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Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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 Saline Cemetery , Howard County, Arkansas
    Selected tombstone pictures taken by Ed and Nancy Newton:


filename surname first second othernames nee birth death inscription
Get Picture 5 5_Saline Cemetery - west of Athens_Howard County_Arkansas.jpg
Get Picture GARRISON Ruth G PARSONS 1911 1998
Get Picture GORDAN Delia 1886 1966
Get Picture GORDON Nettie Lou PARSONS 1889 1893
Get Picture GORE Sarah A PARSONS 1843 1934
Get Picture KEMP Daisy Neal PARSONS 1881 1965
Get Picture McNUTT Dortha A PARSONS 1907 1971
Get Picture PARSON Quincy 1921 1973 Gone but not Forgotten
Get Picture PARSON Donald R 1944 1979
Get Picture PARSON Jesse Jake 1924 1988
Get Picture PARSON Kasie Danielle 1975 1993
Get Picture PARSON Luecenda Cenda 1906 1994 at rest
Get Picture PARSON Quincy 1921 1973 Arkansas Sgt US ArmyRes W W II
Get Picture PARSON William T 1900 1952
Get Picture PARSONS Samuel W 1884 1979
Get Picture PARSONS Nettie Lou GORDON 1889 1983
Get Picture PARSONS Cecil 1911 2006
Get Picture PARSONS Ruth G GARRISON 1911 1998
Get Picture PARSONS Robert Lee 1866 1948
Get Picture PARSONS Rebecca J STROUD 1874 1949
Get Picture PARSONS Bessie 1917 1922
Get Picture PARSONS Charles Pinkney 1844 1933 He is not dead but sleepeth
Get Picture PARSONS Dortha A McNUTT 1907 1971
Get Picture PARSONS Charles Grady 1903 1973
Get Picture PARSONS Charles Pinkney 1844 1933 Co C 7 Ga Inf CSA
Get Picture PARSONS Clovis D 1932 1934
Get Picture PARSONS George Washington 1868 1950
Get Picture PARSONS Daisy Neal KEMP 1881 1965
Get Picture PARSONS Hugh S 1911 2003 pfc US Army
Get Picture PARSONS infant 1924 1924
Get Picture PARSONS Mary Magdalene 1916 1918
Get Picture PARSONS Ocavia 1914 1918
Get Picture PARSONS Delia 1886 1966
Get Picture PARSONS John Riley 1878 1957
Get Picture PARSONS Sarah A GORE 1843 1934
Get Picture STROUD Rebecca J PARSONS 1874 1949


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