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Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
data to a site I pay for instead of the 'free' rootsweb.

 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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    Complete - gravestone pictures of 

 Emmaus Cemetery , in McIntosh County, ND, USA

These pictures are not mine.   They are allowed here on the condition that you may use them only for your personal records.   Any reproduction of the images for any other purpose is not allowed without consent of the owner.

 Link to photo surname first second othernames nee birth death inscription
get photo 5 gate - Picture_0871.JPG
get photo 5 gate - Picture_0873.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0827.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0828.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0829.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0830.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0831.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0832.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0833.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0834.JPG
get photo 6 view 100_0835.JPG
get photo 6 view Picture_0824.JPG
get photo 6 view Picture_0825.JPG
get photo 6 view Picture_0870.JPG
get photo 6 view Picture_0872.JPG
get photo DITTUS Christina FRANKFURTH 1896 1991
get photo EHLEY baby girl 1934 1934
get photo EHLEY baby 1922 1922
get photo EHLEY baby 1921 1921
get photo EHLEY Heinrich Sr 1877 1958
get photo EHLEY Johanna FISCHER WAGNER 1901 1991 Gone but not forgotten.
get photo EHLEY Michael 1891 1958 Montana pvt 4 Co 2 Development Bn W W I
get photo EHLEY Rosina 1876 1931
get photo EISENBEIS Alvina 1909 1928 closeup
get photo EISENBEIS Alvina 1909 1928 Mein herz will sich nich trenen es fuelht sich ungetreu.
get photo EISENBEIS Alvina 1909 1928 another picture
get photo ESZLINGER Jacob 1875 1953 Gott ist die Liebe; God is love.
get photo ESZLINGER Jacob Vater
get photo ESZLINGER Lydia 1888 1928 Du warst so fromm voll liebe treu bescheiden, mit dir entflohen unsre lebenfreunden.
get photo ESZLINGER Lydia Mutter
get photo FISCHER Johanna EHLEY 1901 1991 Gone but not forgotten.
get photo FRANKFURTH Albert K 1917 1994
get photo FRANKFURTH Christina DITTUS 1896 1991
get photo FRANKFURTH Johanna 1903 1997 In God's care
get photo FRANKFURTH Rudolph G Gust 1892 1960 In God's care
get photo GEHRING Shirley I Irene 1948 1948 Our daughter
get photo GLAESMANN John 1893 1944 Father
get photo GLAESMANN Maria M 1898 1991 Mother
get photo HINSZ Fred Jr 1889 1937
get photo HINSZ Fredrick 1850 1927
get photo HINSZ Helena R 1914 1929 Selig sind die in dem Herrn sterben
get photo HINSZ Helena BAIERELE 1854 1921
get photo HINSZ Hulda L Leona 1925 1926 Lasset dei Kendlein zu mer Kommen.
get photo KAPP Matheis 1856 1922
get photo KAPP Mathias 1856 1922 Christina's Parents
get photo KAPP Rosina 1864 1937 Christina's Parents
get photo KAPP Rosina MAYER 1864 1937 Holte FH
get photo KAPP Ihr Lieben!  Laszt das trauern, Wir she'n uns wieder bald, in Salems friedens mauern wo freud und wonne schallt.
get photo KAPP family - Picture_0832.JPG
get photo KLEIN baby 1922 1922 probable 
get photo KLEIN Christina 1866 1935 Mother
get photo KLEIN David 1861 1928 Father
get photo KLEIN family Picture_0841.JPG
get photo KUEBLER Lizabeth 1853 1932 Eddy FH
get photo LEY Jacob J 1897 1962 Married 23 Dec 1917
get photo LEY Johanna 1862 1950 Gone but not forgotten.
get photo LEY Katherine 1893 1965 Married 23 Dec 1917
get photo MAIER Charlotta 1841 1921
get photo MORSE Bertha  1892 1926 Gone but not forgotten.
get photo OBERLANDER baby 1934 1934
get photo SCHUMACHER Harold 1920 1964 North Dakota pfc Btry B 90 Fld Arty Bn Korea
get photo unknown Picture_0833.JPG
get photo unknown Picture_0834.JPG


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