965
BLACK Charles M and Margaret L
BLACK Clyde 1904-1983
BLACK Gilbert W 1914-1994
BLACK Ida M and Rolland G
BLACK Kenneth W 1915-1959
BLACK Lige M 1894-1963
BLACK Walter H and Emma L
BLACKBURN Fred L Jr 1926-1982
BLACKBURN Marian F 1926-1982
BLACKBURN Mary E 1917-1943
BLACKBURN Nora B and Oscar L
BLACKBURN Roland C 1914-1924
BLACKERBY Ruth Kirk and Ernest H
BLACKLOCK Bedie 1889-1953
BLACKLOCK Mary E 1851-1936
BLACKMAN Aletha Venis KNIGHT 1907-1938
BLACKSTONE Allia C 1907-1988
BLACKWELL Al 1892-1955
BLACKWELL Cassie M 1900-1982
BLACKWELL Lucille 1900-1987
BLAIN E Lamon and Margarett A
BLAINE Etta M and Thomas P
BLAIR Dorothy M 1906-1990
BLAIR F M 1862-1931
BLAIR Henry B 1877-1949
BLAIR Leila R and Jack D
BLAIR Lessie Irene 1884-1969
BLAIR Louise P 1929-1983
BLAIR Lura A 1886-1981
BLAIR Marcus D 1874-1950
BLAIR Raymond L 1910-1977
BLAKE Little 1980-1980
BLAKELEY Braddon Taylor 1988-1988
BLAKELY Brian Lee 1962-1993
BLAKELY Homer Frantz 1907-1977
BLAKLEY Ila and Earnest
BLANCHARD Ed 1882-1941
BLANCHARD Grace 1886-1965
BLANCHARD Jack 1910-1930
BLANCHARD John E and Ella M
BLANCHARD Mary Louise 1919-1986
BLANKENSHIP John 1898-1959
BLANKENSTEIN Dorothy O and Robert James
BLANKENSTEIN Ella and Richard J
BLANKENSTEIN Robert Ray 1946-1951
BLANKS C L Corky 1928-1947
BLANKS Keemon H and
BLANTON Beulah BROOKS 1880-1971
BLANTON Edna Lee and Stuart M
BLANTON M Christine 1908-1993
BLANTON Stuart M and 1905-1961
BLANTON Vera M and Homer W
BLASINGAME Donna Mae 1889-1965
BLEDSOE Albert N 1878-1938
BLEDSOE Ellen R 1864-1946
BLEDSOE Joe B and Patricia A
BLEDSOE Mary Alice 1910-
BLEDSOE Myrtle A 1886-1982
BLEDSOE Norvelle 1885-1956
BLEDSOE Roy R 1880-1957
BLEDSOE Thomas J and Rose F
BLEDSOE Weldon H 1916-1995
BLEVINS June E and Robert R
BLEVINS May 1870-1939
BLEVINS Ralph Douglas 1922-1978
BLEVINS Viola Jean 1924-1990
BLISS Ethel Mae Jordan 1911-1998
BLITZ Julien Paul Dr 1885-1951
BLOCK Harry C 1872-1946
BLOCK Pressie W 1889-1957
BLOOMER Jesse Edward 1904-1984
BLOOMER Kathleen 1906-1996
BLOOMER Nellie Marie 1908-1986
BLOUNT Millard 1903-1940
BLOUNT Vena Sloan 1901-1975
BLOUNT Alma 1883-
BLUE C A 1870-1951
BLUE Exena M 1920-
BLUE G W 1861-1938
BLUE James A 1907-1978
BLUE Lois Bernadine 1910-1987
BLUE Mary Ruth 1915-1956
BLUE Royce Allen 1944-1962
BLUE Royce H 1916-
BLUME Albert J 1858-1935
BLUME Martha 1869-1939
BLUMENTHAL Bruce J 1928-1956
BLUNDELL Eva J and Thomas M
BLUNDELL Julia PRUITT and Johnnie R
BLYSTONE Ethel E and Elton K
BLYTHE Marvin D 1919-1988
BLYTHE Richard E 1889-1958
BLYTHE Rickey G 1950-1998
BOALDIN Emory Everett Sr 1904-1976
BOALS Robert F 1835-1894
BOARDMAN Mary Frances 1896-1961
BOARDMAN William 1896-1985
BOATNER James W and
BOATRIGHT Tommy R 1914-1971
BOATWRIGHT Russell Marie 1918-1988
BOAZ Cyrus T -1942
BOAZ Frances COFFIN 1882-1974
BOAZ Sarah Ann 1915-1955
BOBBITT Clarence J 1889-1962
BOBBITT Jewel B 1897-1984
BOBICH Michael 1922-1981
BOBICH Nona C 1923-2000
BOBKOSKI Walter B and Leotta V
BOBO Charles E and Minnie Ola
BOBO David L 1941-
BOBO Jacob J and Gertrude M
BOBO Truett Ray 1937-1938
BOCK Christian C 1881-1965
BOCK Marvin C 1912-1951
BOCK Rhea M 1885-1975
BOCKMAN Kelly 1898-1964
BODEN Emma D and Edward C
BODINE Lois L and Carl H
BODRY Gladys M 1894-1985
BOEER Alma and Bertha and Fred
BOEHNKE John Fred 1916-1984
BOEHNKE Wilma COPELAND 1917-1970
BOENING Agnes C 1904-1996
BOENING Henry L 1903-1977
BOGGESS Amanda Marie and Jessica Nicole
BOGGESS Jessie V and Ethel
BOGGESS Robert Bryan and Sadie McQUEEN
BOGGESS Sarah C 1885-1983
BOGGS James Wesley and Alice Cordelia
BOGGS Judy and John J
BOGGS Minnie R 1909-1987
BOGGS Wilmer H 1912-1972
BOGGUS Dan L Sr 1931-1972
BOGIE Joshua G 1887-1950
BOGIE Myrtle 1892-1960
BOGLE Lisa Diane 1974
BOKER Calvin L 1931-1991
BOKER Linnie Irene and Armstead Logan
BOKER Margaret R and Calvin L Jr
BOLEN Rosa Lee FENNELL and Jim Stephen
BOLES LaVerne 1927-1943
BOLES Lucille 1907-
BOLES Ross 1900-1984
BOLES Dorothy KELLER 1910-1982
BOLES Medora COX and Lewis Pryor
BOLEY Effie Lunn and John E
BOLIN Griffin 1911-1954
BOLT Leslie Jack 1913-1982
BOLT mom 1886-1979
BOLTON Alma J and Tom C
BOLTON Alvin J 1935-1964
BOLTON David Emory and Bessie CALLIS
BOLTON Elizabeth SEYMOUR 1890-1972
BOLTON Faye Ruth 1919-1994
BOLTON Otha A 1913-1953
BOLTON Terry and Jerry 1952-1952
BOMAN Pernell and LaVohn
BOMAR Almeda O-and William H
BOMAR Howard L and Paula M
BOMBAR Dora T EADES 1898-1985
BOND Mary Nell 1922-1991
BOND Raymond V 1908-1991
BONE Clifford 1905-1936
BONE Hayden C and Nellie L
BONE Henry Clint 1874-1966
BONE James Loyd 1921-1981
BONE James Loyd and Juanita S
BONE Mandy E 1879-1951
BONELLO Larry Allen 1948-2003
BONHAM Claude N 191901998
BONNER Bennie BROYLES 1877-1844
BONNER Eugene Lockhart 1877-1969
BONNETT Leroy E 1891-1960
BONNETT Nettie L 1892-1957
BONS Herbert Dane 1932-1994
BOOHER David Royce 1950-1990
BOOHER Stephen Ray 1956-1986
BOOHER Willmer Royce 1925-1994
BOOKMAN Idamaye and Leon F
BOONE Ben 1960-1942
BOONE Joel H 1856-1937
BOONE Laura 1865-1938
BOONE Mamie B and James W
BOONE Nelson L 1917-1967
BOONE Noah Frank and Virginia Dunn
BOONE Ruby Theola and Arlie William
BOONE Sallie L 1861-1949
BOONE twins 1946
BOONE W A 1867-1934
BOONE William Thomas 1921-1997
BOOTH Cullom H 1876-1932
BOOTH Edgar Kuykendall 1887-1937
BOOTH Elizabeth Teare 1885-1938
BOOTH Leeta CATE 1890-1982
BOOTH Taylor Kaitlyn Brooks 1995-1997
BOOTH Wanda L 1925-1957
BORDEN Ernest 1891-1931
BORDEN Mae L R 1902-1975
BORDEN Thomas and Thomas and Mae
BORDEN Thomas Orrie 1889-1965
BORDERS John Vaulter and Minerva Jane
BORG Wendell Howard and Selma SKOOG
BORGHESI Adelmo A 1911-1965
BORGHESI Caterina R 1886-1979
BORGHESI Elsie 1906-1997
BORGHESI Pio 1789-1945
BORING Henry G 1891-1959
BORING Lady Marie 1896-1942
BORING Robert Vernon 1891-1945
BORISKIE Bessie WARNER 1906-1936
BORJA Patricia and Dena 1975
BORLAND Jack M 1913-1978
BORTLE Belle C 1883-1936
BORTMAS Thomas Ray 1946-2003
BORTON E Lazell and Henry A
BOSLEY John W 1886-1965
BOSLEY Lizzie Shelby 1893-1982
BOSLEY Sterling H 1906-1994
BOSLEY Wilma PARHAM 1912-1996
BOSS Irene M and James J
BOST Gladys Lee and Raymond
BOSTICK Darrell H 1928-1952
BOSTICK Louis Arthur and Mary E
BOSTICK Nick 1887-1956
BOSTICK Raymond Ellis 1933-1975
BOSTON Nancy S 1874-1956
BOSWELL Edward Bailey Gig Sr 1904-1968
BOSWELL Elna Evans POPEJOY 1914-1994
BOSWELL Helen M and Dwight R C
BOSWELL Herman Eugene 1917-1982
BOSWELL Johnnie D 1914-1957
BOSWELL Mildred WRIGHT 1894-1961
BOSWELL Vinita HEARNE 1910-1967
BOSWELL W O 1913-1983
BOSWELL Willie Mae and George Thomas
BOTELER Fleta 1894-1949
BOTELER Harley -1970
BOTELER Itylene and Willian L
BOTELER Jo Ann and James L
BOTELER Martha Rojean 1928-
BOTELLO Rodolfo F 1905-1974
BOUCHER Elsie E 1885-1965
BOUCHER Ruth A 1912-1934
BOUCHILLON Billy E 1923-1949
BOUCHILLON Dan Martin 1935-1985
BOULLT Charles E Sr 1924-1983
BOUNDS Edgar 1867-1936
BOUNDS Julia BREWER 1870-1943
BOUNDS Ida Hargrove and Robert Lee
BOUNDS L B Jr and June Marie
BOUNDS Leonard Brown and Callie Cordiell
BOUNDS Margaret A and C Sr
BOURGOIS Louis G 1898-1959
BOURGOIS Maxine GILBERT 1910-1966
BOURN Alvira KNOUS 1897-1955
BOURN Philip G 1887-1970
BOURNE Kathleen P and Dalton F
BOWDEN Bertha I and Virgel C
BOWEN Alan 1915-1981
BOWEN Chloris L and Hollis H
BOWEN Pauline and Joe H Sr
BOWER Francis Tince 1903-1990
BOWER Hugh Bert 1902-1984
BOWER Lloyd C 1911-1989
BOWER Mary GRUBBS 1912-1959
BOWER Tiny 1904-1949
BOWERS J H 1867-1931
BOWERS J H Mrs 1876-1960
BOWERS Ralph 1898-1942
BOWERS Arthur O Sr and Shirley
BOWERS Darla Sue 1950-1950
BOWERS Edith F and Arthur O
BOWERS James B and Margaret L
BOWLES Helen E 1907-1998
BOWLES Milton C 1895-1955
BOWLES Charles Louis and Amelia H
BOWLES Henry B 1892-1941
BOWLES Luella Mae 1892-1984
BOWLES Samuels B and Alice A
BOWLING I W Shorty and Nancy L
BOWMAN America Mert THURMAN and Charles
BOWMAN Arvil E 1914-1988
BOWMAN Catherine Anne 1937-1940
BOWMAN Catherine Lee 1956
BOWMAN Dana Sue McLAUGHLIN 1954-1984
BOWMAN John R Jr -1932
BOX Debbie D SMITH and Marvin D
BOX Velma E and Leo L
BOXELL Helen I 1903-1968
BOXELL Robert L 1901-1957
BOYD Alta and J Bernard
BOYD Cecil R and Margaret L
BOYD Dorris L 1926-
BOYD Edward F 1924-1973
BOYD Everett Vernon 1905-1967
BOYD Fannie 1893-1985
BOYD Frank Roy Jr 1917-1997
BOYD Irene EBNER 1907-1986
BOYD James Leroy and Daisy Dean
BOYD James M 1916-1960
BOYD Joe 1887-1973
BOYD Karen Kay 1958
BOYD Leeta K 1902-1995
BOYD Lora WILSON 1897-1959
BOYD Mable GOOCH -1938
BOYD Mamie Bettie and Frank Roy
BOYD Marshall M 1892-1957
BOYD Mary E 1892-1979
BOYD Mary F 1879-1949
BOYD Rebecca Diane Becky 1958-1959
BOYD Richard L and Eloise E
BOYD Ruby Perry 1909-1997
BOYD Venita 1877-1943
BOYD Walter George 1895-1963
BOYD William W 1853-1935
BOYD William W 1871-1947
BOYDSTUN Claudia F 1909-1940
BOYDSTUN Nannie L and Wesley A
BOYER Christian 1884-1981
BOYER James C 1883-1843
BOYES V C Jack and Annie Viola
BOYKIN Marrie Lee 1918-2000
BOYLE Geraldine M and Thomas J
BOYLE John Damian 1880-1969
BOYLE Margaret F 1885-1965
BOYLE Thomas J 1921-1974
BOZENHARD Ruth J 1900-1982
BRACKEN Robert C 1944-1989
BRACKIN Berniece M 1902-1983
BRACKIN James M 1908-1968
BRACKIN Wilburn M and Anna LaVerne
BRADBERRY Dorothy Lou 1919-1947
BRADDOCK Lelia 1878-1941
BRADEN Wanda J 1911-2003
BRADFIELD daughters 1963
BRADFIELD Mary Ann 1882-1958
BRADFIELD Paul W 1913-1985
BRADFIELD Roy L 1910-1991
BRADFORD Alice Carolyn 1929-1981
BRADFORD Barnie H 1913-1933
BRADFORD Eddie Jo and Alden Hermas
BRADFORD Floyd Edward and Edythe MOORE
BRADFORD Henry Hermas and Thomazine BALC
BRADFORD L V Jimmie 1904-1962
BRADFORD Lillian Jean 1908-1997
BRADFORD Marion and Thelma
BRADFORD Noble O and Thelma D
BRADFORD Norris 1920-2003
BRADFORD Virgie E 1881-1960
BRADFORD W T 1908-1969
BRADFORD Walter H 1879-1951
BRADFORD Wanda Lou and Johnny Paul
BRADISH Carl 1884-1957
BRADISH Dord 1923-1973
BRADISH Eunice M 1894-1962
BRADISH Ford Sr 1888-1962
BRADLEY Edward E Jr 1921-1971
BRADLEY Edward Ernest 1900-1988
BRADLEY Gregory Scott 1953-1987
BRADLEY Willie Bee 1903-1952
BRADLEY Clarence R 1908-1952
BRADLEY Ellen P 1879-1967
BRADLEY Grace Ellen 1869-1954
BRADLEY Hazel Dee and George Frank
BRADLEY Jack M 1868-1954
BRADLEY Lester L 1910-1959
BRADLEY Lola A 1911-1987
BRADLEY Nathan Bennett and Bessie Mae
BRADLEY Ninnon LACKEY 1902-1996
BRADLEY Odia Evalee and Arthur Leroy
BRADLEY Samuel G 1896-1954
BRADLEY William R and Leona Pearl
BRADSHAW Louie P Sr 1919-1989
BRADSHAW Ruby 1902-1988
BRADSHAW Thea Lynn 1888-1944
BRADY Arthur H 1879-1934
BRADY Claude S 1898-1964
BRADY Eula Jane 1882-1963
BRADY Gary Don 1955-1955
BRADY John Aven 1925-1983
BRADY Marjorie A 1924-1995
BRADY Pauline MILLER 1905-1990
BRADY Peggy J 1933-
BRADY William Ernest and Pearle Margaret
BRADY William R 1926-2001
BRAEMES George Steven and Martha GRANT
BRAGDON Lowell G and Velma A
BRAKEFIELD Florence 1891-1944
BRAKEFIELD George W 1856-1930
BRAKEFIELD Margaret V 1865-1949
BRAKEFIELD William J 1883-1961
BRAKEFIELD Josephine and Christopher Col
BRAME Claudia Jane 1938-1940
BRAME Thomas Steven 1886-1949
BRAMLETT Chester and Rubie M
BRANCH Billy Albert 1928-1993
BRANCH Carnie M 1929-1967
BRANCH Charles A 1898-1953
BRANCH Margaret 1852-1929
BRANCH Margaret E and Hubert D
BRANCH Martha A 1885-1978
BRANCH Robbie Ann 1907-1979
BRANCH Thomas N 1854-1933
BRANDON Dave P 1880-1936
BRANDON Mattie M 1914-1990
BRANDON Nova Sue 1905-2003
BRANDON Ulman R 1895-1987
BRANDON Wayne and Dwayne
BRANDT Fay E and Hugo B
BRANDT Herman and Ethel R
BRANDT Robin Eileen 1972
BRANNON Anna V 1901-1981
BRANNON Edward 1934-1972
BRANNON Opal Ramona 1936-1978
BRANSFORD Felix Moss 1879-1954
BRANSFORD Edna 1886-1965
BRANSFORD H L 1849-1931
BRANSFORD Lenore A and Ben L
BRANSFORD Lewis L 1896-1959
BRANSFORD Maud J 1872-1942
BRANSFORD Winston W 1908-1956
BRANSFORD Wm Henry 1889-1953
BRANSOM Florence Valine 1919-1989
BRANSOM Florence Valine and Marvin Bowem
BRANSOM Harold L and Winnie Grace
BRANSOM Harold Leonard Jr 1932-1977
BRANSOM Marvin Bowen 1916-1984
BRANSOM Marvin T 1951-1972
BRANSOM Marvin Thomas and Malinda Lou
BRANSON Barbara Jane and Kenneth Duane
BRANT Lizzie May 1867-1939
BRANT R E 1879-1936
BRANTLEY Hellen JOHNSON 1910-1982
BRANTLEY Joseph William 1910-1994
BRANUM Kurt D 1921-1977
BRASHEARS Junius 1885-1959
BRASHEARS Maudie L 1892-1975
BRASHEARS Robert H 1915-1954
BRASHER S T 1916-1983
BRASHER Z MargaretTE 1925-1986
BRASWELL C Lucille 1903-1986
BRASWELL J Harvey and Melba L
BRAY Jess L 1882-1940
BRAZEAL Bessie J 1916-2000
BRAZEAL Lawrence O 1906-1974
BRAZEAL Max B 1910-1969
BRAZEAL Melba Joan and Paul L
BRAZEAL Ola Mae 1912-2002
BRAZIEL Jimmie N 1925-1995
BRAZIEL Judy and Oscar
BRAZIEL Merl O 1922-1960
BRAZIER Bessie B 1896-1984
BRAZIL Edward N 1892-1962
BRAZNELL Edward Eber 1903-1971
BRAZNELL Ione Louise 1911-2002
BRAZZEL Ethel SCOTT and Emmett A Gus
BRAZZEL Jordan H and Pearl H
BREDBURG Thelma L CRESWELL 1910-1988
BREELAND Irene TAYLOR and Albert William
BREITHAUPT Bob Roy and Ina Ethel
BRELAND Blish and Elizabeth D
BRENNAN Charla Faye 1921-1981
BRENTS Lorena M and Walker A
BRENTS Walker A and Irene
BRETZ Frances and Wes
BREW Daniel G and Kathleen K
BREWER Calvin Dee 1913-1977
BREWER Clyde E 1881-1951
BREWER Gladys Mae and James Woodrow
BREWER J T 1873-1946
BREWER James K and Nancy L
BREWER James O and Corynne M
BREWER Jimmy 1948-1984
BREWER Linda Susan 1961-1978
BREWER Marcia Jane 1920-1940
BREWER Thomas and Margaret E
BREWSTER Anna Mae and R Glenn
BREWSTER Bill G 1929-1992
BREWSTER Claudia D 1898-1960
BREWSTER Henry Hayden 1893-1948
BRICE Lewis P 1879-1935
BRICE Nannie E 1881-1952
BRICKHOUSE Harry G and I Irma
BRIDGE Clarence L 1889-1961
BRIDGE Lillian M 1898-1935
BRIDGES Edith W 1904-1982
BRIDGES William Levi 1893-1977
BRIDGES William Levi Jr 1917-1987
BRIDGES C R Bob 1942-1981
BRIDGES Claude O 1894-1971
BRIDGES Frank M 1896-1980
BRIDGES Otis T Jr and Joy L
BRIDGES Roxy Anna and Edward M
BRIDGES Teley E 1897-1989
BRIDWELL John Homer 1891-1979
BRIGANCE Joann B 1929-1994
BRIGANCE W L Jim 1928-1977
BRIGG James T 1917-1988
BRIGG Merle Jean and James G
BRIGGS James Garey and Dorothy M
BRIGGS Leonard E Jr 1960-1979
BRIGHTWELL Ella Adams 1867-1939
BRIGHTWELL Ida May 1900-1965
BRIGHTWELL Manette 1901-1979
BRIGHTWELL Otis Alexander 189901976
BRIGHTWELL Otis J 1925-1962
BRIGHTWELL Ozni A 1861-1952
BRIGHTWELL Valda Naomi and George Andre
BRIGNAC E Virginia 1925
BRIGNAC Eddie JARED and Clifton P
BRILES Van Gordon 1926-1990
BRILES Worthie H and Leona C
BRILEY Estella R 1898-1991
BRILEY Fred Harrell 1916-1972
BRILEY Joe and Mamie
BRILLHART Jacob H 1880-1945
BRILLHART Marie A 1879-1960
BRINK Donald H 1907-1977
BRINK Velma MANSEL 1911-1993
BRINKLEY Joanne M CONLEY 1931-1993
BRINKLEY Wilford and Ruth
BRISCOE Robert C and Margaret E
BRISENDINE Reta A and Presley G
BRISENDINE Ruth M and Harold R
BRISTER Beulah W 1907-1987
BRISTER Elmer 1898-1972
BRISTER L C 1871-1934
BRISTER Minta 1872-1962
BRISTOW John W and Mary Adele
BRITT Barbara E 1932-1961
BRITTAIN Joe 1908-1972
BRITTAIN M Opal 1905-1989
BRITTON William C and Frances Julia
BROACH Donna Sue 1954-1956
BROADWELL Rebecca Diane 1963-1990
BROCK Claude R 1918-1974
BROCK Roy R 1893-3929
BROCK Troy H 1895-1939
BROCK Arthur Hailey 1913-1978
BROCK Charles Owen 1879-1944
BROCK Ernest Herman MD 1895-1973
BROCK Eugenia COCHRAN 1906-1956
BROCK John Logan 1932-1976
BROCK Lotta Lottie 1924-2000
BROCK Norma B 1886-1965
BROCK Pearl Ada 1898-1970
BROCK Randall A 1946
BROCK sons 1960-1960
BROCK Stella Mae and Wiley Lee
BROCK Trudi Eichler
BROCK Woodrow Wilson 1918-1990
BROCKMAN Leatrice 1932-1957
BRODIE Margaret Roselle SMITH 1921-1975
BROOKMOLE Barney C 1896-1973
BROOKMOLE Lillian E and Furman M
BROOKS Amos Elston 1901-1962
BROOKS Ava H 1892-1968
BROOKS Charles H 1888-1957
BROOKS Edith GILL 1913-
BROOKS Electra 1905-1989
BROOKS Elmer Odis 1909-1959
BROOKS Estelle Justus 1892-1967
BROOKS Fritz A 1900-
BROOKS Geraldine SCREETON and Pauline BA
BROOKS Harry Porter 1894-1960
BROOKS Ioma THOIN and Charles F
BROOKS Iona O 1918-1988
BROOKS Janice MAXWELL 1900-1989
BROOKS Jeff 1886-1966
BROOKS John Erskine 1898-1983
BROOKS Joseph A 2002
BROOKS Judith Ann 1943-1944
BROOKS Lena C 1894-1966
BROOKS Louise M 1910-1980
BROOKS Mable Edna and Wiley Thomas
BROOKS Malcolm Veston 1927-1999
BROOKS Martha V 1886-1945
BROOKS Mary Lee 1927-1981
BROOKS May Belle 1890-1961
BROOKS Mildred E and Ben B
BROOKS Nell Danner 1900-1989
BROOKS Nora 1892-1962
BROOKS Pearl 1894-1959
BROOKS Ray Thomas 1896-1946
BROOKS Rester A Sr 1897-1989
BROOKS Robert L 1917-1978
BROOKS Ruth W 1898-1986
BROOKS Sarah Ann Laura 1883-1944
BROOKS Wallace Clifton 1925-1982
BROOKSHIRE Rhonda Jo 1964-1995
BROOM Suzanne 1954-1974
BROOME Billy Gene 1928-2003
BROOME Frankie Dell JONES 1909-1938
BROOME Jessie T 1909-1946
BROOME John Bryant 1876-1960
BROOME Joseph Leonard 1904-1984
BROOME Lula BOWLIN 1881-1956
BROUER Anna B 1900-1979
BROUER Fred C 1875-1949
BROUGHER Earl Hampton and Eunice M
BROWDER Elmer Pearce and Virginia POLSER
BROWDER Fern SMITH 1892-1930
BROWER Sarah NEVADA and Norman Kelley
BROWER Herbert E and Vera L
BROWN Belle 1882-1970
BROWN Dorothy Peek 1911-1912
BROWN Jeff 1881-1974
BROWN Mary E 1870-1954
BROWN W V 1859-1929
BROWN A J 1890-1952
BROWN Agnes COUNTRYMAN 1899-1983
BROWN Albert E 1913-1995
BROWN Alice O-KEEFE 1897-1967
BROWN Alwin Robert Capt 1910-1991
BROWN Ann and Raymond R
BROWN Anna B and George A
BROWN Annie Laurie 1922-1984
BROWN Arthur and Frances
BROWN Barbara GONZALES 1950-1973
BROWN Barbara Jean and Timothy John
BROWN Barney A 1907-1972
BROWN Belinda Kay 1955
BROWN Berta 1887-1984
BROWN Beverley L 1970-1989
BROWN Billy J 1929-1963
BROWN Brenda Joy 1941-1985
BROWN Buster A 1915-1969
BROWN C J 1919-1969
BROWN Carl 1872-1960
BROWN Carl A 1923-1974
BROWN Charles R Jr 1943-1945
BROWN Charlie Wm and Florence M
BROWN Cindy Elaine 1955
BROWN Claude M and Patricia A
BROWN Clora DOBBS 1889-1966
BROWN Connie and Alvis F
BROWN Demmie 1878-1948
BROWN Dennie L 1925-
BROWN Diane Renee 1969-1969
BROWN Dimple VanSICKLE 1902-1994
BROWN Dorothy and W C
BROWN Edgar C 1902-1985
BROWN Eli and Eva
BROWN Ellen LAWRENCE 1916-1995
BROWN Elli M and W Joe
BROWN Ernest H 1888-1965
BROWN Esperia PERRIE 1919-1973
BROWN Eugene L and Maurine E
BROWN Eugene M and William A
BROWN Fred M 1892-1953
BROWN George M 1892-1948
BROWN George Thomas 1891-1965
BROWN Georgia R and Joe G
BROWN Gordon Victor and Nan CASHION
BROWN Guy E 1921-1971
BROWN Guy McNeal 1874-1917
BROWN Halcyone 1885-1968
BROWN Hattie E and Marvin M
BROWN Hazel L and Tandy W
BROWN Hobart 1898-1982
BROWN Howard Mitchell 1949-1999
BROWN Ina May and Joe T
BROWN Inez B and Clifford C
BROWN J C 1887-1932
BROWN J T Jr 1927-1964
BROWN James E 1921-2000
BROWN Jane D 1918-1981
BROWN Jimmie Paul 1916-1995
BROWN Joe W -195
BROWN John M 1921-1990
BROWN John M and Cora B
BROWN Joseph W 1879-1951
BROWN Juanita Bernice 1903-1984
BROWN Julia B 1899-1977
BROWN Laurence LeRoy 1909-1964
BROWN Leslie Allen 1909-2003
BROWN Leslie Belinda 1957
BROWN Linda Lee 1944-1965
BROWN Louisa Caroline 1865-1952
BROWN Lula GREENE 1895-1968
BROWN Luther 1892-1955
BROWN Margaret C and Claude M
BROWN Maria H 1919-
BROWN Marie and Benjaman Lewis
BROWN Marie LEFORS 1896-1999
BROWN Marie MORTON 1903-1999
BROWN Mary Alford 1876-1956
BROWN Mary CRAWFORD and Walter F
BROWN Mary E and Jack L
BROWN Mary M and Hugh L
BROWN Mary R 1861-1944
BROWN Mattie 1925-1979
BROWN Oscar A and Jonie V
BROWN Otha Roy and Elizabeth
BROWN Patricia Ann 1946-1956
BROWN Raymond J and Nona Darlene
BROWN Robert Jerrell 1930-1976
BROWN Rodney Jack 1945-1982
BROWN Roy D and Inez
BROWN Sarah Lee 1881-1960
BROWN Seth Tatum 1882-1959
BROWN Sidney F 1945-1981
BROWN Tempie A and J Tom
BROWN Vio 1919-1999
BROWN Viola D 1915-1996
BROWN Walter Hollis and Ella WILKES
BROWN Walter T 1905-1959
BROWN Warren T Rusty 1926-1999
BROWN William A 1920-1973
BROWN William A Bill and Thelma Marie
BROWN William J and Aline
BROWN Wilma L and Roy Earl
BROWNE Carrie S 1874-1961
BROWNE Madge D 1882-1959
BROWNE Oscar T 1875-1955
BROWNE Sarah A and Harold F
BROWNE William H and Flora B
BROWNE Wm T 1868-1953
BROWNING B W 1896-1943
BROWNING Christine Marie 1985
BROWNING Clarance E 1890-1976
BROWNING Fred 1891-1953
BROWNING Hazel M 1925-2002
BROWNING Jane 1904-1982
BROWNING Robert 1896-1963
BROWNING Sallie M 1862-1946
BROWNING Susie Pearl 1894-1982
BROWNING Thomas G 1921-2000
BROWNING Virgil N and Willie A
BROWNING Zennie Xenopher 1883-1959
BROWNLEE William 1875-1947
BROYLES Anna B 1882-1947
BROYLES Benetta Elizabeth 1927-1996
BROYLES Wayland Bradley and Johnnie Loyd
BROYLES Wm Alex 1880-1939
BRUBACKER Eva M 1822-1933
BRUBACKER Robert 1877-1935
BRUCE Burl 1906-1980
BRUCE Burl Thomas and Tommy Truman
BRUCE Mildred L 1934-1988
BRUCE Pearlene and Roy
BRUDER John Henry and Lola Lee
BRUEGMANN Hughline Towery 1912-1991
BRUEGMANN William Thorp 1913-1982
BRUER Edward R 1879-1952
BRUER Katherine Jane 1888-1939
BRUMBELOW Donald Ray 1941-1954
BRUMBELOW Harold C 1916-1981
BRUMLEY Ellen 1900-1965
BRUMLEY Mary Ann 1872-1940
BRUNER Bonnie L 1900-1995
BRUNER Charlcy Lee B 1928-1991
BRUNER Leslie Ross 1901-1979
BRUNER Leva McFARLAND 1932-1959
BRUNER Luther C 1861-1938
BRUNER Margaret O 1898-1990
BRUNER Mary E 1869-1940
BRUNER O Frank and Mary Estelle
BRUNER Robert Leon 1905-1945
BRUNER Roy Granger Rev 1927-2000
BRUNNER Gladys 1913-2003
BRUNNER Harry Duer 1908-1975
BRUNSON Abie L 1917-1965
BRUNSON Evelyn E 1927-2998
BRUNSON Glenn R 1925-2000
BRUNSON Mabel E 1890-1981
BRUNSON Sara Lois and Charles E
BRUNSON Vernon S 1884-1986
BRUTON Adele Burt 1916-1982
BRUTON Dennis C Sr 1869-1944
BRUTON Donald Lynn 1946-1963
BRUTON Elma LAWSON 1897-1986
BRUTON Minnie E 1880-1982
BRUTON Ray Mary 1912-1993
BRUTON Robert V 1911-1973
BRUTON Rusty 1982-1987
BRYAN Carl D and Mary Pearl
BRYAN Donald A 1952-1994
BRYAN Jesse Willard 1916-1987
BRYAN Leona Weiler 1890-1967
BRYAN Margaret Ann 1938-1946
BRYAN Nolan Lee and Mary Ruth
BRYAN Wiley C 1874-1963
BRYAN Winston Wysong 1890-1969
BRYANT Guy O 1887-1969
BRYANT Lotta Ione 1895-1981
BRYANT Archie Lee 1917-1938
BRYANT Bess S 1888-1968
BRYANT C M 1872-1958
BRYANT Charles Vernon 1902-1969
BRYANT Claudia A and Clyde M
BRYANT Edward Lee 1923-1988
BRYANT Flossie Irene 1895-1978
BRYANT Francis 1919-1936
BRYANT Grady F and Dorothy K
BRYANT Horace Clyde 102-1972
BRYANT Lowell G 1915-1975
BRYANT Mary C and Jessie Carl
BRYANT Mildred SAMUEL 1904-1956
BRYANT Nellie R 1900-1969
BRYANT Norman G and Juanita F
BRYANT O M Mel Jr and Peggy J
BRYANT Robert Jewell 1927-1950
BRYANT Robert Jewell Jr 1950-1973
BRYANT Vennie 1877-1946
BRYANT Vera May JACKSON 1907-1951
BRYANT W Cullen 1878-1949
BRYANT William E Jr 1928-1968
BRYANT William Lane 1944-1968
BRYSON Watt S and Grace
BUBAR Donald Charles 1903-1988
BUBAR Mary Josephine 1908-1965
BUBAR Charles A W and Kate G
BUCHHOLZ Charles G 1920-1997
BUCK Jeanette L and Claude H
BUCKELLEW Cleveland Oren Jr 1936-1982
BUCKELLEW Eulaliah B Boots and William P
BUCKERIDGE Anna Mae 1887-1942
BUCKERIDGE Byron B 1886-1935
BUCKINGHAM D L 1898-1973
BUCKINGHAM girl 1963
BUCKINGHAM Veoma M 1907-1989
BUCKLAND Verna MYERS 1893-1983
BUCKLES Arden 1892-1954
BUCKLEY Lucille R 1893-1980
BUCKLEY N Raymond 1889-1964
BUCKLEY Nettie E 1866-1957
BUCKLEY William E 1963-1943
BUCKMAN Chicie 1909-2002
BUCKMAN John F 1895-1955
BUCKMASTER Mabel Clair and James Cuddy
BUCKNER Erma V and J D
BUECHNER - Kristy Lynn 1974-2000
BUFFALOHEAD William Marvin 1976-1977
BUHL Herbert C -1969
BUHL Josephine Louise -1967
BUHL Monte J and Orene M
BUIE Archie Marvin 1897-1938
BUIE Buelah 1888-1968
BUIE Gertrude MARTIN 1904-1933
BUIE Roy Lee 1896-1945
BUIE Texana 1868-1950
BULLARD Clara WALLACE 1896-1970
BULLARD Emette D and Katye L
BULLARD Lester I 1896-1974
BULLIS Kecia Lyn 1967-1967
BULLIS Kevin Lee 1966
BULLOCH Ada F June 1908-1967
BULLOCH Ethel PAYNE 1885-1972
BULLOCH John Walter 1880-1955
BULLOCH Nano 1891-1989
BULLOCH Newman P and Ilene R
BULLOCH Raymond H Red 1906-1981
BULLOCK A S 1856-1940
BULLOCK Audrey V 1891-1940
BULLOCK Eugene L 1897-1944
BULLOCK Jesse H and Georgia L
BULLOCK Lee A 1876-1946
BULLOCK Maude OATES 1866-1942
BULLOCK Melvin C 1912-1997
BULLOCK Tom Edward 1903-1987
BUMCROT Ralph D and Inez S
BUMPAS Ida Morris and Cody V
BUMPASS Mary 1870-1945
BUNTIN Arnold Lee 1903-1975
BUNTIN Lola E 1903-1968
BURCH Norman A 1914-1959
BURCH William H 1885-1938
BURCHFIELD James Alford and Opal May
BURDAN Robert H Sr 1921-1972
BURDEN Minnie E 1874-1952
BURDETTE G I Sr 1882-1947
BURDINE Ruth P and Horace A
BURFORD Conrad Overton 1894-1952
BURFORD Jewel Irene)1894-1980
BURGE Beverly BEDFORD 1920-
BURGE Bonny Bedford 1940-1045
BURGE Jack Arden 1907-2003
BURGE John Roy 1879-1937
BURGE Ola FOUNTAIN 1889-1970
BURGE Jerry E 1947-1978
BURGER James Paul 1914-1987
BURGER Nancy Jane 1926-
BURGERON Aldon J 1880-1958
BURGESS J B 1894-1932
BURGESS Mae Ora and William
BURGESS Nelda Maurine 1932-1991
BURGESS Orville Lee 1922-1981
BURGESS Ralph Edwin 1878-1936
BURGESS Rebecca 1879-1960
BURGESS Ruby and Alfred L
BURGESS Thomas J and Sarah E
BURK Elizabeth 1875-1931
BURKE Barbara Ann 1958-1964
BURKE Gloria H 1932-
BURKE Harry Thorne 1897-1962
BURKE John Barry 1886-1963
BURKE Lena Florence 1886-1950
BURKE Morris and Kathleen
BURKE Thomas W 1925-1989
BURKETT Hyram N 1914-1986
BURKHARDT Edwin E Eddie 1932-1967
BURKHARDT Vallie Mae and John C
BURKHART C B 1879-1948
BURKHART Ella 1883-1968
BURKHOLDER John Lesley and Loretta
BURKLE Harriet C and Eugene L
BURKLOW Robert A and Manda A
BURKS M T 1878-1968
BURKS Ripley H Rip and Cynthia J
BURKS 4 Earl E 1894-1957
BURKS 4 Edna Rigby 1897-1998
BURKS Bailey and Peggy
BURKS Charles S Sr and Rothelia
BURKS Eliza Josephine 1870-1947
BURKS Henry Edwin and Golda
BURKS J F 1860-1943
BURKS Viola 1858-1933
BURLESON Charlie E and Nellie O
BURLESON Harold Lindsey and Jessie Esthe
BURLESON John 1877-1959
BURLESON Margaret May 1879-1951
BURLESON Nancy Lenore and James Roland
BURLINGAME David Brooks and Velma Elmo
BURLINGHAM Barbara Jeanne 1926-1947
BURMESTER Bud 1895-1964
BURMESTER Othel HART 1909-1968
BURNETT Berry Harley and Katherine Jeane
BURNETT Eloise GORMAN 1917-1993
BURNETT George R 1920-1972
BURNETT Lura Mae and M Oliver
BURNEY George Walter and Bobie
BURNHAM Brenda Ann 1949-1966
BURNHAM Jaemie Diane 1992-1992
BURNHAM Neal R-and Virginia
BURNHAM Robert E and Winnie
BURNHAM Robert Neal 1955-1966
BURNS A Frank 1882-1953
BURNS Albert F Jr 1926-1982
BURNS Alice J 1904-1978
BURNS Billie Sue 1907-1969
BURNS Cecil W 1913-1953
BURNS Floy W 1932-1961
BURNS George O 1920-1951
BURNS Glyndon L 1895-1962
BURNS Harry F and Alma Louise
BURNS Jeffrey George 1964-2000
BURNS John Eberle Sr 1888-1939
BURNS John W 1880-1954
BURNS Kathleen C 1940-1980
BURNS Larry Joe 1945-1972
BURNS Lary Toby 1934-1980
BURNS Lloyd H Jr and Lois H
BURNS Maud C 1881-1958
BURNS Maude S 1893-1947
BURNS Randall Eric 1981-1995
BURNS Robert A Sr and Eunice H
BURNS Robert Eugene 1903-1970
BURNS Ruby L 1919-2000
BURNS Ula JAMESON 1891-1972
BURNS William H and Catherine E
BURNS William H and Dora L
BURNSIDE Josephine and Charlie P
BURRELLE Thomas J 1877-1955
BURRIS Earnest Cal 1893-1954
BURRIS Hazel Ann 1906-1993
BURROUGHS Maude B 1896-1971
BURT Buck 1912-1990
BURT Buck and Lucille R
BURT Cecilia H and Jack
BURT Crl L iii 1963-1973
BURT Donas F 1873-1932
BURT Jo Ann and Carl L Jr
BURT Robert H and M Nell
BURT Sarah Sue 1965-
BURT Susan G O-BRIAN 1949-
BURTON Ethel LARY 1877--1951
BURTON Ethel LARY 1877-1951
BURTON Frankie Jean 1944-1976
BURTON Kitty Lynn PRICE 1925-2002
BURTON Woodrow 1914-1932
BUSH Blanche HALL and John Frank
BUSH Charles T 1909-1962
BUSH Helen Mae and Lincoln L
BUSH Joseph A 1923-1972
BUSH Juanita Estelle 1909-1073
BUSH Norman L and W Pauline
BUSH Verlena W 1939-1998
BUSTER Dona VELVIN 1859-1938
BUSTER Howard Batty 1923-1946
BUSTER Ruby TIDWELL and John Clinton
BUTCHER Forrest P and Perle L
BUTCHER Gertrude M 1878-1973
BUTCHER Henry R 1869-1948
BUTCHER J Frederick 1878-1940
BUTCHER Laura 81-46
BUTCHER Laura and Bill
BUTCHER Mamie CURTIS 1997-1972
BUTCHER Ted F 1905-1969
BUTCHER William E 1876-1967
BUTLER Alverne ARNOLD 1916-2003
BUTLER Clyde Fields 1892-1978
BUTLER Craig William 1958-1980
BUTLER Earl O and Cora L
BUTLER Fern KENNEDY 1901-1969
BUTLER Florence May 1910-1989
BUTLER Forrest William and Athlynn HANCO
BUTLER Henry C 1886-1949
BUTLER Henry Clint Jr 1916-1984
BUTLER James E and Carrie S
BUTLER Linda Jean 1953-1960
BUTLER Louise 1910-1975
BUTLER Mattie S 1887-1964
BUTLER Melvin Lauderdale 1912-1985
BUTLER Virginia SMITH and Warren Irvi
BUTTERWORTH Elizabeth A 1856-1949
BUTTERWORTH Veva O and Edgar E
BUTTS Grace Aillen 1908-1989
BUTTS J Burrell and Lillie B
BUTTS Joyce Eileen 1920-1983
BUTTS Walter Glynn 1902-1975
BUTZKY Charles Bryant Sr 1944-2001
BUXTON William C 1936-1997
BUZBEE H Lawson and Willie Mae
BYERLY Christina S 1910-1987
BYERLY Roy M 1904-1977
BYERS Chester A 1892-1945
BYERS Earl Louis and Winna Belle
BYERS James H 1890-1946
BYINGTON Bailey Ann and Chelsey Faye 199
BYKONEN Dorothy -1999
BYKONEN Edward E 1909-1987
BYNUM John H 1927-1969
BYNUM Vernon H 1895-1983
BYRAM Guy E Mrs 1900-1959
BYRD Alma JOHNSON 1889-1979
BYRD Ambros W 1888-1972
BYRD Donald Ray 1930-1997
BYRD James B 1914-1966
BYRD Myrtle O and William A
BYRD William Edgar Bill and Thursa Kay
BYRD Wm Doss 1910-1955
BYRNE Bernard E 1874-1939
BYRNE Lee 1957
BYRNE Willie 1986
BYRNES Daniel 1952-1933
BYRNES Margaret S 1854-1931
BYRNES Zelma 103-1962
BYROM Henry Duncan 1883-1954
BYROM Jonthen Brent 1990-1992
BYROM Sola Ann 1887-1942
BYUS John E 1901-1976
BYUS Sally F 1895-1969
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