Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Rose Hill Cemetery; Shannon - TUV, Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
TABER Charles Hewell and Amelia Faye
TABOR Frances BLAHA 1886-1966
TABOR Joseph Frank 1887-1951
TACKABERRY William J 1948
TACKABERRY William Robert 1908-1988
TACKETT Chloie A 1923-1992
TACKETT Benjamin T and Sally Ann
TACKETT Cecilia FOSTER 1902-1988
TACKETT Chester O Sr 1898-1969
TACKETT Elvin EVERETT 1912-1998
TACKETT John W and Marion N
TACKETT Mary P 1871-1943
TADLOCK Annie E 1866-1938
TADLOCK Louise 1888-1970
TADLOCK Marvin E MD 1879-1965
TAFF Clyde L 1926-1976
TAFT Harold E and Pat
TAFT Jerri Kay 1964-1987
TAFT Misty Dawn 1974
TAGGART Larry and Malinda
TALBERT Elizabeth J 1901-1981
TALBERT Roy W and Gladys M
TALBOT Ethelbert W 1888-1929
TALBOT Alpha A and Willie R
TALBOT Bessie Oleta 1918-1964
TALBOT Jeffrey D 1979-1997
TALLANT Ernest and Pearline
TALLEY Leola 1923-1931
TALLIAFERRO Willie Mae 1902-1984
TAMAYO Frank and Espie
TAMEZ Gilbert 1953-1999
TAMPLIN Bland and Dorothy L
TAMPLIN William B 1920-1972
TAN Bobby -1998
TAN Bobby 1968-1998
TAN Sonny 1932-1993
TANNER Clara Geron 1879-1943
TANNER Richard W 1879-1948
TANNER Donald Jay 1944-1965
TANNER Eleanor Ann 1933-1938
TANNER J C 1920-1997
TANNER J C and Eugenia B
TANNER Nancy L and Donald Jay
TANNER Wade Harmon 1896-1962
TANNER William A 1904-1968
TANT Caldonia Ruth 1851-1940
TANT James Monroe 1856-1945
TARPLEY Finis W 1872-1943
TARPLEY Susie B 1879-1959
TARPLEY Wiley Obie 1905-1946
TARTER Anna B and Bishop H
TARTER Lula Fay 1898-1938
TARVIN Fred C 1885-1945
TARVIN Marion S 1893-1977
TARVIN Philip Edweard 1954-1978
TATE Charles Edwin 1945-1945
TATE Delola D and Freeman S
TATE Gussie H 1899-1976
TATE Robert and Flora E
TATOM Evadene M 1910-1972
TATUM T Alto Sr Rev and Bettie
TAULMAN Daniel Comstock and Vernelle STO
TAUNTON Eddie and Rosemary
TAWATER Henry E and Lela A
TAWATER L Harvey 1893-1970
TAWATER Mary Elizabeth 1884-1976
TAYLOR Guy T 1933-
TAYLOR Ollie W 1885-1959
TAYLOR Stella M 1981-1971
TAYLOR Alvin 1922-1990
TAYLOR Ben 1894-1934
TAYLOR Claudia 1898-1972
TAYLOR George 1889-1951
TAYLOR GERDA E 1870-1935
TAYLOR W R 1862-1956
TAYLOR Alice May 1877-1964
TAYLOR Geirge Grove 1884-1967
TAYLOR Martha L 1851-1932
TAYLOR Melvin B 1849-1936
TAYLOR John A 1876-1952
TAYLOR Lula B 1876-1970
TAYLOR Edna BEARD 1875-1944
TAYLOR Sydney 1883-1936
TAYLOR 8 Effie R 1878-1967
TAYLOR 8 Harry Wilson 1900-1986
TAYLOR 8 Kristen June 1978-1998
TAYLOR 8 Mary EVANS 1914-1988
TAYLOR 8 Nellie BROWN 1907-1991
TAYLOR 8 Thomas Gene 1902-1955
TAYLOR 8 Thomas T 1867-1953
TAYLOR 9 Ethel Mae 1896-1972
TAYLOR 9 Georgia M 1924-1992
TAYLOR 9 H Kirby 1893-1973
TAYLOR 9 Henry Kirby 1858-1934
TAYLOR 9 Sally B 1861-1948
TAYLOR A Samuel 1892-1941
TAYLOR Abbigail R 1900-1980
TAYLOR Adison M 1872-1943
TAYLOR Aileen M 1909-1965
TAYLOR Alice D and Don M
TAYLOR Alice Dean 1933-2001
TAYLOR Annie GOING 1874-1948
TAYLOR Annie R 1877-1938
TAYLOR Betty Lee 1930-1975
TAYLOR Blanche I 1872-1957
TAYLOR Blanche W 1923-1958
TAYLOR Boyd and Ione
TAYLOR C Green 1856-1943
TAYLOR Charles B 1940-1989
TAYLOR Clayton A 1922-1971
TAYLOR Cleo Fain 1896-1993
TAYLOR Clifford A 1890-1957
TAYLOR Clyde L 1892-1941
TAYLOR Cyrus David and Helen Virginia
TAYLOR D Janette 1936-1996
TAYLOR David Ray 1955-1956
TAYLOR Debra Sue 1959-1985
TAYLOR Dovie and Pasco
TAYLOR Earl Jack 1907-1988
TAYLOR Elizabeth Katherine and John Mac
TAYLOR Ella C FORD 1868-1941
TAYLOR Ernest M and Lorene E
TAYLOR Evangeline M 1920-1969
TAYLOR Florence Edith 1896-1973
TAYLOR Frances B and Raymond Leslie
TAYLOR Frances M 1887-1976
TAYLOR Frank T 1886-1948
TAYLOR Fred A 1907-1957
TAYLOR G O 1883-1946
TAYLOR George W 1860-1948
TAYLOR Grace 1898-1985
TAYLOR Henrietta and Elbert R
TAYLOR Herman 1874-1949
TAYLOR Herman W 1924-1963
TAYLOR Hoyt and Verna
TAYLOR Ida Pearl 1889-1974
TAYLOR J Byron 1920-1961
TAYLOR James E 1892-1946
TAYLOR James Floy 1908-1986
TAYLOR James I 1891-1943
TAYLOR James Michael 1964
TAYLOR Jewell L 1899-1976
TAYLOR John C and Myrtle E
TAYLOR John I 1904-1992
TAYLOR Karen B 1957
TAYLOR Karla R 1953-1953
TAYLOR Kittie B 1912-1997
TAYLOR Laduska BROWN 1903-2000
TAYLOR Laverne and Mearl D Sr
TAYLOR Leeora B 1895-1972
TAYLOR Leona W 1893-1978
TAYLOR Luther and Myrtle
TAYLOR Malinda F and William L
TAYLOR Marvin Thomas 1929-1952
TAYLOR Mary Leito 1902-1952
TAYLOR Mary Watkins 1864-1942
TAYLOR Mattie GATES 1895-1988
TAYLOR Maxa M and Charlie M
TAYLOR Minnie Lee 1910-1971
TAYLOR Norman P and Rheta V
TAYLOR O Byron and E Irene
TAYLOR Ollie Maudine Dena HARMON 1925-20
TAYLOR P W 1903-1957
TAYLOR Patricia Lynn 1951-1954
TAYLOR Robert G and Priddie B
TAYLOR Sally L and Howard E
TAYLOR Samuel Storms 1916-1930
TAYLOR Sherry R 1959-2002
TAYLOR Sheryl 1958-1958
TAYLOR Stella E 1902-1985
TAYLOR Velvin N 1912-1934
TAYLOR Vera Elliott 1908-1982
TAYLOR Virginia H and Jodie V
TAYLOR W A Skeet 1911-1984
TAYLOR William A 1877-1957
TAYLOR William B 1887-1950
TAYLOR William F and Mary E
TAYLOR Willie S and Frances Y
TAYLOR Yim Virginia 2001
TEAGARDEN John Henry 1912-1951
TEAGARDEN Wm J and Juanita D
TEAGARDEN Wm Samuel 1879-1951
TEAGUE Howard N Jr Lt 1921-1943
TEAGUE Howard Nugent Sr 1895-1948
TEAGUE Lillian May 1901-1984
TEAGUE Abner F and Doris B
TEAGUE Arthur N and Fannie K
TEAGUE Geo W Sr 1855-19344
TEAGUE George W Jr 1880-1940
TEAGUE Gladys L 1907-1988
TEAGUE W Pearl and Clifford L
TEAL Frances and Jim D
TEASLEY James A 1856-1942
TEDDER Leaton Dave 1910-1930
TEDDLIE Mary Joe and Bobby James
TEDDLIE Maurice A and Jimmie Ruth
TEDFORD Harriet M 1878-1937
TEDFORD J E Rev 1868-1946
TEELER Roy Levi 1931-1976
TELFORD Leonard Leon and Edith
TEMPLE Bettie Louise 1942-1934
TEMPLE Lindy E and Barbara J
TEMPLES Wilbur 1919-1991
TEMPLETON Alfred J 1877-1939
TEMPLETON Louise 1880-1957
TEMPLETON Margaret Jane 1866-1944
TEMPLETON R L Sr and Ethel M
TEMPLETON Wendy HAMM 1967-1998
TENNISON Brady L 1903-1974
TENNISON Evelyn N 1912-1987
TENNISON Nell RILEY and Edgar Earl
TENNISON Will 1873-1955
TERRAZAS Lucy E 1933-1979
TERRAZAS Sixto ii 1932-
TERRELL Chase Everette-1998-2002
TERRELL Cora Lee 1879-1965
TERRELL Robert Alford 1910-1993
TERRELL Willie A 1870-1934
TERRILL Edd and Uel
TERRY Georgia 1901-2003
TERRY H M and Lois
TERRY Hilton C and Wanda L
TERRY Joe 1897-1946
TERRY Joe Louie 1925-1977
TERRY John 1902-1959
TERRY Marco Ryon and Patsy
TERRY Margaret E 1880-1975
TERRY Margie Lou 1943-1981
TERRY Patricia Carol 1939-1939
TERRY Walter O and Edna B
TESSENER Wayne and Marie
TESSMER Charles A -1930
TESSMER Laura MULLINS 1893-1965
THARPE Hattie 1892-1960
THETFORD Mildred 1910-1934
THETFORD son 1956
THETFORD son 1960
THEU Pham Thi Brigitta 1907-1992
THEVENOT Mary F SMITH 8 1920-1966
THIELEMAN Annie Loreta 1900-1943
THIELEMAN Ernest Marion 1897-1963
THIELEMAN Orvil V 1919-1978
THIEMANN Joseph F 1886-1964
THIESSEN Paul G and Dorothy C
THOMAS James Kirkland 1890-1979
THOMAS Norris E 1916-1937
THOMAS Ora Clyde 1895-1984
THOMAS Bertie Mae 1902-
THOMAS Lillie Belle 1871-1956
THOMAS Wilton Lee 1925-1927
THOMAS 4 Ada Yeary 1892-1969
THOMAS 4 Annie L 1889-1977
THOMAS 4 Clipton L 1892-1943
THOMAS 4 Nathan C 1887-1974
THOMAS 4 Tressie CHISM 1914-1934
THOMAS A J 1853-1936
THOMAS A W 1897-
THOMAS Albert S Sr 1922-1979
THOMAS Allen J 1884-1960
THOMAS Anne M 1883-1955
THOMAS Arthur L 1897-1974
THOMAS Cora Lee 1878-1962
THOMAS Dale D and Lois A
THOMAS Dalton E and Christine C
THOMAS Dan 1897-1938
THOMAS Dollie E 1897-1959
THOMAS Doris Ruth and Daniel Lee
THOMAS Ellen O 1872-1972
THOMAS Floy Blair 1896-1976
THOMAS Floyd A and Meddie R
THOMAS Floyd Olin 1915-1990
THOMAS Frank E 1871-1933
THOMAS Frank Leahy 1909-1975
THOMAS Giles Robert 1898-1956
THOMAS Glenna Mae 1898-1977
THOMAS H Frank and Doris K
THOMAS Helen COWAN 1892-1971
THOMAS Herald and Imogene G
THOMAS Iva WELLS 1914-1995
THOMAS J Tol and Allene
THOMAS James E 1925-1962
THOMAS James Floyd and Grace Lorena
THOMAS Jessie Mae 1905-1997
THOMAS Joe Byron 1930-2002
THOMAS Joe O Jr 1945-1992
THOMAS John H 1883-1934
THOMAS L Elizabeth 1877-1965
THOMAS Laura Belle 1923-1997
THOMAS Lela Ann MYERS 1906-1991
THOMAS Lennie and Hal E
THOMAS Leo Frank Jr and Lucille M
THOMAS Lonnie Wilburn 1918-1997
THOMAS Louise LIST 1911-1963
THOMAS Madge SMALLWOOD 1906-1987
THOMAS Mamie Sis 1895-1975
THOMAS Marion E 1951-1968
THOMAS Maudie B 1895-1962
THOMAS Maxine DAVIS 1921-1989
THOMAS Maxine Russell 1916-1992
THOMAS Michael James 1976-2000
THOMAS Myrtle Annie 1886-1933
THOMAS Myrtle E 1892-1991
THOMAS Nadine AIR-and Claude Key
THOMAS Nila Mae BIERMAN 1898-1982
THOMAS Novis E 1910-1993
THOMAS Ollie M 1863-1936
THOMAS Pat M and Ila Mae
THOMAS Raymond L 1902-1964
THOMAS Robert F Jr 1919-1970
THOMAS Robert Willis 1882-1964
THOMAS Roy Goodloe 1889-1939
THOMAS Roy Goodloe Jr 1919-1943
THOMAS Ruth Waurecki 1931-2001
THOMAS Samuel T and W Gertrue
THOMAS Sara Ellen 1882-1962
THOMAS Scranton B 1910-1989
THOMAS Thomas Franklin 1905-1995
THOMAS Vivian BARR and Leo Frank
THOMAS W L 1854-1931
THOMAS W R 1887-1951
THOMAS William P and Frances S
THOMAS Wm L 1911-1975
THOMASON H A 1883-1950
THOMASON Louvonia 1886-1971
THOMASON Charles A 1863-1931
THOMASON Clyde V 1897-1972
THOMASON Crystal and Earl
THOMASON Fay W 1904-
THOMASON Henry W 1903-1952
THOMASON John C 1923-1979
THOMASON Linnie C 1873-1938
THOMASON Olma Jean 1930-1993
THOMASON Reuben Theo and Bina Lee
THOMPSON Bessie M 1903-1994
THOMPSON Billie F and Eugena Gene
THOMPSON Bobby G 1946-1998
THOMPSON Bonita Mae 1944-1944
THOMPSON Callie G 1892-1961
THOMPSON Charles F 1867-1935
THOMPSON Cora 1867-1943
THOMPSON Dana Alleen 1892-1898
THOMPSON David Wade 1928-1982
THOMPSON Deanna Maria 1986
THOMPSON Dollie Ruth 1929-1953
THOMPSON Dona Mae 1894-1964
THOMPSON Donald B 1948-1970
THOMPSON Donald E 1916-1999
THOMPSON Edna M 1913-1961
THOMPSON Edward A-and Marcuerita M
THOMPSON Edward Allen ii 1943-1967
THOMPSON Edwin Lewid 1893-1961
THOMPSON Elbert A 1886-1952
THOMPSON Elizabeth M PERRY and O Edward
THOMPSON Ella L 1889-1984
THOMPSON Eric Andrew 1948-1968
THOMPSON Eva Irene 1893-1977
THOMPSON Florine 1911-1998
THOMPSON Forest C 1915-1966
THOMPSON Fred A and Estelle E
THOMPSON Fred H and Lillie Mae
THOMPSON Fulton K 1908-1972
THOMPSON George F 1877-1958
THOMPSON George S 1894-1965
THOMPSON Georgia 1860-1935
THOMPSON H Truett 1922-1994
THOMPSON Hammie and Gladys
THOMPSON Helen 1871-1955
THOMPSON Herbert L 1881-1948
THOMPSON Hollie P Rev and Katherine B
THOMPSON James A 1912-1986
THOMPSON James J iii 1948-1976
THOMPSON James Oliver 1888-1953
THOMPSON James R 1942-1970
THOMPSON Jennie BECK 1890-1984
THOMPSON Jewel 1912-1948
THOMPSON Jo Bert 1920-1982
THOMPSON John J 1931-1985
THOMPSON Joseph A 1891-1968
THOMPSON Joseph Floyed 1894-1979
THOMPSON Juanita 1910-
THOMPSON Juanita 1937-1937
THOMPSON Kathryn Frances 1928-
THOMPSON Kenneth R 1926-1969
THOMPSON Kristen Lea 1987-1987
THOMPSON L Ozella and Fulton K
THOMPSON Leroy H 1912-1987
THOMPSON Lloyd W and May Ellen
THOMPSON Louisa M 1880-1975
THOMPSON Mabel G and Clyde S
THOMPSON Maggie and Frank
THOMPSON Maggie P 1899-1970
THOMPSON Mamie 1894-1979
THOMPSON Mamie E 1863-1939
THOMPSON Marna Gayle 1954-1954
THOMPSON Mary Jane 1862-1952
THOMPSON Maxwell E 1906-1965
THOMPSON Michael Wayne 1940-1940
THOMPSON Mildred and Harry
THOMPSON Myrtle 1888-1949
THOMPSON Nellie B and Sammy H
THOMPSON Nellie R and Harry James
THOMPSON Norma D 1929-1997
THOMPSON Orville and Marie
THOMPSON Patricia J 1953-1999
THOMPSON Ralph N 1906-1984
THOMPSON Richard 1861-1940
THOMPSON Robert F and Georgia M
THOMPSON Rosa Y 1878-1966
THOMPSON Ruth T 1918-1994
THOMPSON Sargent Adair 1893-1959
THOMPSON Sidney Albert 1866-11935
THOMPSON Susan Ellen 1868-1945
THOMPSON Thelma D 1914-
THOMPSON Velma 1892-1971
THOMPSON Vera Melba BROWN 1924-1973
THOMPSON Willie 1915-1998
THOMSON A E Gus 1888-1952
THOMSON Laura HICKS 1887-1988
THOMSON Caroline P and A Scott
THOMSON Gus Allen 1918-1983
THOMSON Phyllis M 1912-1958
THORN Edward H Jr 1921-1957
THORN Edward Henry 1887-1947
THORNE Bartha B and Juanita A
THORNTON Chas G 1901-1938
THORNTON Ella Mae 1899-1969
THORNTON Howard E and Mamie HASHAW
THORNTON Howard Lee 1963-1991
THORNTON Larry Gene and Juanita YOUNG
THORNTON Nancy Sue 1948-1997
THORNTON Rbert T and Eleanor K
THORNTON Terry David and Carolyn MONTGOM
THORNTON Terry Lynn 1959
THORNTON Walter C and Reva E
THORNTON Wanda Margaret 1929-1955
THORP Ruby Glen and Joe J
THORPE Charlie B 1893-1945
THORPE Rose 1958-1945
THOUREEN Gerald G Jr 1963-1981
THRASH Mack Henry 1900-1990
THRASH Willie Pearl 1898-1980
THRESHER Earl W and Annie M
THRONE Martha C 1959
THRONE Robin Elizabeth 1960-1960
THU Pham Anh Maria 2000-2000
THURMAN John Edward iii 1948-1974
THURMAN Robert Allen 1908-1992
THURMAN Virginia Ruth NORMAN 1908-1977
THURMAN Bobby Jack 1935-1985
THURMAN Dottie Mae and Horace Pittman
THURMAN Ida Lester
THURMAN Ida Lester 1895-1958
THURMAN Sally Ann 1902-1979
THURMAN Wiley L 1872-1949
THWEATT Arthur J 1896-1961
THWEATT Beulah GILBERT 1898-1979
THWEATT Jerrell J and Vera B
THWEATT Maude E 1885-1966
TIBBETS Barbara and Douglas
TIBBETS J Douglas 1947-1997
TICE Dorothy Mae 1928-1990
TICE Jack L Jug 1935-1995
TICHENOR Annie M 1898-1978
TIDBALL Glenn Michael 1951-1998
TIDBALL Joseph Wm 1890-1962
TIDBALL Ola Rebecca 1892-1939
TIDWELL Billy Earl 1952
TIDWELL Edith 1921-1994
TIDWELL Jessica Inez and Dennis Stephen
TIDWELL Raymond Daniel 1918-1967
TIDWELL T A and Birdie
TIERCE Norma E and Elbert E
TIGERT Connie M 1940-2003
TIGERT James D 1931-1967
TIGERT Randall W 1963-1994
TIGRETT Anthony 1956-1983
TIJERINA Raquel S 1977-1978
TILFORD Henrietta Myrlin 1941-1941
TILFORD Leila M and W N
TILL Betty L and Leo A
TILL Mary Elizabeth 1956-1983
TILLERY Gloria H LEATH 1928-1965
TILLEY Audrey C and Lorin P
TILLEY Leora L and Kelton S
TILLEY Mary Lee and W Lou
TILLMAN Claude William 1957
TILLMAN Frank Stephen 1888-1939
TILLMAN Ludie RAGLAND 1895-1937
TILTON Allen C 1917-1986
TILTON Lonyce L 1927-2001
TIMBERLAKE Beulah COKER 1917-2003
TIMMONS William C and Olive SEELEY
TIMS Audra M and Mary M
TIMS Joe W 1903-1979
TIMS Randell Ray 1958-1968
TINDALL David E and S Elizabeth 1957-195
TINDELL Arthur F and Josie W
TINDELL Floyd Joe and Imogene LANIER
TINGLE Bert Lee and Frangenia
TINGLE Charlie Z 1902-1948
TINGLE Charlie Z Jr 1928-1972
TINGLE Meda C 1908-1987
TINKLE Birllie V 1902-1988
TINKLE C Kenneth 1919-1961
TINKLE Dorothy James and Lowell H Dr
TINKLE George and Carrie Mae
TINKLE Guy M 1903-1948
TINKLE Maybelle Dr 1909-1991
TINSLEY Cynthia R and B Howard
TIPTON Celeska and Wm Don
TIPTON George E and Minnie E
TIPTON John W 1879-1966
TIPTON Roy 1894-1936
TIPTON Sidney M 1881-1955
TIPTON Wiliam Don 19142-1991
TIROFF Alvin J 1908-1981
TIROFF Geraldine and Walter T
TIROFF Ruby R 1910-2001
TISDALE Evelyn C 1919-1967
TISDALE John W 1920-1993
TISSIER Joe Edward and Bonnie Bell COBUR
TITCH Rosco Leon 1927-1970
TOAL Braxton B 1888-1960
TOAL James H Lt 1917-1943
TOAL Maude S 1895-1935
TOBIAN Dorothy F 1911-1983
TOBIAN Murrell H 1916-1979
TOBIN Mark L and Michael L
TODD Barry and Howard and Sophie
TODD Edna Mae and Raymond S
TODD R R Sr 1885-1938
TOGGWEILER Marian Jane 1926-1970
TOLBERT Bert A and Margaret E
TOLDAN John C 1860-1932
TOLDAN Mary A 1868-1937
TOLIVER Charles E 1890-1947
TOLKSDORF C Kile and V Pauline
TOLLIAS Peter D 1895-1960
TOLLIAS Virginia C 1909-1982
TOLLITSON Clinton F 1901-1964
TOLLITSON E Corinne 1905-1985
TOLSDORF Fred and Mae
TOMAN Elizabeth ENIS 1911-1982
TOMLIN Cora Ethel and James S
TOMLIN Everett Barch 1917-1983
TOMLIN John S 1954-1962
TOMLIN Lavonne ROGERS 1924-2000
TOMLIN Lois Adelle 1922-1968
TOMLINSON Douglas Edward 1888-1971
TOMLINSON Lottie MARTIN 1891-1987
TOMLINSON Ann C 1920-1974
TOMLINSON Mary E -1943
TOMM Willie E 1881-1962
TOMME Maybelle PADGETT and J D Dr
TONEY Charleen COX may-nov
TONEY William Henry 1882-1975
TOOLEN John R -1938
TOOMER Chester F 1907-1976
TOOMER Elvida C 1916-1962
TOOMER Linda Marie 1936-1992
TOOMER Lola E 1907-1948
TOOMER Veronica 1920-1941
TOPHAM Frank J Jr 1908-1996
TOPHAM Nell L 1912-1998
TORBERT Ina B TIMS 1908-1984
TORBERT Morton E 1899-1966
TORRES Alberto M 1900-1957
TORRES Angela H 1908-1977
TORRES Jose D 2002
TORRES Mary C 1931-1958
TORREZ Gregoria 1917-1985
TORREZ Paul 1973-1976
TORREZ Salvador Sr 1903-1980
TOTTEN Ida M 1875-1952
TOUT Nina WHITAKER 1877-1935
TOWERY Dollie 1888-1988
TOWLER Charley L and Bonnie J
TOWLES Jerry W 1922-1980
TOWLES John W 1903-1975
TOWLES Robert Lee 1926-1980
TOWNLEY Dorthia Mae 1932-1982
TOWNLEY M D 1929-1996
TOWNLEY Michael D 1957-1999
TOWNLEY Mollie M and Henry J
TOWNSEN Greeley and Mamie
TOWNSEND C E 1893-1973
TOWNSEND Catherine 1943
TOWNSEND Doyve Lee and James D
TOWNSEND Edna 1903-1989
TOWNSEND James N 1968
TOWNSEND Jan Lyn 1950-1982
TOWNSEND John F 1882-1929
TOWNSEND Laura Belle and George Shelly
TOWNSEND Minor J 1915-1990
TOWNSEND Zelma W 1899-1988
TRABER Annie M and George S
TRABER Viola E 1903-1990
TRABER Virginia I 1916-2001
TRACY Anna 1881-1957
TRACY De Kyle D 1909-1941
TRACY Dorothy Pauline and Frank William
TRACY Frank P 1872-1949
TRAHAN Selma 1920-1982
TRAIN Constance M 1908-
TRAIN William R 1904-2000
TRAINHAM Bertha Lou 1907-1966
TRAINHAM Kenneth E Sr 1917-1967
TRAN Martin 1997-1997
TRANTHAM Douglas Ray 1929-1945
TRANTHAM Roy L 1921-2000
TRANTHAM John W and Nora J
TRANTHAM Roy V and Amy G
TRAPHAGEN Stephen 1960-1961
TRAPP Fred W and Ida E
TRAVIS Charles Huston 1934-1981
TRAVIS Joseph Huston and Winnie STRONG
TRAVIS Selma and George L
TRAYLOR Lois KEY 1913-1986
TRAYWICK Craig Alan 1973-1976
TRAYWICK Jerry Wayne 1952-1964
TRAYWICK Marvin Earl 1892-1963
TRAYWICK William S 1913-1975
TREGRE baby 1949
TREGRE George W and June
TRENTMAN Harry Carl Jr 1913-1956
TRENTMAN Jeanette HUNT 1879-1952
TRESCOTT Jewell C 1898-1984
TREVINO Clara N 1962-1964
TREVINO Emerita G 1898-1980
TREVINO Trinidad Sauceda and Nicholas Po
TREWIN Ernest H 1889-1972
TRIBBLE Richard Lee 1962
TRIBBLE Robert C 1904-1974
TRICE Geraldine and Loyd R
TRIGG Kenneth and Jewell
TRIMBLE A E Bert 1892-1950
TRIMBLE Effie 1894-1976
TRIMBLE Verlie F 1897-1943
TRIMBOLI Frank D and Evelyn J
TRIMMIER Michelle 1971-1984
TROTMAN Florence A 1855-1883
TROTMAN W T 1850-1877
TROTT Denton M and Hazel R
TROTT Inez Kirk 1913-1934
TROTT Jewell M and Mary E
TROTT Lucille M 1907-1989
TROTTER Marion E 1904-1966
TROUTMAN Ada L and Alfred R
TROUTMAN Robert Luther 1940-2001
TROUTMAN Vernal 1908-1972
TRUE Bennie and John W
TRUITT G Louise and A B
TRUITT Morris S 1912-1954
TRUJILLO Maria 1955-1998
TRUMMEL Hubert E 1887-1972
TRUMMEL Mary A 1869-1945
TRUMMEL Robert 1865-1936
TRUMMEL Sammie L 1890-1961
TUBBY Andrew J 1899-1972
TUCKER George C 1896-1969
TUCKER Maggie F 1902-1972
TUCKER Melbourne E 1929-1944
TUCKER Albert 1892-1963
TUCKER Betty M 1926-2002
TUCKER Clarence A 1898-1975
TUCKER Claude 1911-1932
TUCKER Claude L and Mary E
TUCKER Coma Russell and John Richard
TUCKER Era Zee 1911-1939
TUCKER Frances E 1901-1980
TUCKER Harold S 1924-1977
TUCKER Hattie L 1911-1991
TUCKER Hubert Augustus -1939
TUCKER Ivan 1913-1968
TUCKER Ivor L and Irene M
TUCKER Joseph S and Imaleta
TUCKER Mary 1886-1968
TUCKER Sheila C and Zena J
TUCKER Tommy Charles and Phyllis Ann
TUCKER W Fred 1911-1960
TUDOR Jacob 1865-1941
TUGGLE Bessie L 1901-1985
TUGGLE Edna H 1903-1975
TUGGLE Robert C 1890-1969
TUGGLE William S 1929-1932
TULL Clara Mae ESTES 1914-2002
TULL Hubert A 1899-1988
TULLIER LeRoy C 1911-1989
TULLIS Rolland Eugene 1925-1972
TUNE Bernice 1920-1996
TUNNELL Ada Lee and Ernest M
TUNNELL Astor D and Betty Lou
TUNNELL Claude Victor 1914-1994
TUNNELL Clemintene Bobbie 1925-1989
TURCK Jennie L 1875-1938
TURCK Lois S 1869-1950
TURCK Roland A 1903-1962
TURKETT Elmer J 1910-1963
TURKETT Frances B and Warren B
TURKETT Mary M 1917-1997
TURLEY Agnes 1870-1938
TURLEY B F 1854-1939
TURLEY Edgar P 1902-1995
TURLEY Martha Grace 1895-1972
TURNAGE O P Jr and Nellie A
TURNAGE Olian Payne and Luda Ellen
TURNAGE Sylvia Lorene 1908-1988
TURNAGE Walter 1912-1937
TURNER Lyle Odgon 1915-2002
TURNER Nancy Jane 1875-1960
TURNER Robert S Jr 1927-1951
TURNER Robert Sidney Sr and Beulah BOLI
TURNER Robert T 1866-1941
TURNER - Harvey A 1880-1945
TURNER - J Harvey 1851-1938
TURNER - Mary Lee 1859-1936
TURNER - Zena Marie 1894-1941
TURNER 4 W G 1848-1933
TURNER 5 James E and Alice Joy
TURNER Alton J 1912-1969
TURNER Berry F and Bessie I
TURNER Bertha Marie 1929-
TURNER Hazel K 1886-1972
TURNER Horace Wayne 1968
TURNER Ibra 1903-1959
TURNER James I 1874-1938
TURNER Jewatt Mattox 1893-1955
TURNER Julia MARTIN 1879-1981
TURNER Lemuel A 1882-1937
TURNER Mary Elma1897-1967
TURNER Mattie L 1879-1977
TURNER Mildred A 1878-1948
TURNER Roy G and Eunice E
TURNER Thomas O 1860-1940
TURNER Thomas R 1872-1940
TURNER W M 1880-1947
TURNER William H 1895-1957
TURPEN Eunice Evelyn and Grady Raymond
TURRENTINE Juanita HAMMOND 1915-1992
TWILLEY Carey Edward 1979-1980
TWINING Rose B 1874-1969
TWITTY LaVelle H 1921-2002
TYBROSKI Louis B 1916-1975
TYER Eldon 1891-1936
TYLER Carl N and Ruby A
TYLER J T and Ina Fay
TYLER John E 1918-1961
TYLER Ross W and Iva L
TYREE Beaulah Z 1907-1995
TYRER Marie Louise 1889-1986
TYSON Ethel Mae 1888-1940
TYSON Kate 1868-1944
TYSON W A 1864-1935
TYSON W A 1894-1958
TYSON Elsie SCOTT 1911-2000
TYSON Granville E 1908-1957
TYSON William E Jr 1918-1943
UBERMAN Jack E iii and Catherine Ann
UDEN Ethel Bethany 1888-1955
UDEN William Henry 1886-1955
UFTRING Clem J and Martha K
UGLOW Charles E 1878-1948
UGLOW Ommie 1887-1976
ULMAR Letha SIMPSON 1928-2001
ULMAR Phil 1927-1997
ULMAR sons 1951-1952
ULMER Philip S and Beatrice G
UMPHRES Herman and Laura I
UMPHREY Jean SHEEHAN 1928-1999
UMPHREY Ollie F 1924-2002
UNDERHILL James F 1903-1947
UNDERWOOD Dorothy Ann 1853-1933
UNDERWOOD J T 1856-1933
UNDERWOOD Oscar E and Mary E
UNDERWOOD Robert W 1889-1934
URBAN Betty Peterson 1926-
URBINA Perfecto S and Demetria R
URQUHART James L 1892-1973
URQUHART James Richard 1925-1980
USELTON M Verna 1889-1966
UTLEY Jack Brent 1940-1993
UTTERBACK Rosa A 1860-1943
UTTZ Bertha A 1888-1974
VACKER Henry S and Nannie Louise
VADEN Mabel BULLOCK 1909-1963
VADEN Tom Allen 1908-1965
VAIDEN Garrie S 1883-1972
VAIL Lee Ella 1889-1970
VALDEZ Billy E 1932-1946
VALDEZ Camillo and Cecilia
VALENTINE Elizabeth Neal 1885-1941
VALENTINE I T 1869-1933
VALLEJO Mary Margarita 1888-1972
VALLEJO Sara and Reuben J
VALLES Gabriela 2000-2000
VAN Bui Dinh 1952-1979
VanBLARCOM Frances Deas 1876-1952
VanBLARCOM William Dixon 1870-1936
VanBUREN Glen Herbert 1925-1932
VanBUREN Wanna 1886-1967
VANCE Geraldine 1913-1973
VANCE Martha J 1889-1960
VANCE Sadie and Roland
VANCE Zella 1913-2001
VANDAGRIFF J R Jr Jim and Irene
VANDAGRIFF James Roe 1941-1976
VanDENBURG-GHORAB Kamel Horatio 2000
VANDIVER Bannie Mae 1910-1974
VanDUC Phero Le 1972-2002
VanFLEET Bill 1908-1968
VanHISE Mae 1887-1967
VanHORN Faye 1898-1987
VanHORN Jennie M 1875-1965
VanHORN Richard M 1869-1932
VanHUSS Virgil Lee and Dorothy Nell
VanLOON Jessie E 1907-1977
VanLOON Norma 1924-1990
VANN H Sue SPINDLE and William H ii Bill
VANN Robert F and Evelyn RHODE
VanORNE Ron and Kay
VanOSDOL Grace HOPKINS 1886-1969
VANSANDT Daphne C 1918-1983
VanSICKLE Clifton J 1904-1954
VanSICKLE Pleasant H 1875-1948
VanSICKLE Sarah Alice 1879-1948
VanVLECK Oscar Lee and Damie M
VanVLECK Oscar Lee Jr 1930-1932
VanVLEGK Lee M 1886-1954
VanY Franklin Pearl 1916-1987
VANYA John Jack 1896-1982
VANYA Pearly Ethel 1899-1975
VAQUERA Lou Ann 1963
VARGAS Leonard 1904-1981
VARNELL James F 1909-1973
VARNELL Maggie and David H
VASQUEZ Michael 1962-1963
VASQUEZ Wilfido and Mary
VAUGHAN Annie May 1869-1934
VAUGHAN Charles A and Clara M
VAUGHAN Clyde B 1928-1959
VAUGHAN Dorman Ray 1948-1972
VAUGHAN Frank O 1867-1944
VAUGHAN Helen M 1892-1941
VAUGHAN Ida May 1898-1953
VAUGHAN Joseph F and Dorothy J
VAUGHAN Mary Elizabeth 1896-1972
VAUGHAN Michelle Davis 1954-1991
VAUGHAN Miles C 1886-1968
VAUGHAN Raymond B 1905-1994
VAUGHAN Ruby and Raymond B
VAUGHAN Thomas E and Bertha S
VAUGHN Bessie 1895-1972
VAUGHN Charley Louis 1889-1955
VAUGHN Claudia F 1896-1964
VAUGHN J D 1913-1968
VAUGHN Jack C and Jena
VAUGHN James E and Jessie E
VAUGHN Johnnie A 1903-1967
VAUGHN Leone 1900-1985
VAUGHN Linda 1955-1965
VAUGHN Lockie L and Tumie
VAUGHN Lucille desROCHER and Rena JACOBS
VAUGHN Mary REDFORD 1891-1958
VAUGHN Myrtle 1888-1947
VAUGHN Nobus H 1887-1934
VAUGHN Orville 1916-1965
VAUGHN Robert L 1900-1945
VAUGHN Roy E and Vada M
VAUGHN Russell M 1925-1980
VAUGHN Ruth 1919-1983
VAUGHN Sharon Rose 1957-1957
VAUGHT Gertrude WILLISON 1888-1980
VAUGHT John Franklin 1888-1969
VAUGHT Leroy 1921-2003
VAUGHT Morgan Willson 1914-2003
VAUGHT Ruby HOUSE 1909-2002
VAUTER Ammatille E 1893-1969
VAUTER Jaruthie 1865-1959
VAUTER Lawrence E 1893-1979
VAUTER Leo 1891-1990
VAUTER S C 1863-1929
VAWTER William T Jr 1934
VEACH John Ross 1888-1972
VEGA Leonardo and Leandra
VEGA Librado 1897-1959
VEGA Ramona B 1860-1962
VEGA Teofila 1895-1978
VEIHL Barbara F 1863-1944
VEIHL David C 1886-1919
VEIHL Josephine RAMEY 1887-1963
VEIHL Lena B 1958
VEIHL Nina C 1882-1960
VEIHL Robert C 1938
VEITCH Lillian E 1883-1953
VELA Rosina M and Trinidad J
VELTMAN Margaret RANKIN 1908-2000
VELVIN Lillie D and Fred M
VELVIN Sidney White 1871-1941
VELVIN Grace E 1906-1947
VELVIN Harold S 1900-1956
VENABLE J L and Gertrude
VENABLE Robbie Ray Jr and Mavis ANDERSON
VENABLE Tommy and Velma
VENABLE Tommy R 1938-1975
VENCILL Ethel SMITH 1907-1985
VENEGAS Manuel 1935-2002
VENTRCA Vicki COX 1948-1972
VERA Theodore D and Marian DRYDEN
VERFURTH George R 1916-1969
VERMILLION Mistydawn Maria 1979-1979
VERNER James D and Ivie Verner HUDSON
VESTAL Don M 1885-1962
VESTAL Irene PATE 1894-1958
VETTER Elsie Mae 1906-1938
VETTER Frank 1883-1950
VIA Ila E 1917-1994
VIARD Ellen M and Charles D
VICARS Rex A 1920-1989
VICKERS Arley F 1898-1977
VICKERS George and Loretta
VICKERS Grace 1896-1981
VICKERS Lucille Katherine and Samuel Jos
VICKERS Ralph Edwin 1914-1972
VICKERY Frances E 1884-1962
VICKERY James F 1877-1940
VICKORY Ruby M 1918-1984
VICTORIA Bertha M 1922-1998
VICTORIA Robert B 1919-1998
VIERTEL Ruby M and Clifford E
VILLA Vanessa 1974-1986
VILLARREAL Daniel P 1937-1972
VILORIA Pete E 1906-1940
VINCENT Alfred W Jr and Ellie Frances
VINCENT C Clyde 1944-1964
VINCENT Nathaniel A 1892-1969
VINCENT Ottie E 1898-1937
VINES Jane 1902-1984
VINES Joe 1893-1940
VINES Richard Lee 1913-1950
VINSON Almer Lee 1877-1945
VINSON Andrew W 1859-1948
VINSON Dolores E and Theodore R
VINSON Eddie H 1903-1943
VINSON Elsie H 1895-1973
VINSON Evelyn M 1917-1967
VINSON Frances Colleen 1926-1987
VINSON Herman 1902-1989
VINSON James Curtis Sr 1883-1950
VINSON Otto Jackson and Annie Malyn
VINSON Sena E 1865-1948
VINSON Tommy Curtis 1957-1961
VINSON Walter 1870-1940
VINSON Walter Roy 1898-1966
VINSON Wesley Byron 1930-1932
VINYARD Donnell R 1918-1987
VISAGE Carlton E 1958-1994
VISAGE William A and Emma L
VITASEK John 1890-1958
VOORHEES William W and Jewel C
VOORHIES George Joseph 1892-1953
VORDERKUNZ Ethel G 1884-1975
VORDERKUNZ Margaret 1907-2001
VORDERKUNZ Thomas F 1876-1963
VOSS Clifton B and Thelma M
VOSS Craig Alan 1972-1989
VOSS Maggie ARRINGTON 1882-1933
VOSS Pink Nathaniel 1878-1935
VOSSLER Annie E and Ernest T
VOTAW Henrietta A 1871-1933
VOWELL Glenna B and William Burks
VOWELL Nona P and Billy B
VOWELS Virginia A 1939-1967
VOYLES Fern and Elmer
VROMAN John Lewis and Hettie Jane
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