Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - S, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
SADLER George H 1927-1982
SADLER Queen and Hal
SADLER Sallie Ruth 1903-1985
SAGE Cindie Anne 1955-1962
SAGE Rubye Joyce 1928-1990
SALACH Lillian 1904-1995
SALADINO Vincent J Jr 1946-1971
SALINAS Oralia 1967
SALTER George T 1896-1971
SALTER Vadna E 1891-1981
SALYER Jesse L 1920-1988
SALYER Lucille M 1922-2001
SAMPLE Joseph Warren 1908-1987
SAMPLE Maudie B 1893-1985
SAMPLE Roy Clinton 1920-1945
SAMPLE Ruth EMORY 1913-1976
SAMPLE Samuel H and Emily E
SAMPSON Anita E 1909-1980
SAMPSON James L 1948-1993
SAMS Marrion P 1893-1966
SAMSILL Shirley Ann and Ross Dale
SAMUEL Darrell Jarrett 1923-1999
SAMUEL Laverne HOBBS 1924-1959
SANCHEZ Humberto Galindo and Chriselda L
SANCHEZ Joe Ruben 1944-1974
SANDERLIN Mary F and Benny R
SANDERS Ala D 1911-1970
SANDERS Brandon Keith 1979-2001
SANDERS David B and Martha J
SANDERS Earl Henry 1906-1979
SANDERS Elizabeth BURGESS 1886-1969
SANDERS Ervin John 1907-1981
SANDERS Eula T and 1891-1968
SANDERS Eunice Lee 1913-1977
SANDERS Frances B and James Allen
SANDERS Frank Raymond 1884-1969
SANDERS Fronie 1884-1976
SANDERS Hollis Wiley and Blanche PARK
SANDERS Inez B 1917-1997
SANDERS John Charles and Florence
SANDERS Kimberly Anne 1977-1977
SANDERS Lillian B 1915-1945
SANDERS Lillian Pearl 1881-1956
SANDERS Lisa Rachele 1970
SANDERS Lucille 1890-1957
SANDERS Lum and Oleta
SANDERS M Ella 1967-1938
SANDERS Marvin D -1966
SANDERS Mary Sudie 1888-1941
SANDERS Mathew Shelton 1869-1949
SANDERS Norman 1884-1934
SANDERS Rex A and Lillian Rae
SANDERS Rhea SMITH 5 -1974
SANDERS S F Sudie and Maxine
SANDERS Sallie M and Calloll M
SANDERS Sible M 1922-1989
SANDERS Sudie May 1876-1947
SANDERS Thelma Rosa and Joseph Arra
SANDERS Tina Marie 1962
SANDERS Vanessa Gay 1959-1961
SANDERS William 1849-1935
SANDERS William F and Perna A
SANDERS William M and Mabel W
SANDERSON John Marion 1925-1933
SANDERSON Mary L FOX 1903-1981
SANDERSON Robert William Sr 1903-1974
SANDERSON Bettie 1877-1965
SANDERSON Harry 1874-1932
SANDIDGE Anna Mae and Thomas R
SANDIDGE Harry R Sgt 1918-1945
SANDLIN Bonnie Mae 1905-1986
SANDLIN Leonard 1901-1961
SANDOVAL Alexandra 2002-2002
SANDOVAL Alonso Jr 2001
SANFORD Lena and J B
SANGUINET Georgiana G 1918-1970
SANSERS Lura Mae and George Lee
SANSOM Will T and Sally B
SARAP Grant Allan 1958-1958
SARAP Paula Gail 1956-1956
SARGENT Anna B 1911-1973
SARGENT Bernice K and Wm Floyd
SARGENT Essie and Levirt
SARGENT James Homer 1894-1972
SARGENT Lola WOODS 1898-1980
SARGENT Melvin Odell 1911-1991
SARGENT Mollie E 1880-1958
SARGENT Robert W 1922-1961
SARLES Cecil Glen 1895-1969
SARLES Della 1875-1955
SARRATT Leta Lavenia and Robert Moody
SATTERWHITE Hattie Mae 1883-1968
SAUNDERS Charles B 1902-1974
SAUNDERS Leeo T 1920-1982
SAUSEDA Sophie C 1933-
SAVAGE Nigel Hamilton 1924-1999
SAVAGE Tillie L 1899-1950
SAWATZKY William P and Lorraine A
SAWICKI Patricia YOUNG 1929-1995
SAWYER Belinda BOYD 1951-1992
SCALES Mary E 1873-1962
SCALES Thomas H and Marguerite SASSEEN
SCALF Thomas B 1943-1977
SCARBOROUGH Azlea M 1916-2000
SCARBOROUGH Frank L 1915-2001
SCARBOROUGH Georgia and Frank L
SCARBOROUGH Luther T and Annie Belle
SCARBOROUGH Peggy 1913-1951
SCARBROUGH Eiland A 1907-1990
SCARBROUGH James O 1873-1934
SCARBROUGH Lottie Mae 1908-1984
SCARBROUGH Marilyn 1934-1954
SCHACHTE Charles John 1920-1973
SCHAEFER Paul Anthony 1967-1967
SCHAEFER Shelley Ann 1968-1968
SCHAFER George Edward and Nell APPERSON
SCHAFFNER Daniel James 1922-1991
SCHAFFNER Virginia Catherine 1926-1999
SCHAKOSKY Earline 1921-1982
SCHAKOSKY Ricky Don 1950-2001
SCHARTZ Georgia R 1932-1965
SCHEBLE Eugene S Jr 1900-1959
SCHEBLE Fay Howell 1905-1984
SCHEIBER Leonard D 1906-1972
SCHILL Harry and Alice
SCHILLER Eric D 1960-1966
SCHILLING John Sr 1857-1932
SCHILLING Edith L 1926-
SCHILLING Jessie and Freda Cecelia
SCHILLING Max C 1886-1944
SCHILLING Regina A and Ralph A
SCHILTZ Raymond J 1917-1984
SCHLUETER George A 1888-1943
SCHLUETER Kathryn A 1890-1982
SCHMALZRIED Ada Ruth and J F Fred
SCHMALZRIED Karl William and Dorothy LEW
SCHMALZRIED Toye Michelle 1985-1986
SCHMID Lowell M 1916-1999
SCHMID Pearl A and Cecil E
SCHMIDT Bernard G and Lillie W
SCHMIDT Delpha M 1898-1979
SCHMIDT James Ira Jr 1969-1970
SCHMIDT Kittie Belle and William J
SCHMIDT Odell H and Christine Alta ROGER
SCHMIDT Sharyn Gay and James Ira
SCHMITT Beatrice T-and Otto W
SCHMITT Edward J 1896-1978
SCHMITT Joseph O 1910-1955
SCHMUCKER Emma Lillian 1917-1969
SCHMUCKER Philip Frank 1911-1986
SCHNEIDER Beverly J 1940-1998
SCHNELL Clyde E 1914-1994
SCHNELL David Allen 1959-1993
SCHNELL Genie M and Wade A
SCHNELL Mary Jo 1917-1957
SCHOBER Jake Morris 1905-1958
SCHOOLER Charles Freeman 1881-1964
SCHOOLER Cone J 1908-1972
SCHOOLER Edward F and Lillian V
SCHOOLER Elmer C 1894-1957
SCHOOLER Helen H 1902-1966
SCHOOLER Lillie L and Charlie Dee
SCHOOLER Mattie L 1898-1977
SCHOOLER Nathan H and M Blanch
SCHOOLER Omer and Bob
SCHORN Milton and Emillee
SCHOW Frank Peter 1892-1971
SCHREFFLER Anthony Clair and Mary ALLEN
SCHREFFLER Clair E 1912-1987
SCHREINER Alfred 1914-1961
SCHREINER Charles F 1938-1978
SCHREINER Mildred 1913-2001
SCHROEDER Charles E 1905-1967
SCHROEDER Dilmus W and Flora Ann
SCHROEDER Gladys CRAFT 1989-1957
SCHUBERT James E and Florence C
SCHUBERT Virgie and Henry
SCHUETTE Dorothy M 1931-2002
SCHUH Martha Marie Ida and Charles A Ant
SCHULLER Virgil A 1925-1971
SCHULTZ Ray W 1909-1967
SCHULTZ Sallie G 1895-1968
SCHULTZ Thurman and Carolyn
SCHULTZ Walter C 1893-1965
SCHUMACHER Robert L and Sarah E
SCHUMAN Albert H 35-00
SCHUSTER Azalea A and LeRoy M Sr
SCHUTZ Willie Mae and Alex A
SCHWANDT Georgia Marie CONRAD 1922-1965
SCHWANER Gus Allred and Sallie Irene
SCHWANER Noama 1859-1944
SCHWANER Otto J 1885-1965
SCHWANER W J and Ara Francis
SCHWARTZ Douglas B 1898-1961
SCHWIEGER Timothy Troy 1957-1965
SCHWIER Harry Herman 1903-2001
SCOGGIN Eldon H and Barbara A McCLURE
SCOGGIN Gilbert H Jr 1903-1946
SCOGGIN Gilbert L 1874-1942
SCOGGIN Leona 1877-1943
SCOGGIN Viola V and Clyde E
SCOGIN John R and Charlcie M
SCONYERS Charles A 1898-1964
SCONYERS Gardner Cyril Sr 1912-1937
SCONYERS Grace O 1878-1963
SCOTT Charles Tait 1830-1912
SCOTT Mary Ann 1939-1925
SCOTT Walter B 1875-1957
SCOTT Willie D -1952
SCOTT A J 1893-1933
SCOTT Ada Bone and J H Michaux
SCOTT Alice W 1879-1971
SCOTT Arthur W and Arlene
SCOTT Bertha J and Lewis P
SCOTT Buck 1927-1996
SCOTT Carl C 1882-1966
SCOTT Carl Reagan 1904-1966
SCOTT Charles M and Ruth O
SCOTT Clara B 1926-1972
SCOTT Curtis Warren 1903-1984
SCOTT Dorris Faye 1922-1989
SCOTT Edna ALLARD 1910-1997
SCOTT Emma Mary 1878-1960
SCOTT Ernestine LaVERNE 1910-1994
SCOTT Ethan Alvy Jr and Jo Nell RICH
SCOTT Frank E 1894-1962
SCOTT George W and B Kathryn
SCOTT Gregg William 1977-1999
SCOTT Hilliard J 1876-1938
SCOTT Ida E 1896-1977
SCOTT Isaac C 1856-1951
SCOTT John A and Marjorie L
SCOTT Linnie DAVISON 1878-1967
SCOTT Marjorie G 1905-1966
SCOTT Mary Catherine COWAN 1915-2000
SCOTT Mary Etta 1878-1959
SCOTT Nellie Houx 1886-1935
SCOTT Norah DAVIES 1891-1975
SCOTT Sarah E 1844-1939
SCOTT Seabourn A 1918-1975
SCOTT Thomas Oscar 1883-1939
SCOTT Valeria ASHLEY 1892-1950
SCOTT Vida D 1912-1946
SCOTT Walter T and Ruby L
SCOTT Warren B 1884-1956
SCOTT William L 1880-1945
SCOTT William Rufus 1889-1937
SCOTT Wm B 1878-1944
SCOTT Zelda R 1883-1950
SCOVILLE Floy 1865-1940
SCRIMSHER Mercie 1890-1981
SCRUGGS J Walter 1880-1932
SCRUGGS Lee O 1887-1965
SCRUGGS Mamie 1897-1986
SCRUGGS Robert S Jr 1919-1980
SCURLOCK Frank B and Octa P
SCURR Thomas C 1956--1988
SCURR Thomas C 1956-1988
SCURR Wallace T and Muzie ECHOLS
SEARCY Calvin N 1921-1974
SEARCY Eunice M 1918-1972
SEARCY James A 1932-1970
SEARCY John Moore and Pinkie
SEARCY Kenneth C 1905-1964
SEARCY Marilyn L 1933-1939
SEARCY Willard E and Nadine M
SEARS Bennie Ulmer 1898-1966
SEARS Betty L 1933-1974
SEARS C A 1891-1946
SEARS Frieda Margaret 1902-1990
SEARS Grace E 1895-1968
SEARS Harriet 1913-1985
SEARS Maalvina S 1887-1970
SEARS Nannie LANCASTER 1900-1995
SEARS Will R 1886-1948
SEARS Willard F 1892-1955
SEATE Felix Aubrey 1907-1985
SEATE Omega A 1910-1997
SEAWARD Edna B 1882-1956
SEAWRIGHT Mary B 1884-1976
SEAWRIGHT Sam D 1884-1954
SEAWRIGHT Sam Dean 1917-1983
SEAY Lena O and O L
SEAY Lula Birthina and Robert E Lee
SEBADO Leota E MILLER 1899-1940
SEBASTIAN V S 1897-1964
SECOR Valera L and Charles A
SECRIST George E and June M
SEDDON Aubrey M 1903-2002
SEDDON Percy 1894-1967
SEELINGER Harry D 1896-1948
SEELY Dorothy W 1917-1949
SEELY Myrtle 1898-1984
SEGELSTROM Lyle R 1928-1997
SEGREST Jessie Mae RUPARD -1995
SEIBEL Jeanette 1877-1937
SEIBERT Rosella M 1869-1972
SEIDEMAN Emilie 1873-1948
SEIDEMAN Ferdinand 1870-1948
SELBY Esther W 1895-1981
SELBY Flora L 1880-1958
SELBY Nina Geraldine 1922-1970
SELBY W E 1878-1954
SELBY Wm Howard 1901-1957
SELF Clifton 1903-1958
SELF Emma A 1879-1968
SELF Erma Lee and Travis
SELF Louis 1927-1955
SELF Roy E and Easter L
SELF Thomas J Sr 1871-1934
SELFRIDGE Frank E Jr 1913-1938
SELLARS Helyn SHAVER 1921-1968
SELLERS Arthur and Stella
SELLERS Arthur Ward and Stella Mae
SELLERS C A Bob 1923-1970
SELLERS Jeffrey F and Paul A
SELLERS Ollie A 1893-1966
SELLMAN H Etta THORN 1898-1974
SELTZER Eugene P 1896-1975
SELTZER Mildred 1896-1963
SELTZER Viola F 1901-1988
SENIOR Carl A and Thelma C
SENTELL Olen P 1903-1973
SENTER William B 1912-1971
SERMENO Epifania 1884-1967
SESSION Maxine and R L
SESSIONS Joseph Benjamin 1875-1947
SEVDY James Daniel 1943-1980
SEWELL Anna Mae 1893-1984
SEWELL Benj Pollard 1926-1926
SEWELL Cleora Jane and Edward P
SEWELL Harvey C 1885-1955
SEWELL Jack 1927-1936
SEXTON Dorothy I 1930-
SEXTON Floence N 1894-1950
SEXTON Thelma Jo 1913-1995
SEXTON William Roy 1925-1988
SEYDLER Arnold Azielee
SEYMOUR J Edmund 1860-1942
SEYMOUR Martha Ann 1865-1949
SEYMOUR William Edgar 1890-1958
SEYSTER Vivian M and Raymond A
SHACKELFORD Ernest L 1904-1943
SHACKELFORD Velma Sue RILEY 1931-2003
SHACKLEFORD Elizabeth 1921-1939
SHACKLEFORD James Johnson 1886-1975
SHACKLEFORD Malcomb 1911-1996
SHADDOX John O 1915-1973
SHADLE Euna Belle 1914-1993
SHADLE Jerry B 50-
SHAFER Christina H and Robert H
SHAFER Linda Sue 1955-1955
SHAFER Peggy 1928-1999
SHAHAN Mary Frances and Herman Talton
SHAMBURGER Lewis 1904-1931
SHAMBURGER Mary E 1871-1945
SHAMBURGER P M 1869-1932
SHANKLE Eddie W and Ruth E
SHANKLE Lula M and William Eugene
SHANKLE Travis Edward 1938
SHANKS Fred E 1862-1956
SHANKS Harvey R 1915-1978
SHANKS Joan Reese 1868-1953
SHANKS John Reese 1899-1935
SHANKS Neva L 1893-1983
SHANKS Robert C Dr 1883-1943
SHANNON Glen H and Minnie M
SHANNON Johnnie Carolyn 1943
SHANNON len Homer 1913-1965
SHANNON Max Edward and Velma
SHANNON Michael Howard 1953-1977
SHARBER Elsie M 1910-1987
SHARBER John H 1912-1979
SHARP Charles Lee Charlie and Claudia M
SHARP Chas L Rev and Elva H
SHARP Ella LINDSEY 1873-1965
SHARP Estelle Mae 1908-1943
SHARP R T and Buana
SHARP Robert H 1904-1080
SHARP Rocky Dwayne 1985-1986
SHARP Thelma W and Ernest Gus
SHARP William L Sr 1909-1956
SHARPE Florence A 1872-1960
SHARPE Homer F 1893-1968
SHARPE Jim Buddy 1945-1949
SHARPE Johnnie M 1895-1984
SHARPE Margaret YOUNG 1910-2002
SHARPE Martin Luke 1915-1965
SHATTUCK Edith Lisle and Rex Edmund
SHAUNFIELD Lee T and Madee A
SHAVER Clara L 1885-1983
SHAVER Ella Britain and G Earnest
SHAVER James Alvin 1905-1995
SHAW Catherine Lucas 1912-
SHAW Charles Alan 1957-1976
SHAW Charles L 1873-1953
SHAW F Loyd 1919-1945
SHAW Frank Loyd 1919-1945
SHAW Harmon Howell 1904-1960
SHAW Henry C 1916-1996
SHAW Lela L and Charles W
SHAW Lillie M and Claude
SHAW Luvenia M 1905-1952
SHAW Margaret Curtis 1915-1991
SHAW Mary C and Edward S
SHAW Mildred D and Glen Robert
SHAW Nettie M 1917-1943
SHAW Viola Grace 1897-1977
SHAW William Bryant 1896-1976
SHAWVER Clara E 1908-1998
SHEAD - Harvey P 1883-1962
SHEAFFER Mary Ann 1952
SHEAFFER Ralph John and Betty Lee
SHEARMAN Jim and Fay
SHEATS Ben Dean 1926-1960
SHEEGOG Cecil H 1907-1986
SHEEGOG Cecilia 1949-1995
SHEEGOG Edmond Frazier 1872-1938
SHEEGOG Essie Cornelia 1883-1966
SHEEGOG Frederick Bryan 1898-1970
SHEEGOG Mary Alice 1910-1954
SHEEHAN Dennis J 1912-1954
SHEETS A L Shakie and Nona Inez
SHEFFIELD Billy and Elizabeth
SHEFFIELD Christine E 1945-
SHEFFIELD Jessie Inez 1886-1969
SHEFFIELD Myrtle WOOD 1906-2002
SHEFFIELD Shane N 1972-1999
SHELBY John Alexander Jr 1922-2001
SHELBY John Alexander Sr and Vera Stella
SHELBY Ruth C 1899-1936
SHELBY William Reece and Luella
SHELBY Wm James 1872-1950
SHELL Margie B 1930-1984
SHELL Seaward J and Wanda J
SHELLEY Twyla Deanna Marie 1980-1980
SHELTON boy 1976
SHELTON Forrest B and Norene T
SHELTON James R 1885-1954
SHELTON Marcella Z 1926-2000
SHELTON Paul Jos A 1956-1970
SHELTON Richard H 1920-1987
SHELTON Richard H and Mary R
SHELTON Sallie 1892-1961
SHELTON Sheppard Carl and Cecil Pauline
SHELTON William E 1903-1967
SHEPHARD Hugh 1883-1972
SHEPHERD Kenneth Gaylan iii 1971
SHEPHERD Susie Anna and Claude E
SHEPPARD Fern R and Howard
SHEPPARD Hermon and Patsy
SHEPPARD Tommy Ray 1934-1977
SHERIF E W and Dorothy Jo
SHERIF Edward Watson 1925-1952
SHERMAN Sherry Ann 1956-1985
SHERMAN Victor F 1919-1963
SHERWOOD W A Bill 1876-1967
SHETTER L D Doodle 1924-1949
SHEVELAND Amelia M 1897-1981
SHEVELAND Arthur T 1895-1941
SHIELDS Dewey H 1898-1975
SHIELDS William Elmer 1895-1961
SHIELDS William S Jr 1921-1997
SHIELDS Dan G 1898-1947
SHIELDS Ruth 1895-1965
SHIELDS Janet Doris 1962
SHIELDS Leona Hancock 1921-1979
SHIELDS O Leon and Doris Evelyn
SHIELDS Richard D 1955-2001
SHILLING Dewey S Sr and Melba G
SHILLING Gordon L and Margaret A
SHILLING Grace R and Dewey S Sr
SHILLING Matthew P Rupp
SHILLING Ruby I and Don D
SHILLING Ruth C and Luther B
SHIMKUS Wilma Jean EAKINS and Donald
SHINE Timothy J and Mary F
SHIPE Lula S and Abba M
SHIPLEY Christopher Michael 1949-1953
SHIPLEY Julia 1870-1964
SHIPLEY Richard Lee and Gertrude Dorinda
SHIPP Ira 1880-1945
SHIPP J D and Fannie
SHIPPEE Willis C 1873-1943
SHIRLEY Herbert H 1908-1982
SHOAF Charles E and Amanda
SHOEMAKER H G 1903-1965
SHOEMAKER O N 1890-1964
SHOEMAKER Sallie E 1857-1935
SHOEMAKER Stella 1894-1973
SHOEMAKER W W Dr 1857-1934
SHOFFIT Jimmy C 1916-1953
SHOFITT Jack B 1918-1978
SHOFITT Pearl C 1892-1989
SHOFNER Bertha L 1909-2003
SHOFNER John Harris 1864-1937
SHOFNER Kate Kythe 1873-1968
SHOFNER Mary Alice 1909-
SHOFNER Paul Wesley 1906-1990
SHOFNER Tommy Elizabeth 1895-1938
SHOOK John Roy 1939-1978
SHOPE Gertrude -1952
SHORT A J and family
SHORT A J Sr 1870-1948
SHORT Carmen P 1898-1956
SHORT Dessie Rose 1907-1930
SHORT Jessie 1897-1982
SHORT John M 1894-1955
SHORT Luford Raymond 1906-1966
SHORT Ted Allen 1902-1949
SHORT William Ira and Naomi OAKES
SHORTT Alfred Fred and Jessie D
SHOULTS Clyde A and Martha G
SHOUP Glen E and Nancy M
SHOW Bessie DABENPORT 1901-1945
SHOWEN Vina L 1911-1988
SHOWN Eloise 1898-1932
SHPACK Allen Babe 1911-1933
SHPACK Kornelius and Lulia
SHPACK SPOCK Cornelius Karl and Ruth Est
SHREWDER John Shaw 1900-1958
SHREWDER Lorine FLASKRUD 1912-1992
SHRIVER Joseph J 1910-1959
SHROPSHIRE Billie Ann 1952-1953
SHROPSHIRE E S 1894-1955
SHROPSHIRE H Lee and Beulah
SHROPSHIRE J Henry 1867-1935
SHROPSHIRE Jessie P 1892-1986
SHROPSHIRE Levingston L 1879-1963
SHROPSHIRE Waneta and John Henry
SHUFF Ruby Fern HAWKINS GARNER 1914-1974
SHUGART Roddy Lee 1957-1981
SHULER Carolyn 1949-2003
SHULER Winnie L and Marion C
SHULTS James Jimmy 1926-1998
SHULTZ Evalyn Lane 1898-1937
SHULTZ Jacob P 1867-1933
SHULTZ Sue Ball 1872-1954
SHUNKEY Albert W 1910-1960
SHUNKEY James A 1938-1974
SHUNKEY James Michael 1962-1963
SHURFIELD Maryhelen 1929-1979
SHURMON Verner R and Joyce Edith
SHUTTER Robert Lee 1918-1992
SHYTLES John T MD and Lee-Ann
SHYTLES Katherine Elizabeth and John Tho
SHYTLES Rachel L and William M MD
SICELOFF Mary POWELL and John Andrew
SICKLES Julie Annette 1969-1973
SIDDALL Charles M 1901-1963
SIDDALL Lula Mae 1909-
SIEBEL Claudia E 1888-1957
SIEBEL Ollie L 1894-1978
SIEBMAN Alwana GARY 1924-1963
SIKES Warren R and Dora L
SILCOX Charley D 1882-1938
SILCOX Golda R and Ray W
SILCOX W Myrtle 1886-1973
SILLS Billy West 1928-2002
SILVA Cecilia C 1908-1997
SILVA Ernesto J 1908-1976
SILVEIRA Mae Belle HEFNER 1909-1997
SILVERMAN Tennie M 1883-1952
SILVERNAIL Leah E 1881-1938
SILVERTON Hugo 1907-1933
SILVERTON O G 1860-1930
SILVERTON Oliver G 1905-1952
SILVERTON Selma P 1879-1951
SIMMONS - Birdie G 1877-1963
SIMMONS - Vertrees Gates and Katherine D
SIMMONS - W D M 1872-1939
SIMMONS - William David and Charlotte M
SIMMONS Angela Renee 1965-1965
SIMMONS Irvin E and Jo Ethel
SIMMONS J Whitson and Elizabeth J
SIMMONS Julie Robin 69-70
SIMMONS Mary Belle 1927-1987
SIMMONS Pauline M 1893-1964
SIMMONS Richard B 1888-1940
SIMMONS Velma 1912-1966
SIMMONS Woody and Alice
SIMPKINS Ralph M -1935
SIMPSON Alta Ruth 1920-1994
SIMPSON Lyman G and Edith M
SIMPSON Trudy 1945-1947
SIMPSON Albert C 1890-1963
SIMPSON Beatrice and Enos Lee
SIMPSON Bess 1889-1982
SIMPSON Charlie K and Arrie B
SIMPSON Claud W 1887-1961
SIMPSON Fred StJohn and Velma Pearl
SIMPSON Frederick W 1903-1983
SIMPSON Freelin H and Doris E
SIMPSON Grace W 1886-1967
SIMPSON Imogene S 1922-1971
SIMPSON J Fisher 1887-1963
SIMPSON James Ray 1915-2001
SIMPSON James W 1929-1958
SIMPSON James Wesley iii 1978-1981
SIMPSON Jeff W 1917-1980
SIMPSON Jewell Lee 1919-1982
SIMPSON Lillie 1903-1970
SIMPSON Lucinda Elizabeth and James Thom
SIMPSON M Lola 1894-1983
SIMPSON Marie 1905-1955
SIMPSON Morette 1895-1978
SIMPSON Myrtle CROSSER 1889-1961
SIMPSON Sarah Ethel 1894-1941
SIMPSON Violet O 1921-1970
SIMPSON W L 1898-1953
SIMPSON Willard Bert 1910-1981
SIMPSON William John and Alice Mae
SIMPSON Willie A 1894-1960
SIMS Anna Mae 1907-1979
SIMS Billy Mack 1925-1986
SIMS Earnest and Alice P
SIMS Frank O 1895-1966
SINCLAIR Ray Whitfield and Clara Dee WIT
SINCLAIR son 1938-1938
SINGER Samuel Freedom 1871-1949
SINGLETERRY Docia 1893-1980
SINGLETERRY Herman Virgil and Elsie R LO
SINGLETERRY J Paul 1901-1975
SINGLETERRY Jessie 1905-1988
SINGLETERRY John T 1855-1936
SINGLETERRY M Ella 1871-1939
SINGLETON Guy 1890-1973
SINGLETON Mamye 1900-1954
SINGLETON Sarah M 1870-1951
SISK Jack Leon 1935-1974
SISK John W 1935-2002
SISSERSON Edouard B 1898-1946
SISSERSON Jane W 1869-1930
SISSERSON William Rev 1871-1945
SISSERTON Mary LANE and Chas H Rev
SITCHLER Willie Mae 1916-1936
SITTON Augusta Faye BUNCH 1919-2003
SITTON Carl Vernon 1928-1996
SITTON Gussie Iva 1898-2980
SIZEMORE James Walker 1907-84
SIZEMORE Shelly B 1890-1934
SKAGGS Bert 1889-1951
SKAGGS Edith 1886-1975
SKAGGS James E 1857-1946
SKAGGS Lulu 1857-1945
SKAGGS William C 1902-1938
SKAGGS Wilma V 1907-1987
SKALBERG Margaret Viola 1921-2001
SKELDING George 1855-1943
SKELTON Beverly RAINWATER 1926-2002
SKELTON Charles W 1917-1991
SKELTON I Paul and Ola B
SKIDMORE Nettie M 1895-1941
SKILES Genevieve N and L Frank
SKINNER John Wm 1904-1948
SKINNER John Wm Jr 1924-1973
SKINNER Paul Leroy 1919-1972
SKINNER Ronald Young 1965-1965
SKIPPER Earl R 1911-1993
SKIPWITH Floyd Edward 1915-1969
SKIPWITH Geo W and Edith
SKIPWITH Mary E 1938-1943
SKIPWORTH Sidney W 1872-1953
SLAGLE Barbara J 1930-2002
SLAGLE Raymond R Sr 1920-1998
SLATER Arthur and Billie Jo
SLAUGHTER Howard B 1894-1952
SLAUGHTER Kate H 1898-1970
SLAUGHTER Patricia C 1945-1964
SLAUGHTER Trixie 1900-1944
SLAYTON David Loyd 1918-1973
SLEDZ Betty Aline 1935-
SLEDZ Walter Carl 1966-1999
SLEDZ Yhomas Frank Henry 1968-1969
SLENTZ Hazel M 1913-1964
SLENTZ Richard Frye 1914-1993
SLIGER Velma H 1899-1977
SLOAN Alberta 1900-1974
SLOAN Carl C 1900-1949
SLOAN Cecile L and Oland C
SLOAN Doris F 1921-1985
SLOAN Glenn and Bonnie
SLOAN Herman R 1913-1970
SLOAN Jimmie Ray 1926-1992
SLOAN Oscar M Mike and Mildred C
SLOAN Peggy J 1930-1996
SLOAN Riley Jim 1917-1935
SLOAT Donald F 1909-1983
SLUPSKI Michal 1895-1954
SMALL John J and Ada
SMALL John Keene 1900-1977
SMALL Travis M 1907-1938
SMART Hallie E 1890-1932
SMART Samuel C 1885-1948
SMARTT Bertha B 1883-1965
SMARTT Coleman T 1904-1935
SMARTT H E 1879-1933
SMERKE Daisy Faye 1891-1937
SMERKE Michael J 1889-1936
SMERKE Nell C and Frank A
SMILEY James Earl 1907-1955
SMILEY Richard Hart and Mary Van
SMISER Butler S 1889-1963
SMISER Juanita O 1909-1975
SMITH Emma 1870-1941
SMITH Robert G 1864-1952
SMITH Henry J 1878-1941
SMITH Lillie N 1884-1948
SMITH Clifford A 1912-1974
SMITH L A 1885-1945
SMITH L A Jr 1920-1962
SMITH Lula 1887-1956
SMITH -and -
SMITH 10 Ruel C 1919-1974
SMITH 11 Ora B 1878-1956
SMITH 11 Oscar 1871-1932
SMITH 5 Glen Buck 1947
SMITH 5 W H 1860-1938
SMITH 5 W H Mrs 1874-1960
SMITH 6 James C 1862-1942
SMITH 6 Lena S 1864-1945
SMITH 6 Roscoe C and Ora D
SMITH 7 V O 1916-1978
SMITH 8 Ellawee 1897-1990
SMITH 8 Simon 1898-1965
SMITH 8 Wesley W 1929-1959
SMITH 9 Earl 1885-1946
SMITH 9 Effie SHARP 1890-1985
SMITH A J 1912-1975
SMITH Ada Bevel and Harry F
SMITH Albert P and Minnie Ola
SMITH Alfred J 1862-1938
SMITH Alice L 1893-1969
SMITH Alicia 1894-1974
SMITH Allie KNIGHT 1892-1976
SMITH Amos Elbert 1918-1973
SMITH Annie Bell and Carter G
SMITH Annie L 1891-1963
SMITH Annie Lee 1889-1957
SMITH Annie M 1868-1944
SMITH Arthur Monroe and Dorothy MORRISON
SMITH Avon 1919-2001
SMITH Babe and Buster
SMITH Barbara Ann 1941-1999
SMITH Berta BELL and Willie Alton
SMITH Bess POWELL 1894-1956
SMITH Bessie L 1922-1980
SMITH C B 1876-1938
SMITH Campbell 1895-1956
SMITH Carl B and Jeanette
SMITH Carl L and Dovie L
SMITH Carol Ann 1942--1984
SMITH Carrie E 1862-1932
SMITH Carroll G and Georgia M
SMITH Cecil Alvin and Evora Jean
SMITH Cecil C 1900-1983
SMITH Celia Mae 1894-1940
SMITH Charles C 1920-1983
SMITH Charles Kirby 1947-1991
SMITH Charles Lee and Glenda Rue
SMITH Charles Otto 1875-1949
SMITH Charles Sr and Ollie M
SMITH Charles William 1895-1965
SMITH Clara A 1840-1936
SMITH Clara M 1884-1972
SMITH Clarence E and Margaret
SMITH Clarence L 1892-1964
SMITH Clarence W and Zora B
SMITH Clarence Wesley 1896-1964
SMITH Conrad E and Grace COGGANS
SMITH Cora and A P Rev
SMITH D H 1855-1937
SMITH David E 1923-
SMITH David W 1878-1967
SMITH Dock A 1880-1953
SMITH Donald Leroy 1932-2001
SMITH Donald Wayne 1949-1993
SMITH Donna Jo 1964-1996
SMITH Donna R 1941-2002
SMITH Dott Edward 1894-1971
SMITH Ed 1900-1981
SMITH Edward 1895-1969
SMITH Edward M 1861-1937
SMITH Elgin Dwight and
SMITH Elizabeth W 1881-1962
SMITH Elmer F 1903-1973
SMITH Elva M and John C
SMITH Ennis 1886-1965
SMITH Ernest R 1898-1985
SMITH Eugenia 1874-1957
SMITH Eula LESTER 1896-1967
SMITH Eunice F 1895-1973
SMITH Evelyn KISER and Paul Blane
SMITH Forrest Leo 1901-1951
SMITH Frances E 1909-1988
SMITH Frank Dan 1937-2003
SMITH Fred Graddy 1903-1982
SMITH Fredrica M 1861-1943
SMITH Gay Allen 1890-1965
SMITH Geraldine and J Herb
SMITH Gertrude V and Samuel W
SMITH Gilbert B and Ann BANTA
SMITH Gladys V Penny 1907-1997
SMITH Grace Elaine 1933-1984
SMITH Grady and Lois M
SMITH Gregory K and Artemis
SMITH Gregory Lynn Bobo 1945-1975
SMITH H Kenneth Jr 1931-1936
SMITH Hardin A 1913-1967
SMITH Harmon C 1922-1981
SMITH Harold F 1924-1997
SMITH Harry M and Katherine K
SMITH Harry William 1883-1960
SMITH Henry Eli and Julia Ann
SMITH Hershal Taft 1911-1982
SMITH Hiam C 1853-1941
SMITH Ina Effie 1881-1960
SMITH Irene 1908-
SMITH Isaac N 1865-1932
SMITH Isaac W Mrs 1876-1942
SMITH Isaac W Sr 1878-1948
SMITH J Lloyd and Annie Mae
SMITH Jack Gearod 1904-1971
SMITH Jack Jr 1922-1979
SMITH Jake Clarence 1917-2002
SMITH James H and Rose L
SMITH James Jerry 1891-1941
SMITH James L 1889-19949
SMITH James Walter 1884-1940
SMITH James William 1977-1980
SMITH Jane Kathryn 1926-
SMITH Janice SORRELS 1921--1953
SMITH Janice SORRELS 1921-1953
SMITH Jerry Lee Jr 1973-1973
SMITH Jesse 1934-1984
SMITH Jesse A and Gertrude E
SMITH Jesse Gilbert Jr and Jonathan Lynn
SMITH Jewel 1904-1961
SMITH Jimmie Louise 1921-1992
SMITH Joe C 1922-1959
SMITH Joe C and Mary L
SMITH Joe David 1956-1991
SMITH Joe Jr and Evelyn Louise
SMITH Joe M and Julia Maude
SMITH John A 1921-1985
SMITH John C R 1907-1959
SMITH John H and Helen R
SMITH John W 1878-1935
SMITH John W and Louise B
SMITH Johnnie WATERS 1885-1959
SMITH Joseph W and Nelda MORRISON
SMITH Kathryn WADSWORTH 1918-1983
SMITH Katie Inez 1903-1984
SMITH LaDelle and D O
SMITH Leah Marie 1982-1982
SMITH Lee R 1909-1967
SMITH Lelon H 1909-1995
SMITH Lena 1858-1933
SMITH Lena Mae 1906-1998
SMITH Lena Mae and Roger A
SMITH Leon R and Margaret D
SMITH Leslie T and Gladys L
SMITH Lloyd Henry 1918-1972
SMITH Lois M 1924-1994
SMITH Loolah LAWS 1881-1977
SMITH Louise McCLENDON and Lucius P Jr
SMITH Lucille E 1896-1949
SMITH Lucy Jane S 1901-1984
SMITH Lula Belle 1903-1953
SMITH Maggie 1868-1960
SMITH Maggie L 1906-1965
SMITH Maggie Mae 1905-1958
SMITH Margaret 1871-1961
SMITH Margaret and Ricky
SMITH Margarite R and Gay R
SMITH Marie Ellen 1921-1970
SMITH Marie Ray and Jack W
SMITH Martin Burks 1941-1941
SMITH Mary 1886-1954
SMITH Mary A and D L Fate
SMITH Mary E and George E
SMITH Mary E and Seymour C
SMITH Mary Grace LEFTWICH 1918-
SMITH Mary McALISTER 1846-1943
SMITH Maude 1878-1965
SMITH Maude T 1877-1945
SMITH Maye DAVEY and Thomas W
SMITH Maynard G-1921-1994
SMITH Melton H 1917-1952
SMITH Mildred and Nelson
SMITH Mildred E ROGERS 4 1912-
SMITH Minnie 1868-1955
SMITH Minnie Lou 1887-1972
SMITH Mollie E 1880-1962
SMITH Moss Anderson 1900-1979
SMITH Nadine 1923-
SMITH Nellie Leona and J W
SMITH Nettie Frances 1925-1985
SMITH Newton E 1909-1960
SMITH Newton H 1894-1968
SMITH Nona Lula 1913-1938
SMITH Olga A and Millard L
SMITH Oliver Ross and Alice May
SMITH Oma Lavel 1903-1977
SMITH Oscar 1930-1999
SMITH Othell COX 1901-1971
SMITH Pauleen 1899-1999
SMITH Pearl H 1867-1955
SMITH Pearl P 1913-1989
SMITH Posey B and Lura P
SMITH R J and Patsy
SMITH Ralph N and Hettie T
SMITH Randall Leo and Alma Leona C
SMITH Ray D and Larue R
SMITH Robert A and Mary Kay
SMITH Robert Benjamin 1880-1947
SMITH Robert Collins 1908-1979
SMITH Robert Jr 1930-1995
SMITH Ronda Ray Ronnie 1932-2000
SMITH Roy Cornelius 1919-1954
SMITH Royal E and Annie I
SMITH Ruby Cylvia 1909-1987
SMITH Ruby ISBELL 1891-1976
SMITH Ruth K and Samuel J
SMITH Ruth M 1905-2000
SMITH Ruth Virginia 1902-1966
SMITH Sadie G 1891-1978
SMITH Sallie Love 1877-1954
SMITH Samuel Christopher 1916-1974
SMITH Sandra Daniels 1950-1995
SMITH Sara Lucille 1919-1981
SMITH Sarah Jane 1883-1966
SMITH Sarah L 1874-1953
SMITH Sarah Lenora 1935-1935
SMITH Scott Coleta and Leatha
SMITH Sterling Warren 1879-1959
SMITH Thelma L and Clarence J
SMITH Thomas L 1992
SMITH Vernon Zoe 1903-1967
SMITH Victor G 1872-1936
SMITH Viola Jo and Jud
SMITH W D 1869-1944
SMITH W Jay 1900-1971
SMITH W Scott 1861-1948
SMITH W Sherman 1871-1950
SMITH Walter Durwood 1954-1996
SMITH Warner E 1889-1962
SMITH William Asa 1905-1957
SMITH William B 1894-1979
SMITH William Brown 1896-1949
SMITH William Dee 1908-1975
SMITH William P 1887-1953
SMITH Willie May 1908-1989
SMITH Woodie W and Ada E
SMITH Young L 1889-1968
SMITH Zeb Harrison 1892-1956
SMITHEAL William T and Clara L
SMITHERMAN Otto W and Marian B
SMITHERS Clara E 1880-
SMITHEY Edwin A 1928-1960
SMYERS Fred H 1873-1949
SMYERS Julia H 1891-1978
SNAVELY Mearl L 1915-1964
SNEDECKER Rufus H and Isabelle V
SNEDEKER Mary Jo and Rufus H
SNEED Alvah F and Delphia I
SNEED John Preston 1895-1934
SNEED Martha S 1875-1962
SNEED Thomas L 1864-1940
SNEED Wm E and Ida E
SNELL Charles J and Mary Ann
SNELL Charles T and Bessie
SNELLING Ara V and Rex H
SNELSON Charles M 1876-1956
SNELSON Mary Agnes 1900-1977
SNELSON Quigg 1897-1939
SNELSON Quigg Sr and Quigg Jr
SNIDER Beverly Louise 1911-1955
SNIDER Blanche B 1912-2001
SNIDER Kenneth Bowman 1911-1991
SNIDER Herbert M 1930-1997
SNIDER Vonnie Joyce and Andrew R
SNOOKS Clarence A and Delia M
SNOOKS Cooper 1877-1930
SNOOKS Teresa 1880-1942
SNOW Roberta A 1913-1945
SNOW Fredia 1895-1970
SNOW J R and 1931-1974
SNOW Johnnie C 1908-1965
SNOW Marvin Hight 1892-1955
SNOW Ollie M 1891-1970
SNOW Shorty 1914-1991
SNOWDEN I L 1864-1947
SNOWDEN J T 1870-1951
SNOWDEN John Allen and Mary FINLEY
SNOWDEN Paul P 1895-1970
SNYDER Estella Mae RETTER 1873-1940
SNYDER Lorain N and Lenna Mae
SOLFEN Robert E Jr and Willie Mae
SOLFEN Robert E Sr 1879-1947
SOLIS Fernando C 1931-1994
SOLOMON Dollie 1874-1952
SOLOMON Lloyd 1925-1991
SOLOMON Louise 1924-1995
SOMOGE Ruth BABB 1924-2002
SOMOGE William W 1915-1993
SON Landon F Jr 1948-1965
SONGER Clyde M 1888-1966
SONNENBURG Albert A and Tena B
SONNENBURG Sunny and David
SOPKO Ardelle M and Harry
SOPKO Harry 1913-1961
SORBO Eugene 1902-1971
SORRELLE Martha R and Richard D
SORRELLS Sharon Lee 1947-1964
SORRELLS Virginia Mae 1922-1963
SORRELS Edward Lafayette 1886-1971
SORRELS Mayme L and Jess M
SORRELS Zula GARRETT 1891-1985
SORRELS Zula V and Edward L
SORSBY John Paul 1913-1968
SORY Beatrice Royal 1879-1952
SOUDER Pearl Janet 1916-1974
SOULEK Joseph E 1906-1959
SOURS Florence Eva 1899-1972
SOUTH Donald C 1922-1993
SOUTH Mildred M 1917-2003
SOUTHARD Irene 1914-1987
SOUTHERLAN Esther E 1878-1951
SOUTHERLAN Jonah E 1870-1961
SOUTHERLAN Leah M and Brodie R
SOUTHERLAN Liselotte B and Robert E
SOUTHERLAN Louise and Ervin H
SOUTHERLAND Maggie 1895-1973
SOUTHERLAND Morton D 1941-1949
SOUTHERN Eugenia 1918-1987
SOWELL Otis E Sr and Carrie Esther
SOWERS Donald Blake 1961-1980
SOWERS Jack A and Barbara E
SOWERS Jack D 1932-1972
SOWERS Ote O 1872-1950
SPAIN Eulin T and Vernelle
SPANN M Evelyn and Marvin K
SPARKMAN J C Buck 1908-1938
SPARKMAN Walter A 1887-1969
SPARKS Charles W 1864-1946
SPARKS James Marvin and Wilna May
SPARKS Marie O 1916-1995
SPARKS Marilyn Marie 1927-
SPARKS Rachel Gertrude 1889-1957
SPARKS Richard E Jr 1916-1975
SPARKS Theopolis 1923-1996
SPARKS Wood O 1898-1952
SPARROW Teresa C 1890-1957
SPARROW William H 1886-1963
SPARTAS James J 1906-1956
SPEAR Frances W 1873-1954
SPEAR James A 1870-1944
SPEAR Sybil A 1860-1930
SPEARMAN Frances L and Victor B
SPEARMAN Frances SCHUTLZ 1911-1999
SPEARMAN Harvey -1959
SPEARMAN R W and Effie A
SPEARS Anthony Paul 1973-1991
SPECIA Effie BECKETT 1889-1967
SPECK Ellen PERRY 1895-1976
SPECK James C 1881-1969
SPECK James Carl 1906-1969
SPEEGLE Ryan 1896-1987
SPEEGLE Sammie Lea 1896-1984
SPEER Curtis W 1923-1945
SPEER Louise and John F
SPEER Maxie 1883-1970
SPEER N V Mrs 1860-1944
SPEER Nicholas V 1859-1951
SPEER Patricia Lee SAYLORS 1946-1999
SPEER W N 1884-1968
SPELCE Elizabeth and John Edgar
SPENCE Cecil B and Marion R
SPENCER Bill Ward Dr 1917-1984
SPENCER Craig Lyle Dr 1915-1957
SPENCER Darcy WARD 1895-1957
SPENCER Dennis Ward 1942-2002
SPENCER Eugenia KENNEY 1917-2002
SPENCER Jeb E B 1895-1957
SPENCER Laura E and J E B
SPENCER Mickey Miles 1919-1948
SPENCER Charles E 1921-1990
SPENCER Charlie E 1880-1960
SPENCER Fred Davis 1886-1962
SPENCER Grace JOHNSON 1896-1976
SPENCER John W 1879-1968
SPENCER John Walton 1908-1961
SPENCER Leon 1884-1968
SPENCER Louise E and Fred C
SPENCER Ora H 1886-1981
SPENCER Vera Ella 1891-1980
SPERRY Clarence Herbert 1884-1974
SPERRY Lellia May 1881-1977
SPERRY Ruth Eloise 1910-1983
SPICER Harry S 1931-1983
SPICER John Henry 1911-1990
SPICER Lorene DeLois 1921-1994
SPINKS Elmer Eugene 1895-1969
SPLAWN Mary Catherine 1861-1939
SPOONEMORE H E 1910-1968
SPOONEMORE Nell 1916-1982
SPRACHER Clyde W and Lois B
SPRACIO Joseph A Jr 1940-1970
SPRACIO Joseph A Sr 1910-1971
SPRACKLEN Earl and Wanda
SPRAY Margie 1895-1953
SPRIGGS Raymond L 1922-1979
SPRINGER A Carmel and L Clyde
SPRINGER Leslie E 1907-1996
SPRINGER Ruth W 1914-
SPRINGFIELD Agnes 1861-1943
SPRINGFIELD Paul A 1896-1957
SPRINGS Daisy May 1879-1961
SPRINKLE Allie Lee and Kaye Louise
SPRINKLE Harry and Laura
SPRINKLE James 1935-1956
SPRINKLE Lindal 1900-1961
SPRINKLE Thelma 1902-1962
SPRINKLE Thelma and Lindal
SPRINKLE Wm P Bill 1941-
SPROLES Courtney and Patsy
SPROLES Eva Myrtle 1891-1989
SPROLES Hattie May 1973-1949
SPROLES Helen Lee 1910-1967
SPROLES Lorine and Samuel Preston
SPROLES Reva N and Sam P Jr
SPROLES William James 1865-1937
SPROLES Wm Chester and Bonnie B
SPROULS John H 1880-1963
SPROULS Stella 1886-1932
SPROUSE James A 1874-1945
SPROUSE Salena M 1877-1968
SPURGER James D 1916-1963
SPURLOCK Joe Clarence Marlin and Clarice
SPURLOCK Paul M 1925-1998
SPURLOCK Roma Sue 1940-1951
SQUYERS Horace M 1913-1993
SQUYERS Josephine F 1915-
STACKHOUSE Donnie L and Deborah J
STACKS Melbourne Maurice Sr 1920-1978
STACKS Roy M 1894-1951
STACY Brandon Michael 2000-2000
STACY DeWitt Talmage and Clara B
STACY Howard O J and Vera GOBER
STACY Lorina D 1946-1992
STACY Ollie 1879-1967
STAFFACHER Fred W Happy 1890-1929
STAFFORD Dora E 1881-1958
STAFFORD Ira Wood 1891-1975
STAFFORD Jessie M 1875-1944
STAFFORD Mabel PITTS 1899-1983
STAFFORD Robert N 1911-1951
STAFFORD Sarah Lou 1934-
STAGGS Arthur Jack 1920-1966
STAHL Martha LUSK 1894-1937
STAIR Amos N 1871-1957
STAIR Ida B 1878-1969
STALCUP Anna Helen Blondie 1920-1993
STALEY Alonzo John 1914-1973
STALLARD Cassie A 1884-1981
STALLARD David Kay 1881-1957
STALLARD Frances 1916-
STALLARD George William 1914-1998
STALLARD Minnie J and Elgin M
STALLCUP Ben Tucker and Loraine Jessie
STALLCUP Edith L 1903-1996
STALLCUP Edwin B Ed and Marietta M Tatie
STALLCUP Herschel W and Vera W
STALLCUP Howard B 1896-1970
STALLCUP Loretta 1885-1969
STALLCUP Thomas 1876-1963
STALLINGS H Millard and M Pearl
STALLINGS Mildred Margaret 1920-1920
STALLINGS Cora Lee 1895-1953
STALLINGS Mildred M 1905-1989
STALLINGS W W 1890-1947
STALLTER Walodo E 1873-1951
STAMOS James J 1890-1954
STAMOS Margaret 1893-1979
STAMP James Marion 1874-1958
STAMP James T 1902-1972
STAMP Semora Belle 1881-1954
STAMPS Joseph Henry 1877-1952
STAMPS Julia Catherine 1874-1956
STAMPS Lee Trevor 1968-1992
STANDARD Evelyn Faye and Otis Ray
STANDLEE Alonzo and Eunice E
STANDLEE Dan G 1903-1935
STANDLEE Helen ROSSER 1903-1990
STANDLEE Marjorie H 1926-1989
STANDLEE Robert G 1929-
STANFIELD Charles C 1900-1965
STANFIELD Emmett E 1919-1996
STANFIELD Helen Cecelia 1880-1946
STANFIELD Joseph A 1853-1934
STANFIELD Lee G 1915-1974
STANFIELD Mary E 1854-1929
STANFIELD Nelle Lee 1880-1962
STANFIELD Thelma Estell 1906-1974
STANFIELD Tom Thornton 1900-1964
STANFIELD William Jesse 1877-1936
STANFORD Eric A 1898-1936
STANFORD Juanita C 1895-1989
STANFORD Sallie 1880-1957
STANFORD W B 1878-1937
STANLEY Arthur Lee 1882-1946
STANLEY Charles R 1926-1997
STANLEY Claude E 1921-1994
STANLEY Daniel P and Ivey M
STANLEY Dennis B 1905-1968
STANLEY Frank Wray and Dorothy BARSE
STANLEY Frank Wray Jr and Ruth Helen
STANLEY Lorene J 1902-1969
STANLEY Lula MONNIG 1884-1939
STANLEY Manuel 1877-1939
STANLEY Mary Vashtine 1931-1997
STANLEY Neil MORRIS 1963-1997
STANLEY Opal Ivy and James Lee
STANLEY Robert L 1918-1973
STANLEY Sraah DAVIS 1856-1950
STANLEY Stella Dorothy 1922-1982
STANPHILL Lula S and Thomes J
STANSBERRY Beulah Mae and Robert M
STANSBERRY Billy Bob 1934--1962
STANSBERRY Billy Bob 1934-1962
STANSBERRY Edward M 1928-1974
STANSBERRY Edward M 1928-1974
STANSBERRY Geneva Bonita and James Leon
STANSBERRY Reamond W and Rita M
STANSBERRY Wayne M and Dorothy M
STANTON Mollie W and Leroy A
STAPLES Doyle Howard 1911-1996
STAPLES Lillie C 1872-1962
STARK Addie 1892-1976
STARK D C Rev 1851-1921
STARK Edward Everett 1882-1963
STARK Marmion 1883-1963
STARK Mary E-1860-1934
STARK Rupert D and Lorena
STARK Sarah E 1880-1937
STARK Sidney B 1887-1989
STARKEY Joseph Arthur 1915-1990
STARKEY Samuel C and Myrtle B
STARKS L Settie and Price O
STARKS Loyd R 1915-1995
STARKS Maggie J 1867-1957
STARNES Rachael Rebecca 1924-
STARNES William Jerry 1906-1996
STARNS Buddy 1898-1955
STARNS Mary M 1898-1979
STARR Sallie STULTS 1871-1941
START Eleanor G 1909-1989
STATEHAM J T 1913-1975
STATEHAM William H and Magie Leola
STATEN Dorothy S and J W Jr
STATEN J W and Lennie
STATEN Maud 1895-1988
STAUB Craig Matthew 1956-1982
STEADMAN Lillian Mae and Homer Thomas
STEADMAN Raynette Lea 1968
STEAGALL Mildred Ava KETCHUM 1925-1977
STEED Charles F 1888-1952
STEEL Wiley 1904-1973
STEELE Floyd W 1908-1957
STEELE John E 1881-1956
STEELE Louis John 1907-1935
STEELE Mabel C 1886-1966
STEELE Belle 1880-1953
STEELE Helen L and Lyle F
STEELE Lucy BECKWORTH and Guy Cooper
STEELE Mary E 1898-1946
STEELE Walter 1887-1935
STEELE William H 1886-1959
STEGAL Robb R and Kathryn M
STEGALL John B 1929-1975
STEGIENT L E 1915-1976
STEGINT Dorothy Ann
STEIN Martha E 1885-1954
STEIN Rupert L -1951
STEIN Vesta A 1868-1940
STEINER Arthur Alvin 1896-1950
STEINER Elizabeth A 1864-1948
STEINER Sara Jane 1893-1974
STEINER Walter W 1886-1935
STEINLY Rickey Wayne 1959
STELL Clyde B and Maureen R
STELLAR Albert and Robbie R
STELZER Anna HAVIS 1895-1979
STEPHEN Alvie 1894-1984
STEPHEN Bertie Pearl 1894-1956
STEPHEN Betty Lou 1927-1931
STEPHEN Mattie B 1885-1967
STEPHEN W A C 1875-1953
STEPHEN W Lois 1910-1999
STEPHENS Alfred Floyd 1914-1991
STEPHENS Floyd Andrew 1887-1962
STEPHENS Lettie Helen 1888-1955
STEPHENS Mary Evelyn 1907-1977
STEPHENS Artie H 1899-1966
STEPHENS Calvin M 1926-1981
STEPHENS Fannie R and William A
STEPHENS Hettie 1852-1941
STEPHENS J Cecile 1890-1963
STEPHENS James 1889-1982
STEPHENS James Ben 1880-1956
STEPHENS John R and Berta Arnette
STEPHENS Kenneth 1931-1987
STEPHENS Lawrence R 1897-1946
STEPHENS Lloyd H and Earlene M
STEPHENS Millie 1922-2003
STEPHENS O Lucille 1915-1984
STEPHENS Ola Mae and Ernest L
STEPHENS Robert Lee 1900-1958
STEPHENS Tincie 1917-
STEPHENS Vasco McKinny 1896-1966
STEPHENSON Ann B 1858-1945
STEPHENSON Emma J 1864-1965
STEPHENSON H Crawford 1905-1944
STEPHENSON J W 1847-1931
STEPHENSON John A 1878-1966
STEPHENSON John Gerald 1916-1948
STEPHENSON John W 1861-1935
STEPHENSON Mary ORR 1913-1981
STEPHENSON Sylvia Ann 1935-1981
STEPP Ira E Buddy and Betty Jane HAYES
STEPP Mary Lou 1890-1979
STEPP Thornton A 1891-1970
STEPP William C and Florence W
STEPPICK Joe T and Jennie
STERETT Robert G and Mary E
STERLING Lauren Paige 1989-1990
STEVENS Addie M 1873-1942
STEVENS Albert E 1928-1969
STEVENS Ann Chase 1911-1996
STEVENS Bobbie Jean 1928-1987
STEVENS Charles L and Gwendolyn K
STEVENS Georgia Florence and Walter Ross
STEVENS James Abner 1905-1981
STEVENS John Arnold 1902-1952
STEVENS Lawrence R and Lois M
STEVENS Rhonda Nell 1954-1961
STEVENS Richard P 1952-1983
STEVENS Russell James 1978
STEVENS Wendell J 1923-1991
STEVENS Will J and Laura M
STEVENSON Dorothy C 1922-1994
STEVENSON Walter N Jr 1916-1986
STEVENSON Betty L 1912-1998
STEVENSON Carol 1934-1980
STEVENSON Clyde E 1893-1936
STEVENSON Darwin Gene 1938-1988
STEVENSON Harold Easton 1912-1942
STEVENSON Jay W and Irene Mae
STEVENSON Mary B 1890-1949
STEVENSON Robert Clyde 1919-1984
STEWARD Bessie Pearl 1885-1966
STEWARD Howard Edwin 1914-1967
STEWARD Lorene and Marvin F
STEWARD Myrtle 1896-1958
STEWART Alice and Edwin E
STEWART A C 1892-1943
STEWART Anna BURTON 1877-1963
STEWART Betty and Billie and Sheri
STEWART Bill M and Mary
STEWART Billy Lee 1943-1948
STEWART Carl M 1932-1988
STEWART Caroline and Clarence
STEWART Carroll Lee Jr 1927-1980
STEWART Carroll Lee Sr and Mabel Gladys
STEWART Charles L 1943-1998
STEWART Cranford Lee 1917-2000
STEWART Edward Hoyt 1965-1965
STEWART Hattie L 1864-1938
STEWART Hazel L 1917-1996
STEWART Hiram Abiff 1922-1982
STEWART Iris I 1924-
STEWART Jack C 1951-1991
STEWART Jaime Lynn 1976-1978
STEWART James G 1952-1974
STEWART Jesse 1887-1951
STEWART Joe Leslie 1911-1979
STEWART Lloyd L 1935-1961
STEWART Mandy Rechiel 1976-1976
STEWART Marvin A 1911-1975
STEWART Mattie 1871-1947
STEWART Maye INGRAM 1894-1963
STEWART Nannie B 1872-1952
STEWART Ruby 1912-1961
STEWART Ruth T and Wylie F
STEWART Sara E 1907-1970
STEWART Sheri Kay 1958
STEWART Tony Martin 1957-1972
STEWART W T Dub and Sadie
STEWART William Griff 1866-1952
STIBBS George E 1871-1948
STIBBS Lottie Ellen 1885-1961
STICKELS Aarin O and Irene R
STIER Eleanor 1938-1971
STIER Melinda 1966-1966
STILES Janice Boots and Marquis Lynn Sr
STILLMAN George H 1898-1931
STINEBAUGH Edna 1925-1982
STINEBAUGH Edna E and Ernest H
STINEBAUGH Ernest H 1922-1992
STINNETT Danny Hubert 1956-1969
STINNETT Laura L and Adrian V
STINSON Kathryn 1957-1957
STINSON Mollie C and Henry M
STINSON Ralph 1882-1952
STITT Alta and Homer A
StJOHN Bertha P 1892-1984
StJOHN Carl W 1892-1940
STOCKMAN Ada Mae and Charles
STOCKTON Clarence V 1899-1967
STOCKTON Clydia G 1901-1987
STOCKTON Delores N 1899-1971
STOCKTON Edward C Jr and W Camille
STOCKTON Frances Maxine 1914-1945
STOCKTON Maxine Deane and Luther Robert
STOCKTON William H 1917-1968
STODDARD Jasper W 1886-1964
STODDARD Laura T 1890-1978
STODDARD Lyle Alton 1898-1950
STODDARD Margie L 1921-1943
STODDARD Mary Liza 1857-1946
STODDARD Ray W and Mary E
STOGNER Jacy DALTON Mamie 1899-1976
STOGNER Louie Grey 1884-1952
STOGSDILL Pauline G and Charlie
STOKELY H R Ray 1920-1974
STOKER Bessie Ann 1897-1963
STOKER Cletice and Joy ALTON
STOKES Bobbie Lloyd 1943-1950
STOKES Edgar Andrew 1896-1975
STOKES Garnett B 1905-1960
STOKES Hilma Jeanette 1914-1989
STOKES Lillian 1902-1989
STOKES Loyd D 1912-1982
STOKES Mary K Kitty and Lone B
STOKES William H 1884-1937
STOKES William Nelson 1953-1978
STONE Leslie L 1892-1952
STONE Adolph M and Clara M
STONE Besse 1899-1949
STONE Bessie Mae 1889-1959
STONE Bethul 1896-1987
STONE Charles S 1872-1937
STONE Frank 1886-1970
STONE Harriet Jane 1853-1932
STONE Jeffrey J 1969
STONE Juanita B and Charles E
STONE Mary E 1868-1943
STONE Mattie J 1878-1962
STONE Maude SLAUGHTER 1912-1985
STONE Modie and Lottie
STONE Oleta 1918-1949
STONE William Lloyd 1916-1979
STONE Willis French Jr 1907-1995
STONE Willis French Sr 1884-1953
STOORZA Edwin L and Virginia
STOORZA John and Josephine
STOREY Leonard W and Elizabeth C
STOREY Ralph I and A Maxine
STOREY son 1947
STORM Marjorie J 1926-1970
STORRS Lois KELLEY 1922-1999
STORY A H 1906-1962
STORY Mamie OAKES 1910-1983
STORY Beatrice June 1921-1992
STORY Buford Y and Nannie L
STORY Desdie Dealva and Carl W Sr
STORY Jack 1913-1986
STORY John R 1925-1974
STORY Josephine and Fred James
STORY Mornin Henry 1869-1942
STORY Roy E 1915-1981
STORY Shelley L 1900-1955
STORY Treva Lometa and Harris Drury
STOTTS Eula May WEAVER 1892-1971
STOUT Charles F 1934-1975
STOUT Henry E and Genelle C
STOUT Jennifer M and Jmes W
STOUT Joseph F Jr 1919-1967
STOUT Robert V 1895-1971
STOUT Stella POSTON 1887-1958
STOUT Willie Ann 1875-1945
STOVALL Johnnie 1916-1940
STOVALL Anna Marie 1933-1938
STOVALL Fred F 1897-1939
STOVALL Grace M 1896-1960
STOVALL Jack T and Martha SOOK
STOVALL Margaret T 1884-1958
STOVALL Maude 1887-1967
STOVALL Richard H 1895-1964
STOVALL Shirley M 1911-1996
STOVALL Walter A Sr 1893-1975
STOVER Beulah E 1888-1960
STOVER Jeannie KITTRELL 1945-1994
STOVER Joe 1888-1950
STOVER Joe Jr 1913-1937
STOVER Lynden W 1921-1986
STOVER Viola L 1923-1946
STOWE Don J 1921-2001
STOWE Dorothy E 1922-
STOWE Myrtle W 1896-1987
STOWE Walter H 1876-1945
STOWE Billie Ruth and Hugh Lee
STOWE Jesse Don 1988
StPIERRE Steven R 1957-1959
STRAIN Addie E and Karl Clark
STRANGE Gladys NOWLIN 1903-1986
STRANGE Icie Mae 1888-1951
STRANGE Johnna Ja Nee 1961
STRANGE Willoughby T 1909-1991
STRANGE Wm Calvin 1877-1942
STRATTON Fred H and Virginia
STRATTON Ray and Lanelle
STREET Asa J 1866-1940
STREET Eunice Elwood 1886-1955
STREET Gladys 1900-1972
STREET Guy O 1889-1980
STREET Helen Belle 1896-1960
STREET Ina Belle 1896-1953
STRICKLAND Dorothy L 1910-1990
STRICKLAND Frances 1899-1959
STRICKLAND Frances Bellah and James R
STRICKLAND Maggie Ann 1891-1971
STRICKLAND Wm Paul 1904-1985
STRIEGEL Donald A and L Vernon
STRIPLING Johnnie DAVIS 1908-1932
STRIPLING Raymond and Marie
STRIPLING Richard 1939-1981
STRODER Ben F 1888-1954
STRODER Thelma A 1901-1982
STROHLE Ida 1889-1962
STRONG Charley and Jessie
STRONG Jesse M and Theo G
STROUD Gladys M 1906-1959
STROUD Henry Allen 1966-1984
STROUD Lawrence B 1925-1996
STROUD Stephen R Jr 1970-1971
STROUD W T Bill 1900-1995
STROUP Jimmie Lee 1933-1936
STROUP John Addie 1878-1940
STROUP Johnnie W and Viola M
STROUP Minnie E 1889-1939
STROUP Peggy Ann and Billy Don Bill
STROUP Robert E 1914-1995
STROUP William David 1952-1952
STROW Walter E Jr 1915-1975
STRUBE Ernest Fay 1880-1958
STRUBE Mary Ellen 1889-1944
STRUTTON Rosella V and John A
STRUVE Clemens A 1876-1967
STRUVE Goldie M 1914-1988
STUARD Johnece and Ross R Jr
STUARD Ross T and Mittie J
STUART Horton 1948
STUART Roy Louis 1930-1951
STUART Alta CROSS and Millie and Frank
STUART Olive M 1885-1966
STUART R B and Glasys
STUART Robert A and Beatrice H
STUART Sam Houston 1892-1954
STUART William and Harriett B
STUBBS Charles Allen Sr and Valera WILSO
STUBBS Emma B 1885-1951
STUBBS Robert Clay 1940-1969
STUCKEY Herbert F and Mollie Lee
STULL Thomas Arthur Sr 1938-1998
STURGEON Annie Mae 1903-1979
STURGEON Gus C 1901-1963
STURGES Joseph 1885-1947
STUTEVILLE James Medd 1891-1969
STUTEVILLE Kathy Lynn 1953-1957
STUTEVILLE Ollie Eustace 1888-1959
STUTF Karl F 1952-1994
STYLES Earl Henry 1906-1989
STYLES Harrison C 1881-1947
STYLES Maude M 1882-1974
SUDDATH Charlie Lee 1898-1968
SUDDATH Maudie Inez 1904-1978
SUDDERTH Rozelle PARSONS and C M Stocky
SUDERMAN Clarence 1921-1992
SUDERMAN Rose 1919-
SUITER Shirley TINKLE 1929-
SULLIVAN Arthur A 1865-1959
SULLIVAN Ben F and Lorene A
SULLIVAN Celia Marie 1871-1931
SULLIVAN Dennis Gerald 1914-1955
SULLIVAN Eva T 1876-1958
SULLIVAN George M 1871-1955
SULLIVAN Michael I and Beulah B
SULLIVAN Minnie 1874-
SULLIVAN Pat R 1880-1938
SULLIVAN Velma 1896-1972
SUMMERHILL John T Jr 1921-1943
SUMMERHILL Lena Blake 1890-1979
SUMMERLIN Glenn and Jo
SUMMERS Bernard E Bud 1916-1972
SUMMERS John E 1894-1963
SUMMERS Odessa M and James L
SUMMERS Tobias and Myrtle H
SUMMEY Minnie 1890-1944
SUMNER Laura 1869-1948
SUMPTER Earl R and Ruby N
SUMRALL daddy paw and big mother
SUMRALL Jewell Lee and Ava Ray
SURBER William Orville 1906-1945
SURLES Bettie 1911-1989
SURLES Hubert 1907-1992
SUTTLE Sep B 1899-1962
SUTTON Amanda Jane 1881-1933
SUTTON Ann Francews 1905-1995
SUTTON Barbara Gail 1932-1943
SUTTON Berder Lee Bee 1927-1999
SUTTON Isaac Jack and Ruth
SUTTON James E 1890-1955
SUTTON Jerry Lee 1887-1966
SUTTON Kathryn M 1949-1987
SUTTON Rosevelt Franklin 1933-2002
SUTTON Sallie P 1869-1956
SVENSSON Margaret 1901-1993
SWACKHAMER Billie Bess 1920-
SWACKHAMER Henry Lee and Marguerite
SWACKHAMER John W 1924-1991
SWACKHAMER Luther Edd and Rosa L
SWAFFORD Clara J and Voil Otis
SWAIM Beatrice 1894-1946
SWAIM Claudia LOFLAND and James E Eddie
SWAIM Jack 1922-1970
SWAIM James A and Letha H
SWAIM Jon 1944-1979
SWAIM Maxine G 1915-1995
SWAIM Robert C 1894-1978
SWAIM Robert Wesley and James Lewis
SWAIM Sara Lynn 1957-1977
SWAIN Mae and Willie Lee
SWALLOW Claudia L 1915-2002
SWALLOW Oscar B 1911-2002
SWALLOW Annie F 1879-1944
SWALLOW J M 1879-1942
SWANCY Eula 1946-1998
SWANK Annie Bell 1868-1951
SWANK W D 1853-1935
SWANN Geraldine and Claude
SWANN Winsor A and Mattie L
SWANSON Charles A 1875-1961
SWANSON Emma 1912-1995
SWANSON Gladys B CARLSON and Oscar Milto
SWANSON Violet 1886-1946
SWARTZ Murtis C and Vera V
SWEENEY Charlie C and Iva R
SWEENEY Fred J and Nellie L
SWEENEY Jennie H 1871-1957
SWEENEY Joseph 1891-1969
SWEENEY Lucille M 1923-1996
SWEET John Jefferson 1877-1935
SWEET Priscilla Maude 1878-1974
SWEET Carl C 1893-1969
SWEET Charles M 1893-1958
SWEET Charles Thomas 1935-1978
SWEET Geneva PITTMAN 1904-1992
SWEET Leila M 1904-1968
SWEET Nellye M and N J
SWEET Thomas and Maudie and Walter and g
SWEET W L and Laura J
SWEET W L Jr 1903-1959
SWEITZER Kathleen Ruth 1950-1988
SWEITZER Paul Damon Sr and Margaret Lera
SWIFT Clara F 1881-1969
SWIFT Irene E nd Seth C
SWIFT Ruby Ray 1896-1964
SWINDALL Fannie Mae 1906-1983
SWINDALL J W 1901-1944
SWINDELL Albert E and Lorene P
SWINDELL David James 1954-1966
SWINDELL J T James and Gilbert Evans
SWINDELL Margaret L 1934-1950
SWINDELL Mattie Lee and Samuel Ray
SWINDELL Samuel Ray 1897-1967
SWINDLE HH Emma WM HHJr and Alice
SWINNEY John W and Susan S
SWINNEY William B 1896-1948
SWINNEY William Boyd and Lorraine
SWINNEY Zennah and Maggie and George
SWINNEY Edith E and Edwin S
SWINNEY Maude TAYLOR 1903-1936
SWINSON Evan Questad and Eva Bernice
SWINT Alva Josephine 1884-1964
SWINT D T 1875-1942
SWINT Don Thomas 1946-1971
SWISHER Mabel 1897-1935
SWITZER Al A 1911-1978
SWITZER Bill 1937-1960
SWITZER A A Pop 1887-1967
SWITZER Darrell L 1951-2003
SWITZER Zula 1889-1980
SWORDS Ruth RILEY DDS and Henry Logan MD
SYKES Elizabetn Mae 1903-1979
SYKES Herbert Ernest 1901-1955
SYKES John Herbert 1927-1982
SYRGLEY Lake Phillips 1896-1969
SZABACSAN Andrew Lee 1960-1998
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