Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - CD, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
CADDELL Henry T 1913-1975
CADDELL Ola MADDEN 1892-1969
CADDELL Sally 1912-
CADRAN Barbara and Douglas
CADWALLADER Charley H and Edna Rose
CADWALLADER Lou Miss 1867-1952
CAESAR Larry J 1944-1960
CAESAR Louis L and Mildred L
CAESAR Margarette 1908-1931
CAESAR Minnie W 1887-1948
CAFFEY Alton F 1914-1968
CAFFEY Cecil R 1917-1981
CAGE Timothy Ray 1961-1961
CAGLE Christina Ann GIDLEY 1959-2001
CAGLE Clarence B and Ethe J
CAGLE Martha Ruth 1927-1935
CAGUIOA Dominga Guzman 1921-1983
CAHALL Lana Ruth 1952
CAIN Coletha 1892-1976
CAIN Everett 1884-1958
CAIN Rita Mae 1914-1990
CAIN Vernon Y 1912-1979
CAIN Alma B-and Leonard D
CAIN Barbara and Harold R
CAIN Ella Mae and Altro Bunk
CAIN James F and Ronda K
CAIN Mamie A 1895-1972
CAIN Mattie A and Arphus C
CAIN Shirley L 1931-1971
CAIN Willie H 1889-1957
CALAHAN Dollie B and Rufus H
CALDWELL Eva B 1895-1970
CALDWELL Gladys MILLS 1909-1998
CALDWELL Hazel 1899-1958
CALDWELL John Walter Jr and Billie Faye
CALDWELL June Regan 1931-
CALDWELL Robert L iii 1955-1955
CALEN Robert 1893-1950
CALHOUN Irena 1874-1962
CALHOUN J Pearson 1907-1953
CALHOUN J Pearson Sr 1869-1959
CALHOUN Trelious 1917-1961
CALL Beatrice RUCKER 1982-1953
CALL William Bond 1877-1959
CALLAHAN Allie Bell 1872-1941
CALLAHAN Fanwick B 1912-1970
CALLAHAN George E 1899-1983
CALLAHAN Joe A Jr and Laura Lea
CALLAHAN Joe A Sr and Callie M
CALLAHAN Neva Mae 1897-1957
CALLAWAY Clara T 1888-1969
CALLAWAY Russell Hayes 1945-1997
CALLENDER T Rholison 1885-1951
CALLIHAM John Ella 1878-1966
CALLOW George E and Suzanne M
CALLOWAY Jennie C 1867-1942
CALLOWAY John M 1865-1945
CALTON Clarence C 1890-1954
CALTON Justin Glenn 1983-2000
CALVERT V R Jr and Frances
CAMARENA Maria Francisca 1924-1976
CAMARGO Adolfo G and Pauline S
CAMARGO Delfino G 1923-1991
CAMARGO Emitrio 1884-1960
CAMARGO Juanita G 1887-1974
CAMARGO Nina T 1931-1988
CAMERON Dan W and Lillie Maie
CAMERON Donald C and Pat J
CAMERON Mary A and Jesse L
CAMERON Odie GLADYS 1909-1971
CAMP Angie 1870-1931
CAMPBELL Cecil R 1917-1945
CAMPBELL E B 1881-1948
CAMPBELL Laura 1884-1955
CAMPBELL A Mortimer 1885-1959
CAMPBELL Agnes 1918-
CAMPBELL Alice Brooks 1916-1958
CAMPBELL Anne M and George W
CAMPBELL Belle A 1868-1931
CAMPBELL Cecil Dan 1944-1992
CAMPBELL Clara E 1888-1959
CAMPBELL Cora Nell and Joe H
CAMPBELL D 1944-1968
CAMPBELL D M 1885-1945
CAMPBELL Dana Orland Jr 1964-1996
CAMPBELL Don and Doris
CAMPBELL Douglas Albert and Jessie Flore
CAMPBELL Emmett D 1907-1960
CAMPBELL Esther J 1897-1985
CAMPBELL Eula May and Herbert P
CAMPBELL Florence I 1908-1997
CAMPBELL George W and Willie B
CAMPBELL Georgia V 1891-1977
CAMPBELL Gertie G 1891-1968
CAMPBELL Hedwid Hetty 1893-1941
CAMPBELL J R 1896-1948
CAMPBELL Jack and Ruth
CAMPBELL John A 1887-1967
CAMPBELL Joseph H Jr 1916-1980
CAMPBELL Josie 1876-1929
CAMPBELL Logan Elizabeth 2003
CAMPBELL Nancy Lynette 1946-1987
CAMPBELL Richard L 1927-1992
CAMPBELL Robert D 1900-1958
CAMPBELL Robert Roy 1948-1988
CAMPBELL Ruth M 1905-1993
CAMPBELL Tom and Alice and Edward
CAMPBELL William Earl 1898-1979
CAMPBELL William Fred 1928-1957
CAMPBELL William M 1893-1951
CAMPBELL William Robert 1930-1969
CAMPOS Wanda WALKER 1964-2000
CANADA Ernest B 1885-1956
CANADA George and George and Clara
CANADA Lena K 1888-1973
CANFIELD Floyd W 1905-1975
CANFIELD Leona 1907-2000
CANFIELD Charlotte A Lotte 1884-1967
CANFIELD Hattie 1892-1958
CANNON Annie BALLARD 1872-1964
CANNON Betty Jo 1926-
CANNON Cassie Mae 1906-1984
CANNON Eunice Hendrix 1964
CANNON Hubert 1900-1930
CANNON Hubert S 1891-1973
CANNON Ima Belle and Harvey Lee
CANNON Lori Lynn 1959
CANNON M BURTON Mrs 1893-1935
CANNON Pieria Edna 1872-1961
CANNON T Russell 1904-1951
CANNON Thomas Riley 1871-1948
CANNON Willis L 1914-1949
CANRIGHT Michelle Louann 1971
CANTERBURY Claude 1877-1932
CANTERBURY Meta 1879-1962
CANTRELL Charles Charles Evalyn and Glor
CANTRELL Columbus M Sr 1915-1978
CANTRELL Constance Anne HARRIS and Willi
CANTRELL Cordelia M 1900-1987
CANTRELL Esther Ruth 1924-1992
CANTRELL Hazel M 1918-1990
CANTRELL Kirk Charles and Edree Beryl
CANTRELL Luther 1891-1968
CANTRELL Michael Wiitala and Sue Wiitala
CANTU Alma G 1923-2001
CANTU Mary 1937-1975
CANTWELL Michael Odell 1973-1999
CAPERS Kenneth W 1890-1949
CAPERS Lou E and J Tom
CAPERTON James C 1894-1943
CAPERTON Raymond R 1897-1970
CAPPS Caleb C Doppa 1873-1950
CAPPS Myra B 1885-1968
CAPPS Orval R and Charlotte Ann WIER
CARAWAY Dot 1923-1985
CARAWAY Irene E 1889-1968
CARAWAY Mary Gene and Ralph E
CARAWAY Rufus A 1886-1947
CARBAJAL Michael H 1998
CARD John H and Mary E
CARDEN Earl Shelby 1908-1891
CARDEN Guy Bonner 1915-1983
CARDEN Nellie M 1919-1994
CARDONA Bartola 1927-1998
CARDWELL David J and Dora
CARDWELL Edna Mae 1902-1985
CARDWELL Frank Maurice 1905-1983
CARDWELL Gordon E and Clida I
CARDWELL James V 1971-1983
CARDWELL Louise L 1926-1992
CAREY Elizabeth 1952
CAREY James A 1851-1936
CAREY James A and Minnie L
CAREY Katherine J 1916-1971
CAREY Nancy J 1861-1938
CARKIN Gordon Lawrence 1924-1995
CARLEY Andrew R 1886-1934
CARLEY Lula M 1893-1992
CARLILE Elsie Mae and Carl E
CARLISLE L Rex 1886-1971
CARLISLE Mary E 1878-1940
CARLISLE Mary Frances 1850-1931
CARLSON Carl B and Ida B
CARLTON Dugan Wood and Maude CLIEFT
CARLTON Max B and Lila S
CARLTON William 1892-1955
CARMACK Claude S 1911-1953
CARMACK George S 1869-1956
CARMACK Jack Keith 1927-1940
CARMACK Loretta 1872-1943
CARMICHAEL Archie and Mabel
CARMICHAEL Laura E 1901-1973
CARMICHAEL Melvin John D 1924-1972
CARMICHAEL Neill and Helen K
CARMONA Rosario Yolanda RUBIO 1949-2001
CARMONA Rosario Yolanda RUBIO B and Jose
CARNES William Craig 1910-1958
CARNEY Alma K 1898-1975
CARNEY Dell 1921-2001
CARNEY Finis C 1917-1994
CARNEY Fred J Sr 1893-1957
CARNEY Ilaa V 1874-1962
CARNEY James H 1865-1951
CARNEY Reba W 1900-1933
CAROLYN Wilma 1914-1915
CAROTHERS Horace F and Leona M
CARPENTER R Marzee 1922-
CARPENTER Rex L 1906-1961
CARPENTER B D Pete and Betty Jane
CARPENTER Booker M 1899-1968
CARPENTER Chester and Madeline
CARPENTER Helen W and Arthur J
CARPENTER James Elton 1962-2002
CARPENTER Jewell Frances 1908-1984
CARPENTER Lillie B 1898-1973
CARPENTER Sarah E 1869-1957
CARPENTER Thurman and Elizabeth L
CARPENTER Violet E 1910-1959
CARPENTER William D 1863-1935
CARR Mary Frances 1900-1989
CARR Ona 1903-1993
CARR Patsy MILITARY and Reagan E Jr
CARR Reagan E Sr 1896-1981
CARR William Lee 1891-1969
CARR Annie C 1860-1939
CARR Asa Floyd 1913-1969
CARR Clyde B and Bessie E
CARR Floyd A and Theda M
CARR Helen Joan 1914-1980
CARR John W 1882-1941
CARR Lucille V and Alfred L
CARR Mary 1904-
CARR Mildred PILGREEN 1897-1964
CARR Minnie 1888-1971
CARR Ray B 1889-1964
CARR Samuel Dalton and Lucile OLIVER
CARR Thomas E and Anne V
CARR Willard G 1928-1997
CARR William E 1903-1936
CARRELL Charles Ray 1928-1971
CARRELL Ruth Ann 1894-1967
CARRELL Samuel B 1890-1963
CARRIGAN James A and Alcy E
CARRIKER Anna A 1902-1966
CARRIKER Harry E 1892-1959
CARRILLO Lorenza J R 1940-1998
CARRINGTON Doris Ruth and Brodie W
CARRINGTON Steve Wilson 1907-1994
CARROLL Billie Joe 1937-2003
CARROLL Billy W 1942-1989
CARROLL Fannie Ruth 1905-1947
CARROLL Horace H 1909-1981
CARROLL Hubert L 1909-1966
CARROLL Joann 1943-
CARROLL Joyce ROBERSON 1920-1994
CARROLL L H 1917-1954
CARROLL Lyndon Von 1944-2001
CARROLL Maudean 1931-2001
CARROLL William B and Mamie
CARSON Cleo J 1904-1956
CARSON Don 1938-2001
CARSON Levi W 1906-1971
CARTER John Evington 1921-1992
CARTER - Edmond Grover 1894-1990
CARTER - Lois Minto 1925-1975
CARTER - May Belle WYNNE 1897-1976
CARTER - Robert Truman 1950-1975
CARTER - Ronald Kelley 1943-1975
CARTER - Truman Wynne 1923-1945
CARTER - Vernon Kelley 1920-1975
CARTER Aaron J and Ouidabel G
CARTER Andrew Sr 1910-1998
CARTER Anice SMITH 1876-1956
CARTER Anna ROBBINS 1885-1968
CARTER Annie Bell and Charles Thomas
CARTER Betty Jean 1928-1966
CARTER Betty L 1936-1977
CARTER Billy D 1918-1956
CARTER Blanche GOOCH 1903-
CARTER Callie 1900-1982
CARTER Carroll Scott 1873-1969
CARTER Cecil Raul 1933-1946
CARTER Clyde J 1894-1951
CARTER Curtis HEWATT 1903-1962
CARTER E Lyman and Helen L
CARTER Earl W 1900-1952
CARTER Elsie Pearl 1887-1979
CARTER Ernest W 1877-1943
CARTER Fannie HALL 1883-1961
CARTER Frank S Dick 1905-1962
CARTER Fred A 1929-1993
CARTER Fred Allen and Joy Nell
CARTER Fred G 1918-1979
CARTER George A 1889-1978
CARTER George A 1925-1981
CARTER George Pierce 1900-1970
CARTER Gwendolyn K 1943-1994
CARTER James C and M Lou
CARTER James Wesley 1922-1994
CARTER Joe M 1870-1932
CARTER John F and Laura G
CARTER John J and Henriettta I
CARTER Laud Austin 1881-1977
CARTER Leora B and Jesse L
CARTER Linda Sue 1954--1965
CARTER Linda Sue 1954-1965
CARTER Lutie V 1878-1957
CARTER Marian Irene COLEMAN 1894-1967
CARTER Mary Eliza 1856-1952
CARTER Mary ELLIS 1883-1977
CARTER Maud Spain 1905-1948
CARTER Mildred C and Wilorn Bill
CARTER Nick G and Vera K
CARTER Nolan T and Virginia Ruth
CARTER Patrick Henry 1851-1938
CARTER Pearl J and Geo W
CARTER Ralph Clarke 1899-1965
CARTER Ralph Gordon Charles 1885-1958
CARTER Rosie E 1875-1961
CARTER Stephen C 1964-2000
CARTER Theodore Oberlin and Verdi Louise
CARTER Thomas and Emma
CARTER Wolliam C 1890-1979
CARTMELL Clarence A and Gladys
CARTMELL Emma I and Orlando B
CARTWRIGHT J Virgil and Norma J
CARTWRIGHT Alvis O 1917-1974
CARTWRIGHT C J 1917-1993
CARUTHERS Inice M and W Bryan
CARUTHERS JoAnn 1929-1973
CARUTHERS Richard B 1931-1957
CASEY Aaron B 1923-1999
CASEY James Earl 1904-1968
CASEY Joseph 1947-1981
CASEY Kenneth Lionel 1912-1961
CASEY Lillian KIBBE 1911-1990
CASEY Louie H 1926-1978
CASEY Timothy A and Pamela J
CASH Houston C Sr and Dollie L
CASH Houston Clark Jr and Willie Nathan
CASH Wayne L 1932-1992
CASHION Carl A 1913-1956
CASHION Corine 1877-1946
CASHION Dorothy Ann 1916-1988
CASHION Jack D and Ann L
CASHION Mayme Louise 1904-1989
CASHION Myrtle Lou 1907-1910
CASHION Thomas Edward and Esther KENDERD
CASHION Tom R and Frances G
CASHION Wm Theodore 1870-1947
CASKEY C Bettye 1892-1982
CASKEY James M and Lou K
CASON Delmar 1908-1980
CASON Ella Mae 1903-1970
CASON G J and Sallie
CASON Lorena N 1911-
CASON Will and Ester
CASSIDY Earl B Sr 1890-1962
CASSIDY Elizabeth 1882-1949
CASSIDY Kathryn J 1925-1959
CASSTEVENS Wm G and Dorothy W
CASTEEL - Hoyt Frank 1899-1939
CASTEEL - Irene BUSBY 1899-1930
CASTEEL - Sudie HOUSE 1872-1957
CASTERLIN Beverly A and Wayne D
CASTLEBERRY Carlston and Vesta J
CASTLES R V and Velma
CASTOR Emma Mary 1885-1969
CASTOR Fannie Eunice 1905-1995
CASTOR Lewis Henry 1907-1970
CASTRO Luisa S 1876-1958
CATE Harvey C and Elizabeth V
CATES Carl G 1884-1936
CATES Cora Pearl 1888-1953
CATES Sue W 1933-1998
CATHCART Alma G and Frank W
CATHCART J T and Imagene
CATHEY F F Jack and Bernice Eunice
CATHEY Lila L 1925-1970
CATLETT C Vic 1879-1963
CATLETT Oma 1892-
CAUBLE Jimmie Ruth 1924-1948
CAUBLE Joseph Mansfiled 1885-1975
CAUBLE Thomas H V 1920-1971
CAUDELL Harvey B 1872-1961
CAUDELL Lenora 1883-1966
CAUDLE Lawrence I and Ilah Mae
CAUDLE Margaret W 1917-1982
CAUFIELD Jessie Pearl 1916-1997
CAUFIELD Stephen 1947-1993
CAUFIELD Vincent J 1919-1991
CAUFIELD William Stephen 1912-2000
CAUGHEY Etta LYNCH and David Wall
CAUTHRON Charles W 1889-1974
CAUTHRON Jennie Mae 1882-1958
CAVATORTA Eugene 1921-1994
CAVATORTA Johnny M 1922-
CAVETT John H 1888-1950
CAVINESS Juanita 1920-1995
CAVINESS Kate 1894-1953
CAVITT Lavoyd D and Margie M
CAYLOR Charles C 1888-1966
CAYLOR Charles Jr 1925-1943
CAYLOR Nora Sibyl 1900-1995
CAYWOOD Corine H 1912-1966
CAYWOOD Elmer R 1908-1976
CECIL Barbara and Tony
CECIL Fannie Marie and J W
CEJAS Para Veronice M 1987
CENDROSKI Joseph 1888-1972
CERVANTES Manuel 1900-1971
CERVANTEZ David 1963-1963
CHABARIA Alfonso 1904-1977
CHADWICK Leroy 1882-1957
CHADWICK B Laverne WRIGHT 1919-1982
CHADWICK John L 1900-1964
CHADWICK Olive B 1910-1992
CHAFFIN Calvin F 1899-1962
CHALOUPKA Joe 1905-1988
CHALOUPKA Mary Ann 1908-1963
CHAMBERLAIN Nadine and Vincent H
CHAMBERLIN Roy R 1888-1974
CHAMBERS A B 1880-1946
CHAMBERS Bertha 1893-1939
CHAMBERS Bryan J 1896-1976
CHAMBERS Carl E 1881-1934
CHAMBERS Clarence C 1914-1981
CHAMBERS Eunice C 1885-1948
CHAMBERS Gladys L 1896-1972
CHAMBERS Helen Lena 1913-1994
CHAMBERS James Walter JW and Carol R
CHAMBERS Kelley G and Edith P
CHAMBERS Marjorie 1897-1966
CHAMBERS W B Sr 1892-1953
CHAMBLISS Carl James 1904-1974
CHAMBLISS Myrtle MADDEN 1907-1981
CHAMPION Madelyn E 1905-1975
CHANCE Alvin Davis 1919-1959
CHANCE J Frank 1886-1976
CHANCE John Ollie and May Loraine
CHANCE L Lois and E Oscar
CHANCE Pairlee 1890-1954
CHANCELLOR Charles C 1887-1971
CHANCELLOR Howard Blake 1889-1941
CHANCELLOR Mattie C and Henry Walker
CHANDLER Aaron D and Grace E
CHANDLER Beatrice H 1901-1988
CHANDLER Benjamine 1865-1942
CHANDLER Benjamine B and Millard
CHANDLER Charley W and Viola B
CHANDLER Edward T and Margaret
CHANDLER Ida and Benjamine and Sophia
CHANDLER Millard H 1897-1955
CHANDLER Sophia Virginia 1870-1955
CHANEY Bennie A 1889-1974
CHANKAYA Sevki and Carabel Lee
CHANSLOR LaVerne and Birdie
CHAPIN Claude L 1913-1961
CHAPIN Craig L 1945-1963
CHAPIN Ernest E 1890-1965
CHAPIN Lemma A 1892-1983
CHAPMAN Billie Ruth and D W
CHAPMAN Clarice HEWATT 1900-2000
CHAPMAN Gussie 1888-1959
CHAPMAN Isabelle M 1916-1993
CHAPMAN J Nolan 1909-1970
CHAPMAN Jack Vernon 1915-1970
CHAPMAN John Mark and John Milton
CHAPMAN Lee H and Alyce S
CHAPMAN Margaret B and Emma V
CHAPMAN Martha CONKLING 1909-2002
CHAPMAN Peggy SPAIN 1915-1968
CHAPMAN Rebecca BARLOW and Augustus Mitc
CHAPMAN Reuben B and A Marie
CHAPMAN Thomas J 1861-1933
CHAPMAN Thomas J and Lilly WALLACE
CHAPPELL Agnes J 1910-1993
CHAPPELL Floy H and Odie A
CHAPPELL Johnnie S 1910-1955
CHAPPELL Lillie C and Henry
CHAPPELL Maxine 1931-1933
CHAPPELL Pearl 1895-1934
CHAPPELL Willie Thomas 1901-1987
CHAPPLE Hugh Edward and Jessie Mae
CHARLES Charlotte C and Richard W
CHASE Edward A 1912-1985
CHASE Juanita Babe 1906-1991
CHASTAIN Belle 1889-1968
CHASTAIN Benna L 1920-
CHASTAIN Claude P 1885-1955
CHASTAIN Daisy C 1908-1984
CHASTAIN George T 1901-1970
CHASTAIN George T and Willie E
CHASTAIN Leona L and Samuel B
CHASTAIN Marguerite EDGERTON a1892-1980
CHASTAIN Norman M 1905-1958
CHASTAIN Pauline M and John M
CHASTAIN William G 1920-1992
CHASTAIN William H 1895-1943
CHATHAM Emma A 1870-1956
CHAU Gene W 1923-1993
CHAUNCEY Edward F 1907-1935
CHAUNCEY Ella 1900-1944
CHAUNCEY Minnie 1881-1971
CHAVEY Mary ADAMS 1967-1938
CHAVEZ Amaya Tane 2000
CHAZARRETA Maria G and Paul H
CHAZARRETA Santos N 1932-1968
CHEEK Cora Ester 1877-1956
CHEEK Eleanor G 1880-1966
CHEEK Eva M 1900-1977
CHEEK Henry Coleman 1894-1944
CHEEK J B Jr 1919-1977
CHEEK Richard and Christine and Stevan
CHENAULT George Luther and Haynie BURTON
CHENEY Rosa McGREGOR 1879-1955
CHENEZ Cathy Renee 1958-1958
CHENOWETH Mary MOORE 1886-1979
CHENOWTH Robert G 1893-1978
CHESLOCK Stana Rae 1965-1966
CHESLOCK Stanley W and Naomi Ross
CHESTNUT Loree 1917-2003
CHEW Lealdres E 1909-1971
CHICK Annie Laura 1883-1956
CHICK Charlie W Sr 1882-1967
CHICK Margaret Frances and Charles W Jr
CHICK Martha Lois 1909-2000
CHICK Otha C Sr 1905-1984
CHICK Otha Jr and Percilla
CHICK Joe B 1912-1971
CHIDESTER Don R Wirt 1909-1943
CHIDESTER Miron W 1872-1949
CHIDESTER Virginia Angeline 1872-1965
CHILDERS Riley J 1903-1935
CHILDRESS J Jack 1916-1968
CHILDRESS Lola Mae 1920-1998
CHILDS baby 1945
CHILDS George W and Lucy Anna
CHILDS George W Bill Jr and Mona Jeanett
CHILDS James L and Arlyss B
CHILES A Berniece 1906-1990
CHILES James B 1903-1947
CHISM Elwin F and Valera I
CHISM Henriette and Henry E
CHISOLM Laura T 1896-1985
CHISOLM Marvin S 1882-1952
CHISUM Martha Lee 1932-1961
CHISUM Roslie Aileen 1954-1961
CHISUM William D 1928-1970
CHITTUM Katie HUGH 1880-1935
CHITTUM Nathan Ellis 1873-1950
CHITTY Robert Marvin 1885-1965
CHITTY Ruth Anderson 1902-1967
CHOATE Daily R 1907-1963
CHOATE Pearle E 1905-1985
CHOATE Troy Loyd 1904-1962
CHOLLAR Dean R 1902-1944
CHOLLAR Ivy S 1896-1988
CHOLLAR Worth B 1895-1948
CHOUNCHANTHARAT Chanhsamoune 1976-1984
CHRIETZBERG David Ethan 1972-1972
CHRISMAN Glynn Thomas 1925-1979
CHRISTIAN Aria Lemial 1898-1974
CHRISTIAN Charles B and Jewell B
Christian Eugene
CHRISTIAN Ida May 1882-1967
CHRISTIAN Juanita and Jack
CHRISTIAN Martha Dyke 1895-1988
CHRISTIAN Oliver Jackson 1875-1939
CHRISTIAN William E and Berta L
CHRISTOPHER Homer D 1900-1951
CHRISTOPHER Isaac Terrell 1897-1975
CHUMBLEY Nola A 1907-1989
CHUMLEA Arthur Basil 1891-1966
CHUMLEA Luna D 1888-1978
CHUMLEA Wesley S 1927-1986
CHUMNEY Marcus Layne 1998-2001
CHURCH William W 1903-1975
CHURCH Winifred C and Arthur T
CHURCHILL E L 1887-1932
CLAGUE Marie BURNSIDE 1903-1992
CLAIBORNE Dorothy and Clinton
CLAIBORNE Julia M and Marvin U
CLAIR Alice FRYE 1918-1981
CLAMPITT Rosa B 1887-1968
CLARK George Foote 1885-1958
CLARK Prentice Wright 1893-1965
CLARK Alice L 1920-1982
CLARK Alice Laverne 1912-1995
CLARK Annella and Roy E
CLARK Billie M BRANSFORD and Alton Rener
CLARK Cynthia 1863-1945
CLARK Dovie Minnie 1883-1964
CLARK Esther Elizabeth and Thomas Vernon
CLARK Euna B and Harry E
CLARK Eva Frances 1868-1947
CLARK F L Jr and Vena Marie
CLARK Gilbert Lake 1910-1989
CLARK Gladys STRODER 1916-1940
CLARK Harold Leroy 1904-1978
CLARK I E and Mae
CLARK Ira Joe Sr 1955-1987
CLARK James E 1916-19929
CLARK James Franklin Jim 1922-1991
CLARK James Paul 1929-1970
CLARK Jean 1925-2002
CLARK Joel H 1920-2003
CLARK Keith Nolan 1931-1981
CLARK Lois BEALL 1924-1973
CLARK Lucille WISE and John W
CLARK Maracellia HUGHES 1933-1983
CLARK Mattie Lue 1905-1977
CLARK Nita SANDERS 1923-1969
CLARK Nolan Percy 1878-1954
CLARK Ollie Carroll 1941-1990
CLARK Pearl 1906-2002
CLARK Thomas J 1885-1948
CLARK Thomas J Sr 1886-1956
CLARK Tina ESTES 1873-1949
CLARK Walter A and Hazel J
CLARK-MASSIE Hattie May TAYLOR 1897-1994
CLARKE Catherine 1883-1960
CLARKE Harry R 1877-1948
CLARKSON Marie 1895-1960
CLARKSON-BURK Marie and Elizabeth
CLARY Charles Herman Sr 1902-1977
CLARY Cora L 1896-1965
CLARY Eva Maud 1901-1954
CLARY mother and daddy
CLAUDER Mildred L 13-95
CLAUNCH Dorothy F 1924-
CLAUNCH Foardy L 1943-1950
CLAUNCH J Foardy 1920-1960
CLAUNCH Jack W 1911-2002
CLAUNCH Robert L Sr 1898-1956
CLAUSS Robert Rudolph and Bessie B MURPH
CLAY Bertie Elizabeth and Fred Herman
CLAY Betty Jean 1926-1990
CLAY Betty Lou 1924-1984
CLAY Edna E and Sidney J
CLAY Hartley Ben 1901-1931
CLAY Jennie GIBSON 1898-1978
CLAY Norene 1905-1965
CLAY Patsy Ruth 1927-1936
CLAY Thomas Gregory Porkchops1949-1976
CLAY William Ralph and Claudia Lyn MILLE
CLAYBROOK 1914-1941
CLAYBROOK Ancil Oran 1919-1968
CLAYBROOK Della Lee 1891-1978
CLAYBROOK Francis A and Irene D
CLAYBROOK Jean and Webb
CLAYBROOK Ralph W 1913-1956
CLAYTON Claude B 1891-1946
CLAYTON Herbert Clauce 1922-1999
CLAYTON Mary Jane 1896-1987
CLAYTON Clifford A 1896-1966
CLAYTON Clifford A Jr 1927-1978
CLAYTON Ouida Margaret 1914-1981
CLAYTON 4 Charles F MD 1886-1960
CLAYTON 4 Maxine E 1889-1971
CLAYTON Gayle 1944-1947
CLAYTON John P and Maggie Helen
CLAYTON M N Roe and Bonnie
CLEARY Willie Mae and John C
CLEAVER Billy L and Virginia Y
CLEAVER Curtis L and Gladys L
CLEAVER Kenneth Ray 1929-1983
CLEERE Archie and Nina
CLEERE Willie E 1882-1968
CLEMENS Evelyn C 1924-1971
CLEMENS Leonard John 1928-2002
CLEMENTS Alice Lee 1926-1997
CLEMENTS James O 1879-1933
CLEMENTS Margaret WHITSON 1865-1944
CLEMENTS Melba Jewell and Dewey William
CLEMENTS Nellie Lee 1914-1984
CLEMENTS Wallace E 1924-1997
CLEMENTS William Jack and Sherry L IRVIN
CLEMOW Frank 1857-1940
CLEMOW Julia 1859-1942
CLENDINNING Roy 1908-1990
CLEVELAND Bonnie J and Oscar C
CLEVELAND Darla Ann 1965
CLEVELAND Floyd I Jr 1949
CLEVELAND Marvin V and Murile W
CLEVELAND Ruth 1893-1971
CLEVELAND Sharon M 1949
CLIFF C W Mrs 1881-1946
CLIFFORD William Schofield and Catherine
CLIFTON Ann M and Carl B
CLIFTON Bessie MACKLIN 1889-1967
CLIFTON Burle M 1908-1967
CLIFTON Daphne P 15-95
CLIFTON Ernest M 1884-1955
CLIFTON Esther C 1905-1992
CLIFTON Frank G 1880-1956
CLIFTON Verona DRAKE 1886-1976
CLIFTON William W Sr 1911-1972
CLIMER Dosha R 1954-1991
CLINE Stanley Leroy 1920-1989
CLINE Stephen Hollister 1945-1986
CLINES Gene H and Lillian L
CLINTON Henry James 1907-1977
CLINTON James Lee 1948-1968
CLOER Courtney G 1941-1952
CLORE Willard and Betty
CLOUD B F 1860-1933
CLOUD Dessie R andJames M
CLOUD Estella 1910-1997
CLOUD Fannie R 1870-1942
CLOUD Frank W and Avey I
CLOUD George G 1905-1971
CLOUD Iris 1912-1944
CLOUD Iris R 1838-1971
CLOWER Walter W and Alta J
CLUFF Nora Lee 1873-1955
CLYDE Alfred M Jr 1944-1944
CLYDE Elva Jane 1912-1963
CLYDE Fred M 1913-1971
CLYDE Joseph D Sr 1885-1946
CLYDE Pearl L 1892-1973
CLYMER Emma L 1896-1974
COARD Edwin T 1884-1957
COARD Kathryn L 1892-1962
COATES Ansel D and Betty M
COATES Marcia Tillie and Lloyd P
COATS Charley and Eva
COBB Albert L 1904-1976
COBB Anna MOSETTE 1911-1988
COBB Callie Elizabeth 1988-1988
COBB Catherine Ann 1957
COBB Emma Lulu 1878-1939
COBB Exsa FRANKLIN 1904-1937
COBB Jessie Clifford 1881-1940
COBB John Lessly 1900-1937
COBB John Marcus 1899-1941
COBB Robert C and Johnnie I
COBB Robert Lee 1914-1997
COCHRAN Eva L 1895-1998
COCHRAN Joseph H 1889-1948
COCHRAN Harold K 1923-1964
COCHRAN Wanda C 1926-
COCHRAN dau 1956
COCHRAN Dorothy Ann MOORE 1903-1995
COCHRAN Etta NEWMAN and Herman L
COCHRAN Joe Fletcher 1921-1992
COCHRAN Mary J 1904-1977
COCHRAN Michael Don 1940-1991
COCHRAN O L Red 1908-1968
COCHRAN Royce Randall Sr 1920-1995
COCHRAN Virgil Emerson 1896-1989
COCHRAN Willie N 1920-1974
COCKRELL Jesse J 1888-1971
COCKRELL Laura D 1870-1948
COCKRELL Lee Younger 1908-1982
CODY Bessie E 1909-1945
COE I B 1901-1966
COE Mildred J 1920-1983
COE Walter Lee 1871-1959
COFER Daisy Belle 1900-1976
COFFEE James Henry Richard and Lillian A
COFFMAN Effie L 1885-1974
COFFMAN Larry D and Janis K
COFFMAN Randall G 1884-1942
COGDELL Alfred Banfield 1915-1977
COGDELL James Newton 1917-1995
COGDELL James Phillip 1879-1960
COGDELL Margaret S 1884-1955
COGDILL Margret 1868-1933
COGHLAN James Billy Jr 1956-1968
COGHLAN James W and Helen M
COHEN Beverly GOODMAN 1917-1982
COHEN Lula LANE 1910-1995
COILE Jack M 1929-1987
COILE Ruel J 1921-1992
COKER James W 1904-1971
COKER Lucy 1909-1980
COKER Orrie Mae 1892-1954
COKER Robert Wayne 1940-1966
COKER Rose Mary STORY and Quinton Owen
COKER Sue W 1888-1973
COKER Wm Franklin 1878-1948
COLBORN Leon G 1892-1956
COLBURN Caroline Roberta 1927-1941
COLBURN Leon G Jr 1929-
COLBURN Sallie Loyal 1899-1996
COLDWELL Frqances 1911-1993
COLE Earl F 1914-1997
COLE Bert 1884-1953
COLE Blaine C 1884-1956
COLE Christine E 1918-1972
COLE Clergy Loal and Lottie Lee LOVELACE
COLE Danny and Judy
COLE Dove A 1864-1952
COLE Harris J and Ann M
COLE Lee Lewis 1898-1967
COLE Lonnie L 1931-1990
COLE Lottie Gail 1944-2000
COLE Lula CADDELL 1910-1999
COLE Margaret Ellen BLACK 1921-2002
COLE Marshall L 1917-1942
COLE Marshall S 1897-1939
COLE Mary E 1887-1979
COLE Selma WAGNER 1896-1960
COLE Susan E 1901-1972
COLE Thomas Marshall 1939-1951
COLE W E 1857-1931
COLE W W 1868-1943
COLE Wm Weldon and Wanda Lehew
COLEMAN Amanda E 1898-1990
COLEMAN Bob and Gayla
COLEMAN Dempsey F 1919-1969
COLEMAN Dorothy May and F S Scotty
COLEMAN G W Scottie and Leta DAVIS
COLEMAN Helen L and Dee H
COLEMAN James Allen and Willie Lee
COLEMAN Jewel 1911-1985
COLEMAN Lee L 1898-1965
COLEMAN Mary Ellen 1891-1979
COLEMAN Mary Odis 1905-1989
COLEMAN Minnette BOCK 1925-1963
COLEMAN Noma I 1903-1987
COLEMAN Paul and Vivian
COLEMAN Silas and Mildred
COLEMAN U Dewey 1898-1957
COLEMAN W H 1881-1932
COLEMAN William C 1919-2003
COLEMAN William H 1911-1972
COLEMAN William Morrow 1890-1946
COLES Florence F and Frank E
COLES Jacquline LILE 1939-1966
COLF Genevieve 1890-1969
COLF Harry A 1889-1959
COLLARD Eugene and Myrtis E
COLLET Lori Lynn 1978-1978
COLLET Mary E 1938-1999
COLLET Robert V 1933-1999
COLLETT Allen Adam Sr 1893-1968
COLLETT C Emory Pete 1909-1977
COLLETT Doris R and Allen A Sr
COLLETT John Leonard 1897-1984
COLLETT Katie MATHIS 1903-1989
COLLETT Sadie Doris RITCHEY 1903-1988
COLLETT Wm Charles 1930--1978
COLLETT Wm Charles 1930-1978
COLLIE Nora F and Aubrey C
COLLIER Chas H 1909-2000
COLLIER Chas Kerry 1940-1942
COLLIER Maridel 1914-2002
COLLIN James Gregory 1887-1975
COLLINS Henry Lee 1883-1970
COLLINS Mattie 12884-1944
COLLINS Maxine D 1913-1983
COLLINS Minnie Alice McKAY 1903-1992
COLLINS Billy Dean 1935-1975
COLLINS Clifford G 1928-1976
COLLINS Ernest 1915-1983
COLLINS Eva Mae and William E
COLLINS Floyd W and L Joyce
COLLINS Gilbert and Iona
COLLINS Gilbert Lee 1940-1961
COLLINS Gregg A and Richard R
COLLINS Irvin 1911-1979
COLLINS J Milton 1902-1951
COLLINS Jack B 1916-1987
COLLINS Jack E 1902-1968
COLLINS James H 1907-1968
COLLINS James H 1918-1974
COLLINS Jesse Louis 1873-1936
COLLINS John Wesley Sr 1916-1983
COLLINS Linda G and Richard R ii
COLLINS Maefred C 1917-1972
COLLINS Mary K and Omar L
COLLINS Sallie Florence 1881-1964
COLLINS Viola 1922-1981
COLLINS Wm David 1881-1962
COLLINS Worrall David 1925-1990
COLSTON Chesley C and Addie P
COLSTON John Warren 1926-1993
COLSTON Lorene 1931-
COLSTON Treva J and Raymond C
COLWELL Bonnie Jean 1911-1986
COLWELL Marcel Jerome 1949-1952
COLWELL Mary Lois 1912-1971
COLWELL Mary M 1889-1962
COLWELL Osburn Reed 1921-1994
COLWELL Rocky Dane 1953-1962
COLWELL William L 1909-1968
COMBS C A 1889-1930
COMBS Earl Bert 1904-1972
COMBS Edgar Homer 1908-1966
COMBS Frank H 1896-1970
COMBS George S 1868-1936
COMBS Margaret ANDREWS 1897-1977
COMBS Roy Lee 1896-1957
COMLEY Carolyn R 1942-1966
COMLEY Edward F Jr 1938-1965
COMLEY Edward Floyd 1905-1969
COMLEY Theresa Grace 1918-1971
COMPTON 1979-2000
CONANT Bertha G 1897-1985
CONANT Sam I 1905-1992
CONATSER Darlene DeVORE and James Clifto
CONATSER William Keith 1880-1934
CONAWAY Carl R and Phoebe
CONDE Ann Marie 1922-1964
CONDE Brandi Marie 1976-2001
CONDE Francis H 1922-1965
CONDE Richard J 1953-1977
CONDER Thomas E 1874-1934
CONDITT Sylvia ernice and John Due
CONDON Mary E 1878-1954
CONDON Robert 1868-1941
CONDON Thomas W 1905-1081
CONE Janie Ethel and Glenn
CONE Nelle S -1953
CONE Robert L -1941
CONEY David M and Jessie L
CONGER Samuer Martin 1871-1955
CONKLING Louetta BOONE and Ernest Ira
CONLEY Harold Fenton 1899-1961
CONLEY Lucille Elizabeth 1904-1978
CONLEY Ruby E 1907-1983
CONLEY Vida Ellen 1898-1945
CONLIN Dean and Wanda
CONN Earl and Gladys
CONNALLY Jeannette W 1910-1988
CONNATSER Joseph N 1920-1983
CONNATSER Lois M 1922-1989
CONNELLEY LaWeeta W 1911-1980
CONNELLY George Goodwin and Georgia TAYL
CONNER BeBe HALDEN 1908-1952
CONNER H Harry and Marguerite B
CONNER J Clarence 1884-1960
CONNER Laura Edna 1886-1966
CONNER Ross David and Rebecca D
CONNLLY Addie 1873-1931
CONNOLLY Mamie F 1917-2000
CONNOLLY William Z ii 1898-1981
CONRAD Antone J and Fred A
CONRAD George W and Bessie M
CONRAD Omie Lou RUDD 1904-1992
CONSTANT Betty Lou 1937-1968
CONSTANT Tommy A 1926-1959
COODY Cloyd 1907-1985
COODY George W 1861-1937
COODY Mary C 1869-1937
COODY Robert Allen 1956-1978
COOK Ada Francis 1881-1965
COOK Alice Dunn 1902-1991
COOK Ann Marie 1906-1978
COOK C D Pat and Vera L
COOK Charles G 1871-1944
COOK Charley J and Sarah E
COOK Chastine F 1902-1962
COOK Dan B and Jewell C
COOK Dorothy H and James C
COOK Elizabeth Kathie 1941-1980
COOK Ella 1873-1955
COOK Elma Ed and Myrtle
COOK Everett L and Bettie L
COOK Fred E 1896-1964
COOK Helen THOMAS 1916-1999
COOK Henry Washington 1889-1975
COOK Henry Washington and Paulina Elizab
COOK Jacob 1857-1936
COOK James Robbie 1921-1966
COOK Jimmy D 1949-1981
COOK Joe Edward 1930-1983
COOK Juanita ALLISON 1910-
COOK Julia 1869-1950
COOK Larry Kent 1952-1990
COOK Lea Renee 1985-1986
COOK Leo 1913-1967
COOK Lula D and Edward M
COOK Robert Ivey 1895-1957
COOK Ruby FAGG 1899-1965
COOK Stella E 1889-1969
COOK Thomas Jr 1874-1971
COOK Thomas Lee 1929-1931
COOK Velma I and Henry E
COOK Vickie Jo 1942-
COOK William Lee 1930-1930
COOK Willie and James D
COOK Wilma and B W
COOKE Edwin Lee 1929-1936
COOKE Mildred Louise 1920-
COOKE Walter D 1920-2002
COOKSEY Alma M and H Reed
COOLEY Gus C 1879-1939
COOLEY Gus Murray 1913-1990
COOLEY Laura A 1887-1969
COOLIDGE Clarence E 1892-1960
COOLIDGE Clarence Earle and Marian BOOTH
COOMBS Emmett and Emma SEXTON
COOMER Frank S and Mahala Ann
COOMER Lesley B Sr and Lucille G
COON Elwood F 1922-1997
COON Jacob R 1902-1974
COON May Myrl and Richard B
COONE Virgie ALLEN 1876-1929
COONS Myrtle A and Jesse K
COOPER Carrie May 1887-1984
COOPER James S 1881-1951
COOPER Richard S iii 1935-1986
COOPER Richard S Jr 1914-1948
COOPER A D 1893-1967
COOPER A L 1862-1920
COOPER Ange-ll Andres- 2003-2003
COOPER Archie B and Hazel A
COOPER Audrey M and Lawson W
COOPER C C 1876-1931
COOPER Claude Cecil and Leah Corrine
COOPER Dee L 1938-1993
COOPER Ella E and Hardage P
COOPER Ella M 1858-1940
COOPER Ethel Martha 1896-1959
COOPER Everett H 1910-1962
COOPER Flourine S and Thomas R Sr
COOPER Homer T 1879-1949
COOPER Hugh O 1909-1977
COOPER Ida O 1877-1967
COOPER Joe R and Rubye W
COOPER Lila H 1905-1947
COOPER Lila HALL 1905-1947
COOPER Lyle Lee 1970-1971
COOPER Mae Ella 1870-1936
COOPER Melody Dawn 1973-1977
COOPER Nell E and R Frank
COOPER Ophelia OWEN 1917-
COOPER Shirley E 1940-
COOPER Stewart A 1919-1997
COOPER Thomas E 1892-1970
COOPER Vora Jane 1891-1985
COOPWOOD Sallie B 1878-1978
COPE Claybourne E 1905-1980
COPE George Terrell 1866-1967
COPE John Christopher 1953-1994
COPE John Rowland 1914-1992
COPE Louise 1883-1980
COPE Robert M Rev 1943-1980
COPELAND Albert S 1875-1953
COPELAND Cora E 1883-1959
COPELAND Raymond H and Gwendolyn M
COPELAND Stephen Roy 1947-1982
COPELAND Esther L 1910-1959
COPELAND J Bryce Jr 1906-1951
COPELAND Camryn Tracy 2001-2002
COPELAND Hellen E and Hal F
COPELAND Mary E and Franklin P
COPELIN Floyd 1894-1941
COPELIN Laura Katherine 1869-1957
COPELIN Ruth Agnes 1896-1938
COPENHAVER Alberta 1893-1952
COPENHAVER Ida 1860-1943
COPHER William A and Leona B
COPP Henry P 1911-1972
COPP Henry P and Mildred C
COPPOCK Orville J 1905-1975
CORBELL Lonnie A 1935-1969
CORBETT Fae H 1905-1987
CORBETT J C 1903-1963
CORBIN Helen HAMMOND 1918-1983
CORDER Ben G and Essie L
CORDER R Gene and Ben Cleo
CORDER Ruby H 1891-1977
CORDER W Marvin 1889-1943
CORDER R C 1918-1968
CORDER Vera L 1914-1973
CORDOVA Donna E 1956
CORDUA Virgie Lee and Salvador L
CORDZ Alma P and Victor
CORDZ Mollie W and Herman H
CORKLE Donald B 1905-1949
CORLEY Wilhelmina SAMUEL and Glenn D
CORNELIUS Lemoyne B 1905-1930
CORNELIUS Macon Temperance and Rufus He
CORNELIUS Preston Levoy and Ivy SMITH
CORNISH Elizabeth LONSDALE and Gilbert S
CORNISH Gilbert Lee 1917-1997
CORNISH Gilbert Lee and Katherine BERRY
CORNISH Jerry 1920-2003
CORNWALL Richard Lee 1899-1952
CORNWELL Glenn M and Dorothy J
CORNWELL Luther Franklin 1910-1967
CORONADO Pete 1935-1997
CORPANY Annie Marie 1921-1968
CORPANY George 1898-1974
CORPANY Margie Ruth and Dan Baldwin
CORPANY Steve 1951-1993
CORRY W N Bill 1902-1963
CORZINE Clifford Ray 1948-1983
CORZINE Hardie A 1892-1960
CORZINE Henry U 1867-1953
COSBY B Juanita 1909-1985
COSBY Joseph M and Sally C
COSBY Lowell W 1906-1977
COSBY Wayne L 1906-1967
COSBY Wesley and Minnie
COSTELLO Eva 1923--1968
COSTELLO Eva 1923-1968
COTE Michael 1951
COTTEN Charles G and Janie W
COTTEN Pearl J and Richard L
COTTER - Tamara Lee and Brenden Lee
COTTER Obie T 1904-1967
COTTING Betsy P 1933-1995
COUCH Grace Mae 1905-1947
COUCH Lillie B and Claude W
COUCH Rilla M and Marvin M
COUCH Wallace W 1929-1978
COULD Fran MILLER 7 1926-1979
COULTER Elizabeth 1916-1999
COUNTRYMAN Doris 1925-1942
COUNTRYMAN Marcus C 1892-1944
COUNTRYMAN Robert W 1894-1968
COUNTS Clovis E Sr Toby and Burgess
COUNTS Elbert Lee and Della June
COUNTS J Porter 1885-1953
COUNTS Joel M and Irene K
COUNTS William L and Juanita G
COURTNEY Audrey Oma 1921-1999
COURTNEY C E Tucker 1918-1985
COURTNEY Geo E 1874-1940
COURTNEY Louthena 1872-1935
COURTNEY Nicole Hernandez 1982-1983
COURTNEY Robert W 1887-1939
COVELL Mildred FINCH 1895-1977
COVEY Homer 1893-1957
COVEY Perle GREER 1895-1982
COVEY Ada B 1874-1943
COVEY Berta Ruby 1913-1956
COVEY Corday J and John W
COVEY Eula and Evan J
COVEY Fannie Mae 1887-1973
COVEY Fidge Euell 1895-1980
COVEY James C 1903-1937
COVEY Robert Joseph 1900-1937
COVEY Simon J 1866-1947
COVEY William Enoch 1885-1967
COVINGTON Carroll J and Ruth M
COVINGTON Ellis N 1908-1969
COVINGTON Jep M and Dora L
COVINGTON Robert W 1927-1995
COWAN Andrew 1888-1961
COWAN Annie 1870-1958
COWAN Donald A 1876-1961
COWAN Dorothy May 1909-2003
COWAN Georgina Elizabeth 1905-1999
COWAN Lena V 1878-1957
COWAN Mabel 1887-1955
COWAN Raymond C 1900-1962
COWAN Robert David 1946-1955
COWAN Rose 1900-1973
COWAN Ruth Winogene 1910-1999
COWAN Verna Hovey 1881-1970
COWAN W C 1862-1932
COWAN William Cecil 1904-1951
COWDEN Ella HUDSPETH 1888-1981
COWDEN Emmett Leonard 1875-1936
COWELL Ione VAUGHN 1882-1980
COWLEY Don R and C Jan
COX Audie Lee 1941-1976
COX Beulah L 1896-1982
COX Bobby Wayne 1926-1985
COX Burt 1861-1932
COX Caleb Bud 1905-1959
COX Catherine 1885-1957
COX Doris Pearl 1921-1943
COX Earl Frank 1952-1953
COX Earlene I 1922-1978
COX Eula R and Earl A
COX Florence E-and David E
COX Floyd Mae 1913-1971
COX Fred H and Golden D
COX Fred S 1920-1968
COX Fred W and Ruth P
COX Goldia H and Ed M
COX Hillary Rianne 1993-19993
COX Howard and Eloise
COX Ira D and James L
COX Ivy 1900-1984
COX James Thomas 1918-1971
COX James William 1945-1992
COX Jane Aubyn 1943-1998
COX Jimmy Wayne
COX Jimmy Wayne 1957-1970
COX Larry Don 1951-1952
COX Leander Wirt 1876-1953
COX Lee Ola and John Elmer
COX Lydia A and George C
COX Mary Ruth 1928-1953
COX Nina POWELL 1918-1984
COX Norman W and Rebecca A
COX Opal H and G D Junior
COX Ronald Wm 1970-1970
COX T Howard and Mary A
COX Thomas S 1913-1986
COX Ura Zona and J Houston
COX Vera C and John Justin
COX Virgil Olen and Willa Mae
COX Will H 1889-1942
COX William Henry 1906-1976
COX Willie E and Jesse H
COYLE Robert V 1909-1961
COZBY Alfred B 1897-1968
COZBY James Allison 1901-1949
COZBY John B Jack 1891-1957
COZBY John Wylie 1854-1936
COZBY Lizzie CROFFORD 1860-1931
COZBY Robbie 1891-1971
CRABB Hal Hudson and Anne C
CRABB Lewis C 1888-1941
CRABTREE Curtis W 1921-1988
CRABTREE Lucille B 1929-
CRADDOCK Blanche CROWLEY 1906-1959
CRADDOCK Grace B 1906-1974
CRADDOCK W R 1903-1961
CRAFT Aline Daugherty 1918-
CRAFT Binford P 1907-1954
CRAFTON Nettie Frances 1886-1971
CRAIG Beatrice L and Frank C
CRAIG Charles C 1882-1955
CRAIG Charles Fox 1878-1952
CRAIG Cleora F -1967
CRAIG Della Bess 1886-1945
CRAIG Eva Blanche 1893-1963
CRAIG Grace COFFMAN 1905-1965
CRAIG Ida Melissa 1871-1964
CRAIG Janie MALVINA 1895-1984
CRAIG John P 1903-1961
CRAIG Leslie D 1923-1990
CRAIG Lloyce HARRIS 1912-1986
CRAIG Margaret F and William F
CRAIG Melba Dean 1916-1971
CRAIG Myrtle V and W Frank
CRAIG Opal HITT 1909-1981
CRAIG Pearl ALLEN 1899-1969
CRAIG Thomas James and Barbara Louise
CRAIG Walter W 1897-1982
CRAIG William Pitt 1867-1940
CRAIGHEAD Billy Bob 1966
CRAIGHEAD Jeannine P and Robert L
CRAIGHEAD Robert Darrell 1963
CRAIN son 1971
CRAINE Kenneth N and Vesta M
CRAMER Robert Aaron 1888-1978
CRAMER Ruby PACE 1892-1955
CRAMER Sarah Virginia 1915-1992
CRAMER Caroline MASSEY 1896-1989
CRAMER Elizabeth 1953
CRAMER John Arnold Hardluck 1889-1964
CRANDALL F Scott and Nereida V
CRANE Alan and Judy
CRANE Cora and J L
CRANE E L Bill 1901-1981
CRANE Helen A 1900-1988
CRANE Helen L 1891-1953
CRANE Lon Allen 1907-1945
CRANE Luther A 1891-1988
CRANE Ruby Lee and John Dennis
CRANE William L 1924-1998
CRANFILL Cash A 1913-1983
CRANFILL Lula Mae and John Isom
CRANFILL Margaret and Carlton
CRANSTON Beulah P and George
CRAVENS Lewis A and Sarah E
CRAVENS Vernell T and Travis C
CRAVER Roy and Elizabeth
CRAWFORD Robert E 1927-1987
CRAWFORD Andrew J and Maud J
CRAWFORD Carolyn Ruth 1943-1951
CRAWFORD Celeste 1907-1941
CRAWFORD Clarence I and Verna M
CRAWFORD Dorothy E 1919-1992
CRAWFORD Ella Ruth 1954-2003
CRAWFORD Glenn C 1930-1967
CRAWFORD Grover Earl 1902-1960
CRAWFORD Irby E 1908-1975
CRAWFORD John C and Nellie H
CRAWFORD John Hardy 1872-1953
CRAWFORD John M 1916-1961
CRAWFORD John William 1924-1969
CRAWFORD Luria HOOPER 1889-1971
CRAWFORD Lyndon W and Peggy A
CRAWFORD Mary F 1894-1974
CRAWFORD Mary L and Paul R
CRAWFORD Peter S and Brian Todd
CRAWFORD Robert Emil and Mary Catherine
CRAWFORD Sharon Ann 1956
CRAWFORD Thursey Mae 1896-1980
CRECY Jefferson David 1900-1970
CREECY Albert B and Gladys O
CREED Earl Leon 1921-1979
CREEL Clara BIZZELL and Kevin Joseph
CREMER Lula PITTS 1877-1974
CRENSHAW C J 1862-1934
CRENSHAW Charles M 1783-1946
CRENSHAW David Chraig 1926-1943
CRENSHAW Idaline CRAIG 1899-1984
CRENSHAW John B 1896-1980
CRENSHAW Lucy J 1893-1983
CRENSHAW Mable B 1869-1937
CRESSWELL Burney E and Leonard M
CRESSWELL Joe Weir 1910-1946
CRESSWELL Oscar H and Lura Frances
CRESWELL Bobby Joe Sonny 1925-1955
CRESWELL Clyde Calvin 1922-1986
CRESWELL Earl Matthew 1915-1985
CRESWELL Roy H 1908-1974
CREWS Jeannette and C Tom
CREWS Joe H and Sallie R
CREWS Mary Helen and T B
CRIBBS A B Ott 1903-1975
CRIBBS Era Morgan 1933-1979
CRIBBS Grover L Ens 1935-1956
CRIBBS Ott and Pearl and Grover
CRIBBS Peark H 1905-1983
CRIM Thomas P and Jacqueline G
CRINER Belle Young 1863-1940
CRINER H D Doug 1853-1933
CRIPPS Hazel Bartley 1916-1990
CRIPPS Lawrence A 1921-1976
CRIPPS Sally B and Sam H
CRISLER Edna McKINLEY 1900-1985
CRISLER John Ford 1896-1965
CRISP Kimberly June 1968
CRITES Charles Milton 1930-1971
CRITES Cloyd C 1884-1957
CRITES Emery Daniel 1880-1956
CRITES John W 1927-1990
CRITES Lela Mae and Watsy T
CRITES Mae 1886-1972
CRITES Nelda Marie 1915-1934
CRITTENDEN Francene GRIMES 1930-1957
CRITTENDEN Gladys Virginia 1912-1937
CRITTENDEN James Darwin 1954-1974
CRITTENDEN Jewell Lynn 1955-1957
CROARKIN Vivian THOMASON and Edward Paul
CROCKER Joe 1879-1937
CROCKER Bessie M 1915-1990
CROCKER Charles P 1908-1985
CROCKER Della A and John W
CROCKER Dub and Lona F
CROCKER Minnie Jewell and Charles Roy
CROCKETT Cecil Clinton Jr Capt 1922-1959
CROCKETT Joe M 1928-1992
CROCKETT Laura A and David W
CROMER Edward S 1873-1970
CROMER L Kathryn 1910-1984
CROMER Lora Lee 1904-1922
CROMER Sally E 1874-1953
CROMER Elta L 1905-1937
CROMER Joe E and Lucille A
CRONE John W 1948-1999
CROOK Carroll W 1921-1995
CROOK Lawrence B and Evangeline M
CROPPER Bertha M 1889-1991
CROPPER Doris M and Dale E
CROSBY Martha Ann 1867-1954
CROSBY Richard and Eugenia
CROSS Amalda Jane and R Carter
CROSS Henderson and N Odell
CROSS Jewel 1896-1961
CROSS Lucie LANIER 1844-1931
CROSS Mary C 1921-1971
CROSSLEY Doyle L 1902-1947
CROSSLEY Minnie L and William M
CROSSLEY Thimas L and Effie J
CROSSON Roy R 1898-1954
CROSSON Ruby M 1900-1962
CROSSWHITE Daniel B 1888-1973
CROSTHWAIT Lilyon P and George N
CROUCH Amanda M 1869-1924
CROUCH Barbara Clair 1876-1950
CROUCH C T Tom 1860-1934
CROUCH Charles Ross and Mary Ruth
CROUCH David L 1924-1970
CROUCH Dewitt 1902-1910
CROUCH Doris L 33-
CROUCH Evelyn 1904-2002
CROUCH Homer M 1900-1989
CROUCH Homer M Jr 1924-2001
CROUCH Raymond E 1905-1982
CROUCH Ruby 1874-1948
CROUCH Vivian M and John
CROUCH William A
CROUSE Nellie MELVILLE 1863-1945
CROUSE Willliam H 1861-1934
CROW Adna DAWKINS 1869-1942
CROW Albert Sidney 1865-1952
CROW H Vera 1900-1976
CROW J M 1911-1935
CROW Johnnie I 1890-1941
CROW Alice Frances 1928-1984
CROW Burnor W 1882-1960
CROW Don H 1929-1986
CROW Freddie Mae and Boyd P
CROW Guy H and Alice E
CROW Hassie GRAHAM 1913-2003
CROW J Barney and Bertha Ann
CROW Jimmy Pat 1932-1996
CROW Marie and Robert Vernon
CROW Mary Amanda 1893-1967
CROW Perry Ector Ssgt 1920-1945
CROW Robert Correll 1912-1984
CROWDER Effie MITCHELL 1897-1965
CROWDER Michiel Eugene 1954-1954
CROWELL Sue Mae and Joe Lee
CROWLEY Karl A 1894-1948
CROWLEY A Frank 1861-1948
CROWLEY Annie Lee 1864-1936
CROWLEY Allen Frank 1899-1951
CROWLEY Carrie WEBSTER 1892-1978
CROWLEY Cecil L 1902-1959
CROWLEY Elzie R 1905-1974
CROWLEY Estelle I 1914-1984
CROWLEY Nancy Lynette 1964-1974
CROWSON Robert Tucson 43-93
CROWSON Ruby BRIGHAM 1914-1994
CROWSON Sylvia JACO and Jacky R
CROWSON William 1911-1970
CROXEN Imogene M 1936-1990
CROZIER Annie E 1883-1944
CROZIER C A Mrs 1876-1941
CROZIER Fred B 1913-1998
CROZIER Marion Lula 1883-1961
CROZIER Marjorie 1919-1991
CROZIER Robert O 1876-1949
CRUMPTON Edith P 1898-1973
CRUTCHER Lester Wallace 1942-1978
CRUTCHER Wallace R and Ida R
CRUTCHFIELD Bobby 1934-1987
CRUTCHFIELD Edith M and Henry W
CRUTCHFIELD Gerald W and Gladys E
CRUTCHFIELD Mary F and Robert M
CRUTCHFIELD Robert W and Sarah E
CRUZ Domingo 1896-1986
CRUZ Mercedez O 1933-1999
CRYER Charles E and Oma Ethel
CRYER Darold C 1924-1978
CRYER Thomas R 1899-1954
CULBERSON Emma Ottalene and Thomas Ray
CULBERT Hazel Mae 1931-2002
CULBERT Jerry D 1953-1990
CULBERTSON Bessie A 1900-1983
CULLARI Patricia 1948-1976
CULLARI Roberto 1931-1987
CULLETON John Frederick and Bessie Irene
CULP Clinton B 1921-1999
CULP Clinton B and Jewell E
CULPS Robert Louis and Modena L
CULPS Tommy L 1947-1952
CULVER Lillian JOHNSON and Samuel Milt
CULVER Mary Frances 1929-1948
CUMMING Leonard E 1909-1991
CUMMING Mabel 1905-1951
CUMMINGS Ethel Elizabeth 1892-1964
CUMMINGS Gloria W and Perry Lee
CUMMINGS J Swayne and Bettye H
CUMMINGS Maurita K and Sam
CUMMINGS Samuel E 1905-1969
CUNNEEN Bessie LYNCH 1888-1981
CUNNINGHAM Daisy M 1880-1967
CUNNINGHAM Floyd F 1879-1956
CUNNINGHAM Martha Helen 1912-1972
CUNNINGHAM Roy K 1909-1981
CUNNINGHAM Alice May 1879-1971
CUNNINGHAM Bertha C 1901-1987
CUNNINGHAM Claudie Early 1884-1972
CUNNINGHAM David H 1900-1966
CUNNINGHAM Flora 1892-1937
CUNNINGHAM Frances Jewel BURNS 1928-1995
CUNNINGHAM Henry F and Mattie V
CUNNINGHAM James C Lt 1914-1942
CUNNINGHAM John J 1885-1949
CUNNINGHAM Laura M and William O
CUNNINGHAM Leona R 1878-1944
CUNNINGHAM Leonard N and Reba R
CUNNINGHAM Mary Jane and Kenneth Henry
CUNNINGHAM Mildred Jeanne 1930-1973
CUNNINGHAM Mollie 1966-1958
CUNNINGHAM Oscar A 1878-1959
CUNNINGHAM Paul L 1920-1983
CUNNINGHAM Sallie 1868-1954
CUNNINGHAM William N 1914-1981
CUPP daughter 1965
CUPPS Robert H and Betty J
CURLEE Helen Avis and Howard Payne
CURNUTT Rosa Lee 1884-1963
CURRIE Gervis B 1920-1966
CURRIE Joseph K 1918-1975
CURRIE Joe V 1889-1950
CURRIN James Thomas 1925-1965
CURRY Amelia D 1935
CURRY Charles M and Mary Jane
CURRY Herschel R 1879-1955
CURRY Lula F 1877-1948
CURRY Michael L 1930-1968
CURRY Pauline 1933
CURRY Sam C and Vera L
CURRY Weldon B 1908-1934
CURRY William I 1881-1932
CURTIS Betty Lacy 1877-1960
CURTIS Charles R 1880-1939
CURTIS Annie Lee 1904-1994
CURTIS Chester F 1870-1936
CURTIS George A 1882-1947
CURTIS Lillian A 1895-1981
CURTIS M E 1856-1934
CURTIS Vera A B 1908-1931
CYR Armand and Barbara D
DABNEY Tyre G 1888-1935
DAGGETT Hazel 1893-1931
DAHL Alfred L and Dorothy M
DAHME Terry E Jr 1970-1991
DAILY Patsy June 1953-1973
DAJANI Jawdat 1942-1967
DALIGCON Lollie Irene 1919-1975
DALLEY Christopher C 1892-1963
DALRYMPLE Joy Ann and Jack L Cmdr
DALTON O Gilbert 1902-1946
DALTON Maggie J and Collis
DALTON Marcus E Sr and Mabel C
DALTON William Harris 1931-1956
DAMERON Betty 1875-1958
DAMERON Dewey L 1898-1971
DAMERON Isabel 1899-1982
DAMERON Jack 1924-1985
DAMERON W Frank 1895-1950
DAMERON William Thomas 1862-1922
DAMRON Frank H and Bobbye J
DANCE Bessie Maurice 1889-1982
DANCE Guy Edward 1882-1961
DANE W B 1878-1954
DANE W B Mrs 1879-1933
DANFORTH Marion G 1887-1955
DANFORTH William James Dr 1887-1975
DANIEL Catherine K 1925-
DANIEL Charles Waymon 1906-1983
DANIEL Edith K and Wesley B
DANIEL Fannie E -1937
DANIEL Guy Artman 1898-1939
DANIEL Joe H 1924-1988
DANIEL John W 1877-1934
DANIEL Julia Ann 1872-1930
DANIEL L Sr 1900-1936
DANIEL Lillian E and James E
DANIEL Lucian E and Marjorie E
DANIEL Lucille C 1923-1969
DANIEL Mary F and Omer S
DANIEL Mattie M and Theo R
DANIEL Norman R 1891-1946
DANIEL Sebye Map 1886-1969
DANIEL Wesley L 1954-1965
DANIELL Bobbie Joyce 1934-1992
DANIELS Barry M 1941-1996
DANIELS Blanche 1911-1980
DANIELS Charlie W 1912-1964
DANIELS Elsa C 1920-1989
DANIELS Eugene Willard 1886-1962
DANIELS Joe Edwin and Jeanette
DANIELS Joseph 1929-1981
DANIELS Lester W 1909-1981
DANIELS Paul C 1919-1998
DANIELS William Lane 1914-1960
DANIELSON Dorothy B and Harold H
DANLEY Barbara L 1934-2002
DANLEY Clark J 1920-1976
DANLEY Joyce Ann 1935-1989
DANNA Lillie Belle 1891-1967
DANNA Samuel P 1898-1942
DANNEMAN Cory 1964-1992
DANNEMAN Garth H and Donna C
DARBY Dorothy Gladys 1896-1962
DARBY John Marion 1891-
DARDEN William H 1898-1964
DARING Robert L 1917-1969
DARING Fransis E 1921-1995
DARING William F 1919-1994
DARLAND Joseph Michael Joey 1960-1986
DARNALL Emma QUARLES 1852-1932
DARNALL Martha 1877-1963
DARNALL Mary Wills 1888-1931
DARNALL Richard M Jr 1880-1933
DARNALL Walter M 1884-1979
DARR Bessie P 1884-1954
DARR Edwin L and Mary Sue
DARR W L 1874-1953
DARRAH Allie B 1901-1912
DARRAH Constance A 1932-1953
DARRAH L D 1882-1945
DARRAH Lee 1931-1997
DARRAH Leslie 1903-1971
DARRAH John Russell Dr 1907-1956
DARRAH Kathleen Marie 1875-1967
DARRAH William Lee 1911-1973
DARWIN Grover C and Vivian O
DARWIN Mary L and James N
DARWOOD J M and Milton and Esther
DAUGHERTY Clinton L 1918-1982
DAUGHERTY Cranson Drake 1909-1993
DAUGHERTY James Green and Mary Addaline
DAUGHERTY James Richard 1967-1992
DAUGHERTY Jed L 1884-1959
DAUGHERTY Joseph R and Della M
DAUGHERTY Mary E and Joel A
DAUGHERTY Susan Ann 1885-1942
DAVENPORT Annette 1923-
DAVENPORT R R 1894-1950
DAVENPORT Robert A 1929-1998
DAVENPORT Trula B 1901-1941
DAVENPORT Edna S 1892-1987
DAVENPORT Emory C 1888-1938
DAVENPORT Gordon 1890-1971
DAVENPORT Inez 1896-1991
DAVENPORT Jack -1937
DAVENPORT Katherine 1910-1971
DAVENPORT Lillian 1882-1935
DAVENPORT M Hazel and Monroe W
DAVENPORT Mada and Hal H
DAVENPORT Margaret Sue 1933-1933
DAVENPORT Nancy L and Luther R
DAVENPORT Percy David 1906-1975
DAVENPORT Stanley Wray 1912-1938
DAVENPORT W P Allye Mrs 1881-1967
DAVEY William F and Georia A
DAVIDSON Elmer F 1897-1970
DAVIDSON Jennifer and Craig
DAVIDSON Naomi J 1879-1960
DAVIDSON Tuck P and Ollie P
DAVIDSON Willie Mae 1899-1989
DAVIES Earl and Katherine
DAVIS Gaines G 1870-1945
DAVIS Kenneth D 1899-1967
DAVIS Loren GAINES 1901-1943
DAVIS Sue P 1877-1950
DAVIS William Gaines 1929-1931
DAVIS N L 1863-1934
DAVIS 4 Chas M 1884-1974
DAVIS 4 Pat 1884-1986
DAVIS 4 Zoe 1911-1996
DAVIS Ada E and Joseph B Sr
DAVIS Andrew J Sr 1859-1941
DAVIS Ann Ella 1868-1939
DAVIS Anna L 1868-1952
DAVIS Audora 1981-2002
DAVIS Aulton and Jacquline
DAVIS B I 1892-1947
DAVIS Beryl B 1894-1988
DAVIS Betty WATERS 1926-1957
DAVIS Bobby G 1934-1983
DAVIS Buena 1898-1970
DAVIS Carol Ann and Jerry W
DAVIS Catherine J 1902-1987
DAVIS Cedrick Wood 1968-1968
DAVIS Charles J and Laura J
DAVIS Clara 1884-1983
DAVIS Cleved L 1912-1981
DAVIS Doyle Tolbert and LaVerne ELGIN
DAVIS Earl E 1912-1981
DAVIS Ed H 1947-1987
DAVIS Edward Everett 1881-1950
DAVIS Esther C and Leonard E
DAVIS Eunice E and Walter G
DAVIS Frank G 1891-1958
DAVIS Fred E 1874-1931
DAVIS Freeman A 1920-1947
DAVIS French 1869-1931
DAVIS Garnett Fred 1927-1997
DAVIS Gussie A 1892-1937
DAVIS H Samuel 1885-1967
DAVIS Harold A 1904-1953
DAVIS Harry S 1885-1958
DAVIS Helen G and John C
DAVIS Henry B 1885-1944
DAVIS Hettie 1892-1958
DAVIS Hobart T 1896-1955
DAVIS I C P 1836-1909
DAVIS Jackie A 1905-1949
DAVIS James E 1868-1953
DAVIS James Haywood 1889-1952
DAVIS James O and Zehner E
DAVIS James W 1911-1973
DAVIS James W Bill and Willie Lee
DAVIS James Weldon 1947-1968
DAVIS Jas F and Thora E
DAVIS Jo M 1932-1997
DAVIS Joe C 1872-1945
DAVIS John Edward and Marguerite OLIVER
DAVIS John Lynn 1912-1970
DAVIS John S 1896-1980
DAVIS John Sr 1891-1934
DAVIS John W 1908-1935
DAVIS Jonnie PONDER 1921-1986
DAVIS Joseph B 1912-1999
DAVIS Joseph W 1909-1953
DAVIS Joseph W Jr 1938-1966
DAVIS Katherine L 1919-
DAVIS Katherine REID and Edward Hewett
DAVIS Kayla Irene 1999-2000
DAVIS Laura R 1866-1953
DAVIS Lela E and Jim A
DAVIS Lila L 1909-1950
DAVIS Lillian Ruth KELLETT 1896-1980
DAVIS Linda G and Albert A
DAVIS Linda Louise 1953
DAVIS Louella 1896-1962
DAVIS Louisa Jane 1874-1930
DAVIS Luther H 1906-2002
DAVIS Margaret Lorena 1905-1996
DAVIS Marie 1959
DAVIS Mary E 1849-1936
DAVIS Mertie Helen 1882-1964
DAVIS Mildred Erlene 1910-1984
DAVIS Minnie O 1880-1964
DAVIS Montie E and Roberta E
DAVIS Myrtle HARWOOD 1873-1971
DAVIS Norman Russell 1925-1978
DAVIS Olivia 1890-1954
DAVIS Opal L and Euclet
DAVIS Pauline T 1889-1966
DAVIS Plevna REEDER 1913-1954
DAVIS Q B 1867-1942
DAVIS Q B Jr 1903-1960
DAVIS Robert H 1914-1993
DAVIS Roberta and Bob D
DAVIS Ruben C and Rebecca
DAVIS Ruben C Jr 1918-1949
DAVIS Ruth Ann 1928-1996
DAVIS Ruth C 1893-1982
DAVIS Sandra Louise 1946-1987
DAVIS Sarah Jane 1868-1950
DAVIS son 1949
DAVIS Sorita BROCK 1919-2001
DAVIS Sue H 1861-1940
DAVIS Susan O 1921-1969
DAVIS Theta HARPER and Eddie Rush
DAVIS Thomas J Sr 1900-1972
DAVIS Thomas Sidney and Susan Alice
DAVIS Viola P 1901-1983
DAVIS W M 1884-1947
DAVIS Walker AUGUSTUS 1890-1978
DAVIS Walter A 1923-1992
DAVIS Walter W 1903-1958
DAVIS William D Jr 1929-1999
DAVIS Willie E 1866-1932
DAVIS Willie Sue 1873-1954
DAVISON Nancy Frances 1909-1974
DAVISON Robert Charles and Phyllis Jo
DAVISON Robert Cortez 1899-1955
DAVISON Odar L 1894-1976
DAVISSON Esther DURHAM 1922-1969
DAVLIN Hardin C 1911-1975
DAWKINS Frances MOORE 1936-2001
DAWLEY John P and Emma B
DAWLEY John Paul Jr 1935-1999
DAWSON Bill John and Claudia Marie
DAWSON John B 1913-1993
DAWSON Larry A 1959-1959
DAY Charles E 1918-1975
DAY Clarence M 1878-1935
DAY Donald E 1919-1995
DAY Florence O 1880-1955
DAY Gladys E 1901-1988
DAY Katherine Eloise HAWKINS and Kenneth
DAY Loraine P and Frank O
DAY Melvin Coffman 1911-1993
DAY Ruby PRUETT 1913-1997
DAY Victor Earl 1890-1964
DEACON John Tyrell 1854-1938
DEAL Brenda Jo 1946-1964
DEAN Alfred A and Mary H
DEAN Clarence W Sr 1906-1963
DEAN Harry Joseph 1923-1972
DEAN Lynn F 1945-1945
DEAN Margaret O 1917-1987
DEAR Kandance 1947-1947
DEAR Mary Lou and John Hardy Jr
DEARING Horace W and Blanche V
DEARING Nancy J and Andrew J
DEARING Robert Wayne and Lois Yvonne
DEARING Wilmeth Joy and Thomas D
DEBAKEY Mark Jr 1954
DEBENPORT Horace F and Minnie
DeBEVOISE Jennie B and Frank G
DeCAEN Frederick Jr 1948-1995
DECHERT Almeida 1905-1998
DeCORDOVA Helen 1910-1988
DeCORDOVA Ray S 1895-1957
DEDMAN Theadore R 1903-1955
DEDMON Ida L Nora and Abner L
DEDMON Mary Ora 1876-1948
DEDRICK Mary F 1872-1956
DEDRICK Walter R 1866-1943
DEE Edward Joseph 1910-1978
DEE Geraldine M MAHAN 1924-1983
DEERE Jack and Jean
DEERING James Thomas and Katie Alice
DeGUERRA C C 1877-1956
DeHAY Ada Lucille 1902-1977
DeHAY Dell M and Larry C
DeHAY Dell MARKWARD 1918-1979
DeHAY Larry C 1909-1986
DeLaMAR John Guy Jr 1909-1965
DeLaMAR John Guy Sr 1871-1942
DeLaMAR Olivia HILL 1875-1959
DeLaMAR Paul Edward and Maggie Delene
DeLaMAR Tom and Ollie M
DeLATTE Karen Ann 1960
DeLeMAR Paul Edward and Tallie Ann
DeMALADE Fred W 1893-1951
DeMAYFIELD Sonia Carlota SANCHEZ 1945-19
DEMING Philip Earl and Elouise WHITE
DeMONT Mary U 1906-1997
DEMPSEY Gilbert J Sr 1907-1961
DENMAN Mary M and Oran H
DENMAN Oran Jackson 1934-1995
DENMAN William Harvey 1919-1999
DENNEY Alma G 1889-1976
DENNEY J Carl 1897-1967
DENNIS Frank C 1920-1968
DENNIS Franklin H 1916-1970
DENNIS Homer J 1905-1973
DENNIS Jewell Ione REEVES 1915-1995
DENNIS Lutell 1922-2001
DENNIS Mable B 1886-1974
DENNIS Samuel V 1881-1950
DENNIS William David 1877-1952
DENSON Charlotte L and Collin E
DENTON Margaret T 1859-1947
DENTON Dewey R 1912-1940
DENTON Glenda Ann and James Ronald
DENTON Roy D 1907-1947
DENTON Warner Wesley and Freda Lou
DENTON William L and Dora E
DePERSIA Lillian E 1909-1999
DERAAT Nancy SEARS 1942-1978
DERDEN Alice 1898-1975
DERDEN John Kimble and Lovera Biddie
DERN Arie 1876-1941
DeRUITER Geo H 1882-1944
DeRUITER Ruth 1901-1955
DESAULNIER Amy Lynn 1969
DESMUKE Jack G 1919-1947
DESMUKE Mary Loreta 1919-1995
DesROCHERS Hector V 1892-1956
deSYLVA Richard and Vivian WHEELER
DEVINE Roseane ROGERS 4 1892-1974
DEVOE Donnie 1937-1954
DEVOE F W 1873-1943
DEVOE Wilber Lee and Dathne Mae
DeVORE G L 1913-1969
DEWBERRY Agnes Harriet 1878-1932
DEWBERRY Henry 1884-1943
DEWBERRY Willie 1888-1971
DEWETT Thomas Benton and Evadeen ANDREWS
DEWEY Edith HOOD 1919-1994
DEWITT Mary 1938-
DEWS Clayton E and Carlie BAKER
DEWS Lowell Earl 1906-1948
DEWS Marjorie B and James D
DEWS Mary 1887-1935
DEWS Walter 1882-1939
DIAL Jack Malcom 1921-1962
DIAZ Martin B 1938-2000
DICK Robert G Bob and Alena B Lee
DICKERSON Harry H -1938
DICKERSON Ida Mae 1892-1971
DICKERSON John D and Caryl L
DICKEY Donna PLUNKETT 1947-1979
DICKEY Dorothy WOMACK and Robert Ollan
DICKEY Lloyd W 1893-1953
DICKINSON A D Jr 1884-1936
DICKINSON A D Mrs 1850-1930
DICKINSON A D Sr 1857-1940
DICKINSON Anna Agnes 1961
DICKINSON William Wyatt and Wilma G McS
DICKINSON Esther MESSER 1883-1961
DICKINSON Richard Randall 1925-1965
DICKINSON William J L and Jeanette A
DICKSON Aileen N 1908-1990
DICKSON James D and Bobbie I
DICKSON James Maclin 1900-1967
DICKSON Lela L 1877-1953
DICKSON Mary C 1874-1959
DICKSON Mildred WALKER 1907-2001
DICKSON Otho D 1895-1954
DIEHL Arthur Andy 1895-1957
DIEHL Atrhur A and E Nadine
DIEHL Nadine BOWEN 1897-1973
DIFFENDERFER Charles H 1901-1953
DILL Josephine M and Emil E
DILL Leo W and Helen
DILLESHAW Joseph H and Agnes R
DIMOCK Arthur H 1878-1967
DIMOCK Betty B 1907-1999
DIMOCK Charles E and Alberta
DIMOCK Edna 1888-1954
DINES Erthur Edward and Claudine
DINES Jean 1946-1952
DINES Mary Katherine and Jack Elwood
DINH Daminh Vu 1955-1989
DINKINS Josephine Lyle 1901-1972
DINKINS Thomas H 1893-1961
DITTO Ernest 1890-1966
DITTO Johnnie 1896-1982
DITTO Tom and Edna
DIXON Annie 1879-1935
DIXON Beatrice L 1890-
DIXON Christopher Ryan 1977-1977
DIXON Garnett Dean 1923-2000
DIXON Gordon N 1879-1953
DIXON Homer C 1892-1956
DIXON Ina Helen and James Carol
DIXON M M Sue 1899-1974
DIXON Marie BURNS and W H Bill
DIXON Marion C 1910-1961
DIXON Rochard E 1878-1965
DIXON Victoria 1858-1944
DIXON Viola B 1903-1966
DIXON William E 1853-1930
DIXON William Earl 1907-1971
DIXON Wm Ernest 1884-1944
DOAK Robert V and Gladys L
DOAN Omer Ray 1903-1960
DOBBINS Zelma G and Glenn V
DOBBS Hal C 1883-1946
DOBBS Ozelle A 1922-1978
DOBKINS William A 1879-1958
DOBKINS Emma 1876-1948
DOBKINS Emma W 1876-1948
DOBKINS Estelle T 1909-
DOBKINS Hallie M 1918-
DOBKINS Joe W and Nadine W
DOBKINS Olen Searcy 1907-1983
DOBKINS Pauline W 1916-1972
DOBSON Altha H 1894-1966
DOBSON Ouida 1894-1997
DOCKERY Irene I and Roderick L
DODD David P 1885-1937
DODD Hazel P 1898-1968
DODDS Joella 1970-1971
DODGE Amye Gertrude 1891-1951
DODGE Dolores Marquerite PHULE 1918-1997
DODGE Homer B and Reva
DODGE John Steven 1915-1977
DODGE Olene E-1924-1972
DODSON Benjamin F 1892-1958
DODSON Dorothy J 1913-2002
DODSON Grady D 1895-1964
DODSON Harry D and Florence
DODSON Herman A 1892-1953
DODSON Irene BRANNON 1894-1975
DODSON Leonard E 1905-1996
DODSON Lorena BROWDER and Charles Clemen
DODSON Ollie L 1928-1985
DODSON Robert C and Marie C
DODSON W W 1890-1936
DOGGETT Clarence Denton 1900-1946
DOGGETT Dorothy Elizabeth 1900-1946
DOGGETT Edith Faye and Wm Travis
DOGGETT John M 1900-1966
DOGGETT John Mancel and Clara Lena
DOGGETT Marie and Joe W
DOLAN Jenne M 1881-1936
DOLAN Michael E 1882-1946
DOLAN Michael E Jr 1919-1932
DOLBEE Walter J Jr 1920-1995
DOLES Daisy 1884-1967
DOLES Earl Marcus 1892-1968
DOLKOS Rudolph 1890-1942
DOLKOS Vlasta Anna 1897-1994
DOLLAR Catherine 1901-1996
DOLLAR Claude Ethel 1900-1946
DOLLAR James Albert
DOLLAR Jenny L and James A
DOLLAR Lee W 1886-1972
DOLLAR Ruby P and Cecil G
DOMINGUEZ Christian Abdiel 1997
DONAGHUE Ben 1894-1954
DONAGHUE Nell Beatrice 1903-1986
DONAGHUE Patricia Diane 1933-1939
DONALDSON Lillian J 1885-1968
DONALDSON Robert D 1885-1945
DONALDSON Robert H 1923-1998
DONALDSON H L Jr 1916-1964
DONALDSON J T Jack 1879-1959
DONALDSON Jack 1921-1945
DONALDSON Mary Lou 1894-
DONNELL Deshaun Nelson 2000-2000
DONNELL Fannie L 1878-1929
DONOHOO Maggie A WALL 1885-1972
DONOHOO William Dent 1873-1945
DOOLEY Eva Ruth 1893-1983
DOOLEY Flora M 1875-1959
DOOLEY Simon D 1897-1969
DOOLEY Frank 1905-1946
DOOLEY Minnie 1873-1960
DOOLING Birchie 1888-1975
DOOLING Helen L 1922-1987
DOOLING Jessie P 1892-1978
DORFER Marguerite 1907-1959
DOROTHY Ray C 1901-1954
DOROUGH Amos O and Peggy
DOROUGH Flora Mae and Carl
DORRIS Joseph S and Rozy Bell
DORSEY Beverly Carlene 1955
DORSEY Elizabeth MONTAGUE 1890-1968
DORSEY Royce TAYLOR 1889-1945
DOSS Cleve and Ruth
DOSS Rea Elvin 1923-1977
DOSS Winnie and Janice and Leonard
DOTY Beulah Hannah 1906-1982
DOTY Georgia 1916-1956
DOTY Ida E 1889-1981
DOTY Norman Bill 1937-1995
DOTY T E 1885-1936
DOUGLAS Leonard John 1901-1945
DOUGLAS Loren Felton and Ann BARBOUR
DOUGLAS Louie Nell and Ned
DOUGLAS M Bruce and Frances H
DOUGLAS Roy R and Josephine A
DOUGLASS Clifford W 1933-1985
DOUGLASS E Newt 1869-1938
DOUGLASS George 1879-1943
DOUGLASS Ollie E 1887-1969
DOUGLASS Virginia PAYNE 1923-1978
DOVER G C 1891-
DOVER Lucy M 1882-1968
DOVER Maurene 1907-1992
DOVER Myrtle REAVES 1902-1980
DOVER Percy M 1885-1964
DOVER W H Bill 1906-1961
DOVER William H Jr 1929-1975
DOW Percy A and Nell P
DOWDY James Lee Jr 1931-1956
DOWDY June 1918-1970
DOWDY Roy T 1887-1944
DOWDY Stella Mae 1893-1982
DOWDY Steven Charles 1967-1976
DOWEN William A and Elizabeth P
DOWLIN M J 1862-1934
DOWLIN M J Jr 1904-1968
DOWLIN Mae Will F 1872-1962
DOWNEY Frank Ansell 1917-1991
DOWNIND Edward W 1876-1955
DOWNS D C 1876-1951
DOWNS Dorothy C 1912-
DOWNS Eunice June 1911-1990
DOWNS James B 1864-1952
DOWNS Mary E 1887-1986
DOYLE Eugene C Jr 1926-1975
DOYLE Eugene C Sr 1902-1971
DOZIER Georgie Ann 1888-1984
DOZIER Joe Jenkins 1919-1991
DOZIER Matha Bette 1920-
DOZIER Mattie Lee and Billy Ed
DOZIER Michael Lee 1945
DOZIER Sterling T 1885-1947
DOZIER Sterling T Jr 1911-
DRAKE Aubrey B 1897-1966
DRAKE Bettina B 1898-1972
DRAKE Henry B 1894-1951
DRAKE James Bedford 1897-1976
DRAKE James Bedford and Reba SPANN
DRAKE L Faye 1907-1982
DRAKE Pauline 1906-199
DRAKE Reba 1903-1985
DRAKE Robbie A 1906-1976
DRAKE Sadie V 1895-1984
DRAKE Searcy and H Leonard
DRAKE William C and Betty A
DRAPER Minnie Reba and Thomas Byron
DRAPER Ruth Mae 1913-1990
DRAUGHON J W 1869-1940
DRAUGHON O-Della 1869-1957
DRECHSEL Edith Louise 1903-1989
DRECHSEL Roland H W Jr 1927-1976
DRECHSEL Roland H W Sr 1903-1980
DREW Evert and Lutie
DREW Lynn Collins 1923-1972
DREWRY George A 1907-1969
DREWRY Jack Wayne and Eva Arthueenne
DREWRY Pauline 1910-1982
DREWRY Wm Arthur Ted and Pearl ROLLINS
DRIGGERS Hallie Mae 1913-1932
DRIGGERS Hattie Mae 1913-1932
DRIGGERS Mary Etta and William C
DRINKARD Anita Skelton 1916-1961
DRINKARD Bonnie J and Charles Roy Sr
DRINKARD Charlie R and Ellen B
DRISCOLL Kathleen 1894-1970
DRISCOLL Ruth L and Jack T
DRISKELL John B -1942
DRISKELL Mayme S 1890-1978
DRISKILL D-Anne 1966-1993
DRISKILL Geo P 1892-1954
DRISKILL Mable STURGES 1894-1967
DUCHESNE Elaine K 1905-1967
DUCKER Mary F OLIVER and Clarence E Sr
DUCKETT Emmett M and Catherine D
DUCKETT Mattie BRYANT and Eugene Roger
DUCOTE Amet Sonny 1917-1982
DUCOTE Joann 1919-2000
DUDLEY Edwin Lewis 1892-1968
DUFF Nellie Jean 1940
DUFF Sarah Maude 1886-1929
DUFFER Nathan Wayne 1973-1978
DUFFEY Lewis B 1874-1957
DUFFY Averl D and Billie J
DUGAN Anna E and Henry C
DUGAN Bettie 1884-1939
DUGAN John E 1911-1982
DUGAN L Velma 1895-1993
DUGAN Theodore T 1886-1977
DUGAN Velma M 1908-1985
DUGAN Hugh Edwin 1916-1980
DUGAN Mary Louise Weezie 1916-1977
DUGAN Eddie Lou 1901-1994
DUGAN Robert Wayne 1940-1995
DUGGAN David F 1924-1989
DUKE Daniel R 1873-1938
DUKE Palma J 1911-1980
DUKE D C 1892-1952
DUKE Dorohy B 1911-1994
DUKE Douglas M 1900-1961
DUKE Edgar L and Frances F
DUKE Elry Celery 1910-1973
DUKE Franklin A 1876-1939
DUKE Georgia Lee 1892-1971
DUKE Hassie M 1866-1934
DUKE James Lloyd 1935-1958
DUKE James R Jr and Mary Ellen
DUKE Lloyd R and Mary Evelyn
DUKE Michael Ray 1952-1995
DUKE Pauline 1899-1990
DUKE Sarah Annie 1894-1974
DUKE Thomas C and Sara Mima
DUKE Wilbur B 1899-1966
DUKE William W 1913-1978
DULANEY Ned H and Lorene
DULMAGE Agnes LeC 1875-1966
DUMAS Armand and Margaret
DUMAS Dorothy KAHLEY 1895-1981
DUMAS Fred 1894-1970
DUMAS Guy M 1890-1960
DUMAS Maude A 1897-1993
DUMAS Maude A and Guy M
DUMKE Herman A 1868-1948
DUMKE Mary A 1880-1956
DUMKE Mildred M 1904-1975
DUNAVANT Mary Sue 1922-1991
DUNBAR Smyra and Emory
DUNBAR Wm Emory Jr and Jennie Mae
DUNCAN Archie Lemual 1921-1961
DUNCAN Fred E 1883-1938
DUNCAN Gladys GARDNER and Milburn Vivian
DUNCAN Joseph E 1916-1938
DUNCAN Lilah G 1896-1957
DUNCAN Mable SMYRE 1909-1964
DUNCAN Mary Lorene and Jerry Leo
DUNCAN Michael 1958-1979
DUNCAN R Howard 1901-1973
DUNCAN Robert V and Carolyn O
DUNCAN Roy P 1914-1968
DUNCAN Thomas H P and Blanche A
DUNCAN William Walter 1890-1967
DUNDEE Bernice E 1924-1985
DUNDEE John A 1905-1984
DUNHAM Fred O and Sarah E
DUNHAM Philip and Ethel
DUNHAM Stella R and William B
DUNKIN Helen L and James W
DUNLAP Jay Teel Jr 1937-1966
DUNLAP Jay Teel Sr 1908-1978
DUNLAP Mary Alice 1903-1981
DUNLAP Houston P 1880-1943
DUNLAP Myrtle M 1882-1974
DUNN Amanda Odessa 1872-1968
DUNN Arlie G 1899-1985
DUNN Cora C 1895-1978
DUNN Delores Brooks 1931-
DUNN Edward Joseph 1919-1977
DUNN J A 1861-1936
DUNN Lonnie M and Prebble M
DUNN Mary Margaret 1952-1981
DUNN Vera M and Leander W
DUNN William Howard and Carmel Lee
DUNN William T and Edith C
DUNNAM Frank E and Mildred G
DUNNAM George Marcus and Pearl Mae
DUNNAM John M and Gertrude L
DUNNETT David E 1953-1995
DUNNETT Edward K 1926-1995
DUNTON Charles Edwin 1930-1950
DUNTON J F 1901-1959
DUPREE Larry C and Jane G
DUPREE Mollie E 1878-1960
DURHAM Bernard Miller 1914-2003
DURHAM Donald William 1917-1994
DURHAM Evelyn K 1925-
DURHAM Lloyd L and 1919-1950
DURHAM Myrtle ASBURY 1891-1982
DURHAM Rose Marie 1923-1986
DURHAM Sara B and Lawrence L
DURHAM Walter A and Pauline and Charles
DURRANT Archer C Rev and Virginia DEAN
DURRANT David M 1951-
DURRETT Nell S 1884-1958
DURST Mabel E 1878-1954
DUSEK Joe O 1915-1950
DUSSING Marte Ella 1890-1949
DUSSING W F 1882-1953
DUTTON Chalmer W 1905-1967
DUTTON Mary M 1907-2000
DUTY Elmer L 1919-1973
DUVAL Chetwynd 1917-1988
DUVAL Lloyd D and Irene H SCHRAPP
DUVAL Maude H 1895-1965
DUVALL A Milton and Anne C
DUVALL Augustus Milton Jr and Delloise P
DUVALL Clayborne F 1884-1939
DuVALL Dean Wesley 1948-2002
DUVALL Loda A and Martin
DUVALL Maude FULLER 1886-1954
DuVALL William Royce and Earline KINSEY
DYCHE Grace Kelly 1885-1974
DYCHE Gwendolyn D 1913-2001
DYCHE Thomas G 1877-1964
DYCHES Dale D 1919-1990
DYCHES Irene P POKRANT 1917-1943
DYE Clayton Guy 1920-1971
DYE Harvey S 1877-1932
DYE Mollie S 1877-1961
DYE Zona JOHNSON 1902-1977
DYER Bennett 1881-1971
DYER Fred E 1893-1948
DYER Mayme DOBBS 1883-1979
DYER Ruby Jean 1896-1989
DYER Versa E and Percy B
DYKES Ada M 1873-1956
DYKES Ernest V 1909-1958
DYKES Henry Clay 1879-1955-
DYKES Sidney Branch 1874-1932
DYKES William Travis 1898-1971
DYSART Annie A 1893-1974
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