Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley  

Feb. 2018 - With the loss of RootsWEB I have been moving my 
data to a site I pay for instead of the 'free' rootsweb.

 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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    Orion Rudolph's complete gravestone pictures of 

 St Paul's (Paulus) Lutheran Cemetery , nr Venturia, McIntosh County, ND, USA

These pictures are not mine.   They are allowed here on the condition that you may use them only for your personal records.   Any reproduction of the images for any other purpose is not allowed without consent of the owner.

 Link to photo surname first second othernames nee birth death inscription
get photo 5 Saint Paul's Cemetery NW of Venturia, McIntosh County, North Dakota, USA
get photo 6 view - St. Paul Cemetery NW Ventur_0667a.jpg
get photo 6 view - St. Paul Cemetery NW Ventur_0666a.jpg
get photo DEWALD Christina MAIER 1862 1907
get photo JANKE Arthur 1923 1929
get photo JANKE Christina 1919 1919
get photo KASEMANN Arthur O 1910 1923 Der Herr ist mein licht und mein heil vor wen solle ich mich furchten Der Herr is meines lebens kraft.
get photo KEMMET Christian 1907 1914 Ich war der mutter trost und meines vaters freude, Gott aber liebt mich mehr, als meine eltern beide.
get photo KEMMET Jacob 1871 1933
get photo KEMMET Rosina SCHILLING 1877 1940
get photo LADNER Daniel 1882 1918 Husband - At rest in Heaven
get photo LADNER Katharina SCHNABEL 1884 1918 Wife - At rest in Heaven
get photo LAYER Heinrich 1880 1909 Hier Ruht in Gott
get photo MAIER Christ Christian 1902 1975
get photo MAIER Christina DEWALD 1862 1907
get photo MAIER Lydia STROBEL 1909 1956
get photo MAIER Matthaus Mattias 1862 1935
get photo NIES Irene ZIMMERMAN Married 26 Sep 1943
get photo SCHILLING Rosina KEMMET 1877 1940
get photo SCHNABEL Katharina LADNER 1884 1918 Wife - At rest in Heaven
get photo SCHWENK Chistina ZOLLER 1858 1926 Gone but not forgotten
get photo SCHWENK John 1856 1910 Gone but not forgotten
get photo STROBEL Lydia MAIER 1909 1956
get photo THURN Fred W Friedrich 1891 1932 At Rest
get photo ZIMMERMAN Alvin 1914 1988 Married 26 Sep 1943
get photo ZIMMERMAN Irene NIES Married 26 Sep 1943
get photo ZIMMERMAN Karen K 1948 1950 Now I lay me down to sleep.
get photo ZIMMERMAN Milo 1954 1971
get photo ZOLLER Chistina SCHWENK 1858 1926 Gone but not forgotten


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