Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - EFG, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
EADES Eunice C and Oran Doyle
EADES Garland A 1895-1941
EADES Pauline and O Vernon
EADS Ralph B and Pearl Oveta
EAGAN Margaret G and Russell H J
EAGLE Red 1900-1951
EAKIN Annie N 1901-1986
EAKIN William C Sr 1893-1980
EAKINS Dicy Dee and Ollis Callan
EARLE Otis Samuel 1931-1983
EARLE Wilton Rhodes 1907-1947
EARLES Farrell F 1901-1949
EARNHART Jerry L and Bea I
EARTHMAN William M 1953-1985
EASLEY Della KERR and Levi Thomas
EASON Bell H 1892-1986
EASON James M and Bessie G
EASON Louise Evelyn 1903-1907
EASTEP Debbie TAFT 1950-1968
EASTON Charles D and Clara P
EASTON Harry 1886-1971
EASTON J Scott 1866-1951
EASTON Kate L 1867-1935
EASTON Mamie J 1893-1990
EASTON Oscar L AtCol and Juanita
EASTWOOD Margaret M and Elmer
EATON Willie PARKER 1887-1971
EAVES Jim B 1918-1964
EAVES Joe L 1907-1969
EAVES John Edward 1926-1961
EAVES Minnie Bell 1885-1954
EAVES William H 1891-1970
EBEL Lyle W 1932-1999
EBERLY William J 1906-1981
EBEY Lulu W 1876-1953
EBLEN James G and Bettie A
EBLEN Myrna W and Lawrence Lynn
ECHLUND August 1869-1952
ECHLUND Ida Amanda 1877-1949
ECHLUND Morris Alden and Hazel Louise
ECHOLS Cheryl Kay 1947-1969
ECHOLS Geo F Tot 1880-1943
ECHOLS George Y 1911-1927
ECHOLS Laura M and Owen S
ECHOLS Ruth BUCHANAN and James Emmet
ECHOLS Vyvyan Y 1887-1966
ECHOLS William G and Fannie C
ECKOLS James T McKinney 1942-1961
ECKOLS Ricky Lynn 1964-1966
ECSOTO David Pina 1926-1979
EDBURG Elvera 1920-2002
EDBURG Esther A 1894-1979
EDBURG John B 1892-1938
EDDINGFIELD Wilma Kate 1918-1983
EDDINS Edith KEMP 1909-1946
EDDINS Jimmy and Doris
EDENS Henry J 1879-1950
EDENS Maggiebelle MILLIKEN -1932
EDGAR James M 1877-1936
EDGAR Ollie FULTON 1876-1950
EDGAR Wm Elliot and Stella G
EDISON Donald E 1930-1980
EDMONDS Bonna H and Charles S
EDMONDS Charles S and Donna H
EDMONDS Minnie and Berry
EDMONDSON Henry 1869-1954
EDMONDSON J B 1863-1930
EDMONDSON John P and Margaret
EDMONDSON Keturah Ann 1872-1968
EDMONDSON Lou Ella 1875-1958
EDMONDSON Wm Alvie 1892-1942
EDMUNDS Dorothy and Donald
EDSALL Emma BAUGH and Edward Everette
EDSALL Emma Jean 1927-
EDWARDS Sallie S 1886-1944
EDWARDS Willard R 1884-1968
EDWARDS Charles Vernon 1870-1945
EDWARDS 4 Effie Mae 1876-1961
EDWARDS 4 S B Barney 1970-1940
EDWARDS 5 Billie N 1919-1962
EDWARDS 5 Mary F 1874-1966
EDWARDS 5 Patrick H 1868-1937
EDWARDS 5 Paul H 1899-1958
EDWARDS Alva A 1900-1971
EDWARDS Arthur Edwin 1906-1997
EDWARDS Bunny 1934-
EDWARDS Donie 1884-1975
EDWARDS Eva SAXTON 1891-1962
EDWARDS Inez K 1916-1953
EDWARDS J Roy 1896-1957
EDWARDS James M and Elsie Ann
EDWARDS Joseph R 1964
EDWARDS Julia Edith 1879-1959
EDWARDS Lottie 1898-1934
EDWARDS Louis Carl 1894-1966
EDWARDS Margaret A 1944-1990
EDWARDS Maurine CROSSLEY 1905-2001
EDWARDS Norman 1921-1993
EDWARDS Randall A 1947-1985
EDWARDS Robert U 1908-1985
EDWARDS Ron 1929-1986
EDWARDS Roy Alden 1922-1993
EDWARDS sons 1962
EDWARDS Sudie Mae -1977
EDWARDS Thos M Rev 1882-1960
EDWARDS Voncilee and Lee A
EDWARDS Walter 1883-1961
EGAN Gregory W 1958-2001
EGAN Richard W and Sheilah
EHRIGSON Willie GLENN and Hugh Louis
EICHELBERGER Linda Ann 1963-1963
EIKENBURG Helen Irene SANDERS 1908-1955
EIKENBURG Richard Monroe 1908-1971
EISMANN Albert E and Jeanette L
EISNER Henry A and Lucile D
ELAM A T 1903-1981
ELAM Beverly S and Charles R
ELAM Bontrice MAY and Dewey Edwin
ELAM Clark D 1898-1963
ELAM Clark Dewey and Emma Lee
ELAM Dewey Edwin 1928-1949
ELAM Emma L 1898-1941
ELAM Eva HEAD 1899-1978
ELAM Grace L and Oscar R
ELBON Helen Louise 1911-1952
ELBON Howard B and Kate A
ELBON Hoy C and Margaret A
ELDER Joe B 1913-1994
ELDER Nell MONTAGUE 1912-2003
ELDER Eliza Jewel and William T Bill
ELDERS Andrew Buford and Addie Belle
ELDREDGE Clara Nevada 1897-1991
ELDREDGE Ernest Floyd 1936-1984
ELDREDGE Wm Lee Jr 1922-1970
ELDRIDGE Wm Lee 1873-1940
ELIA Evelyn R 1916-1895
ELIZONDO Fernando M 1915-1965
ELIZONDO George E 1903-
ELIZONDO Virginia PARKER 1907-1978
ELKINS Alpha F and John Mark
ELKINS Marshall Foch 1918-1994
ELKINS Tim Faraday and Maria D Lola
ELKINS Wallace R 1921-1972
ELKINS Wilma H and Marshall F
ELKINS Wilma HONEA 1921-
ELLINGTON Jack B 1913-1986
ELLIOT James David 1951-1996
ELLIOTT Billy Y Lt 1921-1942
ELLIOTT Emma C 1900-1945
ELLIOTT Robin A 1898-1939
ELLIOTT Robin A Jr 1929-1956
ELLIOTT A E 1881-1948
ELLIOTT Albert M 1915-1989
ELLIOTT Betty McHARG 1919-1995
ELLIOTT Donald J 1928-1979
ELLIOTT Evaline Lieurance 1876-1948
ELLIOTT Fanny SELLORS 1905-1959
ELLIOTT George W 1867-1934
ELLIOTT Harvey A and Martha E
ELLIOTT John Sadler 1873-1956
ELLIOTT John Trenton 1961
ELLIOTT Larry M 1949-1984
ELLIOTT Leta B Brown 1912-1968
ELLIOTT Luta PRICE 1906-1942
ELLIOTT Luther Duane 1952
ELLIOTT Mary Helen 1913-1982
ELLIOTT Mildred V and Bill E
ELLIOTT Rodger Dale 1956-1956
ELLIOTT son 1950
ELLIOTT Thomas W 1864-1936
ELLIOTT Walton Henderson 1890-1963
ELLIOTT William P 1901-1976
ELLIOTT William P and Laura M
ELLIOTT Willie J 1880-1969
ELLIOTT Winnie and Oliver N
ELLIS Mary SHATTUCK 1868-1957
ELLIS William G Sr 1869 1944
ELLIS Cecilia MOORE 4 1908-1995
ELLIS William H 1904-1993
ELLIS Anna L 1894-1961
ELLIS Dale Curtis 1935-1997
ELLIS Danny C 1945-1966
ELLIS Danny Carrol 1945-1966
ELLIS Dorothy Ann Dot 1930-1992
ELLIS Eula A 1885-1940
ELLIS Eula Ruth and William D
ELLIS Floyd E 1886-1939
ELLIS Frances Camilli 1921-
ELLIS Henry Clay 1920-1984
ELLIS Irene 1905-1961
ELLIS Irwin Myrl 1918-1981
ELLIS James Roy and Ida NEIL
ELLIS James Terrel 1932-1955
ELLIS Joy BRIANT 1906-1974
ELLIS Juanita E and Joseph S
ELLIS Kenneth Wayne 1955-1960
ELLIS Leta STORMS 1881-1974
ELLIS Lometa NELSON 1934-1992
ELLIS Mary Elizabeth 1907-1957
ELLIS Mary Hellen and Charlie E
ELLIS Mary Lou 1894-1976
ELLIS Mona Gerald 1885-1970
ELLIS Oscar Lee 1881-1936
ELLIS Richard Edgar 1895-1966
ELLIS Rocky Neil 1949-1967
ELLIS Roscoe R 1892-1956
ELLIS Sallie Maie 1886-1941
ELLIS Thomas Briant 1863-1941
ELLIS W Dee 1881-1945
ELLIS William F and Louise B
ELLISON Howard W 1899-1965
ELLISON Mattie E and Walter H
ELLISON Phyllis Dean 1918-1975
ELMS Joseph Allen and Grace Gent
ELMS Joseph J and Marye K
ELROD Bobby W and Robbie M
ELSKES Walter and Florence
ELVINGTON Juana Mae 1921-1984
ELY Cecil BURDEN 1908-1951
ELY Daisy L 1922-1979
ELY William Irwin 1923-1986
EMBRY Louise WILLIAMS 1911-1988
EMERY Raymond Isaac 1907-1987
EMMERT Jill 1954-1960
ENDEBROCK Arthur A 1912-1995
ENDEBROCK Christopher Scott 1971-1976
ENDSLEY Bettie Joe 1936-1988
ENG Nang 1891-1956
ENGLAND Mary T 1854-1937
ENGLAND Ruel W and Ruth M
ENGLEBART Fred W -1951
ENGLISH Beulah Beatrice 1878-1962
ENGLISH Harry W 1870-1952
ENGLISH Ida Jane 1871-1950
ENGLISH J H 1891-1945
ENGLISH Lena Bussy -1950
ENGLISH Oscar L 1884-1945
ENIS Bill 1934-1973
ENIS W C 1894-1975
ENNIS Clarence S 1898-1957
ENNIS Effie Mae 1902-1943
ENNIS Sue K and Robert L
ENOCHS Harry B 1913-1985
ENOCHS Kenneth Dean 1954
ENOCHS Mary Louise 1912-
ENOCHS Ronnie Dean
ENRIGHT Lester R 1916-1967
ENRIGHT Suzanne Delores 1954-1956
EOFF James Dexter Jr 1920
EPPERLEY Curtis B 1981-2002
EPPERLY Clarence 1879-1972
EPPERLY Don 1906-1994
EPPERLY Jessie H 1884-1978
EPPERLY Mary ROACH 1908-1981
EPPS Della Mae 1903-1992
EPPS Marilee 1912-1958
EPPS Marse Monroe and Dora COLLINS
EPPS Ottis T 1893-1957
EPPS Sarah E 1871-1948
EPPS William Wallace 1908-1992
ERICSON Clifford R 1914-1987
ERVIN Hubert Edward 1921-1968
ERVIN Johnnie 1925-1960
ERVIN Warner L and Brenda J
ERVING Earl R 1921-1986
ERWIN Ed W and Frances L
ERWIN Emily Ann 1922-1991
ERWIN Maggie Louise 1889-1972
ERWIN Mary Louise 1948-1967
ERWIN Theodore Forrest 1912-1996
ESCOBEDO Guadalupe Hernandez 2000
ESPANET Rebecca I DUNHAM 1953-1981
ESPINOZA Dianna T 1974-1974
ESQUIVEL Pedro 1945-1998
ESSLER Robert C and Wanda L
ESSNER Charles E and Catherine M
ESTELLE Martha 1897-1965
ESTES Daniel Ewing and Mabel
ESTES Edna M 1882-1955
ESTES Eva Pearle and Isaac N
ESTES Ham 1900-1969
ESTES Iva 1892-1973
ESTES James H 1871-1943
ESTES Lewis 1894-1936
ESTES Margaret 1904-1972
ESTES Myrtle Ola 1907-1991
ESTES Nellie BRANSOM 1910-
ESTES Ora E and Earl
ESTES Oscar W 1905-1949
ESTES Rauley N 1902-1953
ESTES Sam D 1903-1998
ESTILL Edgar S 1894-1965
ESTILL Edson S 1917-1955
ESTILL Mary L 1883-1964
ESTILL Mary P 1910-1992
ESTILL Michael A 1963-1987
ESTILL S Darrell 1908-1983
ESTILL Virginia 1899-1991
ESTILL W F and Lela O
ESTRADA Emigdio R 1901-1997
ETHETTON Clara 1877-1942
ETHETTON J W 1869-1930
ETHETTON Josephine 1900-1968
ETHETTON R S Jr 1925-1967
ETHETTON Robert S 1901-1972
ETHETTON Margaret L and Ira C
ETHRIDGE Dennis Dick 1891-1975
ETHRIDGE Leonora J 1899-1995
ETHRIDGE Frank Lusk and Ruth HADSELL
EUDALY Dagmar 1884-1969
EUDALY Freeman O 1906-1977
EUDALY Lucinda L and William G
EUDALY Mildred C 1908-1977
EUDALY William G Sr 1871-1962
EUROPE Louis K 1955-1997
EURY Leslie L and John C Jr
EURY Rebecca HILL and John Calvin
EURY Rose Anna and Walter C
EVANS Nichols 1895-1965
EVANS Savita 1889-1972
EVANS Johnnie 1931-1957
EVANS Mary 1921-1995
EVANS Nicky and Laura
EVANS Panna 1939-1963
EVANS Tom 1914-2000
EVANS - Dina
EVANS - Harry
EVANS - Harry and Patsy
EVANS - Rosa
EVANS 4 Sam and Mollie
EVANS 5 Oscar I 1881-1966
EVANS 5 Verna Pearce 1893-1993
EVANS Abner Norman 1857-1932
EVANS Alden A 1894-1945
EVANS Angelo 1953-1989
EVANS Ann 1904-1982
EVANS Ansel 1909-1989
EVANS Bess McCHESNEY 1897-1982
EVANS Celestene WANSLEY and Floyd Lewis
EVANS Cletis W-and Virgia Lee
EVANS Dina and Harry
EVANS Doris B 1910-1999
EVANS Edna AKINS 1908-1940
EVANS Frank Graham Sr 1897-1954
EVANS George Boots 1942-2003
EVANS Grace A 1874-1961
EVANS Harry and Patsy
EVANS Harry Ernest and Minnie Legh
EVANS Helen and James Jr
EVANS Henry Eugene Jr 1948-1971
EVANS Irene GREGG 1908-1969
EVANS Iva Jean and Henry E
EVANS James Sr 1936-2002
EVANS Jeffie A 1883-1941
EVANS Joe Moore 1904-1979
EVANS John and Polly
EVANS John Porter 1903-1965
EVANS Larry 1947-2001
EVANS Leo and Ruby
EVANS Lester Paul 1917-1977
EVANS Lillian and Ralph
EVANS Lily Rock and Raymond
EVANS Lyllis Sarah 1899-1990
EVANS Mae Maude 1895-1989
EVANS Mary 1905-1975
EVANS Mary and Frank
EVANS Maude Ella 1891-1986
EVANS Mildred E 1906-1988
EVANS Miller
EVANS Miller Evans 1949-
EVANS Murrell James and Lillian WHITE
EVANS Myrtle 1894-1985
EVANS Nannie DIXSON 1859-1950
EVANS Nickie Joe 1935-1991
EVANS Paul W 1896-1950
EVANS Peaches 1930-2001
EVANS Pearl E and James D
EVANS R C Pete and Marye Sue
EVANS Raymond Rock 1944-1993
EVANS Robert L and Leona E
EVANS Rosa and Polly
EVANS Roy B 1894-1960
EVANS Roy H and Bertha L
EVANS Ruby 1908-1978
EVANS V Buddie and F Marie
EVANS William Columbus Jr 1917-2000
EVANS Wondo and Lena
EVANS Yoani Yogi 1941-1971
EVARTS John E and Mary H
EVARTS Naomi K 1893-1983
EVERETT Imea A and Leonard B
EVERETT Jessie R 1899-1982
EVERITT David A Jr 1920-1998
EVERITT Rochelle Juanita 1921-
EVERS Mildred V and Paul H
EVRIDGE Ann RN 1905-1995
EVRIDGE Bertye A 1885-1970
EVRIDGE L H 1887-1927
EWANCO Barbara L 1938-1983
EWELL Betty B And F D Bud Jr
EWELL Frank D iii 1940-1942
EWELL Virginia A and Frank D Sr
EWELL Wallace M and Claire E
EWERS Laura B 1879-1968
EWERS Walter J 1871-1952
EWING Blanche C 1911-1997
EWING Eula U 1896-1975
EWING Steve I and Annie E PEDEN
EWING Velma D and Alex S
EZEKIEL Clyde 1900-1963
EZELL Howard L and Elizabeth S
EZELL Ivan J and Bonnie F
FABIS Robin Elaine 1962-1984
FABIYI Thomas Olabode 1956-1977
FAGG Mary T 1868-1950
FAGG Pauline PRESTON 1893-1966
FAGG Walter W 1887-1958
FAHRNER Laura 1858-1934
FAIN Virgie Mae and Raymond S
FAIR Wade B and Grace E
FAIRES Roxie A and Ben J
FAIRES Roy N 1897-1939
FAIRLY Effie 1864-1940
FALLS Saphronia M 1867-1949
FANNIN Ollie COFFEE and Oliver W Sr
FANNING Bell E 1859-1939
FANNING William T and V Elizabeth
FANNING Willie A 1888-1940
FANT Clara BROWN 1888-1971
FARAIZL Edward L 1913-2002
FARAIZL Ella Mae 1913-2001
FARAIZL Joseph 1950
FARAM Emma Hooper 1907-1977
FARAM Ernest Patrick 1896-1987
FARAM Herman Christie 1897-1970
FARAM Lucille Nancy 1898-1948
FARIS Arch B 1891-1962
FARIS Ida E and Sam R
FARIS Samuel W and Betty Ann
FARIS Vera 1892-1967
FARIS Weldon Reed 1918-1990
FARISH Emma C 1874-1936
FARISH William T 1868-1940
FARLEY Dorothy M 1923-1996
FARLEY Earnest Bluford 1943-1943
FARLEY Kenneth K 1918-1965
FARMER Donald L 1931-1996
FARMER Giles Fred Jr 1921-1991
FARMER Lawrence Paul 1958
FARMER Mary Lee 1902-1997
FARMER Mattie Loucinda and Thomas Frankl
FARMER Michael E Sr 1858-1985
FARMER Newel Stone 1923-1990
FARMER Oather R 1881-1957
FARMER Olin Field and Edith Leada
FARMER Ruth TRIMBLE 1893-1971
FARMER Sarah E 1928-
FARNSWORTH Charles B and Auldean M
FARQUHAR Nannie ORR 1906-1991
FARR B J and Wm T Bill
FARR Minnie Ellen DEARING 1903-1960
FARR Wm T Sr 1891-1976
FARRAR Eta J 1899-1991
FARRAR Robert S 1896-1972
FARRAR D R 1910-1959
FARRAR Dorothy Lee 1916-1961
FARRAR Hulette Lee Pet 1891-1967
FARRAR Mamie Geraldine Gerry 1919-1947
FARRAR Robert Jordan 1918-1989
FARRELL Bertha F and William S
FARRELL Jacob Leo and Maurine MARTIN
FARRELL Katherine E 1880-1962
FARRELL Oscar Patrick and Ronda WINN
FARRELL Patricia Ann and Margaret Peggy
FARRINGTON Blanche 1876-1962
FARRINGTON Henry A 1867-1954
FARRINGTON Katherine 1903-1984
FARRINGTON W Harrold 1902-1966
FARRIS - Laura 1891-1951
FARRIS - Robert B 1875-1965
FARRIS Andrew J 1886-1950
FARRIS Carl W 1912-1957
FARRIS Erie E 1897-1950
FARRIS Frieda D 1888-1969
FARRIS Leonard and Mable
FARRIS Lula N 1873-1942
FARRIS Mary J 1918-2002
FARRIS Milas A 1873-1963
FARRIS Webber C 1912-1969
FARROW Boyd Thomas 1920-1952
FAUBION Christopher Charles 1936-1994
FAUBION Richard C 1931-2003
FAUBION Charles A and Lucretia
FAUBION Herbert L and Mary Lee
FAUBION Murle R 1915-1959
FAUCETT John Henry 1858-1940
FAULK Fannie H 1866-1931
FAULK George A 1878-1966
FAULK Mary BERGER 1893-1980
FAULK Melvin M Sr 1863-1952
FAULKNER C Ross and Irene
FAULKNER Mary Elna ADAMS 1906-1981
FAULKNER Rainey Rae 37-97
FAVELA Edna 1964-1966
FAVOR Harry M 1905-1972
FAWCUS Freddy and Robby
FAWVER Jennie V and Joseph C
FEAGIN J A and Ida
FEARKA James Robert 1963-1964
FEARS Jack 1904-1965
FEELY Marian H 1896-1959
FEELY William L 1885-1936
FEEMSTER Alice L 1868-1930
FEEMSTER Samuel Bailey 1861-1935
FEEMSTER Viola Pearl and Lee Terrell
FEENEY Joe Patrick 1956-1957
FEGAN Henry Thomas Jr 1916-1981
FEGAN Mary M Sullivan 1913-1982
FEIN Ernest 1925-1936
FEIN Harry 1888-1946
FEIN Ollie 1889-1966
FELDER Harry A 1879-1945
FELDER Sibyl M 1899-1981
FELDKIRCHER Rita J 1930-1979
FELDMAN Menhart L and Cecile KEITH
FELTNER Bradley and Irene
FELTY Mary LYON 1917-1980
FENDLEY Aldey May and Aley Edward
FENDLEY son 1965
FENLEY A Loraine GRIFFIN and William F S
FENLEY Mable E TROTT AVERY 1900-1997
FENLEY Rosamond R and Julia Ann
FENTON Ester B 1910-1999
FENTON George B 1879-1948
FENTON Gwendolyn Sue 1941-
FENTON James Paul 1931-2000
FENTON John P 1904-1964
FENTON Kenneth A 1922-1998
FENTON Laura B 1888-1958
FENTON Leroy 1914-1963
FENTON Lilla WALKER and John Archibald J
FENTON Pierre Pete 1936-1987
FENTON Robert E 1943-1969
FERGUSON Effie M 1880-1962
FERGUSON Pearl and Frank
FERGUSON 4 Carl Dean 1893-1955
FERGUSON 4 Elsa Eilleen 1917-1917
FERGUSON 4 Jessye Maye 1895-1933
FERGUSON Arlie Lee and Maude B
FERGUSON Marguerite and Rucker L
FERGUSON Maxine 1915-1931
FERGUSON Minnie Ola 1882-1958
FERGUSON O D 1867-1945
FERGUSON Robert Lee and Elena Mae
FERGUSON Ryan Stewart 1976-1977
FERGUSON William 1872-1955
FERNANDEZ Carmen 1912-1988
FERNANDEZ Manuel 1906-1978
FERNEAU Olivia COOPER and Francis
FERRELL Cornelia T 1881-1944
FERRELL George W 1905-1955
FERRELL Hazel 1907-1996
FERRELL Homer L 1875-1929
FERRELL Johanna E 1892-1962
FERRY Maxine Elizabeth 1921-1965
FETTER Clemmie J and Wilbur E
FETTER Mary P 1906-2000
FETTER Wilbur Gene 1929-
FEW Jeston Eugene 1933-1993
FEW Jeston Eugene 1933-1996
FEW-NAVARRO Stephanie Elizabeth 1978-197
FIELDER Eva L 1870-1952
FIELDER Thelma J and Leon W
FIELDS Naomi Ruth 1899-1964
FIELDS Robert and Perry
FIELDS Stephen Adrian 1956-1994
FIFE Violet E 1929-1953
FIGURES Carolyn 1950-1994
FILE Kathryn M and George W
FILEWOOD H Leon and Ann Louise
FILLERS Stella 1885-1945
FINCHER Dalpus G and Mattie M
FINCHER Joe 1921-1994
FINCHER William A and Moda
FINDLEY Arthur D 1946-1967
FINDLEY Edward F Jr and Reta R
FINDLEY Martin W 1943-1968
FINDLEY Wadell 1930-1979
FINEGAN Opal V 1913-1978
FINLEY Cora and J D
FINLEY Elizabeth and Roy V
FINLEY Georgia B 1905-1989
FINLEY James Deitrich 1971
FINLEY James H 1932-1981
FINLEY William H and Ruth W
FINNEGAN Ida 1885-1959
FIORENZA Agnes C and Leonard Sr
FIQUETTE James W 1917-1973
FIQUETTE Mary Jo 1925-1987
FIQUETTE Terry 1958-1978
FISCHER Charles Ross 1945
FISCHER Eva Louise and Oscar Frederick
FISCHER Johnnie R 1918-1974
FISCHER Oscar Frederick iii and Barbara
FISCHER Roland G 1905-1954
FISCHER Susan Jean 1949-1999
FISHEL Charles I 1885-1965
FISHEL Lola B 1900-1982
FISHER Bess M 1982-1973
FISHER George N 1888-1972
FISHER George William Bill and Mary Le
FISHER James NEWTON 1921-1929
FISHER Andrew D 1892-1965
FISHER Lloyd R 1921-1946
FISHER Norah J 1894-1989
FISHER Walter J 1919-1987
FISHER Beatrice L and Joe
FISHER Christina Marie 1970
FISHER Deeanna Lynn 1963-1963
FISHER Emma M 1879-1974
FISHER Gloria M 1937-2001
FISHER Hiram C 1923-1986
FISHER J P 1887-1962
FISHER Jack J and Willie M
FISHER Joe E and Willena M
FISHER Nancy L 1939-1962
FISHER Phillip Gordon 1980-1982
FISHER Sam 1875-1938
FISHER Stella J 1896-1977
FISHER Zachery A and Bessie WHITMIRE
FISK Carrie P 1898-1996
FISK John Roscoe 1903-1961
FISK William F Sr 1884-1944
FITCH Mary Ruth 1931-
FITE Jesse D 1906-1958
FITE Luther W and Alabama H
FITE Mary C 1873-1949
FITZGERALD Clara J and Michael P
FITZGERALD Darthula F 1898-1994
FITZGERALD Joan Jodie 1945-1988
FITZGERALD Mary Kay BLOM 1922-1969
FITZGERALD May 1881-1962
FITZGERALD Robert H 1917-1980
FITZGERALD Thomas W 1895-1942
FITZGERALD William Terry 1926-1979
FITZHUGH Alfred L 1890-1952
FITZHUGH Carroll H and Katherine M
FITZHUGH George L 1859-1944
FITZHUGH Lura 1894-1948
FITZHUGH Nettie 1867-1931
FITZJERLDS Dorothy 1919-1975
FITZJERLDS John 1898-1959
FITZPATRICK Alta 1892-1959
FITZSIMMONS Frank W 1912-1983
FLAKE Eileen and Minnie
FLAKE Mary H 1899-1973
FLAKE W C Bill and Margie
FLANAGAN Artie B 1896-1984
FLANAGAN Dencie Mae and Ernest A
FLANAGAN Edward Bates 1899-1982
FLANAGAN Emma W 1877-1963
FLANAGAN Florence 1907-1981
FLANAGAN James A 1867-1948
FLANAGAN James C 1934-1967
FLANARY Thelma 1913-1999
FLANDERS Roy W 1928-1969
FLANNERY 1913-1979
FLASS Robert Edward 1917-1976
FLEMING C R Mrs 1883-1930
FLEMING C R Sr 1882-1958
FLEMING J C 1902-1960
FLEMING Robert Louie and Beulah F BORDE
FLENNER A W Mrs 1865-1940
FLETCHER Lona B 1877-1945
FLETCHER Rufus E Rev 1875-1949
FLETCHER Bobbye J V 1943-1997
FLETCHER Eustace and Georgia
FLETCHER Horace G 1870-1939
FLETCHER Larry 1936-
FLETCHER Mae Bell 1917-1965
FLETCHER Patricia G 1941-1999
FLICKWIR Nettie Frances 1878-
FLINT Bertha M 1906-1991
FLINT Norris T 1901-1964
FLINT William H 1936-1980
FLIPP Jesse E 1895-1963
FLOOD Ethel TRAXLER 1905-1971
FLORANCE Ima Idell 1894-1930
FLORES Cecylia Lynn 1970-1970
FLORES Melody Ann 1890-1985
FLORES Robert Ruben 1925-1997
FLORES William B and Clyde M
FLORY Vinita 1913-2001
FLOWERS Claude J 1892-1953
FLOWERS Grace M 1903-1995
FLOWERS James B 1917-1986
FLOWERS William S 1908-1960
FLOYD Gertrude H 1887-1958
FLOYD James M 1853-1918
FLOYD James M 1916-1979
FLOYD Johnnie H 1905-1952
FLOYD Nell W 1904-1967
FLOYD Marion ORR 1858-1936
FLOYD W A 1843-1932
FLOYD Betty Carol 1944-1949
FLOYD Charles M Dr and Dolores L
FLOYD D Harry 1868-1948
FLOYD Delia A 1887-1962
FLOYD Emogene and Arthur
FLOYD J W 1919-1990
FLOYD Louisa CROWELL MILES 1841-1911
FLOYD Norris Q and Euna J
FLOYD Rodney Lynn 1967
FLOYD Wiley D and Thelma D
FLYNN James 1849-1962
FLYNN John F and Kathryn M
FOGG Edwin P 1868-1936
FOGG Howard 1875-1955
FOGG Howard and Saphronia M FALLS
FOGG Margaret WILLIAMS 1888-1971
FOGG Mary Tommie 1866-1949
FOGLE Bessie E 1886-1958
FOITS D E Bob 1903-1945
FOLEY Andrew G 1896-1958
FOLEY Janet 1892-1980
FOLIART James 1957-1999
FOLLANSBEE Mabelle and Sidney and Imojea
FOLLOWILL Billie R 1927-1978
FONTAINE Josephine and Paul C
FONTENOT Gladys A 1933-1995
FOOSE Ruth N 1898-1965
FOOTE John C 1896-1974
FOOTE Nettie Mae 1894-1932
FORBES Joe W and Mable I
FORBES H Fraser Jr 1943-1987
FORBES Henry Fraser 1917-1952
FORBES Ruthe V 1926-
FORD Abbie Ona 1871-1956
FORD Donald Roy and Yvonna McDonald
FORD Dorothy Jane 1922-1979
FORD Elizabeth R 1907-1960
FORD George A 1909-1973
FORD Gerald Dale 1948-1994
FORD Howard O 1916-1974
FORD I Marie and George
FORD Ileen Silvalee 1909-1996
FORD John A 1866-1931
FORD John H and Barbara J
FORD Leslie C and Ollie K
FORD Leslie R 1917-1980
FORD Ona May 1895-1961
FORD Rosie E 1882-1961
FORD Roy R and Lessie
FORD Sam L 1888 1937
FORD son 1951
FORD Tex L 1910-1976
FORD Walter E 1885-1950
FORD Wanetta J 1911-1998
FORE J W and Maomi June
FORE Margie Nell 1922-1971
FOREE Mary Eva and William T
FORGEY Richard N 1922-1994
FORKER Etta 1887-1967
FORRESTER William Oscar and Cary REEVES
FORSLUND John L Jr 1960-1981
FORSTON R Charles Phd 1923-1981
FORSYTHE Helen Virginia 1925-1949
FORT Bessie Marie 1924-1981
FORT Mary Alyce 1922-1995
FORT Ray Eudell 1943-1951
FORT Robert L 1922-1997
FORT Thomas H 1889-1971
FORT Vida May 1903-1988
FORTNER Clayton Sonny 1940-1983
FORTNER Elizabeth W 1856-1921
FORTNER Euder SMITH 1915-1995
FORTNER Frederick M 1881-1938
FORTNER Ralph Gilford 1914-1969
FORTSON Lon A 1883-1975
FORTSON Minnie M 1889-1955
FOSKETT Herbert G 1881-1956
FOSTER Alecia Charlene 1964
FOSTER Andrew E 1889-1972
FOSTER Braidyce B 1903-1985
FOSTER C T 1894-1939
FOSTER Delma and E A
FOSTER Dovie Mae 1883-1946
FOSTER Edna and Shirley
FOSTER Elizabeth Ann 1939-1951
FOSTER Emma S 1883-1935
FOSTER Emory E and Dollie D
FOSTER Ethel G and William G
FOSTER Henrietta 1878-1965
FOSTER Henry Clay 1866-1943
FOSTER J Clifford and Alma Jane
FOSTER J D 1919-1971
FOSTER John Dean and Annabell
FOSTER Juanita and James L
FOSTER Larry G 1941-1981
FOSTER Laura V 1862-1933
FOSTER Laura V WILLIAMS and Benjamin McC
FOSTER Louvennie 1880-1976
FOSTER M C 1854-1935
FOSTER Mabel Lenora 1896-1992
FOSTER Mattie E 1902-1964
FOSTER Maybell 1900-1995
FOSTER Minnie Joyce 1932-1961
FOSTER Ola Mae and Wilbur C
FOSTER Parilee 1874-1957
FOSTER Ruth 1898-1981
FOSTER Valice E 1906-1961
FOSTER W P and Luetta
FOSTER William Chas 1900-1950
FOSTER Wylie B 1958-1981
FOUST Henry C E 1894-1962
FOUST Jimmie R 1937-2003
FOUST Maude A 1897-1974
FOUTS C A 1872-1929
FOUTS C A Mrs Lillie Mack 1871-1950
FOUTS Charles A Jr 1908-1954
FOUTS J R Fuddy 1911-1935
FOUTS Vida L STROUD and Mack K
FOWLER daughter 1924
FOWLER J Roy 1889-1948
FOWLER Lela Mae 1892-1946
FOWLER A Amber 1982-1985
FOWLER Cecil J 1906-1931
FOWLER Charles Henry 1919-1962
FOWLER Cora M 1875-1968
FOWLER Dempsey 1913-1965
FOWLER Henry Thomas and Ora BREWER
FOWLER John H 1910-1969
FOWLER Mary Byers 1900-1987
FOWLER Susie Ruth and James Y
FOWLER Vera E 1914-1978
FOWLER Walter R and Hattie L
FOWLER Zelma Naomi 1907-1990
FOWLIE Mildred J and David I
FOX Frances M 1929-
FOX J P Jr 1926
FOX Johnny P 1953-1973
FOX Alton F 1911-1957
FOX Alvin E and Pauline
FOX Donald R 1910-1988
FOX Doris E SCHULTZ 1920-1943
FOX Elvie SMITH 1903-1931
FOX Florence T and Marion T
FOX Forrest 1950-1973
FOX Katherine and Cecil A
FOX Laura E 1920-2000
FOX Lewis D Jr 1909-1980
FOX Mary F 1932-1953
FOX Reuben William and Anna Irene
FOX Vena V and Edward
FOY Everett Lee 1919-1938
FRALIA Ella 1899-1995
FRANCE Kenith W Sr 1935-2002
FRANCE Laura Ann 1939-
FRANCIS F W MD 1892-1950
FRANCIS Frederick H 1926-1982
FRANCIS Jerry Wayme Sr 1944-1998
FRANCIS John L and Mary M
FRANCIS Ora Ann and Horace F
FRANCIS Walter Scott and Phema HILL
FRANCIS Windel L 1955-1955
FRANCISCO Lormer H 1897-1967
FRANCISCO Lormer H and Tennie Ruth
FRANK Stephen L 1954-1974
FRANKEL Carl Edwin 1877-1938
FRANKEL Esther M 1881-1957
FRANKEL Iner A 1919-1992
FRANKEN Jessie E 1886-1966
FRANKEN John F 1886-1954
FRANKLIN Carl W 1892-1960
FRANKLIN Iola Vesta 1909-2001
FRANKLIN Minnie R 1897-1951
FRANKLIN Orvin Ben 1915-1990
FRANKLIN Aline L and Homer W
FRANKLIN Charles E 1901-1956
FRANKLIN Della BUSSEY 1883-1943
FRANKLIN Kay 1944-1944
FRANKLIN Marilda J 1859-1941
FRANKLIN Mary C-and Jack Mc
FRANKLIN Mary Sweet 1957
FRANKLIN Rosemary Rosie 1949-1980
FRANKLIN Seretta GORDON 1904-1992
FRANKLIN Valda A 1888-1979
FRANKLIN Will C and Bertha F
FRANKS Alice M 1909-1966
FRANKS Emma L 1864-1953
FRANKS Fisher C 1900-1975
FRANKS Gladys Frances 1922-1989
FRANKS John W 1852-1939
FRANKS Nicola Nicky 1901-1950
FRANKS Norman Otto 1891-1970
FRANTZ Francis J and Anne M
FRASER Joseph Allison 1874-1942
FRASER Mary SAMDERS 1879-1952
FRAZER Blanche L and Robert L
FRAZIER Betty H KELLY 1931-1982
FRAZIER Nannie 1897-1944
FRAZIER Norris D Butch 1949-1974
FRAZIER Wylie G and Charlotte
FRAZIOR Emmett W 1910-1958
FRAZIOR Jesse B 1888-1967
FRAZIOR Lois I 1892-1982
FREDERICK A 1855-1942
FREDERICK Pearl Annie 1890-1975
FREDERIKSEN Willie Elizabeth 1897-1966
FREDRICK Edwin W 1921-1953
FREE Addie E and Thomas J
FREE Bennett 1909-1960
FREE Frances R and Thomas B
FREE Frences Ann 1938-1938
FREEBERG Therese TARPLEY 1907-1991
FREELS Reed Lee 1959-1978
FREEMAN Bernis Edmund and Mentora Juanic
FREEMAN Bessie J and Malcolm D
FREEMAN Ethel -1969
FREEMAN Floy 1902-1991
FREEMAN Geo C 1899-1957
FREEMAN George H 1907-1968
FREEMAN George T 1920-1955
FREEMAN Hattie Ann 1897-1992
FREEMAN Herbert Boyd 1887-1944
FREEMAN Josiah W 1868-1952
FREEMAN Kate 1900-1986
FREEMAN Lorena 1876-1958
FREEMAN Norman Lee 1919-1943
FREEMAN Olivia 1881-1953
FREEMAN Vera E 1907-1946
FREEMAN W G 1865-1959
FREISE Charles 1861-1944
FREISE Elizabeth 1870-1942
FREISE Ollie Marie 1918-1998
FREISE Roland Eugene 1913-2003
FRENCH Christine HEARNE 1913-1980
FRENCH Lavon SNOOKS and Wendell Holmes
FRENCH Margaret S 1954-1991
FRENCH Mary F and John E
FRENCH Vera Grace and Morton H
FREY Raymond Elbert 1927-1981
FRIBERG Rebekah Sue 1998
FRIDAY George S 1909-1972
FRIED Ruby and Hyman
FRIEDEL Jerre R and Geraldine Mud
FRIEND Carol Omega and Edgar Paul
FRIEND Edgar Donald 1938-1972
FRIEND Helen Hazel 1909-1953
FRIEND Jessie Opal and George W
FRIEND Willard Francis 1908-1972
FRIESE Charles F 1866-1938
FRIESE Elizabeth S 1868-1959
FRIESEN David Harry 1897-1969
FRIESEN Gertrude 1900-1991
FRILEY Henri W and John E
FRIOU Marie and Ramsey
FRISBIE O C and Nocal
FRISBIE Lillian and Stanton E
FRITSCH Frank F 1908-1999
FRITSCH Joseph Frank and Mary Louise
FRIZZELL Allie Mae 1913-1991
FRIZZELL Willie O 1918-1995
FRIZZELLE Thomas M 1908-1964
FROST Phillip C and Evelyn
FRY Floyd B 1918-1959
FRY James V Sr 1876-1952
FRY Roscoe Wesley and Millie Ann
FRYE Richard F 1913-1965
FUCHSHUBER Madonna L 1913-1992
FULFORD Maude MULLINS 1885-1988
FULKERSON Mark Stgephen 1858-1994
FULKERSON Martha J 1928-1989
FULKERSON Nettie Baber 1896-1957
FULLEN W E 1884-1942
FULLER William F 1891-1957
FULLER Bernice O and Florence L
FULLER D J and Edley C
FULLER E E Dr 1887-1932
FULLER George B 1882-1944
FULLER James A 1911-1956
FULLER James R Cpl 1923-1950
FULLER Jean and Earnest G
FULLER Johnnie Eva 1885-1955
FULLER Lynn Keith 1918-1964
FULLER Martha J 1928-1954
FULLER Michael 1952-1955
FULLER Michael G 1952-1955
FULLER Rachel A and W W Bill
FULLER Walter R 1935-1966
FULLS V C Bud 1915-1962
FULMER James A 1849-1930
FULMER Mary Alice 1853-1944
FULTON Della June 1931-1986
FULTON Herbert L and Edna Dee
FUQUA Irene A 1900-1962
FUQUA Norma L 1898-1948
FUQUA Bernice J 1919-1984
FUQUA Jimmie 1910-1967
FUQUA Marion Dewey Sr 1898-1965
FURMAN John McIver MD 1871-1945
FURMAN Lou Etta MULKEY 1876-1963
FUSSELL Nannie NEAL 1857-1951
FUSTON Edwin 1907-1946
FUSTON Hattie 1866-1953
FUSTON son 1949
FUSTON W N 1869-1930
FUTRELL Minnie WILKINSON 1890-1964
GABEL Fanny Mae -1969
GABEL Ily B 1922-1980
GADDIS John R Lt 1925-1948
GADDY Albert D 1931-2002
GAFFORD Laura Lucille 1903-
GAFFORD Sammie Lee 1912-1970
GAGE Obie 1922-1993
GAINES Imogene M 1913-1988
GAINES Maudie M 1885-1972
GAINES N C 1881-1953
GAINES Oran O 1907-1969
GAINES Donald D 1937-1944
GAINES Floyd Red 1910-1951
GAINES R H and Ruby G
GAINS James Wayne 1946-1993
GAITHER John Clay 1872-1934
GALE Lela E 1888-1970
GALE Tom A 1882-1977
GALICIA Tony R 1963-1997
GALLAGHER Bertha FISH 1880-1970
GALLAGHER Thomas Hugh 1881-1955
GALLANT Charles Frank iii 1977-1977
GALLAWAY William Frank and Mary Leona
GALLION Florence CHAMBLEE 1903-1934
GALLIVAN Frank M 1888-1945
GALLIVAN Hazel Rees 1889-1977
GALLIVAN John E 1927-1963
GALLO Louis and M Patsie
GALLOWAY Hattie S and Joe D
GALLOWAY James B and Edith T
GALLOWAY Jewel 1899-1983
GALLOWAY Leslie H and Martha LANE
GALLOWAY R D 1892-1934
GALLOWAY Sudie Estelle and Peter Cooper
GAMBLE Robert Kevin 1964-1964
GAMBLIN Chrissie B 1904-1973
GAMBLIN William T and Claris L
GAMBRELL Mossena PALMER 1920-2002
GAMESON John Bridges 1897-1958
GAMEWELL Eva 1898-1951
GAMEWELL Jamie C 1893-1990
GAMEWELL Joe 1925-1929
GAMEWELL Maudie Lee 1892-1978
GAMM Selma O and Eldor W
GAMMAGE Albert E Rev 1870-1941
GAMMAGE Harvey E 1897-1934
GAMMAGE Mary Carolina 1872-1936
GAMMON Robert W and Arietta E
GANDY Jack and Reba Jane
GANN Elvira Alles 1894-1988
GANN Holder P 1892-1967
GANN Ernestine K 1940-2001
GANN Jimmy Fred 1964-1984
GANN Lois and Roy E
GANN Raymond Lloyd 1919-1957
GANN Turner D and Elsie T
GANN Viola P 1897-1984
GANT Kate Key and Oscar R
GANT Orland J and Aline E
GANTT D Diane 1947-1988
GAPINSKI Joseph E 1918-2001
GAPINSKI Natalie Ruth 1920-
GARCIA Anthony Ray Tony 1960-1992
GARCIA Carlos C 1966-2001
GARCIA Dan Jr and Severa
GARCIA Diomicio M and Delores B
GARCIA Felipe J 1882-1954
GARCIA Frank M Jr 1943-1994
GARCIA Johnny R and Gloria M
GARCIA Larry B 1967-1983
GARCIA Leomardo A 1964-2001
GARCIA Mana S 1916-1974
GARCIA Miguel 1921-2000
GARCIA Raul S 1945-1998
GARDEN Justina 1910-1985
GARDEN Lee Roy 1882-1942
GARDEN Ola Mae 1887-1982
GARDINER Maxwell H Max 1915--1975
GARDINER Maxwell N Max 1915-1975
GARDINER William R Sr 1942-1999
GARDNER Allen Dale 1947-1948
GARDNER Aulcie J 1877-1939
GARDNER Ewing W 1882-1945
GARDNER Frank W -1943
GARDNER J Edmond 1964
GARDNER Lucille and Loyd A
GARDNER Mary E 1860-1934
GARDNER Minnie 1884-1987
GARDNER Richard Coleman 1919-1987
GARDNER Winnifred 1888-1973
GARLAND Alice McKEE and Walter
GARLAND Walter 1882-1939
GARLAND Walter David and Carroll Virgini
GARLAND Wilberm Foster and Mary Louise
GARLITZ Fern E and Charles F
GARLITZ Fritz and Susie
GARLITZ Inez Mickey 1921-1963
GARLITZ James Carlisle 1903-1960
GARLITZ Mildred 1904-1994
GARMAN Loma A and Harry J
GARMAN Viola Alles 1889-1984
GARMON Lezzie 1893-1931
GARMON Oral C 1913-1944
GARMON T W 1915-1968
GARNER A Catherine and Carl D
GARNER Arvel Elmo 1927-1956
GARNER Carl Douglas 1917-1972
GARNER Clyde H Jr 1921-1949
GARNER Clyde H Sr 1892-1953
GARNER Don F and Mary Ann
GARNER Earl and Nettie
GARNER Hazel M and William H
GARNER Horace Milton 1909-1956
GARNER Lorene B 1914-1996
GARNER Mary Nina 1900-1974
GARNER Patrick Chapman 1981
GARNETT Zellah Mae and George Stuart
GARR John H and Lydia M
GARRARD Beverley Jane 1938-1971
GARRARD Clarance W 1912-1964
GARRETSON Albert W 1868-1946
GARRETSON Mary E 1877-1940
GARRETSON Ruth and Earl
GARRETT Dola M 1884-1979
GARRETT Joseph H 1882-1947
GARRETT Allie Ann 1923-1945
GARRETT John H 1888-1938
GARRETT Lellie Lee 1888-1956
GARRETT 4 Percy 1933
GARRETT Andrew C and Olney M
GARRETT Brian Daniel and Melba Doris P
GARRETT Catherine and Roscoe
GARRETT Charles H and Myrtis T
GARRETT Deborah and Louia B
GARRETT Doretta Jane and Jefferson Dayto
GARRETT Edward Hayes 1875-1948
GARRETT Elizabeth C 1919-1991
GARRETT Ernest Lee 1906-1972
GARRETT Frank B and Jessie C
GARRETT John F 1922-1997
GARRETT John H and Katie R
GARRETT John Hayes 1910-1978
GARRETT Kennon Grant 1956-1982
GARRETT Maudie M and Jessie T
GARRETT Richard A 1918-1984
GARRETT W H 1893-1962
GARRETT W T Tom 1876-1938
GARRETTE Caro Mae 1895-1979
GARRETTE George C 1885-1955
GARRISON Bettie J 1878-1954
GARRISON Clyde Coleman 1889-1970
GARRISON Fannie 1912-2003
GARRISON John F 1923-2003
GARRISON John Phillip PhD 1952-1980
GARRISON Merle ROGERS 1907-1994
GARRISON Minnie Lee 1884-1962
GARRISON Theron Otto Jr 1934-1992
GARTH Lotta Fay RIGDON 1902-1971
GARTH Thomas C 1896-1963
GARVIN Alta 1896-1983
GARVIN Jay B and Alta Ann
GARVIN Thomas David 1949
GARY John William 1882-1964
GARY Verna Serena 1894-1981
GARZA Juan A 1949-2000
GASAWAY Colette I 1920-1964
GASKILL Jack R and Bettye J
GASON Rufus Malone 1868-1933
GASS H Annette 1905-1987
GASS Marie E and Ernest E
GASS Roscoe L 1901-1971
GAT Eng 1880-1957
GATES Myra Frances 1889-1959
GATLIN Bertha H 1891-1963
GATLIN Zona Gayle 1939-2003
GAUCHAT Hal W Jr 1910-1964
GAULT Evelyn C and Howard Bland
GAULT Wilson Joe and Patricia HABERN
GAUNCE Gloria 1911-1952
GAUNCE James H 1904-1974
GAUSE Roy O and Grace L
GAUSS Bertha ARDIS 1884-1968
GAUTIER Melvin T and Alice L
GAUTNEY Mary 1907-1984
GAUZE Bess S 1897-1982
GAVENDA Louava Y SPROULS 1906-2002
GAY Emma Jean LOTT 1929-1979
GAYLER Bonnie Mae 1903-1944
GAYLORD John A 1944-1952
GAYLORD Joseph H 1904-1952
GAYLORD Lorena REED and Giles A
GAZAWAY Cecil Chester and Mary R
GAZAWAY Cecil Joe 1932-1986
GAZAWAY Mary Ruth 1942-1944
GAZEY Beatrice M 1890-1977
GEAN James Benton 1894-1968
GEAN Mary WHITEHURST and James Benton
GEER Lena Myrtle and Lewis Morgan
GEER Lewis M 1919-1964
GEIGER Aileen 1887-1972
GEIGER Eric L 1930-2003
GEIGER Paul 1892-1975
GEISLER David A 55-
GENTRY Dow 1912-1984
GENTRY Lucile AMENT 1898-1970
GENTRY Minnie COBB 1893-1977
GENTRY Robert R 1905-1974
GEORGE Edwin L 1881-1957
GEORGE George Ann 1923-1941
GEORGE John A 1892-1978
GEORGE Marvie B 1902-1965
GEORGE Bessie L and James G
GEORGE Carrie A and John C
GEORGE Delbert C 1919-1992
GEORGE Hannah Shae 1996-1996
GEORGE Lena A 1893-1954
GEORGE Olive Marie 1910-1950
GEORGE Sophie Ann NESSLER and William Ea
GEORGE Talitha 1918-2000
GEORGE Vela May and Joseph Henry
GEORGE Viola T and Arthur A
GERKOVICH Peggy Jo 1934-1978
GERTH Marvin B and Violet R
GERTRUDE Laura 1886-1959
GERZ Charles H 1920-1996
GETTINGS Charles Augustus and Sarah Elle
GETTINGS Guy Augustus and Tommie Lena
GETTS Claudia M 1907-1999
GETTS Harold B 1903-1975
GHOLSON James M 1921-1986
GHOLSON Ralph Edward 1954-1981
GIALLORENZO Frank A 1917-1959
GIALLORENZO Mary Wanda 1919-1985
GIBBARD Bernie D 1910-1949
GIBBARD Gladys Pauline 1917-1997
GIBBARD Robert Q 1906-1950
GIBBARD Thomas W 1914-1966
GIBBONS Beatrice L 1914-1992
GIBBONS Ethel FOARD and Earl B
GIBBONS Frank M 1906-1986
GIBBONS Granville W 1910-1972
GIBBS Jesse L and Elsie
GIBBS Leonard H and Gene L Loyd
GIBBS Mabel M 1880-1950
GIBLER C M 1878-1931
GIBLER Helen A 1881-1944
GIBSON Susie BAILEY 1887-1944
GIBSON Ben E 1884-1968
GIBSON Dewitt T 1897-1973
GIBSON Dorothy L 1923-1985
GIBSON Edwin B 1948-2003
GIBSON Edwin Burnett 1893-1964
GIBSON I Dean and Loyce M
GIBSON Jack and Barbara
GIBSON James W 1907-1952
GIBSON Pearl E 1886-1958
GIBSON Turk B and Nelma Faye
GIBSON Yvette T 1898-1972
GIDDINGS Jewel 1892-1978
GIDDINGS Mary E and Rlph W
GIDLEY LaVerne and Weldon Monroe
GIEGLING A F 1874-1950
GIEGLING Estelle 1883-1961
GIFFORD Roy E and Della Marie
GIFFORD Roy Wayne 1951-1951
GILBART Robert Dudley 1944-1990
GILBERT B F 1872-1940
GILBERT Arthur Doyal 1913-1962
GILBERT Benjamin R 1909-1983
GILBERT Benjamin R and Marie T HESTER
GILBERT Evelyn Ruth 1944-1966
GILBERT Henry C 1873-194-
GILBERT Henry C and Margaret F
GILBERT Ida C 1873-1955
GILBERT Jamie Darlene 1937-1941
GILBERT Lillian Faye 1914-1993
GILBERT Mattie 1873-1944
GILBERT Odis Wayne Sr and Margaret Virgi
GILBERT Pauline M and Charles M
GILBERT Pearl ELLIS 1910-1989
GILBERT Velma Dorothy and William Edison
GILBREATH Burl and Juanita
GILBREATH Isaac H and Annice I
GILBREATH Morris Ralph 1914-2003
GILCHRIST Claude L 1888-1957
GILCHRIST Claude Larry 1917-1970
GILES Paul Shanon 197--2001
GILL Mildred W 1889-1959
GILL Murray F 1888-1966
GILL Cecil Henry 1912-1962
GILL Daniel J 1890-1961
GILL Raymond H Sr and N Eunice
GILLAM Harry T 1905-1974
GILLARD Estelle 1900-1974
GILLASPIE Monika ADELHEID and Marion Rue
GILLESPIE A L 1864-1939
GILLESPIE Edgar D 1874-1941
GILLESPIE Farrell A 1906-1934
GILLESPIE M Idelia 1876-1953
GILLESPIE Margaret 1873-1938
GILLIAM Anne M and J T
GILLIAM Fred 1900-1968
GILLIAM J T 1905-1979
GILLIAM Marvin and Maude
GILLIGAN Edythe HACK 1899-1971
GILLILAND Carl F 1923-2001
GILLILAND Irma 1914-1943
GILLILAND John David 1947-1968
GILLIS Eula Florence 1896-1986
GILLIS Hugh A and Gladys Gayle
GILLIS Lelia M 1887-1969
GILLIS Ove 1877-1962
GILLISPIE Betty L 1927-1984
GILLMANN Melba 1934-1986
GILLMORE N M 1873-1941
GILLUM Randolph J 1913-2000
GILMARTIN Arthur Augustus 1914-1996
GILMARTIN Helen Thais 1918-1985
GILMARTIN William H and Glenys W
GILMER Clark Stephen 1928-
GILMER Missouri Anna and Robert Houston
GILMORE Annie J 1884-1976
GILMORE Billie L-and Roy
GILMORE George W 1881-1950
GILMORE Ila E 1908-1974
GILMORE John H 1922-1978
GILMORE John H and Lanette O
GILMORE Ocie Mae 1898-1966
GILMORE Ocie Mae and Walter
GILMORE Osmond C 1902-1935
GILMORE Walter 1897-1962
GILPIN Patricia L 1935-1987
GILROY Michael David 1950-1965
GILSTRAP Bertie M 1887-1939
GILSTRAP Hallie 1895-1967
GINN Doris Mae 1928-1984
GIPSON Alta Katie and Henry Albert
GIPSON Bruce L Sr and Cyna B
GIPSON H Garline 1928-1975
GIPSON Ira D and Nina M
GIPSON James L and Gloria R
GIPSON Thurman Lee 1957-1997
GIRSCH Rosa M 1906-1994
GISLAR Callie M SWIGER 1924-1969
GISLAR R Grady 1910-1975
GIVENS Helen MACK 1939-1968
GIVENS Kelly Gene 1973-2003
GLADDEN Chloe M 1911-1984
GLADDEN Donald C and Wilhelmina S
GLADDEN James M 1903-1980
GLADDEN Patricia Ann 1955-1998
GLADDEN Rhea P 1909-1953
GLADNEY Edna Kahly 1886-1961
GLADNEY Samuel William 1878-1935
GLASHAGEL Martha Vernon SMITH 1916-1994
GLASS Bertha C NOAH and Robert W
GLASS Billie Jo 1925-2001
GLASS D H 1880-1958
GLASS Harold Otis 1925-1977
GLASS Henry Irwin 1892-1967
GLASS Hollie D 1899-1979
GLASS Kenneth O 1920-1985
GLASS Leroy E 1916-1955
GLASS Luceal B 1902-1979
GLASS Mattie L and Bertrum E
GLASS Thomas Henry 1929-1968
GLASS Thomas Lee and Bertha Mae
GLASSCOCK Ada C and Charlie E
GLAZE Mildred and Jack
GLEAVES Paul T and Nannie Lee
GLEDHILL Gypsy 1903-1987
GLENK Charles B 1857-1933
GLENK Eugene L 1896-1957
GLENK Karl D 1901-1971
GLENK Lillie 1869-1951
GLENK Modena K 1902-1966
GLENK Thomas B 1894-1968
GLENN Elbert Jr and Lucy
GLENN Eunice Clyde DUKE 1908-1929
GLICK Frances STUART 1936-1954
GLICK Walter Reid 1892-1960
GLOVER Byron F 1906-1953
GLOVER David Robert 1944-1963
GLOVER Edward J 1861-1932
GLOVER Edward J Jr 1902-1954
GLOVER Elsie 1904-1942
GLOVER Esther STRICKLAND 1910-1995
GLOVER Florella C 1926-2001
GLOVER Leroy 1906-1965
GLOVER Marie and Trebie L
GLOVER Mattie Kate 1871-1957
GLOVER S A Bert and Lucinda E
GLYNN Melissa Kay 1985-1985
GOAD Thomas Grady and Betty S
GOATES Arnold R 1920-2000
GODBEY Emma Lee TAYLOR 1886-1983
GODBEY Josiah Jernigan 1888-1935
GODBEY Josiah Jernigan and Jewel Louise
GODBEY Lucile May 1943-1943
GODBEY Paschal L and Stella M
GODBY Birdie L and David C
GODINEZ Elizabeth 1967-1967
GODLEY Louie Oscar and Bertha Agnes
GODWIN Wora E and Flora D
GODWIN Zack and Mattie
GOING Kearney 1866-1953
GOLASINSKI Ben T 1912-1956
GOLDEN Matthew Alan 1987-1987
GOLDEN Willie G and Billie
GOLDMAN James L Jim 1913-1983
GOLDSMITH Elmer L 1881-1940
GOLDSMITH Ima Hazel 1908-1999
GOLDSMITH James F 1905-1950
GOLDSMITH Myrtle 1887-1976
GOLDSMITH Russell O and Lou Ann
GOLDSTEIN Geraldine N and Leslie E Lon
GOLDSTEIN Leslie E and Mary E
GOLIGHTLY A C 1878-1957
GOMEZ Ellis D 1940-1998
GOMEZ Jonathan David 1988-1988
GOMEZ Rafael Luis 1946-2002
GOMILLION Bernice Nettles 1910-1985
GOMILLION Ethel 1869-1944
GOMILLION Fred H 1877-1958
GOMILLION Howell M 1898-1946
GOMILLION Katherine Marlene 1934-1984
GOMILLION Lucille Hester 1896-1947
GOMILLION Rex L 1900-1993
GOMILLION Vernon Ellison 1910-1931
GONZALES Bonnie Manuelita Carolina Vicky
GONZALES Constancia R 1910-1994
GONZALES Eddie EVERETT 1937-1997
GONZALES Frances J 1917-1985
GONZALES Joseph Edmond 1962
GONZALES Juan Manuel and Nena MORENO
GONZALES Luis R and Oropajita Goldie
GONZALES Rose F 1864-1941
GONZALES Venus 1903-1938
GONZALES Vivian A 1925-1972
GONZALEZ Anna Marie 198701991
GONZALEZ Edna Eva 1938-1968
GONZALEZ Jose 1871-1951
GOOCH Earnest L 1894-1949
GOOCH Reba Dee 1912-1973
GOOD Frances K and Harvey Wayne
GOODCHILD Mary Lou 1927-
GOODE Edward S and Maxine W
GOODE James Wm and Emma Bell
GOODE John E 1859-1947
GOODE Joyce Ann E 1945-1956
GOODEN Bonnie Belle 1896-1967
GOODIN Jeffie B 1885-1969
GOODJOHN Opal M and Dallas F
GOODMAN Carl P and Bessie K
GOODMAN John E Jr 1949-1975
GOODMAN Katherine A and John E
GOODMAN Susan Elizabeth 1848-1935
GOODNIGHT Alva Luther 1869-1940
GOODNIGHT Carrie 1871-1941
GOODNIGHT R V 1896-1951
GOODRICH May Bob 1932-1984
GOODSON Jonathan Reuvel 1963-1963
GOODSON Tommy Leonard ii 1961-1963
GOODWIN Alvin Lee 1902-1960
GOODWIN Harold Eugene 1925-1997
GOODWIN Hazel M 1901-1985
GOODWIN James G 1908-1990
GOODWIN Kathryn C 1912-1996
GOODWIN Lynn Ellen 1954-1956
GOODWIN Myrtle G 1884-1975
GOODWIN Pauline B CRESWELL 1918-1979
GOODWIN Walter E 1939-1997
GOODWIN Walter L 1881-1945
GOODWIN William E and Mary M
GORAY Virginia F 1937-1952
GORDER H E Hank and Jimmie Lee
GORDON Ben Carl and Annie May
GORDON Daniel E 1876-1961
GORDON Delphia Jo and Aubrey H
GORDON Edward A and Gladys M
GORDON Homer Eugene 1919-1952
GORDON Joseph B 1914-1961
GORDON Leon Wilson 1918-1945
GORDON Lester E and Elsie M
GORDON Lindelu M 1922-
GORDON Walter E and M Ruby
GORDON William R 1901-1954
GORMAN Clyde 1915-1980
GORMAN Aileen M 1919-2001
GORMAN Robert B and M Marguerite
GORMAN Robert Bruce and Sudie WESTON
GORMAN Woodrow V 1915-1966
GORSICH Frank J 1919-1981
GORSICH Mary Lester 1923-
GORSKI Maytella REESE 1907-1997
GOSNELL Ray Henry 1924-1992
GOSS John F 1884-1941
GOSS Loval Jessie 1911-1980
GOSS Nellie E 1891-1976
GOSSETT Charles E 1881-1963
GOSSETT Charles W 1887-1861
GOSSETT Ida Virginia 1857-1946
GOSSETT Robert and Alpha D
GOTCHER E H and Lena
GOTHARD Lewis T and Lillian
GOUCHIE Anita YOUNG 1920-1981
GOUTY Michael A 1955-1986
GOUTY Roy C and Beatrice H
GOVAN Rodney V 1933-1996
GOWER Wm E Sr and Nellie L
GOZA J Howard and Mildred M
GRABLE Clintie 1886-1986
GRABLE Jesse G 1882-1948
GRACE - Jas M 1887-1963
GRACE - Mable C 1897-1964
GRACE James A 1902-1935
GRACEY Buena B 1892-1994
GRACY Solon Earl 1875-1956
GRACY Vonnie Van 1879-1978
GRADEL Johnny Leighton 1977-1977
GRADY John Everett and Doris Erlene
GRAFE Bernard A and Leah M
GRAFING Richard and Lily WITTE
GRAHAM Albert S 1929-1972
GRAHAM Aura S 1900-1972
GRAHAM C Pearl and Oliver Z
GRAHAM Carrie E 1866-1957
GRAHAM Cleo L and James P
GRAHAM Dennis Eugene 1960-1960
GRAHAM Donald Cory 1910-1960
GRAHAM Emory Lester 1901-1966
GRAHAM George H D 1875-1955
GRAHAM John A 1931-1990
GRAHAM Kenneth L 1942-1996
GRAHAM Mabel D 1909-1970
GRAHAM Marty Lee 1988-1989
GRAHAM Ramon 1895-1969
GRAHAM Samuel Martin 1933-2000
GRAHAM Thomas R Sr 1921-1988
GRAHAM William Ike 1934-1974
GRAHAM Wm E 1888-1972
GRAHAM Wm K 1861-1933
GRAMLING Earl 1896-1959
GRAMM Charles E 1870-1967
GRAMM Charles Reuel 1905-1976
GRAMM O-Rebecca 1878-1977
GRAMMER David Lee and Carolyn Jane
GRAMMER Francine L and Emery P
GRAMMER Hazel W and Robert S
GRAMMER Herman H 1929-1953
GRAMMER Houston Jr 1928-1980
GRAMMER Houston Sr 1904-1973
GRAMMER Iris Lorene 1912-1992
GRAMMER Martha Paul 1924-
GRAMMER Robert M Jr 1920-1977
GRAMMER Ruby 1907-1953
GRANBERRY Leatha M and Loyd R
GRANDELL Michelle Cherie 1969-1987
GRANER Claude R and Bertha S
GRANT Alice A COBB 1896-1966
GRANT Alice Burt 1904-1984
GRANT Ann L 1892-1961
GRANT Cameron John 1992
GRANT Coy D and Mae W
GRANT Evadean T 1925-1964
GRANT Jean H and Bill C
GRANT John A 1884-1944
GRANT Josie B 1911-1965
GRANT Lawrence M 1888-1973
GRANT Minnie B 1896-1948
GRANT Steven Fred 1956-1957
GRANT Thomas J 1909-1967
GRANT Verda May and Fred Walker
GRASHER Howard K 1921-1958
GRAVES Vinson R 1895-1943
GRAVES Addie O 1903-1968
GRAVES Clyde W 1891-1966
GRAVES Dorothy Anne 1913-1979
GRAVES Harold H and Juanita W
GRAVES James Alex and Rose Mary OVERALL
GRAVES M Frances 1900-1989
GRAVES Madolin MANNEN Sally 1898-1990
GRAVES R L Dick and Helen Margaret
GRAY John C 1867-1938
GRAY John Harrison 1924-1997
GRAY mother 1887-1944
GRAY Sarah Elizabeth 1892-1981
GRAY Alfred J 1888-1930
GRAY Alletha J 1866-1950
GRAY Angela 1992
GRAY Annie S 1894-1966
GRAY Clarence V 1888-1953
GRAY Doris H 1920-
GRAY Guy L 1892-1967
GRAY Iva M and Lon L
GRAY Jack and Sula M
GRAY Lucile 1909-1936
GRAY Luther C 1884-1958
GRAY Mabel S 1887-1974
GRAY Mattie M 1893-1961
GRAY Murrell C-and Doris H
GRAY Murrell Clinton 1921-1987
GRAY Pauline M 1928-1999
GRAY Robert Lee 1869-1954
GRAY Robin E and Margaret
GRAY S M Nanney
GREAR Nancy 1935-1999
GREAR William H 1936-2002
GREATHOUSE John Earl 1940-1964
GREATHOUSE Lonnie B 1918-1997
GREATHOUSE M Grace 1894-1967
GREATHOUSE Nancy Helen and Earl Lewis
GREATHOUSE Reymound R 1885-1959
GREATHOUSE Sue Ellen 1945-1946
GREB Harry Lewis and Eva Belle ADAMS
GREEN A D 1881-1942
GREEN Audrey RABURN and Archie Compton
GREEN Beecher 1891-1937
GREEN Buster O 1915-2002
GREEN Cecil Thomas 1930-1954
GREEN Charles R and Ruth H
GREEN Charles Rogan 1903-1991
GREEN Elizabeth A and Wayne L
GREEN Faye S 1895-1965
GREEN Floyce S and Jimmy D
GREEN Geneva Belle 1871-1952
GREEN Grace Lucy PLAHN 1906-1997
GREEN Gruthie Belle 1887-1973
GREEN J E Jr 1925-1987
GREEN J E Sr 1902-1954
GREEN J F Grover 1884-1938
GREEN Joseph F Sr 1890-1972
GREEN Lee M 1906-1957
GREEN Madie B 1909-1986
GREEN Mary T 1889-1943
GREEN Maxine 1939-
GREEN Nell Kilby 1890-1958
GREEN Nevada D 1896-1984
GREEN Peark L 1895-1964
GREEN Robert Earl Cpt and Margaret Ann
GREEN Sarah Frances 1871-1954
GREEN Vester C 1895-1966
GREEN William G 1890-1966
GREENE Besse C and Willie M
GREENE Beulah 1885-
GREENE Blanche E and Ney L
GREENE Cullum E 1896-1960
GREENE Danny 1947-2002
GREENE Edna May 1884-1939
GREENE Emma 1869-
GREENE Gwynta F 1897-1965
GREENE H M 1851-1943
GREENE Henry W 1892-1973
GREENE Henry W 1918-2001
GREENE Horace B and Margaret E
GREENE John F and Winnie BROWN
GREENE Johnnie and Tyler C
GREENE Johnnie P 1880-1965
GREENE Loraine Kay 1915-1996
GREENE Lucy L 1853-1943
GREENE Paul B 1930-1986
GREENFIELD Hazel and Joe
GREENMUN Connie R 1951-
GREENSLADE Bobby Joe 1935-1964
GREENSLADE Clyde E 1914-1953
GREENSTREET Thomas B and Sarah M
GREENWAY Beatrice -1974
GREENWAY Clifford Ballard 1923-1998
GREENWAY Ernest 1909-1977
GREENWAY Helen Elizabeth 1926-
GREENWOOD Glenn M 1892-1970
GREENWOOD Glenn Mand Ripple C
GREER Edgar P 1886-1968
GREER Grace 1896-1936
GREER Austin R and Mary Jewel
GREER Carl L 1905-1947
GREER Clyde O and Catherine
GREER Edna W and John H
GREER Lee Vonia and Morrell C
GREER Lois ROSSON 1900-1948
GREER Lois ROSSON 1900-1948
GREER Phyllis Ruth 1943-1959
GREER Tennie STARKS 1895-1990
GREER William Wesley 1897-1988
GREEVER Flossie QUAY and Vernon Milton
GREEVER James Wardell 1943-1944
GREGG Elisha Bishop and Fannie Belle
GREGG Nora HART 1885-1967
GREGG William Curran Sr 1878-1941
GREGORY Edna and Marvin
GREGORY A J 1856-1932
GREGORY Attye M and Joseph
GREGORY Berta 1861-1942
GREGORY Charles H 1910-1964
GREGORY Coston L 1910-1972
GREGORY Earl Leon 1933-1951
GREGORY Florence M 1886-1973
GREGORY George T 1912-1986
GREGORY Gerard E 1886-1955
GREGORY Jennie Lee 1861-1955
GREGORY Jimmie B 1918-1995
GREGORY Larry Bruce 1945-1961
GREGORY Lorene POOLE 1912-2002
GREGORY Lula D 1916-1980
GREGORY Lynita MILLER 1916-1956
GREGORY Mary E 1867-1935
GREGORY Nellie O 1909-1993
GREGORY Nota Mae 1888-1959
GREGORY Pamela A and Charles T Butter
GREGORY Tammy Lynn 1964-1966
GREPTON August G and Mary
GRESHAM Mildred A and Walter O
GRESSETT Ella A and James H
GREUTER Fred Junior 1917-1972
GRICE Albert H 1924-1954
GRICE Albert H 1924-1954
GRICE Marvin Edward and Dorris Marie
GRIDER Elsie Billie 1927-1970
GRIDER Henry W 1904-1976
GRIDER James H Curly and Mary Margaret F
GRIDER Nellie M 1907-1972
GRIDER Robert H 1892-1957
GRIDER Sylvia BAILEY 1906-1988
GRIER Julia Catherine 1841-1935
GRIER Timothy Michael 1940-1985
GRIER Vinnie A 1883-1957
GRIER William D 1888-1965
GRIFFIN Alfonso E 1903-1961
GRIFFIN Aline S 1868-1946
GRIFFIN Clinton Finley and Bessye Mae
GRIFFIN Dana Cove Jr 1906-1975
GRIFFIN Dana Gove 1873-1935
GRIFFIN Edd L 1910-1966
GRIFFIN Elenora H 1891-1986
GRIFFIN Ernest James 1947-1978
GRIFFIN Eva C 1892-1974
GRIFFIN Gail 1937
GRIFFIN Gary A 1941-1963
GRIFFIN George W 1883-1942
GRIFFIN Ina Pearl 1882-1975
GRIFFIN James Lewis and Elizabeth
GRIFFIN Jesse M 1922-1972
GRIFFIN Jessie C 1905-2002
GRIFFIN John C 1914-1995
GRIFFIN John Carey 1872-1939
GRIFFIN Kenneth Paul 1926-2000
GRIFFIN Lillie Mae 1925-1980
GRIFFIN Margaret DUKE 1901-1979
GRIFFIN Mary Jane 1857-1943
GRIFFIN Mary R 1881-1966
GRIFFIN Melba D 1924-2002
GRIFFIN Otelia T and Roy C
GRIFFIN Victor O and Ruth S
GRIFFIN Walter L 1879-1938
GRIFFIN William S Bill 1917-2003
GRIFFIN Willie SMYTH 1894-1973
GRIFFING Ralph Adams and Pauline Elizabe
GRIFFIS Nobie 1905-1969
GRIFFITH Almeta 1905-1996
GRIFFITH Fred D and Ora Lee
GRIFFITH George E 1891-1939
GRIFFITH Hazel M 1897-1970
GRIFFITH Helen Ruth 1923-1991
GRIFFITH Karen Sue and Sammy Lee
GRIFFITH Margueriette E and George P
GRIFFITH Robert Giles and Olive Belle
GRIFFITH Thomas E and Nell May
GRIGGS Obera Ruth NETHERTON 1926-1995
GRIGSBY George R and Leslie Ann
GRIGSBY Jeffrey W 1966-1992
GRIGSBY Vernon W -1940
GRIMALDO Felix Jr 1964-1999
GRIMES Augustus T 1888-1965
GRIMES Barney A Sr 1896-1956
GRIMES Clary Darwin 1894-1936
GRIMES Edwin C and Ruth K
GRIMES Esther Julia 1893-1947
GRIMES Frank G 1914-1975
GRIMES Jesse Lee 1892-1945
GRIMES Joseph E 1863-1941
GRIMES Keith Allen 1972-1982
GRIMES Margaret and A T
GRIMES Mary M 1898-1955
GRIMES Ruby Anne 1892-1938
GRIMES Wils Allen 1947-1994
GRIMES Wils Jr 1968-1968
GRIMLAND Melvin W and Lillie B
GRIMMETT Dudley Edward and Annie Maurice
GRIMMETT Johnnie Dale and Clara C
GRIMMETT Lina Van CAUBLE 1926-1977
GRIMSLEY George Welton 1956-2001
GRIMSLEY Martha Etta 1869-1944
GRISHAM Edward L and Inez
GRISOM Margaret A and Marshall L
GRISSOM Jewel 1911-1988
GRISSOM Roy 1904-1971
GRISSOM William C 1941-1992
GRISWELL Elmer and Beulah M
GRIZZARD William E 1904-1962
GROCE Chas T 1897-1992
GROCE Jack 1927-1998
GROCE Jettie C 1907-1937
GROCE Mary 1923-1998
GROCE Myrtle and Willie
GROGAN Woodrow W 1927-1967
GROSVENOR Mary 1908-1979
GROUND Mary Head and Otis William
GROUND Otis Earl 1926-1965
GROUT Corrine Berry 1903-1937
GROVE Charlotte E 1901-1985
GROVE John S and Martha A
GROVE Robert L and Helen W
GROVE William Barry and Frances BRUCE
GROVER Henry Cushing 1896-1960
GROVES Rosa Ada and Richard A
GROVES A W 1871-1947
GROVES boys 1972
GROVES Elzy C 1879-1956
GROVES Grace HOLBROOK 1879-1961
GROVES Russell H and Sadie M
GROVES Viola and Bryan
GRUBB sons 1970
GRUBB Stephen Edward 1971-1974
GRUBBS Annie Laurie Ann 1923-
GRUBBS S F 1917-1974
GRUBBS Corrie E 1872-1939
GRUBBS Ellis Jackson 1874-1938
GRUBBS Scarlet F 1960-1998
GRUNDY Fred 1891-1929
GRUNWALD John A and L Vie
GUEST Isaac Robert and Lillie Mae
GUEST Viola Grace 1933-1987
GUFFEY George C and Almeda C
GUILFORD Cynthia A and Morgan B
GUILLOT Leroy J 1920-1975
GUIMARIN Harold Jr and Linda G
GUIMARIN Jerry Don 1964-1964
GUITERREZ Sherrie Ann 1973-1973
GULLEDGE Mac A 1892-1947
GULLION Mabel M and Ed Frank
GUMM Edgar and Mae Belle
GUNN Grace V 1888-1966
GUNN Josephine 1876-1962
GUNN Marelin AINSWORTH and Ernest and Ni
GUNN Robert H and Lillian M
GUNN Wanda 1947-1971
GUNN William E 1880-1948
GUNN William M 1866-1944
GUNTER Charles Durwood and Violet Rebecc
GURGANUS Crissie Lynn 1972-1972
GURLEY Idella May 1871-1950
GURLEY J J 1866-1944
GURLEY Frank R and Willa Mae
GURLEY Harry Arlon 1917-1977
GURLEY Homer E 1905-1953
GURLEY Richard Wallace and Dorothy BAKER
GUSTAFSON Arvid L 1885-1960
GUSTAFSON Gustaf H 1880-1951
GUTH Della and George M
GUTHRIE Ernest E and Electra
GUTHRIE Gertrude Isabel and J C
GUTHRIE J F Tobe 1909-1963
GUTHRIE Jessie Lou Jay 1915-2002
GUTHRIE Ouida Laverne Dr and James Carro
GUTHRIE Sylvetta M 1873-1959
GUTHRIE W V 1862-1937
GUYER John P and Rachael H
GUYER John P Jr and Carletta S
GWIN Faye R 1907-1975
GWIN George B 1906-1987
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