Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley

All of the pictures I have taken are available FREE to anyone for Personal Use, and for Commercial Use, all I ask is that you cite the source ( http://teafor2.com ).

To access the pictures here:

  1. Click on http://allenwheatley.bravehost.com/  (which you have already done but since you clicked help, select Home   after reading the other information here).
    The cemeteries are listed alphabetically by State, then by County on my front page.
  2. Click on the Alphabet Letter corresponding to the first letter of the JPG file name, or on the A-Z for smaller cemeteries.  
  3. Click on the JPG file name that you came to see.

Once you are looking at the picture, you can copy the picture to your local PC by right clicking on the picture then selecting SaveAs to tell your browser where to place it.

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