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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Thurmond Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, Wise, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 Thurmond Fairview Cemetery
6 Fairview Baptist Church
70 origional
71 addition
8 view
ACHUFF Robert Carl 1935-1997
ALDERSON Berthie B 1889-1893
ALDERSON Joe Ellen 1862-1910
ALDERSON Reuben 1896-1906
ALDERSON William Sidney 1858-1925
ARMENTROUT Annie Larue and Lewis L
BAKER Clara E and Lloyd
BARNES Delton Raymond 1897-1904
BERRY Lucile L and F J Jack
BIGGAR Lottie Mae 1901-1977
BLACKWELL M J 1876-1895
BLANKENSHIP Amanda West 1870-1969
BLANKENSHIP Arthur Burrel 1832-1909
BLANKENSHIP Clementine FRISBIE 1834-190
BLANKENSHIP Robert Lee 1865-1940
BLANKENSHIP William S 1866-1899
BLUE Bessie SCRUGGS 1892-1972
BOWERS Cynthia Elaine 1966-1966
BOWLING Isabelle TEAGUE and Lawrence L
BRIDGES Willie D and Benjamine E
BROUER Dorothy E-1912-1917
BROUER infant 1901-1901
BROUER Mary E 1881-1917
BROWNING Burton 1904-1904
BROWNING Cora Emma and Edward Newton
BROWNING infant 1896-1896
BROWNING Jennie BYRD 1856-1920
BROWNING Julia and John
BROWNING Mary Ann 1856-1985
BROWNING Mattie K 1861-1897
BRYAN Woodrow 1918-1919
BURK D T 1848-1917
BURK Eliza Elizabeth 1866-1932
BURK Emma V 1870-1942
BURK Gladys C 1914-1986
BURK James Samuel 1923-2001
BURK Lalla A and Steve A
BURK Loyd Stevens 1918-1996
BURK Naoma Norene 1916-1919
BURK Sam L 1869-1918
BURK Verna Jewel and Loyd Stevens
BUTLER Batty F 1915-1961
BUTLER Ila A and J Frank
BUTLER Jackie C 1924-1975
BYARS Isabelle E-1860-1900
CARPENTER E P 1866-1956
CARPENTER Eda 1861-1910
CARPENTER Mima E 1884-1970
CARPENTER Sol W 1893-1952
CARPENTER Alvin E 1921-1923
CARPENTER Charles J and Nancy J
CARPENTER Jesse and Mitron
CARPENTER son 1933
CARPENTER Willie D 1891-1931
CARTER Bert S Jr 1924-1991
CARTER Mattie and Bert S
CARTER Pearl 1926-1995
CATE Lloyd Wayne 1943-1995
CATE Nadyne BURK and W Wayne Keg
CATE Willie Wayne 1920-1990
CATES Julia RIVES 1889-1921
CEARLEY R Newton 1859-1940
CHALK Louisa A 1857-1902
CHANCE Connie J and Donald L
CLAMPITT Annie E and Jonathan
CLARK Gary 1932-1998
CLARK Jimmie M 1913-1994
CLARK Jimmie M and Geneva Christine
CLARK Pete 1960-1982
CLARK Willa Jean 1935-
COULTER Patsy LARUE and Vernon Bill
COUNTS Walter L 1914-1971
COX Audra SHANNON and William Leander
COX Walter T 1900-1969
CRABTREE Edward H 1913-1980
CRABTREE Minnie Jane 1913-2001
CRABTREE Paul Edward 1940-1941
CRABTREE R Eugene Bud 1934-1970
CRUZE Ila Faye 1928-1934
CRUZE Pearl Pauline and Audie COLEMAN
CURRY Jimmie Carl 1944-1944
DARWIN Dick L 1905-1939
DAVIS Alyssa Dawn 1998-1998
DAVIS Susan Jane and Wyly
DEAKINS Josephine ROWAN 1902-1980
DENTON Mary Ruth and Sammy A
DISON Albert O
DISON Fannie B 1876-1907
DISON Zona Estelle 1907-1907
EDWARDS Bettie Alma 1889-1893
EIDSON James Sidney Jr 1924-1924
ESCUE Ena Earle EVANS 1917-1937
EVANS Henry E 1907-1968
EVANS James Alferd 1865-1934
EVANS Mary Ellen 1873-1900
EVANS Seymour Elza 1894-1895
FERGUSON Willis V 1918-1926
FINDLEY Clyde M and Mattie L
FISHER Eula Lee 1895-1932
FISHER Thomas L 1889-1957
FOOSHA Tom J 1900-1960
FORD 1896-1899
FRANK Jessie A and Mary A
FRANK Maud 1889-1909
FRANK Raymond L 1906-1962
GIBBS Hugh A and Beverly G
GLINKERMAN Marion Z and Darrell A
GRABEN Stanley E and Ferne N
GREEN Henry 1897-1899
GREEN Synthia A
GRIFFETH Charlie L 1931-1952
GRIFFETH John W 1911-1977
GRIFFETH Tommie H and Thomas E
HALL Martha Ann and Perry L
HARLE Doris BLUE 1923-1947
HARRIS Chellie 1873-1959
HARRIS John 1883-1958
HARRIS Uma 1895-1896
HARRIS Wyly J 1904-1906
HARVICK Cleo C and Marshall H
HARVICK Ina M and Loran R
HARVICK Ruby and Oran
HARVICK son 1925
HAYES J Diane and Roger A
HAYES Roger Allen 1932-1989
HELMS Cody Wayne 1981-1981
HELMS Jimmy Ray 1936-1992
HELMS Jimmy Victor 1966-1967
HELMS Shirley Sue 1944-2003
HENDRICKS Mary Alice and Virgil Leslie
HENDRICKS Virgil Lee 1960-1960
HILL Dolores JUDGE 1927-2002
HILL Louis B 1930-1979
HOLIDAY Joseph Fredrick 1923-1993
HOLIDAY June and Joseph
HUDNALL Jarrett 1892-1980
JACKSON Docia E and Wm Allen
JACKSON L A Buster 1909-1954
JACKSON Loyd 1925-1995
JACKSON Uleta Pearl and Tommie
JAMES C W 1831-1911
JAMES Mandy I 1832-1892
JAMES Mary J 1838-1907
JENNINGS Nancy E 1878-1900
JERNIGAN Martha W and William J Bill
JERNIGAN William J 1892-1972
JOHANNES Maurice and Sue
JOHNSON Andrew J 1888-1917
JOHNSON infant 1917-1917
JOHNSON Maud TAYLOR 1890-1985
JONES Rebecca 1951-1980
JUDGE Ada Lucille 1906-1999
JUDGE Bertha Delores and John
JUDGE Dora E and James
JUDGE Grace Mae 1907-1939
JUDGE James Fuller 1904-1975
JUDGE Jim 1910-1983
JUDGE Marvin BURCH 1909-1974
JUDGE Roscoe and Bailey B
KEELE Bessie 1897-1900
KEELE Lester E 1893-1893
KING Cecil Morris -1978
KING Tootsy Floyd 1918-1924
KING Vada MORRIS 1882-1958
KING William J 1877-1944
LAYFIELD John W Jack 1918-2000
LAYFIELD Norine PALMER 1913-1949
LAYFIELD Sanford Morgan 1907-1995
LAYFIELD Ella Nettie 1878-1903
LAYFIELD Harold Walton 1911-1911
LAYFIELD Jakie Ozella 1872-1942
LAYFIELD John W 1871-1958
LAYFIELD Willie Florence 1906-1927
LAYFIELD Minnie D and Clifford C
LAYFIELD Naomi 1905-1917
LEWIS George Dewey 1899-1955
LEWIS Ada Opal 1906-1907
LEWIS Alton Glenn
LEWIS Eliza L 1867-1925
LEWIS Emmitt Allen and Cecil Pearl
LEWIS Hugh R 1899-1970
LILLARD Oma GEORGE 1923-2001
LITTLE Elam C 1896-1972
LITTLE Elam Clayton 1896-1972
LITTLE Mattie J 1862-1940
LIVENGOOD Charlotte Louise 1944-
LIVENGOOD James Zollie Jr 1942-
LIVENGOOD Leola Jean and John Thomas
LIVENGOOD Zela COGBURN and James Zollie
LYNCH Zada 1860-1905
MAIN Evelyn A and Blanton R
MANLY Clarence M Rev 1913-1977
MARTIN Bessie W 1888-1910
MAYE Alma 1903-1982
MAYS 1899-1905
MAYS Grace O 1897-1898
McCORMACK Ellen and James M
McCORMACK James M 1923-1959
McCURDY Ava CHAMBERS 1887-1966
McCURDY R Cal 1884-1969
McCURDY Ruth TAYLOR and Allan Chambers
McCURDY Stephen Riley 1951-1999
McDONALD Billie Ruth 1938
McDONALD Mallie R 1913-1981
McDONALD Wm L Bill 1913-2003
McDOWELL Johnny Ray and Marthella F
McGHEE Sarah C and James
McGUIRE B L 1909-1946
McGUIRE Georgia A and Albert B
McKEE C W 1917-1968
McKEE Jewell and Carl O
McKINNEY Arthan Dents 1903-1909
McKINNEY Goldie Belle and Lawton Cliffor
McKINNEY Jerry Woods and E Gertrude
McKINNEY Lula B 1868-1937
McKINNEY P F 1868-1918
McKINNEY R F Pete 1907-1972
McKINNEY Roena Darlene 1939-1939
McKINNON 1904-1905
McKINNON Cora 1877-1944
McKINNON son 1905-1908
McKINNON J M Jr 1931-
McKINNON James Edmond 1927--1927
McKINNON James Edmond 1927-1927
McKINNON Jim M 1894-1971
McKINNON Mary Elizabeth 1894-1970
MILES James Tanner 1890-1921
MILES Wm H 1859-1924
MINDEMANN James Michael 1989-1991
MONTGOMERY J M 1916-1924
MONTGOMERY Jewel B and Claude C
MONTGOMERY Thurmond C 1925-1927
MOORE Robin A and Beatrice M
MORGAN Mickey Gene 1961-1991
MORGAN Nettie and William D
MORTON Cecil 1895-1896
MORTON Charles 1870-1926
MORTON G W Rev 1847-1926
MOUNT Joshua H 1833-1900
MOUNT Joshua H 1833-1900
MULLINAX Bertie 1898-1919
NAIL Frances and Boyd
NELSON Mary and L Dowell Sr
NELSON William 1847-1909
NEWBERRY Christopher C -1908
NORTON B E 1871-1918
NORTON H Eldia and Irene B
NORTON Lucille E and Norman E
NORTON Nancy Tennie and William Henry
NORTON Ruthie Alice 1874-1957
O-NEAL Daisy 1897-1946
O-NEAL Daris Nell 1927
O-NEAL Florence E and Earl J
O-NEAL George W and Roxie A
O-NEAL Roy Mack 1892-1971
O-NEAL son 1932
ONEAL Syntha 1836-1903
OVERSTREET 1914-1916
OVERSTREET Etta Mae and Mack
OWENS Jewell STARK 1907-1970
PAUL Delta R 1903-1982
PAUL Herbert W 1909-1967
PAUL Leola 1876-1944
PERKINS Clay Dean 1942-1976
PERRY John H 1955-1995
POTTER B B Dock and Hettie
POTTER D Ronnie 1942-1990
POTTER family
POTTER G Lucille and James L
POTTER James Lee 1921-1992
POTTER Mabel Claire 1897-1931
POTTER Nellie and H M Doog
POTTER son 1941-1941
PUGH Jess Strong 1890-1957
PUGH Mary J 1856-1926
RANGE Jennie Dean REED 1903-1971
RAPKOCH Christine Kathryn 1965-1989
REED Jennie Dean and Henry Dewey
REED Winina F and Henry Scotty
RINKERSON Charlie M 1868-1917
RINKERSON Mans- 1937-1913
ROACH Jack William Jr and Betty THURMOND
ROE William N and Julia L
ROWAN Allen 1899-1975
ROWAN Catherine G 1876-1960
ROWAN Edward F 1904-1960
ROWAN Eileen 1896-1984
ROWAN John 1901-1948
ROWAN Ruth 1905-1982
ROWAN John D 1922-1991
SANDERS Alfred F 1894-1895
SANDERS Richard Allen 1969-1997
SCHLUTER Amy Valene 1985-1985
SCHLUTER Bobby Paul 1930-1992
SCHLUTER Dessie Ellen and Bobby Paul
SCHLUTER Esther M and Henry C
SCHLUTER Jimmie Carol 1939-2002
SCHLUTER Virginia Ann and Carl Edward
SEELY Carrol 1910-1911
SEELY E E Dick and Eula O
SEELY Ellis 1900-1918
SEELY Harry Ray 1927
SEELY Jim T 1865-1938
SEELY Roena 1892-1918
SEELY William 1899-1914
SHANKLE Nora E 1920-1962
SHIELDS Catherine and Emert
SHIELDS Emert 1883-1965
SIMMONS Jennie Byrd 1856-1920
SIMMONS Martin Elehue 1856-1946
SIMMONS Mary Ann 1856-1895
SIMMONS Mattie K 1861-1897
SIMMONS Oscar 1889-1910
SIMMONS Alfred A 1878-1917
SIMMONS Eula Beatrice 1904-1910
SIMMONS Martin R and Bobbie G
SIMMONS Raymond Lloyd Jr 1931-
SIMMONS Raymond Lloyd Sr 1906-1984
SIMMONS Ruth G 1884-1923
SIMMONS Ruth SHELBY 1929-1933
SISTRUNK Annie L and Earl C
SISTRUNK Earl Pauline 1917-1921
SISTRUNK Joel Sidney and Mary Frances
SLEDGE Amy J and Claude W
SLEDGE Carrie V 1895-1981
SLEDGE G H 1885-1942
SMITH 1909-1910
SMITH Carl Douglas 1908-1984
SMITH Clarence O 1913-1974
SMITH Cora Marie 1917-1961
SMITH Martha Ann 1889-1947
SMITH Ruby Bragg and C D Buster
SMITH Walter J 1922-1945
SMITH William Edward 1881-1941
SMITH William Edward Jr and Mary Beth GR
SMITHERMAN Percy 1881-1903
SNEED Lela Ann 1883-1975
SPAIN Maggie and Wilbur
SPARKS Edith Vera 1895-1982
SPARKS Jake L 1891-1955
SPRATT Sidney Price 1913-1977
STARK Jace Sammy 1944-2992
STARK Potter 1907-1982
STARNES Bobby Lee 1927-1965
STARNES Darlene and Billie G
STARNES John B and Mallie Lou
STARNES Lucille O-NEAL and Wilburn Cecil
STARNES M Veda and Cecil G
STARNES Pearlie Mae and Leon
STARNES Wilburn Cecil 1923-1995
STARNES Wilford 1914-1952
STEVENS Mary POTTER 1924-2000
STEVENS Mary Thelma POTTER 24-00
STEVENSON Euna and Forrest
STEVENSON Evelyn Imogene 1917-1946
STEWART William Jr 1925
STONE Jimmie L 34-00
SUCHMAN Cheryl Ann COUNTS 1945-1983
SUMMARS dau 1915
SUMMERS son 1917-1917
TAYLOR Billie Jean 1925-1988
TAYLOR Carolyn Sue 1946-1979
TAYLOR Ethel Fern and Raymond L
TAYLOR Henry J 1833-1918
TAYLOR J R -1919
TAYLOR James Richard 1929-1934
TAYLOR Jimmie Sue and Frank P
TAYLOR John C 1924-1997
TAYLOR Mary E and Joe R
TAYLOR Theron E 1913-1913
TAYLOR William A and Isabelle J
TAYLOR William Arthur 1886-1887
TEAGUE Lillie Mae and George Harris
THURMOND Amanda E and John F Sr
THURMOND Amelia May 1893-1961
THURMOND dau 1893-1893
THURMOND Jennie Lee 1883-1883
THURMOND Joel M 1896-1896
THURMOND John Forrest 1890-1954
THURMOND M F 1885-1920
THURMOND Marcus W 1888-1889
THURMOND Mary Alice 1886-1949
THURMOND Millard H 1884-1884
THURMOND Ruth MORGAN 1891-1920
TRIBBLE Cloretha and Raymond Ernest
TRIBBLE Robert Marion and Johnnie HAYWOO
TROXELL A K 1867-1902
TROXELL Clarence W 1897-1959
TROXELL Daisy and Paul
TROXELL dau 1907-1907
TROXELL G C 1886-1899
TROXELL J H Jr 1909-1941
TROXELL John Henry 1937-1940
TROXELL Mary and John
TROXELL Mary Roe 1904-1990
TROXELL Paul Kruger 1899-1972
TROXELL Serena and Henry
Unk infant 1939
VanMETER Abishia A 1860-1915
VanMETER Allie B 1891-1976
VanMETER Archie B 1882-1973
VanMETER Basil 1891-1917
VanMETER C J and Mary A
VanMETER Hettie May and Chester Arthur
VanMETER Laura E and C J Jr
VanMETER Mary E 1862-1925
VanMETER Ruth B 1905-1984
VanMETER Sarah 1803-1894
VanMETER Sarah M 18642-1924
VanMETER Stella B 1887-1915
VICTOR Louie 1906-1981
WARD Eda Mae and Roy
WASSERMAN Arabella Pearl and Joseph O
WATSON Lavelda Rhea Mickey 1929-1992
WATSON Michael Le Roy 1954-1987
WATSON Nova and Garfield
WEEMS T J 1842-1925
WEST Eva Mae 1898-1945
WEST Francis Elice
WEST John C 1895-1896
WEST Mary A and J H
WHITE Bert William 1925-1998
WILKERSON Hattie 1915
WILKERSON Ilene 1917-1927
WILKERSON infant 1902
WILKERSON Mary and Stanley and Nora
WILKERSON Roy 1891-1969
WILLIAMS Olivia Marie 1891-1932
WILLIAMS Wm Scott 1961-1977
WILSON Gilbert W Rev 1903-1984
WILSON Ida Mae and Wm Samuel
WILSON Bertye Lue and Truett
WILSON Ella N and Henry B Rev
WILSON Macel -1999
WILSON Mallie E and Joe B
WILSON Samuel Tilden 1877 1950
WITT A B 1839-1913
WITT Cyn Cha Ellen 1845-1910
WITT T H 1848-1914
WRIGHT Ella A and Eugene A
WRIGHT Ethel and Vinson C
WRIGHT infant 1884-1884
WRIGHT Melvie TAYLOR Nub 1903-1981
WRIGHT William H and Sarah Anna
YANT Ettie L and William N
YANT Ruby M and Curtis C
YANT W E Dock 1899-1954
YEARIAN Sarah E-1818-1899
YOUNG Faye and Barton Sr
YOUNG James 1864-1911
YOUNG Thelma LIVENGOOD 1917-1983
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